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IJLiU "KyIXJ.1 Ja-VA-e J. umwvi.iJU j.ii.wj.ijxi.j.1 xfUuuiixvuMi va. is.wv
" J lj'''""'L'" " m ' .-j ..,. . . . ----- - ' -'" - ! -fcifc. A.t.iJMh-1. .lJj .Jfc-aTi liuMMWim (lAMHHlBI.
Ho Was Formerly Pastor of the Perm
Avenue Baptist Church C. E. Rog
ers Hits Resigned the Position of
Manager of the Dr. Hand Con
densed Milk Company to Engage
In Cattle Business Hon. T. V.
Powdorly on the Immigration
Question Man from thevTar East.
Jtor. AViincn (!. l'nttiiiiire, U. II.,
pastor of tho I'enn it venue church from
181)0 lo 1895, but' now "of (Mnt'liinnll. O.,
1h In thin city rcwMvlmr, old uutiuiilM Or. Purlrltlitc 1 now inn pan
tor of the largest 'ProteMunl cliliruli In
tlieiHtute of Olilound thu second lurRest
In the country, Hit; Ninth Street Unp
tlsL church, of Clitclliniill. This church
has a moinbcr.slili) of 1,7(10 iittil n Kltn
diiy ntliool with an enrollment, of ::,0U0
scholars. '
It Is an hiHtllulli.iniil chinch imil haw
no loss limn seven chapels fur mission
work In various) parts of the rlty. (!oii
neetcd with these are seven Industrial
schools, In willed 700 Kills receive' In
dustrial training:, Ainont? the other
fpntttres of thu church wmk me u chilly
free lOnilurgut'teii, a 'h I nese , Sunday
school, nil employment btiteuii. hoys'
brigade and literary societies, galore.
In thu church proper and the seven
missions there lire conducted every
week no lo.s than clRhly sei vices.
Dr. Partiidt'e has under him tluee
ordained (.'leitfynieti and a small army
of lay assistants, lie is brliutinj; lo
this Brent work the rare executive abil
ity, the resistless energy and the line
spirit: of Christianity which character
ized his labors In this' city. He Is a
tlim believer hi the practical side of
Christianity and rays he Is convinced
that mcrelyt delivering two sermons a
week and (IoIiir- nothing else Is not fol
lowing the precepts of .Mm lowly Naz
erlne. rt .,
The news of the resignation and
coming departure from the city of C.
1-3. Rogers, general manager of the Dr.
Hand Condensed .Milk company, will
'e received with the keenest regret by
Ids many friend. II r. Rogers was as
sociated with in Ilk and cattle business
from bis early boyhood days and came
to this city In April, IMIS, fiom Detroit,
lo erect the condensory of the Seranton
Dairy company at'luine. When
this wok completed lie was offered and
accepted the position of general mana
ger of the company.
Upon the reorganization uf t,P jj,.,
Hand Condensed Milk company some
six months ago. he became general
manager and the company is already
doing a paying business. He goes
from hero lo .Manitoba, Canada, In
the Intel esls of a number of well
known American and Canadian capi
talists to develop., what promises to be
one of the largest stock raising and
mill; pioduclug combinations in the
western hemisphere. Ills friends will
with one accord wish him success In
Ins new Held of action and that he will
succeed is beyond (mention because
lie is possessed of rare executive abil
ity coupled with a thorough knowledge
of his particular business.
1H l.
lion. 'I'. V. I'owrierly. of this city,
(oniniissiimer general of immigration,
In yesterday's Now York Herald, con
tributed an article to the symposium
on the Twentieth century. lie dwelt
upon the way the title of immigration
will ebb and Mow during the coming
years of the century. His article fol
lows: Tin. rrnlinj li.i vlliioxnl mic of (he ml re
m.iilwiMr nio client -. .if ion in (lie liisti.iy
.f I lip voi Id, The fit 1 ii1IH-i.ll ii'Coidi of the ,n
iiciN of iilii-ii i..i,'iigei't !u lite United Slaps
civ Ui'pl hi III.- .wir IsdO. W.i they iimnlii'io.l
only s,:!!m. II it (Moihiivd ilic totnl number
,' .ilicns who li.i.l nii!ptl tioin 1Ik f,.uml.itfnn "'
ilip ciiM'iniiH'iil In thai il.ile m:is A'iiVhh), and it
l..i; been estimated lluil nhonl 1S per cent, of tin
iilidi were liir.olm.lnl-. On tlil li.i-n
il i ic.non.ilil, lo Mippoe Hie iuiniiKl;inU
timing the InM of the piecent lenliny num.
brrcil .ilmnl IH llioiiand, Dining 1 lio l.i-t IIm.i1
jiar of the ii'iilniy llie, ininibeieil US,."!', and
I lie total number of iiniim.iiits sinee the fonnda
linn of the cou'rmnent. i-.(iui.itiiiK that 'M per
lent, of the altm uimnls piior In lS."..'i weie iiu
iiiiiiliiuls wijiild lonf up 'JI'iIa,I!I,
Will ll.e llde cnutlnue to (low for the nest
xiitiy,.- nl its present height? Tlii t .1 illlll, nil
in ion to an-Hor. A the i.iiinliy Ikioiiiis inoie
t.ukly tiopnlaled it is u-.ison.ible lo suppose that
Hie pinpoilion of Iniliilm .nils In the popu
lation will tail, even It tlieo. is un mateiial le
ouollon In the .H-liul minificr of imiiiii;raiit. It
may lie, too, tliat the fonmess will ileem il H-e
at .some time ill the. Inline lo impose testlktiom
ti inmiitU'ation that will lind losilll fun her ie
tard It.
The piobabillly i- that tho Iweutleth conliuv
will see thu tide ot i.m -till flowlnt; In
i onsUlcrable oluiiie to'V.inl the shines of the
I "tilted States, but that II will srl still slionrr
in other dircetioiu, possibly tuwniil the temiei
nte regions of South Aineiiia and Africa an I
inward the Island coutineiit of Australia,
where Hie population is still ciy small In pin
portion In the nir.i of aliiable laud,
Tlieie is Utile room In I'oilo lliio for additional
population, but theie Is uiioeeiipled laud In
Hawaii and (lie I'hlllpplues capable o su-liiiliiliL,-a
unit li denser population titan Ihey at pie,.
int. In these Mauds I he inhabitants ,,( (he e.i-c
will li.ivn an I'ppnitinilh In Unci lefuu-o under our
.mImii ol Roeriitn(nl wltliout rami to thll con.
tlncrl, .
Amonrr the most remarkable men who
haVc visited Seranton nf late, may ho
mentioned ItadJI CherlfY, the KIpr of
Vrnhtan JUKBtorn, who wan with Al,
l'lelilH' inlnstrols. HndJI, who Is chlff
of all AiablniiR In this country, came
from Apia Minor, and Is an Ideal rep
resentative, of the pure type of poim of
the dpcoti. lie Is a devout Moham
medan, possessing all the cltarnctrls
tics vlhot. have Hindi: the dashltiB
liedotiln the hero of romnnllc sonir.
Thotlgh a true Oriental of the cast
that has made the lalep of the Ara;
blau Nlght.i among the moil fascinat
ing of literature, Hadji has by exten
sive travel and education added I2u
rnpettn polish to a striking Individual
ity, and Is an Interesting1 man to meet,
lie speaks KiirIIsIi fluently us his na
tive tongue and In addition can con
verse In French, Spnnlfh, Italian.
, Hungarian, Moorish, Hindoo, and In
ni'tny of the other dialects of the
countries In which ho. has travelled.
Front his powers of endurance, nsan
Imitator of the whirling Dervishes, he
"tuts been called the "Whirlwind of the
Desert." While claiming to bo quite
an old man, he has not the appear
ance of a person of forty, and attri
butes his retention of vigor of young"
manhood to a strict observance of the
rules of the .Mohammedan religion.
t '
H. It. T,udlow, manager of the Penn
sylvania circuit of the Iturke-Chuse
Vaudeville combinations, who spent
yesterday in the city, 'Is probably one
of the best equipped directors of thea
trical .on the road. Mr.
Ludlow has had vast experience In
dramatic wotk In New York and clfe
whete ami bus at command am un
limited fund of the ever-fascinating
mecdotes of the stage and profes
sion, gained by personal Intercourse
villi many of the leading lights In
the buiilness, which makes hint lnoHt
Ills long e-peiienco and keen fore
sight have doubtless contributed much
to the success of the T5ttrke-Cliase
companies that have been under his
control. Mr. Ludlow expects to bring
another vaudeville troupe to the Ly
o"tim this week which he nvors will
be superior to any thai have been
seen In Hcranton heretofore.
Effort to Be Made in Select Council
to Incorporate Newly Prepared
List of Judgments in It.
When the ordinance providing for the
Issuance of $100,000 worth of bonds to
lefund the judgments and other ad
judicated claims outstanding against
the city comes up in select council next
Thursday night an effort will be made
to have it so amended that It will
specifically state just what judgments
aie to be paid and Just what the
amount of each Is.
A similar effort was made in the
common branch when the measure was
up n few wpeks ago but It was unsuc
cessful. Assistant City Solicitor Da
vis lias been preparing during the past
week a complete statement of all judg
ments which can be Incorporated In the
ord if the amendment carries.
Mr. Davis has already worked sev
cial days on tills .statement and will
not have it completed for several more.
11 was prepared In anticipation of Its
being wanted in the viaduct hearing
but on account of the agreement en
tered Into between the contending at
torneys was not required. Mr. Davis
will continue work upon -it, however,
for future information, as It is the first
complete statement of outstanding
judgments ever prepared in the his
tory of the city.
It Is being compiled from the records
in the prothonotary's office and the In
vestigations made by Mr, Davis re
veal the fact that a. number of judg
ments which have beep paid are not
satistied on the record.
The reason fciven by those who favor
amending the bond ordinance for so
doing Is that to simply provide for the
issuance of $100,000 worth of bonds
without stating what particular Judg
ments and claims are to be paid would
be a loose way of conructlng business.
Another reason given Is that the to
tal amount of judgments is something
less than Si),000 and that the appro
priation of JIOO.000 would leave a mai
ftlu of $20,000 or more which might be
converted Into a sort of councllmitnlu
Will Be Used Instead of Country
Club New Year's Day.
Piesldent T. II. Watklns. ur the
Country club, will open his handsome
home, on Monroe avenue, from 2 to 6,
to the members of the Country club
and their friends cm Xew Year's day,
owing to the stoppuge of the street
cars, which renders It Inconvenient to
reach the club, as had been Intended,
The entertainment and house com
mittee will give the tea as was an
nounced, Mr. and Mrs. WatUlns giving
up their home for the occasion to ho
used Instead of the club. Xo invita
tions are sent out, these notices being
deemed sufficient for the purpose.
There Is No railing Off in the De
mandNew Version of the Pur
chase of the Pennsylvania Coal Co.
The D., L. W. Board for Today.
Officers and Directors of the Na
tional Elevator and Macnlne Com
pany Chosen Plan to Control Steel
Tube Output.
The Engineering and Mining .totimal
Haturday had th following1 on the an
thracite coal situation:
The demand for anthracite coal
shows no falling off, nor so far as
sales agents nt Now York can ee Is
there likely to be any marked decrease
In demand for weeks. Operators are
doing their best to supply orders which
continue lo come In from every part of
the country whither hard coal Is
shipped at this season of the year.
The holidays, however, will kep down
the output this week and next. The
miners, with full time and good wages
for two months,1 have had u merry
Christmas and dining the past week
the mines have not been able to run
wllh full forces.
In Chicago territory, as at other
Western points where coal Is shipped
by rail, demand Is brisk, with little
prospect of the supply catchltiK up to
consumers' needs. At all Inland points
In the ICast and along the seaboard
consumers are clamorlnir for coal. At
New York harbor coal for spot deliv
ery Is as scarce as last week. Con
sumers getting little comfort from
their regular llrms are going around
looklns for odd lots, but In the great
majority of eases they simply waste
time, as every company has regular
buyers to whom It must give prefer
ences unless it wants trouble. AH sizes
are In short, supply. One man who had
no stova coal In his yard is reported
to have gone lo every firm In the city
that he thought could let him have a
spot cargo of thut size, bill with no
success, although he was willing to pay
a bonus.
It may be said that the recent Dur
ch'ase of a controlling Interest in the
Pennsylvania Cool company was pure
ly the act of the house of J. P. Mor
gan & Co., consequently all newspaper
stories as to what roads would handle
the output and how it would be mar
keted were pure moonshine. Other
stories about the folly of interested
roads not securing such a control a
year or more ago have no better foun
dation. The Pennsylvania Coal com
pany's stock was so widely held tb'at
no group of men was able to turn over
a fntrolllng interest: to secure this It
was necessary to buy shares In open
maiket. something at which a board of
directors would hesitate, though the
act offered no difficulties to a powerful
financial bouse.
Board for
Today's D., L. and W. board Is ai
Saturday, Dec. 29.
( p. in. .1. VV. Devine.
f p. in. T. JJuudican.
lll.SO 1 1. in. T. MtCutlli-. j i. m. Dolicrty.
SiiiidHy, Dee. :W.
12.80 a. in. I'. I'. Slovens.
M n. in. T. Tlioinpi-on.
4 a. til. .1. UciiniKiin.
ft h. in. O. Ilawlolpli.
6 a rn. VV. P. Warfcl.
7 a. in. T. Naiim?!'
5 a. in. Ci. Hurt.
9 a. in. F. Mullen.
10 a. in. John Sw.uK
J1.SU a. in. P. Oilllgaii.
1 p. m. I!. Outlier.
2 p. in .1. .1. Dully.
a. 15 p. in A. II. Hone, with McDonnell' nun.
1.15 p. m. C. W. Diin'n.
summits, rrc.
S t. hi., cist II. Me.MlMrr.
8 a. m., west If. V',
.1. Muiry.
in a. m.-
i'. a. in. Golden.
11.30 a. in. Motan.
7 p. m. Murpliy.
!) p. m. Lainpin'p.
7 a. m. Gaffney.
7 a. m. Singer.
7 p. in, P. Stanton.
7 p. ni. Mifforem.
in, 13, Dtifly.
in.-VV. Kirby, with A. G. Ilainniltr men.
in. ('. Bartholomew,
ni, W. Hoar, with 0, 'Smith's mm,
m. T. Kitzpatrtcl.-.
ni.--.lnhn Raxlcr, with Bailiei's men.
. hi. .J, (;an.
(loci, noon A. 13. Keleham.
in, J. OMIuu.
nt. .lames Can Irk.
m. NUliintr, with .1. KiniK' men.
in. J. Coblello.
ni. II. Staples, with Staples' men.
in. -McLane.
m. Ginley,
I a,
5 a.
it a,
7 it,
fi a.
S a.
II .i
XI o'
1 p.
" 1'.
:s p.
t p.
ti p.
7 p.
i'ontliitlnr (!. Thomas and P. I.. Itogem' men,
S. O'CoMtor and R. Dennett's men, V. Hallett
anil crew and .1, nurMiort and crew will report
at lulnm.ietcr'n ofliee, Monday, . Dec. .11, at a
.1. in.
W. Harvey: Have Englnemen Stanton and Mc.
Amlirvv repcit at trainmaster's ofllce Monday.
Il a. m the Hlt,
The Wlnton II ran .-It engine will he brought to
Seranton Saturday, Deo. W, Give in three of
them on fi a. in., Hnmniit East, Sunday, Pec.
Officers Chosen.
a meeting of the National Ele.
vator and Machine company, of Hones
dale, the following directors were
elected: Hon, William Connell, Henry
Belln, Jr., Luther Keller, Hon. Alfrd
Hand, Conrad Schroeder, of Seranton:
W. H. Holmes and W. V. Wood, of
Hon. Alfred Hand was elected presi
dent; J. S. MoAnulty. secretory and
treasurer, and V. W. Wood, general
manager. A dividend of ten per cent.
waH declured out of the earnings of the
The works at Honesdale havo been
materially enlarged and Improved dur
ing the lust year.
This and That.
Plrectors of the Hock Island road
have finally decided on the extension
of their lines to Kl Paso, Tex,, ho as
to connect with the Southern Pacific
and form a short line tiom Chicago to
Los Angeles, Constiuctlon work has
already begun.
Patrick Kelly, of Dorranceton. mine
foreman at Haddock's Black Diamond
mines at Luzerne, has resigned ufter a
service of seventeen years. Previous
to his connection with Mr. Huddock's
mlno Mr. Kelly was for eight years a
foreman for the Lehigh and Wllkea
Barre Coal company ut Plymouth, The
cause of his resignation Is poor health.
A charter was granted at Harris
burs', Friday, to the Lackawanna Coal
and Coke company, which proposes to
operate soft coal properties at Vinton
dale, Cambria county, this state. The
capital Is $fi00,000. The company, It Is
said, 'will be allied with the Lacka
wanna. Iron and Qtcel cornpany nnd
will furnish the coke for the new steel
plant at Buffalo.
It was stated at Philadelphia, Satur
day, that V. V Qlbbs and tjthor capi
talists are engaged In effecting a com
bination which will control the steel
tube Industry of the United States. It
will be one of the most jrlsrantlo con
cerns In this country nnd will bo capi
talised at $150,000,000. It Is said that
the syndicate has secured exclusive
license under the American patent to
manufacture steel tubing by a new
Kngllsh process which reduces the cost
of manufacture nearly B0 per cent., and
also does away with the present method
of manufacture. The new method Is
also said to Increase the power of tho
resistance over the lap and butt weld
from three thottsnnd to eight thousand
pounds to the square Inch.
He Will Make the Mercantile Ap
praisement Next Year.
At a meeting of the county commis
sioners Saturday, It was decided to al
low John Courier Morris, the chair
man of the board, to name the mer
cantile appraiser for the coining year.
He named Thomas' Marshall, of the
A Vest Side, and he was forthwith
ejected. '
It Is customary for onch of the
commissioners to have tho naming of
J mercantile appraiser during; his term
of omce, and this custom Is usually
extended to the minority as well us lo
tho majority commissioners. If this
rule holds good with the present
board, and Saturday's action Indi
cates that they have accepted the
ciiKloiu of their predecessors, John
Penman will nume the appraiser for
1'jOl' and John J. Durkln for liHKI.
Mr. Marshall, who will make the ap
praisement, next year, Is a newspaper
compositor, and has been active In
Republican politics In the West Sldo
for a. number of years.
1WX) ii, ahont ended, and for the hut time this
year, we want lo say. get our Kull Press Re
quisites. You will always thinU ot our etore
a the one most likely to get the proper thinks
for Full Drew. Shlils, Pe.ul Gloves. Tics, in
fact everything- a man requires for Kull Dress.
412 Spruce Street.
Tiy our special 10c. collars, all shapes.
Tbe Dickson Manufacturing Co.
i.cranton and WllttevBarra, I'jk,
Mauiifaciuran of
Bolter. Holitlng and Pumping Machinery.
General Offloe. Bcranton. Pa.
Sea Trips
of two tc fve days' duration,
are oflered by the
Norfolk, Ua.
Old Point Comfort, Ua.
Richmond, Ua.
Washington, D. C.
Steameri call dally except Sunday from Pier 26,
North Illver, foot of Bcacli street, New York.
Tickets, Including monk and stateroom acconv
modatlons, $13,00 and upward,
for lull Information apply to
81 Beech Street, New York, N. Y.
H.lUVAI,KKR,Traf.Msr. .U.BHOW.V.d.l'.A,
Not In Nature
for anyone to always feel tired. There
is no need to drag out an existence
without ambition.
Weak nerves are responsible for lan
guor, depreaslon, debility and varico
cele. Diseased nerves, whether due to over
work, over-indulgence or any otber
cause, can be made strong as steel by
the use of
They tone and Invigorate every ore in
of the body, soothe ami strengthen the
nerves and transform broken down
men and women into strong, healthy,
vigoious. ruddy-cheeked persons. If
you find this isn't so, you get your
money back,
1 1. 00 per Ixti j 6 boxes (with guarnn.
tee), So.OO. Dook free. Vxau MUDI
cinbCo., Cleveland, Ohio.
For sale ly John II. Phelps, Pharmacist, corner
Wyoming avenus and Spruce street.
It, ttlUUIhU, r. l(JrtjtMbr ini. fu t
USUI ( uiu ng put. ut no (SU.tlc hij.(tirn.-.
rv.ltM iti'e rir tllnlh.rt fell, HYAT:
lf nftiitClllnifrtrui.,
I. afirmniMa noottilof .3;
,TT. rvn..wwv'd. ;-- ."-7 ---- . - --.-wfc
preciusi iiiipiitiiiiitiicinbtniitnv..
catiieu,f in SlnlaHin. AtalA chtintieAlmtnlt
;i!ly o(T(d St I catch. Ruins 1 bvmnH. Send far Svrt
3T.lltBMUIf A Bms tpAtlnif mdicil cVtct,tcit ft audi C
gj3v9p&9 v'
3 J 22
T xHl
Yqu don't care when we take our semi-annual inventory, and we do not bother to
tell you anything about it, as a rule. But this year we shall be stricter with ourselres,
and the stockmen must be very sure not to hold, on to a piece of goods at a price that would
need reducing after January 8th the inventory time.
Atid as the measuring and counting is well under way getting ready for the final
entry, we shall take all possible losses beforehand and sell off the brokau during the next
few days. Halt the news will not get ia the papers because the lots as discovered will go
on sale at once, and many will go out each day.
vSoiue facts you will be interested in
You hava given the store a more prosperous year than ever a greater volume of
business, which we have been
not reached but you and we
the building of a business for
else ; that has grown large enou jli to bt a strong factor in many markets, and that conse
quently can give, giving
The Really Lowest Prices
Known in Seranton
Yet no store shall excell it as
elegant things along with its
United States Depositary.
At the close of business Dec.
i j. 1900.
Loans and Investments
Banking House 38,599.64
Cash nnd Reserve.... 536,879.19
Capital $ 200,000.00
Surplus - 500,000.00
Undivided Profits . . . 57,905.29
Circulation 100,000.00
Individual Deposits . . 2,415,536.98
U. S. Deposits 422,729.39
Due to Banks 54,785.53
WILLIAM LONN'KU., President.
1IENHV BELIS, .IR Vice-President.
WILLIAM II. riiCK, Cashier.
llauuracturew or
48S to 455
17. Ninth Street,
Tcluphous Call, 2333.
Bdohs 1 and 2, Com'Uh BTd'f.
nining and Blasting
Mp4 M Mootlo and KusU ItJt Work.
MtetrU BtrtttrUt, EUotrla KxpIo4r,
splodlas blMti, ejry JSusi itui J
Ruiiifli ClMiIca. Cfc's l.x.Kv.
able to care for with less and
are working toward them. This is a very great co-operation
careful people; a store that
a style setter, nor show such a range of exclusive and
grert stocks of every day merchandise.
; M - Htr - r
Curtain News
Shrewd buyers will take advautage ot tbe special
prices made on our entire Lace Curtain Stock. Manv
small lots at a fraction of
129 Wyoming Avenue
.M-H-4-M- -M-f
Heating Stoves,
Oil Stoves,
Gas Stoves,
M Heaters,
PR. DUNSTEN, an Spruce Street, Scren
Ion. Pa- 'II 'Cute an I Chronic Dlscuce ol
Men, Uomr II en i Children. Consult lo.iend
cyealnetlon free. Office Hours Pally and
kunJey 8 a, m. to 9 p. cu.
less friction. Our ideals are
shall value quality above all
127 AND 129
- r - - H"f - H - -fH-Hf-HH
their real value.
4 f " -f-MH
We have a nice
line of Hockey
Hockey and
Polo Sticks.
Skate grinding
a specialty.
Florey & Brooks
211 Wash'n?toii Ave.
General Agent lor ths Wyoming
District for
Vttolog, Dlsitln?, Sportier, Smokeless end tbe
Ittpjuno Chomlcsl Compsoy's
High Explosives.
Safety ruse, Cape and Eiplodare. Room tOl Oe.
ntll DulMlny, Ucrsnton.
TII0S. FORD .,.....,, Ptttston
JOHN D. SMITH & EON Plymouth
W. E. MULLIUAK .....Wllkts-Bure
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