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Jfflcers Elected nntl Installed by
State Deputy ZInk, of HarrlBburg.
Names of the Charter Members.
Two Delirious Young Men Arrested
nnd Lacked Up in the Stntlon
House Two Miners Injured Wed
ding at St. Patrick's Other Notes
nnd Personals.
Hyde Park wimp, Xo. Mt.'l, (if the
Modern Woodmen of America, wmt
formally organized In Ivorlte hall lust
r-venlnjr, by District Deputy J. Ti.
Hushes, of Kansas City, Mo. The fol
lowing olllcors were elected and In
stalled by State Deputy D. C. ZInk, of
llurrlshurK, assisted ly vlsltltiff mem
bers of tin? order: . '
. Venerable consul, (3 corse Howell J
worthy advisor, K. K. Kobnthau; hank
er, T!. W. Lueo; physician, Dr. I!. Ii.
JIcKcoko; escort, L. A. Howell; clerk,
lohu H. J 'Jill lips ; watchman, .lames
Thomas; outer sonny, Philip' Wil
liams; trustees, one year,. W. C Wil
liams; two years, John .1. D.ivlcs; three
years, K. W. Thayer.
The camp starts business with the
following charter inemKrs: It. I!.
McKciKc. David Owens, Uoorfie How
ell. Kly Harris, P. W. Taijue. J. AI.
3'owell, ISenJimiln W. Williams, James
3'. Thomas. D. P. Williams, J. A. At
kinson, K. K. Itnhnthnn, Luther Price,
John P. Williams, Charles C. Mason,
John D. Hushes, W. C. Williams, It.
AV. TjUcp, Aloriuiu Thomas, (', M.
Storm. IT. T,. Morgan, M. J. Pox. E. AV.
Thaver. John AV. Howell, J. Alfred
Hevnn, J.. A. Howell. John H. Walker.
K. V. Harrison, K. S. Joseph, Arthur
Vnllii, Fmd Wurnkf, Thomas D.
Thomas-, John J. Davies, John H. AV11
llnins. 10 van li. Reese, (leorgc A.
Weslcott, Joseph Pliilllps, C. 10. (lod
sliall. T. 10. Price, David H. James,
Fred O. Peters, John K. Orntsicr. Hen
ry A. Parsons, William P. Williams,
John Ti. Davis.
liy card John H. 'Phillips, Charles
Ubordorfcr, Charles A. lOynou, J. T.
lieese, iOilward W. Uavis.
The new iirKnnignilou will moot
twice, a month and the place of niret
intf will lie decided upon by a commit
tec apoplnted for that purpose.
The JUodorn Woodmen of America
is a fraternal Insurance society, simi
lar to the Hoptnvnplis and Royal Ar
canum. It has a membership of over
S.OOO in Pennsylvania, enrolled during
Good Enough Cough
remedy. Dtifour's French
Tar is what you need.
n Glove
w n m 11 V n
Glove fashions lor Winter are now fully set, and if
you waut to get an idea of what they look like, con
sult the windows today.
You'll Find
Many Changes
In styles for both Ladies aud Gentlemeu. Some
show decided improvements, while others merely ex
hibit passing fads of the hour, but anyhow they are
all here, aud as liking or dislikiug is purely a matter
of taste, the selection of
with yourself.
The New
Walking- Gloves
For. Ladies, with one buttou and outer edge seams
are exceedingly popular. We show them in all shades
aud makes and think you'll like them.
Gloves for
Social Functions
Are also a feature of this display and their variety
is unlim ted. But why do so much talking over the
mere matter of gloves, when everything that is good
aud stylish in that line for Ladies, Gentlemeu,
Misses' and Boys can be sepn at a glance, if you care
" to pass the store or step iuside,
Globe Warehouse
the past three years. Up to Oct. t(
I'JOO, 122,0(11) new o.ortllleutes were Is.
sued this year, anil the order has a
total membership of over 500,000 In tins
United Hiatus. The society selects Its
own territory and bars from mem
bership those engaged In hazardous
occupations or In anywise connected
with the Honor trittlle.'
The local camp was launched under
very auspicious circumstances, nnd the
roster Includes some of the most prom
inent residents of West Setnnton.
Wedding nt St. Patrick's.
Domlnlck Mo ran ami Miss Kate
Healey were united In mnrrlnKe at St.
Patrick's Catholic church Inst Wed
nesday mprnliiK nl 11 o'clock by Hev,
J. J. Ituddy. The bridesmaid was Miss
Hose Healey, sister of the bride, nnd
Hrlun Dolnn acted as groomsman. The
ceremony was witnessed by many
friends of the contracting parties.
The bride was becomingly (tttlf.'d in
a gown of pearl gray, trimmed with
point lace and chiffon nnd carried a
prayer book. The bridesmaid wore a
Kown of blue, trimmed with white
satin and carried a bunch of carna
tions. After a wedding dinner Mr.
and Mrs. Moran left for New York and
other points of Interest. They will re
side In West Scrnnton upon their re
turn. Mine Accidents,
(le'orge TCvnns, aged CO years, a resi
dent of Quay avenue, and a company
baud In the Continental mine, was
severely injured while nt work yes
terday. In placing a prop In position,
It fell and struck him on the head, In
dicting a severe gash, and io of his
ears was almost torn off. He was re
moved to his home, where Dr. D. J.
Jenkins attended to his Injuries.
Lewis Williams, of North Main, ave
nue, a miner in the Diamond, was In
jured by a fall of coal yesterday. He
was conveyed to his home and a physi
cian called;- who attended to his in
juries. Y. W. C. A. Notes.
The Oospel service Saturday evening
will be led by Mrs. Henry Hess, with
Mrs. Randolph Jones In charge of the
music. All women, girls and children,
are invited to this service. The Sun
day afternoon service has been dis
continued. Notice to Juniors; All members of
the Ultehcn garden classes are request
ed tv meet in the roor Saturday af
ternoon at " o'clock. The advance les
son, "Table Setting," will be given.
Any girl under ton years of age, may
Join tills class by payment of ten cents
a month.
Ladies' Garments.
The largest selection of Ladies',
Misses' and Children's ready to wear
garments ever shown in tills city, at
special prices today.
'" Mears & Hagen..
Thomas Williams, of Montana, who
lias been visiting his brother-in-law.
Thomas V. Lewis, of Kynon street.
the prettiest and best lies ',
was railed homo suddenly this week,
owing to a serious accident which 'be
fol his wife.
Oospel services will be hold tit the
Young Women's Christian association
rooms this evening, and Mrs. Henry
Hess will bo In charge. Special music
will bo rendered and all women, girls
and children are Invited,
The Ulectrlo Hpark Social club will
conduct their first annual social In
Meat's' hall on December 11.
Mrs. David M. Jones, of South Main
avenue and Kynon strool, Is seriously
Curds are out announcing the com
ing marriage of Margaret, the oldest
daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. John Caw
ley, of Pino street, to Patrick Ocrrlty,
of Seventh street, which will take,
place at St. Patrick's church at 4
o'clock Thanksgiving cvo.
Penjamln 11, York, of lstf Krlnk
street, and Miss Delia Healey, of 1531
Luzerne street, were united In mar
riage recently at the rectory of St. Da
vid's Episcopal church, by llev. E. J.
Mcllonry. The couple were attended
by Thomas Jones nnd Miss Margaret
The fair and festival announced for
next Week at St. David's Episcopal
church, has been postponed on ac
count of the recent strike.
Mrs. Martin Early, of Eynon, street,
Is the guest of friends In PIttston.
Mrs. Reuben Hobblns, of Humpton
street, Is 111 with an attack of ty
phoid fever.
P. McCnnri, the North Main avenue
merchant, will erect a two-stor.v brick
addition to his building.
Mrs. Orlando Utler, of Chestnut
street, Is 111 with typhoid fever.
The third quarterly meeting ser
vices will be held at the Simpson
Methodist Episcopal church tomorrow
morning .comemnclng with love fon,Jt
at 9 o'clock, to be followed at 10.S0
with the sacrament of the Lord's sup
per. Heretofore, this service has been,
conducted by the presiding elder, but
the pastor will be In charge tomor
row. Class No. S, In the Plymouth Con
gregational Sunday school, taught by
T, A. Eynnn, will conduct an entertain
ment and social In the church next
Tuseday evening. The programme
will be announced later.
Attorney David J. Davis and Will
Neville will witness the Yale-Harvard
foot ball game at New Haven today.
Hy. A. Parsons will deliver his il
lustrated lecture at the Nobo Congre
gational church, llendham, tomorrow
evening. Crayon sketches will ha
Services over the remains of the late
John Davies will be conducted this af
fernoon at the family residence on
North Hyde Park avenue. Interment
will be made in the Washburn Street
The remains of an Infant child of
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Williams, of Sny
der avenue, were Interred In the Ml
nooka cemetery yesterday morning.
Don't forget the chrysanthemum so
cial and entertainment to be hold
Nov. 1!S, In the First Welsh Baptist
The lector of St. David's church
wishes to announce that the fair and
supper which was to be given on
Thanksgiving has been postponed un
til a later date.
At a meeting of the Young Republi
cans, held in Frosts hall last night,
a permanent organization was effected,
with the following ns'otllcers: Presi
dent, William McCullouah: vice presl
dnnt, Charles Prock; secretary,
Charles O. Cole; treasurer, G. C. Her
ring. A committee was appointed to
make arrangements for a suitable
meeting place and report at a mpct
ing to he hold next Wednesday night.
John Wert, Fred Marsh and George
SlianU were appointed on ihls com
mittee. A by-law committee of live
members was named, composed of fl.
C. Herring, William Pottur, Ernest
Tiffany, Charles Oliver and George
Shank'. Various plans of ('(inducting
the club weiv discussed, but nothing
definite was done as regards plan of
action, etc.. these matters being loft,
in tin' Imnds of those present to talk
up bofoiv the onext meeting.
The watch chain charm being con
tested fur by Arthur Spencer anil El
mer Jackson, for the boiiellt of lodge
Slfi. Independent Order of Odd Fel
lows, was won by the latter, he hav
ing collected .$40. .Mr. Spencer turned
In about $:!.- and was presented with
a pin by the society.
A young child of .lames Polph died
Thursday night, afler a short sickness
of membranous croup. Funeral will be
held thl' afternoon at 2 o'clock. In
terment In Dunmore cemetery.
Patrick .McDonald, an aged resident
of Taylor avenue, died yesterday. Mr.
.McDonald had lived in this town for
many years nnd was highly thought of
by those who knew him. Funeral no
tice la tor.
The .school board failed to meet last
night on account of luck of ipioruin,
lembers Spencer. Co.stello and Hag-
gerty only appearing.
Miss Susie Fuhr, of Grove street, is
Improving, after her Indisposi
tion, The union levival meetings are still
In progress and seem to be meeting
with favor. The audiences through the
week have been all that could have
been e.xpecled, and the addresses have
nil been highly appreclatld, The meet
ings will be continued the coming
week, going from church to church
nnd the various pastors will deliver
the addresses. Tim service last even
ing was held In the Dudley Street l!ap
tlst church. There will be no moot
ing this evening, and on tomorrow
morning and evening the pastors will
hold tholr services as usual in their
respective churches. The next meet
ing will be held In the Tripp Avonuo
Christian clnuch Monday evening.
Ladies' Garments.
Tho largest selection of Ladles',
Misses' and Children's ready to wear
garments ever shown In this city, at
special prices today,
Mears & Hngen..
I'liaili' 1), llillton, an nM uml highly icpct-
cil icstih'iit of thf South HUi', illcil WuiniMl.iy :it
tliu Sulilk'in' lnuiic, Itrle, l'a. Piieaml s.iw uvl-
ho u'n kn timing tliu (.'hi! war. Ik- U Mir-
vivi.l by n wife nml two tUiiuhlira.
Sunday ufU'lltt'im st - u'tloik. Service at the
home of hU htm-iii-Uu', It. M. l.'o., cm
street. llt'V. K, l Poly will have jlurse tl
the nn in. IiiU-rinent 111 H'luslil.uru ttivct
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
Ui Ufii usimI (or our 1'IKTV YIIAItS by
MILLIONS of MOrilL'ItS for their t'llll.PKK.N
It the beat remedy for DIUtltllOIIA. Soli l,y
Drufulsta In every part of the world. J)o suit)
and ask for "Mm. Window' Soothing Srut."
and tula no other kind. Twcuty-Uvu ceub a
Are in
daily of
the use of
Tens of thousands of victims from Kidney and Liver Troubles
have been cured when all other means have failed.
Bright's Disease, ,.the curse of mankind, has ben mastered
and its terrors banished forever.
If vou susnect kidnev trouble don't delav
It makes the vital organs sound and well by enabling them to purify the blood of
poisonous deposits ; it tones up the whole system and speedily cures Dyspepsia, General Debility,
Nervous Prostration, Female Complaints, and Urinary Disorders.
No other preparation has ever done the work of WARNER'S SAFE CURE, and no other has
one-half its long list of victories.
1'ico sample of Wnrncr's Safe Cure soul on appll cation,
t'loj'ic mention this paper wlun writing for a sample.
Bright's Disease Cured.
OXFOPD HOTEL, OMAHA, NEH., Feb. 1, 1000.
"Thanks seem so little when compared to service rendered, and
after the wonderful restoration to health I now enjoy through the
use of Warner's 'Safe Cure, I want to more than thank you, hence I
gladly give my testimonial. For several years I suffered with Bright's
W. C. A.
Beports Were Made Concerning the
Different Branches of Work Mrs.
Peter Xellerman Entertained the
Members of Her Sunday School
Class Joseph Keegan Set Himself
on Fire in a Novel Manner John
Campbell Struck One of Contractor
Coons' Workmen Memorial Ser
vice at Church of Peace.
.There was very largely attended and
veiy pleasant committee social held
last evening in the South Side Young
Women's Christian association rooms,
on Cedar avenue, which was partici
pated in by the di.terent standing
committees of this branch. The ob
ject was Instructive as well as social
and reports from various members,
pertaining to the progress and wel
fare and looking toward Improvement
were heard with Interest. Each com
mittee had a good report to make and
many new and novel suggestions were
After the different reports were
heard a social hour was spent during
which light refreshments, cake, coffee
and sandwiches were served. Those
present were: Misses Anna Van Nort,
secretary; Esther Rowlands, Anna
Rankin, Amelia Helm, Kate I.ewert,
Anna Kreb, Ida Eck, Lizzie Chrlsto
pliel, Anna Stahleber, Jessie Hageu,
Ida Rentscbler, Alvlmi Smith. Tlllie
Zolgler. Anna Faust, Yetta Elkis, Em
ma Greener, Marion Dyer, Mildred Ap
lanalp. Kate Meyers, Freda Dieslng,
Rose Platter, Gussle Scliuman, Mar
garet Fuchtcl, Kate Xeher, Anna
Schiller, Amelia lilcchert, Philopina
Greener and Mrs. David Humphrey,
Mrs. August Kraft, Mrs. Andrew Klhle,
Mrs. John Scheuer, Mrs. George Jones,
Mrs. I. Inn, .Mrs. Guoser, Mrs. Hartman,
Mrs. J. W. Slocum, Mrs. Frud Haker,
Mrs. William l.ush, Mrs. Minnie
Knoble and Mrs. .1. II. Jacobson.
Entertained Her Class.
Mrs. Peter Kellerman, of Cedar ave
nue, very pleasantly entertained her
Sunday school class of tho Hickory
Street Presbyterian church at her
home last evening. The evening was
spent pleasantly Indulging In games,
music and charades, afler which re
freshments were served, the guests de
parting at a seasonable hour.
Those present were; Misses Lizzie
Fetzer, Elizabeth Chas:-, Lizzie Keller
man, Maria I.engler, Kate Erhhardl,
Lizzie Aspenschhiger, Carrie Fetzer,
Louisa Hanselmann. Lizzie Wlrth,
Carrie .N'ape, Tracy Hrlll, Lena
Keheuer, Katie Kellerman, Ida Chase
aud Aiiiiii. Hartman.
Set Himself on Fire.
Joseph Keegan, of H27 PIttston ave
nue, enjoys an after supper smoke as
well as any one, but from the experi
ence he had Thursday evening It Is not
likely that he will "put tho pipe" for
siunti time to come.
Keegan fell asleep pulling on the
pipe and ho awoke some time after
with tho contents of the plpo on his
shirt, which Ignited. He yelled and
rushed down the porch steps, evident
ly looking for tho lire department.
Theru was nothing nearer than tho
sower trench on PIttston avonuo, which
was half lllled with water and mud,
uml, llko tho scared frog, mado a
beautiful Stovo Urodln dlvo into tho
'trench, completely quenching the lire
and nearly drowning himself.
Keegan was slightly burned about
his breast and left side, nnd was at
tended by Doctors Dunn and Walsh,
who resuscitated hhn from his mud
Ladies' Gtuments.
The largest selection of Ladles',
Misses' and Children's ready ro wear
garments over shown In this city, at
special prices today,
Mcurs & Hagen,,
During an altercation Thursday
evening about a curb-stone, John
Campbell assaulted one of Contractor
Coons' workmen, hitting him above
the eye with a shovel. The Injured
man had his wounds dressed at the
Lackawuuuu hospital. No arrests
have yet been made.
The 3.45 o'clock Sunday afternoon
gospel meeting of the South 'Side
Young Women's Christian association
will bo led by Miss Anna V. Mussel-
man, secretary of tho North .Scranton
from four to
six tnblespoonfuls
branch of tho Young Women's Chris
tian association. Special music will
be a feature. All women and girls,
those who no not attend any other
service, are earnestly requested to bo
The Prospect Avenue Church of
Peace will have services Sunday both
morning and evening in memory of
those members of that congregation
who died during the past church year.
Special services and ssrmons have
been arranged.
At 10.43 Sunday morning Rev. F. P.
Doty, of the Cedar Avonuo Methodist
church will speak on "While We Were
Yet Sinners Christ Died for Us." Tho
regular Sunday services will be held
both morning and evening, at which
all persons are Invited to attend.
Tuesday and Wednesday evenings of
next week the Ladies' Aid society of
tho Hickory Street Presbyterian church
Will hold an apron social in the old
church building. All wives and pros
pective wives can here llnd any
amount and variety of necessary
household goods and aprons to suit all
liy tomorrow evening tho brick woric
of the now Cedar avenue pave will
have been laid and from one week
from tomorrow South Scranton will
have added another block of pave to
its list.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mutchman and
family, of Elmlra, X. Y.. who were
visiting South Side friends, returned
home yesterday.
Miss Lizzie Keifer.'of Prook street,
has returned homo after spending sev
eral week's In Now York city.
Miss Ethel Lindner, or Clark's Sum
mit, spent several days with Miss An
na Jenny, of Cedar avenue.
George Kirchoff, of Xew York, In
visiting his mother at 020 South Irving
avenue, who is seriously ill.
The Fourteen Friends society are
preparing for a social to ba held at
Pest's hotel, Xov. 24.
Mrs. August Oefterlng and sun, Aug
ust, are spending several days at Xew
A birthday party was held at thf
homo of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred llallhorn,
on Birch street, Thursday afternoon.
In honor of their daughter's, Eifrie
da's. fourth birthday. Those present;
were: Lulu Lynn, Itosa Lauler, Alma
Rosar, Frances Rosar, Louise Rosar,
Martha Kornacher, Emma Kornachor,
Rosa Smith, Elfrieda Eallhorn, KaMi
Sanies, Mr. and Mrs. P.allhorn, Mrs,
Tross, Mrs. L'luler, Katie Lynn, Mrs.
Martha Ahlendorf.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Eliza
beth Wescott took place yesterday af
ternoon from her home nn Theodore
slieel. Impressive services were held
at tliu house by Rev. It. Y. Clyiner, of
tho First Christian church. The funeral
was largely attended by friends and
relatives of thp deceased. Many hymns
were sung by members of the Chris
tian church choir. The pall-bearers
were tho four sons of the deceased and
two grandsons; ilrant, Irving, George,
Calvin, Merlon and James Wescott.
Tho interment was mado in Forest Hill
Hubert Sanford, of McDouough, X.
Y spent Thursday with friends on
West Market street.
Mrs. Irving Wescott, of Church ave
nue, who has been 111 for three weeks,
Is convalescent,
Drummer Thomas, of Xorth Main
avenue, has purchased a line team of
bay horses.
Mrs. A'au Camp, of Holllster avenue,
visited frlonds in Jermyn yesterday.
Miss Margaret Jones, of Bradford visiting Miss Charlotte Jones,
of Xorth Main nventie,
John, tho young son of Patrolman
Charles Perry, Is 111 at his homo on
Parker rtreot.
Miss Sadlu Villi, of Scott, Is visiting
at thu homo of Alderman Myers, of
Church avenue,
Tho funeral of the lato Mrs. Nelson
Waterman, of Jones street, will take
placo this morning at 10 o'clock', Inter
ment will bo made In tho Forest Hill
The funeral of Miss Mary Murphy
took plavo yesterday afternoon at is
o'clock from tho family residuncu on
Cayuga street, Interment was made In
the Cathedral cemetery,
i Tho second annual ball of the Olym
pla Social club was held last evening
In thu Auditorium, The hall was beau
tifully decorated with bunting and
(lags. There was a largo attendance,
and the affair was u thoroughly enjoy
able one.
John Juck and Jerry Tcnchou wore
arrested and arraigned before Alder
man Myers, on a charge of stealing
geese from Annie Posco, of Illonm ave
nue. They were held under $300 ball,
They could not get a bondsman and
were committed to the county jail.
"The Convict's Daughter," a melo-
druniu, which is to bo produced on
Thunksglvins evening' ut the Audi
4-4 4-4
- -
a day. Be on the safe
Addresi, WAItNF.U'S SAFE CUllll CO, Rochester,
disease which no doctor seemed able to cure; the medicine I took gava
only temporary relief, until I put everything else away and used War
ner's Safe Cure faithfully for four months, when I felt better than' I'
had ever done before. This Is over eight months ago nnd I am entirely
well now."
Treasurer Sons of Temperance,
torium, Is being rehearsed nightly.
A surprise pnrty was given In honor
of Miss E.stella Benjamin, at her homo
on Jones street, Friday evening. A
most enjoyable time was spent In play
ing games and other amusements. At
a seasonable hour refreshments were
served. Those present were Diana
Watktns, Zuba Swartz, Lottie Birtley,
May Bisbln, Anna Keillng, Anna Sny
der, Blanche Conger, Ruth Perry, Bes
sie Birtley, Belle Robinson, Messrs.
Roy Miller, Robert White, Stanley Mil
ler, Joseph Watklns, Rufus Richards,
John Mnekey, Rosar Price, James Els
by and Albert Benjamin.
The Young Women's Christian asso
ciation gospel meeting has been
changed from Sunday afternoons to
Saturday evening at 8 o'clock, and hi
lts place a Junior meeting has been
substituted. The service this evening
will bo open to all women. There will
be a nice preparation for the Lord's
day and the religious committee has
planned to make these meetings as
helpful as possible. Tho Junior meet
ing tomorrow will bo at 3.30, and all
girls are Invited. A new art. needle
work class will meet Monday evenings;
free to members. The girls' club will
give a party at the rooms next Fiiday
evening. Members of tho club will re
ceive, and all young women- are wel
come. Charles Miller delightfully enter
tained a number of his friends at his
home, on Deacon street, In honor of
his birthday. A feature of. tho evening
were solos by Miss .Gertrude La Rose
and Willard Leonard. At a seasonable
hour refreshments were served. Those
present were Messrs. Thomas Davis,
Edward Leonard, George Woolley. Jo
seph LaRose, Rustin Halderman, Wil
lard Leonard, Charles Miller, Max Mil
ler, Fred Miller, Archie Miller, Misses
Gertrude LaRose, Ida Miller, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Miller, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Waldlmar.
At the Christian church tomorrow,
"Boys' and Girls' Rally Day for Amer
ica" will be observed. An excellent
programme has been prepared by the
Sunday school to be given in the even
ing, (n tho morning 'the pastor. Rev.
Air. Clymer, will in-each a short s"r
mon especially for the young. Many
of the Sunday school will bo unred to
deelde for Christ, Collections for homa
missions will be laken at all the ser
vices. The Harbors' union formed a tem
porary organlzallon at the meeting
held Thursday evening at tho shop of.
"Will Junes. Ollleors were chosen as
follows: O. P. Miller, president: Thym
us Savage, secretary,' and William
.lone". I'visurcr. All tho North Scran
ton barbers are expected to join the
organization, and when this is accom
plished steps for the betterment of
trade conditions will lie taken.
Ladies' Garments.
Tho lai'Kosl .selection of Ladles'.
Misses' and Children's ready in wear
parm'enls over shown In this city, at
special prices today,
Jlears ,t llatreu..
Arrested Tramp Had His Pockets
Pilled with Edibles.
Patrolmen David Parry and Thomas
Evans last night arrested three tramps
who wore caught acting In a disorderly
manner on Lackawanna avenue. The
trio of wanderers were escorted to tin
Center street station ami there
Parry Jabbed bis hand Into tho
pocket of the oldest vagrant of tho
three and at tho first trial pulled out
a can of salmon. Ho again thrust In
his irood rlirht and u box nf kjiviIIiich '
enmo to light. When ho completed
iu uuet: uu.e m mii'iiiueH anil r.
three cans of salmon had been found
upon the trump's person.
Afler three weeks' work, tho corps
of painters who havu been laboring on
tho station of the Central Kullioid
of New Jersey, on Vosl iiokawaun-i
avenue, have now practically com
pleted their task, and loday will murk
tho appliance of the, '.nlshhig touches.
Tho entire exteri'J' of tho building
has been repuiiilol ami now presents
a very clean and freshened apifear
anco. All of the ironwork and ra'l
lugs have been gone over wlih dirk
green paint, and now lurnhli a sti Ik
ing relief to tho lighter green and yel
lowish hue of tho woodwork,
The olllco of rjistrict Passmigor
Agent .1. S. Swisher has also Icon re
painted nnd now hu the sam air of
freshness and brightness that marks
tho entire work.
For a Cold in the Head
Laxative Dromo-Quinlne Tablets.
. v'K
. . . -f
sasxs ' - J
' 'i
side, take WARNER'S..
N. Y.
--- . -.,
Huri.'U"tler & Uelj, Leisenand Managers'
A. J. Duffy. Builnest Manager.
Monday, Nov7?6. fisgl -
Burke's YaudYil.e Festivals.'
The following great programme:
Takezawas Imperial Japanese Troupe
10 in number 1Q.
JInilc Jansoii. tho popular comlc-opm , prima.
ilonna; W. II. Slnnn & Co., lato Star "Tclcplioito'
Olrl" Co.; Arnibtrong Brothers; Josephine Gasa-ni.-i
n: Delleiro k Company; Vernon & Klapf. ,'
l'rite.t Matinee. 2i ami 50 cents. Night, 23,"
3.", 50 ami 75 cents.
-, T
nwotonly. Tuesday, Nov., 2T
Greatest of All.
wm in
Only One Performance.
The Event of tho Season.' '
Eleanor rrariKlfn as redora". Drlmlcy, Shw ajt
Loris. ' "' -
l'riecs 25c, JOc, 75c.- ami $1,00. ' '''' '
Wednesday, November 28
at attii i:vs & ulci:r,
An All Star Cast liic-linllns WALTER JO.VUS'
ami JOSli: ni'.WITT, in their new eoincily,
The Night
of the Fourth
Prices '.!.
Moiul-iy, Xi'V.
to $1.00. Sulo of seats will open
'.'li, at 0 a. in.
tf. A. DROWN, iMuna.'.-r.
iialaxu: or wi:i:ic. i).ir.YMATixr:i:.
Sc'iarf-Morris Co,
ai.Ii xr.xr wixic.
lMn.i .May ami Cecil,
la a llppertiiiic of IHg Suwessci,
Kvuiii.i; Trices in, i nml !S0 cents.
Miitirro I'rli'ea-lfi ami -0 cent.
New Gaiety Thsaire
II. If. I.O.Nfi, Lessee jiiJ Mmiaijer,
'llneu Pays, Commencing TUL'IISU.VY, KOV.'S.
"Sapho tiurlesquars."
Xeu', Xnul ami Ih ie.ln.ll. A ('nnibluatlon of
Mirth and .Melody, lleauty ami Humui-.
'Hiiro ilajK comiiii iielne; M"inUy, Xov, 20,
I'liti' 13c, iJc., 3.V., 0c.
Restore Vitality, Lost Vigor and Manhood ,
Cure Itn potency. Night Emissions, Loss of Mora
ory, mi wniiiuu diseases,
all olTocts of rclf-utmso or
excegs uml indiscretion.
A nerve tonlo and
oiooa Duuaer. iwn
tho pink Klovr to palo
chocks unit restores tho
tiro or youth, liy mall
$8.60, with our bankable uaurimtee to our
or refund the money paid, bend for circular
unit copy ut our bunkablo Guarantee bond.
Nervita Tablets
Immediate RtiulU ,
Positively fniaruutred euro for Long of Power,
Varicocele, thulovoloped or Shrunken Organs,
1' Locomotor Atnxiii. Norvous Proitra
Hon, Hysteria, Fit a, Insanity, 1'uralyeU and tb
ltesulta of lixccsitro Usnof Tobacco, Opium or
Liquor, By mail in plain pack-Hue, 01,00 a
box, 0 for $5.00 with our bankable ruar
anteo bona to cure in iiO days or fuud
i money paid. Adilrosi
Clinton & Jackson Sts , CHICAGO, ILL.
Bold by Mcaarra'.i & Thomas, Drug
gists,, S09 Lackawarra ave., Scranton, . '
By Kiclinlvo Wire from Hie Auociitcd Prei. -Uli'inli'vliaiii
Ml., Nov. 23. A btrikc Wij
Mjttul liy the TjpuKrjpliical union licic tliti
moinhii,'. llu-ry job priming udlco in lliruiiny
luin U tli-J up due to thu ivfuvjl of Hie Qrmt
to uiloit a of wjiriii recently, proposed by,
I he union. 'I he ucvpapcr uru not, ytt altectcO.
Tlicy lutu Lun sltiii unlit MdrnJay to bign tho
tw I
t V-
. , - 'X
L. a
HHhMbaL 2. - aaaVak j
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