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Great Britain Assents to the Amer
ican Position Goncernlno
Foreign Ministers at Pekln Who
Wanted to Institute Wholesale
Decapitation Offhand Under Pen
alty of Instant and Bloody War
Are Halted in Their Sanguinary
Aspirations and It Is Uncle Snm
That Holds the Check Rein.
fly Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Washington, Nov. 2S. It developed
today that the chief point In the ex
changes concerning: China, which have
been going on during the last few days
among the powers relates to the wis
dom of delivering an "ultimatum" to
China, using the express word "ulti
matum" In the text of the demand to
be handed to tho Chinese envoys in
volving the possibility of a resulting
ilcclurutinn of war against China In
case tho demands of the "ultimatum"
be not complied with. It appears that
some of the powers dcired the ex
press use of the word "ultimatum" in
the demand relative to the decapita
tion or other extreme punishment of
eleven of the princes and other high
olllriuls responsible for the outrages,
and this view of using the most ex
pressive term of diplomacy septus to
have found favor with the ministers at
AVhen It became known at the sev
eral capitals, considerable dissent be- j
came manliest. Aoout a weoK ago,
Japan tool; the Initiative in appeal,
nnd this received the favorable con
sideration of the United Stales,
France. Russia and probably Croat
Britain, although a positive statement
as to Oreat Britain cannot bo made.
About the same time, Secretary Hay
look stops to exress the view of this
government that It was inadvisable to
jirocecd to the extent of an ultimatum
against ChinaT,' but that tho demands
should not be beyond what China rea
ronably might have the power to com
ply with.
The unanimity of sentiment among
the powers gives grounds for the be
lief that the demands of the ministers
will be modified by tip- abolishment
of the word '""ultimatum," although it
is not clear whut the final attitude of
tho remaining powers, Germany, Aus
tria and Italy, will be. The negotia
tions in this particular were carried
on in London, through Ambassador
Choate, and it is regarded as signifi
cant that one of the parties to the
Anglo-German alliance should give its
adherence to the moderate position ad
vanced by the United Stales.
The British ambassador and the
Chinese minister were among Secre
tary Hny's callers tit the state depart
ment today, conditions in China be
ing among the subjects considered. In
formation has been, received from the
southern viceroys, representing the
most pacific influences in China, show
ing great concern n their part as to
reports that another punitive expedi
tion is on its way against the Shan
Bi province,
Another Suit Brought to Test Cut in
School Funds,
By Exclusive Wire fiom The Auocla'id 1'ici.i.
Ilarrlsburg, Pa., Nov. 2S. C T.
TCi'utz, of Norrlstown, appeared In
court this morning and usked that a
writ of mandumus be issued ngalnst
State Treasurer Barnett and Superin
tendent of Public Instruction Sehnoffer
to compel them to pay the school ap
propriation on the basis of .I5.",5un,00,
instead of $o,000,0uG under the gover
nor's veto to the townships of Nurris
town and Worcester, in Montgomery
Deputy Attorney (leneral Fleltss op
posed the motion and the court siH
Dec. 11 as a time for argument.
Number of Americans W ho Served in
uflty English Army.
By Exclusive Wire fiom The Associated Press.
Philadelphia, Nov. 28. Fifty-eight
Americans who were with tho Kngllsh
nrmy in South Africa arrived hero to
day on tho American Hue steamship
Helglanlnnd, from Liverpool, They
left tonight fur their homes In Chicago,
St. Louis and New Orleans. Their
passage to this country was paid by
tho English government.
Tho men loft New Orleans last sum
mer as muleteers, but In South Africn
they enlisted with tho English forces '
us conductors of armored trains.
Ily Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Washington, Nov, !W Tliii popuUlion of t tic
Itatu of Washington Is utS.lfti, against ir,VVl
in 1690, an incriase of H)S,7ia, nr IS.'J pti- cent,
Thu population of Oklahoma ij UJS,'J13,
11,811 ill l&W, an JuavitMi of iKU.lll, w 611 per
The population of Xitv Mexico i IWS.olO,
uitalmt l.V,."iXI In 1WJ, an lniriii! of 11,717, Or
7,1 per cent.
The popuUlion of Koitli IKikola is,
Oftnimt IS-Ml'J In lbW, an Iucicjso of U'U,i:7, or
74.(1 per cent,
'Hie population of South lUUoia Is 401,570,
igalnit uiS.SOS in UPO, ai Ineicjse of 7-.',70i, or
h.'.l per cent.
'Jlw population of TVinictico U 'J,0i0,ill(l, ngaliut
1,707,518 ill l&W, an lucieato of 2W,Wi, or J 1.3
per cent,
Tho population of Idaho is JCl.Tr.', awln.t 81,.
tSS In lbW, an incicaso of 77.3ST, or 01.7 per
Standard Oil Goes Up.
By Exclusive Who from The Atsotiatcd rrc..
New York, Kov. 2S. Standard oil shates iu the
pen market today oltl at 7W, a new liigh
Bryan's Letter to the Home Guards
of Lincoln.
Hy llxeluslte Wire liom The Associated Pins.
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 2S. Tn answer to
u congratulatory address Issued by the
Uryan Home Quanta some days ugo,
V. J. Bryan this evening sent a let
tor to H. P. Hockey, thanking him for
the expressions of esteem, and con
cluding us follows:
When a political party meeta with reverses
the greatest consolation the candidate lias, aildo
(rom the npproval of conscience, is the knowl
edge that he retains the confidence of those
with whom ho was associated and I thank the
guards for this assurance. The contest between
democracy and plutocracy will ro "n a"d those
who believe In the declaration of Independence
and the doctrine of equality before the law
must .still defend human rights from the en
croachment and greed.
By Exclusive Wire finm The Associated I'rcsa.
New York, Nov. ii.K cable dispatch from
Manila received hen! today report the sinking
of the United States auxiliary cruiser YosctnlU
In a typhoon at Uuam Nov. 15. Five of the
crew were lost.
Washington, Nor. M. The Yosemlte was first
commissioned April IS, 18')S. She hid been
station ship at the Island of Guam since tho
djys of tbe .Spanish war She Is a sIxtecn-Knoi
converted cruiser, of (1,179 tons displacement. It
is fiihl that her anchorage at Guam was off the
harbor of San Luis D'Apara and that ottntnp;
to her draft she Has obllpted to He six miles otf
fhorc. The harbor Is a partlculoily dangerous
one, owing lo the existence of u rocky shoal In
the middle nnd a particularly crooked channel.
Given in Honor of Thanksgiving'.
Speeches Made by a Number of
Prominent Frenchmen.
Dy Exclusive Wire from 'I he Associated Preffl.
Paris, Nov. 28. The annual Thanksgiving-
dinner of the American colony
in Paris was given this evening. In
the absence of General Horace Porter,
the ambassador of tbe United States,
the chair was given to George Munroe,
the banker. With the exception of
John K. Gowdy, United States consul
general, all tho speakers wen- promi
nent Frenchmen, who did not neglect
the opportunity to refer to the cordial
relations existing between France and
the United States. M. Jules Cambon
in the course of his remarks said:
The United State lave become by their
prt-atntfes the nianvl and admiration of tin- world,
and we, after a century of glorious and painful
Hliiarclcs, an- beginning to place the destinies of
I he French ilcinucmcy under the bhcltcr of re
publican institutions. Xowheie, howev-r, at any
point on the globe do the interests' and ambitions
of the two countries cl.uli; anil every day
brings a fiesh development in their
ielati(n.s. Klghtecu months ago we signed a
tlcoty of commerce in Washington; mid we
Late leastin to hope that thu United States
congress and our parliaments will con-'etrate by
their vote this new instrument of peace, union
and concord.
Mr. Gowdy, speaking In response to
tho toast, "The Day We Celebrate."
said that Thanksgiving day wus to the
American a fete of religion and natri
otlsm. "A grateful heart will be a true
heart. A grateful people will be a suc
cessful people. Thanksgiving day with
the Americans is not a selfish feast.
We are akin to the whole world, a peo
ple of every people, a nation of nverv
nation. We crown our success" with
good from all and entertain only kindly
feelings toward the homes of our
"We rejoice that the cordial relations
between odYselves and Franco have
been strengthened and that our trade
has increased. But while thinking of
our own country, let us not forget the
welfare of France, whose hospitality
we enjoy and who always extends to
us sueh cordial welcome and such
fraternal greetings."
Si'. Comely, of the Figaro; M. De
Rlowitz, Paris correspondent of the
London Times; M. Gaston Deschamps,
and others spoke.
Unanimously Urges France to Take
the Initiative The Elghtinp in
South Africa Goes Bight On.
Dy j;.elusIto Wire from Tho Ao(i.itcd I'rcM.
Paris, Nov. i!8. The general council
of the Seine today unanimously adopt
ed ti resolution that tho French bov
ormuuiit should take the initiative In
the endeavor to bring about an arbi
tration of the Issues between Great
Britain and the Boers,
Edenborg, Orange liiver Colony,
Saturday, Nov, 21. The Boers are most
active between tho railroad and Pasu
tnland, south of Ladybrand, Thabant
ohu and Bloemfonleln, Oeneral D
Wet and former President Steyn are
at Dmvetsdorp. It Is believed they are
preparing for a descent on Cupe Col
ony for recruits and supplies, As a
counter move, two battalions of the
Guards, Grenadiers and First Cold
streams hold nil tho fords of the Or
ange river from Allwal North to tho
Orange river station. Hut small par
ties of mounted Uoers uro able to cross
tho river almost anywhere. Tho Brit
ish have great need of more mounted
troops. Otherwise the capturo of 1
Wot la hopeless.
Judge Craig Heard Argument,
Dy Exclusive WIro from The Associated I'rcsi.
Struudsburu, J'., Nov. 28, Judgo Cralit to.
day heard aruuuunt In tho I'ocouo Spring WUr
Joe company Injunction cass brought by the
Lt'hitfli Coal and Navigation company, who claim
that the tilling of the large Ico dams In the
I'ocono mountaiai is u bcrloua injury to navi
gation and to the furnishing of power tn Indus,
tries along tho Lehigh Valley, Ai tmnicnt was
not concluded.
Plucky Woman Foils Burglar.
Dy Inclusive Wire from The Associated Prcsj.
Union Hill, N. J., Nov. 28. Mrs. 1'icderlrk
WeUmaun saw a man tying up bundles In her
room. She bprang for the fellow's throat. Ho
knocked licr down and struck her in tho face,
threatening at tho same time to kill li Shu
held ou and screamed tor help, tad tho burglar
Tenement House Commission Holds
an Open Meeting in
New York.
Bev. Sr. Paadock, Whoso Work Has
Seen Largely in the Tenement Dis
trict, Describes Vividly Some of
the Frightful Conditions and Ex
plain What Can Be Done to Im
prove Them The Crusade Against
Prostitution Assumes Larger Pro
portions. By Exclusive Wire from Tho Associated Pirss.
New York, Nov. 2S. The tenement
house commission held an open meet
ing today, at which the question of
"Vice nnd Prostitution In tho Tene
ments" was discussed by the commis
sion appointed for the purpose of In
vestigating this feature of tenement
house life.
The Hew Dr. Robert L. Paddock, of
the Protestant Episcopal pro-cathedral,
said 'that the conditions as found by
him In tho course of his work In what
Is known geographically as the Eighth
assembly district, were very bad, ex
ceedingly bad. Ho said he had talked
with many policemen, postmen and
others, whose duties took them Into the
tenement houses, and their verdict had
Invariably been that there was a verv
large number of the tenement hous?s
in which apartments were rented to
women for Immoral purposes, with the
knowledge of the landlord, the agent,
or housekeeper and the other tenants
of the building. Ho had had hundreds
of complaints from parents as to the
moral effect of this condition of affairs
upon the young girls and boys of the
district, and stated that to bis certain
knowledge thero were many men and
wompn whose solo business was the
.procuring of young girls to enter these
tenement house apartments and lead a
life of Immorality.
Dr. Paddock gave it as his onlnion
that the dark and unllghted hallwavs
of the tenement were the chief reasons
for the prevalence of the vice in that
district. It was there, he said, that
small children first came into tempta
tion, and he suggested that the law re
quiring the halls to be lighted be rig
idly enforced.
Dr. Paddock stated further that ho
considered the gambling evil one of the
most closely associated with that of
prostitution. He also declared that he
considered that the moral standard of
the ent're East side had been lowered
by close and intimate association with
the women who live in flats and houses
in the so-called "red light district."
Masked Men Wreck Illinois Institu
tion and Captured and Gagged a
Citizen Obtained $4,000.
By Kxclusiw Wiro fiom Tho Associated 1'reH,
Emden, 111., Nov. 28. Four masked
men wrecked the Farmers' bank of
Emden early today. Tt Is stated thai,
they secured all the funds of tho bank,
between $3,000 and $ 1,000.
When the robbers discharged their
first blast of dynamite the exnloslon
aroused a ultlsen, John Alberts, four
blocks away. Alberts hurried to the
bank, was seized by one of tho robbers,
gagged and bound hnnd and foot. He
was dragged Into the hank, where he
witnessed the gang drilling Into the
vault door. "When the fuse was lighted
for a second blast the robbers stepped
outside. Alberts lay In the corner when
it went off. He was not seriously In
jured, however.
The blast unhinged the vault doors,
and the robbers made off with alt the
cash. Securing u hund-or, they pulled
iu the direction of Delavun. There they
were met by Patrolman Sanfnrd, who
attempted to arrest them. One of the
robbors fired, and Snnford fell, mor
tally wounded through the body, Out
Mde of the town tho men buardud u
passenger train ou tho Chicago and Al
ton. All traces of them were lost.
The bank building was almost a com
plete wreck, and the vault was ruined.
Was the Train HoodoedP
Dy BteluJlva Wlra from The Associated 1'es.
laneaster, I'a,, Nov. CS. A strango fatitllly
seemed to follow a iniwd frilht and passenger
train that arrived hero this alteration over the
llawuliigton and Lancaster blanch of the Heading
railroad. Ah tho train was leaving: liutvnliitt
ton Engineer Andrew Frederick fell from hid
engine and was seriously hurt. The ilreuiuii
took bis place and Ilrakeuun Isaac Draper acted
us tiremau. At (Ireenfleld Proper fell (rom the
engine and It Is believed Ills fcxull It fractured.
Composition by Sullivan.
By Kveluslve Wire from The Associated 1'iesi.
London, Nov, 23. Sir Ororgo Clement Martin,
organist of til, I'aulM cathedral, bus the com.
plctu bfore of u Thanksgiving To Ileum com
posed by the Utu Sir Arthur Sullivan ut the re.
quebt of the deun and chapter of St, Paul's,
suitable for tho teunlnallon of the South Afilcau
war and dedicated to "Ouetn, church uuil
Constabulary Bill Abandoned.
Dy Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press,
New York, Nov, 28. According to current po
litical gossip the proposed state constabulary
bill designed to place tho police of tho cities
under ttate control, hit been abandoned by the
leaders of the Itcpubllcun party, It Is said that
Governor-elect Odd! opposed tbe measure.
High Waters Becede,
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated rreii.
Pittsburg, Nov. 2S. The rivers are fl'tng rup.
Idly. Navigation trill bo completely resumed out
of the Pittsburg and tlieSvhecls of industry af.
tecttd by the flood tide ought to be in running
ordtr by Friday,
Has Not Yet Expressed Itself as to
Form of Constitution.
By Exclusive Wire from Tin Associated l'rcu
Havana, Nov. 2S. At today's session
of the Cuban constitutional convention,
In the Marti theatre, Sennr Llornnto
attempted to have tho convention ex
press an opinion ns to tho form of con
stitution to bo adopted, whether fed
eral or unitary. He wits speaking on
the motion of Senor De Quesada to ad
journ until Tuesday next, when tho
first eight days of the permanent or
ganization will have expired, and when
delegates will bo ut liberty to hand In
suggestions ns to the constitution.
Senor De Quosnda had urgtted that
the convention ought to adjourn be
cause not to do ho would only; be
wasting the discussion; Senor Llorente
contended that the convention, shou'd
meet dally. "There are many things
to be discussed." he frald, "and we
should not be earning our salaries If
we did not meet."
After nn uninteresting debate of two
hours, the motion of Senor De Quesada
was carried.
Several Injured in tho Train Wreck
at Beaver Falls.
T.y Exclusive Wire troin The Associated 1'reH
Pittsburg, Nov. 2S. Train No. -11, on
tho Cleveland and Pittsburg railroul.
was wrecked at 1.80 o'clock, onn-half
mile west of Beaver, this mo'n'ng.
There were at first reports of heavv
loss of life havlnrr occurred, but later
reports put tho number at one, with
several Injured.
The cause of the wreck was a wash
out. There had been recently laid some
now tracks aong this section of the
road, and the heavy rise in the Ohio
had loosened the earth
It Will Lie in State in the Capitol at
St. Faul Messages of Sympathy.
ily Kxilmivti Wire fiom The Associated 1'rc-rf.
St. Paul. Nov. 2S. Tho mortal re
mains of the late United States Sena
tor Cushman Kelogg Davis have
rested today in his homo on Fatlngton
avenue, rest having come after ninny
weeks of weary and painful struggles
with disease. .The entire city mourned
and from all quarters of the globe has
come a stream of messages of sympa
thy for the stricken home and for
the bereaved city ami slate. President
AfcKInley was one of the first to ten
der his tribute of honor and love for
the departed atatesmci.
It was decided today that the fu
neral services shall be held at tho
resldonw at II o'clock Saturday morn
ing, the brief service being in charge
of Rev. C D. Andrews, rector of Christ
Episcopal church, assisted by He-v.
Theodore Sedgwick, rector of the
Church of St. John the Evangelist. In
deference to the wishes of the many
friends who would be untble to attend
the services at the house, and at the
particular request of Governor TJnd,
it was also decided that tho body shall
lie in state at the capitol from 10 until
;; o'clock on Friday. A detachment of
the National Guard will escort the
body froni the residence lo tbe capitol
and remain as guard during the day,
Inter, returning to the house. The In
terment will be In Calvary cemetery.
Governor John I.lnd this afternoon
issued a proclamation announcing the
death of the senator and (taking for a
general suspension of business between
the hours of 10 and 2 on Saturday, tho
day of the funeral.
Washington, Nov. 28. Owing to the
near approach of thu convening of
congress, many prominent senators
and representatives cannot attend tho
funeral of Senator Davis, The seat
formerly occupied by Senator Davis
will be taken by Senator I fauna here
The Objectionable Places to Be
Weeded Out and tho Number of
Saloons Much Reduced.
Ily r.ilulto Who from The AvxulaUd Pics-i.
Minithi, Nov. l!S. A liquor license law
for Jlunlln has been prepared, which
will debar saloons on the Escolta and
wime other streets from obtaining
license in the same locality after the
expiring licenses. The commh.slon nnd
tho provost marshal Intend to relieve
tho Escolta of the congestion largely
due to the presence of so many saloons.
Under the new law the license fee will
be 'iiO In gold and tho term six
Next Saturday the commission will
mull to Secretary Hoot u leport cover
ins tho llrst three months' work, out
lining' existing conditions, the pro
gramme, the present status or affairs
and the situation generally, and em
bodying suggestions as to the future,
together with questions on ccrtulu mut
ters. All the mllltaryi on duty will bo re
lieved for tomorrow. Thunksglvlng day,
with the exception of necessary guards
on Held duty,
Denial by AgoucUlo,
Ily Kxelutlva Wiro from Tho Associated Press.
1'arU, Nov. 2S. Asonclllo, the agent of Again
alito, declarer there Is no foundation for the
statements that be has resigned the leldcrhlp of
tho I'illpiiid Junta in Uuropu or that ho U go.
ln$r to Hong Kong to superintend the supplying
of arms to the l'llipiuoi.
Society Women to Dine Outcasts.
By Kxvliulte Wiro from The Associated Press.
Chicago, Nov, 25. Thu Lake View, Woman'
club, composed of society ttoinen, will glvo u
dinner to (he female prisoners in ,1110 county jail.
The society women it 111 wrve as waitresses, whtlo
the outcast will tit at tbe table.
Frightful Domestlo Tragedy,
By Exclusive Wiro from Tbe Associated I'rcsa.
Milwaukee, Nov, iS. Claries Ncaraug today
shot and killid bis wife, then committed suicide
by shooting. Thu tragcJy followed au attempt
by Nearang to-vljy Ida three children.
Shorts Settle with Speculator
Phillips on the Forty
Gent Basis.
Cornered In tho Neighborhood of Two
Million Bushels of November Corn
at 35 Cents nnd Made the Other
Fellows Fay Him a Fifteen-Cent
Margin They Resisted as Long as
Thoy Could but Finally Had to
Give in.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Chicago, Nov. SS. Finding them
selves unable to produce enough con
tract No. 2 coin to fill sales made to
George II. Phillips for November de
livery, the shorts, Including several
leading elevator firms, It was an
nounced today on the board of trade,
bad agreed to settlu their shortage at
r.O cents. The announcement came as
a great surprise to those traders who
had "tailed" the Phillips operation. At j
the moment No. 2 corn was selling
around at ."0 cents, one cent from the j
highest price on the deal. A rush lo I
sell followed and me market made no
halt until just before tho closing bell,
when, it rested at -11 cents.
It is understood that those standing
short to Phillips since he began gath
ering up offerings of November corn,
about a month ago, exhausted every
effort to secure enough No. 2 corn to
iill their sales. The local stocks
amounted to a trifle over one million
bushels and the new crop of corn was
soft for delivery. Plans were even con
sidered to bring back a lot of corn from
the cast, but these were abandoned,
and, as Phillips was tipbald by tho
board of trade committee of appeals in
his protest again a lot of kiln dried
corn, the shorts finally, late yesterday,
agreed to give over tho fight and setlie
with Phillips at the even half dollar,
where. It was apparent, tho manipula
tor would have no trouble In holding
the market.
Various estimates were hazarded as
to the profits of the "sqeeze." A'
Phillips Is said to have accumulated
a line of more than two million bushels
around 85 cents It was admitted that
his profits mart have reached Into hun
dreds of thousands. On this point
Phillips was. however, entirely non
When the Girl He loved Would Not
Marry Him and Sail Away
He Shot Her.
Ily KtcliHive Wlie from The Aofiatnl Pre".
New York, Nov. 28. Gertrude Beer,
2tf years of age, was shot and fatal'y
Injured by her lover today because she
refused to accompany him to Ger
many. Five years ago she met Charles Meis
gaibor, a barber. From that time on
their relations had been very friend
ly, and she had promised to become Ills
wife, but kept postponing tho marriage
eeremony. A few days ago. Meisgur
ber, sho says, told her ho had secured
the position of barber on the steam
ship Kensington, which sailed for Ant
werp this noon, and lm asked her to
accompany him on the steamer. She
refused to do so, and shortly- before
10 o'clock today Meisgarber called at
her lint and renewed his entreaties.
Again she refused and then, she says,
lie drew a revolver and. without warn
ing, Khol her. Ho then escaped.
IDeleutlves boarded the Kensington
just as she was swinging out Into
midstream, and mado a systematic
search of the vessel, but could find no
trace of Melsgnrber.
Philadelphia's Dog Show.
Ily Exclusive Wlie from Tbe Associated Press.
Philadelphia, Nov. S$. The second
bench of tho Philadelphia Dog Show aq
uation opened today In Horticultural hall and
ttlll continue throughout I his tveck, Thero are
l,n.ia entries.
A Plum for Pennsylvania.
Uy L'xelu.lve Wlr from 'fhu Associated Press.
Washington, Nov, 2S. Tho Mate Ucpm Intent
announces Hie appointment of V, Inln? Shaw,
of Pernio) lvanla, lo bo United States consul gen
eral at Singapore, Straits Settlements,
Ily Inclusive Wire from Tho Associated I'rcJJ.
Pottstotvn, l'a., Nov. 2S. Jacob IVgley, presi
dent of the National iron bunk and one of the
ttcalthlcist men in thU locality, died nuddnnly
iu his offlto today of heart disease,
Hatton, l'.i., Nov, 2S, Adam Keller Michler,
nno of tho old tlu.n incrclmit of l.'astou, illeil
today of pucumuiiia and heart trouble, Ho woa
S7 years of ago.
Wii.hlnston, Nov. 2V-Nathaniel W.MN, u ttl
Known clieiuUt, died hero today at I ho age of
107 jeari.. Ho was a louy tiuio Irlend of Par
win, Spencer nnd lluslcy, Sir. Well v,-u htiong
and well until four ago. Ills rules lor
longevity were "say your prayers; keep cheir
ful, cat heartily mid tale a bath dally." llu
probably held the recoid for voyages uround tlio
world, having made the trip twenly-iivo tlinej.
New York, Nov, 28. Charles Hull (Iraut, pint
vice commander of the New York state depart
ment of thu (hand Army of tho Hvpubllc, Is dead
ut his homo hi llrookl)u in his tlfty-eevcntli
llageretown, Md., Nov, SSJIrs. Jlaiearct Ship
ley, one of tho heirs of tlio fortune left by John
McCaffrey, tho eccentric Chicago millionaire,
died today at her home near Dotvustllle, this
Wellington, Nov, 2S. Hear Admiral l'rcdtrlck
fi. JK'Kalr, died ut his residence In this city
tliU afternoon from a stroke of apoplexy, lie had
been in poor lualth for many months and It was
in contemplation to take him to llurope. Yes
terday ho wus taken violently til and today hi
condition became critical and be slowly sank
away, lie was tho rankln? rear admiral of Hie
nary and tlio offlicr next In line to Admiral
Weather Indications Today,
1 tleiu ral Ifncle Run Holds Check Ueln In
Chinese Alf.ilii.
Corn Speculator Wins : fat Profit.
HITorts to llcinovi! Vice in New Voik.
Delay In OrgJiiUallou of New Yolk's Vice
2 nencr.ll Cttrbondalo Department.
.1 Local Ona Hay's llccoid of the Lackawanna
Com tn.
New Industry Is Seemed.
NVns nnd Comment.
5 Local-How TlunWivlne Will He Olwncil.
lladly Squeezed on the
0 Local West tJcianlou iinil,
T (leiierat S'mtlieastcin IVntii-yltanlu News'.
8 Local Live S'ctv of the World.
riu.itK'ial and Comnieicial.
Over Five Thousand Men, Represent
ing Twenty-flvc Crafts, in
Lino in Fittston Parade.
& to the Scranton Tribune.
Plttston, Nov. US. A monster labor
demonstration was held here tht'j
evening under tho auspices of tin.
Plttston Central Labor union. About
.",000 men were in line, representing
about twenty-tlvo different crafts. .Sev
eral floats were In the parade line. The
people turned out en masse, the build
ings were all gayly decorated and there
was an abundance of red lire. It win
the biggest labor celebration Plttston
has ever had and wns arranged in hon
or of the recent victory of the anthra
cite coal miners.
After the parade a big ball was held
In three different halls. It was labor's
night out and a glorious time resulted.
Senator Hanna Will Not Allow His
Name to Be Used in Connection
with the Presidency.
Ily llclii-itt' Wire from The Associated Prera.
Cleveland, O., Nov. 28. The commit
tee of the M. A. Ilunna Republican
club, of thin city, which recently
passed resolutions endorsing Hon. Jr.
A. Hanna. as candidate forthe presi
dency in liiOt, called upon the senator
today to present tho same. President
Gallagher, of the club, acted as speak
er. In a. strong presentation speech
ho told why the club members be
lieved the senator has well earned the
exalted honor of being chief executive
oC the United States. The speaker re
ferred to Jlr. Hanna as tho Hercules
of the llopubllcan party.
The reception accorded the commit
tee by Senator Hanna wus most cor
dial. In replying to his visitors he
laid stress upon his appreciation of the
honor conferred upon him, and said;
"I believe In my heart I have only
done my duty to the country, to my
people. I seek no public ollice and f
seek no reward. Although I deeply ap
preciate the feelings expressed by in
neighbor,') and friends it cannot be the
crowning act of my life to sit in the
presidential chair. I am growing old
and expect to retire after my sena
torial term expires. Your kindness and
consideration in what I deem to be the
proper course deeply touch me, but
my candidacy for the presidency is ab
solutely out of the iiiiestion."
Former President Harrison Speaks
of It as Constituting a Severe
Loss to the Country.
fly Kxclustte Wire from The Asioclated Press.
Indianapolis, Xov. 28. Former Presi
dent Harrison said today, when asked
for an expression regarding the death
of Senator Davis:
1 binned with ilu'p iCKiet of lli death of
Senator l)atl. Wlillo I was in UVuhiIiikIoh t
litevf to know liiui well and I unaided liim us
;m able man. He was n man of (.trone; person
ality and of hleh IntelUctual acipiircmci.t nnd
bad become n power in the .senate. His position
lit the head of 111.' lomiiuttcu on forciiru attain
ttas an iiupoirant ono ami his ik.illi at this line
Is a betero lo-s lo tlio country.
Cleveland, Nov. 2S.-dteferrlng to the
death of .Senator Cushinaii K. Unvls,
Senator Hanna said today:
I con-ddir Senator ll.ivli' death a hint bus
to ilio country and pailaulinly to iho United
Statu mncle, where his position and ability
made a piominent IIkuic and a valuable ami llu.
portant factor at this time, 1 feel hl losa aj
ii pergonal cmo as veil us affcclin;,' the
tiliole coui tiy,
Engnn Not Reinstated.
Ily I.'xclusito Wlie from 'Hie Associated PriM,
Washington. Nov. '.'S.-Olficlal, of tho ttur de
paitniuit deny poltltely that t'oinnilswry Hen.
cral IliUMii, now under tuspcmtuii fumi the
nrmy, hat been reinstated. It Is fuvtlicr hiltl
that General L.Viim has lilvd liu formal uppllui.
Hon to hate his sentence ret uidc,
Stiuck and Killed by Engine.
Ily Krclii'lw Wire fiom Th. Associated I'reoS.
HiirrUbiinf, Nov, ftj. William brown, aged 23,
was woiUIn;,' in an .till pit at tlio IVnmylvMnla
roundhouso tills nlteriionii when an inIne backed
down tow.iriU him. In Ktttlin; out of the way
bo was stiuck by the enyinc and Imtantly killed.
Wnldersee Wants to Betuin.
(Coricspondriicu of die Associated I't'tts.)
Yokohama, Nov.10. Uiwcila, I'ranee, Japan,
ami Anurlra latins practically Isnouil U'aldcf.
teu'es credentials, tumors urv rifo that b lias
asked for his recall.
MtioVeagh Visits President
Hy Exclusive Who fivra 1h Aooclatei Prera.
Washington, Nov. S3. Hon. Wayne MacYeajh,
formrrly attorney general, was at the white house
today, lie bad iu iutcrticw with the (resident.
Oraanlzatlon ot Vice Committee iN
New York Not as Yet
Committee May Be Increased to
Twenty-five to Secure the Advice
of Men Who Have Not tho Time
to Devote to the Active Work of
the Co'mmittoe Former Mayor
Abraiu S. Hewitt Will Be One of
the Advisory Members.
New York, Nov. 28. Organization of
the citizens' committee of fifteen for
the suppression of vice will not be
contemplated boforo Friday or Satur
day. This delay Is occasioned by the
great amount of good material rather
than the scarcity. Charles Stewart,
to whom was left the appointment of'
the committee, Insists that the men
who accept places on the committee
of fifteen shall bo willing to contribute)
liberally of their time. Funds will lv
forthcoming In plenty, but there will
be-much work to be done and this will
fall upon the committee members.
It is understood that one exception
will be made. Former Mayor Abram
S. Hewitt has declined to serve as a
member of the committee for the rea
son that he cannot give to tho work
the time It deserves. Yet so keenly is
It felt that Mr. Hewitt's advice will bo
almost indispenelble that ho will be
'. probably persuaded to reconsider hii
retusal. It is possible that the com
mittee will increase its membership to
twenty-live, so ns to take In ten who
may act as advisory members.
"Hilly" McGlory's hall, on West Fifty-ninth
street, was to have been
opened tonight by a big ball. The po
lice were notified and at the last mo
ment the hall was called off. This
evening six plain clothes men took
their places in front of the hall, but
they found nothing to do. A dim light
burned in the barroom, but there wan
no sign of life within.
This Offender Gets Six Months.
Michael Davis, proprietor of the
"Black Rabbit," the most notorious
den In the city, was permitted to p'eud
guilty today before Keeorder Golf In
general sessions! to keeping a disorder-
' ly house. He was sentenced to eight
months in the penitentiary. Two oth
er indlcements against thu prisoner,
each charging a felony, the maximum
penalty ut which would have been
twenty years at hard labor in state
prison, were practically quashed by
the district attorney's recommendation
the prisoner be discharged on his own
recognizance. Pauline Sliader, who
was present during the orgies when
the "Ulack Itabhit" was raided, also
escaped with only an eight months'
Tn contrast with these s. 'encei
Jules lliunniit, employed as floe tian
tiger by Davis in the "Waelc I!... '.'
tried and convicted before Judge Cow.
ing lai-t week, was sentenced to four
teen j ears In t-'tute prison. Kdyth
Myrtle f.yndh, a performer at thr
i "Kl.ick liabblt," tried and convicted
1 l,,.l'ii, Inil.-.. tl i.AlMlmn ,'(.1 (.een
years in state prison.
In dellance of the police, and appar
ently undaunted by the vice crusade,
Charles K. Aekron prepared today to
reopen the Tlvoli. JIIs Intention be
came known to Edward Cilennon, Chief
Pevery's right-hand man in the Ten
derloin police station, who sent word
to the dlvekeeper that twenty-five
policemen would bo sent to the Tlvoli
and close the place if he opened it.
Aekron concluded not to open today,
but says ho will tomorrow'.
Boarder and Two Children Perished
in tho Plymouth Fire.
Hy Inclusive Wlie from The Assucinted l'rets.
Wllkes-Uano. Nov. L'S. The lire ai
Plymouth at midnight Inst night de
stroyed two double dwellings and two
barns owned by (leorgu Da import and
Hugh Templeion. One of the dwellings
was occupied hy a. man named Mlchani
T.,adii. He and his family were asleep
nt the time. They were aroused bf
neighbors, but the lire spread so rap
idly that all thu Inmates could nut get
out In time.
The following were burned to deatlu
Andrew Iloshes, u boarder, aged thirty
live, and Mary and Andrew Taluda,
children of Michael Talada.
Steamship Arrivals.
Ily llxtliiilvo Wlie from Tlio Associated Prem.
New Yolk, Nov. "S. Clcaiedi l.a Lorain
Havre. Sailed! Oiejnlc, Uvetpoolj Alter. (Jc
lion; ltuiin?ton, Antwerp via Southampton.
(Juci'iittuttii Aillveth Majekllc, Now YoiU for'ipuol, Suuthanipton Aihted: Tuvo, New
Yoilc lor llienieu; New YoiU, New York, tiailnli
l.alm (from llieiiienj New Yoili. Kotterdam Ar
rltcdi ln.Hdam, from Now Yolk. Naples Ar
rlu'd! I'ucrit llUnuuck, New Yoik for Ueuoa.
l'ljnimiih Sillul; tlrnt WaWeiseu t,lrm lUue
buis and lUiuloeuo), New Yuil.,
Coal Shipments South,
By Inclusive Wire from Thu Associated Presi.
I'ittsbunr, Nov. So. In lets than two wcelfi
l7,.W,M bushels of coal mined hi th'i Pittsburg
district has been stalled ou its way to southern
Kentucky Arrives at Smyrna,
by Ilxcluslvo Wiic from The .Wciated Pieu.
Washington, Nov, in. The battleship Uentueliy
arrived at Smynu this invriiliie;,
Washington, Nov, !!& Forecast for
-f eastern Pennsylvania: Partly cloudy 4
f Thurtduyj 1'ilday fair; piobably solder;
4- variable winds becomins fresh tvciterlv,
J i