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    '' ?, jt-
A.n Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and bencllclal
effects of the well known remedy!
Svnui or Fios, manufactured by tho
California Fin Svnup Co., lllu&trato
thovaluoof obtaining tho liquid luxa
tlvo principles of plants Icnown to bo
medicinally liixutivo and presenting
them in tho form most refreshing to thu
t:uto and accontublo to tho (system. 'It
is tho one perfect strengthening laxa
tive, cleansing tho hyhtein effectually,
disponing' colds, headaches nud fevers
gently yet promptly nnd enabling ono
to ovcrcotno habitual constipation per
manently. Its perfect freedom from
every objectionable quality nnd sub
htunco, nnd Us acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakening
or Irritating them, makes it the ideal
In tho process of manufacturing fign
nro used, as they nro pleasant to tho
tasto, but tho medicinal qualities of tho
remedy nro obtained from senna and
other 'aromatic plants, by n method
known to tho California. Fio Srnup
Co. only. In order to get Its beneficial
effects and to avoid imitations, plcaso
remember tho full name of thu Company
printed on tho front of every package.
Fors&le by nil DrugnlBts. PrlcoWc. per bottlo.
Ice Cream.
QC Quart.
'idepbone orders rrompttr Ilivrd
;3f33j Adams Areau.
Scranfon Transfer Co.
Baggage Checked Direct to Hotels
and F'rivate Residences.
Office D., I. & W. Passenger
Station. Phone D25.
DR. li. B. WARE,
Hyc, Ear, Nose and Throat
Offlee Flour-t a. m. to 1I.S0 p. m.: S to
Wllllama Building. Opp. Pojto'Jle.
SOCIAL TOSIOIIT.-Ihe Kilat Pancing class
witl conduct .1 social In Economy hall tonight.
Music by l'rof. Johnson.
MARKED HAM.. The FCiond annua! masquer
ado ball of tho lount; Men's Hebrew llencfklal
lub will bo held at Muslu hall this evening.
VS0A1U) Or rilAniTIKS. The board of niwcl
ated charities of S rjntnu will meet thN cenin3
at 8 o'clock In tho postmaster' luoin, l'oitofllii!
"TUB IIHinnX Or.M." The students of st.
'Ilumd.' collrgo will produce tonight at the
I.jceum Cardinal Wlacman's nplcndld pla, "The
Hidden Oem."
PAY HAYS. The Delaware and Hudson com
pany paid the jardincn at Carbondale yetrrdij.
Ihn Laikawanna nation agent) on tlie HloomV
burg divltlou wero paid je.tddi.
CSU OP 1U.00D rOISOXINC-Iolin .amnion,
ol Lueme ftrcct, was blood-poli-uncd by nib
pbur water In the Continental mine, lie wai
taken to the Moats Taj lor hopllal jcnteula;,
m:cond iEfiiu:u cosri:itiii:i).--ih, h cu,i
ilrgrce was eonfencd upon several new iiiniibein
last night by Division 17, Ancient Older of 111
bemlanj, at their hall, t.'l UtUwaniu avenue
MCETIXO TODAY.-The central M-onun's
Christian Temperance union will meet this af
ternoon at 3 o'clock In Ouern,.ey's hall. u
sldreM on molheis' meetings will he gien bv
Mr. J. J. P,ankln. of Klmhurt, superintendent
of that work in tho count .
MRMDF.RS' COIIItM:.-Tli,. fuurth eiileitain
ment of tlie inembtra' couifo w he gni at
tlif IUUroad Young Men's Christian ahoclatiun
next Prlday oining. 'Jlio entertainers will In
S. M. Siedon, character aitinlj John T. Wat
kins, bultouci Ilessie Mote, elocutioniit. I.lew
i lljn Jones, planUU
Ices. Mlas I., i:. l'enmaii and Pioti-Mor H.nid
-f-f --f-f
4. We offer subject to previous "
4- sole
$12,000 :
Economy Steam Heat Company
-Gold Bonds:
5 Per Cent. Free of Tax.
tuie 1030.
Tils lonipany waa oigunlud in jmm, and
lus been tuues.lul fiom 1I10 tun. It
is the only steam beating iompan, in
tho city of ikrantou, and Is tout lolled
b. rcprcbvntathe luiii. The bonds uic
cuiiildticd to to a detiiable Inustiiiciit.
f 6 nroadmy, X. Y. WilkcsdUue. -f
sV Ctirhondale, 4
f Commonwealth llldg, t-tranlcn 4-
-f 4
0tn, u.111 conduct n cTomlntllon In tlif
lioiul o( c-ontiol room on Pitunliy ultcrnoon for
(iflinaiionl lto ci-rlMc-alrs.
IIKMI L'M)i:it IIAK.. 1'rcd fairy, of Tjjlor,
wan hrM iimlcr JW ball by .Milrrnuit .Millar
lil night 011 (lio cIuiro of ilefraiiilln? Ill bo.ud.
tnw tulitirn uf a JIJ lionril bill.
0Vi:V IIA.NN OH MIIS. OS'Mm 1 lit o.
cal iiotol(lco authoritlct art In ircclpt of)a
letter asking tor Information lrgirdlnir tltlirr
Oven llj tin or Mr Conner, of this illy. It
Is (Igntil by Mis. Miry Muorc, SJI0 I'jmrcll c
nut, Chicago.
iir.Moru.vric I'ltniAtiiKs ioday.-tiio iitm.
piratic tirlimrlia lor tlio nomination of candl.
ilatca for nblrrmrn un election ofllccm in tlio
Mxlrcnlli ujnl will bo licld today between the
hours of 4 anil 7 p. in.
NO MIXTIXn lOSttlllT. Ilicrr will lx m
ncMlnft of tin- Catholic Historical cotlfty ami
Xtwman Magazine itub tills riming owing to
Iht nlwi-nte fiom the illy of the principal lie
tuicr. Hit nctt ii.ectlns wilt bo hchl on
TumiUv, .January 11.
Tlllll'.W I.I(IUTK1 I.WIP.-IIiirIi Wall, of
llimanl plur, siti ancttcd by Patrolmen Con.
nery ami llirt Ust night. Mall went homt but
tuning pretty much umlcr the Influence of liquor
anil proceeded to turn thing topsy-turvy In the
Iioufo by bicatdng furniture, throwing lighted
Limp, etc.
ClIAItCil'.l) WITH SniALIXO DOC.S.-lMuarcl
McCiulrf and Mllei, were milgncil btfort
Alderman .Millar last night charged with deal
ing four bull dogs from M. Upson, of l-l Ptnn
annuo. Chief of Police Hobling Is the prow
cutor. They were held iindti VOO bill each lor
oppcaraico in mutt.
MAIN r.MlltYIMJ COXTIiAfT. The fivtyrar
roiitiut for carrjlng the malt from the local
poftofrko to the kocral ilcpotj and the trt;t
rar been awarded to Walter I!. Gunntcr, of
tlili city, who wai the lowest bidder. The con.
ti't ilatci from July 1 of thl )car to .lunc "0,
MllirriVO UID'T TAKI: PI. n:.-Th mretln
of cliTgwncn, hoHpllal director', etc., called for
but night In the board of trade anembly room
under the patronage of V. 1'. Sim the, who con.
template publishing a directory and devoting
the protced to charity, didn't take place aa
only two pcrvins were prccnt.
Till'. orvRTKHf.Y Vt:i:TIn. The ipiarterly
meeting of the Sciantou Archdeaconry and of
Women' auxiliary to the board of intalniw, will
Im lirld at M. I.uke'i I. K. chiinh next Turf,
diy. Addnwie will be mide by Itcv. Mr. Young,
a millenary to Japan, and MIm .lulla Kinorj ,
fecretarj of the Women's aulll.iry of the church
In the lilted States.
OITICKIK CIIOi:v.-lbe following officers
were jthtmky afternoon n elected by the
bond of directors of tlie Thinl Natioml baiilc
I'icldcnt, William Connell; lce prcsidnit, Henry
llclln. Jr.; caahltr, William II. Peck. The ill
icetois are a.s follows: William Connell, Henry
llilln, Jr. I.uthcr Keller, .1 llrnjimlii Dlinmlik,
James 11hb1ld, Thomas II. Walklns, o. H. Cat.
tin, Mfrcd Hand, James Council.
KM I'CUKlN'S, IH'MOIIIST,- I'.ll Peikin.. the
famous liuinorlt, will letture at the high nehool
(in Thursday ciening, .Imuar.s 2t To Icrlniis
will be cisen, "Tales Told Hound the Stove"
and "Philosophy, Wit and Humor." To thcc
who desire tu heal the famous speaker, the op
poilimitj of neiuring seats awaits at Powell's
music store, where the iliiginm In open for in
prillon. lieseried seats, 50 centf.
with, of Cliic igci, air brake iiistiuelor for the
Intcinatlnnil Correspondince sihools, jut a
Hteieoptkon exhibition and lecture at the It ill
road nung Men's Christian .ls.oeiatlon last
eeulng, outlining the adiantages ot the air
brake system 011 raHiouli ind cvpliinine the
intrlradis of the work to a laige number of
railioad men. The lirpheus elnb sang sucral
Klectlous. A large class his alrcad.i bein
formed among l-ickawanna lailroad einplojes and
the In tines are for the purpose ot siding and
liMruitlng the men In the work. Another e
liihitiou will be giicn this esening in the iooui,
AT AMI SritIXT CIII'UCII.-Tlie Hiiiinmer
Ktangcllst, Hex. W. II. Williams burins a week
of special iexlal meetings tonight in the Ah
Mrcct Methodist church in Little England, com
mencing each esening .it 7..10 o'clock. The list
of subjects arc: Tuiwlay evening, "No lloom for
Jesus": Wednesday evening, "Conversion",
Thursday evening, 'T'onscience"; Friday even
ing, "The Last Invitation": Saturdiy. 3 p. m.,
sermon to chlldien, mhjtct "The First Start";
Saturday esening, "Will We Know Our Friends
In Heaven"; Sunday afternoon, sermon to men
onlj, no bojs admitted, subject "Social Purits";
Sunday evening, "The Young Man ana His cim
pany"; Monday evening, farcwtll sermon.
M'AM, MISSION' 1IIXTI.V0. Hie meeting of
the Siranton nuxilinry ot the American MeAll
Mis-ion, licld at the Lome of Mrs. James A.
Uncn .vesterday was well attended and of an
intcicstlng character. Mrs. J. . Pilee presided.
iiiu siiiijtti 01 ine ny was tue anniveisary ot
Dr. McAll's tlrst vvoik In Fiance Articles were
read initiating the progiesi of tlie woik, and
announcements vvcic nude eonceinlng the annu
al inciting in March. Mis. Price, Mis. It. I.
Powell and Mr.. . F. Law weie among tho,c
who furnished the progiamine. At the loneln
sion of Hie liujltie. session light trticslinunts
weie scivcd bj Mr-. I.iiun. as.lslcd by Mrs. J.
sclden lllair, MIm I.lnen and Miss llan'ley.
Will Give a Concert In Second Pies
byterlnn Church Tonight.
Tlio iiutliorlzeil successor of tho Ju
bilee singers of Flake unlveitlt of
Xnuhvlllc, Tenn., will sliifr tointiht In
the Second Presbyteiiau chun-h ut 8
o'eloek. In Xew York, lltooklyn. Hn
ton, Philadelphia nnd Chlcv.iju ili-i,-concei'ts
hae been teeoIed xvlt'i tin at
AtliTiixHlon to tonlslit'H eoneo : will bo
ftee. The ureut work the Klskn Ju
blloe MlnKPfs ate doing among the
freedmen will be presented and an of.
leilnrr will be taken, Jlveiyono Ih wel
Board Mot Last Evening and Elected
Officers for the Year.
Tliu annual meeting of the directors
of the Rescue Mission was held last
night at tho mIslon house on Frank
lin avenue. Tho dlrcctots pi event were
M. F. I,aikln, J. Lawrence Stelle, C.
H. Chandler, I., T. Mattes, 1.. M. Hor
ton, W. 1: Pluinley, A. L. Rryden und
Superintendent Sanborn.
Tho following ollleeiH were elected
for the coming year: President, J.
Luwrenco Stelle; vice-president, li, T.
Mattes; tteasuier, Chailes II. chand
ler; heciotary, W. K. Plumley. Oeotge
O. Sanborn was le-electeil superin
tendent, and Miss Weir re-engaged as
missionary and organist.
Plans are on foot to make the 'lodg
ing house feature better than ever he
Still Says He Does Not Know Who
Stabbed Him.
James Ruddy, the young man who
was stabbed on the hip, Sunday night,
In u tineas with friends on ' Linden
street, still denied all knowledge of tho
a ft'ii I r, when n-eu 'by a Tribune, man ut
the Lackawanna hospital yesterday.
Ruddy can remember meeting a
crowd of men on Linden street and
engaging In a light, but unythlng
further, or oven who his antagonists
were, ho doeH not ktiow, he says.
Ruddy claims that ho does not know
O'Malley, who waa ti-eated at tho hos
pital for a bcalp wound and a uash
over the eye, and who was believed to
havo been Injured ut the same time,
and denies that ho was n nnriiiim,n
1 In the same light.
Twd of Their Number Will Be Ab
sent on Account of Illness Tablet
Prepared Which Shows the Vast
Amount of Work the New Court
Has Done Since Its Creation in
1800 Casos on the List for Argu
ment During the Two Wockn'
In the superior coin t room of tho
court house this morning nt 10 o'clock
the annual session of the superior
court will ho held. The following
Judges will be In attendance: Presi
dent Judge C. E. Ulce, of Wllkcs
llurre; Judge James A. Heaver, of
llellelonto; Judge George R. Orlady, of
Huntingdon; Judge W. D. Porter, of
Pittsburg, nnd Judge W. Yv. Porter, of
Philadelphia. Judge P. P. Smith, ot
this city, and Judge John I. Mitchell,
of W'ellsboro, will not be present, both
being ill. The Judges all arrived In
the city last night und are at the
The growth of the business of the
court since its creation in 1S06 has been
steady and shows the necessity there
was for such a tribunal. A table com
piled by Court Crier Taylor shows the
amount of business done by the su
premo and superior court since tho
creation of the latter:
Supreme. Superior.
1S9A Gil 4U
lk'i7 Tts frm
189S (,' 111
isoa Oil mm
1'JOO iu ill
it will be observed that lust year the
Superior court had twenty-six more
cases befoie It than the Supionie couit.
Thu number of cases from Lickawan
na each year since the Superior court
went into existence follows:
'-upU'lne. Supeilor.
vx J.'i "J
1-.I7 It II
1KH 2H I!
Wri 2C J
l'.s 15 10
The first casa on the list today Is ono
of the famed oleomargarine cases from
Philadelphia. It will bo submitted.
The appellant, John L. Nelll, was con
victed In the quarter sessions of Phila
delphia county of selling oleomargar
ine unlawfully. The conviction was at
the same time, but under three differ
ent Indictments. The law says that a
fine shall be Imposed for the tnst con
viction nnd Imprisonment tor the sec
ond and subseepient offenses. Nelll
was lined for his conviction under the
first Indictment and sentenced to thhly
days' Impilsonment under the second.
He alleges that he can only be fined,
taking the gmuud that It was practic
ally one conviction, und 'that the three
indictments were all the outgiowth of
the same transaction.
Exactly the same facts were uigued
at the last sitting In Philadelphia In
the Fink appeal, and for that reuson
the Nelll case will be submitted to
day. The trial ll.-t for the term which
opens today Is given below. During
this week appeals from the courts of
Carbon, Columbia, Mom 00, Montour,
Wyoming, Luzerne and Lackawanna,
counties will be heard. This Is tho
list for this week:
Commonwealth of I'enni, vs. John K Xeill,
appellant. Appeal from (J. s. Philadelphia conn
tv. In re Catavtisna and Main township road, Ste
phen Martin and Hsrsey Shugirs, supervisors,
appellants Appeal and cert. Q. s. Columbls
W, II. Henrle, piuthonotjry and link of tie
coiuts vs. Columbia count v, appellant. Appeal
and cert, C. 1. (ulumbia county.
O. n. Mellck vs. I'ennsjlvanlt Itailio.ul com
pany, appellant. Appeal and celt. C. I. Col
umbia count.
The (leneral Fnu F.tlngulhcr company of the
stale of New- Yoik vs. the Magce Carpi t works,
et al., appellants. Appeal and eert. r. P. Col
umbia county.
Mc Kinney Kvarts k Co, , I.. 0. Stephens,
appellant. Appeal and cert. C. P. W.vomlng
L. K. Girl on it a!., vs. Lehigh Valle.v Itallroad
companv, appellants. Appeal and ceil. C. P.
Wvomlng county.
Heniy Mann k Son, appellants, vs. Pivld SI
berg et al. Appeal and cert. C. p. Luzerne
Kantrr k ohen, appellants vs. llivld Sabbetg
ct al. Appeal and cert. C. P. Lnzeine counts.
I. Sapersteln, appellant s. Hat Id Mlsberg it al.
Appeal and cert. I. 1'. Luierne county.
Harry C. Mason vs. James cilnn et al., ap
pellants. In cqutl). Appial and ceit. C. P. Lu
zerne count). -"
Phoebe A, Lebemiiig . J. K, Downs it al.,
appellant. Appeal and cert. C, I1. l,iirtii,o
William Moigan et al. vs. Newport township,
appellant. sppcal and celt. ('. I', Luziiue
In re petition of Ceoigc W. Mitchell ct al,, H.
A. Fell, appellant. Appeal and iert, ty, S. Lu
zerne county.
Thomas P. Levl t. Maigaict Jones, appel
lant. Appeal ami eeit. ('. P. Luzerne count).
Tlie City of Will.ft-lliue vs. Fllzabclh Men
art, appellmt. ppcal and ccit. (. P,'ri.c
count v.
In ie estates of Joseph Luton, deceived, Iteiije
mill Lutun lit his lieu blend W. II. Hints, jp.
pellnnt. and cert. 0. C Luzerne county.
Merrlt0. Cut) et al., appellant 1 ts. o. i
Miillcr.' In ie)ull). Vpptal and cert. I. P.
Luzcine count),
Fied fioeilnger ts. Ilenr) Seliappert. appellant.
Appeal nnd celt. (' P. Luzcine count).
F. A. I'help-,, htrsvv cV Co., appellants ts, J,
I'. Hums et al. Appeal and celt. (. 1. Luzerne
I'.'tale of Lawrence A. Duft), iKicimiI. Wini
fred Ilufl), appellant, ,ppeal and ceil. 0, C.
Luzerne county.
I'atilek Haggert), inliniiiltrator of Anthony
Haggert), deceased, ts. the borough (cltt) of
I'ltt&ton, appellant. Appeal and ecrt. C. P.
Luerne count).
Commonwealth, iippellanf v. M. II. Huvtells.
Appeal and tell. Q. s. Liieine count).
The commonwealth of Pcuus)lvanla, to u.p of
J. F. Ilriggs, guarillin, apptllant vs. Welister
llcmalrv, It. M. Tubli', et al, Appeal ami cert.
C. P. I.uzeine count).
'Iliomas Mllcliell ts. .Mlcluel Kimui, Juhn Ijii
gau et al., appellants. In eipiil). mA and
cert. C. I. I,ii7i rne count).
Tliumas .Mllebell v.. Mlcliael Ktaui, pie.lilenl
et al,, appellant!. In nuill). Appeal and ceit.
C. P. Luzerne county,
I e uf Luther Keller ts im "htilduii, appel
lant. Appeal nnd cert. ('. P. Lackawanna couutv
Oenrgt ItJiick is. p.itrlik J. lIcManauiou et
al., appellant, ppfal and em, ('. p, l.ji-kj-tvannt
In It Impeaihuienl ol Jolili p. Kell), ,lhii '.
Ivell). appellant. Appeil and icit. C. P. Lack,
wanna count).
The Cawy k Kelbv llicvvlng Co., appellant
tf. Mai) Ldmundi, Tlio Magaia Flu- liiuiancc
Co. of New Yoik, gainldiee. Appeal and cut.
C. P. loiikatvauiia count).
Janiei, S.itil t. City of Seianiou, appellant.
Appeal and cert. '. I". Laikavvjiina county.
Tlie Spilng Hiook Water Co. et al,, upprlUnt
t. M, J. Kill), et al. In equity, Vppeal anel
cert, C. I'. Lackawanna count).
Ill re estate of Plillllplue Knjle, deceived,
Iauls Digit, appellant. Appeal and icit O. C
Lackavv-anua county.
Plnit Deposit and Plseoimt hank', to use of
Frank Sn)der v. W, W. Arnold tt al,, appt.
lautf. Apcal and iert.. C. I. Uekavvaniia
Hoiough of Tajlcr i. Tito Postal Telegraph
Cable Co., appellant. Appeal and cert, C, I',
Lackawanna county,
I'.lltii C. Kelly tt. James F, Donnellv, npptb
Ijiit, In equity. Arpcal and icit. Kqully court,
I-sckaw inna isninly.
City of Sranton, appellmt ts. Henry lleckett
otate. ppi'.il and cer(. C. 1', Uekavvaniu
John S. Miller, appelHnt t. Interstate Casu
alty Co. of .New Yoik. Appeal and cert, 0. P.
ljckawanna enmity.
William III) lor vs. 1iien O. Sttihen.s, appel
lant. Appeal and cert, C. I'. Laikavvanna county,
ll. II, Hcplnzlc t. ithur Flotlilugham, up-fK-tt
1111. piral and cert. C. I'. Lickawanna
Coinmonvuallti tt. Antlionv llunleity, appel
lant. Appeal and eert. if. S. Lait..ivvann.i county.
Next week appeals from tlradford,
T'lke, Sttsnuehanna nnd Wayne coun
ties will have a hearing. The cases
set down are:
Commonweilth of IVimuhinla ts, David I.
long, appellant, Appeal nnd ceit. O. and T.
lbanou eounty. Tmnfeircd from riilladelphla.
Miry 0. Kiioblca, Illla Nobles Williams, op-
H'lljtits vi. John (). l'lollut, tt at,, romnils
loners ef roads, W)sou township. Appeal and
cert. C. I'. llradford county.
(Vmmomrealth ts. Iltnjtruin A)tr, appellant,
Appial and eert, 0. I. Diadfonl county.
Clara (!utln m. F.. II. Cortright, khrrlff, p.
pellant. Aiqical and ceit. C. I. Wa)iit county.
In re estato of Xclson Potter, deceased. Cordis
Stone, appellant. Appeal and cert, O. C. iua
tiii h.imu county.
In te road In HerrUk nnd Ararat townahipi,
Consolidated Watir Supply (Vj. and L'nlondale
Water Ov, appellants. Appeal and cctt, q. H.
SiimUiIiiiiii.i county.
Lory Stone, appellant t. Ceorgo It. Pogen.
Apieal and cert. 0. P. Pusqiitliinna county.
Jacob Stites v. the First National bank nt
Monliose, appellant. Arpeal and cert. C. P.
Susquehanna county.
M J. MiCollum ts. Jf. T. 1'trlgo, Polly Tif
fany . nduiiiilslratrit, appellant. Appeal and celt,
('. P. "susquehonna county.
Commonwealth tt. William Church and Fied
click Itiirdlck, npiellanti. Aprieal and cert. O.
and T. ;mquclianii.i enmity.
Yesterday's Hearing: in the Council
manic Cases Was Almost Barren
of Results Boland Heard.
Another lienrlnrr In the brlheiy eases
brought by the Municipal I.eaKUs
against Counelhncn K. J. Coleman,
Thomas O'lloyle, Udward Jumes, It.
II. Wllllama, T. r. .Melvln, John .Mo
Anelrew nnd I'. V. MeCann was hold
yesterday afternoon In tho olllce of Al
derman Fuller.
The only witness examined wns ex
Clty Treasurer ('. O. Uohind. Attor
ney .Inme- 11. Toney, who cross-examined
Mr. Uolanel, Intimated 11 great
many things In his questions, but
didn't Mteeeed In getting the wltnesH
to admit many of them.
Mi. Hnliind testified that he was one
of the original Incorporators of the
I.aeknuunna Telephone company In
connection with T. J. Foster, 1". J.
Itoblrisein, Oeorge Horn, Conrad
Selnoeder and others.
He had talked to Councilman Me
I'unn, who Inttoduecd the amendments
which killed the llrst otdlnanee, but
money -wnf not mentioned. He talked
with 10. .T. Malepieiy after the new fran
chise was Anally granted and Moloney
intimated that thoie was n considera
tion for which Coumilman Coyne
phoulel have stood by tho old company.
Maloney had icmarked that It hodeoht
a lot of money to find out the treach
ery of 1 lie rouiicllineii.
Maloney said nothing about coun-ellmi-n
being on the pd- roll of the
old company. The only councilman,
Mr. Boland said, who had talked to
him directly about money was II. T.
Fellows. He couldn't nunember that
anyone professing to represent coun
cllmen had asked for money.
He remembered having talked to
Wade Finn about Simon Thomas. Finn
said the olel comapny had offered to
give Thomas money to pay his hotel
license' tax, the witness sold, and Finn
suggested that If the new company
"loaned" Thomas that amount, ho
would tote fnr the now franchise. He
couldn't say positively whether or not
he had given Finn $."00 to be "loaned"
to Taomas thorugh Harry Hatton. "I
can't f-ny whether I did or didn't,"
said he.
Mr Toney was Just starting In to
nsk Mr Uoland about his knowledge
eonceinlng tho raising of a largo sum
of money by the men to whom tho
charter was tianst'ened before any
money was needed for nvtual xpenscs
when Mr. Hturges broke In with:
"Oh, we'd better adjourn this until
tomoirow. when Mr. Roland will prob
nbly be better able to recall these
things. He'll be better prepared then.
He husn't had any notice, you know."
The hearing was postponed until
this afternoon at 4 o'clock.
For Ten Hours Ho Lay Unconscious
in tho Lackawanna Itiver Was
Frozen in a Terrible Manner.
Stunned and unable to move a mus
cle to hell) himself John Guns, of Staf
ford avenuu and Kim street, wns
found lying, almost totally Immerired
In the cold waters of the Lackawanna
liver, early yesterduy morning. For
ten hours Ouns had occupied this ex
tremely uncomfortable position, und If
he succeeds In pulling through with
his life he can thank only the skill
of scicMtce und bis lucky stars that
he Is still la the laud of the living.
Whllo going to his work at the south
mill Monday evening ut 7 o'clock, in
some unaccountable manner, Huns
dipped from the wall bkirtlng tho
Lackawanna river und fell fifteen feet
Into the Icy waters below.
Ho was rendered unconscious from
the fall, but fortunately the water nt
this point Is not very deep. The
gt eater part of his body was coveted
by tho water, but his head and snoul
ders were clear and tested upon the
In this posture other workmen of
the mill discovered him at fi o'clock
yehteiduy morning. He was taken to
tins mill and tho Moses Taylor hospital
ambulance summoned.
Chins was taken to that Institution,
where II was found that he was se
verely cut and bruised about tho head,
caused 110 doubt by his fall. Other
parts of the body are badly bruhed
and lacerated. That pottlon of his un
ntomy resting In tho water is of course
badly dozen. His condition Is quite
serious and he will be fortunate If
he mirvlves to tell of his terrible ex
fluiis cannot give any satisfactory
account of tho nlTalr. Hn dojs, not
know how he came to fall from tho
wall, but Is Inclined to believe that ho
was pushed by somo person unknown.
We have for sale several fine icsl
deuces In best pait of city. Clmrlei
Schlugci, I'rluu Dulldlntr,
Tho Building Committee Formally
Recomraonded Their Erection, but
Captain TVtay Moved for a Post
ponement Until After Reorganiza
tion Motion Seconded by Dr.
O'Mallev, Which Shows tho Way
tho Land Lion Vaccination Time
The proposition to erect three new
school buildings In vniious parts of
the city received a temporary set hack
from tho boaid of control last night,
It being decided to poslpoile nctlon
until the first meeting In March, or
until after tho icorganlzatlon of the
boa id.
Tho mutter wns brought up by
Chairman Hoche, of the building com
mittee, who read the report of that
body recommending that the follow
ing new buildings bo erected during
the coming year, the money tu pay
tot' them to come fiom the appropria
tions for tho fiscal year 1901-100.!:
Sixth ward, twelve room building;
First ward, eight loom building; Sec
ond waiel, twelve room building.
Captain Mny Immediately moved
that nctlon be postponed until tho
Hint meeting night In March. Mr.
Gibbons arose to explain his views on
tho matter n.i a member of the build
ing committee. Ho said he opposed
tho election of nnv more buildings at
the meeting of the committee.
Ho believed that the threes buildings
would cost about $100,000 and that to
raise that amount it would bo neces
sary to Issue bomls, lie believed the
Sixth ward needed a building nnd
should have It. If the dlstrlcl'H finan
cial condition would allow. The Idea
of building a Htiueture In the Fhst
ward, h said, was 11 bail one, because
many citizens of the wind weie op
posed to the location of the site. The
Second ward needed a building badly
and If the piojeet to ciect the other
two buildings was going to be put
through, he'd fuvor Including that
ward. The motion to postpone was
The fact that Captain May made the
motion and that Dr. O'Malley seconded
It can be taken as a very good Indica
tion that they're going to bo In this
year with tlie powers that be, Instead
of with the opposition, as they were
lust yeiu. It is generally understood
that Mr. Juyne will be re-elected
chairman, with a good many votes to
spare. The Idea of having the matter
postponed was so that the new or
ganization, which will llx the appro
priations, will be able to have Us say
as to how they hall be spout.
The building committee also recom
mended that electric lights bo In
stalled In schools .'e. 11 nnd 6, nnd
that twelve flag poles be purchased
at $u0 each. The tlrst lecommcndu
tlon was adopted, but the flag epolc
iiuestlon was referred back to tho
committee for further consideration,
when it was learned that only six
were actually needed at piesent.
AH the bills presented by thei build
ing committee weie approved, with
one notable exception. This was a bill
for $4 presented by Controller Howell
for carriage hire. Mr. Iloehe explain
ed that the carriage wns used by the
two appraisers engaged by the con
troller to Inspect the lots In the Sixth
ward, which he contended the school
boarel paid too much for.
"Well, that's pretty nervy," ejacu
lated Mr. Gibbons, "ir we've got the
legal right to pay that bill, we should
pay It, but I'have strong eloubts that
we have." The bill was not passed.
Fpon motion of Dr. O'Malley, the
board decided to extend the time limit
for tho vaccination of children from
January 15 to February 1. Mr. Jen
nings said that he and a number of
other members of the board were In
receipt of an anonymous letter, which
suggested that the vaccine virus being
used by some ot the local physicians
was not of the best.
He quoted a story he had heaid
about two children who told their par
ents that the physician who vaccin
ated t hem wanted to know If they
wanted the "cheap or the dear kind."
He asked the doctor If any of the virus
used In this city was of an Inferior
The doctor leplied that the vaccine
matter used by the physicians of this
city was tho standard article, prepared
under proper aseptic conditions and
that there was no disparity In tho price
chat god to physicians. No bad result
could come from vaccination, he said,
if it weie propel ly done.
The teachers' committee rcommended
that Miss Mary O'Muley, of Green
Hldge, be appointed teacher In No. 26,
to fill the vncancy caused by tho icslg
nation of Miss Kllzabeth Williams, and
that Joseph Murphy be appointed to
fill the vacancy nt No. 7, caused by the
resignation bf MUs Kllzabeth Joyce.
Uoth teachers were appointed.
Bids for the heating nnd ventilating
of No. !!5 school weie received as fol
lows: Charles 11. Scott, $990; M. F.
O'Malley, $768. Mr. O'Malley forgot to
enclose Ills check for $100, but Mr.
Francois 1 eddied down In his clothes
and pulled out a crisp gold certlllcuto
for that amount, and Mr. O'Malley de-
'poslted this. He was then awurded tho
Mrs. Jennie Jenkins, Miss B.J. Judge
nnd Mlbs Kllzabeth Wade were grant
ed permission to take the examination
for permanent certificates.
Tho Principals' Round Table re
quested, tluough Prof. Fitzgerald, that
they be allowed to use the principal's
room nt the High school once a month,
nnd tho matter was referred to tho
High school committee, with power to
It was decided, at the suggestion of
Mr. Kvans, to give tho controller from
each ward power to close all night
schools at the und of this month which
cannot show u regular attendance of
over fifteen pupils.
The teacheis" pay-roll for the month
ending January 4 was pussed, and the
secretnty was Instructed to draw war
runts for the pay of the night school
teacheis for the month ending next
Thursday, upon recommendation of
the superintendent.
Rummago Sale,
126 Washington avenue, Jan. 17 and 18.
Eter.m Heating and Plumbing,
P. V, & M. X. ilowley.SJl Wyoming avf,
Just a ivlinute of
Vour Time, Please
ou appieclate tlie fait (as well as wo), tint the proper fnrnkhlng of ci bomt U
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the best for the least money. We can demonstrate our nbllity to sive .ton murwy
011 every nit ii to If you will consider the quality and give us .in opmrtunlty,
100-pieco Dinner Sets, $7.00 nnd upward.
10-plece Toilet Sets, decorated $2.50 nnd upward.
Decorated Lamps, with globe to match, from $2.50 to $30.00.
'VuxiaTVt&VV -.
Ciei. V. Millar &
-w -'" im-w
Gold Crowns $3
Gold Fillings .$1
Bridge Work (T,h) $3
Set of Teeth $5
All stork guirantc-il for 10 tears. Call ami
hate jour Icclh examined frto of iliarRC.
Satisfaction or no uy.
QRY Wi X W ti 'Ft M V
J- J T 4 il ML '3
Schimpff, the Jeweler,
That's the name. You've heard it a good m.uiy times
most every time in fact, when jewelry is the topic of conver
sation, for the one imp.lies ths other.
Schimpff, the Jeweler,
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ararfa-a'taaB'aa'fef!tf to a -
0 The New Ncversll;) As
y plinlt Itcmovahlc
Horse cannot slip
and will outwc:ir three
sets of any other calk
Ml0M000000i'Wl0000pa0 00TA3
0tt0ip 0P iltt0fr0M090yi0K0W0P000
oun stoci: foii hxtknt, vari
Basement Store
Alter you have taken in the Main Floor ; seen all
there is to see in Confections df every sort; the
finest ot Bake Stufls and Toys, until you- can't
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Extracted Absolutely
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Our syt'tn cf I'MnVi'.S Drntlstry Is f.r
superior tn tin old inftlnul nf Ooliu- vvciik.
Wr both llll mill estreat lee-th without tli
least lurllclc nf pain. Our iricen lor Ihn
prffent ire rslrcnicl.T Intv, ami II oii ore In
tired cf eui) -Mutl. (Jail mill liive
juiir teeth cxninlnM.
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Dr. ReyerTOGntist
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O 3
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Leather Goods i
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126 and 128
t-rM .