The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, January 10, 1901, Image 5

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? 'v V V
nu; M0Di.ns mnowAiiB stoke.
Why Not
Be sure whether you
ate getting full weight
or not. There nre many
times each, day that you
could use, perhaps with
profit a pair of scales
why not havo themP
They're not expensive If
you buy them here.
Family scales, $1.50 to
$2.50. All kinds of
Foote & Shear Co.
J19N. Washington Ave
L. R. D. & M.
Miocs are one of Hie mcut important items, ot
rtitss t any time ot the year, and especially so
now that we are certain to hare changeable
eathcr. Tor iljle, price and quality c ours
tVe know we ian please you.
330 Lackawanna Avenue.
niut ,stniio pa.
local daU lor Jimmy 1, 1001
ilit,licst tempi rulihc . ....
4" degice
Uunihlilt :
S a. in. . . 'i per tent.
( m 71 per cent,
Rainfall, i hnuis rndlnir 8 m 01 inch
Mis Midi V Knimcr has ictmmd lwmie from
icr visit tn thliago
lurlm (.inczlniror left veslrrdiy (or New Aork
In itliml the fuueiil ol his brother, George, Vho
died on 1 iio'd it
I., l'ouell, mm t s.sif.lanl l'o.lniaatrr 1.
. I'mull, is skmli uioMrliiR (rem a cvcre of t.iphold filer.
JIIns I.IIMjii Tixilut ami! Master Punch 'luohoi,
ul North Lincoln jkiiuo, luie returned from a
pleasant three Heels' lUit in Ncm Aork citj.
T Owen ( harlm, cilj cdilor of the ltrpiibllcan,
wis milting the niiwritiilJllniu of his friends
nierdai mei the nrrhal of a baby diujhlcr
at his liom.'
The coiiJItiim if Chailn Mr Mullen, of IVi
.'itf(inn iiieniH, in, Kiid Iit night to lie Mill
ten MrioiiN their liclnc no Impioic.
nit ut slnee last neck
Mr fSulieit ! Slim?, ol Philadelphia, ucll
Soim.n In nciiftpaprr elides throughout the
hi itc, was n huiliiiM vlsitoi to the city jeslrr.
iiij Mr. Urine is now IhisIiiius miniver of the
I idled IVss liinrau
Mr. Gotlfioy Has Reoiganlzed Staff
of the Hotel.
evenil tliaiiRpi lmve boen made .it
tin- Hteillnjr Hotel by tho now man
ager. V S. Ciotlfiej nf Scianton.
Tho colored liell Iiojh have been dls
cli.uged unci their plates have: been
filled with white bovs, mid tho sot!co
hereafter will be continued all nlffht.
I'm) Hooper, of this Uty, who bus
been at Hotel Joint n, in Scranton,
will be div clork. He vns, before iro
ub, to Hcianton, at the Lehigh A'alloy
U.illon ticket ofllfo In this city,
M. J. Toohej. who scvciul niouths
nso went to the Miami I'nlon Hotel,
New VoiK titj, hits tome bark to tho
Sterling as ihlet Htevuud. Mis. Sttni
nicts, ot Hcianton, succec da Mrs Ileht
ns hotiM'Keeper The music dutlnfr tlie
dinner limit will be dispensed with.
Kobtrt Oall.v will continue as night
tlei k. Wilkes-liat to Times.
Many Attend Special Services in
Second Piesbyteilan Church.
The nctlcen now belnif inndutted at
the Second l'lenbytcrlan tliutch by
He. Chatlcs IJ, llutlbuit are largely
attended and the Interest In them ii
deepenitiK day by da.
This af lei noon at 4 o'tloek tlieie
will bo a Iilblo reading, and at 7 13
o'clock a preaching Berlce
See XIII Chaptei, I Coiinthians.
"The Bieatest of these is charity."
You will show that ou possess this
steatest of traits b mailing an older
for u city directory and advoitislng
patronage theiein to tho undet signed.
AVhyV Ilecausc this and every year
hereafter, tho protits fiom the city
directory will go to chatlty. Tho prices
aie made po low that oery business
person or firm can nllonl to subscribo
and adettlnc.
Subscriptions iiv mall, only jj.r.0.
Advertising about 2-Etlis usual into:
J10 pape, JS Va pase, yt ', pace.
v AV. r. 5ni the,
laickawannu Valley Hotel,
Hcianton, I'd.
Removal Sale.
My stock of Slides will bo sold at
one-fourth prlco before temoval to
my new storo. A. C. Nettletun. "Wash
ington avenue.
Our Yearly Oiange Sale
Is tin 15c doz. up. Fancy riorlda Or
anges, 35c doz. Ooursen'e.
A. B. Nye, the Optician,
Has jemoved hla office to 210 Adatns
venue, Alth Dr. I', V, Lange.
Jaw, am iaii'i iKr7ivtt f ?'. .!v.s
Resolution to Be Adopted Calling
for the Company to Continue Its
System of Transfers and, If It Re
fuses, Eianchlses Will Be At
tackedA Tax Is to Be Imposed
Upon the Company That Will
Probably Amount to 5 Per Cent, of
Gioss Receipts.
lletalluiotv schemes to cause tho
Hcranton Railway company nil sorts
of double and annoyume are, It Is
understood, being hatched up by sev
eral of the councllmen who will en
deavor to secitie their passage through
U is expected that some ot these
will bob up nt tonlght'a tegular meet
ing of the common council. Among
thor -which nre mentioned are otdltt
untes ptovlding for the l uniting of a
tertnln number of car nnd providing
thut nn fine shall bo collected from
anv passenger who has not a seat.
Then theie are some who would
fuor n lesolutlon ptovlding that no
mtitH than two cars shall Ih? tun up
or down West Lackawanna avenue
oer the Lackawanna crossing when
any pain ato waiting at Ninth or Sev
enth streets. Still othets ptopose ot
dlnames tliicctlng that all cats shall
bo heated n ceitaln temperntutc dur
ing the winter season and compelling
the company to spt inkle the sheets
travel sed by Its ttackr. A spt Inkling
ordinance Is now pending, but It pro
vides only for the spt Inkling of tin
paved "trpots,
Then ato bomo of the couucllmen,
however, who will oppose tho passage
of such letallatory measures not be
cause they wish to uphold the inllway
company, but because they believe
that such leclslatlon will havo the
effect of seating off capital. Select
Councilman Chittenden Is one of thee.
"I Know," said he yesterday, "that
measuies are being prepared and will
bo Introduced In councils Intended to
pester the life out of this company,
but I don't believe they should be
adopted, I for one shall vote asalnst
them. I fax or the Immediate adop
tion of an ordinance taxing the com
pany as heavily as wo can, and I be
lieve that existing rules and regula
tions ko et nine it should be strictly
enfoi ced, but I don't believe it's pol
icy to go nny further.
"This city Is ut a ciltletil point In
Its history, and It won't be wise for
us to adopt any measures which will
have the effect of frightening away
capitalists who ate desltous of Invest
ing capital In Scranton enterprises."
The license tax nidlnancc cannot bo
acted upon tonight by the select coun
cil ns the call for tho nieetlnir an
nounces that It Is to be lor special
business only. That measuie has
passed thtee readings in the common
council, nmended so as to provide for
v tax of only one per cent, of the gross
tecelpts. This Is the amendment, the
adoption of which, It Is claimed, was
secured by Detective Hart is, of the
Municipal league.
When It Kot over to tho select coun
cil It was passed on two readings and
then tefened to tho license commit
tee for amendment. The committee
lcnoited It after about two months
without any amendments, and then It
was laid on the table for the time be
ing, on account ot the prevailing dlf
fetencc of opinion as to whethet a
tax of $100 a cat or a tax on tho
gioss tecelpts of the company should
be levied.
nnsoumoN wiu. pass
Theie Is no question but that Coun
cilman Vaughan's resolution dclatlng
a forfeltute of the companv's fian
chlses if they fail to Issue tumsfei.s
within ten das of It spassaRO will
pass both blanches of councils to
night with a tush. Just what legal
steps will be taken If the company
tefuses to suo ttansfeis has not ct
been decided.
Theie ate a numbei of ways of
biinglng the matter before couit. An
application might be nnido for a man
damus compelling the company to Is
sue ttansfers or for a permanent In
Junctlor icstralning It fiom lunnltiK
its cats on the giound that it had
violated the conditions of Its fran
chises. This latter plan would call for
a decision from the couit as to wheth
er the franchise could bo forfeited or
Then again the councils could direct
that a poitlon of tho company's tracks
lie toin up. This would bilwr the com
pany Immediately Into court usklng
for nn Injunction testialnlng the city
fiom teatlng up its tracks and tho
whole case could then be reviewed.
Quo wan .into proceedings for the an
nulment of the company'n charter
could also be brought bofote the at
torney ccneinl of tho state.
At nny rate, tho understanding now
seems to be that no matter which
couiso is adopted, an application will
be made for a temporary Injunction
testraltilng the company from refus
Inpr to Issue transfets until such time
as a final settlement of tho case is
made. It may bo many weeks befoie
an opinion would bo handed down, and
unless this injunction was granted, tho
citizens would bo compelled to put up
with the company's order for some
A committee fiom the AA'est Set un
ion boatd of trade, consisting of J. J.
Dales, Robert J. AVIllams and C, 13.
Daniels waited upon City Solicitor
A'osbutg yestetday afternoon and of
fered him their heaity co-operation
in any steps which might bu taken
to cither compel the company to is
sue ttansfers or to revoke Its fran
chises. They offered hlra ho services
of an attorney to assist hint in fight
ing the case.
Here ate some of the opinions ex
pt eased by people about the action of
the company:
T. J. Jennings, AVesL Sci anion "The
man who issued that order providing
for tho abolition or the transfer ss
tern made a serious mlstak. The
successful manager should put forth
evuv effojt to please hlr pitton in
stead of making them the tuibjecle of
his displeasure. Ho contends that the
company Is not making money. That's
not a Rood reason. It could make
money if It was doing business on a
legitimate capital. The company
tshould be foiced to glvo to a long
suffering and a patient public, at
least the kind of a service that It
promised lo glvo when It secured grat
is the strectB of thin clly of outs, t
noticed In IMttsbutg when I was there
a few weeks ago that though thoic
ato three competing lines of sheet
railway each company Is obliged to
give a transfer lr the linos ot its tv.
Attorney D. J. Reedy "The act of
this man Sllllmnn Is so nan on and so
apparently retaliatory for tho .svinpa
thy extended by the publl to the
striking motormen and conductor that
councils should lose no time in adopt
ing The Ttlbune's suggestion tefjatd
lng the imposition of a flvo per cent,
tax upon the compart 's gross tecelpts.
Drastic measures tuUBt be lo
bring this cotporatlon to a full it-all-ration
of the Importance of the ftan
chlses and ptlvlleges ginttted to It for
the asking."
Deputy Mat.shal Claik Low ry "I'd
like to express myself fully upon this
Question, but what I think about It
mightn't look well In ptlnt. I think
that this ptoves Slllltnan to be a nar
ow guttged man and one not lit to
manage a company of any kind. Steps
should bo taken at once to tax the
tompany as heavily as It m be taxed
under the law."
Attorney O. Ii. I'nrtildge "Tliu or
der to my notion Is the veriest child's
Play. It Is anything but business or
what might bo expected Horn a cot
poratlon which has lived on the people
of this city for so long."
Otto I). Mycts, nldeiiiran Seconl
ward If Scranton people have any
lights whatever in tho sheets of the
ultv, then tho Unto Is at hand fot the
ma or and the councils to asset t those
tights. If not. then let the majesty of
tho people assert Itself dttiing the
strike and walk. Touch the earnings
ot tho company In n ltal spot, and
someone will soon cry quits and do
away with the revengeful older.
M. 13. Sunders The taking away of
ttansfeta on the street inllwav lines,
as proposed by Genet al Manager Sll
llman's order. Is the climax in the list
of insults which the Set anion public
havo endured In lecont cats the fln
Milng touch to an abomlnnble and ir
regular service In foul nnd ill-smelling
cats, at most times crowded boond
enduianie and tun without tegatd to
public convenience or any deslte to
serve the people. To me tho older
savots only of lovengo a revenge
against thousands of people who
tecognlzing the inhumanity of the
nilway company to Its employes nnd
Its disregard of public sentiment
chose to stand on the side of the wotk
Ingman In the retent shlke against
the gteed of a dishonest corpotntlon
dishonest In tho lloutiug of Its stock
values nnd dishonest In tho acquit e
ments ot public ptlvlleges, ns well ns
dishonest with the hltellngs it tecently
tried to plute In Hcianton. rut titer.
It also appeals to me ns a dating
scheme of men not above sueh woik
to woik the ruin of what might be a
splendid ptoperty, so that out of tho
spoil they may I tit titer enilch them
selves at the expense of the small
shareholder, a scheme which tho lat
ter ought to see thtough quickly.
Meanwhile I have faith In the honst
men In our city government to meet
any bluff the Sctantoti Hallway com
pany makes, and In the Set an ton pub
lic to do tho rest
County Commissioner John Courier
Moiris In a le"s law-abiding commu
nity, the tiolley company'. Insulting
notice would call for tar and feathots.
County Commissioner John Dm Kin
It Is the best tiling that ever hnp
pened to tho community. Scranton
will now get at least a little ot what
Is due It ftoin tho alien crowd that lias
been fattening on a monopoly of free
Attorney J. 13. Walking, of Taylor
It's tldlculous. T.tloi people tan be
tolled upon to get back cvciy oxtta
nickel they nre compelled to pay by
this spiteful, small-potato policy of the
tiolley company.
Attorney C. S. AA'oodtuff This ac
tion will tertnlnlv i educe the com
pany's levenues and th company
knows It. AA'hy It wants to tedltre its
tevenues Is a attention that mav be
answered by development!! of a no dis
tant diy.
Ttederlck Dllcher, national oiganlzer
of the A mot lean Fedeiutlon of Labor
If I was bete nt the time the stilke
was settled, I would have advised tho
strikers to hold out for their full de
mand and l of use to submit to this
teptehenslblp sliding scale, which per
mits the company to knock four years
ot cheap labor out of a man and then
fire him. In view of tho lenewed pub
lic clamor against thh cotporatlon, It
would not sut prise me if tho men
would take advantage of a very favor
able opportunity to lectify the mistake
they permitted the wllv traction mag
nates to load them Into. AVIth the
employes and the public both on
stilke, It is very likely the compnny
would not attempt to stand out very
Attorney L. P. AA'edeman A Now
Yotk company Is now manufacturing
automobile omnibuses which will carry
thlrtv passengers over any otdlnary
grades at tho average speed of fifteen
mile? an hour They could be oper
ated ptofitnbly nt a five cent fare for
any distance, and I havo no doubt
that if the opportunities for them in
this city were piopcily laid before
capitalists we would see them supple
menting the neivo'iacklng, flat
wheuled, dirty, cold cattle-pens that
for tiro most patt make up tho i oiling
stork of the Srianton Railway com
pany. Recot der of Deeds Umll Bonn It Is
Fresh Sugar Corn
Meadow Brand, 8c can, 00c dozen,
Royalty Brand. 9c can, $1.00 dozen
Hubbard Brand, 10c can, $1.10 doz
Coursen'a Garden Brand, 12c can,
$1.40 dozen.
Com sen's Sweet Blossom, 13c can,
$1.00 dozen.
Honey Dew 12c; value 15c.
Sweet Blossom, lOcj valuo 15c.
Dinner Party, ISc; value 18c.
Sugar Beets
Dinner Party, 3 lb can 15c; value
Fresh Green Limai, 14c.
Porter's Lilac Tomatoes, 10c; value
15c, 40 ounce cans.
E. 6. Coursen
poor policy for a company claiming
to be In hard financial sit alts to open
ly and anxiously invite tho cnmltv of
Its nations by sueh a blazon bit of
eftrnnteiy us was that notice ot the
tiolley tompinv.
Deputy Register of Wills If. T.
Koehler This contemplated tuition of
tho company Is an oulrnge. It we
have lo put up with It, I favor pasplng
oidlnaucos that will compel the com
pnny to pave, clean, spt Inkle and keep
in repair evciv block ot slrot It tuns
n car over, before giving It any fur
ther ptlvilegos.
Ueraleel Davles, alderman of Fifth
waul. "It Is a mean piece ot business.
AVIth all the privileges the company
has Ind In this city, It Is a, shame how
llttlo they rcgaid the public's wel
fare." David I3vans, select councilman of
the rouith word. "It Is about time
the public made the ttuctlon company
come to time. They will find tho peo
ple ntc not to he tt tiled with In such u
W. W. Hvans, common councitmnn of
the Fouttli wind. "Tho ptoposed abol
ition of the ttnusfer system Is a big
mistake, and the traction company has
put Its foot In It when It blames the
public for iupathlzlug with the mo
tormen nnd conductois. If they abol
ish tho ttansfeis It will bo conducive
to moic walking among their putt on."
Thomas L. AYllllams, lieutenant ot
police. "The company Is up ngainst
the teal thing now, and they will un
doubtedly be put out of business If
they take away the ttanslcr ptlvl
leges." Charles 13 Launlng. "Tho condem
nation accotded Manngar Slllltnan Is
just what he desetvos. The people
ought to dtive him out of town nnd
secnte the nppolntment of a moio cap
able man who knows how to tutor to
thu public's needs."
A. 1J. Holmes."! lecommeud that
people find out by walking how much
pleasure there Is to bo deilved fiom
such health giving exercise. 1 favor
walking nnd the discontinuance of pa
tt onage until we tan have better sheet
tar facilities."
AV. 13. Thayer. "The pteent agita
tion is fav oiable to mote walking and
ought to tosttlt In better soivlce at the
hands of the h action company. AVhat
we need is iiipld ttansit and mote
cat s."
W. J. Thotna", ex-select councilman
fiom the Foutth watd. "I think the
public ought to forget the toad until
they come to time. If I was in council
they would tome to time or else shut
up shop. I would walk to I'lttston be
fore I would ride on thslr toad "
Rlchatd Robeits, "I would bate to
have my opinion of tho company
pi Intnl. It would not look well In
County Detective AV. A. I'hllllps.
"People ought to get togothei and dtlve
Slllltnan out of town."
A Statement Showing a Magnificent
Inciease and Wonderful Growth
in Eveiy Paitlcular from Year to
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of tho Dime Deposit mid Dis
count bank was held Tuesday altet
noon at 3 o'clock. At each lectin lng
annual meeting tho stockholder havo
looked foiwatd for encouraging news
of pi ogress and piosperlty and they
have never been disappointed. The
lecotd wfl fully maintained Tuesday.
After the meeting had been called to
older President Chatles Du I'ont Rreck
made tho following address:
'lo the MoiMioldcrs of the Inme l)epoit ind
I)ivount II ink of rnntoir
While In liiutiieMi and lot il I rule", the
la.t jeir was not without it eiuh.irrj'.-ineiits
the present condition of our bink ! iuiuc lor
tonnritulatioii now, ami full of proniNe fot the
future. In the account of deposit nnd number
of parous, there Ins been a linn and steady
crow tli. until theo deposits cxncd the mini of
(w and i quarter millions of dollaiN and our
depositors iiiiniUi nier tenti time thousand.
For a hank lei. than teu suit old. this is u
iiiot phenomenal attainment The business of
urn bink for Hie jear 1'hjO Ins lieen luoet excel
lent and our deposits hou a lare Rain oicr the
prciious jear. Our net pre fits are lirger thin
ever hdnre and ought tu continue to incuasc
itli cicli aucceedlnir teir. Our income is In
creasing much faster than our fixed charges and
cvpcices. We now have Moo.OOO of sniplus, an
amount equal to oui tapllal, and nearly M4,00c)
alo of undivided profits. We, thcirforr, fed
we hive demonstrated our stunxtli and deserve
and will res elie a larger pitrotngc each reclining
.tear. It would cem vvUe, theiifuie, to continue
our pieent pallet., leaving the greitcr part of
our (Minings cull jeai In the surplus and piofit
account. I (etl confident that audi a coure
would he conducbe to t lie best Interests of de
positor and It Is rpiito impossible
for a bink to e too toiisemtlie Conservatism
In management hot pioinotes the Interests ot
the ittix Miohlel anil the ecuilly of tho depod
tois Such a nianafecintiit lunrlably receives the
confidence ofthe people, 'the iiputallon ac
qui led li such methods Ins evidently gone
alnoad, and we now have nuny depositors from
towns iiiltc remote Irom Scranton. We paid to
our depoitoin for the ill' months ending Jan 1,
Itxil, oitr 512,000 In intereid Our lossci for the
jear bale been le than tour hundred dollai
almost nothing us couipaicd with the amount
Iii cited Willi the assurances funiUhed b. the
attainment of mo pist. wo in.n confidently an
tltlpite tho lencwal thcicof in Hie achieve
ments of the futuie.
Tie following Ftatcnifiit will indicate to toino
extent this i.roIIi of the past ten jcais It
i-how an annual iccurriut; incieaie with the ex
ception of the jear KM, vcheii you will reineni
brr a serious financial erUU occuircd
Hank communed! business March CO, l'd
No of Suiplus and
Ian. 1, ISJ:
Jan. 1, 16' )1
dm 1, I'OI,
.Ian. 1. ls'j.
din 1, ISOii
Jnn 1 1807.
dan 1, ISM.
lau 1, IW)
fan. 1, 1M0.
lau. 1, l'Hll.
Deposits lleposltoi. Piotlts
? 13J,OoO 1 "
Vi"ss S1
.1H,27 av
4J,u'V 71
Mi.irj 21
.'.SLMVl L'J
TJi.'U 50
SJA23S "0
l.O.tsl "'
1 "57,110 )8
.MM ? 1,701 10
t 151 10,(flj til
3.810 20,451 7a
7,fM .7,081 10
'Vail 1.1,774 01
ll.lCl 41,151 7
11,022 50,72) 0J
n.not 7Jtvio ii
20,417 OI.TS) S7
e 1,4.11 lli,M7bfl
lief oio concluding, allow me to expie.s in lu
tere thanU to the director, c'llcrrs and clerical
force ot the haul, for their cotucltnhuui and me
remltllnj attention to sluts , and to the atocL
hold. is, depositors, and blend of the institu
tion foi their aid and ahtatiic in the aicom
pll.linifr.t if lhce txiKdlugl satlsfaetori it.
milts, entertaining it the mine time the hope
that none of thevo will abite to anr extent their
eftcitu or the assistance of their good will, l'or
each and all of .ou I wUh a happy and pro.pei
mis New car
Tho stockholdets ptesent showed
their appreciation of thu good woik
for the year by unanimously tendulnt,
a vote or thanks to the ollleeis and di
rectors. This appreciation was timber shown
by ic-electlug tho boatd of dlrectois
which set veil last year, as follows:
Chatlcs DtiPont Ilrock, Reeso O.
Iliooks, Solomon Goldsmith, Hon. AV
J. Lewis, I J. J. Lynett, J. AV. Oatney,
James Fitch, C. S. Seamatts, Geoige R.
Jermyn, M. II. Dale, Ale.x L. Ftan
cols, David Spruks, Chatles II. Schadt.
A meeting of the newly elected ill
icctoiH was held after the stockholdets
adjourned. Chnrles Dul'ont Rieck was
to-elected piesldent and Reeso G.
Rrooks, vice piesldent
Said He Gave $50 Apiece to T. C.
Melvln, P. P. McCanu, J. J. Mc
Andrew and Thomas O'Boylo with
tho Idea ot Having Them Oppose
the Speedway Trolley Oidlnnnco
and Gave 70 to Coleman in Two
Installments Another Hearing to
Be Held on Friday.
Detective .1. S. Hut Us, of New York,
was the star witness ul yestetday'n
hentliiK In lite touncllninnlc cases be
fore Alderman Fuller. He testified
that on Mny IT last about 1.30 p. in. be
went to tho HI. Chatles hotel nnd, with
the ptoprletor, Select Councilman T. C.
Melvln, went Into a back loom, whete
he explained to Melvln that he was
lobblng ngainst the passage of tho
ordinance gtnntlng u. ftanchlse lo the
Council Park and Speedvvuy Railway
company. Hauls said he asked Mel
vln to help him In holding up the oi
dlnnnco. Melvln said ho would find out
how many votes could bo mustetcd for
such action and, If theie was a sttfll
clint number, ho would bo with them.
Harils gave Melvln $.10 and they patt
ed. Hauls then went to the Delavvuie,
Lackawanna and Western station,
where he talked with 1 F. McCann,
then select councilman fiom tho Four
teenth watd, about the Speedway tii
dlnanco. Mr. McCann would not rIvo
blm a definite answer, but accepted $"0
at tho conclusion of the talk, which
whs had on the westctly end of the
Lackawanna station platform.
The ne.t councilman Hauls saw that
day was J. J. McAndtcw at his homo
in Ttipp park. They talked about the
Speed why oullnance, but McAndtew
icfused to give a promise. He allowed
Hauls to give him $30, however, bofote
they patted, Hatrls says.
Some time later in tho day Hauls
met Thomas O'Hoyle In the St. Cloud
0'Role said he would not ptomlso
anything, but took tho $'0 pioffctcd by
Hauls. The latter said tho Intervlevi
nnd the payment of the money took
place In a pilvnte loom on the lb si
floor of tho St. Cloud
On Mutch ii last Harris said he gave
Coleman $20. and, on May (J, $50. Cole
man at first tefused to accept tho
money, but Harris told blm It was to
tecompense hi in for the money ho had
spent with him and for what ho had
clone In councils and Coleman agreed
to take it.
12. A. Whltno was tailed and swoie
that, with a cletee tlvc mimed Ander
son, lu followed Hauls on the day the
latter gave the money to councllmen.
AVhltney said Hauls had a eitrlage
and he and Ancleison had another.
They diove after him and when he
entered a place they tcmalued close by
until ho came out.
Hauls fltst 'went to the St. Chail.'s
hotel on the afternoon of May 17 and
from theie to tho Delawate, Ltcka
wauna and AA'estetn station. Then be
went to 420 Lackawanna avenue; fiom
theie to 601 same avenue, and then
back again to 42C. Fiom theie ho
drove to a house at Doiothy street and
Sumner avenue, while Councilman
McAndrevv lives and temained theie
some time. Next he diovo to 101S West
Market sheet and then to 2801 North
Main avenue, making shott visits nt
both places. Hauls then leturned to
the clly, stopped at St. Cloud hotel for
a tlmn nnd after coming out wont to
516 Oi chard sheet. Some one in tho
houve said: "Shea is not at homp,"
and they diove back lo tho city.
This concluded yesterday's offer of
testimony. The heating will be re
sumed rildny afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Simon Thomas and Mori Is A". Mortis,
for whom warrants for petjuty have
been Issued, have not yet ben nr
Chatles Du Font Bieck's Fi lends
. Fear Seilous Complications.
A possibility of seilous complications
following the iujuiics Chatles Du Pont
Rteck received by being tin own fiom
a street car Tuesday night Is causing
his ft lends considerable alatm. Ills
health was not overly i obits t and his
system, consequently. In poor condi
tion to withstand the vlolant shock It
leceived. Doctois J. AV. Coolldge and
r. D. Biewstci, his attending physl-
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clans, think, however, he will com i
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In addition to seveie contusions on
the head ttiul less Mr. Rteck was found
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It appears that the statement that
Mr. Brock was attempting to alight
fiom the car while in motion vvns or
loneous. Ho was standing on lite step,
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