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A Complete Vlctoru for Partu Reo-
ularltu Is Won at! Harrlsbura
In the Election at Marshall.
mz a Joint Convention of Republican
Senators and Mefmbets He Receives
123 Votes, Four Shoit of a Major
ity on Joint Ballot The Insur
gents Are Already Over
tures for Surfrender Tlio Chief
tains of the Clam of Discontent Are
Mailing Desperate Eltoits to Pro
duce a Deadlocjk in the Legislature
When Vote Is Vaken for the United
States Senator.
Tentorial Correspondence of The Tilbuue
lliirrlsburg. PyL, Jan. !. A coyriplete
nnl e-rustilng
larlty was won
ictory for parly tegu-
toduy nt noon In the
election of Man
with Knydct'K e
hull us speaker, which,
ectlons piesldent pro
tempore of the
control of nil
senate, Insures regular
branches of the state
government. 'Jfhe effect of this wus In.
illcated In tonllght's senatorial caucus,
which showed (the presence of 123 votes
for M S. Qualy, only four short of a
majority on lloint ballot. No effort
was made to I bring Into line for the
caucus the colislderable number of In
surgents whol, after their crucial and
unexpected dlefcat on house organiza
tlon this molming, have been making
overtures fo.l- surrender. The votes to
elect Quay oln the ilrst Joint ballot Rre
nlready In bland but for strategic pur
poses the reserves will not be revealed
until the joint ballot is tukep.
The rollaiKc of fusion and the loss of
nil hold uplin legislation leaves to the
Insurgent (Ihlef tains only one weapon.
It was tl is which they have been
using with unprecedented profusion in
the prcllmi nary skirmishing, which was
the most desperate ever known to
American politics, and it Is this which
they cxpiit to employ in a last effort
to create i deadlock. in their own
hearts its known how they ate pursu
ing a hop 'less quest. Their Jig Is up.
Tonight, the crowds are scattering
for linmf, tomorrow Harrlsblirg will
lfsunio ilts normal cam.
Zalvy S. Ulchatd
Qu ay the Unanimous Choice of
Senators nnc Members.
Dy Licit ,ic W'iro from flic A'soclalcd Put".
Hani aburg, Jan. 1. Colonel Quay
was tl ie unnnlmois choice of the
Joint onventlon o' republican sena-
tors Tan
iid members held tonight in the
chamber to nominate a candl-
date, f
Ipr United ftntes senator. The
was attended by 123 leglsla-
Ir four less than the number
nececshry to a chilce in the Joint con-
entlop of the senile and house, which
will be held Jan lfi. Three of these
present were Messrs, Hill nnd Tiffany,
l lif SlfK.illelinnmi nml ATi- fnThi.u-.v
of-jdams, who absented themselves
last night fiomjthe house caucus and
voteij with the iJemociats In the house
for ' Kobutz for Bpeaker. Mr.
Bea'? of Juilata, who voted with
tho stnlwaits tor Mr. Marshall for
speaker, w.m present but did not an
swer' to ills-name. It was stated that
he '-rill abide by tho caucus. Thomp
son of Centre, and Haldcman, of
Montgomery, who aie detained at
homo by IIIikms, were pledged by their
colleagues to Mr. Quay. This appni
cnt)y gives Mr. Quay, 120 of the 127
iiecfiisai y to a choice. The other ah
senses voted with tho Democrats on
the organization of the house nnd uio
claused as nntl-Quoy Republicans.
Speeches nominating Mr. Quay weio
mnjlo ky Senators Slsson, of TAic-;
Forht, of Union; Muelbronner, of Al
legjhny; W'aehbiitn, of Crawford, and
Re iresentatlve Hanls, of Clem field:
MeCIlaln, of Lancaster; llanlson, ot
Ph ladelphlu; McTlghe. of Allegheny;
McDonnell, of Philadelphia; McCilu
the '. of Moiitg piery; Vandyke, of
AVe nmoreland, n ni Jlonlson, of Mer
Garner, ot Schuylkill, named
agressmnn John Dulzell, of Pitts.
bi e, and Mr. JlcPherson, of Adami.
nc .mnatea Jud o John Slewart. of
Fi anklln. On I ie balloting Mr. Quay
re -elved the vo ts of twenty-six gena
to ' antU ninety-three membeiH of tliu
ho use. Messrs. linker, of Wnrien, nr.rt
ai tner voted for Kaser, and Pomeioy,
of Franklin, voted for Judgo Stow int.
Dt foro the result was announced thu
names of Messrs. Dulzell und Stewatl
vt ie withdrawn, and on motion of Mr.
Gi rner, seconded by Messrs. McPher
so i and Pomeioy, tha nomination of
Mir. Quay was made unanimous, nnd
he was thus given a totol of 123 votes.
When tho name ot Representative?
Thompson, of Outre, wns called a
statement was read by Mr. VoorhecH,
of Philadelphia, denying that ho wan
ng.llnst Mr. Quay and saying that
when he In able to leave his sick had
he will vote for him for senator. A
nlnillur statement wns made op behalf
rV Mr. Haldeman by his colleague, Mr,
McGlathery, who produced a telegram
stating that Haldeman Is 111 at home,
and that when he is able (n ho present
he will vote for Mr. Quuy. Mr, Heaver
f( nntliiui-l O'l I'oge . 1
Qttaer Method of Revenge Employed
by Montana Ranchmen.
It Exclusive Wire fro- Ths Atsoclsted Tria.
Miles City, Mont., Jan. 1. Masked J
and mounted raiders killed 2,000 sheep
on the range of Tootiey creek, n trbu
tary of Tongue river, near the Wyo
ming line, at daybreak yesterday. The
Rheep belonged to Daupt and Selway,
who are ranging about 6,500 head In
the Otter creek country.
The sheriff and deputies stnrtcd this
morning on their 100-mlle trip over
land. Out of the Daupt and Sol way
herders had his Hock of 2,000 sheep
at the upper corral on Tooney creek,
nnd was awakened before daylight by
shooting and yelling. Eleven men,
mounted on horses were riding around
the band f sheep and shooting into
them. There are conflicting reports
as to the methods employed by the
i alders. One stntement Is to the ef
fect Hint the sheep were driven Into
a cut and piled up in a struggling
mass, those not being killed by the
fall being despatched by clubs. An
other story says they were milled to
death ; that Is, driven In elides sand
piled up until the under ones were
The feeling In the Otter creek and
Powder river country has been quite
bitter against these new outfits, and
yesterday's raid Is the result of this
Thousands Greet President and Mrs.
McKinley and Extend Congratu
lations Incidents of the Day.
lb KcIuIip Wlro from 1 lie Avoclatcd I'irw.
Washington, D. C, Jan. 1. Tile, re
ception at tho white house today was
largely attended. About five thousand
peoule had been received up to 1.30
o'clock, tho hour set for closing tho
reception, but as the crowd still
stretched four abreast beyond the
outer gates tho president directed that
the reception proceed, that all might
come In, Mrs. McKinley endured the
trying ordeal with much composure,
remaining alongside the president
throughout. At one time, as a dainty
little girl stepped through carrying a
huge doll, Mrs. McKinley not only
erected the little girl but also shook
hands with the doll, to the Infinite de
Ught of the little mother. Later, when
a negro "Mammy" held down a tiny
baby, Mrs. McKinley chucked the tot
under the chin und tucked a rosebud
amid its laces.
it was 2 o'clock when the end of the
line appeared, nnd the president, wav
ing a llnat salutation to the; lingering
guests, escorted Mrs. McKinley to her
The eU'gaut toilets of the ladles' re
ceiving party formed the feature of
tho brilliant spectacle. Mrs. McKin
ley wore a gown of her favorite color,
pale blue. The material was heavily
embossed satin and panne velvet, and
was trimmed with pearl and turqulfce
bands and a profusion of point lace.
She woie a diamond necklace, u dia
mond biooch, another gleaming orna
ment in her hair, and can led a large
bunch of white roses.
Mrs. Oage wore Fieneh gray crepe
de chine, in which insertions of ic
nalssance lace showed the pink lin
ing. Mrs. Smith wore coral pink silk with
black velvet trimming.
Mrs. Hitchcock wore light brocade,
and Miss Wilson white satin trimmed
with rows of gilt braid nnd edges of
dark fur.
Miss Hay wore black net with In
bertlons of yellow lace; Miss Alice
Hay, white broadcloth; Miss Hoot, yel
low crepe; the Misses Griggs in light
silk toilets.
Mr. Cleveland's Hunting Trip.
Dy Kxclushe Wire from The Associated Pre.
Ctorgctomi, h. C, Jan. 1. 1 lie White l.llv,
tlicr strain jailit uhlcli cx-Pnuidcnt Cloelaiul
and party oiiupy during tlidr hunting expedi
tions at .Muiplo Maud, near tlni city, taniu up
ti town to u-plenMi slou. The captain of the
jaiht fc.ijn that there U an abundance of liunie In
that kectlon nnd that t lie party Is having Rieat
(port. They will irmalu a Heel, longei.
Strange Hunting Accident.
It v l'.(.lu)ho )Wrc from 'ihe AMoclaled 1'rM.t
Sunliury, Pa., Jan. . While icturnlng from a
huntliifr t lip tlds (enln- William Hepburn, a
.muiiik hoii of M .1. 1 Upturn, ihUf rleik in I lie
l'mta.)lvanli rallioad klioiu, thU ity, met with
tmtunt iliHtli. He nipped whlhi runnlni; ilcun
u t.tccp hill m.d liH kuii wai diuhirird. 'flic
halt (nltied III- uhdouun nnd lame out hl l'a,
iailiiK initant death
Ignatius Donnelly 111.
11 Kiilmhu Wiv Horn The .Wxiated Vrew.
Minneapolis, Jiin. 1. Ignatlm Donnell, mIio
for thiity-flio jears ha teen prominent in loial
and lutloiul politick, and in literature, uoj taken
(tiddiuly ill at the home of hU fatheidndaw,
llarton ilun-un, this ienlnf. Mr. Doriully is
Uarlv 7U eai id a(;c und hi. phUlan it
douhtlul of nil id own
Must Wear Union Clothes.
By Kiclushe Win from The .VioUatid Pre.
Ilrooldyii, Jan. 1. Todjy the order of the
iliuoll.Mi Ccntial Labor union goe into filed
that delegates must biyin the ear by wearliur
Hi lothe except thorn) bearing tlie union label,
A committee will an Inspection 'of dele
Ifates1 clothes on Sunday ne.t.
Itoynl Oak Fire Extinguished.
lly iJhihf Ulru from The AusoiUted l're.
Phmnokln, Jan 1, A flro in .No. 11 en of
tin Itojal tbil, lollltr that bioLe out four da)
airo owing l an explosion of pi, nut extin
guished today. Opeiation ulll be lemnuil to
morrow. Papers Consolidate.
t!y KxcliNhe Wire from Tie Ai-oelated 1'iim.
lituburir, Jan. 1. The to leading (icrman
rewkpapcrs ot I'itUburir, the VolUbhlt ant
lnihclta rrciu.d, will announce in their titties
tomoirow inornlnc that a consolidation Ins been
Miaiiffrrl beUccn them.
Nova Scotia's New Furnaces.
By I'.xcluslis Wire from The Anoclated iva.
8dney, Jan. 1, Two new blast furnaces of the,
ltlttcr-Conley Munufalturlnir company tvera
United today, The entire product will bo
hipped to Kngjand and points on tho continent.
Voting Trust Dissolved.
By Exclusive Wire from The Anoclated Prejs.
Xcw York, Jan. 1. The ollnir trut of the
Northern ' I'atltlo railinucl, which was formed
Sept. 1, 1WI, when the iwnpsuy win rc-orgnn-lied,
was dlwohrd today.
General Macnrthur Holds His First
Official Reception at the
Capital o! Luzon.
Rear Admiral Hemey and Wives of
Army Officers Assist Filipinos
nnd Americans Mingle Socially.
Native Women in Picturesque
By TxclusUe Wire from The Anoclated PreM.
Manila, Jan.l. If President Mc
Klnley's New Yenr's reception proves
greater than that of General Mac
Arthur it will not bo the fault of tho
people of Manila. Tho general's re
ception wns the first social affair in
olllclal circles at which Americans
and Filipinos have mingled. For
three hours a stream of vehicles pass
ed through the grounds of the gover
nor general's residence and discharged
the callers olllclal nnd civilian. Tho
majority were nntlves, although there
was a sprinkling of foreigners. Tho
American flag, branches of nlpa flow
ers nnd vines piedomlnated In tho
decorations throughout the mansion.
Hear Admiral Hemey aided General
MncArtlnir In the reception of visitors.
Tho wives of several generals also as
sisted. The introductions were made by
General MncArthur's staff, assisted bv
members of the staf of Hear Admiral
Hemey. The callers, after bavin
been Introduced, passed out on a broad
balcony ovci hanging the Pasig river,
and n majority of them lingered about
the mansion until after the ceremonies
had been finished.
Airhblshop Chapelle. tho apostolic
delegate to tho Philippines, and other
ehuich dignitaries, were received first.
The members of the Philippine com
mission and the Judges nppearcd In
black frock coats, and their attlro
formed a decided contrast to tho white
and gold uniforms of the officers ot
the army and navy. Tho Filipino wo
men wore elaborate native costumes
and conversed affably In Spanish.
The use of carriage numbers wis
not understood by the hackmen, nnd
much confusion occuned outside.
Her Way of Resenting an Item She
Thought Refened to Her.
B i:clmle Wile from TJie Aswelated I'ren.
Cnrbondale, III., Jan. I. Elbei t H
Wnller, the editor and publisher of
the Ava Advertiser, was whipped with
a short cowhide whip yesterday by
Mis. John Connor for an alleged In
sult which appeared In the last Issue
of Waller's paper. The town Is of
less than 2,000 Inhabitants, but has one
daily nnd three weekly newspapers,
and a newspaper war has been In pro
giess for some lime. The article
which raused the tioublc Is In part as
"A grass, widow who for a long time
has read our paper and not paid for
It, returned her puper marked ru
lused. This knocked us clear out.
Her husband Is no longer sweet on
her 214 pounds of flesh and If the Isn't
careful we will toll something, as we
are not in school."
The description led the woman to
believe Waller meant her, and In com
pany with her brother-in-law and an
other man, she visited the editor's
sanctum. Mrs. Connor demanded an
imemdlato apology and Waller not
complying with her demands, he
drew the whip and struck him about
twenty times over the shoulders and
Strange Epidemic at Sharon.
By Kxclusira Wire from 'Die Afeociated Prru
Sharon, I'a., Jan. 1. I'm ten das an ipldemic
of a decidedly infection allineul han prewiled
In tlits plate. Ihe yiuptom3 air- find chills
and feer, headache and a miivj of drnukineai
and fitful bUcplnir, Tho throat Incomes tore and
white patches appear, nfcmUliiic ulcerated fcora
tin out; but not of the alightet diphtheritica!
tendinty. No fatalities liato thai fat rcaiilled,
New Glass Factory.
11 Inclusive Wire from The Associated l'lcu.
Lancaster, 0 Jan. 1. The Columbus Plato and
Window (llau company utarted Its new MO
blower tank today. This Independent concern
will be operated b men from combination fac.
toiiej. '
Dowie in Palestine.
By i:clujhe Wile from The AMOCiated I'rrss.
Chicago, .Ian. 1, John Alexander Powle, leader
l the "Chrlitlan Cathollo Cliu-h." Is in 1'al.
entlnu today in accoidnnce with Ids original in
tentions us announced when lie lift for bit for
el I'll tour.
Lower Freight Rates.
By i:tlutle W'lie from The Asaodatid Press,
Xew York, Jan. 1. Tho freight rates on pie
Iron and billeta from Plttsburt; to the teaboard
were reduced today about 40 cent. Conceflons
will also be made- in other iiuuufa'tturliig centers.
Peninsular Car Works.
Br lAcln.Ue Wire fiom The Attculatcd I'ics,,
Detroit, Mich., Jan. 1. Work boa been begun
O'l the new pressed eteel car plant for the Amerl.
can I'oumlry coinpiti-. '11 ie lViilnniliir branch
has started up, with plenty ot otdcrs ahtid.
Sank Receivers Divide.
By nxiluihe W'lia from The Associated Ties).
Manchester, K. II., Jan. 1. The lecehers of
the New Hampshire Trust company paid a dill
dent of S per cent, today. The company failed
seven )cars ago.
Stove Trust in Canada.
By F.xcluslse Wire Item The Associated Press.
Montteal, Jan. 1. The bUno liust started to.
day. It lias abslrhei thu leadiog stoio maii4
factureia ot tl Dominion.
Wllllamsport'B Now Company.
Oy Fxclutle W'iro from The Atsoclsled l're.
Wllllinupott, Pa,, Jan, 1. The Hums l'iie
llrlck company started today, Hie new works
in, piny IK) nun,
He Replies to New Year Congratula
tions from New York Press Club.
lly Kxclmlve WIm from The Associate Prejg,
New York, Jan. 1. Compliments of
tho new century were extended to Sir
Thomas Llpton iby the New York Press
club today, dn reply, Sir Thomas re
ciprocated tho good-fellowship shown.
Tho cablegram sent by the club to Sir
Thomns rend:
"We toat ou today. Wish you eery luiccas
that will not brinf us sorrow.
(Slgnsd) New York Tress Club.
The teply from liondon was as fol
lows: New York Pieas Club: Thanks for your ury
kind erecting. Your aorrow will be wiootlied by
many trips to the old country. It (rclerriiiK to
the America cup) Is bound to go this time;
the best of friends must part.
Tho Event Appropriately Celebratod
in the Walled City.
lly i:cliuhe Wile from The Associated Prens.
Pckln, Jan. 1. The advent of the
new year nnd the new century was
celebrated In Pekln on an elaborate
scale. Tho discharge of numeiSus
guns at midnight created a scare and
many troops were sent to discover
whether the city had been attacked or
whether it was a Boxer ilslng.
General Chaffee held his reception
In the morning nnd Mr. Conger 10
celvcd In the afternoon.
A feature which caused considerable
comment was n review of the Urltlsh
troops In honor of Queen Victoria und
of the Australian Federation, to
which all the nations were Invited to
send representatives. Tho French
were conspicuous by their absence,
not a single Frenchman being present
at the review.
Widow of the Murdered Merchant
Kay Die at Any Time.
lly Kxihi-hc Wlro from The Associated Prew.
St. Joseph, .Mo., Pan. 1. Mrs. Frank
Illchnrdhon, w iduw of the millionaire
merchant of Savnnnah, who was mur
dered on Clnlstmas eve. Is In a pre
carious condition tonight, and may die
nt any moment.
She Is suffeilug fiom nerous pros
tration, caused by the tragedy, and
especially has she been dangerously
111 since the evidence given at tho In
quest yesteiday by the servant, Bes
sie .Phillips. The relatives of the dead
man discredit the evidence of this girl,
which was of a seusatlonnl character,
leflectlng upon the widow.
Bethlehem Kidnappers Send Charle3
Korshner Home.
Uy i:rliulic Wire- from The .Woiljted I'nw.
llethlohem, Juu. 1. Charles Kersh
ner. the JS-year-old boy who Is said
to have been kidnapped last night by
two men, leturnetl home Hhortly af
ter midnight.
He said he was tuken by the men
to tin abandoned lallroad cut about a
mile fiom the city, after having been
chloiofoimed. Attcr he had been re
vived, he said the men searched him,
ami when he told them he was the
son of poor parents, they let him go.
Ill-Eated Boyd Pamily.
Uy Wire from Th Avuclatnl I'rewi.
l.oucll, Mas , Jan. 1. An ill file scum to
h.ue followed tin- Ito.wl fainil) of tliu city, the
hihl of whom, Mil, I'e'.cr II .mI, m imiidciid
a rai; a tie nioiilh ,io l'ctri i.oid mis
dliuiMUil dead In tlie Dia.iuitt noud-i, hat hit;
coiniiiltted ruicide, and today Mr aiah llojd,
Peter's niothei, was fatull Inirni-d while kind
Hint u Hi- with ktroine.
Sudden Death at a Dance.
lly Kxclvile Wire from The ItnocUtecl Pre-.
Johnstown. Ta., Jan. 1. JIIm Mary llroJulcl;,
aged 20 iar, a kistcr of Tiiomas 1). llrodeilck,
propiletor of the ueiu Lily hotel of tins plaic,
-hopped dead last night while at il ihiucc. hlie
had just llnhhrd a tw-o-tep and teemed to be
feeling will, when flu- fill ovil in a chair
Fennsy's Pensions.
13 I'.icbulic Wire fiom Hie Anoclated Pics'.
Chicago, Jan. 1, Tho pnudon l-.itcin ot -ho
I'enn-ilvanlu ltallioiid cmupaii starts on tho
line ot tt at company uet uf I'ltUlmrK todjj.
Puur eteran enidcies were retlied today for
life, havinir reiched tlie ac of TO ear, and
having tciu-il tlw crmpany for thlit jejrs.
Another African War.
lly i:cluihe Wile fi'om The Associated Press,
London, Jan. 1. The colonial office U in re.
celpt ot neuH of a native rUlne in life (ianibla
liver leiiton of West Alilca. Thu despatch con
nyliif this Information udds that n punitive ex
pedition is Uintr c rgankcil.
Idlo Glass Plant Starts Up.
Uy i:xclnihe Wire from 1 lie Associated I'revi,
i'itUburif, Jan. 1. Tha D. O. Cunningham
Glasu company stsrted the McCiilly glass plant
today, which has been Idle Ave tai. Its capa
city wilt bo Imitated fiom twenty -seven to
eiwlity-two pots.
i m
Archbishop 1'eehan Retires.
By Exclusive Wlie fiom The Associsted l're'J
Chlcagj, Jan. 1 iloit Reveieud Patrick A.
Kcehun, archbLihoi of the ltouiua Cathollo arch.
dloceso of Chlcaeo, lctlrci from active service
today after twenty earV i-ervlce.
Shott Milk Jars Destioyed.
By Bicluslve Wire fiom The Associated Press
IVuton, Jan. 1, A radical reform was Inang'i.
rated today, Tho fctatu ottlclali, actlnir under
the new- law-, desire) cd nil tlie short milk jars
they could find ottered for rale.
Increased Carriers' Pay.
Hy F.xclnslvo W'lrs tloin Tho Associated Pi en.
Wilnilnulon, Pel,, Jan. 1, The letter currlrra
lecelvo hiiiher pay from this dale, Under the
new- ceimis tbif local rirrlers receive the same
pay as thoeo of the lancer cltlea.
Soventy-Eive-Cent Gas in Chicago.
Uy Inclusive Wire fiom Tha Assoclsted Pre".
Chicago, Jan. 1, The new gas ordlrunce went
Into etTict today. The kss companies me com.
pellcel to sell bis at TS cents.
The Tin Can Combine.
By Exclusive Wire from The AstoeUtcd Prswi,
Plltkburg, Jan. 1. 'file Tin Can Combine has
been organized. It is contiollcd by the Anurl.
tan Tin Plate cempan).
New Peruvian Customs,
lly Kicluilve Wire fiom The Associated Press.
blnia, Pent, Jan. 1, Tlie new- tuttnius schedule
unit Into ffltct fodj'
Tiie Gravitu of the Position In Gape
Golonu Is the Gauss of Much
flnxlctu In Enallsli Capital.
They Are Now Ranging Over Im
mense Tracts of Territory Necessi
tating tho Employment of an Army
Corps to Deal with Them The Pre
cautions of Lord Kitchener Are
Neutralized Victims of the Guer
illas Ask for Assistance.
Dy Exclusive Wire from Tlie Associated Press.
London, Jan. 2. The Cape Town cor
respondent of the D.tlly Mall, who
dwells upon tho gravity of the position
In Cape Colony, says:
The Boer Invaders now number 5,
CC0. The western Invasion gives th
most concern. It has split Into two
divisions, which aie marching like the
prongs of n fork, one by way of Suth
erland toward Mnltimmiry and the
other toward Beaufort west.
"The enemy are now ranging oer
Immense tracts of territory, necessi
tating the employment of tin army
coips to deal with them. Lord Klteh-
ener has poured troops Into the dis
turbed ureas, but the fugitive ttictk-s
of the Iloers have, to a largo extent,
neutralized his precautions.
"It was felt that the only imans ot
excluding the Invaders from the rich
districts In the western part of the
colony was to call out the farmeis.
Today's telegtanis promise a splendid
response from the eastern portion, but
the western Is doubtful, not thirty per
cent, of the population being regarded
as loyal. Hence the Doer concentration
In that direction.
"Letters are arriving here detailing
damage and robbery by the Invaders
and beseeching military assistance.
Any action on the part of the colony
will not abate the urgent need of large
Coleeburg, Cape Colony, Monday,
Dec. 31. Two hundred and fifty Bccim
captured fourteen men of Nesblt a
horse fifty miles southeast of Colea
burg. The enemy, since Increased to
SOO. has upneared near AVelterreden
and is driving olf stuck.
"The aspect of affairs Is scarcely lrsj
gloomy," sajv the Cape Town corre
spondent of the Times, "than at tho
beginning of 1000. The Invading liner
are numerically fewer, but they have
penetrated further south, and their
presence In such centers of hostile
Dutch leellng as Oraef Itelnet consti
tutes an element of danger which did
not e-xist last January.
"The proclamation calling for volur.
teem conies very late. The Invaders
have- been enabled to obtain fresh
horses. All the hoi-sen In the cokinv
ought to luive been comm.uideeied or
bought at the llrst sign of invasion."
The correspondent complains of the
Inertia and letlcence of the authorities.
The Addicks and Antl-Addlcks Fac-
tlonu Divide the Spoils,
lly Exclusive Wire from 'ihe Asocland Vitw
Dover, Del., Jan. 1. The Delaware
legislature oiganlzed today at 1 o'clock,
utter the Addicks and nntl-Addicks
ltepubllcans held u caucus that lasted
all morning over a division of the of
ficers of the senate and house ot ieti
resentatlves. Both factions Jointly con
trol 2!) of the 32 members of the as
sembly, nnd they had decided to con
sider a pioposltlon that would enable
them to divide the plates. The antl
Addlcks members were given llrst
choice, nnd cho&e Henry A, KUIson, of
Mt. Pleasant, for president of the sen
nte. The? Addicks faction then chose
James V, McCommons, ot Wyoming,
for speaker of tho house.
The other appointments were then
made, each faction choosing alter
nately. New Line to Prance.
11 i;iludve Wire fiom The Associated Picvs,
Philadelphia, Jan. 1. The French Transatlantic
tcamtliip company started today a leaular line
of fcteamshlp between this port and Mauelllcs,
Thfte viiels will bo k'ept busy for some time
c.irrlnR out a cuntwet for lMl.OOO ton of bltuin.
Inous coal puuhatcd here for Trench manufac
turers. Linseed Oil Comes East,
lly Kxcluiivn Wire fiom The Associated PieJ,
Chicago. Jan. 1. The tiansport department o
thu American Linseed Oil coinipuy moved today
to New York, und the remainder of the depart
ments will follow- later. It la repoited that the
National DUcult company nlso will soon lemove
to New- Yoik.
Threo Furnaces Start tip.
By r.xchistvn Wire fiom Tlie o:tatcd PrcM.
Sharon, Pa,, Jan. L The National Meel com.
pan started today lliiee more furnai ea the Hall
furnace, the Alice furnace and the eoiiipaii s big
tm lai o hcic. In all MM moic men went to
New Niagara Bridge,
lly Kwlimivc Wiro from The v.ssoclatcd Pics',
NlaRiira Fall, N, Y Jan, 1. 'llici new brhlifo
across the Ameilenn rapids from the- mainland to
(lost Island lias been completed by W. II, Keep
era k Co., the coutiactors, at a eot of JUH.M'.
RusBla Taxes Flour.
Uy Kvchnlve Who fiom The Associated Prei.
Tacoma, Wash,, Jan. 1, The Husslan cove in
inrnl begin today the tanatlou of ttour for !l.
berla Ml.ients n barrel, The object Is to inon.
opollte tho rapidly growlnif trade for the lllaclt
Sea millers.
Spain Adopts New Tivho System.
Uy Kxeluslve Wire from The Associated Pres,
Madrid, Spain, Jan. 1, Thcanevv- time sjstrin
was put Into practice todiy, A'cjyafler throunh
out Spain the hours will be coked from 1 to 21,
The day begins at inidnla-lit Wt
Weather Indications Today.
1 Oneral Party Itemilarity Carries the Psy at
Americans at Wsnlls Celebrate Sew Year.
liners Invade Cape Colony.
Chinese Settlement Delayed by lllncms ot
nrltMi Minister.
2 Ocntrst Carhondsle Drpsrtment.
3 Local Report of Committee of State liar As
New Year Celebration.
t lMltorlal.
Note and Comment.
5 8tory-"Th Visible Soul,"
e) lax-si tlurgess Jay, of Nicholson, Excited.
Lithuanians Dedicate a Church.
7 Local-nrllllant New Year' Pall at tho Bi
cycle Club.
8 Local West Scranton and Suburban.
0 Cieneral Northeastern Pennsylvania News.
10 Local Live News of the I lbor World.
The Supposed Abductor of Young
Cudahy Is in the ToilB at Chad
ion, Nebraska His Brother
Caught in Omaha.
lly Ilxcludve Wire from The Associated Piexs.
Sioux City, Iowa, Jan. 1, A special
to the Journal from Chadron, Neb.,
lnt Crowe, the supposed nbduetor of
young Edward Cuduhy, has been cap
tured near the state line between Ne
braska nnd South Dakota. Three de
tectives following Crowo came upon
him on the line HIdgc reservation
near Oelrlchs, South Dakota, and cop
tured htm after a wild chase. Crowe
was driving a team und buekbpard. He
whipped the horses and tried to out
run the hoi semen, who soon brought
hhn to a halt with their six-shooters.
John Dclfeider, a cnttleman, has
just reached town with the news, and
says the posse had stopped at a ranch
about thirty miles out for lunch ana
to feed their horses.
Omaha, Jan. 1. The first arrest hi
tho Cudahy kidnapping case has been
made. J. J. Crowe, brother of Pat
Crowe, whom the police believe to be
a principal In the abduction, was tak
en Into custody In Council Bluffs this
nfternoon by Omaha detectives, and
brought to this city. The warinnt
charges Crowe with the abduction of
young Edward Cudahy on December
18. Crowe, who was arrested at his
saloon, consented to accompany tho
otlicers across the river without the
formality of requisition papers.
Crowe was e-Iosely epiestloned by tha
police tonight, but denied any knowl
edge of Ills brother's whereabouts or
that lie had anything to do with the
kidnapping. The police expect, how
ever, to secure some valdable Inclina
tion about Pal Ciovve and his iccent
Colored People of the South Read
Lincoln's Proclamation.
lly Exclusive Wire ftoin The Associated 1'iew.
Savanah, Oa,, Jan. 1, Emancipation
day was celebiated by a paiade of tho
colored tioops of the city under com
mand of Colonel J. H. Deveaux. TheM
was a long line of caulages tilled with
prospeious negiocs. I-iirge crowds
witnessed the function.
Charleston, ri. C, Jan, 1. Emancipa
tion day wns celebrated with more
than the usual enthusiasm In Beaufort,
this stnte, today, There was a stieet
parade of coloied xeterans and colored
inllltla and leading of President Lin
coln's proclamation at the school house.
Reduction in Wages.
By Ilxcluilvr Wile from 1 lie Assoclited Piew.
YounKstowu, O., Jan. 1, Volie.M of a reduc
tion in wages that will effect about four thou
and men weie posted today at all of the hint
furnaces in tlie .MihonliiK and MienaiiRn villi'.
What is known us the bai.0 price la fjl.fiO per day
to bottom hilcin and lulpeis and tlie notiiM
hlate that after Feb. 1 the bae price wll be
fl.(u. Tho uduttion will plaee the wages of
tin- furiiaie men on the (ante bails as In Minh,
18'itl. The emploes lefuse to si now whether
they will accept the reduction.
An Increase in Pay.
11 nxiluilv-r Wire from Tie Assoclitcd Piess.
btlca, N Y., Jan. 1. Superintendent Moon, of
the- Home, Wutcrtown and OjrdtnvburK cllvinlon
ot the New- York Ccntial rallmad, give" notice,
that taking cftect today an increase of pay will
be made which bIuk patoenirir londuitois an
iMicatc ot about Jri per cent., the bagirascciiien
about VI pel nut. and the trainmen alut 9
per cmt.
At rested for Mulder,
fly Ux-cluslve Wire Iron The Associated TreH.
Caillsle, I'a., Jan. 1. Charged with the miir
eler of William 1). Itebuk at Newbinpr, this conn
tj, on Dee-. 2J, Willis Miinabiook, whom Ilebiik
bad fd for a number of jean about his
faun, was .iiii-sted tills moinliig on a warrant
mom out b the muidered nun's lather, Thomas (
A. Itelmk. Shlnabrook was hrnught to the Jail .
lieu- later in the day.
Palatial Hospital.
Dy Exclusive Wire fiom The Associated Press
New orh, Jan. 1. The mw (Jouveineur lionjil.
tal Ins been opened foi limine. It Is fttted up
ill a palatial maimer, with Tuiklsli and ?m,vrna
runs, .olid silver Hrvlee and $1,000 grind ilano,
It his all modem appliances. The building cot
No More Negro Ofilco Holders.
Ry Kvcliislve Wire trom Tlie Avsoriated Pre1.
Italclgh, Jf. C, -Lin. l.--Tho cla.vs of negroes
holding otflcis ended today, Ihe law vUilcli
takes effect todiy prohibits negroes holding town
Klilp, county or slute office They can still
hold federal olllce. lionet ei.
Changes In Russian Calendar,
ily Exclusive Wire from fho Associated I're-J.
M. Petprsbuig, Jan, I.- 'IliC goternimnt puis
In eipeiatlnn today the (iiegoilau Cycle In plsee
of tin- old Mile of Julian (lieek calendar, which
won twelve davs behind the nt id the world,
causing much anno) cm i- In huslnos.
Providence to Danlelson,
lly Exclusive Wiie from The Asiocluted Press,
Providence, II. I., Jan. I. The Ki-mllo clcctilo
Hue from this ell to Danlelson Is completed and
was put in operation today,
The Proceedlnos at the Tartar
Gltu Delaued bu the III Health
ol the British Ministers
Meetings to Be Held as Soon as EM
Recovers General Guseloo, th
British Military Commander, Also
Sick Suffering1 from Pneumonia.
Li Hung Chang's Views on thu
Py Exclusive, Wile from The Associated Press.
Pekln, Jan. I. A meeting of tbe for
elgn ministers is to be held as soon aa
Sir Ernest Mason Batow, the British
minister, who Is suffering from chllla
nnd fever, has recovered sufficiently to
be present, and when a date and place
for meeting tho Chinese commission
have been agreed on,
A tepiesqntatlvo of the Associated
Press yesterday had a personal Inter
view with LI HunK Chung, who show-i
pit" Inly physical evidence of bis re
cent Illness., Ills mind, however, has
not been affected by his slckncfls and
ii ai vigorous as over. In tho course
of his conversation with the corres
pondent Kitii LI said ho should pre- ,
fer to meet tho ministers nnd commis
sioners at his house, If such an nr
laiiKement weio possible, on account
of the condition of his health, but he
would not, hi tho circumstances,, make
suggestions. He n&sorted that the em
peror is desirous of complying In all
pnitlrulars with the demands of the
powers. LI believes that tho powers
should order a cessation of tho fre
quent Irritating expeditions, which ho
regnids as uniiccessaiy and harmful.
It will be eiulte possible now, he says,
to maintain order In tho province,
with the asslstnnce of a smnll number
of Chinese tioops; nnd he hopes the
powers will agree to keep, as at pres
ent, tho troops now stationed at Pekln
and Tlen-Tsln nnd along the railway.
The emperor, LI Hung Chang adds.
Is willing to punish all those named by
the powers by banishment to the fur'"'
thest portion of the Chinese domin
ion, on the northwestern frontier, and
their return will be prohibited under
penalty of decapitation. His majesty
is anxious, also, to have tho number
of legation guards limited nnd that
other boundaries be specified, and hu
hops that the foreign armies will be
recalled as early ns possible In the
spring, China will endeavor, by every
means In her power, to prove that she
Intends compliance) with tho dcmand.i
contained In tho note and to show her
desire to make the country safe and
habitable for forelgneis.
LI Hung Chang believes that tho
poweiH will not Insist on the total de-
structlon of the forts.
General Sir Aided Oabelce, com
mander of the British forces in China,
who hns been 111 for a few days past,
Ih pionounccd to be suffering from '
Lieutenant Colonel Wlnl.of the Sixth
United States cavalry, who left Pekln
In command of an expedition sent to
Investigate the alleged burning et
Christians by Boxers, as reported b'
tho ltcv. Air. Kelly, a Presbyterian
missionary, telegraphs from Tung
Chow that he has not found any
trouble, although he has covered nn
extended area.
The Garmans have sent two regi
ments twenty miles south of Tien-Tsln
to Investigate the troubles reported. to
have occurred In that vicinity. The
Germans and French. It Is said, find
frequent causes to "stoim," which tho
Ameilcuns and English, on investiga
tion, seldom find' to be well founded.
Berlin, Jan. 1. In a dispatch fiom
Pekln, dated Monday, December 31, it
is announced that Su-Hal, the mun
derer of the German ambassador.
Uaron von Ketteler, was decapitated
on the scene of his crime at 3 o'clock
that afternoon.
I... i
Murderer of the German Minister
Beheaded Publicly in Pekin.
By Exclusive Wire from The Asioclated Press.
Pekln, .Tnn. 1. Tlie man who ItlllerJ
Baron von Ketteler, the German min
ister to Chlmi, In June last, was be
headed yesteiday In tho presenoe of
a large number of spectators.
Killed by a Burglar.
By l.ulrstve Wire from The Associated Press.
Pueblo. Col.. Jan. 1. Walter C. Castley,
diuirzltt. was shot and instantly killed In hUl
store this morning by .1 burglar. The body tv-aal
found lit- a clerk. Tim cali register had been I
rifled and etery pocket In tho murdered mail's
clothes bad been turned imlde out. Tho inur-
deied escaped.
New Malls In Alaska.
Ily Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Washington. J in. 1 -Tlie molls start todsy on
the new line from Katon, Alaska, to KaUebue
Minion. Anothei Irip will be made March I.
The route ! 100 inllca each way.
Universal Penny Postage,
tly Fxcluslvn Wire from Thu Assoclsted Press.
lnd.m, Jan, L New Zealand begins todaj
tho syitcin nf universal penny postage. She will
send a letter nwlure In the world for one
penny, or 2 cents In American money.
Bristol's New Building.
Uy Kxcluilvo Wire from Tho Associated Press.
Ilristol, Va,, Jan, 1, Tho new government
building waa turned over to tlie government to
day. It cot v,uoo.
-r fff tt t
Waihirglcn, Jan 1, forecast for Wed-
V neiday und Ihuradayi Kattcrn I'ennsjl- 4-
vanlu Fair Wednesday! colder In snuth- )
euit portion, ihurula, Mr; winds -V
- generally weslt-rl ; mlk on the cosit, 4-tttttlttttttT
: iSfctiAjrtl
jtera-x VJU i HEM-..