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    - T$Hf-
Do Not Trifle
with danger and remember
every cough or cold means
danger. "
will cure your cough 'or cold
at once. It will heal and
strengthen your lungs. It is
a safeguard for you always.
Take it at the first indication
of a cough or cold.
"A asrere, cold tattled lo throat and brenchUI
tubes-colds alwajrs lasted Mreral month!. 1
tried Shlloh and it cured ma at once. Am
t Ud to add ray teatiraony.
Rector St. Mark's Church, LeRoy, V. V.
Shlloh'ii Consumption flora ta Id by all
IrugsUta t 83c, flOe, bntsl. A
printer) guaramr jcota wills erery nonm.
iryou ar not eo
and get your money back.
Write (or illuttratcd beoV on consumption. Sent
without cost to jou. S.C Wells A Co., URojr, N.Y.
Ice Cream.
OC Per
jjc Quart
5lej I u '
ii. xvcnua.
Scranfon Transfer Co.
Baggage Checked Direct to Hotels
and Private Residences.
Office V., X. ets W. FaiMnger
Station. Phone 025.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Office ITiura a. tn. to 12.89 p. m.: S to 1
Wllllaun-. Butldlnaj. Opp. Pastofflea.
SLEinURWi: rARTV. The nurse ol the
Moms Taylor hospital enjoyed a alelghrlde about
the city last eenln.
MASQUERADE D.U.L. The annual majquerade
lull ol the Scranton Liederkrart will be held
rhureday, February 7. at Miulc hall.
MONTHLY MFXTIXG.-There will be a leuii.
lar meeting of the board of health at their roonia
in tlic city hall, Wednesday, February 6, at
S p. in.
J-PECI.U. JUXTIXO. - The Bathers' locJl
union. No. 1, will hold a special meeting at
SO o'clock this crenlrs in Carpenter' hall,
Wyoming avenue.
QUARTERLY I'KNs-lON DAY. Yeaterday wii
quarterly pension day in this c, fieent
r.e Ciiil v.r uterana prefented their vouchers
lo Alderman Hono jcterday.
UCslINO KASILY. Martin Mai Ion, who
lenth clorcal vertebrae xra dUlocated by a fall
of roof In the Jlanvllle mine last Friday, is ie.
ported at retlnj comforlablj at the Hahnemann
WON LAPIi:S' WATCH. Ticket No. SI won
the ladle' fold vatch at th raffle conducted
Suudiy by Lackawanna lO'Uc, No. 2JJ, of the
1. O. D. A. flio utile W3i held lor the benefit
of 11. Kaer.oic.
rwilOLKJ IUT.)li:UAI. .OCIETY. -Tho
vuiki of Vcidl, the Italian composer who re
cently died, will be tho hubject ol this dUcu
.on ut tomonw ilsht's nioctin; of the Catho.
11" Hlktoneal so:ltty.
CACOIIT L'NPSlt FAI.I.-Maitln Timera
hlch, ol rioUdence, v,u cau?ht under a fall
ol rock at one of tho Pclnuie and Hudson
n luea Ntturdaj. Ho hu a ci.r.tucd back and
h .ralncd knee, lie uj tien to the Lick.v
wanna hopitul.
ANM'AL DINNCK-riie filth annual dlnmr
"1 th Prudential liitumncc company of America
to thu hcranton daft and their Irfenda will be
h. Id at lh Hot I Teiraie Mtiirdir ocnlnc,
IMiniarv lit. There ill be a reception at 7
and dinner at ".no p. m.
Till MD AMrt'TATEn.-Angelo lloawithie, of
I ilnlcw aenur, had the flrt Joint ol the thumb
on Ida light hand cut oft by a niaeeironl ma
i hlne in Cn.se4j'i luaccaronl manufactory on
Lackananni aienue joterday. He received
tieatment at the Lackawanna hospital,
UAttPLY VOUTll Till: TnOl'nLE.-llurfi.liii
v;ltd the Bull'a llcid Cusl company'! of Ike,
ay tho corner of Main aienuc and Frmidcma
Sd, haturdav night but wcured r.otllnr; moro
, ni quantity ol miner' cotton and Kme ir.ino
lajipi. The police are inestlfutlnc and rpejlv
tipeeta air expected.
HUifjAN RUC1TAL. The Quran lecltat in the
Jl Wa offer subject to previous T.
Ti- sain 7
tVJ PrnTrlrlnnnA flfi Jtr ITfii.u T
? Gold Bonds X
Guaranteed principle nnd Inter-
'eat by the Scranton Gas and -f
Water Cov 4-
"."15 Per Cent. Free of Tax. Ma-
tj . ture 1020.
tjjlnterest payable April and Oc- t
T' tober. T
4. 'Price and particulars on nppll- x.
. Lcntlon. ' T
f JW BroaCwiy, V.-, WllkeUarr.
f it , Carb6ndale.
I. 4, 9 and , Commonweallb Bid;., -f
1 1 fff t 4 t X
. T
Pnnldenee I'rtsbtertin church, announced for
Monday, Feb. 11, will be given en Tuesday
evening, I'cb. 12. Mr. Iluffmaater will be in
flated by Mr. Ititlph II. WllHatru, the poimlar
bultone el our city. This "111 be the first In a
serin of popular recitals In music and art to
b glcn during tht winter and tprlng.
Tltn 1)0(1 HHOW.-Chlef el t'ultco UoMlii
lia decided lo enter Mi do, Hex, In the prlte
tentect of the Ho !'" I hM " Madison
Square Harden, New otk, beginning February
1. Ilex ii in Knglbih fitter, Is about u year
and a hall rid, mid li rematkablr Intelligent,
tight other dogs from Scranton will enUr tha
contest, tlobeit lVcstlaka ttill hae I wo ca
nlnea on the Hit.
T.OT TIHED 01' HIS STALL. The lour-ysar-old
colt ol .lelm Oolo, ol Little Knsiand, la
quite wnturraome and jcalerday afternoon took
udiantasc- ol the open ttahlc door and flatted
on an exploration tour. The owner and other
parties Interested epent tho itlenioon ncouilnp;
the dtrei'ts (or a itriy tior't. The animal was
tound on Adima arnuo late In the afternoon
and locked up In a barn on I'ir.e ftrcct until ths
on tier appeared, tic bad followed a grocer
wagon to the city.
TIN IMnCDPUD IX U:0.-Kdnard itellly. ol
TM Ilrcok atreet, had a piece ol tin imbedded In
hla light leg Just below the knee last ccnlns
by an cxploiion ol a torpedo on the Delaware
nnd Hiidnn tracks near tic Sauquolt Silk mill.
Dr. Webb extracted n piece o( the metal about
lull an Inch In letigtli and sent him to the
Lackawanna hospital. Ilia lop; was examined by
the X-ray michlne, but lallnl to nny
mure foielgn substance, llellly u.n utandlrs?
about lx Icet from the traclvi when the torpedo
First Snow Storm of the Winter
Swept Over the City Effects
on Traffic.
For the flist time this winter the
now king yesterday had tils innings.
Dining the greater part of the day tho
ntmosnliere was full of bits of wet,
congealed moisture, uiiluh Htuck to jriir
ments with bultdo? tenacity, nnd gavo
the city streets the wliltcd appearance
which one usually associates with nn
Ideal Cliflstmiis dny.
During the day there was a total fall
of 5 3-10 Inches, which Is about an
much of "the beautiful" as fell during
the entire winter prior to Sunday. For
the first time the merry cllnklu of the
sleleh bell was heard, nnd fast little
cutters dashed along the streets all
day. The weather ptoved a God-send
to the small boy. Little Tommies nnd
Willies seemed to sptlng from out the
Inmost depths of the earth, and anno 1
with shovels made genetous otfers to
"clean yer walks. Only ten cents,
Not only these Industrious youths but
also their more malevolently Inclined
brethren were made happy, for the
snow was good to "pack" and all day
long the weary pedestrians was forced
to grin and bear It as numerous hiiow
balls whizzed through the a!r. Dur
ing the morning tho snow interfered
considerably with trafllo on the Scran
ton Hallway company's lines, nnd It
was found necessary to reduce the ser
vice on several of the lines during tho
day, owing to the fact that the cars
could not be run on the regular sched
ule. Tho Green Ridge nnd Duntnore
Suburban and South Side lines wete
the only ones affected, and those only
during the violent storm in the morn
ing. Trafllo on the railroad lines was not
delayed to any visible extent. Train IS
from tho Buffalo illvixlon, which usual
ly reaches the Lackawanna station at
S o'clock, was delayed thirty minutes
last night.
Coroner's Jury a Short Time Later
Decided That Novetskey Died nt
tho Hands of Pocolotsky.
Coroner J. J. Kobeits last night con
ducted nn inquest In 'Squlio Picker
ell's ofllce at Austin Heights, In the
case of Alexander Novetskey, who
came to his death Sunday, Feb. 3,
from Injuries received Satin day. Tho
Coroner's Jury, which was made up of
John K. Lewis, James n. Scott, John
F. McAndrew, John T.ohend, William
Lewis and Bennett 12. Johnson, after
hearing several witnesses, brought In a
verdict to the effect that Novetskey
died from Injuries lecalved from a
blunt Instrument In the hands or John
Pocalotsky was given a hearing b
fore 'Squire PIckerell before the inquest
and was acquitted of any complicity
in Novetskey's death. He was liberat
ed but Coroner Roberts declares that
he will bo ic-arrested. One wltnpss
testified to seeing the two men leave
a, saloon together Saturday, and a
fhort whlli later, heating a,
ran out and found Novetskey lying on
his back tlvo feet from the steps. Po
calotsky then returned to the taloon
and finished his glass of beer, which
.he had deserted when lie left In No
vetskey's company.
Requiem Mass Celebrated in St.
Mary's Church,
The funeral of tho late Joseph Kretz
took plnco from his home, 21 J Adann
a venue, yesterday morning at 0 o'clock
with ix high mass of requiem at St.
.Mary's German Catholic church, on
River street. Rev. Father Straub of
ficiated. Interment was mndc nt No.
5 cemetery. Tho floral pieces wore
many nnd beautiful, among them be
ing a. largo pillow nnd an anchor from
his nieces and nephews, casket piece
of roses and tarnations from Mrs.
George Rockwcllcr and Mrs. Leonard
Helntz; casket piece of white carna
tions from Abraham Gettz: carnations
from Mr. and Mrs. George Kellar;
wheat from Mr. nnd Mis. Newhousej
casket pleco from Agatha and Hose
Ray; casket piece from Mr. and Mrs.
C. Miller.
Tho pall bearers wero John i:iden.
Charles Warner, Fred Rempe, William
Rempe. Tho flower bearers wero
Harvey Bently, Charles Snyder, Henry
Wetter, Charles Fisher.
A Fine Piano for Sale.
But slightly used and nearly as good
as new. Latest design, upright grand,
nt a great bargain. Please call nnd
see it. Guernsey Hall, Scranton, Pa.
J. W. Guernsey, Proprietor.
SEELEY. In Billlngi, Montana, frb. :, or
pneumonia, William W, Seeley, ton of the
late L. I. Seeley, of thli city,
Ho Will Introduce nn Amendment
to the Franchise Ordinance of tho
Central Rapid Transit Company
Giving tho City Power to Acquire
the Whole System of the Concern
nt tho End of Twonty Years to
Either Operate or Soil His Views
Upon tho Plan.
Select Councilman Chniles V. Chit
tenden Is going to Introduce an amend
ment to tlio ordinance granting a
franchise to tho Central Rapid Tian
lt company, when that moasuro
comes up for llrst unci second reading
on Thutsdny night, and It's safo to as
sume that Its provisions will form the
subject of much discussion nnd atgu
ment. Tho amendment which tho gentle
man ftom tho Ninth proposes, pro
vides Unit upon tho expiration cf
twenty years from the date of tha
granting of tho franchise, tho city
shall have the right, If it so desires,
to npply to court for tho appointment
of a boatd of appraisers, who shall
appraise tho value of the company's
franchise nnd also the value of Its
entire equipment, including rails, poles,
wile, power house nnd rolling stock.
The amendment further provides
that the city may then have the abso
lute right to purchase tho franchise)
and equipment fiom the company for
this appraised valuation.
Mr. Chltlonden. In outlining his ideas
to n Tilbune man last night, stated
that he believes tin adoption of such
nn amendment would mean a boon
to tho Hciunton of twenty years hence.
"When tho city hntl acquired tho
fianchlsc," said he, "It could do ouo
or two tilings. Local conditions might
have improved to such nn extent us
to lender the operation, of tho system
by the city feasible. That would not
be possible Just now, but v.'ho knowa
what changes twonty years may bring
to pass
"If the city didn't cnie to operate
tho ystcm Itself, It could ask for bids
for the Fnle of the fianchiso and equip
ment nnd 1 feel f.uie that they could
both he hold at a great profit. Tho
same plan was iccently tiled In Cleve
land. The city, utter a number of
years, scented contiol of the fran
chises nnd equipment of tho street rail
way company, and when bids wero
nsked for, the capitalists fell over
themselves to get possession.
"They made offers of three cent
fares nnd handsome premiums nnd the
city was the gainer In every way. I
haven't the tMict figures regal ding
that sale nt hand just now, nut I ex
pect to have them soon.
"The granting of perpetual fran
chises Is nn abomination nnd the Idea
l b'.'lng discouraged In every progres
sive city in this country. An illustra
tion of what this city hns lost by the
plan Is to bo noun In the water com
pany's franchise. That corporation's
capital stock has Increased from a few
thousands to sewti.l millions of dol
lars since Its oilglnnl franchise was
granted, and tho city hasn't got a
cent out of it.
"An Illustration of the worth of
sticet railway franchises in this city
Is to be found in the price paid by
tho Scranton Traction company for
tho Valley Passenger lailuuy fran
chise out Washington avenue. One
hundred thousand cold American dol
lars weio paid for it, after it had been
obtained fiom the city fiee, or almost
free of chaige.
"I held them off for three nights on
tho granting of that tranchlse and of
feied It it was put up for sale to guar
niitce that at least J.'.OOO would bo paid
for it, but I had only a few members
with me, and they rushed It through.
The people of this city have realized
what they have lost in giving away
our stieets for nothing nnd I think
public sentiment will bo strongly
against a repetition of the process.
"Tho tranchlse is at piesent of tin
know n value and I believe that for
the flist twenty years it should bo
Kt tinted to tlni company fiee, provid
ing, however, that n sccoud amend
ment which I will also Introduce, 13
adopted. This provides that In lieu of
all other taxes tho company shall pay
annually to tho city a lax of ilvo per
cent, on Its grois receipts.
"Thu pioposltlon, ns I view It, is a
fair one. The city gives tho fr.inchlso
free for twenty years and demands
that the company pay only a fair
shaio of taxes in return. At the end of
twenty years It reserves tho light to
buy back nt a fair figure und gives
the company a cluneo to again buy It
back. I shall make a vigorous fight
for the adoption of my amendment."
Cases of Teachers Dcgraw and Short
to Do Looked Into Today.
An PMiiuinntlou will bo liils after
noun conducted In the ofllce of Su
perintendent ol I'ubllo Schools Howell
in the ciiscs of the .Misses 13 vu Short
and Gertrude Do Graw, teachers at No.
r.t school, who are charged by several
Hebrew citizens of the Sixteenth ward
with exhibiting inclal prejudice In
their treatment of young Jewibh chil
dren In their charge.
Incitement Is great In tho Sixteenth
over the matter, and a large number
of the children are being kept from
tho tchool .until the matter has been
properly Investigated) The two teach
ers aio not only accused of using un
necessary severity in their treatment
of the little ones, but with also making
finning lemaiks nbout the race in
Delightful Soclnl Given at Excelsior
House Last Night.
A ury pleasant social was last
night given at tho Uxcelslnr Social
club's corey club house, on Washing
ton avenue. It was the llrst affair
given slnco tho election of the new of
ficials, nnd It proved highly success
ful. The tooms wero prettily decor
ated, and Rnuer's orchestra, ensconced
nt one end of the ball room, fur
nished tha muslo to which nbout thir
ty couples danced.
The committee In charge wus made
tip of Colon'il Arthur Long, Isadoie
Krotosky und Herman V, Rlcs. A
number of out of town gurBts wero
' iii-
Street Car Company Will Look After
His Intel eats.
The case of Frnnk Sceley, tho street
car cmployo who has been tho bono of
contention between the union nnd tho
street railway company over slnco tho
close of tho strike, has now been ef
fectually settled and Sunday Sceley
quit work.
As will be remembered, Sceley nnJ
Charles Keller wero the only men who
worked during tlio strike. Keller was
never a member of the union, but
Sceley continued to man a car, dcsplto
the fact that ho had Joined the as
sociation. Tho flnnl treaty between
Piesldent 'Clarke and tho car em
ployes contained n stipulation that
Keller be taken caro of by the men
nnd Seeley by tho company.
Keller has been ndmltted to tho
union, nnd Sceley will probably be
taken to Philadelphia and there given
employment by tho company.
Directors and Officers Were Chosen
At a meeting of the stockholders of
the Lackawanna Telephono company,
held yesterday, tho old board of dti tc-
tors was re-elected. They aro as tot
lows: R. G. Brooks, W. L. Connell, A.
1. Bedford, T. J. Foster, Charles Rob
inson, K. J. Robinson and W. J. Lewis.
Tho board met nnd re-elected the fol
lowing olllcers: President, W. J. Lewis:
vicu-piesldent, A. P. Bedford; secretary-treasurer.
W. L. Connell; goncrnl
manager, F. E. Wayland.
President Lewis stated to a Tribune
man that tho company's wltchboard
was now almost completely Installed,
nnd thnt a portion of the system In tha
central part of the city would be in
operation by thr end of the present
Snys Present Foice of Officers Is In
adequate to Cope with tho Con
ditions That Now Exist Here.
Chief 'of Police Frank Robling, Jr..
in his estimate of the expenses of his
department for tho coming year, nsks
for sulllclcnt money to pay the salaries
of ten extra policemen nnd two addi
tional detectives. He's going to make
a strong light for tho adoption of these
The chief believes that tho forty
live patrolmen who comprise, the pres
ent force nnd utterly and entirely In
adequate to cope with conditions In
this city, with its population of 102.
02C nnd its nineteen square miles of
territory. Ho believes that Instead
of forty-five men there should be one
bundled In tho force, but he has only
asked for ten, the same number he
nsked for last year and the same,
number which the estimates committee
at that time eradicated with neat
ness and dispatch.
The chief ia going to explain to the
members of the committee this year
n little Fomctblng about the amount of
territory which some of tho pntrol
men in the outskirts have to cover
every night. He's going to hhow by
means of a map Just wheio the man
on the northerly beat In West Scran
ton lias to go. This Is one of the
largest beats In the city, being
bounded by Jackson street, Keyser
avenue, the main line of the Lacka
wanna railroad and Noith Main ave
nue. This Is a beat which could eas
ily occupy the whole time nnd ntten
tlon of ut least six policemen, instead
of one lono man. ,
Chief Robllng believes that If the
"Hill" district were properly patrolled;
that Is, If theie were half a dozen,
Instead of only two men assigned to
it. that the burglaries which have re
cently been of such frequent occur
jence in that part of the city would
become a thing of the past.
Mayor Molr Is with him in his en
deavor to secure extra policemen and
both officials aro hopeful of success.
Wheie He Will Bo Henrd While in
the City.
Following is the schedule of the ad
dresses which Dr. Arthur T. Pierson,
of New York, will deliver In this city,
beginning next Sunday:
Sunday 10.50 a. m., I'mn Avetma IliptUt
church: U.U p. m., ficepel service, Prim Avenue
laptl-t ihurch; 7.G0 p. m.. Second lVl)teriiii
Monday 7.1 3 p. 111 , Pcun Aunuo Baptl.t
Tucbday 3 p. in, Yout.R, Woincn'a Christian
association room. 20" Washington avenue; 7.15
p. in., I'cnn Avenue IiaptLt chuuh.
edncsdav S p. in. Young Women's Chria.
tlin association looms; 7.15 p. in., Second Prcs.
I .Merlin church.
Thursday 1 p. in., Yonns Women's Christian
associillcn rooms; 7.l p. in., Second 1'rcsby
terian church.
Subject; "Mltolorui of tho Nineteenth Cen
tury "
Iloth men and women arc invited to all ser
Enjoyable Affair Conducted by La
dles' Auxllary to A. O. H.
The Ladles' auxiliary to Division No.
S, Ancient Order of Hibernians, con
ducted a most successful euchro paity
last night in Campbell's hall. Over 200
guests were present and eight games
were played. At midnight a dainty
lunch was served.
Tho ladies' first prize, a silk umbrella,
was won by Miss Jennie Weir, and tho
ladles' second prize, a pocketbook, wus
captured by Miss Kathorlne O'Bojie.
The gentleman's first prize, a pair of
dippers, was won by Michael Shallow,
while tho second prize, a handsomo
necktie, went to James Murphy. The
booby prizes went to Mis, Dunlavey
and Mr. Glnadcr.
I'rom tho bondon Leisure, Hour.
Dr. It. II. Scott, who v.3j until recently ihe
chief of our meteorological office, his made, a
detailed examination of the record! of tho fall
of tain In each of the Jwenty-four hours of tho
day, in order to find out which arc th drlt.t
und which the wetteat hour. The results show
that In the west the hcavle.t rains occur in the
early morulnj hours, and tha least rain in tha
early afternoon. In tho ea-t, and also at inland
places, the hcaitc.t rain occur lu tha after
noon. The rccorda as a whole ihovr that eiciy.
where in our islands tho hour, from about 13
o'clock in the inornlne to neon aro drier than
the rest of tho day.
Twelve Chinamen Discharged.
By Exclusive, Wire from Tho Associated Treu.
Mulorie, N. V Feb. 4, Tvelvo of the sixteen
Chinamen recently arretted at Kortb Hurts on
the chaige of unlawfully entering the United
States have been ' discharged. ?v'o eov eminent
official appealed at the -
The Simpson Silk Company Volun
tarily Closed Down Yesteiday
Noon Today Mniks a Crisis in
Strike ns the Wage Scale Commit
teo Will Present the Results of Its
Deliberations to Mill Owners Su
perintendent Davis of the Sauquolt
Delivered nn Ultimatum.
The Slmp.son silk mill nt Minooka
was voluntailly closed yesterday by
tho management and tho forces of the
striking textile workers were thereby
augmented by about three hundred nnd
fifty recruits. Ever slnco the begin
ning of tho strike movement there has
been a great deal of "stilke talk"
nniong the hands, and much dtsatis
fnctlon expressed.
The proprietors therefore derided to
close tho mill until the present agita
tion Is over, and this determination
was yesterday morning announced to
tho girls. In answer to their demands,
Superintendent Butler announced that
tho Simpson people would be willing to
pay the samo wages as those offered
the Sauquolt workers by Superintend
ent Davis, In the notices posted last
week, offering a general eight per cent.
'Of thu larger establishments the
only two now running aro tho Cam
bria Silk company's mill, In Dunmore,
and the Petersbuig Silk Manufacturing
company's plant. Valentino Bliss con
trols the foimcr, and Retlllng, David &
Schoen tho latter. The Peteisburg
girls have given tho proprietors notice
thnt they will continue work until the
uniform wage scale Is formulated by
tho union's committee. This scale will
be presented to Uellllng, David &
Schoen, together with tho other mill
owners, today, and In case the Peters
burg proprietors do not accept the
scale, the hands threaten to Join the
other stilkers.
Supcilntondent Davis.of tho Sauquolt
silk mill, was waited upon by the
strikers' scale commltteo yesterday
and a wngc scale picsented, establish
ing lutes to be paid the mill employe.-.
Superintendent Davis returned this
and made a counter offer.
He declared that tho company's vol
untary offer mado last week, offering
an average increase of eight per cent.,
still held good, and this was supple
mented by nn additional offer to the
weavers, for whom no provision was
made in tho notices which wero Inst
week posted. They are paid according
to the amount of work done, and tho
fineness of the material upon which
they nre employed. In some cases the
Increase offered amounts to one-half
cent a yard.
The weavers demanded an average
Increase of twenty-six per cent., In
some instnnces demanding a raise of
one and one-hair cents on the yard.
Jlr. Davis" offer is considerably smaller
than their demand, and accompanying
his approval the Sauquolt superintend
ent gave out his ultimatum. Ho said:
"If our complete offer, that made last
week, and my proposal of today to tho
weavers Is not accepted by tomorrow
noon, everything will be called off. The
company will withdraw tho entire
scnle offered."
Yesteidny afternoon the strikers'
commltteo was busily engaged In
working on nnother scale, tho demands
of which will be less peremptory. In
establishing the uniform wage scalo
tho committee strikes an average be
tween the highest and Intermediate
wages now paid, and uses this as a
basis wage upon which to operate. Tho
scale will bo completed this morning,
nnd will bo put befoio tho various mill
owners this afternoon.
Tho committee will wait upon the
Sauquolt, Harvoys, Bliss, Simpson and
Petersburg mill authorities and present
to them tlio scale, later reporting upon
tho matter to tlio union. Tho offer
mado by Superintendent Davis Is In
reality one which would be granted by
nil tho mills, as Superintendent Joseph
Harvey has already announced bis ac
quiescence, and tho Klots people aro
quoted as having expiesscd their will
ingness to pay tho samo wages as go
Into effect at the Sauquolt. Tho offer
yesterday made to tho Simpson hands
was practically the same as that which
Superintendent Davis made.
Yesterday afternoon tho striking em
ployes or Harvey Bros. mill met In the
Central Paik hall, In South Scranton,
and there were organized Into a local
Tho work of organization was conduct
ed by J. F. Hnmmes, of the Stonecut
ters' union, and Miss Matthews and
Miss Jordan, of the Hand Silk Work
ers' union.
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In Cai renters' hall the soft silk work
ers of tho Sauquolt bilk mill wero or
Kanlzod by President Flaherty, of the
Central Labor union. Miss Matthews,
president of the hard silk workers, had
been at the head of both departments
up to yesterday's meeting.
The strikers' executive committee de
dal c that In their demands they will
Insist, above all else, on the abollnli
ment of the practice of tilling, and this
nnd the establishing of a 2 a week
wage for beginners will be two of the
things upon which no compromise will
be made.
1,000 Quarrymen Strike.
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