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Special to I lie Scranton Tribune.
Ilnncsdale, Nov, 23. Mrs, Oeorge M.
Genung lias spent the week In New
York city.
H. K. Northup, of Clink's Orecn,
Pa., was a llrmusclule visitor yostcrdny.
The net receipts from the late rum
mage sale bV the latllea of the Presby
terian church was $241.70.
Wednesday, Nov. 23, the Kile will run
an excursion to New York. Tickets,
$2, good for return on or hefore No
vember 30.
On Sunday the Junior Order Ameri
can Mechanics will attend the Baptist
church and listen to the annual ser
mon to the order by llev. C. U Percy.
The annual ball c.f the Amity club IPs
become one of the leading social events
In Honesdnle. On ThunksRlvInK eve,
November 28, their ball and reception
will be held In (he armory. Freeman's
orchestra, of ten pieces will furnish
music. The programme will Include
twenty-four numbers commencing with
a two-step welcome and closing with
n waltz, "Auf Wledorsehn." The at
tendance will be largo. A largo num
ber from neurby towns always attend.
"Fetlorn," at the opera house this
(Saturday) evening. This piny Is rec
ognulzed as one of the most pleasing
that has ever visited Ilonesdale.
Eleanor Franklin Is assisted by a se
lected company of New York actors In
presenting the play as the successor
of Fanny Davenpoit.
From March 21, 17D8, until the present
time, fifteen different judges have pre
nlded over the Wayne county courts,
namely: Hon. .Jacob Hush, Hon. John
Spayd, Hon. Robert Porter, Hon. John
Gibson, Hon. Thomas Burnside, Hon.
David Scott, Hon. William Jessup.
Hon. N. B. Kldred, Hon. George It.
Barrett, Ifon. .Tamos M. Porter, Hon.
Thomas S. Bell, Hon. George U. Bji
rett, Hon. B. S. Decker, Hon. C. P.
"Waller, Hon. Henry M. Seely and Hon.
George S. Purdy, the present judge.
The others served in the order named.
Hon. George R. Barrett was twice
Special to the Scranton Tfibune.
.Thompson. Nov. 23. J. W. Brown
ing, wife and son. of Scnnton drove
up last Sabbath, to her father's. A. W.
Gates. Mr. Browning returned Mon
day, but Mrs. Browning, with her boy,
Is enjoying a week or more with her
Thompson relatives.
Walton Sanford wa3 in town yes
terday and tarried over night with his
Bister, Miss Flora Sanford, at the
Methodist Kplscopal parsonage, and
j.vas off on the early train this morn
Insr. Dr. W. W. McNnmara. who has re
cently been appointed TJrio surgeon for
the Jefferson branch, was called to
tJninndnle yesterday because of the ac
cident which caused the death of Pi of.
Alfred W. I-arrabee. He was accom
panied by his wife, who Is the daugh
ter of the unfortunate man. He was
raised in .Inckson and was a brother
of W. H. and W. W. l.arrabep, of Sus
quehanna, and was one of Jackson's
brightest sons.
Mrs. B. E. Gelatt returned from a
visit with her brother at Bethany, Rev.
George Merrill, la'st evening. She was
accompanied by her aunt, Mr.?. M. J.
Merrill, of Vlcena, N. J., who will re
main with her for some days.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Crozler have re
turned from their wedding tour and
arc nt his father's Frank Crosier'
where they will remain for the win
ter. Rev. W. H. French, pastor of the
Free Baptist church, has been at
Philadelphia this week, unending the
Christian Endeavor convention.
Rev. I.,. Cole, who puffeied a re
lapse the first of the week, has i al
lied a little. He is anticipating a visit
from his son from Scranton and daugh
ter from Albany next Monday, It being
his seventy-fifth birthday.
Fred Wrighter returned from New
York this morning with his sou, Rus
sell, nfter consulting with the physi
cians at one of the hospitals there
concerning the ailments of the son.
Wo have not learned th" conclusions.
R. T. Hr.ward and wife nro In "Wa-vc-rly,
N. Y called there by the Ill
ness of his mother.
A. II. Crosier is at Great Bend to
day, R. 0. Bliss Is in Scranton today.
T. J. Tollman and wife, or North
Jackson, nie visiting their children in
iScranton this week.
Special to the Scrantnu Tribune.
Hawley, Nov. 23. The funeral of the
late James McNanmra was held on
Sunday at 4 o'clock at St. Phllomena'a
Ulttlu Lolnnd James fell and broke
his arm last' Monday while on his way
from school,
Miss I..OU Toepplo visited friends In
Scranton this week.
Grant Kellum and George Lobb, who
are attending the Business college at
Scranton, will spend their Thanksgiv
ing vacation with their parents.
Mrs. S. T, Palmer Is intending a mis
sionary convention at Oneonta this
Ml3s Anna Pardee, of Jersey City, Is
the guest of Mrs. Carl Oberle,
Mrs. Jesse Collum Is quite 111.
"Nlggar Night School" at the Man
nerchor hnll Inst night' was a grand
"The Hawley University Association
center will hold Its next meeting on
Saturday evening, November 24, with
Mrs. W. N. Plerson.
The ladles of the Presbyterian church
will hold their "rjimmugo sale" In E.
V, Murray's new store on Main street
Monday and Tuesday next.
Easy to Cure a Cold
If you go about It right. Take two or
three Krause's Cold Cure Capsules
during the day and two before retiring
at night. This will Insure a good
night's vest and a free movement of
the bowels 'next morning, Continue
the treatment next day and your cold
will melt away, Price 25c. Sold by
Matthews Bros. '
Special to the Scrtnton Tribune.
Unlondale, Nov, 23. Professor Alfred
Laraibee was killed Thursday after
noon, He had been to Herrlck Center
on business and was returning home
on the Erie track when the south
bound train No, 3 struck him and
killed him Instantly. He Is survived
by a widow and a daughter, Mis. Mc
Namara, of Thompson.
Kelson Carpenter has again made hi?
appearance In our community, after
being ubpent, for several months.
Mr. ami Mrs. Simon Pomery, of
White's Valley, were the gue.its of Rev.
t. D. Jenkins lately.
Newton Corey, of Depotlt, "N. Y has
the prospects of a position as agerit In
the milk dppot at Herrlck Center.
Oliarles Wndeman was on duty at the
county seat last Friday.
Mis. Nathan Firman and daughter
Eva are again home, after a weeek's
Visit with friends nt Deposit.
Mrs. Butler, of Welsh hill, Is visit
ing her sister, Mrs. Elijah Carpenter.
December 13 Is set down as the date
when we aie to have the farmers' In
stitute. George Gibson moved his family to
Forest City last Monday.
Rev. II. J. Whalen, of c.'arbondale,
delivered two lectures In the Presby
terian church, one on Tuesday n ght
and the other on Wednesday night, the
subjects being "The Life of ('hi 1st" and
"The Bright and Dark Sides of New
York City." There was a good attend
ance on both occasions, all being de
lighted with the lecturer.
II. H. Carpenter Is again working In
the section gang of the Krle.
AVe have now tuo telephones (n town
to do service one in S. S. Hubbard's
mill and the other In J. K. Thomas'
store and postotTlce.
Special tn the Scranton Tiibune.
Forest City, Nov. 23. The Northeast
ern Pennsylvania Telephone company's
line Is now In operation between For
est city and Cnlondale and from
Thompson to Susquehanna, Within a
month it Is expected that the gap from
Unlondale to Thompson will be com
pleted, The proposed branch line to
Pleasant Mount and Niagara is not
abandoned, wo are informed, but will
be built as soon as uolcs can be ro
otircd. 'Phones have been placc.l In
Phinney's store and at Hubbard's mill,
and It is expected that others will be
put In the News office and several
stores at once. ' General Manager Os
good was In Carbondale, Wednesday,
making arrangements with the inde
pendent company at that place to con
nect the two lines.
A number of people from here at
tended the funeral of. Miss Susie Leo,
In Jermyn, Thursday. She was a fre
quent visitor in Forest Cltv.
Petitions endorsing J. C. Brown and
Dr. D. Dwyer for burgess were sent to
court this week.
Steve Bovard and Henry Roschok
were taken to Montrose by Constable
Walsh thin week, charged with having
entered Mike Maxlon's house and rob
bing him of $65 and a gold watch. The
stolen property whs found on their per
sons when arrested.
F. St. Gardiner, csci., Is in Montrose
on court business.
Presiding Elder Warner will preach
in the Methodist church Sunday even
ing. Mrs. W. J. Maxey, of Montrose, spent
Thursday with her parents here.
Mrs. Charle Davey, of Torrey, Wayne
county, has been spending the past
wepk with relatives here.
Miss Mary Meehnn, of Hudson street,
and Con Dillon, of Susctuahanna, a
popular Jefferson division conductor,
wore united In marriage In St. Acnes'
church, by Rev. R. H. Walsh. Wednes
day morning. They were attended bv
Miss Delia Median and J. J. Madlgnn,
of Carbondale. After a wedding trip
to Niagara Falls anc' other places, they
will reside in Susquelvmmi. A host of
friends will extend congratulations.
B. F. Maxey, of this place, has pur
chased the Wllkes-Barre pharmacy on
North Main street, Wllkes-Barre. He
If an energetic and experienced drug
gist, and his success is assured.
All who wish to join the Book club
must hand their names and a dollar in
to Prof. Thorpe or Rev. Mr. Clark, not
later than Mondny night. The club now
numbeis about fifty.
William Pryntell, who was convicted
of ."elllng liquor without a license, has
been sentenced to three months In the
county jail and fined $M0.
Miss Minnie Snedeker has returned
from an extended visit at Lake Como.
W. U. Lott, who recently underwent
an operation, is again able to be out.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Susquehanna, Nov. 23. While coming
to the Erie shops In this place to work
this morning, Patrick McMnnlman, an
aged and respected resident of I.nnos
boro, was struck by a pushing locomo
tive, near the .Lanesboro crossing, and
received injuries from which he will
probably die.
Keran Moran, an Erie shop foreman,
is seriously 111 with appendicitis at his
home on Jackson street.
Rev. and Mrs. Charles Henry New
Ing returned last night from Florence,
N, J where they were called by the
death of Mrs. Newlng's mother.
A Blnghnmton delegation attended
tho dancing school In Hogan opera
house last evening.
Con Dillon, of this place, a popular
Erie conductor, running on tho Jeffer
son division, was on Wednesday morn
ing, In St. Agnes' Catholic church nt
Forest City, united tn marriage to Miss
Mary Meehan, of Forest City. Mr. and
Mrs. Dillon, nfter a bridal trip to Niag
ara Falls and other points of Interest,
will reside In Susquehanna.
Prof, Alfred W. I.arrnbee. of Union
dale, one of the oldest school teachers
In Susquehnnna county, vplilla return
ing homo from a hunting tWp Inst even
Inr, was struck by the Pefciware and
Hudson express at Herrlck Centre nnd
killed, He Is survived by the widow.
Ho was a brother of William H John
W., Oscar and Wlnsor Larrnbee, of
Susquehanna. He was a veteran of the
Civil war.
Forest City and Unlopdale are now
connected by telephone. Nearly every
farmer between lanesboro and Ararat
have put la telephones on the Susquehanna-Forest
City line.
The Erie paymaster Is expected on
Tuesday next.
Miss Esther Skogland, of the Oakland
side. Ill entertain a party of Deuoslt
fit' n Thursday next.
.iclnlty hills are filled with rab
bit hunters.
Special Thanksgiving: services will be
held In Christ Episcopal church on the
evening of December 2.
Rev. William Freand, of Princeton,
N. J., has under advisement the accept
ance of the call recently extended him
. - u.
by tho Forest City Presbyterian church
of this place. He has nleo received a
call from a church at Wilmington,
Special to the. Heranlnn Tribune.
New Mllford, Nov. 23. W. 11. Chap
man Is seriously lit with pneumonia.
Bert Darrow, who has been III the
pust two weeks with typhoid fever, Is
Miss Mae Boyle entertained tho Non
sense club nt her homo Wednesday
Mrs. Oeorge W. Vnndermnrk Is suf
fering with a broken rib nnd numer
ous other bruises caused by falling
down cellar.
Mrs. M. A. Vail attended the funeral
of a relative at Mlddletown, this week.
Mru. Aaron Aldrlch Is entertaining
her sister, Mrs. E, M. Brown, of Great
A surprise party was tendered Mr.
and Mrs. W. B. Chapman by their
many friends last Monday evening In
honor of Mr. Chapman's seventieth
Miss M. A. Dlkerman, of Elmlra, vis
ited relatives in town the fore part) of
the week.
On Thanksgiving day at the home of
the bride's mother, HJrs. t. W. Moore,
will occur the marriage of Miss Jennie
Moore, of thlr, place, to Professor Geo.
Leonard, of Le Rnysvllle.
Mrs. H. C. Watts, of Syracuse, was
a guest of her sister, Mrs. L. G. Mc
Collum, one day this week.
Mrs. E. P. Smith 'foil on the sidewalk
one day Inst week, breaking both bones
of her right arm.
Miss Mae Boyle spent Friday with
Blnghamton friends.
Edwin Adams, who has been suffer
ing with heart trouble Is no better at
this writing.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry La Barr visited
relatives In Scranton this week.
Mrs. F. H. Millard and daughter,
Nettle, of Heart Lake, were guests of
lelatlves In town Frlduy.
Miss Nellie Curtis, of East Bildgc
water, was a guest of her aunt, Mrs.
D. W. Hager, on Thursday.
Mrs. Orle Kennedy nnd two little
sons, of Blnghamton, weio guests of
relatives here this week.
Mrs. D. W. Hngen and Mrs. George
Parker gave a reception nt the home
of Mrs. Hager Thursday evening in
honor of Miss Jennie Moore. Those
present were: Mrs. Kennedy, of Blas
lmmtim; Miss Nellie Curtis, of Bridge
water; Mrs. L. G. McCollum, Mrs. D.
Van Busklrlj. Mrs. H. B. Carpeater,
Mrs. George Parker, Wis. D. W. Hager,
Miss Mary Hand, Miss Maggie Hand,
Miss Nina Mooie, Miss Maude Trum
bull, Miss Helen Hutchlngs, Mrs. David
Shny.t Miss Florence Inderlled, Vis
Mae Boyle, Miss Minnie Bradley, Miss
Rose Smith, Miss Bessie Bradley, Miss
Ethel Finch, Miss Inez Shelp, Miss
Jennie Moore, Miss Lettle Woodhouse,
of New Mllford.
rfperlal to the Scranton Tribune.
Tunkhannock, Nov. 23. A number of
members of the uniform rank of the
Knights of Pythias lodge, of Wllkes
Barre, will be the guests of the local
lodge at their looms here on November
30. An Invitation has been extended to
the various lodges of the county to be
present at that time, and an .effort will
be made to organize a uniform rank In
this place. The organization is quite
extensive, and twenty-one mem1cis are
required before a charter can be ob
tained. Miss Hattie Bute, of Freelnnd. Is vis
iting Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Jennings.
Charles S. Goodrich, tlie local jeweler,
has had the electric light fixtures in
his store re-arranged and more lights
put In his show windows. He is en
larging his stock to supply the holiday
demand, and his place of business pre
sents a very attractive appearance.
Wyoming county, according to tho
recent census, has slightly Increased
her population over the showing made
In 1S00. While the increase has not
been largo, still we have done hfltter
than Susquehanna nnd Wayne coun
ties, both of which lost in population
during the decade.
The members of Dial Rock chapter,
Daughteis of the Revolution, were en
tertained at this place today by Mrs.
Alvin Day.
Next Monday Is the fiftieth anniver
sary of tho organisation of Temple
lodge, No. 24S, Free nnd Accepted
Masons of this place, nnd the day will
be celebrated by the lodge in an sd
proprlate manner. This organization Ls
one of the oldest secret societies In
this part of the state.
Special to the Suanton Tribune.
Kingston, Nov. 23. Tho Senior re
ception took place last evening in tho
H.-miinary parlors. The entire place was
ilccoiated most profusely with potted
plants and the colors of the class,
orange nnd black. Oppenheiin's
Wllkes-Barre orchestra furnished the
music. Tho Dickinson Seminary foot
ball team, who play foot ball with
the Wyoming' Varsity, on Wvomlntr
Held today, attended the recentlon In
a body and spoke In glowing term.i
of AVyomlng's hospitality. Dainty re-
ricKhments vore sprved.
On Thanksgiving Day. tho Seminary
will piny Its last game of foot ball
for this season. The Lafnyetto Re
serves will then be the bill. This will
be a grand climax to tho srldiorn sea
son. Robert Klzer and sister. Maud, will
spend this Sunday with their uncle,
A. K. Klzer, of Scranton.
Mlsa Lucy Chublmck, who has been
111 for some time, ts again able to ho
Charles Law and sistoi, Isabel, at
tended tho marriage of their cousin,
Miss Anna Bryden, of Dunmore,- last
Thursday evening,
Tho Kapha Deita PI frutornlty havs
recently Initiated Into their mys(erls
Leroy Scott, of Scranton, nnd J. W.
Heberllng, of Mauch Chunk.
Among the students In nttendnnco
at the Seminary from Scranton nro;
Misses FJocn Bower, Minnie Pock.
Isabel Law, I-earl Treverton, Mabel
Hcssler, Cora Benedict, and Messrs.
Charles Law, Orun Carr, Leroy Scott,
inomnu rowers anu w, F. Branda
Special to the Scranton Tribune,
Plttston, Nov. 23, Mrs. Edward Do
laney, of Port GriliUh, died yesterday
after a two weeks' Illness of a com
plication ,of diseases. Deceased; was 47
years of age and Is survived by a hus
band and seven children. The funeral
will take pluce at 9 a, m. with a sol
emn high mafes in St. John's church.
Senator-elect WHHani Drury has re
signed from the office of controller of
the city of Plttston. A Joint session
of both brunches of tho city councils
will be held on Nov. 1 to fill the va
The stock of the Philadelphia Qro- 4
eery and Produce company'a Plttston
plnnt, which was closed by tho credi
tors a few weeks ago, was sold at pub
lic auction this morning. Thomas
Pauxtus, a Polish grocer of this city,
bought It In for $1,000.
Thtimng Nichols, n well known resi
dent of West Plttston, Is critically 111.
George Morris, an Albany, N, Y.,
newspaper mnn, Is visiting his mother,
Mrs. Annabel Morris Holvey, In West
A West Plttston foot ball team will
play the Berwick team at tho latter
place Thanksgiving day.
In the Methodist Episcopal church
tomorrow services will bV conducted
by the pastor at 10.30 a. m, and 7 p.
in. Morning subject, "Active Christians";-evening
subject, "Life's Oppor
tunity." Professor R. C. Buck will
sing at both services.
On Thursday afternoon Mrs. Jnmcs
Ward, of Main street, received a tele
gram announcing the deuth of her
son, Puul, aged 2C years. Deceased
was employed on the new bridge being
constructed over the Enst river. Ho
fell from a scaffolding about fifty feet
high and died a few hours after at
Bcllevtic hospital. He had been fol
lowing the business for the past few
years and was quite skillful at the
work. The remains will be brought
hero today. The funeral will take
place tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Interment will be In St. Mary's ceme
tery. Mr. nnd Mrs. William Hapgood are
guests of Mrs. N. E. Hasktns.
The Presbyterian choir was enter
tained at the homo of John George, at
Wllkes-Barre, last evening.
At the home of Miss Jennie Allen,
In the North End, on Wednesday even
ing, a lance party of friends were en
tertained. The usual social diversions
were Indulged In, nfter which a dainty
luncheon was served. The following
were present: Misses Henrietta Da
vis, Jessie McDonald, Margaret Bax
ter, Mamie Connor, Ethel Tregallas,
Margaret Allen, Grace Whyte, Mar
garet Morton, Nellie Kearney, Sadla
Oliver, Jennie Jones, Nellie McCabe,
Mary Graham, Jennie Young, Maud
Reynolds, Edith Maytrot, Leah Laird,
Mabel Allen; George Young, Gordon
Blackwcll, Alex Kearney, George Kear
r. Frank Iluftsmlth, John Lewis,
Nllle Davis, Hugh Conkey, Theodore
Charlton. Willie Oliver, Willie Mulr.
Wilfred Hailstone, James Bothwlck;
James Baxter, Thomas Davis. ' '
Tae High school classes of '98,, '09 and
190 are requested to meet In the
bchool building this evening.
Benjamin Rolls, tho young man who
was run down by a south-bound train
near Central Railroad of New Jersey
depot on Tuesday evening, and which
injuries cost him the amputation of a
leg, is now resting quite comfortable at
the Lackawanna hospital. Rolls' home
Is In Moosic, and he jumped off one
train In front of another, with the
above result.
It is rumored that the Delawaie,
Lackawanna and Western company
will pay their employes here semi
monthly, commencing In December.
Tho Methodist Episcopal church, of
Taylor. Pa. Calendar for Sunday,
Nov. 25,1900: 10.30, preaching by the
Rev. J. N. Bailey, M. A., Of Moo-ie,
Pa.; ?.!.-., Sabbath school; 3.30, Men's
meeting, led by Mr. En! ley. All men
lavlted. fi.30. Epworth League. 7.3)
sermon by the pastor. Pastor's lilble
class, Tuesday, 7.45 p. m , at the par
tonage. Prayer meeting, Wednssrlay,
7.30 p. m. You will be welcome at
all services. Clinton B. Henry, pas
At the Calvary Baptist parsonage on
Wednesday evening, Miss Mary Jones,
of North Taylor, and Mr. John Jer-
vis, of Scranton, were united In mar
riage by tho pastor, Rev. Dr. H. II.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanton and Mr. nnd
Mr. Carey, of Fleetsville, are visiting
relatives on North Main street.
The Taylor united choir will meot
for their first rehearsal tomorrow eve
ning In the Welsh Congregational
church. By order of Prof. W. H.
Thomas, director.
The lecture given last evening In the
Young Men's Christian association
rooms In this place, by Mr. Thomas
Thorburn, of Wllkes-Barre, and gen
eral secretary of that organization,
was a treat and was greatly appre
ciate by all,
Sendees at tho Calvary Baptist
churcli tomorrow nt the usual hours.
Rev. Dr. Harris olllclatlng,
Miss Grace Davenport, of South
Taylor, has been the guest of Miss
Gertrude Aten, of Bnld .Mount.
Tnylorvllle lodge, No. CSS, Independ
ent Order of Odd Fellows, will meet
In regular session this evening.
The public is mtnifestlng much in
terest In the coming foot ball contest
to bo held on the Rlcr.Ide gridiron
on Thanksgiving Day, between two
representative tenms.
Niagara Tails, Thanksgiving Day
Ticket ngents of the Lackawanna
railroad will sell special excursion tick
ets to Buffalo nnd Niagara Falls nt
rate of $8.95 from Scranton. Tickets
will bo on sale for any regular train
Nov. 28, nnd limited for return until
Dec. 3 Inclusive. The new building's
for the Pun-American exposition, to he
held In Buffalo In 1901 aro now about
completed and by special arrangement
with th director generul, holders of
Lackawanna tickets will be admitted
to ths Pnn-Amerlcan grounds Nov. 29
and 30, free of charge. ?
AM. WKKK The Scharl-Morrls Repertoire
LAST TIIHKK JilVS-Sarho Uurlvsquers.
Tho Spooners Company,
'l lie attrutlon at tho Audemy of Music all
of ncu week will he the opoonera' lompany In
a rcpeitoiro ot choice plajs. One of the plays
they win roiu u "uiicio Jiaiuci," the clev
erest in their repertoire.
The play doca imt povcrt a complicated plot,
the vilhln Is iclegatid tn the birkground mil
the whole action ol the piece centers around the
title olc. Uncle. Daniel takes a trip to lltstou
to fcccure assistance for his sMer-indiiw, Xanry
Partlett, whose fat hi is tn he sold under a moit
gage (oiccioseure unless her daughter marries the
holder ot the mortgage. While In rioston Uncle
Daniel runs up ugalnt a inrlcty of funny ex
periences, but, unlike the usual countryman in
the city, he does not get buncoed. He reccliecl
material assistance In his work from Clip, a
little wajuard girl, lie dlseoiers the Identity
of the murderers of Mrs. llartlrtt'a husband and
fiom them be learns where the money stolen
at the lime of lli murder Is locaitd. lie arriici
back at him home In time to stop the wedding
and to get Ullain In tioublc In dlffcicut wa)s.
The play afford? Sentcr Pay I on a splendid op-
nnrtiinllu , .-. .ll.l..t 1., ,.IaiI. am . --,,.-
and his work w Uncle Daniel la very good. Misi
Cecil makes duccesa of the role nt Clip. Other
members ol the t-onipany hap roles ol less lm
portanto, but they ilo llicnl well,
Wonderful Club Jugglers.
Vernon ami Krapf, comedians ami fluli Jujjlers.
These artists, who e won the reputation of
tielng dip lirst Jiiffittrts of luiUnn clubs now lie.
(ore tho pulillc, as welt a.s mnieitlins ot a by
no inojiis limited reputation who liivc made a
wry matkcit aucwvi tn ome ot the larger cities
ot the lountrjr and have lately started upon an
extended tour ol Ihe larger vaudeville theaters
en mule to K.m Francisco, hue been secured as
a part ot the Rrand programme offered by Mr,
llurke, ol the vaudeville company, lor Thanks
Rhlnff neck, and will he seen in conjunction
wllli probably the best vaudeville entertainment
ner neeji In this city on the next appearance
ol this splendid orcanlMtlon, which will occur
on Monday alternooti and night.
On Tuesday ccnlnK at the !,yccum theater
will be presented (or the first time since Fanny
Mmenport'i last appearance beic, the trcatot
ot all t-ardoifs plays, "Fedora." This Is prob
ably sajiiif: n Rood deal, In view ot the tact
that Sirdou U accreditee! with having written
more Buccessful plays than probably any other
lhlng author.
It was throiiRh the medium of this master
plecr ol tlit dramatic art that MUs Davenport
made her irrcatcst riicccsk before the American
theater-going public. True, this success was
followed by other remarkable plajs by tho name
author, but "Fedora" will llo in tho memories
ef the playgoer lone after "t.i Toc.i" and
"f'leopitru" arc foruotten, Tho company pre
senting the piece nest Tuesday nlfrht has been
selected with the utmost care, and ncry char
acter, ccn to the smallct part, will he In Com
petent hands. The title role ts intrusted to the
caro of Miss Cleanor Franklin, a young and
beautiful actress who haa achieved marked re-'
cognition the past two seasons with the Kelccy
and Shannon oiganl?atlon.
"The Night of the Fourth."
Mattheus and tlutRcr's new musical comedy,
which will be seen for the first time at the
I.jieum Wednesday night, was first produced by
this rleicr company at the California theater
Aujr. .". In spe.iltlmr ot the Jnltlil performance
we quote crb.itlm from the Chronicle, of that
city: "The new farce comedy went through with
remarkable smoothness and It kept a large audi
ence well amused for three hours. The vabu
of it as a vehicle for Matthews and Dulger and
other seems to be quite crude.
" 'The Night of the ('ninth' Is not a hackneyed
Idea; It has at present some of the old and
always popular business and specialties, but
quite a strong showing of new songs and dances
and amusing stage work have alrpady been ar
ranged. Tlieie are such clever people as Mat
thews and Bulger, Walter Jones, Tonv Halt,
Phil ft. ltyley. Josic no Witt. Sdjln r,stee, Wise
man's fcercnadcrs and a score of otheis. The
lines are bright and origlna.l and quite a eleer
humor Is shown in the conception and working
out of the plot."
Madams Zcno. America's greatest
palmist and life reader, who reads one's
Ufe from cradle to grave without ask
ing a question. Is located at 144 Frank
lin avenue. Fifty cents, everybody.
For a Cold in the Head
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets.
Wall Street Review.
New York, Nov. 23. The slump In
feteet and wire of AV. points just at
the close of the trading last evening
was unlveiaally regarded as a danger
signal. The speculative public came
down to 'Wall street this morning in
a mood receptive to suggestions of de
pression and reaction. The first sug
gestion came In the form of a further
break of : points in steel and wire.
Apparently no more effective point
could have been selected at which to
attack the market. This wass known
from previous experiences with this
particular stock. The lrcn and ste?l
trades are supposed to have inost to
hope, and, In fact, actually to havo
enjoyed most of the benefits of the
revival of business and industry. Tho
sudden weakness of stool and wire did
not raise any doubts of the reports
heretofore accepted to the prosperous
conditions in that trade and the excel
lent prospects for tho future, but It did
arouse serious apprehension of a de
termination on tho part of some of
the steel magnates to tnter upon a
course of plashing competition and to
unsettle tho trade, as they have al
ready proved themselves abundantly
able to do. The wide reaching effect
of such an outbreak of hostilities in
the steel trade may be measured by
tho degree of apprehension exhibited
by holders of long stock today. The
steel stocks themselves wore most Im
mediately affected, but heavy declines
aro shown In almost every department
of the stock list. The sharp effect
produced was due in part, of course,
to the extended speculative accounts
held all through the maiket.
The purpose of the bear maneouver
was palpably to dislodge thes hold
ings, They succeeded very well in do
ing this. As the decline In prices ex
tended, the titterings Increased. Those
stocks In which the recent speculation
for tho advance hns been most active
were nnturally tho most affected. The
local ti action stocks, the Grangers,
the I'acltics and Baltimore and Ohio
were the most prominent in the down
ward movement. Sugar was freely
sold on the cut in prices of refined
sugar and coffee, which seemed to
threaten a renewal of the trade war.
Jur the stock was very feverish at all
times. Practically the only effective
resistance offered to the decline was In
the early dealings. New York Central
and Chesapeake and Ohio showed con
tinued strength at that time, Now York
Central reporting 1 over last night.
An effort was alto made to boom AmaU
gnmatecl Copper on the occasion of Its
first being dealt In the unlisted depart
ment of tho exchange, but the first
price which was 99Va wah the hlg.vH:.
Tho price subsequently foil back to
'.iV;'t, compared with 0M tn the curb
market last night. The closing was
wavering and uncertain hut at con
siderably above the lowest for mnny
stocks, There was nothing In the
money market to causo upprehens! m,
rates ruling at 3l, per cent, or lower
practically all day, Total Eale3 to
day, 1,077,000 shares, There were firm
spots In the bond market but railroad
bonds as a wholo woro nffected by
sympathy with the reactionary move
ment In stocks, Total sales, par value,
$2,405,000. United .States 3s registered
advanced nnd do, coupon and the
Fs Vj, the old 4h , now 4s W and re
funding 2s, when Issued per cent, on
the last call.
The following quotations are furnished The
Tribune by Jt. S. Jordau.A Co., rooms 70.3-70fl
Mc-ars bulldlrg, Scranton, I'a. Telephone 61U1:
Open'. High- Low- Clos.
lug est. pst. ing.
American Sugar .,,.,,,. Urt i::n l.ljft rj.,
American Tobacco ,,...I10?4 J10H 100 lO
Am. feteel 4: Wire ,,,,. 4ni 4714 41 i'M
Atchison ... , 3tS 3')J 3S',i teV.
Atchison. I'r fViVi S.VA S mm
nrociv. iraciton , i.ct 77 7314
Balto.1 Ohio .,, &U S2U SO
('out. Tobacco ,,, 3.j',j 30 33
cues. K oiilo ...
Chic, k fit. Vcit.
Chic. 11. to...
St. Paul ...... .
Rocl; Island ....
Del. A; Hudson ..,
Federal Steel ..
Federal Steel, Pr.
Kan. & Tex., Pr. ,
3074 3714 iJWi
ll'a mi 11
.137V4 13774 13M1 lr,
.1201, 130 I2;ij u;
.1HHS 117',i UM4 115
.lUi ltd 111 U
,. 50 30!4 4'l 4',
. io u'i ,vi J IV
. 3f'
Bring nil the little folks to the Big Store todav.
The Toy Store is in readiness. It is a vast bewildering vista
of everything toyful. A sight to make the hearts of. the young
sters beat double quick. A sight to please the old folks too.
Never has there been such a toy store hereabouts. Our Toy
Chief has gathered Irom every quarter of the Globe. From Germany,
from Switzerland, from China, from Italy come new things and nov
el things to please the little folks. Many novelties were picked pu
at the Paris Exposition; these are shown too, along with the rest.
Although this Toy Store is wonderfully full of up-to-dateness,
and best of all, the prices are particulaily low. While we
have gathered largely, we have gathered judiciously got the
most for our money wherever we could so that you can buy
more toys lor less money this year, and bring a happier vein of
Christmas tide into a greater number of homes.
Toy store in the basement. All ready in the morning.
The Biggest and Best Book Store With Prices Half
What Others Charge Roundabout Scranton.
The holiday Book Store, larger and better than t;ver, begins it
mission ol spreading Christmas literature throughout the city and
vicinity today.
You'll find it a very good Book Storemuch better than any
outside the large cities.
All the NEW books, of course. Along with them, all of the
standard and miscellaneous editions; clever stories of boys and
girls by the best known authors. Fancy books a wider variety
than ever before shown hereabouts, rich in design and effect,
though quite popular in price. Some as high as $5; some as little
in price as 15c. It's for you to choose. Sets ol Books From
Dumas at 90c up to Balzac at $14. Everything between these
prices. Aaaea 10 an mis teasi 01
Special Sale of Sheet Music All the new Copyrighted
Selections for Saturday, 17c.
In the Music Booth (Second Floor) on Saturday, we shall sell
this great lot of "new stuff," as it is called. Most stores get 35c
for it. some few sell it for 25c. But nowhere else can you buy if
lor 17c tne neet save here, today, rienty lor all wne come.
Every piece in the lot will be played for you, if you wish,
are some of them:
My Tiger MJy.
The Blue and the Cray.
I Can't Tell Why I Loic."
Way Dcv.n Kasf.
Ihe Goblin Man.
I Lcfr Because I Locd You.
Day My Day (Song of the S-ea.)
My Chilly Baby.
My Angelina from O-o-o-hlo.
Louis. & NaahUlla M',i 82 8114 8174
Man. Delated 113 HS 1114 lllb
Met. Tiaction 173,i 17.i)i 17 Us 173'i
Miwi. Pacitlo fO fiO JS'.'i SOU
l'cople'. Oas 01)i 100 )3',4 Wi
K. J. Central Ill lit 1H 1
Southern Pacific 41V1 Ha Wi 4n"s
Norfolk & West -11 14 4??i 42
Xcrthvrn Pacific mi 72V4 71 71
North. Pacific. Tr S3', S3Vt Sl! r4
X. Y. Central 1411- 1424 11') 141H
Ont. fc Wcotcin S.'i -2j',4 2l",a -Wi
Pcnnn. It. 11 Ui'.i 14.1V1 JIHs H-i
Pacific Mall II 14 II 44
Heading Itv 10 ID l&U ls
Heading. Pr W7S V272. mu 61;!,
houthern 11. It U'.i W. U 14U
Southern It. H.. Pr. ... n.1'4 m (Kli '2'i
Tcmi. Coal i Iron .... 749i 7Hi 7zV
IT. S. Leather 15',i 15tt U',4 lr
jr. S. Leather, Pr...... Tti 7ti 7i 75
V. S. Rubber 3l'f 3.n 20 3"i
I'nlnn Pacific 7274 72 71 71
Union Pacific, Pr 81 81 81V; Slti
Wahaii. Pr 21Vi 21 20'i 20Vi
Western Union 8IU S4H- St i
Open- High- Low- Clos-
WIIHAT. iii!f. est. c. inir.(
December 77 77 7(Pi 7714
May S0V4 80V4 70!i 7fT&
December 14 44 43 4:.74
May 42V4 424 42'4 42&
Scranton Board of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
First National Bank 800
Scranton Savings Bank 300
Scranton Packing Co ...
Tblr'd National Bank 42S
Dime Deposit and Discount Bank .. 2J0
Kconomy Light, U. & P. Co. ...
Lacka. Trust Safe Deposit Co 150
Cir.ntnn 1'nlnt Co ...
Clark Si Snover Co., Pr. 125
Scranton Iron Fence It Mfg. Co
Pcranton Axle Works
Lackawanna Dairy Co., Pr
County Saving" Bank & Trust Co... SOU
First National Bank (Carbondale)
Standard Drilling Co
Traders' National Bank 1.'3
Scianton Bolt and Nut Co 103
Scranton Pabscnner Hallway, first
Mortgage, due 1(120 115
People's Street Railway, first mort
gage, due 1018 115
People's Street Railway, Generul
mortgage, dm 1021 113
Dlckscn Manufacturing Co
Lacka. Township School 5 per cent. ...
City of (Scranton St. fi.ip. 6 per
Scranton Traction 0 per cent 115
Scranton Wholesale Market.
(Correited by 1!. a. Dale, 27 Lackawanna Ave.)
Butter Creamery, 23a2lc, dairy tuba, 21c.
L'ggs Select wjstcrn, 17s ; ncsiby itate, lOo.
Chose rull cuam, new, HHc
Beans Per bu choice manovv, $2,40; medium,
J2.:'0. pea, $2.30.
Potatoes oOc.
Onions COc, per bu.
Flour Best patent, $4. CO
Philadelphia Grain and Produce,
Plilladelphia.Nov, 23. Wheat He. lower! con
tract giade, Nov,, 72a72!ic Com I'liin, c.
higher; No. 2 mixed, Nov,, 4till!ic Oats
fillet, but steady; No. a ftldte clipped, Voa'Uc,
Butter (Julct nnd easier; fancy western cream
ery, 20c. ; do. prints, 2Se, Kggs SteaJy; ficli
nearby, STc.j do, western, Siie.i do. &outhwel.
cm, 23c; do. bomliein, Hi. I'heciv Firm!
N, V. full creams, fancy, small, llallV4o. ; do.
do. do,, fair lu choice, 10al0c. Helmed
sugars 15 points lower; crown u, $5.70; cubes,
$5.1.0; potwIm'J, fS.SS; gianulatod and crystal
a, (3.45; confectioners a, $5.25; No, 1, $1.10;
No. 2 and 3, 3.05; J.'o. 4, 45; No. 5, 3l,fr5;
No. 0, S4.W); No. 7. ?4.b0j No. 8, 84,70; No. 8,
jj.ui; No. 10, JI.65J No. 11, l 60; No. 12
and 13, $1. 13; Nos. 14 to W, U0. Cotton
Unchanged. Tallow Steady! city prime In
lihds., 4c; country do., bbR, i,4j1c.j
skci, 6e. Live poultry Bull and weak; fowls,
7UaS4c; small lots, fancy, OViC,; old roostirs,
O'ic, ; spring thickens, 7!44SV4c.j ducki, lUlOc.i
turkejs, OjIOc. : gecoo, DiCi',jc. Dressed poultry
Steady: fowls, choice, OlialOc; do. fair to
good, SaOc.j old roosters, 6'4a7c; nearby
spring chickens, 10al2c. ; western do., Dallas
tnkeys, choice to fancy, 10al3e.; western ducks,
(hllc, Receipts Flour, 3,000 barrel j. and 1,PM,.
(40 pound? In woks; wheat, 10,000 l.usluH;
com, 212.000 tuslieU; oats, 19,000 buihcls. ship
ments Wheat, K.OcsJ limhelsj com, 220,000
bushels; oats, ll.OOU bushel.
New York Grain and Produce.
New York, Nov. SJ, Flour Easy and less act- 1
tink. . K8&.&. . ,,itSmx ,' iftfifctK
The Toy
Santa Claus
Begins His
Play and
Pleasure Today
nome renciing, you 11 nuu
My Tiger Lily Two-step.
Blue and Gray Two-step.
A Bunch of Blackberries Two-step.
Hunky Dory Oke Walk.
Pmoky Mokes C.iko Walk.
btar of the .Sua, rteverie. '
Calantbe Waltzes.
Fond Memory Waltzes.
Day Dream WjIUcs.
ice, reflecting the break In wheat. Wheat
Spot eaiv; No. 1 red, 7sV4c. f. o. b. afloat, and
7oe. elevator; No. 1 northern Dulutu, t&ic
t. o. b. afloat. 0i;ion experienced a sharp
loss todiy; closed easy and ae. net lower.
March closed 80c. May, 70"4u.j Nov., 7fi.c;
Dec, 77J,4c Corn Spot ea.v; No. 2, 10c. clecn
tor, and 4A'c. f. o. b. afloat. Options quletee
and quite weak; closed weak at iVic mt dec-line.
May closed 12'c; Deo.. 43;4c Oats
Spot firm; No. 2, ZS'Ac.i No. 3, 2.',-;c; No. 3
white, 2!)c; No. 3 white, 2SVic.; tiaek nilxcil
western, 25'ii27,,s;e. ; track white, 2si'll". Op.
tioiiH dull and bate)- steady. Butter (Juiet;
ticamery, 19a20c; Victory, 12aldc.; June ri cam
cry, 18a23'4c.; imitation creamery, luilticvi
btatc dairy, 16a24c. Cheese Quii't ; large Sept.
fancy, 10c: small Sent, fancy, lie; largn
Oct. fancy, 1014c.; small Oct. fancy, 10iJ.
Eggs State and Pcnnn., 2la27c; western, regu
lar packing, 20a23',c. ; western, loss off, 2Cc.
Chicago Live Stock Market.
Chicago, Nov. 23. Cattle Receipt's. 4,500;
week's icceipts largest since 1894. Steady to
slow; good butchers' stock, dull; canners,
strong. Native?, best on sale today, 2 carloads
lit SS.40; good to prima steers, $3.23a5.75; poor
to medium, 'jl.20a5.15; selected feeders, steady,
5st.75a4.40; mhed stoekem, $2.25a3.75; cows,
if2.70al.2j; heifers, S2.75a4.M); cannen, $',;
hulls, $2.Uial,25; calves, weak, lower, .I.50j5.5O.
Texans Texas fed steers; 4a4.85; Tetaa giajj
steers, $3.26al.l5; Texas bulls, S2.50a3.25.
llogs Receipts today, 33.000; tomorrow, 23,
000; estimated left over, 4,000; generally steady,
active, closing ktionir; tops, $1.05; mued and
butchers, $4.(iOj4.U5; good to choice hnny, $4.70
u4.P2',2; rough heavy, $l.5Vil.lH; light, 1J4..1M4
4.()2i; bulk of salw-. S1.60,li.S7',i.
Sheep Receipts, 0,000; aheep and lambs,
choice," steady; others, slow; good to rholca
wethers, &la4.30; fair to choice mixed, $3.75al;
western (cheep, lMi4.2'i! Texas sheep, $?;
native Iambs. $4.40a5,:)0; western iambi, ijl.731
Chicago Grain and Produce.
Chicago, Nov, 23. December wheat, deprested
by cables and Argentine shipments, cloied c.
lower today. Coin was quiet and idcued easy;
Nov., 3c, and Dec. Uc, down. Oats dosed ,i
shade lower, tnd proislons 2a3c. to 22Vac
nigher. casli quotations wro as ioiiows;
Flour Dull and unchanged; No. 3 prlns
wheat, nstianc.; No. 2 red, 71Vaa7.iVsc: No. 2
corn, 43a tic. I No. 2 yellow, 41c. J No. 2 white,
"'l',4a27c.; No. 3 white, 'JHsi27e.; No. 2 rjc,
1 .; No. 1 Eax, $1. ("Hal. 71; No. 1 northwest,
M.71; timothy, $; pnrk. $10 s7',s'ilt;
l.inl, .f7.20a7,2"i: jibs. i).73j7,73! iduil' uro, 57i
aOUc; sides, fi.MU!.C5,
New York Live Stock.
New York, Nov, 23. Bceies Steers eery dull
and 10 to 20 cents lower; Dulls mid cows, steady
10 a shudu highe.1; blceis, iM.75j5.33, bulls,
t;2.25aS.50; cows, fl.10a2.iV). Cahes VcalJ, dull;
rrai'i-r. flow and eav! teal'. SliS' grasaers,
f ' '132.50; fed and mixed calves, $2 Ti.i'.'.oO.
Sheep Very slow and bard" tieady: good
lambs, shadu hie her; 0 hen, steady; sheep, ifj
a.'l,50; culls, $l.,'0al,70; lambs, SfaU'); etra,
$3.S3; Canada lanibJ, $3aV2'i; culls, vsia3,'3.
Hogs ;ono for tale; nominally tlnn.
East Liberty Stock Harkot.
Jlast Llbeity. No,1. 23. Cattle Steady; ctra,
$5.10.i5.fc0; prime, 3i5.25; comn.i. gwlil.AO, .
llo."s Steady; nrime heaUes. S3: rnmlluiiw
and l.ea.v corkers, $4,05r3; light yotkcm and
pigs, fl.kOaJ.lH); loughs, $.t.41j3 CO.
Sheep Slow; choice wctlicrs, $..73aJ.3',! com
mon, $1 50 12.50; iliolce lambs, Sl.ffli'i; com
mon to good, $.la4,75; ical calves, ?0.50a7,
Oil Market.
Oil City, Nov. 23.-Cicdlt balances, JOJ; cer
tificates, no bid; shipments, eii,20j; average,
0S,5S1, Runs, lCb,0.13; average, 01,1U2.
ell 00 Howard $100,
The readers of this paper will be pleased ta
learn that there is at least one dreaded disease
that idtnce has been abl to cura In all iu
stages and that is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh. Curcj
Is the only positive euro now known to (hi
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a comtltu.
lional disease, requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cur is takeu internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucou sur.
UQtt of the )8tom, thereby destrojing th
foundation ot tin disease, and giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution and
assisting nature in doing its work The proprle.
tors nv eo much faitlt In Its curative powers,
that they offer one Hundred Dollars tor any
cats (hat it fails to cure. Send for list of testl
monfals. '
Address. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Op,
Sold bit. druggists. 75o.' fi: - .' i ttm'ifUli
Hall's 'Family 'Pills are he beet. ' "''tTwin