The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, November 29, 1900, Page 7, Image 7

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    - 'Tj'f .m. -v
l-H,- y jjy r t
1 fy
" 11
CprtlM tn Hip Niimliw Tiiliunc.
IIoili'Hil.ile. Nov H Thu Thh tccnth
Itcglmont foot Itnfl tpum mill tin
noni'pftnlt- tiimn will piny on the hIII
iplll kioumiIh this (TliuiH(luy) iifU'iiioori
lit .1 nVlocf:.
The ln'Xl uttiactlun lit tht npel.i
limiti- will In- Wlic laiirjlmlilo iiluy,
"Down on the Piniti," 'I'ttpMilnv i'Vpii
luff, Diiciiiiilipr I. .
A now tluip-tnblp on the iJolnwntc
find tl(1dni, "which wont Into plfeet luit
untlliy, iinlsu only . ono litipiirtiutt
I'hniiKo for'HoiiLidnlp. Tim tt.iln which
inilvuil nt I.W i) in. now atilws tit
n 01 p. in., leaving Heruntnn til 2,4 J p. in.
This I" grand Juiy iniiit ck In
Mn-siH Hot tun M"iiiKr. CI. M. Odi
um,', J. Sum III own nml A. (.'. Klmlitc
') ctmned Hti'tdny fi'oin a hunting trip
I'll plkr i-mm with tin oe (Ipm ai a
insult o their huni ,
"I'Iip .Tunlnr intl Spnlnr c'lnWtluii V.n
tli?avoi' 'otlettcs ot tlu PipsliytPiInn
dim eh held their pound nrli
111 tlv i h ipel Unit eU'iihii. Ovei two
huiiilieil pounds of IIrIu KioteiloH, all
lilniK of finned Hull and vecotnblo".
lloiir. ttiiUeH,, potnloea, etc.,
asn a nlee Mini ,if itionej, im re-
el veil to Klaililen the homes of niimv
jiotn families with a Tlnnie-slviiiK dln
ll( r. ot al .mil IhhIi iinuiital nut -de nud
nn .'uheillheiuent patty milled to the
cnjiivtiipnt of the eMMiliif. Light re
ft ffhments w'ie teneil.
The tuiiPial of Di. I'l.iienee V.. Pos
ter whose sudden dcith wus an
il ninied M'steid.iv, will lake plnie .it
his Into ps,i-iiee Kildnv .illeinoon at
' n'( lad;, anil will he pilvnle. rii-v.
James I'. Wtie. of (linee
Mm oil, illl (ondlkt the seniles. Di.
''ostei was Itoiii In Honesilfile, June 1!0,
1V,7 and was theieloiM In his tinU
louith veai. lie w is a son ol .losiah
and n.ll'iibetli (Seholleld) Fostet. TIN
tllhei (h.HKe ol the roslei tan
n fui .i mm her of je.-us .mil
one of the stoiKholdeis In the
National!. i;u (lied Janitan s
IsT'i The iloi tin was madu.ited at the
lloncMlulo UIkIi school In lS7r, the llit
el.iss to lfieive illplianas ltotn this In
. tltiitlnn In relnuniy, 1S7S, he
ti) tud ol inedlthie with Di. C. A.
OiislnhPiie and in the follow ln;j U to
1)01 hn enteud the Xew Ymk CollPqe of
I'hsiians mil Siiikoii.s, and thie,
etui latci he rereleil Ills diploma..
For si months lie seiveil in Hie Cliam-bei-
stint New Voik, and foi
tine" months In the New Yoik hos
r ' t t 1 In .Inminrv. rss', he letmnpil to
lionesdale and hid been In aetip pt io
t" pli siiue that date, buildimr up
i l.itjje inailke In whiili lie was emi
JHiitlj siniesslul. He was idetitineil
with the I.iLkawauna, i'ouut, the
l'( iins-vhanin biulv and the Amciir ut
Atoilli il noiierles. Tie was aiso piesi
ilent nl the I3(hatiFri 1.itnai aiul
Soeinl club, mil had been a tim-tie ol
Oskk tilhe 0 1 Ked Men sn(. u as
Instituted, eight .eais ,iko On Oc to
ll r 20, isss the Uoitur was unltcil In
mauiase with Mis (ieoigia 15., dauqh
tn of Colonel and -ills, CI. U. Ostium,
'' Ilonisil'ile li" died NToembei 1,
I1 Vi, leains- one son, Oiiikc O.sboi n,
l. in Oi tob-M Jii, ISb'l Oilobei L', 1s9'i
'in doetoi was milted In niaruap-e witli
'lso JTa S daaihtei of .Tames P.. and
i'i.u.1 fShiwI Tdason. of Sci anion, and
"it on, Clan me Mason, was bom to
th m, June 1, IS'M Oeshks his widow
anil two sops, the deceased is, suieil
bv his mot In i one biotliei. William SI.,
and one rlstei. Slis v. J. W.ud. Di
I'ostei wis i looted emoner of Wn n
r iunt In tsi'p and le-elnted in IS'i
Ho was a member of the Ilonesdale
Tiesbvtiiian ohuuh.
spuiil to Uic Sir niton lillnitit
Towanda, Nov. 2s Claieiuo A. Sle
Ci aney, one ut Towanda's yuum busi
ness men, died on Siuuulay allot a
Ion; illness ot diabetes. T! was M
veins ol ase and is Htuhwl ) a iite.
Puneial was held ebteidav.
The death ot Slis. A altei M Tua v
loininos f i cut) Towanda one -t l mo-.t
estlniablo Iadlos She had bei n ill
auotit on-" month She leaves a Inn
1 and, one datiKhtoi and a hon. Fun.
ml was held jesleiday at the house.
Mis SI. j;. AVilson, ot Coudei .spoil, is
iuTownnd.i lorn visit with lelatlve.s.
Di. and .Mm. J. Ti. Cle eland, of Can
ton, celebtatod their IlftlJth wedding
annhersaiy last week.
Pi. .1 ST. Cainoehan, of Suunton, Is
1sUIiik his inothet and othei lilejuls
In town,
Fianklin Steainet mmpany will hold
a lair and festhal in FPliiuarv.
Orv lllo W. Slosler, a veteinn of the
He has to. He must
"make li.iv while the sun shines," no
matter how he t"eeK The result is over
uork. The stomach usually ghe.s the
first sign of strain. The organs of diges
tion and nutrition are deranged. Food
does not nourish. Indigestion appears.
In Mich :i case Dr. Picree'.s Golden Med
ical Discovery re-establishes the health
by a complete'cure of the diseased org ins
of digestion mid nutrition. II cleanses
the stomach, purifies the blood and re
moves the causes of disease. It is a
temperance midicme, and contains no
whisky nor alcohol,
I was troubled w it It indigcrttoti for about two
years," writes Win. UonUer. Vv . of Jiillaette,
j.utaliCo. Itl.tlio. "I tiled illftcrcut doctors nud,
rcmi-diiJ but to no nnil, until mole to Dr.
Ptace unci lie told me whit to do. I sufli-rid
with a iain in my una ten s-iuc and
tlioiiRlit It would Will inc. I amulail lowritcand
let you know thai I am all rlirlit. I cauilomy
worls now wltliout pain anil t dou't bac Hut
tired feelius th-it I used to have. lir bottle of
jlr. J'ierce'3 (loliieu Sledlcil Uincovcry and two
lalsofliU'l'lensiiit I'dlets' cured me."
pick people can consult Dr, Pierce by
letter free. AH correspondence privute,
Address Dr. R, V, Pierce, JitifTalo, N. Y,
rwwm mard
Vor a livln
Civil war, tiled In MyuiAburir yeHtei
dny, nfftd 70 ycnrM.
Tlnee rmi rohheis, It Im utipposcil,
hnvo been ni rested nt Snyre by Iohlfh
Valley Detective Casltoy, chat Red with
Rtcnllnt nt dlftereiit times. Their
iiameH nre Duiilel Lnupheie and .Mich
ael and JnmoM Uoylc.
A movement Is belnr made by Hi nil
foul county members of Company SI,
Ninth toKtment, to form nn niftanln
t Ion.
Kied Neakey, a WyulusltiB lad, fell
from n window on iSIonday and ie
relved n broken neck.
Siicrl.ll to Hie s.miitou TiIImiu-.
Monliose, Nov. 2S.-Slieilff William
J. Stnxcy, OHHlsted bv Postmaster S. 3.
AVrlRhl unit V. T. m ouster, csn con
veyed four piisoners to the Eastern
poiiltenllaiy at Phlladrdpbln Monday,
vl7 Thoinas Hi lets, Frank Snillh and
Stlihatl ljmii.s, who will each cerve
fifteen months for jallbicaklni. mid
Fmnk Fasselt, who wilt f-eive une
year and eight nitmths foi hotse steal
Irf,, iliick will nlso have to 'erve one
voni and eight month for breaking
and "nteiliif the Trie stntion at Client
Pdltor James P. Taylor and f.tmilv
nie the quests of Mr. and Slis. Nor
man Stewait a( The SteillnK In
Wilkes-H.uip. Thiw will leluin on
Fi Idav.
Ml" Peilha Oetillsnti, of Spiliifvlllr.
has been vlitln( her mint, Sirs, i.
V.. Men Itson. In this place.
Aitbur rjiinis. of I-eistiishlre, N.-Y..
".as the kuo.o of his paients, sir. and
"Mrs. M. IJ. (iiltlls, In tills pinto, oer
Yiootnan (.laidinei, a etudent at tho
Keystone Atadem.v. Faotoiyvllle. Is
1 homo to spend Thanks;;ivinfr.
(lenn lluy, who holds a line posi
tion as eleetiloul engineer at Sehenee
fjdy, X. V., will spend Thanl:-nlvln,
with ills paients, Sti. untl SIi. 'iZ.
ilu, at I lie Slontiose Housf.
Albeit Sillier, one of our popular aitists, Ills been confined to
bis home by Illness for a few (lavs.
Vnion TlinnksKlvliiK rii(es will be
held in the I'lesbvteiim chin oh and
the seimon will be prcaehul by Itev.
A. T, Henton, T I., paslot of the.
ohm eh.
Tlieie iiiomli,es to be a eiy laige at
tendance at Village Hall tonli?ht.
vhen "The Two Oiphans" will be pi -son
ted bv total talent, for Hie benefit
of r.esouo Hook and Ladder tompanv.
r,ety oltien ol Slontiose and cpei -ialiy
eciy piopcitv owner In the boi -ii.i!h,
should eontiibute toward the II
ninelal success ot the oicasion.
Thiitv-two tons, tixty-loiii thousand
pounds', ol poultiy, was .shipped hum
i this station last week fot the eilv
mullets The piiees paid ueie nine
tentr lor i bloliens, ten cents for duoks
and eleven cents for tuil.ojrf, mi aer
ano of ten cents a pound, nmountin;
in the .iKfiicsjate. to $('. 100 Quite n
ileal sum toi out vlcinltv taimei.s to
P'tt in theii pooketb.
Clmiles W. nrodhead. of Slonhos-c.
liienibei lor Susi)uehanim eounty of
the state board or tiKiloultuie, has
oomph-ted an iniements lor 'a numbei
of fauneis' institutes, to lie held at
aiimis )oints in ihH countj n-'t
nionlh. I'lominent speakeis will b"
in ationdance, and roione is ooi
dlallv invited to attend The insti
tute foi tills vicinity will be held in
the com t house In this pl.ieo on Dee. S
Mis. n T. Sweet, of Scianton, who
visited hot sister. Slis AV. S Slulloid,
in this place, last week, i chimed home
tile blot of the week.
The pupils of Sliss Uoau'.sloe held
an inloimal i coital in the studio on
Pfitmdnv afternoon. Tl.ev will soon
Blu a public leeital in Villase Hall,
to which all Interested in music will be
Sliss "Mabelle Shaw will spend
Tiuinksifivinp; v ith lelnliveh In Bin.T
hamton. The pioposed exclusion of the teach
eis of Siisriuehanua lountv lo the.
nation's cnplial city, '.n take plac3
iict month, has boon abandoned, n
the committee Is unable to truaiantee
i ho sale of the number of tickets te
(liilicd bv the lallroad compnnle.s.
Sliss Lena Dooiittle. of Diisl ....nidh
buifr, foimeily of this plaie, 1; vlslt
In frnmonr fi lends In thii place.
The Slisse.s lllddio will i lose their
home on Clu'ich stieoi the first of the
week, and witli their nlecee, the
Slisse.s Halsev, will ti'tuin to riilla
dolphla lor the wlntti.
Sliss Anmi HruiliiRtnn left Slondav
morninjr for !.enn, N". c, in muse
her bi other, .Tames F. Haiilngton, who
is ciltlcally 111 of typhoid fever.
5-peiI il to tlic Simnton Trlliuiu'.
KinRsley, Nov. 28 Hauy Van Dus.
klrlc will move to their faim near
Harford .soon.
SIih. Tinier Smith has lehnned
The Y. SI. "W. C. will hold a social
In the lectuiD loom Fiiday evenlnsr,
Nov. iQ.
Sliss Daisy Hlituh visited her parents
at Dlmock Satuiday and Sunday.
nevhais in the M, K. ehutch this
w eek.
Kev. J. P. Slunwell and Miss Get
tiudo Steams attended thu convention
at Philadelphia last week. Mr. Stnn
well fravo a veiy IntetestiiiK irmort
Sunday mornlnir.
ThankssrlvinB; services in the SI, K.
chureh nt U n. m. Iiev. J. p. Slun
well will preach the sermon.
SmlIjI o IIio Scuiiton Tlitniiu',
SpiliiKVllle, Nov. 28. Two Intlua of
aiioiv fell heie limt nlslit.
Kdear It, Button has been sick ten
days, but Is better now, and Is out
on the btieet,
N, If, Sheiiiiun Ik now In ehtuae ot
the gioceiy lately vacated by Itobert
S. Wilson.
The heaviest luln that lias visited
us since last winter cnine Sunday
night, but yet not enough to leplonlsli
wells, muny of which aie div.
Miles Pilclmid has been on the slelt
list but Is now at woik asuln.
Robeit Wilson has had the western
fever a Jong time, mid last week ho
got up a Htmt for Red Lodge, Mou
tunu, Peny H, Lyman, his broti-er-In-law,
went wth him. Stanley Ly
man, a brother of Peuy, has been at
lied Lodge seveial yours, and has been
hem on a visit, and tbo otheis wont
with him on his return.
Miss Leda Teiry Is slightly till this
week, und is not able to be out.
1(9H Scott has been running the milk
slntlon at Lyman durlnrc the sickness
of the operator, E. L. llutton.
Sirs. Ocitrudo Goodwin Is making; nn
extended visit lo her pntentn, Mr, and
Mm. Dnnlol Thomas, near hore.
The chimney recently built on the
end of Dr. Plcltard's looks rather odd,
und yet Ib very nlee.
S. O. Culver hnn lately been calm
ing the Methodist Episcopal church and
It looks very nobby In Its dress of enn
nrv yellow and orange.
Theodoio LaDnrr has moved his fain-,
llv Into rooms over Henry Williams'
stole that u'ete. lately vacated by
Pleiec Kinney.
Blba Lott has moved Inlo the Albert
Tlcaidsley house, nnd Slis. Molvlh
Terrv bus inoed Inlo the looms that
he vacated.
Evoiyono hnlls tlic change of time
on the Montrose branch of the Lehigh
Valley lallroad with delight. Wis now
get the afternoon mall at :!::!" In
stead of two liouiH after dtuk us
formcilv. The morning mail gets here
a little after It) o'clock.
Harvey K. Sherman has somewhat
Impioved In his Indisposition fo that
he is now able to be aiound out of
doois a little when the weather Is
Encouraging lepoits come fioni lit
tle Willie Hendeishot who Is In the
hospital being heated for disability of
the lower limbs.
frnielnl to Hit Jirnntmi I'rILi e
Tuiikhannoek, Nov. JS The Tunk
hannook foot ball team closes Its sea
son on Tlunsday with a finmo with the
shong High School team of AVIIkos
Darro. The team has had a most suc
cessful season and hopes to linlsh ut)
with n vlotoiv lomoiiou'.
Hon. K. J. .Toideti left heie foi Phila
delphia toditv. uhcie he will spon tlie
imlance of the week.
The young son of Hon. A. H. Sipiier
Is seiiously III with pneumonia ami'
smnll hoiics me entortnlnod of his le
covorv. Juiv CoimnlI.soner John AVall. of
Ueaumont, was in town on Tuesday,
lnoklmt up names to be placed In the
wheel for the next ettr. The Jury
wlieel will be filled on Dee. 1 for the.
ensuing and the Juiy for Jnminiy
teim of oouit diawn at the s.imo
time. Elllah Kintnci, of Slelioopany,
has been appointed to till the vaennev
caused by the death of Commissioner
Hoi ton Wood
Hew Walter Dunnutt in meeting with
gieat sucecss in his meetings nt the
Slehtodlst chinch and they will bo
continued throughout the week. A
morning pi aver meetinsr Is being held
each morning at S o'clock, in addi
tion lo the afternoon and eveninr; sei-vke-..
Slis. Kul, wife or Justice W. P..
Kut, is veiy III, being affected with
nemalgia or the heart. It is feaied
that vhe -vv 111 not recover.
Hon. A H.Snuiei will winter hl-s
hot so Sunlight Chimes nt the stables
ot sr. I.. Pen in. at PIttston.
.Tnmes Cosgioe, a lormei icsidont
or this place, died at the Pt. Toseph' i
hospital at Philadelphia last Sundaj-.
He had ber n an Inmate 0f the Soldiers'
Home at Hnmpton, Vliglnin, for sonu
time pievious to bis death, and his
family still reside at this place.
S. W. I'ysenbach and wife have le
tuined horn a two weeks' nip to Now
Vorlc and v.ulous ))lnce In the Ne.
Ungland stales. Tiiey wltncsed the
Yale-Hainid foot ball game at New
JJavrn on Noveinber 21.
The officers ol the new Junior Or
der of Ameiican StoUmnlcs, just oi
ganized heie, will bo Installed on
Tlimsday evening. Nov. l'n.
The sale of the peisonal piopeity of
James O. Ltlshton, bv vlitue of Imnk
niptcy puxeedlngs. takes place at the
fa tm, lust below town, on Satuiday.
Spuiil tn 1 1' Si i niton 'I i ilium'
Foiest Cltv, Now 2S Di. D. Duj'or
lias ieeoied the appointment from
Judge'Seaile as burgees of Foiest Cltj",
ite J. F. Gallagher, leslgned.
A dance was held In the opeia house
last night which was hugely attended
and gicntly enjoyed. Piofessor Fhth.
ol Caibondale, tuinished music, and
W. J. Collins was prompter.
About sixty have joined the Book
club, which is. now complete. The oi
dsr for the books lias been plaeed and
they will be put in eiiculation in a
week or two
No school Thut.sdtiy or Fiiday.
Fianels P. Hoban, of Caibondale,
was a business caller In town Wednes
day. T. W. Thlese has pm chased an In
tel est in the blacksmith business ot
G. W. Slooro. They will move from
Center sh eet to Hlgglns" avenue.
The dancing class will meet again
Fiiday evening, when the question of
Its continuance will be decided.
The funeial of Sirs. William O'Keefo
took place at T.43 this morning. Ser
vices were held In St. Agnes' chinch
nnd the remains were taken to Hones
dale for intei ment.
Postottlie boms today fiom 0 to 11
a. m. and horn 6 to 7 p. in.
Evangeltcal sei vices aie being held
this week at tho home of Sliss Marv
Hastle. In the Noith End. J. Hudson
Ballard, ofxKlmira, Is presiding. The
public is eotdlnlly invited. -
Sir. and Sirs. D. C. Slorton aie spend
ing a. few days n New Yok cltj'.
Sliss Nellie Claik has been added to
tho corps of Instiuctois at the Intei
natlonnl Couespoiidenco schools.
Tho funeial of Thomas, the thirteen-veai-old
son of SIi. and Mrs. Patilok
Ityan, took place yesteiday nftornoon.
The pall-beaieis weie Pahlck dee.
don. Patrick MoAndiew, AVIlllam Fltz
Patrick, William Studders, Thomas
Queoney and David McAndrew. Inter
ment was made In St. Maiy's cemotoij-,
A social will be held in Saistleld hall
this afternoon nnd evening.
Andiew and Chailes Druffner aie
spending the day hunting ut Clifton,
Easy to Cute a Cold
If you go about It Hunt. Take two or
ttueo Krause's Cold Cure Capsules
durhiB the day and two before retiring
at nleiu. This will Insure a good
nlsht's rest and a flee movement of
the bowels next mornlngr. Continue
the tieatment next day nnd j-our cold
will molt awny, Pi lee .5c, Bold by
Matthews Htos, t
Special (u the S union Tribune.
Duiyen, Nov, 2S. SI(s. H. Hushes
has adopted the babe found In the cave
at PIttston.
SIUs Slaiy Nolan bus Impioved af
ter a serious Illness of typhoid fever,
Durjeu High school bus purchased a
new typow titer.
Mrs. James Hollls, of Miller's Glove,
visited friends ut Dupont on Monday.
Tle pupils of i.Mlss Doufher's and
Sliss Dills' rooma held nn entertain-
ment yesterday. School will bo closed
today and tomorrow.
Sliss Alice Drown Is III.
Sirs. o. r. Ace has icimned her
family to Slis. llenjamln Ulclinrilson'n
house on Front Btreet.
Mr. Walter Nnylor will occupy Mr.
O. Itlchnrd's house, coiner of Front
and ('hutch streets.
Class No, 7 of the Ililetc Methodist
Episcopal Sunday school will hold n.
social nt the pnrsonago on Monday
evcnliifr, Dec. :i. Numerous games wilt
he Indulged In, stub ns peanut hunt,
Pie race, fruit race, etc. All nie cor
dially Invited.
The Ilrlck Stetliodlst Eplseopul and
Primitive stetliodlst Sunday schools
nie busy preparing for the Christmas
Miss Atke Heniy nnd Sliss TIol'Mi
floss expect tn spend Thnnkslvlng In
New Yoik.
Mi p. Carrie Williams, of Ann Aibor.
Mich., spent yesteidav at the homo of
llev. J. N. Bailey.
A special ThnnksRlvlng home mis
sionary service will be given this
evcnhir ot 7.:iC ut the Presbyterian
ehuiili. under the iitispl'os of the
Womun's Sllsslonmy society, to which
service all aie Invited. A social time
will be enjoyed and lerreshmentH
served by the, ladles after the sci vices.
How T. S. Annentroiil, who hns been
nsslstlng In the meetings held this
week In the Piesbytciian chut oh, 1ms
been enlbd home by a death In his
congiegation, utTd Dr. Hnrshaw, of
West PIttston, will pirac.h at the pti.
parntory services Fiiday night.
John Close expects to spend Thanks
giving Day in Kingston.
Sfany young men of our town expect
to spend todaj' hunting.
The enteitalmnent given by the pu
pils of Moosic High school j-esteulav
was a great success.
The lectin o on the battle ol Ootlys
bliig. delivered bv Dr. O L. Severson,
of West Pltthton, in the Sb'thodlst:
Episcopal chinch of this place on
Tuesday evening, was listened to by a
good-sized nnd voiv appicclatlvo au
illuioe. The speaker held his au
dience spell-bound for about one hour
and a hnlf. Occasionally he would le
htte an Incident that would cause a
lipple of laughter through the house,
wlillo at other times his dosciiption of
the battle was so vivid that me would
imagine himself at the .Tine of the
-Ui-i's Mln-au K
ifliiuoon ami
hi "The I'owii llchiml tin-vl lironn." salunliv
-I lie sp mm is
, inV- -I lu- 'luuilu I tub
VI. I. Wl I K
I.ASI Ullll I.
"The Night of tne Eoiuth."
(junto AUi, the ici-alili jciuu lniu tliu
Willis the labks ill nl mi ttlilril have cnnrcl libn
mhIi i ttule leiuitition iluriiij,' the 1 ut.i
ti ii", his nut udiltil tu Ins tame to uit iptiu
iiiIjIc I'Vtent lit the fiKL LOincdt, 'Tin' SUM
nf tin Inuilli," wlikh was iJip.-tntcd t the l
ii inn 1 isl nitlit bifoio i liir sl?cd audit iilp 'llin
lirie hn 'onie blight up-lo-tlate dialogue lint It
luilll nn the sjuie uod uld lines hic I'U
t.iiletl (or jciio in Hie construction ot such af-fni-s.
Mi. Ado li i-i oi!i;iiulitt but il dots nut
i't tic from tho fine o that jon uuuM notlre it.
'Iho fjut' wis pioicnlul ut a tlNadt.uitino
list iulit, cmbii iti tin- illniss of J bhoiiie
Jliltlieni, v. lm, ulfli Ilarrj IliiUti, i IkIiik
sluli'cd in thu piici. .Vlattliens' pl.iiL' ttas t.iksn
In Philip II. It.ilc.t in a vert cjitlsfjcto-j nnii
ncr, but he ui i.ot o foitunitc in thi; in tiler
of hn unildstiidt. 'the loin uiRxinent of tho
c it Ih it Vlattlu.ttt'dliu.bM made not-ciii lunk
o,uo ot the snap out of tho nerformanrc ""I
i uiactl i tlisarruiycmcnt of the "potialtics
lliilgn proved liimsolf a (,'Hjt cnlLrtaiucr imt
his clloilh vu'io ilily buppliiniutcil bv Philip II.
lttltt. Walt oi Joint, of "1102" funo, oiio 1
Ulmllcv nnd Io,lo UcUilt. Diiiliu- tho aitlon
of (he fme a nunihoi of thmounhh niotloiii
bptcialtin llio introduced.
A Double Bill.
Hit ni; ons uf the Autk'im .,( lu,lt ttur
well lepald for atteiifliii tlio pcifoitnuuo vis
tudaj attcnioou -it that tlicitci. 'Ihu 'pooncn.
nlrndy have tho roputatlon tlnmihmit (lie
lountij or proatiitiiu; (list Ujss platn al popu
lai prices that oqual If not -mpitn (be oiIkIiiiI
prtiductlon of the pieces YiUnhy aiteinoun
thej yaincil new laurels in Smiiton hy pit
eciKliu; a ;,'und double bill. Tho cuitaln raUrr,
intiUitl "Ilit tun Two rort"," vuittcn bj JIis
Cecil "poonei, ipptilallv for liir hlstn, ttas
veiy pliAdn, anil the aftei-piceo entitled "In
1778," was ariaiiRid and diumuUzed y Slits
I'tliu Jlav 'poiiiiei. Is a beiiitlful -tory of the
ilajx of the leiolutiun
The phce ollonls plentv of oppoKuiutin foi
(he display of liandroiue t,ons and tellings;
the miiio hna 1h.hi lakt.ii advmit ijjo of bv (lie
'puoiii'is in tho slaglnR of (ids ploy, with the
re-ult lint (Iielr porfomiinie jevtcuhv ittn
iiotm of "In 177 ' h the prctllet-t etdonhl plij
of the season.
last cveiiinu "A Wife's i'ciil" was pioduietl
The ft(cilaltli wlilUi aie a bltr feiluie with tlih
oisanlrjitloii, add uicutly lo (he rijuljr pciforin
nine, lite plijh for (ho balance of the will:
are announced in a krparate spaco in tills pipei.
West's Minstrels Today.
I he tippciranco in this city ut the I.jceinn
(hid afternoon and e cuing of the leading mite
hlul oi'BanizatloM of Amcii a. "William If,
Wtit'n ni Minstrel Jubilee," nnies witli (he
iiiiiioimeiiuent a ileil of pleaauicablo aullLipe
iraid ami hobs, wutiles and anvlelj aie nil
ahvuhid h) the happy jestK of tlic end man, the
until uiiludlts ti lue inncn,, i lie comic nitty i
of hours or tiiubouilne, aiul the wnuihr intpli '
im; acts In tho olio, i:crjliotly likea a gootl
minstiel bhow. It appeals to all tastes, ami en
urtalns and amucs (lie avciaire Ameiiuu cili
ni as no other tljln of cntcrttiiiitiuut Mitieedi
in ilolngr.
"Power Behind the Throne."
Ml-s Jliltlictl Holland, who hv her womiuli.
iu and ulenl has won ail enviable reputation
tothlly ami artistically In the world of dram,
atlti ait, lu aildcil new I.iurcU by licr rreilinn
of (he lole of Aria In "'I lie Power Behind (he
In (Ills new lonunlio ihanu Vli Holland liat
verified (in picilktions frequently made by (he
critics when ho vnm Identlfled with (ha An
Kiieliu Dal.v pioductlons, (hat tome day the
would occupy a portion hi (lie foremost rank)
of America's IcadbiB emotional aitrcsnes. Ae.
coidlng to Ihuat! viliu have been foiluimte tnoujh
to witnt is her aril. tie poi(raj al of th, cvtrciiie
ly diflkull lole, that day lias urrlvctl.
Miss llollind pOMCitcs eveiy neiessaiy icqui'
ilo tu SUCHS.S in hei chocii piofcvtlou, a chaiin,
Ins; ic'ikonallly, ambition, cnthiulatiu, peuoiul
uiaitiietltiii and cxtiemo talent, and has demon
strated by Iter poiltJjal ot (his new nml rv
tlimel.i dllticiiH lole Hut ihe is possessed of tlio
neecssai) ttren.dli. Jorce und rcccrvc power to
play iragedy il called upon tu do so. hho win
bo teen at the Jjeruin (omoirow nluht and
milaj ulleriiooii and nliiht.
"The Lost Paiadise."
On Monday night next, pations of (he At ad
nil) will luvo an opportunity of whiuctlng u
lever production of that well Known play, "Iho PdradUaV' by John A. lllmmeUliis h't
company, "Tlic. Ideals," Inrludliiif llowa)ir
Twentieth Centiuy hand and oieliextu. 'ils is
ono of the old ami lonj estahlUlutl icpci'lolu
uicaulzattoiu, unci Is btcond tu none pla.vlu at
Store Closed Today. Thanksgiving; Day.
More of the Great Sixty Minute Sales
After the Thanksgiving rest, you'll be ready for the Friday Sale. We give you
the news of it in advance, so that you may ponder over it during the holiday. Study
each item carefully. Count the sdving, and remember that
lay extraordinary opportunities across your pathway. First
the basement. Be on time with the ringing of the gong.
At Two O'clock Sharp.
CLOTHES BASKE TS Made of best grade of willow, steamed and bent; good size
and a great bargain, for One 1 lour
At Three O'clock Sharp
15c LACES at 7c YARD An interesting
lot, consisting of Valenciennes, Point de Paris,
Orientals and Imitation Duchess in both cienie
and white; exquisite patterns and designs, some
of them very wide. Values from 1L' to lb'c
the vard all to go Friday for one hour
at .: ". 7c
20c GLOVES for 13c PAIR Ladies'
Cashmere Gloves, a good deal better than most
sorts sold at twenty cents. About four hundred
pairs in this lot, four button length and finely
ikeced. All sizes to choose fioni, an extraor
dinary value Fricku at ; o'clock for,
Pa- ' ' 13C
35c PILLOW TOPS at 19c Want some
thing to help out dining the long evenings?
Make a few Pillows. These Oriental Tops aie
superb works of art. beautifully designed in the
richest of colorings. Some of the patterns can
be worked in tinsels, adding lo the richness of
them. They'd be cheap at ;l."c. Friday t
for one hour at 3 o'clock 1 vC
At Four O'clock Sharp.
ings. both light and dark, good qualil and nicely fleeced, better than
on always pay Sc. Friday at -t o'clock for
25c OVERGAITERS at 15c Ladies'
Ovcrgaiters, made of heav cloth in seven but
ton length only; no one should go without them;
they not only protect the footwear, but keep out
the' cold and comfort to the wearer. This lot
for Fiiday is of splendid quality and sold in
some stores as low as 2."c Here Fri-
dav at 4 o'clock for 1 5C
In your travels for Footwear, don't forget this best
ready to supply you with every needful thing at much' less
popular inlici. Uintf licaiki l tin- uimuma
lomcriicmic, MUi Head lie KarK'.
Willi ilioS epcciJltlts mi- inliudutdl ut all
pirloimanuw, uu utra Mture lifina; (ho Mulul
llauiu, In (litir nutr) Hit, intrtuliicin a a
llety of mmiial iuUunienW. ' amil followed
by u mKU rout u nlll lio xiuii l lloufon'n
Twentieth Century laml en MiMulai at II '0 a.
im. 'Ihc uual onil4i ilail.t iiiilluci. will lc
Sale No. 1. Begins
GLASS TUMBLERS, 2c Heavy glass in many differ
ent styles; iust the thing for evcrv dav use. Friday at
L (clock : ". 2C
porcelain, made to hold Tooth Hrushes, etc.
o'clock, for each ,
TIN WASH BOILERS No. 9 size, made of best quality
of American tin, and a great bargain for One hour, .
at 37c
DOVER EGG BEATERS, the genuine "Dover" like which
there "is none other to good. Plenty for all who come,
at '1 o'clock 7C
CLOTHES PINS, of hard seasoned wood, turned and
finished perfectly smooth. Fi ickly for One n f . m
Sale No. 2. Begins at 3 O'clock Sharp.
50c DRESS GOODS at 26c We begin the 3 o'clock sale
with an extraordinary offeiing, icpresenting ten pieces of gen
uine .'J-inch Wool Fteizc, of eha heavy weight. A matchless
fabric for storm skirls and '.nits, requiring no lining. In strength,
appearance and durability il is the peer of any fifty-cent cloth
made. Reads at ." o'clock shaip Friday afternoon for, z
ard '. 20C
25c HOSIERY at 17c PAIR A splendid lot of Ladies'
very line quality weight and strictly all-wool Hosiery in medium
weight with ribbed tops, double heels and toes, full fashioned and
finely finished. A quality that would be cheap in any
stoi e at lc, we offer Friday for one hour at 1 C
somclv finished
Sale No. 3. Begins at 4 O'clock Sharp.
35c POCKETBOOKS at 21c Maybe you need a new
one to save up the Christinas money in. These are the kind for
that purpose. Made of line imitation seal in black and colors in
both double and single frame with patent catches. Nicely fin
ished inside with oxidized, gilt and silver corners on
the outside. Friday at 4 o'clock for X 1 C
25c STAND COVERS at 19c This is without question
the prettiest lot of STAND COVFRS that ever peeped over our
counters. They are full length, mostly white gioimds, with
figured and floral center- in colois. Some of them have solid
color centers with white figtues; all of them are fringed.
Cheap at 2."e, but cheaper Fiiday for an hour I vC
8c OUTING ELANNEL, 4yic Had a sale of Outings like
these three weeks ago and ou could hear the hum' of the scis
sors all over town. ( )ntinir Flrmnok nf tlu most rlrvsirnhlo nlni.
Long's Sons
Fabhioiifible Wedding.
Il.v rxclimhe Uiie from '(ho ,.oiia(nl I'u'.j.
Iaiuabter, 1'J i : 2S.-'llio loipihl anl
miMt faliioiiatilc iiMirio; lint hai Ufa nie
liratnl in thii citi foi Vonie jiara otcurittl t lilt
cunlntr w lu n JlUf Ciaiv Amu, daugli.
tU'Of (Joiikiitrnji ilariioicllimiini, wa n.lul
tu L'lenunt Jlllk'i- llnldlc, ot I'ltubuii,-,
' SVSu' uWUSlsAAO l
sale at
o'clock sharp in
at 2 O'clock Sharp.
fine decorated
Friday at 2
On Second Floor.
98c BLACK SKIRTS at 59c Can't . wear
am other kind but black, during these stormy
wintry days and why should you? Here is a
lot of ery fine quality fast-black mercerized
Skirt-, that come in all lengths and aie hand-
with corded ruffle. Price theni't
am w heie in the cit and you'll payflSc
for them. !'"i idav at :'. o'clock for 5VC
$1.75 fiWANTS' CLOAKS, $1.33 Want
to die-1; the little shaver in the pink of style and
perfection, line's our chance. A fine lot of
Infants' Pideulown Cloaks that come in both
cicam and iul and exquisitely trimmed with
angoia fur. 11 mas in the lot, and considered
very low in pt ice at 1.7."). Friday at I!
o'clock for One flour $ 1 .33
98c WRAPPERS for 59c You'll want one
of these tine Flannelette rappers when you see
them. Quite heavy material, made with full skirt,
ti iuimed collars and yoke and body lined. All the
sizes from '.VI to .":!. A regular 08c
Wiapper to go Fi idav for one hour. . . . 5"C
mam sorts for which .1
' AiC
45c UNDERWEAR for 29c Children's
and .Misses' L'nion Suits, which ate decidedly the
most deniable for winter wear; of finest quali
ty cotton ribbed, made on the same patterns as
tlie Oiicila; perfectly cut and finished and con
sidered good value at l.'e. Im idav at I ,
I o'clock for ' 29C
of all Shoe Stores that is
than others charge.
IMust Answer Sorious Charge.
Il.v I. xclu.ii e Wire from The AssocIle4 Vtui.
HarrUhurfir, Nov. 'Je. Caicrnor Ston hit lioo.
iiinl Hid rL'iuIiitio'it it Coveinw Yoorlifcj, c
Ne Jar, in Dr. Giortso W. Bow and Mrt.
luij llakl, of I'liiUdrlphfk. viho re iujr4
at Atlantic liiy (o atiiwfr wrlouj cbw
Lroutflit by tho liu.laiul of ills. Ik'rlct,
tie i
X 'I
"f ," Xr.tjt ,
l . -IB
Jul il,