The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 07, 1900, Page 7, Image 7

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Resolutions Ave Adopted A Protest
Against Legislation Calculated to
Protect the Sale of Liquor Sym
pathy for Organized Labor Is Re
afllrmed Vice in the Philippines
Is Denounced,
jpcilul lu the Siraiitoli lillnine.
Wn.hliiKtoii, T). (. ti Tin1
moinliiK yi'stcnluy wim lnkcii Ui
mainly with tin upon iiu'Htli)ii-'bii,,
thu aiiiwoiH belli,' very rrultritl and
SIim. rjiiitiuin uf Now Voile, tlio
imtloiint imHu (llrneiii- mihk must
henutlfully mid I'lfi-ctK'i'l.v Unit toiti'li
liiB hymn, 'I'll no whin- mhi mint
Die ro, ili'iir Lord. '
Knell (li'jtai tnielit of the Nutloual V.
C T. T was nskeil to kIvc n liiicf
testimony euneeriilni; thell wi'ih, when
eneh ollleer respoii'letl v. illi a beauti
fully tipiirupt Into Scrlptuiv
The pmllanienltaiy depai tnu nt,
thruUKh Til H M. i'. liiehm, lespomled,
"Let all tiling be ilfnie. s-'iillois." De
partment i expanded, "Sow thy mm',1
beside all waters." 'I'lie tntlrnad de
pai tment hud I ho piomle, "The Lord
shall pte.s'ji've thy roIi k out and thy
coming In fioin this lime forth." The
m'jdal reciting contest save the vcise,
"In the race inr.nv i mi. bill ini' le
cclveth the pilze."
Mis. Kleveii". the ptc.-ddont of the
cnnvciillon nnil Dr. Wilbur V. Crafts,
of the Iteloini inn can, ntti nilcil con
jness dm but thu ntonuiw enil had u
hearlm; of the BoueisoeU or antl
umteeii bill, uhlcl. the lumien of the
W. '". T, 1T. will never slve up until
il Is parsed
Ml". Hol"U L P.iilloek, lium New
bihey, answeiid it). my iieslions tlui'
Iiut th" nun nliiK". niklnir about the
woik ut the pilllty tllienl. It
was viy cncour'iBini? to l:car that
innr TS per cent,, ol trills reclaimed
fioin lles of vlte lj"como tiue, trust
w in thy women.
Mis. Greenwood's dullv eviinKcllstlc
son Ice near the noon hour Is becom
ing one of the most helpful mmsoiis
of the day, so many pnrtlclpiitiiiK'.
and Midi a devotional splilt lieins
Mi-. MaiM.uet I'lall. pi evident of
the AVnMilnitton (slate) W. '. T. U
led ill prayer at the licitlniiintr of 1 1 1 -
al'teinoon -e.lon, and Inter was pie
sented with an Immense bouquet of
loses and e.n nations limn the tomper
.ince youns ladies of the cllv of AVaiii
ItiKton, in m.iteful nppicciution ol llio
ho.spltnllty accoided them at the con
vention at Scuttle, lust yicr.
Dangers to Boyhood.
Ke. Thomas, of Mlsisouil. addie.ssed
the eoineiillon on "The D.itiKers to
I'oyhnod." deelailns himself to be In
sympathy with their tiials, and de
Miled to the puipose of helpltiK them to
be tuie and pure. Ife spoke of the
sneers dliccled against any boy who
tiles to be mm ally uptight, of the
j;eis of iiiipuie llter.iimv, and the help
thev had found In .Missouri nam a
I'uilty league connected with the pub
lic school, with a pledge, white badue,
and weekly talks on topics in this line.
Jlt. O'niollne V. Glow, the business
manager ot the Pnlon Signal and an
ollleer of the Women's Temperance
Tublishlnp: iissoclutlou, spoke .it some
length of the hlstoiy and piogiess of
that society, stalled in IsOi), and lit
thirty ycuis having incieased Its capi
tal stock fiom $."i,000 to $I2",000.
.Mrs. Oialiaui, of Xew Yolk, .suns
most touehingly a pathelle ballad,
whose burden was:
fill 111 fl ..111 Hi.' l.l.lllll-l.ilH 111' lllllilllll ",
I'lilr 'is llu ..'111 , pun .is 111,' -mitt;
liciTi-.ul ttion,; in ii inmiKil stud,
setting .1 Mine loi tlie ;miltli.-s iiii;
si, will ilu' ci r mine lutk .i- tlu-, ao,
I .lit is tlu' tuoiuiii, pun n- 1 1 it- miou '
Mis. Lnvell. of Pennsylvania, talked
with gical foiee on ".Meicy to Ani
mals," speaking p.irtlculaily ol the
wearing of blnls, lefenlng to the new '
sintule of Cbneiniir Hoosevclt lining
we.ncis of bhds on lints, which Is being
.Mis. Sibley, of Oeoigla. .nose lo an
nounce the dispensary l.iwjust defeated
In lavnr of total piohlbltlon. Mrs.
Spencer, of Alnbania, then staled the.
fact that Vermont had passed a. stilet
siutl-clgarette law. Delegate after d"le
gate siirang up to unnoimee similar tri
umphs lu dlffeient .stales dm lug the
year, anil the audience aiose and sung
the doxology to a most peculiar and
lively "Southern tune," which appealed
to be well known.
Tlie ti Unite of one ol the visiting
mllilsteis was lecalled. "Tempeianee
women. If given their way, would fnuu
laws that would make II as hard as
possible to do wrong and as easy as
possible to do light," niul surely the
Women's Christian Tempeianee union
had much to do with the accomplish
ment of these enactments.
Kesolutions Passed.
Thu following are the resolutions
ndopted by the convention:
Wo, Ihe N.illmiil Womiu'h Cliililiatt Toutpu'
nine union, lu Uunt.t-rt'i nth (nniciitlou
usMitililiil, la.itcfully iiikiiowlttL'c the kuIiIIiii;
html of lietl In all oui hislor); mpoililh tin wo
Hi ink liliu for lite Plesslitu's uf the past )oai,
for llio toiiliiiui'il heilllt ami wise loatlimhlp nf
our olliu, foi lltoMdoiy in lite indies! of Ilm
llolilil ill Ihe cvlltsion it Illinium II, lloheils,
of Pull, fioin Ihe house of l(Hf.irnl:iliM'd, for
Dr. Juntos'
Makes Dr. J times'
Ileiuluolio Puwilors from
his own proscription,
For ten years and more
ho has used tliom iu his
own practice.
And tlioy have never
failed to do ull he
claims for them,
They're perfectly harmless.
Do not btupely thu nerves or ullect
tbo heart but they euro
At all Drug Stores.
4 C.0333 10 emits.
Uuro Wliero
tlifl doors ttfilcli lime been newly nprtiril til in,
lor tlio cMiainlon nl our uoik, itinl for llic liirit'
nt Increase In nietiilierhlp il Hi" 1riai1c. We
pledge tenoned lojnlly to tlio Woiniti'' t'hiUllun
Tcmporaiiie union, ntul tn ll lnlnrlpli, m ol
foith In Hie fnllnulnit lcolutlninl
llcdiliso our ioinplo njnlrtn IhIiir IiIkIi
liirnlnl nnil ili)lnil pirine In tlio life o( nil,
nnil N nllnl Willi militlo lriiiitiillin to J'i'S
mill old, fiPtcniot ninoin wlildi M tin" 'Itlnk lule
llj o mkc, by omij iiinil'lcr.itloii of our mm
imiti liutiiniilty, nml tlio lirto ami nniili of Urn
t'lubt, lli.1t Iiimi nnil women, t'lul-llun ntul H'
trloU I'loi.ittlicro, lidl pi.ntlio mi'l ciiioiiwuo
tho lulilt ol totul Jli-llliilno tnmi ill uliulmllc
lioriiigi. Mot ripoililly -Imnlil tlili rnlo liltul
lliiio of mor nml wlilo IiiIIikiho.
In.iniuili in told nl wl llu mo toi llie Imlhlil
ml, nml hsil pinlilliltlon o( tlio lliniirf tinfUe
fur tlio UU' ii mi Ii it Ion. mo ruint mil tit jt piluel
plii ot our woik, wo .ilm to IhIiik llu Milte if
tlio ( liurc.Ii nml llio In mo in loiiblitbo IiuJIk,
wlii'tlid' Itxil, Mote in1 liilliilitl. in mi mo tlio
riiitttnoiil uf imlilliltoi l.ivv.
' liollcw nil hw llci inline tlio lliMiol tldllie
In In- Inliviintly junnlliiK H
tlio ili'ilnloii of tlio Siipirmo ruurt ot tlio Pnltul
Slidoi, r "No li gUlulnio lu t lie llplil t'
1i.iii.mIii n,.iv tho pulillo hoiillli or pulilli
W'c ill 1 1 no uiku tor tlio inlito uppn-ilnii f
tho liilr. ili', luipiiilulluu. ospoitnlioii
nml ti,iti.pnrlutlun ot .duiloilli iiioi in .1 lc
i r.iito I iy fi'ili' nml i-t ilo liuM illmi. .mil lo tlili
mil wo ate ildonnlmil in inilhlihiiU nml . mi
oiK.ml7.itlon, tu latioi Iniioinlly lot tlio ii'io-
.it ton nf nit loiinl unttliin of llio llmioi lintllo.
mill for I In .ilmitulo pinliiliitlnii liy liiw ! tl"
m mo. win tlu r In iminlrtpi1itlv tiiwnlilp,
oouiitln oi state, in llio ti.M ioti m Hi ilipcmlne
We wMi lieio (u oiiri uur gl.ilt.fiil tippiirli
llun to nil Limit In t nml oik.iiiIiIIoih, tn men
nml woinon ot nil t l.ic, tnt'li .iml tnutlllloiM,
wltti lme In mi w.iy liolpul In osl.ilillli llii'f
i luliteoiis prltiilplo
( IIIIIKIIA.N Clll.l sP.
We ro-.illirin our o(l itpulttl iiiiiilotlnn lint
(illl7illiin nlono Is (lirptim wliiili h bjetl
lipmi tlio ottnul Iih? of ilitliti'Oii-liess. W'v mo
Oppll-lll It) wIlltOMl IlilliltT- tllO otMllllslllllPIlt of
the liliiKilom of nml upon e.irtli, jml we i.ill
upon .ill iiKinboit of llio ot .Ions Clulst,
liolli nun .iml women, to pioe their lo.v.ilty to
lllm, tie standing foi tiulli, jviillte inn tilil
iiiiKiitiH lu llio hiuiie. in llie clmidi, In the
i-tiito mut at the liillnt 1ms. AVe liotlove i
tutor lonccpt ot .ill Hut is iiiMiheil in C In
iltlroii,lilt N the nlng iipoiI nf the olitiuli to
il iy.
Tin: n.M.i.or.
Itolit Ii.ur tint the ih'.fifimhi'.tiiKitl of wounu
it eontrniy to Ihe ftinil iiuenl it pllnclplc of oui
fiukrrni'irtt, .mil out of li iiimnir with Hie lilei
of Clui.iu en-op, uilioii for the hiuhcst sootl
of huiiiJlilly. wo 1 Luulinuo In iihit.ile nml' fur eipul MiUhmi' until our ti ilimi cii t les
out in pint lii e uliit it promises in tluoiy
i olift iiim; upon m Ml 111 .ill Iter liiflits n l t ill
t li.
We ie-,.'lim oui s.iinpilht with oiitmiitl
Ulior in its pi-l tle'ii.tmls loi .i hvtiu,
.in fiirht thy. .nil in .ill ww c'loiN foi
justke .mil fiittlom. t the haute time v.e oiin-(i-th the lalim fouos to stiiml witli u
in oppusiiiK inteinpcinmc, the tlntt.1 I'"" of all
tla'-e-. ttlitl tho lirllli'l lliiifii lutik, llie mo-l
.ii'U-shi' nml of iiicnop ilies. We ln
liove Hut the .soluiloii uf the Ihtuoi prnliiim lu
liuhttoiiMievi nlll go t.n low nils the solution of
the lnunr proliltiu In jtistiee
Ut si , I., i Impliiit iilMihtliie lo lit" iltMiio
piiiuiple of piuit, liilleiiii',- llu t.iiiiuilitt
"Ketp Ih.tMlf pine" tn In tipull liinilin,. up n
in in ami wont in.
We appeal lo all people .tho love italili oii-hls.
to si md vltii tb in ihe hi. , o -nun' Witu
piully l.u s.
We I'litloi-se tin .tliou o, out j,tluial ulll.els
ill petltlonlii(; tho ptesultiil of Ihe I nititi -talis
and llie sutilarj ot wat the ptoletlioii
of o-tilili-hcil, inspectul, mill niiiiitaineil ptos
tltutiuu tut Ihe AniPiienn mldiu tu llie Philip,
pints b the uf lnllitait aiitlioiilj. ot
willHl imlinif tlio tuplj of the" war d.pirliiienl
that so f ii- as it is .ohi-cd nn i otnlitious
ei'l, -.till IIuoukIi iiun, ulialile ,uiik,- iufot
niaitun conns that tin-pfal. iblit t oinllliiiits of
iliink nml liunliotMit-s iis( m il,L. i-l.mtl,
iiiiiln thu ptolitlion of llu. Aincilc.ili tl uf. We
iIhilIuic tall upon all iij.'ht-thlnklni," ptuple to
unite with Us in piotestiiii; with ull pos-thle
implnsis itiiiiiimi our ismmiiii'M's io-ulatin'
Mte in ma- tonn, ami mote e-pulally that whtdi
L i .iIc.uI.iUhJ to f.xstt;i i lime which tle
Ki tiles Us i it irons, tlcsiiois the purPy oi l!ir
f.itiill.t anil iltUiloiaU, ihuuit.
Cli ilit lit I'm stun (ili-iiinnii;, l.lhn I). ott!s
ireniUi;), Kathoinii I.ouli' mulii-oii. lu
Silent Die i:ili., Miihiici II. piiil, l in Ills,
tup. frames .1. llnm., iwinmiiue
The day was one of wide diseu-slon
of natiunal and legal alfaiis. The puie
food bill was t'lidorsed by Hie coinen
tion.aiul the general action of the pi ess
in condemning "Sapho." "The Degener
ates" unci "Zuza" was commended.
O. Jt.
Spinal lo the .-iiaiilon 'liilituio.
sjusiiiiehaniui, Dec. 5. The lair anil
tmsl pig supper. heJU thisi eLnlng in opei.i house by the Avenue
Methodist church, was well
attended mid a lliiuncial success.
These are btlsk times on the main
line of ihe Krle, and trainmen com
plain of too much work.
Saturday, In the Catholic ehuich cal
endar, is a duy of holy obligation, iele.
bratlng the Feast of the Immaculate
Conception. Masses will be celobraieil
in St. John's cluiieh.
Miss Mamie O'Neill, of Oakland town
ship, Is leeoveilng from u seveie Ill
ness. The Join mil justly complains of the
etheieal mistiness of Main stteet.
llov. R. Colwell, of Hallstead, last
evening paitlcipatcd In the lovlvul
meeting in the Methodist chinch.
The Christian Endeavor society or
the Methodist ehuich of I-anesboro will
hold a muslcule in the church on Fri
day evening. '
A meagre fall of the alleged "beauti
ful" today sent seoies of rabbit hunt
ers to tho hills, with dog and gun.
A number of Susquehanna young men
contemplate) organizing an automobile,
Deposit people thought they experi
enced the shock of an eaithquuke, the
other day, and it is alleged that the
two odltors of the village hid under
their bed and commenced to repeat
their Httlo "Now I lay mo," etc.
Susie a ra hum, now of Sidney, N, V
the former common luw wife of the
late J. James nugen, has brought suit
ugalnst Susquehanna county for tho
rowurd offered for the apielionslon of
Uui murderer nf A. Jackson 1'eppcr.
There, may ho batter Inland dallies
thun The Set anion Tribune, but they
do not como to Susquehanna,
iA-otu.rd Cole, un aged clergyman of
Thompson, Is very seriously 111,
Mis, 13. M. French, of Cirand stieet,
this afternoon entertained thu Helping
Hand socliity of tho Methodist chinch,
Keystone Hook nnil Ladder company
No. 1, will hold its annual ball In Ho
gnn opera house on Monday evonlng.
December 31. Dor.m's orchestra will
furnish the music for tho occasion.
James Page, the horse and wugou
dealer, has taken advantage of the
bankruptcy uel,
Mis, Hessle Hostwlck, of Montiosc,
Is the guest of Mr, and Mis. Ulaience
:. TJtsworUi, of Washington street.
Cleoige Huberts, of Bioad sheet, Is
the guest of lelutlvps In New York
TUNKHANNOCK. lo lite Suiintoii Tilhuue,
'iiiukliui'iock, Pec. (). 'llio liny luuuiiU.ioiR'ri
cm! tkciilt wciu in sctoioii Itoio on Tuesday for
the piupo.-o of (Jiawlni; the Juty for the .lauu
ary let m ot court. 'Ihe Hit Js iliawu by them
is tin (ollovk! firant jnou II, W. lUinii, )lu.
Itoppen; Dumer lltiMUituu, Tuiikliaimot.1;;
James P. llo.llo, Katon; P. ll.tioii, MdioKon,
Alirniu A, Cattcr, Modtoppcn liotouglit Henry
Pellr, North llrnnclif 11. K. Ilmtott, VI'.itllmin
lIciiiKo Wi I'orrli, 'litiildiitiiioik loninltlpj .tolm
II. I'uwetli 'IniiklruinooL burouidil Ktltv.inl 1).
I'tis-olt, Wlmlhatii! tleorno M. tJumlct, Wiidf
lntoii 'lltotuns I lone. Xotth llr.imhl I'. II.
tiliiilluc, TiinkliiUitiick IiuIuiikIiI tloorut! T, Mil
In, Mnitlooi I, slfl 1'iolost, Wti!hltuituiii b.
tl, 1'i.tll, Mtltolsoiil lliiijimlit spue, Tutitdiaii
tintk; limine Sllnpiou, Ttuikliniinocki .fncoti
.stiiiiitl, Jleshoppcn hoiouitlil Wiillate liaicr,
MottiiH'i II, II, lllmt, Tuiikliaimoik) It, V.
Whipple, Milioopjia'i llnnoy L'. W'ntl, IXclerj
Homy omif, Not t lintoi rtatiit. 'Ihcso Jtitorn uio
unlet nl In ti purl lure mi Momta), .tan. 1S, ut
e n'llotk.
The follow liiLr uuo ill tun a pollt Iiiims for
the M'xlons foiitt: llrilnttliu tounililp, l M,
siiontrj Minion ttroielilp, Ituuion I'ohli. N.
II. Itoyitolib: llitim townsltlp, Walter Phillip",
l!onri;o Hnmifj t:elii', lldil) Sao l'nll,
lolili A.u, ri.llfiiie l)ltl.llinn, ,to4'e lhlulii,
('hurley .Sifhlt: Itinon, A. , lletiipto.itl,
('lull li 4 'tntllii MeliDopitiy, ,1 itne I). Cioinpton,
1,'enitie Pec ki I , John llii"ell, ('use ittiKlin;
AUslioppui IioiuiikIi, Poo Mint; Moshoppen
lowiKlilp, .liiint"! tliiilin.1, .tuhn Mnttii;. i lih
ol'on liurottuh, II. II, IllnlvOslee, llailett llililiter,
W. W, l,oltn, (hailrn 1'. O"ltoiiie; Milwlioti
nuiililp, William Itiiui. .Inhn smiili, , If,
Sipiinsi .Nnrlh llrnneli, llymii 1 1 1 i t u i - ; Noith
moiilaiiil, (.l.i.tlnii'i, (i, II. tt.ilu": Molt,
rue, Ilm i I', Citai, Novell, .1 lines Callie.l,
l'l.tltl. Mtjoi. riiJlli-s Welushlinei, I laul. Wilirht;
I'oikton. .Iiurpli Volliimoll, iltlh hi s,p,tf.
itiuto; (lurlltltl, W. S. i'ainaui, Wallet Ml
lion, ,r. II. MIIIm: 'luiikliaimoek lioroush, Wil
liam llotdley, IMir Ace, I.Mitaii. P,
II. l'l.iltj Timklin.iiotk towtuhlp. .lulm lllioj
Wiiitlhatu, .l..-1'ph Dull, ,ln,ic (1. I'ts-itt, . I.
Wtillman; Wnshlnutun, 'i hum is (lhljuti.
Tho .lanutiy linn of i unit iilvts pioinlso of
ttelln; u ltu) linn. 'Iheio mi! lighten! iaes
on the dial 111 for the fht wetl; ol loinmoti
ihas (ntul, in I iheio Is iiiouuli tpinlor n
ohms ltUslno4 on html In on up) the lotttt the
full will, allolul In Unit
How's This?'
We oHet tine lluiiihul Poll lis lionaul for mil
i t-e nf Citmih that c.iniint lie iineil liy Hall's
( it ji ill One.
r. ,t. cnnxr.v & co., Toinio. o.
We, llie niiileisimietl, knumi V. I. Cheitev
foi the lat 11 imi. ami Itolleio him peneetly
itotioialilo in .ill'liii-liiin triiitsK lions ntul liitau
i hlli nlile tu (.til) out all) oblljliilluiij
Iiv their lltiu.
West ft Tin i. WholtMlc l)ui!cal-t. Toletlo, O.
Wiilditiir, Hitman tc Munlti, Wholesale lltnt;
jjisls. Toll tin, t)
Hall's r.ilitih Cure is lal.ui iitttiiiall), adiiiR
ilhetlh upon the lilttml mid iiimoits Mil fat t of
the sistiui. Ti stintonills s( ut fiee. Pilie T.le.
ptr Pottle, f-oltl In all Duuiii-P
Hill's I tiitlh Pills ate tho lio-t.
'Ili'tr-ilit, 1'iiilt! nml .s.luitla) ami Hltun'iv
in Hit ii --"Way Pima 1'a-t."
Academy of Music.
All Wttl 'Ihe Ideals in i.-peilnlte.
I.l-t 'lhli'f l).l)s- 'The C.t) lltllliltl)."
'Way Down East."
U tlio Lidiiiii l.i-t (iciilnir "Way Uo,n i;i.f'
wis lutstitttil to an .iiulietite wis only
linuleil b) the sie of the tliritn. 'Hits suuplu
liial pistotal diattii Is not t piol'Um, .nil
lie t hit it tits tie -tot tlti neiatts, let! II is it
clean ati'l whoksoittc sloi) ot Ntw rni,t mil liiui
liTe. Some spjln ili.imis in ll.o east lino Item
untie sin,p its, iit piiioiiiimio tun. tlinlis
('. li.ilil lopoaleil his .liiiii-ilis' p. i.uun met.
of lite w!li,?e tonstahle, ami fleoio Man; (.ins
til in iti- .i latialt .U Hi llollti, the th:o bo) .
lima l.t I'll lie, as III- bitraMil ul, was
sweet anil pithftie. Smtt C'oopet as tlio larmti,
Mattoii Lester its his wile, lltiu) 1.. K-miii- as
Ins sou, .lolm l'. itrowu as tie' piofesjoi, and
('. . Iltiteliit.-tu as llu. ttl A, all plawil
tint puis will. wotil slmulil nlsn lie siul
Irr llio illi!.f ilnirili cl.on, wliiili s.uj; st!fnl
eh! fashioiieil songs vet) it iiinouioitsb. llie
pin will he letettotl triiifitit ant lonto.iow
nielli ,ilh a niHiiiee Itnnotiow lflitiioou.
Extravaganza at Gaiety.
'llie luof IiumI liltllle ot the till) ll.ltli HI) "l' i iiinpiil) it lite tliiet) this wttk
is tmiloiibtetll) tli il luiiiisltil lit Me M'lwtlt
lino, ihe Itus-i.tii tlimtts, who app.Mutl nt tn
.id tint (tj' Un must oulhusiasik apliltiu-u
)e-lutlt), i' Pollt milii oo .tint oitltli,? pufotin
aicts. nihil imiitoiioiis iiiihiIkIs , te pn-iiiU
nl by Miss Ami Vl-en, t" f -if.t tlienit,; autl
It il lit anil rioinii-, in jjiolesipit oiuntiits.
I'll two, ' Dottttr the ItoumW ot I iy
P. in" .mil "the nnoite Coutl," ifloulc.l op
I'dtiinilioi foi imich biluiit musiL .in J the i-ii t!
.luioimi of liot-o pi i) wnhoiit Wiinu the 1 p-te-tlile
luilospie woitl I as a inle !) tliii.tdl too
Ihe toiiieili'iiH in boitie of tl u tutus welo li -f.
Hnii.ik in lieiuj ohlieil to" lukes that
li.oe Inn piotly well woin In constant n-e (Into
llu H.tMiti ooct on. Put uiiiie oi the tla-lits of
lit'iiioi wet.- riifiiiiil ami jjooil mil iccmetl
liopn tie. mull. m lite Intimitis till In it
tin f.attlv Ihe 'iihffc of the wttk ail!, iii.n
it cos tiiil). "
Noi tliern Lights."
'Hit- iiiuaituutiil nt 'Hi" hleals nt Ihe i.uliiiiy
h.n hot n most s-itisfatttiiy anil elHslttetl .null',
eneis witness t tilt peiloinnnee. 'litis afteiuoou
"llio Lost Pai.ulpe" will he given Willi .Mis,
Ihtlo in the lole of Cintlns, the i-pnk fioin tlio
f.iiluiy (iniuee.
Tonight, hy populit iliiuautl, tite eoiupaii) will
ai;.iin pun nt the gii-u Amiiiiati pla), li) llu
kins .M lliihotu, entitled "Noithoin I.tcltts "
'Ihe pliy is founded on fiels loniteiteil Willi the
1 inn nl tide C'u-lei masfiiie at the Little lilt;
II-iii in 1S70 by Siltlni; Hull ami lilt, baud of
Wlttneiei lite Nullhein l.Ulils appealed iu the
lit.mris lint w.n the hijtnl lot tho 0,wlliljs
anil lliule soii"rt o t tko the wai pith. 'llio
noillteiii IIkIiIs who in tlio Itenens at lite time
nf the .ibow inissiiio, not a liilng tlilns os
oapotl Miles Keofch's Itorco C'oinmaiiclio. AH
tlie altoio will tie faltlifully miti.iri1 at the
Aiadiuiy tnnit'lit.
Rico and Bai ton's Company.
Mifsi-, llieo and Ilailoti tlahn ot tlioli man)
(limp-lilies, tint their hi (,-iioiy untl ".Mipootlle's
Tills" is the host. The piii-out ollitlnu em
braces iipwaiiU of some fortv artlsis ami tlie pin.
irrjiiiiiip cnndalH of cometly, Itlsli-cbss mile.
lllo ami osti uaiMiia. 'llino Is a inunln'r of
ilenr people wllh the company, incliidinj; )Im
M) 111 W)nn', lite poitcau chaiactn ititUl; (,
K. MiiIIiii, tho l.lnjf of lliah ooiiKillaus, assl,tet
by Annie Dunn; Pcl.ltoll ami Ooulon, oeciulilo
intbkl.iiis; Ituf anil Hi llu iu the most otl-lu.U,
Iti'.'li ohtss en (Utile builosijue lomedy act lteforo
lint public; Sisters Piincoton, eiy putt) and
ticcoiuplLslicilj CJlbhoiH and llinett, ttansty at.
tUU; Hoier S'UUt, lu tin It HkIiIiiIu!; cIiiiikis;
mo (ostunr Dolus; an iui;iii, new nml feteblng.
'Hiiro Is uIkii a cltoius of pictty and shapt Iy
slrls, wlio) appear in a loiurloiiirritlou of niiilh,
itiiislo and melody, like and Haiton's two bitf
hows iu one, with tlio, two piopiitton nt euiy
peitoinunee, will occupy tlio stan-o nl lite C'aloly
lln-l tltife d.i)s of nest week, with iitaliiites is
Burke Vaudeville Company,
'lite foi tin onilnif imeilalmni'iit of lluiko Valid'
!lllo ootnpiny nt ibo l.)i(iun on Tuodi), mill,
lice ami ul'lit, will inilulaiii lu irputa'tioii for
Bblni; only that which ilelUlili nml atniHoi.
Ainoni; tboe who will win populir appioval Is
l.illlau IturlJuit, nil actioks o iiillure and
u W'ouun wlioo Keiilus N damped upon ciuj,
liliu:; tlio does lu hn ojillfr tauir hc was
a i.'iiat fJluiilc us u tupub olocutloul,l mil
lor fcoveul MMtont was iu the hands of ihg liiaud
Ann) men of (his stale, man) of whom will
piubiliU mall Ihe fid tint she U one of tliue
women hi Ihe 1'iilted states who luie a light ti
weai a li. A It. bid,'e. She lu, a beiiitiful one
of solid ifohl inosentcd to her by tlio Mate on
i.niipiiui'l of l'tni)s)haula.
Muii.'ii' Ilm l.u will pu'.eiit hn lo our theater
tuns In a iniiiy kkitcli wiillcu irpeciall) for
her li) tin- ilblliuiiUlieil pli)rii,lii, lu'iimt
Mil! WinMow, nilllliil " pjwlnir i'anc)," In
ulilth Miss Hiukhait's Hue tidenU an a tonic
illume Jlei ihnwii to ttliat udvatilago, Willi lier
toiui'S shlniy limit ami Akuou .Vinton, two
tleiir tiaii'sly artll, whoo woik U aiuamiKly
lnniy laid uuupie. Xost comei the inanolous
djllie.-), HIzccU, u woiideiful loo ilancn, wIiom
Kraio Is ii'i.uipiwul, uml who pla is Ik r own
iicioiiipauliucut ou the piano while i-he iIjikis.
Two tollkkltiB Irish cometHum mo CiHey ami
I.eX'lati, ultoie the oiillii.iry, whose fun U llnl),
hut nlw.i.n nitbllo. biieiulir Itlelunbon, Mt
)ctn tiki, ,i irtltnblf omjclopetll.l of kiiowletliro,
who nslotimls In liN ihlllty tn nlnwir any ques
tlotn put to Itlltt. 'Ihe ttoxfoiil Diollieis, I'.iiKlbii
ncintiaU, who lime only tefonlly mrllril In litis
loiintty, lull whose woik Is i'moiiIIiikIv lienr.
I iitUt'stlotiihly tlio lust nml wrotot nliiRcr mi
tlio l.lliiletllle sIiiko toil.1V Is 'oplili- tliiiiiham,
Site is unite thtti pleislm; ninl noioi fulls tn
delight, Willi nil tinny of lutie
cdy tho tutitlevllle iniiiuliy uiiimit heli ultntt'
Iripr tin? nlleiitloti of nil who enJn)otl their lueiry
Wall Street Review.
Vow ork, Pl'C. 0. A ilctcnnlneit olTutt was
made In tho stoik maiket tuda) to admit a
lonowal uf .-peculation loi u iIm, lu the eaily
iloalitiu'S Iheio was n ilotpee ot siik-sn at'
titiillnir tlio itfoit imilir the Iniiuciit" ot slilklie,'
KOins In a few flocks. .Sluuiitli pemUltd lu i
ttw stocks tliruuuliuul tin d.u- but It .-as o?set
ilurliii; the latter, mil of Ihe day. l.irue
p.lit of tin list fill back to .ilium list iilxlit'4
let 1 1 .iml warned in nu timutilu v n until llie
ilosliur, was ereni rally ej, linn. -n !t
tonsidi'iahlo ioit liiP'tist us u iiaiilt of Uui
Weakiuss of the luaikol euliei hi the wee.,
! hleli pinud nfliiciahlo to the lallin imposini
fibiw of slieimlb this muming and ooAorliif
liiuttiiient helped the tle. linn ainotnrbt thoe
KtoeUs which wvie ullclttaldi Ilo woikent thcrrt
who sumo toiisiiiuaiile uaiin iluiimc tho onlv
slienuth, bolli mtirir ami 'lenuessu' toil hiIIH'!;
up ubout u point. Unite n nuuibii- of Inipoitufit
cluekH ii(lil'.o talr.! of near a point but a i.ue
tul seiullny of tlio mail it iihowcd Out ll.o
imneniiiit all day was illstiiutli one of rpre.i it
stocks. llie low pileed t oii-ill!ideiel pijlnit
nllioid slacks wile tile fiiuiitts, e.peciall)
llio la p ami the Wabash iswn, bolli sto'l.i
ninl bonis, Nothlni; .itiihoiltatlic lould be
It ,i i tic 1 1 (o csplalu this itioMinent width ntiuoi'
ittlilbuleil both to linjiiir for VnnleibMt iti'i
tiol nnil to joint plan for consolidation and
tlmiiiisli ti.iftlc at raniri me nts of thu two lints,
'llio iPe oMrnded lo oir 1 points In Ino l.'tiu
t'mt pitfeitctl, and to '!'. lu tlie pi(ni pie
felinl, n lid bollt closetl nt about the lop, beiti
pint tit.illy tho end) stocks iu tho 1M to ilo so.
Ili'sitles lh(e stoel.s Utile wete upnatds ol tlnitv
stoiks sellliii; untl r tl). which wire mhiiurii!
Horn a litlf to ii(. pet tent, stteru- wis nctiio
mid foMll-h nil thy tiud ipptrentl) the IiiiIts
who Mcklns tn I 'liltie Hit it hc-ei o llu hull
side by a bear (ampaiutt. 'ihe) i itculitoii a le
poit cf the iirious illinss of tlie pteinenl of
the coutptti), wltieli 't.ts tlenieii 'Ihe .lot', fell
,iu exiitme :W, ami tltfnl only kllithtl) tittle r
nt a nil less of i;'i. 'rni'itsstc Coal was ttui
unite acitd) alltetttl attd fell altogether 't to
ill, ibniuir at the lowtst nidi ! loss ol 4Vi ou
the da) He lepeit was tot 11 leittly ilMitbulcd
tint il lint! In on tied imiiitil to p.!-.- the uel
ilnlili-iiil on lite l.itk. Total sties T(i.'."(.u .Inn .,
'tlie bond m.itktt wis ttiiite anil eousi tcinly
sliou', in my low ,'iailo i-.ttts and eorillngeiit
inli it sf- iiilt.intin? s,tion,l). Total filis, pu
!.tlue, sti.ij-jjim). -, s. new Is iliilimd a; j,,,,
ci ut. on the la-t rill.
The followlnt; (iiojio:is ate furnished The
'tribune b) )I. . .lotdin & Co, rooms 7Oj-70tl
litais ImiUlit f.', Stianton. I'l, lelephnno itHll:
(pen- llijjh- Low- This
ma. fst. osl. Inir
sttuorit.111 'suj.'ii 12;-a 1-'s"'s T2'U UJ'i
iiieiiian Tobitiu ....1117 M)m,A U.j lnt,i4
Ant. Mm I Ar Wile I..'s lt4 12V !!
Aleh., T. .r M. IV !M'i :,'i, ilsi', tsi.
V, T. V s. IV., pi.,., si'.. Sl'i Ml j "".P..
Iliooklm TTailitin .... 1 7J3i T0'a 71
IllltllllOlO i. Ollill .....sOli S)la S( s)
I out. Tobacco V.. il.'i5 f I s- .11'..
I In-. ,V Oliii :; Hs'i .17' e :,7''
(hit. .V (It. Wt-t It's ll'tj ll'l ll'a
(hie. Hut. .V. ( 1 ttiH 1 ' lT.Vi l!"i'i
st. Paul t:7'A U 12. "8 i:or
Keek Maud 115'; 110",a lllVa lll'j
Deliwaie & Hudson ...111, llti 110 IP1
t.nk in.mii i It. I! ...,1-J lil Is) is!
IVllel tl SIP ,-, ",ll( 7t; 4.'TS
IVtlciil sjp,, p .... 7'i 7ti'i 71 70
K j ii. k Te.. Pi :.s "s" ::s" s,
Louis, i. Nj.1i, llti- ... si si4 ,sl ".t nieealtd Ii.i'j lltl'i 10" 1iis?s
Mil. Tiaelion l'.'l Jn'i"-4 1n7 tl.T'i
Jli-fti. I'nrllle '"'i 'id's rT'A o'l't
People's Cias !i'i 100 OsTi PS1!
v. .r. itf.Si its lib'., lin'j
Soutlinn I'.ulfli! 11 'e 12 41'4 II'.-
Xotfolk k Wt-liin J.! It- li'.- IPs I2'i
Xoillt. Paelfic 71'; 7l'i 70 'm 7tlna
Noilh. l'acille, Pi. ... '2'i S2"K "Pi s2
V . ttnlral 14J'i 1 I2a J !- 1 1-
Out. & Ut.tiui "iH 'J"tk -y 'VI
Penna. II, II lli'i 11.1'j llj', 112',
l'acille Mill 47 17 -tr.i, 4i,i4
Iteatlmj: III Jt) 21 20 ai'i
He.iilinsr ltv I'r is. t.l'i (,ft uia4
Suinluiii II. li s is-.; it i, 5
Ninth. It. 1! . Pi U7"8 l,7"B (o's t'T1;
Teiiu. Coil , holt ...(,') C, (II il
V s l.eitltei I Pi It's 1. 11!
I. s, Ltlthel. I'l 7". 7V. 7'i 71'i
l'. s. Util.lni . . .. .".n rn 2st;. -2)tt
l'nlon 1" il if t 72U 72 h 71' 71
ITiiolt I'liifti, Pi ..HH si", stH Ml','tsli. Pi -jm;. h. ,, ooij
Wct(Ui I'nioii s si r'A jj
Thiiil .nue UI'l. ll(,'J 111'., lilt:.
xi:v voiiij pnoun t: iaiiunoi: ritici
OjlOII- IIirIi- Low- Clos-
WIll.M' inc.'. est. r-i. int.'
Jlltcll .SOU tO', 7')"s 7UTi
.Ma 70'j 7i7s 7')'i i'U
Ml) 12 12'.. I2's 12
Scranton Board of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Eased
on Par of 100.
STOCKS. lint.
riii-t Viillonil 11 niK Iini
i i. inn ii s.njnsjs II ink !Ti
llilttl X.itioiul I! ml. I'll
llinii' llipo-it ami Dim .uml II ink., '.'HI
iVnnoiiiy I lirlit, II. ,s: I'. Co
I.ick.i. Tiu-t Safe lli-jinsit t'u 1",')
ri.u I. & sncntr I'o., I'l 1J-J
Ssc i.ttiiiiii lion IVnce Jli'. Co
SiLinlon Axle Works
I ifkawaima liiiiy Co., I'l
Onimty Saiiics Hull, fc Tiust Co.. :,00
Fust Viitiunil Hani. (Cailjonilalc) lliilliiiir In
Iradirs' Vitionil Hmk Jt'
Scrantoif Holt and Xul On.
Sciintuii 1'a.ssons.oi ltallttjj.
Moitvaii', dim UUU
1'ioplo'i street Itjlhv.iy. Ilrt ninii-
si.f, due 10H
Piopli's Street ll.illwat,
nioitt;ak'e, due 1101
Dickson M.miif.icliiiiim' tc
IiiUi, Township .seliool C, i ei iint
City ot Sciantim St. Iniji. il per
Nunloii Tiactlon I) per tint Ill
Scranton Wholesale Matket.
(Comctcd by II. O, lute, 27 Lackawanna Ae )
Itutter Cuamcrj ,'2t.i20e.
1 s Select ui.tmi, ill.; ncii by .Lite, Sic,
Cliu-e l'ull ciiuiii, new, 12c,
Deans 1'rr liu., clinun lii.niinv, UpII,
Onions Ua. per 1m.
l'loui Hct tutinl, Ifl.W.
Philadelphia Ginin and Produce.
I'litUilclpliU, Dec. (I -W licit-'ii. 'oftci, cou
tluct nude, Dec, TJjT'IUc Cum I'lun, Uc,
lilislm; -Nu. 2, Dec, -Halite. l).U
Ijuiu lint In in ; -No. 2 white. (Ilpptil. fflhim'i '.
Iliitln I'lun, i,ooil iliiiuuil; funo mcsIcui
iKUinci.,, VJl'C.; tin pilulh, 2i I.Kff-riini,
1c. IiIkIui; fio.sli neailo, 2'V,; ilo. mibIiiii,
H'lti.; tlu oiitlmtstun, ".; do. soullitin, -Ti.
( luisc I'iim; .N, . lull iiemw, famv finall,
ll'si.l ilo, du, ilo, lair lu tlioltc, lil'iill'ii.
lltlintd siil'.iu I'lun. .UtCalm's. ft ininn mi;
mm iuitcil llie sunn .u tlu tuiot. Cotton -I n
cliuiKtil. I.illow Dull and uak; ihv pilina
in lilids,, sc, touutiy no., diiis., i 'ta.,c . ; i u e,,
fi!4f. I.ho iioulu.i riiiu; lol, i.ilil.i n",
iliiiks) uml u'teae, I'alOc, j tinkers, "..i'v.! old
louslriii, ituiijc. Ituvtil pinilllj htt id) i tottls,
tliolec, OUittk.i do. hlf lo food, Mfca'A',; old
loostcu, "f, j ncailir, 10il2i; r,st
tru, Uallc.i tuikeis, tholio lo lam.t, n i lie. j
tliitkn, ugstirn, dalle.; nmrli) tin., luil.'t,
ltecelils I'lnm, J.500 liancO. and JVjU'.WX)
I'uiiiuls In Mik;, 71,iii'il liiulitlj', urn,
iMU.liui; Cain, M.umi. Miipiiiiiiiii, li,
mJ lnislitls; coin, 171,1X0 biuliel.; nits', S,HiKI.
New York Ginin nnd Produce,
New Voik, lite, II, l'loui Maiket as le-1
uttlio and a Miade easlu, ulllnnu chani.e,
Wlitat Meadt i 77iie. elt'iann; ,Su. I norlliuii
Diilnlli, fc'fe. I, o, li. alloal, Dpiioni lo.i it foi',1
pait u( theli I cunt liupioHiuiut to.l.u ami
niaikel tlosOil wtak al 6ja?(t. Hit diclinu; So,
2 ml Jan. tlued 77TM ilnuli, 7l1,i',; Mil,
"OV'if. ; Dei., "t'lii-. t'oill-Spot tttadij ,Nu. -J
lC4i, tltwilol, and lti?tt', (. ii, li, Up
lit lis him ut that, fculwiniuitlj eased oil und
dosed (asy al iiiuIuiikiiI iltt, II iy ihxeil
4ii;t.i Die., KHit. (lils-S'pot ktiady; Jso, 'J.
!!(i"jf.; No. a, liulli.i N- - while, ant' ; .No. il
white, 2'it.i tuik iniMil wostini, ailiii7Vje.:
tiatk wlille, 2!'.a.llt, Oplloiu ow und ulioiit
1-ltad.i. Jluliei 1'illiii iiiuiiiiij, lb.i'2ot'.j f.if
lory, UilS'Cc,; June enamel), ISailc.j linlli
tliui eit.lnitij, 15alpv.; stulo ditiy, lliaife.
flitt I'iim; laue htpt., Ililf.i tiiull ("fpl.,
11'iiM Unfi 1'"' '""'i'lf.i mull,
lile iinde, Hi1. l'itir -I'll in I l'ile and Puiiii.,
25.1)0,'. j iwt'sliiii, it'KiiUr patl.lni,-, 2.,aJiii:t'.
WiMem, lo-ii oil, 2SK:
Chicago Grain and Produce.
CIiIcuko, Pec. 11 Wluat va wtak today on
liiwir (allies ond a poor pilni; iKniaml, .laniui
Again Today-Great One
There are a good many thousand people just as much in
terested in this advertisement today as are you. It is themosl
important news item of the week, tor it preaches the price of
economy, and practices what it preaches.
Begin at promptly 2 o'clock, each lasting for one hour. During
the hours of Friday afternoon you'll buy more for your money
than at any time in the" whole year.
Special o 0R Monday next, December 10th, the Big Store
celebrates its Third Anniversary in Scranton. You
know what that means. Past performances wHl be distanced.
We'll make of it the greatest day in the city's history. Scan
the papers of Saturday, Sunday and Monday for "all the news."
At Two O'clock Sharp.
BUTTER DIStlES Genuine white
porcelain individual Butter dishes, just J
the right .sie, for one hour ; i,
CLOTHES LINES Veiy best make
of cotton Clothes Line, good weight and
strong ; for one hour, ."0 feet for OC
At Three O'clock Sharp.
v --ww- -s! &
for $!.(!!. Fifty of them of heavy
in colors of blue, red,
Four button box front, half fitted back; pari
with sailor collar.-, braid trimmed, nicely finished
and equal to any $:J.."i.) coat in the city. On
sale on Second Floor at three t
o'clock for $ 1 .OS
PRUNES Down stairs in the Groc-
erv .store at .'! o'clock- we shall offer the very
finest of Santa Clara Prunes,
nieah and tender at I! pounds
At Fo"LHharp-
Brussels Rurs On the Third
Floor. One hundred fine Brussels Rugs, li7x. I
inches in size, made iu ten different de.iigu with
fringed ends. A nice holiday gift. Would ,
be cheap at 1.00, For one hour at. . . . 03C
t lunllltf 7u7'.i lottCli 1 Oil) ll(M.ll ii iliadu lo
it. Iilchii. and oats 'si Itmu', 1'ioiisloiu ut
the cIibo uif -'!i'i7!jt. iinpioud. t'ali iuoli
tii. in wcin at follows;
I'loiir u. oil , N'u. a bpiini; wheal. MUTl'ii 1
,Vi. i ltd. 7ii7.1ljt.i Nu, 2 roin, .I7?n.l No,
ii illow, .l7-u l7o, i .No. 2 oat, 2 ! MS it . 1 No,
:: while, 'JliJbHc; No. I lla, Sl.iis'ial.tbi
.No. 1 imrlliuisst. fl.Wi tlmolliy, $1.40; poil;,
I1,W: Iml, f7.)Si7,2'ii rlln, !tJl.&)ui.7i; slionU
dels, oJn'iilUf. J side., f0.iJkiU.1; whlsl.ij, ljl.27;
mikiii., ml loil, il. 1J; iiiaiiulileil, 1 l,'l
East Liboity Stock Mnrkat.
list l.ilitily, Deo, . t'attle Ste-idv j etlii,'i ui: iiilint, siaV.'.'r, tuinnun, s,a" V),
llti AtllMi and lilaliti: pilme intdlniiis nnd
lii'jllt's, f5a5.l'i: liel jml.eii,
), III'.'-, HI.'lO
II Jj lOllills, fs..ilM.MI,
Sale No. 1. Begins at 2 O'clock Sharp.
IjiisL'inenl Salu with an extraordinary oiTerinpf of useful articles,
all at llie remarkably cut price of SEVEN CENTS. Iu the lot
are FLOCK. SIFFEKS, made of best tin, large size, rotary mo
tion; two-quart and one-quart tin COFFEE POTS; two-pound
lea and coffee CANISTERS; one-quart tin .MILK PANS, high
and deep with cover and handle: six-quart MILK PANS of
heavy tin; six-quart TTN PAILS with bailed handles; hardwood
comb and knife BONES; also a big' lot of very fine white por
celain PLATTERS, good size. Your choice for one hour
WATER PAILS Your choice of 3-hoop Cedar
Water Pails, or large wood fibre pails, for one hour
at . 19C
Sale No. 2. Begins at 3 O'clock Sharp.
FINE SLIPPERS Here will be a. great chance to
help along your gift-giving. The lot includes Ladies' Fine
Crochet Slippers, with (leeced insoles; made in all pretty colors
and beautifully finished: also men's imitation alligator Slippers,
finished both dark and light. All sizes in the lot. For ,
One Hour at 05C
OUTING FLANNELS A big lot of Outing Flan-
nels: some iu very new and pretty dark patterns as well as a
splendid variety of light ones. Good weight and superior .3
fleece. A great bargain for an hour 4"4C
DRESS GOODS An unprecedented sale which
includes ten pieces of Camel's fTair Cheviot, 10 inches wide and
worth s'.Dc yard; a loi of Tweed Suitings, worth 49c yard and a
line assortment of satin striped Venetian Cloths, worth
fiOc van). For one hour at -. JQ
tan and brown.
I Sale No. 3. Begins
StIAKER FLANNEL A big lot of 4,872 yards of
one of the best inake-. of Shaker Flannel. You know . 1
w hat it is, and you know what it's worth. For one hour 4C
WASH CLOWS Urge Size Turkish Wash Cloths,
made with finished edges and colored borders; also loop
to hang them with. For just one hour at OC
LADIES' HOSEhun Black and Maco Foot Hosi
cry of very superior qaulity cotton, very elastic and iiiet. .
ly finished. Very special for just one hour at I 1 C
Prawer-.; just the proper weight garment for this sea- n
son of the vear, nicelv made and finished. For one hour 2i
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iron to KOud, "-
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tlioli. lamlis, fN n.i i , oin
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OliicnKo Live Stock Miultet,
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lll'i; pool In liiullilin, .jl.Vl.r,.)!!; rdictcd
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hlead.t, "2.2 1.1.75; towi, tiMil.2."i; iuiltin,; taniuis, nJ.i.'.ii; ImlU, sO.U'.il.i.l;
talus. '-.I ful hluis. Klil., Ttxa,
fciuss tlteib, svl.fjil.lj; 'Itsii liullf, tMl'2'i.
lion lleiclN lod.ij, 2,1,1X11); lomouow, 2j,
Mi; lelt inn-, 2,(Wlj udlie. auiano &. lilli.
ti; topi's.1!; niiud nnil In, Ichois, ;. -(!,-); Kood
AGATE PAILS and Covered Sauce
pans lj-quart size with handles and lifts j
for one hour at OC
IRONING BOARDS The very best
folding kind, thoroughly seasoned wood; fold
into btnall compass; made full size and
actually worth .LlM; for one hour at 7lC
LADIES' GOWNS Muslin and Flan
nel. The Alusliu Gowns arc very fine quality in
both high and V necks, exquisitely trimmed
with yokes of fine plaits and cambric ruffles;
cut full width. The Flannel Gowns are of best
quality Outing with fancy yokes. One of the
day's big bargains on Second floor at 0
Covers. These are elegantly made; all pure
white in rich Marseilles patterns, heavily fringed.
The Tops are square, large size; the stand covers
are 70 inches in length. Would be
cheap at 2."c. For one hour at 5C
at 4 O'clock Sharp.
Heavy Fleeced Shirts and J
Plant Stands On Fourth Floor.
'lhcse stand;- are fin'ished in natural wood; 22
inches iu height j very solid and useful for either
lamp or plant. One of the day's big t
bargains at 5 1 C
to diolco ht'ii), M TOaSj lonali heaiy, ifl BU
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sio, p lliiilpis, l.'.ooH; blieep and lamb.,
ttadj lo .liuiij, I 'In ll urn luinlii' leuli M.T.lj
to, nl in tliolco wctlieu, Sill. 10; fait- to cholte
niivd, hl,7i4lU.i; wtoltru slietp, &a.10; Ti"i.
u-i shtqi, sj,so.ij,ii.1, niliu' l.miti,, ijla'i.JO,
ui.iuii I Mills tl 7J.i".r,0.
New York Live Stock.
i 5 oik, llec. V. lU'cies N'otliliitf doiutfj
fitliii,', llun loi- kooiI tittle" steady tor others.
t.itt, diniiiid tuodeiale; leals, barely utettfy;
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a&; no thoito hi le, ,
iluili uud I iiulist flooil sheep, stronei oIIihh,
Miad.ij coiiiuioii lo iliolto thecp, J2.5Dal.2ij
lulls, fi; lanilcs, i-l.liJial.j lull, jls: m
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Hon I'ttllltf linn.