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Aliened Murderers of Jennie Boss-
Ghleter Take the Witness Stand
and Denu Everything.
Begins with ah Attack Upon tho
Moral Character of tho Dead Girl.
The Prisoners Acting Under Gen
erous Impulse in Taking the Girl
Out in a Hack to Get Fresh Air.
The Assault and Everything Elso
in the Way of Evidence Produced
by the Prosecution Is Denied Ex
planation of the Meeting In the Sa
loonQuartette of Humanitarians.
By Kxtlii'ltr Wire (rum The Awociatcd Press
Putcrson, X. .1.. Jan. 10, Counsel for
the defense In the Jennie Hosschleter
murder trial today practically closed
their cus.. William A. Dentil. Walter
I. .MrAlllster and Andrew Campbell,
tlic three men on trial for the inutder,
went upon the stand In their own be
half and told their versions) of tho
events of the night Jennie riosschletet
met her death while In their company.
They told the same story, practically,
and their testimony varied but little
as to detulls. The plea .set up by coun
sel for th three defendants was a gen
eral and .specific denial of all the accu
sations made against tho men. lie
opened with an attack on the moral
character of tho dead girls and claimed
that the prisoners weie In no way re
sponsible for ihe death of Jennie lioss-
ihleter. He denied that she had been
drugged and he denied that she had
been Ill-treated and assaulted.
McAllister, Death and Campbell were
each on the stand. Their testimony
v as on the line that they were noting
on a gi nerons Impulse when they tool
he girl out of the saloon to the hack.
They claimed that she was "Jolly
drunk" for a time In the back room
of S-'aal's saloon, said she was Joking
and laughing after the llrst drink; that
."he u -came "dopey" after taking the
absinthe and then became dead drunk.
They had thought a drive in the fresh
air would do her good and had take
"h.-r across the river out Into the coun
try. The assault was denied. They
had lifted the slrl out of the hack be
cause she was sick and they had con
ducted themselves like humanitarians
In their efforts to tiring her back to
her senses. They had tnken her to the
brook to obtain water. They would
have taken her home after she was
dead, but when they leached the
neighborhood they saw persons about.
Humanitarians Frightened.
They were frightened at "the dead
Kill" and did not want to got mixed
up In the scandal. They maintained
that they had no evil Intentions against
the girl. The meeting In the saloon
was unintentional so tar as McAllister
whs concerned and he had drawn hlo
friend Kerr Into the case unwittingly.
Campbell became mixed up In It be
cause Death did not want to be seen
on the street with the gltl, lest some
one tell his wife. The hack, It would
appear from the statement made by the
prisoners, was not intended for the
party at llrst, but for McAllister, Kerr
and two young women whoso names
McAllister refused to divulge, on the
ground that their names had not been
mentioned before and he did not want
to cause them annoyance. Tho stop
Intended at Lees was not connected
with tho girl they had with them, but
because, although she had had enough
to drink, the men had further capacity
The story as told by each appealed
plausible, explanatory and leasonable.
out conflicted wli the testimony of
the hackman and the alleged confes
sions of Death and Canmbell as Intto
duced by tho ntato and admitted as
evidence. The state, which was beaten
yesterday in the effort to lntioduce the
confession said to have been made by
Campbell, succeeded in getting It all
In. even In a more detailed manner
than -would have been possible yester
day. Dr. Charles T OITor. of Xovv York
city, who was called by tho defense
aid he had seen persons "knocked out"
ly nbslnthc. Prosecutor Emley asked
nlm the hypothetical question:
"If n person had died nfter having
taken absinthe and chloral was found
In the stomnch what would von mv
ho died of?" '
"From chloral poison." was the re
ply. Tomorrow the summing up will oe.
mir and probably the case will be left
to tho Jury about sundown, although
It may be that Judge Dixon will defer
Oie charge to the Jury until Friday.
Will Bail to Guanoco to Protect
American Interests.
j- Excliulve Wire from 'IJie- Avoclatcd Vim.
"Washington, Jan, 10. At the request
f the state department tho navy de
partment has instructed the command
r of the Scorpion to proceed at once
from La Oulra to Guanoco, Venezuela,
tt protect Amorlcan Interests, upon
r ports that tho revolutionary move
ment there is Increasing and the at
tempt Is making to take possession of
tfce arms of New York and Bermudeso
Dead Body in a Trunk.
D HichWre Wire from The Aisoclited Vttn.
tfew York. Jn. 16. trrnk a picked up on
r It, dut river, today In l,l, , w, ,)
ttrt body cr a man wllh thr thioat nit, It w.u
Mlrvrd thtt the death hid heeri within the l.ut
forty-eight luiviin. It wa IdmtMtd by it o.
mn ! thut el Jllclucl VWUhrrgrr, pf tfcli city.
f VU llir w. Uiti'tnent pta.,
The Elections and Ratifications of
By Exclunlve Wire from The Awoclited Press.
Helena, Mont., Jan. 16. W. A. Clark
wan today fleeted Prilled States sena
tor to succeed Senator Carter.
Concord, X. II., .Ton. 16. Henry E.
nurnham. Republican, of Manchester,
was today declared elected United
States senator In the presence of tho
senate Htid house.
Boston, Jan. 16. The re-election of
George F. Hoar, as senator from Mas
sachusetts for the six years, beginning
March 4, 1901, was formally verified
and announced at a Joint session of
both branches of the general court to
day. Augusta, Me., Jan. 1C The senate
and house of Maine legislature met In
Joint convention at noon today and
confirmed and announced the re-election
of William I Frye to the United
States scnutc.
Denver, Colo., Jan. 16. A Joint ses
sion of tho legislature was held at
noon today to canvass tho vote for
United States senator, as cast yester
day, it appeared that Thomas M. Pat
terson had a majority In each house,
and he was formally declared elected.
Columbia, S. C, Jan. 16. Thu gen
eral assembly today unanimously re
elected Hon. 15. 15. Tillman United
States senator, to succeed himself,
Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 16. The legis
lature today elected K. W. Carmacl:
United States senator.
Dover. Del., Jan. 16. Prior to tho
members meeting In Joint session, a
petition signed by the sixteen Union
Republicans, and evidently having the
approval of Mr. Addlcks. was ploccd
In the hands of the regular Republi
cans. The petition suggested that both
factions unite and vote for Addlcks
for the long tenn and DuPont for tho
short term. An early reply was re
quested. That the DuPont faction Is
opposed to such a move was Indicated
when the ballot was taken soon after
Believes Them to Be Invincible in
the Great Commerciol Warfare
of the Nations.
By Exclusive Wire from The Appelated Press.
London. Jan. 16. The Earl of Rosc
bcry, responding to a toast to his
health this evening at thu ai.nual ban
quet of the Wolverhampton clumber
of commerce, spoke of the "great
commercial ' warfare being waged
ngalnst Kngland."
"Tho chief rivals to be l'ei'eJ." said
his lordship, "are America, and Ger
many. The Americans wltn their vast
and nlmost Incalculable resources.thelr
acuteness and enterprise and their
huge population, which will probably
be 100,000,000 In twenty yonts. together
with the plan they hav ulopted fur
putting accumulate 1 wealth into great
co-operative syndlcafjs or trusts for
the purpose of carrying on this gnat
commercial warfare ate perhaps the
most formidable.
"On the other hand the "annans
with their calculating and conquering
spirit and the energy with which they
seize and use the most fconrmlcal
methods, are but llttl? less redoubt
able than the Americans.
"The Americans, scarcely satisfied
with gigantic individual fortune, use
these by combination to muke of cap
ital a power which, wielded by one or
two minds, is almost Irresistible, and
if this power Is yielded against Great
Britain in trade warfare It will be a
danger wo cannot afford to disregard.
"A tiust of many millions might
compete with any trade In Kngland.
under-selling all her products at a con
siderable loss.
"This Is a possible outcome of the
Immediate future. curious fenture,
If I may say so, without Impertinence,
seems to b that In combination with
the faculty for the ncqulsltlon of
money there Is a complete contempt
for money except ,i a means or mak
ing more and more power. These mil
lionaires of whom we hear so much
are often men of simple lives whose
simple iiile is to mak enotmous ac
cumulations in older to acquire nioiv
"Kngland. In oidei to withstand In
ternational competition must thor
oughly educate her youth, and I would
suggest sending batches of young men
abioad to loam the best our iKmIs
Norman McKiney Pays the Fenalty
in Ploiida.
By Kxclu'he Vjre fiom The AixkuiuI Pin
Ocnla. Flu., Jan. 16. Norman Me
Kinney, colored, has bpen lynched for
wrecking an i.ulii n -sir Dun
nell on Sunday night. In which wieek
the engineer kiih killed. Tho victim
Implicated two otheis, who may share
the same fate, if caiiBhi McKlnney
when arrested was being taken to the
county Jail, when a inob of lift v or
more ovei powered the otllcers and took
the mlsoner. He was taken buck to
the sceno of tho wreck ami there con
fessed the crime. Implicating and de
scribing the two others, who have es
caped, but nre now being hunted.
Alter the confession, in which ho
stated that the train was wrecked for
tho purpose of robbery, he was hanged
to a tree. The coroner's jury returned
the erdlct that he met death at the
hands of parties unknown.
Blair County Decision.
By Kxcluslve Wire fiom Tho Aiioclsted Press.
Altoona, 1'ii., Jan, It), Judge Martin 1111 ).
tcrday look citation to oil the attention of tho
nimbera of tho lllalr county liar to the fact
that In no low wheie the defendant U brought
Into court en rcqublttcn paperi would lip counte
nance a ettlcmpt. It i nld hi made till'
tatfifent In anticipation of a Mttlrnieut o the
rae of evCUy Attorney Mimwl A. JlcN'eal, h0
U now bcliii brought homo by Chief or Police
Nldelbutif, of Norfolk, V.i., to Mand trill for
conspiracy, forger)- anil embezzlement.
Pennsylvania Postmaster,
n.v i:flulie Wire fiom The Associated PrtM
Uhlnjlnn, .lun. 10,-1 hi. following lonitli
iIjm pwlmiitri w ai'p.ilntnl todayi Mar.
rutci, Wo;C county, A, C. Cioulry.
Little or No Business Will Be
Transacted Until the Commit
tees Have Been Appointed.
Mr. Quay's Victory Received by Ap
plauBO in the Senate Number of
Bills Are Favorably Reported In
cluding tho Bill of Senator Scott, of
Philadelphia, Regulating tho Peo
System for County Offlcors.
Dy Exclusive Wire from The Associated Pre.i.
Ilarrlsburg. Jan. lfi. In tho house
today Mr. McClaln, of lyincuster, of
fered n concurrent resolution
when the hous ndjoutv.a tomorrow It
be to meet next Wednesday. Mr. Mc
Claln explained that It w:m Impossi
ble for Speaker Marshall to coinpl"to
his committee assignments bepotc that
time and that no legislation could bo
enacted until the committees were ap
pointed. Mr. Corny, of I.u.eine, ob
jected to the resolution and spoke in
. favor of the house proceeding to busl
1 ness without further delay. The tes
I olutlon was adopted. The senal.) ioo
' olutlon endorsing the ship subsidy bill
was read and action on It wus post
poned for the present. At 1 o'clock
tho house and senate went In Joint
hesslon. Lieutenant Governor iJobm
presiding, to canvass the vob- fot t'nl
tcd States senntor. The journals of the
two bodies were read, after which Mr.
Gobln announced that M. S. 'Jitay hav
ing received a majority of the votes
cast In tho senate and house h de
clared him elected for the term begin
ning March 4. lSW. The announce
ment was received with applause. The
commission of Senator Quay was
after which the convention ndjourned.
When the house reconvened Mr. Voor
hecs, of Philadelphia, teller on the part
of that body, made his return of tho
vote cast for senator, nftr whloh nn
adjournment was taken until 11 o'clock
tomorrow morning.
Bills Reported.
The special committee of the senate,
to which all bills were icferred pend
ing the appointment of the standlrg
committees, held its first session today
tind favoiably icported a number of
bills. Among these was the bill of
Senator Scott, of Philadelphia, regu
lating the fee system of county officers
nnd that of Senator Vurc, of Philadel
phia, which provides for the creation
of an additional court of common pleas
In Philadelphia.
The senate adopted u concuiivnt res
olution presented by Senator Spioul,
of Delaware, favoring the passage by
congress of the ship subsidy bill.
Senator Scott, of Philadelphia, intio
duced a bill permitting corporation t to
Increase their capital stock or Indebt
edness to such an amount as they shall
deem necessary to accomplish nnd
cany on their business. T'ki bill was
Immediately considered by the special
committee on bills and favoiably re
ported. Thu senate at noon proceeded to
the hall of the house of repr'.sonl'i
Uvea for the purpose of comparing
journals on tho election of a t?nlt;d
States senator.
Tho senate returned to Its chamber
at UMO and adopted the house ii solu
tion providing that when tho senate
adjourned tomorrow that It stuivl ad
journed until next Wednesday night
at S o'clock. The senate then ad
journed until toinouon mottling at 11
Senator Money's Way of Dealing
with the First Class Funny
Men at West Point.
It K-U'luie Wir fiom Tli' .Wocialnl l'rew.
Washington, Jan. 1C A final vote
upon the pending army icorgaulzatlon
bill will be taken by the senate at I
o'clock Filday, under the terms of tin
ngremncnt reached late today. Speech's
In opposition to the bill w ie deliv
er d todpy by Mr. Allen, PopullHt, nt
WbniHltu; Mr. Teller, Silver ltepub
llcan, Colorado, and Air. nutlet. I'opu
list, of North Carolina. Met 'umber.
Iteptibllcan, Noith Dakota, undo an
argument In support of the, measure.
The fealuie of the debate was the
(liunu Intlon of the practice or hazing
at the est Point Military academy.
Mr. Allen, Mr Money and Mr. Mc-
'umber declined It to be an evidence
of biutnlltv nnd c(.wardlee, the Mis
soutl senator maintaining that a cadot
whom others attempted to haze would
be Justified in killing his nssallanttt.
tie declared that Ii h weie a cadet
upon whom such cowardly brutality
was attempted he would km those, who
assaulted him If he hud to wait a hun
dred yenis for the opportunity.
Governor Stanley Decides That It
Would Be Useless.
Hr UtcIihItc Wire fiom The nucialed Iie
Topekn, Kan., Jon. Ifl. O-overnor
'Stanley decided tonight that he would
not Issue an offer for a reward for tho
arrest of the perpetrators of yester
day's negro burning In Leavenworth.
"It would be of absolutely no use to
Issue tho offer," said the governor. "If
tho guilty persons were arrested they
would necessarily have to undergo the
first trial In Leavenworth county and,
on account of the present condition of
public sentiment there, it would be nb.
soluloly useless to ut tempt to pnvocutc
anybody thera for the crime."
The governor had deckled Iiihi night
that he would olfer Ihe rewatd, but
deliberation on the subject Induced hlin
to change his mind.
Will Present His Cominisulon at the
Senate Toifjy.
tly Exclusive Wire from Hie AssnclUed rreu.
Ilarrlsburg, Jan. 1. 'Senator M, S.
Quay left at 9.35 oVIocI: thlH morning
for Washington. In company with his
daughter, Mls Cora, and Private Sec
retary Wright. Kdgar C. Werwlg, pri
vate secretary of Governor Stone, went
to Washington this afternoon with the
senator's commission. Mr. Quay, ex
pjcts to qualify tomorrow as a senator
nnd then return to Ilarrlsburg and di
rect tho passage of the reform bills to
which the Quay ItepubllcatiB arc com
mitted. The senate nnd house met Jointly nt
noon and verified the vote for sanator
nt yesterday's session, after which
j( utftiitnt Governor Gobln formally
declared Mr. Quay elected. IJoth bodies
will meet tomorrow and compute the
vote at the last genet al election for au
ditor geii'jrul and cougressmen-al-large.
A reces will be taken after this
fotmnllty until Monday evening, to nl
low the presiding ofllcers to complete
their committee assignments. Tho
standing committees will ptobably be
announced at 'Monday evening's ses
sion. The reports of the house and
senate slate committees ato expected to
be submitted and continued at tho
same time.
Speaker Marshall received a telegram
today from a part of Pittsburg manu
facturers nnd business nun requesting
him to Invite Governor Stone. PeuatoiH
Quny and Penrose and the members
' of the lffglslntuie who oted for Mr
Quay to attend a banquet to be given
in His honor at the Motel Sehenley,
Pittsburg, at a time to be fixed later.'
The Officers Responsible for the Life
of Fiecl Alexander Make Excuses
for Allowing the Lynching.
fly r.-.clmle V.lic fiom The Auseiitjrl l'ics-
Leavenworth. Kan.. Jan. 10. Ofll
cidls lesponslble for the life of Fred
Aiexnnner. tilts negio burned at the
1 stake In this city last evening, today
began the preparation for their de
fense. The negro's guilt of tho assault
nnd murder last November of Pearl
Forbes, which he denied with his last
breath, was today proved coti'iuslve
ly by his statements while In Lansing
penitentiary. This evidence will be
gatherr-d and published.
In addition Sheriff Kverhardy said
today that Alexander assaulted a girl
at Stallinas. near here, nml Ihni rt,.
youny woman had appeared nt the
i penitentiary yestercfay befotv the start
i for Leavenworth undposltlvely Iden
tified tne negro as her assailant. Sher
iff Kverhardy said today:
"Those who condemn me should
place tnemsflves In my position. I
did my duty so far as lay within my
power, but 1 was overwhelmed by su
perior numbers. I told the warden I
would land Alexander m tho county
lall and I did. When I realized that
the crowd was bent on getting my
prisoner stood up In the carriage
and called to the driver to drive
through to th count Jail in spite of
the crowd and overrun any one who
should get In the way. I looked the
man up and did pot give up the keys,
although several demands were made
upon me. 1 deplore the t.tet that Al
exander was burned. 1 did my full
dutv us sheriff of Leavenworth county.
"I did not inquest t-.tate militia ulid
am glad the troops did not arrive. If
they had. theie would have been sev
eral Innocent lives lot."
Curious Banner Received by Adju
tant General Corbin.
By i:iliulto Wiie fiem The tmottMrd t'r.ii
Washington. Jan. Ifi. Aujutant Gen
eral Corbin has received the flag or the
Sultan of Sulu. It was forwarded by
Major O. J. Sweet, of the Twenty-third
Infant!', now stationed on the Island
or Jolo In the Philippines.
The flag Is cblong In shape and about
i' feet In size. It has a red ground
bordered with white rallies nnd orna
mented with vailotis designs, Includ
ing a black Held with live white stars
and a kiies nnd spear. Morn weapons,
In while, rmsred by e strip of black.
It In deseiihrd as the flag or the .Mo
hnmuiedun of the Sulu imhlpelago
and each featuie Is iiyinlmllrnl.
The first ittar tcprescnts religious
knowledge: the second star, prayers:
the third star. Indulgence money: the
fourth star, tithes, and the fifth star,
pllgi linage to Meiea. The centte star
conttill'j Ainblc letteis 111 him !, de
iiotluu the ting of the Sultan of Sulu.
The further represent the live
pio lines of the sultan, viz.: Ilasllati,
Jolo, the Slassl giotip, the Tuwi Tnwl
gioup and ltoiueo and Palawan (Par
aguay The led gioitnd of the Hag rep
resents the subjects of the sultan; the
Moro weapons, strength and wat: the
black top border, the Moto chiefs, and
the black gtound for the stars, the
goddess of the Mohammedan religion.
The Hag was displayed In tlw adju
tont Reneial's ouice and nttt.ictod con
siderable attention.
To Abolish Ginde Crossing.
Ily P.i1i.!Iii Wire fitmi The AocLted 1'icn
I'lillnd Ipl.l.i. .Iiii. HI 1'tnmvh.iula ulluud
iiIIMjU In till illy tud'ij laul lb" cnllnJiicp
niiutlv i,ueil In- ih" Niiitiili. .N. .1., city
loiuull tor the ilirilimi oC tin. I'um-.i li.n 1 1
uiIiujiI nailo in thil i ll nnd tho umUiuii.u
U now In tin' hands of thu i.fllcljli. m the
It'illrund of Ni v Jcifi.v for their Uiulurcj.
.-rn.n im tli" nidlnjl'cc U tlcni'd In- the tun till
loidt .mil the city nfnilil id SVwai!; wink Mill
li mi nliullkiiliie cradi' fj-liu.
E::-Governor Mount Uoad.
Dy Kxclualw Wire limn Tln Awciated Presi
1ri!i.i!MP"lK -Un. Jo. --! n,ii , Mount, who
ii'ilifd Moi.i'av at I'ooii (mill the ntlhe nf c' '
iinii- nt Ihe Malo nf lmil.nn died vriy kU'M nl.i
nt II. .." iiMikI; lo'ilitlit In hi jpnlim nU in ihe
Ji-nbeii lu,lel. Ilirlj in tin' do lie nude a
i"i!l IkIoio III,' IndlJiMi Male Wool llronri
uhiuUi Inn nml had alli'iidiil 1 leerptlou (ell:
i'm'iI by Vr. Jlmiiu lo it nimiU-r of ptoininml
li")lot of the clli iljirln; the allcmvon
Theu Show Solicitude In.Securino
an Abandonment ot Mili
tary Operations,
Many Difficulties Encountered in Se
curing Signatures of the Chinese
Plenipotentiaries Tho Besolution
of Inquiry as to Looting Is Laid on
tho Table.
Dy Exclusive Wire from Tne Aoc!ited I'rew.
Washington, Jan. Ifi. The state de
partment hni b?en advised of the for
mal signature by the Chinese plenipo
tentiaries of the Pekln agreement, but
so far it knows nothing, ofllolnlly, of
the dlfllcultles which more In connec
tion with the afllNlng of the seals. Mr.
Monger's failure to make any reference
to this matter Is taken here to mean
that he did not regard It as Involving
iinv serious dlllleultv. an opinion sub
stantiated by the late.H Pekln ndvice
to the effect that tho formalities have
actually been completed.
The next step probably will be a te-
convention ot the ministerial council at i
Pekln, and It Is probable that the gath-
erlng will be attended by the Chinese )
repiesentatlves, so that the proceed
ings will fiom this point on follow
closely In the line of the usual lorni ot
peace negotiations. The Chinese arc
showing the greatest solicitude In se
curing nn abandonment of military
operations by the foreign contingent
and a speedy withdrawal of th? foreign
tioops. If not fiom China, at least from
Pekln or vicinity, and now that both
sides: have entered Into a solemn en
gagement by the rutlllcatlon of this Pe
kln agreement, the United States gov
ernment Is willing to use Its olllces to
forward these objects.
Otherwise It Will Be Difficult for
Them to Secure Employment.
Ry I'wlinhr Wire bom Tlie AivHated t'ren.
Wllkes-narre, Jan. 16. The United
Mine Workers' convention nt Kdwards
vllle finished Its labors thl-j afternoon
and adjourned. A great deal of busi
ness was trammeled at the sessions to
day. A committee reported In favor ot
the legislature amending some of tho
mine laws now on the statute book, ft
was suggested that If the scheme was
practical mine Inspectors should be
elected by the people Instead of being
selected by a board of examiners ns at
present. Several of the deb gates com
plained that many of the laws were
not enforced.
A i osolntlon that th check weigh
man nppolntcjtl by the nilnets have the
same power as the welghnian em
ployed by the coal companies was re
ferted to tho executive committee with
Insti notions to have the matter em
bodied In a bill nnd piesented to the
legislature for passage.
A resolution was also adopted call
ing on the legislature to pas a law
compelling the coal operators to pay
by weight Instead of by the cnr. In
tho fiuuie all members of the union
arc to be provided with n card and
when they so In search of employment
this card must b presented to the fore
man: othervviso there will be objection
to the applicant receiving work.
After the convention adjourned a
parade was hold, which was partici
pated In by the delegates and all niln
eis employed In the collieries at IM
wardsville and Klnpston. About ;,."0(l
men weie In Hue.
It Is Reported That 7,000 Have Con-
gregated Under General DeWet.
Ban on Khaki Cloth,
tlj i:tltwe Who limn Tli .oeuteil Prc.
London, .fan. l'J. An Impoitaut re.
poit received fiom .liihaunesbiirg that
Geiie-iiil Oo Wet has crostcl the Vml
nnd Joined forces with the Transvaal
commandoes. If true, probably means
the concentration of 7,C0(j Hoers, with
several films, for another big attack.
There Is n minor current In Cape
Town that several Hoer lenders aro
uislng an attack upon the mines. It
has long been understood thut Oeneinl
Do Wet hnd been anxious to Join the
invaders In Capo Colofiy, nnd this
rumor may be spread to cover an at
tempt to break southward.
As an outcome of the fact that the
rtoers In several Instances have wm-i
khaki costumes, a government notice
has been promulgated In Pretoila pro
lillilUii!,' clvUlnnii from vv curing khaki
and notifying nil persons who wear
this costume, which in likely to l
mistaken for the Ilrltlsh uniform, thnt
they will render themselves liable to
nuest and impilHoiiiiieut.
The wni oillce Issued no fresh news
The t espouse to tho government's
call for volunteers Is sold to be verv
brisk In both London and the prov
inces. Defensive measures In South
Africa proceed apace. Seven thousand
men have Joined the city guard In
Cape Town, and Il.OUO others have vol
tinted ed In the suburbs,
Hishop of Portland.
By rxeltiahr Wiie fiom The AmocUtcd 1'rrM.
Itime, .Inn. l.-The llev. 1'atlier M. f. O'lhlin
ippolnM Mthop c, Portland, Me., at the
lat meeting of the rnnttrcj.itlon nf the piopi.
era in! j
Wcithtr Indications Tdijr.
FAinj coLonif.
1 Ocneral Defcne in the ncmtilftrr Jlurdtr
State LrftlsUturc In Slon.
iMnocriillc Supporter of Quay "o.l!ted.',
Tha Chinese bltn.itroli.
2 Cenrral Cirbot.dale Ilepartment.
.1 toeal-Craiid .lurj Itrlnin Indictment Against
Aldermen nnd .Imtlres of the Pence.
MIm llonell Makes Sertoli Charge Against
Her llrother.
4 Editorial.
Comment on the fjiuy Victor.
J boeal Scranton U Now a Second (1m Cily.
Transfer of tlie PcnrvltanU Coal Company.
New Tiolley Company for Srraiitou.
U Uital 'rt Senmlon and Suliiirhaii. ,
7 fleneral Northeanleni Pcnnijlunii.
financial and Comtnenlal.
8 Ncwi of the IndiiMrlil Woilil.
By a Torrent of Scathing Sarcasm
Ho Causes the Witnesses for a
Timo to Forget Their
Own Importance.
Ily Kiclu-lie Who from Tlie A",ooiatcd Prc..i.
West Point, .Ian. 11. The congres
sional committee put In n good day's
work at the West Point academy to
day. While they relaxed for a few
hours In the afternoon to witness u
drill of the first class In the lldlne
school, they got down to the bottom of
the hnzing piactK'cs at the academy
dining the last four years, and while
nt leust a dozen other witneses have
et to be examined In this connection,
the committee has laid out the work
for finishing the Inqiiliy before the end
of the week.
Three witnesses were examined dur
ing the day. They were Cadets Ma
haffey. Dockery and Peginm. All three
were thoroughly examined by Con
gressmen Wnnger. DrlgKS, Smith and
Not a point vns missed by theso
gentlemen, but what the witnesses re
ceived at the hands of these Investi
gators was as nothing to their experi
ence In the hands of tho chairman.
General Dick, of Ohio.
Tho gcncial questioned them In his
quiet, suavo manner, and led them on
by easy stages to the point he desired.
Then like a bolt from a clear sky he
let loose his torrents of scathing sar
casm, every word of which cut deeply
ard made each of the witnesses wince.
All thiec or them left the stand In n
breathless condition and In a worse
state of mind and body than If they
had Just been compelled to go through
the entire curriculum of hazing, which,
acordlng to the evidence adduced at
this Investigation, consists of a half
hundred different foims.
Street Railway Employes Met This
Morning and Discussed Secley
nnd Keller Cases.
At a meeting of the niotnrnion and
conductors employed by the Scranton
Hallway company, held at -' o'clock
this morning In Carpenter'H hall, the
question of asking for Iho dlechnige
of C. W. Seehy and tin lies Keller,
the two men who wot Iced during the
Mi Ike was discussed.
At 2.4." o'clock tho matter was still
under discussion, but it was an
nounced at that time n committee
would be appointed to wall upon Oen
einl Manager Slllluiau and demand
that Sfeley and ICellei be disc hinged,
and thut seveial men lecentlv ills
charged by the company be reinstated.
The men recently discharged Include
Patrick Hiven, chairman of the coin
mi tee which presented the grievances
to Cleneral Manager Kllllnuin, and who
was l"t go lust before the rerent strike,
and Michael Heap, a member of the
same committee, who was discharged
the day after th"e men went buck to
First National Bink Teller Sen
tenced. By F.xeltiMic WliV dem The oratcd Piwi.
Nh York, Jan. 16.--Cornellus L. Al
vord. Jr.. who pleaded guilty l stealing
JGiiO.OOO from the Fiist National bank,
where he was employed at note tiller,
was sentenced to thirteen veurs' Im
prisonment In R'lng Sing today by Judge
Thomas in the criminal branch ot the
t'nlted States circuit court. There were
few spectators In the court when Al
vurd was called to the bur.
lie entered tho court room fiom the
pen, carrying his head erect nnd swing
ing his arms us If he was out for a
morning constitutional. He appeared
to be perfectly unconcerned as to what
fate was In storo for him. . His wife
did not nppear In court, and very few
of his friends could be seen among the
Unable to Drive from Public Life
tho Candidates Who Were Polite to
the Queen.
Ily i:cluilve Wire fiom Tlie Asoilated Picn.
Dublin, Jan, 17. The nttempt of tho
United Irish league to dilve from pub
lic life nil candidates at the municipal
elections who vofd for tho address of
welcome to Queen Victoria has nig
pally fnlled. Sir Thomas. Pile, lord
niuyor of Dublin, who was created a
baronet in honor of tho queen's visit,
and who was a special object of thii
laiicnur ot the league, has been re
elected by n Jui go mujorlty.
Several othera who were opposed by
tho league have been roelected, whlb
Air, fiancy, a leader of tho anti-queen
movement, who had been a member
nf the corporation of London for
twenty yenis, has been defeated,
LcQlslatore at Harrlsbtirg Denounce
Members ot. the Partu Who
Aided Mr. Quay's Election.
Representatives Squler, Shutt, Kairt,
Fake, Rothrock, Qarvln and Gal
vln Are Expelled from the Domo
cratic Party The Speaker of th
'House Asked Not to Consider
Them ob Democrats When Making
Up His Committees.
Dy Kicluslre Wire fiom Tlie Associated Prm.
Ilarrlsburg, Jan. 16. A Joint cattcua
of the senate and houso Demoeiuta
was hold this afternoon, at which
l evolutions were adopted expelling
from the party those Democrats who
aided the Quny Republicans In th
organization of the house, and Wil
liam J. (.lalvlii, of Shenandoah, who
voted for Mr. Quay for United Strtes
senator. None ot the Democrats
against whom the resolutions are di
rected was ptesent except Kepresen
tutlvo Samuel H. llothrock, of MKIlln.
Senator J. Henry Cochran, of Lycom
ing, presided.
The resolutions were offered by ltep
lesentatlve Palm, of Crawford, and
originally did not name Messrs. lloth
rock, Shutt, Kune, Pake and Garvin.
Keprcsentnllve Cotter, of McKcan,
moved that their names be Inserted
and the motion carried.
Mr. Klshcr, of Northumberland, sug
gested that action Im postponed on
the resolution that the Democrats may
have more time to coiHdcr the mat
ter, but this was not done and the
resolution were unanimously adopt
ed. They follow:
The Resolutions.
Wh"rr.i, WillUm .'. liMvln. nf the I'lut lepi
htive dbtilil ot NhujIUII county win elected
ljt N'ou'UiUt n a Ii, mcKUt Jtid pltdcnl to
ivputent (.illhlully .j IMiiocratlu corulltmncy;
Whciciv, Tlii- (.aiil Cihiu h.n havly heliay.M
III!, lonttltucntA an well a Ihe county and tit
nrcanltillon ot the Uerr.ocratle arty, flrt ly
votlnK (nr W. T. Mamlnll tor ireaker of the
hou'e and again hy votiiu for M, S. Quy for the
L'nited Stale ln'le; ,e it then low
ltifohed, That wp leiiouiie Hip Mid WillUm
J. (labiii .is a iiaitoi' t" bis puty, an encnv
to (rood a-ovenitiHiit, a iitlcrly unworthy of and o.ih- who diuuld never ff,iln he en
truittrd 'villi miv pol(icn of honor, prolt or l'c.
Ite-olml, Thil tho aitiori of ,. 11. Soulier, of
Wjoinlii). cC.ui.IJ, vilio pern Itliil hinuelf to lie
ronnl'd paired on the vit for wrator with .1
nun Mho u s nut a .nctnher of Ihe liouc and al
a time when ii ainiir.einint vvlutever hod l-ei
made for pllllni.-, Hum plav ing into the hind
of thi fiifiny, denvM Ihe unQualilied ron Ion of eier loi il Domoerat and m Ii Jet
fhimld fone iild Siilrr Into iollliral evlle.
Keiohcd. Th.t i" Hi v. W'nililiiirii, who mlmrp
ieenti the ITIti'lli clIstiKt and vhn
fer ,eai h.ia hem most vlolrnt in tenoiinrinu
".nay and (jnaiUiii I rrau tin pulpit and platform
ha hv his liraeli 11 to his iontitnent arid In
tin p-rf !lni I11t1aj.1l id the three political pir
tie. i hieh he hat dl-uiaicd rarred the seorn and
contc of neiv ir in. vnmiii and i hlid 11
tlie Male of Pilit.i.;.l.l!dl.
Itetolied. 'Ihat llury II. Miuti, .lnhn II. ham.
I,. I'.iU. S. II. li.illiio. 1 Willi mi .1. lijliin
end Madiann . (laiviit, vilm voted fi.r or aided
Imlllirll.i in II, p fiiij ors-nl'illon of the hone
did run onl.i .v'lli Hie lull l.nmvhdp that the.i
v.ue ciliertly ahllns Pic electliiii of M. S. i)n
to He I'ritul stilp kiiuI' hut that in i dome
ttny baelj helra.ved Ihrli party, retanled tin'
ndi mop ef rel'oiie niiicli denlied li.v th" trul.i
loyal ricople el Hip coiiinioniM altlr and deerie
urn iiniiiialifiPd loiidemnillon.
Pl'ioIucI, That we iiifclful! e'iiel li
p( of tl p houp In in.uln;,- up hl lomniitteei
not to ipg.inl ter. Sqnlcr. "'hiitt, Kaln, Fake,
Itornroek, fJanin and tialvln a Peinoirat
Ballot for Senator Yesterday Re
sulted in No Choice.
Dy r.telmlve Wire from lh" Auorlated Prciw.
Wilmington, Del., Jan. 16. The bal
lots for t'nlted States senators In the
Joint session of the geuernl assembly
at Dover today resulted as follows:
l'or the full term: lllehard K. Ken
ney. Democrat, 23; J. Edward Addlcka,
I'uloii Uepubllcun, 1G; Colonel Henry
A. DuPont, regular Republican, 8:
William C. Spriunce, Levi C. Hlrd.
Charles J Itlchards and Ponjaniln
Nlelds, regular Hepublleans. 1 each;
absent, 1. Total vote, 51: necessary to
choice, 2D; no election.
Tor the short term: "Willis Salsbury,
Democrat. 22; John O. Gray, Democrat,
1: J, Kdvvnrd Addlcks, Union Uepubli
can, 10; Charles P. Itlchards, regular
ltepubllean, 9: William S. Hllles, regu
lar Republican, 2: llenjumln Nlelds,
regular Hepubllcan, 1; absent, 1. Total
vote, M: necessary to a choice, 28; no
election. Adjourned until noon tomor
The London Money Lender Leaver
Largo Sums to Chniity.
Ily Exciii'ivo Wire fiom TIib Asioelatcd Press.
London, Jan. 1". Hamuel Lewis, th
nionev lender and usurer, who died
Sunduy, left 4,000,000, all of which
goe, under his will, to his widow, with
tho exception of 200,000, -which Is di
vided among relatives.
In Ills will ho expresses a desire that
his widow should glvo In her own
name 100,000 to provide dwellings for
the poor of all creeds, 250,000 to tha
Piineo of Wales' hospital fund, 100,
000 to tho Jovvish board of guardian
of London, and 200,000 to various hos
pitals, -t- -f t -r 4-
J, ,
Vivlilnuton, 10. forecast for out. 4-
cm PinnnhciilJt Pair and rooler 4-
Thiirdiy hrlK to hliili iuithrttrly 4-
4 u-ltidni frli'.i fall. .
ttt -f ti-r 4 44- t