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Ex-Secretaru of War flloer, in a
Magazine Article, Galls Up an
Almost Forgotten Dispute.
The Case of General Eagan Heviewecl.
His Suspension, Mr. Alger Says,
Stripped the Service of an Honest
nnd Capable Officer The Statements
of General Miles Criticized Serious
Charges That Were Made Without
a Particle of Evidence Effects of
the False Impression May Never
Be Removed An Injustice to Gen
eral Shatter.
,y Kxcltilc Wire from The Associated Press.
Now York. Deo. 2S. The North
American Review In Its next Issue will
contain an article in "The Food of tha
Army During the Spanish War" from
Inrmer Secretary of War Russell A.
Alger. The article says, In part:
'Hie conmils-ioii appointed by the pieaident Jt
my iciUc"t tu inustigiilo, the conduct nf the .it
depaitment ill tlie war with Spain, c niniiioidy
known ns the war imrstigiition 01 I lie Dodge
i iiiimiisvinn, met on the '-'Itli djy of Jvptcmber,
1'w. Oil tho 2lsl day of Pceciiibcr t lit; major
fdinnl, commanding the uiniy ol I hi' I'ulliil
Metes, .lppcarid bofoic tliu I'oiiiinliilun, then
sitting I" Washington, nml nudi' his Mulenu'lils
with irpect to til'.' tanned, fresh sinil iitiigcralid
href furnished to the urniy during Mie war. (Jen
rril Miles refes'd to be sworn or iiftirmcel, as
cecry otlier of the lO.'i witnesses had been, de
claring in sailistimci' Hint lie would "make his
tatcments without being -woui anil was rcipoti--ible
for whit he said."
Ulhough the commission hail been sitting
marly thiee inontlu, the ibn, with uspect to
(..nued and refrlgciated href weie now made for
(hi tint time; and si rancor and more inexcus
able and more unsoldieily still dining all those
lie nths with Ihls pietcndcd knowledge of tints
which. If they c.istid, should hue hjen nude
l,i. own to the secret. iry of war, for the piotcitmn
of Ihe ainiv, (iciural .Miles licur mentioned the
Mibjeit. Nor did I wr heir a minor of chem
h.illy treated hief being pinch ivcl for the army
iii'til tin- kiupiiiI'm testimony was givm before
ihe loniniivion. In answer to inquiries as to
how- i aimed beef became a pail of the army
i.itiou, (icneial Miles said:
'you had better ask the Mciilaij of war or
the euinmlssaiy gmeial; I think lliey can Icll
sen. I know it w.n- sent to the army as food
ami the pri'ten-i; L tint It was in', as an cipe.r
inrnt. That Embalmed Beef.
'"Iheie was sent to l'oito lino, 117 Ioils of
nhat '.s known n, or called, lcfrlctcialul be-f,
whiih j cm might tall cinbilincil btef. .Vow, if
pin w.'iit to aseeitaiu the lost to the government
of this so-called rcfi iterated bcif-embalineii
but-lake the original tost. 1 do not know'wint
May lne been injictid into it. The undeii.t Hid
ing i-, that this is a .senet process of picscmna;
beef. It in ij- be tint they are still sending the
Klutf down theie. 1 don't know. If I had fur
nished any expedition ill this couritre, or any
nlher, with muIi stulf, I would piuhihit the men
flout tatting it.
"I do not think that beef, sikh as was bent
to Cuba and l'orlo lluo would lie row! in any
louutiy in the stomath ot any nun. lliey loukl
Kct home baiou, but that is not (ouiiducd hiiit
able food for the tiopics.
"Vou ask about lood. In my imUnienl tlut
was one of the bullous causes of so muili siik
iiesn and distress on the part of our Hoops."
Not (.ontiut with thene KiaM' md siandalous
charges', thus made puhliu for the lii.-t time
biforc the war imestii;atiuK commission, Oiueral
Miles permitted himself to bo inttiticwid on the
follow Imr day at Cincinnati, when he made simi
lar cliarsed.
The ullceutioiis that niMiiliible fond, not a put
of the leKal ration, had been furnished to the
army under prelnise of an experiment, and that
nfriijerated bief, tieated with poUonuus ihem
luili, had hem and was beiu supplied to our
niiny of 27.,(i00 men, weie indeed Miinu-, imply,
iuj;, .is they did, ctlminal iiiiompi'teuiy on the
part of tliu commissary depjitmcnt, On the p.ut
of the fomnilssary department willul neIiseme
mid dishonesty.
Blow tTpon Eagan,
t-'ontlnuliiB, Mr. Alfrur said:
These ihirscs fell us a lenihle blow upon
"omml.v..iry (Jineral Chailei V, Ustni, who hid
been worliini; encrKelically, honestly and zealous,
ly for the soldiers in and flild. Ills
health hail evrn lnen impiiied by oeiwork.
CJrneral Kjk.iii la.hed to the ipihk by tlu-e al
IfKatlnus of Mile., ami without ion
sultint,' Ihe senetary ol wai, 01 olhir (i lends
ni.ido u Iliiif i.itif nplv which ai hlj;hly
impioper. lie was tried by i for iou
dutt linbeeomlm: an officer and for londuit
pirjwlicial to tiood older and inllilaiy disilpllne
and was fcentenced tu suspension trom and
duly for six jeais. Tiu siwpemlun of (,VnuaI
lliiran slilppid the senlie of an honc-.t .m.j
able offlier. Ills was not thu out-
nino of Jill's" thiiit, but (ho i,.,iilt
of inteinperati' mid iimiillilaii lan.rii.ii , umi
ii'lved in iiuliKiutlon. Vs it was, mil tin- silf ami inltiupualn 'K-niuul,.ii,. I.y
eiicr.i) Ikivau loiuinud the I'luniulloii llu'i
there was no foundation In fut (m U,. diirk'rs
and InslnnUloiw dedi'iihle fioiil Ihe leniis,
"preieiise of eperlimnt" und "unbilimil but"
The ihaims of (n' Mlh- Willi lopeu to
I'liliucd loast lieif were It was inn pill ol
the ntniy ration and (by iuiVienie) had been
ikaiied tu the uiniy by tliu sunlary of war and
the comuiisiary ueneial without .iiuhoiltj of law
and tint it was the meat icdiluc- a li'if pulp
which was lilt after the 1M1.u1 ud hun taken
from It, With leput to icIiIkujIhI U-if he
illeed thai it was "embalmed I net" whiih had
been aitifliially prescned by lneitlnt,- ihemlials
intu If, that lie had oci Iivliiiint; cxidtiee
that Ihe "(nibalmed heel" was lieand with
cliemliali to pitteric It, and that the ufilneratul
beff wuuld not bo "kuuiI in anj 1 unliy in th
stomath of nuy nun."
Miles Displayed Ignorance.
flencral Miles should have known tlmt nelthi 1
tho sieretaiy nf war Her the c01111niss.1i) uninal
could Ic-aally ultii' 01 add to tho nllou of the
miy, Tho ration is flut by law and lis 10m
pouents can bo ihuuitcd uul.t li.v the president of
the United btatc-i. II Ornerul Mile, did not know
that canned fresh bief wa a pat of the aiuiy
ration, then be displayed an icuoiaiuc In an
important nutter of his piofisslou, thai is to say
the bait most lemarkable; If he did know that
1 aimed flesh beef was a iccokiiIuiI p.nt uf tho
ration, then his allegation to the (outraiy is so
much more irpirhensible,
AJr. Alger says tltt'bo Kerlous ehurgefi
of 'General Miles were made absolutely
without a purtlclu of evidence or ox
tuse, and contliuiutl;
The imputations with ii.peit tu lunnul fresh
beef were most carefully and thoroughly exam and icpoiled upon by two Impartial litb
uatls, one b-'liir; loiupmcd uf eiiiiiieut citiziu-,
ex-sotdlera and 11 dlstlngulslied neurrat officer ot
the regular army (the war Investigation com
mlsalon); the other, the court of Inquiry, con.
alidlhir wholly ot uflkcrs of the regular army
ol high rani: omt unimpeachable Integrity, and
especially oseinhlcd to Investigate ttil question.
Thctc was no subject lo which the Dodge com
mission deleted more lime or morn tlioroughly
Inverttlgaled than the nssertloni of tho senior
major general of the nrniy. These trlbunali
found that there was no foundation tor the chnrgei
that canned fresh beef was not n pan of the
1 at ton. or tlmt. It had been furnished as the
preletice of eicrlmcnt, or that It was tho pulp
uf the beef.
It had been furnished lo the army twenty
j earn prior lo the Spanl1i war by (lei!. Kagan'j
picileicssor. nml had been furnished to nur
Cuban allien by ( .Miles' order ilmmg the
Spanish war and had been furnished regularly by
the naty depaitment lo its sailors und marines.
Mischief Made by Allegations.
In conclUHlun, the ex-soctetary said:
While the tilleiMtioii" of General Jllles weie
not based tiioii facts, and weie conclusively dls
proxen by two separate tribuiiuls, tuilmpeacliablc
In their composllloii and methods of Imestlga
tion, the lircp.irable dimage hud been done. A
In.iU', honest, and faitliful oltiiir, suffering un
der the lash ot such ciuel, unwananted nml un
justified imputations, while Cionciatcl fioni tho
liemy odium of those rli.11 ires, was as u result
of them, saciillceil on the altar of his own piti
sion, righteous in its twistenec but tniexeus.ible
in its expression. Disldes this :i fale Impres
sion had been rriMtnl tluoiighout the country
11s to the food finnlslied the army, which may
neter be lemmed. The ihaiges of General Miles,
twice prmen false in vpitit and Kuhstanec, arc
theiefore the more heinous In their effect. Yet
the presint eongrevs promoted Oeneral Miles to
be lieutenant general, and has thus far failed
to giie to Genera! Shatter the rank of major
general to, retlie upon in his old age, and thus
after his magnificent campaign at Santiago, as
well as his former distinguished sen tecs.
Many Vessels Adrift Others Are
Driven Ashore Masts and Bul
warks Swept Away.
By Kiclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Jvomloii. Dec.S. The storm today on
the itooR was it terrific one and cre
ated ftreut havoc- to ships.
A terrible accident took plueu near
Taunton. The breakwater at Watchot
harbor yielded to the force of the gale
and became a wreck, pertnittinp: a tre
mendous sea to have full play arrainst
the shipping in the harbor. Several
vessels broke adrift, two foundered
and flvti others were driven into a
hopeless tangle in a corner between a
pier and a. wharf, where they lay
irrindinff en eh other. Their masts and
bulwarks speedily went and their hulls
were greatly battered. The damage
will reach many thousands of poun Is.
The Austt.ian bark .Capricorn was
driven ashore near Undo, Cornwall.
Nine uf i.n ciew weie .liiwnoil, onC'
was saved and four are still on board,
with little likelihood of being rescued,
as they ate unable to avail themselves
of. the tocket apparatus. Two other
vessels are ashore on the Cornwall
Several were stove In at Tlfracombe
harbor. The bark Uagna was wrecked
off Trevine, near Cardiff, three of her
crew being drowned and nine being
rescued by rocket lines.
Paris, Vov. 20. Storms of extreme
violence have swept the west and
northwest coasts of France. There has
been some loss of life, toeether with
considerable damage to shipping.
The Matin Publishes Article Devoted
Exclusively to Attitude of the
Waldeck-Rousseau Ministry.
Dy llvilualie Wire from The Associated Press.
Paris, Dec. 29. The Matin publishes
an Interview with tho pope devoted
exclusively to the attitude of the
Waldeck-Rousseau ministry toward
the religious congregations. Heferring
to the premier's speech at Toulouse
Oct. 2S, when M. AValdeck-Housse'iu
enlaiged upon tho necessity of the
chamber passing a law regulating as
sociationsa measure directed against
religious congtcgatlons the pontiff
"The concordlal Is being changed
from tin instrument of peace Into one
of xvar and oppression. Kven In prn
testant countries, religious circlets are
excluded from the liberties enjoyed by
other citizens. They will probably re
turn to Kngland and the United States
as In the days of the terror, to find
a tefuge agulnst the Iniquity of Catho
lic r'r.tnee.
"Tho associations bill Is the negation
of all tho laws of liberty. I liopo the
Krench government will not renounce
tho services I am still able to render
her. Several times recently 1 have
born solicited by the head of a power
ful state to permit tho rights of
Krtttuo lit the east and fur east to ba
illhregardeil. I littvu lefufeil, al
though compensations were offeied to
tho church. Hut If Hie or lot's, with
out which Cathollo expansion Is Im
possible, are to bo suppressed, what
nnswer shall 1 give In a day when
hliiilliir propusals ant made?"
Steamship Arrivals.
By Inclusive Wlie trom The Associated I'icss
Vvw York, "ee. 2(5. Clcaud: Campania, Mr
U pool J Alihtcidim, Itotteidain; Aiulinia, filas
gem; Alio. Naples und Genoa; I'miwlvaiila,
Hamburg ia I'ijmoulli and Chi'ihouig; l.a
Neumui'die, llatie, Glasgow' Armed! Hthioplu,
New Yolk, Sjlh'd; Sardinian, Xew Yoik. Mo.
I lie-Killed! I'liinesoia, (lla-ov lor Siw orl:,
f'.lbraltai Aititeili KaUcr Wllhelni II, sew
Yoik for Naples aril liiuoa. Southampton
"alledt Kalserln Jlaila 'Jhetisla (fiiini llrenun),
New Voik, Aiilicdl Soulhwark, New Yoik for
Aiilvcip, Mxard Passed! l.a 'luiiinasne, New
Yoik lor llatre, IJiowhcad-l'assedj llinbrla,
Niw York for Mmpool,
By Kxclusivo Wire from The Associated Press.
Doylcstown, JM., Pec. i. K..Sherltf Johuj
P. K. llelnhart died from heart falluie. today,
at his home in Qiukettonu, aged 71 yea is. lie
waa ilcttt'ij sheilll of Duiks county Id 1675 und
biled one tcttii.
Lisbon, Pec. 28. Major Alexandic Alberto Da
Hoc ha Serpa Pluto, tho African explorer, !
dead, lie was born April 3d, lb 10.
llhaea, N. Y Pec. Colt Tjler, pin
lessor of American hUloiy In Coined iiniteulty,
died today allu an illness of tluec uiiks.
Senator Foraker Answers Ex
President Harrison on the
Subiect 0! Expansion.
Legislation for the Island a Depar
ture, but Not from Correct Prin
ciplesNo 15 Per Cent. Duty
Levied, but 85 Per Cent, of the
Imposts Under Dlngley Tariff Re
mitted Congress More Liberal
Than It Has Been in Dealing with
Any Other Territory Porto Bicans
Apparently Content.
Uy Kxclushe Wile from The Associated Press.
Cincinnati, Dee. 28. Senator J. R.
Foraker, In u speech before the Manu
facturers' club of this city last nlnht,
replied to the speech delivered by for
mer President Harrison In Ann Arbor
recently. M. Foraker said:
"All the questions arising upon the
Porto RIcan legislation are soon to be
passed on by the Supreme court. For
that reason I do not care to discuss
them at this time, but it is in order to
say that tho view taken by congress,
as reflected by that legislation, was
creditable to the generosity, the patri
otism and the industrial spirit of the
American people. We found Porto
Itlco as poor as poverty could make
her. She had no money, no credit, no
syHtem of taxation of any kind. She
wanted a. civil government and a reve
nue do support It. We gave her a far
more liberal civil government than was
ever given to any territory prior to the
Civil war. so far as participation in it
by her people is concerned, nnd we
dealt by her more generously In pro
viding support for1 that government
than we have ever yet dealt with any
territory. x
"In teciuiring her to pay tat iff duties
on imports from foreign countries we
did only what we did with Louisiana.
Florida, California and all our other
territories; but In allowing her to put
those duties, when collected, into her
own treasury, for the. support of her
local government, wc did what was
never done before for anybody else:
for hi all other cases we have not only
required the payment of these same
duties, but we have also required them,
when they were collected, to be paid
into the national treasury at Washing
ton, for the common benefit of tho
whole country.
Duties on Commerce.
"As to duties on commerce between
Porto Rico and the United States, we
did not levy 15 per cent., but we re
mitted So per cent, of the existing rates
on a number of articles, and the whole
duty on all the remainder, and provi led
that the 15 per cent, should be remitted
on and after the first of March, 1902. or
sooner, it the legislature of Porto R'co
shall so provide; and that meanwhile
all collections of that 15 per cent., both
there and in the United States, shall
be paid over to Porto Rico for her own
support. We made that provision be
cause It was the easiest and least bur
densome way possible to raise Indis
pensable revenue for the government,
and not because it was In any sense of
any benefit to either our government
or people.
"The Porto RIcan legislature is now
in session, but neither that body nor
any merjber of it, nor anybody else,
has takci any steps to repeal or alter
the tax system so imposed by con
gress. On the contrary, all concerned
alike testify to the highest satisfaction
at what congress has done, and the
request will be almost unanimously
made that the provisions enacted may
bo continued, If not Indeilnltely at least
until some satisfactory system of
proper taxation may be substituted.
"In addition It should be said that
congress nlso, In the same generous
spirit, exempted Porto Rico from all
Internal revenue taxation another
favor never before extended to any
part of our people anywhere. '
"It Is true that the legislation for
Porto Rico was a 'departure,' but It Is
not true that It was u departure from
correct principles."
After Delivering a Lecture on Politi
cal Issues at Abilone, Kan,
fly llulmive Vlis fioni Tho Aocltted Pim,
Abilene, Ken,, Pee, 1'S, Willlttm .T.
Rryan lectured heio last night for tho
benefit of tho city library fund, hav
ing an midlonce of about six hun
dred. Ills topic was "The Ancient Land
mark," and he discussed taxation,
trusts, the money question and im
perialism from a Democratic stand
point. Ho left last night for flalves
ton. Verdict in Hilliard Case,
By Kxelutlve Wire fiom Tim Anoilalnl 1'itJ.
New York, Dee, S8. Tliu Jury in tlie liiquMt
lulu tln eaui-e of the death of l.oui. It, J.
Haul u mitred u verdict dtiUring tint he had
conic lo his death from aph)mtlon and hue
lured Hu earned by Jo.e It. Uaiia, lattvaid l.
pern and Clinton I, ljnl.yl, nor.-,.-, at the
Hellenic hospital where Milliard was n patient
In tint Insane ward whin he died. P.'.iille the
proteaU of Assistant District Attorney Mcllitire,
pavla, Dean and llainhall were teleased in ',Ukj
lull ujeli.
To Suppress Vice.
Dy Inclusive Wire from The Associated Picas.
Philadelphia, Dec. 23. conference of repre.
tentative clergymen and lay men was held lure
today for the purpose of luiugurutiui; Ilia moe
ment to tupprctd vice in laige cities. William
Phillips Hall, of NW York, chairman uf the
central committee in chaw of the twentieth ceil.
luty national gospel campaign, was piin-nt i ml
outlined thu general puipose ot the mouiiunt.
Judge Craig Holds That Tributaries
to Rivera Form Fart of Stream.
By Exclusive Wire from The Awoclatcd PrrtJ.
Stroudsburg, Pa., Dec. 28. Judge
Crtilg, of tho Monroe-Carbon district,
hits handed down an opinion In the In
junction obtained some time ngo
against the Spring Water Ico company
by the Lehigh Coal and Navigation
company. Judge Craig's decision
makes the Injunction permanent.
Tho controversy urose over the
damming -of thu water of tho Tohy
li.mna creek on the Pocono mountain,
which creek Is a tributary of the Le
high river. Judge CralffH decision in
cludes a now point In Pennsylvania
law, namely: That the tributaries to a
river foim part of the river. Tho com
plaint of the Lehigh Coal and Naviga
tion company, which Is sustained, was
that the damming of the tributaries to
tho Lehigh river cut off the volume of
water In that river and Interfered con
siderably with navigation of bouts, to
which tho company claimed to be en
Complaint of Banks Over Scarcity of
Mercantile Paper. Offered
for Discount.
Dy IJxclushe Wlie from The Associated Press.
New York. Dee. 28. Jt. G. Dun &
Company's Weekly Review of Trado
tomorrow will say:
So general preparation had been
made by eastern business Interests for
a squeeze in money near the end of the
year that the expected advance did not
occur and collections In the Interior
were so good that banks made com
plaint of the scarcity of mercantile pa
per offered for discount. This outcome
wits particularly encouraging, though
business will need more money after
Jun. 1. Meanwhile a good undertone
has been continually in ovidence,
founded upon the active distribution
of merchandise south and west. Some
wage differences have been adjusted
and In this respect tho situation is un
usually bright.
One large foreign contract was lost
on this account, and at many points
domestic operations were delayed by
inability to secure material. Instead
of the agitation for cheaper steel rails
that was so prevalent a short time ago,
producers are said to contemplate tin
advance. Domestic contracts In this
line exceeded 5,000 tons at Chicago and
among foreign orders Is noticed one for
17,000 tons for Australia, with many
smaller .sales. Structural material is
wanted for building rndbrldges, with
noticeable activity In this departmbnt
for export.
Tlie local jobbing trade in footwear
is quiet. Xew contracts are not large,
but factories are running at full capa
city, and in many instances refuse to
duplicate orders at previous prlees.
Wool lost the temporary increase in
activity, sales aggregating only 4,576,700
pounds, a decrease of L'.riGl.UOO compared
with the preceding week. Contradic
tory estimates are still heard regarding
the cotton crop.
Charles Williams, of Plttston, Ate
Fink and Yellow Creams.
Special to the serunlon Tribune.
Plttston, Dec. 28. Charles P. Wil
liams, son of Mr. ttnd Mrs. Benjamin
F. Williams, of Pine street, died this
morning from the effects of eating
poisoned candy. The parents had pur
chased a quantity of mixed candy for
tho children's Christmas celebration
and during the day the' boy ate freely
of the pink and yellow creams. That
night ho was taken violently 111 and
Dr. Thompson pronounced It poisoning
from the matter used In coloring the
The poison spread quickly through
his system, discoloring the body and
he died in great agony this morning.
The funeral will take place Sunday af
ternoon, with services in the Broad
Street Methodist Kplscopal church at
3 o'clock and Interment in Plttston
Six Men Are Dead and Several Others
Are Not 'Expected to Live.
By Kicliulvc Wire from The Associated Press,
Keyset', W. Va Dee, 2S, As a re
sult of a dynamite explosion at Baker
camp, near Durbln, Pocahontas county,
on the line of tho Coal and Iron rail
road now running out from Elklns, plx
men tiro dead and several others aro
not expected to live. The accident hap
pened! nt noon yesterday, while the
men were at dinner. Some dynamite
had been placed ubout the stove to
thaw out and shortly after a tertlllu
explosion wieeked the camp, killed
thteo men outright and Injured Plain
others, three of whom have since died.
Tho dead men went blown Into atoms.
Qn acrount of Indirect connections with
tho cntup, It Is Impossible to secure
complete details tonight.
Million Dollar Bonds,
fly Kxcluklve Who from The Associated Press,
Philadelphia, Dec. :!!. The one million dollar
bond ixsue, made by the Pennsylvania lUilioad
company, dan. 1, 1?7S, and maturing Jan. 1, Paul,
has been lliiildited, The loan was icn,ulred for
Ihe puichije of the old lUiy jaril In this city
and paid .1 per cent, iiitrieat. One-lull, of theso
wiie tahui by j local naings fund.
President's New Team.
Uy i:elublvc Wlie fioni The As-oclated l'tea
Akron, O., J lec. 2S, A team of line coach
hoisi., puiihased for 1'tii.idiiit JleKlnley by an
agent, were tdilppcd fioni 'alikinn, Summit
tounty, today, They are pet fully matched bay
ultli black points, IMi hand, high, and weigh
1,200 pounds lucli. Thu hoises were sired by a
Moigait atalllon.
Faderowski Located.
Uy Kxilibhu Wire from Tlie Associated Pron.
London, Dec. 2'). M. PudcrettjM is at baiij
anue with his wife, saya tlie Yiemu correspond
ent of Ihit Dally Tylegupli, and declare the
nlory that ho let cutty fought a duel to be au intention.
Boers Harrassino. the British
Troops in Gape Golony, but
Are Being Driven Back.
He States Tlmt the War Will Last
Four Years A Revolt of the Afrik
anders Is Certain Boers Damage
the New Klelnfonteln and Chimes
Dy Exclusive Wire from The A&soclatad Press.
Cape Town, Dec. 2S. General Do
Wet's attempt to break through to
the south has been frustrated and ho
Is now reported to be at Senekal with
a lurge commando, holding the coun
try between Flcksburg, Senekal and
Oeneral Knox Is holding the coun
try between Ladybrand and Wlnburpr.
The eastern parties of Invading
Boers are being constantly harrassed
and driven back toward the Orange
Rlvr. i
London, Dec. 'IS. Lieutenant Colonel
Sprogge, who commanded tho Yeo
manry nt Llndley, has resigned. Sev
eral other resignations have been gu
f.etterl, among them being that of Mr.
Ivor (irest, M. P., ti captain of Yeo
manry. The Hon. Ivor Churchill Guest Is the
oldest son of Lord Wlmberton. H
belonged to tho Dorcstshlre Yeomanry
cavalry, and Is one of the members of
parliament in tho conservative Inter
est from Plymouth.
Rome, Dec. 2S. Major Grower Bo
tha, brother of Commandant General
Louis Botha, has arrived In Home on
his way to the Hague. Ho carries dis
patches for Mr. Kruger.
In the course of an interview here
today ho said tho war in South Africa
would last for vc-nrs; that Mr. Styn
had planned the invasion of Cope Col
ony and that a revolt of tho African
ders was certain.
Johannesburg, Dec. 2S. The Boers
damagd the new Klelnfonteln and
Chimes batteries yesterday.
Cape Town. Dec. 28. Tho Yoonianry
who were captuted near Brltstown
have been .released.
Court of Inquiry Discovers New Wit
nesses Who Have Been
By Exclusive Wire frrm The Associated Press.
West Point, N. Y.. Dec. 28. So far
as the taking of testimony the work
of the military court of inquiry In re
gard to the death of former Cadet
Oscar L. Booz will be finished at the
West Point Military academy tomor
row afternoon.
Today's investigation brought out
testimony to the effect that cadets had
been hazed to a degree of exhaustion.
The victims In particular are Cadets
MacArthur and Haskell.
MacArthur himself denied that he
had convulsions, but acknowledged
that he had been exercised to such an
extent that he had cramps in his
muscles and that he lost control of
them. Haskell is not In the corps now,
so his testimony was not available.
Cadet U. S. Grant was examined and
told of the ordeals through which he
was put as fourth class man. He said
he felt no ill effects from tho treat
ment afterward.
Several of tho present fourth class
men told of what forms of hazing ex
dsted durlniT last summer's encamp
ment and while there was a few cases
of men being made to stand on their
heads, there was very little exercising
done, which would show that tho ma
jority of the cadot are living up to
the class agreement made last year to
abolish severe hazing methods.
The Inquiry will be resumed tomor
row morning.
He Rented the House Where Young
Cudahy Was Confined.
By Inclusive Wlr from The Asuiclatrd Pre.
Omaha, Neb,, Dec, 2S. One of tho
most Important developments In the
. I'udtihy kidnapping case Is tho positive
j identification by Mis. Schnelderwlnd
' of a photograph of Pat Crowe, as a
' pictute of her tenant, tho llght-coni-plexloned
man who rented tho old
house used as Kdtllo Cudahy s mlson.
Daniel Uurrls, living northeast of
the city Hints, is satisfied that he sola
the bay pony found at Pacltlo Junc
tion, In., to tho kidnappers. His de
scription of one of the men to whom
he sold the horso on Dec. 13 for a
watch and $1f., Is that of Pat Crowe,
Hurris will be taken to Pacific Juno
lion toduy to Identify tho animal.
Fears for Men Penned in Mines on
Mount Blanco,
By KXL'luiho Wire from The Associated I'res.
Wasenberg, Col,, Dec. 28. A blizzard
has been raging hero during tho last
thlrty-slx hours. Feurs are expressed
for the safety of the miners who urn
working In the Corando and other
mines on tho Mount Hlunco.
They aro penned In nt an altitude of
11,000 feat.
Rlttman Succeeds Morris,
Dy Emlusltci Wire fiom The Associated Preaa.
Cleveland, Dec. 'J3. Frederick K. Itlttman, nf
this city, lie accepted the position of fourth
ludltor of tlie treasury depaitment tendered Idm
by the president to succeed Frank It. Morii,
who was muidired a we'll; ago. Mr. Itlttman
was foriuttly cashlir of the National Bank of
Coimncue here.
Weather InJIcatloru To 4 jr.
"fAlrtj COLOBIt.
I General Oeneral Alger Opens the Beet Con
tleneisy. All in Keadlness for the Senatorial Fight,
.'enator KoraKcro Kfl'resldent llanlson.
The Mouth African War News.
!i CJctieral Carbondalo Department.
:) General The bcnalc In Eiccutlvo Scslon.
I Editorial.
Weekly Letter on Municipal Aff.ihis.
Note and Comment.
0 Local Social and Pergonal.
One Woman's View?.
(I Local Negotiations tinder Way to Settle the
' Strike of Trollej men.
7 Local Itev. Pr. N, (J. Paike Describe the
Mlncis nf This lleglon.
West gjiuntcm Girls Sleep In tlie Woodc
S Local West hcraiiton and
ti General Nnrthcisli'in Pennsylvania.
Kinauilal and (Joumicniil.
10 (ieneral The World in tIKX).
11 Local Sunday School Lesson fnl ToniouoW.
Hellglous News of tliu Week,
IJ Local Lite News In the World of Labor.
Four Men. Are Shot Two Wounded
Belligerents Escape Live
ly Session.
By Ecluslc Wlie from The Associated Press.
New York, Dec. 2S. One of tho
fiercest and bloodiest fights that has
taken place in this city in a long time
took place In Harlem early today. Kour
men were shot. One died, and another
Is dying. Two wounded men escaped
and the police are looking for them.
One man is under arrest, and the dead
man's brother has sworn to kill the
prisoner who Is accused of shooting
him. The men engaged in the fight are
for the most part gamblers.
The dead man was George Ptice. a
printer and bartender. The wounded
are Edward Courtney, alias "Slats,"
shot In the abdomen; Thomas Ken
nedy, alleged proprietor of a pool room,
shot In one leg; Edward McGlnnls.
alias Edward McMttllen, sporting man,
shot in the left arm.
Kennedy and McCInnis cannot be
found. The prisoner Is Miles McDon
nell, fifty-one years old, of City Island.
He Is a well-known gambler.
The shooting took place in the Ott
awa hotel at One Hundred and Twenty-fifth
street and Park avenue. Mc
Donnell and two ot' three friends were
drinking at the bar, when Kennedy
and several friends .came In. A quar
rel, which started when McDonnell and
Kennedy were partners In a recently
closed gambling house, was renewed.
Kennedy knocked McDonnell to tho
lloor, and this was the signal for te
friends of both men to rush into the
fight with drawn revolvers, and In
stantly a fusllade began, with the re
sults as stated.
The barkeepers dropped behind the
bar to escape the Hying bullets, more
than fifty of which were fired. The
first man to drdp was Courtney. The
cithers then seemed to realize that the
police would be on them soon and be
gan to separate. Kennedy and Mc
Glnnls ran out and escaped. The police
arrived and arrested McDonnell and
took Courtney to a hospital.
Price was carried to his home by
friends, and it was some time before
the police got track of him. After Mc
Donnell had been arraigned in police
court, he was taken before Price, who
was dying, but who said he was the
nvan who shot him. It was at th's
point that Harry Price, a brother, told
McDonnell ho would kill him If George
died. Price died soon after.
He Is 15 Years Old, and Is Taken
to Sian Eu in the Imperial
Yellow Chair.
By i:elusive Wire ft am The Associated l'reo.
London, Dec. 28. "Private advices
from the province of Shan Si say,"
wires tho Shanghai correspondent of
the Standnrd, "that, while tha court
was sojourning at Tul Yuen Fit, tin.
empress dowager secretly appointed a
new emperor, with the tltlo Tsung Hsu,
Ho Is 15 yenrs old, and was taken to
Slan Fu in tho Imperial yellow chair.
This explains the permission given to
Emperor Kwang Su to return to Pekln,
"Emperor Kwang Su has notified tho
loform parly that ho is returning to
tho capltul and will need their assist
Blind Comedian Will Be Removed to
a Sanitarium for Treatment.
Dy L'xcluslte Wlm front The Associated Pie
Philadelphia, Per, !!B,JIai lie-ad, profef'doiial
ly known a Mat Arnold, tlie blind comedian, id
Inwne and it Is probable he will lute to bo re
united to u aanltarimn for treatment. 1'or the
pat mouth or more lie has shown extreme tier
tciunuestf and etldcncei. of Ida mind thing ay
hate been apparent to Ida rclathes und friends.
Arnohl wan formerly u partner of Daniel sully
and pla.ud vtlth Hairlgan und Hart for hunic
time. His but engagement with a theatrical
fompany waa with John Kernell in "Tho Hus
tler." About that time his e;e sight failed. thin he has been tilling principally con
cert engagements.
Krupp Wants Free Oil,
By Ilxclushe Wire from The Associated I'rea
Berlin, Dec, 2$. llerr Krupp and otlier great
nunuljcturcra hate petitioned for the free ad
I liaelon Into Germany of mineral oil for motor
consumption, with a lev of saving the coal
deposits of the loimtry.
Corporations Chartered,
By t'ichuhe Wire from The Associated Press.
HairUburg, Dec. 23. Tho state depaitment to
day' Usucd a charter to the lleliauce Coal com
pany, Scuiitou, capltil $100,000,
Senator Quail and Many oT His
Friends Have ftlreatlu Ar
rived at Harrisbura.
Colonel Quay States That tho Regu
lar Republicans Won Their Eight
at the Polls in November and That
Their Has Been No Change in the
Situation An Informal Conference
Is Held.
By Ilxclwhc Wire fiom The Associated Picv.
Harrlsburg, Dec. 'JS. Colonel M. S.
Quuy reached hero today from "Wash
ington to take personal charge of his
canvass for United States senator.
Mr. Quay has leased a house a short
distance from the capltol and will
stay here with his family during tho
legislative session. Mrs. Quay and
the Misses Quuy and Private Secre
tary Wright came, hero yesterday to
arrange for the coming nf tho former
senator. United States Senator Hole?
Penrose arrived this morning to as
sist in tlte management of the Quay
campaign and will stay until after the
organization of the legislature next
Tuesday. Senator William P. Rnydnr,
ot Chester county, the choice of Colo
nel Quay for president pro tern of the
senate, and William T. Marshall, ot
Allegheny, the candidate of the stal
wart Ttepublicans for speaker of the
house of representatives, are also on
the ground. Senator William Fllnn,
of Allegheny, and other leaders of tho
anti-Quay Republicans, are scheduled
to arrive tomorrow and Sunday. Na
tional Commltteeeman James Guffey.
of Pittsburg, and other state Damo
cratlc leaders, will also be hero Sun
day. The Republicans of tlie senate and
house will caucus on Monday evening
In select officers and employes. The
Democrats have not yet fixed the time
for holding their caucus. On Tuesday
evening, tho Republicans will hold a,
caucus for the nomination of a can
didate for United States senator. Colo
nel Quay Is tho choice of the stalwart
Republicans. Tho senate and house
will ballot separately for senator on
January 15, and on the following day
a joint convention of both houses will
ie held for the same purpose. Should
no candidate receive a majority oC
the votes cast in joint convention, It
will convene daily thereafter" to ballot
for a senator until there is tin elec
tion or the legislature closes.
Governor Stono has completed hla
biennial message, and It will be de
livered to the senate and house after
the organization.
Mr. Quay's Statement.
Colonel Quay said tonight that the
stalwart Republicans won their fight
at tho polls oh November ti and the
situation has not changed since he
had made his original declaration that
he would have 150 votes on joint bal
lot in tho senate and hcuse, or 2" moro
than necessary to a choice. Senator
Penrose issued a formal statement, In
.vhich he says he has no doubt what
ever that both branches of tho legls
latuie will bo organized by tho regu
lar Republicans and that Colonel
Quay will bo elected senator. Repre
sentative W, T. Creasy, of Columbia
county, one of the Democratic leaders,
says the position of the Democrats In
the legislature is very clear. "Wo
were elected." he added, " to secure
an honest primary and election law.
nnd it certainly seems to me the first
step in tho performance of this duty
to our constituents is the organization
of tho house and senate under offlciifs
antagonistic to the forces that have
s'o long prevented the passage or non
et election laws and kept the people
of our state at the mercy of an un
scrupulous machine."
An informal conference of Colonet
Quuy and his lieutenants was held this
evening, tit which Deputy Secro'nry of
Internal Affairs Urown was chosen
chairman of the steering committee
of tho stalwart Republicans.
Several Collections of Bogus Notes
Seized by Government Officials.
Py Kwlu-lve Wire trcm Tim Associated Pica-i.
Philadelphia, Pee. 23. Sciciul huge collections
of loiinteifelt totes wciu tecently telcd and con
flsftitrel in lids ciiy !y Secret, ScrWio Agent
(Irifrtii. Hun as eiuios tho collection of bogus
lanh notes Interested tho minions of the law. A
bank c.u-hiii' wilb r"d the Jo of the finest collec
tion of counteifi'lt bank totes een in recewt
jeers. Ho began tn eolleet them onie lime ago,
ami when depositors) olteied n purloin note liei
v.nulel .ireept It and replace it with good money
fiom lilt own pocket. In tldi way li ah ablo
to gather notes af unions denominations, and
It was with iitanv piotests that ho parted with
his collection. Oilier e.ishtus lot (.mailer tol
Icctloiis in u bliiillar w iv.
I'ongrith pi"cd n law prohibiting the collec.
tlcu of counlcifelt hanlt pete, unless, each Horn
is (.tamped, cheeked ai.el teconled, and It must
be bhown on leiyicst of any rcetet ten ico agent.
She Expires at Shamokin at the Ago
of 104 Years.
Uy Exiluihe Wire from The AssoclateJ Preu.
shainoMii, Pa., Pee!. 2S.-Mra. Francli Pepper,
aged JOl years, tho oldet resident of Nortlium
bcrland county, died In Locust Cap today, from
general dissolution.
Her husband died twenty )earj ago. She out.
llcd neural children and until si-ural wtslw
ago enjoyed excellent health.
f Washington, Dec. 23. Forecast tor Rat-
s- unlay and Sunday: KasUni Pennsylvania
f Pair, colder Satuiday, tSuivhy, lJr;
f freklt noilheily wind.
ttt-t'tt-f-t-i ttt tt-t
r.A. -