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' l" I ,, " t ' ' i' , ,' ,
Christmas Programmes Will Be Ren
dered by the Pupils in Many
Rooms Republican Caucus in the
Fourteenth Ward Tonight Acci
dontB and Funorals Yesterday.
Robert Morris Lodgo Elects Offi
cers Sunday-School Entertain
ment News Notes and Personals.
Tlie ltlb1le schools will close Unlay
for tlu holiday vncatlnti, and hi con
jwqurnce the teachers have imunirotl
for musical nnd lltorary cxurulseH
oniony the lmpllH. I'aiuntH nnd frleud.4
will bo, wclvomcd to the hcIkjoI rooms
nnd the future stars of tlio. .literary.
InislnesK and nrofcsrflunal wmld, will
rtiveal their talents In mitMc, jcclta
ilons nnd sonn. The pupIlM oil tliu
tlrammai' A nnd U jri'iulos of Xo. II
school will unite at a o'clock this ai
tprnoon and render tlio l'ollovvlner pro
Rrammij: fr'onir, "Vlllaec llclls" Si hoot loll, "Long Afore I Knew Wlio Mnty
Clans Wu." II. DicM
polo, "Tlio Mlwisslpiil Shore" ...Ccitiitdu Jones
l'lnno solo, "Ovpsy Hungarian Dance"
111.tii.Iic '1 Itomas.
Itcrltatlon, "!!celr.' Tilings at Mitht"
llcsste M. lole.
Violin solo, "Geoigia Camp Mectlnc."
Lewis I.cwIj.
Hon?, "Hall (!lad Christmas lime" School
Solo, "Tlirer Lily" Malik- 1'onle
ltecitatlon. "flic Pishing I'.utj" . ..1!f-iie Ulehl
Instrumental trio
II. Thomas, .T. Munson. M. 'I'liro.
Solo, ".Mveet Xnncy Ltc" Ohvm Junes
I'hno solo, "HubLllnrr Springs".... Jennie. Il.vr.on
PIioiih, "Wlien the .Sun Awakes tlio Morn"
Becllatloii. ".Mammy's Little lio.v"
Ilessie Si. Stole.
S..ntf, "lling Out, King Ot.t" School
The Primary A grade at No.lS school,
taught by .alias I A. Evans, will enjoy
tho loUowJng urosramme of selected
"Cluistmas" Maltha Kdvvards
"No Stockings In Wear" IMi-on Powell
"Christ iVa.i JJoin on Christmas Day,"
Maltic Lenin
"Little Crildnn"
Two LittJe Stockings" ...
"Watching for Santa Clou-."
"Christmas Tree"
"'. Is fur MWnljrlit"
"Why l)o the Hells lUiist"
"The Golden Pumpkin" ....
"How He Does It"
"Habo's Chnslmis Gilt" ...
John Harris
.linnio Tcvvksbiiry
ltnili Slool.ey
Le Hoy M.i v o
....Nellie ricncli
. .ttobcrt lMvvlini;
Alice Lee
...Tied ('ocUlmin
Edith Jones
Bella Weaver
1 and COLDS
Hi 1 Mhl
sis Ms
No. Well, supposing you get to the store early today ur lo
inorrow before tlie rush begins, and after looking over the
scores of show tables and counters, you'll surely rind some
thing to please you and you may pick them all at hist call
The Annual
Christmas Sale of
Fur Neckwear
and Fur Sets
Fancy Neckwear
Latest Gloves and
Men's Furnishings
Goes merrily on, and makes buying easy. You can save
more than you figure on by taking advantage of our advice.
The Jewelry Counter
' V " Ts attracting hosts of visitors these days solid gold and sil"-
vcr jewelry of every description sells them with an ordi
nary dry goods profit added to the cost. That makes
, more difference in the price to you than you have any
idea of.
The Latest Arrivals
The Christmas Umbrellas have won the hearts of the people
and delighted many buyers, There's more style and quality
for the money asked than you have any idea of unless you
: have looked the stock over.
Dolls, Brica-Brac, Etc.
At close of the season's trade prices,
Globe Warehouse
"My MocUnir" Viola Mown
"C'hlMiiim" t Illliel Thomas
"C'liltdrcn In Holland" Maiy t.ovvry
"Tfinpetance" ...L.tforali I'lillllpt
"llnnkfiil Hearts" ....Mollle Mohr
" '8' is for HihU" ,Urte Wctier
"MV l (or Uetndecr 1'iank Mchtrr
hinging by tlio whole school.
The pupils of Primary B urnd-3 at
No. IS school, taught by. Miss Ultra
HurIioo, will render a mixed pro
gramme of sntiRS, rccltatlonn, acros
tics and choruses, as follows:
Sore ".lolly Old St. NfeliolAs" School
Iteell.illon, "siJliii Clau' Jt.!"
Lulu M. Ci'lncr.
Rolo, "Hear Hie llclls lllim" l'loieme Wnle
llccltatlon, "The l'nrcl l'carl"
t'ura M. llejnnlcN.
Aciottlc, "f lirllm.i" Me boys
lleillallon, "Tin' Nuneiy nl lW)"..l'rcldn Maker
Meinoiy m-in, "Christinas 'ails" iliool
lleeltatloii, "Sanlo In Holland". .Akiics Wllllunu
Solo, "Soft nn.l While" I.lwlc I'au.v
lleillallon, '" Ihe XIrIiI llcloro Clirlil-
m.n" Ilaiold i:i4lntri!r
Ai'iosllo, "('liriliiid".,'lliin gills ami sl hoys
llccltatlun, "Mother t.'uose'i Ohil'ttiiaV
Olncn Wllltjins,
Ilecllnllon, "The l'lut riiiMin.1"
Mjrlie Henuly.
Solo, "I)oI1,'h Drrtsw" Ihi.wnond II. flufflict
llecllallon, "Santa ( lulu" IMilli 1'oi.ler
Memoiy ictl". "ltlnir Oul Wild llelK'....
ll.cllallori. "Kil KihiRle" ...IMIIh M.ieis
Duet, feleilul Wallrr and Olwm Willlnnu
lleeltatloii, "Old Santa Clam".... Willie Staple
limitation, "Christmas I'.ve" lilalne s.ihln
Solo, "Tlie Lomly L'otlaKe" Hoi.l ll.iiinond
llecilatlon, "(.'hrlstni.i'." l'loieme ll.iRgi'rv
lleillatlon, "The Hells" illodtten Ch.liles
Sons:, ".linple Hells" School Ann .Tones' pupils In Primary
P.. No. IS school, will render the fol
lowing programme:
"A Wise Precaution" Stella Seaman
"Christmas .llnglts" Vlln Harrier
Memory fiem. "Ilinir Out Wild Bell","... School
"The (.'liristmas Tree" lohn C'oslett
"The CluMnias Stai" Maiioiie Hairia
Acrostic, "Mirry Chi Istino,"
Miner Moiitans, llattlc JloigaiH, Waller
Mariiotl, Joseph Aalnsley, Herhert l)ais.
Itiissell llijant, Charles Heclier, ll.ilil
"iaen. nillwjn Jonee, MaiKaret Kjnon,
Allliur Williams. Dnma Cisteillne, Mar
caret Monrjn-, Maritiiel Williamu.
"Christinas Suiik" Ilulli Hcese, M. Han is
"Santa (.'Inns Is Cuming" Heed Brunlng
"if You'ie Hood" Ituth Hill
"T lie Snow Man" John Hoffman
"Chilstm.1 Hells" John Borlliuick
Song Anna Hell l'ichlcr
lleiiliilion Nellie Waiieu
"What I'd l.ilce" Krank Hughes
Song Gerald Charles
"Merry Chiistinus" Nellie Christopher
Hecitaiiou Otto i.slileman
Similar exercises will also he held
In Nos. IS, 1C, 17. 19, 31 and 32, men
tion of which will bo made in this
department tomorrow.
Fourteenth Ward Republicans.
The Republicans of the Fourteenth
waid will assemble in co-oporatlve
hall at S o'clock this evening and hold
a caucus for the purpose of nomlnat
Ink a siioessor to Select Councilman.
Peter McCann, resigned. Candidates
will also be named for the office of
alderman, register of voters, ase3SS0i'3,
judges and Inspectors of election.
The names thus far mentioned In
connection with the Republican coun
etlmanlo nomination nrc Frank Bonoro
and David AV. Thomas. Thus far no
one has aspired to Alderman Kel
low's chair. He has filled the posi
tion acceptably for nearly five years,
and In all probability will be renoml'
Among the Democratic aspirants for
McRann's seat, are mentioned Thomas
Oosjrrove, James "Zep"
Aiadcnspacher, foreman at 13. Robin
son's brewery. The Democrats have
not yet set a date for holding their
Two Accidents Yesterday.
Walter Heabner, an emptoyo at
Washburn, Williams & Co.'s pinning
mill, had his collar bone fractured
yerterdny while engaged In handling
nomo heavy lumber, which fell on
him. His Injury was tiltendrd to at
the West Side hospital, nhd Inter ho
went to bis home.
Benjamin 12dwardM, the 15 -year-old
son of Reese Edwards, of Kvans court,
fell from a car In the mines yesterday
nnd bruised his leg and L1iIf.Ii. He
wus removed to his home, where Dr.
M. J. AVllllams dressed his Injuths.
Hospital Donation Day.
The annual donation day at the
Wot Side hospltnl will be Tuesday,
Jan. 1, nnd friends of the Institu
tion are asked to remember this wor
thy cause on New Year's Day as gen
erously as they have In years gone
Anything will bo acceptable, and
there need be no limit to the contri
butions. The vast amount of good
work that has been accomplished by
the staff silnce the hospital was opened
Is generally conceded, nnd Its future
usefulness should not be Impaired by
a lack of funds and frulinK
An Excellent Eetertainmont.
Several hundred people enjoyed nn
excellent entertainment at the Sum
ner Avenue Presbyterian church,
which was given under the auspice's
of the Sunday school. Uezaleel
Hrown, superintendent of the school,
acted as chairman.
The programme consisted of vocal
nnd instrumental mulc, recitations
etc., and was participated in by Mrs.
Randolph Jones, Vic Jone3,
Slay Jones, Alice Phillips, Maggie;
Davis, Bessie Slote, Margaret Olbbs,
Hazel Hopewell, Clara Sanders, Tter
nlce Conger and the Dunmore Cultac
and Mandolin club. Rcfrshments
weio served after the entertainment.
Ivorites Elect Officers.
At the regular meeting of the Robert
Morris lodge of Ivorites held last even
ing the following officers were elected:
President, David Owens; vice-president,
Tallle M. Kvansfr-recordlng secre
tary, David J. Davis; llnancial secre
tary, Palmer Williams: treasurer, Ely
Harris; steward, I.,. A. Howell: trustee,
D. J. Davis; Inside guard, Howard Da
vis; outside guaid, John R. Edwards;
audltois, Howard Davis, Palmer Wil
liams, W. R. Davis.
John R. Edwnrds was elected dele
gate to the grand lodge meeting at
Taylor, nnd James M. Powell, alter
nate. U A. Howell, Palmer Willlarat
and David Owens were appointed a
committee to arrange for a social to be
held Thursday evening, .Inn. '.!, when
the ofllcers will be installed.
Political Announcements.
William E. Thayer, of South Main
avenue, announces himself as a candi
date for the select council vacancy in
the Fifth ward, subject to the decision
of the Republican primaries.
Richard Roberts, of Swetland street,
Is a candidate for register of voters hi
the Second district of the Fourth ward.
Funeral Announcements.
SenMces over the lemalns of t he
late William Hughe will be hnld this
evening at the house, S10 North Sum
ner avenue. The remains -vlIl le
taken to Mulmnoy CItv tomorrow for
interment. Thomas Carson, James
l.eyshon and Edward Harnett will act
pall bearers for Slreuni lodge, No. 97'i,
Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
They will meet at the house at 6
o'clock tomorrow morning, nndl tli
body will be taken away on the C. 15
Delaware and, Hudson tiaiu.
The funeral of Air. and Mrs. Thom
as Craven's child will take place this
atternoon from the house, cornet rff
Pettebone street and Roberts cumt.
Burial will be made in the Cambria
A high mass of requiem was celo
brated at St. Patrick's Catholic
church yesterday morning over ilia
remains of the late James Gallagher.
Hurlal was made In Ihe Cathedral
cemetery. 8"he pall bearers were Jos
eph Rafter, A. J. Healey, Arthur
Scanlon, John J. Gallagher, Myles
Joyce and John Carroll,
Short services were conducted yes
terday afternoon over the remains fit
the late Mrs. Katherlno Robinson, at
the house on North Hyde Park ave
nue. The cortege afterwards movei
to thu Dunmore Methodist Episcopal
church, where additional services wera
held. Rurlal was made In the Dun
more cemetery.
Mrs. Thomas J. Williams, of Divis
ion strpet, is ill at iter home with an
attack of pleurisy.
Wlllard Johns, of Elmhurst, is the
guest of his grandmother, (Mrs. Ed
wnrd Johns, of South Main avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Davis, of Eynon
street, are entertaining Rev, and Mrs,
,1, W. Gilfllth.s and son Bowon, of Now
Mrs. M. II. Jones, of I.lnd.-.ay, Jef
ferson county, who has been visiting
telatlves on Hampton street, will re
turn home today.
"Socialism" will be discussed by the
members of Tacltttwnnna council,
Royal Arcanum, nt their meeting In
Ivorlto hall this uvonlng,
The members of the Young Women's
Christian association aro arranging to
servo a Christmas dinner to the de
serving poor children of West Scran
ton nt tho rooms, on December 20.
Christmas exercises will bo held at
the Mt. Plensant kindergarten this af
ternoon. Miss Hnttlu' McCraeken, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Leo McCraeken, of South
Hyde Purk avenue, who has been seri
ously III tho pust nine weeks, Is report
ed to be dangerously 111, uud but slight
hopes are entertained for her recovery,
A number of young women listened
to a very Interesting talk In the Young
Women's Christian association rooms
last evening, which was given by the
uttite secretary, Miss Clara Selby,
Mr, and Mrs. M, J, Duffy, of Hall
stead, were tho guests of West Side
friends yesterday.
M. 'Ihouus Patcifon, of Denton, and MUs
Caroljn I'aterson, ol lliu knell 'unh ersity, aie
Uniting (ireni Itidgo friends.
riltcen uaudidatM wcie initiated Wednesday
tuning at the icxular ineulnj; of the (iiern
Itidire Woodmen, held in Masonic hall, Dickson
Mia Nellie Ullo, ol Capnusc avenue, Is home
fioiu llUhopthropc (ciuliui,v,to ;pend her ClnUt
nus mcatlou, .
A Team of Horsai Belonging to ft
Farmer Named Henderion Got
Away on Maple Street and Threw
Him Out One of the Horses Had
to Be Shot The Defender! Win
Another Game of Basket Ball.
Adam Kidlack Hold in $2,000 Bail
on a Serious Charge Other Notes.
Another runaway, more serious In tho
result than the one Wednesday nfler
noon, took place yesterday afternoon
about 1 o'clock on the steep grade on
Maple street, below Cedar avenue.
A farmer by the name of Henderson,
living near Old Forge, was ascending
the Maple sttect hill from Remington
avenue with a well-laden wagon of
apples, drawn by a team of horses.
About halfway up the hill the whllllu
trcc of thu wagon broke, which seated
the horses, and having nothing to re
strain them but the lines, they turned
about and dashed wlldlv down the hill.
Mr. Henderson had hold of the re)ns J
nnd was dragged off his seat, but wise
ly let go. At the corner of Remington I
avenue and Maple street the team I
dashed Into an electric light pole, '
knocking the smaller htnse against a
nearby fence and breaking Its back.
The other horso was caught noon after,
near the Mople street bridge across the
Veterinary Surgeon Charles Gelbert
made an examination of the Injured
horse, nnd It was decided to shoot the
suffering animal, which was done.
There was no damage done to the
wagon, nor was Mr. Hendeison injured
beyond a few btuises.
Defenders Again Victorious.
'Ihe South Side basket ball team went up
n gainst a stilt proposition last night in St.
John's hall, Stone aicmie, when they undertook
tj show the St. John' team, tho Defendcis, how
to play lukct hall, and met with a mod
ciiiNliiiii; defeat. The score was 'JO to 2 in favor
uf the Defenders.
The only fur the South Siders was
thrown by .lames Kane, who pl.ijcd a star game.
Tho Defenders put up their usual excellent ptamo
i.ncl it appeal us though they aic invincible,
l'or the St. .lohn team MeTitruo and Poland
played pretty games. The line-up km:
Defenders. South Side.
Bol.ind foiu-aid
;u!mi fonv.ird Kant;
liguc center Crane
It.Kiii lett center Jas. Kane
llahhfoid li-rlit center Gorman
Snviler su..rd Mtilherln
Jlnrlsrlty guim O'Ponmli
l'or the Defenders baskets weie thiouii as fol
lows: Ilolaud, two; n.itchford, (Julini, It; an
and Mellette, five. South Side, .lames Kane,
'ihe Defenders will "put tlio boots" to the Wet
Side Stais ne.t Thuisday nifiht in St. John's
Held on n Serious Charge.
Adam ltidlock. of 1037 Beech street, was held
under ;,000 bail yeilciday morning by Aldci Ruddy, being ai rioted at the Instance of
Anthony Moiau, who rharpes him with having
.-(tempted to ciiminally assault bis wife during
his (Mor.m's) nbseiue.
Kidlmk own-, the house in which Mr. and Mis.
Mot. in live On TncMlay moining, it is ch.uccd
Kidlock pine tired tome hf-er, of which Mrs. ilinnk freely. While she was in a tlupor,
it ts alleged, tint Kidlock iiicd to assault tier,
but was iJtcventul by tlie anival on the scene
of Ml. Moi.ui, who immediately bad .1 w.inant
sworn out.
Funeral of Patrick Faulkner.
The f uncial of the late Patrick Faulkner, who killed on the Jeisey Cential r.iilroul at the
I Special Holiday Sale of
WE WILL, for the holidays,
give to the purchaser of
of goods to the amount of
TWO DOLLARS at our store one
large bottle of Fine Old California
Wine guaranteed to be seven years
old, and to every purchaser
the Holiday Week
a Present
in proportion to the amount of his
purchase. We make this liberal
offer in order to better establish
ourselves at 504 Lackawanna Ave
nue, and let the people know that
we are prepared to wait on family
trade. This Wine which we are
going to give away is no Cheap
John StinT, but a Fine Old Califor
nia Wine, for which all wholesale
dealers get 75 cents a bottle, and if
it is not just as we represent it you
may bring it back and we will give
you cash for it.
504 Lackawanna Avenue.
Second Door from Washington Avenue. Telephone 723.
M t Forget the Store, Because We Want You to Remsmbar
rj We have beon Importers, wholesale nnd retail, of Japanese Art Goods for more than 20
years In the United States and Japan. During the last few months certain circumstances have
caused a necessary dissolution of the partnership now existing, and we have decided to dispose
2 of our stock of fine
g Sale commenced Monday Afternoon at 3. 30 p. m. and will continue each day throughout the week.
3 The public is invited to visit the store at any time during the sale, for inspection.
setts for ladies. This is an extraordinary opportunity and eveything must be sold.
S Shimamura
steel mill last Monday, took place yesteutay af
ternoon mid was hugely attended. Prior to the
funeral the liou-e was thiouged with fi lends ot the
family to pay their last li Unite to the deceased.
A iujs of ii'iuilcm was celebrated In SI. John's
ihuieh, Fig Micet, by ltcv. M. J. Plcnilm,', alter
which the lenialtis weie taken to Mlnooka, where
interment was made.
The pall-bcaicis were: Mentis. John Mclltle,
Patrick Tlenicy, Michael llunis, John Ma.vock, M.
Tolan, M. J. Fallon.
The wedding of Mi-s May flaindiin, ot l'ro'peet
avenue, to John lhnl.ln, the I'lttston avenue bir
ber, look jesterd.ty nfteinoon In St. Pclei's
cathedral at "."0 o'clock. They were attended by
Miss Maine llsan and Michael Nealon and left
shortly after the eeiemony on a wedding tour to
Mow Vorlc. t'pon theli letiirn they will begin
housekeeping on Meadow stieet.
The of Mrs. Margaret Hughes took place
jestcrd.iy at 2.30 o'clock from her late home, .'l?l
I'lttston avenue, nnd was very laigely attended.
Sciviccs were held at the home by llev. Dr. Mc
J,eod, of the First l'lesbyteiian chinch, after
which the funeral cortege moved to the Washburn
street cemetery, where interment was made.
John (Jrogan, of "01 Klin street, a driver boy at
the Ml. Pleasant mine, was painfully Injured
about the neck and bad; by a fill of loot at that
mine yesterday moining, tuflerlnc several seveie
body brtiNcs and cuts and narrowly cscaning with
his life. His injuries were attended to by Dr. J.
J. W.1U1.
Three Young: Men Held in $200 Bail
Charged with the Larceny of a
Coat and Hat Other Notes.
Peter McCluiinner, Chailcs Pilger and Charles
lieplcr, of Diminore, were arraigned before Al
derman .Millar last night, on the charge of
kicking over the stove in Joseph WehnVru's
lunch wagon i.t lie Dunmore corners, nnd taking
fioin the vehicle n 2S coat and l! hat belonging
to Joseph Stein, ihe clerk in charge.
They were also accused c.f abstracting a bot
tle of catsup and cither aiticlea. The wagon
itself was consideiably diuugcd In the allra).
'atroln.t;u Kays and l.accho, of the borough po
lice force, nnd Stein tebtilied lyriln'.t the pris
oners, ami Alderman Millar held tin tlio In y.!(0
lull each upon the cliaige cf lauuiv.
The damages to ihe wagon weie paid for, each
of thedelendants coiiliiliuting (.1.23.
'the pupils of the High school have been making preparation-, for their anlc-vacilion enter
tainment nnd luncheon to be bold in the High
school tomonow afternoon. These aflairs hive
been the souice of much bciieltt in the past,
Here Are, a
Few of Our Cut Prices
on Standard Goods.
Cabinet Whiskey at $1.30 per gallon.
Orient Kentucky Rye at $1.50 per gallon.
Penwick Pennsylvania Rye at i.8: per gallon.
Maryland 4-Star Rye at $2.00 per gallon.
1 Gibson, made Spring 1891, ten years
old, at ,$240 per gallon.
Guckenheimer, made Spring 1892, nine
years old, at $2 30 per gallon.
Carlisle Kentucky Whiskey, made Spring 1892,
nine years old, at 2.35 per gallon.
O. F. C, finest of all Kentucky Whiskeys, all ages.
made from Spring 1889 to 1896, from to
$4.81? per gallon, according to age.
& Co., 124 Wyoming: Ave g
bringing te.ichera and pupils together in a way
that cannot but be beneficial to the scholars.
Piotcssor V. . Jonra lias prepaicd a line pro
gramme in the musical line, while Mln I'.ll.i C'o,
the elliclenl Imtiuctios In elocution, promises
the best inhibition In branch heard here in
many moons.
All meinbeis of Dunmore conclave, Improved
Older of Hepta-opl!", ale leintcstcd to meet at
l.Si) p. m. today to attend Ihe fuiicial of A. A.
lludolpli lllocer, formerly proprietor ol llic
Hotel Rudolph in Ibis city, died lost evening
at I.edgedale, Wnjne count.!, where lie lias been
living on a farm for omo lime. Ho Is kitivlvcd
by a wife and three childien. Mr. Illocscr vvai
fur rars engaged in Ihe bottlliu and hole! busi
ness In th'.i city, and had 11 wide acquaintance,
especially In busi'ics dicks. Some time ngo
Ids health bloke down, and with the hope of
Improving it lie went o I.edgedale and took
up Ids icsldence on a farm. The nii.ingemcnts
for the funeuil have not jet been made.
IMwaid Oilftln, of -170 Miry sttret, North
h'cranton, died last night after a short illn"tn.
He was 81 jeai.s of age and one of Scranton'a
pioneer citizens. A wife and daughter survive
him. The funeral will be held at 2 o'clock Sun
day afternoon with services ft the late home and
interment in tlie Dunmure cemetery.
James McLaughlin, of lllver sliect, died yes
ti'id.iy at the Ylcnes Tnvjor hospital from in
juries received while at vvoik in the Steel mill.
lie was struck on the hen! Monday by a swing
ing iion bucket and had Ills skull fraetined.
Ho was C3 .veins of age, and is survived by a
wife. Tlie funeral will be held tomonow morn
ing. C.racc, the joung daughter ot Mr. and -Mrs.
John McGIll, of 021 Palm .street, died .vc.steiday
morning, aged 2 yeais, 2 mouths. 'Hie funeral
will be held on Sjtmdav. with intcinient at
rrceliind, leaving the Dclavv ire and lltid-nn sta
tion G.45 n. in. , '
Mrs. Margaiet Oildea, a well known lesldent
of Archbald, died jc-leiday moining at her home
in that place after .1 short illness. She was an
aunt ot Attorney It. J. flourke, of this city. The
funeral will be held Saturday moining at 10
M.irg.uet Militancy, tlie S-jear-old daughter of
Mr. and Mis. l'atiick Mullaney, of 73(1 River
street, died .vcslcid.iv. 'the tuuc1.1I will bo
held this aftirnoon at 2.!'0 o'clock with inter
ment in the C'athedial ccineteiy.
Maiy O'Pcninell, the 5 nionlhs-old daughter df
Mr. and Mrs. John O'Doiinell, of Oli Cheny
street, died .vesterchy 11101 uiiig. Funeral this af
ternoon at 2 o'clock. Inteiment in (
That We Make Tiiis Special Offering of Fine Wines and Liquors
" 'Kcls & tlurgunder. Lessees and Manzer .
A. J. Duffy, Business Manager.
livening Performance at 8.15,
Matinee I'crfoimatice at 2.15.
Xiniis Matinee NIcliI, Dec 25.
America's (irealest Comic Opera Comedian,
Thomas Q. Seabrooke
All Star Cast. IVj In Company.
Prices 23c., JOe., 7"ic, $1.00 and $1.50.
Malinec2.'o., 50c. , 7.V. and $1.00.
Sale of guts opens Saturday nt U a. m.
Manageis and Lessees. Local Itcpicscntatlrt
Balance of Week. ""Afternoon and Evening
Mai luce I'llees 13c., 23c.
livening Prices Zu 23c, 33c., 50c.
Week Commencing MONDAY, DKCEMIir.R 24.
Supported by Ids own company, presenting a
repertoire of big New York successes.
Evening prices 10c, 20c, SOc. Matineo prices
10c, 20c Ladles' tickets Monday evening, 15c.
New Gaiety Theatre
Thursday, Dec. 20,
The Victoria Burlcsqucrs
Dainty Maids,
Gorgeous Scenery,
Funny Corned iaiu.
Prices Matinees, Kc, 2ic
Evening, 13c, 23c, 33c, 50c.
. 4- "
t The Chesterfield Overcoat t
Samter Bros.
WE ARE sole distributors in
this region tor the world
lamed O. F. C. and Car
lisle Whiskies. It has been said
that these goods are the very "souls
of gra n." We unhesitatingly rec
ommend them as embodving all
that is purest and best in whiskey.
Our distilleries employ only
Union Men and pay the highest
wages; consequently getting the
best service that contented, well paid
employes can give.
We also have a complete line of
Brandies, Wines, Cordials, Cock
tails, Etc.. at reduced prices.
began Monday, December
17th, and continues until
after the Holidays.
... 41
t f, -j 1jV"-ffi