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Another Avalanche ot Bills Intro
duced In the House ot Repre
sentatives at Hanisburcj.
list Announced Last Evening Ap
propiintlons for the West Sldo
Hospital Aie Asked Mr. Phllbin
Is Heard from A Dill to Regulate
Salaries of Dlstiict Attorneys.
fly l'scludsc Wire frrm TIio Associated Pie's.
Hnrrlsbiirg, Jan. 2S. Speaker Mar
nhnll lnlil before the bouse of represen
tatives at tonight's pension, the rcslg
natlon of William It. Keyset, of tho
Nineteenth Philadelphia district.
"Tho tipenlcci' loses n personal friend,"
mid Mr Marshall, "tin- limine loses an
ui'tlvc member and tho statu a useful
legislator. In hit) new position, to
which the- chair hopes Mr. Keyset will
he elected, ho will have a wider ppliiTu
of usefulness."
Mr. Harris, of Clearfield, offered a
l (-solution, which was adopted, that u
vote of thanks bo tendered Mr. Keyset
for hlii uniform courtesy and Ulndnois,
i-grettlng his loslgnatlon and con
gratulating him upon the pnnpeots of
his election to the senate to till the
vacancy created by tho death f Pr.ui
cis A. Osbourno. of Philadelphia. The
resolution was seconded by Mr. Cooper,
of Philadelphia, in u short speech com
pllmcntlng Mr. Keyset.
A resolution was offered by Mr.
champaign, of Tioga, and adopted,
urging the Pennsylvania representa
tives in congress to support the Clrout
bill. t
Tho seusitu bill, authorizing the Penn
s.lvania Ilailroarl company to increase
its capitalization to $100,000,000.
favorably reported from committee.
Hills were introduced as follows:
Mr. Kopp, of Allrfrtieny Appiopilatiinr. :"
to As try lollrpe, AlliRheny: iieallm; the ofilssi
of military olflier for silmol di.trlcta or school
Kurds; allowing the cunting ot only one lb
m.o to .1 distiller or lm-stcr.
Mr. lie tide inn, of Allegheny Approi ilatln
s:,0(Xi to thu Hojh' Home, of Wistcin
IVnn)l'iiU: prcsldin; for tho publication of
oftlcbl adsrrtlslnir in oim German nen-.rupri
in Allcc-heny county! sprropihtinj fn,ft to
the home for Colored Women at Pittsburg.
Mr. Scott, of Allcr'icny Itesrulattiifc loccc'iiie
and practice in applications to rclstcr of ssllls
for piobate of wills and grant of letters tests,
menury and of letters of administration with the
will annceJ; Rovrrninc and rr&uIatinB piiircdure
and practice in application to reidster of wills
for Runts nf letters of administration on cstatia
cf Inter state decedents.
Mr. Iloch. of lleilvj. ApproprlatinB ,) to
toe. Ilfniic tr Pric ndlfiR Chllilrin, Heading.
Mr. Mroli, of Carbon MaUwf it a misdemeanor
for any pel sou- who c.iuies to bo publicly per
formed or represented lor profit any unpublished
or undedieated dranutle composition or nui'lcal
c mpo.itioii Known oj an opera without the
eep? nt of its owTrr or pioprietor or who.
l.nowiii" that nirli dranutle or musical com
position is unpublishcfl or undedicatcd and with
out tho consent 01 lu omier or proprietor per
mit?, or take part in smli a perform ineo or
Tor Wctt Side Hospital.
Mr "Reynold-, of bacUitt-anna Appropii-tiiii;
i-'O.OCm to the West Bide hospital, Seranton.
Mr. Palm, of Cnroforil Providing fov the lesy
and collection of upon court pioceedlnca
for the support of law tea ; apuicprlatim;
fJO.OOO to the Spencer hospital, Meadvilie.
Mr. Morrlscn, of Mercer nctTulatlii-: tho sale
nd niainitaUuio of commercial fciUlizerv, regu.
latins tins tale of concentrated ronimcreial focsl.
ins btu(T, defining i-oneentiated fetdlnff stuff and
prohibiting their adulteration.
Mr. Glahcrty, of Montgomery Appropriating
UCOtO to tho rotlsslllc hospital.
Mr. Piosltu, of Ijneaster Appropriating si.M,.
Ooit to the Wnto college: establishing a ciitiion
ef horticulture and pomology in tlie department
of agriculture In charge ot u chief who Mi.ill be
ptld a ealaiy of $2,500 a jear and Mmll b. er.
titled to a cleric nt a t.ihry of (liOO a .scar.
Mr. Jonj, of Philadelphia Appropriating i;,.
, t)CO to fct. Timothy's hospital, PhlUdclphla.
Mr. lyter, of Philadelphia Approprl itlrg
$10,000 to the Kensington hospital.
Mr. Kendall, of Somerset Detaching &ouuht
county trom tlie SUtcenth Judicial dNtrlct, i-jin-posed
of liedford and fconicret counties, itul
creitlng a new district compond of Somci-u
Mr. Malony. ot Venango Providing Ihit am
water company shall, upon tho wiittrn itA.
of tho owners of a majority of any lots of land
In any tract or district ndjactnt to a town, lu.
rough, orvtIly Imc power and authority 10
extend Its plant or works into such tiact or ili.
trict with such rights and subject to such ilu.
ties within such tract or di.trlils a may lna
fpeen conferred and imioed bv its thaiU-r: .r
propriatlns fr.TO,2W to (h Homo for feeble
Minded at Polk.
To Fix Attorneys Salaries.
Mr. Champaign, of Tloga-Proidlng that .Us.
trlet attorneys In counties wIiomi population docs
not Rioted 100,000 shall bo paid a sal iry lu Urn
of all fees. The eilaiy in counties who(. popu
lation does not rcced lrt.OOU shall bo paid V,fi0
a years In counlbs whno population iloei not ex
ceed 50,000, eooo; In ountics whov populalltn
does not exceed $20,003, $700: lu counties who.,)
population does not (xceed -lO.OW, -Ott; m
counties whose population docs not m,00d
lIOi In countlm who, imputation does not cvl
crcd C0.000, $l,inOj n ronntiea who.,) popuh
tlon does not exceed TO.IW), l,2n0i in countlet
whoso population doc not ccenl 60,0(10, i-i WO
nd in counties whco population U pioro thvl
T'soo BJ d0C3 n0t C'XaCl1 lno,100' h!'-111 1,c lw''l
Mr. Philhln, of I.i(Vawenni-l:atlf.iirs .n.1
corJlrinlng all pavin;r done In rltles nt the thli.J
class sinco May '.', 1MW, without pMllioi, of pm.
rrty owners undir any ordinance In com.
Mllance with tho prolnn of article 3 cullon
8, elsusc 10, nf the act of Mav '.', U)
Mr. JicClaln. of I.nn.iHu-proWlng fr th
NtaMlshincnt and inalntenineo f n-iblli II
brailrs in cities of the second and third cIjaj
and in boroughs.
Adjourned until 11 o'clock tomorrow
In tho Senate.
Tho senate met at n o'clock tonight,
nd was In session for half an hour.
During that tlmo a number of bills
were read in place, several blllH worn
read for the firm tlmo and President
Pro Tern Snyder announced the stand
ing committees of tho senate, as fol
Iowb: Agriculture Mewrt. Pice, cliairiRi.ii; Kltnn,
tober, Washburn. Dnrrr. Cummlngf, Ifeldil.
Hugh, WliilMw, Malms, Jllllcr, Heinle, Hrrusl,
Approprlatlom Mcsm. Ilardenbergh, hilr
man; Vuughin, Frioul. Cumlngr, Muchlbronnrr,
Stlucnian, Pccht, Scott, Wushbum, Hciilel
Imtigli. Cuikc, QUall, Maton, Pox, Wood?,
I'isher, Williams, i;mery, Vare, SUion, Mclec,
ItliD, Stiles, Haines, N'crly, Ilojd, tllgglns, Mil
ler. Kemertr.
tlinks and Iluttdtng mid bom Associations"
Messrs. Malsou, chairman; Crawford, V.iughan,
M.igee, llardenbtrgh, Stinftnan, nudke. Fox,
Wood", htrtart, Washburn, Kcmcrer, riojd.
Cunils and Inland Vitf gallon Messrs. Me-Ki-c,
clialiinan: lljnry, Weiss Maitln, Crawfoid,
Cotluan, Heinle.
Centennial Aflali Msrs, Sisloii, ihalnnar.;
Henry Jlartln, Waihburu. Prury, Cochran,
Congrtsloiul Appoithtnmenl Mef-rl. Sllne
nun, thalnnani Hudl;, llltc, Quail, I'm, 1'1'hir,
I'ochf, Sprout, Vare, Grady, Herbd, Stiles.
Corporations Mikiu. Vaugliaii, halinun;
Ilardenbergh, Sprout, Grady, Magee, Vare,
Ilndi.c, Gransbiek, Oimlngt, 'Judl, Mat)ii,
Woodn, Klslitr, Vox, Siswin, Scott, ilojd, Stiles
lllgglns, Ncely.
lMuiatlon Mitsts. C'unilirts Uiiliiusni l'linn,
Foelit, htltieniaii, Mwon, Vaughan, MeKie, Wcl,
fclcwart, Netly, IUiks IMile. Went. lltrbt.
Klectlont Mi itt. I'ocht. ehalnnini Mutid
liionncr. Giady, IV v, Mahbinii, Mobir. Knieiy,
Malson, Higgins Stiles
Federal ltelattoiw Jlv,i. Wella, ih.ililiun;
Hiniy, Martin, Stewarl, Drnry, Fllnn, Illi;
Sins, Wcntz.
Finanii-Mit.Mrt. rirjdv, thalnnnti; Fproul,
Scott, Jhgec, llirdcnbcigh, Stobir, Fov, Woods
Muililbiuiiiior, Finery, l'ishcr, lllg.jln.', Xcoly,
1'unMrj Mets. WaOibum, chilniiati; Henry,
Molwr, Martin, Wtlb-r, Oiimintrs WiUs Sti'ie
man, IWmbton, Willianv,, MiKec, Coclirnn,
Heinle. Miller.
(lame and Flihei ii-t Jlthsis. Siwm, clialrtiun;, Klce, llinry, Wei", Washburn, Cum
li'gs Wnoib, Fo, Wilki, Mirlin, Cothran.,
Ituiancc -Mrs-rs. Iteihelbach. chilr.iiati; Ml
gie. tare, K-ott, Wco,l, Quill, Hriilellnvgh,
Matson, Muehlbionner, Higgins Stile-,, Iloyd.
Jiidleial Apiortlormer.t Mevsis. Woods chair
mill! Spioul, Giadj, Magrc, Fllnn, Crawford,
Foiht, Muiiilbioiinrr, lleidelbatiRh, Wi'hburn,
Wtntz, Hoibst, (nc'iiin.
Judiciary Mevtf. Solt, ilialiiiian;
Grady, A'auglun, Welltr, Spioul, Fo WooiN,
Fl-her, Milliams SUson. Finny, Milue, llo.ul,
Heinle, Ktmiirr, S'tllis,
Judliiaiy Sierll s-r. Fi-her. clulrnup;
daily, .'roll, Jlagee, st0,cri Gransbaik, Sprout,
Hanlenbcrgli, Vsio, Maiou, Haines, Higgins
Law iml Order M'.is. i'ov, ilulrnuti;
Vuughan, Muelilbi miner, Ciawfoid, Vare, Berkel
baifi, Focht, tiraiiobul,, Hi hhlbaiigh, Prury,
Heilt, Itosil, S(l(t Kenifrer.
I.pgWatie p nrtlonmrnt Mewrs Ktniry.
chairman; Stober. Slineman. Veughin, ltlie.
Hcidelbaiigh. tjiull, Mison, Fox, Focht, Stiles,
Heinle, Cochran
l.lbrstj MfMiw, Wire, ihilnn.n; Crawford,
niiin, Henry, Siewart, puny, Kdmiston, Heinle,
Went t.
Minen und Mining Mev.r. Held, lluugb, dull
man; Scott, Mitj.on, Fproul. Slober, Vare, Will
iaiiH. l,ec, Haines, Miles.
Military flalr Mptsrs. Williams, rhalrnian;
Cumlngt, StincniJii, Quail, Stiw.irt, Prury, Mil
Municipal Aflalrs Mes-r Mnthlbronnir, chair
man; Ilardenbergh, Vare, Ssoit, Cumlngs, Quail,
Matson, Itudke, I'ox, Vaughau, sion. FlJier.
Clad-, ncrkelbii-h, Halne-., Itoyil.
New Counties and Ciuniy Sats Misr.
Hiidke, rhiinmn; f 'raw lord, FiJer, t.i.ier-, Ms
son, Ilcrkrlbaih, IU.jd, Kcintrei-.
Pulsions and Giatuitiis Mosik Mewait, ihiu
man; Wciler, Kite, Martin, We!s Piun, Heliiic,
1 Public Grounds and Ilmldings Messrs. Grans,
bail:. (Iialtiinn; S-cotl, IV:, Kmer?-, Haiden
! bergh, Slober, Woods, lUrkclbaib, Fl.her, Ilalns,
I IJoyd.
Public Prii!tlng-M.. Williams ehalnnaii;
Vare, sproul, Hfidelbiush, Dfikelbacli, sisnn,
Public Health and Sanituion,-Moi!t. Quail,
chairman; Ilardenbergh, Muehlbruimer, Stolicr,
Wi ls Wahlmrn, Sproul. Fdnilstm, Itiid.'I
biugli, s-tf;( iainji,( Hnit.
Public supply ot lkht. Heat and Walei
Mismv. Siiobtr. elulriiiani Vjtc, Vaushan. Grcus
bail., Hirdcnbergh, Siw.n, Fishei, Focht, lUnl:
elbath. McKeo, ,sili. itIj-.
Public itoad Highways Mir. Crawfoid,
chairman; Fllnn, Sproul, Heldelbaugh.
Ciimings, Maison, Williams'. Quail, McKee Fd
mlrton, rvxhran, Neely Miller.
Itiilroad and Strut P.iwu.gir ltallw.ijs
Mevrs. Sproul. chili nun; Mi-..e, Stnlur, Cum
ii'iS Mlnrnun, Giairbacl;, Mi.ililliioniier, Will.
lams Moods Vaughan. Itudke, Crsntoiil Fi-lier,
Ilirdenbe.-gh,, Silles, Uojd.
Extending- Toim.of liquor Licenses.
Stnator Puminlnss. of Warren. Intro
duced, by lequest. a bill authorizing
tho courts of quarter sessions to giant
license. to sell intoxicating liquors at
lotall, wholesale or by brewers for a
longer or shorter pet lot) than one year
In certain cases. The bill piovides that
whenever any of the several courts of
quarter sessions shall deem it expedi
ent and desirable to t-hjngu tho dutes,
as fixed by rules or Mantling order,
from which licenses to sell intoxicat
ing liquors, cither at retail, wholesale
or by brewers, shall tun, it shall be
lawful for any of tho courts, in order
to make such change, to grant such
licenses for a longer or shorter period
than one year; provided, that In no
case shall licenses bo granted under or
by virtue of this act for a shorter
period than six months or it longer
petlod than eighteen months
Senator Fox, of Dauphin, Introduced
a bill creating a board of tluee com
nibsioneis learned In the law for the
ptomotlon of uniformity of legislation
in tho United States. The commission
ers shall servo for four years and shall
receive no compensation, but shall bo
allowed actual disbursement of neces
sary expenses.
Othi.-r bills inttoduccd were as fol
lows: lly Mr. Washburn, Cias.-fordlifgulatlng nasi,
gallon up-in Inland w-atcis U identical
with thi) bill befoii the Irgl.lattui' at the last
hCMlon and which failed to become a law.
lly Mr. Sllnuiian pproprlatlng ?),Vio to
tho iouiiniljn of soldicis' orphans' Klmols for
ixtijonllniry expenses inclined duilnir thu two
.sears ending May "1. lr0l.
fty Mr. Fox, Piuphln Amending an art au
thorising the statu lieiMircr to refund collat
rial Inheiltance tax heieloforo pild or that liy
herealtir 1 pild in error and piovldln; for an
eMcnslun of (ho limit illon of time uithlii which
applications shall bo inadu in cciUln tises;
presiding for tins i lection of a rsiilsor ol taies
lu third i lass cltlci. to serso three years and who
hilt not bo eligible for re-eleition ami nl-o
tunsldlrg for tho collection of elty, county, or
and other taxes in lilies of tho sunn class; i
aupplimrnt to an art rnabling tliv (ore i nor to
appoint notaries public.
lly Mr. Herl.t. of IliiU-Pnf-idlng for ths
estalillshliig In all rllli cxce. Phlladclphli,
of aldeimanle diitiicu for the election of nl
deimen In lluu o( flection of nhlerinen by
wards, thing salailci. and Jollnlng their Juris
diction and powem.
Ity Mi. Grady, Philadelphia To validate cei.
tain Judicial proceedings in the tevrial couits of
tho eommomvcaltli under an set relating to roads,
high-says and bridges.
The senate adjourned until t o'clock
tomorrow afternoon.
Judge JtodgerB Nominated,
lly Esrlusire Wire fiom Ths Associated Tress
HarrUbuiv, Jan. S, Tho ?owmor tonight
sent to the senate the nomination of Elliott
Itodgcrs, to be u Judge of common ideas court
N. 2, of Alpghiny county, sloe .1. W, I'.
While, desccised.
fln Unexpected Move In tlie Boss
clileter Gasg at Paterson.
A Plea of Non Vult Entered on Be
half of the Fourth Man A Pos
sible Sentence of Fifteen. Years
and Thirty for Associates A Sig
nificant Comment by Judfje Dixon.
Uy Kxcluslse Wire ficm The Associated 1'iss.s.
Paterson, Jan. 23. Cle-orge .T. Kerr,
who was jointly indicted with JlcAI
ister, Camrbell nnd Death on a hargu
nf rape and tnutder in tho Hist dogiv.j
In connection with tho death of .lennlo
Posschloter, was unexpectedly brought
Into court this forenoon noforo cud',-j
Dixon nnd pleaded non vult as to tho
charge of rape. ,Tnim Harding,
counsel for tho ptisoner. In nddrc-lng
the court, said that Kerr vaa not
ptcsent when the hnoekout drop's
were administered to Jonnlri P.ot-sehlH-ter,
nor did he nss.iult the g!rl .hi n
she war taben from the art-lag. mi tit
, Jtocl; road. Counsel :pi ossod tl'c
hope that the prwcutsr and ccuit
would taUo this into cun-ldcratlon and
accept tho plea of non vult.
Mr. Harding, Kerr's counsel, ex
plained that be ontof' 1 the pita of
non vult because In vi-j.v rf the nrcf-
j ont temper of th'; commtmtty It wnul '.
no Impossible to soeuip an unblaac l
Jury for his client.
Here Judge Dixon Interrupted the
lawyer with somo renin -ks that cattle -1
a ficnration in tho court vom. Ho said
i that in the trill of tho Hup lr.rn
found guilty of Mi murdr of lounlo
Posschleter there had been r. blasoii
Jury blasel In the accused's favor.
If the Jury had been unbiased thero
would ptobably 11.HV li'en a dlffevont
"If I had been on that Jury," cb -clarcd
Judge Dixon, "and of unlilasod
mind I would have voted to send thoe
three men to the gallows,"
County Prosecutor Kmley said tint
while he had every preparation to
place Ketr on trial on the indictment
found against him. h" felt inclined to
accept the pita of non tilt In view ot
the statoimot made by counsel as to
ICerr's connection with the girl's death,
which seemed to bo corroborated by
the general facts of tho case. Kerr
"A as then remanded for sentence, and
it is not lilcely that be will be tried on
the charge of minder.
Extreme Penalty.
Prosecutor Umley announced at noon
that, he would have .UcAlister. Kerr.
Campbell and Death arraigned in court
tomorrow and would move that ron
tence bo pronounced at once. It is con
lldently expected that all the ptlsonets
except Kerr will receive the extreme
penalty for murder in tho second de
gree, of which they weru convicted.
The full penalty Is thirty years' Im
prisonment ut hard labor. It Is abo
believed that Keir will be sentenced
to tho full penalty of thu law on tho
charge to which he has pleaded non
vult. which is fifteen years' imprison
ment at hard labor.
Thero were but few spectators lu
court when Kerr was arraigned, but
the fact that ho had been allowed to
get off with a plea of non vult soon
spread through the town and became
a topic of general discussion. It was
received with surprise by many, but it
was generally agreed that Keir had
pm-Mied tt wise com so in not standing
trial on the Indictment in view of
.ludgo Dixon's charge to the Jury
which convicted McAllster, Campbell
and Death, to tho effect all four
were squally guilty, even if It was
shown that only one of the prisoners
assaulted the girl while all four were
Tlie friends of McAllster, Campbell
and Death could not bo convinced that
there was tiny legal or good ivnson
why so much consideration should have
been shown Kerr. The latter in a
brother of Former City Judge Kerr,
and Is related by marriage to a promi
nent oillclal of tho city, lvt-rr is forty
one years of age. lias been married
twlco and has a daughter eighteen
years of age.
Kerr's plea of non vult contendero
to the charge of rape has tho same
effect as a plea of guilty, although
technically It Is not admission of tho
crime. In effect it Is an announcement
that no defense would be offered wore
tho case called for trial. In view of tho
acceptanco of this pica of guilty ot
rape, Kerr will not bo called to answer
the indictment nccuslng him of mur
der. Salisbury Will Not Re3irjn.
Uy rUclushc Wire fiom The Associated Pies.
Indon, Jan. !. Tlurr Ik rot the slightest
foundation, the Associated Picss Is orfldally lit
fnimul, for tho statement that f.ord SalMnny
will resign. ViirthT, it Is ofililillv set forth
that the pumier." absence ficm Osborne at the
time of tho dcilli cf (Juccn Victoria w.i due to
the uigint rfqueit of King l'.duaid who teared
Lord S'alMnir'i health niWI.t W in-pjln-d by
tho trying Journey, as. sea tilps, ,ut luakularly
hard Willi the premier. I). -lilts c wi blturly
i silil nt Cowrs. The most cordial rtLtlons pie.
vail between Klu' IMwMid and Lord Salisbury.
Wire Company Directors Meet.
Py i:cluslo Wire fiom Th Associate, Pnj.
New oii, Jan. 2r". 'Ilia dln-nois cf the
Aiucrican feteei and Wlro company mot toil ty
and lock a rcccw until tonionow- when the in
nnal ttatimcnt svlll lie pilntid and published
and tho action of tho bond tliernm ilvcii out.
Tlifio to rot action today with regard
to tho disideud on tho common bloc I.
Will Not Obtain BlnckwelPs Island.
Uy Hvlusisc Wlro from 'Ihe Aoohted I'jcw,
Kc- York. Jan. !$. It was said today that the
United Hlates gos eminent will not obtain
Illackwell's Island or any part of it for r nival
park or drill gronnd. All tho city oldens who
las Ibo powir to iruLo the concession are op,
(TCi'd to ths transfer of the bland to Hie got-err.ment.
Thoy Are in Favor of Holding Next
Convention at Indianapolis.
Hy Ktcluslso Mlro from TIw Associated Tress.
Inillnnapoll", Jan. 28. By an over
whelming vote the United Mlno Work
ers of America today decidd to hold
their next annual convention In this
city for the third consecutive year. In
secret session the scale commlttee'n
report was discussed at length today,
tfo far tho convention has adopted tho
proposition for a 10 per cent, advance.
Tile report of tho commlttco nlso dc
munds that the run of mine system
be contended for in the entire com
petitive district which comprises Illi
nois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania
nnd that the differential of 7 cents be
tween band and machine mining bo
Insisted on. There Is likely to be a
lively discussion In the Joint confer
ence! with the operators at Columbus
over these nuittcr3. It was announced
today that all the old members of tho
oxecutho board with the exception of
Henry Htephenson, of West Virginia,
were re-elected. John Pnhy, of Penn
sylvania, tn!:c:) hla place. Joseph
Pope, was elected a member of both
tho auditing and credentials commit
tees and would have withdrawn from
one of the positions had the conven
tion permitted It.
She Arraigns the Chief Executive of
Kansas for Ills Position on
Liquor Affairs.
dy l.xilu-dis1 siiu ficm inc. Vsseclaled Press
TopeUii, Kan., Jan. 2S. '.Mrs. Carrie
Nation today Invaded the ojllce of Gov
ernor .Stanley In his chambers In the
capltol building and for a solid hour
arraigned the chief executive of tho
ttctc for his failure to close tha t;a
loons ot Kansas. Then in turn sh-j
visited the oilices of Attorney
General ftoddtird, County Attorney
Nichols and Sheriff Potter and de
manded of each that thoy close the
saloons. Finally sho addressed the
legislature, making an impassioned ap
peal in behalf of temperance.
Mrs. Nation was followed by a crowd
of newspaper reporters and others.
By turns she administered to Oover
nor Stanley a tongue lashing for his
failure to uphold the laws against 11
ipuor selling or begged him for aid to
c.irry on her crusade. Sho put her
tjuesilons with tletceness.
Mrs. Nation accused Governor Stan
ley of branding her as a law-breaker
mid demanded to know if ho bad u
better method than she of ridding tho
Mate of raloonx.
lie admitted he did not have. She
then declared tho governor as a law
breaker, in not closing tho Joints and
a perjurer In violating his oath of of
fice. The governor with dilllculty con
trolled his temper. He finally told
Mis. Nation that if she would get tlie
prosecuting attorneys of the dlffeient
counties to put the Joint Keepers In Jail
lit would use hl:i power .in governor
to keep them In. Ho would see that
they are not 'pardoned out.
She then left and in turn called on
tho other ofllolals named above. Sho,
however, received no definite- promises
from them of help In closing the saloons.-.
Satuiday Will Be Observed Throufj
out England.
Hy !.m'Ih-iw Wire from The A.-oriiKd Picjs
London, Jan. is. It was officially
finnouiiLCd late thin evening that King
U'lward had ordered Saturday to bo
observ"d n a dav of general mount
ing. All the banks will be closed and
business suspended. The arrangements
for the funeral have been only par
tially determined. Almost everything
thus far Is provisional and subject to
the approval of the king, who will
come to London tomorrow to look over
what litis been ptoposed ar.d to give
his decision.
By oider of tho king the olllcn of
wotks directs that all draperies dis
played by citizens shall be of purple.
Tho procession from Qt. OeorgVa
chapel royal, nt Windsor, to Frog
moro has been abandoned and tho cof
fin will remain In the chapel until tho
day ot lulciment, which will probably
bo Monday. The king and iucen,
with the llmpoior Wllllum, will at
tend the s.on-loe In St.
George'"- thane), Windsor, Sunday.
Eighteou Men Taken fiom Sinking
Cuba by Barcelonia.
By I:l1usIi! Wiro fivm 'I he Associated Press,
Halifax. N. S Jon. SS.Tho steam
ship Barcelonia. thitteeii days from
Hamburg und bound for New York,
put In here today and landed the crew
of eighteen men of tho Husslan, lato
German, bark Cuba, Captain Peterson,
which left Ship Island, Miss., Decem
ber 7, for Hi-lstol, Dngland, lumber
laden. Tho Barcolonlu sighted the Cuba
on the ISth Inst., In mid-ocean, when
tho latter was In a sinking condition,
and tho ctow weie taken off with greit
dilllculty, owing to the heavy sen pre
vailing. The Uareolonla herself hnd n severe
imssnftv. Her decks uero swept con
mntly by heavy seas. Sho was com
pelled to put into this pmt as her coal
supply had become exhausted. Sho has
111 steerage p-issengera aboard.
Ho Succeeds Renr-Admiral Kautz on
the Pacific Station Today.
Uy L'scliislso Wlro Loin 'I ho .Wociited Press,
San Francisco, Jon. 28. -Tho battle
ship Iowa, now at San Dlego, whera
Hcar-Admhnl Casey will take over tho
command of thu Paclllo station today
from Iteat-Admlral Kautz, Is to leave
San Diego on Feb. 1 for Puget Sound
nnd go Into tho government dry dock
ut Bremerton. The cruiser Philadel
phia, now lu centrnl American waters,
Is scheduled to reach San Francisco
about Feb. 13.
Two Baltimore, and Ohio Fast
Frclolit Trains Meet at
HIqIi Speed.
Two or Three Others Ate Injured.
Fireman and Brnkeman and One
Engineer Must Havo Been Asleep.
Conductor's Escape.
By r.siliflvo Who fretu The A'Oi.laled Prcs.
Parketsburg, Jan. 28. Two Baltimore
end Ohio 1'a-jt freight trains, running
east und west, nnd running nt high
speed, collided this afternoon near Pe
troleum, about ilftcen miles cast of
here. It N believed that live men were
hilled as n result of the collision nnd
two or three others were severely In
jured. Tho dead are: J. IS. Watklns.
engineer; W. W. Cunningham, fireman
cjstbound train; M. Courtney, brake
man; J. T. Bailey, fireman westbound
tivln; J. G. Bailey, brakeman.
Tho accident oecutred in a cut on a
tin-vo on a heavy down grade and at
the end of ti bridge. That any one
was saved at all Is almost a miracle.
Tim thlid suction of tho westbound
ficight train wus on the siding at Pe
troleum, with orders to wait there till
the second section of tho ea;:tbound
pt.fsed. Engineer Davidson, who es
caped with slight Injuries, was the en
gineer on tho westbound and went to
sleep on the siding. When tho first
uectlou went by he thought It was tlie
ssuond section and started out on to
the main track. His llicmau and for
ward brakeman, both of whom were
killed, must also have been asleep,
for thuy allowed him to take the truln
cut. Tho conductor of tho first east
bound suction after he had passed saw
Davidson pulling out and tried to wave
l:im to stop, but failed. The conduc
tor of tho fourth section, seeing the
third section pull out, ran forward af
ter it as fast as possible, the engineer
whistling down brakes, and the con
ductor of the wrecked train ran over
the tops of tho cars till he reached the
next enr to tlie last one wrecked In his
attempt to stop the engineer, but none
of them attracted his attention lu
time. Tho conductor managed to Jump
in time to save himself.
Will Have to Be Accredited as U. S.
Ambassador at the Court of Ed
waid VII.
lly Dccludse Wire fi .m lhu Associated Pie'
Washington, Jan. JS. It has been de
cided that Mr. f'lioate should havo new
credentials. His old credentials ac
credited him to the queen. He will
now be ucoredltcd as United Statoa
ambassador at the court of Edward
VII. I.oul' Pauneefote, It is e.pecte1,
will recelvii new credentials as" ambas
sador to the United Status, bis pres
tnt commission being signed by tho
It has been practically arranged that,
the funeral services In memory of the
ciueet) shall take place here In thu
Church of the Kplphany, Feb. 2, coin
cident with thu services in England.
This Is tho largest Episcopal palace of
worship In Washington and therefore
better able to accommodate than any
other thu official society of Washing
ton, which will attend tho services.
Secretary Hay has charged Ambas
sador Clioate to represent the govern
ment of the United States and tho
president at the services at Windsor.
For lack of time a special embassy will
not be sent from the United States on
this occasion.
Chinese Court Said to Have Oidered
By llxcliMve Wire flum The Associated Press.
Shanghai, Jan. 2S. It Is reported
from Chinese sources that the Imperial
government at Slngan-fu has ordered
the decapitation of Yu-Hslen, former
governor of Shen-sl, and of Prince
Chwang; also that Chiao-Shu-Chlao, a.
notorious unti-forelgner, be cashiered.
In another statement, which is dis
credited, It Is said that Russia has
agreed to restore the province of Man
churia to China, and will ask no war
It was reported recently that Yu
Hslen had been decapitated, but tho
report was not confirmed. Prince
Chwang, It was reported last fall, had
been degraded and Chlao-Shu-Chiao
handed over to tho Imperial Clan court
for trial. It was later reported that
the latter had been cashiered.
Slxteon Pet sons Who Were on Board
Drowned Soven Saved.
By r.ulusno Wlro from The Associated Piess.
Rotterdam, Jan. 28. Tho steamship
Holland, from London, was wrecked at
the northern pier while entering Nlcu
we water weg (at tho entrance of tho
River Maas) this morning. Tho cap
tain and r.lx men were saved. Sixteen
lives were lost. Tho Holland parted
nmldshlps nnd sank.
i -
Fosburg Admitted to Ball.
By Exeliisise Wlro from The Associated Press.
PiltsileW. Mass., Jan. :?.-Itohert S. ftsbur?,
ji.i vho vas simtcd Saturday on an indict,
mint (luiirlng him ssltl, the muidcr ot his sis
ter, Miss May Fobbing, In tho family rosldenca
litre Ist Auiri'st, was released on Si2,ooo ball lur.
nlshed by Ids father today. rtn-bursr ssent
to the Hotel Wellington immediately alter his
rrlcaiw and there met tho members of hla family,
Ho rtfusesl to matco any statement whatever In
regard to the,
Waathar Indications Todar,
1 General-ratal Collision on the. n. ti O.
Handing Committee of tho Mato Senate.
Unexpected Move In the Ilnsclieter Case at
Mr. Towno'a Maiden Speech in the Penst.
2 (ienersl Carbondale Denirtnient,
3 Local Two Opinions on the County Tea
Pi stem.
Note and Comment.
S Ijcal Mcotln of tlie Hoard of Cotitiol.
Last Week of Cistt Court.
H Local West Scranton and Suburban.
7 fienctal Northeastern Pennsylvania,
financial and Commercial.
E W-al-LIe Sewn of the Indii trlsl World.
Suffering ftom Fever and His Eife la
Despaired Of.
By UtsliMiF Wlio fium The Afeociatvti Pros.
Shanghai. Jan. 2i. A dispatch to tho
North China Pallv Newo of this city,
from Pekln. says that LI Hung Chang
Is sulfating from fever and Is delirious,
his life being despaired of.
Governor Nash Takes Steps to Pre
vent the Piopor.ed Jeffrles
Ruhlln Boxing- Match.
By Ex.clu.dve IViia frcm Hie Aweisted Press.
Columbus. O.. Jan. is. Action wa5
taken by Governor Nush today t pre
vent the Jeffrlo-nuhlln fight at Cin
cinnati on Fob. 1". In o letter to At
torney General Sheets ihe governor de
clares tlie fight "would be a disgrace
to the stttr" of nhlo, as well as a vio
lation of law." and conclude?: "I
hereby authorize and teeniest you to
take Fuel) steps nhd r-nninicncs such
actions at law, civil or ctlmlnal, -is
may b'; necessary to prevent this oc
currence nnd in so doing to 'tst 'tlie
name of the state"
A petition is now Ulng dtawn up in
tho case which will bo inimrdlate'y
file'! in the. courts at Cincinnati. The
suit will be entitled "The r.tatc. ex rel
the attorney general, versus J. J. Jef
filcs. Gus Ttulilln, William .V. Hobart,
George Gugeuberger, Leopold Kley
bolte, Uernaid Bettman.Gcorgo F. Die
tetic. F. A., Kenton Lawson. Hev.
P. A. Elsenlohr and tlilily-onc othet.i,
associates in the management of the
Cincinnati ''aengcrfest company."
While the case Is imr.ii.inlly brought
by tho atorney ger."irl he will have
associated with him in tho case In ad
dition to Messrs. Maxwell and Wuld.
fotmer United States Allornev Gent Ml
Judson Thurmun and John W. War
rington. The form of the suit will be
a petition for nn Injunction against
the parties named, based on the claim
that they are nhoiit to p rpelrate a
public It Is on this claim of
nuisance that II Is hoped to avoid tho
ciuestlon of wlietlu r the contest Is a
pi'l- fight or a boxing contest.
Late tonight both Jefirics and Huh
lln were arrested en a warrant sworn
out by Hsveiul poisons Interested In
the coming tight vlrs acted nt tho
instigation of tlie Saengc-rfost Athletic
association, charging tlu-m with b.'ln.r
lu training for a prlxe fight, which is
in violation of the law in tills state.
Tlie two fighters worn taken befor;
'h'fiulifi ltoebllng, who is-lnised both on
bond. A test ii i Is to be medo of
their arrest.
His Capture Rsgarded as One of the
Most Important,
liy i;jcclulio Win- fruit The AsccLted Piets.
Henrietta, I. T Jan. 2S. Chitto Har
Jow, or Ciazy Snake, leader of tho
warring Creeks, who Is a United States
prisoner here, lenuilned sullen today
and refuseit to confer -with Lieutenant
Dixon. It Is believed, however, that
the wily chap will sooner or later show
a friendly spirit and that the result
will bo a prompt ending of the insur
rection. It is argued that Harjow and
his followers havo been taught to have
a greater respect for thu army officer
than for deputy marshals, believing
that the boldler Is more apt to treat
them fairly.
The capture of Crazy Snake la be
lieved here to bo the most Important
move sinco tho outbreak. Ho has been
the agitator and the teal leader of the
dissatisfied Indians and now that ho
Is safely in tho hands of tho govern
ment it Is believed his followers ulll
t-oon be brought to tcrnit.
Will Supplant the United Presbyter
ian Singing Publications.
By nxcluslsc Wire from 'Ihe Assothted Tress.
I'ittsburg, Jan. 2S. Tho special com
mittee appointed In September, 1W,
to revise and publish a now song boo!:
for tho Sabbath schools nnd young peo
ple's unions of the United Presbyter
ian denomination has just completed
Its labotlous task and was forwarded
to the publishers in I'oston.
This new song book is Intended to
supplant the proem edition of tho
"Hllilo Songs," now ued In nil United
Presbyterian churches of tho United
Htutes. From 3C0.00O to lOOi'OO oplcj
will be published.
Killed in a Collision,
lly l'tclibhc Wiro from The Associated Press.
Uellefonle, P.I., .Ian. . William Docnnan.
uced 2'1 yearn, of Tyionc, was Instantly killed
ami three oilier men Injured In a head on cob
llslnn today liits-ccn a shifting eneln and tho
Bald Escle Volley svnifc train. The Injured aro
Claude Thompson, cnrlneer of the ahlftlnt en
sine! John Woodrlnp, conductor ol the vroik
train, and b'dvrurd Woodring. Ihe dead man nn
tha only BurPrt of bis widowed mot her. Of tho
injured ldwrd Woodrlne is the most tciiously
hurt. Tie was badly cut and bruised.
The youna Minnesota Glcero Talk
on the Philippines
A Scathlnp and Scornful Arraign
ment of tho Policy by Which th
Filipinos Aro Being Annihilated.
An Outburst of Applause from the
Gallery Interesting Feature of tho
Houso Proceedings.
By Ecluile Wire from The Associated Press.
Washington, Jan. 28. Tho sonata
turned fiom tho grind of appropria
tion bills today to listen to a speech
which partook of tho character ot an
oration, irom Senator Towne, of Min
nesota. Since ho entered tho senate a
few weeks ago, on .appointment oB
Oovornor LInd, tlie young Minnesotnn
has had little opportunity to display
his talents. As his, reputation as an
orator had preceded him thero was
much Interest in his speech today,
which was lu advocacy of his resolu
tion for u cessation of hostilities in
tho Philippines. The floor was crowd
ed with senators and members of thu
houso of representatives, the latter In
cluding Representatives Llllletleld.Me
Call, Cooper nnd others, who have
been prominent in Insular legislation.
Tho galleries, public and private, wcr
crowded to overflowing. The senators
en the Hemocratlc sldo eavo Mr.
Towne marked attention. On tho Re
publican side the attention was less
noticeable, although Mr. Hoar and Mr.
Hale at first followed tho speech close
ly, at times exchanging smiling com
ment on some of tho utterances'. At
cne point, Mr. Dorew took it front seat
and listened attentively. Mr. Towno'n
style of delivery as clear and forcible.
Although restricted by manuscript, he
had the subject well in hand and rolled
out the flr.o peiiods with a fervor that
sent them echoing through the cham
ber. The speech abounded In apothe
osis to liberty nnd patriotism and
scathing and scornful arialgnmont of
the policy by which the Filipinos were
being annihilated. At one point an
outburst of applause from tho galleries ,
led to u vigorous warning from the
presiding oJlcer against demonstra
tions of approval or r'Irsent. As tho
oiator closed his brilliant peroration
there was another outburst of ap
plause, despite tho warnings of the
chair, immediately following Mr.
Towno'fi speeelnthe credentials of his
successor, Mr. Cinpp, of Minnesota,
wen! presented and after being sworn
in tho new senator took ills scat and
Mr. Towne retired.
The rest of tho day was devoted to
the Indltin appropriation bill, ths dis
cussion turning on Irrigation and llttlo
pi ogress being made.
In tho House.
The major portion of the day In tho
lioitse was occupied In tho transaction
of District of Columbia business. The
bill to revise and codify the nostul
laws, which has been under considera
tion nt Intervals for ton days, war
finally passed today. Its friends sues
cceded in confining tho measure strict
ly to the purpose for which It wai
framed a codification and revision of
existing laws. All attempts to amend
It in any particular failed. Tlie most
Interesting feature of tho day was an,
attempt to secure n vote upon the sen
ate bill to appoint u commission to
consider and adjudicate the claims of
American citizens against Spain, aris
ing out of the war, which this govern
ment assumed hy Section 7 of tho
treaty of Paris. Tho house at the lust
session recommitted a s Imllar bill,
with Instruction to report back a bill
to confer Jurisdiction In these cusea
upon tho court of claims. Mr. Haugon,
of the committee on war claims, se
cured consideration of it substltuto for
tho 1)111 drawn In accordanco with tho
instructions of the house, nnd then np
jiealed to the houso to vote dotsn tho
substitute and pass tho senate bill.
Thero was some Intimation of sham
practice over this mode of procedure,
but tho matter was settled temporarily
to postponing consideration of tho bill
until next Monday.
The Result of tho Latest Duel la
Uy I'xcliidve Wire from 'flic Associated Press.
Paris, Jan. M. A duel between wolN
known fencers, a Sicilian named Carori
Do San Malato and .a Frenchman,
Prof. Damotte, occurred this afternoon
nt tho Vcldrome, on the Paris do Prin
cess. Tho meeting was the outcome of
their rivalry as swordsmen. Tho keen
est Interest in tho encounter was dis
played In Pari!. All stages of tho ne
gotiations woro published In the news
papers. The seconds on each sldo wera
famed masters at arms, Tho combat
was short. Damotte was pinked In tha
armpit dining tho rapid onslaught,
Tho duel wus a uuperb display oj
skill. San Malato is the sou of a cele'
bra ted swordsnum.
The Vote Ineffective.
Uy l.uluibe Wire fiom The Associated Press.
Poser, Pel., Jan. 1. There was a full attend,
anco of nieinbera sslicn tho Koncral assembly tne
in Joint session to ballot for United States acni.
tori today but the voti ss-sa inflictive, u usiul.
f f t " t
Washington, .Ian. ". l'oreeast (or ejost. ,
f trn rennsjlvonla. Pair Tuesday bri-Jr, -f
to hiiclr noillitteslerl'- sslisda Hmlnis'i- 4
4- b'sri Wednesday cvi.i.oinl tains prob- 4
4- able. ,
ttt-r t-t-t-ft-rt ttt4-sh