The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 10, 1900, Page 3, Image 3

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'" 'ijfi"n'!P(WWV '!'))" '(V'KyJ!L.,yi
Annlveranry Brvrgain
Two thousand volumes
of very handsome edi
tions, bound in red cloth,
stamped in black and gilt.
A representative collec
tion of more than two
hundred titles of the best
works of fiction, poetry
and prose: printed from
new large type on clear
paper. One day an-
nivcrsary sale price 1 yC
Anniversary Bargain
Nottingham Lace Cur
tains in Rcnnaissancc,
Brussels and Point d' Es
prit patterns; U yards
long. I yards wide;
overlocked stitched edge.
White corrugated pole,
brass or white trim. Pair
of loops. Worth from
2."0 to :!.()(. One
day anniversary
sale price I .5 V
Anniversary Bargain
For men. These arc
manufactured from the
best quality of Japonct.
very closely resembling
silk in texture and finish.
They have large silk
embroidered initials and
very pretty. One day
anniversary sale price OC
Anniversary Bargain
Ladies' fine quality of
cotton fleeced Vests
and Pants, manufactured
in one of the best Ameri
can factories. Nicely .
trimmed garments that lit
comfortably and of 'the
proper weight for fall
wear. One day an-
nivcrsary sale price 1 VC
Anniversary Bargain
Three thousand strictly
first quality of white por
celain Plates in u and (
inch sizes. All perfect
goods. One day an-
nivcrsary sale price . oC
Anniversary Bargain
Grecian Stools they are
called. Of very rich ma
hogany finish: bent seats
upholstered in assorted
patterns of fine Belgian
velours with gilt bead
trimmings. A novel and
desirable holiday gift.
One day anniver-
sary sale price 5C
Anniversary Bargain
Knee Pants
The Boys' Clothing Store
will offer one thousand
pairs of wool Knee
Pants; mostly in dark
grey mixed patterns.
They arc splendidly made
with strong and service
able waist bands and
worth double the price.
One djjy anniversary
sale price VC
Anniversary Bargain
Art Work
A fine lot of Bureau
Scarfs, Pillow Shams and
Table Covers in exquisite
patterns ofspachtef work.
Others of the same kinds
in stamped effects ready
to Avork. (You can get
the yarns and other ma
terials right here.) One
day anniversary
sale price,...,,,,, av3C
Anniversary Bargain
Men's heavy weight and
finely fleeced Shirts and
Drawers. Shirts have
tape finish and pearl but
tons. The Drawers are
elf finished with covered
seams and gussets, All
6izes in the lot and great
big 55c value, One day
anniversary sale ,
price OOC
Anniversary Bargain
Ladies' full LMi-inch 'size,
"ovcrcd in superior qual
ty of all silk taffeta that
vill give .splendid wear
ing service, Big assort
ment of handles in horn
with silver trimmings,
fancv crooks and prcttv
nobs'. Worth 2.25. One
day anniversary
.sale price 1 ,5U
Anniversary Bargain
Facsimile Water Colors
.o rich in design as to
render them perfect co
pics. Handsomely matted
and surrounded by gold
frame 1(5x120 inches, with
gilt ornament corners. A
dainty and exquisite
Christmas gift, well
worth 1.2i. One day
anniversary sale
price 5"C
Anniversary Bargain
Ureal scrambling there
will be for these. La
dies' fine seal grain, mo
rocco and imitation le
vant books, with sterling
silver ornaments and
fancy corners. Many
styles. We also have
.Men's Bill Books. Worth
up to 1.00. One da
anniversary sale
price oUC
Anniversary Bargain
Or Skirt Patterns as they
are called. The nobbiest
lot we ever got hold of.
the designs, mostly light,
being rich in color and
harmony. Fancy crochet
edge in colors. Worth
-Tic. One day anni- 1
very sale price. . . 2i2Q
Anniversaiy Bargain
Mere is a big and un
commonly good lot of
black Hose for ladies.
Every pair warranted fast
black, stainless and will
not crock. Made clastic
and equal to any Hose
sold in Scranton at 12Jc.
One day anniversary j,
sale price OC
Anniversary Bargain
A nobby collection of
fancy German and Indian
work and scrap Baskets
of many sizes and styles.
One day anniver- .
sary sale price. . . . 45C
Anniversary Bargain
Dinner Sets
One hundred piece Din
ner Sets of finest English
porcelain, exquisitely
decorated in dark blue
and peacock. Price them
in any store the world
over and vou'll find them
at SlO.Oi). One day
anniversary sale , '-.
price ....". 0.5U
Anniversary Bargain
Your choice of all the
newest and best of Sheet
Music in both vocal and
instrumental, including
popular songs and ditties,
cake walks, medleys,
waltzes, two-steps, etc.,
sold all over at from
Kiic to 50c. One day
anniversary sale '
price ....'. 15C
Anniversary Bargain
Hurlbut's finest Pape
tries, put in very pretty
boxes containing 2-i
sheets of paper and 24
envelopes. All the very
newest styles and tints in
both smooth and rough
linen, including the novel
Rookwood. Worth Woe
box, One day anni-
versary sale price,. (JC
Anniversary Bargain
Book Cases
A first-class Christmas
gift. Folding Book Cases
that are 48 inches high,
20 inches wide and 10
inches deep, The shelves
and sides can be readily
folded into a three-inch
space, Choice of mahog
any or oak finish. One
day anniversary
sale price.,,,,.,, XX3
Anniversary Bargain
Big assortment of full
jointed kid body and
dressed jointed Dolls
of extra large size and
extremely pretty faces.
Moving or set eyes;
light or dark hair.
Shoes and stockings.
Elegantly costumed.
Worth from 1.15 up
to l.n"i. One day an
niversary sale
price 75C
Anniversary Bargain
More than six hun
dred dozens of ladies'
very handsome em
broidered and lace
edge Handkerchiefs:
some in cut-out drawn
work: others with very
dainty and richly
worked lace corners.
Would be big value at
M'c. One day anni
versary sale
price vC
Anniversary Bargain
Wall Paper
This year's newest and
prettiest patterns.
Enough to paper a
room 12x14 consist
ing of four rolls of
side; thrccrolls ceiling
and 18 yards of bor
der your choice of a
great variety of styles
and colors. One day
anniversarv sale 1
price .....' OUC
Jill" i17TiWTmWfftlijTt"lftiU "A.
It was as much of a novelty then as it is a necessity now. Everything in connection
with it presaged success. The city of Scranton, with its hundred thousand souls, had room
for it; it wanted it; it welcomed it. The passing throng of faces, many familiar and some
strange, give daily evidence of the need of the store and its position in public esteem and
confidence. As the store thrives and grows and we record these anniversary periods, so
important to us and you, all we can do is to bundle our gratitude into an earnest and hon
est "Thank YOU."
Just for One Day. Monday, December 10.
1 he celebration of a birthday naturally calls for a demonstration of some kind or
other. This year we digress from our usual custom, and give our public a sale of merchan
dise for one day, that we are quite sure will be found very acceptacle to the great mass of
people who are anxious to save money.
There are represented in this advertisement sixty-one distinct lots of merchandise,
all bought for this anniversary occasion and marked at considerable less than even their
actual values. We have chosen the most seasonable articles so as to conform to your pres
ent requirements, and promise the greatest day of value-giving in the Big Store's history.
Jonas Long's Sons
Two solid cases
of this standard
and famous make
of muslin. Full
bleached and the
proper weight.
One day anni
versary sale 3
price 04C
Very best new
IflOO pack of To
matoes, Corn
and Peas our
finest goods.
' Just for the one
'day anniversary
price three
cans for. , X5C
Anniversary Bargain
A great bargain . 27
inch Box Jackets in
black, Oxford, castors,
tan, blue and brown,
made with scmi-litted
back, high storm col
lar and trimmed with
pearl buttons. Lined
all through with fine
quality satin. Posi
tively the newest and
most wanted of this
season's styles and not
to be had in any other
store for less than 12.
JiO. One day an
niversary sale
price 7.50
Anniversary Bargain
Dress Goods
An unusual opportun
ity in colored Dress
Goods including 10
pieces of 40-inch pure
wool Arniurc Suitings
in all the newest -shades.
Also several
dress patterns of
French Poplins, Satin
Venetians and Whip
Cords. The color range
is broken but the pat
terns arc thoroughly
desirable. All new fa
brics and most wanted
kinds. Every yard
worth from 75c to .$1 .
One day anni
versary sale price 5oC
s- ..
and Doll Beds,
made by In
dians. Very pret
ty basket work.
Strong and dur
able. Cheap at
"0c. One day
anniversary '
sale price. lyC
Of best quality
Eiderdown in
both red and
cream, trimmed
with fine An
gora. Worth 1.75
One day anni
price , . . .
Superior quality
of black Sewing
Silk in full count
Of genuine Veal
Calf; full double
sole and tap,
Solid leather
throughout. All
sizes; cheap at
1.25. One day an
niversary fi
price,,,, yoC
spools at 3c the
One day
Big issortment
of novelties in
fancy China.just
the thing for
Christmas gifts.
Worth double.
One day anni
versary t
price .... IvC
Shears -
And Scissors,
made of best
steel. All sizes in
the lot; sharp
and ready for
use, Worth 35c,
Anniver- t
sale price, 1 VC
Anniversary Bargain
A marvelous sale of !IN
pieces 6f plain colored
T a ff c t a s, excellent
quality, in black,
white, cream, pink,
old rose, navy, car
dinal, tan, nilc and
other shades; also
an exquisite 'line of
fancy waist silks.
Many in the lot arc
exclusive French nov
elties in waist lengths
that arc worth from
1.00 to 1.75 the yard.
A bargain at 75c yd.
One day anni
versary sale price 50C
Anniversary Bargain
Dress Goods
Want a black Dress?
I lerc's your chance at
40-inch pure wool im
ported Pierola, Eng
lish Whipcords and
Satin Solid: 50-inch
English Zcbelinc and
52-inch French Cra
venctte and Cheviot,
shrunk and sponged.
This lot represents the
choicest and most
fashionable fabrics in
black goods and arc
absolutely guaranteed
values at from 1.00 to
1.25 the yard. One
day anniversary
sale price C?5C
Three Years Old . .
Growing Bigger and Better
On Monday, December the tenth, the store
of Jonas Long's Sons enters upon its fourth
year in Scranton. With three years of success
back of it, the foundation is substantially laid.
As each new birthday comes into view, we
think of the first one in 1897 that gave to Scran
ton this magnificent mercantile-establishment.
We think of that memorable night when the
doors first swung back and revealed to so many
thousands the real conditions of an up-to-date
department store.
Ladies' hand
some Scarfs of
pure silk; flow
ing ends all
trimmed with
Battenburg lace.
One day anni
versary.v price ,...4UC
Divinity circuit,
large type, con
taining COO il
lustrations on
Biblical sub
jects, Sold at $3.
One day anni
Ladies' fi n c
Cloth Ovcrgait
crs, full seven
button length,
carefully made
and finished.
One day anni
. .. , I
Anniversary Bargain
Finely built of oak or
mahogany finish,
made with heavy
sweep panel backs and
roll seats of !J-ply lam
inated stock. Patent
bolt sides and arms.
An ornament to any
room in the home, and
never sold for less
than J1.00. One
day anniversary
sale price X.Uv
Anniversary Bargain
Ladies' fine Vici Kid
and Box Calf Shoes in
button and lace. Hand
sewed welts and turns
and flexible. McKay
sewed. All this sea
son's goods and the
products of the lead
ing manufacturers.
Stock is the finest and
work the best. One
day anniver-
sary sale price 1 OO
Anniversary Bargain
The season's oppor
tunity in Millinery
made by our artists.
Ladies' draped velvet
Toques with fancy
crown handsomely
trimmed with flowers,
foliage and breasts.
Hats that are well
worth 0.00. One day
anniversary sale .
price 4-.5U
Made of fine
bamboo with
solid wood
frames and steel
wheels. Never
sold for less than
1.50. One day
anniver- "
sary price. o9C
The best and the
purest Made
in a well known
factory in Buf
falo. Pure and
good H big
cakes, one day
sary price. XdC
, Anniversary Bargain
One of the day's greatest
bargains consisting of a
large lot of very good
quality Tapestry Brussels
Carpets, all of this sea
son's patterns and suited
to the furnishing of par
lor, sitting-room, hall, li
brary orbed-room. Worth
55c yd. One day an- Q
niversary sale price OOC
Anniversary Bargain
Silk Skirts
One of the biggest bar
gains of the day. Ladies'
fancy colored all pure
silk skirts in all the new
and pretty shades, fin
ished with heavily corded
ruffle. Some in the lot arc
worth 11.00; none worth
less than 7.50. One day
anniversary sale . ' Q
price J,9o
Anniversary Bargain
There are eight sizes in
this lot of Parlor and
Banquet Lamps, all made
with large founts, hand
somely decorated, and
with 9 to 11 inch globes
to match. Center draft
burners. All worth from
.'.25 to 4.50. One day
anniversary sale Q
price 2t9o
Anniversary Bargain
Boys' Suits
A great bargain in Boys'
Double Breasted Suits of
wool cheviot in blue and
brown: also fancy mixed
cassimcrcs. Extra well
made, superbly tailored,
just like men's garments.
Actual value 2.50. One
day anniversary
sale price 1 . y
Anniversary Bargain
Night Robes
For men and for boys.
Made of superior quality
outing flannels in pretty
patterns of stripes and
checks. Finished with
felled seams, self neck
bands, pearl buttons and
made extra length. One
day anniversary
sale price 50C
Anniversary Bargain
A full one-half pound
cake of first quality Cas
tile Soap and a large
Turkish Wash Cloth.
The two for one day.
Anniversary saleprice 5C
Anniversary Bargain
Dress the little fellow
warm. Reefers of very
heavy and good wearing
materials, perfectly tai
lored and well lined. Will
keep the cold out and
the warmth in. All sizes
from 3 to !) years posi
tively worth 1.98. One
day anniversary
sale price y y C
Anniversary Bargain
For children and misses,
mostly of black ribbed
wool, natural heel and
toe. At the same price a
lot of men's black fine all
wool half Hose. Not a
pair of above worth less
than 21c. One day
anniversarv sale t
price ....'. 14C
Anniversary Bargain
Not only useful but
equally ornamental. Built
of genuine oak with two
top drawers, china com
partment and a very
large linen drawer. Bevel
plate glass 24-14 inches.
Neatlv ornamented,
Worth 12.50. One day
anniversary sale Q
price .OO
Anniversary Bargain
Fifty dozen of ladies' fine
Corsets of superior grade
sateen with fancy inter
woven figure. Four-hook
French style, They come
in both black and cream
and arc elaborately
trimmed with lace. One
day anniversary, .
sale price , 45C
Anniversary Bargain
An interesting collection
of Calendars for 1001, in
cluding a great variety of
subjects and designs.
Some in floral, others an
imal studies and still
others of a religious na
ture. Made to hang and
worth up to 50c. One
day anniversary t a
sale price '. oC
Anniversary Bargain
More than four thousand
yardsof woven torchoil
laces in both edgings and
insertions, in a great var
iety of new and very
pretty patterns, and iii
widths up to live (5)
inches. Would be cheap
at Sc the yard. One
day anniversary sale
price ... v ." 3C
Anniversary Bargain
Butterfly Tics for men,
the very newest thing in
string bows, made of
pure silk, mostly solid
grounds with dainty dot
effects. Great variety
of colors and stylish
novelty patterns. One
clay anniversary t
sale price 2 1 C
Anniversary Bargain
A genuine bargain in la
dies' splendid quality of
real Kid Gloves in all
shades of tan, mode, red,
brown and grey; also in
black and white. Two
clasp, finely finished and
of good wearing quali
ties. One day anni-
versary sale price. . 5oC
Anniversary Bargain
Large half ounce bottle
of Bradley'sfinest extract
of Perfumes in all the
most popular odors
each in box. One day
anniversary sale price C
Anniversary Bargain
A big pile of very line
silkoline Comforts will
melt down quickly on
Monday. They are filled
with best grade of clean
picked cotton, and nicely
covered and tufted. Sold
in most stores in Scran
ton at 1.50. One day
anniversary sale Q
price . "OC
Anniversary Bargain
Ladies' superior quality
of all wool natural Vests
and Pants, in all sizes.
These are of the most de
sirable weight; are ele
gantly finished and full
fashioned. Never offered
before for less than one
dollar. One day an-
niversary sale price y yC
Anniversary Bargain
Ladies' finest quality of
muslin and cambric
Night Gowns that are
very elaborately trimmed
with rich and delicate
laces and cmboideries, In
both V and high neck.
Many styles and all sizes.
Worth up to 1.50. One
day anniversary sale ,.
price 79C
Anniversary Bargain
A big lot of eatin gros
grain Ribbons in all the
newest effects. Most every
color apd shade, found in
the assortment; Unusual
ly good quality in. No; 7
and Np. 9 widths, and.
worth 15c yard; One' -day
anniversary sale ,
price OC