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    ?$& r -", " apv r mn . jv vv
v vwrimfT' " tj"" 'V-riT nwwi. ?
PI llD.4 Mill tr,r Pnmilil I Ico "
uuimiinK" "V """.
" Babies thrive on it.'
With Phosphates
and Hypophos
phltes Added.
Taste not changed.
. Sold by Grocers and Drugg'uts.
J The Dr. Hand Condensed Milk Co.
Writ for booklet. SCRANTON, PA.
Ice Cream.
c Quart
3 slepboce Orders Promptly Dill virsl
J7tf3i7 Adams Avenue.
Scranfon Transfer Co.
Baggage Checked Direct to Hotels
and Private Residences.
Office D., Si. & W. Passenger
D., Si. & W.
Phono 525.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Offl ee IIours . tn. to ItM p. m.: 5 to .
Williams Dullding, Opp. Potoffl".
AN.NTAl, PKK LETTIVG. The annual ik-w
letting cif the I'enn Avenun llaptlt will
t.ilo place tomoiiovv night comnictu Ing at 8
JII.KTIM; 'IOHy. Tliire will be a incctlnv
cf tho IioufcIioM section of the tirocn llide
Woman's club in tho Green Hldifo library at
3 3U Murday afternoon.
tbASS SOClUi. 'llie Jlrrt soilil under the
umpire of tho Knights of Columbus ilintlu';
claps will be held at the club nxms in Ilium
day evening next. lUuei's orchestra will furnish
T1IU HIDDl.N (,i:I. '-In the I.jeeum the
tir n Tuesday rxuilntj the Ktudents of &t.
'Ihfmiaa' coll(t;e will pioduce Cirdiral Wise
man's draun, "The Hidden Gem." The rat of
(liaracltrs is entlidy cempoied of the pupils of
tlie tollcse.
CItl!Slir.D HIS lTNOr.US.-rrederlck lUrrctt.
Jrt j ears of aure, of I'rueburi;, had two
on hU left hand badly criulicd Satmday while
oipllns cai at Storr'a Mult. He was taken to
the Moi.cs hospital, where the Impcii
weie ampulattd.
PATlTlCTrANrS I.V iT.Ti:.-.U who arc to
participate in the Mtrlc Antoinette fete are io
qi efted to meet at the board of timlc bulll
Inp In whit was formcily tho Dtwey be ok bloro
tunlght at 8 o'clock. Cliapeioncs of all the
dances will meit thcie at 7.C0.
Mllhr Saturday reeeUcd a hrge mountnl pnr
trait of Major Rencral Miles and Adjutant (ien
rral Stewart, a, present fiom Colonel Ripple,
The ensemble is a military tjtnp and ia a woik
of art. It is highly prized by its owner.
M'M.L MKWISG.-Tho McMl auxlliaiy will
bold a meeting tt the homo of Mis, Juno, A,
Linen, 022 JefTerson avenue, Momliy afternoon at
3 30 o'clock. The auvlllarj will observe the a i
nivcisary of Dr. McAll's first seivieo in P.irli, and
It is hoped thcie will be a hrce attendance.
CHAXfiUS AT I.lllltUY.-oiknien are en
caged in ccmcttlic tho lecture room on the
ncond floor of the Aluilolit Memoi-iaf librnv
Into a leading room for adulti. It is the Inten
tion of devotins the picscnt general reviling
loom ou the first floor exclusively to ildldirii
INSCAIi MECriNf;.-The directors of the res
me mission will meet lonI(,ht ut S o'clock in
tho Itescue niMon house, 111 1'rarklin at mi".
A cordial Imitation to tho.,c who have bee mem
bers of the board during the previous ,ve u is
hireby extended, Tlcre will be thu annual elec
tion of officers.
PAV-OAV. 'Ilu Uickiveanna completed lis
pavs in this dl.tilct by pi.vitg the tiulnmm
baturAay, Those who were unable to gu Jiound
. Wo offer subject to previous
.. sato
so Rapid Transit
".Syracuse Rapid Transit Rail
vGold Bonds:
0 Per Cent.
Mature 1040
The Company own und coutiol the
street rallwavg of Hyracufc, Klic some,
thing over OS miles. Sjutuse has a
population ol 108,34. The gross e.ninlni
of tho company for the jcar ending July
1st. were 5MS.175 00.
Prlco and particulars en application,
C8 Broadway, N, V,
Wilkes Dane.
Commonwealth llldg, hcnnlon,
f-f -f-f t-f4-- -- --
' on the recutar dijs will be pild todni. The
Delaware nnd Hudson paid tt tlio ltaikrt Hroek
I v.sfhery, at Carhondale, tho psssenKCrs cievvs and
the lloncsdale branch Kaluidiy.
PAID Tin: IIILU-Ocrtle Kick, of DrlrfKe
street, was: arrested late Sattirtlay nljlit on the
cluriro of attcmptlnt: to liti the illy with the
liitrntlon of defraudlni her wash woman, Mary
Smith, of llajmond comt, out of till. She
was arraigned before Alderman Millar u'ml rc
leased upon paving the bill and the costs.
rn MLN' OnOAXlZH. About thirty-five of
tho call and roach drivers and the stablemen
of the city met last night In the Grand Central
hotel and formed a. branch of the International
Team Drivers' union of America. Another meet.
Inif will bo held Wednesday evening, January
2.1, when a permanent organization will h ef
fected. Wr.LK'S CLTiAniNOS. At the Tradtra' !vt.
tlorsl hank the following clearing! are reported
for the fccranton Clearing House association for
the cek tndln? January 12: Monday, $2t",.
sTIUOj Tuesday, MC,44).10; Wednesday, V,'
rtC.'JT s Thuridiy, $U1,U4 01; Friday, $lS.'.,175 3fl;
Saturday, MJ,SG6.19. for the correspond!!!!
week last jcar the clearings vara 1,0CI,S07.,S.
Address by Her. J. J. Curran, Presi
dent of tho Diocesan Union, Was
a Feature of tho Gathering.
At thu quarterly convention of the
Catholic Total Abstinence societies of
the First district of the Scranton Dio
cesan union hold yesterday afternoon
in St. Jolm'8 hall, on Capouse nvenuo,
a splendid address was dcUvertxl by
Rev. J. J. Curran, of Wllkcs-Barre,
ptcsldent of the union.
Rev. Father Curran advised the dele
Rates present to do all In their power
to Ret the societies they represented
out of tho rut in which they appeared
to have got settled and to arouso more
enthusiasm In the temperance move
ment than Is now displayed. He
pointed to 'the labor organizations,
especially tho United Mine Winkers,
who recently won a big MrugKle for'
higher wages, and urged tho temper
ance workers to pattern themselves
after such organizations.
It was decided after n groat deal of
discussion to conduct on entertainment
In St. Thomas college hall some time
within the next few weeks for tho
purpose of replenishing the dlsttlet
treasury. Tho arrangements for this
affair were left in tho hands of the
board of officers and a committee of
two members from each society.
It was decided to have pledge cards
printed and distributed In all the Cath
olic churches In the city just before
Lent, which oon begins. These cards
contain a pledge to abstain from thn
ue of Intoxicating liquors during tho
season of Lent and It was stated yes
terday that many of those who sign
them are led to forsake drink for all
The board of directors was Instruct
ed to do all In their power before tho
next convention to bring the St. John's
society, of South Scranton, back Into
the union.
Tho following resolutions were unan
imously adopted:
AWieiciis We, tho iMrgates of the Second dis
trict of Srratiton diocese in ronention now a
teniblctl, feel that the caue of total abstinence,
routd be further advanced by each noclcty
arousing enthusiasm and showing more actluly
in bringing our societies up to the standard.
Itcsohcd, That it would be bencflciil to the
cause to secure the natlonil lecturer to deliver
a course of lectun-s throug'iout the district; the
expenses of such to be fltfrajed as each so
ciety may determine, and be It further
Kesobcd. That tlie officers of the district
board aid to the best of their abllltv the lady
orginlnr in establishing ladles' socielits and
Resolved, That questions to be disciMed at
quarterly conventions lie sent to each society
a month previous to tho time of convention in
order that each society may fully discuss them,
so that their rcpn Mutative will be able to dU
cii'ij them more thoroughly at convention.
He-solved, That we second and appiove any
legitimate efforts that have been or miy be nude
to restrict the evils of the liquor traffic.
J. T. Phillips, Mirgarct Thirkln. Thomas Conner-,
Joseph .Murphy, Joseph Knapp, committee.
The societies represented were as
follows: St. Paul's, of Groan Ridge,
and cadets; St. Paul's, of West Scran
ton. St. Peter's, of Hellevue, and ca
dets; Father Mathcw, of West Scran
ton, and cadets; St. Cecelia's, of West
Scranton; St. Irene's, of South Scran
ton; St. Aloystus, of South Scranton,
and cadets; St. John's, of Pino Brook';
St. Mary's, of Mlnooka; St. Ioo's bat
talion, of West Scianton; Father Whlt
ty's, of North Scranton, and cadets.
Tho next convention will be held in
St.'s rooms in West Scranton in
Apt 11.
Three Kinds of Court Will Be in Ses
sion This Week.
This will bo a busy week In tho
court house. The grand Jury has been
continued over and wilt be In session
for tho greater part of tho week,' and
this morning a thiee weeks' term of
common pleas opens. There aio
ninny important cases on tho list for
On Tuesday, tho annual term of tho
Superior court will open In the Super
ior court loom, and continue for th-v
greater part of two weeks. It will
bring n largo number of attorneys
fiom this part of tho state hero to
atgue cases.
' ' i t
D., L, & W. Restaurant at Hoboken.
New Yoik, Jan. 9, 1901.
For your Information:
Tho Lackawanna railroad, under tho
direct supervision of its dining car de
partment, will open on the morning of
January 11! a lestaurant and lunch
counter In tho Hoboken terminal. For
more than four months carpenters,
plumbeis, electric light men, painters
and decorators liavo been at work
uion these rooms, which now compare
favorably with the best restaurant
plants in tho city of New York. Tho
kitchen has bem thoroughly fitted with
tho most porfect nndern equipment
and Is prepared to handle rapidly nnd
thoroughly tho great variety of dishes
which aro Included In tho menu. The
restaurant proper Is roomy, light and
airy and Its tables aro fitted with
high-grade china, crystal, silver and
linen. Tho bill of faro Includes that
laigo variety of perfectly prepared
dishes which within a yoar have made
for tho Lackawanna railroad the repu
tation of giving to the public tho best
all-around dining car nervlco In the
United States. The same cuie, dlll
genco and energy which have built up
this cnvlublo reputation for the dining
cars will control the management of
this Hoboken restauiaut. In addition
to tho restaurant a largo lunch counter
will bo maintained in tho Hoboken ter
minal for tho accommodation of thoso
who deslro quicker service and less
elaborate meals. It is the aim of tho
management to provide tho best ios
slblo meals at the most reasonable
rates and prices have been fixed in ao-
f ow dMMtn wltli this idea,
Outraged Public Crying Out "Give
Back the Transfers" to the Mana
ger of ft Corporation Which Has
Robbed Men of Honor nnd Their
Position in Society; Which Itsues
an Order That Is an Insult in the
Face of the People Upon Whom It
Has Lived.
Rev. Dr. Robert F. V. Pierce, pas
tor of the Penn Avenue Haptlst church,
preached n stirring sermon Inst night,
taking for his theme "Tho Cry of the
Oppressed." Ho spoke upon tho les
sons to bo drawn frorh King Davld'8
cry when ho heard of the death of his
eon Absalom: "Oh, my son Absalom,
my son, my son Absalom; would God
I had died for thcol Oh, Absalom, my
son, my son!"
The doctor opened his remarks by
describing at length the thoroughly un
principled character of Absalom, who
plotted against his father; had him
self proclaimed king, and who, while
leading his nrmy against the body
guard of King David, was caught by
tho hair In a trco and put to death by
one of David's armor-bearers as ho
hung helpless.
"Tho history of this wayward ton of
King David," said he, "bilngs to tho
young people of today the sad lesson
that as the way of tho transgressor
was hard In that day, so surely Is It
hard today. If wo live lives devoid of
honor and principle, wc shall die as
did Absalom, utteily unprepaied to
moot our God.
"The world says the wicked are suc
cessful, and It says let us plunge Into
this avenue of vice and that and
wo shall be happy and successful. The
success of the wicked, mark me, Is but
a short lived success. Sin, though It
seems to some attractive, is In the
end, death. Wo speak of failures, but
there Is no failure llko the falluto of a
human life. We speak of ruined tem
ples and of ruined castles, but there Is
no ruined temple that speaks oa sadly
na the ruined temple of the soul.
"There Is no ruin llko tho ruin of a
human soul. David's cry of 'My son,
myson,' has been the lament of fathers
for all tho centuries. It has sounded
and resounded, echoed and re-echoed
down the corridors of the world. It Is
the sorrowful wait of broken-hearted
mothers, who weep for the sons who
are lost to them.
"There are today fathers and moth
ers who are weeping for their boys
and girls and sounding the cry of David
of old. There arc some who weep over
the children when God calls them
home. To them I say: 'Ho still, weep
not for, far better Is It to weep over ton
dead children than over ono living one.'
"The city's cry at present is glvo
back the tiansfors. It Is the cry of an
outraged public and It speaks to tho
manager of a corporation which has
robbed them of their honor nnd of their
position In society; a corpoiatlon which
ibsues an order which It thtows na an
Insult in the face of tho people upon
whom It has lived.
"Hut thero is a greater cry that
should go up. Scranton Is robbed of
things far more precious than a few
tninfers. Reforc tho clock shall strlk
at the close of this present year more
than a hundred of tho boys of tho
city of Scranton will havo tinned tow
ard the drunkard's life and will lose
their better manhood and over fifty
girls will havo gone Into tho eternal
night of sin.
"Wo raise a hue ami cry about a few
tranfers and we let our boys and ghls
go down to an awful hell. What of
the cry, 'Give us back our sons, glvo
us back our daughters, glvo us back
our manhood, glvo us back our honor,
give us back our toul.' The cry come
again and ngnln, 'Oh, my child, my
"Theie Is another cry that comes
hounding over tho battlementst heav
en. It Is tha cry of Jesus Christ,
whose heart Is rent when Ho sees Ills
children drifting further and further
away from Him.
"He cries: 'Oh, world, glvo me back
tho men who In the prime of their
lives havo left tho flock and wandered
far away. Give mo back tho boys and
girls. Give mo back tho women. Give,
oh give, mo back those for whom I
died.' "
Iheio will be n inception of the llolj Name
society in St. Peter's cathedral next Sunday
Charles II. Hurlhurt, who hu Just completed
n seiies of wondeitully Intticfting lecture in
the Second Presbjterijli church, guvo a must
liiApliing additvi esterduy afternoon before i
Urge gathering of men ni tho Yoi-ns Men's
( hristlau as-onilatloii rooms
Itcv, N. S. Sage, Lb, I), begin a s:tlis cf
evangelical meetlngj last night in All ouV
ITnlieisilIst church, The meetings aic to bo
held every nlwht this week, lie preach! an
iloqucnt sermon last night on '"Peace Tluousli
There was a well attended evangelistic servtco
conducted last night in the Providence Pies
bvterlan church by the pastor, liev. Jlr. OeoU'it
K. Guild, There was special music by the
i hob- and n lliblc reading and exposition by Dr.
Ot.lld. The service! throughout was mvt in
spiring "He Went Away Sorrowful," was tho theme
This gutnd old woild Is rapidly
filling with tho wondeiful achieve
meats of men of action. And, al
most to a man, their success dates
fiom a beginning of tho simple
but stuck-to habit of SAVING.
And yet, hundtods on hundreds
of hopeful people nre wishing they
only had a chance to change their
condition. How hut by the only
light way
Savings Depaitraeut
Cor. Wyoming and Spiuce
t h
spoken of Ut night by Iter. J. It. Austin, pus.
tor of the Ash Street Methodist KpUcopal church,
who told again the old, old story of tba voting
man whom Christ told to dlspoMj of ids worldly
pcmscsAlcn and follow lllm and who went away
sad at heart.
At jcsteidiy afternoon's meeting at the Hall
road loi.tig Men's Christian association rooms,
the secretary, W. W. Aehilr, gavei a brief talk
on "Heboid, He Cometh," pointing out tho Jo
of those who follow alter lllm, who Is tho
Lord after all, A. J. Ilarbtr renlcred several
excellent bsss sole-.
Dead Body of Frank Condon Found
at Avocft.
Saturday morning tho dead body of
Frank Condon, a bridge builder, em
ployed on tho new structure the Erlo
iind Wyoming Valley company Is erect
ing nt Avoca, was found by his fellow
workmen as they were about to begin
the day's work. The circumstances
surroundlntr the vaunt? rrmn'a rinnl, ot-n
unknown, but It Is believed he took a
roundabout way returning from town
Friday night and whllo crossing the
bridge, fell through.
Undertaker McGowan took chargo of
tho remains, which wore shipped on
Saturday night to the homo of Con
don's mother at Long Island City. De
censed was thirty-four years of age,
and with his wife and one child board
ed with Mrs. James, of West Avoca.
A commltteo from tho United Drldge
Workers accompanied tho remains to
Long Island City.
It Will Be Resumod Today by the
Grand Jury Return Made to
the Couit Saturday.
In Its second report to the court,
made Saturday, tho grand jury did not
present any indictments against county
magistrates, not having completed Its
Investigations Into their conduct.
A report was not presented either
with reference to the case charging
former Councilman T. J. Coyne with
perjury, It being desired to piesent
fuither evidence to the Jury.
This morning tho jury will resume
Its Investigations of tno magistrates.
Couit made an order Saturday con
tinuing tho Jury this week. Tho :e
tuin of Saturday follows:
nttn: bills.
Assault and natter' Oeorgc nusholl; Stephen
Peer, pio.s. John Mlckoeko, John liuudy, I'rcd
Holmes, John Qutnn, John Muldoon; 1'. Rob
ling, pru.4.
larceny and Receiving Con Eibesj Frsnle
Rchllng, pro. John Jack; Anni Pasco, prox.
l'red IVster, nllas John Wilson; Frank Robllng,
1 1 OS.
bare in by Railec Carl Xafus; It, fioldsmlth,
rriiiduleiitly Makincr Written Instrument
Prank (Vinpton; l.ila Ileglln, piox. Aided
Mlckels; Pill Ileglln, pinx.
Fornication and Ilatanl Harry ("!. llossard;
Craco lllnton, prox. Frank Compton; Mrs, M.
II. Hedglin, prox
Lareiny by Hiike Morris rosnrr; Frank Rob.
line. pio. William Pairisi Frank Robllng,
pnw. Jaineo fiorden; Flank Holding, pros.
l'ale Pntrnces .fonin Ron! in: Frank Rob
ling, p'OS.
Furtiine Telling Madam Ceno; Frank Holding,
U.-Hi-i. Mischief-Jamu Cellalnn: Haiti
Si.der, prox.
Larceny end Receiving-Michvl McIIale; M
Clipper, prm Frank Crorop, Anthony Purrellj
M. Cripim, pros.
Attaull and llatttiy Stephen fill!' , Thomas
Leeshon, pros Alexander Cook; Nislui Kc
pella, ro. Stanislaus SclmroMel, Wasfel
cxhtik, Michael Multli; (ieoige HneVu, iron.
Geoige (lepaii, (!eori,c Kinoinl., pros. Jilius
Hopewell; William McDowell, pros.
Neglecting to Ke-ep Hoo'.s Charles Watonkv ;
r Robllng, pro-i.
Receiving Stolen Goods Chat lot Wntosle.v; F.
Ribllng, i I ro.s
Iiiccn.v li llailec George Orshula; K. Italur,
pros. Margate t Craig; M, I rlppen, pios.
Fornication John l-rltz; John Ilollnek, pros.
Iluighr Charles Metschler, aliij Chaile Cus
taid; Frank Kubling, puis.
A&ault and llatterv William mold; Mor
ton A. Pietz, pun. A. A. (.IcnAI; J. McGlen
ski, pim.
lnvounn rills.
Embezzlement Hvrnunl J Kell.v ; Stephen
Pver, pros.
Laiccny and Receiving Klla Maxwell; Sarah
Moan, prox.
Given False Informitlon to a Reporlei Vlam
Klelalith; Lena Morau, prox.
.Wault ami llattery George J. Mamilon, I.y-
mn S. Daler, pros. John McAloon; M. II, Mc
Dermeitt, pros. Julius Walters; James J. Mc
Gntlt, pion. George Lovirv; llutler Goodwin,
For Councilman, Ninth Ward,
I hereby announce myself n candi
date for the Republican nomination
for common council In the Ninth ward,
hublect to the Crawford county rules.
I jespectfully ask my friends to kindly
asslbt me at the coming primary elec
tion. Should I be elected. I will serve
the tnxpavers nnd citizens to tho
best of inv abllltv. Yours (truly,
" Peter N. Haan.
Cheaper Than
At Less Than Half Former Prices,
We have decided to close tlietu out quick to
ade room for Spring Goods, An opportunity to
tecure a Fine Suit at le33 than you would pay for
the making.
30 Black aud Navy Cheviot Serge Suits,
Silk Lined Jackets, Full Width Skirts. Re- tf C QtJ
duced from ,$9.00 to pj J
21 Homespuns, Tweeds and Cheviots, re- QC'
duced from $10 and $12 to O.eJ
25 Suits, Broadcloths and Veuetiaug, re- 7 Q(f
duced fiom $15 and $16.50 to I 7 3
17 Vicunas, Rombrans nnd Cheviots, re- I Cf
duced from $20 and $25 to lswOU
415-417 Lackawanna Avenue.
Ono of a Battery of Four Blew Up
Last Night Just Beforo Ten O'clock
and Scattering Debris for 200
Yards In All Directions No One
Injured, Though the Children of
Fred Soelig Had a Narrow Escape.
Watchman Penman Can't Tell the
Cause of tho Explosion.
One of the largo llfty-horsc-powor
boilers nt F. M. & A. D. Spencer's
Green Rldgo Iron works, located on
Green Rldgo street, nt tho Delawaro
and Hudson railroad crossing, ex
ploded shortlv before 10 o'clock Inst
night, completely wrecking tho boiler
room and distributing debris In every
direction for a distance of over 200
Fortunntetv. no one was Injured.
Tho boiler was one of four which
stood In a row in thn boiler room, a
framo structure about COxGO feet In
size, altuated In the rear cncVsbf tho
It was cylindrical In shape, being
about 20 feet long and four and one
halt feet high. Tho sheets of which
It was constructed wcro three-eighths
of an Inch thick. It had been In use
for cloven vears nnd was Inspected
yestcrdav bv Fied Mortz.
The onlv nersons about the place
when the exDloslon occurred were It.
J. Penman, tho fliemnn nnd night
watchmnn and Goorgo McNeal. who
has charge of tho furnaces at night.
Ponman savs that ho was at the
boiler Just five minutes beforo tho ex
plosion occurred and nt that time
thero was but twenty-five pounds ot
steam on.
Tho water guagos, h" says, showed
that thero was sufllclent water Dn the
He left the boiler room and had just
hail time to go to the front end of
tho building when the explosion oc
curred. Had ho been near tho bollor at tho
time he would, bevond doubt, hax'o
been seriously lnlurcd and more prob
ably killed.
Tho noise made bv tho explosion
was not very loud, which Is accounted
for bv the fact that the boiler was
tipped completely In two and both
enels blown out.
The force of tho explosion complete
ly wrecked tho boiler room. Tho wood
en walls and roof worn broken up in
small pieces and scnttoriMl In all direc
tions. One half of tho boiler, weighing
about 1,500 pounds, was carried about
seventy-five feet by tho explosion.
Tho other half was lipped Into
smaller bectlons, when went sailing
north, south, cast and west for dis
tances varying from twenty-five to 200
One section, weighing about one hun
dred pounds, fell on tho railroad tracks
near the crossing, a distance of over
seventy-five yards. The bricks which
formed the foundation on which tho
boiler rested were blown great dis
tances. Many of tluin wore sprinkled along
Dickson nvenuo, between Oreon Rldgo
and Delawaro streets, but as far as
could bo learned none of them struck
On large biiek weighing over five
pounds came in through the second
story window of a house on Oreon
Rldgo street, next the Green Rlelge
Lumber company's yard, and occupied
by Frod Secllg und family. Mr. See
llg's two sninll children were asleep
In tho room at tin- time and tho bilck
landed alongsido their bed.
A lot of smaller debris nlso eamo In
through the window nnd struck their
feet, not Injuring them, however. An
other brick flew through the plato
glass window in Rower's candy store,
on Dickson avenue.
The three other boilers In tho boiler
room woio blown out of position and
badly damaged by the force of the ex
plosion. Tho tli einan, Penman, could offer no
theory whatever as to the cause of the
There were only twenty-five pounds
of steam on, he said, "whereas there
were generally seventy pounds on
throughout working hours.
"I cannot possibly understand," said
he, "what caused tho explosion. It is
most mysterious."
Comfort for Mother and Child
In the Infants' outfits to be had at the
Baby Bazaar, 512 Spruce street.
the Material
i Wiiars in a iNamer
J Thoro is considerable if thore'o something back of it, nnd that
j is what thero is back of tho name of "Ltbboy" on cut glass;
25 brilliancy, depth of cuttlnsr. character of deslcrn and honastv.
it has no equal In this country or Europe. There 1b a satis
faction in owning or giving a piece of cut rIbbs with such a
name stamped on it.
LIBBEY'S CUT GLASS, Bon Bon or Olive, .... S2.7S.
LIBBEY'S OUT GLASS, Cheese or Jelly O.0O.
LIBBEY'S CUT GLASS Tumblers 10.00.
LIBBEY'S CUT GLASS Water Bottles 4.60.
" Geo V Millar &
Gold Crowns $3
Gold Fillings $1
Bridge Work &,) $3
Set of Teeth $5
All work guaranteed for 10 vests. Call and
hive your teeth examined free of charge.
Satisfaction or no pay.
Schimpff, the Jeweler,
That's the name. You've heard it a Rood many times
most every time in fact, when jewclryis the topic of conver
sation, for the one implies the other.
Schimpff, the Jeweler,
Has much to show you in the Gift li c more than you'll sea
in most other stores. Not only more, but something "dif
ferent" novelties that appeal to you, because of their
Schimpff, the Jeweler,
Has everythinc going in the jewelry line. Think oi what
you want; it's there. Pricestoo, are less than you think,
when you consider that no matter what you buy, quality is
317 Lackawanna Avenue.
5 mi... v xr ii. .-
iiiu new noMcTsm as-
K piinlt Removable
X Horse caniiot si Id
5 nml will niitiYivii' tlii'nr.
H sets of any other calk
n niiiiiiiiiiuiiiiuj.
wmimii 1 1
I Watches
orrt stock for exthnt, vari
Wheu you need a New Desk or Chair for the
ofilce, see us. The same is true of every
other office equipment we are ubaolutc lead
ers in these lines. All sorts of Wall Cabinets,
Iudex Files and the very newest things iu
Sectional Book Case something to please the
lawyers whose libraries gror like sunflowers.
Entire Uu'ldlng:
406 Lackawanna Ave
Co "' Wjrnnlnj Aienue fe
Extracted Absolutely
Without Pain.
Our system of rAl.NLF.SS Dentistry Is far
superior to the old method of doing vs-ork.
We both fill and extract teeth without tke
least particle of pain Our prices for th
prevent are cxtrcmily low, and If you ars in
neeel t,f any Dental work. Call and hv
5 our teeth examined.
Wo make a specially of fine Crown and
flrldpte Work and it will pay nu to call and
get our prices beforo ROitiB cLcwhere. All
work absolutely Talnlcs.
Dr. ReyerTDentist
114 Spruce St., Opp. Court House.
f?i'Yf &V
126 and 128
it rranKiin hvb.
Jewelers I
Fine Jewelry
Cat Glass
Leather Goods
No. 132 P
Wvrstnlnrr V
Scranton Carpet
& Furniture Co.
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