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8 , i TJtiJfjmjKAIlU.w imouwD- wJEiiJii.EiJUAXy xrwjJCiinriiii xwt j.ww f ,
Trustees nnd Dencons of the Jnekson
Street Baptist Church Rewind a
Faithful Servant Entertainment
in Sumner Avenue Presbyterian
Church B. Y. P. U. Initial Oyster
'supper Y. W. C. A. Doll Sale Or
der of American Knighthood Will
Elect 0fllcer3 Genernl News Notes.
Tlic tttislees nml di'tii'oiiM hi' the
.Inchson ritreet ISaptlst chinch sut
prlsoil John Thomas, of i-'ourlernth
street, tit his limni- last evening, "nil
presented him with u handsome Mor
tis I'hulr, us n token of tlu esteem In
which In- Is held by thuin. and ul-to
In recognition of valuable services
rendered to the ('hutch.
TIip presentation speech wns niuil
liy the pastor, Uev. Thoinns De fSiil
hy. 11. 1).. and David II. Wllllnnw
H-sponded In behalf of Mr. Thulium.
Tin- evening was elijoyably spent by
nil present and nl a seasonable hour
icfie-dinients wore sei'ved.
Those present weie: Uev. ami .MM.
Dp (liuehy, Mr. and, Ml"-. Klehar.l
NIchiilH. Mir. and Mrs. Albert Davis.
Mr. nnd Mis. Alfred Itobeits. Mr. ami
Mrs. John Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Dn
vld Wtlllonw. Mr. nml Mis. Samuel
cllbbr, Mr. and Mrs. lOdwaid Collins.
Mr. nnd Mis. John Dawes. Mr. and
.Mrs. John 1.. Mori K Mr. and Mr-s.
(Jeurgo Wlddlcl:, Mr. nnd Mi. Wil
liam Thomas.
Election of Officers.
('oiiimiiniler.v, Xn. I. Order of Anier
Sean Knighthood, will hold n sp-clil
jm-ellng in Morgan's ball, eonier of
Main nnd Jnekson streetr. on Satur
day evening, Dee. JJ, for the purpos-
of elcrlini- oillccr.s for the eil-nilng
5 tin.
TI'W oiiler Is non-p'ii iKan, nml It -
piliulpnl object Is llif proinolloii of
elean local government. There are no
inysterlis. the ritual Is .simple and
formal, and the durs me linmhifil.
Members will please attend.
Initial Oyster Supper.
The I'aptist Young People's union
of l he Jackson Stieet Panti'it church
have assumed the tesponslljilily nf
paying for the new lui'iii"liings recent
ly provided in the church auditorium,
and in order to iviNc tlie necesniy
) and COLDS
Shoppers are
Here in Crowds
Every Day
And we know that they are more than pleased with our holiday of
ferings, for they do not hesitate to say so.
Our Line of Bric-a-Brac
Still stands the strain of heavy buying well, but if you want the
benefit of nn unbroken assortment we would suggest the advis
ability of callinp; today. The xhi-ase Bric-a-Brac is comprehensive,
but not too much so for the line of bsnutiful goods it covers here.
We have not spoken . , :
of the Beauties ;
of our Dolls so far this year. But you can guess what they are like,
when we tell you thnt they are being- carried awny by the hundreds
every day. We've no trashy (IoIIb. Prices begin at '25c. and rise
to 5.00 by little steps which leaves the fixing of the figure at prac-
tlcally what you have a mind to pay.
Holiday Umbrellas
A fresh delivery came to hand yesterday,- and another lot is in
voiced for to come to hand today. These late arrivals have taken
an special prices because of their slowness in getting here, But
they're just as handsome ns any we had in stock before they came.
See them for both ladies and gentlemen, Many of the handles are
works o art,
Tabourettes and
Chautauqua Boards
These, too, aro late comers. Tabourettes are in solid oak and cher-
"ry,. and are marked down because they are two weeks behind time
i In getting here. Same remarks npply to the Chautauqua Black-
boards. Only five days to sell the lot in now, and you know what
that menus,
Globe Warehouse
fund" they ate liiovldlm n series nf
Initial suppers tivery month In Ihp din
ing rooms of the rlim-rli,
This etching, hottlniilm at fi.!M
o'clock, the members vhoo nnnu
begin Willi the loltrih I., M am' X will
setvo an oyster supper to all who
patumli.p tlit-nt for the nominal Mini
of 1 emits. The pat 1-0111111' heretofore
has hern very gratifying nnd It Is to
be hoped the public will lespnnd gen
piously this evening.
Enlertninmeut nnd Social.
The Sunday school of the Sumner
Avenue I'lesbyteilan church will hold
mi tntpftnlnmen; and social In the
church tomorrow evening. The chureh
has been elaboiately mid beiiutltnlly
decorated tor the occasion. An
mission of I." 1 cuts will be,
Including lefipslunputs'. The niogiam
Ineltides iiome or our city's b'-s talent,
and Is as follows:
I'liinn olii MUt M.iy JmiM
Pud MI'-o- Allie l'lilllli, M.ikiiIi- I).iIh lull Vl'i He-nlt- Mli
Solo Ml Vlo .lnni'1
I'l.llio Mil Ml-l M J I KM lot tlllilw
l)c Lunation Mli 11.1'd Hopewell
Hurt ill-. IMtiilnlpli .lone-. Ml-n Vli .lnn4
Pfi-laiintlnii MIk llc-ilc Slnte
Sol,) MI-h Ohr.1 Snnilcii
llriliiiiitlnii Mli llrililiP CniiRiT
1 ll-t 1 1 llnnil nl linuli ,
Diininnip (Jtillui .mil M.1111I0II11 t'liili
,s,io li. Itmulolph .lour
lledjinillui VIIm Mi-iIp Mote
Uev. Mlliniili bus received Kome
pretty liullday (IphIkhs from his father
in Muc-oln City, Del., which Include
n cross and crown, bell, wreath and
star, all of which have been utilized
In tht- church decorations for Christ-nui.
Y. W. C. A. Doll Sale.
The doll committee will sell all dolls
left from the carnival on Thursday, be-fflnnliif-
at 10 o'clock, at the rooms, 119
South Main avenue. This Is an oppor
tunity to set a tood doll, well dressed,
for a smnll amount.
Miss Clara Selby, the new state sec
retary, will address the Rlrls Thursday
evening- nt S o'clock, All Rlrlrf and wo
men Invited, Special music, has been
'lioristers of churches will forward
their Christmas music programmes to
Tlie Tribune office not Inter than Til
day afternoon at ti o'clock to insure
proper Insertion in Saturday's l-sue.
fieorse Hodges, an emplpye in th.'
Diamond drift, had his head injured
yesteiclny by a "(lying mil" while rid
ing on a ear. Hei resides at S-G North
Hyde Park avenue, where Di. M. J.
Williams is attending him.
IOvan P. Davis, of North Hyde Park
avenue. Is confined to the house with
nn attack of erysipelas.
Ileese Diooks, of North Hyde Park
avenue, is .suffering from an injury
sustained by being sttuck on the knee
with u hatchet while cntling wood.
Miss Mtu-y Qulnnun, of Prita .street,
was tendeied a surprise party recently
n,t her home. Among the guests was
Miss Julia Cory, of North Carolina. '
Darge crowds of ehlldiPii uie attract
ed to Clarke Bros.' windows every nf-
ternoon nnd evening by the antlcq of w.
yoUiifr Santa Olnus,
Tlip annual entertainment and ooln1
of St. Leo's battalion will take place nt
Mears' hall this evening.
Wnrililn-cton commnmlory, No. 232.
Knights or Malta, will enjoy n smoker
this cvenliiR. AH members are Invited
lo attend.
Dr. Meudo Hcheiiel'i who has Jtift u
turned from lOiiBland, Is vMtliitf his
uncle, (Hies (J. Scheiiclc.
Ml. Voter's branch, No. Ola, I.. ,(,'. tl.
A., will meet nt their hall l-'tldny nvon
ItUf Instead of tomorrow ovenlnrr.
fl. Uo.vno.ltls. of Ml) North Main
'avenue, Is confined to his home, ovvlnt
to it severe burn he received In the
Dlast furnace.
Th? l'lectrlc City "Wheelmen will
conduct n dance nt the club hotifo on
New Year's nlftht.
Hector Davis nnd Miss Annie Mor
gan MarriedOther Inter
esting News Notes.
Hector DiivIm and Miss Annie Mor
gan, of 41(i West .Market street, were
united In marriage at S.'!0 o'clock lust
evening at the parsonage of the Jack
son Street Ilaptlst church by Uev.
Thonius de Oruchy. D. D. The couple
were attended by Miss tidllh Duvl.
and James Williams. '
Doth ladles were becomingly gowned
In steel gray silk, trimmed with white
satin, and presented 11 very neat ap
pearance. Immediately after the cere
mony the wedding party was driven
to the home of the bride, where a re
ception followed. They will reside on
West Market street.
Tonight's Entertainment.
An entertuinment will lie given to
night nt the Welsh Presbyteilan
church, on Wayne avenue. All those
who purchased tickets for September
19, from which date It was postponed,
can use the same tonight.
The following programme will b
rendered: Short address, chairman:
duet. Miss Rachel Owens and Miss U.
Thomas: recitation, -Miss Anna Jones;
solo, Miss Mary Richards: recitation,
Muster Haydn Price; song Miss Ben
jamin Amos; recitation, Miss Emily
Thomas; song, Miss- Hlodwln Thom
as; selection, quartette, Messrs. Da
vies, Smith and Edwards; song, Mrs.
D. L,ewls: pose, Miss TCdlth Kvans;
song, Miss Gwllym Fdwards: recita
tion. Miss Bessie Williams: song,
Miss Mary Kdwards; recitation, Tyd
vil Reese; song, Mr. William Davles;
recitation, Air. David Jones; song, Mr.
David Smith.
Indoor Basket Ball.
I.asi .Monday evening a league of the
'indoor base ball teams was organized
and the following schedule for the com
ing season arranged: Dee. 21, Combin
ation versus Mulloy's; Dec. 2S, Mulley's
versus Combination: Jan. 4, Mulley's
versus Chappell's: Jan. 11. Fenner's
versus Combination: Jan. 19, Fenner
versus Chappell's; Jan. 1!.".. Combination
ver.sus Mulley's: Feb. I, Chappell's
Versus Combination: Feb. S, Mulley's
Versus Fenner's; Feb. 1.", Mulley's ver
.sus ChtippeH's; Feb. 2i', Combination
versus Fenner's; March 1, Chappell's
versus Fenner's; March S, Mulley's ver
'sus Combination; Feb. 1J, Chappell's
versus combination: March 22. Fenner's
ver.sus Mulley's; March 2:1. Chappell's
versus .Mulley's; April ., Fenner's ver
sus Combination.
' There will be dancing before the
games eaeli evening. The music will
be furnished by Miss Anna Noone.
Little 2-year-old Anna Smith, daugh
ter of Constuble Selh Smith, who was
badly burned on Monday, died yester
day as the result of her injuries.
Rev. W. P. Davles gave his monthly
lecture at the Memorial church last
evening to a well pleased audience.
Mrs. Uev. William Hlller, of Factory
villp. called on friends In this section
Mrs. S. M. Coursen, of North Main
avenue, has fully recovered from nn
attack of tonsilltls.
Mr. A. (1. Wheeler and son, of Tnmp
klnsvllle, am visiting relatives in the
North End.
This morning Rev. W. F. Dnvies, of
the Memorial Baptist church, was
called to Kdwardsvllle to officiate at a
The young peoplp of thp Cre-pn Ridge
fiuinst church will give a Christmas
cuniiita In the chinch on Friday even
ing. Dec. 21, at S o'clock. The follow
ing is the cast of characters:
I'urt I. "Spirit of Happiness," Helen
Churchill; "New Year," l.arissa coop
er: "Valentine's Day," .lames Carpen
ter: "Master." Mildred Dennett; "May
Day." I'letta Finch; "Last Day of
School," Mable Brockway: "Fourth of
July." l.orlng Jackson: "Thanksgiv
ing," Kthel Colviu; "Christmas," Flor-
I euro Nicholson; full chorus; duet,
Misses Alice and CScriittdn llairls.
1 art H. Clock drill, ten girls; duet,
Olive Price and Alice Harvey; Chi 1st Clu-cr, Agnes Nicholson; fairies,
Flettn Finch, Ruth I'tird, l.urlss.t
Cooper, Annie Williams, Hi-rtlia Oak
ley, Blanche Reynolds.
ork on the superstructurp of the
Anbury church parsonage was begun
yesterday. Messrs. Mason & Snowden
are 1 lit- builders.
The ladles' prayer meeting of the
Asian y Methodist Kpiscopnl church
will be held at the residence of Mrs,
Stanton, on Hast Market street, Fri
day afternoon,
Attorney A. V, Bower is in Danville,
vWktp lin lectured last evening for the
benefit of the Young Men's Christian
association of that place on the Bacon
Shakespeare controversy.
Miss Jennie Huilsall, of Mousey ave
nue, Is Improving, after u serious III
nesa from the grippe.
Mrs. James J, Williams, of (liven
Hinge stieet, has returned fioui n visit
with friends in Brooklyn and Now
Mr. ami Mrs. C, H. Shoemaker and
son,-Arthur, of Capouse aveuiw, nie
visiting friends In Corning, N Y,
Miss Mae l.udeck, of Sunset avenue,
in HI.
At a meeting of tlie Junior society
Christian Uiideiivnr of the Presbyterlnn
church, Monday evening, the following
otll'cers were elected: President, Miss
Kella Woodruff; vice-president, Charles
Tobey; secretary, Miss Hattle Mudsay;
treasuror, Charles Green.
Th General Phil II. Sherdn coun
oil, No. 152, Y. M. I have decided to
hold u watch meeting at their rooms
on Dee. 21. Refreshments will1 be
served nnd twentluth century greetings
from all parts of (he world will be read.
The members are Inviting their friends
and expect to spend n pleasant evening
the last of the old year.
' ' StfRtfftlSE -PARTY,
The Members of the Congregation of
the Cfldar Avenue Lutheran Church
Gathered in the Basement of Thnt
Edifice Last Night to Do Honor to
Their Pastor on His Twenty-Ninth
Bhthdny Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Warnko's Wooden Wedding 'Com
ing Minstrel ShowOther Notes.
A most ngieeablc stirpilso party was
tendered Hov.'Jnmcs W. Willie, pustor
of the Cedar Avenue Christ Lutheran
church last evening In tin; basement
of the church by his congregation, the
occasion being his twenly-nlnlh birth
day, Mr. Wllke was in the central cltv
making some Clnlstnins purchases, tind
the congregation, numbering several
hundred, took possession of the church.
Shortly after his return he was ushered
In by the committee, the surprise belngf
complete In every particular.
He was then presented with n hand
some plush couch, purchased by the
congregation, the presentation speech
being made by Hudolph Yunginnnn,
who said, in part: "Brother Witke, In
the name of the congregation, among
which you have labored so faithfully
during the past year and who have
been so greatly encouraged and helped
by your ministrations, I gladly present
you this token of their high regard and
Rev. Witke responded In a few well
chosen words, thanking' them cordially
for their appreciation of his work. Im
mediately after the presentation the
assembled party sat down to a well
laden supper table. Remarks were
made by different members of the
church during the progress of thp even
ing. A Wooden Wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Warlike, of
Birch street, celebrated their fifth or
wooden wedding anniversary last even
ing at their home. They were assisted
In the celebration by a number of their
friends, who made the evening merrv
am' joyous. During the evening reci
tations were given by Miss Elizabeth
Horhach in capital style, and William
Horbach added to the evening's enter
tainment by giving several selections
on his new concert phonograph.
Songs and various amusements were
also indulged in until a late houh. when
a splendid supper was served. Mr. and
Mrs. Warnke were the reciuents of
many presents appropriate to the occa
sion. Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Warnke. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Rep
pert. Mr. and Mrs. Will Horbach, Mr.
and Mrs. Stoeber and children, Carl and
Harold, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ryder,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles AVentzel and Carl
and Marion Warnke.
The Minstrel Show.
From present Indications, the Jun
ger Ma'ennerchor again expect to sur
prise their friends who turn out to sae
their next move, the mlnstiel show,
which they are now busy rehearsing
and which will be given Ini the near
The entire musical programme Is in
charge of Prof. W. C. Ott. of Law
rence's band. Mr. Ott made quite a
success with the Lelderkranz society
nnd the Electric City Wheelmen min
strel shows and as the Macnnerchor
contains several hlh-class comedians
of ability, and musical talent, a line
performance may be expected.
Fifty of the best singers In the so
ciety will be on the stage, to be ac
companied by Lawrence's orchestra
of twelve pieces. They will have an
other rehearsal Friday evening.
The Loyalty club of the South Side
Young Women's Christian associa
tion, are busily engaged at present ri
hearslng the cantata, "The Twentieth
Century Santa Claus," which will he
presented the Friday evening follow
ing Christmas. The Junior depart
ment Is also preparing- a musical com
position, entitled. "Santa Glaus, and
Christmas Dolls."
Frank I'ussac. an Italian living at
1S02 Cedar avenue, and employed at
the National wasbery, operated by the
Connoll Coal company, had several
bones In his left hand broken and
wilst dislocated yesterday morning
by a fall of lumber. Dr. Mnnley at
tended to his injuries.
Tlie St. John's Literary society are
arranging to present Dec. 2S, In St.
John's church basement, the play,
"The Irish Heroine." in a very elab
orate stylo. The same piny was pre
sented by the St. John's school chil
dren -nt t'belr commencement exer-cl-es
In 1S9I. and will be pioduccd
with practically the same cast as
presented nine years ago. It will be
interesting to those who saw It ut
that time to again witness the pro
duction by the ,snme people and com
pare their acting.
The funeral of Patrick Faulkner,
who was killed by u Jersey Central
engine on Monday, near the South
mill, will take place on Thursdav
moi-nhis nt 9. :!0 o'clock. Services tn
St. John's church and interment In
Hyde P.nrk cemetery.
On the last nlfcht of the Athletic
Club's fair, Chris Rose, capialn of the
Scran ton Athletic club, won prize of
ten shaves, donated by Emll Hurb
ster, of Plttsnon avenue, nnd h!n
brother Charles, proprietor of tho
Athletic Club House, won a hand
some silver shaving mug.
Common Councilman Frederick)
Frltr. Phillips, of Cedar nvpnup, has
nnnuuuc-bil himself as a candidato for
re-election to common council from
the F.leyenth ward. 1
The St. Aloyslus soclefy nro mak
ing prepiuntlons for their annual re
ception, to be given somo time In Feb
ruary. Timothy Lavello, of Ihiffnlo, where
he Is supervising the masonry work
for the new Laoknwnunu Iron and
Sleel company's plant, Is home visit
ing his wife, who Is seriously 111 at
their home on Plttstou avenue,
His Head Came in Contact with a
Water Crane.
Geoiee c'ooke, the engineer of u west
bound wild cnt train on tho Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western railroad,
mot with a peculiar accident yesterday
While his tralp wns passing Hie
tank near La Plunio, Cooke, who wns
leaning out of the w'ldow, struck his
head violently ngalnst tho end of tho
water crane. A severe scalp wound
was Indicted.
fjl We have been Importers, wholesale nnd retail, of Japanese Art Goods for more than 20 (j
;-j years In the United States arid Japan. During the last few months certain circumstances have
5 caused u necessary dissolution of the partnership now existing, and we have decided to dlsposo 5!
2 of our stock or fine ' '5!
s5' n-r pi in auction sale:. .
j5 Sale commenced Monday Afternoon at 3. 30 p. m. and will continue cacli day throughout the week.
"3 Tlie public is invited'to visit the store at any time during the sale, for inspection. ' Reserved ' &
!-j seats for ladies. This is an extraordinary opportunity and cveything must be sold. ?&
1 Shimamura
Funeral of the Late Frank .itlcKane
Held YesterdayOther News
and Personal Notes.
The funeral of the late Frank Sic
Kane was held from St. Mark's Kpis
copnl church yesterday morning. Tho
edifice was crowded with the friends
and relatives of the unfortunate young
Rev. E. J. Haughton conducted the
service und In his remarks Impressed
upon his heurers the uncertainty of life
and offered muny words of comfort
for the bereaved family. There were
a large number of floral offerings,
among them being hnndsomc casket
bouquets from the Colliery Engineer
employes and one from St, Mark's
Sunday school.
The! pall-beartrs wore: B. K. Bron
son, Ernest Watrous, Ernest Finch,
Koy Sly, Frank Matthews, Lester
Marsh. The flower-bearers were:
George Wlntersteln, Andrew Bryden
and Stewart Slegle.
The remains wore taken to Plttston,
where Interment was made.
A Miner Injured.
Patilck Naughton, employed at the
No. S colliery of the Pennsylvania Coal
company as a miner, and who resides
in Pino Brook, suffered severe iniurles
while at his work yesterday. While en
gaged in placing a prop, the roof gave
way and Mr. Naughton wns caught be
neath It, suffering a broken leg and
other Injuries, which were very pain
ful. lie was removed to his home In the
company's ambulance and medical aid
summoned. ,
, . Told Briefly.
William Redding, of Grove street, Is
convalescent after his recent illness.
JL J. O'Boyle.has disposed of his
hotel at the corners and will do busi
ness In the future at the corner of
Apple and Drinker streets.
Dunmore lodge. No. SIC, Independent
Order of Odd Fellows, hold their raru
lar meeting tonight in their hall.
The Dunmore Dancng class will hold
a social dance in their hall on New
Year's night, at which a full orchestra
will be In attendance.
The children of Preston Smith, who
have been ill with diphtheria, ,are all
doing well ut this time.
A slight blaze, caused by the over
turning of a lantern In the bnrn of the
Exchange hotel) last night at 10.45,
called out the Neptune and Independ
ent companies, but their services were
not required, asthe blaze was extin
guished before their arrival and before
any serious damage was done.
Su-gfrifit Sulto, .in agi-U anil well-knomi citi-i-ou
of lliis city, died last mulit .it his home, UX;
MailUcn .ucnue. after a hiiKrrinp llliir. Hp
. oulit Jiae licon .4 ui aur today. Mluriii;;
a peiioil nf nvi-r I'oity jvan he Uinl In Srian
tuit urcl tho fiinuls who iiioiini him will he
klon. Hi- wrs horn in (, and while jvl
a young man nine to (Ids (unnliy ami tcttldl In
f-ujntoii, when- tor many yearn ho was prominent
in local ljitslnem in lis. He a a man of
sterliui;, honest iluiaetir, jieneimi-. and true and
all who hiu-n- him wen- Idi filemN. A wife urn!
the following jih ami diiilitrrs are ihc Mir
hols: l.eo, Mrs S. rieudenthal, of lialtlmore,
Mil.; flertiuile and Ilenrl-tta. Two broihem,
rdu'.ud, of Athlund, and Julius of llaltlmoii',
:i No Minbe lilm. The funeral will take'pliu'i- at
J ri'ilmk lomomm aUtiiioon Hum tlie deceased'
I. lie iisldeiui-,
Mis. Mdisraul lloale.i. wile of ntliony J.
llowley, died )i"lml.i) nllt-iiioon at i.'M u'lbiU
at the family home, !ilf Noitli WaihlnKlou ave
nue, .igiil It She wax a d.ui'jliter nf Hon,
Mil Iiji-1 (Sllioy, of Aichliild, ami a Nter of Jin.
Miilmv t'aiuihill, of .Seiauloii; William (.'limy,
Jin. .lames W.iMi mil MI-.S Saiali liihoy, f
Aiihluhl. M children, William, John, Kdw.nd,
l.ion.ii.l, Muiirui-1 and Amies mm In- lui, 'I he will lake Jil.ue Thuieday molnlil'.' Willi
it ieiiilnn hiich mass at Si, I'eiei's ,
ul i o'lloili j-h.'li. Ihc H'UiJlns will he to
Auliliald lor Inleiuunt on the 10.1:1 Delawaie ainl
llrdMiu lulu,
I lari-sa, Iho wife ul William lledailiu, died .H
hci limne. Mil DilnUer .stieet, llumnoie, jr.Uidi,.
l'loinlng-, Ml-. Ihd.'ellii wai one of llui Imr
ouuh'rt oldest le-ddcntK, Invliiu' Hud Iheie nearly
forly ji-JH. Sim i.s MiivlM'd by her luirliaml
ami tluee children. I.nptli.. Jlrs. .J, ('. Knupji and
Clinton. (In I'fiday liinnilng the remains will he
talin ID .Hiillli-ttnjlle by ludellakii- I.eUll.
worth, where M-niie will lie held in tho Papist
cliuuli, of Willi h douswd Is ,i ineiuhei', Intei-liu-iit
will I"' made in llie llnllMcrrlllc nine
ti iy.
.limes ClJllJiihei', jged oil Ji-aiii, ulrd eailj- ,cs.
Kidjy moiniut ut his- home, li-t.l Jleildiun Micet,
DeeeaH'd was a widower and Is survived Iiy om
urn und Iwu daiiRliitri, I'elcr (Jalluhtr MUs
11. (i illaslit'i- ami Mis. William llnfter, Thu
funeral Mnlcc- will ho loiidiuied at -t, I'alrliVs
Calholio ihuicli lomoiiow iikiiiIii' .4 !i oMoil.
Inteiimiit will he madi In the (,'athediii leuie.
All. 'Jlioi'us lliiKhis, awd Tl' veais, died v.
tt-ld.iy at Hie IIIIMili- liulli;, whore she u:ul hei.-i
tak'hi a week ri In he tiialod foi liinjiouij
mental alienation. Death v.h iIik. in old ai;e.
The niiuliis iv.m lcmniid In Undulaku Mlliev'i
h..-.t eveniiif. she Is Minheil liy a kiowii-ii
lanillj, 'I he fuiicial amiouuermeul will appear
Tin- fitneial of Iho lidjnt daualitei of Mr, and
Mis, .John IVik, nf 110 Mlftlin awnue, will uke
pl.icj toil iy .al M o'lloil., The fum-ial will he
l!nte, luleiment In the IHimuoie rrmetery.
Mis. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup
Haa bci-n uvd for ocr I'll'TV YIIAIIS hy
i nn. mil'..-,
DrugKiiti I" ,u'r-' 'art "' '"' 'ao'I'I. Ho "re
and ask lor "Sirs. Wiiulow'n Koothinif fcjiup,"
und take no other kiud. Tucati-tlvu rents a
M1IX10S5 oi Jlti l iii.ji-. ioi uinr
Wllll.i: Tl:i;nu.Mi. un ri.nn;ir sutn:
It S001iir.S the fllll.11. fcOTTKNii the (III
ALLAYS all I'AIM V'lHKS wivil COLIO. u
il .i, I,t. remedy for UIMHUIOKA. Sold
& Co., 124 Wyoming Ave g
fs)--f-f-----f-f r- - f - - 'f - t -
New York Life
Insurance That Insures. Policies incon testa
able from date of issue. Ni restrictioa as to residence,
travel or occupation, as to habits of life, or as to man
ner, time or place of death, Policies non-forfeitable
after first premium is paid. One month's grace in the
payment of premiums. Cash loans can be obtained at
any time after the policy has been in force two years.
Policies combine insurance and investment.
Scranton Branch Office.
6J7' to 615 Mears Building, Scranton, Pa. j
4- 4- -V -V -f -- )- - -f -f-f
The JEWETT is modern, up -
and rapid.
i v .-s z jmxi. "y-i!ii rv.jwi ifc"
JEWETT No. 10 Has Ninety-Two Distinct Char
acters. Eight flore Than Any Other Standard fla-chine.
215 Board o! Trade
Officers Chosen at the Annual Meet
ing Yesterday.
The annual nieetinK of the Consum
ers' Ice company was held yesterday
ami the- follo-vlng ofllcers elected:
President, I. F. Mi-Ban-el: secretary,
John A. Schailt; treasurer. A. D. Hlac-k-inton;
general manager. -'. H. Sehadt:
directors. 1. F. Megarsel, Frank
Swartz, 1'. .1. Ilorau, A. D. niai-klntun.
(.'. D. Jones, Louis Knglf and Robert
Br. Stanton Says He Is Not Yet Out
of Danger.
The condition of Patrick AU-Xulty.
who was on Saturday last .stabbed by
Kdwaril Murray, was said last niglH'to
be falily good by r. J. P. Htautmi, the
attending physician. He Is not yet out
of danger, however..
Murray uus committed to the county
jail without ball yesterday morning by
.Mayor Molr, tn answer the result of
McNulty's Injuries.
Further Investigation Shows Desper
ate Struggle Took Place.
Special to tin- Scranton Tilbune.
Alleutowu, IM., Dee. IS. Further lli
estigatlun into the llocket murder
ease at Mountaluvllle shows that Itock
et had n desperate btrugglo with bur
glars and that ho was tortured by
them. Though his hands worn free
when he was round, his wrists showed
bruises, as If they had been bound.
Lighted matches hud been applied to
JiIb bare fcut, tho sulphur burns bolni
deep In Iho llesh.
The partially burned remains of
masks were found in tho stove. The
motive of the murdoiers was robbery.
They stole a ruvolver and rasior, br
sldes money and a watch are anion,
tho articles reported missing. Olllcer
have run out sovernl elues without
Biiccess and unless unexpected develop
ments arise the utfulr will remain a
Hospital Nurses Arrested.
11 i:ila.Uc Wire bom 'tlie Associated !.
Now York, Dot-, IS. IMujuI 0. Dimii, Jc
It, ).nin nml ('Union, tin- llirtc llclU
we luiiillul iiurws awi'stiil night, iluiittil
villi maiul lufliU-r In luini! wibul the iloJlli
of U-ttls llllliaiil, .1 lutiuit In Hi- Jiiiiie pavil
ion, verv IjUiii licfi)-i Cuiimir I'lUpitilck to.
ilj). Tin- loiomr a.linltli-l tliitu l lull In
$1,000 raili, K-ndliii; tlie Imiuenl, wlilili will
(lobatily talc lilai'e on Fil'liiy,
- t' - t - - t - -f-f -f-f -t"f -f 4-
f-f .
Agency Director,:
- - -4- -f
Writes and shades seventy-five
letters to the line.
Writes straight on ruled lines.'
Has automatic type-cleaning
The best manifolder and, stencil
The lightest touch lo keys' and
.least fatigue. .,' ' ,.
The J E WE TT ball-bearing car
riage "beats the world."
The JEWETT. liner- is -easily
the most clever device of its-kind.
to - date, simple," convenient,, durables
'Itel.i & Buruunder, Lcjseeiand Managers
A. J. Dully, Huslnesa Manugcr.
Wednesday, December 19.
Tint SttcetiH rilnscr on tho Mase.
Hr. Chauncey Olcott
In his no.v Jil niasji.inccnt piodiution,
lSllll-l lilt! IIUIuiBlllM.t 0( AlldUatllS I'ltou.
IKhi- oli nil finer. "Mi.lly O," "llio l.lltla
C'IhMiiuh Tmc," "Hie Auld Countreo."
"Jlimn-ini-c-ii',' and "li i"1' 1 ToKether,
l'IIH'i:-i-2""- SfV.. "to 1"1' tl.OO.SoAta on
tain Mnnikiy nl II a. in.
It iiuk'th nml l.i ---. I.ocjI Itenrf'scnUtlv
Thursday, Friday, Saturday
December 21, 22 and 23
Ciuiud Su-iik llobal of H-ulli-y Campbell's Orl
.Mcli.-Diaiuatic ucclk,
I'rcM-nli-il in .an Klatiorntc .Manni-i- by a Opable
MaKiillitciit M-eni-iy and Siipi'ili CWumlnar.
M.iliiue 1'rld.iy and SalunUy,
IN lies-Sin I., I'. -'" I'"'-. W. '-3. 35 and 50a.
New Gaiely Theatre
II. It. IOS0, UfMV ml Manaser.
I'lnii- IIjj'. Cciimiii-iuins Holiday, Dee, IT.
Prcientlni! oilglnal and piOBio-nlve burli-iquet.
'lluei- l)J, l'oiiimi:niIii(f 'lliuredjy, Pee, 'M.
Victoria Burlaaquers,
1 Dally .Malnc(.
I'lin-i-Mit., r, -v. I'm-,, -'". s-'i -"
Arsonlo Doauty TeUota and PllU. A 1?.''
octly tufu uud Kuurautoed treatment for Ml bkip
lUordon. Relor:thblooinolouthtoJadedlaicet.
1 di.ya' treutmout 50ot 80 day' 1.00, by maU
-ona for clrculur. AddrosB, ru
iSRVITA HB01CAL CO.. Cllitoo k luktM 5U., CWOf
Bold by McOarrah Thomas, Dru
(tsti,, 04 Lackawanna aye., Scranton, 1'a.
"' H
i.5 , '