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    tw-iT'.frliSHIBff&4)'(BrTfti?r -
-' --'.Vf 4 --' " ''VMa-TN fT'iV XilBLTK "') 'WJi"7l C"
ir ,;,.-'-' n -' 1 ..?'
?re , 1
.V !. .4
f" ,1 .'
, V '.. T" '
. .
- -
i 1
IB" .
If 1.
Acts feasanty and Jfompty.
.Cleanses the System
Gently and Efectuhlly
'When bilious or costive.
Jrcst'ttis int the most .icccptnolebrm
tho Jfixntivi principles of plants
Anoirt to net most ieieflcialy:
For sjM by drvgplsts -price 504 per hottle
' Ice Cream.
on per
j)c Quart
'JclephoceOrderi Promptly Dell veroi
!3,'32j Adams Avenus.
Scranfon Transfer Co.
Baggage Checked Direct to Hotels
and Private Residences.
OfllcB D., I. & W. Passenger
Station. Phone 525.
Eye, Ear, Nose aud Throat
Office Hours a. m. to 12.30 p. m.: 5 to 4.
Williams Building. Opp. Postoffli!.
f 'f-f -4.4----f----
MIW TIMi: TAIJMJ. A new lime UM U11
po into i-nut on the Central ot New
Jpi-i-y on Sunday, Xoi, 2', with
ACtf-ii) or A'.Aur.T. Joiiph jr.iir.pi, .t
Ciiljoi'ilale, .n coniniiltiil In tin- co'iuly j.ul
!.il nlBlit hy Ahleiinan l.jiuli. lie ii 'iiirgeil
villi ai-ault anil luttcrv.
1ti:ili:.l.l, 'IODAY. Thuo will bo :i ii-lu-arMl
of the ImlKV il'iirus of the open tr.rl.iy
al 2 p. in., at the homo r.f Jtis T, II.,
'the will npi.ii lor (he opu.i net 1'iuliy.
, riltM' liCN'l.llAb Jli:i:t'INR.-Tlic OikI Bin. nierllna; of iho liuen Ithlue Woman's iluli
will he liihl Jliniilii, Ni.i'. -JH, nt ,1.:;0 i. in., in
the 'pulvin ul the (.'urn lliilue Piilryti-rlaii
the iinbllliv lo n'line iiilaln itnees. Hie
lie.nlns in tin- uiiiiuiliii.inic brlbeiy mIii'iI.
iiieil fi.i l.ii ni;,iit at I'lillu's mine
J p.i-tponoi! till net I'lhl.iy nlghl.
JIKMIII'IMIII' Mil l.l The ,,f Hi.,.
iviIIm ennui II, X... 20, l)o;;iip of I'ocohout.u will
hnhl ,i incnibi'Milp mhI.iI anil m.ili.h.ur Xov, -Jij.
Mimliei-. will Miiilly biim- hoineihlns foi the
Sr.ili his, Ire ire .Hit ejl,u fue, All 111!-, .it
the iiel iiiiiiipII lttp,
M'M'I'I'IIA.NXA MAX AlUU'lTI'll.- llniiy Me.
Ciulhy, of iwpieli hum, w.i-, .iii.ilsiail heroic A.
iliniiiii ,11-ntuil.iy on the ehiriio-ir loiini,'
Iiir about the IM.nuio, .mil Him.
in xlullon ami (lion- Militltius aim,. He w.n
ii lul in the louuly jiil fur iweity ilaj.,.
Sni.l, .!i pl.-(IIAII(ii:i).-.l.n.,1, .,ul w.n
.Mfiinl.i) .iiialKiiul In iuu Ahli'iiuin Ibme, o7i
thwj iliaiue eif moduli I biltuj, piefcru-il by
Jli. .Mary feiitiH wile. Mi, Si nil iUi.i
a Willy bl.n.Wirioil eye- ul die lie.nliii; nml ih
il.ijeil Unit )ill'Jiii,lianil Inllieleil ilil,, but
thij lilii'i- Ii1i,j)ji-i;iI that bl wife h ul fallen ihmn
a liihl of Cl.1v mill tluw Iniaiiin iujiiieil,
Tli) ra-o wj iHkiliaiiieil,
I t'1 " " --
IIIIM;1'.y"'I!AI.U-'I'Iio tillll, ainuml hall
of Jlio ir.ntnn 'lypninaphlcvl uiiinn will be hehl
il Mii'-lu hall on Xcw Yearn vie, lieu, ill, ,
ih.ijiiui; wlU-il) lake plan- for a prim of $n.
Tliq committee of jiuiiRcim'iitt tncliules .lohii
I'olliiH, iniliniau: K, J, roniiuy, .eeietaiv:
IVttr llaan.V. J, .VcIiiim, A. J, banyan, Wil.
wing; brands
'of High Grade Cigars.
ft' I
ft' 4
ft t
Corina, Solace,
'w Due de Alba,
"J. 'El Caracter,
. Four Centuries,
Geo Fox, Alaneto
Dealers sunnliorl. ii,-l-il
bn'ces to the box trade,
: !
5'E. C. Dean
' AfK Cnmipll RnlMlnr
K K n l ! n H H K
limn HnltliAiti, .Tolin .t. Moigan, TliomM lUltor,
Tmij MalJ.i anil ucoige Ooltl.
licit 1IIIIII) OITHNMI!. Mrs. Anna Jloltiile.
of Mnlli Mieet, Writ Hcr.uiton, win yesterday nr
lalanrd bcfoio Aldrrmali Mjluu Kaon, thara-ed
with telling liquor without a Ik-cine I)' Mayor
Miilr, 'Jhli t lie llilnl time alio ha been nr.
rcMcd for Hie name nltctie, nnJ i)i win (he
line lliipivcil. i. Mull.ile ttai ome pluti i
lilut liy Mayor Voir nml nn nnother orr.-nlon
wnfl nnrstnl nt Hie Instance ul Aurnt Wllenti,
of Hie llrn'i iihlnn. She wm reprecnlril t jrel.
Iriitny's Inuring by Attorney M. I'. Corny. Tctl'
moiiy wai alien to the rflrtt that Itiloilranl
Were ul her Ii1jc oh vailom occtilons
Programme That Will Be Rendered
on Monday Night.
The native meinbcishlp nt tlm Scran
lon LliHtci')riui2 society will glvo their
minstrel show on Monday evening,
Nov. L'(i, nt MtMc ltnll. They will pre
sunt a mugullk-ciil ilrsl n spectacle
entitled "The Shlrt-Wolst Men." Fol-lowing-
Ik the musical programme
Opcnltnr ifinm.ri tly Cotnp.iny
'n CaKe Cornel Too Illuli (or Me"
Wllt r.mwlcli.
"Tin' .Sinui of !.utijr Ae" (Itw Uepcit
".luil a l.lltli' lilt Off tho Toi"
'' lluili't lleitino.
"At tin- llottoni nf tho Deep lllue Soa"
I "l I'll Wl'lllH,
"The LiiiMmt Coon In Towii"... .Billy Wllllann
"i-hp' n tjucui" 1 AHu'it luli
"My PiMtct I'.il U Albert, l'llnu- of V.ili."
(Iiw Weill!'.
" ll.v-Rones He Ilygoncs'' l.ouln Ounuil
"Tho Ohl Cliinih Pom" ( lu. II. Wi-nrel
"My Smlo Amu from l.niil.lin.i" ...Picil Poftlcy
(lianil Imalo "Tlip ('.ike Walk In the- Skj" -
Sololils, 1'ieJ Wilti'.s ami Will I'meilili,
nMiil hy entire roinpany.
Ollu .Incoli llllti, tho womlcr; tho ll.i.m
family, ltitnuliii.iii!r the joiinaest team
In the county; Will I'meiiili, "lliu I'aei- on
tin- ltjnouin ITooi"; Jntin Mlilui, torcliliRht cx-
hlhltlon; Will DoiKii- ami Ceo., the
.itlih'lr ami ilunii; Purklii I!io., In their won
ilfiful tinnlilliifr ai I.
After tho performunce n Imp will be
Blven. Jluslc; will bis furnishr(1 by
Lawrpiice's orchestra of twelve pieces.
Tlclti'ts can be had from any of the ac
tive members of the soelnty.
William Lnmmond and Joseph Mar-
kosky Met Instant Death by Fall
of Rock in Pine Brook Shaft.
William Lummnml, of Phelps street.
a miner at the Pine Urook shaft, and
Joseph Jlarkotskj", of 23S Newi street,
his laborer, wore instantly killed yes
terday mot nine b- a fall of roof, while
at work in tho China vein at the mine.
The tragedy occurred about 11
o'clock. The two men had been at
work since 7 o'clock, and suddenly the
loof gave way, and with a terrific
crash, fully five tons of coal and rock
came down upon the woikeis.
When the miner In the other veins
lushed to the spot, thej- found the
chamber blocked with the mass of de
bris, and it was onlj after several
hours' work that the bodies of Lam
mend and JIaikotsky could bo extri
cated. They were removed to Cuslck's
morgue, Ahore Coroner J. J. Kobcrts
examined them yesterday afternoon.
He did not perforin an autopsy, and
there w ill be no Inquest.
Lnmmond was .1 years of age. TT-i
was unmarried and lived with his un
cle, James Jtuddy, of Phelps street.
Rlarkotsky was 21 yars of age and is
survived by a wifu and child in Po
One of the driver boys brought an
empty car Into the chamber early in
tho morning, ju&t after Lammond and
his laborer started to work He went
off and returned In about an hour and
a half to take the car out. When he
got Into the chamber, ho saw thoi-3
had been a great fall of roof. Onlj- a
few lumps of coal were In tho car,
s-o that the fall must have occurred
shortly after he left the chamber.
Charged with Escaping from an Of
ficer While Under Arrest.
Tklrs. Kate Cannon, also known as
Kate Collins, was lust night arit'sted
and arraigned before Aldeiman John
P. Kelly, charged with disorderly con
duct and escaping from an officer when
under arrest. She was lined $!!." and
in default of this was committed to the
county jail.
Airs, Cannon was nrrested only a
few dnys ago by .Special Ofllcer George
Donlln em the charge of keeping n
speakeasy. She eluded his vlllganee,
however, and managed to most beau
tifully "give him the slip."
Selected from Among Many Appli
cants for Third Ward Assessor.
After thoroughly canvassing the
claims of tho seven claimants for tho
olllco of assistant city nssessor for the
T third ward, tho board of assessors
yesterday tilled the existing vacancy
by naming School Controller Henry
O'aMlley for the place.
There was u vigorous light among
the various factions of the Tlilul ward
for the honor, for It Is not much more,
and much Interest was evidenced In
the outcome.
Another Comrade Deod.
lleitdaunrteis Lieutenant Ezra S, flrlf-
fin Post, 139, Department of Pennsyl
vania, Grand Army Republic,
Special Order, No. 12.
Comiades: Another comriulo has an
swered tho last roll-call. Comrndu
Chillies E, Hrltton died ut tho Soldleis'
Home at Erie, Pn November 22, und
will bo burled from tho resldenco of
his dans-liter, Mrs, C'oss, Ml Pear
street, Sunday, November 23, at 2 -p.
m. Interment In Washburn stioet
cemetery. Comrades will as.serublo at
tho post rooms, In full uniform, ut 1
P. in. Hy command,
Asa II, Stevens, Commander.
Attest: N. F. Hlno, Adjutant.
For Shattered Nerves,
A leniedy that will foolhe, build up
tho wasted tissues and enrich tho
blood Is Indispensable. LIcluVs Cel
ery Nerve Compound has boon wonder,
fully successful in oases of nervous,
ncsa, as thousands nf ratefu people
will testlfj-. Hold by MctlhewsTlros.
Scrnnton Business College,
Since the ending of the strike stu
dents have been becurlng positions ul
most at tho rate of ono u. ijuv. Wero
Principals Huek & Whttnioro ublo to
UUttllfy them mpldly enough the rate
would bo much higher. Tho demand is
greater thun the supply.
Mahon's Store
Is a family "shoo store." Any member
of the family can bo supplied with foot
wear, Million's Shoe Store, 508 Lack
awunna venue.
Special Union Services Will Be Con
ducted in the Central City, North
Scrnnton and West Scrnnton Con
gregations of Elm Park, Grace
Evangelical Lutheran, Ornce Re
formed and Penn Avenue Baptist
to Unite in Latter Church Many
Churches to Have Individual Ser
vices. Tho lust 'Thanksgiving ehiy of the
Nlnctenth century will be appropriate
ly celebrated hi this city next Thurs
day by all tho churches In all pui-t-s
of the city. Union services will be held
lit tho central utty, West Scrnnton and
North Scranton and special services
will be conducti'd hi all the churches
not Joining in these union services.
Ad 10.C0 o'clock there will be 11 union
service In the F'enn Avenue Uaptlst
church In which the congregations of
that church and of the 121m Park Meth
odist Episcopal, Grace Evangelical Lu
theran and Grace Reformed chupthes
will Join. The scimon will he pleached
by Itcv. Dr. Robert F. Y. Pierce, pas
tor of tho Penn Avenue Baptist church
and tho choirs of that church and the
Elm Park will render a special pro
gramme of music now being prepared
by Professor Haydn Evans.
The congregations of the First and
Second churches will have separate
."orvlcos ut 10.30 o'clock. At the for
mer church. Rev. Dr. Thomas 13. Mc
Lend, of Uiooklyn, brother of Rev. Dr.
James McLcod, will preach the sermon.
At the Second church, tho pustor, Rev.
33r. Charles 13. Robinson, will preach.
Special musical programmes will be
rendered at both churches.
Services will bo conducted at St,
Luke's church at 10.30 o'clock when a
number of Thanksgiving anthems will
bo rendered by the surpllced choir.
There will be a high muss solemnized
at St. Peter's cathedral at 9 o'clock.
A union Thanksgiving service will
be held bj- the English Protestant
churches of AVest Scranton in the Ply
mouth Congregational church on Jack
son street at 10.!!U. The following Is
the order of the service;
Imocallou ttov. Thoinai ilrtirtic'.i.v, 1. 1).
J I Willi.
lle.ulin of pioiliiiiation
Hev. J. P. Sweet, 1). I).
eripiuic Won rtev. .1. I. JIofTatt, P. 1).
1'iajei- Hev. S. P. .Mathews
M-rniou Hev. .lames BeuniiiRcr, I'h. D.
lllVeiiiv fur V. W. C. A Hev. V.. . Poyl
ll 11111.
The churches participating are First
and Jackson Street Baptist, Plymouth,
Congregational, Hampton and Simpson
Methodist Episcopal, Washburn and
Sumner Avenue Presbytorinn.
The union Thanksgiving daj- services
in North Scranton will be held in the
Providence Methodist Episcopal church
at 10.30 o'clock. The sermon will be
preached by Rev. R. G. Reese, pastor
Providence Methodist Episcopal church
Thanksgiving day services will also
bo fittingly observed in tho different
churches in South Scranton. Appropri
ate services will be held In the morn
ing in the Hickory Street German
Presbyterian church at 10.30 o'clock.
Row A. A. Nordt will speak on "He
Reserveth Unto Us the Appointed
Weeks of the Harvest." A collection
will be taken up for the Home for the
In tho Hickory Street Baptist church
there will be three Thanksgiving meet
ings. A regular service will bo held nt
10.30 In the morning, at which tho pas
tor, Rev. J. C. Schmitt, will speak, and
short services will be conducted in tho
afternoon at "".SO o'clock and In tho
evening at 7.30.
Regular Thanksgiving services will
be-held In tho Prospect Avenue Church
of Peace. The sermon will to by Rev.
E. J. Schmidt, at 10 o'clock, on a fit
ting theme.
Tho union Thanksgiving services In
Dunmorc will bo held in the Christian
church, on Tripp nvcnuo. Rev. A. J.
Van Cleft being In charge. Special
music Is to bo arranged for by the
choirs of tho churches interested.
The Brennnns Had a Lively First
Day in Their New Home.
Yesterday morning the family of
Martin Breunan moved Into Michael
McDonough's story-nnd-a-half frame
dwelling at GU Meridian stteet. In
the afternoon at 4.30 they moved out
npaln In as big a hurry as they were
capi'.ble of. An hour later they moved
back again, more leisurely.
Fire wns responsible for the mov
Ings. The flue was defective, and
when they lighted the stove tho build
lug look fire. The lire gained such
a headway before It was discovered
that they hurriedly tossed their be
longings Into the street and had them
all removed when tho Eaglu company.
'In response to a still alarm, arrived,
It reriulred tlueo tnnks of Uro poisot'
lo extinguish the blaze. The damage
amounted to about $210, Tlio flro being
extinguished, tho Brennnn's moved In
A Special Offering,
Kid Gloves
$1.00 a Pair.
Iu, both Suede aud
Glace Kid.
Popular shades.
Every Pair Guaranteed,
130 Wroiuluir Avoiiiia.
, i
An EnormotiB Throng Attended the
'J'he funeral of the lute Tlmnlcl Con
dlt Snover wus held yoMerdny nfler
tioon nt o'clock from the family
residence at 131 Adams avenue, and
the enormous throng of friends pres
ent showed the great respect held iby
hundreds for the dead mnn'a memory.
The services at tho home were- es
pecially simpler nnd wore conducted by
Rev. Dr. Charles E, Robinson, pastor
nt tho Second Presbyterian church.
Ho spoke but briefly, Hinting thattho
life of the dead man spolte for llsctf.
Music was furnished by the rtuarlotte
from tlm Second church, comprising
the MIsrcs Black and Oarragan and
the Messrs. Glppell und Morgan.
They rendered a number of selection),
Includlmr, "Asleep In Jesus" nml
"Thy Will Bo Done." There was a
great profusion of llornl offering1 In
cluding 11. broken column from the di
rectors of the Axle works, a square
nnd compass from Peter Williamson
lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, and
n pillow from the Elks. The latter or
ganization attended the funeral In a
The pall hearers wore as follows:
Colonel K. II. Ripple, John Flack,
AIox. Rarrowman, T. F. Wells, Ed
ward Slebecker and Garret Bogart.
The flower bearers were Thomas Bar
rowman nnd Walter Henwood, of the
Clark and Snover company.
The Interment was private and was
made In the Forest Hill cemetery. ,
Discussed in a Lecture Delivered by
J. A. Pennington Before Musical
Section of Woman's Club.
J. Alfied Pennington, director of tho
Scrnnton Conservatory of Music, de
livered an exceedingly interesting lec
ture last night before the music sec
tion of the Green Ridge Women's club,
taking as his theme "The Development
of the Piano-Forte."
He traced the development of this In
strument from the early ages of his
tory ami pointed out that as early as
the first century there were organs
with keys on them. The instrument
from which the piano was evolved was
the monochord, which was known to
the early Greeks.
The monochord had but one string,
and from It was evolved the clavichord,
which was an Instrument with many
strings. The action was caused by a
brass tangent, which pressed against
the strings and caused them to vibrate.
"The action of the clavichord," said
Mr. Pennington, "was &o slight and the
tone so tinkling that composers of
clavichord music wore obliged to raut
In many little extra nourishes. A ciuiv
ering effect could be produced on it
which cannot be on the modern piano,
and this loss is greatly to be deplored."
A contemporarj- of tho clavichord
was the harplsehord. On this Instru
ment tho key operated a piece of mech
anism which plucked the strings as
one would pluck tho strings of a harp,
producing a tone totally unlike tho
tone of the clavichord. Up to tho be
ginning of the eighteenth century, ho
said, the hammer had not been used to
produce tho tone.
In 1709 Chrlsto Farl, an Italian, In
vented a hammer action and produced
the first piano. It was a small, thin
toned instrument. The chief improve
ment on tho piano was tho invention of
the full Iron frnme by Babcock, an
American. This, he said, was later im
proved bj- Chlckerlng, and is now used
all over the world.
The Iron frame allows the uie of
heavier strings and a larger hammer,
thus Insuring a fuller and more sing
ing tone. Mr. Pennington said, that
nowhere were such splendid pianos
produced as In this country.
In conclusion, a number of selections
were rendered by several of the mem
bers present.
To Be Held in the Second Presby
terian Church.
On Tuesday evening, November 27,
the Christian Entleavorers of Scranton
and vicinity will nssemble at tho Sec
ond Prehbyterian church on Jefferson
avenue for the purpose of listening to
those of their number who were per
mitted to attend tho grandest of the
many groat Christian Endeavor con
ventions of the Keystone state.
Tho newly elected president of the
City union, Rev. Mr. Waring, who was
present at every session of the state
convention, will preside at this echo
meeting. Professor Chance, of the Sec
ond Presbyterian church, will have
charge of tho music. President Waring
Intends to call the roll of tho societies
connected with the City union nnd ev
ery society Is expdeted to respond with
a full delegation.
Will Take Up tho Work of Perfecting
Organization of Mine Workers.
Frederick Dllcher, national organizer
nnd member of tho national executive
board of the United Mine Workers of
America, returned to Scranton yester
day morning with the intention of tak
ing up tile work of perfecting tho or
ganization of the union In tho nnthrn
clte region.
A series of muss meetings through
out district No, 1 Is to be arranged by
Mr, Dllcher and the district executive
board and other aggressive stops will
bo taken to bring every mine worker
in tho region into the order.
It Is Mr. Ditcher's Intention to make
Scranton tils permanent home In the
near future.
Capouse Avenue Woman Awakened
by a "Man In the Room."
Anthony Urich was held In $500 ball
by Alderman Millar yesterday on the
chargos of forcible entry und attempt
ed burglary preferred by Mrs. George
Wlnurstlh, of Capouse avenue.
Late Thursday night, when her hus
band was at work, so she alleges,
Urlch climbed to the porch of her
residence, removed his shoes and wan
in the not of entering her room when
she screamed aud brought In the
Urich escaped, but he had been re
cognized and early yesterday morning
n warrant was Issued for his arrest.
In default of ball lie was committed
to Jail to await trial.
Mahon's Shoe Store
are leaders in ladles' shoes.
DOS Lack-
awanna avenue.
It Is the Tri-Ennlal Assessment
When Every Property, Occupation
nnd Other Assessable Thing Gets
a New Rating Board of Assessors
Send Out a Letter of Instructions
in Which Among Other Tilings It
Urges the Assistants to Be Strictly
Impnrtinl Names of Assistants.
Work on the triennial city assessment
will be begun this morning. The blot
ters and maps were furnished to the
assessors j-esterdaj, and tho latter
turned them over nt once to their
twenty-one assistants, with Instruc
tions to start out at once.
The outsldo work Is to be completed
before December 31, nnd the Inside
work before tho first of March.
Tho twenty-one Assistant assessors
who have been appointed to look arter
tho twenty-one wards uro:
first w.inl, Pan It. Walldns; Second want,
ThutruM Shotlon; Tlilid ward, It. .1. O'JIalley:
fourth ward, (leow Shell; Klflh waul, David
W. Owens; Sixth ward, John It. Jonri; Seventh
"an!, William 11. Kane; KIkMIi ward, William
II. Tliomnit Ninth ward, Hewitt A. Tewkesbury;
Tenth ward, lldnanl Wrntel; Eleventh ward,
Peter P. Nculs; Twelfth ward, .tolin MeDonoiiirli ;
Thirteenth ward, l'.ugeno Rylies; l'ointcentli
ward, W. It. Steiem; Fifteenth ward, Klien I.
Pavlj; Sixteenth ward, billion Hcliral; Seven
teenth want. Robert P. Koebler; Klffhteenth
ward, Edward Manley; Nineteenth wrard, O-car
Slr.iucli; Twentieth ward, John 11. O'JIalley;
Twenty-first waul, John G. Nicholson.
With the books and maps was de
livered to each assistant a set of in
structions reading as follows:
Assistant assessors shall obwne the followlnt
The assessment shall not be coninienied before
one of tho boaul of city aisciuors Is on the
ground to instruct the assistant".
When making the assessment the assessors
lull besin with the lowest numbered block In
the ward and proceed numerically to the highest
numbered block therein, and shall In like number
begin with the lowest number lot in the block
and proceed to the highest numbered lot, the
object being- to complete the aMewment in each
block, numerically, before the succeeding- block
is taken up or commenced.
The assessor shall also assess all the property
and occupations on each lot before commencing
the succeeding lot and shall always assess the
owner of the lot for occupation If he resides
thereon, on the same line with his property, Ibis
being lo prevent the practice of making a spe
cial assessment or lino for occupation, which
should have been included in the property.
In ciciy case wluic a dog is assessed the
assessor shall note whether it is male or female
and shall note his lolor, or breed, under the
heailinir 'remarks.' The assessor .shall in all
cases ascertain the house number of cicry house
assessed, and, if the numbers are not conspicuous,
they shall ascertain thcin from the inmates of
the house.
All piopcrty in the ward, taxable or exempt,
is to be placed on the blotter, but when copy
ing to Hie assessment book the exempt property
is to bo placed on one page or more in the lat
ter part of the book, under the lieadinjr exempt
property, and shall have a separate footing
fioin that of the taxable property.
It is requited that you report, in writing, to
the board, once each week, stating what pro
gress you are making, and whether jou need
any further instructions. After you have com
pleted your assessment, do not total blotters
until the same have been examined by the boaul
of assessors, the same to be completed by Dec. 31.
r"ur advice to you, while making jour assess
ment, is that you have no friends nr enemies in
making the same. Our ambition i.s, and should
be yours, also, to make this the most complete
and banner assessment ever made in the city.
Hespect fully,
riililp lilnsland,
f!w ilj m A. Jones,
John A. Xculs,
City Assessors.
Mayor Moir Yesterday Signed the
Compromise Resolution,
Mayor Moir yesterday attached his
signature to the resolution providing
for an adjustment of the damage claim
of Philip Garber against the cltj
which has been hanging Are for nearlj'
five years.
Garber conducted a barber shoo in
tho basement of the old Coyne house.
A hydrant at the curb became leaky
and tho escaping water, finding its
way into the burber shop, did all sorts
of damage from giving him rheuma
tism to rusting his razors accorling
to Garbcr's storj'.
He sued tho city for $1,900 damages
and arbitrators allowed him $S95. Coun
cils thought this figure too high and
directed the city solicitor to take nn
appeal. Garber wns tired fighting and
offered to settle for $G0o. Councils ap
proved n resolution accepting the of
fer nnd yesterday the mayor also ap
proved It,
The settlement was effected in the
face of a resolution passed recently
providing that no damage claim of over
$100 should be settled outsldo of court.
"Health Is Better Thau Riches."
Keep tho feet warm and dry Is the
best' advice wo can offer. Million's
"Queen Quality" heavy sole shoes will
answer the purpose. COS Lackawanna
avenue, Solo agents.
Important Changes
in Delaware and Hudson time table
Nov. 23. See table in this paper.
Action on Death of T. C. Snover.
At u t.icilal lucctiiu- uf Dm ljoairl of directors
of tho Lackawanna Trnt and Ma Deposit com
pany, held thU day, the following aition ivai
taken on the death of the lain T, O. burners
The pireident annouuied to the boaid the
death of T, O, bnoicr, wlicicupon tho follow
ing expression ot their lovi uj ordered placid
upon the minutes.
This board makes iccoid of the death of T. O.
Enowr. witli u deep 6enso of the !os thereby
jiiitalned, For many year a-uoilated In the
management of tho company, and nUltisr it the
benefit of u sound ami intelligent Juduiuciit, ion
pled wltll tlm IiiHuciico that comei (10111 u
shone und sturdy iharjctir, he rendered Kiiitea
substantial and alual)le.
Tho boaul extends to hU bcicaU family their
ileipenl sympathy, tnullns thai their ios I.s
simcwhat atsuaued by tho iKogullioii Hat, al
though ho w.u only pcrmltcd lo icicli three
score yean, his death wan bill jii curling to a
long peiiod of llluiM aud suffciiiiir, duiitijr which
ig displayed a palhnce and buu-iy (hat touihed
ud inspired hU buluerw associate, M well aj
those more Intimately irlaled in him.
Suanton, Nov, il, 1IXJ0.
At a meeting- of the boaul ul iliietluu uf the
Siiautun Axle wotU held Nov, ".1, tho follow
ing resolution WM4 udoplid on tho death of T,
O. Snover, (he late xlie.pu-slilent of Iho com
pany, Tlio board of diiei-loit uf Iho tcianloii ,l.lo
works ha-t heaid with tiuiciu icgiel the an
linuncemilit of tho death of T. L'. a'uom', one of
its nn inlii rs and Ucc.piciilcul of the ivinpauy.
Wo desire to moid our testimony u In his
wortli 04 a cltUeu, busline man ami an oill
icr of thU company, lie was faithful to all
the trusts committed lo lilm, wlc in hU loun.
il end Judgment, and thU lompany has suf
fered u great lo3 In hU removal fiom our board.
i:ZKA 11. IIII'l'LE, President.
It. II. WfclsKNl-l.UK, SeueUry.
J3H v'rCfl'iRxflfv 4r VW-w
Geo. V. Millar &
Gold Crowns.
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work (Th)
set of Teeth $5
AH woik guaranteed for 10 years. Call
and ha-.e your teeth examined fiee of
charge. Satisfaction or no pay.
In Our New Store
We are now located in our new store.
406 Lackawanna Avenue, formerly oc
cupied by Siebecker & Watkins.
We are showing a superior line o
Furniture and Carpets.and invite inspection
Carpet and Furniture Company
-4- -t- -f - -f
: New York Life :
-t- 4
- -.-. -- -.--. . -.
Insurance That Insures. Policies iucoutesta- ..
able from date of issue. No restrictiou as to residence,
travel or occupation, as to habits of life, or as to man-
ner, time or place of death. Policies nou-forfeitable
X after first premium is paid. One month's grace iu the
payment of premiums. Cash loans can be obtained at X
X any time after the policy has been iu force two years.
f Policies combine insurance and investment. X
i r
: B. H. BETTS,
Scranton Branch Office.
607 to 610 Mears Building, Scranton, Pa.
444.4i4- 4t f l -t'
Doll Family
Madame Doll, the Queen of the Doll fam
ily, invites all the little folks to come aud see
her at Williams', She will be there until
Christmas eve, entertaining with a royal hand.
She is surrounded by a large retinue of Dolly
frauds and they will all be glad to see you,
Dolls from the tiniest, wee bits of things,
to those of life size so natural that they seem
to talk but they don't.
312 and 314 Lackawanna Avenue.
will he eaten with more relljh If eaten
oft dainty dishes and It don't cost much
to buy at our store. Pinner sets
nt 112 plern, deenratirl Kng- in Cfi
lWi l'onclaln, for V.OU
lOO-pkce set of
China, for
Vl!,",,, $18.50
If you don't want but a few piece
select what you w-inl from one of our
Ofen .Stock Pat terns.
We are now putting on and guar
anteeing u 22k Gold Crown for
fl. This extremely low o.fer will
positively only last until Nov.
25. If you are In need of any
Dental Work call and get our
prices before going elsewhere.
We will saio you nearly one-hall
on all Dental Work.
We make a specialty of Painless Ex
traction, and If you have any pain while
we are pulling your teeth will guarantee
to do ail of your work free of charge.
Dr. Reyer, Dentist
5M Spruce St,, Opp. Court House.
Call and Examine
Our Line of
A great variety of styles
constantly' on hand. No
slipping and falling, No
more sore and contracted
126 and 128
Franklin Ave.
. mm. ...
. :
Agency Director :
-f -f-f
q?.n f--
SH Ami-T
v- .fVq .