The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, November 17, 1900, Page 7, Image 7

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Tim Moiikii ItMinwAM Slant
of flue cutlery don't forget
that we have the largest
stock in tho city to Belect
from. We sell tho celebrat
ed Hinckles "Twin Brand"
Cutlery. Every piece war
ranted. Scissors, Shears, Hazors,
Pocket KnlvoB, Carving
Sets, Maid euro Sots. A
glniico at our window will
tell more than we can In
such short space.
Foote & Shear Co.
JJ9N. Washington Ave
L. R. D. & M.
lvnplc wlin roiinl m proper 'lioci nnrcs.iry to
rnvrtLt drrvi will lie IcIIkIiUmI with new
I'.ill anil Uinln Shoes now en eOiiliitinn. A
Htoro full of iuv stilus nnil ewry i-hoe .t uic.
1'or r.udl foohuar this iq tlio store.
330 Lackawanna Avenue.
acKa wanna
1L 4
a u ii dry.
. I'enn Avcnua
A. !. WAR.11AN
tan al data fur Nov. 1U, 1Mtf);
I Imbcst iLllipOLltllll'
Luue-c limpfi ihm
II iimcht.i
s 0 Jti. ,
' p. in
'il pir rrnt.
ji pn cinl.
uij.-. CiiiU in an (M .nul uill inouii ionicnl I
it H, , n nnifon. mill .it lit- I . 1i,i i.iin,
,"' " ' " ,l'-,v i'-.ii piiriimoiiii. iiu w.i,
,.i (,ns ot mi., jiii) km- tho lea tlinij-Iho .mi-. '
'' 'i 1" "l Hill lli. llli ClIipiliMllolll w H
ii. nt ii -ii?ilil ililioi. A who nn I tho inllim- I
vi", ill I hi it Mimi. lain: IS. i,. (.iMjor-, a em
. Iniol
ill H
, .livrpli, ji Tillivmo linulMui
lii-io, of I'nwklwi; Kittio. Mill..
l.iMir-, s., Nellie, i!(jii'ko, llioiie ami IM
I'n. In. Mm, Jul it llutte, Mont., j-u
Via '.II tkllMH (I.
' .Ii ikIIii A. l.iw, fiiimcil.v of Pillalnn,
i'i I H ih1ii,-iI.i.v in lliiiinulil, .. .1. The m.
1 1 'ii; silin mil liu.lliiT- -.urvhe: .loan, u'u
ii W ., U.tUin: Helen, vifo ot .f.niic-t I',
'loir ill; M.ulli.i, wife nf .1, W. .lolin-nn; Jolm
Ijiw mill niliiw A. l.iw, With the i Mop
In ) ii Mi-. ,!olii.ini, jII ;uv loiMcnU nf Ut-l
I'ii 'I in. 'Hie miiIiu :u-ie iichl in
N. llrm.Mikl. 'llmwljy culling, jnd tlio ii
liuitH were lul.rn ic l'llloloii jiMUnlny, ttlino
1'tti.iiiii-ir. M.ii in nl".
All-i ".ir?-.iict Moor ilinl :it the home of her
si.nii. .Inlm loor. :tt the ( nn Tlmtil n. I
i.ijlit. 'Ihu funeral H'lwu-i will ho (onilucleil I
hmiilay alU'iiiomi ,u l',."d in St. Mirk's bntlkiMii
tkmi'ii, mi M.ishhiiin Ucct , liy Hie p.i-lor, Itov.
I,. R.imi-r. lntiiiiiciii Hill In In W'.nliljuiii
tuct ccnuteij.
Mi, ( .ith.iiliie l.ilui, wife of the laic Aur.ihini
l.ilur, ilieil .uiU'i'liy "t the home nf licr,'li.
tir. Mi,. li hr Ditilt!;, lSlIl Twirl icntli htieet,
nueil T'i jean, union! Siimliy iiftriiiimn at 1
n'llmk at lion-e. Jntomciit ill 1', Hill icnic
tuy. William Maker, ot 1'ilmnio. .ivuuie, Olerl jc?.
teiilay. lie U mmlml liy a lle ami Mcinl
ChiMiin. 'Ihe fimeul will (iko pkieo toino-..
row aftiincion, Intcinient will lie mule in the
( uheilral cunctcij.
Uiluurd, tlio :iMi--olJ foil of Mr. nml Mik.
.Tame I'miy, of lim Dim blnvf, Smtli Sci.inlon,
ll(d ,vi".teuliy, liitcuiicnt will ho niaJo tomw.
tow In L'arlioiuldi',
Snowfall in Adlvondacks Has Led to
Great Destruction of Deer.
Py Ikulusho Wiro fmm Tlio A-,oelatfilvlicss.
Utica, N. Y Nov. 10, The deer sea
son closed In tho Adirondacks yester
day. This is fortunate, If it Is desired
to keep alive any considerable portion
of the animals In tlio woods, us tho
snowfall during tlio past week has led
hundreds of hunters to seek tho woods
and tho slaughter of deer 1ms been
Scarcely a. paity returns In which tlio
monibeis do not have 'the full number
of animals they are permitted by law
to kill. If reports nro tuto, borne par
ties havu killed moru than they ought,
and luivo hired boys and guides to join
t'liem and make up deficiencies,
Throughout' thu whole northern region
fiom six to fourteen Inches of snow Js
lying on the ground uud ice Is foinilng
on the lakes.
By Exclusive Wire horn Tho Associated Vttu.
Wjslilniftoii, Nov, 10. The population of the
lUto of Iowa, niiHCiinceil officially by the icnsm
bureau to.ljy, i-i 2,'JJ1,S33, an unahist 1,01,$.
In 1500. TbU id an iutrcasc ol 19,007, or 10,7
per cent.
Washington, !-'ov IC The population of the
Itato of I.uuUlaiu, aj officially announced today,
a 1,331,620, ggalust 1,118,537 In 16UU. '1I:U nlwu-j
in Increase since ISM of 2W,(WS, or 'iJ.i per
( V(b,i
Knights of Mystic Chain and Auxil
iary Branch Hold Carnival,
The Joint anniversary ot Hcrnnton
Circle, No. 137, Ancient Order KiiIbIUh
of Mystic Chain, and Kulher nsHemlily,
No. in, tho auxiliary Itrniich of Indies,
was celebrated last night in flnley's
hull, An excellent proRrunuup of lu
.'itiuinontul and vocul music was ren
dered and n general social suwlon was
Tho proRrutnino coiiHlMlcd oC musical
hoIoh liy Atl.os CI. Hlllstoue nnd MIhm K.
Joncit, and tfotms by JIIhb 11. Clailt,
I diit-tK liy Meters, Shlpnmn and Slender,
' and selections by a quartette eonslst
ItiK of the Misses M. Acker, M. Will
iams, C. Hose and Muster ll. Williams.
Past Commander Frank MuArthur,
I who was nclltis as chahmau of the
1 evening Bnve an IntPrestltiK address In
I ,.l,l,.l. 1... ....,tl.....l .1... I. !..,. nl Ml,.
,,i,ii:ii nu uuiiiiii'u iiiu miitvuih " nv
order, and Miss J. Ilohlnsnn, Hay Hob
lnnon, Miss Cuthbertsnn, Miss Wolfln,
Miss I. Iluzloton and Mlrfs 12. .Tones,
all save entertutnlnt,' recitations.
Another nuartotto consisting of Mr.
and Mrs. W. W. Hewitt, Mrs. 13. K.
Clearwater and J. W. IlurRliousscr als'j
snntr. The committee In churKc of the
affulr was made up of Knights of tho
Mystic Chain' and ladles from the as
sembly. Hlchard Welsh was the chair
To Date Heads of Departments Have
Expended $5,158.71 Moie Than
the Appropriations for Year.
An examination of Controller How
oil's ledgers yesterday by a Tribune i
man revealed the fact that deficiencies
amounting to $ri,l."S.7l have been cre
ated by the heads of various depart
ments s-n far this year. I
This Is an especially largo amount, j
Inasmuch as the llseal year is only a.
little more than halt expired. The do-
flciencles aie divided among the several
departments, as follows: Fire depart
ment, $u,&!2.01: city clerk's department,
SS-1.19; city treasurer's department.
J1H(!."1; street commissioner's tlepart
i ment, SS.-I.S.1; boaid of health, $36.23;
I parks department, $5.21; total, $r;,15S.71.
I This, of course, does not Include any
. deficiency bills which may be on file In
. tho offices of the various heads of do-
partments and which they may have.
I neglected, purposely or otherwise, to
, send to the auditing committee for ap- ,
pi oval. ,
' The controller, in discussing the mat
ter yesterday, said thai, although he
' ivn nnnnrr1 tn Itir. CM-nnflnn rf dnflr.-
iencies, he could not see where any oC
the present deficiency bills had been
needlessly contracted. Especially was
this true of the fire department, ho
said, where the chief had been obliged i
to contract these obligations, possessed l
as ho was with the knowledge that in
contracting them he was cieatlng de
ficiencies. "It would seem to me," said he, "that
councils -should by resolution, if not by
oidlnance, direct such purchases wher
over they are absolutolyliucossnry, in
order to relievo tho department heads
from any Individual responsibility." i
The amount of deficiencies created so
rar tins year almost canals, the entire i
amount created last year.
Injuries Received in Lackawanna
Yard Proved Fatal.
John Connors, of Seranton street.
West Seianton, died about 10.S0 o'clock
yesterday morning at the Moes Tay
lor hospital of injuries received Thurs
day night in the Delaware, Lacka
wanna and Western railroad yards.
Connors slipped and fell in front of a
moving freight car, and befoie il could
ho stopped the wheels had passed over
h0l, i,s ic-k and the lower part of his
The limbs woie fearfully mangled,
and at the hospital no hope was en
tertained of his recovery. He was Jf
years of age and unmarried.
Horace I. Bowne at R. R. Y. M. C. A.
Rooms Last Night.
Horace I. Howne, of Now York, last
night entertained a lingo audience at
the Railroad Young Men's Christian
association rooms with a cleverly car
ried out programme, which consisted
of musical selections and impersona
tions. He was accompunied on the
piano by Llewellyn Jones, of Powell's
music store.
This was the second of the course
monthly entertainments at the
rooms and an audience of fully two
hundred persons applauded the speak
er's witty sallies and humorous re
marks. The next entertainment will
probably bo given about Dec. .'. ,
- '
Homo of Constable Peter Newman
Slightly Damaged.
A defective chimney caused .a '.-.niall
fire In tho homo of Constablu Peter
Newman, at the corner of Fifth ave
nue uud Fourth street, lasti evening.
An alarm was ten I in at 0.05 o'clock
from Hox 13, nnd the Eagle and Co
lumbia companies responding, put out
llm liliiyp 111 about llvo minutes.
Tho walls of tho kitchen were slight- !
ly hcoiched and this wus tho extent i
of the damage done.
Perfect Service to Florida via the
Southern Railroad.
At present two through trains leave
Philadelphia, Hroad clreet station,
dally, carrying through Pullman
drawing room sleeping cars to Flor
ida points, via the Southern railway,
In addition to tho above, on January
Hth tho Florida Limited will resume
service. This famous train lias been
operated over tho Southern railway
for several seasons past. Tlio equip
ment ot tho Florida Limited this sea
boii will be superb; in fact tlio very
llnest cars built by the rullman com
pany will bo operated on these trains,
Thu Foulhein rullwny has dining car
service on all through trains.
Charles L. Hopkins, dlsUJct passen
ger agent, Southern rullwny, S2S Chest
nut street, Philadelphia, will tako
pleasure In furnishing all information,
No. 30 foot ball team defeated the 1). I. A.
foot ball team ty the score ol 0 to 0 ami would
like to play any team in the city under J5 jeara
old on Tliaiiktt'hlus day In the inoinln. Tlio
ctlow- and black haa nsu'r been difeatcd,
Steam Heating and Plumbing.
P. F. & M. T. Howley,231 Wyoming aye.
For a Cold In the Head
Laxative Biomo-Qulnine Tablets,
Thoy Ave Edward James, Sinion
Thomas, Peter E. McCann and
Richard Williams Warrants Is
sued nt Instance of the Municipal
League and the Accused Officials
Were Allowed to Oo on Their Own
Recognizance Until Tins Afternoon
When a Hearing Will Be Held.
The Municipal League is again af
ter the councllmon of this city and
that thoy nro particularly after the
members of tho select branch was evi
denced yesterday afternoon when four
select councilman were arrested on,
the charge of soliciting and nccoptlir-j
bribes. The councllmon arrested nro
as follows: i:dward .Tames, of tho
Sixth ward; Hlchard Williams, of tins
Fifth ward; l'oter McCann, of tho
Fourteenth ward, and Simon Thomas,
of the Fourth ward.
Tho warrants were Issued in tho af
ternoon by Alderman Fuller, of tho
Sixteenth ward, at the instance of 13,
n. Sturgo.-! nnd Robert Wilson, of the
Municipal League, and were served by
Mr. Wilson. Councilman James wa:t
arrcFted at Ills plnce ot business on
South Main avenue, while Councilman
Williams was arrested at his home,
on Academy street. Councilman Mc
Cann was found at the Lackawanna,
station. Councilman Thomas was
taken Into custody In the city hall.
All were brought before Alderman
Fuller, who allowed them to go on
their own- lecognlzanco until this af
ternoon nt 2 o'clock, when a hearing
N to be held.
Mr. Sturgos, when seen last night
ly a Tribune man, refused to give any
information regarding the specific
charges for which the councilman
Mere arrested. "It will all come out
in the hearing tomorrow afternoon,"
.'aid he, "and until then we must re
fuse to give any information to the
The anests came very much in the
nature of a surprise, on account of tho
largo number of indicted councilman,
already under bail sine? last spring,
uui in.-us, on account ot tno
press of business in court, have been
piu over until next term.
Councilman McCann Mas arrested in
August last on the charge of biibery
and was held in 53.000 bnil by Alder
man Fuller. In their return made last
Wednesday, the grand jury ignored th"
bill against him. From a remark made
last night by Special Agent Wilson, it
would appear that tho league has Its
doubts about this last grand jury.
While conversing ivlth a Tribune
man, Mr. Wilson remarked, that "this
grand jury was not watched by de
tectives as have been others." He said
mis in explanation or tlio fact war-
mnts have been secured for the arrest
of the speakeasy keepers tho cases
agaiutt whom were ignored by tho
grand jury
It is generally understood that the
I alleged offenses fur which these four
I councilmcn were arrested were coin-
mltted last spring.
I Councilman James was just about to
i resign from .council, on account of tlio
fact that be was elected on November
U to represent the Third Legislative
district in the house of representatives.
Cuuncilmau Williams was president
of select council for tho fiscal year of
1S99-1D00, and is the Inside superintend
ent of the Continental mine of the
Delaware. Lackawanna and Western
company. He is serving his fourth term
as select councilman from tho Fifth
Councilman McCann Is rounding out
his third term In the select branch as
the representative of the Fourteenth
Councilman Thomas is already under
, ?."i,000 ball on the charge of bribery,
I having been one of tho thirteen ar-
I refcted last,spring. Ho Is ilnlshlng his
first term, but has already served in
common council.
The names of the speakeasy keepers
whose cases wore ignored by tho grand
jury, and who aie to be re-arrested,
are Michael Cowley, Anthony Roth and
Michael Manley.
Chief Zizelmann, of the Eire Depart
ment, Disappointed Over Killing
of the Transfer Ordinance.
Chief Zlsiolnmnn, of ihe fire depart
ment, was very much disappointed
yesterday when ho learned that select
council had killed tho ordinance pro
viding for the transfer of $2,300 from
various accounts for tiro department
lie suys that if the action on this
matter Is noi ie-considered and that
If select council does not pas the or
dinance at its next meeting It will
greatly hundlcap him for the remain
' r "10 ls(nl 01 ' will prevent
nmn' absolutely necessary purchases
i nnu miiuuvciiieiiia nemg mane,
When tho ordinance was called up
on third reading on Thursday night
Full Cream, Sage, Philadel
phia Cream, English Dairy,
Pineapple, Roquefoit, Tdain,
Parmesan, MrtcLareu's Im
perial, Club House aud
Florida Oranges, Florida
Grape Fruit, California
Grapes, Malaga Grapes and
Native Grapes.
E. 6. Com sen
there were Just exactly eleven mem
bers present. Mr. Oliver, who hereto
fore had been In favor ut the ordin
ance, voted "no" nnd this prevented
the measure from receiving tho neces
sary eleven votes. In voting "no" Mr,
Oliver explained that ho did so be
cause he had been "led Into a trap."
Tho trap he referred to was tho fuel
that Mayor Molt had Just vetoed the
resolution directing- that $.120 bo ex
pended In making repairs nt tho Co
lumbia Hose company's quarters. Now,
this ordinance contained an Item for
that spoclllc Improvement nnd Mr.
Oliver's point uob that Chief Blzel
mann should not have urged hint to
secure the passage of thli ordinance
nnd thou have urged tho mayor to vet,o
the resolution.
The point which Mr. Oliver over
looked was that no appropriation ex
isted until the ordinance making tho
transfer was passed. Tn other words,
tho resolution which Mayor Molr ve
toed should not have been Introduced
until after tho passage of tho ordin
ance. It 1h extremely probable tlmt
action will be reconsidered nt the next
Andrew McGueirln Rifled Radlu's
Window and Gave a Good Run to
His Captors Now In Jail.
Andrew McCluonin, of Market street,
a young man about twenty years of
age, was last night arrested by Patrol
mnn Holand, Special Ofllcor John Tler
ney and Robert Simpson, of North
Washington avenue, and taken to the
Center street police station, on tho
charge of breaking a window in S.
Radlu's pawn shop, at 12;i Pehn ave
nue, and taking three levolvcrs.
McGuerrln was a particularly bold
marauder, as It was only 10.30 o'clock
when ho kicked in the big glass front
and grabbed the three pistols. The
crash of tho falling glass was heard
by Special Olllcer Tlorney and Mr.
Simpson, who wore nearby, and they
started for the offender. He saw them
coining and straightway took to his
' heels. Ho was fleet of foot, and terror
gave him even more speed as he
dashed to Lackawanna avenue and
. then started on his course towards tho
West Lackawanna avenue bridge.
i Tlorney Isn't built exactly for sprint
ing purposes, and he soon fell behind In
the race, but Simpson gained steadily,
and when the 100 block of he avenue
i was puachod managed to trip up the
I rUffitive. He fell to the pavement.
panting and breathless, and was trans-
Ceried to tb. enstmlv of Pntrolman
Domlnick Holand, on whose beat Mc
Citierrin was captiucd. He will be Riven
his hearing tliN morning.
He Wants to Stmt a Lace Mill That
Will Be a Rival of Seranton
and Other Concerns.
Thu iiieinbei-h ot tlio National Lace
Workers' association who are em
ployed by the Seranton Lace Curtalit
.company arc very much Interested in
a. case which has been pending before
a board of examiners appointed by
Immigration Commissioner Hodgers,
of Philadelphia for tho past few days.
II nppnnis that the celebrated Dowle,
the head of the 5Clnu church of Chi
cago, some time ngo conceived the
idea of establishing an industrial
town in Waukegan, Illinois, where he
proposed to establish a great lace fac
tory. He conferred with Secretary
Cage and CcnunlsMoncr General of
Immigration Powdcrly regarding tho
importation of several skilled opera
tives lrom England to instruct the
other hands whom ho proposed to en
BSPe. lie was told that hn could Import
such operatives if he could provo that
the industiy to be established was a
nw one, there being a clause in tho
contract labor law which permits tho
importation of operatives lor the pur
pose of establishing new Industrie.?.
Uowio went to Kngland and engaged
ilia operatives, five in number.
They ai rived in Philadelphia on
Tuesday on board the American liner
AVaesland, but their landing was vig
orously protested against by the ex
ecutive committee of the Laccmaker's
union, which contended that the in
dustiy they were to establish was not
a new one and that If thoy wore al
lowed to land that competition would
ensue. which would seriously affect the
inteicsts of the lacow orkers through
out the country.
The committee contended that thu
lacvo which Dowie Intend!, to manufac
ture is precisely the taine as the lace
now being manufactured by the Seran
ton company and by a number another
II rni s in various parts of the United
States, A board of examiners appoint
ed by Commissioner Itodgors decided
against the Imported workmen, and tho
latter oillclnl on Wednesday oideied
that they bo deported.
On Thursday, however, Attorney
Williams, who icpiesents the Interest:)
of the emigrants, appeared boforo
Commissioner P.odgers and offered to
piovo that the Supremo court hns de
cided that the contract labor law ap
plies only to manual laborers and not
to skilled laborers; that tho manufac
ture of tho kind of lace which it Is pro
posed to make Is u new Industry and
tlmt no evidence exists that tho emi
grants came to this country under any
Commissioner ltodgers accordingly
consented to a. reopening of the case,
and another hearlntr was held yester
day afternoon. Tho result of this hear
ing Is contained In the following Asso
ciated Press dispatch, received in Tho
Tribune oftlue Just night:
Philadelphia, Nov, 10, llio lioaul ot Inquiiv,
which haa been Inwsligallii!,' tho caw of Ihe lu'v
workif, allesed to liao been bioujiht lo till
country fioui Kuionc by ZionUt Powlo in Wola.
lion of Ihe tonlr.Kt labor law, decided today
Hi It tlio men, women and chlldicn soninotln;
tlio iaily iiiu.t K'linu to thdr Iioiikh,
Tlio matter w-as once before decided ajalnst
tliilii, but tlio oaio .H K0icneil unon an an.
By Uxtlushe Who fiom Tlio Associated Piesa.
Robert 1", Hill, ulio wiw convicted recently
of the muider of liU wife, With May Hill, was
sentenced liy &uirrr.o I'oiut Justlco (arr!son to.
dilay lo bo hanged on Wcdnesdiy, Jan. 10 next.
The prisoner milled as lie entered tho couit
loom, and ttnilcd m hu bowed lo the co.irt after
Win;; sentenced.
py Ktckuhe Wira from Tho Asocl.ited Pretj.
Harrliburjr, .,ov, 10. Andrew Joakl, aged UJ
eari, while pkkliu; wooa on tlio feiiiuylvanu
railroad tracks today at btceiton, a stiuck by
a earning engine aud niitautiy Killed,
Kent Loid, Erstwhile Tragedian and
Physician, Finds This City a Verit
able Golconda for the Practice of
Palmistty and Clairvoyance His
Apartments Avo Dally Thronged
by People Who Could Plnd a Bet
ter Use for Their Money Than
Buying His Alleged Information.
The mystic art of clalrvoyuucy Is
again represented by tin exponent In
Seranton, and every day the apart
ments of Kent Lord, palmist and fortune-teller,
tit 313 Mulberry street, are
thronged with persons, who, after de
positing sums varying all the way
from fifty cents and one dollar up to
ton dollars, depart with tho promise of
a future In which tho height of suc
cess, beautiful, fair women nnd mys
terious dark men are mixed,
Tho palmist himself Is a really re
markable man; that is, If one Is willing
to believe all that ho says.
A native of 'the Emerald Isle, he Is a.
graduate of the Trinity College ot
Jlcdlclue al Dublin. Kesldes being a
practitioner, he was once in "the legiti
mate" nnd played heavy roles In tlio
support of Fdwln Booth, Dion Bouci
cault, and other great actors. His elulr
voynncy Is an acquired art, but it
would be unjust to Dr. Lord's histri
onic powers to say that while In hli
sean'COH he docs not prove himself a
very apt pupil of ids famous maslors.
A Tribune man was among the guests
of the palmlf-t yesterday.
Although ushered Into the apart
ments at an early hour, he found him
self preceded by three women and a
man. Tho male part of this assembly
was a rather seedy-looking individual,
who could put his money to better use
than peering into the future. The wo
men were ordinarily dressed and Ihcy,
loo, did not seem to be enjoying any
excess ot funds. The number Of visit
ors swelled every moment, and inside
of about three-quaiters of an hour
there were fourteen persons in tho
room. Several of these were young
gills, apparently domestics in private
One woman, as she emerged from her
Interview, had a rather dubious,
puzzled look upon her face, and when
asked by a filend whether the seance
was satisfactory, gave an alllrmativo
"And did lie tell ymt your name?"
was asked eagerly.
"Oh, no," replied the woman, who
was well on in years, and had a face
streaked with lines of care and a fore
head lined by deep furrows. "Oh, no,
lie didn't tell me my name, but he said
I'd had lots of trouble, an' the Lord
knows that's true."
The -woman seemed much surprised
that the clairvoyant had stiuck the
nail so beautifully.
Others who came out wore not so
satisfied and angiily declared Lord to
be an impostor. At last it was The
Tribune man's turn. He entered the
private room, took a seat, and Dr.
Lord, who is a stout, complacent-looking
man with Svengali-llke eyes,
handed the sciibe a card, and directed
him to write upon this two questions
he desired answered, and incidentally
sign his nnmo and aflix tho exact date
on which he was born. While this was
being done, the palmist walked stealth
ily about tho room, and it is Just pos
sible thai he may havo cast a light
ning glance at the card.
When tho questions were written tho
card was turned over, nnd the palmist
summoned. Ho took the bit of paste
board, bade his visitor place his hand
upon his own and make some wish.
Whilo the scribe was debating within
himself whether he would i other suc
ceed President JIcKlnley or be at the
head of the Ice trust, Dr. Lord placed
the card in nn envelope and carefully
sealed it. thus disposing of any sup
position that he saw the inscription.
He then took Tho Tribune man's
hand and said, "Ah, you are of an ar
tistic temperament. You would make
a good lawyer, doctor, dentist, hyp
notist, medium, anything which le
quires tho exercise of brain." The vis
itor felt his head growing, and reflected
that he was undoubtedly getting satis
faction for the $1 bill paid tho palmist
to pull open the gates at the future.
After a. careful study of the hnnd,
the clairvoyant started. "Ah," ho said,
"Von were born under the worst sign,
of the Zpaiuc, Febiuary, near the twen
tieth day."
"Wonderful!" murmured the scribe.
"And now," continued the seer, as he
discovered a, peculiur line, "who Ji
Louis." and he smiled triumphantly, as
much as to say, "I've got your name
now, my lad." It may hero be men
tioned that tho little card was filled
oul hustlly and the name of the wiltcr
might linve been written a little illeg
ibly. "Louis," replied the scribe, "is ii
dear friend."
"Ah, yes, quite true," snld tho doctor,
who then proceeded to glvo a little dls-
sei ttitlon about Louis, and then took
another shy at tho name, this time get
ting It right. "And now," ho continued,
"I see a form near you." Ho hero
Continued on l'.igo 15.)
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