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After Being Committed Under Heavy
VBnll for Larceny Gorman Tries to
Assault the Hugo Officer Runs a
, Block but Is Hit by Third Bullet
, After Constable Fires In Air Twice.
.' Eddie Gorman, known locally by the
nickname (if "Oyster," had the distinc
tion last evening of being the first
prisoner committed to Jail In this citv
in the twentieth century. Ho reached
there last night about 7.15 with a bul
let In his kneecap, whlrh he received
while Hying to escape from Constabltl
Stephen Gllby.
Gbrmun wriB arrested yesterday on a
charge of larceny, preferred by tht'
proprietors of the Forest House in
Simpson. He was accused of looting
the money drawer. Ho was haled be
fore Alderman Delevan, of the Sixth
waul, and the hearing was held earlv
last evening. The evidence was over
whelmingly against Gorman, several
witnesses testifying to having seen
him commit the theft.
Alderman Delevnn at the close of
the hearing held Gorman in $300 boll
for trial and committed him to the
custody of Constable Stephen Gllby,
with commitment papers to take him
to the county Jail. Constable Gllby Is.
a smooth-faced man of herculean
frame, and It Is only necessary for
most prisoners to glance at his huge
form to convince them thift It would bo
well to go along pehceably. Kelylng
nn his great strength and on the prom
ise of Gorman to go along quietly,
Gllby did not put handcuffs on him but
held him by the shoulder.
The "Oyster" Is a pretty husky-looking
boy himself, but there was no In
dication In the way lie started out of
the alderman's ottlce that ho would at
tempt to mensurc his strength against
his giant custodian's. Instead, he used
tho first few moments of his enforced
stroll In bewailing his hard luck and
emphatically reiterating that he hadn't
"dun nuthln' to nobody," and "that
I'm mo worst inlmy."
This monologue continued for sev
eral blocks and Gllby, although he
know his prisoner to be a "tough"
character, bad begun to feel a sort of
commiseration for his charge, when
Gorman suddenly changed his de
meanor. The two had got In front of
tho Belmont school when Gorman
quickly wheeled nround and made a
vicious swing at Gllby. Just at that
moment Gllby was looking straight M
"Oyster," and saw the wicked sledge
hammer blow In time to dodge. Again
Goiman stiuck out, and this time hit
Gllby In the Jaw.
The blow hurt enough to cause the
constable to relax his hold a trifle,
tiorman Immediately wrenched loo3u
ind started to run. Ollby called on
him to stop, but be paid no heed and
kept on, gaining on his pursuer. Then
Gllby drew his tevolver. lie fired a
bullet Into tho air, thinking the sound
would hnlt him. But Gorman kept on.
Then Gllby fired a second shot, this
thnu tiring low so as to hit him in tho
lpgs if possible. This apparently had
no effect except to make Gorman let
out n few additional links of srieed.
Again Gllby tired low, and at tho
third report Gorman threw h's hands
iver ills head and tumbled headlong,
Just as ho wag about to go around a
corner Into an alley near Joseph F.
Robinson's house, at 19 Belmont street.
Gorman fell on his face, and said ns
the constable seized him: "You got
mo that time."
Gllby saw that he was unable to
walk and had one of the crowd that
collected telephone for a cab. Livery
man Snyder drove up, and prisoner
and constable rode down to the cltv
building, where the constable had to
have assistance In getting him into tho
Jail and cell No. 6. Then Gllby tele
phoned to Dr. Glllls, who speedily nr
ilved and made a superficial examina
tion. The physician found that tho
bullet had entered the kneecap of tho
left leg, .had glanced downward and
lodged in the bone of the leg. He did
not think it wise to probe for the bul
let In the cell of the Jail, with Its In
adequate appuiteuances fori an opera
tion, nor did he favor tho prisoner be
ing removed to Scrnnton, as he said If
Goiman caught cold he would lose the
The constable wns In a quandary, as
his commitment papers made him re
sponsible for the prisoner and ho did
not know whether he would bo allowe.1
under the law to tnko him to, the hos
pital, en Alduiman Delevan was np
ltealed to by telephone and the exig
encies of the case explained. He ad
vlsed Gllby, to consult the hospl .it
authorities. The hospital wan then
called up by 'phone, nnd the head nurso
referred Ollby to Dr. Nlles, M. D tho
surgeon, who was at his residence on
Main street. Dr. Nlles told Gllby to
hire a cab, bring Gorman to his roil
dence und then tnke him to the Emer
gency" hospital.
Dr. Glllls made a temporary bandaga
at tho city Jail, swathed the Injured
limb In a number of yards of linen and
a bunch of cotton, nnd tho prisoner
was taJten to Dr. Nlles' office.
After the patient had been taken to
Dr. Nlles's house, tho doctor decided
that the best thing to do was to got the
wounded man to the hospital with the
utmost dispatch. He accordingly got
Into the cab with Gorman, while Gll
by perched outside with the driver.
On their arrival at tho hospital the
surgeons decided on an Immediate op
eration to extract the bullet. So Gor
man was put under the Influence of an
anaesthetic and the bullet probed for.
It was found that a large blood vessel
bad been cut by tho leaden pellet,
and tho prisoner had bled greatly.
' Cures all Throat and Lung Affections.
W Oct the genuine. Rcftisetubstltutes, M
Vis sure
Salvation Oil cures Rheumatism. IS & 35 cU.
Tho bullet was found and extracted,
but up to a lata hour Gorman had
not recovered from the effects of tho
anesthetic,, and the head nurse could
not tell how he had sustained tho op
eration nor whether complications
might ensue,
Gllby was extremely perturbed last
night over the results of his pistol
practice. He said that ho had not put
handcuffs on his man because ho had
promised to be peaceable. As ho was
responsible for his prisoner ho could
not allow him to escape, and ho used
every precaution to not hit him in a
vital spot. It is probably very lucky
for Gorman that tho gigantic constable
Is nn unerring mnrksmnn, for if he had
not been the bullet might have pone
trated some vulnerable orgnn and thus
ended n career, which Is, to say the
least, unsav6ry. Tho constable has
figured in many despcrato cases, but
alwnys as an officer of tho law, and
he Is famed locally for his courage and
grit. When he has been sent to make
an arrest he got his man, no matter
how largo the odds against him.
A Resolution Which Will Probably
Be Passed at the Board of Health's
Next Meeting.
Now that small pox has become epi
demic In so many cities of the United
States, especially In New York city,
with which Carbondalo has so many
ways of frequent communication, the
question of vaccination has been n
much-discussed topic among doctors
and citizens of this city. In very
many localities of America, many of
them greatly remote from the infected
points, not only school children, but all
others who pass freely among their
fellows have been compelled to sub
mit to the Irritating process of having
their health safeguarded.
The following resolution was pre
pared and passed nt the last meeting
of the board of health, looking to
ward this result, as far as school chil
dren are concerned, taking the form of
a letter to tho supeilntendent of
schools In this city:
".Mr. 1. K. Oiarr, Superintendent ot School",
Carbonilale, Pa,:
Dear felr
Your attention Is liercby called to section 12,
of set of assembly 121, 1S03.
"All principals or other person In charge o!
schools as aforcwid arc hereby required to re
fuse the ndmUilon of any child to u.u schools un
der their charge or supervision, except upon a
certificate signed by a physician, setting forth
that such child has been successfully accn
atcd, or that it has previously hail small
pox." The board of health will require strict com
pliance with the law before .Tan. St, 1901.
lly order of the board of health.
C. W. Eians, Secretary.
The following Is a copy of the blank
which will be furnished by the board
to physicians:
Cirbondale, l'n.
This Is to certify that of Ko.
.... school ward, Carboudale, l'a.,
has btun succcstfully vaccinated or has had smill
pox. Name ot plijalclau
All parents whose children have not
been vaccinated will tnke a wise step
if they look after the matter now be
fore the limit of time expires. It may
save their children severat days' loss
of tuition.
New Year's at the Hospital.
The following Is the list of dona
tions received at the hospital yester
day. The Baptist and Episcopal
churches had charge of the New Year's
dinner there this year:
From tho Berean Baptist church:
One-half bushel apples, two pounds
coffee, one bunch of celery, five loaves
ot bread, four pies, three turkeys, one
cake, six cans corn, three cans peas,
two cans pickles, four cans tomatoes,
a quantity of cranberries, sixteen cans
fruit, one and n half dozen oranges,
four cans Jelly, two puddings, two
pounds of crackers, one dozen pickles,
one night shirt, reading matter, one
hum, four crimps of butter, thirty
pounds if sugar, one pound tea, one
peck of apples.
From Trinity Episcopal church:
Four dozen ornnges, half bushel of
sweet potatoes, one bunch of celery,
ten pounds of sugar, three cans of
fruit, three cans of tomatoes, two
squashes, one peck onions, one dozen
Besides these, severnl Individuals
sent private donations, among them
Mr. H. P. Trautweln, who contributed
a turkey.
The hospital managers and staff feel
very grateful for these donations, and
enjoyed their New Year's dinner very
Stars Bound This Way.
Munager Byrne announced In a not-j
on the programme of the opera houa
last evening that he has arranged to
glvo a series o" vaudeville perform
ances at that house during the present
season. One performance only will bo
given each week, and the proginmmc
will be made up of enjoyable numbers
contributed by some of the best known
nnd most tulented members of tho
vaudeville profession In tho country.
Among those who will appear from
time to time will be Pauline Hall,
Marie "Walnwrlght, Frederick Wnrdo,
Henry Lee, Ttobert Hllllard, Minnie
Hellgman, Ezra Kendall, Charles
Leonard Fletcher, Mr. and Mm
Litchfield, Dollle and Milton Nobles,
and a largo number of others who are
equally well known. Tho perform
ances will bo clean throughout and it
is promised they will afford tha
greatest enjoyment for all ,vho nttond
Alderman Jones Returns,
Tho Hon. S. S. Jones, of this cltv.
with his daughter, Eleanor, returned
last evening at 10 o'clock from Harris
burg, where they had beenJo witness
tho organization of Jho legislature, Mr.
Jones reported that he had had nn ex
cellent tlmo and predicted Quay's vic
tory, inasmuch ns tho stalwarts had
organized the houso and senate,
A Change in Firm Name.
Messrs. A. L. Patterson, 0. M, Pat
terson and L. A. Patterson have pur
chased the interest of their; late father,
It. P. Patterson, in the wholesale gro
cery business wich has beeh conducted
under tho name of It. P. latterson &
Son, and the firm will hereafter be
known as It. P, Pattorson'r Sons.
EX. Hatfield, man
ager of the Carbon
dale edition, will be
pleated to receive
callers seeking Infor
mation or desirous of
Imparting It Tele
phone numbers: New
a86: old, 0423.
ArorULAll CLEARING HOUSK for the Bene
lit ot All Who Have Houses to Kent, Ileal
Estate or Other Property to Sell or Kxchatigc, or
Who Want Situations or Help These Small Ad
vcrtlsetnents Cost One Cent a Word, Six Inser
tions for Five Cents a Word Except Situation
Wanted, Which Are Inserted Free.
to LonaF. sEcriCTAiin:s-A laugh, iiand-
soir.tly bcund minute 'took tot sale cheap.
Inquire at Tribuni oifUc, llutko bulldi.ijr, Car
One Is Suggested to Relieve tho Con
gestion at Emergency Hospital.
At the present time there Is a sore
need for more room at tho Emergency
hospital, Thero are more private pa
tients thero now than there has been
In tho history of tho Institution. Every
room set aside for patients is titled.
In addition to this even the nurses'
rooms and the nurses' parlors have
been utilized to a large extent in re
lieving suffering and caring for the
sick. These faithful caretakers have
been at a great inconvenience lately,
but they havo cheerfully incommoded
themselves to make room for the pa
tients needing hospital treatment.
In this condition of affairs It has
been suggested, and the suggestion is
a timely one, that a nurses' home or
residence be erected near the hospital
in order to provide shelter and a per
manent abiding plnco for the hospital
nurses. Even in the times when tho
Institution Is not crowded they cannot
get nwny from the scenes of their vo
cation even when oft duty. At best
their lives are humdrum, self-sacrlflc-Ing
ones, and when they do have a
little time they can call their own It
should bo spent outside the walls of
the hosnitnl.
This Is nn excellent opportunity for
a local philanthropist to do a splendid
act. There are many benevolently
minded persons In our city who could
endow n nurses' home and build one
without feeling the relaxation on his
purse to u grent extent. Tho entire
cost of such a home would not. ex
ceed $1,500, and this amount could not
bo spent In a better cause right In
our own cltv.
The time to endow this home, If such
a step Is to bo taken, Is now. Leaving
money for tho purpose after death Is
a poor way, for it may be a long time
before that occurs. Tho nurses' home
should bo started at once, nnd the
philanthropist who wants It done right
should see to "the building of It him
self. This is a most worthy cause,
and It Is sincerely hoped by nil well
wishers of the communtty that these
faithful ministers of the sick wilt not
much longer be compelled to give up
their own beds to suffering mankind.
Lunch En Route.
An unfamiliar scene was witndssel
In the Delaware and Hudson depot in
this city yesterday noon. A theatrical
tioupe bound from Port Jervls to
Plttston cumo to this city by way of
Honesdale, arriving here at 12.2(5. As
they wished to take the train leaving
here at 12.46 for Plttston they con
cluded they would not have time lo
get dinner. But a bright mind con
ceived the idea of telegraphing to the
Hotel American here to have luncheon
brought down to the depot to incut
them on the arrival of the train. Pro
prietor Williams of the hotel hus lo I
to good purpose, for when the hurried
Thespians got here they found a smok
ing; hot lunch waiting for them. Six
teen were In the party and In the
twenty minutes between trains tins
depot wns tho scene of considerable
animation nnd mastication.
Election of Officers.
At a icgular meeting of Washing
ton camp, No. 200. Patriotic Order
Sons of America, held on Monday
evening, the following ofllcers wero
elected for next term. They will bo
Installed on next Monday evening.
President, J. N. Stuck; vice presi
dent, C. S, Alexander; master of
forms, B. E. Durphy; secretary, F. H.
Smlthi'tieasurer, Paul Burton: finan
cial secretary, I. II. Colvln; conduc
tor, Joe Watklns; Inspector, Charle.s
Cummlngs; outside guard, O. W.
Gardner: trustee, (eighteen months),
F. L. Bedell; delegate to funeral bene
fit association, Paul Burton.
Meetings Tonight.
Carbondnle lodge, No. 249. Free and
Accepted Masons.
Rev. Father Cnrew Branch, No. S49,
Catholic Knights ot America.
Itechorcho Dancing class.
Pioneer castle, No. '203, A. O. K. M.
Carbondulo lodge, No. 230, Knights
of Pythias,
Ladles' Auxiliary Rallioad Engi
neersafternoon. Installation of Officers.
Tomorrow evening tho newly elected
olllcers of Captain O. E. Randolph
camp. No. 12S, Sons of Veterans, will
be Installed, after which tho camp
will glvo a smoker. All members of
tho camp and Sergeant William II.
Davles post, No. IS", Grand Army of
the Republic, are Invited tobe pres
ent. An enjoyable evening Is as
sured. A Soiree nt Burke's Hall.
An enjoyable social was held Inst
evening In Burke's hall, which wu
well attended nnd enjoyed greatly by
tho participants. The prime movers of
tho affair wero Messrs, William Hottz
master, Bert Collins nnd Joseph Wal
ker. A New Position.
Miss Edith Hucklnnd has accepted a
position as bookkeeper for the Car
bondnle Milling company.
The Passing Throng,
William Price Is 111 at his homo on
South Church street.
F. D. Warron, of Peckvllle, Is visit
ing relatives lis town.
Thomas McMynn, of Philadelphia, Is
visiting relatives In town.
Mrs. Ella Loomls, of Scranton, was
tho guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. La
throp yesterday.
Miss DollA Jones and Miss Maud 3
Dcpew, of Srunton, wero visitors In
town yesterMy.
Miss Margaret Cummlngs, of New
York, Is the guest of her parent) on
tho South Side.
Mrs. Weston And daughter, Miss
May, of Honesdale, art) the guests of
Mrs. C. T. Meaker.
Henry Mnng and Corner Morgan are
visiting their cousin, Mr. Von Hcusch
berger, of Honesdale.
Miss Mary Connerton returned! to
Blomsburg Stato Normal school Mon
day, to resume her studies.
MJss Emma .Carey, of Scrnnton, Is a
truest at tho home of her aunt, Mrs.
James Loftus, on Seventh avenue.
Miss Costello has returned to her
homo In Elmlra, N. Y after a visit
with Miss Mary O'Connell, on Seventh
Mr. and) Mrs. James II. Campbell, of
Carbondnle, havo been visiting at tho
home of Mr. and Mrs. William Mor
gan. Wllkes-Barre Record.
WilllAm G. Bees, of Stnnsbury's
store, Is spending a few weeks' vaca
tion nt Bhenandoah. Walter Davis, of
Lcnoxvllle, will fill his place during
his absence.
The funeral of the lato Mrs. Michael
Reynolds, who died at her home at
West Mayflold, after a few hours' Ill
ness, will take place this morning. A
high mass of requiem will be cele
brated In Sacred Heart church and in
terment will bo mado in Calvary
cemetery, Mayfleld.
The remains of the late Mrs. Ncthcr
ton, who died while on a visit to tho
homo of her son, Rev. W. R. Nether
ton, at Wyoming, will be brought hero
today and taken to the family homo
she had so faithfully presided over for
so many years. The funeral will take
place tomorrow afternoon. At 2.30
o'clock the remains will be taken to
the Methodist Episcopal church, when?
services will be conducted by the pas
tar. Rev. M. D. Fuller.
Thrt entertainment given by Mr.
Comfort, the Oswego, N. Y., dwarf,
in the Methodist Episcopal church last
evening, was patronized by an, au
dience that filled every seat In the
church. The entertainment was all
that could bo wished for and those
who did not see It lost a treat that
they will regret. Prof. Stevens' or
chestra played several selections,
which assisted very much In the even
ing's enjoyment.
Mr. V. R. Haas, who nt Christmas
was presented by tho members of his
Sunday school class with a very hand
some chair, entertained at his home on
South Main street, last evening, the
members of his class by way of appre
ciation of the handsome gift. Those
present had a delightful evening's en
joyment. Mr. Hass proved himself an
excellent entertainer.
Caswallon lodge, American True
Ivorltes, which has been In existence
for the past twcnty-flvo years, aro
about to disband. The lodge, which
at one time had a flourishing exist
ence, hns of late years numerically
decreased In membership, until at the
present time there are but about
twenty-one members loft. These will
share up the contents of tho treasury,
which nmount to about $1,4S0.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rosser. of
Second street, celebrated the Now
Year yesterday with a very pleasant
family gathering. Among those pres
ent were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Prior,
Mrs. Elizabeth Prior, Mr. and Mrs. tl.
J. DeGraw and Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
Prior, of Mayfleld.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Solomon, of
Peckvllle. who have been spending
the holidays here, returned homo yes
terday. Mrs. John Burke, ot Carbondnle, was
a visitor hero yesterday.
Michael Welsh, of Schenectady, X.
Y.. who has boon spending the pact
week with old friends heie, returned
home Monduy.
The public schools will reopen thin
morning, after the Christmas vaca
The fifteenth annlversaiy of the
mnninge of Mr. and Mrs. Ranee Sim
ons occurred Monday. In commemora
tion of the event they entertained a
gathering of friends nt their home on
First street, Blakely, In the evening.
One of the most delightful features of
the evening was an interesting poem,
composed and read by Rev. David
Spencer, D. D. Mr. and Mrs'. Simons
were remembered with n number of
beautiful gifts from their friends. At
11 o'clock a delicious repastwas served.
Those: present were Rev. David Spen
cer, D. D.. Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Mitchell.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Young, Mr. and
Mis. Terwllllger, Mr. and' Mrs. T. W.
Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. W. Himmel
roich, Mr. and Mrs. John Barrett, Mr.
and Mrs. D. L. Grlfllths, Mr. and Mrs.
F. P. Mitchell, Burgess and Mrs. A. D.
Hnlnes, Mr. and Mrs, D. Evans, Mr.
and Mrs. D. L. Berry, of this place;
Mr. and Mrs. Lony Johnson, Mr. and
Mrs. R. E. Lowrle, Mr. and MrsS. O.
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. John white,
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Johnson, Albert
Johnson, Charles Wilson, Misses Bes
sie Johnson and Minnie Potter, of Jus
tus: Miss Ida Wilson, of Scranton.
Miss Lottie Reynolds, of Forest City,
is the guest of Miss Mary Davis, of
Lackawanna street.
A corps of surveyors of tho Dela
ware and Hudson company have Just
completed staking out the route of the
new narrow-gauge road which will be
constructed shortly to convey coal
from a new opening near the Bird's
Eye dam. A slope will be put down nt
that place and the coal taken to tho
Eddy Creek colliery.
Thomas Byrne.ndvance a pent for tho
Tommy Shearer Comedy'company, was
at the Hotel Mahon yesterday. The
company will appear at tho Father
Mathew opera house all next week.
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Berry and chil
dren spent yesterday at Carbondnle.
A slot machine, containing a sum of
money nnd a quantity of gum, was
stolen from the premises of Louis
Glazier, on Lackawanna street, early
yesterday morning.
Mls3 Ollle Murphy, of Blakely, is In
New York.
Misses Jessie and Nina Brown, who
havo been the guests of Mr. nnd Mrs.
II. B. Matthewson, have returned to
their home In Otsellc, N. Y.
Miss Rachel A. Evans returned Mon
day, after spending a few days in Now
A large number of young people from
here attended St. Julian's church fair,
at Rock lake, yesterday.
Miss Nettle Mason spent yesterday
with Wllkes-Rarre fi lends.
Stops the Cough
and works off the Cold.
Laxative Bromo-Qulnlno Tablets
cure a cold In one day. No Cure, No
Pay. Price 25 cents.
Tho members of the Forast und
Stream club are arranging for a ban
quet for Its mombois.
Mrs, Kdwnrd Dougherty, of Carbon
dale, and two children nro spending a
The finest and most complete wholesale'
tablishment in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
Great inducements, and great attractions
ing the Holidays.
Have Been
Prices will be made extremely low and
Every instrument
prices and see what money will buy.
Remember theP!aceGuernsey
few days with Mrs. Lloyd, of Main
The mines won- all Idle lieu- yester
day. There will be a special meeting of the
Wilson Fire company at their looms
this evening. All members are re
quested to attend.
The twentieth century was duly ush
ered In hero with a rattle-te-bang that
was deafening. For twenty minutes
the gongs, bolls and cannons vied with
one another to sue which could make
tho most noise. The welkin rang as
It never did before: the small boy was
abroad and with pistol and gun worked
like a beaver to help add to the din.
Many people wero on the streets. It
was a great event. Wutch night ser
vices wero held at nil of tho churches.
The 'Shakespearean Llteiutuie and
Educational club held a very success
ful meeting at Sweeney's hull last
Saturday evening. Ofllcers were tem
porarily elected and nt the next meet
ing, which wll.l be held at the same
place next Saturday evening, the of
llcers will be mado permanent. The
public Is Invited to attend.
Cards are out announcing tho com
ing marriage of Mr. P. F. Godfrey,
of the Grand Central, to Miss Mary
Ellen Curran, of Hyde Park.
Tho street commissioner would be
making a big Improvement on Depot
street, one of tho principal streets ot
the town, by making a crosswalk at
Third street, opposite the dwelling of
James Mullen. A great many people
are compelled to cross nt this point
and wade In tho mud to their ankles.
John Sweeney, proprietor of tho Na
tional hotel, Is attending the Rev. J.
M. Smoulter'H fair nt Rock Lake.
W. A. Fhtlan, of Scranton, wns a
business caller In town yesterday.
Misses Reo and Margaret Godfrey,
of Scranton, nro visiting their brother,
1. F. Godfrey, of Depot street.
Mr. Thomas Woods Is able to bo
around after his recent severe Ill
ness. Mr. Michael Gallagher, who was
sedlously 111, Is slightly Improving.
The social held at tho St. James
hall New Year's evo for the benefit
of William Lynott was a grand suc
cess both financially und socially.
Misses Ella and Lizzie McGIrl at
tended tho midnight mass at Olyphant
last evening.
A largo number of our young people
attended tho fair at Arrhbnld Inst
James Lawler and son. II, V., were
callers In Scrnnton yesterday.
Rev. Jules Humborszky was a call
er In Scranton yesterday.
Frank Hughes, who was Injured In
the mine by being Jammed between
the cars, Is Improving slowly.
Mrs. John Thornton Is sick nt her
home with typhoid fever.
Owlnsr to the absence of Rev. If,
Green, the services at the brick Metho
dist Episcopal church will bo conduct
ed by Mr. Thomas Martin next Sun
day. William Relies, who Is very 111 with
typhoid fever, was taken to a Scrnn
ton hospital on Monday.
Mrs. Roberts, of Jermyn, spent Sun
day with her sister, Mrs, Georso
A runaway occurred near the Lacka
wanna station on Saturday evening, A
horse owned by David Freldman be
came frightened nnd ran against a
telephone pole, overturned tho wagon
and the occupants wero thrown out
and slightly Injured.
C. W. Hrodhend, of Montrose, who
Provided for the Holiday Trade.
fully guaranteed. Don't fail to calll and get
314 Washington Avenue, Scranton, Pa.
J. W. GUERNSEY, Proprietor.
was on Ills way to Wllllnmsport, called
on his parents here on Sunday.
'Mr. nnd Mrs. H. L. Edsall visited nt
West Plttston on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Naylor have
gone to housekeeping In Mr. Qrlfnth
Richards' house.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Robinson havo
the sympathy of the community In
their bereavement. About three weeks
apo their four-year-old daughter died
of diphtheria. On Sunday their younpr
est child died, nnd the other two aro
seriously 111 with the same disease.
Mrs. ThomaH Playforth,.of Dickson,
Is the guest of her sister, Mrs. William
The services over the remains of
the late Miss Smith Harris were held
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. David
P. Griffiths yesterday afternoon at
2.30 o'clock. Rev. Dr. H. H. Harris,
pnftor of the Cnlvary Raptlst church,
olllclated und delivered a very touch
ing sermon. Numerous floral offerings
were contributed and presented a
beautiful apeparnnce. Among tho
pieces wero large bouquets presented
by lady employes of tho Renard silk
factory und from the Grlfllths family,
muny others being from friends. Tho
Calvary Baptist quartette rendered
several excellent nnthem3 during tho
f uncial services, where were very pa
thetic. Interment In Forest Homo
cemetery. The flower bearers were:
Maine Giifliths, Delia Davis, Hnttlt
Palmer. Emma Curtus, Mary Jenkins,
Annie Powell: pall bearers, John W.
Thomas, Thomas Jones, Henry Wil
liams, Thomns Davis, William Rogers
nnd Titus Evans. Funeral Director
R. J. Davis had charge.
The annunl entertainment ai.d ball
of the German Beneficial society was
held yesterday afternoon and evening1
at Weber s rink and wns nn enjoyablo
event. Price's oiehestr.i furnished
excellent music for dancing.
A delightful Watch Night reception
ns given nt the home of Mlsss An
nie and Mary Seherer, of Union stnet,
on Tuesday evening, where the dawn
ing of the now century was fittingly
observed. A very pleasant evening
was spent In games nnd other party
diversions, nnd nt tho dawn of the
new centuiy tho assembly sat down to
dainty refreshments. Those present
were: Misses Annie and Mnry Ochcr
er, Lizzie Davis, Ella Pretzold. Liz
zie Price, Annlo and Minnie Raker,
and Messrs. Mlchnel Strlne, '.ViUInni
Davles, William Williams, James ln
glls, Fred Wilson. Jacob Glmball. An
drew Rrezzy, Jacob Seherer nnd An
thny Schultels.
Mrs. Renjamln Davis and Mrs. Wll
llamv Allen, ot Kingston, were guests
of Mrs. John E. Davis, of North Tay
lor yesterday.
Mlnonka tribe, No, L'G7, Improved Or
der of Rod Men, will meet In regular
i-eslson this evening.
Mrs. John R. Price hns returned
homo from her visit with her sisters
at Glen Falls, N. V.
Rev. D. C. Edwards, pastor oil tho
WeWi Raptlst church, has received a
call from tho Welsh Unptlst church In
Mr. Henry Ayres, of Dickson City,
called on relatives In this borough
Tnyloivlllo lodge, No. IM, Knights or
Pythias, will meet in regular session
this evening, when Installation or of
llcers will ho held.
Mr, nnd Mi's. John Reynolds nnd,
Mrs. .Tonkin Hnrrls, of Scranton, at
tended tho obsequies of tho late Snr.ih
"Harris hero ytsterday.
Miss fk'ssle Powells, of West Scran
ton, visited friends hori yesterday,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Edward Wdlsh and
and retail) musical es
will be ffered dur
i ii
terms reasonable.
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10 dnya' treatment Met 80 days' tf.UO, by mafi
Send for circular. Aidrees, l, ..,.
HEBV1TA MEDICAL CO.. '.Ilntao ft Jacktaa tSU., Cikaf
Bold by McGamh ft ThomaM. Drug-
glsts,, 309 Lackwamm ave.. Bora,
nton. Fa.
T X(fociitime).lJi.i"iii"'""k"On.Ti.i
Nr.d r.r b.k"".ipiU iwdU.I lelrl., fn.S 1
children spent yesterday as tho Eliest.i
of relatives in Plymouth. J
Miss Ella Petzold, of Hyde IVark,
was the guest of friends hero yester
day. Mr. and Mrs. KobeiH Ingllfj, of
Yatesvllle, visited relatives hereye
terday. , ,
The Sons of Temperance will InWall
ofllcers on Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. James O'Royle Ihave
returned from New York city, and nro
now domiciled In their new horn on
Main street.
Mrs. Edmund Bennett, of the orth
End, Is seriously 111 of pleudlsy. '
,C. F. Druffner und son George! ur9
spending a few days In Wllllo ms-
The Injuries that Edward Ren
sustnlned In tho new yards on Su
for duy afternoon will Incapacitate him
several months. His arm Is b
smashed, and there Is n deep cut f
the wrist to the elbow.
Mr. and Mrs. George Pointer 1
returned from Montrose
There will be a sale of eatablrtl at
the M. E. parsonage on Friday af
noon nt 2 o clock.
Mrs. Reglna Dommermuth
brother Charles, of Shelton, Conn.,
spending a few weeks nt the faulty
residence on the West Side. j
Tho following ofllcers for tho 'M. K.
church wero elected on Friday eyen
Ing: Superintendent, E. C. Kellum: as
slstnnt superintendent, J. W. Ony; hop
letary, II. M. Steover; librarian, Jv. e.
Hosklns; organist, Miss Mabel Hlnix.
Tho Epworth League have elected
the following olllceis: President, Ray
Smith; first vice-president, H. M. Stee-
ver; second vice-president, Mrs. J. c
Ony; third vlca-presldent, Mrs. N, E.
Hosklns; fourth vice-president, Miss
Myrtle timlth; secretary, Miss Mabel
Illues; treasurer, J. W. Gay; organist,
Miss jennlo Keith,
Mrs. E. C. Kellum Is recovering from
a serious Illness
Jj Pnf.a.F.THELM.D. n.SI
W-1 Surklls4tllila.l,
ki-WlBST MAh-tllil.VAIICtCMJi WRiBtlllH