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the schamon tribune-Wednesday, December. 19, 1900.
Trim Moonns ltAiiDtrAM Sroas
Tea and .
Coffee Pots
Those you will find
here are almost as
handsome as the silver
plated ware but much
easier too keep clean
and bright. The new
patterns are s i lv e r
lined. Price 40c to
Foote & Shear Co.
H9N. Washington Ave
GUIs iclcctrd now, reserved (mill Clirld
maa Kve.
If He Smokes
file selection of Ills Christmas
present Is n simple task.
A Tobacco Jnr, of original fan
tastic design, from our collection
of noyal Teplltzwnrc, will earn
the donor a smile of satisfaction,
Christmas morning'.
A Tolmcco .lor irprroctil
Itic nn Inilinu'H licid .111
artistic creation flmnld
merit your opprnral :it
Gruener & Co.
205 Wyoming Avenue.
L. R. D. & M.
Shoes arc one of the moat important Itenw ut at any time ot tlie year, ami especially o
now that we are certain to have clkUigrahlc
weather. Kor atjle, piice and quality 'ee ours.
Wc know we can please you.
330 Lackawanna Avenue.
acka wanna
,'cSPcnn Avenue. A. B. WAR.MAN.
Local data for Doc. IS, 1000:
Highest tiiiiperatui'o
J.oncst tcinpcratuie
8 n. 111
S p. 111
. 10 debtees
, J.t denies
iii pot- cent,
7" per cent.
IleV. A, T, lluidirlek, of 3lomio-e, nan In the
tily jenleitlay.
Key, T. 1'. CofU'.v, f Carbdndale, was in
tho city jeitciday.
Mis. J.-uira llailurr, of Nov .Mllfonl, is iit.
In;c frlvuda on (,'uhn-y nvciiiie.
Mrs. Will Plillllni, and Mix 1). V. lljimLtrr,
of West I'ltLtou, woie Lltora in the city yen
terduy, MUs Maty Male, of ('arliondale, has letiiined
liuniii after n Ult ot rcioihI days with Mr.
and Mrs. W, S. Millar, of IVnn avenue,
I lev, I', J, ("ioiith, of the, wm in
Philadelphia yesterday, iiUcuilini; the funeral of
hit uncle, Itcv, 1'alher MtClosLey, who died at
tilo Saturday,
For Sale.
Our warehouso property, coiner West
Lackawanna avenue and Eighth street,
being about 25 feet front on I.acka
wanna avenue and 130 feet on Eighth
btrcet. anil about 147 feet on the lino of
tho Delaware, Lackawanna and West
era railroad, with a live-story brick
warehouse, track and switching mlvl
legos. Also our barn lot on Dlx court, nbout
85 feet on Dlx court by 90 feet deep to
Lee court, with brick stable and frame
warchouso; located between Lacka
wanna avenue and Spruce street.
Tho Hunt & Connell Co,
Our Greatest Holiday Difficulty,
lies In convincing customers that the
moderate prices asked for our fine art
poods are in keeping with the miullty
The reason Is plain, when the fact is
disclosed, that between the Grlilln Art
Co., manufacturer, and tho buyer, there
Is but one nrolit made If we except
that secured by the purchaser,
It Will Take Place Thursday Even
ing in Guernsey Hall.
The twenty-fourth public recital of
tho Conservatory of .Muslo will take
place Thursday evening In Guernsey
tin.ll, with the following programme:
liluincnrwn (Itnlli nl t'lovct .... 0ilMitti:lU
MlM llonnlne Spink (HcranlniO,
"The I.lltle" . t .Waelid
Mlf Miitllo Kline (Serantnii).
"On the .MchIo.v" .Sclitle
Miss llninia lloktiul (I'ltintcti).
"The Merry Mill" "'"
MIm Marcatct law (HcmiiIuii).
Kih-iiiMo CI.H1 (four pl:ilim)-0erttiie lo
"Corlolan" ...ItcolliMdi
Milieu llrownlher, Hone. VrK Wimnilimst. "O'-
toek, Mr. Wllldns and MlM frtncli nml
Mr. ttiiirtnnitcr, of thu faculty.
Vale MlKntnne Tl","
Miss Marjorle Holjeilion (Moo!e),
Vnlis lmproinptu Meik'l
MIm Gum llndi (Scroutoti),
IMilliltlon of Taclton fundamentnl tmlnlwr
I'lnjers Karl Alnmcnnan, llaiel tliouii
injc, Stella I'ahey, Waller HalWrad.
Olive .Tadwln, Margaret KlccUler, Hcal
rlee MtComli, Mary llyan.
Hecltei-s Helen Allen, May llowcr, !
limine Bronson, bene Clianihetlln, Willie
Collins Anlla Co, Mary llootey, Helen
Kveiltt, Anna Hand, Helen Hopewell,
Helen Horn, Marion Irltli, Norma John.
Lulu .twin. lUhel Keller, .Mattle Kline,
1'red KnsMiian, Vcin.i l.ewl". t-'lorclice
Nichols Onicf ritluinn, Charles Koner"-,
Nellie .chlarer, Maiy Slcliriker, Amu
Speleher, lairene Welchel, lluth Wolle,
Margaret Wylle, IHliel Yuunir, Canie ZH
zleiuau, Noetume In I! flal t'hoplii
Mlw Hlldesaul t' ( I'ittlnti.
Kjut movement of Sonata I'atlieLtfue oiiw
13) rtcclhovon
Jllss t:ininii Hone (Uiiimmre).
Tlie l.ofeley Wmllnp
Mr. llany Wllkltw (Sewnton).
IMilliltlon of fundamental traliilnu'-
Playein Lena llinllev. Lillian lir.oii,
Kvu Millar, Mary Yeaper.
Ilcciler Same as Riven alove.
Allegro Vivace, from .Sonata (opus 1!, No. ::)
MImi Claia llrownlnif (Sciantnn).
Hondo llilllanic Chopin
Mr. lluflinnotcr fof the faculty).
Last movrinenl of Concerto In 0 major. Hccrimi en
Soloist: Mbu Krenei (of the facultj).
Aieoiiipaniinint il.iyl 1.11 two pianos ly Mr.
IVnnlnKtr.n and Mr. Huff master.
Ijvciiitila Claw (lour piano") overtmc to
"Col Fan Tulle" Mwart
Mls'cs Viench, Ilrownim;, linne, Vorls, Wacen-
hiir'l, fjerlnelf, Meii.
and I'euniiiRlon.
Mrs. Smith Thought Her Too In
quisitive. Mrs. Kva Kpangenburfr, uf West
Scranton, yesterday noon entered the
Lackawanna, hospital nncl asked l'or
treatment for several serious scalds on
her neck, face and arms. These, she
claimed, wen; Indicted by a "lady
friend, Mrs. Smith."
To Dr. John AV. Hunter, of the hos
pital resident staff, who attended to
her injuries, she told the following
story: "I went around to Mrs. Smith's house
yesterday, as T was looking for my
husband. Mrs. Smith comes to the door
and she sez, 'Well, what do you want?'
'Is my man here,' 1 sen. At that she
grabbed it kettle of boiling' water and
splashed U all over me."
Dr. Hunter dressed the scalds, which
were all on the right- side. Mrs. Span
genburg's neck, l'aeo and arms were
scalded 'by the boiling water, and while
none of the injuries are of a very seri
ous nature, they were all very painful.
General Manager Silliman's Reply
to the Men.
A committee from the Street Car Em
ployes' union waited upon General Man
ager Sllliman, of tho Scranton Hallway
company, yesterday to see what dispo
sition had been made of tho grievances
which they lodged last Wednesday, as
a result of the early morning meeting,
when they were presented by a special
Yesterday's delegation was with Mr.
Sllliman for only a few minutes, during
which session they were informed that,
as told at the previous conference, an
answer would bo given them Saturday,
December 22. It is not likely that any
further action will be taken by tho
union until the company's answer Is
received and the men are made cogniz
ant of just what concessions will be
The men want more pay and shorter
Superior Court Will Not Meet Until
January 15.
With lvferenco to the meeting of
the Superior court in this city next
month, the following order has boon
Now, Dec, It, llon, It is oideicd that Hie lint
for the week licRlnuiim' Mcimlay, .Inn. H, JWJ1,
he called at 10 o'clock a. m. on Tuesday, .Ian.
i.-p, IWII, In-tcuil of Monday. The it for the
second week will he called at If) o'clock a. m.
on Monday, .Ian. 21, 1U01. All rules or motions
ictt'.tualdt! on Monday, dan. It, 1U01, are. hereby
made icturnahlc on the day following-.
Ily the Couit,
Dec. 25 Is the last day' l'or putting
cases on tho list that will bo heard
at the January session.
Catholic Historical Society Members
Play for Over Two Hours.
The members of tho Catholic Jlfo
torlcal society nnd Nownian Magazine
club conducted a delightful euchro par
ty at the Knights of Columbus rooms.
Fifty couples enjoyed the play, which
lasted from S o'clock to 10.15.
Dr. J. J. lirogan won the llrst prise,
a cut glass bowl, while W. II. Duggan
was second best, winning a silk urn
brollow. A third prize, a copy o Long
fellow's "Evangollno," was won by
Michael Czugkowskl, The only lady to
win a prlzo was Miss Lizzie Snow,
who won the fourth prize, a silver key
Is the Acting Vice President of Lack
awanna Trust Company.
John W.i Fowler has been appointed
acting vlee-prcsldent of tho Lacka
wanna Trust nnd Safe, Deposit com
pany to fill the vacancy caused by the
resignation of Shepherd Avars,
Frank Hummtcr, for years an em
ploye of the company, has been nuide
acting treasurer.
Clark's Plant Annex,
209 Washington avenue,
Teachers' Oxford Hlbles. Reynolds Hro3
Cigars by the Box,
Stondnrd brands. 12 or 25 in a box
for $1.00 or more at O'Huru's cigar
store, 431 Spruce street,
Each Ward Returned a Man of the
Same Political Belief as the One
Who Resigned In Several of the
Wards There Was a Spirited Battle
nnd the Winners Had Only Small
Leads Details of the Vote for
Each of tho Candidates Given in
Thu special elections held yesterday
to 1111 the vacancies In the select and
common councils, caused by the recent
resignations of ten of the city fathers,
resulted ns follows:
First Ward John McDonald, R.
Second Ward H. S. Alworth, R.
Third Ward James Haggerty. D.
Fourth Ward W. W. Evans. R.
Fifth Ward Albert Lewis, R.
Fourtenth Ward Wm. Gurrell, D.
Fifteenth Ward Wm. Lewis, R.
Eighteenth Ward Wm. Rush, D.
Fourth Ward David B. Evans, R.
Twentieth Ward Wm. G. O'Mal
ley, D.
The elections passed off very quietly,
although there were very spirited con
tests In the Second, Third, Fourteenth
and Twentieth wards. There is no
change In the political complexion of
councils by reason of yesterday's bat
tles. Each ward returned a man ot
the same political faith as the man who
John McDonald, the Republican can
didate, had a walkover for common
council. Practically the only opposi
tion was from T. O. Moore, the Prohi
bition candidate. The vote follows:
111. '.'il. 3(1.
Id. fid. Total
'J! ol 21U
IS 17 fit
John McDonnell, It... S7
T. (1. Moore, Pro.... ST
Thomas Mason. I
I). Padden, I
II. S. Alworth, the Republican nomi
nee, won out by a margin of nine over
the Democratic; nominee for common
council, P.M. Flynn. J. K. Smith, the
Citizens' candidate, received only 45
votes. The vole:
id. 2d. :!d. hi M. Total
II. H. Alwotlh, 11.,
P. .1. riynii, I)....
.1. K. hmith, C
(1. 1 Clark, l'lo...
.1. II. Miiran, f....
.117 182 H7 21 l.'i ll.'i
. 14 11! 21 J7rt 111! 40t!
. 12 S T 1 I
James Haggerty, the Independent
candidate for common council in the
Third ward, was elected. He Is a
Democrat. The vote:
id. 2d.
.lames Hatiiceiiy, C ' HI
Martin Dovaney, 1) 127 in
Marliu hheildau, 1 10 WO
Hajrucrly'.-. plurality
William Rush, the Democratic nomi
nee for common council in the Eigh
teenth ward, was elected by a majority
of thirty-five votes over Edward Wil
liams, his Republican opponent. Tho
voting was very light, not one-half of
the voters coming out. Rush lives on
Seventh street anil Is a boiler-maker
by trade. The vote:
William Itu-li I'.l
lMward Williams 53
Hugh's inajoiiiy
Only about half the registered vote
participated In tho Twentieth ward
election. William U. O'iMuIloy, master
mechanic p the steel company, and
former school controller from the
ward, was elected over Daniel Battle,
contractor, and former common coun
cilman. The vote was: O'Malley, 503;
Isattlo. 248.
O'Malley was the regular Democratic
nominee. Rattle, who Is also a Demo
crat, had his name In the Citizens' col
umn. Mr. O'Malley was also in the
Independents' column. William Grlf
II t lis, engineer at the axle works, was
nominated by the Republicans, but he
withdrew before tho ballots were print
ed. Each candidate had a large num
ber of friends at work, and tall hust
ling was done throughout the entire
day. Tho election passed off very
nulelly. The vote:
Id. 2d. ad. td. I'olul.
O'Malley 125 lit". Ill 181 Mi lie 10.1 111! UT in .'MS
O'Malle.Cs. plurality Ij5
On petition of voters, court appoint
ed overseers In the Second district -of
the Third ward. They wore Anthony
l.oftus and Giles Decker.
In the Fourth ward both of the
Evans" received a large party vote, D.
L. Morgan being tho only other candi
date to show any particular following,
The vote Irilhe four districts follows:
Id. 2d. .Id. 4d. Total
....20 12G 112 130 (Jl
.... 48 .I 11 4 (iS
llaWd 11. Kvai'S
1), h. Morgan
,1. II. Pick
John I'cin ,
Mvaiw plurality
is going to
For Nuts, Confections'
Fancy Groceries and
Cigars. You will ob
tain the best service
and the best goods for
the least money,
Order early,
Id. 2.1. 3d. 4,1. Total
V. W, llvan. i,( an iVi 1.10 llfl l:l 4)7
W, (I, Mn.fl- ,,,i,ii, 2 .. it 1 II
H', llurrall ,.,,,!,,. ,,,,i 2 ., ,, ,, 2
1. L. Morgan .,,.,,,,.. ..,.11
r. viiii plurality n
The vtitlntr In tho Fifth ward was
also light, nnd Albert Lewis, Republi
can cnndldatc for common council, mat
with comparatively little opposition. D.
P. Kilns, the Prohibition candidate, re
ceived 43 votes, The poll In the our
districts was!
id. rd. :id, id. Total
Alheit Lewis f.H (.'' II 71 2.V
II. I'. KII.ih 21 4 in ,, 1.1
11, .1. William. 1 t
Lcwl' plmality i , Ill I
The Fourteenth ward Rave "William
4urrell, Democratic candidate for com
mon council, a majority of 21S over
Chnrlos Acker, the Republican candi
date. The total vote wus ns follows:
Id. 2d. Total.
William rimrell tin Kit - 2-H
Charles Acker II In i'l
Uuriell's luajoilty 118
William Lewis, the Kcpubllcan nomi
nee for common council In the Fif
teenth ward had a walk-over, having
lecelvod a total of 207 votes, as ngalnst
II cast for the three others who were
voted for, as follows:
Id. 2d. Total.
William Lewis 1M ;,4 an
If. C. llliimau 11 23 SO
,f. T. Williams I .. i
Mm Vamton 1 .. l
Lcvl plmality , His
John Muuley Is Charged with As
saulting Conductor and Motor
man on Moosic Street Car.
A warrant has been isxiied by Al
derman Millar, at the Instance of
Stephen Dyer, of the Scranton Hall
way compaiiy, for the arrest of John
Munlcy, an Avoca councilman, who li
charged with acting In a ,(lnink.innl
disorderly manner In n Moosic cur,
Thursday, Dec. 13, smashing the win
dows and assaulting' the conductor
and motorman.
Thu warrant was issued Dec. 14, but
Munley has not yet beeii arrested.
His family promised to bring him to
the magistrate's ollice, but as they did
not do so, Munley will be taken into
custody tills morning.
He Is alleged to have acted In a
drunk and disorderly muuuer and on
Conductor William Crowe remon
strating, attacked him. It Is said
that he then assaulted Motorman P.
J. McCann and not. only beat .but also
bit him. I
During' the remainder of the ride
Munley is said to have terrorized the
passengers and mashed several of the
car windows.
Officers Were Installed in Masonic
Hall Last Night.
The new officers of Lackawanna
chapter. No. 385, Royul Arch Masons,
were installed in Masonic hall last
night under tho direction of District
Deputy Grand High Priest R. A. Zim
merman, assisted by the, various past
masters ot the chapter. The officers
are: Alfred H. Shopland. high priest;
Frank W. Moyer, king; Walter L.
Schlager, scribe; Fred J. Amsden,
treasurer; C. L. Van Hunk Irk, secre
tary. After the Installation u collation was
served by Hajiley and short addresses
were made by Rev. R. F. Y. Pierce,
D, D., District Deputy Grand High
Priest Zimmerman, E. C. Browning,
past high priest of Factoryvllle chap
ter, and Past High Priest F. L. Brown,
The addresses were Interspersed by se
lections by a quartette composed of
Messrs. Jones, Abrams, Wrlgley and
Fred Foster Charged with Taking
Articles from Fellow Lodger.
Fred Foster, alias John Wilson, was
yesterday committed to the county Jull
.by Alderman Millar In default of $500
ball imposed on tho charge of larceny
preferred by Michael Cowley, of Frank
lin avenue. It Is alleged that lust May
Foster engaged board and lodging ut
the house of Mrs. Mary Laymon, of 231
Franklin avenue.
He was assigned to a room with
Michael Cowley nnd on the following
day Foster left the residence to return
no more. Simultaneously there left a
silver watch and chain, a pair of
gloves, two gold rhiB's, a necktie and a
scarf pin.
Foster Monday applied for lodging at
220 Franklin avenue, where 'Airs, Lay
mon lias since moved. Sho recognized
him, u warrant wus sworn out and
Foster arrested Monday night.
A French Briar Pipe.
Serviceable, durable, desirable, a
gentleman's constant companion.
Complete assortment at O'Hara'a
cigar store, 431 Spruce street.
Fancy Office Baskets. Ileynolds Bros.
and the Men
IF YOU'D like to
1 feel it give him
Robe. If he has both of them let the gift be a
Suit Case or Umbrella, Hat; Box or pair of Gloves
or a half dozen fancy half hose, silk if you
choose. The list of things we carry is a long one.
You should see this store while it's in holiday attire
The First of n Series of Annual Ban
quets Was Last Night Given at
Valley House by the Undertakers
and Liveryman's Association.
Mayor James Moir and M. J. Cooll
han, of, Baltimore, Were Among
the After Dinner Speakers List of
Those Who Were Present.
The undertakers nnd liverymen of
this city nnd vicinity their first
minimi banquet nt the Lackawanna
Valley House Inst night, uhd despite
the rather lugubrious calling of those
present, It was ns merry a throng of
banqueters as ever helped' relieve the
creaking1 table.
Twenty-live members of tho asso
ciation were present nnd also two
guests of honor, Mayor James Moir
and M. J. Coollhnn, of Buffalo, N. Y,
The banquet was served In the hotel
dining room, the long table being1 ar
ranged In the form of a "T," with
Mayor Moir and President Smith
Gorman sitting at the upper end.
From an ud joining alcove, Lawrence's
orchestra played during the dinner.
An excellent, menu had been pro
pared and ample justice was done It.
After tho last course was served,
short addresses were made by Mnyor
Moir, Mr. Cotillion, PresIdentWGorman
and others. Mayor Moir wittily re
marked that he realized that lie was
dealing with it grave subject and then
gave one of his characteristic
speeches. ,
Among those who were present last
night were: G. A. Miller, John .Re
gan, Thomas Davis, Mr. ,Corrlgan,
Henry tfhnfer, S. S. Snyder, George L.
Timlin, M. Majernik, Frank Bonln,
Oscar Stranch, Anthony O'Donnell,
Thomas Regan, T. P. Letchworth, A.
P. McDonough, William Neville, Ross
Edwards, Thomas O'Donnell, Daniel
Jacobs. F. G. Rnrrlek, J. .1. Sullivan,
H. E. Riker, W. C. Schoenlleld, Smith
Gorman, Will Davis, P. A. Cavnmuigli,
Mayor James Moir, nnd M. J. Colllhnn,
of Baltimore.
The committee In cliaige consisted
of R. Sohoenflold, John Regan, F. O.
Rnrrick, c. L. Smith and O. A. Mil
ler. The association's officers are:
President, Smith Gorman; vice presi
dent, William Rnub; treasurer,
George lliller; financial secretary,
George Stranch; recording secretary,
George Fenne.
Ball Given by Young Men's Hebrew
Literary Society.
The Young Men's Hebrew Literary
society conducted a well-attended and
very enjoyable ball last night in Music
hall. Lawrence's orchestra was In at
tendance, and n large number of
couples took advantage of the dance
muslo and glided blithely about the pol
ished floor.
A sliver cup was awarded the couple
judged the most graceful in the grand
march. The committee in charge of
the affair consisted of: Floor manager,
A. B. Lewis; assistant floor manaeer,
H. Slegel; floor committee, William
Junko, Joseph A. Colien, Louis Hlner
tleld, Harry Felnberg, Henry Shapiro,
Samuel Burke, Nathan Weiss. The
officers are: Henry Shapiro, president;
Meyer Colien; vice-president; A. B.
Lewis, recording' secretary: William
Janko, financial secretary; Samuel
Radin, treasurer; trustees, Morris Lip
son. David Copelnnd, Robert I. Edei
It Will Be Held in the Interest of
the McAU Mission.
There will be a union meeting- of all
denominations In the luterest of the
McAU Mlsson, on Wednesday evening
at 7.45 o'clock, In the First Presby
terian church.
The meeting will be addresied by th
Rev. Dr. S. B. Rossi tot, representative
secretary of the McAU Mission In the
United States. Dr. Rosslter gave up
his pulpit In New York 'city to devote
his whole time to the McAU Mission,
and it is hoped that a large audience
will greet this distinguished speaker.
Did a Small Amount of Damage in
Weichel Residence.
An alarm of lire was turned in yes
terday afternoon shortly before 2
o'clock from box 19, at the corner of
Mulberry street and Webster avenue.
Tho blaze was a slight one on the sec
ond lloor of the residence ot ,T. O.
Welchel, of 432 Taylor avenue, and was
easily extinguished by the Reliefs.
Tho damage done was nbout ?25. It
Is supposed that tho flames were start
ed by one of the children playing with
Sterling Desk Blotters. Reynolds Bros.
His Celebrated Pair of Khaki Pants
Are Immortalized.
The celebrated and far-famed pair ot
hit a man just
a House Coat
where he'll
or a Bath
Wholesale Liquor Dealers,
khaki trousers worn by Captain Frank
M. Vnndllng, quartermaster of the
Thirteenth regiment, at the late en
campment ut Mt. Gretnn, have been
In the December number of the State.
Army and Navy Journal, received In
this city yesterday, there are two pic
tures of these historical garments, cov
ering tt whole page. There Is a front
and rear view, which show with won
derful accuracy the great width, length
and depth of the trousers.
To a Refined Taste.
What Is more delicate and proper as
u. Christmas gift than it. piece of brlc-u-brae,
or art picture, that will express
your exact Ideu of the beautiful, with
out making serious Inroads Into vonr
holiday appropratlon'.'
This Idea may bo effectively en'i-led
out amidst the multitude or artistic
novelties at the Griffin Art Co.. 20:1
Wyoming uvenuc.
The udvance' sule ot seats for I he
Brockway Entertainment Couise will
open at the Lyceum box office this
morning at 9 o'clock.
Special sale at special low rices. A
large assortment of fine things for
Christmas. G. R. Clark & Co,
Teachers' Oxford Bibles. Reynolds Bro-i
Will make his head
quarters from now
until Christmas in
The Large
Show Window
of our Dry Goods
department, where
he will entertain the
children every after
noon and evening.
He will have with
him a handsome dis
play of Christmas
Be sure to bring
the children to see
Specials on Fancy
Groceries for Christmas
Fancy Sweet Oranges, doz 2,"o
3 lbs. Mixed Nuts 25d
Fancy Figs, per lb 0o
8 lbs. French Cream Candy 25n
2 lbs. Choice Chocolate Drops ...,25o
Grenoble Wuluuts, per lb 1214c
Fancy Sicily Filberts, per lb 12l,io
Brazil Nuts, per lb i2i4o
Fancy Pecans, per lb 12!c
Tnragonla Almonds, lier lb 10a
.Christmas Candy, clear toys, :i
lbs., for 23 J
Sugar Pop Corn, quart 0c
Cocoanut Cream Bon lions, pur
lb IViO
Decorated Honey Wafers, per lb,l2V4o
nutter Scotch Caramels 12',jo
Clarke Bros
Rockers Make Popular Gifts
Going to purchase one thought of Economy's line yetP Its a pleas
ure to show rockers when there's lots of them piles of them. For a
gift you don't want a cheap looking, unpolished rocker yet you
don't care to pay too much for a good one we thought about that.
For two day's selling we offer a MANUFACTURERS SAMPLE LINE
BOOKERS Golden Oak and Mahogany finish a few solid Mahog
any. A Great Big Line, all good, well made, nicely constructed rock
ers, that sell regularly from 85.50 to $7,50. Positively the very best
value ever offered in the city. Sure to be something to strike your
fancy at a price that will make them move more quickly,
flill-Mli HI
The modem way is to sell you
something you do not want and re
fuse to allow you to exchange it.
Your money back if you're not sat
isfied with anything bought here.
We have the most complete line of
Holiday Goods in the city.
216 Lackawanna Ave.
Useful gifts are the ones apprs
ciated most. Our stock com
prises hundreds of useful nrtl
cles appropriate for holiday
Silk Umbrellas,
Mufflers, Ties, Gloves,
Dressing Gases,
Caps, Sweaters, Etc.
305 Lackawanna Avenuft
Established 1866.
Furs aud Fur Garments of
all kinds, and our prices are
low, it is in fact unsafe to
pay less. Call and see our
Laylored Suits Jackets, Long
Coats, Box Coats, Neckpieces
Boas, Muffs and Children's
Furs. We carry these in full
Furs repaired.
X Filling for
X Sofa Pillows
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r ' Scranton
Beddfoig Co.
Cor. Lackn. and Adams Ave. 4
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See our
Line of
E. G. Goursen
Wholesale and Retail.
If you want cigars go to Coin-sen's.
Fancy Hox Stationery.
Reynolds Hros.
231.333-825-227 WyomlngAv
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