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ft Number ol Helpless Are Sullo
Gated and Roasted In the Ro
chester Orphan flsulum.
Many of the Inmates Injured, Somo
Fatally Flames Broke Out in the
Hospital Section Panic in the
Buildings Children and Nurses
Carried Out Unconscious Fire Be
lieved to Have Been Caused by
Boiler Explosion.
Fy Excluilve Wire from The Associated Press.
Hocliester, Jan. 8. Twenty-four chil
dren, one nurse and a cook perished In
a lire which almost destroyed the
Hocliester Orphan asylum this morn
ing at 1 o'clock. Many other Inmates
were Injured, some fatally.
The Dead.
The list of the dead and missing fol
lows: (Scrtrudo Poner,
licit ha Hall,
Vlula Stuck,
Lillian Stone,
Mildred fdocum.
Miry Alexander,
Ellen Hamllson,
Hazel Murray,
Minnie Tiffany,
M.utlo Faltervm,
Kiliel Maithagc,
(crtrude MiCaw,
Mary McCaw,
Lorrno Owen,
Tliarllo Benliam,
i Conwell,
Botha Potter.
Mildred Wright,
Minnie Milliner,
Mary Kane,
Cora Poller,
(."liailcs Brjonl,
leaclinell Carey,
Evangeline Cnroj,
Mis. Maiia Goidon,
Mil. Martha C.illls.
Seriously Injured.
Tho seriously Injured, as reported at
the various hospitals at noon, nie as
Miss It-abclle Law-son, rmre, badly burned
about arms and body; condition mt!ou.
I.llen Delmoro, nurse, badly- burned on face
ami back; lecouTy doubtful.
Fred Potter, aged two, badly burned; may die.
Kate Cotlerlll, HI years old; leg broken.
lllanelie Anderson, 7 yean old, colored; re
xcirly burned.
Maurico Keating, fireman, band Injuicd.
Mm. Amelia Cllne. puree; burned and leg
Mary Dradd, nurse, badly bumed; recovery
Frances M. Milliard, nure, Fcvciely burned,
but will probably recover.
Minnie Conklln, nurse, burned.
France Edwards, an attendant, severely
John Carey,
J ears old, suffocated; recovery
Slightly Injured.
Tho following named were- only
slightly Injured and will recover:
Maude Cannon, 7 years old; Iladley Owen,
8 jeans old; Henry Pmal, 0 years old; Irving
Itemed, () jcars old; Lem Harper, S years old;
Clajlon Owen, 7 years eld; Alfred lleunrl, It
j ears old: Edward Conndl, S years old; Mary
(Iragcr, 1ft jeais old; Edith llatt, 13 years old;
llalph Wlntirroth, William Miller, Trcd,
lloibrrt llcnham, John Brooks, James
Siegler and Captain William Creegan, of Hose
company 3.
Tho llames were discovered by two
young men. W. Clark and P. Young,
who happened to bo passing the build
ing on Exchange street. Clark ran to
tho nearest fire alarm box and sent In
an alarm, after which both turned
their attention to arousing tho nurses,
attendants and children.
Miss Cllne, a nurse In the hospital,
says she smolled smoke a few minutes
after 1 o'clock, and Immediately notl
lled Mlhs Valllent, another nurse, who
reported the matter to the matron,
Miss L. Dlnehart. The smoke was
speedily traced to tho boiler room and
word was sent to police headquarters.
Then a terrific explosion was heard
In tho other end of the building. In
a few moments the entire half of the
building In which the hospital was
situated was a mass of flames. Tho
smoke poured out of every window and
screams and frantio cries could bo
heard from the panic-stricken chil
dren. Long ladders were strung up and
firemen plunged Into tho stifling smoke
and bore out inanimate forms. AH
of the rescued were unconscious; many
wcro dead.
General Alarm.
When it became known that tho flr
had extended to the main building a
general alarm was sent In, calling out
tho entire department.
Policemen, citizens and firemen uni
ted in tho work of rescue. Pour lit
tle children had been forgotten on the
fourth floor, until a woman screamed
out that they had been left behind.
Instantly a dozen volunteers started
for the stairway. Two wcro allowed
to go to tho rescue and a moment later
they returned with the babes In their
arms. A cheer went up from tho
crowd, which was hushed as the chil
dren wcro seen to be unconscious.
They were removed to I he house of a
neighbor across tho way.
About thirty children were carried
Into tho home of Herman Behn, a shoe
merchant, across the street on Hub
bell Parle, and as fast as the ambu
lances arrived from tho hospitals, the
children were removed.
Although the work of rescue was
taken up promptly by so many hands,
I'olunteers as well as firemen, the
flames gained such headway and
apread with such Incredible speed
that It was beyond human effort to
prevent the loss of life.
Ambulances from all of the hospitals
wcro on tho ground almost as soon
s tho fire companies, and the houses
of tho neighborhood woro thrown1 open
to recolvo tho little waifs who were
3 ragged and carried from the burning
asylum. Some of the children died In
the ambulances on tho way to tha
Dramatic Incident.
A dramatic incident of the lire was
Iho fall of Morris Keating, a fireman,
who went up to the roof on a ladder
to rescue women and children. Just
us he reached the top, a stream of
water was turned on hlin to keep off
Ihe flames, but It had tho effect of
confusing hlm. He reached out for a
woman who had Jumped toward htm.
Suddenly he lost his hold on tho lad
der tind fell with the woman to tho
ground. Ills charge was killed out
right and Keating was so seriously
In jti rod that ho may die.
The roof was covered with children
who had escaped through the scuttlo
from tho upper rooms, and tho fire
men wore kept busy carrying them
down. Many escaped unharmed in
that way.
Managers Negligent.
There was a Joint meeting of Uie
board of managers and tho trustees of
the asylum in City Assessor Pond's
olMcc today. The meeting was hur
riedly called, but the large room wn
filled to the doors with members of
tho board and thoso Interested In the
Institution. While all sorts of excuses
were put forward for the disaster,
there was unanimity In conceding that
tho managers had been derelict In that
there had not been a better and more
complete system of fire-escapes pro
vided. Ono Thomas C. Montgomery, of
Franklin, expressed the opinion that
the managers had been negligent, in
that they did not employ a night
watchman at the asylum and that they
had not had the building patrolled
Belief That Investigators Have
Found That Booz's Death Was
Not Caused by Hazing.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Washington, Jan. 8. The record of
the proceedings and findings of the
military court of Inquiry appointed to
Investigate the case of ex-Cadet Oscar
L. Hoos; were received at the War De
partment today. They came by ex
press and were handed to Adjt.-Gen-eral
Corbln, to whom they were ad
dressed. Without reading this report,
or even the conclusion, General Corbln
took them ta tha secretary of war.
It Is the general opinion of army of
ficers who have followed the published
testimony closely that the court decid
ed that I3ooz was hazed while at the
academy, but that his death, many
months after leaving .the academy,
was not proved to have been the out
come of such hazing.
It Is also believed that the court has
found that the practice of hazing was
generally Indulged In at the academy,
but not In a brutal form, and that the
boatd has recommended that radical
and extreme measures be taken to
eradicate the practice In every form.
F. A. Coudert Speaks on Behalf of
the Plaintiffs.
Dy Exeluslie Wire from Tho Associated Frcs.
Washington, Jan. 8. Argument was
begun in the United States Supreme
court late today In the Porto Ilican
customs cases now before that court.
The five consolidated cases were taken
up, and P. K. Coudert spoke In behalf
of the plaintiffs against the govern
ment In tho caso known as the De
Lima case. Mr. Coudert devoted con
siderable time to showing that Porto
Hlco Is not a "foreign country," as
that term Is used In the Dingley law,
under which the tariff on tho Porto
Itlean sugar Imported was imposed In
this case.
He also contended that the Porto
Weans are citizens of the United
States and referred to tho anomaly
of giving courts which were not, ac
cording to the contention of tho gov
ernment's counsels, courts of the
United States, power to make citizens
of the United States, ns territorial
courts do, by naturalization.
Mr. Coudert had not concluded when
the court adjourned for the day. He
will be followed In the order named
by Messrs. Paul Fuller, J. Chaney and
IT. M, Wnrd, for the Importers. For
mer Secretary Cai lisle will close for
them, but not until nfter Attorney
General Griggs and Solicitor General
Richards have spoken for tho govern
ment. The government's representa
tives probably will not be heard be
fore Thursday and Mr. Carlisle not be-
toro i-rmay.
Three Bellevue Attendants Charged
with the Death of Louis Hillard.
Dy F.clusle Wire liom 'Ihe Associated Press.
New York, Jan. 8. The grand Jury
repotted to Judge Cowing early today
handing up Indictments against Clinton
Marshall, J. It, Dean and Eugene
Davis, the TJollevue nurses, for man
slaughter In the first degree, In the
killing of Louis Hillard.
After IIHIard's death It was found
that wot al of his ribs were broken
and It was alleged that he received all
of his Injuries In Bellevue Hospital.
Elliott Loses Dupont Trophy.
By Exclusive Wire (rom The AiocIated Press.
New York, Jan. 8. n. A. Welch lost the
Dupont tiophy to J. A. H. DUlott at lutcr-SUte
park thU afternoon In a match for 100 lUe birds.
Welch was clearly out of form, not khooting up
to anythlnc like hit nwtonury speed, while Fl
llott simply maintained the pacn at which lie
has been traellnc ot late and ran away from
his competitor. He killed 07 bfrdn while Wlecb
only killed S3.
Charged with Two Murders.
By Hxclntlvo Wire Irom The Associated Press.
Mlddlctovcn, Jf, V., Jan. 8. Homer Sarvls, con
fined in the Co.hen jail charged with thi murder
of Frank L. Henderson, of Ncwbure, several
years ago, has been Identified by Henderson's
mother us tho man who murdered her sou. Har.
vis recently completed a Icnu in a 1'ciiiinjhanla
prison for burglary.
Secretary Sims Buried.
By belushe Wire trom The Asuclstcd Press
Philadelphia, Jan. 8. John Clark Sims, late
secietary ot tha Pennsylvania railroad, vs
burled today at Wtiltmarsh near Fort Washing.
tetn. l'l. TIia fitnnrnl ini-t lr u.r, attrwt-r1 l.i.
all tho officials of thn Pennsylvania company
and many otnris prominent In public affairs,
Advice Received from Consul Gene
ral Gudrjcr Indicates a
Serious Aspect.
United States Government Will Be
Obliged to Adopt a Vigorous Iilne
of Action in Case Panama Is At
tacked or There Is Any Interrup
tion of the Transit Facilities of tho
Isthmus American Interest to
Be Protected.
Dy Excluilve Wirt from Tha Associated Frtss.
Washington, Jan. 8. The stato de
partment received advices today from
Consul General Gudger, at Panama,
Indicating that tho Colombian revolu
tion had again assumed a serious as
pect. Ho states that the Colombian
government announces that the revo
lutionists are approaching Panama
and are making preparations for u
fight, which Is likely to occur soon.
There Is reason to believe that the
United States government will adopt a
vigorous line of action In case the city
of Panama Is attacked or there Is any
Interruption of the transit fac'llltles of
tho Isthmus. According to a treaty
agreement with Colombia the United
States has been given a certain meas
uro of protection over the peaceful
conduct of this traffic across the Isth
mus. When Consul General Gudger a
few months ago reported that tho
revolutionists would bombard the city
of Panama, acting Secretary of State
Hill promptly sent a dispatch to Mr,
Gudger announcing In unusually vig
orous terms that this government
would not tolerate any action likely
to prejudice American Interests or In
terfere with the rights which this gov
ernment has assumed. The dispatch
became public In Panama and had the
effect of putting an end to the plans
of bombardment. Mr. Gudger's pres
ent dispatch does not Indicate that the
cty itself is about to be attacked, but
if It develops by later information that
there is any prospect of bombardment
the vigorous procedure of a few months
ago will be repeated.
At present the gunboat Itangcr is at
Panama, and the Philadelphia and
Iowa are on their way to that locality.
Raybrook, Franklin County, N. Y-, to
Be Selected $100,000 Needed.
Uy Exclusive Wire from Tho Associated Prtfj.
Albany, N. Y., Jon, 8. It is known
definitely that Raybrook, Franklin
county, will be selected for tho site of
the state tuberculosis hospital. Itav
brook is situated about four miles east
of Saranaa lake. The legislature will
be asked to appropriate $100,000 for the
erection of the first pavilions for tho
Plans for tho institution are being
prepared by State Architect Helns.
Must Earn His Salt, Keep Good
Hours and Respect Women.
Dy K.Tcluslse Wire from The Associated Preii.
Allentown, Pa., Jan. S. George Moy
er, aged seventeen years, who was
brought before Mayor Sehaadt today
on a charge of Incorrigibility and
carrying a dagger, was sentenced "to
earn his salt, to go to bed not later
than 10 o'clock at night nnd to rise at
C In the morning; may go to theatrical
performances, but Is not to 'sass' the
women folks."
Chief Officials of the Erie Railroad
Arrive at Susquehanna to Confer
with the Boilermakers.
By ExclusUe Wire from Tho Associated Pre.
Susquehanna, Pa., Jan. S. The chief
officials of the Krle railroad arrived
here tn a special car today to confer
with the local oftlcluls and the strik
ers' committee, with a view of settling
the bollermakers' strike, which began
yesterday. Tho road Is doing a very
heavy business and' tho crippling of
the motive power would bo a serious
affair, as the largest boiler works are
located here.
It Is expected that the strike will
end by Wednesday. Tho strike has not
yet reached the other departments of
the shop. Tho strikers are orderly and
Separate Trial in Bosschieter Case,
by Etclushe Wire from The Associated Press.
New York, Jan. 8. .Justice Dixon In tho
court of oyer and terminer In Pateuon, N, J.,
today announced that he had granted the ap
plication ot counsel (or a separate trlel (or Ceo.
J. Kerr, Indicted (or tho murder o( Jennie Ilos
sibleter, 911 the alleged ground that Kerr bad
not been present uben knockout chops bad been
giicn to the girl.
Congressman Neville 111.
By Exclusive Wire (rom The Associated Preej.
Washington, Jan. 8. Congressman Nedlle, o(
Nebraska, Is tery ill at bis residence in this
city, Mr, Neville lias had several hemoirhagta
during the past (cw days resulting (rom an ac.
cldent be met with during the Christmas hull
days which reopened a trouble be suffered dur
ing the Chll war, Hope ot Ills recovery is in
Narrow Escape of the United States
Transport Off Japan,
Dy Exclusive Wire from Tho Associated Presj.
San Francisco, Jan. 8. Tho UnlteA
States transport Sherman wai caught
In a typhoon off tho Japanese coast on
December 18. Tho waves broke so high
that tho hurricane deck was Hooded.
Ono of the port lifeboats was smashed
Into kindling wood, and another had
to be cut adrift. All the windows on
the port side wcro stove In, and the
roof of the cabin was taken off bodily
and piled up around the smokestack.
Tho ends of the staterooms were stovo
In, and tons of water almost filled the
J. It. Duff was hurled with great vio
lence against a chair, sustaining a
fracture of three ribs and somo of the
bones of his right hand, besides sev
eral bruises. Captain Grant, on tho
bridge, was knocked down, but suf
fered no Injury. One of the search
lights, held by Iron supports, was
thrown across the deck with great
force. Other minor damage was done
by the typhoon, which, the officers of
tho Sherman say, was the worst they
ever experienced.
t -i
Powder Oar Explodes with Terrific
Forco Freight Conductor's
Heroic Act.
By Excluilve Wire from The Associated Press.
Wllkes-Barre, Jan. 8. Dy a collision
on the Central Railroad of New Jer
sey, near Laurel Run, late this after
noon, ti car lilted with black powder
exploded with such force that the re
port was hoard a distance of twenty
The cur was attached to a freight
train bound bouth and was the third
car from the rear. When near Laurel
Run station, an empty engine follow
ing crashed Into the freight. It plowed
Its way through the caboose, a car
tilled with beer and went half-way
through the powder car. The powder
did not explode at once, as it was not
subject to concussion, but hot coals
from the firebox of tha wrecked en
gine set lire to It. Then every uound
of powder in the car exploded. The
locomotive was bent and twisted Into
a shupeless mass and live of the cam
were crushed Into klndlln.? wood. The
trucks of tho cars were hurled hun
dreds of feet away, and underneath
the powder car n great hole was1 torn
In the ground.
The crew of the empty engine, seeing
thut a collision wfiB "Unavoidable,
Jumped after the engineer had te
versed the locomotive. Tho engineer
knew that there was a cat load of pow
der on the train ahead and he told tru
trainmen to get away from the rioene
of the collision as far as possible. This
Is the only thing tliut saved their lives.
After the explosion thu wieck caught
lire Wrecking crews trom Ashley and
Munch Chunk were sent to the scene
and at 9 A:Iock tonight they had suc
ceeded In extinguishing tho lire, but it
will bt morning before the wreckage Is
cleared up and tiuil'- r'sumed.
Tho window glasj In the houres at
Laurel Run were broken. People liv
ing in Wllkes-Uarre township thought
a great earthquake hud taken place
and they ru.shed out of their houses
Into the street. At Wtlkcs-Dnrro,
AVhtte Haven and Plttston houses
weio shaken on rhelr foundations.
Peter Stromc, the conductor of the
freight train, 'erformed a heroic act.
Juot before the powder car exploded ho
"cut" i ear, lon-W with dynamite,
which was coupled tu the powder car,
and gavu c engineer the signal to go
ahead. The dynamite was moved to a
place of safety before the explosion oc
No Successor to the English Ambas
sador Will Be Appointed.
By Kcluslvo Wire (rom Thi Associated Press.
London, Jan. 8. Lord Painccfote, British am.
baioador to tho United Sta-cs, according to In
formation (urnWied to tho Associated Press to
day will remain Indellnltel; in Washington. It
was the intention ol the IrltUh government to
appoint Ids succesfor net March but the ues
tlcns now- at Iasuc let" en the United States
and Great Britain am beleted to be far too
serious to pcnnlt Ids iemo-al. It Is understood
alio that Lord Piunccfote Is willing to stay
on and is likely to reprrreit Creat Britain until
the tloso of this year at lest il not longer.
As yet the Nlcaraguan contioversy lias not
engaged tho attention of tlo British government
nor has any decision hcn eien tentatively
formed. Before the matte; Is discussed in the
cabinet Lord Lansdownc, tcretary of state (or
foreign allaln will have sa-cral conferences with
United Mates Ambassador tlioate, enlightenment
being desired by the (orcim ofllee upon various
points In the amendments to the Hay-raunee-(ote
treaty. Thso confeurva will begin within
a few da; a.
Frame of the Cip Defender.
By Kxcluslve Wire (rom T Associated Tress.
Bristol, It. L, Jan. 8. T 0 second consignment
ot about 100 steel angles 'or the (nunc of the
new cup defender arrived fere today (rom Steel-
ton, Pa., having como b- special train (rom
FroUdence. The angles re 20 (eet long, two
Indira wide on the legs and Hi Inch on the
angle. They are Intcndejfor the bow and the
stem o( tho frame. Tlii keel plates will be
readv tor the setting up if the frame tomoirow
or Thursday.
Steamship Arrivals.
Ev r.xcluihc Wire Irom 5he Associated Press.
New Ymk, Jan. 8. Arlvcd: Fumcisla, Irom
Glasgow; Cap Frio, llaiiiuig. Cleared: Ken
rlngtuii, Antwcip, sla Imtliampton; Cymilc,
Live 1 pool. Hilled : Nemllic, Liverpool. Havre
An heel: la Noriiunle.f rom Ntw York.
Boulogne Balled1 patrbia (liom Hamburg),
New York. Liiard rasfcd: Arasteidam, New
York (or Bouuogne anl Jloterelam. Cheibourg
Airived; l'rnnts)lvanli, New York via Ply
mouth for Hamburg (aucl proceeded),
Baltimore Stinks Closed,
By Kxcluslve Wire Iron The Associated Press.
Baltimore, Jan. 8. Taj
"Old Town" bank, a
ksed Its doors and went
tew day ago, will re
The American National
statu Institution, which
into a receiver's hands
sume business tomoirow.
bank, which closed Its for the day before the
(allure ot tho "Old Tow
bank, and which was
closely allied with It, Isalso expected to resume
husincss shoitly, althoufr no definite announce
ment to that effect has ft been made.
Report That It Has Passed Into the
Control ot the New York
Central Railroad.
This Proposition Has Been Talked
About for a Long Time Object Io
to Bring the Two Koads More
Closely Together and to Glvo the
IMorgan-Vanderbllt Combination a
Firmer Orip Upon tho Anthracite
Coal Trade The Officials of the
Delaware and Hudson in This City
Have Only Heard Rumors of the
Change, but Believe There Is More
Truth Than Fiction in It.
In railroad circles In this city for the
last two days It has been rumored that
the Delaware -t Hudson company Is
about to pass Into the control ot the
New York Central and Hudson Itlver
railroad, a suillclent amount ot Dela
ware and Hudson stock having been
secured by the New York Central peo
ple to enable them to secure a lease of
the property.
Nc-ne of the Delaware and Hudson
officials in this city could vouch for
the truth of the rumor but the manner
of nil those approached Indicated that
they believe there Is more truth than
fiction In the story. The activity In
Delaware and Hudson stocks also lends
color to the story. Tho New York
Commercial Auvor . of yesterday
afternoon -hIV
ttou tin
leaic t
rc&d a
of tho
of the
of thlo ".
ton o
t i hliiwt nitn liae lnforr.ii
r il: Gntral railitad t.inn-
ii. Till nial-e i tiov)iiil. "-
t ltnJc ciimpmi m
. Thi proposition, il I
I over by iireei Utn
i ! lonif ol Ihe lat(.e lioltK.rj
i it t ' t'lson ilut-l;. Thetemn
kiM t At, "&UJ. to rjti guiran-
" f it. pir iinruuu on ?X,.
t jf
'J At riulditlon.
t oq 'Hitlnn ot the Delaware' -i ilts ik (aid to be t vo-
V ( ntnl nnl the- TJcli
, i v rlr.vlr affiliated in
iv nd freight tuflle l
Aw, Lmr (.'eoffc and
1 1 ti cr rk, and second
and il -1
fol 1- t
ware a
the ma
ether point
"" Underbill-.
.i corrMr.ition dcuu it
Arable to brlii.r Ilelawme and UliUjQ ni 1 1
piodnror and cairler Into the great coal com
bination now forming.
The wiututions for the control of the Hell
Hare an. I Hi'dson have been conducted so
ipintl) that but few men are- Informed as to the
details. 1'resnlent It. M. Ol pliant and other
cj( ol the Delaware and Hudson company
disclaim knowledge cl an' impending change In
the control. They are pur-.lcd, liowetrr, by he
extraordinary activity ol the Hdaware and Hud
con stock in the Stock exchange, and the steady
advance In price.
There are SJO.OOO nharcs of Delaware and Hud
eon stock each of the par value ot $100. The
names of more than 20,000 shareholders appear on
the company's stock books, and lor secra! years
the shares have been so widely distributed that
It has been a notibl) fact known to financiers
and railroad men that no particular group of
men either owned or controlled the property.
Directors of the D. & H.
The directors or managers of the Delaware and
Hudson company .'epresent a wide dlcrity ol
Interests. The members of the board arc It. M.
Oljplnnt, W. IL Tillingluut, Alfred Van Sam
oord, A. E. Orr, Chaunoey M. Depew, James
W. Alexander, John Jacob Aslor, Captain B.
Somers Hays, Frederick Cromwell, James R, Tay.
lor, Horace G. Young and David Willcox.
Tho late Jamcd Uoosevelt was a large stock
holder and lcc president o( the company. A
large block of the stock Is also sold to be owned
by tho Enultablc Llle Assurance society. For
sevrca! days thcro has been rumors In Wall street
of private buying ol the Delaware and Hudson
stock. It was Intimated a short time ago that
the Rockefeller interests were large puichascrs.
One of tho rumorsi current In Wall street to
day was that the control of tho Delaware and
Hudson was being lought In the interest of the
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western. Chairman
Samuel Sloan, ot the last limned company, said
that he knew nothing abojt any sucli negotia
Two Firemen Are Killed and An
other Seriously Injured Loss
Placed at $8,000.
By Exclusive Wirj (rom The Associated Treu.
Hocliester, N. Y., Jan. 8. Tho nitrate
building of tho Eastman Kodak works
was destroyed by fire today. Two fire
men were killed by tho fumes of burn
ing chemicals and ono other was bo
seriously Injured that ho will probably
The dead: Lieutenant Edward Mur
phy, George P. Long.
Injured: George Kltllngcr.
The Are started by the contact of es
caping nitric acid with tho wooden
floor. The loss Is placed at $8,000.
Monument for the Dead of tho Tenth.
By Kxcluslve Wire from The Associated Tress.
Harrlkbuig, Jan. 8. A concurrent resolution
providing (or tho appointment o( three sena
tors and tbreo members to assist the social clti
rens' e-ominlttee-s already appointed In the erec
tion ol a monument to the deceased soldiers of
the Tenth Prnntyhanla regiment, was signed to.
day by Governor Stone.
Strike of Machinists.
By Inclusive Wlro Irom Tho Associated Press.
Homrllsville, N. Y Jan. 8. About 100 ma
chinists in the Erie llaitroad company's shops
here are on strike, As to whether the strike wss
due to tho discharge of a workman or to the ob
jections of the men to piecework csnnOt bt
learned as both sides are reticent
Weather Indications Today,
1 Fatal Fire In a ItochcsUr Orplun Allium,
lias the New York Central Control ot tlio
Delaware and Hudson?
devolution In CcloinliU.
The Chlnoe Question.
2 Gcrcral Carbondale Department.
8 General Work of Hie National Congres.1.
Note and Comment,
5 General Gltta Making at IlufUlo.
6 Local Opinion of Prominent Cltlens on the
1'ropoted Action ot the Trolley Company.
J Local Councils Will Tike Action at Once If
Street Hallway Matter.
Hearing in Councllmante nrihery Caws,
3 Local West Kcranton and Suburban.
9 General Xortheajtem Penmylunla.
Financial nnd Commercial.
10 Local County Commljsloners Alter the Fee
News in the World ol Labor.
Eight Ken Are Killed and Three In-
jured Twenty-three Cars and an
Engine Meet.
Dy F.clmho Who from The Afsocialed Preaa.
Falrmount, W. Vm, Jan. 8. An east
bound engine with twenty-three empty
cars collided with a west-bound en
gine running light on the bridge cross
ing the mouth of Koon's Kun, above
Evetson section, on the Mononzahela
division of the Burlington nnd Ohio to
day, killing eight men and injuring
three more, one fatally. Both engines
wre going nt full speed to reach a
switch, as tho Pittsburg tlyer was
nearly due. The dead:
W. It. HOWWAN', ol Falimont, engineer; in
stantly kilUd.
W. J. O'.ST.IL, of Mhciy, Pa.; Instantly killed.
M i: rniKVViv Cf jinWfmnnrt. Pa., conduc
tor, killed lliitantlj.
inns prvrvv, 1'alriuonr. Iirrman; lived forty
WILLIAM PARlUSIt 61 Kcym, W. Vlf, brake
men; lived W mtnut.
.1DSKFH V Kl-N'O, ot MMoneabela, W
rpiiductor; lltcl ?fl mlnjlm.
U". II. WntlllXL, ul Fairmont, llremiu
this jfiirnoon.
iVihMWN TIMMP, killed inMnntly
Had Just Beau Grunted an Increase
of 15 Pejr Cont.. but Wanted Dis
charged m Reinstated.
Uy Exclusive Mlro
The A
Reading, Jan. S. Trouble between
the United Traction company and Its
men culminated shortly after noon to
day In a strike of its 150 motormen
and conductors. Recently the em
ployes organized a branch of the
Amalgamated Union of Street Rail
way employes, and half a dozen men
were discharged during the past few
days. The company officials say that
they were discharged for other and
good causes, but the men believe that
it was because of their connection with
the union. The Federated Trades
council, composed of all the city trades
unions, took tho matter In hand and
the strike camo at noon today. The
men took the cars to the barns and
then ejult. Last Saturday night the
company made nn Increase of 15 per
cent. In wages, but the union decided
on a strike when the discharges were
This evening the street car traffic is
completely paralyzed. Not a car is
running. The men held a meeting this
afternoon and all were reported firm
and determined to remain on strike
until the discharged hands shall be re
Instated. The Street Car Men's union has
asked the two hundred striking motor
men and conductors to obey the law
and to do nothing which might tend to
create a breach of the peace.
Will Probably Not Attend to Busi
ness for Several Days.
By Exclusive Wire trom The Associated Preis.
Washington, Jan. 8. Secretary Cor
telyou this evening said, concerning
the president's Illness:
"The president's cold has developed
Into a well defined case of grippe. His
physician states that there aro no com
plications and that everything Is pro
gressing favorably. The disease must
run its regular course and the presi
dent therefore Is not likely to be out of
his room for somo days,"
By Exclusive Wire (rom The Associated Press.
Columbia, S. O., Jan, 8. finvcrnor M. B. Jlc.
Sweeney, was Inaugurated governor today for tho
second time. The governor in his message, di
rected attention to the (act that not u lynch
ing had taken place In the state in the year
Just dosed.
Tallahassee, Fla., Jan. 8. William S. Jen
nings was inaugurated governor ol Florida this
attcrnoon. Ills message favored free schools, Iree
school bonds, uniform assessments and low taxes,
To Establish a Colored Colony.
By Inclusive Wire Irom The Associated Tress
Cape May, N, J., Jan. 8. Prominent colored
men met here, toilay and considered tho question
of establishing an industrial colony In Capo
Hay county. It Is said that a wealthy colored
man has agreed to establish the colony giving
each colonist a farm and seed and live stock
enough to begin operation on an agreement to
pay (or the (arm within ten years.
i i m
No whnrge for Collecting Checks.
By Exclusive Wire Irom The Assoclsttd Press.
Philadelphia, Jan. 8.-Tlie Philadelphia Clear,
tng House association lias decided lor the pres
ent to mtablisli bo Charge tot collecting checks
in other cities.
Some of the Subiccts ot Interna
tlonal Negotiation Mail Be
Taken to Washington.
Better Progress Likely to Result
if the Deliberations of Foreigners
Aro Eemovod from Local Influ
ences The Empress Dowager Still
Exerting Her Influence Against
Acceptance of the Demands ot tha
By nxclusho Wire dom The Associated Vnm.
Washington, Jan. 8. Tho negotia
tions which have been pending for
somo time, relative to tho removal
from Pekln ot some ot the subjects of
International negotiations, so that they
could bo taken up nt Washington or
at tho capital of ono of tho other pow
ers, have now advanced to a stago
where there Is promise of a satisfac
tory understanding among the powori
on this move. The plan originated
through a suggestion of Minister Con
ger, cabled about a week ago, to the
effect that there was little prospect of
securing united action on tho subject
of Indemnity and of new commercial
treaties with China, Mr. Conger sug
gested that better progress in the ne
gotiations were likely to result If these
two phases could be removed from Pe
kln and taken up nt some point en
tirely removed from local Influences.
Mr. Conger's Idea met with favorable
consideration here, and tho suggestion
was mode to the other powers Inter- I.. HIiIh. 41.n. .t-A. VMntfMM 1? f.t.l
esevu in vwiiiiei. uitit. cue 11111.111:1 wi jiii-
nese? lndemnltv nnd of commercial .
treaties bo taken up at Washington 01
at one of- the other capitals. In, exe
cutlng this plan, it has been the pur
pewo to assume an tnternutlrthat com'
musion which could pass on all quel
tlotm of Indemnity, both among them
sijlveH and aa aif.iltist China. It would
bt In tho inaln-'a conference among
the powers, although It Is expected
that Chlnet-e eiivoyn would bo lmi'ed
to participate after the procOMlugs
reach a stage where unity of anion
among the powers was aasured.
. The stateV''fpurtmcivt "ns. received!
nomo of tho povvom 'ou this propoST
thin. There apyorius lo be no n:ki.
anticipate uerlous opposition to tlw
transfer, us most of the powers have
appreciated the obstacles at PeWiti In
tln way of an agreement, on the tb
jcetit of indemnity nnd conimn Ul
Conpor Confirms .Reports.
Minister Connor was luaid from
day In a cablegram to the state de
partment. The text of tho dispatch
was not given outj but It was mado
known, that In substance, Mr. Conger
confirmed recent press reports to the
effect that there was reason tt be
lieve that tho empress dowager was
exerting her Influence against tho ac
ceptance of the demands submitted by
the powers. It is the feeling among
officials here that the Influence Mill
wielded by tho empress dowagpr may .
lead to serious complications In enso v
she seeks to bring to a halt the nego
tiations now pending. The powers, by
stating their demands to bo Irrevoca
ble, -made them practically an ulti
matum and while a refusal to sign by
China would not result in a declara
tion of war to enforce tho demands
there would be a prolonged occupancy
of Pekln and thl9 might lead to fresh
complications threatening to tho In
tegrity of the Chinese empire. The
United States government Is seeking
to Insist upon the signing of the treaty
by tho Chinese envoys, on tho ground
that they presented credentials cloth
ing them with complete authority to
act without the necessity of first sub
mitting their acts to the imperial court
for approval.
Based on these credentials, Minister
Conger and tho other ministers at
Pekln are urging that the envoys
should sign without reference to the
attltudo of tho court, and In caso tho
signatures aro given they will be ac
cepted as a complete expression of the
will of tho Chinese government.
Delegates from Territory Present Ar
guments in Eavor of Statehood.
By Exclushe Wire (rom The Associated Press.
Washington, Jan. 8. Governor Slurphy and
delegates Wilson, o( Ailsona, were heard by the
houso remmltteo on territories today In lavor o(
the bill fcr tho admission ol Arizona aa a
state. Each presented an elaborate argument.
Delegate Wilson used tho figures of the present
census and mado a strong showing for state
hood for the territory. Tho committee took
no action today and tho general opinion Is that
no action will lo taken at this session.
But It the bill for tho admission ol Arizona
is reported It will ties accompanied by bills lor
tho admlsston ol Oklahoma and New Mexico.
Assistant District Attorney Arrested.
By Exclushe Wire from The Associated Press.
Altoona, Jan. 8. Ex-Asdslant Attorney Stm.
uel A. McNcal, an attorney ol this city, wbs
suddenly disappeared several months ago. utt
arrested at Norlolk, Ya., yesterday it the re
quest of Chief ot Police SectJenburg. JIcNeal Ii
wanted here for conspiracy, forgery and embei.
zelment. Peedenburr rill leave tomorrow (or
Norfolk to bring hlm back.
Meeting ot Zionists.
By Exclusive Wire trom The Associated Preu.
Berlin, Jan. 8. A large nesting of Zionist
held today voted to rail a national Jewish con
gress (or tho protection ol tho Hebrew inUresta,
t -t-
Washington, Jan. 8. Forecast far east 4-
em rsHBtyUaaUl Fair Wednssdsyi 4.
winds becoming norihv-Ysloriyi brisk' on 4-
tha totntl Thursday (sir. tolder, 4.
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