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Annual Gathering Was Held Lnst
Evening in the Main Stores, In
Which Over 200 Participated Re
publican Club Meeting .Commit
tees Naraod for tho Year Funeral
of Llew Hcrbeit Yesterday After
noon William Connell Olcs Club.
Other Mattera of Interest.
The secret of Clarke Urother' stie
cjhs was clearly and conclusively de
monstintcd to tho low outsldois vvl.o
1M-K permitted to LMiJoy th'lr hospi
tality lost night at tln annual dance,
reception and luncheon given by the
two luuulied of more cmplo.vcs of all
their stores In AVent Hctanton and
fJoulli Sornntoit. Their unbounded suc
cess l!s In the fact that they Know
liovv to trout their employes, both In
a business and social way, and when
they undertake anything1 along elthi r
lino It Is utrrieil out to the cntlio sat
isfaction of nil.
Once u j car every one of the army
of clerk", shlppeis, drivers', manager,
taxh hove. cnhrH and other help
that goi's to make up a fjicat doputt
nient .store ate assembled In
might propel ly be termed an Immense
nut pi lie party, for none of them men
know bcfoio-hand what Is In stoic
for them. Tho Cl.nko Hrothei i, v., M
tine'. George, attend peisonally to the
lot o I1h. and lim everything Is icidy
e-tait the fun ,olng and merriment
lolgns Mipiemo for hevoinl hours
J'lomptly at 9 o'clock last evening
S'loieM-m Johnson, the blind pianist,
uruck up it lug-time ditty on the In
Hi Him nt which Is nluujs kept In the
iitoii' for entertaining put poses, and
the piotty ghls and gallant bojs who
h"ie their employers and oustonieis
litcied into the festivities with a
vllllngness that bespoke "a good tlin "
Jor all.
Tuo-st'ps nnd waltzis, polkas and
Jive-steps, lantern and .sehottlshcH.
iiiudillle.s nnd other dances lollovved
Sn tilek sut cession, nnd at n halt horn
to midnight, all fatigued and huiigi
r-at down to tho daintiest little lunch
con Imaginable. Thetu weie suitd
vlchcs and coffee. Ice orvim, hon l)iis
Cind chocolates.
This enjoyable pait of the piogiain
river, tho guests ussombl'd In the
i lothlng depaitment, whole a mimliJi
of stunts weie pm formed by white
Today, and for Nine Days More We Will Continue
Our Annual Sale of
Men's White Shirts
We c.itry not only the largest, but the best stock ol medium
and line white shirts in this city. Every stie, every nuke,
every peculiarity that stands for merit is found- in Globe Ware
house white shirts, and whether the wearer be short or tall,
Mini or stout nukes no difference We can fit hint perfectly
as though he hud had a shit I nude to ordei.
tether Important Point.
Globe Warehouse white shirts, wear well, only the best nuis
luii aie used in their manufacture, while the fitting are ol as
.od a quality as your grandmothei would have bought when
s;t about making a new go-to-meeting blu'it for her good man.
Wc might also add that all shirts have gussetcd seams in the
skirts, sleeves, back, etc . while all with the exception of the
lowest niimbcis aie reinfoiced back and front, and have
patent neckbands
A Few Price Facts.
Xo.l. Is a Shirt that sells all over the country for 45c
and -oc. 'I he sale ptice in any sue is 33C
' Xo. 2. Is a White Shirt, made with continuous facinas: has double
'reinforcements back and front, patent neckbands, etc. Our l
popular half dollar shirt at 32C
No. 3. Is double-stitched throughout; has short or long fronts, all
le tights ot sleeves, etc., and made Irom the famous Womsut- ,
tfi Muslins. Regular 6sc quality lor 45C
No. 4.These Shiits have every advantage that the highest priced
goods on the market possess, and being made from New York Mills
Muslin, are absolutely guaranteed for service. Regular 7SC 1
suits (or 02?C
No. 5. Our celebrated untearable Night Shiits, made from best
standard muslins, white or fancy trim, 5 j inch long, and very . .
best making. During this sale 45C
No. 6. The best made Night Shirt in the market and guaranteed
to give satisfaction in service. Regularly sold by us at 75c.
The sale price 65C
Globe Warehouse
and black-faced comedian, nionolog.
Isls, vocalists and InKtrumentallats and
it wns long after the midnight hour
before good nights were said. Danc
ing followed tho specialties and other
featutcH wero enjoyed. Notable among
tho latter was a drawing contest, In
which many of the joung people parti
cipated. I'tlzcs were offered for tho
best pencil sketch of a pig, the draw
ings being mado while the artists were
This featured caused no end ot
amusement, nnd tho successful ones
weio awarded suitable prizes. Thero
were three for the ladles and three for
the gentlemen, the llrst two being for
the best dt aw lags and the third for
consolation prizes. Tho Judges were
Mcssts. Hopp, Ilamfoul and Wnldron.
The event was tho most enjoyaole In
the history of tho firm and cemented
the already good feeling and friend
ship that has alwavs existed between
the Claiko Brothels and their em
ployes. There Is not a moto reptChon
tatlve or better looking class of cleiks
In ths city than are to be lound in tho
employ of this popular firm and last
night's event demonstrates that the
Clarkes ate not only business men of
shrewdness and ability, hut ulso en
tertainers of no mean calibre.
Republican Club Meeting.
An adjourned regular meeting of the
West Hide Republican club wns held
last evening for the purpose of listen
ing to the repot t of tho audllois who
weie appointed to prepare a statement
of tho club's financial standing. The
repoit showed that a number of moin
btis are In in rears, and an effort will
bo made to have them llnuldatc their
indebtedness to the club before any
further action Is taken.
The matter of Increasing the dues
was defened until the March meeting
In order to gle the limine htl hccretaty
an opportunity to cte the delinquent
members and, If possible, have them
square theni-olves with the club.
Tollls A. Howell wns elected to mem
bership, and the attention of the club
was called to the necessity of taking
some action relative to tho nppoitlon
ment bill now before the legislature in
which it Is propost d to divide tho pies
cut dlstilots. Dr. W. A. 1'alne brought
the matter up and epiessed the be
lief that West Seiantou should consti
tute a leglhlatlvo dlstilel In Itselt, and
th it the ptoposed change whereby the
Twentieth ward Is to bo added should
be aniendid so that the Fourteenth
nnd Twtnty-llrst wards will be a part
tf the West Scranton dlstilel.
On motion a committee of three was
named to prepare a resolution on the
matter, with instructions to leport at
the next meeting. The committee
mimed was Dr. W. A. Paine, Attorney
W. CjjIouI Thomas nnd James T-ey-hhon.
President ileese appointed the
following standing committees to serve
duilng tho coming year:
Ciiipili V. Cajlord Tlidnii. l.ilffltli T
Di, Cluiln Olicr, Motriu 1 hurras. Palmer
finance rhiilri R. Veler, William J Thaju.
Tamn 1e.vshon, Willljiii Phillips Aniluw It.
Mi mUnlilp -Willi 1111 Jimie-on. V itUu Will
iam, Pivid 1! Jorio, Itlctiaiil IIoImtI", Moi.
Kill Lcwli".
Tho club has taken' on a new lease
of life, and has been rejuvenated by
young blood and new methods. Now
members are being added, tho "dead
timber" Is being weeded out, and the
futuro will undoubtedly witness the
oldest political organization ttr North
eastern Pennsylvania taking Its place
again among tho stalwarts of the Re
publican party.
runernl of Llew Herbcit.
The attendance at tho funeral ser
vices over tho remains ot the late
Mi hard Thomas yesterday afternoon
wus ample proof of tho esteem In
which the dead vocalist was held. The
family residence on Swetland stieot
was totally Inadequate to accommo
date all who wero present and many
remained out doots during tho Her
Iies. A featuio of the house services was
the singing of "Tim Vacant Chair"
by a male quartette from Wilkes
llarre, and two selections by tho Ulm
Park church quartette. Hev. D. D.
Hopkins, ot the First Welsh Baptist
church, spoke In Welsh, and Hew C.
M. Olllln, D. IX, of the i:im Park
church, addressed tho assemblage In
At the grao In Washburn street
cemetery fully thiee hundred voices
Joined In tho rendition at a Welsh
hymn, which was a favoilte of the de
ceased. The members of West Side
conclave, Xo. 211, Improved Order of
Hcptasophs, attended In a body and
tho pall-bearers weie selected from the
lodge. They weie: John It. Richards,
Illlas 12. Kvans, John U. Davles, Hy A.
Parsons, v. p. soutt nnd John It. Wil
liams. The llouor-beaieis wero 10. D,
Jonoa nnd John D. Dales. People
wero also present from Wllkes-Uarre,
Carbondale, Utlcn, X. V., and other
William Connell Glee Club.
The male party of singers which will
attend the inauguiatlon of Piesldent
MeKlnley at Washington on March I
under the special Imltntlun of Con
gicsman William Connell will give a
concert this evening In the Hallroad
Young Men's Clulstlan association hall
for the benellt of the association. The
selections to be randered will be "Com
rades In Arms" and "Martyr's of tho
The arrangements for transportation
nnd nccommodatlon duilng the club's
stay In Washington are now being
made, and they expect to leae a week
toinonow for tho national capital. Din
ing the ibojoutn the club expects to
slug for the president, Congiessman
Connell and other notables at Wash
ington. The party will include about
thirty slngeis and ollleeis.
Hampton Street Church,
At tho fourth quarterly comeience
of the Hampton Stieet Methodist
Episcopal chut eh the olliclal board
unanimously requestejl llev, James
Hennlnger's return toihIs charge for
the fourth All lepoits showed
the cJiuioh to be In a llomtshlng con
dition. The attendanie nt the Sun
day school over 21S.
The trustees have purclnsed an
other lot on Main avenue next to the
one donated by Mi. W.vlson, giving
them now a frontage on Main avenue
of ninety-seven feet. The omlng
summer a new diuich nnd parsonage
will be erected.
Y. W. C. A. Reception.
This evening at S o'eloek the Young
Women's Christian association will
hold a leceptlon. A musical program
will be rendered. The public Is Invited.
A ilttntuiy silver otreilng will ba re
ceived at the door.
Tho vocalists will be. j-oprauo, Miss
Anna Stiicklaud; tontralto, ,MN Mai
Davles, pianists. Miss Mary Null and
Mabel Jane, elocutionist, Mls Jones.
Notes and Personals.
Miss lAihr McGairy. ot Hon 'sdale, Is
tho guest of Miss Minnie Cavvl-j, of
l.afucttp bticet.
A speiial meeting of Local No. IliS,
of the United Mine Workers of Ameil
a, was held In Jones' hull hist even
ing The proceedings would not be
dlscushed by members
Daniel Davis of Carbondale. Is veil
ing at tho home of Mis. nason, on
Hvciett avenue
John Hopkins of South On 1 Held
avenue, Is a candidate for leglstei of
voters in tho Thhd district of the
Fifth ward.
Tho Woman's class of the Slinphon
Methodist Episcopal chinch will meet
this afternoon.
11k Ik m lit iodal li'Ul in Odil 1 ellutt lull
lust rlslit umlcr tin? audited ot the Indrpenil nt
Ilo-c rompinv ua m wiucwtul jm jirtvlom uf
fili.s in del tli? dilution of thifc lit ntlln? cum
1'iriv liau' .iluai bcrn. 'I he lull, i;-ln U lllv
d tuliil fr tln cftjlnn, and the nuny thncn
nmlc vtr) putt) iitt.u
II J. hell, uho liid huiiwl eluu.c of Hie
atUii, u n Jvdstid ly i eitnpitml 'tmi!ttu
m lii. li .ittdidd ti) the many ntco.jrv d lalls
It ifatii ils torn Hit; vaiiuiH fire rninpaiilrs cf
llio' v illcj wne puciit In laict mmili V
in it Mini wan u.lllid wlilih w'll Ik pu llUil
to Mi. Iiiiiii Ilioun, till wlilow ot u (uliinr
in n 1 ir of t lie (niup?m".
I i" luiMinitloii of "V IllinJ tl iiliiiuiii" liv
'luUIII luttk s Slliiln si luil (hw list lii t, lit
In "1 M.iik's parl-h liouie v. .is mu of tl.c ln.t
lii'iiiln' alfaiis of tli" kind given in town in
i ' ii i Int. Tlic iiiiinlii of the ca'. ,ln id
tin. u mlts of laioful tuinhii and ull uqulltnl
tli.n.siltia uell, A neat mm a iililcil lo Uu
clinuli tuatury t iijjjii uf the
J lie iihiuIhiii of tlic 1 pv.ortli LiaKiiu of the
VetndUl I'plseop il eliuuh an lusih' cnsa;ed
In irtpirlii; for llieli' loan exhibition to lie licl.l
on Mauli C, 7 and -.
V laic numliii of mie and anlipie uIIlk liao
b en tmind from nmi) hiIIdik of the loun
tiy and tln.e coupled with the cntirUlnln,;
idilllty ot the Katvue" mcinliin will aid in tho
nuking of vii) attractive iliah
Mh IUfMo laft tnlerlalnod a few oi liei viiiii;
filuidj at her lioni.' on North BUI.i'ly nticct ht
111. lit with a Valentino party, flnnei and olhir
diurtluiu ilillo uuav i pleaanl rvenlnir alter
hleli dainty nlr. diluents were served Aiiion;
tluo remit wire: 1 lie Mlftoi lliltn I arm,
Marion huuit, Jinul? Dal, Leah Moucr), J
tto Moffat, Margaret Ilrjdeu, I.uc) Ileal, Me.i.
William, Andieir Hiului, IKmanl C! im
berlaln, Harold David.
A lara number rf Christian i'lutavorei at
tended the fcothl lu Id by that toelit) lau night
nt Sir. J, C. W'addeir Imiuo on Nerlh llltkrly
itrict plfMnt omlni; w.u i-uit h tlioe
ii'n"iil, the usual diversions beliiu indulijed in b
tluo In alteiubiKr.
Mm I'tttr Paly and son, Joepli, of New Vorl,
aie tpciiJIni a leu iUj vilili Mi, William
t euinor, uf Webster iiwnue.
Mii. l'rauk Handirn and ditiKlmi, Mw. J.duard
Naitle, cf r'itutou, are vif It iny frinidt lu town,
.Mu I). . WilllaiiH, (f lllooni tirut, vtat
jblinliy called to the hedldo of her mi tlur, who
U critically HI at liu homo nt South i.iUou
MIm Muby anl better ot aie v!.ltnj frlendi
at Willi llarre.
Reoririi lWnrHmcr, of Ucuitfetoun, was a vl
Itor In town jerteuli).
Clinton Meum liatu tl It moinliiir for an e.
tinileJ uuttrii tilp.
'llio annul! innlluK of the ChiUtlau 1 mliuvnr
toclety of the I'reibjterlin church will bo held
at Minn l)dla laiur's em CUcny slutl thU cveu
Pea Coal $1,50 n Ton Dellveied.
to South Side, cential city and central
HmIii Park. Address outers to J. T.
Hiaikoy, 1011 Cedar avenue. 'Phono
Miss Caroline Hess Was Married to
John Smith and Miss Beatrice
Healey and Thomas Davis Wera
Joined in Wedlock Defenders'
Stiontj Basket Ball Team Downed
tho North Scrnnton Stars Nowsy
Notes of South Side Doings "Hun
garian Society's Annual Masquer
ade Ball. t
Miss Caroline Hess nnd John Smith
were united In mnrrlage last evening
at the homo or tho bride's parents, C28
IMttston avenue. The cetemony was
performed nt S o'clock In tho parlor
by llev. W. A. Noidt, pastor of the
I'll st German Presbyterian church.
After tho ceremony Wrote was a re
ception until 12 o'clock, when refresh
ments were served. The couple left on
nn early morning train for New York,
Washington, D. C, and other points of
Interest. Thev will reside In South
Miss Ueatrlce Healey and Thomas
Davis were wedded yesterday at high
noon In St. John's church by Rev. H.
J. Melley. The bride wus attired In a
blue poplin traveling suit, and tho
bildesmald, Miss I.ydlu O'Uoyle, wore
a gown of pearl gray and hat to match.
The groom was attended by John
Healey, a bi other of tho bilde. At tho
conclusion of the ceiemony a 'wedding
dinner was bencd at tho bride's home,
1304 Plttston avenue, which wns beau
tifully decotated with palms and
smllav. Mr. and Mrs. Davis left on a
wedding trip 011 the 3 30 o'clock train
for New York and Washington, D. C.
On their return they will reside In
South Scranton.
Defeudeis Won.
The game of basket ball plowed last
evening at St. John's hall between the
North nnd Stats and the Defenders
o,f the St. John's T. A. U. toclety, re
sulted In a store of 2.', to 2 In favor of
tho Defendeis.
The following men played for the
Defendeis: Qulnn, Iiolnnd, Mcln
tjie, Morlnrlty and Prendorgast. The
personnel of the North Hnd Stats was:
Sklillngton, William Davis, S. Davis,
Jones, Henjamln and James McCloskey,
who was injured In tho first half of the
game. Umpire, James Hartwellj tefe
ree, M. J. Nealon; time-keepers, M. J
Murphy and A. Masteis. The Defend
ers will play tho Mlnooka Stais on
Friday evening at the latter 's rink.
Annual Masquerade Ball.
The Hungarian S, H. society con
ducted their annual masqueiade ball
at Woiklngmen's hall last evening,
about one hundred couples being In
utteudnnce. The affair was 111 ehaige
of a committee consisting of thij fol
lowing member. 'i. Anton Scholl, Louis
Scholl, Joseph ("let?!-, George tinnier,
William Uallaik, Oeorge Hat nark.
Minle was furnished by the Maiu
fcohetk oiehesti.i, of Olyphant.
Geneuil Grant commandery. No. 2.10,
Knights of Malta, will meet tills even
ing nt llartman's hall.
The annual masquerade ball of the
Get man Ktlcger Vereln, which was
held last night at Athletic ball, was
well att"nded. Music for the occasion
was furnished by Professor Gustav
Joseph I '.vans and Jonn II. Kelly
weie each pie-eiited with gold badRes
Wednesday evenlnt: by the Ciystal
Duunatlc club, of which oiganizttlon
they weie the tutots In 1SSC M. J.
G tluiKan nnde a brief presentation.
Hpoecli In behalf of the club, and
MessiH. lvans and Kelly In response
tfprefceci theilr gratltlcation at the
honot done them, and said they would
remain membeis of the club as lonv
aa posslblt, and would endeavor to
benefit it in all ways. IJ.mih Ii will
Known in this section, where he Ins
npirtted In manv dlfteient ilaj
which hrAO been given by the club.
After the picsentath it of the badgfK
ii laiKpif-t was Berved, nt which John
J. Mount acted as toaitmaster. Afte'i
the jPlrtHhmenlH had b.'Oii served
Domlnlck J Hvans mude a speech on
"Wonnn's nights," followed by Cap
tain Joseph II. Duggan, P. 1 Knight,
Hugh J. rraney and otheis. Chailes
Doushert e-pieMdcnt ot the club,
made a slioit addiecs on the woik
accomplljhod b.v the club since organ
ization. ocal i-olos vv'i 3 teiideiid
bv James Nealon nnd P J .McDonnell.
The Cijslals me located lu neatlv
ftttnlsh'd rooms In the onteihout
A Progressive Euchre,
At a t'aitie of piogics-ilve eticluo
Wednesday evening between the Mat
Muctto council team and the D.tnb 1
O'Connfll louncll team, tf Mlnooka,
(the latter weie' vlctoilous. .Inmen
Nallln and Mlehnel ltariett were tho
wlimei-H, and J. Gavin acted as ref
eree. At the close of tho games the
Ftoie ntood l"ti to I2!i In favor of tho
O'fotineU'H council. Duilner tho gaino
clgriB weie passed aiound.
Church Social Given.
A veiy Intel ostlng proprnmme and
social was held at the Piovltlencu M.
II, clmieh pailoii. last evening. It
.i ..u ...tlj-.l n .!.' annlnl. 1111(1
was given under tho auspices of the
T.-illo' Aid Soilelv of tho church.
Kveiy one was given a llttlu silk sock
to nl,i' , many pi'iiu's In as th. ir
fool was Jong, which was to pay for
admission nnd refreshments.
Tonight's Performance.
John J. Salmon will pioduce his
lout -net comedy diiuna. ' Down In tho
Mines, or tho Pluck-me Store," at tho
Auditorium tonight. It Is expected
I hat tho hall will be ciowdcd to Its
utmost, owing to tho laigo number of
tickets which lrivo been hold and tho
fact that It is the lust tlmo the play
v.'lll appear lu this section.
Mr. Salmon w 111 put tho play on the
toad rn t-oon as potrMble.
A piuty war given AVedtusdny night
at tho Kxcelslor Hoso houso under tho
ii well ii the liaiiJ.onicst, and othen
ire Invilcd to call en any dmeitUt and Ret
free a trial bottle ot Kemp's naUain for tin
'throat and l.unui, u remedy that1 U Kuaranleed
to euro and relieve all Chronic and Acute Coughs,
Aslluni, DronchttU and Consumption. Price SHc.
and iOo.
A Seal
Within a Seal
An inventor has created a wonderful package that preserves the
freshness and crispness of crackers, bfscuit and wafers.
TKe outside of the package is made of card board, scientifically
treated; the inside is a lining of specially prepared paper. THis preserves
the daintiness and delicacy of the baker's best creations.
TEe outside and the inside are so formed that one becomes a part
of the other; forming the famous "In-er-seal Patent Package" a pack
age that is air tight, dust tight, moisture tight the only package known
that actually carries the goodness of its contents from the oven to the
table. It can be distinguished by 'ii' trade mark design on the ends.
When you order Soda, Milk,
Graham, Oatmeal and Butter
Thin Biscuit, Ginger Snaps,
Vanilla Wafers and Reception
Flakei, don't forget to ask for
the kind that come In the
"In-cr-seal Patent Package."
direction of tiro MIsch Hmma Kenne
dy, Nellie Plynn, Kathryn Timlin
and Hcatrice Andrews. SpeecheH wero
mado by P. J, Cannon, James Rcllly,
A. P. O'Donnell, Jamea May, M. J.
Walsh and othet". An enjoyable
evening was spent by all ptcsent.
All nevvH matter will receive prompt
attention If left at Davis' diug stoic,
corner of Main and Mniket streets.
John Decker-, a teamster residing at
Pcckvllle, was arrested Wednesday
evening by Olllcer Patrick Mav while
ttylng to diivo around tho Mar vino
mlno props In a race com so manner.
Decker wns Intoxicated and nearly
froen when picked up by the ofllcer.
He was driven to the Providence po
lice station by tl c olllcer and his
te'ttn was placed In Connolly's lively.
Yesletday morning he wns given a
bearing by Alderman Mjcr.r and fined i
two dollais and cc,ts, which ho pild.
The number which won tho pitcher
at the Memorial festival ail frlr
at the Auditorium was ITS. Tho party
holding tho number can have) tho
pitcher by calling at 1703 Summit ave
nue. Raymond Depew and Noah IIiu-
mond, of thij section, ato lsltlnr?
fi lends in Montana. '
Mrs Joseph I.. Lovelas, o Church
avenue, Is Mlghtfy Indisposed
Class No. 10, Providence Methodist
Hplpcopnl Sunday school, weio most
delightfully cntci tallied bv their
teacher, Mrs. W. S. Cowlis, .'4J1
Nnith Main avenue Mrs. Covvles was
ably assisted by Miss Maiy Davis,
who clitei talned the young men with
two line contralto solos. During the
evening a "geographical contest" was
entiled upon, and P.utus White cap
tilted tho piize, being the neatest per
fect In his nnsvveis. Those piesent
wete Messrs. Watklns, Heese, Can oil,
Walsh, Teal, Dishing, Deeto, Meie
illth, G Sande-is, Snyder, White Dees,
Claik. Saneleis Decse.
At the fourth quarterly eonfeiente of
Court Street Methodist Ktiitcopal
rhuit'h, a lesolutlon lequestitur the
Idshop nt the ensuing session of the
Wjomlng conference to teturn Dev. G.
('. Lvinaii the fourth tlmo was unani
mously passed. llev. A lit Mill, D. D
pieslding elder, promised to present
the request to the bishop. The quai
tetly confer t nct was a very pleasant
session. The outlook for the raising of
the debt on the chinch was nevei more
The ladles of the Home Mlsslonaiy
society met nt the Methodist Kplsco
pal patsonage, on C'ouit stieet, and ar
ranged for a mlsslonaiy tea, Pebrunty
"1, In the church patlois.
Mis. KHJah Miller is sit k with tho
grip at her home on Coutt stieet.
The Court Street Methodist Episco
pal Sunday school Is making at range
merits for a Jalr some time nct
Mother Jones Wrll Address Mass
Meeting of Strikeis Monday
Night in Central City Hall.
The Hltuailou remains the same In
the silk mill strike, and day after iluy
diags along without any new develop
ments A letter was esteiday received
by President Plaberty from Mother
Matv Jones, the female oiganizer of
the United Mine Wmkets. In which
she stated that she would arilvp hero
li(Nt Monday
A meeting w 111' be held Monday night
in somo eelitial city hall at which the
stilklug gills will be addiessed by hot,
A committee was yesterday appointed
tos(cuie a ball, and air.inso for tho
details of the meeting.
Tho sott silk woikeis of tho Sail
quoit mill yestetday afternoon met In
I Cat pen lets' hall, and this afternoon
the stilkers from the haul silk dopart-
t merit will hold n session theie,
j T" ,'' lnc' "1 u' which any
W"ik is being at lucent done Is at
David, Iteming & Schoen's plant In
Peteisbuig, wheie about fottj vveav
eis have lemnlued. No attemtit has
been nmde by the stilkers to Interfere
with them.
Mis. Mary Matthews, tho piesldent
if the local textile workers' union,
received it letter Wednesday fioin Pat
ei sou, In which tho writer gave a com
parison of tho wages paid In New Jei
hoj und Pennsjlvauin silk mills. The
irtadu of woik done is claimed to bo
tho same, but tho Pntison wages paid
nio shown to be even higher than thoo
piovlded 101 in the stilkers' wage
City Is Producing Newly Discovered
Attorney 11, V. Tlnkhani, sitting ns
commissioner, jestciday morning heard
testimony olfeied by tho city of Hci an
ion to show cause why a uo'v
should not be gi anted lu the case of
Mniv Duilln vetsus the city. Miss
"Dutlln sued the city for damages for
Injutlcs received from falling over a
wheel on Adams avenue, and was
aw aided a vet diet of 7,000.
Dr. "William K, Dolan and his wife
both testified that they were acquaint
ed with Miss Duflln before she met
with the accident, and stated that her
eyesight at that tlmo was very poor,
her ojes being much affected.
Kx-City Superintendent of Schools
George W. rhllllps testified that Miss
Duilln applied to him for a position as
teacher In tho city schools, and that
after an examination ho found her
eyesight to bo poor and accordingly re
fused to grant tho application. One of
the principal claims made by the
plaintiff was that tho accident resulted
In tho permanent Injury of her eye
sight. Dr. I,. M. Gate3 testified that ho
tteated Miss Duilln for the other
ttoublc which she claims was caused
by the accident. Ho stated that from
statements which she herself had
made, and from his own observations,
he was firmly convinced that the
trouble' was not brought about by tho
Tho testimony adduced at j ester
day's heating befoto tho commissioner
was all obtained after the caFe had
been closed.
Duffleld, Fryor, Leonard and Fowler
Were tho Quaitetto Who Dis
tinguished Themselves.
244 Was High.
A four-handed bowling match was
held on the Elk alleys vesterday,
which for high figures completely de
molished all previous tenpin recoids
made In this city. The quartette of
bowlers made a double century score,
and the general average of tho four
men was 2.'0',i.
The scores were 244, 234, 204 and 200,
and tho rollers were Duflleld, Prvor,
Leonard nnd Powler, Dulllcld, who
mado the 244 score, is not a member
of any of the local bowling teams, but
lolls a remaikably strong game. In
jesterday's game he bunched seven
strikes and by spi Inkling a few In tho
other tiutnes made his fine score. In
the fifth frame he had 140.
10 01" Mas second with 211. He Is a
Dlcvclo club bowler, and many suc
cessive stiikes gave him his big scoie.
Prank Leonard, who was ne.xt with
201, Is also a member of tho Uloole
club, and the captain of tho "sciap
Iron" team.
Chaile-s I'ovvler, who scoieel an even
200, is the captain of the Commeiclal
team, which bowls In the Northeastern
Pennsylvania league tournament. Ho
has the distinction of making the high
score of the ear, 2SS, which lie bowled
in a recent game. A largo number of
spectatois saw estei day's phenomenal
Hev. Dr. Arthur T. Pleiion Gave an
Interesting: Talk Last Night.
Itev. Di Arthur T. Plerson gave a
very Interi sting addiess In the Second
Piesbjteilun church last night on the
subject ot "Missions ot the Nineteenth
Century." He Uvldly described the
vvondeiful giowth of mission wotk and
Intel estlngly dlscoutsed of the spread
of the godly purpo-e to the Orient and
the results achieved there
He paid eloquent tribute to tho noble
men who have given up everything,
evin life. In older to pioinulgate the
gospel, and spoke tritely of the woik
done all ovei tha globe bv these earn
est, devout disciples of Christ
Mrs. Elizabeth Kichaids.
Mm hlizabetli Ulchard, an aged wldm i.ld
trig at B."tl Deeker'n court, tiled jesteidaj lie was the niothii of "Ih. (Ifoitto W illaco
and several elliti" children
it, ( kcrvlis will be iindiicted al tlu
hoiue Sunday ufleriioin nt 2 o'eloek. Iiiiermtni
will be madci In the VVjhburn street Ceinetei)
Miss "Bessie Sheehan,
Wool wa leceiVfd lure last tveriiin; that Ml
Ilitlc simian, aBitl 2" jeir. fornnrl cf this
cil, died jetteulaj at 1 er home in Duallle,
ait'tr a lonir lllim.
Hie funeral will talc place toniouov luoiiilnir.
Mr. Vt,lien eleii(l-itlli, aaeil .1 year', died
vottrdiy at htr lmn in Munis coutt Prceaml
U iiinU.'l lo htr litishand and lluee children,
'ilie liuieral aiinouiierniMit will bo iiiaek hter.
The fuueul ktrvlos over the temln of the
late Mrs John ltt)nolili will be held at I'M
o'eloek toini now uftcinoDii nt the Iioim", 711
(ulli Main niemie Itn. D. I). Hopllnii, of the
1 lrt Wrlth UiitUt cliiiirh, will oflkhila, and
inttrmciit will be nude lu the W'sslibuin street
The funeral of the I no lumen Jiwiih Ijnih
will lako place tliU ailernoon from the bouse
at tie Mxhbald nunc luteiiiiint v.'llt ba mvl;
in Mashbum stnet ccmeterj
Ilia funeral of tho laic Mil will be
held at 0 o'clock tide inuruliiq; fiom tho red
dice, OoO (julncy avenue, A hUh hum of requiem
will bo celebiated at St, Paul's church und In
Icrnunt villi be made lu the Cithedral cemetery,
Special to the Seranton Tribune.
Duryea, Fob. II. At tho close ot tho
'afternoon bcsslon of tho Upwotth
I, Jill
t w
Used exclusively by
linis & mjltr.rXDKR, Lessees.
A. J. Dully, Mmatrcr.
Matlnco and Mcht, Saturday, Pebruary 10
Mnth Comecuthc heaion,
Beautiful Cumcdy Duma,
4" Iiecntcd by James .V. Heme's own
4. coirpany of rlavcrs with entire new
pcenerj nnd nieehan.eal noielta. A u.
T I crl production Rtiarantced
fltl'Xb Night, ?1, 75c., TAJ, and Me.
Matinee, ".V. and SOc. Children to any
part of home, 'Sn..
4 . '
Iti:iS 4 UfltUfMlKll. I.'ccs.
A. J. 1)1)1 TV, JIJMKcr.
Monday, February 18.
Return Engagement of the Dis-
tinguished Artiste,
Sarah Cowell LeTJoyne
Leibler & Co., Manager.
Prerfntlnir Harriet I'ord's and Reatnce '
DeMlllc'H 1 liclnatins Comedy Drama,
The Greatest
in the World
Supported by a strong company of
dramatic artltts. Including; Harold Itm
mII, Adelaldo Tliurston, John Lilendln.
nliiir. I'anrhon U. amphcll, Charles
Stanley, Mrs. Glcmllnnlntr, Walter
Tliomas, jonn watiiiev.ii, Anna u Jiancy,
1 dwin James, Frank Lander, Cornelti
"Any man who loves lib mother will
appreciate thU play." N. Y. bun.
I'lHCES 23c , inc., V5c, l and $1 &).
Seats on sale Filday at U a. in.
f -t- -f -f -f 4- -f ---- -f -f-t- -f
mincers snd Lessee. Local Manager.
In Itepertolre. .
Tliruulay Mght "A Country Courttlnp"
Krlday Miclit -"Fatal Carel."
".ttnrdai Mirlit ' Clip of Steel."
jiEvr ArniAcno.v.
Three lshts, commencing MONDAY, FEB. H
t'sual Matinees.
t.Mlfi HVItWIN and hU company, presents
ALP. C. HEltniXCTOX, Manager.
Three Paju nisinnlna; Monday Matinee, Feb. ls J
Willi ths lluae Pro, and "Wise Mlkf."
league convention tho guests dlneel
eince moi a w 1th our Epwoi thlans in tho
church parlors, uftcr which they an
Mimbled In tho auditorium for tho
evening fce.sslon, which started at 7.30
o'clock. Mr. Schoonover introduced
ltfiv. IT. A. Oreen, tho pastor of tho '
Methodist Episcopal church at thh
place, and he Invited tho people of tho
dlffeient churches of this region to at
tend tho homo gathering that will bo
held on Mai eh u. Miss May Stalcy ivaa
liitioduccd, and she favored the audi
ence with a solo of great merit, anil
then Hev. Godshall was introduced,
who gavo a lecture on "CarlcaUires"
and to deliver and explain to tha audi
ence the benctit of druwlng In spiritual
work he chew several amusing pic
ture?. After his address tho Hrlcle
church eiuurtetto gavo an excellent
hjnin, and then after other cere
nronlew. tho audience sang "God 11a
Willi You Till "We Meet Again."
At tho special meeting called by tha
township conmihfcioners to hear thci
repot t of the committee that was sent
to Investigate tho caso of A. T. Ilennl
tran, who is piesldent of the commis
sioners and resides near tho lino that
fepar.ucx 1'lttt.ton from Duryea, tha
committee tepoited that he was a
legal citizen of this place and there
foio had the light to vote and hold
public ofllee. Tills case was fully de
sciibcd in The Tribune somo time ago,
and Is ono of tho most peculiar tha
eommlHtdonois have had opportunity
to settle.
AVilllain, the young son of Mr. and
Mrs. John Thornton, who has been suf
fering for homo time with measles,
If you have u friend who wishes tj
subset ibo for Tho Tribune, tell th
rcpiesentatlve and tho matter will
given piompt attention.
Piano for Sale.
This piano has been left on salo anl
must be sold, regardless of price. Latl
est design upright, nearly new, and ill
lino condition. Don's miss an oppor-1
tunlty to get a good piano cheap. Wild
be sold for cash only, (iiictnsoy IlallJ
Kcrunton IM. J. w. Guernsey, Pro