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An Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and beneficial
effects o the well known remedy,
Smur or Fins, manufactured by tho
CAUFonniA. Via Syhup Co., Illustrate
theTaluoof obtaluinjr tho liquid laxa
tive principles of plaut.i known to bo
medicinally laxative nud presenting
themin tho form most refreshing to tho
tosto nu: acccptablo to tho system. It
Is the ono p acct strengthening- laxa
tive, clean ;it.(j the bystcm effectually,
dispelling- ccleis, headaches and fevers
gently yet pr?ptly and enabling ono
to overcome naoiiuai consupauon per
manently. Its perfect freedom from
every objectluaaUo quality and sub
stance, nnd Us actl.iff on tho kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakening
or irritating them, tnako It tho ideal
In tho process of manufacturing1 Ago
nro used, as they ero pleasant to tho
taste, but tho medicinal qualities of tho
remedy aro obtained from senna and
other 'aromatic plants, by a method
known to tho Califoiwia Fio Svnur
Co. only. In order to get its benctlclal
effects and to avoid Imitations plcaso
remember the full namoofthoCompany
printed on tho front of cvrry package.
For sils by all Druggists. Price 60c. per bottlo.
Ice Cream.
on per
0C Quart
3 ilepbxne OrtUn rrompttr I"" vera!
;3f33j Adam Avcnua.
Scranton Transfer Co.
Baggage Checked Direct to Hotels
and Private Residences.
Office X)., Xi. & W. Passenger
Station. Phon 625.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Offlcn nurs - ra. to II p. m. J I to 4
William BulleUni, Ops. Postofflc.
f-f-f-f-f -f-f-t------f-t'-f't
M'lCML MllllSr. - Mictlal mectlnp; cf the
juuine.Mncii stone ititicis will be held at lndu
i ial halt at 3 o'clock todj.
Iinil ANSUAI, I1Vl.Ii.-Tha liflli annual ball
(r tho benrnt of the Montltiorc lklncv.- school
v.ill bo hold at Muilo hall tonight.
Mtl.TS THIS EVCMNK. Tho JcvvMi ChiutiU.
'iU4 sonely hill meet this cuning at S o'clock
at the rfsldcrKC ot Mrs. M S-unriions, (u Adams
av cnue.
rvCGIIV INDKlt r.LL.rrai.k lunt, oi
l.icLawjr.Lj, n caujht under a fall of rotf
st the Jrrmyn mine jevtrdav and fustalnrd a
broken ankle. He nas taken to the Luikauauna
MALLOV lU.NnUAI..-Mirj, the Infant
tcr ol Mr. and Mrs. John Mall'y, of OuO Cipou-e
aeenue, died on fcaturday and tho renialrs fu
intencd lu the Cathcdnl ccmetciy Jtittiday af
ternoon. MrXflNG THUIfiOVY Mt.llT-The i.eniral
(joIiim Command, Xo. II, PrunlMi-Vrmriean eul.
unteers, lll meet Ihursdaj nlRht In It nib's lull
en WjoDilncr aenue. Iho bdms euininliteu
"ill rrcscnt Its report.
MrnvncnD the casi;. .ioim voiio. ., u.
ear-old boy of Ninth stlcot, was arrested w-tu.
diy for stealing coal ficm Laikaevanna coal
isni. Alderman Millar dUclurjed the ea'e, ji
tho lad it only half-witted.
ni'Nniir CAKE WVI.U.-lred cuiiiu was
trrdercd a Uncfit at Mjtlo ball last night at
hleh ati cntertatimcnt tml eaka wal'e j
SUtn. A ccnteit for the ihimplanMiip nmoti
harmonica plajcra uai obo a leaturc.
MR". JORDAN'S rUM:nVL.-Thc luneul of
Iho Ite Mu. Margirct Jordan, ot Adanu aei-nuo,
wjt leld trom the ictldcmt tktr moinlny.
l!e. Mllrs J. MiManui relebraleil a nxulun
Iran at St. Peter's ithedral, Tho
vtre: John McMlHui, Jams Pomun, Jjiria
X Gas, Wafer,
Electric Light and
Traction Bonds
and other
W nroadewi. N V NWIkevllinr.
4 t'arl'OU lab
4- e fi and fl, CVriimonwealth lliilu ,
4- Serau.on,
Ai- AtHt fTttt
4- j.
WMtf, John White-, Dined Cobin ami tunlol
Mehln. Intcimint nu inids at the Clh"itrl
ANNT.Wj .MI'l.flNtl.-The City elul, will hold
Its annual meeting at tho club jooma on Fprocc
Mrcet title eunlnjr. Secretary W. S. MUUr will
read hi report ami the officers for thel ensuing
er will I- elected. A lunch will Vt terted to
the numbers.
TAY DAYS. The Uclinuniu rallrcud )anl
men were paid jcttertlay and the trainmen will
be paid today, finishing up for the month of
January. The Nfhnire and Hudion company
paid jettrrday at the Coalbrook mlti at Car
bondalo and tho Clinton inluo ul Vandllnf.
I'lIUtSON 111 CTINUS. ltev. Arthur T. I'm:
wn, D. I), will meal, this a'tcrnoou at f.
o'clock at the rooms of tho Young Women'
Chrlntlan association and this evening at 7.U In
tho l'enn Avenuo lliptbt chunh. Iloth men ar.J
women aro mol cordially nr?cd to bo present
nt there ncrclcei.
riiisni'At.o r.OL.sii tadm:.-tiio nr.t of
the eve-nltiR ,loin ol tho I'rlnclpiLi' Hound
Table was held last evenlnff In Prlmlpil W V.
Ilnnt's tifflco In the high school. Superinten
dent llonelt nddrrbed the meeting and steps (or
Hi" litinitlon of a courts In pedagogy nd
ivjcholojt' wcio taken.
roil TVUNT 1UM.-Mucli IMernt U being
nul'ifested In tho "Talent l'nnd" of ths I'cnn
,cnu H.iptlst ehurcli. Many ways hats been
adopted for tho lncrcajln? ol the Individual
talent. Amenc tho niont nemilar plana u tint
ef musical and literary cntcrtalrments. Ono of
lheo entertainments has been nhi.ned for this
eenlng to bo given In the Amcrrnan ehapcl inlv
sloti of the Pcnn Avenuo cnurch. An excellent
I rognmnic has bee n prepared by thoce In charge.
Tho Mowing number will bo rendered; I'rajer,
rev. Hcldlne; piano solo. llss Clara Drowning:
reading, Ml Jennie A. Ilurns; local solo, Will-
lam Jonc; review of i.uropean tnn. Mr. Stclle:
vocal 6olo, J. 1J. Uurns; recitation, Mis tleatrlco
t.. Morris; piano t?lo, !l Clara Uronlngj
vend rolo, Vlss Ulrabcth Suydamj reading, Miss
Mary Delanv; vocal wdo, liert U. UrlnV; short
tall, r.ev. fielding; violin solo. Mr. l'rlchtel,
till., "Talents," J. V llrownlng, ocal solo,
John 1). Uurns.
Billy Mack and Harry Mezzantl
Were to Combat in Tigue's Gym
nasium Went to Prlceburg.
A largo crowd of local and Luzerne
county members of the fistic encounter
loving fraternity thionged Tlghc's
gymnasium in Libctty hall, on Wash
ington avenue, hist night to witness a
fifteen-! ound combat btcen Llllly
Mack, the well-known Bellivue light
weight, and llany ilezzantl. of Wilkes
BatTO. A ting had been toped off, and nil
was In readiness for the mill when tho
police prevented It. There was a gren;
concour&e of sports present, and they
were forced to adjourn to Triceburg,
where a sanguinary battle wax fought.
Tho crowd began to a -mole -U thf
gyninuslutn early InM night and by a
oVlock there were a latgo number ot
spectatots present to witness the pre
liminary bout. Theto were enthusiasts
with high sdHc hats and enthusiasts
with red tics. There were real Wilkes
li'irre sports -with bad cigars and big
wads of bills, there were members of
tho frat from all over the county, and
among them, Indeed, veto a few city
The prellmlnaty was between I'red
Alpanalp, of Duryoa, and John Thom
as, of Wost Scranton, two lightweights,
who gave a lively three-round match,
which Keferce Connolly pronounced a
di av.
Then chairs wero pulled closer up to
tho ting and a general look of pleasant
expectancy pervaded the countenances
of nil present. A hum of busy con
versation followed tho leferee's decis
ion, and then the buily form of Chief
of Police ltobllng appeared In the elooi
wav, with City Detective John Jlolr
nt his side. There was a tu&h of the
members of the Twentieth Century
Athletic club, under w hose auspices the
affair was being given, to the chiefs
side, and a lloud of explanations fol
lowed as the latter announced;
"Complaints were iccelved today
that a prize fight was to take place,
and we can't allow it You will have
to call it all off."
Tor hevcial minutes explanations
came thick and fast that this wasn't
a prize fight, It was merely a
Iciis sparring match.
"Why, chief," said one of the pio
motors earnestly, "this Is to be merely
an exhibition of the noble art of .-elf-defVnse.
T myself will stand by and
txpaln every blow as it is struck."
Hut Chief Robllug mttcly smiled
Bilmly and, shaking his head, left the
hull. A coupe of patiolmen tnteted a
few minutes later, and after some pai
ley the crowd left for Prieebuig vli
the Delawate and Hudson tuilioad
Enteitainment to B Given In St.
Luke's FarlBh House.
The Mpij's Culld of fet. Luke's par-
Mi have arranged an entertainment
for .Monday evening, I'eb. IS, In tho
auditorium of th Parish Houwe, on
Wyoming avenue, when rrederlck W.
Truman, of Cleveland, Ohio, will ap
pear for the 111 Ht time in this rlty In
his own diamatlrntlon of C'hatles
rW;en-' "Oliver Twist." a seriocomic
burletta of three acts, In which he
actH the partK of twenty-one charac
tets with n dlffetent voice and facial
expression, for each charactei, with
out make-up of any kind.
Quoting from tho leading pipets:
Air. Trumun'H Pngln was true to na
tuie and made one shlcr to look upon
nnd hear the Infernal eld villain lu
his trade of lIng. stealing, deceit and
murder. The ch.uacteiUatlon of 13111
Hykes vas simply leyond description.
At times ludicrous In the extreme, but
the description of the minder of
Nancy brought teats to the eyes ot all.
The cunning of the Artful Dodger and
tho slmplli ity of Oliver Twist were
also title te iiiituio. Humbles coutt
shlp nnd short honeymoon, made tho
audience roar, and Judge Tang, es
pecially in fining Urownlow fo.
swenring In eoutt, will not soon be
loi gotten. Mr. Tinman comes with
tho highest endorsements and wo pre
dkt nn evening eif inre pleastue.
The committee havo alro secured the
sei vices of l'iof. j. Willlb Conaut. Miss
Irene Kann and Mr. John Jones, mu
sicians of eonsldernblu local famo nnd
taie oblllt.v. The Men's ClulUJ ot St.
Luke's chuteh me well-known 03 a
brnnd-mlndcd, llbeial and rharltuble
oigaubatton nnd the cutci talnmcntl
for their benefit should be well patton
I zed.
A Fine Piano for Sale.
Hut slightly used and nearly .is good
as new. Latest design, upright grand,
nt it great oargiln. Plcnso call and
see It. Guernsey Hall, Sctatiton, Pa.
J. W. Guernsey, Proprietor.
On Account of the Illness of Alcler
man John P. Kelly tho Case
Against Him Went Over Until tho
Next Term Bossard Case to Do
Put on Trial Frank Compton on
Trial Before Judge U. M, Edwards.
Chnrgo That Is Lodged Against
Him Other Minor Casei.
The second week of criminal court
opened yesterday morning, with
Judge It. W. Arehbald presiding in
the main court room and Judge It. 31.
Kdwards in No. 2,
There were three of tho Municipal
League's liquor cases on the list and
two of them were continued. They
are O'Connor & Walsh, of Lackn-
wanra avenue, selling liquor on Sun
;wrhountJaT1'.rPnLCa rlWl'oHlntV to : MIm HcbH.. testimony
VI'TZJL I'fL "J": She wld that at tho time she want
The O'Connor & Walsh case went over '
by agreement of the attorneys on
both sides. The firm Is to bo given an
opportunity to obey the law by keep
ing closed on Sunday.
A certlllcato was presented fiom Dr.
J. J. Hutlllvan, setting forth that John
Moffat, who Is charged with iselllng
liquor without n license, is toe sick
to appear In court. Moffat was sick
at the lost term and the olllcors of tho
Municipal League asked yesterday for
time to inquire Into Moffat's condi
tion. They reported In the afternoon
that Moffat suffers from nsthmn, but
Is no worse now than he has been
for a long time. Judge Arehbald di
rected that a eaplas be Issued and
Moffat brought In for ttlal.
On motion of Attorney W. W. Bay
lor, the cases against Aldciman John
P. Kelly, charging him w lib misde
meanor In olllce, were continued until
the next term. Tho nldermtn has not
yet recoveied from his ucent sctloU3
lfntry O. Bossard was called In No.
1 on a charge of being the father ot
the child of Miss Grace Illnton, a
comely young woman, who Uvea nt
Stormvllle, Gouldsboro township. In,
September, 1S99, she was living as a
servant with t datives of Possard, In
Monroe county, and thote the nffen
was committed. The child was born
at Miss Iflnton's home In this county,
but Tto-Tsatd was Indicted lu Monin
county, and when culled for ttlal
pleaded guilty. It was dlscovcied that
the child was boin In this county and
that tho offense charged against nos
siifl could not He In Monroe. The
charge was therefnio withdrawn and
Bosaid leatristtd and indicted In
this county.
When the ease was called yester
day, It was continued until today, to
give the patties an opportunity of
settling the matter out of com I, It
being intimated to the judge that
there wns a possibility of sut h a ter
mination of the proceedings.
Uy direction of the court, n vctdlet
of not guilty was. taken In the e'ase
of John Jack, chatged with ptealing
three geee from Mrf. Annie Puseuo.
of North Scranton. The judge decided
that n ease was not made out. Uteir
ncy T. P. Duffy was asslgnceH to de
fend Jack.
Julius Hopewell pleaded guilty to
aggravated assault and battery and
was sentenced to pay u fine of Jl nnd
spend sixty days In tho county jail,
ft was shown that Hopewell and Wil
liam McDowell, both colored, were eu
gaged In gambling, when a dispute
uroe over twentj-four cents and
If opewe II picked up a i uspldot and
hit McDowell on the Head with It,
indicting an ugly wound.
The four cases agnlnrt William Mlt
tleman, charged with dealing In regis
tered bottles, which were on the list
for yesterday, were continued until
P.aeffalo I.amoita was tiled on a
chat go ot feloniously wounding Jos
eph Lobello. It Is a case glowing out
of the miners' strike of lu-t fall. Lo
bello was cmplojed at n washoiy at
Punmnio nnd thiough this was called
a 'scab' and became engaged In a
fight with Lamorta, which ! culled In
Lamotta stabbing Lobello under the
heatt with a. knife. Indicting ,i wound
which ki il the Injured man In bis
bed foi some time.
L'lsti let Attorney Lewl van coun
sel for Lamotta before his election
and could not appear as tbe common,
wealth'! lepiese'ntn'tlve In the cus
yesterday. The prosecution was con
ducted by Attorney f V.. Daniels and
Attorney H. L. Taylor appealed for
the accused. I.amoita snld he elld tho
stabbing In rolf-detcnte, that Lobello
bad chewed his thumb nnd pummelled
htm sevoielv. The rasa was given to
the jury nt 1.15 and It ngieed upon
a vctdlet half an hour later
P. aril; f5op was com lend of ie.
celvlng btass stolen Horn the Delawate
and Hudson Canal company
Prank Compton wns put on uinl
late In the afternoon on the charge
of having had unlawful lelatlons with
MIbs Panic Heglln In last October and
November. The young woman !s but
16 mis of age, and now lives with
her patents In Peteisbur She said
Dr. James'
Will yield to the
soothing influences
of that marvelous
littlo remedy,
Dr. James'
Headache Powders
Act directly on the
nerves not to
stupefy them, but to
soothe" and
strengthen them.
Absolutely hsrmleti.
At nil Drug Stores.
4 dobos 10 oontb.
Cure vvnero
that sho met Compton for the first
time Inst April. He is a young man,
not yet of nge.
On Oct. 20 alio camo to the court
house with Compton for the purposo
of (retting ie marriage) license. It a
Satin diiy aftctnoou, the cleik of the
remits olllce wn closeil, and they
made up tholr minds to go to Hint,
hnmtoii nud he married. .lust after
lealng the court house, they met Al
fred Mlckdw and told him they worn
going to lllnghtimton to he mauled,
llo paid that it uuh not ncccsiaty to
do that, for ho bcllovvil they could
get n certificate heie. 31lss Heglln
went with the two men, and at Nor
ton's hook store they obtained n blank
marriage ceitlllcate, eIio letualning
outside while tho men purchased It.
Thpy then went to tho postofllee,
wheio tho corlllleuto was filled out.
Shu did not Know which of thi men
flllc.1 It out, for slio icmalned outside
on tho sidewalk while It was being
done. When Compton nnd Jlickle
came out they hundcil her tho ccr
tlticnto and Mlckle told her she win
now Coniplon's wife and If her folks
said nn thing to her fho could pro
claim the fact. Compton and Ml3)
Heglln then went to William Mkkle's,
at Nay Aug, wheto they announced
they were man nnd wife. They lived
there for two weeks and four days,
to marry Compton and thought she
was nuurled to him, but she has no
desire now to be his wife.
Coniplon's attorneys, A. A. Chnse
nnd James Mahon, sought to havo
the girl's testimony ruled out on the
giouud that she is Compton's com
mon law wife, nnd thcieforo that sho
Is Incompetent to testify against the
accused. Judge Hdwards declined to
sustain tho position of the attorneys,
and Miss Heglin's testimony stands.
Aldei man Millar testified that at tho
time the incst In the case was made,
Mips Heglin's mother was anxious to
luivc the matter lighted by having the
nuiig people legally mairled, but
e ompton's mother objected nnd would
mil give her consent. Tho enso will
be resinned this morning.
Charges of foigeiy gi owing out of
the mukliig of the bogus mairlngc cer
tlllcato against Compton and Alfted
Mlckels aic awaiting trial today.
The flis't cae of the week to bo tiled
In court toom No. 2 was acalnst Hd
wuul Cooper, e hat Red with ossaultlng
William Conned!, on Nov. 1" last. On
the evening of that day the prosecu
tor an old mnu of SO, was driving to
wards his farm In Newton, when, as he
alleged, he was ntt'icked by the de
fendant who Insisted upon ildlng, and
v ho struck the prosecutor se-vernl
times In the fue knocking out a tooth
nt.d causing bis nose to bleed. Tho
defendant denied striking tho pro.o
ct'or ul all and stated that he filmplv
i kcd for a ride. Tho juty loluineu a
venlltt of not guilty and placed tho
cists upon the prosecutor. The court,
howevei, directed that the cosU be ie
mltteel. Caroline Welldt was then trl 'd.
charged with the larceny of five ynids
of tliess goods, valued nt five dollars,
liom Goldsmith's Daz&ar, on Dec. 17.
The goods In question consisted of a
icMimant of a peculiar shade, and was
Identified by clerks as having belonged
to the Goldsmith's store, and having
been the only piece 0f the Kind In
stock. They also stated that this piece
Inil ncv er been sold. The defendant
was Identified as a person who had
been In the stoic on the 15th and on
the 17th, tho day that the goods wcie
missed, and who bod afterwards en
deavored to arrange for nn exchange
of the piece for one of another color.
The cleikwlth whom It was stated
that the anangement for the exchange
had taken place, testified that the de
fendant told him that the goods were
purchased by her sister, for whom she
was nctlng. Sol. Goldsmith stated that
Mih told lilm that she bad purchased
the goods fiom another woman for the
sum ol nnd that she had endeavored
to settle the case with him alter her
an est
The detendant drilled taking the
goods, claiming that she puiclnued
tliciii fiom a woman at Woolvvoith's
stoie tor 5.'. She admitted telling tho
clerk at Goldsmith's Ibat her sister had
bought the goods, but explained this
by saying that she supposed that she
would have been unable to effect an
exchange had she told that the goods
had bi'L-ii pun based by her fiom a
Mianger. Mis Welch, of Pcteisbtug,
testlllefl that she was present when the
deli'iidant pine based the goods fiom
a woman In front of WoolworthV. "Not
guilty, county to pay costs" was tho
finding of tho Jur.v.
Mori Is I'osnei', a hue kst-i, charged
with the latcenv, on Dee. 11 last, ot one
slt) -pound tub of butler belonging to
John T Poitvi, wits tiled bt-lore Judge
IMvvaids nnd a Jmv. chaileii Meddler,
a Pinnklln avenue dealer, te stilled that
hi run chased a tub of buttei fiom
the defendant, dm In? the month of
Decembei lor which he paid eleven
dollais. The common we ulth sought lo
piove that the tub was one of those
stolen. It was abo shown that after
his onest the defendant stated that he
seemed tho butter from u man named
Attorney Joseph O'HiJen. repiesent
Ing the defendant, moved the court to
take the case fiom tho Juiy on tho
ground that It was not shown that the
buttei had been stolen and that tho
Piopeity had not been sufllclently Iden
tified. The i nm t refused tho motion
wheieupon the defendant lefused to
offer any evidence. The juiy tctutned
a veullct of gullt.v
Yesterday's Manlage Licenses.
nrhliei) I' (I'llou I'eikcllle
Mail Cl'lluro "-n j nt on
Uiirlot I Kkm unaa
Son Mo.tUn Vcnfj
Nnih Katn Oliiiluint
Harriet .Une l.l'ton (Neptune
Alulu Ie Diinmore '
1'renlj C an 1 Punmu.o
HillUm WuwlUkv 'Ihrecn
Mjo Lauonls I droop
Mlcluel lUtchforil Vrunton
Vnnli Clmr.v 'cr.mUm
llumae IMvie I
litldjit 11jU erjntnn
l..liaril f auil'bell Aehlty
till Igel Kane scuntun
riiunue II. lUirl.i- Sranlnn
Mire laker "-crjnton
1'lCll UoDUiiiiil hcunto'i
Mjrtle I. Vjii (.oidir s,ian)0l
IuIhi -ljmuf'.il . Scrmten
Apoknla 1'uor Vrjnton
School Boanl Committee Anxious
About ICennedy Act.
The members of the legislative com
mittee of tho school board met lust
night, after tho regular meeting, nnd
decided to leave this morning on the
MB o'clock train for Hairisburg
The act repealing tho Kennedy net.
whl.'h the committee piepared, ban
passed both tho senate nnd! tho house
of icpresentatlvcfa without a woid of
opposition, but some the members got
tho Idea Into their heads that Oover
nor Htone would not sign it, and they
ate going befoio blui In a body and
iieiutst Uuit 'u aflU bW Bisnattue.
Ex-City Solicitor Jamc3 H. Torrcy
Gave nn Interesting Address on
Municipal Hefonu aud Also Ex
plained Why Pittsburg Peoplo
iavor tno Ripper Bill Severely
Scored the Fire Department Other
Speakers Were Prominent Members
of the Society.
Municipal refoim was dlseusscd at
Inst night meeting of the Ncnth Scian
ton Men's society In tho Providence
Picsbyterlan church, nnd very lively
nnd Interesting wcio some of the opin
ions expressed on the subject. Among
the speakers of tho night were Poimer
City Solicitor James H. Torrey, Sec
retary of the Board of Trade Dolph U.
Atheiton. who Is rtesldent of the so
ciety, T. 8. Morgan. O. P. Miller and
o Vers. f
An a tcsult of tho discussion papers
cypiesslng tho sense of tho meeting
wero adopted. In these the society
congratulated the Muntclpnl league on
the splendid woik It has done, urged
an attendance of good leputnblu citi
zens at the polls duilng ptlmary nnd
tho other elections, and nlso advised
its mombeis to ciuefully look Into the
fiuallflcatlons of nil candidates for pub
llo position before voting for them.
After the regular loutluc business
had been transacted President Ather
ton made a brief speech, In which he
refeired briefly to the piesent agitation
over the tipper bill, and then intro
duced Attorney Torrey, as a man well
qualified to speak on both municipal
affairs and municipal leform. A mes
sage fiom President J. A. Lansing, of
the boaid of tinde, won nlso delivered
by Mr. Atheiton. Mt. Lansing was
expected as one ot the speakers ot
the evening, but was called to Ihiffnlo
on business. He. however, sent the
following message-: "I e-ongiatulate
the Men's socle-ty of North Scranton
that I must be In lluffalo tomouow
morning. '
Which modest but lather uncompli
mentary tribute to Mr Lansings' ora
torical povveis was accepted with much
laughter b the roclety. City fJollcl
tor Vosbutg, another of the expe'eted
guests, was In Hurilsbutg. Mi. Toi
rey. In the course of his remarks, said
nncnt the subject ot the much discussed
"Upper" bill;
"This 'ripper' phase of a second class
city charter Is no new development.
I happened to glance over n second
c'rss. city act the other day which
was agltateni In Plttsbuig tour yeats
ago, and which was backed by the
leprcsentatlvcs of the besl classes of
tho city. Professional and commercial
men both supported the 'tipper' claue.
The latter may look narrow, even out
rageous to us, but in Plttsbuig they
are tr.vlng to accomplish an end and
ate not very particular as to the
"Pittsburg people want that part ot
the act to go through, because th?y
have been ridden for yeais and enri
by a shameless ting, who have; bilbcd
councils, had all contracts at their
ov n figures, peddled public trnnchlse.
and who have done most elegantly and
completely what some members of our
lty councils did In a ety small nnd
botsh manner.
"If wc llvfd In Pittsburg and suf
fered as tho citizens the-ic have, we
would not consider the 'ilppcr' part
of the act so preposteious. I think
that any suggestions from Scrintou
ivgardlng second class city legislation
woull be kindly met at Pittsburg, but
If we send lepioscntatlves there sim
ply to oppose the 'ilppei daife, wo
aie making a mistake.
"However, even with poor legisla
tion a city with an honest admlnlstta
tlon can get along, but back of nn
honest administration tbeie must be
honest and intelligent electois."
Mr. Toirey Intetspersed his nddiess
with seveial polnlPcl anecdote, and
his vvoids had a m irked effect on bis
audience, in concluding, he said:
"We do not itaud up for nbfolutc In
tegilty us we should. We aie bound
to stand up lor law and personal right
nnd should not be so willing to com
promise. Influenced by matteis of pei
sonal feeling. We let out feelings tun
away w Ith us. Instnneo the recent
street car ftrlke. No matter what our
impntliles wete, we should not havo
allowed any passengers In cats to l
liented with conte'inpt nnd hailed with
oppi obi Iouh epithets by stieet cbll
dren. And another thing about the
stilke. Kvon though we do have as
poor n. service as can be tound tho
counti) over, and tho company's pol
icy tow in els the city has been the least
Ubcial, still, as an American citizen,
!t toused my blood that business men
lould be intimidated by stilkcis and
be c'lctaled to, as to whether or not
they could sell meichandWe to street
ear company lepresentntlvcs."
The speaker then paid his ottentio.i
to the (lie department, and raid:
"A one Instance of the effeit of
municipal conuptlon in a public d)
P'lttment, look at the fire department.
How has It always shown Itself, and
paitlcularly duilng the last big fire?
And what Is the renson-.' It Is con
trolled by selfishness and gicecl and
we reap tne results.
"I heard of an action of ono ot the
firemen last Thursday who demanded
from tho proprietor of a bIioo store
boots for himself and comrades, and
on being lefused said, "Oh, to h 1
with tho building then Let It burn "
O. P. Miller, an e-North Scranton
councilman, concurred In ull Mr. Tor
icy's views, as did also the ollur
speakers. The next meeting of the so
i loty will be a reception to the ladles,
and ptomlses to be a gala event.
Was Pastor In Liverpool for Twouty
three Years.
News has been received in this city
of tho death of Itev. 1. jr. Jenkins, a
prominent Welsh Congiogatlonnl min
ister, at t'demiuvon, North Wales, on
Sunday. Januniy 20, 1901. He was
Mxty-thico cars or age. He was the
son of Hev William Jenkins-, for many
onrs puMm of tho Welsh Congiegti
tional church nt Jeimyn, this tountj,
and he was a brother to Hemy Jen
kins, of Providence, and H, P. Jenkins,
ex-recoider of deeds, of this city: and
ho nlso has a sister living In West
Pittston, and a brother n minister In
New England.
Prior to his retirement to Cucrnai-
BiSpencer Business College
To any person who will send to The Trib
une Publishing Company
Sew subscriptions for The Scranton Trib
une, paying $5.00 in advance for one year,
Present a paid-up Certificate entitling them
to a full six months' Business or Short
Hand Course in Our College, valued at $35.
(4k 316 Washington avcnuc, schanton, Pa.
r n fr td 'J ? ' f ?' V ? " ?"? -r5 f Y "V "V "V
The New Ncversll'i As
plmlt Rcmonl)le
norsc cannot slip
and will outwcir three
sets or anj other calk
A Break In the Price of Rubbers Tliey have been too high fof
the past two years. Now we will give you the benefit of the cut ir
prices. Ladies' 6oc Rubbers, now 45c- Men's 85c kind, now 70c.
Singed and Scorched. That's All.
The (ire playcei havoc with our whole
bjle block of Candies, under the Houn
btore, but it didn't gel into the handsome
new building 1.0 lecently ope'ned by us.
A new stock of Candies for the
wholesale trade is traveling this vv.iy
1 he biff store is open as usual, with
the best of Candies and Bakestuffs and with
the best lunches in the city.
von, a few months ago be had held
the pibtoiatc of tin Welsh e'ougieg.i
tlonal chinch at Pink. Hcwd, Liverpool
for twenty-three .-ais, and was one
of the best known llguies In the Welsh
pulpit. He was tor surve eas sem
t.ny of the Welsh I'ongiegatlonal
union, and In !( was made picildent,
the highest honor In the gift of tho
denomination. He leaves lour clin
ch en, tin co sons nnd a daughter, two
of the sons being ali-o inlnlstets, the
Hev. S. 15. Jenkins, of Meithyr Tjdvll,
and the Hev. William A. Jenkln-, of
Pontypildd. South Wnlee
Large Number of Persons fiom This
City Attended.
A laige of be ronton ninsli -lovers
attended the MacDowcll piano
leciul Inst night at Coneordla hall,
Wilkes- IIji re. Among them weio
Madame Tlmbeimnn-Kandolph. Prof,
gciuthwoi'ih, Pi of. Pi'inltiK' hi. Ptof,
and Mifc J. W . e', Mrc. 1 . S.
Weston, .Mrs. G. dull. Dlmmlck. Prof.
J, JI. Chrnee. Miss Allen. Miss Kne
mnn, Mis. Penman, .Mlse Hveln till
nunc, Miss Flora Muttiiu,'.., the MIkscs
lioertam, Miss Mlckle, Jtls'i ltennlo
Mrs It. 'P. Hlnck, the Mcssis. Uoer
sam. t'oneoiella hall was lllled to the doors,
Tho famous composer placed n loin
progrnmme with the utmost satisfac
tion to his urdent udmliets. Theiei
was a great diversity of feeling as 10
his icndc'ting of the Moonlight Sonata.
It was Heethoviu Mncliow. lllzed, nnd
as such was an Inteiestlng study. His
I'outth Sonata was an intricate
ellfllcult composition, which one wants
to bear many times to be. nmo fumllinr
wlth tho motif.
Ills. Interpretation of the t!i.y Noc
turne wns iieihaps the tuoit plirif.'.ng
number of the cvenlns. although (lit
126 and 128
'ii rranivim wvo.
''JS17 Holers llros.'" GooiH.
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Spoons, etc.
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delicate, eluslvo "beauty of the "Shodo v
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injstlclsm nnd dieniny sweetness, were
something to tcmemler as dlstltfct'ln
the musical iceoul of u life.
All Ordeis Piomptly Filled. '
Wo ai. now lu position to fill all 01 -dem
promptly In our wholesale 04 nil v
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