The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 04, 1900, Page 7, Image 7

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    j AVt''H'' '' '' f totf' "V-"r tV- -)'5ai,t.A-ftst
- - V- Tpy1- ' f iSSs. 5' vv --(, -V
tr Arw"'"' ,!"' ' f"'"'1 w '!? jjF-,--)i'-fl"A'TV'
,flta-i ltf. f.jiii 1, ."C?''1
ia-r. -nrf-fV "Jf
.- t"! J
('. it, 1tt,'t -JvTf
eonlrnt liow In lie r mUtcnl with llie tiialntrn
nee nf law, order ntiil lojnlty.
"The next subject In order of Imliorlanrp
tionlil lip tlie oriMiilMllnri nf (rotfniinciit In flip
Inrncr lulmltilttrnlhe illtWotit cnrremiidlii( lo
iminllM, itci.iitinptilnl or provinces In
Zip runnnnn iiifpriTttn of liiiitiy or ncvcrnl tiiiinlcl
lmllllcH fnllliiK wlliilii Hip i.imo tribal lines, or
llie same tiatuul Bcoitntplile'-il limit, may brt
tip milrrril li.v a ennnium niinlnltintlnn.
Wlicncvcr Hip ininiiiMnii l of llip iiplnlmi
the condition cl nlT.ilm In Hip Itlniuli li well
tlul flip rriilnil nitiiiliilsliiilliin Inny intely lie
linnsfrrreil fioin military lo tlUt control llipy
will report roniliHloii lo joii, with their
reeoinmeniliitlon'i in lo Hie foiin o( era! nil c"
rniincnl to lie lll"il lor Ike puipo-i of
tnklns oler llie coiillul.
legislative Powets.
"lleitlnnliiK Willi Hip M thy o i iiifiiitiei.
1I1M, llio nnlliorlly In eirrle, liet lo mv
tippi-ti.'nl, tliroiiRli llie. ".eiietiiiy nf wii'. Hilt
part of the power cl iioeinnient In Hi-' l'lillli
pine IrlmiiN nlilcli l of lenW.illiP li.tttiie It
to be Iriimfemd li.nn the nillilary KiiiiTiiiwr of
the Inland to till coiihiiImioii, tn V iluii'ttllrr
exerehed by them In the plate atul stead of
the military Roicriiur, under mill rule nnl
liRiitiittoiM ni )'(tl All all prenilbe, until llie
est.ililUliineut of the (iW initial pnwiiinulil fer
the lonteniiillled in llie 1.11 l"lik'i'l'K
pnrii?rnp1i, or until ii'iimc nhnll otliirlsi pit'
.lilc INi'lilw of llile lesl-l.illie aittlimlty will
Include the mikliitf ul iul nml onhis, h.iHu
the effect of law, f r llie lahlnit of i ., i-mie by
tic, ciHtonn iltillt, iiml liiimwt: tlip appio
prlntlon nml eipetulltini' nl public fiunl oi the
llnd: tlm ratutilMitni-nt nl mi ulm all.
tem tluoLnhoiil the llanilS llie
of a njili'in to w.'iiir mi otfl. ii nt elill 'hinIm;
the omanlr illon mill e-l ililMmif lit of mints;
th" orgai izntioii oliililihniciit of in muinl
ami departmental i;oh nunc lit', .mil ull ollie
nnttern of u dill intiire for wlilcli tlio milltni.v
roicnior I now lonipotent to pimlilp I'J mien
or orders of i. lisilaliu ili.u.n.tu.
Powers of Appointment.
"the. iniiimlioii will ul-o li.if power ihirinj;
the same peilod lo appoint lo oltlie Mull ulli
icrs, under the Judicial, and til II
icnico lerin nml in tin and de
partmental colelliineiils as lnll be prollded for.
t'ntll the lomplele tianifir of lonliol tlio mili
tary itoioinoi will iimulii the ililtf eeiutlie
head of the (.'(jipinoieiit of the Wand, mill will
evercln- the ei utile jutliniily now puwsM'd
liy him and hot licicin i-pie.lj uitilicd to the
tuniniMnn, vnlijiit. howeu'1 lo tlio 111I1-. and
nlilei enailnd 1 1. the iiiiiiliil'loii In llie exeul'e
of the hitMatlip poweis innfeiied upon them:
In the imiiutiuip llie lnuntcipil and
Koiernnients will continue to icport to the mili
tary iioieinnr and lie uhect to lili .iilniiiiNtu
tile MipcixNnm and toiitrnl, under join dliec
tlon, Inn Miwil.ion and imitinl will In
iniiliiieil within the n.iiume'1 limit loiiiMent
wllh tin- lupiiieuKiil that the powein oi ijimui
meiil in lhi mimic ip.ilitif- and dipai Inn nl, xliall
be honestly and etlictlvely esercisud and llmt
law and oulei ami Indiiidiial fieedom lnll be
in liul.ili-cl.
"All le?Hl.itiie iule and omIpk, ptab'i-.liimiiti
of Koieinmenl, and appoliitmeiil to ulliip li,.
tlie (oiiiiiI-.miii will lake ctleit llnmiiliatel) . ol
at Mich time a they 1 iliiiuiiate. ubjei I
to .loiir appioial and .utioti upon tie coiiiim; In
of the c onimiion'i lepmw, whhh .no to !
m.nle from lime lo liino u-. their ailion I
Wherever ilsil Roicinun'iits ale lonstltulcd un
der the illieLliiin of the romnii-,-inii tiiich uiilituy
p"t, (i.uriM)ni and fouis will he continued fur
the siippie-.iion of iii-.uirpc.tioa juJ liiisandaiie
a the military commander Mull deem iPipiUltp,
and the military force. shill be at all lime
-ulijCLt, imilei hi cideiN. lo the eill of the ciil
authorities foi lite malutename of law and older
mil the uirmrSit lit of lln-ir authoiili.
Basis of Work.
"In the eMaldi-lnneiit of mutmlpal Kuvem
mi'iiK the niiiimivioii will take a- the beds of
their work the iioieiunieiits e-.tablislieil b the
uiilitiiiy Kuicitiot timlei hi oidei of Vnjr. S. 1S09,
and lllldel Hie lipi.ll nf Ihc Iioml l ulKlillllt'il
h the uiilitiiiy -oveinoi' lii hi nrder of .'an.
"!', PKH1. to lotiiiulate .mil npott a plan of imuii
up.ll coieiiimeni. of uhiili lli Honor I'jyitnno
iellano, piesidinl of the Audieiiua, w.w chaii
man. and they will iie to ihe com Itisions of
that boaul the weight and lOUM'di'iation iihich
the IukIi ih.iraeter and diM'iiiuuNlKil ahilifii' of
it" uunibii-. iu-tifi.
"In the const it lit inn of t'cpailuiniful or pio uvc Minimis Iher will sie epeiiil .11
leolion to the I'Mtiotr; Kovciuuicut of the Inland
of Neurol, i ..list it uti'il. with the apptoial of Ihe
people of that island, under the older of ihe
ndlitarj -.mernoi in .Inly 22, IsTJ, and itter
leiif.iiii!., -ii far as nuy l- piaiticalde, the le
polls oT lln siiuissiut woikitiK of that on-in-nient
they will he iuithi! Ii. the expeiienie Ihu
niqiiircil s as it ma he applicable to the
lomlifion eiliu in other poitioiis of the Phil
ippines. The will .nail themselves, to the full
ist lieure" piactiiMhlc, of tin- 1.0111 Itisions re.11 lied
iiy the ptcviotir. eoiouiis.siou to the rhilipphies.
Distribution of Powers.
"In the tlNtiiliiition of powcn anion; the
uoveiiimenln oiiraiiiiil by Ihe inriniis'loii, tie
piCMimptlun i .ilua.vs to lie 111 favor of (he
siinll sub-division, mi all the puvvci. which
1.10 propeily In eeicised hv the munic.ipil p;ov'
iinmeiit -lull he veslid ill tint Knitiiimeut, ami
11 II tlic powei of .1 iiioie Ke11e1.1l cluiacter which
i.fu be icitised by the depntmeptal jrovern
ment -.hall h vested in 1I1.1I piveimiient. and
mi that ill tlio Koveininental sistcui, v is the
icsult of the pioeess, dp eenlial i;oveimiinnt of
the inlands, followiuc tlie xjinplo of the ditii
biition of Hie pawns between Hie stales and the
11.1tinu.1l piveiinoeut of Hip I'nited Slates, .slnll
line no direct administration ewept of nutteis
nf pmcly Kinciul romern, and slull have only
"111I1 Mipcrvision ami control over u-ovcin-uients
a may he neiess.iry lo m-puip and infoice
faithful and cflkliiit adnilultratiuu b.i mil
1 ers.
"'ihe. man dilTeient deiees nf c Iviliatiou
ami vaiiities of custom and capieily nmong: the
people ol the dllurent llaiuU pieclude veiy
definite inslinetlon as lo the pan which tlio
people (.hill take In the (.election of their own
olllcers; but these lidos me to he ob
served: In all cues the municipal ollkm,
who administer Hie local attain 01 the people,
aio to lip selected by Hie people, and Hut
wherever oftliei, of more iMrudcil jmisillctio'i
alp to be selected In any way, nitives of the
islands are to be picfcuod, and if tlipy cm be
loom competent and vvilllm? to peiform the du
ties, thejVuo to leceivp the olliics in prefeience
tn any otTieia.
"It will lie neicswuy to fill ,01110 otlke for
the pieseiifc with AineriiiiiH whiili after n'tlme
may well be filled by nitlveii nf the Islands. A
noon as piaolliublo .1 Bj.lem for iisieitalnlii'r the
merit mid ntiies of candidate for civil utile u
liouhl be put in forec. An indispdisabb ipnli
fleatlon for nil oilieo and position ol liul and
authority in tlie island must be absolute and lo.vnlly lo the United i-tale, and
absolute and uuhampeivd iiulhoilty and power
to lemnve and punish any otlkrr elcvlutini; from
that standard must at all times he retained 111
the hands of Ihe initial authority o( tlie Ulancl.
Fundnnieultil Principles.
"In ull the found of ituvci luurut and jilimiiU
ratlvu piovlsion.s wlihh they are authoiiAil to
lirstrlhe tlio coiniuissinn sliould bear in mind
'hat the irovcimnent vvhicli they me elaollshinii
ilesiunrd not for our s.itlsfuition, or for tlie
ipreislon m" 0111 theoretical views, but for
ho liappines., peace and piosperlly of the iio
ile of the 1'lilllppliie l.l.inij-,, mid Hie ini.ui.iii
aelnptpel should bp made o conform to thiii nil.
tonu, their habits, and even their pieulnej, to
the fullest ptent lonshtpnt wllh the uiionv
pllslimciit ol the iudUpeiia.ible leijilsltes of Jmt
and cflecllve Kouiniuent,
"At the aamv lime the luiiiiiiliAioii sliould btai
In mind, anil the people ot the Islands Ihii1I
Ihi made plainly to understand, that Ihno .up
Kltaln (treat principle of gnieriiiutiu whim
have been mule. Iho lu.U of our Koviiumeutal
s.vttem width wo deem esseiillal lo thu mh o(
law and tlie 111:1 i rii t ot individual fiePdom,
and of which they have, unfortunate I), hem eh.
Iilfd ths e.vpeiil'lKO possessed by iu; that iheie
arc aUo lert.ilu piactlcal uile-i of soul nun in
which we have found tu bo essential to ll.e pus.
rtvatlcn of tlieo piliuiple ol llhtily mid
law, nml tint Ihisp pilmliih and these rule
of Boveriiiiicnt niu-st bu iktalilishcd ul main.
iainrd In their islands for the sake of th. h
liberty ami h.ipplmvi, ho .level much the may
conflict with the uuioin or lavva of proeedmu
with which they .11c familiar.
"it U evident that tlio nuut piillKhirnod
fhoufhf of the Philippine Island, fully jppieU
lttj the impoit.inco of these principles and
rules, and they will inevitably within u slioii
time command linivei-ial asiint, I'pou every
eJlviilcn and branch of the governmvul of Iho
Dilllppllittf, llierofore, must be lmpov;d tluse
InviolaVle iula:
Inviolable Bules.
"That BO petbon slull be deprived ot life, lib.
rty, or property without due procesi ol law;
tint private properly Mull lot be taken for
public lisp without Juxt rompiii.illont In
nil criminal firo-jpcullon the ai(iiul Mull enjoy
the rlRht to rt peeily atul piiblle trlil. I he
Intoiineil of tlio nature and riiup of llw afiiKU
tlou, to lip tonfiolleil With the vvltiiesei( iiKillilil
him, tn Imvp lonputiory pioee for hlitninliiti
vvltiiescej In hit frVor, iitnl l.l Ii.Up th nlst
tlliep of iimisel lor hi ile(eiie! lint exiesslle
lull Ktntl not he leipllied, lim exnvslve Hue, nor inul nml unimnl puiilliiiinil In
fliilrell tluil no pnon -li,lll bp put twice In
Jropltdy lot lliii "iiuip olVen'i, oi Iu (onipellid
in nuy uiv to le a witness .iifnlii't
hlnnclft that the lllit In he eeiue nualp-l
uiiie.lsnli.ible wiiiIiib nnd minim slnll tint b'
llohilid! neither ilint-l Imr Invi.l'ililil'y
seiiltudp nil .11 e.lit eepl us n punishment h't
prime! mi bill nf iittalndei m evp.j'l-la'ln
law siinll lip pj-sedj Hint Ihi law shall lie pinl
iibildnlii,' llie' tr'"ilntii of spoieh or of the prevs,
or the llnhtis nl the people 1st peaceably assem
ble and petition the unit! tunc lit lor a ledics
of Kilevance: Hut no Inw uliall be made n
spnliliis' mi rstiihllshmnil of li'llnlou, or pi"'
hlbllllils' llu- fl.Pi PMlcise Iheiiiif, nml Hut Ihe
fin piiulse and, iiijn tm nl of lellnliiu" I'm
fesshni and vvnishlp witluuit disiiiiiilnill'Ui ur
pii'felrnep shall fviever lip allowed.
neBnidlng' Lniul Titles.
"It will be the duly of the mmiiiMoli lo
uiiki a tlionniali Invisliuallini Into llie title
tu Ihe laiis'i' trail of land held m claimed li
Individuals or by lellsloii milt Hi Inln llie
Justin of the claims and iinnplilnH 111.ul" nKali.'l
sinli hiiidhotdei by the pi'nple of the id.ind or
.111 pail of llie people, and In ul: by M'l-e
nml pe.iee.lble lueasiiie u jul siltlimuil ol the
lonlroviisle nml iidn-s nf vvimi; whPh have
iaiiid sti Iff and blnniMied iu llio pl. In
(be pel lot m.mcc M lids duly Ihe iniiimitsloii I
lilniiipil to w Hut no liijiistlip I done: In
havo 1 itr ml lot substantial iIkIiH ii'ml eiiily,
ilisieitJlilln,' ticlinleallliis so fir us su'jst.ilitiil
Unlit penults, mid In nhseivi I he li.llowii.vj
"That the piovlslnn of Ihe Tieal nl Pali
plnlltllii; the fiiltnl Mutis to the pinteelhui of
all rlitlits ot properl In the islands, and a
well the pilniiple nf our own noveiiini.'nt which the t.ililm, nf pilule piopeitv without
line process of law, shall not he vlolalnl; lint
the welf.ue of the peeiple nl Ihe l-!.iiuls. whhh
should he a paianimiiit 1 oiisil..illoi shall be
allalneil loiislsleiitl with this nile ol pinperty
ilKlit: tint It It beioiues I111ess.1i for Ihe
public iutire-l of Ihe penple of Hie !l mil In
illsposp of 1 lalms to piopiit whhh the iniuiiiis
slou linds to In- not liwfully anpilied nml held
dispewilioii slnll be m.nle tlieniif by due b'i;il
piondiiip, in nliiih Iheie sliall be 'full oppoi.
Iiinlly for fair and imp11ti.1l heailni; .111.I JiiiIl--iiunt; if lim sinie public Inteicsts ieiiuie
Ihe I'Minaiilslimiiil ot pinpeity livthU lawiiilly.
.iiiiilnd and luhl dm 1 nuip. ii-.ilhni -ti..ll be
in..ile nut of Ihi public liiMsiny llnielor, tint
mi f 01 m nf ielii;liu mid nu mini-til of i'elii;ioii
hall hi- foiled upon any 1 ommuult or upon
.mv eltieu of llie islands', lint, uiou the olhu
hand, no litini-ts 1 e.l 1. 'Union sliall be iiileiteieel
with or molested iu lollowlnir his imIIIuj. and
thai Ihe sepal. ilion between slate and eliinih
shall he leal, utile, and absolute.
To Extend Education.
ll will be Hie dill of the nitini i-sioll lo
pinmote and e-ctend. and, as the find ,ic.iinu.
In impiove. Hie sieni ol education 111
.iiiKiii.ilnl by the 11 I11t.1i authorities-. ;i tloinu:
this Hie should teuarel a of Inst impoii.iiii'p
the extension of a s.v.slem of piimaiy iiluiatlon
which shall be five to nil, and whiili -nail tend
to lit the people for th duties ot 1 Itlcnxhlp
and for the oidiniiy avocilimis of .1 enili''ed
enmiuunity. This ili-lim lion slmuhl lie -ivin in
Ihe' flist instance iu eveiy put 01 Hi' islands
in the ljmjiMpp of the people. In view of the
Kreiil number of Ijiikujcis spulun by the elillei
pul tribes, it is especially to ll.e
piospeilly of the islands Hut .1 common medium
of communication 111 1 be establisheil, and it i-ohvioush-
ilesii.dile this medium should he
the I'ncli'h 1 mm. ore. l'speeial atlentinn should
be .11 "iiee (jiven to alTniilim.' full nppoilunily
lo all the people ot the islands to in die the
Use of the llnglish IJieaiuisi.
"It miy In- well lint Ihe main ihauisis wbieh
slioulil be made in the svsteui of lasalion and in
Hie body of the laws under which llie people me
noveined, ieept such changes as hue alteaety
been made b,v tin niilitar.v Koveimuent, sliouht
he lclcriird In the 1 ivil Koveiiuni'iit vvliieli is
lo be istjblislie'il under Hie aiispiec. of the com
mission, it will, however, lie' Hie ehity of the
euinniisslon to itieitiiic diligently as to v.liethir
Iheie an any fiiitlui ihant;es whiili ounht lint
to bp di'la.ved, .mil it so, they an .iiithoiieel lo
milip any sue It ehancri's, subject to jnur
in doinn; so the aie to bear in mind that laics
whiili lend lo penalize or lepre-s industiy and
enteipiise aie to be nvoideii; piovisions lur
tavalieui sliould be shnple, so tint they may be
unelei stood b.v the people; tney should 11 fleet
the fewe'st practicable subject of taxation whiili
will setve for Ihe ki-iiii.iI illstiiliutlou nf the
Legal Changes.
"'J he main body of the law whhh reuulale
the liuhl and oblljalion of llie people should
be maintained with a lillle inteifeienie as pos
sible, I'luuKos linile should be mainly iu pro
ee'diue', and in tlie eiiminal laws to secure .spmiy
and dials, and al the same time effec
tive administration and le-pect for individual
"In ih'.illni,' Willi the uncivilized fillies 01 the
islands Ihe loumussieu should adopt llu same
rouisc followed by eouuticss iu peimittiiiir the
tube of our Ninth Aineiican Indians to maintain
their tiihal oiK.inlaliou ami novernine nt;' and
under whiili many of tho-e tiibi's .up now living
in peace and content, suiiounde'd b a eivill.i
tiou lo whiili tin lie unable or uuwillluc,' lo
conform. -'n li lnl.ul uaveiiiiuent should, how
ever, be rnhje'cted lo wi-e and film icKula'iou,
and, without undue or petty Intel fen lice, con
st Hit and active etloit should he cxeicised to pie
vent luibiiou-j pr.11 Hies and intiodueo rlvillrcel
I'pou all o'lieeia and iii' of the United
Slates, civil .nnl lullltaiy, .should be iniprcssi'd
.1 sni of the duty not meiely to obseive the
material, but Hie ami social iIkIiI of
the people ot the islands, and lo heat them with
the sime couite'sy anil ic-peel for their peisuual
dUnilvj wliii li the people of the I'nited .States
aie meii-tomcd tu lequlie fiom caeli otlier.
Pledges Well Kept.
"The uilieles ol capitulation of the eity of
ll.itill.t on the Tltli of Avnjuit, lyi, concluded
with these words;
" ''I his rit, its inlnbitanls, its 1 lunches ami
icIIkIou-j wuisliip, lot establishments',
and its private piopeiiy of all deseilptlous, aie
placed under thu special safcKuniil oi the l.illh
and honor of tin Aineiiiau army.'
"1 believe' Hint tills plednc has been filthtully
kept. A high and saeied an c.lilltj.itlim icsl's
iipull Hie (,-oveiinneid of Hie fulled Mate lo give
pioteedlou for piopnty and life, elvil and 11 lie,
iou fie't'doui, mid wise, film and uiiselllsli guid
ance in Ihe paths of and pinsperily to ull
the people of the Philippine Ijiii, ehiitre
this conuulvilon to labor tor Ihe roll perfoiiuance
of this ohlieralton, which concerns the honor mid
1 euisi ienre of tlieii louutiy, ill lee lit 111 hope
that thlouKli their iahoi ull the inhabitants ot
the I'hlllppluo Island may coiup tn look luck
with ciratllude to the diy when fiod umvo victoiy
to Aineiiiau aims at Manila anil set their land
under the isovi iptmity and pioleetiem nf the
people ot the United Mate's."
Pioclamntion of Amnesty.
Coluiidcutly with Hie entiaii'e of tin commis
sion upon it lihor I caused tn be Issiieel by (leu
rial MacAithur, the military goicmm: of the
I . iiipplm, on .limn 2, 1IKKI, a pioilamallou
ol amnesty Iu kcuciuus Umiui, of which many
01' the lnstiif,'i'nti took advantage, amon? ihtm u
imiulitr ol liupoit.uil leadeis.
The loiumissloii, lonipeised of etiiineiit lit lens
iepu'entiist Ihe eliitrse ,eo:raphleal and pollil
1.1I iiili'iesU ol the inuntry, ami IiiIiikIiii; In
their Ul, Ihe il liuiU of loin; and intellUcut
senile in, adnilulstiallvc. nnd Judh
plat eaieeis, made ejli'.ll plonti'ss (10111 the nut
set. A eail.v as Aujr. ai, IIkM, it unMnlltnl a
pU'limiiniy lepmi, which will be laid before Iho
I'ciusicsk, ami fteitii vvldih II appeal that alirady
the eooel rfleeli, of iitiiruiiii; order ate felt; tint
business iutiriiiplnl by lia.lllillcs v Imcii'Otlne;
ii peuep enlni'lsi lhat a hnirer uiea Is lunlii
suBJf lllttv ullii Hun ever befoit; that the
iiistoin lcveuues die uiejtii than at au,v lime'
din Int.- Ihe SpmUli rale; that rionomy aiul clll
demy In the iiilliut adiulniilration have eiealed
u suiplus fund ot i-Jl.lHUI.iUM), mailable for neideil
piiblliaimpioveme-iitJi Hut a stiiUKent ivll ser
vice law Is in ptcpaiatlon; that lallioad com
munications au pxpaiidluo;, opeiilm; up 1I1I1 ills
tiic tk. and lhat a coiiipiclieiistve .-ehenie of nlu
latlon is beliiB iHKaiiiwil. I-ltcr leporl fioin
the (ominlsslou show ,vet more ('ucoiiiuiciiii; ad
vance towarel Infcurlni; the benrflU ol liheity ami
good Boveiiunint to the rillpiuou, ill the hitciest
of humanity and with the ulm ut builalne; up an
i-ndurii't;, aelf-iuppoitlm; and aelf-adiulnUterln;
community lu those far tjnitrn eeau.
Fvjyouhl Imprfv upon llie conarcf lliul what,
ever leitMal lot; may lip enacted in trptct In
Ihe l'liillppltii! Island .sliould b" atoiter Ihce
Itetierou. line. The forluitp ol war ha thrown
upon lltl ti.tlloti nn unsought trust whhh should
hi imselllshly illschanipil, nml developed upon
lids Kovclliinenl .V lnol.ll ns well n luilellnl
re(ponlhlllty towiiul ,lhee tnlllloii ivlioiu we.
hnvp treed lioni 1111 oppu salve okp.
I tnvp oil nnolher ceianlon called the I'lllp
Ino "Ihe waul of the linllon." Our obligation
ii Bii.irdl.111 w.i not lluhtly asuume'di It niut
not be otherwise lh.111 honestly fultllled, nlmliift
lint ot nil In lie lie fit lliu-e who have coluc under
cur fuMciIng nire. It is our duly so In tieat
Iheiii that our llajr may be no lo. be'oveil In
the mount iliw ot l.uon nnd lln fertile 7oiiea
ot nnd Nckio than It I nl honn.
that Iheie a herp It shall be llip reveied in
bed of lllirrly. rnllithlininent, and pr.iH" III
eveiy nvenue nf development,
'Lie I'ltlpliios are 11 laep cpilck In lemn and
10 piollt by linuvvli elite, lie would be rah who,
wltli the te.iehltiR ol coutempoiAueou hkloiy
111 view, would IK' n limit to the ili'Ulie of
culture and mlviiucciueut et wllldn Ihi loach
nf these people II our duly timiinl limn be
fallhfully peifoimed,
Porto Rico and Cuba.
Tltli flVll, HUVWINMIIM' ol I'liito lllio
provided for by the ait of the lomtiess up
proveel April ).'. JlW. I In intippsslul operation.
The court hive bien establMuil. The noviiimr
and Ids tLMeiclalis, woiklnir iiitelllc'intl and
li.illiioniou-ly, nie ineellni; with 1 ommeiidable
(hi the lilli nf November it Ki' eleetioii
was held In tin Island foi tuinibn of the legls.
lattiii, and Ihe body eleeti it has been Hilled lo
eoiiveue on the Hist .Mmnlay id Dee eiiibei .
I lecomiuenil that ln;ishitlon be nun led b
Ihe coin;ic-fS lonte'iiini; upon the seiicluiy "f
lb" Inteiinr mihi vision over Ihe public lands In
I'oilo lllio, .mil that he be dlrerted In aceitalu
llie location and ipuntlty of lands the tlllc lo
vvhicli iem.ll I In Ihe 1 nmn nf 5-pilli at the
date nf cession ol I'oilo lllio to the I nlli d
Slates, and that nppmpiialloiis neeesvaiy for
suivi" be made, and that the methods of the
disposition of curb lands be pie'scilhed by law.
Constitution for Cuba.
On the Uvth of .Inly, Hum. I dure led lhat .1
enll be issued for an cliclion iu I'ub.i lor mem
beis of a toiistltullonil convention to frame n
iriistitutioii ai .1 lia-is foi .1 stable and I111I1
piiuleiil Kovciiiiuent 111 the Islind. In piiHiMtiei
thiieof Hip lullili.iy $uiiiiior Ismi el the follow
in,' iiistiuctions;
"Whcli'.l", 'Ihe tousle ol the fulled Mated
b.v its joint icsnlutiin nf Apiil 1:0. is'j. de
ilirnl " 'I hit the people of llu' island of tuba aie,
and of liiilit niiirht to be, bee and indepenilenl.
" That the United Mates hereby disci iim jiiv
ib'sposilloii 01 intention to exeicise sovereiuul,
jutisillition. en contiol over said island except
I01 Hie i.ii'ifli.ilioii tlieicnf, ami assents its eli
te imination, when tliat I aece'inplisheil, tn leave
the Ffoveinment and tnnltol ol llie island lo lis
people'; .end
"WbeiiMs, The people of 1 uh.i have i'-lahlished
luuuhipal soveiiinipiils, ilnnine; tlieii aulhoiiiy
fiom the siiiriaucs ol ihe people cciieu under ju-t
and npial laws, and .lie now lead, iu like
malum, to pi on pel lo Hie (-tahlishmi nt of a kov eminent whiili shall .isstnue ami ess
ctcisi sovetcimit. juiisilhllon, and eontiol ovu
the island:
"Tlietefeite, It is mill led that n elec
tion be held iu the island of Cuba on the third
'ittuday of September, In the ear nineteen
bundled, to licit dihit.itis to a convention lo
meet in Hie e it of ll.1v.1111 at 12 o'clock noon
011 the Hist .Monday of Xovenibei,, in the car
nineteen bundled, lo flame and adopt a in
stitution foi the people of Cuba, and 11 a part
tlie'li'nf lo provide lor and agtoo with the rov
enmient of the United States upon the iclatlems
to exist between that giivpiiiiiicnr and the f,'ov
cnimeiit nf Cuba, and to ptovide for the eleetion
by the people nf iiiflcei miller mirli cein-titution
mid the transfer of KOveiiitnent lo the olheerN
sa elected.
"The election will be held iu llu sevnal vol.
itiK piceitict of the island under, and
to, Hie pinvisions of the elecloial live of Apiil
Jt, lliOO, anil the amendment tlmoof."
The eleetion was held on the loth of stplem
bei, and llie inmniliou ass"iiibleil on Hie ."ith
of s,ovcmbei, IWm, and is now in si's-mo,
Lines of Convention's Work.
lu tallim,' the convention to older, the 1111II
taiy (toveruor eif Cuba maile the followim; slate
lueul :
"As inilil.usj Kovcinot of tlie islanel, lepie
sd.lin the iiresidcnl of the United Stales, I
call this convention lo 011I11.
"It will be onr duly, ili-t, to f,.nne and
iidnpt .1 e-oiistilulioii foi Cuba, and when tint
his In i'ii done lo loimitlale what in otu oiinloii
mitslil '" ''e tin ii'lalions between Cuba and Ihe
United Stale.
"The eoiistitutioti imial be aileipuie to seciiie
a stable, oreletly, anil flee liomniiicut,
"When j 011 have foimulitcd the lelations which
in vour otiiuion ouaht tn exist hctvv ecu Cuba and
the Unilcd State the tfoveinment of tlie United,
Mates will doubtless take such aitiou on its
p.ut a shall lead lo a Una I and aullioritntive
auieement belweeu Hie people of Hie two couii
tiles lo the piomotion of their nmiiiion iiilei
psts. "Ml llienels nf Cub I will follow eilir llelibei.l
lion with the deepest intuesl, e.iiliestly dcsiiiu;
tliat ou slnll icach pi-t conclusions, and that
by the eliKtiit, imliii' sedt-iisiaini .mil wise
coiis.tvati-iu wliii li slusll ehaiaeteriie our pin
icedin.' the capicity of Ihe f'ouluii people for
rcpiescntitive goveinmeut may lie signally illus
haled. "'llu distinction between hue
iipi'i'sentiitivi fin eminent and die latotship is
tint in the former eveiy lepiese'titative ot llie
people, iu whatever olllee, contlne himself tstric t
ly within the limits of hi eletlned poweis. With
out silv-li icstialnt there can be no fiee constihi
tionil gov pi mm nt,
"Under the ouler piiisuaut lo which you have
been ilected and convened jon have no duty
and no autlioilty lo lake pail in the pte-ent itm
cimuent of the il.uid. Your puvveia ate stllttl
limited by the teinis of that oidei."
hell the ninveulloii rnncliules its labois I
will transmit lo tin toiu;m. the eoiistitution
as fumed by Ihe 1 .invention for Its cousieleia
Hon and foi' sin h action as it 111.11 deem advls.
For a Pacific Cable.
1 ic'iicw the ircoiuiuimlatluu made in my spe
cial mess.iefe ot I VI j. 10, IS'JU.-as to the nctc'silty
for cable cnumiuiilcalinu between the United
Stales and Hawaii, with extuisloii to Manila,
Slucn then ciicimistauce have slilklngly empha
sized this iiecd. Smvpyj have shown tin entire
feasihllity of a chain of cables, which at 0.11 li
slopplm," place shall tout h on Auicllian teliitoiy,
so that the Rstcui shall be under our own com
plete contiol. Manila nue'e within tclcepaphtc
each, connection with Ihe sv stems ot the Asiatic
co est would open Iniie.isod and piolitable oppor
tiiuitie for u mole direct cablet route from our
slinies to the Oilent than is now allonled by the
tlnu.s-Atl.iuUc', li.iiis-i and tians-Asi.iii
lines. I urge attention to this liupoilant nutter.
Army Reorganization.
Till! Pltl'Si'NT shensth ol the atniy Is 10e,eW0
men fl.t,0ni) leetidai ami :Jj,jiK) volunteers',
I'lider the act of Match '.', 15W, 011 the .SOIh of
.lime next Ihe present 0l11ntrrr foiip will be
dhch.UBCil, and the Hernial aimy will he le
ilueed to 'J, 117 ollieei. and '2'),lr: enlisted men.
In ISSS n home! of othier cuiiicncd by I'leshleut
Cleveliiid adoplril a louipieheiislvp fchtuie ot foitlfli'jtloiis, vvldih Involved Iho
cul l.i.v of sDiuethimj uver one huudicd million This plan lecdtcd the appioul of the
coUKipss, and uliicu then iricular appioptiatlous
litvc been made and the woik of iou
has steadily progressed, lloio than sixty millions
of dolktiri have been Inve'slnl In a great nuiiiber
nf foils- and Kimii, with nil flic loiuplieated ami
si'lcutllli' iiiaehlneiy and clechieal appliance nee
ejsaiy for their ase. The proper tain ot this
defensive michiueiy ict'iiltcs many trained men
In its me. The nutuher of men necessary lo pen
foi in (Id duty alone l aseeiiainnl by the war
depiitmeiit, at a inluliumii allowance, to be
IS. 1211.
Iheie uie IKly-eiLr..! or ino.p mllltaty posts in
the United Statij oilier than tiic loa.t-ilefeiw.
firlllie Jlhin.s. The number ot these past is
iK'Ina lomtautly incieu-cd by the eongifM. Moip'
than ?JJ.''0,ii have been opriideel in huiblini;
and ciiilpiiiiut, and they ecu mil be eaied for
by ihe regular aimy. The post now in existence
and ollnis to be built piovide for accommoda
tions for, nml if fully KinUuiied iei)uire, 0,000
troop;. Many of these pojt aie along our fron
tier or at important siuti'ijlc poliitt, the nccupa.
Hon of vvhicli U necessary, ':
We Itave in Cuba between 5,0ni ami (l.tiexi
1 1 oops: l'or the picscut our Hoops lu that !!
and cannot be withdiavvn or materially dimln
filled, and certainly not until the eonehiiion of
the labor of Ihe loiislltiillonal itmventlou now
III seslon Hud n itovrrnment provleleel by Ihe
new constitution shall hive liern csUhlUbiil nml
It Mablllly nisineil.
In I'ortu lllio we hale reduced Hie it 1 r r l-iti
In t,UMI, vvldih Iniliide sip nillvp lroois, Hump
I no imiiii for futlhei leilmtloti here.
i will bp lrijiiliri1 In keep a I'onsldeiable
folec III the I'hlllppllie Islands for some time lu
foinp. I'rniti Ihe best liilotmallnii nhtalnahlp
v.p will need time (or the liitliifill.lte fulitie (10111
I'.OUO to eai.tioi) melt. I tun sine the number
may be ted'leed r.s Ihe IiiiiikiiiI shnll lome lo
niknowledae Ihe iiuthorlty ot tl.p United Sliilej,
ol whli h Iheti nie iiMtitlna: Indie at Ions,
II litllsl he ilpill(il lint we will teiptltp .111
mmy nf about lai.UUU. mid that ilurliiu pie-ntt
rnndltloii In Cub 1 nml Hie Philippines the presi
dent should hale authority lo Im tease the fntee
to the pieeiil number of IKMiOO. Included in
this number anlliorll should h- nhcii to rtle
native Hoop In the I'lilllppllir up to Ii,i1ih),
wltli li Hip Tall eoinlnllon lielleve will be I e
elleetlve In ilplirllnir and nppies.lii mierlllas,
assassins and ladioni" than nur own sohlleis,
The full disiitssloli of lids "iihjeil by the n"
rotary ol xtv lit Ids annual icputt I i.ilhd lo
oui raniest attetitloli.
I renew the leiouuimiilallon made in my lal
anniiil inessiiue that the inmtrrs provlele a spe.
il.ll medal of boliui for the volunteer. IcRiilars,
sailor nnd 111.11 lues on duly lu the Philippines
who voluntarily letnaliieil in the service after
their trims of enlistment had expired,
I tutor lliitocomminilattoii ol the soeielaiy
nf war for 1I1I- tit till of olliei'ts (nun tin Hup
of thp iirmv when vacancies nuur In Hit iiillu
Inul tipiit'iul'i depirlmiiit. lnpeilor iti'iienil'!
ilepailtneiil, ru.irtiriii.itii's ilepailiiiint. siilnist
ene e elepirtmilit. pa ilepaitmetit, oiihniite de
p.itliucut, and signal imps.
The mm, cannot be loo hUhl eoiuiuendi'd
for its faithful and elTeellip venlie in itetlve
Inlllljiy o)rtiilloiis In the Held ami Hie illlthult
wmk nl till! adtiilulstiiitliili.
Till'. or Ihe mcssairc e,,ii-l-ls
lu.tiul of ions of vailuus elepitt
inelttal lepotts. The picshlenl sltounly lavois
lare extension of 1111.1I flee drllveiy nf mill;
appiovc-j the rn omniilidatioiis nf Scttetaiy of tin
Vavy I.011;; sututii uies Hie work of the interior
and depiilmenls; elves liaiue show
Int; a .vear'a iuokic-s iu llauull; uiiri'-e the nn
ploment of a peiiiiaiuut foiee of census expetls;
recommends that h.iikioss at Its piesent feshm
apporllon iipresentallnu .tnioiiK Ihe slates
as provieleet by the constitution; ptesses the ur
(tent neeessllv ol a hall of public leeonls; tells
nf the plans hid for ielibiatiu; oil Dee. I:! the
itiitinnlal amilviisaiy of Hit estahllslitucnl of
the seat of kovcuiiui lit in Hit llisttitt of Co
lumbia; and iu loueiiisloti say.,;
lu our ccl i'ii t piospi.ity we inu-l sn.ild atralti't
the i1iiici- It invites nf exhavatratiie in irovein
lueiit cxpendlttties .nnl appiopilatioiis; and Hie
thesiti icpifsfiitatlvn, of the people will, I doubt
not, furnish an example in lln-ir lcjcilatioti of
that wise renin, in whhh is In a seison of plenty
husbands for the fiilme. lu this eta of
business uetlvil.v and oppotlunlt caution is not
uiitimc!. It will nut tetaiil. lint picouotc, lCKtt
im.ite and expansion. Our
Kiowlui; power blunts with It teniitatious and
peiils ieiiiiiiu; ion-tint vlt;llaiiii to avoid. It
must not be u-eel to invite lonHiets, noi for op
pression, but foi the mole efl'eetive maintcname
ef those pilot iples of cquallt and Justin- upon
which 0111 institutions and happiness ilrpend.
us Ltep alu.ivs in niin.l that the foundation of
one Koveinni'iit is llheily; Its sui,r.trui (itu
Meeting of the W. C. T. IT. at Wash
ington. Special to the ei.inton Tribune.
AViihliltistoii, D. C, Dec. 3.
Uliistliiie,' untie 1 an his, II im; ovei litlires,
hifintr bv Hie tent is,
ltunibliui,' "ink 1 hiidites.
spetl tlie Scrantoii elelt'KUtlim thrmiKh
the' Iovvpi toal regions, tlitougli tho
kali'ldo'scople chaiiKes of mountain
KceiiPiy pt-oelui'ltis: what is called the
"Switzerland of America," through
evet'-liroailenlutr valleys beluvv, till the
ciiialnt suhtttbs of the City of Brother
ly Love greeted the eye on, tlrelpsslv
throtiRh the gathoilnir sloom, across
the lo whin. Is of Delaware anil Mury
latid, ariiving- in a ot light at
the national capital, to ineol hosts of
sweet-faced "vvhlte rihljoned" matrons
In the greal station, lient on giving
each delegate the heartiest welcome.
Saturday was occupied with Im
portant executive nieetlnss, for the
transaction of business preliminary to
the great open meetings of this week
In the Lafayette opera house.
The former sessions weie held In the
Foundry SI. K. church. Mr. Lillian
M. X. Stevens presiding, and there
were representatives piesent from
nearly eveiy state and territory in the
The moinlng was occupied with re
ports from the far west. Arizona and
Wyoming, whose unions have evidently
been doing that during the past vear
which will cniiM? the woik of temper
unce to advance in giant strides.
The committee on resolutions were
busy all day ttirmulating a platform
which vv.Hl be promulgated during the
convention pioper. The delegates pres
ent went to the Lafayette opera house
and selecteel their respective seats b.v
ballot. The location of the various
state delegations during the convention
will be m.uketl by distinctive state
Mrs. Lillian SI. X. Stevens, national
president, also led the Sabbath services
held at o p. m. In the opera house.
They were most Impressive unci well
aUended. The devotional exercises were con
ducted by SIlss Kllzaboth Oreenwood,
and the annual sermon was preached
by Mrs J. K. riarnoy of IMiodu JsIiiihi.
from the theme, "The AVatchworel for
our lluttle."
AVhat an eloquent and Inspiring ills
course this was those who have heard
the earnest words and ringing voice
of our round-the-world missionary can
Judge, and, with such a stirring topic,
she was able to excel all former efforts.
A young people's mass meeting -was
held In the evening at the Vermont
Avenue T'leshyterlan chinch In the
Interest of the Y. W. C. T. IT., with
Sliss Klla Boole, of New York, as prin
cipal speaker,
Miss Slurtfaret V. Leltch, fiirmprlv
missionary to Ceylon, spoke most thrlll
Ingly on "Protection of native ivtces In
our Islands against Intoxicants." which
certainly Is a burning question of re
sponslhlllty entailed with our new
As some lecent writer has said,
whatever Is seen or heard In Washing,
ton has the great fair daunt of the
eapltol as u background, and the
Woman's Christian Temperance) I'nlon
wish It to ue so now as they jrathor
here hi Its shadow for deliberation on
the best m.'.uis of advancing it cause
that concerns the wholu nation iu a
vital way, from Us deepest needs to
Its highest .possibilities.
Orlaua M. Williams.
Seventy-Six Job Printing Ofllceu
Tied Up in Philadelphia,
lly Exclusive Wiic fioin The .Woeiateii Piens.
Philadelphia, Dec. 3. Six hundred
members of the Pressmen's union, crm
ti oiling the work iu seventy.nlx Job
lU'intlng olllces In this city, went on
sttlke today. They demand .1 uniform
rate of pay of $12 a week,
Within an hour after the sttlke was
begun, seven Ilrms uiinouncVil their
willingness to grunt the strikem' de
mands, but the men suy they will re
main out until ull the employers make
the same concession.
ll'oiie hided I10111 l'nee I.)
which the unity dlschntgpd the trust
committed lu It III Porto ltlco, and he
uthls nn expression of gratuftil appioel
ntlon of the devotion, good temper tnul
ability exhibited by rieneial Davis.
The report treats Aluskuti cotullllnim
very briefly, the main point of Interest
In tluil connection being the itVoiit
menitatlun that 11 inndernte appropria
tion he made for the Ksqulinuux who
are nllllcted by a series of fatal epide
mics, nntl me In duttger of extermina
tion. It Is said that several hundred
while miners unsuccessful and Impov
erished, who might have perished dur
ing the arctic winter wetu brought
home on government transports. Hut
the principle Is a bad one, and notice
Is given Hint the war department does
not again Intend to finnlsh transporta
tion. 'Pouching the mllltaty academy,
Secretary ftoot corillally endorses the
recommendations of the superinten
dent, Colonel Mills, as to the reuulre
ment of a fuller preparation on the
part of 11 candidate In the nuttier of
Army Reorganization.
The (subject of army, reorganization
Is trailed at some length, but most of
the del alls have been touched upon In
the letter of Secrelary Hoot transmit
ting the reorganization bill to congress.
He says that the military reqtiliements
In the Philippines may he summed up
as follow m:
I'nr the Immediate futine about 60,
noi) men. This number may be prog
lesslvely decrease-d by the gradual dis
appearance of real Insurrection, and
the restoration of order, and by the
substitution of native troops costing
less than hair to support. A I no dis
tant day the Islunds themselves will
be able to pay for their own police pro
tection. Provision should be made,
thereftiie, for u minimum force of GO,
000, with an authorized maximum ot
100,000, antl with authority to use na
tive troiipx in place of American sol
Were Drawn Yesterday by Sheriff
Pryor and Jury Commissioners
Wiggins nnd Dougherty.
The iliHt jurors for the year 1H01 were
drawn yesterday by Sheriff C. K. Ptyor
and Jury Commissioners Charles Wig
gins and Prank Dougherty.
They are the tlrst names taken from
the wheel tilled last Thuisday, and will
serve on the grand jury, bealnninB
Januaiy 7, antl In the term of criminal
court, which begins February 4. The
list follows:
(ilt.VNIl .ll'HV, JIOMIW, .IAN'. 7, 1WI.
I'liHi'i Mouithaii, laborer, .-ituiituii.
I'.irt S. Thomas, machinist, hctantori.
John IlrooKs, mini!-, ul pliant.
William lleflion, "itiiuei, Sciatiteiu.
Dolph Atnohl, lonstubie, Vamllliiir.
Ilci'w 11. Davie-, laboiet, Sei.inton.
Utili Sluip, eltiK. sooth Abiiits'ton.
John 1!. Owens, agent, 'fiileu.
lohii frosahi, t It'll;, sciuntoii.
i:. A. Mcccn-i, meicliunt, Dunmoie.
Waller MoXicholas, laboiei, Nunum.
.lames WaNh, miner, Cuiboiidale.
I'lauk I'llllier, millhaiiil, Sciantou.
('In isti.111 Wiitlt, mlllhaud, Sciiiiitoti.
lieu V. Mono, fanner, south AbliiKton,
Allied K. I.istct, eniriiieei, -siranlon.
.Maitin Lawless, iiilnet, Sci.iriton.
T. X, (j'ordou, nah'Miiau, biiautou.
lohii A. Wooelbritlire, farmer, Daltou.
N. V. N'iihols, eletk, South AbitiKlon.
. 'I'. Teehei. iuslilJlue JKClit, Diinniure.
loltu It. .loites. miiiir. "nniiitou.
.Miles Delmer, miiii'i, Srraiilun.
.lames .IiuIki. uiim-r, eiJiitoii.
I'llTIT .IllltOlfs, MONDAl, KKU. t. 1H00.
Ilheii (.'itfllths,, Sei.inlou.
I'etir Xelson, iiilnet, Sii.iiiton.
(', I', SJIlse'iibaueth, I'lipeulel, lllllimoie,
I.'. S. I't.itt, mc'ie li.llit, Seiantou,
II. ,1. Jttt'sf, vveiKluu.isti-r, l'tckvllle.
Jlimcl I). I'ettll, tleik, Seiiiuton.
lotni Younxhlood, ltotel, 'J'aloi,
Samuel Ulill.uns, bather miuhaut, --ti.iiit.iii.
I'.ittich Ciiden, biiteinler, sam,,!,.
.lames I Illckc', laboiei, Si'ianlou.
1'. .1. lli'S.111, jovvoiei. Seiantou.
John l. Itoche, ieiuilei, Siutiuoii,
I), W. lleirnhaker, janitor, llimiuine.
(irillitli T. I l.l vis. luiliauil, ciaulnu.
(Jeorue W. .lenkiiis, iluwisl, til,
IMvvard I..votis, niiner, 'I'luuop.
IMvvaid niehetker, Kiocer, Seiantou.
I'. M, Mollut, lianiessuiakci, Si rant nn.
Ail. 1111 Mi'ilili.itl-iT, llteuiiiu, til,
t'hailes (j. ltoos, eltk, Sttanton.
Will lam I!. Kane, barber, nuautoii.
Ibin.v Sc.uuaus, Kent., Denlnu.
Cliailes .Nicklci, teamster, Seiautuii.
William Mcl'o.v, opeintot, Xa.i" An-'.
Wllllum Wheeler, tanner, Siott.
Ht'V. 1'. W. I'ovvell, cletujman, M,ieliun.
NViiliam Xealson, mailunist, m union,
l'leel Itc'lhl, caipeutei, Seiantou.
Iiintcs Collins, nittier, Dtimnoie.
Willinm (Millions, miner, Olvphant,
Slilnpy llakir, assistant foreman, Setatiton.
Thomas .loidaii. dockin, buss, .Sttauroii.
Ciotet W. Davis, ihuuKisi, Stiautoii.
1'. ,1. ('illumine;-., tiniili.iul, snaiitoii.
1', W, lleale'. 111,'ent, Si rant nn.
Ullliiim lliiKbe, hiakcuuii, Ciihoiidale,
Kllicst ('. ll.lll, clgat-iiiakei', Seiantou.
loscph Vie a is, Insuiauii uictut, Dmimote.
loll 11 llilifis'io, iniiier, Scrauloii.
1). II,, tleik, Scmulnu.
.lohii I'. Heath, ear hitildei, Srratilou,
lteesc II, I). iv Is, Kcnllcnun, -sciaulon.
-leilin T, Jones, teacher, Seranlon.
William .lteis. Ice dealer, Arehbihl.
Ch.ule.s llarih', bookkeeper, Suiuilou,
William Hall, vvaKoii-mukri', Diiumore.
.Nelson Auilernon, miner, Sitantoii.
It ic I1.11 it it, Thomas, driver Ihmk, Scianloti,
I'loteiict' I'ellon, uicicltant, Muellsou.
Chiile i:. Whitli'iuoip, machinist, thy,
('. I.. Van lluAlik, clnk, iscraiitoii.
.luliii I;.l. Holiday, timekeeper, i'cuntuii,
.leioine llelles, tailor, Straiitou.
Kdvvard I.011I, tarpenter, Diimnoie.
II. I'. Smith, bookkeepei, Seranlon.
A .1. Dull, justice of peace, Auhhtbl,
1'ijnk Jle Civv ley, eleik, Scrantoii,
licorice (.'hainpliti, laiuier, Seiiith Ahiuitioii.
(ieotKe Klttholt, r.irenter, Seiuutoii,
0. .1. Ilandolph, comhietor, Dumnoir,
1'irrrr juiton-s, mommy, vvm. ii, iwh.
.I11I111 Cany, ex-fihoul eontioller, Siranlnu.
W, S. Klonlskl, druKk'ist, ell,
.latins Case', tneielunt, Scianlun.
Iiarney Itosenbuii,', thoemaker, Siraittoii,
Henry Sehuheit, meicliant, Seranlon.
Thomas 1. (illgalloit, collector, Setaiiton.
Wc-leltner 51, Sivallovv, fannei, South Abimjtoii,
.1, P. Schvvenkcr, tailor, Seiantou,
K. II. lloiubakcr, faiuirr, Madison.
.Ijinn. ivtlh-, eleik, Moscow,
1, W, (isihvvlndt. uioeer, Scrantoii,
John itink, laimer, llinluu. v
i'alilck CiinimiiiKs. mliiei, Tavlnr,
T. S. i'.nkiT, fanner, South Ablniiloii,
Charlch Miller, enieuukei, Hcraitloti,
Abraham Well hid, eleik, Seranlon,
i'lcd, .Miller, moulder, bcrjiilon,
.lohii (lllio, iiilnet, Ait lilulil.
X, T, swattH, laimir, Madison,
John II. lilliscpic, clerk, Se union.
i:. I". Spauldlu,'. aeeoiiiitaut, seiauton.
(I, A, (iav, teacher, .south AhliiKtou.
'ihomas Mulkc', harueM'Utaker, .li',
.loM'plt W. l.erch, miller, 1S011H1 Abluejlou,
1'cli'i Xtihn, inaeiilnlst, .seiantou,
Alvin Haines, cmciucc-i, "scrantoii.
John lteesc, ,-ioeei, Seiantou.
I'. Mooie. hotel t It 1 Is, OIpliuiit,
John tl, llrirmiller, uiloi, Siruitioii.
Charles Delsiui;, eoiidiicloi, Seiantou.
Iloinliiick l.uiraiii. ele-rk, l-iikuwaniu.
W. II. Iltiher, foiemau, Dunmoie,
Lewi lijrdella, iiteichaiit, Seiantou,
ll II. MOite, impel hi er. Sciaulon.
Wllllum Kruiiid, bank tlerk, Stuntoii.
1'jlilck, inlmr, "-erantou.
II. I). t-Yior, bailier, I'cekvllle.
John faeliitlber, lejui.,,..Scuiiton.
Daniel Wnnlen, i-aiv.vtr, I-i I'lume,
Adolph Moier, clcik, Scrauloii.
(I lieu Stojiton, fat met, South blugtun.
I'jtrlik litniiy, laborer, Atehbalel.
.lames 0. Mauler, foreman, Duumorp.
Thomas II. Howell-;, ftrlght ageiu, Scianioii.
Ii. I., l.lusay, tontijctor, Lincoln Height.
John liud, moulder, Seranlon.
i'ted I). Stevens, merehant, Pmimoic.
fAITCC Of Kidney Disease Is oftentimes en
vittltJC slu'ouded in nlystery.
CpcCfT Of Kidney Disease is NOT mysteri
CrrCv 1 olVs, but is known to all.
FltllK HAM I'l, K Wurner'sStifp Cure
on repelit of iiostnl ciirel. Aildiesu,
Wnrner'a Hhro Cure ('11,, Kocbester, '.
I A Christinas
In the selection of a Christinas Gift an article possessing tht
following live requisites will never fail to please :
First It should be APPROPRIATE to the receiver, to be acceptable
Second It should be BEAUTIFUL, to please the eve.
Third-It should be USEFUL, to be sensible.
Fourth It should be DURABLE, to serve as a lasting reminder
of the giver.
Fifth-IT should be THOROUGHLY GOOD of its kind.
All the better if it serves a general purpose, so that the EN
TIRE FAMILY can enjoy it as well as the favored member, whose
good fortune it nuy be to leceive the gift. There aie few arti
cles that meet all of these requirements equal to a FINE MUSICAL
INsSTRUMENT. It is a substantial gilt for the home and will re
main a constant enjoyment in the family circle for many years.
Cases, Music Stands, Music Rolls, Music Cabinets, Duet
Benches, etc. A Fine Line of Piano Steiols-and ScnrN.
s Our Goods
s Our Prices
Our Business flethods j
George W. Finn, 138 Wyoming Avenue
'I'ablo D'AmliiM, liuhl Kte-pii, lliiiiiii'nr,
luliii M. Iltiriilul.i'i. rjipeiitcT, N r.iuti'ii.
.Man In I'. Smith, slilppiui; iltik, l.iiuiiln ll.ii;lils
K A. .Me,tii, faiine'f, shihIi Vliliituu.
William i.otiKluicy., S i.ititiiu.
(Ji'urge Mr.iers. f. inner. Soul li Aliiiiietun.
I. .1. 0'1)0II11III, hlllIll'lll. .sU.lllloil.
Thompson Htjit, ai;tnt. Mi.iuion.
.lolui M, Nn iik, iloil., MjUIsiiii.
t.'ilosi Kolicrlt, Kt'iil, DjIUiii.
t.OOIITf Mllltl, UJtllll.lll, Meisieiw.
W. II. I'lillri', loiiiliiclni, Se'Liiiluii.
Allit'it .liiliiiinii, lilmriM, Wjirily.
Ppptial to Ilii- Siianlon Tribune.
N'irholson, Dei. ?,. Hisses Cora Field,
of Ashley, unci llllle Pulnitr. of Si'ran
ttin, wpro the guests nf Clara Tiffany
over Sunday.
Dr. and Mis. V. '. Deuker sjient
ThanksKlvins at Falls.
Mi-h. II. H. AVIIklns cnteitaliied at
illnnci', Stiniloy.DeoHmber L'. The eue.sts
were Dr. and Mrs. II. K. WllUins. Mr.
and Mrs. K. V. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs.
H. T. Wllklns, of Scrantoii: -Mrs. 13. H.
"Webb, uf Jersey City; Mr. F. N. Uoyle,
of .Su.iejtieliiiiina : Mr. and Mr. H. B.
AVIIklns, '. II. MacConiiell, Florence
AVillcins and Jluth Johnson.
Dr. and Mis. K. II. AVohb. of Jersftv
city, .spent ThunksalvliiB with Airs.
Webb's parents, Mr. anil Mis. K. F.
Johnson, of State street.
Mr. John Nlver, who litis been upeni'I-In-r
some time with his uncle, J. A.
Nlver, returned to Ills hmne In Scran
ton, Monday.
Mrs. A.V. Stark and dittiBhter, Ethel,
spent Thanksgiving at Laeeyvllle.
Mrs, K. Tl. AVt'bb, ui'companled by
her sister, Kutli Johnson, were calling
on friends lu Faetoryvllle. Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. i II. MucConnell vli
lled the former's imrents, at Harford,
last week. They were accompanied by
Hay Snyder.
Mjss Ktlllli MacConiiell, of AVIIkes
Harre, visited her Mster-ln-lav, Mrs.
C. II. MtiuCoiiuell, Weduesdny I'venliiK',
She rotuine(ll lir ho me In ifanford,
Thursday mornlnK.
? lu tin Hii.iutc'1! Tilliunc
Tuukhuilliock, Upc, 2. The papei.s III
the mntter of the contest ot thu ollleu
of representative) lu the seneral as
sembly from this county were (lied to
day nnd served upon A. II, Snuler,
who holds tlio cortlllenlo of election,
The petition embraces -every dlstviiit
In the county mid alleues mistaken in
1'imntliiK ami Illegal casting of bulliits.
The petition Is signed by the following:
electots of the county: M. 1). Kelly,
M. W. SUiilieiw, V. 1.. .Smith. F. A.
Oolvln. I. AV. Hillings, F, M. Williams.
AS'. W, I.'jHoy, O, IJ, I'ratt, E. I), IK'll,
11, It, Champion, AV. W. Johnson,
I-'rank 15. Proper, Stephen U, Juy, J.
M, Carpenter, .''htirles c. Shlifer, II,
W. Kline, II. A. C,ardni'i', .lospph II.
Harding, F. I,'. Tllfanv, II. S, Stephens,.
.1, A. Nlver, tleorge ,-J. 1', AVainer, AVul
ter Williams, D, (i. Hlack, .M, I,. Il.
lings, c, It. Neiton. II. ll. Walker,
and viUh hwout to Imfoie Nathan V.
Wilcox, justice of the ponce of Xlchoi
son botough. I 'pun this petition nu
order of court was nitidu convening the
court of common pious here on Dec.
17 for the purpose of n hearing. At
that thno such oidcrs w be made r.s
will appear necessiu'y for the further
ing of the hearing of the case, At
torneys Henry Harding, James AV.
Piatt uinl II. S. Harding represent the
petitioners, ami Mr. Sqiiler will ba
For all forms of Kidney Disease is
Warner's Safe Cure. A vegetable
specific, and for the past 21 years
favorably known in all parts of the
civilized world.
Illill Noith Asltluatl Avp.,lTilcHKu;ltl, AUK. 'i'l, IflOO.
WAItNI'.lt'l M.VKK t'l'lH Co.
Oentloinmi When my pli.VHlclmi flrxt told ntPlhtl
I1111I llrlis'lit'is illseiisp. 11 colli chill went over m nntl I felt
11B If I vvcreit tloometl limn for threes inonttu I took hln
prescript leni antl Kept acttlnt; vrorso, vvlinn my driiKlll,
who wiih a pernonrtl nienel, totit iiip Hint in his optnTnn,
Wiirtipr'HMiifu (,'itro wns the bent, medicine) on enrlh for
HrlKht's ellsctisp. 1 tool; n bottle nl ouco nnel gradually
felt telle vcd. I kept lukltitc II put lotitly null rpftilnrl.T for
tvvo luiiutlii 11 uel weifils enunol deserlbp my feetlnKS vrhan
I fiiiinil tlttit I vrim eiiri'il,
IIi'IkIiCh illnense ISa lltliiKiirilie past nnd I would Ilk
to suy tu evoryiiiie Htinllnrlv nfTHi'lnl, try Wnrner'a Hf
Cure. Viiiiis very reMiPctfitll.v ,
.11 IK KnfsK.
.Mention this I'tip-T.
Are All Right
represented by AV. K. and C. A. Ut
ile, Asa S. Keeler and E. J. Jorden.
The boaid of county commissioners
were at llocky Forest on Saturday
and disposed of the old wooden brids"
at that place at public sale. The price
brought was $48. A contract for a
stone at eh bridge at that place wat
let some time ago to M. V. AVandalll
of Mehoopany, and the ni-w, bridge In
practically completed.
Jury Commissioners John AVall, o'
Northmoreland, and Elijah Klntner. of
Mehoopany. were in town today for the
purpose of lining l lie Jury wheel for
ihe ensuing year. Judge Dunham, of
l.aporte, was also here to aid the com
mlssioneis. Three hundred innmea go
Into the wheel for nevt year.
The Ladles' Aid society of tti
Muthodlst Episcopal church will meet
tomorrow afternoon at ihe home of
Mrs. K. C. Kelluni.
The ilaiiglitpr of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Connor, died on Saturday
evening, aft"i' sulteilng several day-
with diphtheria, lutermrnt was mad
yestorduy in St. Mary's cemetery.
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin McGlynn. o:
New Yoilc city, are spendinif a fev.'
days at the Urehony residence, on
Orove Mtreet.
Mh;s Nellie Shaiighnessy, of Wlll
lamspoi't. is llie guest of her sister,
Mrs. T. P. McGrell.)
Miss Kate Campbell, of Seranlon.
has leturned homo after spending a
few days AVltli friends In town.
David Parry, of Illchmondnle, hu.i
been appointed one of the mine tnv
men at the Hillside colliery.
That Mr. Allen retires from the du
ties as foremun with the b"st wishes of
his fellow men was attested on Satur
day evening, when the employes of
l..iw shutt assembled In O'Malley's
hull and presented him will) a hanil
miiiki oaken Morris chnlr and a mee.r
h'auni pipe. The presentation speech"
were mndo by Dr. Hew and Attor
ney M. .1. Dixon. There was u mut1
I'ttl inogramnie, after which refresh
ments weiti served. Mr. Allen was t-e
overcome that he could scarcely llui
woidH to ixiuess his feelings. Diirlnf
the pust thirty years he has been wit
the men and only words of regret can
bo heard since he resigned. They liom
he will be spari'd many years nf happy
A tolegiam was received liere es
terday, nnuounclug the death of Mis.
Joseph Taylor, at Falrinount, AVeM
Virginia. Deceased had been a rem
dent of this town for many year, but
lll lie if heveral yeurn ago, to bet
ted their lliuinclal condition. Tn thW
she succeeded filial since their resi
lience there they have uccuiniilateel a
coiisldernble amount or real estate.
Shu was a sifter of Mrs. John O'tVeil
and Mis. Patrick O'Mulley, of the
AVst Side, The funeial will tuke plae"
on Thursday morning. Mrs. O'Mniley,
John O'Nell, .lohn Meade un Ml.ii
Ilrldget Meade left yesterday to at
tenil the funeral.
Mis. Wlnslow's Soothln-f Syrup
.11.1.11 n an '-i"i tt' nuu I.ULIU, (nii
U llie best remedy lor DIMIKIIOKA. Solei hi
llti'Mlsts In feiy part ol the world. Bo auit
ami als for "Mi"). lnilo'j Soothing liuf."
mm a.s w. .. -.--.. - - sw. aMWf, '
mul take im bthtr klml. lwtntjf.fl, raati
u bern u-etl for 01 r I'ltTV YKARS Hv
MII.I.IONh "' ilOJHKUh (or l!iir t'HII,UHKN
Wllll.i: TKKTIIIMi. illi I'KKrKfr SUCOM-J
II b-OOTIIKS tlic fllll.l), SOfTK-NS the QIJmS
" ii
-M-. -. . .