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' VIM(PJP$V3' V-S5
!V,-Mileiit TiMiismits to the Senate
the Rcpor; of the Score-
tiii'u of Wnr.
Thousands of Flllt-'ttos Have Taken
the Oath of i.. jlauce to the
United States Great Majority o
Peaceful Residents Desire Ameri
can Rule and Protection Effect of
tho American Election Regarding
the Friars and Their Propensities.
By Extimite Win from The Associated I'icm.
Washington, Jan. 25. The president
today transmitted to tho senate a re
port of the secretary of war, enclosing
tho report of the Tuft Philippine com
mission. In his message of transmit
tal the president says the report In-cliidi-s
not only the reports of the com
mission, but Its acts of legislation ".ml
other Importnnt Information relating
to the conditions and Immediate wants
of tho Philippine islands."
"'onclitdlng, tho president says:
' I earnestly recommend legislation
under which the government of the
Islands may havi- authority to assist
In their peaceful Industrial develop
nient in tho directions Indicated by tho
secretary of war."
Secretary Hoofs letter of transmittal
Is dated January 21, addressed to the
president, and Is, in part, mi follows:
"I beg leavu to supplement my an
nual report of November SO, WOO, by
tiniiMulttlng a report made by the
7'lilllpplno commission on that date,
but only recently received al the war
(1 Sartment. At the same time. I wish
n call uttenetlon to some conditions
existing in the Philippine Islands which
Indicate that tho development of that
ooutnry along tho lines of peaceful In
dustrial progress now requires the ex
orcise of power of civil government
not vested In this department, or In
you n.s military coinmnmlor, but re
quiring a i;rant of authority fiom the
"The commission gives a gratifying
account of the progress made In tho
paciflcatlou of the country nnd the
gradual subhid6nco or guerilla warfare.
Information received subsequent to the
date of tho report confirms tho favor
able anticipations of the commission.
A peiiional letter received by me fran
Judge Tnft, dated December 11. 1000,
says :
Insurgents Take Oath.
"Sim e writing yon about threu
thousand insurgents In Illeocos Norte
have surreniiered and ton thousand
persons who were not well affected
lovards us In Panay have taken the
oath of allegiance.
"I have already received two papers
from native priests, eighteen in num
br, and I am told that there will bo
a great many other papers signed by
n great many more native priests,
tendering their allegiance to the Uni
ted tSates and promising fidelity with
out mental reserve. The native priests
are those who have held out longest
in favor of the Insurgents uud against
the Americans, and I deem this action
ns of great Importance. Tho army Is
hitting small but hard knocks against
the insurgents everywhere. Since
tho election" there has been n gtvat
falling off in tho activity of tho insur
gents In agrcsslvuness.
Legislation Needed
"On the second of January, tho com
niislson as a body re-enforced the
views contained In their report by tho
following dispatch from Manila-
Knot, secretary war, Wellington.
It you approve, ;m tiumihni.inn tu pioprr
senators ami representatives of following: i',
h'C of Spooncr bill at present svt.Ic.ii Eiciilv
i.trdd to secure tn-at result from Impiotin,; con
ditions. Until lit pastas no purely rlul
KOternmcnt can be established. No public (i ai
chiies of any hind urantnl, and no vil-tant
imctnint of ptltate rapltal in mtctiiil tin
proumcnls possible. All are needed in i m.t
Important step In complete pjcifkation. .-tiun
peace party orgaiiUed tilth defined iiuihoa- uf
fcvurin; civil i;oeinm(i,t under l.'niinl Stan- I
nd reasonably executive government and rJlef
I rem Inetitablo but anuo itic roiiainl. rf mili
tary rule long liciuro sublet t can bo taken up
by new congress Tlmo near at band, in our
uplnlon, tUicn dhtuibaneiH coining can bt".i
lie supprccsed by natltc pollco o a dill i;..v.
ricment with army as auxiliary Inno t ti.i-.i l.v
rontlnuancc ot complete mllitaiy control. Vi, .r
to tnako chango should bo put in lumU ..f
piesldcnt to act piomplly when time .irii.'u
to give I'lllplno people an object ltoii in j.d
tantages of peace. Quasi-chil government under
,ay power most rtt.tilctcd M.d tinsithdjlinr.
Commission einlmrasscd in kicuring eood nu.
terlil for judicial and oilier ten ice by noci
larlly piovislonal character of military gimrii
lent and uncirtaln f tenure.
5ala of public ami allowame of mlninir
rlalma impossible until Spooiur bill. Ilimdiifl
f American miners on pouml nwaltlmt Uv b
perfeet claims. Jloro comluar. fiood rlenunt in
pacification. Urgently recommend aninidniuitB
Ipooner hill m that it operation be r.ot t.
poned until complete kiipprunii of all lihiurec
don, but only until in prciddent'ii JiidKmcnt dvll
twernment may he fifcly rUalilldinl. Condi,
tlon rapidly Improving ti. point wbeic chit
tomnmetit Willi aid .f anay will W. tnoiv ef
llelnit to tec'irn peace than military control,
(Sinned) rv.mnilfnloii
Conditions Improving.
A dispatch from Judge Taft, dated
Jnn, 0, 1901, says;
"Conditions rapidly Improving. Itl
tles, ollicers, privates ure being cap
tured or Kurrendlng dally In consider
able numbers In North nnd South Ut
r.on. Same conditions In Panay. whero
more than 35,000 havo taken tho oatli of
nllt'glance. Insurgent forces romplate
ly scattered nnd Leader Oulagoa uego
tlatlnr for surrender. Work In Sa
mar slower because of Insurgent band
lonar uncontested occupation of interior
nd swollen streams early In cam
paign. Campaign In Hamnr has driven
fctnda Into I.eyte, producing disturb
ance, but Information is that condi
tions there are favorable. Federal
party for peace: direct result of elec
tions. Well organized nnd rapidly in
creasing In '.Manila; preparing to ex
tend organization to mnny provinces
and pressing nnd numerous Invitations
from leading citizens."
The report shows that the Islands
aro estimated to contain about 73,000.
000 acres of land, of which less than
five million aro held In private owner
ship. More permanent laws than the
military government can supply aro
The section of the report on the li
quor trafllc in Manila Indicates that the
powers of the commission are ample,
to deal with that subject and that the
success which they have attained will
compare favorably with tho results In
this country. Many false und mislead
ing statements have been made re
garding the use of Intoxicating li
quors In Manila. Tho fact a that this
trallllc Is more rigidly nnd effectively
reguluted and kept with botmda In the
city of Manila than In any city of sim
ilar or greater size in the United
"Acting upon that clnute of your In
structions which vestrf In the Philip
pine commission authority to exercise,
subject to your approval, through tho
war department, that part of your mil
itary uuthorlty which Is legislative In
Its character, tho commission has
adopted regular methods of legislative
procedure. I venture to express the
hope that nn examination of theso
acts, as well as the reading of the re
port will carry to your mind, as It
has to mine, the conviction that the
commission me proceeding In accord
ance with tho high spirit of your in
structions and with zeal and discre
tion nre pi easing forwards with all
pratlcable speed the establishment of
civil government in conformity to
American Institution; nnd In fulfill
ment of our duty to tho people of the
Philippine islands.
Concerning Liquor Traffic.
Appended to tho secretary's report
arc .several cables concerning tho
liquor trallie, which tend to show a.
marked improvement in tho conduct
of that trntllc.
The report Itself Is a very volumi
nous production, divided Into many
hends. exhibiting the progress, made
by the commission In carrying out its
plans for the Americanization of the
Islands. A particularly Interesting
section of the report Introducing the
whole subject of Philippine relations,
deals with military and political con
ditions, the effect of the American
elections, and legislative procedure
nnd nets. The commission says that
examinations of many witnesses as
to the form of government best adpted
to thej-e inlands and satisfactory to
the ptople, show that the misses of
the people are Ignorant, credulous and
chlld-llko and that under any govern
ment the electoral franchise mu3t bo
limited. beause tho large majority
will not. for ;i long time, bo oapnbie
of intelligently exercising It.
Tho commission, In one part of its
it-port, .says:
"Prom nil the information we .an
get, it seems clear that a great major
ity of tho people long for peaco and
are entirely willing to accept tho es
tablishment of a government under the
supremacy of the United States. They
are. however, restrained by fear from
taklnif any action to assist tho sup
pression of the Insurrection. Any one
suspected of giving Information to the
Americans concerning tho Insurgents
is Immediately marked for assassina
tion." And continuing, adds:
Effect of American Election.
"Any statement of the conditions
prevailing In the Islands during tho
last Mx mouths, which Ignores the ef
fect of the American election as a con
trolling element In the idtuatlon, Is
necessarily Inadequate. Since the re
sult was announced, there has been a
gieat decrease In Insurgent nctlvlty.
From now on, conditions In these
Islands will grow steadily better."
One of the longest chapters in tho
report and on of tho most absorbing
interest concerns the friars In the
Tho commission handles this subject
in the greatest detail and with the
.utmost freedom. It gives the history
of tlu- expulsion of theso friars from
their placoH by tho rebels, and declares
that the burning question agitating1
the Filipinos is whether they shall bo
permitted to return. The commission
listened to nil sldos, Including the
archbishop of Manila himself, a friar,
and the church brought forward by
him. Laymen, ollicers, newspaper cor
respondents and others had their
bunco to testify upon this sublcct.
Th" commission says that the friar
was the embodiment of all authority,
governmental as well as religious, In
his locality, and that not a rlngle func
tion of government could be pet formed
without his assistance and participa
tion. Ab to the mooted question of tho im
morality of tlio frlut'H tlie commission
says that the evidence on this head
is so strong that It seems to establish
clearly that thero were enough in
stant es In each province to give con
siderable ground for tha general report.
That suoh Immorality should exist
among tho friars. It says, 1.4, however,
not strange In view or tho fact that
many of them came from tho Ignorant
peasantry of Andalusia and were not
by training fitted to resist temptation.
Put Immorality on the part of the
friars, It is held, was not the principal
ground for tho hostility towards them
of the people. Tho commission says:
"It did not knock thu common people
or nrouso their Indignation to see their
curato establish Illicit rrlotlons with a
woman and havo children by her. Tho
woman did not lose casto on that ac
count, but often prided herself on the
relation to the chief authority In the
village. Of course, thero may
have been Instances In which a friar
used his autocratic power to ostub
lish a relation of this kind against the
will of tho woman and her relatives
and these cusos havo lont themselves
to deepen tho colors of the lurid and
somewhat over-drawn pictures painted
by tho nntl-frlar writers."
American Priests Needed,
Regarding tho return of the friars,
IConllnucd on Page 8.)
Disaffected Greeks Assemble In
Larue Numbers at Enfaula
Tho Citizens Arc Aiming Themoslveu
and Hurrying to the Towns in An
ticipation of Trouble A Well
Known Minor States That Only a
Largo Body of Troops Can rravent
i .
Ily Inclusive Wile from 'J'be AMJdated Vkm.
Kufaula, I. T Jnn. 23. Disaffected
Creeks nro assembled today in larco
numbers at Kufaula square, seven
miles west of Kufaula. Itiiurrectlonnry
chiefs, including Crazy Snake, nro
there. Kml.sarles of the Choctows nre
also present. Troops en route from
Fort Reno an; believed to have reached
Henrietta, nnd are expected at Kufaula
by night. It Is believed they will im
mediately attempt to corral Snake and
his followers.
Muskogee, Jan. 25. Citizens of Itrls
tow are arming themselves In view of
a threatened attack on the town by the
United States Marshal Bennett re
tumnd today from Uufautn, when; with
live deputies he visited the home of
'hlef Snake, who is the head and front
of tho dlsgi untied Creeks. Snako was
not to bo found, and Marshal Bennett
left word for him to come to Muskogeo
or Kufaula Immediately for a confer
once. On his return trip to this city, Mar
shal Bennett came across a seventeen-year-old
son of Chief Snake. The boy
was placed under arrest, and his father
notified that he would bo held as a
hostage until the Indians surrender.
St. Louis, Jun. 23. A. B. Donaldson,
of Neoshe, Mo., who has extensive min
ing interests In South McAlester, I. T.,
and who nrrlvcd hero today from the
sceno of the threatened Indian trouble,
ii iiir guvci mucin, umvi uui ui'i i
promptly and send a large body of I
If the government does not act
troops to the disaffected nations within
the next twenty-four hours, thero cer
tainly will bt! trouble, with probably
much loss of life and property.
"Tho thing most to be feared Is the.
Introduction of liquor anions- the hos
tlles. If the leaders can get their sym
pathizers drunk, wholesale massacre of
the whites will follow.
"Many persons iccognlze this, and
the settlers nre flocking to the towns.
The Indians ate holding dances and
are working themselves up to a stato
of excitement."
Choctaws Quiet.
South McAllister, 1. T.. Jun. 23.
There were no developments In tho
threatened Choctaw uprising today.
Several deputies came in this morning
and reported the Indians quiet. One
said their plans had been given away
by somebody and they were going to
make new ones today. The arrival of
the troops in the territory nnd the
prompt measures taken by tho govern
ment In the northern district to sup
press the Snakes have been reported
to the Choctaw faction und have hail
the effect of dampening enthuslnsm.
It Is reported that there will be a big
meeting of Snakes tomorrow but tho
placo is kept a secret. No uneasiness
Is felt among the whites anywhere In
the Choctaw nation.
Muskogee. I. T., Jan. 23. Mnr.Minl
Bennett in nn Interview tonight stated
that while the situation is till alarm
ing ho thinks it Is now in hand,
Freight Trains Come Togother in a
Blinding Snow Storm Near
By . Wire frun The .Wocutrd Vcvn,
Alloona. Jan. 23. While a blinding
snow stouu was raging on the mouiv
tain this morning, a rear-end collision
between to west-bound freight trains
occurred at Allogrlppus. nino mllus
west of here. One man was fatally,
ono seriously, one slightly Injured.
They are:
Kdwatd M. Howard, 21 years, brake
man, of Altoonn, single, body crushed,
died three hours later.
A. J. Kelly, 34 years, flagman, of
Altoona, fracture right thigh,
George Cable, 42 years, conductor,
of Summerhlll, nbraslon knee nnd
J. H. Lane, 23 yentfl, of Myrn. Pa.,
injured hand and slight body bruises.
Conductor Cnbhj und his crew were
"dead heading" west and woro in tho
cab. When tho crash came Cable nnd
Lane escaped. Howard and Kelly
were penned In tho cab, which took
lire. Tho imprisoned' men weto quick
ly released and brought to hospi
tal hero for treatment.
- -
Philadelphia, Jan. 23.Smou, w.ll
known thioushout the couutr), e.petiallv tu the
theatrical profeulon ai ,i muicil dhntor, ull
at hit home heis today. Death was iluu to
a eompllcitlon of dlseava, lie wa, bom In
ftavaria, C.'eniuny, in ISO! nnd at the ago of
pl year came to this country with liN paunK
lit. vviiH a viollnUt oi rate nl illt and figured
e.ulle prominently an a composer, llo wan al ouo
limn associated with Theodora Tliouui, Curl
Wolfsohn and other well known imuual com.
peters. At the time of lilt death hu held the
poittlon of niudnal dliector cf the Chestnut
Sheet Opera liousj.
Home. Jnn, 2J.-Cardinal Sebaslhno Ciatcatl,
aithblahop of Itavenn, it dead, lie wa bom In
1H.".' and wai raUed to the caidinalate in Is'1.
Portland, Me., Jan. S3. Anto bniMlow
l'itice, slater of tha poet Longfellow, I. dead
heir, a Red SO yean. .She lived in the old
laingfellow liouwj on fowtrvM street all Iut life.
The houno now ioou to tho Malno UUtorl'.-al
An Impostor in Wilkos-Barro Jail
"Writes a Touching Letter.
By Ktclushe Who from Tim Auoclited Tres.
VlIkes-Barre, Jun. 23. Chief of Po
llco Kline today received a letter from
the Duchess of Arcos, wife- of the
Spanish minister at Washington, mak
ing Inquiry about a prisoner In tho
county Jail named James A. Snyder.
Tho latter wrote a touching letter to
the duchess, In which ho claimed he
wan ii Spaniard and had been con
victed of u crlmo of which ho was
Innnocent. lie said ho had about fin
ished his sentence and would be com
polled to go out Into n. cold, cruel
world without money or suitable cloth
ing. If the duchess would only aid
hint he would ever pray for her, etc.,
The chief lit his reply to this letter
stated that Snyder was pn impostor.
Hi1 was convicted In tho county court
some time ago of horse stealing and
bus nu'de It a practlco to write to
liparlv uli tlu prominent people In th-
'Hintry. Including the Goulds and
Vnndorbllts. asking them for assist
ance. Tin man Is well educated and
said to be a graduato of Yale col
Heavy Trade in Pig Iron Dullness
in Woollen doods Failures
for the Week.
Ily Kxi'lnMte Who hum '1'ne Aitoaited l're.
Now York. Jan. 2.".. It. (!. Dun &
Co.'s Weekly Review of Trade tomor
row will say:
Barely has there been more business
In staples and in manufactured goods,
at practically unchanged prices, than
during the period since November 1.
Tills week pectus to havo marked the
climax of enormous denllngs at figures
which have become familiar. The heavy
trade In pig iron at better prices, the
larger distribution of dry goods at a
firmer range of quotations, und the
rusli to secure prompt delivery of boots
and shoes, all indicate that business
may havo escnped one of those weary
readjustments of prices which have
often ptoved so tryng In recent years.
After a week of quiut conditions,
partly due to uncertainty regarding
competition -among leading Interests,
the Iron and steel Industry has taken
another long stride forward. The fea-
- - --.- .-..
U,IIJ was enormous buyhig of pig Iron-
it an advanco of $13.23, nt Pittsburg.
This sudden activity in tho law ma
teria! removed fe ,.lint stocks ml'ht
be accumulating at furnaces and gave
some Idea of the heavy contracts for
finished pioducts taken 1y the mills.
In some directions thero Is less foreign
Inquiry, ulthough an unusually heavy
shipment of billets went to (Jlaagow,
and exports of rails have not ceased.
Freight latcs to tho scientist are still
considered excessive by manufacturers,
and there is more inclination to uush
domestic business on thin account. Ar
bitration Is expected to prevent sus
pension of work at tho furnaces, where
a strike was threatened on February
1. Pooling of coke Interests outside the
Coniiellsvllle region Is being discussed,
but tho quality has always been In
ferior and sales only effected at con
cessions. Further Improvement is seen in foot
wear, and manufacturers are receiving
ample orders.
Tt Is diflleult to find encouraging fca
tures in the wool situation. Dulluess
in woollen goods Is the difficulty, nnd
while the manufacture in depressed,
there Is little encouragement for the
raw material.
Despite tho advance In prices over
those prevailing a year ago, exports of
wheat. Including flour, from Atlantic
ports for the week worn 2,36S,81S bush
els, against l,il 1,149 last year, and of
corn .",172,014 bushels, against Ii,007,o07
In WOO. Western receipts of corn were
heavy, amounting to 1,315,430 bushels,
against 2,011.033 last year, but there Is
complaint of poor quality.
Failures for the week wcio 300 In
the United States against 231 last year,
and 40 In Canada against 3S last year.
Tho English People Not Desirouo of
xnmraany nan oyrapauiy.
I l'-v Kxeli'hc Wiro fiom Tho Asw-iatcd PrcM.
London. Jan. 2.i. The Olobe, this
evening, rovlewlng American sympathy
with ritvnt Mrlinln on the death of
Queen Victoria, nfier referring to tho
refusal of Mayor Van Wyck, of New
York, to lower tho Hag over tho city
hall, adds:
"Tho solitary exception to tills attl
tudo of sympathy nnd respect Is to bo
regarded its a matter of congratulation,
rallior than of regret. It is a high
compliment that tho memory of tho
good nnd pure queen should bo unsul
lied by any recognition on tho part of
Tammany hnll and Its creatures."
The St. James Gazette sayu Mr. Van
AVyck "so grossly misrepresents thu
generous feelings of Americans as to
refuse to show In New York official re
spect to tho memory of Queen Vic
toria, which his countrymen aro every
where and by all means, In their power
displaying to tho world."
Deltvwais Deadlock.
Dy Urclnilre Who from Tin Associated Press,
Doicr, Del., Jan. 'Jj. Today's ballota for Uni
ted sttttM ticnatoin Kiitllrth Tor the full terms
Kenny. Peinutrut, 20; Ad.llcl.. I'nlon lUpubll
tan, inj Pupont, Tiepublii.ui, 7; HIIIcj,
re;;ular Ihpubllean, 2i pprmmv, niid and !Hc
glm, reaidar Itepuhllrnin, 1 earlit bent, 4;
total vote. ISt nect"'iy to a choice. 25; im
election, Tor thu thort term: RaiiUbury, Demi.
crot, 20; Addltk. I'nlon rteptitillcan, 18; Itlcii
arils, ri(,iihir ltepuhllcan, 1'J; IIIHik and Nlehli,
regular Itepuhlleaiyi, 1 cadi; aU-eat, 4; nte"
laty to n iholie, 5J no election. Adjourned
until noon touiomiw.
Slot Machine Men Fined,
Uy i:elisive Who from Tho .tamlalcil 1'reia.
l'l)llllhurk'. J". '! Ja!. 23. .ludwe Slilpman,
at IKlvideio today, tluew rcruternatlon Into
tho luuk of I ho auloonl.eepi r of tliU toun,
when Im sentenced tluc Indicted (or keeping
tlo machine in their rlaccd ot builncat. l'i(.
tten of Hum weio fined K00 each, eight of
whom paid tho line. The other nro in custody
ot tho nherllt and will be tent to jail unleai
they pay.
The Roual Familu Takes a Last
Look at the Remains
of Victoria.
Emperor William Apparently tho
Moat Deeply Affected Tho Casket
Closed for the Last. Time Tho
Funeral Arrangements.
ily Kxclmtvij Wne from Tho Associated Pre..
Cowes, Isle of Wight, Jan, 2G, 12.13
a. in. The toyal family yesterday took
their last loving look at the features
of tho dead queen. About 10 o'clock
In tho morning, the shell was brought
Into tho bedroom, whero were waiting
King Edward, Emperor William, tho
Duke of Connaught, Sir James Reld
and the royal ladies. Tho latter hav
ing retired. Sir James Held, with rev
erent hands, assisted by three- trusted
household horvnnts, and In the pres
ence of the king, the emperor and tho
duke, removed tho body from tho bed
to tho coffin.
Not. a trace of the ravages of disease
was visible. The servants raving te
tlr'jd, Queen Alexandria, the princesses
and tho children wero recalled, and.
with lingering steps and stilled sobs
they passed slowly before this white
robed and peaceful figure. At the foot,
never moving, stood the king, and
when the mourning crowd had passod
thero remained only the son and
grand of the dead.
Kmperor William , wept even more- '
bitterly than the royal ladles. Final
ly, ho also retired, and the king was
left alone. Sir James Reld. beckoning
to tho servants who were holding tho
coffin lid, asked the king's instruction.
For u few seconds, tho king stood !
speechless, stricken with emotion nt
the last farewell. Then he said quick
ly. "Close it finally. It must not he
opened again."
Closed from Human View.
Thus tho remains of England's great
est rul?r wero forever closed from hu
man view. Reverently tat- cotlln was
borne into the dining room. Officers
and men from tho royal yacht took
their stand uroujul .the coffin of the
queen and the king and kaiser gently
laid the robes of a knight of tho gar
ter, placing ut thu head a diamond
crown. Beneath lay tho royal ensign,
while hanging above was the Union
At the altar was the rector of Whip
plngham. who read a portion ot tho
final service In the presence of the
royal family. Emperor AVllllam cov
ered his face with his hands nnd the
grief of tho Princess Beatrice was piti
ful. After the benediction each placed
a wreuth upon the cotlln and then all
Tonight grenadiers are nn. in ting
their silent guard over the coffin, with
guns reversed, arms crossed and heads
bent. The silence Is unbroken save by
an occasional shuflle from the soldiers
in changing their uneasy position.
It Is virtually settled that there will
be an imposing funeral procession
through London, headed by the king,
Emperor William and Lord Roberts.
Tho route will bo nearly tho same as
that of Lord Roberts' triumphant en
try, but reversed.
London, Jan. 23. It Is believed that
one of tho last acts of Queen Victoria
was to signify a wish that the testi
monial sent by the children of Canada
should bo handed over to the royal
jwitrlotlc commissioners for the benefit
of tho widows and orphans of s,oldlers
killed In South Africa. This desire was
communicated to the commissioners in
a letter from the colonial office dated
tho day before her death.
His Train Derailed by Dynamlto
Near Balmoral,
By Inclusive W'ho from Thu .Undated Press.
Pretoria, Thursday. Jan. 21. Yester
day a train with Lord Kitchener and
ji body of troops proceeded towurd
iMIdrtleburg, an armored engine pre
ceding. It was derailed by dynamite
near Balmoral. Tho Thiers, who wero
In force, opened fire and the British
r .illed heavily.
Ultimately the Boers wero driven
off. Tho British sustained no casual
ties, Judgment for Alger.
Ily Kxrliulvc Wire from The A.sociated Frew,
X.ulivllle, Jan. 23. A decree has been en
teied In the United Slate i-iiciilt court in tho
ui of Oencral Huscll A. Alttr m. T. It. An
dvison und others upon a mandate from tho
United Stated court of appeal for the Sixth dlt
ttict, whereby Geacral Aler is Riven a per
sonal Judgment of $201,011.07. The litigation
Crew out of the puriii!u.J of several liact of
coal nnd miner il hind.i in t'lanklln county,
Standard in Control.
Uy Rx.'lutite Wlro from Tho Associated 1'rea.i.
rindlay, O,, Jan. 23. It ii announced here
that the Standard Oil rompiny U now In ton
trol of tho entlro production of th" Manhattan
Oil company. This glvw the (standard alnoluto
ccntrol ot tho production of botli the liorth
and south Mini Held.
Odd Fellows Endowment.
Py li.xrlu!ve Wire from The Associated Preis.
I'lttsbuic. Jan, 23. Juduu John I. SliafUr, of
the county i orris, today appointed (ieori.ii 0.
Johnstone rccelter for the Odd Fellows' llndow.
nient association of I'tniuylvanla. Tho llahlll.
ties cf tho awoilatlon aro 'O.OOj) and the aiset
(CO.OCO. Tho association has shout 2,000 members.
Masons Congratulate Edward VII.
'Ily L'icluslie Who from Tho Associated Press.
Macon, Oa., Jan. 23. W, A. Paty, past grand
toaster ot Mason in Cieorula, sent, this morning-,
tha following cablo to Edward VII., who
Is the grand master of tho order in laiglandt
"Accept congratulations. Geoo;l bids you God
speed in your doublo capacity."
Weather Indications Todn.r.
1 General Kcpott of the Philippine Cot.imli
ulnn. Itojal Pamlly Takes a 1wk at Victoria.
Senator Dqicur on Ship SilhfMy.
l)!alfcctfd Indiatw .Wmhlc.
i Ceneral Catliondale Department.
S flencral-Whittle)' Weekly budget of tt
lt!c. Pull Met of House Committee Mcmhciti.
Ucikly Letter on Jtunli'lpal AtTalu.
Note and Comment.
C I.otal- s'ocial and I'riMiiial.
One Woman' View.
0 ffal Caledonian Chili lluiioi limn?.
Strike Motion I'eudlux flcfore Trolleyiucn.
7 )ral l.iwl Miner It Found Allte.
Attorney Healo Taken Into C.ittody.
S IkjI Witt Ser-nloit and suburban,
IIcjiIiik In the Itiicler Will Ciue.
0 ('orlhe:.ttcrn l'eni'.'jTvanla Xeiv".
riiumial and Commercial.
W Storj "The btoiy of ,t I.nve Story."
11 Local Itcllirloin NVwi rf the Week.
Sunday Sehool hcittor. fur Tumcrrow.
VI Local Senator Vauajian Talks of the "hip
pi i" Hill.
Coiikcquene t-i of the Crip.
Mr. Scheucr Introduces a Dill in In
terest of Oral School Mr.
Phllbin's Work.
fly LVImlte Wire fiom Tin A?oilated I'rc.-J.
lliirrlsburg. Jim. 2.". The Lackawan
na men nre already active. Mr. .lames
today Introduced In the house n bill
creating a separate Orphuns' court for
Larkawauiia. Th measure is a dupli
cate draft of bills which have been
used for the establishment of similar
courts in other counties'.
Mr. Scheuer put In n. bill appropri
ating fttf.OOO to the Oral school.
Tho largest Items are $20,000 for the
liquidation of the mortgage on the
origlniil building: $10,000 for a. fence
and wall around the grounds; ?l.r,00 for
completing a boiler house.
Mr. Scheuer also Introduced a bill
appropriating $15,000 to the Hahne
mann hospital for maintenance and
$30,0u0 for purchase anil the remodel
ing of Us building.
Air. Phllbln, at the lequcst of tho offi
cial of tho United Mine Workets, pro
poses to Und nut officially how nvinjj
oorpointluns and llrms hrthe state are
Ignoring the semi-monthly pay law.
He Introduced ir. resolution calling on
the chief factory Inspector to Inform
the house within Ilftecn days ot those
which have nnd those which are not
complying with tlm law.
The house was In session less than
an hour today, and adjourned until
Monday evening.
Disappointed nt Hope Because nn
Army of Wreckers Had Not
Been Recruited.
Ily Kvtlusiu- Wire fr.'in Tho Atrtciated l'iei.
Hope, Kan., Jan. 23. Mrs. Carrie
Nation, whoso crusade of destruction
against the saloons has made her the
terror of Kansas "Jolntlsts," arrived
at midnight from Enterprise, deter
mined to attack tho two saloons In
Hope as he had thoso at Wichita and
Enterprise. But no committee of tem
perauco workers met her at ho depot,
Insteud. a crowd of tnou and boys
jostled ono another to g-t a glimpse of
the saloon wrecker. Mr. Nation pushed
her way through the crowd to an om
nibus and was driven to a hotel, Tho
crowd ran after the vehicle und
thronged tho hotel office to see her but
made no attempt at assault.
Mrs. Nation apparently was much
disappointed at the failure of local
support and this morning announced
that she had decided not to daniago
tho saloons here, becauso she was
alone. She refused to eat breakfast
becauso she feared being poisoned and
Instead talked temperanie to a crowd
In front of tho hotel.
".My object in smashing saloons." she
said, "Is to stiffen tho backbone of the
women against the rum traffic and set
them an example of the only way the
traffic can be stopped. I will organise
them Into a society of saloon wreckers.
"After wo havo stamped out tho
saloons In Kansas, we. will go to Mis
souri and keep on going. I havo let
ters from all parts of the country ask
ing mo to come. I hold that under the
constitution of the United States tho
saloon cannot legally exist in any place
In this country."
Mrs, Nation left soon after for Ot
tawa, saying sho will visit friends there
and rest a few days.
Two' Clark's Summit Men Tims
Charged by Joseph Walker.
Edward Chapman and Edward
Wlese, of Clark's Summit, woro ur
ralgned before Alderman Howe- yes
terday on tho charge of forcible en
try and detainer. They waived a
hearing and entered $300 ball each for
apeparanco In court.
Tho defendants were arrcstc-d on tho
Information of Joseph Walker, of
Clark's Summit, who charges that on
December 22 and upon two other oc
casions, they entered his residence
and aro unlawfully retaining posses
sion thereof. And also that tho hud ter
rified tho prosecutor's family by
Corporations Chartered.
Dy Excluslra IVIro from The Aooeiated TrcM,
Harriubursr, Jan. 25. Charters were l&sucd to
day by tho statu ritpartment to the lollnwln;
coriwratloBi! VwjAo'h Water Storatte nd Supply
company, W'llk;w-IUrrei capital, ilO.ono. Tho
Champaign Mattinc company, Wcllsboro; cap.
ital, $0,000.
fln Eloquent Address In Favor
Encouragement o! Ameri
can Marines.
A Brilliant Piece of Oratory That)
Was Well Received Little Prog
ress on tho Indian Bill House
Adopts Conference Report on. Army
Bill Objector Tnlbert Appears.
Dy Exclusive Wire from Tho Associated I'reu.
Washington, Jan. 23. Senator De
pew, of New York, today delivered Irs
the senate a characteristically forceful
and eloquent, uddress In support of tho
shipping bill. The address, which oc
cupied Just an hour, was In tho nature
of nn appeal for tho upbuilding of
the American merchant marine by the
granting ot subsidies, as provided for
in tho pending measure. Ills discus
sion of the problems of transportation
which now confront American manu
facturers and American farmers was
notably Interesting and effective. Tin
peroration In which ho urged that th
American flag bo restored to tho mast
heads of the freight carrying ships of
tho United States was a brilliant piece
of oratory and elicited cordial apphmso
from tho senators on tho floor and the
crowds In the galleries. Little progress
was made with the Indian appropria
tion bill. The last hour of tho sonato
today was consumed In tlis passngo
of private pension bills.
Army Reorganization.
The house today adopted tho confer
ence rcfiort upon the army reorganiza
tion bill. Tho contest over It was brief,
Mr. Hull, chairman or tho military af
fairs committee, preventing prolonged
debate. The debate was chiefly notable)
for a sharp exchange between Mr.
Ulchnidyon, tho minority leader, and
Mr. Hay, Democrat, or Vermont, a
member of the conference committee,
who reproached the Democratic leader
for not making a fight for a temporary
aimy when thu bill, was originally be
foro tho house. Tho naval appropria
tion bill was finally passed today and
iiImi seventy-seven private pension
Mr. Tnlbert (l)om.. S. '.), who has
distinguished himself in tho past as an
objector to special pension bills, but
who has not been much In evidence
this session, announced during the day
that the time had come to stop the
passage of promiscuous bills for tho
removal of charges of desertion, and
that hereafter he did not propose to
allow such bills to pass. If ho could
prevent It.
Strong efforts are making to Induce
Speaker Henderson to llx an early date
for the consideration of the Broslus
pure food bill. Tho measure has at
ttaeted widespread Interest among
grocers, druggists, etc. It ulms to pre
vent adulteration of foods and drugs.
Joints opposition has developed on the
part of tho dealers in certain lines ot
goods, but It Is understood amend
ments will be accepted which, It Is
claimed, will remove tires.' objections.
Thu speaker litis not yet concluded
what disposition will be made of the
AftorTwoMonths' Liberty Kolynscor
Was Arrested Yesterday.
Joseph Kolyascor, of Hnzlcton, but.
formerly of this city, was arraigned
before Alderman Kasson yesterday and
held under $1500 ball on the charge ot
defrauding a boarding house-keeper,
preferred by Emerich Scdcll, of 24
Lackawanna, avenue.
Kolyascor, tho prosecutor claims,
suddenly and without notlilcation, left
his house about two months ago, ow
ing a month's board bill.
A warrant was Issued for his arreit
by Alderman Kabson and placed In the
hands of Constable Plrestlne, After
searching for two months the constable
located hint In n little town twelve
miles fiom Jluvdcton, whero
was employed at the MeAdoo colliery.
First Hearing Beforo Referee Fitchew
to Be Held This Morning.
Tho proceedings brought by Frank
lin llowsll to havo his sister, Jennie,
adjudged insane will bo aired in publics
this morning, when tho first hearing
is to be hold beforo llefereo Charles
R. Pitcher.
Tho hearing will begin at 0 o'clock
and will bo conducted In court room
No. 2.
Steamship Arrivals.
Dy Exclusivo Wire from The Associated Press.
Xciv Yolk, Jan. 25. Arrived: Auuuste Vlo
toil i from llambuiv. Cleared: llohenwllern,
Naples und liei.oa; Ilotteidaui, lintterdam via
Uoulosne; Campania, Liverpool; I'utrkla, U.-uii.
bulk' tia l'l.tmouth and Cheibourar. Litcrpool
Airived: f.ermsnlo from New Voik. Salledi
Cjmrle, Nov Voile. Havre Airbed: la Cluuiv
luirnc, New York. Movllle Silledi AstorU,
Gtacgutv for Now Yoik. Marseilles Arntsdt
I'attla. New York mi Naples Peachy Head-
I'aaMil: Stalendmii, ltotterdam for ltr York.
Pennsylvania Postmasters.
Uy Uxcluslvi Who from Tho Aswlated Pre.
WaiJilnston, Jan. ai. The following- fourth-
l..i l'eniis IvanU paymaster wero appointed
today: Abeidcen, l,.caHann county, J. A.
Yeager; Center Slllh, Center county, 9, It.
ficttlgj Cove, perry county, V. II. Wilson, jr.ji
Cralir, Lackawanna county, II, S, Stevens; lino,
no, Luicrric county, C. I.. Klonley,
"f -r t -- -r 1
Washington, Jan. 21.--forecast for Sat.
urday and Sunday. Eastern Penniylvinl.
r'alr, colder Sitnrd.-.y; noitlnrcjterly
wind., brUk in hl.'h ru tlui roatt, dim
inlthlutr. Sundi.t, o.t.1.1 mil rain or uer.
.-t-. t t-r t-rtt.V-rtf-tt
(' y