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Ship Subsldu Bill Will Follow the
Naval Appropriation
Contrnry to Expectation the Effojt
Mado for Philippine and Cuban ;
T . i
Legl&lation No Debate. .
n.m.i.nie ,. Willi nn- That a
Demoaats Aio willing -innr.
Vote Should Be Reached on Both
Provisions Tho Revenue Reduc
tion Bill Will Come Before the
Hotihe with Prospects for nn Ani
mated Discussion.
, 1 ,. nisiic Wiic Hiin Tl-e A.iiateil l'i,s
Washington, Fob. 10. If eonsidera
(lon of I he nitviil appropriation bill
Is completed during Monday, nn H
supposed It Will III', till' Slllp HIlllHllly
bill will be mllcd up by Senator Fie.
-nil thai bill will continue ti teeeiv.
the Attention of the senate ilurlnrr 'e
K-innlnder if thc tl(i). Senator '""nf
i ty will taUo the llnor when the bill
b, taken up, and Ik expected to occupy
H'.e remaining portion ot the duv,
v.uatever time there may bo let-'.
.- natnf rroctur has given notice that
i chairman of the committee on
.igrieultuie, he will call up the nc:t l-
ullurul tipptoprlatlon on Tuesday.
Thcio will be no effort to prevent dls
id.irrmenl of the subsidy bill by the
impropriation bill. The committee on
appropriation hopes to bo able to re
rioit the fortifications appropriation
bill by thc time the agricultural hill
hall be disposed of, and thu army ap
propriation bill Is expected to lie re
ported later In thc week.
The plan Is to have all appropriation
bills upon promptly, it possible,
but when thetc nto no bills ol that
haracter befoie the senate, the sub'
ddy bill will eontlnuo to have tho
ilcht of way. Xo dciision has been
leached yet an to whether there will
tie renewed elfort to secure nlRht tjes
slons, on the subsidy bill, but tho
prenl In lleatlonu me that tlfre will
lie no I in ther Immediate attempt In
hat direction. The opponents of tho
hill declare that In case of a renewal
'l tho nlyht meetinf,'., the frlenda i.t
the till will bo compelled to keep con
ttantly in the chamber a quorum of
their own. While they mmln frequent
demand for a call of this senntc dur
ing the ccniiiR sessions of last: week,
they nluajs themrelves replied to
their names when call"d. It is now
understood to be the purpose not to
i'o this In en so of further effoits to
brihj: the bill to a vote by carrying
thc r trite nicetliiRd Into the night.
Colonial Legislation.
MtHli interest Is felt In the ettort
ik1i Is to be made to secure lesls
tatlon hi cunncctiun with tho army ap
proprntlon bill in regard to th Phil
ippines and Cuba. It has been always
supposed that any attempt In clthm
direction would open up the entlte
colonial policy of the administration
and lead to interminable debate, but
thcie is now unquestionably a iulet,
Ktttieral acquiescence in the effort to
be made for Philippine nnd Cuba lecr
islation. Whether this Is duo to the
fact that there has not been time to
consider thc hearing of these two pro
posed amendments sufficiently, or to
the general desire to avoid an cxtta
session of congress, does not yet up
pear. He that as it may, a majority at least
of the Democrats seem quite willing
that a vote should be reached on both
these provisions. Indeed, it is under
stood to b tho position of Senator
Jones, of Arknnsas, and of bis im
mediate supporters In opposition to the
subsidy bill that there will bu no ob
stacle to getting u vote upon any bill
before the senate, except th ship bill
nnd possibly the oleomargarine bill. In
all probability, however, the Cuban
and Philippine questions will be ills
cussed a consldeinble length and,
even though there mny be no .let-It
to defeat them, they may be used to
hold off the subsidy bill.
Tho committee on the Phlllnnlnea
will hold a meeting Munday and It i3
expected will agree promptly njion a
favorable report upon the Philippine
amendment, but the question will
Vrobablv not be taken up In tho sen
ate until the army appioptlatlon bill
shall be reported. The Cuban com
mittee probably will meet luter in tho
In the House.
The revenue reduction bill will enmo
before the house tomorrow, with son;o
prospect of nn animated discussion.
The Watts committee has already de
termined on a jecomniondullon for a
disagreement to the senate amend
ments to the bill and that a confer
ence with tho senate bo nsked. Mm
this determination has aroused con
siderable feeling among thu majority
members of the committor) nnd this
my find expression when Chairman
Payne presents thu report and moves
for a conference. Following this mit-
ter, the diplomatic unci consular tip
ptoprlatlon bill will claim attention,
the. general discussion of foreign qucs
tlons, particularly tho Philippines, be
ing still open. Tho army appropria
tion bill and the sundry civil bill nlso
will receive consllsration during tho
-mong tho measutcs o general
legislation likely to conic up is tho im
portant bill for govcrnmnnt nld and
participation In the .nulslnua pur
chase exposition, to be held at Ht.
Louis-, Chairman Tuuney, having thu
subject in charKo ban i-cebed as
surances from the speaker of early
recoKtiltlon and expects to take up iho
bill during the Prut part of tl" week.
Tim bills ICllllllg o'llieis of tier re
rnu cutter service nnd establishing a
standardizing bureitu, continue to be
ers when npporprlatlon bills
c tlio right of way. Legis
lation regarding West Point hazing
may como up nt any time, although It
is likely to be dealt with In confer
ence In connection with the military
academy appropriation bill.
Sixteen Flims Aro Involved All
the Well Known Houses.
Hy Kxclu'he Vlt fiom The Auoclatcd Prcf.
I'.irln, 1'cli. W. Tho ttiik In the Piitll ilu-J-nuking
trade, Iiai aiiumcd formidable, proportion.
The. first to uttlko wen- thc Journe) men tailor
Miiplc.icd by a lew limn mainly engaged In put
tins out tailor-made costumes. Thcw, chiefly
h rclgnem, complained a&ilnit the arbitrary elii
trltuitlon of piece .ork lij the culteii", and ilc
tnai.dcd flil w,ig-. Thu, lar about lUn
hurt are lmolud, inclti ling sikh Will known
house a Uoiih. ltcdfcin, i'ajuit, iioucette, Li
"'vi " vuiiiii. aim naiiuiiiiit.
.rhl, (, ,,, thc tUiUn illM j inc.tlt.ii at
l" '"'' hxehange, u ion It appeared some
.. ,,,, ,,,,..',..., ... , .,'' . ,.,
Numerous seamattcss,.., wh"in the tailoia air urg
iinr to tiller en in.isv In onkr to prevent the
imopljiis fruiii r-cltliiir them to ilo the work of
th" trie a, were pieseiit.
The spcakeM, i, mum; them Ixiul-e Michel, urged
til'' nun to hold out, on the xiound tlul thu
busy .print; iiaon va about to ligln ami t'uu
impio)!! would be compelled to Jlrld. One
oritor, in the coiiise ol u lnlcnt picth, kui(.
settrd liuiniiiK '!"' woik)op of resile llrjnt
lirms with petrolcnni, but thi inoi'OUl met Willi
.1 cold iiiiptlon.
Hie ineetliiu lilt illv dtc'deil to ileniind an udght
v.. it.Bi'iti.ii IHMVIa litl 14 J'MMVl 111' linrrilllltlll
liui day and l triniit lor woimn. 'he em
1'loiert wue dtiiti until tomcrrow to rtplj. K
lliey do nol jield .1 ifpiii'r.d trik- will be de-
1 in ft. 1"d.iy'n .iction v.J fiidi-ntly an itUtnpt
i to (ldlfit the inpport of the wotnili
Mass Meeting of Citizens Issue nn
Ultimatum to "Jointihts" Giving
Them Until Friday to Clone.
P. I.VUwtV Mil fru II Tilt .HwA'laUd I'll!
Topeka, Kant... Teb. 10. Three thou
sand male citizens of Topcka In mass
uu-etlnpr here today decided that the
numerous Jolntu of tho city must closo
their places. They issued an ultimatum
Klvlncr the Jolntlsts until Krlduy next
nt 12 o'clock noon to rpilt business. If
this shall not be done, warnlnu wus
fTivcn that a thottsjud armed men
would Immediately move on the joints
and icmove them by force. Today's
action Is the result of the crusade
started heie by Mrs. Nation. The
meeting was a temnrkable one i:i every
lesneet. It w.ih called by a commit
tee of the Law enforcement league,
and was attended by nearlv all the
prominent buslners men of the city. A
feelhiK of Intense earnestness pervaded
tho meeting. The meeting was opened
with prayer. Alter n few nddivsi;s,
a n ultlmntnm was proposed nnd pastil
amid enthuslnMU. The ultimatum com
manded the nflieers of the city and
county to pet form their duty regard
ing the closing of the joints. The ulll
eeis were warned that they had waited
long enough. The pioperty owneis In
whose premUes the Joints arc kept
weie nlso warned that they should
abate the nuisances nt once or the
people of Topeka would not be respon
sible for the damage thai might ensue
to thc buildings.
Twelve hundred men signed their
names to curds pledging themselves to
be ready nt a moment's notice to join
the army which has been recruited to
stamp out the joints by the time the
limit of the ultimatum expires.
There seems to lie no question that
the next few days In Topeka will
see Interesting developments, possibly
Notice Posted Thought to Have
Been Work of a Jacobite.
II v Kvlmhe Wire irom 'ilii .Wocl.ilcd I'ir.i.
London, 1'iti. It - -'I ho II illy Mail inakef the
following ttatenietii:
A notice declaims; i;Jaid II miiipir and
Miry I the righted queen 'i potcd on tho
Sltex of SI. Janus p'lJ'e and at the sulld lull
on tin" night iuewi Vidoila died. II va, not
signed and no one w it poited at either place,
hill it i. known ft, h.iw. been the hiudiwotk
of i member ot the Jacobite league. Piobably
no action will be UVm. but the iinident ii
phini why tlie litltlnutl.'li were not allowed to
place a wieatli on the titue of Clitiln I Ian. .10.
Those Made During Victoiia's Time
Will Be Good During Edwaid's.
Py KmIuoIco Wirt from The U-. lutul Pim.
Louden, Feb. II.-Thc Cmm C'iicilai an
lioumrd Klin; KdManl' dniil.m inal inurt
pre.eiitutioiH dmlnir thc lein ol c)ueen Vhtcila
will hold xocii fin the it"-enl lelirn. 'lid will
iemoe the Kieal dilhnilty thai .,uld have been
iraolwd In thotir.d of mewed pie.entaltoii..
t the opiiiiiiir ol pirlimneiil, whlih will be ;i
Sreit paLaemt, the lrttiis will nil', a craieon
vi bet -tale lobe, wllh licit trimming, ot er
mine. Lidie lime pirmli lull to wimi' pearl i nnd
Empress Will Allow Hwang Su to
Take the Reins.
Hy lAibiAbe Wile from The Aweljled i'ui
Shinuhai, IVb. 10 It l repoiled hue tint Ihe
rinpniM, yielding to foreign piniiic,
lu allot. oil Ijnpiior Kwanx S'u to rcnitne the
lelnV of r;ovtiiiment.
leMlch bom IVkln i cit tlul all the
forllfied piweii bc.iinid the turltoiy held by the
allliH nri) belns ciitljored b) lln- t'ldnciiu and
th it lioxeii am u entuirK I'el.ln necretly .
Plngree Sails Awny.
V) t.vcltuite Wire from The iMorUtnl IVi ...
Dctiolt, IVb. I0.--Kx-fioernor llaien I'lntrec
leit tbis atteuioon for New ork on hi, vnj to
r.nul.tnd. lie will call troni New Vuii. Tuenday
on il.c alcamer i'jinrir . llimn S, I'lnciee, Jr.",
will aeeoi.ipany hit father aa far an soulhamptjn.
wheri! lie will lioard another iteamer for South
Afilea. V.x lioicinor I'lMjree, who Ij inaUni; the
tilp fur bnalnem reai'ii', 'will pond scnl
wii'l.n In I'livland.
Thnnkn for Condolence Cauls.
Ily Ktiit'tlve Win- Pom 'Inn uooUtcJ l'r..
Wa.hhiKtou, I'eb. 1ft. The AwMlatuI Pit
ieiiii.(cil I') the I'rltUh aiul.iad'ir and Luly
I'.e.iiivfoii to ivpiiK their luviilft'll tbaiika for
tni man) laid, of iimdulenei' :iuj imrkk of mim.
I jlli.i . hlih Ihe,' have reulied en Hi1 miakli.ti
ol Ihe iha.h "I I'wS'ii Vetorl.1. a)l of vhhli It
u nut Ikc'Ii povlld'. oivlni. tn I lie i,uat i'ini.
ber, In aikiKiwIeilvo tiuilwdaal'),
Jeiirles and Ruhlin Seem Deter
mined That Flulit Sliall
Take Place.
Three Regiments of State Militia
Aro Under Marching Ordein A
Clash Between Police nnd Guards
men Not Probable Talk of Post
poning the Contest.
By L'xclnsiw Wire from The Aoiiilel I'l"'
Cincinnati, Feb, 10. Notwithstand
ing the proceedings In couit here and
the attitude of the governor tie tho
slate; capital this has been a busy day
with the sporting mn in Cltieiima'.i.
All outwaid tlgns loot; Ilk the im
of the gtent eoinlng event with them.
Manager Madden and 1tw Ituhlln
were kept busy with lsltors at the
Country club early In the day. .Mana
ger ISnidy, Kd. Coo.t and ollf' ic1!
ststed Jeffries anil Pelaney In enter
taining at their training iiiirietr o:i
Price Hill. Many mme cnl s I then
could be admitted ut Initli pliiC'". Tran
Sharkey nnd "Spldr" Kelly air happy
over their pi eispct.i, as they claim
Sharkey is to have; the next chance,
no matter whether Jeffries or Uuh
lln wins. Sharkey will challenge the
winner at the llngslde. All the visit
ing und local sport aw e"C pressing
their opinions In th" chances of the
two men here and these opinions gen
erally pick .Teif as I lie winner, al
though nil coniede Ituhlln is tn
the better condition. Some say that
Kuhlln has been over-trained. ltotli
will go through thPlr regular practice
Monday. They will slacken their ex
ercise Tuesday nnd still more on Wed
nesday, doing very little on Thursday.
They rest on Friday.
As the preliminary bout between
Cbilds and Martin for ion round i is
not to be called until ' o'clock Friday
evening, It miy b late when Jorfrles,
and Kuhlln inter the ring for thetr
twenty rounds. Meantime, there i
much anxlet nwr the decision of
Judge Holllstcr and the action of Cov
entor, Nash. It will be known within
n day or two whether Judge Holltstee
will giant a pctirmucjit Iniunctlon
against the contest on the ground (
n public nuisance', nut the promofri
eVi not know whal the governor mny
do oe when he will do It. Hven after
the fight shall begin, llwy do not know
at what moment the state fores niav
Interfere, as three tegbnents of mili
tia ate said to bo now under march
big orders. They will know, however,
on the day of the contest, whether thft
troops are here, or win ther they arc
on the way o ns to gel here in tliiv
to stop the contest. While the nnivor,
with his permit, piomised a tcrev of
police to maintain jrder, it Is not
known that the police will protect thu
event to the extent uf cii ling and re
sistance to the militia.
Police Will Bo Discreet.
The police may not fall In to assist
the mllltla. but In no event will the
pollc- resist the state ttoops In rally
ing out any oreleis of the governor.
While thc promoters of the contest
have done everything in their power
to hold the boxing contest peaceably
ami lawfully, they elo not piopo,e to
resort 'to anything to tho e.onttary If
the contest shall not be held. Home
reports have been circulated that
there would be more excitement over
the collision between thu state and
municipal authorities than over tho
boxing contest, but there is evidently
no ground for such apprehensions.
There has been oonslderhljle talk to
day about postponing the contest. If
Judge Ilolllster shall allow the Injunc
tion on Tuesday, the defendants will
nt once appeal to the Circuit court,
and If they lose In that Intermediate they will carry the cute to the
Supreme court, which does not sit
again till Februuiw 19. If tills course
! pursued, the content may bo post
poned from one to two weeks.
Manageis Hiadyand Mudden illicitly
have Invested largely for tho event.
Urudy in talcing Jeffries off Ihe mad
and cancelling engagements till Feb
ltiary 10 Is nut about SIP.Oiio. and Mad
dun Is u similar loser, although for a
less amount. Considerable money has
also been spent on training Chllds nnd
Martin. The Saengerfest Athletic club,
which started into this enterpiiso with
a debt of 5W.000. has Increased it to
over tSO.ofii) in remodeling Snengorfcst
hall anil other arrangements.
Telegraph Contest,
one of the liveliest prellminaiy con
tests Ih between tin' promoters and the
two telegraph companies. The f owner
wanted $:!,f00 for the telegiaph privi
leges of SaengorfcHt hall. Tho West
ern Union and Postal companies off tied
St:0 each, or a total of JKOO. With $:,
000 elifference tho telegraph companies
h.ivo rented a building across the
street from sjacingerfest hull for their
olllces. The managers state that the
leased wires of the Associated J'tess
and the leased wires of tho newspapers
can be looped Into the brill, ami
they will not be nffecle'd by tills con
trovcrsy. It Is believed this matter
will dm compromised early In the week.
Died on School Ship.
Uj l'Aclmbc W'lie from 'Hie Votlatcd l'U',
Vcve York, V'eb. W. Mr,. William II. Iticder,
wife of ( ninminiler William II. Itieibr, t'. S. .,
commaiidinc thc ichool thip SI. Mar)'., now at
the llicokl)n navy .ird, died uboaul that iec-e
loda). She wa. a iliiiohlei' of the bite Its .1 ) Ad
miral ("lark WclN. The fureial nrvlee III bj
held on Ihe St. Mur)'H tonvnow ami ihe boJ)
will be burled at Aunapolla en Tucsdi).
Suicide of a Chcmibt.
Ily ilxrluslvei Wlro from the .nelatei Pieis.
Munlili, P'b. in.- I'rote-.or M.aK on IMIen
koier, Ihe (ll-lli'guM.cil fieinun IkiiiUI, (out
milted .iilrido I idly by tli's-.tlrt hlmmlf. In a lit
if di pi crtJou, lie naa born Per, ;i, UI-
Two Persons Perish; Five Others
Badly Injured Loss $2,500.
Hy Lselutbo Wire from Tho Associated i'rrii
Poston, Feb. 10. Two persons dead,
five others badly Injured and u il
nanclul loss ot $2,500 is the summary
of elamagc caused by a flro that oc
curred In a four-story brick dwelling,
on Harrison avenue, early this morn
ing. The elead are:
Norn Hart, 5 yearn old. killed by
jumping from a rccond-story window.
Mis. Frances Rltcy, u widow, SO
oars old. suffocated by smeAe.
There Is a suspicion thnt the fsiej is
ot Incendiary oiI,jln and two aw!Sts
have been maele, Harris Levin, agj.l
::S, and his wife, Pertha, aged .1.". They
are held ponding nn Investigation.
Levin hud n shoe store on the ,iMt
lloor of tho binned building, and the
arrests lisulleil from the suspicion
thnt naptha or something of that Kind
eauseil the the, together with thj dm
appealing of Leln. hl wife and four
e hlldren Immediately on the ellscov
cry of thr lire. Men and women
jumped fiom the burning building nnd
llreinen and policemen rescued nilicrs
lioui Hinoke-fllleil corridors and hill
ways. The building was occupied by
seventeen' peisons.
The second story was occupied by
Daniel Hart, bis wife, her sister and
Hint's four chlldien. They all Jumped
fiom a window. Cue of the children
wns bndlv burned and puffeied Internal
Injiules by jumping and died. Mis.
Hurt was badly huit.
The ihlril story was occupied by
Daniel and Thomas Hretinun. The
litter escaped, but Dnnlel Jumped
three stories to a shed and suffered
M'lloug Injuries.
The- fouith story was occupied by
Mis. Frances Jtlley and Mis. llnrry,
Mis. l'llcy was overcome by the smoke
and was suffocated. Mis. Ilatry Jumped
from the fourth floor, nnd I? In u pie
cailnur condition.
Geneial James M. Ruggles Passes
Away at a Sanltaiium in Illi
nois at Ago of 81 Years.
ltj Lj.c Wire fru'ii The AtwKUteil l'ies
Spilngfield. Ills., Feb. 10. Oeneial
James M. Ruggles, one of the found
ers of the Republican party, who
drafted the tlrst platform on which
the Republican party was founded,
elled yestenlny at Hopping sanitarium,
Havana, aged eighty-one years.
C' Ueflb-i wa burn Mauh 7, I-!-, in
UlehlJi'd eounlv, Ohio, and wat. ot nouil an
cestry. bl ureal unci- beliic; llilgadler Tlijiolhy
UmlvIii. wlii, w"u pietidenl ui ihe Hi. i etipioc.i
ulilcli eier hi Xnu.-i-e i'W York in 1"",
A meit niii le, .lobn llnBle-, was tri-e lime
elfeled I'iiIimI "i.iie i-cn ilor fiom Maine, and
anolber inn le, lle'iianiln llui'rle, is ibe In -t
I ui tt .1 MMe, teinter troni Ohio, eninir, e'glneen
year from ISls, III. father, .ludce Iluij
iile, w.n iiii sr-nuoi In Illinois lKiflatiiie
from Hale and Uimiiliacn lomitle. In lei-. He
drafted Ihe flr-t platfoim en which Ihe llepuli.
liean paitj was orujuled, betni; i i.e of a com
mlIKe oi lliree, ihe oihe-, being Llneoln and
Lln'iiuer IVi k. Hie) I'elni; appolniid lor Hut
piMpo.' ilurlni; the .-(..-Ion of irn leaUlalmc of
IVbiiian. ls'al. Other iiieiii1ier of the (ommiilee
bemi; olIiT'ilse (iiK.ignl. the work of drafilni?
tin platform deinlud upon e.'i ISiibkIi.
t the ouibre.ik of the I bil war he wis ap
pointed bj l,orri:er Yatra lieutenant of cavaliy.
Wh'ii nuisliird out in iw.f lie win lluitcnint
lOloml of the Tldiil Illinois i.iialry and vas
for n time in command of a reititnenl. Alter
the war lie was brecetled brigadier seuual. ltiuult was the auth'ir of the first
dnlniie law In Illinois, lie wai a fclmlir and
an able writir. In rcllelou lie was a jiionounccd
spliitiullst. He Ii.ims toui sons.
Announcement Concerning the Com
ing Meeting of tho G. A. R.
Re I'.i. Inilvs Wirt' f re in Tho Anoolated t'ici.
flew land, I'eb. 1". -The s.ociated I'r.n Ii
leipies'id In nuke the following annoumement
r one rriiini; the cumin,; I.. A. tt. (iicampnunt to
be held In tlit-i city:
the tleuland i!. A. It. committee to haie
ehaige of the bushier nirana-cmcnt for the
vomliij cncampmenl net Septembir is In piotcM
of formation. Ilk ortlceri will be clei ted within a
wie. In the meantime tlnihc who declre to
innimunlcate upon ni.itli r lonneclid with tho
meampiueiit may do by wilting II. V. Doty,
AnierliMii Tiuit bulldlnn, Cleceland. Ml Midi
mailers' will be taken up Immediately upon for
ln.'llon of the piopei (I'liiinlltee and rntuiniini
lalhii theieon opeiidl.
Tlie city cjf ( leu'land bus not the advaMago
of having the (onimltlie tor the eneanipmuit
formed a eai aheid, a ban lieen the cac with
every oilier (li huttnfoiv, but inattera lire
shaping tliiliisrlwii riiiiniiiiuliiKly, no lar an the
proper eiiterlalumeiit U con'Miied. nnd It ic cv
pietrd thll'nln a week loial bu-lnens nll'.ill,
will be nMauiied.
Says Published Reports of Steel
Sale Are Substantially Conect,
Hy Wire irom The Atir.rlatrii ,l'ret.
New Yoik, 1'ib. 11 -Tin vorld tomorrow will
d) i fh" ihpaiiuic of (Imiles M. Perm ill, presi
dent ot Ihe (aincich Steel company, from the
city of I'lltsbuis, is Interpreted a a pure Indi
cation tint the tale of the tl holding, of Au
di iw (',itii(gh to the .Morgan-Iloikefcller s.)ndl
rati luis been practically elosed. Hi lore hit
dfpiitiire Ml. sfhwali lold a friend lhat the
published repei I ol tin tiansartltn cms
Hlb.llllllHH) lolllll. Ithod s, one ot the power of the Aiinil
i jut 'n I'hie eompiny, which is Id lorni n par
of the iilaiit combmation under Mr. Morgan'
"couimuml) ot Inteieii" plan, came hue from
l'ltttliiitg vesterdiy. When nr. liholcs learned
thai Mr. Schwab, had bit lie ataricd bad, to
I'lltni'iug ainva stay ol onli a lew liouio. it Ii
i'.pei'lid Hat liefoie till week Is ended Mr.
Moigan will make formal announcement of thc
puuhase of the (iiuexle Steel company and of
iinlliciitle n nnelf r Hie "eonunuiiUy of intcicst"
plan of nil Ihe luleieit In the itcel and klmhrd
Big Tannery Burned.
11 I diubn Will- from 'Ihe XwH'latcfl I'reji,
Ohm, N. V I't'i. '".- iJiilrlnN ttnnsry, one
of lh" lirtiesl In Wciletu .V.'W Voik und located
n lli.t eiluin, i' deHiovid by tire today. Til"
los I. -stlmaied ai H1SU.iH
King Milan 111.
Ily K.diihi' Whv Iich.i Ihe Aksoclatrd Pnai.
VNriii, IVb, in, -The (ondlllon of loimer King
.Mlluf, of Sen la, who has Im-ii ierloul) ill for
tome llrae, has taken a luru for thc wen",
Theu Secured a Box Gontalnlno
Over $40,000 Irom Its Truck.
The Thieves Carry a Heavy Rall
load Safe Two Blocks and Then
Foice It Open Police Capture
Tlnee of the Robbers but Secuie
No Valuables.
I') KvrlUidV' WilC 'null The jariiaud 1't.Ml
Sioux e'lly. Iowa, Feb. 10. Prompt
und active work by the authotltlus nt
.Manila, Invwi, today leiulteil in tho
an est of three men who tire supposed
eif being Implicated In the theft of a
fulled Stales expivss safe said to have
contained $40,iiOi
Thu Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul
train, on which the safe wns taken
from Sinus city, nnlved at Manila at
M.'i o'clock on Saturday night. The
Omaha, train was late, and Jnineii Stur
tevnnt, uf Sioux City, the epres tnes
st'iiKer, did not hurry hi unloading the
goods and packages: from his car. The
express safe, with other articles, wiu
unloaded nnd placed on a truck on the
depot plat foi in, and then Slitrtevant
and tho bagguiiemnn went to the other
end of the plntiorm to get another
truck load. When Sltirtcvant lelurued
he noticed that the articles on the
truck were disarranged, and u glance
showed .that the lion box was gone.
There was gnat exi Itemu nt, and no
time was lost In spreading the iilaiin.
City Miit'shnl Fen ell hntll assem
bled a posse nnd vigorous work whs
begun. Snow lay thick upon the
ground, and it did not take long to
discover the tracks of two persons who
evidently had bejen carrying some
heavy object directly from the ttuck
ns It stood upon the depot platfnitu.
They can led the safe a distance of
about two blocks nnd then loaded It
Into n wagon, which bad been left
there in waiting. The wnnon wns
driven about n mile and n half into
the count! y and there the safe wns
fon ed open and the contents were ab
stracted. The iun then abandoned the
safe and went their way on n new
track. It was not to tram
thrni, however, and this morning thtee
arrests were made. Their names are
John Jackson. John Stovalt and Charles
Hayes. All rue men who live at Ala
nlla nnd are well-known.
Evidence Will Prove Conclusive.
Their reputations hcreiofoie hao
nol been bad. They stoutly piote-st
their innocence, bur the attornevH be
lieve the evlelenoe against at le'-st '.wo
of them will piove conclusive.
The safe which was stolen contained
In the neighborhood of $40,000. J'wclw
I hour and dolbirs was in cash iliel the
remainder was In drafts, i honks and
various valuables.
AVhll the robbery was undoubtedly
deliberately planned, as the how -c'ld
wagon weie in waiting in a roriver.lcnt
spot, it is not lelleved that the men
knew thev were making so i Ii h .1 Intnl.
They bad no means of knov In.r thu
contents of the safe, only tin' II was
ued for carrying valuable.-. Th'V
found an unusually favorable oppor
tunity when Stiuerviitu left trci safe
on the tiuek. and bael it not been for
the tell-tale tracks In the snow. It is
likely that ariest would not have bn
made so promptly.
Jackson, Stovalt and Hayes have
been in tho habit of hanging about tho
depot at train time, but that was no;
considered slgnlflcint ,i3 it In tlie cus
tom of u nitmbor of townspeople nt
Mrs. Jackson, wile of John Jackson,
also was arrested, bur nt a prellnii
ncnty Hearing, held tins evening, she
was released. The examination will
be continued tomorrow. The three
prisoners me In jail, having boon un
able to ftirnlb bonds of $12,000 ouch.
The authorities say tile shoes of two
of tho men exactly fit the tracks In
the snow i't the depot win re- the safe
was carried op'. None of the money
or valuables hnvo ben iccuvered.
The Irish "Joan of Arc" Will State
Her Business Next Sunday.
Dy Lxdimv.. Wiic from The Avodatiil I'ic.h.
,w York, l'di. 10. -Ainoiu the pi.'engers on
the hliauiship 1. 1 Chimp ism, which has airUcd
lien- from ll.ilr, lJ Mls .Maud I icmnc, known an
ihe "irWi .loan ol ro." She will land toinoi
row morning and will lie gnctcd at the plr liy
delegation of Irbh men and womin, she will
jiroiced to Ibe 1'inli venue Hotel and there
hold a reception.
Next .Sunday Mim f,onno will deliver an addresi
nt the Aeudem) of Music. Then alie will make
known Ihe objeit of her lslt to this country,
whldi In laid to be the tormlng of v.omcn'a
eluba to Klv moril and flnmdal support to thc
inou-ment recently 4tarted in Iieland for the
peipctuailon of the bldi laiiRiiagi', liteiature
and ait. She will also roiltate, in the Interest if
the Heir came, the kecplnc of Ii )oulhs Irom
ciillatliiK in Ihe HrltUh armv.
Banquet Qlven to the Commander-in-Chief
of the G. A. R.
Py Wire fiom The .Worlitcd Preji
Washington, I'eb. 10. -A Innquel wai ulieii by
thc ('.rand Army men ai the Lbbct Houw l.nt
ntiitit in liouor of flcneral llaiileur, commander
in chief of Ihe II. A. II. A Ictlir from I'rui
dent MiKlnley, lecrettlnir his: inabllili to attend,
wai read. Itcprrcntullie It. W, T.i)br, ol Ohio,
rifponded lo the toa.t, "Amerlc'anbm, the .Mlklit'
lent I'oree in Modern Civllb.itlon."
l.cne-ial Miles folluned with a tilbute lo "The
Ameilcun Soldier." Hecaine of illne.i Admlial
Dewey uj unable lo nittnd and hl loist, "The
American sailor," wan aeicpU'd by llipreentatbe
Henry dltvon, ef Trnnciisre.
Ship Load of Animals.
ily Liduibe Wire tieni The Aoeliled Press.
Vew York, r'eb. 10 -The Hiamci Pennsylvania.
whit Ii arrivul today from llamliuu,', brought cv
enly-lbo caiei. o( wild animal., of
polar ticura, luonkr and many other. Some are
rousl spied lo the iffKilogleal gardcui at Cincln-nail.
Withcr Indication Today,
1 (ieneral - Kitchener 5iy Hocr Are Very Hitter,
l'lograinme of the Week In t'onareii..
Hafe llobbcrs Cmiglit Alter Seemlnp lO,ouO.
I Ight I'rospreln at Cincinnati.
2 (Jcncral-Carbondali! Drimtnitnt.
3 Iiod-d'oilj'fillli iuilverity of the Kicka-
Wanna llihlo Kielet).
I!ev. Pr. Plrrisoti s'pcuVs at I'lilnn llvangclbtlc
Hcrt lee.
4 t.dilctiil.
Kote ami t'omuirnl.
r Local -IteprcMtila'.lie Council on Ihe Hipper
Pebris irom the I'lle Will 11a llcmoed.
l'nK'Cls Urlnht for the I'a.wce of the 1'cU-
nal Conn Hill.
0 laieal West H'.Miilon and "nbiirban.
ehi.ti'.U -Northeastern l'niiis.tb'.inla.
lor a Monument lor (ieneinl Miredllh.
H Lb i. i.f the Industrial World.
Scheme ol UYupiHiitii.iiiiuiit Of Lickawanni
The Report False fiom Beginning to
End Tioops, Not Commiasion-
eis. Going to tho Trnncvaal.
II; hhuir Wiic lloiu 'Ihe d l'ie-
l.eiiidou, Feb. 10. Loiel Rnisbin. under
secietnr.v of state for war, Informed
the correspondent of the Associated
1'iecs unlay that Cum-ml Sir Kvclyn
Wood Is not going to South Africa,
and that no pace eniumlssion Is con
templated. "The report as to a pence commis
sion Is false fiom beginning to end,"
he said. "The policy of thc govern
ment Is the very opposite of what
would prompt siteb a step, Tioops,
not peace eonimlsdnnoiu, aie going to
South Afilea."
It is also undet stood that Sir Kelyn
Wood Is less likely than nnv other
high otllerr to lit chosen for Important
special duties us he In now so deaf
that his retirement is only a nuestlon
of n shoi t time.
Feny and Other Borvts Have Diffi
culty in Making Tiips Upon
Schedule Time.
R I . lusbe Vlre fioii Ihe I'lcnied l're..
N'u"' Ycn-i', Fel . U).-Thc Ice block
ade In lh N'oi lb and Fast river nnd
Ihe hnibor still continues, bill It was
not as seveie lodiv as it was in Mit
unlay. Still there ws gint Incon
venience on the North tlver for per
sons who were tiying to cilch lialns.
The ferry boats uimle belter time
thev b-ive for st'v -i-il ias, but Ibey
were fiom live t ten minutes late on
each l ilp. The J.-,, was thickly packed
on the New Y"ik -ddi of He North
river nnd on the lti(nikln sloe of the
Hast rlvei be-iau-e the wind ilroe the
Ire hi that iliiectloii.
Theic was very lime ttac - on the
Kasi r'xer friry boats, because traveler.-,
prelened to take chances across
the btldge. The boats or the South
ferry und Hamilton 'iieim" llnej hai
the gi cutest elllllcjity In mnkitig their
slips on the llrooklyn side. River
men say that one or two elays ot
I win in weather will break up thc
t)n account of the ice, which Is
solidly packed In the ilp at the foot
of Morton stivol. North river, the
French liner, l.i '"lirunpagne, whl"h
reached eiuaiunilne this evening, wis
compnlkd to nurhoi thco for tho
night. Tup' boats will be engaged to
smash ihe ice in die jdln lome.rvow
Loss Attending; the Destructive
Fire at Flushing.
liy Ki Wno (I 'III "t lit Afo.oei.acd I ua-.
I'ltlsburg, Feb. 10. Ill the confusion
attending the Awnstiong coik factory
Urn Saturday evening, the aggregate
of losses, wus somewhat exaggerated.
Today It was dellnllelv lent lied that
the loss on the Aimtiong plant
reaches $14G,i'0n, covered fully by a
block Insurance In the New England
Mtlllials, while Tottcn & Hogg's loss
Is but $30,000, also fully covi'i-eel by In
sula nee.
V. H. Kvnns. superlntenileni of tlie
coik fuitoiy, nniioiinced today that
circubirs are being sent to the trade
stating that nil onleis will be prompt
ly filled. The company will send four
hundred of lis employes to Its plnnt at
Lancnster, Pa., tninoirnw und keep
that factory In lull operation night
and day; und In addition a building
will be rented hern tomorrow In which
a complete plant will bo installed
within a week. The company can ac
complish this feat by Introducing the
machinery It has In stoiage made for
its new seven-story building In courses
of erection,
By lUUuie w'lie from The Amrc-ulcd I'rms.
Mauili, Keli. 10, A lompany ol the 1'ort) -seventh
I'n'itoit States lolnntrer infantry, npriating
In the island of ''at.indiianes, ofl tlie southeast
(out ol Luzon, captuied Uuitor, thc insurxcnl
KOicmor of thc island.
The fulled Statca gunboar, 11 in -luaii He Aut
trla, toonut!ii with .1 iletaLlimenl of the Fori)
seM'iith Infant ry , captuird thirty in'urcent', In
cliidliiK a colonel and tni'majori In Ihe pioilnce
ol Mhiy, Luron.
r.ihloine H iiicuuiulallni; .iKam.t the Inirlni'
Inaied .Minlla Iraden who were riuicnl with aid
Ini; the liisurcentt.
Congressman Shaw Dead.
Hy Lxdusbe Wfie from Ihu Associated I'rwu.
Washlnifton, I'eb. 10. Colonel Albert P. fhaw,
member of connrens from lh Twenty-fourth dis
trict of New Yoil;, wa, found on thc tlooi of his
room at Ihe Rlirn boui al jo o'clock ihl morn
Int, dead, Death wai probably due to Jj!o.y.
General Kitchener Sends a Di
snatch Rcaardlna thc Situa
tion In South flirlca.
Eight Hundred Wagons with Fam
ilies Pnsn Through. Ermelo Louis
Botha Is Repulsed After Sever
Fighting General Spruit I
Killed and General Smlth-Dorrien
Wounded Christian DeWet'j
Movoments Tho Fight at TabakB
berg. By Kvclusiic- Wlro fmn The A.oclleil l'ns.
London. Feb. 11. Tlio wnr ohlcel
has icceiveel the following dispatch
fiom Lord Kitchener, tha commander
In chief in South Allien:
I'nlorl.i, I'tli, U. The columni, worklnir east,
watd occupied Lrmelo, Feb. fl, crllli .Hsht oppn.
Itlou, A I.UKC lorce ot lloen, estimated at T.ono, Central Inils Ib.tha, letircd eastwaid.
bout s'k) w.iL'ons with families passed through
Fnmlo on the way to Amsterdam nd very Ian.
(piinlltlcs ol sto.k are being drben caul.
A pca(e delegate under iientcnee 11! death and
other Ho, i- prisoner! wn taken away bj the
lloirs. All reports nhow that the Rocis ,ue
ciiiedliufly blller. I'ltfy Hoern am rendered.
"Louis Hotba, with 2,i)(io men, attack (Jeneial
Smith-Porrien al (irunirc eamp at 3 a. m. i'eb. 0
He w.L-i after sreeic llirhtiiik". elni"iat
Siiull was killed, (Ieneral ltindriur)cr was
scielely wounili-d, two Held (oriict were kilted,
twenty ol the Iloer dead were left in our hand"
nnd many secnelv woumhd. Our (.iMialllles wcio
twinti-fonr killed and Oity-three wounded
Our mocrnienl to the east Is repotted 10 bale
thoroughly upset all the enem)' calculation, and
iieated a insular panic In the district.
Christian Do Wet appear to be eroding the
line onl!i of .lagirafoutdii roid, lo the wesV,
and may h.r filled lo effect a crossing by the
drllli east of Helhulie.
In l'jie t'olonv Tab Ini Ins bren raptured
by Colonel He Lisle, who entered Feb. el, the
rniiiiy n tiring toniinl Kenhirdt. Colonel Hsig
Is (hiring Hie Midland commando"! iiorthn.inl
past Abenleeii.
F.'sht at Tabaksberg.
Fast London, rape Colony, Feb. fl.
Pelails have been ivcelveel ben.' of
seeie fighting at Tabaksberg moun
luln, forty miles easl of Ihe railway
and about midway between Small Oeel
and liloemlontcin. Major Crewe, with
a composite column, traveling south
west, sighted the mo'lTtnlti on tin
morning of .Inn. 31. Tie heard heavy
tiling and knowing that Colonel Pit
chers column was on the other side
of the mountain, lie concluded that
this ofikcr was In action. Conse
iiuenily ho hurried forward, only to
meet Hoers streaming down nnd evi
dently retltlng from tlnlonel Pllcher'.s
lyddite Miolls. Immediately Majoi-
Crewe brought thiee fitteeii-pounder.s
and a pompon to heir on tho Bo-jrs.
who, however, were found to be ro
numerous that it was impossible to
head them. Ol tiers were given to re
turn to camp, about two miles fiotu
the mountain. The column rested un
til 4 o'cLtcIc In the afternoon, when
the march wns resumed southwest.
Major Crewe was just touching the
.southern point of the mountain when
a terrific rifle flro opened from a large
foice of llocrs. who were in nnibus
eade In the mountain. The fight soon
became general. The liners' out-numbered
the Piitish live to one, nnd wens
attacking them on both thinks and
the rear. The Hrltlsh pompon Jammed
and became useless. Major Crew'i
grasped the situation and by a In 11
liant move got tlio convoy Into a sat
Hetwcen 7 and S o'clock In the even
ing the Hoers charged tlie position and
turned both Hanks. The Urltlsli am
munition became exhausted, and Major
Crewe was obliged to retire and aban
don the pompom, after the advanco
parly had endeavored to save It nnd
had sustained sevcro losses.
A rear guard action was fought by
Major Ciowe into the camp, whore thn
wagons had been Lingered. He per
sonally superintended the retirement,
the Hoers harassing him throughout,
ihitienchments were thrown up dur
ing tho night,
"When moining came Major Crewn
started lo Join General Knox, tweivo
miles southwest. Tho Boers Immedi
ately I'o-nttackeel hlni, compelling liini
to fight a second rear guard action for
il few miles. General lie Wet person
ally commanded tlio Boers, estimated
at 2,500. Major Crewe's torce was only
"00. Fventually the British oflicer
Joined General Knox and returned to
Bloomfonteln. Lord Kitchener has
highly complimented Major ciew
upon the achievement.
Press Club Believes the Advanc
Sale Insufficient.
Hy F.Kiliwhe Who from The Associated ITcn.
Chicago, I'eli. 10. -The ledum of Mrs. Caril
Nation, Iho "Joint" smasher irom Kana, adver
tised in be lilven at the Auditorium on Tiled)'
niuht under the au.plces of the Chicago, haa been
declared off.
Ildlcdnir irom the rcult of two da)j seat a!,
which oicipcirated lus than Mi, that the lectura
would be n flninelal falluic, the dliectory of tha
club decided to abmdoii the project. Mr. Natiof
My he will come to I hleauo, nemthclcsi.
Steamship Arrivals.
Ily KycIiuIvc Wlro fiom The Associated Tress
Vew Yolk. Feb, in. rrlced: Li Clunipamie,
Haue". I'liLdam, Rotterdam mid lloulogne; I'm.
bria, I.berpool and ijiieeiiilown. Sailed! Staten
dam, Houlomie and hoitcrdam; MlnneipolU, Urns
don. Lberpool- Airbnb F.trtirli .New York xU
Quteinvtown. l(iiipntu n-Silledt benia from
LUcrpool, New Yolk.
tf-rttf "rttt
Wanhlnu'ton. Feb. 10. Eastern IVnn)l. -f
- anlai l"llr Mondi'. Tuesday, lain or -
- fiioiv. ( iiorlheil) winds, becoming 4-
4- xarlabh. s-
tntttt tHtt ttttt