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Oil Stones
Will cut metixls on which
files will slip thoy are
even and clear grained.
India Oil Stones are a com
position stone line enough
to make a smooth edge on
the finest tool and coaiso
enough for tools for ordi
nary work where fast cut
ting Is loqulred. W re
place overy stone that
proves defective.
Foote & Shear Co.
119 N. "Washinjrton Ave
L. R. D. & M.
Sliori are one of the most Important Item .(
ilrfs it any timt ol the jcar, and especially no
now that we are rcrtaln to have ihanecible
ncnther. For stjle, price and, quality fee ours.
Wc know we ean please jou.
.130 Lackawanna Avenue.
WEATHER YESTERDAY. data for January 1, 1MI:
I lifrJ.t-t temperature- -I- di'ince
lowet teiTperaturi 1(1 ili-grrcs
I li'ii Iu.ij :
- a. in , ft per rent,
f in $) piricnl.
Mr uik! Mi. (' . Minn, ..1 vvilki vlluie,
r- !crinton viltoi jestcrday.
Ml. .I.inif Jlonli-, of V.lhhiloli annuo. i
J.n,f(irul,v 111 o( all-els'! of the liriln.
lo'.ti 1 lllkti, J. Ainory llj-k-ll ami llii'llei
.lieliw, ol New iorfc, .tic at the Jerm.ui.
( II. e'laik, ol Do K.ilb, 111 , foimcrlv .1 mm
Jm1 of tlif - lily, is visiting Iris rots line.
Lvlieulf Cluile lioblmnu and family w-nt
i Vcw Vork .icttcrilay iifkinoon on a plci-uie
Mi mid Mi, r. SI. Mmtei irtmnul M idaj
ii line; atlci pcinliiiir nuul tl-iji in -Niw 'ik
U-ale- MiiUiiijii, of (Ills. (Ill, lift ji r.lly
lor Ilutfalo to Join the- t'ullune, Ii ie and W'Mton
inlietul eonipjn.i as bus soloist.
Mr-. John Wlllard, of Mooiic, was called to
-crouton Tuesday on nccotint of the .erlous ill
noes ol hei daughter, Jlr. jlonle.
Mr. Itoscoe Dili-, of 'l'U'cou, Alliulia, who
lin boon i(.itln(T filmde in this tlty, Ins bicn
iramonnl home by a telegram amiouiicliiR flu.
erintu HlneH of hoi bu-band, formerly of tliU
Kci. .1. D., 1.111c suprrliitrinUiit o
tne I'rnnajhunU t niimilUt churih, uliriiciein
i will of mcctlniti at the I'lilvi rUIt church
r'l-riay cienlnar, rontinulnt; Mill eienlnir. He
nill pnaeh at both ben lit Sunday.
Thomij Illslln, a number of the L'nlUd fatitea
tuvalry, left .vr.tcidj to Join his troop at I'oit
Mcjer, Va., after spending a fuiloinrli In this
illy. A farewell party was tcndeiril him nn
'luiMliy niirht ut the homo of his brolher Nil
II im, of Vine street. .lolin M. lljirlt It home from I'hlli
ddpbia, where be v,m utlcnillug the sciou of
thi" frcclal commit tie of the I'inn)lvanh Stale
liar aimclation, which it prcparlns a im-uiuriil
t) the- Supiinio couit on the mattir of unifoimlly
of eliminations for admltslon to the t.u.
Tlie t Clieiter llepublican ol Jan. 21 rIms
a ury pleasing tiollce of the recitation of "l'hc
Deoccn'i New Year's" by MIm Mildred llonr,
iIiiirMci ol Alderman John T. Howe. The reel
latloii a delivered before the A) ran otlcty of
th' Nc&t C'hetter Korinal tchool, and the He
puUlian states that (.he was entlui.laslltally en
iwicd. MIm Howe it attending the West Chettrr
Xor.-nal school, fitting herself to take up teaildtiif.
Cioige V. Millar, a merchant of Siranton, at
at the Henry lat night. Speaklnp; of the tcntl
inert of bcranton toward the new charter pin
posed for second ilat cltlej, ho said that It met
w.tli the general approval of the cltiient ol hit
town, except that many wished that the ureal
heidt of departments, those nl public tafety,
pi bile works, charity," etc, should be elected
by the people, Instead ol appointed by the
niajtr in co-operation with select council, as the
pmpotcd charter proUdes. Monday rcntnj, lie
ajf, the people of Krranton entertained Uoei.
Mir Stone, Senator remote and others prominent
In stale politics. Colonel Quay wat prevented
from helm? present at he had wished, The new
cUrlci was dlscuwd and there was u general
felling that modifications such as Kiranton
wii-hit will l introduced into the charter bill
lufori Its piwia-c Mr. Miller said the comtltu
cnli ol lteprismtiitho ltejnolds, ol the state
lisWalure, wh.i olcd for Mr. Quay, finally,
alter starting with the Insurgents, were the
caure ol the npiikcntathc's t hanging, lie wld
that the people ol Scranlon intlstcd uiwn Mr.
Itejnoldi lining up wltli tho stalwart, and that
his action has imt with ciy general approval
llncc. Pittsburg Commercial Ciasitte.
vValdron's Horse Sale Today at Gor
man's Stables.
At 1 p. m. Waldron will sell two car
toads of horses at the old Cuslclc
HUbles. Anions the lot nto Boveral
matched pahs and a number of single
workers and business hoisos, also a
lino lot of loaders and trotters; In fact,
there are some of all sizes and color.
They outclass In stylo and shape anv
nievlous shipments ho has broucht
hero. All those In need of a horso of
any description should attend today's
sale, for every horse must bo to the
hluhcst bidder. A trial allowed on
every horse.
Wi Terklns at Men School tonight,
Preparations for It Are Being Rap
s' Idly Completed.
Preparations for tho MarleAntolnclta
Feto and Tho Pled Piper of Hamelln
aro being rnpldly completed. Tho dates
for these great entertainments will be
February 6, 7, 8 and 0. Tho children
will appear In afternoon matinees on
these dates, while the young people
caBt for tho Fete will give the even
ing presentation. Sloro than 300 danc
ers will participate In the affair, and
the magnlllcent staRe? effect may be
faintly Imagined. The costuming Jh to
be supeiib, and the Intricate and beau
tiful dances will make It nn event to
mark the new century.
Ah has been announced, thu unter
talnmentM ate for the benefit of the
Home for the Friendless. It Is neces
sary to glvo one large entertainment
each year In order to defray running
expenses, and It Is hoped that the ono
about to be produced will be the most
remunerative ever held under these
An elaborate souvenir programme 1s
In process of preparation, in which
ncnilv every great business house of
the city Is represented. There will be
several special features which will ap
peal to tho public.
Tho Fete. Is different from thu Klr
meps idea, In that there Is much ping
ing and a plot whose tin cud has a fas
cinating Interest. Every section of tho
city Is represented, and Miss Dager
finds the material exceptionally good.
Thu figures used In the various dance3
are elaborate and difficult, and the
music Is especially attractive. Mrs.
Chillies Carr Is the efllclent accom
panist, assisted by Mis Meldrum and
Miss Palmer.
Department of Transportation Will
Hereafter Be Conducted Under
Supervision of General su
perintendent Clnike.
With the le.slgnatlon of J. M.
as superintendent of transportation
on tho Lackawanna, railroad, conies
the "lllclnl announcement that on nud
after Felnuury 1, tho ofllce will be
abolished and the duties will be as
sumed by General Superintendent T.
E. Clarke. This decision was reached
yesterday, when the following elicu
lai was Issued for distribution
the employes of ihe toad
I lI'llMIt o ,
Januai JJ, 1MH
Ml I. M Dil.i haling lenigned a uperlntend
ent of ti.insportatloti, elfectlie I'eb. 1 piox.,
tlm office Is hereb.i aliollhed ami the dutiet as
miuelbi the iimltttigned. 1. K. Claike.
Crneral sujx rlntindrui.
This decision by Superintendent
Clarke does not mean that the depart
ment will be abolished, but simply the
position of superintendent of ttnnspor
tatlon, as It ically comes under the
direct supervision of the general super
intendent anyway.
It Is quite generally known in i. ill
road circles that when V.. G. P.ussell
tetlied from tho general superintend
ency of the Lackaivunua rallioad that
J. M. Duly was looked upon as his
probable successor, and when the posi
tion went to another he had no desire
to continue with the road.
Supeilntendent Claiko recognized iu
Daly a man who was better able to
explain the Inttlcacles of the taicka
wanua management to him than any
body else In the company's service, and
prevailed upon him to lenuiln with the
load until such time .'is he (Clarke)
could familial Ir.e himself with the du
ties of his position, ns at that time ho
was both a stiangei to Pcianton and
to the Lackawanna tallroad.
Regarding the work in the tians
poi tatlon department the present cler
ical fen eo will be retained under Ku
peiintendent Claike, and no changes
will be made unless brought about by
some unforseen clrcumstanrn.
Infoimatlon Wanted Regarding Ben
George, Syracuse Newspaperman.
JJen George, the Syracuse newspaper
man, who walked Into police head
quarters Sunday afternoon and re
quested to be locked up, was dis
charged by tho mayor yesterday.
George went away with his uunl,
who Is supposed to live romewher. In
Providence or Green nidge, and noth
ing hus been heard or seen of him
since. Yesterday his wife came down
from Syracuse to hunt him up, bin
could find no trace of either GorKo
or his aunt.
A ticket to Syracuse awaits Gemge
at police headquarters.
Past Commandeiy Degrees to Be
Conferred on Feb. 1C.
The Knights of Malta of this county
aie making airaugemcitts for a tpeclul
session of the Grand commandery of
the stati of Pennsylvania on Febru
ary 1C next.
Tho meeting will be held In tho
Knights of Malta temple In the Guern
sey building, when past commandery
degrees will be conferred. Thete are
about fotty candidates for these de
(Under this heading short letters ol Interest
will be published when accompanied, f.. publlia.
tlon, by the writer's nsnie. The Tribune Joes not
assume responsibility for opinions here expressed.
An Era of Combinations.
l.ditor of Tho Tilbunc
Sin The cursory Ucw given in jour Tuesdays
edltoilal of Governor Stone's proposed bill to
deal with strikes and aibltratlon suggests that
tho governor, in Ids iual to be a wUe legislator,
hit overlooked an Important matter, namely, tho
irtcnslty ol the present trend ol thought toward
tho formation of truits or combinations, With
this in full view I present a few suppositions,
II Governor Stone'u bill In Its present shape lie
come, a law, what a wise, or unwise, measure
that will be I
II all tho labor combination In this state
becomo ono combination something not unlikely
what a great combination that will bet
If all the combinations ol capital and all the
combinations of employers become one combina
tion another circumstance not unlikely what
a gieat combination that will bcl
It all tho military combinations of the state
aro mobilized Into oni combination and the day
may come when they must bo what a great mili
tary combination that will bcl
II the great combination of workers shall have
a disagreement with tho great combination of
cirplojers, what a great disagreement that will
be I
Tien, if, to end the great disagreement, the
gieat combination ol military (Hjwer Is brought
Into the field as the governor proposes what a
gieat battlefield that will be! And what a clash
that will bel And when the remnants ol the
gieat employers' combination, and of the great
labor combination, and of the great military com
bination, shall bate been gathcritfl up, where
will Ihe governor bef Thomsi Hound,
Jfimjn, Jan. "3.
Report That Can Bo Accepted as Au
thoritative Has It That the Man
agement Will Not Acquiesce in the
Clnuso Which the Men Want In
serted in the Agreement Giving
Them Power to Say Who Shall and
Who Shall Not Bo Hired by the
From what little has leaked out fioni
the hcadquutters of tho Bcrnnton
Railway company, It can bo said with
piactlcal authoritattvencss that the
employes' conference eommlttee will
hae 111 success In Its efforts to con
vince tho management that It should
enter Into an agreement to hire no
motormen, conductors or barn hands
who ate not members of tho local
union of the Amalgamated Association
of Street Car Employes of America.
It can bo relied upon that the coin
pany will stand out llrmly against
the demand that It dlschaige Keller
and Sceley, the,V.wo men who. out of
all tho three bundled employes, te
malnod faithful dining the strike.
Those who know President Cluiku s.i'y
ho Is a stickler for fidelity and that
It would be a gieat nut prise to them
If he permitted himself, nt any c-ewt,
to go back on one who had befriended
It Is sife to miv that even with
Keller and Seeley out of the question
the company would be loath to slr;n
thu ugt cement. The management will
urguo that the chaise In question Is
a preposterous proposition In that thi
men are seeking to negotlato a con
tract which on their part Is Impossible
of fulfillment. It will be contended
that the clause Is nothing more or le
than a demand that the employes
shall furnish the company with what
ever men It may demand, and as tlf'r
union Is In no position to give us
surance thnt It can do this. It the
company should acepilesee In It, tho
company would by subcilblng to th
agreement enter Into a conti.ict where
they would be giving something with
out assurance nt leeelvlng anything In
cax't iu:c;i;i.atl: admission.
If thete were soin means whereby
the company could regulate tho admit
tance of men to the union, the thing
would be more reasonable, It will be
argued, but as the company Is with
out power to compel a man to Join the
union, or to secuie admittance lor a
man to the union, If he should be i 111
Ing to Join, the company by signing
the agreement would leave Itself liable
to the condition or llndlug Itself with
out employes.
Roth In theory and practice, the
proposition Is an utweasonable one, the
company, it Is safe to say. will aver,
and unless all signs are awty, Trlday
morning's meeting of the union will
11 n cl Itself called upon to consider Gen
eral Manager Sllllman's lefusal to sub
set lbe to this clause
everything else In the iiaioemeut, It
Is thought, will be readily nequlei-ced
In. How far the omplojes will g.i In
insisting upon all their demands Is, of
com so, conjectural.
The conference between the em
ployes' committee and the manage
ment of the company w 111 take place
today. Piesldent C. M. Claike, who Is
spending the week In the Ul, will at
tend, and It Is thought likely that
Dheeior Timothy Murke will alo be
present. The committee of the men Is
composed of P. -I. Shea. Fie-d Suilne,
George Ktigler, M .1. linirett and Wal
ter Evans.
President Claike ,u lived eietly ves-te-ulay
morning from Philadelphia and
spent the day In conference with Gen
eral Manager Sllllman and Director
Uurke at the latter's office) or the com
pany's hendquatlci's nn Lackawanna
President filarke was seen by a Tilb
uno reporter ut the Jermyii last even
ing, but ho declined to discuss the com
pany's probable action on the men's
new demand, further than to say that
the company wns perfectly willing to
grant the fullest recognition to the
union, but could not be expected to
turn over to the men any essential
share In the direction of the company's
nmnageilal affairs.
When asked paiticularly legunllng
the demand of the men that nono hut
union men shall be employed by tho
company, President Clntke said he had
not as yet had a full discussion of the
matter with Mr. Hlllliunn. nnrl evert
J though he had, he would feel It
cumbent upon himself, out or courtesy
to the employes' committee, to ie.
fraln from announcing the company's
conclusion until It was first announced
to the committee.
"At all events" Mr. Chuke added,
"wo will not come to a final conclu
sion until we have heard what argu
ments our men have to make In sup
poit of their demand."
Discussing the company's affahs in
general, President Claike expressed
himself as gieatly legrottlng tho mo
tlvo that was so generally Impugned
to the company's nctlon In tho matter
of the abolition of transfers and
"It was a puioly business proposition
wholly fiee from any pique and thos'
25 California Oranges
for 25c
Large Navel Oranges ,-
per dozen ZDC
$3.00 per box.
Florida Oranges, pei .
box 4.00
Fancy Indian River
Grape Fruit IOC
E. G. Course.,
who saw anything sarcastic In the
company' notice went out of their
way to read It Into the lines, for 11
certainly wns'not wiltten there. Tho
letter was drafted by Mr. Sllllman
and myself Jointly nnd wns the con
sequence of a careful consideration of
means whereby wo could Increase oi-r
returns. It wns thnt -and nothing
President Clnkc declined to ox
pi ess himself for publication on tho
matter of the threatened "competition
from the Central Rapid Transit com
pany, but from an equally authorlti
live source It wns learned that tlv.
old company Is not aim mod to any
great degree on this score. Ono of its
officials Is quoted as saying that tho
new company, If It ever does got Info
operation, will starve to death,, for th
leason that If It got oven tho bulk of
traffic to and from tho territory It
proposes to serve, It woYild not be nbb
to pay the Inteiest on Its bonds and
running expenses.
"The new company might coniptl tu
to sell out to It, though," tho nfoiesald
official Is said to have rematlfd In a
bland nuy.
Its Fuipose 13 to Take Charge of
Visitois Who Want to Visit the
Pan-American Exposition.
The Weekly Tilps company is the
title of a. company Just organized In
New York state, -which proposes to do
11 novel kind of a business In connec
tion with the Pan-Amct lean exposition
at Buffalo this summer.
The Incorporators nie Captain Mar
cus M. Drake, president of the Niagara,
bank; Fred 1. Fov, division passenger
agent of the Lackawanna; II. A. Gross,
general eastern agent, Chicago and
Northwestern; W. H. Wcnfer, assist
ant city ticket agent of the Lacka
wanna; F. A. Gross, city ticket ami
passenger agent of the Lackawanna;
William Kelly, Jr., until recently djs-songt-r
agent of the Great Gorge route.
The odlceis are M. M. Drake, presi
dent; Fred P. Foc. vlce-piesldcnt;
Frank A (lioss, tieasurci, W. 1'.
Wc.ifer. ecretary.
Weekly Tilps company Is piepated
to care for 1,000 visitois dally, ptovld
lug them with railroad transportation,
care of baggage, hotel or private houss
accommodations, admission to exposi
tion giounds nnd all pilndpal features
of the Midway, and side exclusion
trips to all points of Inteicst within a
indliis of 100 miles of I3uffnlo.
Coupon books uie to-be Issued, which
e over every desirable feature, even In
cluding checks for midway lunch,
either ut the exposition grounds or at
Nlagaia Falls, Cleveland or any other
point where the noon hour may llnd
the tomlsts. Tho .scheme Is the broad
est ever devised In connection with
any International exhibition. From the
time the Pnn-Amerlcnn visitor leaves
home until he returns, he & under the
constant caie of repiesentatlves of the
company, and If instructions are fol
lowed, there is no possible chance eif
his being lleeced, m of mlslns uny
feature of the gieat show, ivoith see
ing. The ttlp coupons 1 over an Itlu
eiury of seven day.
Jly ajutngement of. the coupon book
any prison may chooe his own pro
giamme of pleasure, as any eoupon
can be useil at will of the holder.
Everything Is arninged to suit the con
venience and Inclination of the. tour
ist. All bagRiige will 'be protected from
Ios by fire by the company.
In older to secure advantaKCS pre
sented by the company's plan, uiiMnge
moms must be made one week In ad
vance. All coupons pot used are made
redeemable, at tut Iff discount of ten
per cent. Managements of till lall
rthtilH enteilng Ituffalu aie mid to a p.
piovc of the plan.whlch ensures safety,
comfort and economy to thulr patrons,
and letters of congratulation to the
ptflmotet of the scheme aie being ic
celvcd in laige numbers.
W. J. O'lJrien. formeily piopilc-tor of
the Hotel .Tcrmyn baiber shop, has
been appointed general agent In Lack
awanna county for the new company,
and proposes to open an office In tills
city In a few days.
Booking of Excuislons for 1001 at
That Popular Resoit Has Aheady
The Delawato and llmUon company
has Jut Issued an atctactlve llttlo
brochure iclatlve to the excursion sea
son of 1001 nt Lake Lodoio, containing
seveial beautiful half-tone, engravings
the handsome new depot 'in the sum
mer shade of overhanging boughs; tho
great white dunce pavilion In tho
midst of tho far-sti etching move,
and various aspects of the boat-dotted,
magnificent lake itself with Its
ttve-and-a-half miles of varied and
chaimlng scenery. All fall and winter
a strong foico of men have been nt
work on the excursion grounds with
such effect that there is a geneial de
alt 0 on the part of the people to see
this icsort In all Its, new beauty.
Applications for elates ate already
coming In, and booking has com
menced by Mr. II. W. Cioss, district
passenger agent of tho Dcluwaie and
Hudson Railroad at Sernntou, Cltcu
liis descriptive of Lako Lodoro arjd
the Improvements on the grounds are
In the hands of till Delaware and Hud
son ticket agents, who will bo please 1
to supply them to the public upon
Giand Army Men.
The members of Gtlffin post, No Uii,
G. A. It., ato requested to meet nt tho
undertaking establishment of D. D.
Jones & Son, on North Washington
nienun tomoirovv morning, at 8.30
o'clock, In full uniform, to act as es
cort to their deceased comrade, Geotge
L. Pieston, whose lemalns will be
taken to Klmlra via tho 9 o'clock
Lackawanna train.
The Boat Cold Ctue
Is ono you enn take without intcrtup
tlon to business. One that does not
effect tho head or hearing like thu con
tinued use of quinine. Ono that cutes
speedily and leaves you feeling fresh
and clear-headed. Such a ono Is
Kraube's Cold Cure. Pilco Jac. Sold
by Matthews Hros.
1 m 1 1
Nettleton's Removal Sale, Washing
ton Avenue.
Shoes and 1 libbers ut all pi Ices, to
close out befoio lemoval,
1 -i
Steam Heating and Plumbing.
P. F. & M. T. Howley.231 Wyoming ave.
Ell Pei kins at High School tonight.
lir.W 1TT-WIU.1AJK At fcranton, l'a Jan. 2.',
IfOJ, by Jlev. W. J. IVrd, Herbert Hewitt and
Jli3i Mjttlu Williams, both of Strnuton,
BellevesThat It Would Bo Unconsti
tutional to Legislate Existing
Magistrates Out of Office If New
Charter Becomes a Law tho Pres
ent Controller, Treasuier and
Board of Assessors Will Serve nn
Extra Year Wards Which Will
Bo Done Away With.
Mayor .1 nines Molr, who would be
legislated out of ofllco 11 year be
fore the expiration of his teim In case
the new second do city chatter In
troduced In the pcnuti em Monday
night should become n law, said es.
terdny that he believed that that por
tion of the bill which gave the gover
nor the appointing powr was uncon
stitutional. "I ilon't think It's possible," said he,
"under the Constitution, for the legis
lature to create u vacancy In the of
fices of any city before such a vacancy
occurs. The Idea Is contrary to tho
fundamentals of municipal goiern
ni'iit, and I den't believe that that
Foctlon of the bill will ever become a
"I have not given the clmitcr en
ough careful tud as et to be able
to express a coinpieheiilve opinion re
garding It, but from the cursory ex
amination which 1 have made of It,
I believe that It gives the mayor too
much of a free hand and sttlps the
councils of cnthely too much of lh
power which should be rightfully
vested In them as the dlinct repre
sentatives of the people.
' inn In favor of ccntmllzlni; fa.
mote authority and Ksponslblllty In
the minor than Is ptovldld for In the
existing second class city chniter, but
I am Inclined to believe that this now
bill goes to cMiemes In that direc
tion and makes him .1 ort of llttl
monarch. 1 think that theio's noln-v
to be n lmrd and a desperate .light
made over Its passage, ririd that If It
ei-i doe-e get thioiigh It will not be
until It Is pretty thoroughly amended.''
While th" new charter contemplatoa
the IcgMnllm, out of office of the
mayor of this city It will mean the
retention In office foi un ctia veur
ol the piesent city controller, city'Uiei and boaid of a-se?sois. Th-i
chniter piovldes that within thltty
days alter Its approval by the gover
uoi, he Hhall appoint a mayor, who
shnll servo until April, 3903, when his
"iieeesior is to be elected bv the peo
ple. In oidei to pei mil this inuyoi to
enter upon his duties with an entire
ly new set oil municipal officei, us Is
the custom, the bill provides that the
existing city controller, city treasurer
and board of nsseois shnll seive un
til Aptll 1. P'OI also, These officials In
this city assumed ofllce In ISM. and
theli terms eplu on April 1, liu.', so
thnt If the new bill goe-e Into eltVer,
they will have an extra year to sen
.V'lui wards ot this city would pwu -tlcally
go out of existent e In case the
now chatter becomes a law. The bill
entitles eveiy 1,000 taxables to -i com
nmn c ouncilman nnd provide s that
wheie theie aie not that numbtt? 111
a waul It Miall be joined to an lad
lolnlns? ward. The of local wards
which tome under this piovlslon, and
which would go out of existence with
the number of taxable s In each, and
tin ivuids adjoining them, to either of
which they otild b Joined Is ns fol
lows: Third waul. Sol taxubles, adjoins
Fli'3t. Second and Twenty-first wards;
Seventh ward, T7:.' (nxables, adjoins
Ninth Sixteenth and Thhteenth
wards; Tenth waul, P3T taxable, ad
joins Ninth and Seventeenth wards;
Twelfth ward, KTl taxable, adjoins
Nineteenth, Seventeenth and Elev
enth" Fourteenth. !i"l taxubles. ad
lolns rourth, Twenty-first and Eigh
teenth wntds; Sixteenth waul, iJO tax
able?, adjoins Eighth and Ninth
wards; Eighteenth ward, 509 lnxablos,
adjoins Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth
wauls- Twenty-first ward. CM tax
ablcs adjoins Fourth and Second
war Is.
Select Councilman John E. Koche,
01m of the Demon fit Ic Icadeis, points
out that with 'two exceptions the
wauls which would be wiped out of
existence If this section of tho bill
becomes n law aie all stiongly Demo
ciallc. "It would bj pofMble " said he :-os-leulay,
"to Join these with rtiomr Re
publican wntds and thus cut clown th
Democratic lepuMcntatlou In coun
cils to one or two members In case
the Republican pal ty de-d In
electing Its city ticket."
Tln provision piovldlng for the hold
lug of only two council meetings a
year meets with general disapproval
from everybody who discusses the bill
at all. Councllmnn Chittenden con
siders It "the boldest change In muni
cipal government over planned."
' 011 can't expect a councilman
who lecolves no snlary whatever."
sald Councilman Vnughan, "to at
tend council meetings every day lor
a month at a time. There nie very
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few men Indeed whoso sense of civic
righteousness Is ,o powciful that
they'll going to leave, their buslniS3
for a whole month at a time to at
tend n ptottacted session of councils.
Tho piesent plan of meeting every
week Is the best nnd only plan."
Chairman P. F. Cnlpln, ot the com
mon council, thought that the new
charter plated enthely too much
power In the hands of the mayor.
"The especially bad feature about It,
to my mind." said he, "Is that sec
tion which gives tho mayor and the
heads of depat tments power to let nil
city contracts. This power Is now
vested In councils and I think It would
b a serious m!tiilco to take It away.
"All bids aie at present opened pub
licly in council and the contract
awarded to the lowest ivsponlbk bid
der. L'nder this new charter I can see
nothing which will pievent ihe mayor
nnd his appointed heud ot depaitmeut
from i ctlrlng Into their Inner office to
open bids and awarding the i-ontiact
to whomsoever they choose Nothing
would prevent this except their con
sciences, and public officials sometimes
strain their consciences vry far. It's
a dangetous jmivei to place In the
bnnds of an official "
The l'lttbuig chamber of lonmieice
has practically decided to have nothing
to do with the amendntoiy act pie
pared by the local councllmanlc com
mittee. As mentioned In yestcrdny's
Tribune, It consldetfd the act at a
meeting held on Monday and didn't at
all favor It. It has now decided to ap
point a committee of tvvehe lo pie
pate lertatu amendments embodying
Its Ideas, and enclcivor lo hale thorn
attached to the "ripper" bill.
The Pittsburg Commercial (lni-lte
said yesteulny In Its Harilsbuig re
port: '
"Senator Vauglmn mi.h he is eer
laln that his people will deslio to be
heird on the bill. This nioinlng he
nskod Senatoi Muehlbionner not lo
push the proposed act too rapidly, as
he wished to communicate will his con
stituents. Ho Is not leady to tay what
he will do. intending to be guarded
by the ivlsh of the majoilty or the
lcsldents of Scranton. At present theie
Is a decided difference of opinion In
the councils of thut city about whether
the power should be vested In the
leglslutlie body or In the mayoi
"Senator Druij, who iepieem a
part of Lackawanna count j. Is, of
course. Intel ested In the charter lie-f-ald
today he did nol know what he
would do, us he had not heard lioni
the people of Scranton Mr. Drury is
an insurgent and friendly to Senator
Fllnn. AVhile he does not think well
ot the 'ilppei' feature of the bill he
admits that It is likely to pass the
senate. As to Its tafe voyage through
the house, he Is not certain, and lml
males that the insurgents and Demo may be able to block lis path
way theie
"Speaker V. T. .Mai. shall ought to
bu good authority on what can be done
' In the house. Hs says there is no
doubt In his mind about Ihe ability
of the friends of the bill to nut it
through his body. Senator Muehlbion
ner has made the canvass of the house,
and says that the count shows a clear
majority of ten for the charter ana
thi? 'ilpper.' This poll Is made with a
full house present, and oven doubtful
Republican and Democintlc vole is
given to Senator Fllnn"
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