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Tub Moment IIahuwaih Srom
New patterns in
pocket knives, there
is nothing nicer than
those with handles of
gun metal. The blades
are razor steel, warran
ted. Ask forthe"Twill
Brand", two sizes, a
dozen designs.
Footc & Shear Co.
119 N. "Washington Ave
L. R. D. & M.
Slior arc one ol tho most important ileuv. of
ilrcM) at any tuno ot the jrai, ami csnoclall s
now that we ire certain to lime iIiiiiriiIjIu
weather. Tor btjle, price and qtnlilj sic cnus.
AVe know vio tin please jou.
330 Lackawanna Avenue.
IcSPenn ATenuo. A. a WARiMAN.
T.ocnl difa for Dot. li, 1MW:
Highest Icniperituic SS iUsuc
l.oivct tempo Jlurt So iUih
S ft. m. 71 per cert,
8 p. m l3 pa (cut.
precipitation, !1 hum.', Hiding' H p in , irm'.
Mrs. T. J, Jlfgiigic, of G1J Washington uc
flue, is spending scleral djjs in C-uIioiiiliilr
Assistant United State Distiict Attuinej M.i
rt, of 1'ittsbuiE, ia m tlii eilj on a tutsan-
"UK Moran, of IUciint JIuiuil, i (lie j;iirt
of her cistcr. Jfr. .1. 1'. Kelly, of ni niton
Miss Helen JlcWermutt, of WW Pill'lcii, lia
returned homo after a tun weeks' vi-it with
Scranton relatiics.
Fritz J. I'ranl., the iicsicin iiditiiislu; niiii
ngcr of one of tho Colliery l.ixlneci it'iupini'
publications, 13 spending j. ftw ilij in ilie nlj.
Just Think of It, Two Tiamps Ar
rested for Stealing Milk.
Thoio are two unknown gentlemen
of the genus hobo locked up In U13
central police station, and If the crime
with which they ate charged ever gets
to the ears of their fellow knights of
tho road they will undoubtedly be os
tiaclzed and disgraced f 01 over. They
ore chargpd with stealing milk.
For several mornings past many of
tho residents ot tlreen Rldgo have
found that their mill: bottles have
been stolen In the oatly motnlng. Two
tramplsh looking individuals had been
Been lolteilmr nrouml the stieets In the
early moinlng bonis and their de
scription was given Seigeant of Police
Charles Itldgway, who lives on Wyo
ming avenue, near Clieen Ridge street.
Ho was .suipilscd last night about
0.30 o'clock by being summoned to tli
loor in respousu to a knock and find
ing there the two men whose descilp
tlons hud been given him.
"Wo want something to eat," suld
0110 of them. "We haven't had a blto
to ent for twelve hours.
"C guess you'll take your next meals
In Jail," lospoudod tho seigeant, as ho
learned out both aims and placed tho
men tinder aitost. The patrol wagon
was telephoned for and the two men
wmo taken to headquarters. They
will ho given a hen i Ins this morning.
She Is Accused of Setiously Neglect
ing Her Children.
Jdis. Nellie Hi Ink of Noilh Kin un
ion, was last night nualgneil before
Aldeiman Miliar at tho Instance of
Mrs. W. H. Busman, agent for the as
K''latrd chin Itles, who chaiged her
with non-suppoit and neglect of bor
chlldicn. TI10 rhlMicn, two glils and
one hoy, weto at the nldei man's olllie,
and piesent dining the heaiinw.
They weio taken to the Homo tor
the i-'rlenUlens and tho mother was
dUoliaigcd. Him told a pitiiblo story
of hoc husuiud desertlnsf her last
year, Since then, s-ho elalmi to havo
been nnablo to secure work and prop
el ly euro for the dilution.
The sills were nine nnd tioveu yeais
of ago and the boy Is a little fellow
of flyo. '
AMagniflcent Chiistmas Gift,
Now Is tho time to select It, do to
j, W, Cluiensey's delightfully auanged
music sloro and scewhut tempting bar
gains can bo seemed on a choice piano
or organ. Don't forget tho place.
Guernsey Hall, 314-310 Washington ue
uo, Scranton, Pa.
They Are Acknowledged by Direc
tors of Florence Mission.
The directors ot the Plot mire Ciltlen
don Home, 712 Iliinlson avenue, ac
knowledge with ninny thanks the fol
lowing donations for the month of No
vember: .lotin T. I'orlir, one Inn wip! Mr". Hunk unf
tun fruit! Mi. W s. 'Dlclil, oirp.M, tiipit
mvrcpir, tiiko, foiu pilr lnw, ill1u! lleow
Jllllir, to il-wni r1I Mr. .1. I C'l.iivfuul.
tine Ml tci i np nnd Miieerit, one doren nip,
nno tlo?tti ImttcMl Mrs. M. A. dunlins, one ViM,
one pair tlrnucr: Mr. !. (1. Micphenl, oiie
pnlr tnui'K mm npioni Mi. I'.throtli. one pilr
touelil Mr, tl. W. Mir. upilcs one ham, mint;
Mr. I. ,flu l.i'. loirie! Mr. Iliur, Cnliondale.
lehrvi Mr. Ti.llnr, l'iriolt nicime, one lied
Rtciil, one nnr, one iiinli-tatid limcnui Mr. W
It. liijlor. luu dlditii Mik. A. .1. Vjii (loidei.
tliiec 101H! Jlri (. Mallhriii, one dore'i
tatde ffhss llir. Itlflnnl llloiiw,, one pldine,
Jlri. A. 1). Melle, Hold Dint, Hon Ami! Ml.
Xnlile, one 101c limit', tint, llniurd Slelle, one
pot jam; III. It mil, toinlcneil milk! VI1111U .V
hpemrr, Blioe! Noy Ahr Lumber loihpnnv, le
relpled bill for work J -Mis. Ditiwui, li .lennlij
Miller, ?li Onuliii Ten, Wnvhbimi tieet rhuidi,
$2 J I)i. Anna Clarke, mrdlial venlie! Hirinlon
Dilry tonipany, milk dillii Ijirkaiianna Dilry
compaii,!', milk ililly, lee irenm tnuiitlil) i Jhii
berger, Ajlswortli, Annbnut, ('air, Woiimer,
Mrn. Uleld, melt Tiiontlilyi Pierce' maiket, let
table; I.lndcr'H lnkeri. bieid, pte, riko,
Zcldlri, bind. The folloilnic are Hie nime of
iloniir and loiilcnln of bos from it I'lttslon:
Mis. ,l. 1,. (Iilllltb, imuiea; Mr, riurlei Law,
prune! Mrs. William It. Six, raimcd fiullj Mi.
A. f, Towner, Jellj ; Mrs. . D Miller. Jilli.
Mw. Jame It. Miiet, twu urn tomitoc: Mi
llieodorc WronR, one doin ran liua nnd suciu
tnili; Mrs. (Jpoikc n. "1 liampioii. Ihiee i tin (inn,
Mrc C. S. Crane, gliiitliiin; Mi C. II. t-'uul.
rIukImiii; Mi. A. A. f.iw, 10-if, Mis 11t11 lci -t,UM)ii,
drlid apple! Ml. Lewis .1niie, oliflialf
dozen com; Mr, .laim C hlpp, one hall
dorm nipkln, one p ill tonil! Nivdli' WniU
C11II1I, twilie ciiiiient! Mi . I. lllbb, t,
one nlr towel: Mr. W. II Hi 11. innlln; Mr.
M. L'. While, W) irnl.
He Has Filed a Voluntaty Petition
in Bankruptcy.
S. 1.. liallen, the clothier ot J". and
227 Lackawanna ,iemie, tluough hW
attorneys, Wlllaid, 'Wurien & Knapp,
yesteiday tiled a oluntniy petition In
bankiuptcy with the United States
dlstilct eouit in Pittsburg.
The schedules attuvhed shows the
liabilities to be ? I7.0J.I and the esti
mated assets $11,800. It Is undei stood
that accompanying this petition an
application was made for the appoint
ment of .1 lecelver pending the elec
tion of a tiustee by the tiedltois. The
appointment of such a lecelver would
penult the lesumptiou of business im
mediately or elhe the imeiitniy and
fcale of the stock.
Mr. Gallen. who has ulwnys been lec
ognlzed as one of Sci.inton's leading
business men, came to this city In 1SS1
Horn Philadelphia and established in
the letall clothing business at 1-'.' Penn
avenue. He failed that same ear but
almost Immediately lesumed business
and in two yeais hud settled with ull
his Lieditois.
In 1S90 he moed to 1 !7-l:i' Penn rf'
nue, wheie he lem.uned until ld--L
Apill, whin he removed into his pies
ent splendidly appointed tdoie 011
Lackawanna avenue. The inus-es as
signed for tlii failuie aio dull business
caused by the leeent big stilke, un
seasonable weather and heavy ex
pi nses.
Joseph Certa, of Caibondale, Is Now
in County Jail.
Joseph Cen a, of raibondnle, iias
yesteiday committed to tho county
jail by Aldeiman Monison, 011 tl'O
chaige of abducting ficm her home a
idxteen-year-old gul, who also lived
in Caibondale. Both are Italians.
The two eloped about tlnce weeks
ago, and an indtistiloiis .seaich by the
gill's patents acquainted them M ith
the fact that tho two weie living
together in Blnghamten.
A decoy letter was hent Cen.i bv
the young vvomnn's patents, in wblcli
he Mas infoimed that If he ard their
daughter tetutned all ivould be for
given and thsy would bo lecolved with
open aims. Ceii.e was un-ii-plcIou-,
and yesteidav ai lived In Caiboiulale
with the ghl, ft inn the Pallor City.
Ho found the open aims, pm thev
weio those ot a constable aimed with
.1 wan ant, and poor Cena was given
a heailng, bill was Imposed, and In
detault he was committed to tho
county jail. He w.ib Li ought up by
'(instable Pleico.
Scianton Men Ask for a Receiver for
Big New York Concern.
Attorney J. W. Cai pouter, Marvin V.
Carter and Pulaski (.'alter, of this city,
have gone Into the United States cotut
lor the piupose of having a lecelver
appointed for the Auglo-Ameilean
Savings and Loan association of New
York, in which company they ate
It Is chaiged that the dlieetois of
the company havo bi ought it to the
vetge of financial uiln lor their own
peisonal benefit. Tho Intel est and as
sets of the association amount to about
Court Ibsued an older 1 etui liable to
day lostialning the company fiom
making payments of any kind. The
Messrs. Caipenter and Cuter, aio, It
Is undei stood, acting In behalf of a
number of stockholdei.s, Including
many Seiantoninns,
'I Im nun fill mis Lf 1', l', Muldiii will ho
bhoikcd l leatn of Ids buddiu mill nioit un
timely 1I1 .ith, which (Kenned ut his lata hunie,
Ull VVext Ltekiw.imu .mime jetlinby nfiei
noun. Hi) w.11 lukin III on bnnil.i.v ciinlnt; l-t-r
wilh tipliold piupmonla, and minim il in a
pieeutloui eoildlllull until the1 tluio uf Id ili.illi.
.Iiiht at the time when tliei butt w.h tliiUn;; in
the Witt bU mid peacefully wafted It UIkIii
In till tiieat be.iond. Ho "as. boiu on tin) l.'ih
uf Deceinbei, 1670. In iiveinbci, ISifl, lie via
uuirled in Katie h., of IhU illy, anil
their union uaa blecil by ono nun, Paul. Mr,
Madden lias a incut aiiilahlo anil loiliu' htii
bind, u kind f.itlul, a kluetie' and ii.tini-hcjitcd
fill ml. Ill andablo iiulltii and theetful dl
pillnu rmliaied him tu all vilm kuiw I1I111,
At llu' time of his ikatli be lias int'uirril a u
bailsman in llm Newuik Shoo btoie, knd uai
nsaiilid by hU employer as a Iribtcd, ef
lleiiut and imut valuable man. llo was pcilup
1110111 giucrally known un the druuiiiiei of iliuci'j
baud, in which oiuaultatluii he ua attached
for a iniiubcr of .icais, and in bind (lulo waj
leKardid ai one of tho best In Ida pioftbilou.
He viai a member of the bciunlon Ktillita of
Columbui and .Scuntim Lndgn of l'll.s, in both
of vildili oifaiiltatlun he wai very popular,
The (uncial urwngcimnN halo not .ill bein
Mis llle J. faille), of Ija Itl.le lion,
died laic Wi dm sil jy nlalil, nftci weik.'
Illncf. bho 11.1 S3 jraii of Jne and J Mini. id
b her biubjiid and one bun, Mile J. Canity,
r. The funeral Mill be held at i o'eloek to
morrow allcrnoon, uitlt tervleis at bt. rele,'
lalliedul, and interment In the L'athcthal cciue.
Part ot Aareeincnt Between I
dieted Members and the Munici
pal Leaoue Is Fulfilled.
Mr, Oliver Made a Brief Speech Ex
piesslng Regret at the Mlsfpitune
That Had Come to Mr. Thomns nnd
Mr. Coyne, nnd In tho ower
Blanch, Mr. Griffiths Upon Resign
ing, the Chairmanship, Spoke Feel
ingly for' a Few Minutes to His
Fellow Members Special Election
Ot doted for December 18 to Fill
the Vacancies Some Jockeying
for Chairman Giifflths' Place Re
sulted In Delaying the Meeting of
the Coinmonets.
'I'lte ten eotmellnien Indicted by the
last giand luiy for accepting In Hies.
loslgned their .eats last night, In pait
fulilltneiit of the agreement with the
Municipal league, by which Miey ate to
escape pioeculIon iu tin cilmlnal
cotut. They have nlieady signed a
paper stipulating that they will not
seek or accept public ofllee for live
yeais, and befoio next Momluy 111 e to
raise a fund of $2,200. to be dlstilbuted
among certain of the1 city's chailtable
Institutions. On Monday morning, to
which tlmo the consideration of their
cases was postponed, the aUoines of
the league will go befoie colli t and ask
that vetdlcts ol not guilty be entoied
In each including that of e
Seleetinan Horatio T Fellows, who
subset Ib"d to such oL the exactions a3
be was Iu a position to tulllll.
It was uinioiotl about the city ves
teulaj that of the ui cued
couiieilnieii had tllscnveied thnt they
weio not guilty and would back out of
their .igieement to le-lgn, ai d defv the
league to pttno them guilty. Tills
would nieiin that none ot the leslmia
tions would be foi thcoitiing, as the
league stipulated that all 01 none of
tlteateuseil should cuter Into the ugue
ment Tills .uousod some sjit'culatlnn up to
the time of the council meeting, and In
consenueiice theie was an unitu,illy
huge galleiy iu both eliambeis when
the meetings weie called to Older.
Some weio theie, of course, I'uough
tneie cuiloIty, hut the presence of
munv could only be aecounted foi by
anxiety tt know whether or not the
tesignatlons would eventuate.
Agent Uobeit Wilson, of the Munici
pal league, lolteied about the 0011 (dot
to hem the III st news of what took
place. Mayor .Moh looked In over the
shouldeis ot the cioud that lino I the
tear of the common council chamber in
fiont of the committee loom. Seveial
attorneys weie noticed among the as
semblage of spectatoi.s.
The select council was the Hist to get
down to business. The loutiup of I he
Hist th tee 01 deis of business was gone
tluough with, as If nothing unusual
was on tho eat pet, and when the fourth
Older, "coniniiiiileatioiis," was called
bv 'Wagner, the lesigntitlons
of Mr Thomas and Mr. Coyne weie
taken up tiom the table bv Cleik La
velle and lead In the same pot timolol y
manner In which he would disclose the
contents of a letter convening a claim
lor damages from a blocked sewer or
something of that sort.
Mr. Thomas' leslgnatlon was lead
(list. It was typewilttfii, except as to
the n Hue of tile waul he lepresented
and as to the slgimtiue. All the leslg
nnlions weie vlmilailv dialted, ns fat
as the tv pew ill ten pint went, and read
as follows;
'In the niliteis ind iiinnlci. of the -i I i I roiui-
1 ll uf till (III Of st)llttolf
iituthuuu: I hitihi ttiuh'i mi u-iualion .1?
.1 ineuibii in ih, -eleft rmimil "f th" till- of
-tuinlun, foi tli I'ouilh w.nd uf slid elh, lo
I iko elicit I lei ID. l'lim Simon 'Ihonns
Suiiilnii. Pi . livi 1, I'm)
A hush fell over tho council whn
the cleil; stalled to toad the icsigiia
tlon and it was itnliroken till Mr.
Oliver nioso and in low moiT-uied tones
(lenthuiiii: Willi nlucliuci I li-e to mole In
.icupi thU lt.sU'iiitiwi. 1 aciud in lliu lower
I I null of tniiniil with Mr. 'I limn is 'or time
.Miirt and tin- mail 1 11 11 in IhU In inch, mid
tin- 0X111111111" a ln- tillmi lntiubei impil me
In mi tint 1 Dlittiirlj itnt this oct 1 ion. t
lope the ilai will mil lie Mi when Ihc
iliiiul width houi urn thU juuut, 111.111's lite
will bo dH'tllul.
linly 11 foiv voices weie audible when
the vote to accept the leslgnatlon was
taken, and thete weie low and solemn
of tone,
Following the leading of Mr. Coyne's
leslgnatlon Mr. Oliver moved its ac
ceptance "under the same conditions,"
as he put It, "as the pievlous leslgna
tlon." Tho voting was similar to that
lu -Mi. Thomas' case. 'Neither 'Mr.
Thomas nor Mr. Coyno weio present
at the meeting.
II was 8.15 o'clock when the common
council convened. Those of tho conn
oilmen who weio to lomaln In ofllcp
hud boon flguilng on tho lining of tip?
vacancy lu tho chnlimanslilp and each
We have com
pleted arrangements
for direct shipments
of Florida Oranges,
We offer this week
fine fruit at 35c per
dozen, $3.75 per box,
E. G. Coursen
480 Lackawanna Avenue.
side was fearful that the oilier would
spilng some ttap to captuto the place,
'i'ltu division would stund eleven Dem
ocrats to ten ttbpiiblleutis with the
council Intact, and, as Mr. drier and
Mr. doilshull wera absent tbe Demo
emtio itiajoilty would leinaln the
same. The Doniooiats, however, un
dei stood thnt tho Republicans counted
on one of the Deinocints to sitppott
Mr. Keller for chairman, and they
wore expecting Hint tin attempt would
ho muili' to capture the place for Mr.
Keller by having Mr. Uiltllths ieMgn
lliu chair and then go Into the elec
tion of his successor befoio tho icslg
nntloiiM weie offered.
The Republicans nuclei stood Hint the
Democrats pioposed lo cupttno the
plate for Mr. Calptn by having the
election take place Immediately upon
the leslgnatlons being presented. Thou
the councils would slant! .seven Demo
crats as against three Republicans, If
the leslgnlng inoinbeis letralned from
voting, as they might be expected to
do. If they Insisted on voting, the di
vision would bo ten Domocints as
against nine Republicans, nven with
a backslider or two the Demoeiats
weio suie they would entry tho day,
as they had promises of suppott, so
It was leported, tiolu seveial of the
accused counellmeii of Republican ten
Hut lifter a lot of Jockeying it soil
of mutual undeistandlng was reached
thai the election of a chairman would
not he attempted and the meeting wns
ptoceeded with.
All the 1 online business was finished
up before theie was any hint ol the
nil Impottant matter for which tho
meeting vvns spoclnlly called.
Chaliman C.rllllths anise and aftet
a In let period ot hesitancy said:
(icuthtueu if the Common f'uiliull: We lime
nnw airiied at I lie -erioiis pait of the iiiietlnc.
scitial ot join im ml or ue ininpdhd to ir
sltfn in piimiitirc to in t mi lit intend into
with the Municipal limine. It I not nett-sii.i
tot m to tie il with the dttail of tin ilfaii.
Our local pjpn look t ue of that Whit I
want to haj i thl. I jou heutil.i toi
.io'ii louitcou lirittMiit and upptnl iliirlui;
the lUht 111011II11 I hue tiiiipietl the thill. Om
lni'etliiK hue iliiii.iit been plei-int; nut a sin
Kle iueiihnl hi llktli pi ice tint i mild be
t died .1 bleach of drcuiiiui. It I uiitiirliinite
thai Ihl llulif hi cite lined, but a ion ill
ki ow tine 1 tin- liabihtj alwiin tbil vim--tlilii-t
will imp up -Dim tiuu' In inn nun' life
tliatlhat, vitll. tint I iife'lill iblc We aie
null- ibulit lo ltCtile I he It -Igli itifins 'I he
Mjom 1 thine lite Idler ind so on. A 1 fn n
1 nsk jou to lit Mi K lit 1 tike the 1 hih l
iiiini the rt iiiintieit Cinth mi n, I bid ?tnt
-Mr. Gilllillis fsjjok" feelingly nil
tluough his ntldiess and as ho stepped
ft 0111 the plotfoiin his lountenitni'.1
betoUenei1 no small mental pain.
Ills i"hlgnation was gi anted by tl'"
Uemociats by sllenl ussent. All'. Kel
ler took the chair and then one after
Hie other the eight lcslgnatlons were
leatl in the following ctdoi: Chniles
K. AVenzel, V 11. 1 loose, T. M. Wat
kins. J. .1. GiU i, M V. Munis, T. F.
Monls, Cli.tilos i:. GoiUii-ill, W. V.
Gi ll'lllis.
Cleik Lvnett's usuallv tobtist volte
was loweied to a feeble mi Innclioly
pitt h as ho load the losign.' tlons. and
theie was a deep lloncc tlnoughout
the v.hole pi ot ceding among the mem-bei.-,
save when a. motion to accept r.
leslginitltm was being l ut, and voted
upon. As In the select blanch the
voting was low toned and pat ticlpate.l
lu only bv two or tluee inembcis at a
At the conclusion of Hie meeting tho
letlied membcis lecolved hearty hand
shakes tiom their lroie fotunnte
bietlnrn. It was extiemi lv einbaiiass
Ing all around as the most that could
bo pNch.iiiried wns 'wtll, good bvo,
old man."
A Joint lesoltltloii was iatsC,(i Hxin
Tuesday. December Is, as the timu
for holding the special i lecllon lo fill
the acancIOb.
The boaid of levlston and appeals
meets this afternoon, ami 11 is piob
able that iosgniitlon I of Mjjssrs.
Tliomns, .Mollis and Loose will be
loi thtoming.
They Weie the Piopeitics of the
Butlei Mine Company,
of Pittston.
An iuipuilant u.ilM'il of uiluiii iii'i lllfi
look jiljie it I'ilt-lmi .ii.leulii, vilicn tin
huldliM of the llullei Mine tompiui, of
tlilt clly Weie taken lulo pnt-lnn In (he lllll
hide Coal and ll nil touipiui, of width C ipl tin
W. A. Mi, of thl ill, i the iuan.igii, 'the
plOlielll eif the IlllllCI iomp.111 eoulst of llllte
main opening, the, the Ilutlti .ml
tin ruiiwonil, with two, luiiipaiatlich
new, .it Hie lallti niliird tollieiin, Willi seui il
hundud Jill ot to.ll lilid pull deitlopid. 'Ihe
luopcilles in iiii-tion ale all loeitttl in l'ilhtnp.
tnwnhip, 'Ihe new actiuhillon i a inot vain
able one lb llio HIlMde toiupiii, a Hut pi, -tiouly
owned c unhide table uuiuipinitd land ad
Joining tliu Ilutlei enuipiui. licit tnfuie the pio
duct of the lolllciir? his been nhipped oici the,
cll oik, h-uvjiieli inni and Western, Ihe I.chlth
ValU ami the Ft mi Inula iiihuaiN, but iu
Inline villi be shipped iiiiiuly mil tlio
lhlo lailioad.
'lliu Unlit r Cod cuiuplli L iiiiiipjied of
A. Houithloii and O. W. Hump, both of Colli
iuiC, V. V nnd S 11 lit illicit, ut l'lttilun,
lho hitler bclnj Ihe resident iiianiRii- dui-
in,' tho Ihiiteiii which (lie tompjiiy hat
colillollid Ihuo mine.
'Jlie bjlo I auothii 1 1 1'h in e of Ihe polity of
tin lito'O toal taii.Mm; inuipmhs to ellmlnale
bin ill optiatluie fioui Hit iiuthiaeite niiuiti;
liibiucsi, mid thus pivuni the eoiisliu Hon of
the e,w- toil told,
'I lie HilUIdc Cell and lion u lliu
11 lino uide'l uliieh Ihe J lie toiiipiiiy couth lis it
iiiinlii.- epeiatlon. 'lho lain iniiipaii i lulki
ly opiriMtl to the lomiiiii Hon of the piupo-eil
toad to tidewatei.
For Sale.
Tin i'u diaft hoisesj set single, two
sots doublo hniness; two heavy, one
light dellveiy wagons; lumber wagon;
set bob sleds; buggy polo; four i oil-top
and tlueo Hat top desks; two olllco
tables; olllco chillis; two olllco clock,;
Smlth-Piemler typewiltor; copying
maehlne; Ambeig Hie case; cntulogue
cabinet; luigo hot water healer; two
heavy, one light platfotm scales; storo
shelf boxes; two showcases; cash legis
ter; two pipe-cutting machines; four
II. P. engines; 73 feet stoto Hack; $1,
600 woith gas (lxtuvcs and supplies;
$5,000 woith pluiubeis' and stcum-flt-teis'
goods, all at u baiguln.
The Hunt cc Connell Co.
J, W. Guernsey
hns Juat iccelved a largo anil beautiful
stock ot pianos and organs for tho hull
duy tiude, tho llnest ever seen In
Scianton. Peaso call ami get pi Ices
and tcims. Guernsey Hall building, J.
W. Guernsey, pioprletor. 311 Washing
ton avenue, Scranton, Pa,
ICniiiliitled fiom I'.iae I
pie.uimed to opointe, was unionstlHt
HoiiiiI, liiasniiU'h as It piovMrd for n
school dlstilct In cities of tho second
dnss, and such legislation, under the
decision In the Kennedy cne, was un
constitutional, It being an attempt to
clnsslry school dlstllcts nnd legislate
specially for different classes.
Rut to the suipilse of the mnjoilty
nf In wye if, tliu Supremo cotut sits
tallied tho Act of 1871 and continued
the boaid of twenty-one In olllco. Mr.
Ruins was one of the nttoini'.v.s who
was engaged In the assault on the 1VTI
nrt and, It Is lensnnnble to piesuine. Is
thoiotiglity neciualntod with the matter
In all Us inmlllcatlous, Mr. Hums says
ho Is satisfied that If the constitution
ality of the Act of ISO"., the Kennedy
act. Is again hi ought up, the Supiomo
couit will into that It Is good law, nnd
that an en or was committed when It
was declared Invalid.
One Way Out.
This suggests ono way the Scianton
school dlstilct may solve tho dltllctiltv
Hint confronts It. Another way Is that
championed by Mr. Reedy, the boaid's
rolleltor. lie holds that In the absence
ol any code of laws for school dlstilds
In second-class cities, the Scianton
school dlstilct will be entitled to totttln
her piesent laws, even though thev tlo
apply lo school dlstllcts In cities of the
llilitl class. Ills aifiiiinent Is that tho
teiiu "school dlstllcts In cities of '.he
llilitl class" Is a googiaphlcul i.ithei
than a legislative distinction, mid that
al (hole It? no piovlslon mode im
"school dlstllcts in cities of the second
class," and none can be nude, the
Scianton school dlstflct must needs
keep what laws It bus, at least until
such time as other laws aie passed to
supplant them, ns would eventuate in
the case of the Kennedy act being de
clined valid by the Supienie mint le
vel sing Itself.
If nolthei of these Iews sue ac
quiesced in by the Supienie couit
Sd anion's school district would natur
ally have lo tail back on lho
Act of 1S11, as Allegheny did, and when
this thing comes to pass, If It should,
Scianton can look out for bother.
The Act of 1S"4 ptovliles for a separ
ate school boaid in each wind and a hnaitl composed of all the mem
be; s of ull the ward boaids. This would
give Scianton a school boaid of ISO
nienilieis. Allegheny has &K winds less
lliau Scianton, but at that It Is ioiii
pldlnlng gtleiously of Hie blilkiness of
lis cenlial boaid. The vvoik Is done
mainly by committees of fifteen, but all
their transactions aie under tho dliec
t Urn and subject to the uppioval ol the
whole boaid.
The Centtal Boaid.
Tho cential bum tl levies a l.i sn
cient lo p ty foi the High school's ex
penses, for the salaiy of ofticeis. teach
eis and other employes, iur tet
books, stiitioneij and supplies and. iu
fact, for all geneial expenses. The
sub-boaids aie, undei the law. mail" a
tiuasl-coipoiatlon and have pi.ii tlc.illv
all the pow eis of the general lioanl. It
levies a lax for the constiuc linn -nnl
maintenance of the building ot hiiliil
Ings in Its lespectlve bailiwkk. selects
the teacbeis, hiios and lia.vs lite jinl
lois and looks alter all lopalis and
other mntteis of miilntonam e.
Councils must assess and i ollei t
whatever tax the school bonds Uvv.
II Is mand.itoi v on the count lis ami
theie Is nothing to Intel foi e with Hie
school eontiolleis' dNcietlon in the
mutter, even the mints being nowei
less to Intel feie.
In Alleghenv the schmil la lin sitli
boaul pin litiscs vailes In the illo'eien'
wauls fiom a tiaetion ol a mill to eight
or nine mills. Tin. tax tor gcii'
school pin poses It, about tluee mills
The whole tax i about six mills, and
this is on a total valuation ol sni.CiOi).
000, or, to be esaot, on fiO per te-nt, of
$70,000,000, the abatement ot one-lhiitl
on pi oi)oi ty nnd one-hull on agil
cilltural piopeity lesitltlng in a i educ
tion of 10 per cent.
At piesent one of the Allegheny
wnids Is building a .200,ti0u school
house. Two of ihe wauls maintain in
duslilal seliools.
Pianos and Oignns at Guernsey Hall
at gieatly reduced pi lees for the holl
das. Tonus aie easy and goods the
tlnest In the mat hot. M14 Washington
avenue, Scianton, Pa.
4 -f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-t-f----
?- Stylishness does not
t mean expensiveness heie $
Supeib patterns in
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Coloied Man Accused of Assaulting
Nellie Wilson.
Sim tls H.ittlc, 11 young coloied innn,
living In Conlor stieel, wns niiostcd
lust night nnd taken to tin iVnlei'i
stleet police slallon, on a w ut unit Is
sued by Aldeiman .Millar, at the In
slunce of Miss Nellie Wilson, of West
laickiuiuimu uvenue, who iitcuseil him
nf attempting to cilinlnally assault her,
and falling lu this, of buitlng mid nt
tncklng her,
Tlieio will be a homing In the onse al
" o clock this iittcinoon. Ml.s Wilson,
who Is u conieb voting white woniini of
iw only-one yeais, alleges that on Titos
day night, December 1, Hattlo elleotod
nil ontiy into hei liedcliinnhci, bv
bl caking the tloot. She a.vs that h'
then itttcuipted lo ouliage her, and
lulling In his pin pose, became em aged
at her ttlt.tunce and stiuclc her vio
lently, scilousl.v hiuMng her.
llnttle claims to have lived with the
womiiii for sonic time past, and says
that her accusation Is enliiely false.
Washington, D. C, and Retain, Only
On account of the cuiteiinial celebia
tlon tif the establishment of govern
ment iu the Dlstilct of Columbia, to be
held In Washington, IJ. C, Dec. VI,
1000, ticket ugeiits ot the I-ackuwunua
lalhoud will sell special exclusion
tickets at late of one way faie foi
the lound til), on sale good going on
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letuin until Dec. Inclusive.
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stieel, to-ulghl. Admi-sioii ten cents
kltOIl If. Vn lifint ton or Ml ue! Mr V.
liiotti, of bu.nunii. I u loilji jL Ju0
t 'tloi k. I mi, i il piuati.
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n a i
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nullum tint llic .ml hoi of fmli
uiiuik never Uiioiui tlio tii
llKlits of UiliiK 1 "luu lliunel"
l.i7r, nil tulai no t-lianrt III
l)iilii- llti' ilollji-aml-a-lialf Mini
ue ii'iri.nit tin in.
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-r t
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Ho I
" 'i