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Communications ol
a news nature, per
sonals and all Items
(or publication may
be left at The Trib
une's new offices In
the Burke Building,
or sent by mall or
Receives tho Long-Delayed Auditors'
Report for tho Year Ending April
.1, 1000.
The member of tho poor board hold
n special mooting Inst evening In their
rooms In thu city building. Chairman
JtcCnbe and four other directors wore
present, besides Auditor Wheeler, who
presented the report to the Decretory
lor rending, and then withdrew. The
loport Is a formldnblo looking docu
ment und covered many typewritten
pages. At the ond of It n caustic com
ment on the conduct of the poor board
In delaying the work of the uudltors
was made. Severn! Items of nlleged
expenditure on tho part of the mem
Ih'is wcie cither disallowed In tolo or
else paved down. One of tho largest
of these wan an Item of $18 from one
iiiumbcr for attending a convention,
which tho auditors declared was not
intended. Following are the totals of
thu various headings of expenditures,
the document being too voluminous for
publication In Its entirety:
I nlor .il farm anil ahmhnine ...
Supplies for t iiit .itiil alrnihoure .
Mk (or farm
IllicUmlthlnir. fur fun
fiisituino for ttlirtshomj
' Intcr.tnry n t farm
Mii'lunr Kllcf
MmIimI jtlendinoo ind uiislit lnc rs.rciu.-t
H11.plt.-1l Ifilatt-irx
iMnillio hospital
Urriicrtiilio nr'lutn
Hillside limine 4"
i illdren'a AM wrkly
i arrl-wo hire :tnl lrty
I "an and Intercut
Ilcll Initio l'UHll.1-0'1
Ailtneflni; contention .1' Uric ...
l'lurw for mw alirMiomo
IicjI "iprii(.-.i
Aiditlnit of books .iihI .11 count ..
Millenary ami pilnllii..-
('Hire iMpcusc
Total cvpcndltuic
. M HI
. ,jv. r
" v
41 I'.i
I') IX)
1.1 mi
. -.'.IXl .'0
sir. M
I ( m
. 1,1m! ,'m
. si; o
. I'll 2 J
til 41
. 1.1-0 01 J
.I'll (
7'") Is I
27 1 27
Ifl 0.1
.'.I "si
n it
.i2,w.2 ni
.Vo action was taken on tho report,
It being moved and seconded that It
lie over until the next regular meet
ing of the board.
Columbia Hose Company Fair Booms
Despite n Snow Storm.
Last night miih not a very enticing
one to go out to attend a fair, but
ucverthclos the Columbia boys had a
largo crowd In IHirkc's hall. The pro
gramme presented wnf very good and
won much applause, and after It the
lloor was cleared nnd dancing indulged
in until a late hour. The programme
for tonight is:
Piano duet--
JIImcs .Madeline Walker jml McAndrcw.
Si-piano olo Mis .Nidie Timlin, .Jcrniyn
Vocal duct
MUsc KlbaWtli ami Miry Powder ty.
Puliation Master Willmr Morgan wlu Mi Kate Fl.innelly
Got Too Boisterous.
A well-known young man around
town of rathep spprtlng proclivities
got Into n deal of trouble Into Monday
night and it was not until almost 2
'clock yesterday morning that his
fond papa uot his temporary relcat-e.
The fellow had Imbibed too freely In
the cup that cheers. He first went to
Columbia fair, but was given little op
portunity there to display himself, as
the alert managers of that ulTalr soon
stiotted him and gently escorted him
from the hall. The young man then
went to drown ids sorrows In more of
the "while liquor." lie became en
gaged In u rather boisterous argument
with a man who could not escape his
forcible attentions, and once again was
escorted to the door. Then when they
would not again let him In, he raised
Cain generally, according to all re
port. A couple of policemen hap
pened along, after their midnight
lunch, and the obstreperous youth soon
M'posed In William Klllem's Iron barred
homo for the reckless. The young
man's father heard of tho trouble and
Ity ollieialH wherever available wore
Implored to seetiro the youth's release.
Klnally the beseeching parent landed
up at the mayor's residence, and after
posting $2."i as a guarantee that the
lioy would appear at a hearing, tho
father wns allowed to take the young
man to the parental roof. Yesterday
at the hearing the young fellow was
given a sound lecture and admonished
to be more seemly In his future uc
tlons. It being his llrst offence, he was
allowed to go unfilled,
An Evening of rieastue.
The n?u attraction of il.o People's
l.eeiure tuirsa will be held In tho He l.'uplli.t church next Wednesday
evening. It will consist of musical und
literary features, Among the artists
who will appear arc some of known
ability. Mrs. Joseph P. Hums is tho
solo soprano at St. Mary's Itoman
'Catholic church, Wilkes- Darre. D.
T. DaYIs Is the tenor soloist of tho
Mime church, and Miss Margaret Au
di eus of the same city, Is a soloist
of more than local fame. Charles A.
Stuart, tho talented character dellneV
iUof. will randcr some or his life-like
impersonations, ranging from grave to
say, from laughter to tears.
Is There One for YouP
List of letters remaining In the Car
bondale postofllcc Feb. 13, liiOl, for per
hons unknown:
Richard Carpenter, II. II. Gottlngs,
T. L. McCnrty, Thomas Mnrron. Miss
Maud iMoyles, Mrs. Hcjiry H. Ellis.
Meetlngo Tonight.
William H. Davles post, No. 1ST,
A. R.
Pioneer custle ,No. 203, A. O. K. M.
Fidelity conclave, No. ISO, I. O. II.
Columbia Hose company's fair.
Haa Her Fingers Squeezed.
Miss Katie Moran, aged 16, daughter
of Mr. nnd Mrs. John Moran, of 211
Powderly street, met with n painful
but not serious accident while at work
' Cure alt Throat and Lung AOcctlorh.
Vis sure
Salvation Oil curt KbtuaaUiia. 13 & a ct.
In the Bilk mill yesterday. Sho wns
employed as a spinner, nnd according
to the account of her fellow worker,
she wns engaged In 'trimming the ma
chine" wlillo It was going, which Is
n very dnngcrous practice. Her hand
became caught In the rollers nnd three
fingers of her left hand passed under
tho rollers. Dr. Mnlatm was tele
phoned for by Manager Frloder nnd
he found that the "ring" finger was
the one thnt had sustained the worst
Injury, the bono having been llattened
ix little. Miss Moran will probably suf
fer no more serious ufllictlon than tho
loss of several days, time and consid
erable pain.
Mary Gerrlty.
Miss Mary Gerrlty, of Gordon uvc
nue, aged 27 years, died yesterday
morning at her residence, ufter a
week's Illness grip being tho direct
cause of denlh. Of her many rriends
very few knew that she was 111, and
the news of Its fatal termination yes
teiday was a great shock to them.
Miss Gerrlty wns a native of Cnr
bondaie. Sho was a very bright young
lady and active In the work of St. Uose
church. She held the olllce of marshal
In the Catholic Women's Uenevoleiit
legion. No. IBS, and was also a mem
ber of tho Messed Virgin sodality.
She Is survived b.V her mother, Mrs.
Hugh Gerrlty; two sisters. Mrs.
Michael MeDonough and Miss Hrldgct
Genll.v. and four brothers, Martin,
Kdwurd, Hugh and JameB, all of this
The funeral will be held tomorrow
morning. The procession will leave the
house at" o'clock. A requiem mass
will be celebrated In St. Uose church,
nnd Interment will be made in St. Uose
A Sleighing Dance.
A jolly ciowd of lads nnd lassies
left the corner of Sr.lcm avenue and
Chuicli street about $ o'clock last
evening for 'Wayiiiait, ensconced In
comfortable big siclgns. Their des
tination was Gruver's hotel, where a.
hoi supper awaited them, nnd a danco
was to follow the feast. Thu party
set out in a driving snow storm, but
started away singing and having n
very jolly time.
Another Coasting Accident.
Another coasting accident has given
several small boys a much needed les
son In cautiousness. The lods were
coming down Eighth avenue hill on u
double-runner at n pretty lively rate.
They biigan to sway their bodies to
and from and, as a result, were ditched.
Several of the number received pain
ful bruiser, and will, no doubt, be less
reckless In the future.
Observance of Lincoln Day.
Tonight William II. Davles post. G.
A. It., will hold their regular meeting
nnd at tho close of the business session
the post will devote the remainder of
the evening to celebrating the ninety
second birthday of Abraham Lincoln.
Appropriate speeches will be made.
Unfortunately, these exercises will not
b. of a public nature.
The Pool Tourney.
At the Carbondale Cycle club last
evening the games in the pool tourney
were late In getting started, on ac
count of a business meeting In the
early part of the night. At in o'clock
but one game bad been played, the re
sult of which was that Iteese defeated
ltennlo by one ball, the latter drop
ping out of the contest In consequence.
In the Hospital.
Geoige Edmunds, son of Mr. and
Mrs. K. r. Edmunds, of Muyileld, who
was compelled by sickness to return
home from Lafayette college, has un
dergone an operation for nppendlcItU
In the Carbondale Emergency hospital,
anil the Indications are that he will
oon recover.
Will Remember Lincoln.
Camp No. US, Sons of Veterans, of
this city, will celebrate Lincoln's
1 birthday tomorrow evening with an
entertainment and smoker for Its
members, nlso the members of the lo-
1 cal Grand Army of the Repullc post.
No. 1S7, and Camp No. 291. Sons of
Veterans, of Jermyn.
An Italian Child Dead.
Ralph Ferraro, 1 year old, whoe
parents .ire residents of Unlondale,
dUd In that place yesterday. Under
taker Burns, of this city, went to
Uniondnlo to care for the body. .It
will be brought to this city on tho
flyer this morning and burled In St.
Roo cemetery.
Will Attend Social.
A largo number of young peoplo of
this city will attend the masquerade
i-oclal In Jermyn tomorrow night. The
nffalr Is being held by the Hot Air
club of that place.
Was Pay-Day.
Monday alternoon the employes of
tho' Delaware and Hudson Clinton col
liery nt Vandllng received their pay.
It was one of tho largest disbursed
thoro In some time.
Resigned His Position.
Andicw Median, sexton of St, Rose
churcu, has again become 111 and has
resigned his position In order to un
dergo hospital treatment.
Conveyors Broke.
The conveyors nt Coalbrook breaker
got out of order again yesterday morn
ing and tho colliery had to cpiiso oper
ations for the rest of tho day.
Resigned His Position.
Henry White, who has been em
ployed at tho Klotss throwing mill for
seme time as night wntchnmn, has ra
signed his position,
Is Quite Sick,
Joseph Gllhool, ono of tho clllcleiit
hustlers for the Prudential Insurance
company, has a specially sevcro attack
o! the grip,
To Mr. and Mrs. Owen P. Kerns, of
Fallbrook street, a daughter.
EL. Hatfield, man
ager of the Carbjn
dale edition, will be
pleaded to receive
callers seeking Infor
mation or desirous of
Imparting It Tele
phone numbers: New
386: old, 0433,
Lnrgo Number of Mourning Friends
Fiesent nt the Services.
The funornl of Prank Gunnellu, who
died from pneumonia nt his residence
en AVoodlawn avenue, on Satin day
evening last, was held yesterday
morning at O.r.O o'clock. A high mass
of requiem wns celebrated In St. lloso
church. Many beautiful Moral remem
brances were displayed, one from the
Metropolitan Life Insurance com
pany's ngency In this city, by whom
he was last employed, being admired.
Then) were nlso beautiful wreaths
from the Catholic Knights nnd tho
Ileptnsqphs. Mr. Gunnclla wns a
member of tho Catholic Knights of
Amerlcn; Plvi3lon No. 11, Ancient Or
der Hibernians, nnd of the Carbondal
conclave, Improved Order of Hcpta
fiophs, each of which societies wns rep
resented by a delegation. The pall
bearers were M llllum Connell, John
Kearney, Michael McGarry, John
Hochc, of Simpson, William King,
Thomas Duffy, and tho hat-bearers,
Hugh Pinion and .lames Pldgeon.
Among tho persons present from out
of town were: Patrick Tierrlek, Den
nis Derrick, Mis. John Derrick nnd
Mre. Miles Callahan, llunmore; Mrs.
1'. CohltiF, Mrs. .(nines Collins nnd J.
V. Grant, Jermyn; David Uurke, Pat
rick McDonnull, Miss K. Tanglier,
Michael Tnughcr, Mrs. P. Tanglier,
Mrs. V. McLaughlin, Miss B. T. Col
litis, .Mrs. M. Kearney, Maria Kear
ney, Miss Annie Kearney, M. V. Iar
ldn, T, J. Cardcn and T. V. Garden,
Deserted Their Old Home.
The family of Austin Lavelle, whose
homo on Pike street took .1 sudden do
scent Into the mines about ten days
ngo, necessitating Its abandonment,
have taken up their residence on Gor
don avenue.
A Tea.
Mrs. Frank Hubbard. Mrs. J. J.
Simpson nnd Miss Stella Hunger -have
Issued Invitations to a tea to b" given
by them nt the homo of Mrs. Hub
bard, on River street, next Thursday
evi nlng.
Is Around Again.
Miss May Kllpatrlck, daughter of
Mnyor and Mrs. J. W. Kllpatrlck, of
South Main street, who was operated
on some time ago for appendicitis. Is
able to be out again.
An Afternoon nt Home.
Mrs. Daniel Scurry and Mrs. W. G.
Scurry will entertain a number of their
friends on Friday afternoon at the
residence of Mrs. Daniel Scurry, on
Wyoming street.
Tho Passing Throng.
E. L. Bevnn, of Scranton, was in tills
city yesterday.
Mrs. Isaac Burros Is enjoying a short
visit In New York city.
Miss Mary Burke, of Pike street, Is
Mrs. Charles O. .Mellon will entertain
at her home on Friday evening,
visiting friends In Olyphant.
Mrs. Daniel Toolan, of Wyoming
street, Is visiting friends In Honesdale.
Miss Nellie Lynott. of Woodlnwn
avenue. Is seriously 111 with the grip.
P. F. and Charles McCann left for
New York on a business trip on Mon
day. II. J. Urcunnii, who has been In Chi
cago for the past six months, has re
turned home.
John J. Burke, of Pike street, has
gone to Denver, Col., where he will
make his permanent homo.
John Morahan, who has been con
lined to his home, on Pike street, for
the past three weeks with rheumatism,
is slowly Improving,
Miss Gertrude Voyle, of Olyphant,
who has been spending several days
with her sister. Miss Cora Voyle. on
River street, will leave for homo to
Mrs. Hopkins, an old and estimable
resident of this borough, died last
evening at tho homo of her daughter,
Mrs. Job Williams, of Fourth street.
Deceased, who had reached the ripe
age of ninety-seven years, Is survived
by a sou, Thomas, of this borough,
and two granddaughters, Mrs. Job
Williams and Mrs. David Hill. Tho
funeral arrangements have not yet
been made.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Seymour
took place yesterday afternoon. Ser
vices were conducted In the Primitive
Methodist church by tho pastor. Rev.
Thomas Cook, and wore largely at
tended. The pall-bearers were six of
the deceased woman's grandsons,
Thomas, James nnd Charles Harvey,
Wllllnin Seymour, William Dawo and
P. Burns. The flower-bearers were
Richard and Burtlo Seymour.
Ono of tho merriest sleighing parties
of the season came to town last even
ing. They were tho New Century choir,
numbering about twenty-five voices.
They put up at tho Sweeney house,
whero they soon attracted a large
number of listeners to their excellent
singing. Under the able leadership of
their conductor, David J. Jones, they
sang several chorufes, ducttes and
solos und delighted everyone. A sub
stantial repast was prepared for them
by Mine Host Johns, and the visitors
had a delightful evening s outing.
Mr. and MrwMVilllam Glbbs, of West
Maylleld, have received n letter from
their son, John, who enlisted In tho
regular nrmy somo time ngo and who
arrived In tho Philippines on New
Year's day, after n rough voyage last
ing fifty-two dnys. Ho was In excel
lent health nt tho time of writing.
Don't forget tho supper In the base
ment of St. James church this even
ing. The menu will Include fried
oysters, roast chicken and other sea
sonable delicacies,
The ucrinan Medicine company will
bo at St. .lames' hull for the romulndor
of tha weqk. They are a company of
first class entertainers and In connec
tion with the medicine they will give
a grand professional performance each
evening. It promises to bo the most
attractive event of tho season. Ad
mission, 10 cents.
Among thofco who attended the fune
ral of Mrs, Thomas Glllpsple, of South
tkranton Wednesday were: Mr. and
Oclnber 12, 1900.
Warner' ft Safe Cure Co.
Rochester, N. Y.:
Gentlemen: I suffered for
over Ave years with bilious-
rmjsu. jifif at iitttta It tsnnnt
mc so that I could not ciifoy K
Ufa nor attend to my domes- K
no or social auuea. War
ner's Safe Cure wns brought
to my notice through a
friend and three bottles
cured mc. It is the favorite
household remedy now for
my entire family. TVc find
it excellent for any stomach
or liver trouble, and a few
doses after exposnro to cold
ward alT unpleasant conse
quences. Mrs. II. 1WNNETT,
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
Pietidert, Aft llrasant Stcial
hconomte Club.
Mrs. John Lawler, Mr. and Mrs. lin
gan, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas MeDormott
and Joseph Langnn.
Mr. Daniel Swnles nnd Misses Delia
Judge nnd Margaret Hyrne enjoyed a
slolgh-rldo to Scranton last evening.
Two young men employed as rope
rldcrs struck at the Dolph colliery
Thursday and, ns n result the place
was idle a few days. Saturday the
men got! their demands and the place
Is In running order again.
Mr. Mlchnel McAndrcw, of Jermyn,
was a caller In town last evening.
Messrs, Percy Lcwds and Charles
Shlppen, of New York city, nre visit
ing their cousin, II. V. Lawler, of
Church street.
Miss 'Margaret Lawler returned homo
after spending the past week visiting
relatives In Dunmore.
Misses Katlo Donnelly, Maggie Law
lor nnd John Donnelly attended nn
euchre party nt Scranton last evening.
Blakcly borough council met In regu
lar session Monday evening, with all
members present. The following bills
were ordered paid: Street Commis
sioner Coles' time for January, $2t,2.":
C. M. Hathaway, Insurance; premium
on electric light plant. $r.2.G0; A. W.
Pentecost, Janitor service, $3; Borough
Solicitor Joseph P. Gllroy, legal ser
vices, $20: Charles B. Scott, supplies
for electric light service, $35.37; Van
dervort & Beardslee, fire clay. $5.G3:
George Alger, lumber, $203.97; express
charges, fifty cents; E. N. Jones, ser
vices as engineer, $C3; E. M. Barnes,
engineer, $C0; Lloyd Parry, services as
fireman, January C to February 1, $32;
bill of S. W. Arnold for $23.73, account
supplies, was referred back, to bo ap
proved by purchasing agent; Scranton
Steam Pump company, piston rod, etc.,
$8.23. A communication from the Wil
son Fire company, giving the approxi
mate distance between fire alarm
boxes, was read. Three nnd a half
miles of wire was required to renew
the line. The matter was placed In
the hands of Messrs. Williams, Reese
and Urong to Investigate. AV. J. Broad,
foreman of the Wilson Fire company,
was present and stated that the fire
company had maintained the flre'nlarm
for five years at no cost to the bor
ough, nnd that the wire was In bad
condition nt present and must be re
placed with new wire to make the
alarm effective. Unless there wns
something done in tho near future tho
matter would be taken up by the In
surance companies doing business
within the borough nnd nn advance In
rates would be the outcome. Tho re
port of tax collector was read, ns fol
lows: Received during rebate, $C,6C3.-
91; monies paid out, fl.7SS.C0: balance
due, subject to commission, exonera
tion, etc., $1,875.31; received since re
bate. $3,137.31. The exoneration list
wns laid over.
The following uncalled for letters re
main nt tho Peckvllle postodlce: H. S.
Albright, esq,; Hungarian, Stlf Ballnla,
Mlllaly Wuszo.
Oscar Dunlap, who has been work
ing at Merlden, W. Vu., returned home
The Baptist Sabbath school arc about
to supply themselves with new sing
ing books.
Mrs. Megargel Is suffering from a
severe nttack of the grin.
Mrs. William Denlson, of Lanesboro,
Is visiting her pardnts, Mr. nnd Mrs.
U. V. Mace. '
Miss Jennie Williams hns returned
from a visit with Scranton friends.
Robert Llntern spent Sunday with
hjs parents In Plttstnn.
Miss Besslo Purdy has been enjoy
ing a short visit with friends in Jus
tus. All mo requested to remember the
Valentino social to be held at the homo
of Lillian Hulse, on Walnut street, this
evening, under the auspices of Class I
of tho Presbyterian Sunday school.
Refreshments of leu cream nnd cake
will be served. A silver offering will
be taken nt the door. All nre wel
come. Miss May Hull, of Green Ridge, en
tertained the Blakcly Whlsh club on
Monday evening.
Thomas Jones, of North Muln stieot,
Is suffering from nn attack of the grip.
Tho breaker boys of the Ontario col
liery, angered at tho loss of an ex
pected slelghrlde, refused to work on
Prolessor M. W. Cummlngs left yes
terday for Harrlsburg, whero he will
nttend the state convention of school
superintendents. During his stny nt
the state capital ho will endeavor to
make arrangements with Dr. N. C.
Schaeffer, superintendent of public In
struction, to como to this place uud
deliver an address at tho local teach
ers' Institute, which will be held In
On Monday evening the school board
met nt the Central building. Mr. Lena
hun occupied tho chair. A report wns
heard from Professor Cummlngs re
garding tho attendance at thu night
schools. Ho regarded tho attendance
as very Bmnll nnd suggested that the
board take some action ns to whether
the schools should be kept open any
longer. The tenchors' committee were
directed to attend to tho nintter and
to notify parents that unless their
boys attend more regularly the even
ing sessions will bo discontinued.
Treasurer Weaver was directed to take
up one of tho $1,000 bonds which are
now outstanding. The following bills
wcro ordered paid: William Adnlr, $2S;
Drown & Company, $0: J. W. Patten,
$10.65: Reynolds Hrothcrs, $tj Lnlly
Profilers, $31.9S; John Dompsey, $C2.C0;
Thomas Lennhan, $1: Olyphant Light
company, $1: James McAndrcw, $1,
Robert McMnlnes, of the Third ward,
announces that ho Is not a candidate
for assessor In that ward, although
nominated on tho Republican ticket.
Tho funeral of tho lato Dr. Leonard
Kelly occurred yesterday afternoon
ond was ono of the largest held In
this borough for somo time. nrlef
services were conducted at tho house
by Rev. Xi. F. Hammond, of the Pres
byterian church. His was assisted by
Rev. Mr. Gcndnll, of Peckvllle, and
Rev. David Spencer, of Ulnkely. The
choir of the Presbyterian church ren
dered several touching hymns, nfter
which the funeral cortege moved to
Prospect cemetery, whore Interment
wns made. Tho pall-bearers were:
Thomas L. Williams, D, L. Uerry, John
It. Pettlgrew, IMwnrd Raines, Patrick
Jordan, A. L. Gurney: flower-bearers,
Leonard Carpenter, Wlltlnm Fnddcn,
Ktlwnrd Onllaghor, Josepn Marks, Syl
vester Williams, Michael Foley ond
Georgo It. Mnson.
After a lingering Illness of several
months Mrs. Michael Dougherty, of
Hell street, died at 10 o'clock on Mon
day night. Mrs. Dougherty wns nn
estimable woman nnd possessed many
noble traits of character. Sho was I
born In Ledgednle. Wayne county.
forty-olght years ngo. She Is survived
by three brothers nnd three slaters
nnd n family of grown-up children.
The funeral will take place Thursday
morning ut 10 o'clock, with a high mnss
of requiem at St. Patrick's church. In
terment will be mnde In the Olyphant
At a recent meeting of the board of
directors of the Forest Home Ceme
tery association the following officers
were elected for tho ensuing cerm:
President, David D. Griffiths; vice
piesldent, Robert Llewellyn; secretary,
William J. Nelger; treasurer, Michael
Flulunnn; superintendent, William D.
Thomas; sexton, Philip Noakes.
Tho competition on "The Banner of
thea Sea," prize $3, will bo a feature
of the Slblev Union church entertain
ment on Washington's blrthdny, Feb
ruary 22. Those who desire to com
pete would do well to have their names
In the hands of the secretary before
February IS.
On March 2 will occur the marrlago
of Miss Carrie Welbel and Michael
Strlne, both popular young people of
this town. The ceremony will be per
formed at the German Evangelical
church by thu pastor, Rev. A. Weber.
Patrick Day, son of Felix Day, of
Grove street, had his leg broken In
some unaccountable manor nt the Tay
lor colliery, where he Is employed, 011
The supper nnd ball of the Young
Men's Literary society which was held
In Webber's rink last evening wns a
success. The hall was urtlstlcally doc-
orated for the occasion nnd everything
presented a charming appearance. Miss
Kate Reardon furnished tho music for
the merry dancers.
Extensive preparations are being
made for tho coming of Miss Eva L.
Dunning, a gifted elocutionist of Cleve
land, O., who will give one of her ex
cellent entertainments under the aus
pices of the Taylor lodge. No. 1C2,
Knights of Pythias, on February 2:1.
nt Webber's rink. Additional musical
numbers will be added to the pro
gramme. John Schllds, a popular young man
ot the Pyne, was the lucky holder of
ticket No. 1S3, which won the sot of
valuable set of wagonmaker's and car
penter's tools at the benefit fur David
Stevens, of West Scranton. on Satur
day evening.
A telegram was received heic yester
day from Edwnrdsdale by Mrs. Kd-
moud W. Carter announcing the death
of Mrs. David Thomas, n resident of i-ey has ncccpted a call to the East
that place well known here. pd Baptist church at Wlllianisport,
The basket bull contest nt Webber's va., ami will remove with his family
rink on Monday evening between the nt once to bis new field oflabor. They
local team and tho Sanderson Hill j,.lVo made many warm friends dur
Comets ended without either teum K their stay here, who will regret to
scoring. A social followed tho contest. yp,, them go.
Misses Blanche nnd Flossie Banlleld, 1 m,.. .iuhuh Werner died nt his home,
of Main street, participated in the con- 1 noill. this place, early Sunday morning,
cert given In Means' hall, Scranton, ' alt0r n very brief Illness. Ho Is sur
on Monday evening. vlved by a wife und ono son. Funeral
Taylorvllie lodge, No, lfi2, Knights of 1 services will bo held at the Dnpt'st
Pythias, and Mlnooka tribe. No. 217. I ehurch this afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Improved Order of Red Men, will meet
In their respective hall this evening.
Wllllnm Herbert, of Green Ridge,
was a buslesns caller In this borough
Mrs. Evan Jenkins, or Main street,
Is convalescing from her recent Illness.
Mrs. Sayre, of Stroudsburg, who has
been spending several weeks with her
daughter, Mrs. Nathaniel Eschsnbach,
returned homo yesterday.
Mr. William Hinds, who has been
seilously 111, was taken to tho Hahne
mann hospital yesterday, whero ho will
undergo an operation soon.
Miss Nettle Evans, of Elmhurst, has
been spending a few days with friends
lu town,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Eshleman and
daughter, of Gouldsboro, uru visiting
the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs,
Samuel Eshleman.
Mrs. Kate Warded and son, Frank,
were visitors In Elmhurst Saturday.
Horace Jones has accepted a position
in tho Hour and feed mill of 11, L.
Mrs. Gllland, of GouldJboro, was a
visitor in town Friday.
Otto Erhardt, of Scranton, visited
his parents here Sunday.
The proceeds from the donation sup
per and clipping social were about $30.
Ray Hinds, The Tribune carrier, who
has been Indisposed for a few days,
Is ablo to be out again.
Mrs, William Eschcnbach and son,
Wesley, of Scranton. visited the for
mer's sister, Mrs. Nathaniel Esclien
bach, Sunday,
Mrs. Wesley Dp Pew. Miss Sarah
Decker and Miss Ruth Richmond at
tended the Women's Christian Tem
peranco union convention at Mooslo
last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bl'secker, 01
Scranton, visited tho former's parents,
Mr, and Mrs, Isuuo Blesecker. last
Arthur Oardner left Monday to nt
tend school nt Wyoming seminary.
Miss Besslo Maloney, who has been
teaching school near Spring Brook. h
V r-Yr.f II '
First Presby torian Church of Greonsboro, Ga., and Its Pastor and. Elder,
HE day wns when men of proml-
nenco hesitated to give tncir test-
ImnnlnlQ In nrnnrlntnrv mi'illnlnpR
for publication. This remains true
today of most proprietary medicines.
Hut Peruna has become so justly ram
siitc llu t.nii'ttu 'it-,, tMimvn In un itmnv
j)COpie oC hh nn,i iw stations, thnt
no 0110 hesitates to see his mime In
tirlnt recommending.
Tho highest men In our nation have
given Peruna n strong endorsement.
Men representing nil classes and sta
tions are equally represented.
A dignified representative of the
Presbyterian church In the person )f
Rev. 11. G. Smith does not hesitate
to state publicly that h.- has used
Peruna In his family and found It
cured when other remedies failed, In
this statement the Rev. Smith Is sup
ported by nn elder In his church.
Rev. E. G. Smith, pastor of the Pres
byterian church of Greensboro. On.,
"Having used Peruna In my family
for some time It gives me pleasure to
testify to Its true worth. My little
boy, seven years of age, had been
sulferlng for some time with catarrh
of the lower bowels. Other remedies
had tailed, but nfter taking two bottles
of Peruna the trouble nlinost entirely
home on a visit, the school being closad
on account of sickness among the
The many friends of Jesne Gardner
will be pleased to learn that he Is able
to be out again, after several months'
Miss Schlnnerllng has recovered
from nn attack of the grip. Miss
Besslo Buckingham taught In her
place during her illness.
The remains of Clinton D. Brink
were brought from Dunmore here yes
terday morning nnd laid lo rest In
Fnlrvlew cemetery.
The society of King's Daughteis
will entertain their friends at n valen
tine social on Thursday evening, Feb.
14 ut the home of Mr. Daniel Grimes.
All are Invited.
Dr. Knedler is kept busy night and
day, caring for the many sick ones in
lids vicinity.
The Ladles' Aid society of the Pres
byterian church are making arrange
ments to give a turkey supper on Feb.
Miss Maiy fc'chliienrllng spent Sun
day with Iter slsti-r at Gouldsboro.
Mr. R. A. DeFrehu, of Mechanics
burg, Pa., was confined at the honv
of his brother-in-law. Mr. B. F. Itar-
1 denborgh, several days last week with
1111 attack of grip.
Rev. I". I. Frey, who has been pas
tor of the Baptist church of this
place for the past beven months, ten
dered his resignation on Sunday morn
ing, to take effect at once. It was ac
cepted at a church meeting called af-
' ter the regular evening serlco. Mr
Rev. J. J. Rankin, of the Presbyterian
church, will officiate.
The Avoca sub-district convention
will be held at tho Brick Methodist
Episcopal church, Wednesday, Feb. 13,
The following Is the programme:
Morning session, 10.30 o'clock: Song
service; devotions, address of welcome,
Andrew Alden; response, Mrs. R. M.
Pascoe; paper, John R. Neely; discus
sion, Rev. J. N. Bailey. Afternoon
session, 1.30 o'clock: Devotions: busi
ness session; paper, Mrs. Ace; discus
sion, Mrs. E. C. Herlew, recitation,
Mr. Georgo Sufford: paper, A. C. My
ers; discussion, V. M. Lyman; "Halt
Hours with Juniors": paper. Rev. J.
L. Rncu; discussion. Rev. R. H. Bailey.
Evening session, 7.30 o'clock: Devo
tions; solo, .Miss May Staley; address:
caricatures. Rev. M. S. Godshull; qu'n-
The Men's union bus spcured Attoi
ney Fred E. Rpers, of Scranton. 10
nddress them at their meeting on Fri
day evening, Fob. 15, at 7.30 o'clock.
Tho meetings arc held In Drake's hall.
Mr. Beers will rend a paper on "How
to Vote." All voters ought to hear
him. No iidinlsslon charges.
Mrs. Charles F. Millard, of Moscow,
spent Saturday with friends In this
'M.V. Samuel Brodhead, jr.. and wife
will leave on Thursday morning for
Avon Park, Florida, whero they will
spend the remaining part of the winter.
Mr. Archie TinUlopuugh Is confined
to his home by Illness.
Monday evening, Fdi. IS, will be the
opening night of the Hose company's
fair. An entertainment will b given
each evenliiR.
.Mr. I.i'oliJtil Mult anil MIm MiiI.i Tiiinii, Imlli
if 1 iiioinl imnuc, uriu unltiil In iii.iiiIjko by
It.'V. J. N. lUIUy at flic homo of the uioom's
lurrnUi S.itunliy cvi'iilnit nt b.:w In tin piiwnre
of a imnilwr of rrbtivn uml fritii!. Tliu liililu
ami hir maid. Mm. Conrad rruolun, e be
romlnnly ntllri'd in gown of ttel lolorcd clot It.
I with while IrinnniiiK. TI10 mourn wj, nt l tilcl
disappeared. For this special malady
I consider It well nigh a specific. As
a tonic for weak and worn-out people
It hns fuw or no equals." Rev, E. G.
Mr. M. J. Rossinan. u prominent
merchant of Greensboro, Ga and an
elder In tho Presbyterlnn church of
that place, has used Peruna, und In a
recent letter to the Peruna Medicine
Co.. of Columbus, O., writes ns follows:
"For a long time I was troubled
with catarrh of thu kidneys and tried
many remedies, ull of which gave me
no relief. Peruna wns recommended
to me by several friends, and after
using several bottles I nm pleased to
sav that the long looked for relief was
found nnd I nm now enjoying better
health than I have for years, and can
heartily recommended Peruna to nil
similarly aflllcted. It Is certainly a
grand medicine." M. J. Rossmnn.
If you do not derive prompt and
satisfactory results from the use of
Peruna. write at ouco to Dr. Ilartmaii,
giving a full statement of your case
and he will bo pleased to giva you Ills
valuable udvlcu gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman. President of
the Hartman Sanitarium. Columbus.
by Mr. Conuil Kriwlian. Aflir the ceremony u
veililhiK nipper xerml. Tho out-of-town
puesti cic: Mr. ami MtJ. Oeorge Sown, Mr.
and Mi. lluckliiRlimii and iliuffhters, Ctace and
Kloicnre; Mer. Conrad Milter, Jame t'owper.
John dailc, of Scranton,
Mr. Uarl Johwon, of Ciiatedale, spent Sumlay
with friend in town.
A mioker und noeial was glren by the Hon
company, No. 1, to the dlUeni of Mooiic bor.
iiirIi on Saturday evening. A pleaiant time im
injoted by all win) vere hi attendance.
Mevrn. Harry Caryl and Ralph Warlne, of
Scranton, were callers In town Sunday.
Mr. Hany Tock I ill at her home with the
Mr. Pirnton, of Clieter county, slate nuperln.
toiulent of the Loyal 'IViniwiance legion, rfavc an
ailJnsi and rc-organlzed the leirion In this plac
SilurUay evening. The following officers wei,
elected: Siipcilntcndcnt, Mi". Alice DraVc
pivtlilmt, Mhrf With- K. Plx; vlce-pro-ddent,
lll.incho TreitalUn: rnrre-MMindlnif secretary, Mr
11. C. Ilcrlow; rccordlnu ecrctry, Mjinic IlimU,
iriauicr, llelh! Weir: nupeilnlendcnt of meny
department, Jennie Weir; superintendent of flow
or intalon, Lena Walirnian: mperlntendent of
prcM lvnil;, Crrrlo llrungeu. Another meeting
will be held next .Monday oenlng in the Preahy.
teriln ihurch.
Tho llrouk club will meet Wednesday eenlnu"
of thlit week at the home of MIm nlancho Tre
salhu. All member? arc leipicsted to be present
Mr. and Mr. Frank Smith eie visilon In
Si'i.iuU.a jutlerday.
MiH Cothfrlne ( laik und Mm. Ciippen jpent
ycitculay In .Scranton.
Mr. Joseph Andrew in quite ill at her home.
Mm. Ira entertained relative. Irom Xich.
olon on Mirntay.
A pleasant inu! and literary entertainment
wa held on I'llday evening lat at the home
ot .Mr. and Mr. S. K, I'inn under the auspice
of t!n Womtn' Hume and I'ouljn MIIomry
oclety of the llaptit chinch, ltecltatlon woio by Mlw llesulo Ppcnccr, of Factory'
ville; MM Lena Xorthnp. Mix. IMwmrl Fmlth,
Mm. Tied Snyder and MiM Mildred Smith and
Mm. A. W. Allen ileliiditeil the uncut with n-
eral piano tnloj and oue va rendered by Ml
IMIth Caillmi. A banjo duet wan plajed by Ml"
(,'rju- Puiily ami Mil I on Puidy. Mrs.
11. Thompson nave a humorou reading and a
vocal duet wa mmr by Mia. Frank ColUn and
Mr. .1. llerklilmrr. The excrclne were great
ly enjoyed by all present.
Niae Wehr died middenly on Sunday afternoon
at 111 home In thla place alter a somewhat pro.
lonucd illiicita, llo wan (7 jeata of aire and had
for a long lime refilled in thl vicinity. Ilea w.n
a caipciiter by trade. Ull many lilend highly
iKteeined liU acipialiitance. bast fall he wad ap
pointed Janitor of the public chool. Vive on,
two daughter and a wife lunivc him.
Membeia of (lie Ladle' Aid aoclely of the
Baptist i lunch will eeno a supper In the church
nn Wednesday evrnlng, Ivglnnlng at 4.30 o'clock.
The Women's Christian Temperance union will
hold Its icirular monthly meeting at the lnm
of Mrs. llager on Friday atternoon.
He Wns Yesterday H-elenaed on $800
Thomas Jenhlns, of Taylor, who
threw n lighted Inmp at his wife
about a month ngo, seriously, .burning
her, wns rlensed yesterday by Judge
It. Aichbald, on $800 ball, which
wns furnished by Ilichard Lewis.
Jenkins' wife was In a serious con
dition for a time, as a result of hc
biuns, but la now out of danger.
To Cure the Grip in Two Days.
i..uatiu llroino-tfuinlno removes the cause.
Reelorc Vitality, Lost Vljor and Manhood
Curi) Impotcncy. Night Kmlsslons, Log ot Mem.
ory, nil wasting diseases,
nil meets ut rrir.auuse or
nxrciia and indiscretion.
A nsrvo touto and
blood builder. Urlngt
Ibo tilnk ulow to Dale
cheeks nnd restores the
llrn ot youth, fly mall
!AOo nertinx. Q bnzea for
$2.60, with our bankable, gaurantee to curs
or refund tho money paid. He ml for circular
and copy of our bankablo guarantee bond.
(jixtow LAiinU immeuuie kciuiib
Posltlvoly gunruntced care for Loss of Power,
Varicocele, Undeveloped or Shrunken Organs,
Porosis, Locomotor Attain, Nerrnus Prostrn.
Hon, Hysteria, Fits, Insanity. l'nrnl)il und ths
ItesulU of Kicei.lvo Uiw of Tobnrro, Opium or
Liquor, By mall In plain package, $1,00 u
box, ti for $0.00 with our bankable iruar
antoe bond to oure in UO days or refund
money paid. Aildrcts
Clinton AJnckson 8t . CHICAGO, at.
Sold by McOarrali & Thomu, I)nij;Ut, j)
Laekuwanna avenue, Scranton, Pa,
rf TWN
. '',. " to, Xi1.-' Jkiis.- -iK-J:
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