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    "TS- if
Communication sol
a news nature, per
sonals and all Items
for publication may
be left at The Trlb
, une's new offices In
the Burke Building,
or sent by mall or
A lit ol All Who lime llemet to Bent. Beal
rstate or Other Property to Roll or Exiliancc jf
Wlia Want Bltuatlons or Hclp-Thcse Ad
vcrtlsemcnts Cost One Cent a Wonl. hi "'
lions for Five renin Word-Lxccpt Mtualltnt
MuMcd, Whhli Arc Inserted tree.
good trade ami location. Address M., Trlli.
une office, Carbondalo.
United Mine Workers Present Him
with Two Handsome Gifts.
A committee lepiesentlng the Uni
ted Mine Workers of Ameilca of Cnt
bondulo nml vicinity united on Itov.
If. .1. Whalen, D. D.. Inst evening
nnd In behalf of their colleagues pre
sented the icvoieiul gentleman with
u handionie gold hendeil enno and a
beautiful coal paper weight. Dr.
Whalen during the lecent strike up
held the Htmut of the men and on sev
eral occasions delivered eloquent nd
di esses In thi-lr behalf. Tha members
"I" the Revet nt local unions decided to
give him some small tokens of tho
hlch esteem In which they icgnrd him
nnd (lelcBites fiom each of the vntt
oils unions composed the commute?
which waited on tho reveiend gentle
man last evening. They gatheted In
a body at the municipal building nnd
nt R.30 marched In a bodv to the
lliptlst piusonage, Accompanied by
Miss Lillian Collins, daughter of Ilcmy
Collins, tho otgnnlzor, who made the
picsentatlon address
Dr. Whalen lecelved tlie mliwrs
with the greatest lurdlallty, although
at a loss to know the object or their
lslt, After n few general romaiks,
Mr. Collins 1110H0 and CMitessed tho
committee's gratification at being so
hcaitlly welcomed. As a lule, he said,
miners committees were used to being
shown the door. He then Introduced
his daughter.
Miss Collins had a neatly woided
address of picsentatlon, which she
delivered In a manner most creditable
to hetself, and In which she fully cx
piessed the centlments of the commit
tee. She stated that although the
miner Is genet ally considered as a
lough, untcflned man, he Is as quick to
appieclnto 'the sympathy nnd gotid
will of his fellows us Is any one. The
dangers of his vocation force upon htm
a realization of his dependence on his
fellow men. While this class of men
stand ever ready to extend a help
ing hand to each other, they may not
expect the .same kindly feeling from
those abovo them In social life.
The woikman nnd his employer are
not bound In the same kindred ties
which they should be and the piln
clples of the church and nation ate
little practiced in the dealings be
tween them. The young lady spoke of
the many Inequalities existing and
said that while many professional and
business men admit of the justness
of the ctles of oppressed labor few
had the courage to live up to their
convictions. The speaker told of the
objects of the miners' union and
touched upon the circumstances lead
ing up to the recent stilke.
She told how few business and pio
fesblonnl men essayed the cause of
the strikers. Then she spoke of the
noble and outspoken stand taken by
Dr. Whalen and how much encourage
ment It gae the men, and of their
heartfelt gt.itltude to him. Since that
time, she said, united labor has iec
ognlzod In Dr. Whalen a ft lend. She
then ptoduced the gift and asked
him not to look upon their Intrinsic
value, hut to look upon them merely
as slight tokens of the feeling held
by the mine workers for him.
Dr. AVh.ilcn was taken completely by
suiptlhe and could not lespond for sev
eial minutes. He asked the lommltteo
to bellce that his woids (ould not ex
press the slncei e gi.itltude which ho
experienced fiom their kindness to him
nnd assuied them that his sympathy
for united labor is as stiong today as
It was. that memorable day on Sandy's
Held. He said thut no man rejoiced
mote at the signal victoty of the min
ers In their lecent struggle than he
did. He said that In taking tho couise
he had put sued he had considered it
only his plain duty and had not ex
peeled any such mateilai reward as
this. His opinions weie beyond ptlce,
he said, and that ho believed the mln
Isteis of the chuich should be the first
to lend a helping hand towutd the wel
fare and common good of tho masses.
He saw In the lecent success a link in
t lie chain of gteat achievements.
Ho said ho feaied his ft lends had
over-estimated tho value of his suppott
but he Hssuied them that he meant
to give them his best. He compli
mented Miss Collins upon her addiess
nnd thanked her for tho many kind
woids shj said for him and assured tha
committee that they would eer find n
win m welcome to his home.
Following the picsentatlon the committee-
enjoyed a delightful social
bonis, Mrs. Whalen adding gieatly to
tlnr nnjoyment by tendering seveial
beautiful ocnl selections. Mls Col
Jlns also iccltcd u poem In a seiy of.
'.fecllVf manner. The committee de
patted, olclng their great feeling of
'gratitude to Dr. Whalen, to which ho
heartily responded.
An Early Morning Wedding in St.
! Rose Church.
A very pretty wedding look place
yestctday morning nt St. Hoso church,
"When Miss Mary F Toolan, daughter
,"pf Mr. nnd Mrs. Michael Toolan, and
lEdward, son of Mrs. Thomas Burke,
pf Cottage street, were united. About
9.15 o'clock the two young persons,
with thcli attendants, drove up to tho
Church In a coach drawn by two whlto
horses, the animals being adorned
villi losettes of pink nnd white satin
ribbon. Tho party entered tho church
to tho strains of Mendelssohn's wed
Mlng macrh, nnd wero met nt the altar
Cures a Cough or Cold at once.
t Conquers Croup, thooplni;-Cough, TironchltU,
(irlupe and Consumption. UuicK, sure reiuu.
"Ur I (uU'aPIIU care Cont'tlon. sopllli 10c.
mil by Very Itev. Father Coffey, V. G.,
who performed the ceremony. Tho
hrldc was attired In a dark blue tnllor
made gown of lcunn, nnd she cnrrled
a silver nnd pearl prayer book. Tho
bridesmaid was Miss Rose Toolan, sis
ter of the bride, who woro a costume
of wine-colored broadcloth and cnrrled
a bouquet of Mnrechnl Nell loses. The
best man was Thomas Walker.
After tho ceremony, Father Coffey
congrntulnted the happy couple nnd
they left the church to the strains of
the wedding march from Lohengrin.
Prof. Thomas wns In chnrge of tha
music. A wedding bicnkfast was
served at the bride's homo, only the
Imcmdlnte telutlvcs of tho young
couple being present.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Hurke left this city
on the 11 o'clock train over tho On
tnrlo and Western railroad for New
York and other points of Interest.
They will be absent about ten days.
On their return, they will begin house
keeping ut the homo of tho bride's
Hed, Green, Blue nnd Vnrl-Colored
Flames Cause Excitement.
An alarm of tiro from box No. L'l at
S.41 o'clock last night brought the hose
companies nnd a Intgo concoutso of
people to witness a btllllunt but brief
blaze In the lunch wagon owned by
Isanr Durros and leased by Fred Wil
son, on Salem aenuo. The Hie com
municated fiom nn oil stove, which
became ovci heated. Mr. Wilson was
Inside nnd had n narrow escape fiom
Injuiy, us the Humes siirend with In
ctedlble rapidity. When the (lie
started the wagon wns In close prox
imity to the Wall Street hotel, nn Sa
lem avenue, and but for the prompt
action of a few men, who wheeled tho
burning "beanery" out into the stieet,
It would have been s2t on III o. As It
was, the walls of the hotel weie
The flames were of a spectacular va
riety, about twenty huge coloied glass
windows giving a kaleidoscopic Illu
mination. When tho fliemen turned
the water on the first gush of the
dampener swept tho fancy panes out
of existence nnd In two minutes tho
111 0 was out. Damage, about $150. In
s in a nee, light.
Robbed the Clothesline of a Poor Wo
man of Patron's Washing.
Mis. Jane Davis, widow of John
Davis, who lives at 4S Kler stieet,
and supports herselt and her octogen
arian mother-in-law by selling home
made pastry and doing washing for a
few patrons, was the Ictlm of a sneak
thief on Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Daln had commenced to take
In a customer's laundiy, which1 was
drying on a lino beside tho tear of
her home when a llttlo gill came to
buy some yeast. Mrs. Dnls went Into
tho house to get the yeast and loft
the remainder of the clothes on the
line. When her Juvenile customer
had depaited Mrs. Davis went out of
tho back door to ilnish her taking-ln
of the clothes. She wns just In time
to see a pair of boy's knickerbockers
mysteiiously suspended In the nlr and
traveling toward a high fence back
of her house. She screamed and the
trousers, In company with a polo with
a hook in the end, fell into her yard,
while a woman's face which had been
plainly In iew, suddenly vanished and
a sound of quick footsteps was heaid.
Mrs. Diuls took an instant only to
see if tho thief had gotten anything
and discovered Immediately that a
dozen palis of silk stockings belonging
to ono of her pations at the Hotel
Ameilcnn wete missing. No clue was
left of the thief nor does Mrs. Davis
know who the woman wns. Shu is a
woman who can III nffoul a loss, even
a trifling one, and the theft of the
valuable hosiery is a serious matter,
indeed, to her.
Young Scholar Knocked Down by
Trolley Car, but Is TJnhaimed.
Little Hryson Wlckwite. about 8
ycaia old, the son of Sir. and Mrs. K.
O. Wlckwlie, was tho centie of con
sideiable excitement yestetday uftei
noon at about 4 o'clock. The a was
on his way home fiom Mhool and
stopped In the middle of the loadway
at Saluni avenue nnd I'liuivh stiept
to fondle a yellow und w hlte dug. At
this corner theio Is a sliatp cutie of
tho stteet car tracks, iciUlilng plenty
of loom for the fender to swing.
The lad evidendly paid no attention
to a car coming up Salem avenue, or
thought he was far enough fiom the
tracks to avoid getting hint. As tho
cur swung Into Chuich stieet a cor
ner of the fender or the step hit him
und knocked him off his feet, and he
appaiently went paitly under the car.
Tho motounan stopped with a Jetk,
and Jumping off iiished buck, think
ing he hud tun oer Btsoi. He
found him still on his back, Ills foot
only a few incites from thu wheel, but
unharmed. A ciowd collected quick
ly, but the boy picked himself up nnd
ran for home. Last night his patents
knew nothing of their boy's fottunnte
escape until Informed by a lepotter.
National Bank Directors Meet.
The following dlrectots of the Fltst
Natlonul bank weie elected nt a meet
ing on Tuesday; J. Udwln Watt, 1M
ward Clarkson, Charles Hagan, James
Stott. Ldwatd W. Mills. It. A. Jadwln,
of Caibondale, and Chntles D. Winter,
of Jeimyn, all re-elected but Mr. Win
ter, who succeeds C. W. Wisher.
At the meeting tho piosperous condi
tion of affalis was levenled A divi
dend of S per cent, wns paid on tho
stock during 1900 and $40,000 was add
ed to the surplus, making a total of
iluO.OOO in thut fund.
Yesterday tho boaul of dltectots us
ganlzed for tho coming year by re
electing J. Edwin Wntt, president; IM
ward Clarkson and James Stott, vlcr
presldents, and R, A, Jadwln, cashier.
Mlsa Kllpatrlck Improving.
Miss Mary Kllpatilck, daughter of
Mnyor and Mrs. J, W, Kllpatrlck,
who was operated on recently for np-
,i iriuui:iun, id irwvciim u
iftt,on Vory uallsfactorlly.
pendlcltls, Is recovering from tho oper-
EX. Hatfield, man
ager of the Carbon
dale edition, will be
pleated to receive
callers seeking Infor
mation or desirous of
Imparting It Tele
phono numbers: New
aSS: old, 0433.
Boys In Blue" of 61-'Q5 Have
a Gala Night.
Last night the recently elected offi
cers of Sergeant William II. DavUs
post, No. 187, Grand Army of the Re
public, were Installed amid much en
thusiasm and In tho presence of a
large number of friends and well
wishers. Tho function was a public
one, nnd Invitations had been Issued
to all the kindred and affiliated pa-
trlotlc societies of the city and to out-
of-town visitor nnd tho result wan
lows' hall, on Salem avenue, were
crowded to the doors.
1'nst Commnnder Joseph M. Alexan
der was the Installing officer, und h
began the public part of tho evening's .
programme with nn eloquent and hap-
, ,, , i ,, , ,i , i .
py speech, referring brlelly to tho h s-
tory of tho past, nnd paying especial '
tribute to i etlrlng Commander Gnmer ,
Davis and Adjutant William 13. Chnso ;
for their excellent work nnd untlrlwr
fidelity the past year. Ho concluded
his speech with a most glowing peror
ation on tho nation, tho national des
tiny nnd tho flog of our country.
Tho piesldlng officer then publicly
Inducted tho officers according to the .
Impressive nnd beautiful forms of tin
Clrand Army of the Republic. The of
ficers Installed were: Commander,
John McComb; senior vice comman
der, Alamander Felton; junior vice
commander, William Blake: adjutant,
W. U. Chase; quartet master, A. W.
Daley: fjurgeon, Mtlo Kelts: chaplain,
John Jennings: officer of the day,
Christopher SehulU; officer of the
guard. Geoige Heddon; sergeant ma
jor, John Drnndow: quurtormastcr
setgennt. James C. Decker: trustee.
Alamnnder Felton; delegates to de
puttment encampment, Chtlstopher
Sohultz: alternate, A. V. Daley: park
commissioners, J. M. Alexander, Itob
ett McComb teprescntnllve to county
commissioners, John McComb.
Commander McComb, after being
lnauguiated, nddtessed the members
of the post and their guests, as fol
lows: "Ladles, Gentlemen und Comrades
In assuming command of Sergeant
William II. Davies' post, No. 187, de
partment of Pennsylvania. Grund
At my of the Republic, It is my desire
to have each member understand ful
ly thnt there Is no lack of apptccli
tlon on my part as to the honor con-
"A man who receives the unanimous
vote of nny organisation for tho high
est office which their suffiage can
give, ought to feel great satisfaction
in contemplating the returns.
"A comrade of n live Grand Army
post who Is nominated and elected
commander without solicitation or
electioneering work of any kind on
his pait, ought to experience pecu
llatly Intense gratification when ho
realizes thut eveiy vote cast boio hla
"Such weie the circumstances which
existed when you, my comrndes, se
lected me as your chief executive and
"The honor Is accepted by me In the
same splill which actuated you to be
stow It, and to mo it implies that you
look to the wearer of tho silver eaglo
during 1901 for good results.
"We nre not sti angers In the post
loom. Hut we ate familiar with each
other's capacity and qualifications for
Grand Army work. Knowing each
other as we do. and knit together as
we nre by tho three gieat principles of
our oider. let us qualify ourselves to
attain a high stundaid of excellence.
"Let us try to moie fully romptehend
the tiuo spit It of the duties which the
teachings of our organization me In
tended to Inculcate, and let us strive
more zealously to exemplify those beau
tiful piecepts which nre a pait of our
"As fraternity is tho broad founda
tion stone on which our order rests, let
us not forget to take with ur Into our
dally lives that fraternity of feeling
which shall bind us together as com
rades. "As charity is tho greatest of all
virtues, let us not foiget to take with
us Into our dally lives that charity
which shall prompt us to the noblest
sacrifices for the needy and destitute
wards of our Grand Army.
"As loyalty Is tho crowning principle
of our otitVr, let us not forget to take
with us Into our daily lives that loalty
which shull bind us to a faithful per
fot mance of our duties as citizens.
"And let the lemembrance of what
It cost tho soldleis nnd muiines of this
republic to perpetuate our national
government und mnlntnin our flag un
sullied, bo ever fiesh In our minds, so
that you may always feels that you
me entitled to the respect of every per
son who enjoys the liberty and free
dom of Ameilcan Institutions."
Them weie a number of other
speeches made by membeis of the post
nnd one by Comrade Hardy, of Glen
wood, who was piesent when tho post
wns Incorporated In 1SS0, was partlcu
Iaily apt nnd btllllunt, abounding In
wit and happy sallies.
The Women's auxiliary to the post
provided a vety appetizing repast,
which wns served after a number of
selections on thu phonogmpli and sev
ct ill songs hud been rendered.
Meetlngs Tonight.
George 13. Randolph camp,
No. 13S,
Sons of Veterans.
Hinnch 39, C. M. U. A.
Oarbondnle council, No. 121,
Cnrbond.ile canton, No. 40,
archs Militant.
Ladles' Auxlllaiy of Railroad Train
men afternoon.
Intei national Haibers' union.
New Officers.
The Met chants' association have
elected the following officers for tho
ensuing term- Pteildent, A. D. Wyl
He: vice president. Hdwnrd Dougher
ty; secretary, Robett Klnback; assist
ant secretin', Hnriy Dolphin1 nudlt
liiff committee, N. T. Stephens, A. J.
Seaman and Chailes Cavunaugh.
Physicians Are Busy.
These uio the days when tho local
doctots of mcdlclno liavo their hund.i
full. Tho prevailing epidemic of gtlp
Is enough to cause thorn conslderublo
extra work. The board of health's or
der thnt all school children must bo
vaccinated bofota Jim, 21, combined
'with tho epidemic, has taxed tho M.
lr, O. II. Strong, who conducted a Urge ami
successful practice In Staunton during 18S7, 1SSS
an J leSO, liu opened an officii at 400 Lackawantu
venue (orer the Paris atore), here lie Is rrc
pared to give the public the advantagca ol an
etenlve esperlence extending over eeien jears
In the leadline hospital ol Kurope (Dr. Strong
lining- resided abroad tlnce 1813 until recently).
In re-establishing hit prartlca here ho ia more
fully tqulped than ever ta treat tho diseases to
! which he glrra special attention. Practical
excellence la the greatest teacher; he who Is
roost successful In the practice of medicine 1 he
who hat had the advantages of the greatest ex
perlcnce. Dr. strong; haa certainly been at-
forde(1 ,,', ponm,..,, ,or .quiring;
thorough knowledge of the mot auceeMfitl melh.
odd of treating the alfllcUd.
Having all of lha ery lateit lmproed Amer
ican and Kuropean Instruments and appliances
for examining; and treating the alltlcted he ia
"" to effect ctirea uherc other pnytician.
;1I,"l,lo,r "T ? "T.umt"l1 .V pam "
laming the exact condlt on of Iho patient, FAIU
M rmcdlf, prcsctlbH , ,)r s c ptt.
,,, ,pecU1iy for .,, caM tn the com-
rfte medical laboratory connected with hi
office, thua Iniurlng the purcit and mot effect.
ie medicine.
Ppeclal attention U given to the successful
treatment of chronic and ao called incurable dls
ea?, diseases of the Nose, Throat, Bronchial
Tube and Lungt, Catarrh, disease of the Stom
ach, l.tver. Kidneys, Heart, Bladder and Urinary
nrrrmia tllsiAit ae.l Stln i11iiAa iu-.mI tar In tfa
,.. j,1(, . ,,, -' ,,., o,,.. .tc.
Consultation and examination free,
Offices, 400 Ijckinnnna atenue (oer the Paris
store). Hours, 0 to 12, I to 5, and 7 to S
l o'clock.
Sundaja by appointment only.
D.s' hours to the limit One doctor,
has vaccinated 140 children In four
days, and nt another office hero pupils
have had to wait four hours In line to
be attended to.
Republican Nominations.
Tho Fell township Republicans held
their primary elections on Tuesday
night In the Simpson town hall. The
counting of the vote delayed the ren
dering of the returns until a late hour.
Joseph Scheck, Joseph Wllce and John
Cot by composed the board. The result
wns as follows:
Supervisors (a) Philander Hoin, 113;
D. C. Kenyon, 6; John Heath, 30;
John Bosak, 93; Thomas Horner, 16.
Snhool Directors (2) Caleb Howard,
91: George Russell, 109.
Poor Director (1) John T. Thomas,
115; Peter Curnow, 47.
Assessor Christmas Dals, 101.
Treasurer John Corby, IOC.
Auditor (1) Silas Jenkins, CS; James
Apple, 26.
Town Clerk (1) W. J. Hdwnrds, 111.
Installation of Y. M. I.
The recently elected officers of the
Young Men's Institute of this city were
Installed last evening umld scenes of
much enthusiasm and good fellowship.
The oiganlzatlon wns Instituted by
Deputy Supremo Piesldent J. P. Col
lins, and Is now In a most flourish
ing condition, halng nn enrollment of
112 members In good standing. The
olllcets Installed Inst evening wero:
President, J. P. Collins: first vice
president. Michael Brennnn: second
vice-president. Francis Coleman: re
cording secretory. Thomas Finnen;
financial secretary, John T, Hatte;
treasurer, A. F. Padden: marshal, P.
F. Tlghe; Inside sentinel. William
Mnllady; outside sentinel, James J,
In the Sick Room.
Thomas O'Connell, tho Pai k place
giocer. Is ill at his home on Seventh
Miss Josephine Hiadley, of the Pio
neer Steam laundiy, Is ill at her home
on Brooklyn street,
William Lowry, of Belmont street,
Is confined to his homo by an attack
of pneumonia.
Miss Josephine Bradley Is 111 at bet
home on Woodlawn avenue.
His Jaw Broken.
Geoige W. Slmrell, of 21 Clatk ae
nue, had his Jaw broken yesterday af
ternoon while handling cars at No. 1
shaft. The pushing pole broke and hit
him on the jaw, fracturing it. He wns
slightly injuted otherwise, but was ex
ttemely fot lunate to escape ns he did.
The attending physician is Dr. Ma
lawi. Mr. Sinn ell wns testing quite
comfoitubly last evening.
Mny Vaccinate Silk Workers.
It is tumored that the mnnngeis of
the Klots Thiowlng company are con
sidering the advisability of having all
their emplojes vaccinated in the nenr
future, in view of the rumors of small
pox being close at hand. If this is
done some of the recent strikers inuy
regret before long that the sttlke end
ed as quickly as It did.
Two Coming Socials.
Tho Simpson Drum corps will con
duct two socials this month nnd com
mittees are already at work making
elaborate preparations for tho first of
tho events, which will be held in Walk
er's hall on Friday evening, Jnn. 18.
The second social will be held in tho
Germanla hall, In the Keystone block,
Today "The Queen's De-
This I3vcniug
"Dr. Jekyl nnd Mr,
Elected Organist.
Prof John Firth has been elecUd or
ganist of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Roman Catholic chinch.
The Passing Throng.
Georgo .1. Denton w'aa In Ilonesdale
Miss Margaret Morrison, of Oneontu,
N. V Is visiting ft lends In town,
Peter F. Lynch left here last eien
ing for New Votk city, where he has
becured employment.
John Flnerun, of Dundaff stieet,
leaves this morning to icsume his
studies ut St. Mary's college, Haiti
more. Miss Stella Hunter Is the latest
uddltlon to the Carbondalo Tele
phono company's force at the local
John F. Abbott, of Wilkes-Ilnrre,
cashier In tho Dolawaie nnd Hudson
freight ofllco there, ivns In ths city
Miss Ollle Moone of this city, is the
guest of Miss Nnn Drown, In Hones-
dale. Upon her return home Miss
Moon will leave, for Devonshire, Kng.
Joseph K. Drennan haa returned to
the Dickinson Law school at Carlisle
to resume his studies.
Tho members of Corporal Oscar C.
Snifch camp, No, 294, Sons of Voternns,
attended tho public Installation ' tho
Carbondnle Grand Army of the Repub
lic Inst evening.
Tho Twentieth Century Sewlnic cir
cle meets nt the homo of Mrs. Thomas
Hunter, of Main street, tho third Fri
day of the present week. Members are
requested to look upon their hospital
Tito Delaware and Hudson mine em
ployes will receive their pay for last
month's work this afternoon.
Miss Jennie Rattenbcrg was elected
a member of the Hit or Miss Cooking
club In place of Miss Lucy Wheeler,
who has moved from town.
Miss Jessie Winter Is visiting friends
nt West Plttston, Wllkcs-Barre and
Plymouth for a few days.
A little daughter was born last even
ing to Mr. and Mrs. John Davis, of H
Miss Madge Gannon, of Main street,
has been confined to her homo the
past few days with a severe attack of
"I3rncst Bovard, of Dunmore, was call
ing on old-time friends In town yes
terday. Frank Winter, who has been con
fined to the house for several days with
an attack of grippe, is out again.
The entertainment In Enterprise hall
for tho benefit of tho reading room will
bo on Wednesday, not Tuesday, as pre
viously stated.
Quite a number of people from both
boroughs attended tho performance ot
Sousa's band at Scranton last evening.
There little, If nny, change In the
condition of Rlchnid 13vans last even
ing. Mrs. Charles Davis, of Second stieet,
wns a Carbondalo visitor yesterday.
Frank llnrber, of South Main street,
lias sevcted his connection with the
street car company nfter seven yeat's
Mts. John Maynard and daughter,
Ruth, weie Carbondalo visitors Mon
day. Miss Kate Brady, of Now York city,
is visiting Mayfleld friends.
Blakely borough council convened In
regular session on Monday evening,
with all members present. Minutes
of former meeting were read and ap
proved as read. Street Commissioner
Cole's time sheet for month of De
cember ordered paid, ns wns also tho
following bills: J, J. Mcttets, cart
age, Jl.r.O; C. B. Scott, electrical sup
plies. $31.61 : "Wilson Fiic company,
cartage, $1.75; V. N. Jones, engineer,
salary. $n"3; K. M. Darnes. engineer,
salary, JfiO; Lloyd Parry, fireman, sal
aty, $10: U. S. Terwllllger, police duty,
$6; L D. Thompson, police duty. SI.B0;
Theodore DIkenian, police duty, $1: Al
bert Pentecost, services ns janitor, $r:
W. S. Uloes, supplies, $1.10; F. P.
Benjamin, ecretury. postage, $3;
Lackawanna Coal company, fuel,
$100.09: Atlantic Refining company,
oil, $11.18; Olyphant Wuter company,
fire hydrants, $71.25; water supply at
electric light plant, $37.50. President
Hartmnn stated that ho did not like
the id( a of placing his namo on any
mote borough orders, knowing thero
were no fundq to meet their payment.
After an nnlmnted discussion, during
which time several members became
heated about the collar, the presi
dent was given to understand that It
was compulsory on his part to sign nil
oiders diawn by council. Third Ward
Councllmnn Halfoid took the oppot Ut
ility, at this moment, to denounce tho
author of seveial at tides that had ap
peared In a local paper. Ilcvlng re
lieved himself of his pent-up wrath,
the order of business was again taken
up. It. J. Iteese, n member of the elec
tric light committee, submitted a
statement showing that the commit
tee liHd by judicious methods saved
the sum of $133.15 in the past four
months Irt fuel oer that paid for the
some months In 1899.
The chief engineer wus instiueted to
make a complete Inspection of the
commercial light system every three
months and report to the council A
resolution was passed charging the
school boaul for electric lights at tho
chapel. The pole tax1 matter came up
for considetation nnd it was decided
that $1 per pole, as per the reading of
the ordinance, should be collected, and
Borough Attorney Gllioy was au
thorized to proceed to collect the tax
by law. Lloyd Parry was hired as
fireman at the plant nt a snlaty of
$40 per month.
Several people who hold botough or
ders weie icfused their ietuest to
make the orders interest benrlng or
ders. Adjourned.
Mr X. H. Johnson, one of the Third
waid's most leprcsentatlve citizens,
has given his consent, thiough tho
solicitation of his many friends, to
come befote tho voters of the Third
ward as a candidate for tho office ot
Adveitised letters ill thu Peckvllle
postoflko: Miss A. Hlchards, Mr.
Joe Snydet Hungarian Michael Do
bos, Josef Makarewlcz, Andra Semon
cik, Michael Sutynk; Italian Andrea
Cocettl, Olacoma Mnllnoil (J), Lulgl
Rossi, Agnvfl Rudemue.
The young people of the Presbyter
Ian church will bold a "socle social"
at tho new parsonage Wednesday
evening, Jan. 2i. Refreshments will bo
served and a good piogramme ren
dered. All aro welcome. A ullver of
fetlng will bo taken at the door, from
those who nie not In posfccsslon of tho
customary "socks."
Krause's Headache Capsules
are unlike anything piepated in Amer
ica. They were first piescilbed by Dr.
Krause, Germany's famous com t phy
sician, long before nntlpyrlno was dis
covered, and are almost marvelous, so
speedily do they cure the most dlstieFS
lng case. Ptlce 2ic. Sold by Matthew
William Smith, the 18-yeai-old sou
of Mr. nnd Mrs. Ddwnrd Smith, of
Susquehanna struct, wus Instantly
killed at tho Tcmplo Iron company
shaft yesterday morning at 9 o'clock.
Tho iinfnttunatii young man wns
wulklng In front of a tilp of moving
cats when tho mule suddenly Jumped
to ono side, removing one of the props
which was supporting the roof, cutis
Ing the coal to fall, ctushlng the joung
man beneath It. Willing hands weto
soon Rt woik, but It took nearly n
half an hour to romovo the coal cov
ering his body. The remains, which
weie badly crushed, weio removed In
his homo In the ambulance. Deceased
was a member of tho Lackawanna.
Accidental fund. 1,1 o wus a voting
man possessed of many admirable
Constant Dull Pain in My Back
Mr. Samuel Cleveland it a etrpenter,
resides at 01 Cottage Row, Bradford,
haa tho following to say concerning
trouble and the wonderful curs accom
plished by Morrow's Kld-ne-olds.
"For the pait three ytan I hare hat Kidney
troubles to at to not be able to do much work. I
had a dull nils In mr back and at times
It was accompanied oy a iharp ihootlni pain jutt
OTvr sua auaavya. jay nvrTw wr uw to i
oouli. not Heap well or Ret proper rest. The
Mcrettoni from tha kldneri ahowed a deposit
Indicating a constant drain en my lyitem. I
tried a number of doctors and took neatly every
kind ot kldnay msdlelns In etlatenoo. but nolh
ln did rae any eood untlll took Morrow'a Kld-ne-ol
Js. After taklni them a few days I noticed a
chance tn my condition. One eoeent box hat
entirely removed the dull pain In my back and
done ma mora good than all the dootor and
tber mediotoa I took la the past tiro years.
Basement Store
After you have taken in the Main Floor ; seen all
there is to see in Confections of every sort; the
finest ot Bake Stuffs and Toys, until you can't
rest; had a fine Luncheon in our thoroughly ap
pointed Restaurant then drop in the Elevator to
the Basement and see
Tinware and Hardware
of every sort, No larger or better assortment In
Scranton with prices that are just as little as we
can make them a little less than in any other ttore
312 and 314 Lackawanna Avenue.
traits which made him friends wher
ever he went. Besides his patents,
two brothers and one sister survle
him. The funeral artungements have
not yet been made.
Miss Catherine Owens, of Lackawan
na street, and Robert Austin, also of
this place, were mart led at Scranton
on Tuesday evening. Mr. nnd Mrs.
AuMtin 111 reside on Lackuwanna
Willie nvuns, of Lackawanna street,
spent Tuesday at Jetmyn.
Miss Anna Mahady, of Atchbald,
spent Tuesday with Mends at this
Dr. L. Kelly has returned home from
a visit to Mill City.
Mrs. (leorge Cooper, of Albert stieet,
lias returned trom Trenton, N. J.,
whete she has been visiting relatives
for two weeks.
Miss Oettritde Wntklns. of Biook
stieet. spent Sunday last witli her
friends. .Mr. nnd Mis. W. J. Wllsbn, ot
Holllster avenue, Scranton.
A very plas.ant blithday patty was
held at the new home of Mr. and Mrs.
John Wilghtson, on the Uoulevatd, on
Monday evening lust, in honor ot their
daughter, Llzze Ann, aged 19 yeais.
G unit's and other amusements weie
Indulged in until a late hour, when
lefreshments weie seived and the
guests depaited, wishing the young
lady manv lvuppy leturns of the day.
The following weie In nttendnnee:
Misses Rebecca Ware, Adelaide Smnies,
.Mamie Ruckland, Lizzie Foster, Sat nh
Cooper, Norma. Motgati, Annie nnd
Minnie Hall, Delia and Lizzie Wrlglit
hon, Thomas Rold. Chntles Morgan,
Chailes Dairett, Dan Ouaul, Albeit
and Oliver Pettis, Joo Gieattlx, Willie
Cooper, James Armsttong, Aithur Da
vis, Hnu-y Oakley, Mr. Simpson, of
Oteen Ridge. Mi. und Mrs. John
Wilghtson nnd Mr. William Kennedy.
Storrs mine quit work at 10 o'clock
yestetday thiough a bieaknge In No. l
Cephas Cooper moved Into Ills new
home neai Dickson school No 1 yester
Daniel Hesrtler, of Wllkes-Uatic, vis
ited his mother on Wednesday.
Mr. anil Mrs K. D. Caryl, of Scran
ton, spent yestetday nt the home of
George Tugellas.
Mis. Finnk Wlldiick, of River stteet,
Is confined to her home with Illness,
William McAndrow left yestetday for
Sttoudsburg, whete ho will attend the
Stute Noimal school.
Mis. John McCotmlck t etui tied to
her home In New Yotk yestetday, af
ter spending o few weeks with her
Wnlter Hinds, jr., of Sciantott. Is
visiting his gmndpnients. Mr. nnd
Mis. S. J. Hinds.
Mrs. Jennie fiiover was a caller In
Scranton yestetdny.
The Mooslc Powder lompany pay
their employes todnj
A piett iiuiiiingo ceiemony was
solemnly. 'Ml at the Calvary Duptist
chinch lust evening by the pastor, Rev.
H. II. Hurt Is, Ph. D when he united
Miss Dlla Hrownlng, an esteemed
young lady of Hyde Park, nnd Mr.
John Morris, of Notth Taylor. The
hrldesmnid was Miss Maine Doweii nnd
the best mini was Arthur Marsh. A
reception followed tho ceremony.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take I.axntlvo Dromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund tho money
If it falls to cure. D. W. Grove's alg-
I nature Is on each box. 25c.
Pa. Ho
are madt for Kidney Diseases and thai they curt
Kidney Diseases can be attested by a "tlaud of
Hvlntj witnesses," ona of which tells his story
above. Morrow'a Kld-ne-olds ara for sale by all
drujslsts or by mall, prepaid, on receipt of 30c
Morrow's Kid is-oldi r mada ealy ky
Certified Public Accountant.
l.DWAItl) 11. DAVIS, AKUlirhUr, CONNKI.L
bultdlnir, Scranton.
nir.DEnicK l. nnowx, akchitlct. thigh
Imildinar, 12H WathlnKtoi avtniie, Scranton.
Cabs and Carriages.
of service. Prompt attention lven nrdcis by
'phono. 'Phones C'i72 and 5312. Joseph Ktlle),
lil Linden.
DU. C. ):. IH.KNnEIUlEIt. l'AUU IHTHallXO,
J-pruce street, .Vrunton.
pital, corner Wj omlnu anil Mulbeny,
Hit C. C. LAUIIlCll. 115 mOMINCJ AVKNUI.'.
Ilfl. H. F. IIKYNOLDS, OPI'. P. O.
lor-at-law. Booms ail 313 Mean building;.
v. n. iini'Loai.F, a rTonsnY-LOANS necq.
tlatul on real estate security. Meara bulldlnff,
corner Washington acnue and Spruce atreat.-
and (omi.-ellorn at-law. Kepublican bulldlwr;
Washinicton avenue.
aellors at.'j. Ccmmonnealtli bulldlnt;, Booms
19, SO and SI.
Mil MM, Ptli floor, .Menu building;.
of Trade InilKIInu, Scianlon, l'i.
I'VITEHSON k MH.COY. tbmjkbv national
Bank buildta,'.
Physicians and Surgeons,
Inglon avenue. Bealdenee, 131s Mulberrs
Clnonlo diseases, lungs, heart, kldnejs and
Rtnito utlnaiy organ a kpecUllj. Hours, 1 to
I p in.
Hotels and Restaurnnts.
i;uc. Kates tessouable.
V. ZEIOLEB, Proprietor.
bl'UANTOV llOHMI. NEAB D, L t W. PAfl.
mtrci depot. Conducted on the European plan.
VIC'IOR KOCH, Proprietor.
m iiool or mi: bn;WANN4 si iianton,
Pa. Coure pifparatQiy lo colleRe, lsr, medi
cine or biMlne4. Opens Sipt. 12th. Send for
ut.ilogtie. Bet. Diomus M Cann, LL. P.. prln
cipaland propihtor; W E, Plumloi, A. 11,
0 it. n.MiK i io., m:mismf.v D nuiii
iijimn, ktoie ttll Wellington aenuc; green
houses, lft0 North slain avenue, stole talc
phone, "SI
Wire Screens.
josi pii kit.tti:l, beau an lvckaw.wnv
(i untie, xianlon, Pa,, minufacluier of Win
l)llrbMKINfl I Oil ( IIILDHh.VTO OltliniU
jIki lullm' waists. l.ouli hhomaker, til
Adjins mmue,
cebs iHioli; no odor. Improted pumps useil
A 11. Ilrlfwi, proprietor, Leato orders It'll
North Main avenue, or Hide's drug stole, cm
ner AdJin and Mulbeir), Telephone 9H.
shampooing, Mc, j facial massage; manli tiring,
lie; ihiropodj. 701 Ouincy,