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A Prominent Scrantonlnn nnd a Pop
ular Young Lady of Thin City
Unite Their Lives.
.1. M. Jordan, of Scrnnton, u welt
known lawycr.and Miss Ulna V. LoUuh,
of this city, wcro married yesterday
niornlnR in St. Jtose church ut S.llu
o'clock. Tho wedding ceremony wns
witnessed by n very lnrge number of
friends nnd wan us Imposing and bril
liant un affair us over took wlace In
this city. The marriage watt celebrated
by a high nuptlul mnKs In which ninny
jirlcHts of the dloccso asslHtr-tl.
Ah tho wedding party entered the
church and proceeded up the iiInIo Pro
fessor S. V. Stocltmun, who wns at tho
organ, .played the wedding march from
Lohengrin In a manner that caused
tho swelling tide of emotion to height-i-n
In every heart. As the party
grouped themselves about the altav
the whlsperH of admiration of the bride
nnd her beautiful wedding gown were
MUltc audible. .She wore a magnificent
dress of white duehesse satin, trimmed
with white point lace and pearls, it hut
of white chiffon, trimmed with gold,
nnd white sntln slippers. The gift of
t lie bridegroom, a handsome sunburst
of diamonds, nestled In her hair. In
her right hand was an exquisite pray
crbook Inlaid with pearl.
The maid of honor, alius Mary Uurns,
of Susqtiehunna, was attired In a gown
of light blue Lansdownc silk, trimmed
with Irish point lace. Her hat was a
black Gainsborough. X bouquet of
bridal roses occupied her hands. The
bridegroom's best man was Frank T.
Jordan, his cousin.
At the altar there were a number uf
clergymen. The brother of the bride
groom, Itev. J. J. Jordan, of Vtondliam,
read the nuptial nintis; Hev. M. E.
I-oftus; brother of the bride, was dea
con of the mass; Rev. P. ('. Hearst, of
Ashley, sub-deacon, and Rev. T. F.
Coffey, of Carbondale, was master of
ceremonies. Itev. P. C. Winters, of
Jlawley; Hev. William O'Hara, of
Archbald: Jtev. M. J. Mlllnue, of Dun
morc; Ilev. Oeorge Dixon and Hev.
Walter Gorman, of St. Hose church,
were also present. During the mass
-Miss Alice IJrldgett sang the "O Salu
torls." As the newly married couple
turned 'to leave the church Professor
Stockman at the organ pealed forth
the joyful strains of Mendelssohn'
wedding processional.
At the home of the bride's mother,
-' Pike street, a reception was given
to (he clergy and the guests. The
Misses Mary McCawley, May Kilpat
rli'k and Katie and Nellie I-ittli re
ceived the guests. The bride and bride
groom there received the congratula
tions of their many friends. A splen
did wedding feast was' served and it
was a merry party that surrounded
it. Many handsome gifts were re
ceived and a room was set aside to dis
play them.
. Mr. and Mrs. Jordan left this city on
the 1.18 train for an extended wedding
tour. They will visit Washington,
Philadelphia and many other eastern
cities. On their return they will reside
in Scranton.
liaiidolph Mason, of this city, ami
Miss Helen Albright, of Scranton, were
married in the latter city yesterday
afternoon at the bride's home in the
Green nidge section. 'Miss Albright
formerly resided in Carbondale. She
is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Horace
Albright. Mr. .Mason was formerly
city engineer of this city, but is now on
the Delaware and Hudson englnesrlng
corps. Immediately after the ceremony
the couple started on a wedding tour
of ten days' duration. On their re
turn they will reside on Spring street.
As will be seen on another page of
The Tribune, Joseph B. O'Connor, of
this city, was married yesterday after
noon to Miss Frances Ilegan, of Scran
ton, in the latter city, at St. Peter's
cathedral, by liev. John Griffin, for
merly of St. Hose church, of this city,
but now chancellor of the diocese. On
their return from their wedding trip
Mr. and Mrs. O'Connor will reside in
their new and finely furnished homo
on St. Wyoming avenue.
Part of a House Fell on Him.
While a force of Itallnn laborers were
digging a trench iu the rear of V. I..
Blair's new house in tho rear of Sixth
avenue, in order to connect with the
water main, oius of them was hurt by a
peculiar accident and was taken to the
Emergency hospital, but was not seri
ously hurt, Albert A. Wright, the car
penter, hud the two gable ends uf the
building propped up against the side
of tho house while he was busy doln'v
work on something else. The Italians
had gone quite close to thsm in their
course of digging a furrow iu the
ground, and Mr, Wright cautioned
them to be careful, as the gable ends,
which were about ten feet square,
might fall on them. Hardly hud he
uttered the warning when one of them
toppled over. Mr. Wright heard a
shout of "Look out!" and Jumped to
una side just in time to escape the
heavy timber. One of tho sons of sun
ny Italy, however, was not so fortun
ate, for tho edge of It struck hlin on
the back of tho head and tho shoul
ders, doubling him up In a crouching
position, The rest or tho men sprang
forward and lifted the gable end, Tho
victim of tho uccldont, whose name Is
Fred Truant. or something like It
was stunned for a time, but recovered
sufficiently to bo able to walk to the
street, when tho Harrison House 'bus
i rove up and took him to tho hospital.
Dr. Mnrk Halley, who was summoned,
said he had received no other Injuries
than a badly strained back.
Union Thanksgiving Service.
The congregations of the Presby
terian, Methodist, linptlst uud Congre
gational churches will hold union ser
vices tomorrow In tho Herenn Haptlst
church. Tho services will begin nt
10.30 a. in. The Itev. A. V. Clmffce
' Cures ill Throat uud Lung Affections.
Gctthegeauiae. Refute substitute. M
Vis sure
alvatraa OUctirw RfctuiatUw. 19 aj oU.
will preach the sermon and the other
pastoi-H will participate In the exor
cises. As soveral members of. the choir
will be absent from town, no special
muslo will be given: the remainder of
the choir will lend the singing and the
congregation will join In. All who do
sire to give thanks for tho manifold
blessings vouchsafed thorn as Individ
uals or as ti people are cordially In
vited to co-opernto In making tho an
nual giving of thanks n success.
The collection that will be taken up
will be donated to tho Carbondale
Emergency hospital. As this Is a
worthy local charity and one that
every body In the city is keenly Inter
ested In, it should be the (recipient of a
large thank offering.
Mother Jones Speaks.
Mother Mnry Jones addressed a large
crowd In St. Hose's hall last night.
Tho meeting had been arranged spec
ially In reference to the silk mill
strike, and on the platform were about
fifty of the striking employes. Ilemy
Collins, of the Central Labor union,
presided over tho meeting, fie first
introduced Edward Faagan, president,
of the silk mill union, who oxplnlned
the grievances of the employes. The
crates with which the silk is weighed
formerly, weighed about two pounds
each. Sow they have become broken
and in some cases weigh but 11 few
ounces. For this difference In tho
weight of the crates, he says the em
ployes must prepare so much extra
silk without getting any extra pay..
In conclusion, he said that the strik
ers are perfectly willing to have the
trouble settled by 111 bltrat Ion. The
employes want a dollar n day.
A young man named King, who is
among the strikers, told how his
wages had decreased peroral dollars,
and then Mr. Collins Introduced
Mother Jones, who was received with
loud applause. She said the American
people wns born in a strike ami now
iu the closing hours of the Nineteenth
century, even the children have to
strike for their rights. She scored-tho
mill owners for the way the clilldien
are dragged almost from tho cradle
to tho fuctory, and she then scolded
the parents for allowing: such condi
tions to prevail. She denounced on In
dustrial system which allows the chil
dren of the poor to shed their blood
for the education and pampering of
the children of the rich. The wage
slavery of itoday, fine asserted, is as
bad, every whit, us was the mini slav
ery of bygone days.
She roundly scored the- mill bosses
for the filthy language used In hear
ing of the girls and boys, and deplored
the corrupting influences into which
they are thrown. Such conditions will
but foster a race of puny, good-for-nothing
men and women. She bewail
ed the fact that the children are drag
ged so young from the school room.
AVe will build jails and then make the
criminals to till them. We won't give
them an opportunity to earn an hon
orable living before, but we will keep
them for nothing after they have been
forced to commit cilme. Mother Jones,
in closing, urged that a committee be
appointed to hear the grievances of
the employes and then confer with
the mill owners and sec if some agree
ment cannot be reached.
Following out her suggestion, tho
following committee was appointed:
Joseph Johns, Patrick Toolan, A. 3.
Padden. T. M. Davis, Thomas Mooney,
Hartley Plglilln, John Walsh, John
Scanlon, George Spall and 'John
Hermes. A meeting of the employes
will bo held nnd the committee, after
becoming thoroughly acquainted with
the circumstances, will wait on I ha
operators and endeavor to effect a set
tlement. About fifty new members
were enrolled into the union last night,
Miss Lindsay Is Not 111.
A statement was printed in an even
ing paper hero last night that Miss
Lidu Lindsay was sick with typhoid
fever and was iu the Emergency hos
pital, whore she wnuhl receive the best
of treatment. Miss Lindsay's brother
died from this disease last Saturday,
and the statement that Miss Lindsay
was also prostrated caused great sor
row among the many friends of the
family. The Tribune is very glad to
contradict this article this morning.
Miss Lindsay was ill the evening be
fore her brother's funeral with an at
tack of nervous prostration, but had
recovered in the morning nnd uttended
the obsequies held over her brother,
and Immediately afterward accom
panied her mint, Mrs. John AV. White,
of Scranton, to the latter's homo, where
she now Is. Aside from her grief at
her late loss, Miss Lindsay is now ns
well as sho ever was.
Thanksgiving nt the Postoftlce.
The postotllce hours for Tlianksglv- 1
ing day, Thursday, Xov. 2U, l'JOrt, a.-: '
For general business, from 7 a. in. to U
noon: lobby open for lock-box owners
only, from 3.30 p. m, to n p. 111. There
will be one full delivery by cnrrlers
and one business delivery by curriers.
Xo money order or registry buslnes-i
done, .1, II, Thomas, postmaster.
Home from Philadelphia,
Mrs. M. f Elliott returned to Car
bondale the first of the week, utter
spending a week In the "City of nrnth
erly Love" She reports a most en
joyable week spent attending tho
stuto convention of the Christian Pit
deuvor. New Music Class. ,
Prof. Ernst Thlele, of Scranton, has
organized a muslo clafs in this city
uiul will glvo Instruction on tho vio
lin and violoncello. Prof. Thlole need'j
no introduction to tho music-loving
people of CurbnndalP.
No Freights Today,
There will be no local freight trains
on tho Delaware and Hudson railroad
toduy bound out. The regular daily
passenger schedule will bo ntrlctly ad
hered to, however, Tho Erie's regular
passenger servlco Is also undisturbed,
The Erie Excursion.
Fifteen persona went from here yes
terday morning on the Krle railroad's
Thanksgiving excursion to New York.
Dr. Lansing's Lecture.
The next lecture In the People's Lec
ture Course will bo given In tho Rerean
Baptist church next Tuesday evening.
The speaker will hi the Rev. Dr. Lnns-
E.L. Hatfield, man
ager of the Carbon
dale edition) wilt be
pleased to receive
callers seeking Infor
mation or desirous of
Imparting It. Tele
phone numbers: New
aBrt: old, 0433,
Ing, of the Green Hldge Presbyterian
church, In Scranton, and his theme will
be "Among tho GlaclerB of tho High
Alps." Dr. Lansing Is a forceful speak
er and Is one of tho brightest platform
talkers of this state. Aside from his
church work nnd lecturing he Is an
Indefatigable toller, and among his
many labors he Is an active member
of the Green Hid go Mcii'm union, of
Scranton, and has been foremost In
that union's fight to redeem tho Elec
tric City from the vice and bribery
that have been rampant there,
The Teachers' Institute.
The third day's session of the teach
ers' Institute was held yesterday In the
Central school building. Dr. E. O.
Lyte wns the first speaker of tho day
and he continued his Instructive
course on the use and abuse of the
English grammar. Superintendent
Coughlln followed with an Interesting
talk on geography. Dr. Elson's his
tory narrative wns brought down to
the lime of Lincoln nnd the Civil war,
nnd ho related a number of incidents
of that heroic phase of the country's
The programme today Is very inter
esting and no doubt a large number
will take advantage of tho holiday to
attend the two sessions. The evening
session, which was scheduled to be
held in the High school, and at which
the Smith Sisters were to appear, lmn
been transferred to the Grand Opera
House. Following Is the programme
for today:
I'.SO, Mtliie.
D.lll, Cullmv lit Hi,- Will ,Siii, l.uiiL'lilili.
lli.-'u, l'riin.ii.v Aiitlmiclic.
JII Ane .1. Mi'MolLin
11.011. Mu-ir.
11.10, IIMoiy, Ur. II. W. Kl-on.
I..';0, Mii-lc.
1.10, M my (ioim, iU'i Ariici J. McUdUii.
L'.'.'i), lllHioiy, Dr. II. W. r.lson.
S.00, fuic.
Il.t'i, Knowing by Tlillikins, Siii(, Cuuglilhi.
Foot Ball at the Park Today.
The line-up for the Thanksgiving
day game of foot ball at Alumni park
between the Indians and the Dunmore
Athletic club Is as follows:
I'l.tiuHTy cviiUt J. ll.insrn
II. mm right stunt Comlti-.
Cir.nnt left Kiunl Ciormuu
OWill licht tackle M'HOn
lLiggt'ity left tai'klc Ncary
lilllijli lislit onil Mcllalc
Kuan Iefl. end McLain
(lllinurthi qnnitci' luctc (.'ratio
i:. .lolnwm rii;lit half hack Hope
DeBow left hair hark Minph.v
.Scasiavcs full back Hansen
Uiiiuuoau. I'usitioii". lndi.UK
The game starts at :!.30 11. ni. and the
admission fee will be but 15 cents. The
above line-up may be changed some
what when time is called.
Daughters of Bebekah Elect.
The election of officers of Lucretlix
lodge, No. 103, Daughters of Kcbukah,
was held Tuesday evening, and the fol
lowing were chosen to guide the af
fairs of the lodge for the ensuing term:
oble grand, Emma Knse; vice grand,
Iiertha Harbor: secretary, Edith Haw
kins: finnnclul secretary, George
Hughes: treasurer, Eva Dix; trustees,
Canio Wells and Ann Huddy. The
election of representative to 'the grand
lodge was postponed to the last meet
ing in December. The officers will be
installed on Tuesday evening, Dec. 11.
The Dance Tonight.
The "Recherche Dancing class are
making great preparations for their
social this evening in Burke's hall.
Over 200 invitations have been sent out
and the Indications are that there will
bo a large response. The music will
be under the direction of Prof. John
Lutherans Invited.
St. Paul's Lutheran church will hold
Thanksgiving services tonight at 7.30
o'clock. The Itev. Mr. Witke, of Scran
ton, and the Rov. R. Conrad, or West
Plttston, will deliver addresses. All
Lutherans are invited to unite with
this congregation for these services.
Change in Mail Delivery.
Owing to the change In the time of
the Delaware and Hudson north-bound
mall train, formerly reaching here at
2.52 p. 111., but now at 3.23 p. m., the
time of the last mall delivery haa been
changed, the mnll carriers now making
their rounds thirty minutes later,
Will Install Officers.
Carbondale Canton, So. 40, Patri
archs Militant, will assist lu tho In
stallation of Rebekah degree oflicors
in Archbald on Doc. 5, in Carbondale
on Dec. 11 and in Jerniyn on Doe. 10.
Change in Situation.
Hurl Brink has accepted a nositlon
with It. AV. Pethlck, the furniture man
in the Rurko building. Mr. Brink was
formerly employed by Meyers, of
Suleni avenue.
Meetings Tonight.
George 10, Randolph camp, No. 138,
Sons of "Veterans.
At the Grand Opera House.
Tonight Concert by the Ariel Ladles'
Where They Will Eat Turkey.
George Sykes will help to pick the
bird In Scranton.
John Ciuno returned from Atlantic
city yesterday morning.
A. 0. Ball loft today for Now York,
where ho will stay until Saturday,
Mrs, T. O. Loomls, of Lincoln avenue,
will spend Thanksgiving In New
Mrs. II, P. Loomls, of Famo, ,wll
spend tho day with her son, on Lin
coln avenue.
Al Hlrkett and wife will spend
Tliunksgtvlng with her parents In
Mrs. Charles Perkins, who has Iwen
visiting In New York some time, has
returned home,
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur E. Frlsblo have
gono to AVyalunIng, Pa., to spend the
day with their daughter.
Miss lOvelyn Hate, of Park street, is
visiting iu White Mills, whore she will
remain until after tho holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fltzslmmons, of
Clovelund, o aro In town visiting tho
former's mother, on Canaan street.
Mrs. George Foster, of this city, who
has been visiting her son, Roy, in
Plttston, for Borne lime, has returned
homo. Roy accompanies her for
Mr. and Mrs. F. N, Hlbblts have re
turned from lliclr wedding tour nnd
taken tip their reBldenco in this city.
R. H. Strickland, manager uf tho
now Cnrbondalti Gas company, went
to Rochester yesterday to spend tho
Mrs. George iM. Lnubshlre, who hu
been visiting1 her mother In Port Jer
vls for Bovernl weeeks, icturned homo
lnnt evening,
Miss Margaret Thomas, clerk for Al
derman B. H. Jones, left for Now York
city yesterday, where she will spend
John Stott and sister, Mrs. AV. J.
McDonough, left for New York nlty
yesterday morning, where they will
spond several days.
The Installation of the ortleern of
Mlzpnh lodge, No. 115, Daughters of
Rebakah, will take place on Wednes
day evening, Dec. ID, Instead of Dec.
0, us previously announced.
By the recent collapse of the Buf
falo Land Improvement company n
number of Jerniyn residents have suf
fered severely. The lots were well
boomed here some years ago, and on
the strength of ono of the promoters,
who wns known and related to resi
dents of the borough, the lots went
like hot cakes for a time. It Is said
that local people Invested In tho neigh
borhood of $13,000 In the enterprise,
among the Investors being some of the
prominent business men of the town.
Other Investors were hard-working
men, who, In some cases, Invested their
life savings, and on these the loss, of
course, falls most heavy. This Is not
the first land Investment In which Jer
niyn people have been caught, but It is
almost certain that the painful lessons
taught by the collapse of the Buffalo
Land company will make Investment!!
of that kind extremely unpopular here
ubouts for a few years to come.
Today will bo observed as a general
holiday among the stores and business
places. The Delaware and Hudson col
liery will be idle, and it is probable
the other neighboring collieries will
not be able to operate much of th
day. The usual holiday hours will bo
observed nt the postoiUce.
Thanksgiving services were held lu
the public school yesterday. Tho pro
grammes which were carried out by
the scholars consisted of recitations,
singing, dialogues. Instrumental mu
sic was very creditably given by the
children and was much enjoyed. The
Jermyn schools have hitherto suffered
somewhat from the absence of recre
ations of this kind and on this account
yesterday's entertainment was there
fore all the more thoroughly enjoyed
by those who participated in it and
those who were entertained. Mrs. II.
N. Barrett ably assisted by her orgun
accompaniments to the Instrumental
AAMIlie Caveney, a young man resid
ing on the East Side, was arrested on
Monday night at the instance of a'
young woman named Doud residing
in the same, vicinity on the serious
charge of rape. Caveney was taken
before Justice of the Peace Munley,
of Archbald, by whom he was com
mitted to jail. Ho was released yes
terday on ball.
Thomas Warwick was at a meeting
of the local miners' union on Tuesday
night appointed cheek welghman nt the
Delaware and Hudson colliery.
Mrs. Dr. Baker and two children, of
Duryea, are spending Thanksgiving
here with relatives.
Miss Eva McLaughlin, of Forest
City, is the guest of Jermyn friends.
Fred Richtmeyer, of Port Chester,
N.Y., Is circulating among his old
friends here.
There will be no less than four games
of foot bnll played here today. The
first will be a game this morning on
Fowler's field between the Miners as
sociation and a team from AVest May
field. This afternoon a game bfttween
the well known Rlchmondalo Rovers
and Jermyn will be played upon the
same grounds, and there will also be
two games playsd on the East Side
grounds between the Peckville and
Jessup High school teams and the East
Side Indians.
'Miss Nellie Foundy, of West May
field, Is visiting her school-mate, Miss
Bstner Tretheway, of Parsons.
The Misses x.ate and Murtlm Walsh,
of Mayfleld. will spend Thanksgiving
holidays with Miss Nellie Jackson, of
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Dtiesbneh and
family, of Hyde Park, are spending
Thanksgiving at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Bert Mason, of Second street.
Mrs. Kurianchke, of Carbondale, who
has been visiting her daughter, Mrs.
Max Lonstein, returned homo Satur
day, Miss Alice Harden has returned homo
from Scranton, where she has been
spending soveral weeks.
Mr, and Mrs. Charles Perry, of Dun
more, are moving in part of George
Bortree's house, on Spring Garden
Warren Barber, of Brooklyn, N. Y
Is spending Thanksgiving here.
' An excellent temperance sermon was
preached by Rov. G, H. Prentice last
Sabbath evening,
Mnx Lonstein bus purchased a house
In Duryea and expects to move there
In April.
Mr. Augustine, of Newfoundland, Is
visiting his daughter, Mrs, Erhhardt.
Miss Ivu Swnrts, of Scranton, Is
spending Thanksgiving with her par
ents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Levi Swarts,
A good-sized audience wns In attend
ance nt tho stereoptloon entertainment
given by A. A'. Bower, of Scranton,
Tuesday evening, About one hundred
views from I'ompoll were given, which
were Instructive, as well as interesting.
Mrs. Fanny Brown spent part of this
week with Scranton friends.
H. Q, Frlsohkorn, of Plttston. spent
Sunday with his family here.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Pelton entertained
Mr. A. A', Bower, Tuesday evening.
Miss Mary Schlnneiilng, of Thorn
hurst, Is Miss Blessing's successor as
teacher of tho prlmury department, She
left last evening to spend Thanksgiv
ing with her iwents.
Rev. AV, H. Williams, the "drummer
evangelist," will deliver his lecture, en
titled "The Last Romp With the Tiger,"
ut tho Baptist church on Friday even
ing. Admission free. , An offering will
bo taken at the close of the service.
Ilov. James Morris, of Passaic, N. J.,
will preach n tho Baptist church Sun
day morning and evening, Meetings
will also be continued tluough the fol
lowing week.
At this time, when naturally a spirit
of Joyfulness and thanksgiving should
pervndo tho very atmosphere, a feeling
of gloom and sadness has settled ovor
the entire community, caused by the
sudden death of Mr. E. AV. Duvls, who
for n quarter of a century had fitted
most faithfully the position of station
agent at the Delaware, Lackawanna
and Western station. Mr. Davis canio
from dinner ai his homo on Tuesday,
fooling ns woll ns usual, nnd entered
Upon his duties for tho afternoon at
tho station. Sonic time after a rail
road man, falling to attract his atten
tion an tifliint, went Into'the station and
wns shocked to find Mr. Davis l.vinir
on the Door of tho ofllcn unconscious.
Tho alarm was quickly given and Dr.
Knedler summoned, who found that a
stroke of paralysis had resulted In the
bursting of a blood vessel In tho brain.
The unconscious man wns conveyed to
the homo which ho had left but a short
time before in health and good spirits,
nnd everything that medical skill or
loving hands could do was dono, but
of no avail. At 1 o'clock yesterday
morning he died. Ho Is survived by a
widow and three chltdren, Fred L.,
aged twenty-one: Charles, aged thir
teen, and Florence, ngod seven. Mr.
Davis wan a faithful member of tho
Presbyterian church of this place. Ho
was also president of the borough
council, and a man who always threw
his Influence on tho side of right. Ho
was a devoted husband and father, and
tho stricken family have tho deepest
sympathy of the entire community In
this sad atlllctlon. The funeral ser
vices will be held nt his late home to
morrow at 10 u. ni. His pastor, Rev. J.
J. Rankin, will ofltclate.
On account of the death of Mr. Davis,
the Ladles' Aid society of the Presby
terian church have postponed the social
nnd supper which was to have been
hold at the Fuller home tomorrow
'Mr. nnd Mrs. W. B. Edwards and Mr.
C F. Edwards went to Nicholson on
Monday to nttend tho funeral of Mrs.
Julia Carpenter, n sister of Mrs. Ed
wards, who tiled while, on her way here
to visit them.
A. B. AVilllums, Jr., of New York city,
Is spending Thanksgiving with his par
ents here
Mrs. Byron Buckingham attended a
regular meeting of the Order of East
ern Star nt Scranton on Mondny even
ing, and was re-elected- secretary for
the tenth consecutive year.
A number of family gatherings aro
to take place here today, and many are
leaving to enjoy the same at other
Miss Ida Slmnnsou, of Scranton,
spent Sunday with friends here.
Chicken thieving has for the past
few 'years thrived within the borough
limits and a number of fruitless at
tempts have been made to capture thn
guilty parties, but no use: they al
ways escaped. The membeis of Class
No. 0 have captured an alleged
chicken thier, and he is to be tried
before a court of justice at Ledyard
hall this evening. The trial will be
given in the main hall and before
Judgp AVearno, District Attorney Gay
lord Keller will act for the common
wealth, ns prosecutor, while Attorney
Stanley Evans will defend the cul
prit. A jury of tried ond true citi
zens will be picked and tho chlckrn
thief will got all that is coming to
him. To pay expenses and to help
swell the treasury of Class No. 9, an
admission of 13 cents will be charged
at the door.
Mr. R. E. Bile, of Dorrancelown, is
visiting his cousin, Mr. AVillinm AVal
lace. A large number of our townspeople
journeyed to Scranton yesterday to
testify in the Louis AVelsberger vs.
Ontario and Western case. It will be
remembered that Mr. AVelsberger was
the driver of the team that was struck
on the Ontario and Western crossing
about a year ago, when the AVnlsh boy
and a Polander, who v;pro riding in
the wagon, were killed. The case did
not come up yesterday.
Mr. S. F. AA'hlte, who Is lumbering
near Unlondale, is home to spend
The ladles of the Presbyterian
church will serve Thanksgiving sup
per at tho church parlors this "after
noon and evening.
The Peckville Athletic club will hold
?i ball nt tho Grnnd 'Army of tho Re
public hall this evening.
The Red Cross and Sepulchre degree
was conferred on several members of
the Eureka commundery, Knights of
Malta, by the Washington command
ery, of Hyde Park, at Keystone hall,
last evening. After the conferring of
the degree, a smoker was held, which
was attended by a. large number of
knights from different towns. Refresh
ments were served,
Louis Blockberger was called to
South Scranton yesterday on account
of the death of his brother-in-law.
Frederick Engen, at that place.
Mrs. Mary Cummlngs, Miss Annie
Doud and M. AV. Cummlngs, jr., at
tended the Loftus-Jordan wedding, at
Carbondale, yesterday.
The- LaPorte Comedy company will
open a week's engagement at the
Father Mnthew opera house, commenc
ing next Mondny evening.
Miss Margaret Evans is spending u
few days at Plttston.
The Kingsbury lodge, Free and Ac
cepted Masons, will meet tomorrow
nigh and elect officers for the coming
The members of the Congregational
church will hold an entertainment in
that edifice, Monday, December 10.
The postoflice will be opon today be
tween the hours of 7 and 12 o'clock.
Miss Annie Patten has returned horns
from Bloomsburg to spond Thanksgiv
ing. The young peoplo of tho Blnkely Bap
tist church aro mailing preparations for
a bazaar, to bo held during the holi
days. Misses Mu in le Nealon and Katie
Donnelly tire visiting relatives at
Mrs. Mary A. Davis desires to thank
tho many friends, the Odd Fellows and
veterans of the Grand Army of tho Re
public ana Spanish-American war, far
their kindness during tho Illness and
at the death of her lute husband. David
It. Davis.
Miss Mamie Owens, of New York,
who has been visiting her aunt, .Mrs.
D. L. Grllllths, left yesterday for a
month's tuy lu Ohio,
Miss Bessie Tonners, of Horuellsvllle,
X, Y., Is the guest of Miss Jennie Pat
ten. Miss Ruth Terry, of Wavorly, bus io
turned home, after spending u tow
days with Mr. and Mrs. J. A, Hull, of
Blukely. '
When You Get a Headache
don't wasto a minute but go to your
druggist and got a box of KrnuBe"
Headache Capsules. They will pre
vent pnln, even though your skuW
were, cracked. They nro harmless, o.
Read the guarantee. Price 25c. Sold
by Matthews Bros.
AVhen Jreek meotn Crook, then
comes the tug of war. TIiIb phrase
may be used with almost perfect
adaptability In describing what will
happen nt the foot ball contest this
afternoon on tho Riverside grounda,
when the Gendall nnd Bttrna elevens
bnttlo for supremacy. Both teams
comprise some good players nnd have
been well trained and a good game
can bo expected. The contest will
commence nt 2.30 o'clock. Tho line-up
of tho teams will be: Gcndnll eleven
Left end, A. Marsh: left tackle, Hoop
er: loft guard, Connolly; canter, Pow
ell; tight guard, lnglls: right tackle,
Beceham; right end, Reeso or Stone;
qnnrtor back, AVntklns; loft half back,
Benrwolf; right half hack, Tubbs; full
back, Gondait or Marsh. Burns' eleven
Left ond, T. Glynn: lett tackle, Da
vis: center, Oulkle: right end, Owens;
right, guard, Jordan: tight tackle,
'Hnmmond; quarter back, Burns; left
half buck, Day; tight halt buck, Scan
lon: full hack, Evnns.
A number of young people of the
Archbald visited the Interior of tho
Archbald mine on Tuesday evening
unit witnessed how the dusty diamond
grows. After n. few hours of enjoy
ment, the party were hoisted to the
surface nnd bore as much evidence on
their faces as tho miners. Those who
comprised the party were: Mlssc.i
Annie Stevens, Beatrice Carey, Minnie
Kahn. B. Cnrey, Ala Pfftff, Mabol
Gaul, Jennie Davis and William Nash,
Harry Barrier, Ezra Gaul, Thomas
Mortis, tteese Thomas. Joseph Hart
nnd John Englp.
The Sunday school class of John F.
Tubbs. 'of the Methodist Episcopal
church, will conduct n Puritan social
at the church parolrs this evening,
commencing nt 6 o'clock. The younff
I ladles In charge have prepared 11
I tempting menu, which will consist of
nil the delicacies of tho season. Sup-.
! pet" fee, 10 cents: ice cream extra.
I The borough schools, In observance
1 of Thanksgiving Dny, held exercises
I .vestrday in honor of the occasion.
I The programmes were very Intcrcnt-
Ing and enjoyable.
PoBtofflre hours for toduy will be
from !) to It n. m. Th money ordir
department will remain closed nil day.
The condition of Mrs. Robert Cnomb't
is growing worse and It if feared that
the end Is near. A dispatch has bean
sent to her bro'her, Thomas W. Evans,
who Is studying for' the ministry nt
the Crozler seminary, Lowistown, Pa.,
to come home at once.
Councihiinn David H. Evans, of hto
First ward, U a candidate for re-election.
Bvan G. AVatkins, Frank Decker,
Stanley Miller, are spending Thanks
giving in New York.
Taylor castle. No. 2B7, Knisdits of the
Golden Faglo, will meet this evening.
Superintendent John L. Neiger Is
spending today at Newark, N. J.
Liazie, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Jos
eph AVoodworth, of North Main street,
is seriously ill.
Lackawanna A'alley council. No. SI,
Junior Order United American Me
chanics, will moot in regular session
tills evening.
This evening the Young Men's
Christian association will give a ban
quet to its members In their rooms,
on South Main street. A grand time
is anticipated.
Thanksgiving services will be hold
in the different churches here today.
The eisteddfod to Iw held in this
town on Chtistmns dny under the aus
pices of the AVelsh Congregational
church, promises to be a grand musi
cal treat.
The 2-year-old child of Mr. nnd
Mrs. Robert "ITpdyke died yesterday,
after a lingering illness. Funeral an
nouncement later.
Dwight Chapman and son, E. B.
Chapman and wife, of Hamllnlon, vis
ited relatives here last week and re
turned to their home on Saturday last.
Union Thanksgiving services will bo
held In the Baptist church here this
morning (Thursday) et 10.30 o'clock.
Services will be conducted by the pas
tor, the Rev. II. Paiiatt East.
J. C. Hlggins visited relatives in
Scranton over Sunday, returning home
last evening.
Miss Grace A. Davis intended the
Hodgson-Ruwson wedding, at the As
bury Methodist Episcopal church, on
Monday evening Inst. Tho reception
was held at Greenwood, the home of
tho bride, Miss Elizabeth Rawson.
The wedding of one of our most es
teemed young ladies, a member of the
Methodist Eplscopul church, and who
took an active part In all Its branches,
was solemnized at the home of thn
bride-elet on AVednesday evening last.
Tho bridegroom is a resident of Ben
ton township, Mr. Floyd Colvin, nnd
his bride is Miss Maud Mullinex. They
will begin housekeeping In a homo In
Carbondale on Thanksgiving day. Tho
guests were limited to those of their
relatives only. Mrs. Maud Mullinex
Colvin will be much missed In her
circle of friends, and all extend to Mr.
and Mrs. Floyd Colvin most heartily
their good will and best wishes.
It Is also currently reported that out
young hardware merchant, AVillard P.
Coon, will wed on Thursday, at Hones
dale, Miss Edith Decker, daughtor of
Georgo AV. Decker, of that place.
Miss Emma Coon left on Monday
morning last to visit relatives nnd
friends in Carbondale and Hnnesdale,
Miss Josephine Swallow, of Douglass,
Otto county, Nebraska, is visiting her
ninny relatives and friends here for
tho first time, her father, Joseph Swal
low, ami family having moved from
this vicinity some twenty-five years
Air, nnu airs, sums vvnue win occupy
their old home here this week, after
several yearn' absence. They will be
welcomed by their many friends.
William Hall Is suffering from an
attnek of tho grip,
,T, D. 'Knight's barn was completely
unroofed by the wind ami rain storm
on Monday night.
Miss Minnie Oernon has accepted the
position of teacher In mom seven In
our High school building and usstimed
active control on Monday morning Inst
Joseph nibble hail nn accident Io his
train on Monday Inst by running his
engine Into a train ahead and wrecking
the caboose,
Mr. and Mrs. II. F. CourttiBht left
on Tuesday of this week for un ex
tended visit with relatives and friends
In Clilcaeo and Aurora, HI.
James Pentecost will spend Thanks,
s-lvlng dny with his parents, Mr, and
Mrs. Thomas AV, Pentecost,
The preparations fur the fair which
will be held lu the Methodist H.nlsto
pal church on the till, 5th and Gth of
December are progressing rapidly. This
bids fair to outsit ip any ami all prevlr
ous efforts. Oysters will bu served In
many wnys by thoiladles In charge on
Tuesday evening. A fifteen cent sup
per will be served on Wednesday evon
Ing. Do not fall to patronize tho fair
and supply your many friends with
Christmas presents.
We let the cat out of tho bttf
at last to tell you of our good
fortune in being able to sell
Underwear and Hosiery
at a figure much lower than
you would have expected. See
our special lines of Gloves,
lined nnd unllned. New lint
Neckwear at 48c.
412 Spruce Street.
, . L-
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