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    "m i"w
" r nv -'T '"".
V.--.vrv-v fo'lVS'T'- ' V J"?VT V1
& W It mtm r,r ? &t 1 itro "-nFif3
"Sit i
Fato and a Fete.
diT AM proteins; old!" my lady slihcd;
1 Although I am not decrepit.
I tin not In the leant bit mummified,
In the dmco 1 jet could step It.
It ha always been tint they wanted me
On every (treat occasion
When r queen or a lady of high dcirrft
Wjs needed lor representation.
My waist U as sllitbt. my foot ns light
.No mark of tiao udtanccss
lint I mut bo old In the l'cle tonight
1 slt-whllo my daughter dances."
II. C.
The chief topic of conversation In
most circles Is tlio Mario Antolnetto
feto ami "Tho Pled Piper of Hanie
tin." The ohllflren aro moro or loss
daft over tho hitter while scores of
young people nro planning stops for
tho beautiful fete. Tho prospects for
the entertainment surpass nil expecta
tions hitherto entertained. It Is to bo
n magnificent spectacular event, whose
correctness of historical detail and In
telligence of interpretation will appeal
to tho artistic tastes so strongly de
veloped in Scranton and fasclnntc and
enthrall tho patrons not alone by tho
picturesque effects, but by the musical
features and the rhythm of movement
present to an exceptional decree.
It Is intended to carry out as much
ns possible the historical character of
tho period represented and tho partici
pants nro ut present absorbed In
French records running from 1770 to
tho tragic dnto of 1793. Many to whom
tho name of tho lovely I'rlncesse de
Lambelic meant littlo have now learned
to know her as the first friend of tho
girl Queen In her foreign home. They
have ecomo familiar with tlio various
authentic portraits of Mario Antoinette
In the, famous Le Ilrun group where
the little Dauphin li"s aside tho cradle
runopy to show the empty bed from
which baby Sophie had gone forever,
and in tho many single pictures.
Tho beautiful Duehosso do Polignac,
whom the queen perhaps unwisely
chose for nil intimate friend, is an
other whose portrait by Mudame Lc
brun, tho. fair dancers nre learning to
distinguish. The girlish face with
tho fair floating hair anil plumed hat
making a picture to hold in memory.
These with Madamo Elisabeth, the
dearly loved. the gay courtiers,
Cum to do Artols, Comte do Provence
afterward Louis XVIII, and many
other courtiers of high degree will lie
loprcsontcd In gorgeous, co.Uuinos by
t irticlpants In the fete.
The following will constitute the per
sonnel of the Court Dance:
Mario Aiittiim-Me
Klrft f.e.iilt .Ml ,
The Lund Hutu- i.f liimln ..
'I lie i.rjntl lliirhe c
vpij. iv uahim;.)
M ' .irnllno ll mirll. Mr.
i"M Van floef. Sir.
...Mh Amy .bs.-up
.Mr. S T. IlrynoMj
Mr. T. II. Pil
MIm llcc Matthew
JlilllHI ii'lomitll.
Hairy llymhiiau.
'm!' iieun .M.ittnms. Mr. l-aac
Il.-i May Pi nut ui Dr. t'nirr.
Vh inrtlj I'mull. Ito- SuriLim.
Mi,i ttrei'e Kicrtr.i.I. . Jiidph William.
Tin: l'l'lSF. DANCt:. ClupTmi", Mts Pira A.
Ml- lldllli William.
Miw Margaret I.tidwlg.
MIm Alice .lone.
,MI-t May Samuels.
Ml l)i lla Hat la.
Mi ('indeed' i MoifC,
MIm'. Mini MiiIiIih.
MIm Vutniij V. tthitH.
Mint ,um .'oiics.
Ml.t Viy l.indal.uiy.
Mist I.lllie Kt'ihiiitiJii:;!!. MI'S (iortrude .1nnc,
Miss I'crtli.i l '.limn. IMiss Ida .lames
!!) rioi-sic I'rnnki MIn? Jl.ny .lone.
"Miss i:ila sba-v. JM.vj Mabel Spencer.
The committee on decorations for
tin Mario Antoinette fete met yester
day at tho home of Mrs. W. W. Scran
ton, to complutu floral efiVets for the
Lyceum stage.
, Iter, tho tvxt fortnight Marie An
toinette .style will be agitating the
mind of the average maiden. Already
hhc is wearing hop brain away In wor
ry over fichus, turbans and pannier.,
and after all she will look dlvlns In
.whatever she may appear.
,liss Eager, who is directing tho
Fete, Is a lady of many accomplish-lnemH-.
Last night, when no uccoin
.punlst put In an appearance and ther
was a corresponding absent? of music
lor the dances, she calmly seated her-t-elf
at the piano and played from
memory with a dash and brilliancy
which made tho Clypsy dance go ofC
with a spirit hitherto unexampled,
vhllo all the time she was watching
t'-.e twenty-four performers and ill
i ting their evolutions. When there
. foIoh to Mug she sings them until
io .pupil learns not only the air bin
Inflection, the words and the tones.
.Saturday and Mond
Offer Every Garment Cheap
Fine Coats for Ladies
Fine Coats for Children
Ladies' Suits, Capes and Skirts
at Such a Mark-Down
That It Will Astonish You
415-117 Lackawanna Avenue.
She dances most of tlio time in ordet
to cnablo thu learners to catch tho
step and it must ba admitted that the
method is satisfactory, for they learn
In an incredibly short time. The littlo
people In tho 1'lcd l'lper dances nro
doing delightful work and much com
ment is aroused by their cleverness,
There is a regular little plot In tlio
pretty story mid they tnko a vivid In
terest In Its development.
Tho last one of the Fortnightly series
was held last night at tho residence
of Mr. and Mrs. Kvcrett Warren, on
Madison avenue. It was of tho nature
of a card party, nineteen fables being
The members of tho Fortnightly cluTi
are: Mr. and Mrs. K. U. Hturges, Mr.
and Mrs. C. n. Sturges, Mr. and Mrs.
J. G. Sanderson, Mr. and Mrs O. B.
Smith, Mr. mid Mrs. J31ncklnton, Mr,
nnd Mrs. Henry Belln, Jr., Mr. and
Mrs. N'. (J. llobcrtson, Mr. und Mrs. J.
1 Dickson, Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Wullos,
Mr. und Mrs. Everett Warren, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Hrady, Mr. nnd Mrs. W.
II. Jesstip, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. James
Archbald, Judge und Mrs. It. W. Arch
bald, Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Watson, Mr.
und Mrs. F. C. von Storch, Mr. and
Mrs. II. W. Kingsbury, Mr. nnd Mrs.
II. C. Sliafer, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Klofii, Mr and Mrs. A. II. Christy, Mr.
and Mrs, E. G. Coursen, Mr. and Mrs.
Walter M. Dickson, Mr. and Mrs. T.
II. Watkins, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Fuller,
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Brooks, Mr. and
Mrs. E. 11. Jcrmyn, Mr. and Mrs.
George II. Jcrmyn, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
II. Jcrmyn, Mr. und Mrs. George P.
Grlfllths, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Wes-
ton. Miss Ella Piatt, Miss Sanderson,
Miss l'eunypacker, Miss Helen Sander
son, Miss Gertrude Sprague, Miss
Alice Belln, Miss Bessell, Miss Boles,
Mls.i Clark, Miss Dickson, Miss Hunt,
Miss Iyoulso .Tessup, Miss Augusta
Merrill, the Misses Matthews, Miss
Mary Mamies?, Messrs. K. E. I.oomls,
H. D. Merrill, J. 11. Neale, F. E. Piatt,
C B. Sanderson, G. T. Slnde, S. B.
Tliorne, J. W. Oak ford, James Blair,
Jr., Max Bessell, John Brooks, M. B.
Fuller, Theo. Fuller, Frank C. Fuller,
A. E. Hunt, Jr., A. G. Hunt, George
Mrs. Gilbert D. Murray entertained
at turds on Tuesday, when among tho
guests were: Mrs. A. J I. Storrs, Mrs.
A. r. Twitchell, Mrs. Russell. Mrs.
George lllce. Airs. N. Y. Lect, Mrs.
V. H. Jerinyu, Mr. J. S. Lyndc, Mis.
W. G. Fulton, Mrs. G. M. llallstciil.
Mis. J. L. Went. Mrs. T. l Penman,
Airs. W. II. .Storrs, Mrs. Frank Silll
nun. Jr., Mrs. II. B. Ware. Mrs. JT. II.
Brady. Jr.. Mrs. Cearliart. Mrs. E. E.
Chase, Mrs. Bandolph. Mrs. W. A.
I'olenmn. Mr. If. A. Knapp, Mrs. E.
G. Coin sen. Airs. F. M. Spencer, Mrs.
W. I). Iloyer, Airs. I.ivey, Mrs. f. B.
St urges. Air:--. . 1,. Ftey, Mrs. I?. E.
Watson, Mrs. C. B. Ponimn, Airs. T.
c. von Storch, Airs. P. E. Piatt, Mrs.
I,. CI. I.aBar, Mrs. Frank Crane,
Alls. George Yocuni, Allsses Gll
mor". Chat lotto Hand, Matthews,
I.nulse Matthew?, the Allsses Ather
ton, Aliss Blrdsall, of lloucfdalu; the.
AIIhes Gerecke, Clarke, BeynoUls,
Kllfii. of Philadelphia; Bradley, Helen
AVInton, Hunt, Merrill, Coursen, Yo
cum, Howell.
, AUss Coursen gave a pretty "at home"
on Wednesday In honor of Airs. Gcorg-J
Forsythc. who has recently come to
this city to reMdo. A largo number
of guests attended during tho hours
of receiving. Aliss Coursen and Mrs.
Forsythe received In the front draw
ing room. Airs. II. A. Coursen and
Airs. A. H. Christy presided at tho
tab'e In the dining room, which was
chatniliigly decorated in red. About
the looms wove Airs. B. E. Watson
and Alt's. A. C. Twitchell. Airs. George
Dlanehnrd and AUss Atcl.eod served
frappe. Tho young ladies assisting in
the dining room were Aliss Hand, All's
Alice Alatthews and Aliss Francos
Miss Laura Ale'-ilhiif, of .'a? Frank
lin avenue, very pleasantly entertained
a few of her friends. Thursday even
ing, in honor of hut sixteenth birth
day. Games were Indulged in until
10.30, when Airs. Alerrlhue, assisted by
Airs. Alaclaren, served refreshments,
after which flashlight pictures were
taken of the party by Joseph Kibler,
then games were again resumed until
l:' o'clock. AUss Alerrlhue received
many beautiful presents. Those pres
lay We
ent tvere Laura Alerrlhup, Myrtle Her
mans, Lottie Wlcc, Alyrllo Alerrlhue,
Nelllo I'rynn, Alargarette Manlgan.
Allnnla Jones, Ethel Keller, Joseph
Mornn, Koy Nichols. Joseph Kibler.
Frank Lanioreaux, Hnrry Greenwood,
Louie Millard nnd Frcddlo Alerrlhue.
Airs. Walter Klot entertained tha
Card club yesterday at her homo on
Adams avenue. Tho members nre:
Mri. Klots. Mis. It. 11. Brady, Jr., Mr.
E. B. Jermyn, Airs. W. Al. Dickson,
Mrs. Frnult Sllllman, Jr., Mr.. G. P.
Orlultb, Airs. Everett Wnrren. Airs. H.
W. Kingsbury, Mrs. George Wee, Miv.
A. II. Storrs. Atrs. Joseph Lynde, Airs.
A. C. Twitchell, AUss Beynolds, Aliss
Belln, the Allsses Archbald, the Allsses
Gllmorc, AINs Jcrmyn. Aliss Hunt,
Allen Dale, Miss Flora Alatthews, Alius
Louise Alatthews.
Mrs. W. K. AlcClavc entertained a
company of littlo people in honor of
the sixth 1lrthday of her son. Brooks,
last week. Among tho guests were:
Allsses Katharine demons, Eleanor
Bevun, Emily Duckworth. Christine
Jessup, Florence Shepherd, Blanche,
Gladys, Luccte and Janet Conne'.l,
Alary Date, AlarJorio Christian, Alar
Jorle Lister, Masters Walter Alatthews,
Vandllng Rose, William Jermyn, Will
iam von Storch, Jumlo Jessup, William
Hallstoad, Henry Dale, Joseph Tate,
Joseph Gunster, R. Bcvan and H. Cou
ncil. AUss Boles has returned from New
York, where sho went to attend a
luncheon given by her nunt, Airs. Jo
soph Dickson, when AUss Twombley,
daughter of Air. nnd Airs. H. AlcKay
Twombley, was guest of honor. Air.
Dickson's town house Is on Fifth ave
nue, near Twelfth street, and Is one
of tho notable old houses with a his
tory. On this occasion Airs. Dickson
gave a most elaborate entertainment,
when covers were laid for fifteen.
Pink roses were lavishly used In the
tablo decorations and hurge corsago
bouquets of violets wcro at the plates.
At the conclusion of the luncheon a
pretty, quaint ceremony such as Is
popular at bridesmaids' dinners was
employed. Long-stemmed roses wero
given as favors and thrae lucky maid
ens found gifts fastened to the stems.
One of these was a costly ring, the
second a gold thimble and the third
a small box of money. Oddly enough
AUss Twombley secured the ring, nn
indication that she will be the first to
The young ladies present probabl
represented in their family names as
many railroads as can be similarly in
dicated at a big annual meeting, when
there has been a bargain sale of trunk
lines. Among the guests were: Alt.
TIero, Airs. Potter, AUss Twombley.
whoso Vanderbllt ancestry Is iccalled,
AUss Fowler, AUss Boles, AUss Helen
Dodge, the Allsses Olyphant, AUss
Truesilale, AUss Needles and AUss
Airs. T. H. Watkins accompanied by
AUss Gladys and Air. Law Watkins and
AUss Strong will liivc Jan. St on fi
voyage through the Mediterranean,
during which they will spend two
mouths on shipboard.
Airs. J. L. Wcntz gave a thimble tea
yesterday, when an informal company
of guests were cnti'rtulned.
Air. nnd Airs. 11. H. Brady, jr.. will
entertain at dinner this evening in hon
or of Air. and Airs. T. II. Watkins.
Air. George Mitchell entertained a
party of young people last night at his
homo In Green Ridge in honor of his
son, William. There were several
novel features connected with the even
ing's entertainment in which was in
cluded a cake walk In which tho guests
Edward MacDowell, tho celebrated
composer-pianist, will bo in AVilkes
Barre, February 11, where ho will be
heard in a great programme, many
numbers being f his own composition.
As he Is a favorite with a large circle
of Scranton musicians, arrangements
have been made for the accommoda
tion of patrons from this city, many
of whom expect to attend. Tickets
have been placed on salo at Powell's,
where reserved seats may be obtained
for one dollar.
Memsats of People
David Kohu, of rhlladelplihi, Is a Riict
f Dr.
L. a. ltoo.
Mir. 1). Gilgallon is Impioilng aficr a tcierc
attack of srip.
Jox'ph flretz Is tlonly rrrnMrinj Irom n ic
cent cpcratluii.
Mir. It. .. !-uuliliii;,'. nf VII!io.,Hariv, was In
town on TiU'ada.i.
Mlsi lather M'imc has icturnul fiom lio-ilon and
Northampton, Ma,j.
Mi Helen IK-cn, e Damllle, visited Snan
ton flic ad.-. thi week.
1 K, (,'odfrey, of thl city, was regl-tcied at
the Hotel Victoria, In Ncw"Yoik, thU wcvk,
THIS ik the tale
Of Solomon S.,uill,
Who fnund that hi life vaMi't all nits and
iil: who happened Io unit a Mttcr
ju-t when he imported a vlutnry meet.
lit wolked in a lunk.
Of (lie very first rank,
lie was Ions u to whlkktu and lean m Io
ihank, and there 'mid the coin lie plotted to
I Join the lUl of the oneit who with M'lcnce
1111 llguird and tchrmed,
He plotted and dic.imcd.
Ills brain with conilr.UKM bit: !iuply
teuiud. He had It all planticd-a coup
imply giind-a million or more was In
reach of hU hand.
rOIl naught did be lack
He had a neat htuil;
Of doctoring books w they'd cour hi
&o witn countenance gay ho flcuird away,
and thuuRht he would vanUh tho very next
"TOMOUItOW at four,"
He said, "the vault dwir
Will cloo on theso millions of mniipy no
more, I'll take cicry dime, and then I'll
take time to llutter to some more salubrious,
ALACK and alas!
It came to pan
That nliihl a nNv uent of the hank-iobblM?
i las, with a mask on hi fan-, broke Inlo
tho plate, lan.acktd It, and lied eic tln-y
United the thl'c.
AbS and alack!
They cot oft' bis tuck,
And looked at thu books whin the k-jh litis
raiuo back. And Solomon squirmed when
they easily wormed tome points from tha
books which their ilculitlugi contirmed,
THIS la the (ale -
of Solomon Fquill,
Which shows that the lousut planned pio
Jeels will fall. And Solomon's wall as he
Ilea In the Jail I., "Oh, that the other nun
knew of my tate!"
Till', muial lies hcici
It would not appear
AdiUabte to mako jour object so clear, for
tonic othrr man, with bnrhr tools, ran
leaic juu to repent of your unhippy plan.
, ., -Joti Wink.
SHE was a little woman with a
hurt tone of voice as she sighed
tlmt "tlio new century had not
produced a now manner of man, they
were ntlll the same Inconsistent lords
of creation, as blind us bats to their
real selves," and moro lit llko vein.
Sho spoke from tho depths of n long
suffering nnd silent past. A littlo tact
ful sympathy soon won her confidence.
It had come about by her showing
him with pardonable prldo n graceful
mention of her very best now gown
In the society column of our leading
Journal. He had read and re-read It
with a countenance expressive of
scorn and contempt, nnd finally re
marked In the tone of n man "with a
f-oul above buttons," "why, I do not
know whut 1 should do if some one
rdiould write up my clothes in the pa
per." Francis Wilson says "It Is a
long worm that has no turning," nnd
sho turned; feeling that If tho truth
about Billy and Billy's clothes could
but be written up it would strlko a
responsive chord in many n cminlno
Sh' murmured loyally, "Billy Is
really a dear fellow, but ho Is fus
sier than any old maid," her tones
wore loitered to a whisper nnd sho
looked steathlly around as she con
fided how his underwear must always
be rt certain Impossible shade of baby
blue, nnd n blue that Is "fast" Is al
ways so expensive, but winter and
suiinner ho must bo "a s-ymphony in
blue." Then such hose, such plaids
and polka dots, such loud striking
clocks: she had blushed to see his ef
forts on occasions to display the wholo
pattern and row after rows of shoes,
high, low, thick, thin, tight (habitual
ly and incurably tight) nnd never the
right pair on his feet! And shirts,
but then every womnn could write a
book about men's shirts, tho memory
of a certain red striped one brought
tears to her eyes, and then his col
lars, or shall we spell It choler? How
men's necks shrink and swell from
week to week. Billy will Jerk one oft,
tour It In two, fling It nnd some lan
guage in the scrap basket Just like
any other man. only maybe a littlo
more so, a creaking collar will spoil
tlio most festive occnslon for him and
his cntlro household.
The necktie Held Is almost too
wide to touch upon, how her finest
sensibilities have been shocked to
behold him In n purple, stream
ing, sjush-like affair, reaching a
broad, yellow leather belt, and this
too, with a green nnd blue plaid shirt!
Big ties, littlo ties, broad ties, narrow
ties, brought to her to shorten or
lengthen to the fraction of an inch
decieed by fiisdilon. She could not de
cide which vns tho most trying sea
son, when the heavy winter clothes
were always bagging nt the knee and
needing constant pressing, which was
never done right, or the .summer sea
son when tho ducks came out of tho
water all crooked and creased tho
wrung way.
Billy is no exception, and what
man ever gets good-naturedly into
a frock coat'.' When tho last but
ton Is buttoned, the puffy Ascot tie
properly puffed, the silk hat poised
and gloves fastened, thu deep mclan-
t holy of n succox.iful undertaker has
settled down upon Billy and he Is as
one who mourns and refuses to bo
comforted. Oh! the talcs that proper,
pious silk hat could tell could It speak
from its inner consciousness, it ac
companies Billy on all his travels and
contains almost his entire worldly pos
sessions, a heterogeneous lot of gloves,
hose, razors, shaving soap, shoo polish,
photographs, collars, cuffs, studs, stick
pins and buttons which he is so mys
terious about, they must be tender
tokens from anonymous admirers, but
ho is as proud as Punch of them nil.
Time was, when Billy wus younger,
ho delighted to array himself In even
ing clothes or Tuxedo seven nights
a week, but now when tho subject of
going out after dinner is broached, it
Is always, "Do I have to get into my
togs? Then don t lets go," and by
the time ho Is in them tho edge of
enjoyment Is prettv well worn off, and
yet he thinks nothing could bo written
about "his clothes."
Thlit vaccination Innlness Is nsum
iiiK Kllnntlc! propnttlonx. The Rirl
who if n't laltl up with the Rrlp Is out
of tlio nice because sho'a been vac
cinated. Ono fair young matron, In
her zeal to Ikiva It clone right, was
thoroughly vaccinated the other day,
but it didn't "talto." Then alio
promptly went back to her iihy.sician.
with many murmuring, nnd insisted
upon having a second edition, which
he located a. little .south of tho pre
vious attempt.
Jly lady Is now huii'Miting her impa
tience, for both varc-lutiilunti Imvo mid
denly taken, with ronsi-iwitlous ener
gy worthy a less painful subject.
One of the most prominent physt
clans in town wa vls.ti-d last week
by a littlo lady, who whirled Into hH
(iflico In apparent excitement, and,
while hor face grow palo with earn
estness, alio vociferated, "Vaccinate
mo (lUlel!, doctor! This very minute!
On 1 have to tako off my sdiooV"
.Now tills particular doctor Is a big,
hanilsomo man, with a calm and placid
manner which has helped to not him
a fortune In his profession one of tin
sort of men who walks Into a sick
room with such a conifoi table, reliable
look on ills vlfuB" tlmt his patients
simply gasp with content and satis
faction, feeling that c-f.-ry thing will
now bo all right, and justice- to him
will admit that It generally Is all
"Why all this mad haute?" inquired
tlt doctor pleasantly.
"Haste!" sho fairly shrieked. I've
been too deadly slow. It's all your
fault, every hit. You Just ought to
have made mo get vaccinated that day
When I didn't want to bother."
The doctor continued to look pa
tient and wait for further enlighten
ment. "I wnnt you to hurry," sho
continued with emphasis. "I'vo been
In New York. I went to n dinner par
ty tho other night, and today we got
a telegram saying that our host catuo
down with tho smallpox the next day.
"Oh dear, oh dear! I'm glad it was
n telegram they scm." she added
hopefully, and then she questioned!
"Uo you think it'a everlastingly too
late?" Saucy Hess.
The city of New York paid more than $"6iW,
(kk) on lis debts in l&'A
T.ieoma, Wash., has the laigest per capita net
debt in tho country-1115.7,,
The Interett bill of the rlly of New York
moiintrtl to moro than 13,C(Xi,ft00.
Our of the ,101 totvns in llngtjr.d and Wales,
or.e-lhlrd maintain one or more public baths.
The clly of Crand Itapld, Mlih., has expended
nearly cln0,0ou for improtrnienM riming tlio
pusl j ear,
Utrmany h a llfo insurance association of
holel-Veepm which, In seven irs, bu paid
over tSOO.OOiJ to the families of members
Cincinnati I. tho only municipality In the
United hlatcii that omu and operates a. rail
way ayitem, It la valued at !f.13,500,POi).
Korean export at New Orleans last year
reached a total of !fU?,,000. the larseit on
record, and an Inoreaic over the previous jcar
of t3,000,000.
Klght yean agn thr tlher production of Col
orado vas woilh sh llmta the value of the eo4
producllcn. Last year the gold production wij
iwo a,ni a nan times the value ot the allver.
A municipal owiierdilp league lui entered the
St. Louis municipal campaign us an Important
factor. It prc-iews to hae U.OOO votes behind
It, which aio pledirid to support no candidate
not In favor of the public onnorshlp of tho
atrcct railways and lighting plants.
Hack taxes to a contdcrablc amount hava
been collected In various parU of Iowa through
the employment of "tax ferrets." In I'olk
county alono J5,0iM na drfgged from delln
nnenlj In tho month of Pereinhrr last.
Tcxi Is comp.itathely a very parscly culti
vated Mate, In nviral eountlc thero are very
few Inhabitants. Ilalley rounty has hut four
teldenK CocUran has !A, Anderson has 37, I.jnn
has 17, and Pauron ha Si5. Tweiily-flve oilier
I'tiunllis haw populations of less than fA) ra?h,
A vriil.ihle "qulik luncheon," it is said, is in
ho hail at a restaurant in Pari, where a dinner
ot several coiimc compMrd of conccntralrd food
In tho fotm of tablrl can he c mistimed In .1 few
minute j. The entlr.' meal, Indeed, can ho car
ried about In the vrtt pocVet or pockelliook.
A cord of pltih pine under distillation Rives
the following siiIkIiiih": (liarroal, SO lmhel
Illuminating ga. .a .cut 1,000 cubic loot; illumi
nating oil and tar, .') gallons', pitch or rnidn,
Us barrels; p.irollRncoua eld, 1C0 spirit
of turentlne, 0 gallons! far, 1 barrel; wood
spirit., fi gallons.
I.Men! Ho you hear It, Nellie?
Hear that low, sweet, soullul strain?
Like some lcnjrememberel music,
Tho' It notes are full of pain.
Ah, It takes me back, dear N'ellle,
Hack to brighter, happier days
Ami I hear that loved Cremona,
Wheic- the silvery fountain plays.
Hear riralii that heav'nly sweetness.
Heart and brain are all on lire I
While the burst of music swells
As tho' an anel struck the lyre.
Nellie, dear, the llt-tit I fadlns-
Can my love hate been a sin?
l'veiy found in earth and heav'n
Was tuned to Itonald's violin.
No! Cod knew we'd bill each other.
Knew our lives could ne'er be one
Ah! The lipht is limiting brinlder.
Nell, dear Nell, the sons it done.
Pose 'in II. SpeeK.
ii ;i "
Lieutenant W II, Sanliimann, leader of the
United States Marine band, and successor to
Souta, ha receiwM pcrniltnn Irom the presi
dent and secretary of the navy to make a hort
tour of the country, beginning in March nevt,
In order that tho people may bate opportunity
to listen to the splendid mu-'ieal organisation
that is one of tho features of official life at the
national capital. Thu band will start upon tho
tour on March IS, ami will bo under the man
agement of Mr. Ho.vard I'ttv, who 1 well
known as manager of the bines' band conceits
and mmy other imiK-at and theatrical enter
prises. It I piobahlo that tho Marino band will
visit Scranton during the tour.
" !! 'I
The following programme will be olwrvrd in
the Setond Presbyterian church tomorrow:
Organ Prelude Shaekley
Anthem, "Jubilate Deo," Dudley Buck
OSerlory Quarlctlc, "Heboid the Drlde-
groom Cornea" Scneckcr
Mioses mark and Oaragan, Messrs.
Ciippct and Morgan.
Organ ro,tludc Kroeger
Organ Prelude, "Andinte." Whitney
Anlheui, "The Son of (Ui (!oes V'orlli to
War" Sullltan
Solo, "Cros-dng the Dar," Hud;
Mr, Ralph Williams.
Offertory Duet, "Habjlon," Smart
Misses and Garagau.
Organ t'ostlude Dach
Mr. J. M. Chance, Organist and Director.
Bauer's baud expect to gite their annual con
cert at tlio Lyceum In Vebruary. The dale
has not yet been decided uiion.
II !i 11
II. T. Huffmaster, who Is becoming so well
known among our musical circles, a member of
tha faculty of the Sranton Conservatory of
Musle agisted by local tjlcnt.will give an organ
recital In the Providence rresbyteiian chuieh
on Monday evening, Feb. 11. Mr. Hutfniaster
created a most favorable luipretalon at tho ie-
citat given lit tho Elm Park church on a recent
occasion, arid it Is evpected that an evening of
organ music at 1'rotidente will be most thor
oughly enjojed.
Tickets ate out for a grand concert to be given
Wednesday evening, Feb. (I. Piano solo, violin
solot, piano nnd violin duets, tome fine vocal
niusio interspersed with a half doren elocution
ary numbers will be included in the pro
gramme. This I the quarterly concert given
under the drection of Proleor L. W. Carr, di
rector of the International College of Music of
this city. This concert promises to be one of the
chief miHieal cicnts of the winter season.
:l II II
Mi'. -I. T. Watkins, director of nuilo at the
I'lrst 1'ictbjUrian churili, has prepared tho fol
lowing programme of music for tomorrow's ser
vice. Anthem, "Oh, Kor a CaVcr Walk with Ood,"
Soprano Solo and Quartette.
Soprano solo, "Oh, Loid He Merciful," ..ll.irtlett
Anthem, "Joins, Lotcr of My Soul," Tours
Solos for Soprano, Tenor and Alto.
Tilo, "Oh, fiod, Dave Men.y," Parry
Contralto, Tenor ai.d Mm.
Anthem. "Lead Kindly Light." ISaih
Qiiarlcttc: Mr. K. Tnrnhiill Cha.e, copranoj
Mrs. II. S. Killer, alto; Mr. David Stephen,
teuor; Mr. .1. T. Walklm, batso. Miss lTorenco
II. Itlchmoi.d, organl-t.
Francis Wil-on, in an Interview with a Hal!!
niuio newspaper rcpoitcr, savs that comic opera
reeds a Gilbert and Sullivan combination. Prob
ably there Is no question a to the needj, but
It I not difficult to guess what the result would
be blinulil any one at thU day attempt to Induce
Mr. Wilton to picducu an opera ot the Gilbert
and Sullltan clas.
The niuuiallr Inclined people cf the city will
b pleased to hear the Weinberger qnaitette at
Guernsey ball licit week, when they make their
ic-appearauce alter a season's atxenic. It I a
great convenience to the many wi.o have jour
neyed to Wilk.-s-Haire llrno and again to be able
to hear theio sterling musicians at borne once
again, and the Keystone Lyceum llureau deserve
rommendatlon for succestfully arranging the
forthcoming series. The rlrt concert occuis next
Thursday evening. Jan, Kl, and not Tuesday
evening, Jan. at, is previously announced,
Course tickets arc on sale at Guernsey's miulo
si ii re, and include thiee tickets for thet nominal
sum oi?l,5'J. Single tickets may be had, how
ever, for cadi concert. The pcrsonnal of the
quartette I as follows! Theodora Itcmbcrger and
Fred II, Wldmaycr, violins; A, N, lllppard, vlolaj
Thomas lllppard, cello.
The Erie Tassenger and Treiglit
House at Lacltawaxen Consumed.
Special to tho Scranton Tribune.
Ilonesdale, Jan, 25. Tho Erin pas
Fenger and freight station at Laclta
waxen, was burned at 3 o'clock yester
day morning, entailing a total loss of
tho building, freight, express and bog
gage. Considerable matter accumu
lates at Lackawaxen for transfer to
tho Honesdale branch.
A few books and tickets was all that
was saved. The supposition la that
tho fira was caused by a lamp being
tipped over by a dog, which escaped
from a crato In which It was being
nhlpped. Tho building was ono of tho
oldest on tho line of tho Erie. At
present a papscnger coach Is used for
u waiting station.
Senator Dwyer Gives Full Credit to
raine's Gehry
Falnc's celery compound has been
for years, und is now, the general pre
scription of most eminent practition
ers of medicine lit tills country. It Is
the result of the best scientific knowl
edge and research of the last auarter
of a century. II. Is in no sense a pat
ent medicine, and for that reason moro
physicians of high standing are using,
prescribing, and recommending It than
t'liy other remedy.
Senator Dwyer has usod vnrloun
medicines, and they had dope htm no
good. Just how I'alne's celery com
pound was llrst brought to his atten
tion, ho does not remember, but 1t lias
dono so much for his health that It
has no moro enthuslnsti" advocate, in
tho cltyof Chicago. He gives full credit
to Paine's celery compound for tho
great Improvement In his health.
"Senate Chamber. General Assembly,
Springfield, III., Feb. 2.-,. 3000.
"Gentlemen: It Is with sincere pleas
ure that I furnish this testimonial to
the superior merits of Paino's colon
compound. I have found It an efll
cacious and agreeable remedy for vari
ous complaints which refused to yield
to other forms of treatment, and I can
cheerfully recommend it.
Senator Dwyer lias held muny oosl
tions of trust, both In tho city and
state, Klected Southwest town clerk,
beforo ho hud concluded his term
Mayor Washburne appointed him
superintendent of the city water olllco.
Lattr he became "West town assessor,
They Have Existed and Been De
nounced for 236 Years.
I'rom the Sun.
Of course, this town needs reforma
tion, for nothing human Is as good as
it ought to be, but actually the process
of Improvement bus been going on
from tho time when Thomas WHIctt
was appointed its llrst mayor by Rich
ard Kicholls, tho governor of tho prov
ince of New York, two hundred und
thirty-six years ago.
The earliest European settlers had
not been free from vices, but had cor
rupted rather than elevated the morals
of the aboriginal Inhabitants they
found here. Dining the administration
of William Kieft ns director general
of Xi Netherlands for tlio tv.enty
years oeforo 1547 a contemporary
ohronl Jer recorded that one-quarter
part of the city consisted of "grog
shop:! or of houreti where nothing is to
bo got but tobacco and beer." Domlnlo
Bogardus. who was the pastor of the
first church, uas a quarrelsome, liti
gious parson, "too much addicted to
drinking." "FlRhllng with knives"
was so frequent that IVIer Hluyvesunt,
who succeeded Kieft, Is-sued an or
dinance against it and also against
"fast driving through the streets" anil
"shooting with llrearmu at partridges
and other game within the limits of tlio
city." Even In those days protection
seems to have been bought from iho
police and recognized by tho authority
over them as proper enough, though
the "watchman" was ordered to "give
the same to the captain," to "bu paid
to the city treasurer."
I,ong after this time Now York
maintained Its reputation as a hard
drinking town. When Sir Edmund An
dros was governor up to 1GS-' a map
of the" city showed that still a quarter
of It
hud 'become houses for tho sale
of brandy, tobacco anil beer," Much
later a distinguished Now Enclander,
visiting Now York, expressed nstonlsh
meut nt tho amount of drunkenness
and tho frequency of rumshop 'broils,
and the condition he found must huvo
been very bad to nstonlsh him, for
New England Itself during those days
and long after wtui far from sober and
moral. When Thomas Dongan was
governor ho reported that "tho peoplo
grow moro numerous dally and are of
a turbulent disposition." Piracy, euphe
mistically called "privateering," was
tho means by which many fortunes
were built up, and tho pirates were
regarded as reputublo people: but they
caused much official corruption, Slav
ery prevailed; early In tho eighteenth
century thero was "un uctivo slave
murket at tho foot of Wall street."
Epidemics wero frequent. It wus re
corded In 1725 In special praise of (lov
crnor William Durnet, that "the ex
cesslve lovo of money, a disease com
mon to all his predecessors, und to
I sonic who succeeded him, was u vice
SSa3S3MaWatMJi5 iHyw'3MBfcL
and In 1891 was elected to tho Illinois
Statu Senate, In which body he took;
a prominent part during last wlnter'w
Senator Dwyer has recommended
Paino's celery compound to many oC
his friends, and has yet to hear any
thing but tho most favorable results
from any ono of them.
Busy men and women threatened
with failure of nerve force and show
ing tho effect of too prolonged, too
hard, or too anxious work by periods
of languor, eleprcsslon, nervousness,
dyspepsia, or other signs of nervo ex
haustion, will find I'alne's celery com
pound an Invlgorntcir as superior to all
other remedies as modern sclontlllo
methods aro supcilor to old-fashioned.
Inaccurate ones.
When Paino's celery compound la
used, other members of the family aro
quick to see tho great gain in health.
I'alne's celery compound Is tho ono
known nerve feeder and nervo restor
ative. By its means all tho functions
of the body- recclvo a fresh HUpply of
nervo food. It encourages tho body to
produce an abundant supply of this
IndlspctiFable vltnl forcewithout which
there cun bo no health, strength, nor
happlnefa'3 In living. From tho luck of
nerve force men and women aro driven
to despondency, moluncholy, insanity,
and suicide.
There will be no neuralgia, no utr
slstcnt headaches, no dyspepsia, no
haunting pain over the eyes, no ner
vous exhaustion, if I'alne's celery com
pound Is used.
Before buying, send for catalogue.
I.IO l-Tftll Ave.
New York City.
Tlis Wanders anil Beautis;
Earth's Largest Sspsit of Fairydom
Supcib Callfurnu, are puielialed only by Hi
rc.illv umpHiou.s nuns uf tho
Train of Trains, belongs to this sys
tem, l'uerlrn In equlpim-iit, seitlie and einslne.
Its three routes oli'cr continuous delight to the
tourist. .
I'ur full Information, fr-o Illustrated pamphlet,
pups, ami time table , also lotted rales, sit culm;
car tieKcts and batwuco t bribed apply la Hilt I'll,
HUN l'At'll'IC CO., 100 S. Ud fet., I'lilla., 1'J.
from which ho wus entirely free;" that
"he sold no ollices."
The? water of itlio city was "bad,
Impure and brackish," thero wero no
sewers, and the streets wero "pave.l
with rough cobblestones. If paved at
all," and wero "lighted by a few
lanterns." "Great Inequality of wealth
marked tlio city," wo aro told. Even,
after tho Revolution "something llko
i a landed aristocracy controlled munl-
dual elections" und It was accounted
a great political victory when, In ISOt,
nil citizens puylng $23 rent a yeur and
tuxes wero allowed by a new charter
tt voto for nldermen. Hlttoreeomplatnt
was mado of extravagant living by tho
ri'di and Increasing poverty among tho
poor. Tlio papers or the lwrlod con
tained letters against tho "commer
cialism" of tlio town, and uluo that be
cause of tho negligence of .tho offi
cials there was no thorough protection
against fires, vice and crime. Mob
Inspired terror. Pigs roamed uboilt
tlio streets. Tho pauper population
was large. "This town," wroto Gov
ernor Gage, In "full of hogs and mud."
and Senator Mucluy, of Pennsylvania,
described tho peoplo as "vile."
Even tho most pessimistic! "refor
mer" of our own tlnui Mill not; deny
that thero has been Improvement In
Now York slnco thonn days. Borne
thing more always remains to Ho
done. Eternal vigilance Is tho pr!o
of liberty, and of Urn good order am!
sound murals, of u community. al:o. ,