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    tej- . V '''
nu: uoncnx iiarihvaiib stoke.
Will lie welt llRhtcil If It
litis ono of out- DKUI
Imprest iissortnient In tliu
, city Is lieio to select
from. Stands are Howeii
Unrft nntKiuo copper,
polished bmss, oM brnss,
etc. Shades In nil tho
lntest stylos nil at ten
sonnbtu prices.
Foote & Shear Co.
U9N. Washington Ave
L. R. D. & M.
Rhoca are one ol the most Important ilenw of
ilrew at ny time ot the jcar, mil especially o
now that we aro certain to baie ilijtigcabl
weather. I'or ttjle, price ami itiullly ie outs,
fie know wc lan plcaic jon.
.130 Lackawanna Avenue
FmNwt.,iCnaxtoti e.
Local j, (or Jamuiy 27. l'l :
lllK'li(t ttnipcratnri'
lamest temperature
Hun iiiit
s a. in
p. m ..
Snxlfill. 21 limn. clldiliV. !' '".
. it ili'Kl.c
.. IS rlCn-ri-.'
'I.J pi r cent.
i p. r uiir.
.... n.'i null
Although the iip has Intel fcrctl to
t-rune decree with the participants
In the proposed Muile Antolncttu Fete
und the Pled Piper, the rehearsals
have teacher Midi an advanced Htarje
that temporaiy absences do not mu
lct inlly affect the results. The dances
mo beautiful In their completeness untt
grace The little people will surprise,
their fond parents and friends with
their wonderfu piollcleney, so soon
achieved. They are simply delightful
In s-everal toles. M, J!. Fuller, us Court
.lest or, will be one of the successes of
the performances, while Ralph D.
Williams, as the Pled Piper, and Miss
nnu Strickland, as Llzcttc, ale anions
the star performers.
Hon. and .Mis. William I'onnell, as
sisted by Jliss Jessie Dlmmlck, will
Kln the first In their series of recep
tions on Tuesday, February 5, at the
Shot chain, when Miss Dlmmlck will he
fotmally presented to WnshlnKton soci
ety. These teceptlons promise to be
iiinonp; the notable events of the social
season In Washington, and as such le
celse much HatterliiB mention from the
puss of the capital city.
The Misses Matthews will entertain
at cauls on Thursday.
Maluku A. I. llulTj, tlic l.wiimi i- "on
fli.ul ti hU liomc 1 lllnim.
Jdinl'ii I'. Win I r,i is ulilc to l alumni usl.i
ailcr a itiuc attack nf sup ami pnvunionla.
( D. June aril family .irconipaniid In Jlin
lMilh button will soon ir-aie (oi a Miiitlirm tilp.
I). II. i'cnm.iii. v ho lu Iwui at ittil II ink.
V .1., lui the put .tear, I, .it home tor .1 ivw
ilaj i.
.1. .1, IMdilen, propilftui ol Pailli'ii'i. linlil, whj
lii been ill with pneumonia, i up'UUil imuli
Or. (t. EiUar IKan nut to u ulijjlit am
ilent, Mill not he able to U at hU i.ffiii u.iul
Mr. C'eorjtc llouil, of tiieeimoro, hat u
turned from a tinlt with lav t-UU'r at the lllmuns.
burif "formal mIiooI.
Miss Hortenso liobiwii. ol IWIInugl.lir, 0 H
Uniting her irramlparrntJ, Mr, and Mh, .lolm
1' Warner, ol Green UUUe.
fiiorgo II. McDonald, (onucily ol thU ill),
id date kyiK-rinUndent of the New Yoik and
tjueciu County railroad, with headquarter at
1-ong hland, has fendcred Ilia irslcnatioii und
will return to this city on Tn.'sdiy next. lie will
KO to Scranton, where bo will take up the prac
tice of law. Ho i a 1.011 ot V. II, McDonald, ol
tbli thy, who haj len an cnglneir on tho
Dalawara and Hudson railroad for the p.ut
tentj-'two ytars. The liter im a throuifh run
licaween hero and Miictrh and makia 103 inilei
a day, Wllkes-narre ltecord. Mr. McDonald wai
for eercra! jcars cmplojcil by the Scranton Hail
way company in 1H olllccs here. From tliU city
he went to Lour bland to accept the potltloii
im the. Quctn'a County railroad.
Alex, Sunn, tho Hatter, Disposes of
His Great Stock.
The popular hat and gent's furnish
InK store conducted by Alex. Dunn Is
no more. Saturday Mr. Dunn closed
out hla stock and i ft lied front busi
ness, to devote himself to other In
terests. Saturday night hundreds who havo
been accustomed to purchasing there,
lslted tho place In quest of furnish
ngs, and were sadly disappointed
when they found the place dark.
Dunn's wos perhaps the best known
tore In the city, and when tho fact
hat Alex, has retired H generally
tnown, thero will bo many regrets ox
irossed tHoughout the county
JudRO Kelly Said the Cats Wft for
the Grand Jury.
1 'in nk .latiscn wns reletitod front
Jail Baturdny on $1,000 hall by Jttdfte
.lolm P. Kelly.
.Innscn la thu man vho on Tuesday
threw a lamp In his lioma on Propcut
avenue and set It on lire, His 7-year-old
daughter perished l:i the flames
and his wife and sistor-ln-lnw were
badly burned.
Ills attorney, M. W. f.owry, obtain
ed a urlt of habeas corpus to secure
his ideuse from Jail and the hearing
was held Saturday inornlnff before
Judge Kelly.
Jansen's tnotlier-ln-law. Mrs. M
Iiotiald, testified that she saw him
thtow the lamp, which set fire to the
hous", at his wife. Judge Kelly de
cided that tho cape was properly one
for the crand Jury, but permitted
.t.iusen to enter ball In the sum ot
11.000, which was done.
Mrs. Jntnen's condition Is icported
slightly Improved nt the Lackawanna
hospital. Saturday her tempeintmc
was 101, but yesterduy It had fallen
to 100. Satin day she was visited by
her husband, but he did not lemnln
inoii than ten minutes. The doctors
are still oxerclslng every precaution to
keep the news ol her daughter'. death
f i om her
City Solicitor Expected to Affirm
That the Law Was Disregarded
and the Men Cannot be Sealed.
A deal of c-'ntcii'. In
thu opinion which City Solicitor Vos
bui g has been dliected by the common
Miuucll to piepate tegnrdlng the legal
ity of the leci'iil appoi tlonmunt of the
additional members which that branch
Is allowed under the present second
class city act.
Those who have spoken to the solici
tor upon the matter express the linn
belief that ho will decide that the ap
portionment was not made In accord
ance with the law and that, according
ly, the additional inembets who are to
bo elected at tho February election
cannot take their seats.
The Democtatlc mumbeis of council
appear to have dropped all Interest lit
the matter, uppnmitly safe In their
billet that when April I comes around
the new members cun be pi evented
fioni tnklng their seats by the existing
Demociatle majority of eleven In the
common blanch. This would bring the
new members Into com t with a peti
tion for a mandamus to compel coun
cil to seat them and the whole question
would be thu made ripe for a Judicial
Theieaieafeu members ol the com
mon council, Including at least one
Republican, who believe that an eflorl
should be made at once to test the
i ertillcates of nomination which havo
been tiled, to thus prevent, If possible,
the election of the additional niBniheis
and thereby save the city a deal of
litigation In the future.
A question exists as to whether
court would consider a contest of the
certlllcates, on the ground that the
recent apportionment was not made
according to law. A well known law
yer stated to a Tribune man tho other
clay that certificates had been contest
ed In the past In this county only on
the plea that the primaries weie not
properly conducted; that fraud existed
or that there wus some technical omis
sion or priors In the papeis them
selves. He said he doubted ety much a
to whether court would go outside of
this and take up such a question as
the legality of the apportionment af a
basis for a contest.
Fire Started in Hay from an Un
known Cause.
3?lie Saturday night dcstioyed the
upper part of ths barn connected with
the'Mlnooka store of the William Con
Pell company. The fire was discovered
ul 11 33 p. in. and originated In tin
The cause of the blaze Is unknown.
The loss was conilned to the hay and
th" upper portion of the barn.
Booking of Excursions for 1001 at
That Popular Resort Has Already
The Delawuie and Hudson company
has Just Issued an attractive little
biochure relative to tho excursion sea
son ot 1001 at Lake Lodore, containing
several beautiful half-tone engravings
the handsome new depot In the sum
mer shade of overhanging boughs; the
great white dance pavilion in the
midst of the far-stretching gloves,
and various aspects of the bout-dotted,
magnificent lake Itself with its
tlve-and-a-half tulles of vat led and
charming scenery. All tall and winter
a strong force of men have been at
wink on the excursion grounds with
such effect that there Is u general de
sire on the pait of the people to ieo
this tesort In all Its fresh, new beauty.
Applications for dates aio already
com InK hi, and booking has com
menced by Mr. II, W. i.'ross. district
passenger agent of thu Delaware and
Hudson Railroad at Scranton. Clictt
liis deserlptlvo of Lake Lodoie and
the Improvements on the grounds are
In the hands of all Delaware and Hud
son ticket agents, who will he pleased
to supply them to the public upon
' m i
Florida Limited Via Southern Rail
way. The present century hits no greater
gift of comfort and luxury to the pub
lic than this vestlbulo limited train.
This steel-shod mercury of steam
tosses a gay defiance at Father Time
ns It leaves him vanishing behind. It
changes miles to minutes, making dls
tnnce seem but a mirage. Thu Florida
Limited of tho Southern Railway shifts
seasons with the speed of a shuttle.
It hears people In a day from tho furs
and woolens of un eastern winter to
the bathing suits and summer gowns
of Florida. That Is a change that
would have made an Aladdin blink
with nmazemeut. but It Is' one that
can be the experience ot every ono
who enjoys the hospitable comforts of
this mucnlilccnt train,
Tho Florida Limited leaves Jfroud
street station, Philadelphia, 3.10 p. m.
dally, except Sunday, und runs through
solid to St. Augustine, arriving thero
3.30 p. m. the next day, excepting tho
one drawing room sleeping car which
Is detached at Ulackvllle, S. C, and
goes through to Aiken nnd Augusta,
Charles L. Hopkins, Dlstilct Pas
scnger Agent, Southern Hallway, MS
Chestnut ftreet, Philadelphia, will take
pleasure in furnishing nil Informa
Company Agrees That It Will Not
Require Employes to Work With
Non-Union Men, but It Is Provided
That This Agreement Is Not to Bo
Allowed to Interfere in any Way
with the Company Receiving Sufll
cient Men to Operate- The Koller
and Seeley Cases.
All the dmii;cr of a sttllse of the tlol
ley men Is now passed.
A working continct for n year line
breu agreed upon between (lencral
Manager Slllhnau and the employes'
committee and the same has been
intlllcd by President Claike. on the
one side, and the employes' union on
the other.
The necessity plgimures will be at
tached today.
The contract is made up of the wage
scale, the ten-hour agreement nnd the
ngieement concerning the relations of
the compnny to the union.
It wus this last matter that threat
ened a lenuwal of the sttlke, but after
a week of conlerenect tin amicable ad
justment has been reached.
The original demand of the men was
that none except union men should
be employed by the company on any
of Its cats or In the bain.
When this was .submitted to lieneral
Manager Slllluiiui, on week ago Satur
day, he refused to pass upon It until
he had consulted with Ptesldent
Cituke. The latter came hole Wednes
day and had a conference with the
committee that day and the next.
President Clarke agreed to acquiesce
In everything except the clause cover
ing mcmbeishlp In the union, and that,
ho said, he could not and would not
as c'o.MPr.oMisi:.
Uy way of compromise, the ruin
puny exptessed Itself as willing to
sign an ugieement to the effect that
no man should be discriminated
against because of ills connection with
the union, und thut as far as Keller
und Seeley weie concerned the com
pany would see to It that Seeley w
not to work with union men, provid
ing Keller was taken Into the union.
Tho committee reported the tesult of
Its conference to the men at n meet
lug held Friday moinlng. The men
would not hear to the company's com
promise proposition and came within
an ace of adopting a motion to strlk-
If the company did not agtce to the
oilglnal demand within twenty-four
hours. The more conservathe ele
ment, however, pievalled and the mo
tion to strike was laid ovei till the
committee could again wait upon tics
iiunpany ofllclnli and fnd"iivor to ef
fect an amicable settlement.
tine of the contentions of President
Claike wat that the demand of the
men was Illegal that the courts, thn?
and again, had decided tut employer
could not be constrained In the mat
ter of choosing firployo, and that any
agreement like the one which the men
wanted ihe company to lgn was In
direct loutllct with the letter and
spirit of the law.
Ft May night the committee coii
Fiilted Attorney M. V. Corny on thJ
matter and next motnlng it waited on
President Clarke and Mr. Slllimau
with Its demands modllled to lead that
no union employe should be loqulivd
by the company to wot I; with non
union men, except when such non
union men had made appllejtloni for
membetshlp in the union, and then
not for a longer period ot lime than
thirty days fiotn the dale ot the em
ployment of said non-union man.
After a session lasting from 9 o'clock
In the morning unlll S o'clock In the
afternoon, the company oiliciuls agreed
to the Inset tlon of the clause In the
contract, providing there was a codi
cil attached to the effect that the
"foregoing clause shall In no way In
terfere with the company In seeming
a stilrtclent number of men to operate
Its system."
It was also agieed that ihe compiny
would In no way disci linlnate against
membeis of the union; that Seeley
should he cared for by the company,
and that Keller should he taken Into
the union.
The men passed upon these matters
yesterday moinlngut u session lasting
from 2 till ti. They approved the rec
ommendation of the committee that the
modified demand und the codicil at
tached by the company be concurred
In, and also elected Keller a member
of the union.
Thin means that when u man Is em
ployed by the company the men aro
not to be required to teach him until
he makes application for membership
In the union, nnd that If at tho end ot
thirty days he does not Join the union
the company will have to dlsehaige
Likewise, If a man Is three months
In nrrcais for dues, or for any other
cause forfeits his membership In the
union, the company will have to dis
miss him, ftom tho service.
The purpose of the codicil, which tho
company succeeded In having attached
to the agreement, Is to provide against
the possibility of a latge number or
men quitting or being expelled from
the union.
Can be bought at Coutsen's for 5c
Key West Conchas 5c
$4.oo Per Hundred.
Sweet Violclte Cigars 5c
6 for 35c- $a.oo box.
Porto Rico Cigars 5c
6 for 35c.
Club House, Special, box 1,50
Sweet Belle, per box 1.35
Key West Cigars 10c
La Rita, 50 foi 2,30
E. G. Course,!
It will also meet other emergencies
Hint' may possibly nrlso ftom time to
The now complaint of the barn men
has not been dealt with by the union.
The grievance committee eays it Is not
such a. complaint as demands consider
ation at this time. The matter was
bioached nt the conference by General
Mnnngcr Sllllmnn, and the committee
Infnimcd htm that It had been In
structed to bring It 'up.
That It might not bo the occasion ol
any misunderstanding, Mr.Sllllmun ex
plained to the committee thut the hours
of the men had been shortened because
of the lack of work.
At certain times of the year thero Is
a falling off In tepalr work, nnd rathet
than lay oft u pot Hon of the men, the
bouts or the whole force are reduced.
AVhen work plckw up again tho men
will bo put back on n ten-hour sched
ule. The contruel which General Manager
Slllimau U to sign today In to hold
jjood until January 1, 1902, It at the
end or that time It Is found to have
woikcd satisfactory, the company, It
U uudeistood, will have no objection to
continuing II.
The men weie highly elated over the
success which attended the work of Its
committee and concluded yesterday
morning's meeting by tendering Its
members an unanimous vote of thanks.
The committee Is composed or Presi
dent P. J. Shea, AA'alter I:. Kvans, Fred
Suilne. Oeotge Kngter and Mlohnel
Dates on Which the Guaidsiuen
Will Have to Pass Before In
spector Millar.
Major W. S. Millar, of this city. In
spector of the Third btlgnde, National
Guard of Pennsylvania, has made out
the following schedule for the spilnir
lnpeetlon for the btlgade:
iWKi.nii i:i.uimi:s r.
lompaiit II, l.nel: Haven, Mtrch 1.'
Cumpan) 11. WlllijiMPiul, M.inli 1!.
I'limpjiiv 1. Wlllianuport, Maitli 11
1'ui'puny D, Willlamsport, MjiiIi U.
t oinpimy O. WHltaiiitpuit, March 11.
Company C Milton, Minh li.
foinpim . LiwUbuii.. Mauh in,
l.iiiiipniy I', Uamlle, Mtrili 1.
Cuinpan V.. Mmlmrj, .Manli in,
l mipaii, K. Ninbui, Mauh 11.
roLUTii ki.uimi:nt.
i "hipani I , IVtuUII" March -.
( ompmi.v 1). Hamburg, Mauh 1. Ci, l'iiic I. line, Mauh --'.
imiipany II, Ulutwii, March 2J,
I I'lnpanj K,, M.iuh 25.
lonipiiiy C, Ciilumlili, Mauli 2(1.
miipaii) A, Heading, Much 27.
t uinpariy I. Dctdl'ig, 'larch 2$.
I omp.itiy D, Atlcntflun, M.irIi Cl
("iiipinv II, Alluilo'.wi, Maich "U.
ninth nr.GiMr..vr.
I uinpain II, Wilkc-llirie, April 1.
lonipnij 11. Mllkei'lljire, April 2.
Company A. Mllko-Hanc, April 3.
Compinv K, Wilkw-llaiic, pill :t.
Company P. Mllkc Uairc, Apill .1.
Vmpany W'uninilc, April 4.
( nmpaiiy (I, llailetmi, April ..
"tiipiny l, Plitntnn, April .
I i.mpanv II, 1'itNuii, pill S.
tiiu,iy M, Pithtoi , pill !
(iiipiiiy I!, Iirv.m. April in.
loiupin.1 1. l'l.Mimtitli, April II
i j i f iir.(.iMi:r.
uiiii.iio I., City, April til.
tinipany f, Clirardvlile, April IT.
Company It, Tanuipia, April IS
uuipany If, l,uttlllv, April pi.
t ompiny K yjvi i lau, April -J".
I ompJiiy A, nik, April .'J.
Inmpinj (,', C.iilMc, April il.
Company C, I liainueuliiinr. pul SI.
ivmpiny I), llarrifchma;. April 21.
lonipiiiy I, Ilaiiisbuii.', April 20
TiiiiiTL'K.Yi.ii iii:gimi;t.
.nnkiio 11. Kr.mton, Miiy I.
Cutiipiny I", NTJiitnii, Ma 2
( I'liipanv D, 1-crantoii, Maj It.
i uuipany c, Mreutun, Miv i,
(omp.m A, Siranloii, May i!
I ompany I, Uaton, M.iv 7
t oinpuuy 1., Scranton, Maj
l (itnpany i:, llunimLili, V,i ",
I ompany K, Scranton, May in.
Company If, ftuiilon. Ma) II.
Compiny (I, Vuntioo, Mai 1.
With Btoken Leg He Held Crowd of
Angry Foroigners at Bay.
Special Officer John Malott, while
conveying n prisoner to the North i:nd
station house at i o'clock yesterday
morning, flipped upon some Ice an 1
fell, breaking his light leg.
Malott was detailed to be piesenl at
a Lithuanian wedding, on Thompson
street Hull's Head. All went well un
til after 12 o'clock, when the wedding
guests grow hilarious and some of -the
more ambitious ones conceived tin
Idea uf hurling stones at tho housa,
Malott wont outside to quell tho dis
till bnnce nnd was himself mado n tar
get for the missiles. He singled out
i the leader and started to the North
Km! station houfec with him, followed
by fifteen or twenty nngiy Lithuan
ians, Things began to .look seilous and
Mnlott was foiced to resort to his
club. It was while wielding this suc
cessfully that the htretch of lee wns
encountered, and Malott slipped, sus
taining tho abovo Injury.
While lying theie helpless the
drunken Lithuanians became quite ag
gressive until the office drew his re
volver and threatened to shoot the
first man who npptoachrd him. This
embed the ciowd's enthuslnnm, and
gave ono of the men in tho house time
to reach the Nlagatu Hose, company's
building. The permanent men were
aroused and responded with the hoso
cart. Malott wai placed In tho cart
nnd conveyed to the hose house, und
the Lackawanna hospital nmbulanco
responded. He was taken to thnt In
stitution about .1 o'cloik yesteiday
Ledger Article States That It Will
Bo the Best Ever Known.
lly Ktilmive Wile fiom The A5.oclalnl I'un,
Philadelphia, Jan. 27. The Ledger in
Its coal ai tide tomorrow will say;
The tinthiaclte coal trade Is substan
tially unchanged. It Is going through
the best winter season It has over
known, the excellent market demand
taking- all the coal that Is mined und
sent forward with the facilities avail
able full working tit tho mines to tho
extent that labor can bo obtnlned and
well maintained prices. Tho weather
has been slngulaily fa vm able to ihe
trade and tho outlook is excelliinl,
while all blanches of thu authincltQ
Industry ure In duel fill nnd uctlve
employment. It would seem almost Im
possiblo to havo a, better condition In
this Impottant tiade. The January
output of coal, however, Is nomewhut
rcbtrlcted by shortage of cars, nnd
whllo It Is lnrge. It will baldly leach
tho December total, which exceeded 6,
075,000 tons.
Dr. J. L. F. Ackerman, Dr. N. Y.
Leet and Dr. E. A. Heormans Tes
tified That Miss Howell Is Suffer
ing from Chorea; Thnt She Is at
Times Irrational, nnd That She Is
Not a Fit Person to Manage Her
Own Affairs Admits Taking Her
Check in Payment.
The first healing in the now celi
biated Howell case, In which Frank
lin Howell Is endenvoilug to prove bin
sister, Miss Jennie Howell, Infane, was
conducted on Saturday In court room
No. i befoio Commissioner Charles It.
Pitcher and the following Jury: John
J. l,oft ii, Samuel Hllekeni, 9. 11. Mer
rill, ex-County Commissioner S. V.
Roberts, Aldeimun Frederick Fuller
and Select Councilman John !'.
lloche. t
Mls Howell wns present nt the
heating, accompanied by Kdwaid It.
Dean, of HackenacU, N. J It was
her contemplated marriage with Mr.
Dean that precipitated the ptncccdlng
ti'-oitiflit by her brother. She was rep
losented by Attorneys K. c. Newconib
and Ciutcut't! IJallenllne. while Mr.
Howell, who was also present, was
I'Apieseitted bv hl attorney, lames II.
Mr. Torrey expluined In lii opening
address that Ihe law piovldei that
people of weak minds, In order that
they may be protected f 10111 designing
pel son.', ran be declared lunatics and
linve tmstees appointed for their es
tates. He wanted the Jury to doclda
whether or not she .wis cupnble ot
taking caie of hut estate, which, he
aid. amounts to flCO.OOO.
Tho Hi st witness cMiiulntd was Or.
.1. 1' 'Ukernian. of Aslntry Paik, N.
J. He attended Miss Howell at that
lesort In ihe summer of 1M'9. She was
at that lime suffering, he said, from
choieii, or St. Vitus' dance, attended
by convulsion". She wn at times un
conttollnble In her itelloiiw and was.
In Ills belief, of unsound mind dining
tho entire time she was under his
care. Theie was llttlo prospect of her
ever iceovoring, he said.
Mr. Newconib pioduccd u check for
r.l, which was given by her to the
doctor for his services, lie wanted to
know why tho doctor had sent her a
bill and then accepted her check If
he believed her to be ot unsound mind.
The doctor said he didn't know, and
explained that he might, pnsilbly,
have sent the bill in care of her
Dr. N. V. L''t, of this city, was the
.second witness. He had treated Miss
Howell first tor nervous disorders in
August, IS?:'. She had been a patient
of his over since, he said, and li suf
fering from t horoa, which has weak
ened both her physical and mental
powers. He Muted that to the best
of his belief she was not capable of
managing her estate.
He stated, on cro-oxninlnatlon.
thnt he had sent Miss Howell nil hlll-i
nnd lecelved checks In payment of
them, nearly all of which were signed
by Ftanklln Howell. A few of the
cheeks he had tecelved weie signed
by Mls Howell. In leplylng to a
iiiestlon of Mr. Torrey'", the doctor
ald that Mls Howell had, upon ev
eial occaslonn. acted iirntlonally to
waid him. Sl)o would make an ap
pointment, and wh"n he would go to
her home, she would be out driving.
AVhen she saw him again she would
berate him for not calling.
Dr. E. A. lleermans, who lives across
the bticet fn-m Miss Howell, was the
next witness. He had known her all
his life, he suld. He had been called
to see her occasionally, mit was never
per regular physician. He had been
socially Intimate with the futility for
a number of years and had often me;
Miss Howell In a nnn-profcsslonnl
He had watched her Cifu for up
wards of twenty years, nnd said that
dining that time she kept growing
woise until about two years ago He
was not prepared to say that she has
been Improving since then. Up to sK
months ago, when ho last attended
her, she was, In his opinfon, not able
to manage her own affairs. Sines
then he Ivid no knowledge ot h '.in-
Mr. Newtoinb asked the doctoi It
theie weie not a great many persons
not necessarily Insane, who, through
poor health, were unable to attend to
their own affairs, and the doctor
rather as-tonlshed everybody by re
plying: "Theie are piobably a thousand peo
ple In this city who are lunatics, but
who have not been declared so."
The doctor said that all the- checks
he ever tecelved In payment for his
services wero drawn and signed by
Franklin Howell nnd not by Miss
Dr. Heet man's testimony dosed the
hearing, Mr. Torrey leuuestlng that
an adjournment be made, Mr. Howell's
Illness having luteicrcrd with his ine
pni.itlou of the case. Mr. Newconib
objected to this, but Commissioner
Pitcher adjourned the heating Indell
'nltely. Miss Howell nnd Mr. Uean oeiupled
a box nt the Lyceum Saturday night.
Special Price
Weather conditions are 1UI11
AVI2A15. Prices today are tuck bottom
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Pilccs aie cut to the core on
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Cilia Mlk und Wool mil il.i I.. i i.
Natural Wool,
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iry i.lco erode ol Cmlmt-rc, m Vi.mai
Moot, nominally told at,
$1.00 A GARMENT.
I-UIP' k'ncl of Vafuiol Wool. I allif 1
Il.ilr, I'UiLO Limit, llcaij "Drib.
Illhhed" (Otton. M'l'l ii-BUlnil) ai .nu
ilull.ii .
"An Ounce of Prevention
Is Worth a Pound of Cure."
you can feci sure you have a perfect safe
guard against the effects of the
Wholesale Liquor Dealers, 216 Lackawanna Ave.
A Gicnt Convenience to the Travel
ing Public.
The Lackawanna Italliuud is plan
ning still fuithcr Improvements In its
dining car service. Having equipped
Its through trains with palatial tilling
cars and opened un elnborato restau
rant In Its Hobokcu tennlnnl, It Is now
aitanging to supply a buffet service on
tluough express trulns between New
A'oik and Plymouth, Pa via Scranton.
This shi vice will he statted on Wed
nesday, Jfanuuiy ":!.
The train leaving New Yoik at 4 p.
in. will be Miulpped with a vestlbuled
buffet drawing room, parlor cur, en
abling patrons to secure dinner befoie
teaching Plymouth. Tho correspond
ing eaatbuund train leaving Plymouth
at 7.0u In the morning will be similar
ly equipped.
Not only will ihe pailor car passen
gers have the benefit of, ihe new ser
vice, but iiriaugemenls have been
made whereby the occupants of the
coaches may also enjoy n similar ser
vice A portion of the coach neatest
the parlor car on each train has been
fitted up with four tables suitably se
cured by headboards, and a special
waiter will be In charge of this portion
of the car. Another waiter will be de
tailed for the bulfet car o l hut par
tics of both aie assmed a pioiupt, effi
cient and satisfaetoiy set vice.
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Mining Supplies...
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Cyclone Mininy, Machines
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4 foot Bits (rock or coal)
each ., 99c
2 toot Hits (rock 01 coal)
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2 loot connections (rock or
coal) each 69c
Brace and Bits, complete. . . . 5oc
Machine handles, each 59c
Open boxes, each 49c
Cyclone Closed boxes, each. 18c
Standard Bars, each 59c
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eath 12c
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Clarke Bros
cii -L'l
Will vioti bo !i'i 1.1 '- 1 In. tune to tike
auianuiu "' out luiuain n
t mi inn Apciul .1 f 1 w i.umtn in InuUn;;
our a i K H.oi; ii m c-pi illicit.
V lnv 'oil f uir pen.i Hk 1 ivn . ll,ir.
A 12 Spruce Street.
The Populir lloue Furnlililns
1 an iirtlti(iitabl ilok lia. b-
Willi Il'rtlm-M 111111 in.ii ul
m.ii. v . I. of ilnii .in I
muii ., 1 i, lii biolng Iij-Imm-
M 111..' lijlit hici.s Mill'
"lliu bwk'l uf l,uo0 1 1"', T"n.
I Foote & Fuller Co
W Menrs lUiililinir.
1 x iyh&SMTiTMmtLi?-
. BU.ii -.
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now ,, ,,.,,,,
Mink Ciiie, :n In. dorp, ?.00
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1. on .......... ......... .......
llartin C'apr, CO ir.eli ileep, $tt
nou- ,.1 .......
Mnuln Cpf, 27 inch ilep, ijiWl
now .......,,. ......... .......
Ib'aier Care. -' cUep, tfTJi
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inch d.'cp. Ci; noiv
I'l.rtitc M-il. plain, W;
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rift II a -al, plain, iM)
lion ..
All ibiili 1 ipci, In.ii ami Miltt sreatlf
ri'inmil pi be.
F. L. Crane,
324 Lackawanna Ave.
Raw Furs Bought . Furs Repaired.
Pierce's Market, Penn Avenue
Wi night a i-pcclilly uf fancy Creamery But
ler ami .ttictlr fresli eggs and ths prlc. is a
low ai llr.t rlavi 'ooO.i ran te sold tt.
We Un nut have any rpeclil sales or leado'l
but at all times cairy ai c-ornpltts a linn nt
Market ('.uiniv', I amy l.riivrrlca and Table Dcllca
clea a tan b fnnnil m the lirgett New YnrW
vr Pialavlilpbia aliik.u nhich we icll at rlth
W. H. Pierce,
19 Lackaw.nna An. 110, It!, Hi tlQ jasa.
I'ronipt il'llierj.
Tlic Dicktoii MannracturlngCo.
tcranton u1 Wllkai-Uarra, Ca,
MMOiiraciurerJ f
UoilcMi lloUtliijand Pumplnt Michlaery.
General Office, Scranton, Pau
The Latest
and Best
The new Office Furniture
department--main floor i
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Roll Top Desk
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book stalls and pigeon holes,
also numerous pigeon holes
under roll. The biggest desk
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221-223-225827Wyomlne Are
.- - ,- ,ij"0-1: