The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, November 17, 1900, Page 5, Image 5

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J' 3322H .9 f V
4m La. 1 1
to bo the BioatuHt thill", of tho
season; so nnys everyilimly who
bus listened to tho rehoiirsnlH or
hns lifoke.l over the proprramma
Such u musical treat has never been
gWin In th.s city by local or urofoH
alontil talent, and It Is already cur
rently disbursed that a mlsUiku has
been mndu In securing the hyceuni for
but two performances, when it could lie
Ulled for several. Madame Tlmboinian
Itandolnh Is busy tralnlnc the .-ololsts.
nnd Mrs. Harry Dixie Is outraged every
night with tho rehearsals. Miss Grace
Sprnfrite nsslsts Mr. Doersam In ac
companying for tliu rehearsals.
The proKiamme Is brief. althoilRh It
Includes selections from several operas,
and Is as follsw:
'Chimes of Normandy" Mrs. Brady,
Cicrmaine; Miss i Clara Langford, of
Vst Plltston, Soipoletto; It. D. Will
lams, the Marquis. Chorus of llfty
"11 Troyatore" (The l'rlson fsrene)
Miss Spencer, Leonora; T. II. Will
lams, Wllkes-Iiarre, Maurice. Miseicic
chorus, twenty-live men.
"Fatlnltzd" Miss Susan r.lnclr,
Lydfa; Miss JMa ClnriiKun, Vladimir;
the General, Mr. Holllitei', the He
porter, Mr. Jones. Cachuka danei-, iltty
Ar.tlst'i? Pream Tableaux Artist, Mr.
.Tames Gardner Sanderson. Six young
ladies. ,
Operatic duel from Scmlrainide
Miss r.lack aiid Garanan.
Final?", "Mikado" Yum-Yum, Miss
Spencer; I'eek-Uoo, Miss Grace Dun
can; Plttl-SInp, Miss Rose Gallon; Ko
Ko, James Gardner Sanderson; Nankl
Poo, Mr. Willard Ilunnell; Pooh-JJah,
Mr, Fred Emerlch.
The.'folIowInK are tho other members
of the company:
phorus-Mrs. Tester, Mrs. Speece,
.Misses Bellamy. Gearbart, Boies, Vail,
Spraguc, Marshall, Burns, Callender,
Powell, Holllslor, Itelohart, Helen San
derson, Jessup, Kleanor Heynolds, Ger
trude Spraguo, Pennypacker.
Men's Choi us Messrs. Thayer, Hol
IIsttT,JKliiBbury, Merrill, W. J. Tor
rey, Uawlson, Florey, Petry, Myers, T.
Hall, A. Hall, Gutheinz, A. E. Hunt,
M. B. Fuller, James Blair, Mux Bessell,
Battln, James Dickson.
Mr. Willard Howo will appear in tho
lnonplogue, "Our American Citizen,"
Thanksgiving ovenins at St. Luke's
parish hall. It will bo the great event
of Hie week and much pleasuru is an
ticipated from the following pro
Bcresford CruRcr,
Afttiward known as DcrpEtoul C.ircw
IMor Darlmry Ills Partner and Old Piicnd
lKcrton ircmn His Abacoiullnff P.irtncr
bimsv His Vali?t
Icreury Aged 0, His "Under Soscivljry"
Otto StrotilL- His I'ritnd
Cirolu Ohapin A Maiden I.vly
bir Hutupliii.v Dorun,
Kxi!cutcr"-ot tho Tato Sir John drew
Lady Bunn UU Wife
RiMtiicc C.ircw The Disinherited Comln
i r I'iano
C;0 Aid do Dallet riiainiiiade
(li) Swlij,- M.lL'n.nvclI
(c) frithjor .' Vcnlh
Law iillicc cf Ilarliiirj, nrown S Cruiiut, Xtiv
YoiK City. A Miiciile in the film. The lait al
iviiMthc. Berry's taerllke. Ai-hane ul luliun
alio. I'or soprano, Clun-ion Piocuva1c WeUilm
act it.
Prene 1 Nii-e, one jrnr later. A teiics ot ac
riduita! mcetini,"'. Scene 2 KitninR ( tamo
day. Ilinuii reicaU Iii selicme and Berry (,'eta
his row use.
I'iu- Piaim and Yiulin Chopin'b'uasatc
lntrodui-ticn (I-ontf,). Alia I'ulavea.
London, Clirifhnis ci, . cinht monllw later.
"Mercury." How Santa Claus came to Ueiry.
' The patronesses are: Mrs. K. N. Wil
lard, Mrs. Hverett Warren, Mrs. L. A.
.Vatfes, Sits. John Jerinyn,- Miss Jer
luyri, Mrs. W. D. Kennedy, Mis. Geui-fre
t U. Jermyn, Mrs. H. B. Jermyn, Mrs. 13.
H. Hippie, Mrs. U. J. Bennoll, Miss
.Iiennell, Mrs. Koboi-s Israel, Mrs. H.
"Wr. KinRSbury, Mrs. T. H. Watklns,
Mrs.,D. E. Taylor, Mrs, It. J. Foster,
''Mrs, Arthur Twitehell, Mrs. Henry
Pennypaeker, Mrs. T. E. Jones, Mrs.
Wlllium aMtthews, Mrs. C. U. Penman,
Mrs. (.A. Coleman, Mrs. T. C. u
Storch, IMss Allls Dale, Mrs. F. II. Jer-
Diy-n, ,MIh Susan 13. Dickinson.
v. , '
Miss Anna K. Sanderson entertained
it large, oompany of. ladles Wednesday
afternoon at a reception. She was ns
hlsted In receiving by Mrs. K. B. Stur
ges and Mrs. Gardner Sanderson. Mrs.
Ktlssell and Mrs, It. W, Arehbald pre
sided at the table in the dining room.
At a Big Reduction
Saturday, in our
Children's Coats, Misses' Coats,
Ladies' Coats. Ladies' Capes,
Tailor Suits and Walking Skirts
From Four of
i hi
Children's Long; Coats, Box Coats, Reefer and Gretchen Garments.
Misses' Box Coats, Half Fitting and Full Shape Long and Short Coats,
Ladies' Natty Velour, Blouse and Jacket Shape Coats, Automobiles. Prince
Alberts and Long Box Garments, Short Attractive Garments in Cheviots, Ker
seys, Chinchillas, Etc, Sample Garments are the acme of style and the work
manship is never equaled in regular goods,
- Come in the morning and avoid the rush.
MEARS & HAGEN, 415-417 Lacka. Ave.
They were assisted by Miss Eleanor
Heynolds, Miss Helen Matthews, Miss
Jtennell, MIsh Helen Sanderson and
Miss Boles. About the rooms were Mrs.
James, Mrs. Arthur Twitehell, Misses
Jftinlo and Clare Jloynolds. Kcfresh
inentH were served by Huntington.
The annual meeting of the Hahne
mann hospital will bo held In Gum-it-I'oy
hall, Tuesday, November -'0, at S.30.
Itv. Dr. I. J. I-ansIng will glvo the
address of the evening. The annual re
port will bo reud by Mrs. M. II. Mid
gut e. Dr. J. W. Coolldge will present
the diplomas to the graduating clnss of
the training school. A cordial Invita
tion Is extended to the public to attend
this Interesting mooting.
Miss Archhald gave a luncheon on
Thursday In honor of Mrs. K. A. Allen,
of Boston. The guests wero Mrs. K. IJ.
Jprmvn, Mrs. II. H. Brady, Jr., Mrs.
KlutK. Mrs. P. B. Belln, .Mrs. C. It.
Sturges, Mrs. Everett Warren, Mrs. V.
S. Weston, Mrs. Erdman, of Overbrook,
P.i., Miss Kingsbury.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry II, Brady, Jr.,
celebrated the llrsL anniversary of their
wedding on Thursday at their homo on
Olive street with a dinner. The guests
were Mr. and Mrs. 1. I'.. lii-lln, Mr. and
i Airs. Klotz. Miss Arehbald, Miss Mat
thew?, Miss Dale, Mossts. A. K. Hunt,
jr., Heynolds Bedford and F. C Fuller.
Tho marriage of Miss Anna 11. Mat
thews to Air. Joseph Scraaton I.ynde
on Wednesday was the leading society
event' of the week. The ceremony
which was performed by J lev. Dr. Me
T.ooil, took place at the homo of the
bilde's paients on Wyoming avenue,
and was attended by a limited number
of guests. The house was beautifully
decorated by Clark. The bride's sister.
Miss Flora Matthews, was maid of
honor and Dr. Raymond Wiulham, of
Wllkes-Uarre, was best man. Ulcliard
and George Grilllth, the small nephews
of the biido, were pages. Huntington
served tho wedding breakfast.
Tho Card club was entertained yes
terday at tho home of Miss Helen San
derson, on North Washington avenue.
Those present were: Miss Anne Hand,
Miss Eleanor Heynolds, Alias Fletcher,
Miss Stockton, Miss Clark, Miss Penny
packer, Mrs. George Rice. Miss Alice
Matthew's, Miss Grace Kierstoad, Miss
Helen Matthews.
Among those who will attend the
Yale-Princeton font ball game today
arc: Mr. and Mrs. H. II. Brady, jr.,
Miss Arehbald, Messrs. A. E. Hunt, jr.,
Mortimer Fuller, J. H. Brooks, James
Blair, jr., and Theodore Fuller.
Miss Dale gavu a thimble tea on
Tuesday in honor of Miss Matthews.
The guests, wore: Miss Chittenden, Mrs.
Covington, of Bowling Green, Ky.; Mrs.
E. B. Jermyn, Mrs. C. S. Weston, Airs.
H. II. Brady, jr., Mr.". A. II. Storrs,
Mrs. Sheldon, Mrs. Klotz, Mrs. G. P.
Grilllth, Airs. Frank Sllllman, jr., Mrs.
P. B. Delhi, Miss Clare lteyuoUls, Miss
Archhald, Airs. George Hlce, the Misses
Matthews, and -others.
Mrs. C. S. "Weston gave a pretty
luncheon at the Scran ton club on Mon
day in honor of Miss Matthews. The
guests were: Mrs. H. W. Kingsbury,
Mrs. G. D. Murray, Airs. A. II. Storrs,
Mrs. Frank Silliinan, jr., Alls. G. i
Grilllth, Airs. Covington. Mrs. E. IJ.
Jermyn, Miss Flora Matthews.
Mr. Mortimer Fuller will entertain
tho Phi Alphas at dinner Monday night
at his home on Jefferson avenue.
The Alisses Athcrton gave a card
party yesterday afternoon at their
home In Providence, in honor of Allss
Watt, nf Carhondale, Air. Thomas Ath
ertou's llance.
Air. John AtheKon will give a dance
Tuesday night at the Auditorium, when
Miss "WutL will be the guest of honor.
Tho Thursday Morning Beading club
will hold its tlrst meeting next week at
Miss MoLcod's. "United States His
tory" will be tho subject this year.
Mrs. Edwin AY. Gearbart has issued
invitations for a reception next Thurs
day atternoon.
F. Hopkinson Smith will bo at the
Uicyele club next Thursdny night, un
der the auspices of the Young Ladles'
society ol the First Presbyterian
Cloak Department, we will offer
complete sample lines of
the Largest Alan ufacturers
church, There is a. great demand for
tickets lo henr this most popular en
tertainer. Tho famous author will
rend n rich and varied programme
from his own works. His wonderful
versatility, handsome presence and ex
ceptional powers of oratory, make the
evening only too abort when ho Is on
the platform. He Is greatly liked In
Scranton and there will be u. crush of
people to welcome him,
Tho Young Ladles' Sewing society
made a. great success ot their charity
snlo. They have worked hard, and
nip results are well deserved. Among
the charming features nf the evenings' ,
ontprtlltlltimnl enu Mi., nt'iiuv tnnl !
which Miss Grace Ulrdsali was tho
presiding genius.
There will bo an assembly at the
Bicycle club, Nov. ;!0.
The Jersey City Journal of the l.llh
says: "The wedding of Miss Henrietta t
Aluude Field, daughter ot Mr. and
Airs. G. I,. Field, 7t!t) Avenue C, Bay
onno, to Air. Harry D. Webster, of
Baltimore, solemnized at noon todny
at the residence of tho bride's parents,
was ono of the prettiest and best at
tended of the season In Bayonne.
The ceremony was performed at 12."0
by .Hcv. James A. Heusey, pastor of
tho First Methodist church, under a
bower of palms hi the front parlor.
The bride was given away by her
father nnd was attended by Allss Fran
ces Field, her sister", as bridesmaid.
Air. E. Livingston Cornelius, of Wash
ington, D. c., wiih host num.
'ffhe bride wore a charming gown of
white chiffon over white taffeta, trim
med with diichesso lace. She carried
a bouquet of bridal roses. Allss Field,
bridesmaid, was attired In pink ehllfoii
over pink taffeta, and carried white
chrysanthemums. Ushers were Air.
C. DeWltt Field and Air. Blctiard E.
Murine, of Washington.
Tho house was a veritable bridal
suite. Tho parlor was decorated en
tirely in green, the palms and smllax
being used to best possible advantage
to form a scene of surpassing lloral
beauty. Tho back parlor ami dining
room were decorated In pink and
green, the dining room presenting a
most enticing appearance.
Air. Edward Bodtner and his sister,
AIKs Bodiner, played the wedding
march ly Mendelssohn as the bridal
pal ty approached the altar, Air. Bod
liier playing the violin and Allss Bod
iner accompanying on the piano.
Among the guests were: Dr. ami
Airs. Smith, of Baltimore; Miss Alice
Brock, Air. and Airs. CI. Le Grande
Field, of Scranton, Pa.; Air. and Airs.
A. h. Flefd, Miss Ella Field, Airs. Mary
AI. Field, Aliss E, Uosallc Field,
Airs. Eliza Alallott, Air. and Airs.
James II. Dobson, Itev. and Airs. Hen
sey, of Bayonne; .Miss Edith A. HeNer,
Baltimore, Aid.; Gjorgo U Lewis, New
York: Air. and Airs. William Weed, of
Long Island; Miss Adeline Bodmer anil
Allss Horniinu Bodmer, of Paterson,
N. J.: Allss Alary Jones, of Baltimore:
Air. E. L. Cornelius, Washington; Air.
Edward Bodmer, of Paterson, N. J.;
Air. L. Weed, Lopg Island: Aliss C.
AI. Allen, Aliss Gonevieve Van Busklrk,
of Bayonne.
Mwemcife of ftmfc
Miaj Anna AM.iod i.- in New Yotk.
Mr. and Mrs. II. W. Taj lor aie in Xiu Yolk.
Mrs. Kidman, of OmiIiiuoL, U the nm-t of
Mrs. James Arehbald.
MUs Yii'toria f.ruinrr i-. spending a fow '1 1."3
in "uv Ynife, I'll lm-Min'i", tvi' the "Onintal."
Ml-i Stella Miiriay, ol West li"iii-t tml,
his ret m mil to HtiHiiiwlnirs stile Normal rhonl.
Mr. W. !. ltnney and Mr. John Watlo-nn, of
Couutl uniuisity, UIted Suanton lunula ilda
weil .
Mrs. Williams and MM I'llia I.e.nUr, of Sh;.
mokin, are the musts ol Mis. Ia-mU Il.iriH, on
Uock strict.
Mr. Milln, tho well known aichiteet ol llhtci,
X. Y., was the fe'iiLtL ot Mr. and Mis, K. I.,
fuller jestmlay.
11. S. MjLr-, ot r.iiuit Hill-, A. ., .iml
mothir, Mis. S .1. Mllki, ol tn-hemituh, .
Y., jiu the kiii'N ol Mi. ami Ml.-. M. M. i;an,
ol Mulisnn nenue, Piinni"ie.
.lohn Mi Court, the well known iichuili' man.
Mho hi-, ju-t itiuMi'd fioin a nitin week-,' .t,iep
of tjphoid d'lrr, i- aide lo j;a nut .imin, and
id r.ipidly k lining in health and htienvtli.
Cily Ialilrr 1', S. Pnl-alule, of tin- Willfvllano
I.cadei, and I.lii Cohen, diamilic editor ot tlio
Willrti-Huie Iticoid, haw the pioduitinn ol 1 ho
llnii-ii That .lailw Built" at tho Iouuiii lait
Itev. Itoheit P. Y. Pieree letuined last Clemen
from 11..U llur.i i', uhne he li.H bien ,itt lullnar
the Mar,lmd C lirNtiati i.ndeaior uiinLiitiou ,h
ino of the leetiuei',. Amoni; the other (p-uk-irs
at tills sieit imcthn; of M in land .oiui,'
people were Itev. Chirks Sheldon, John '..
Woolley and Itev. lit-. Jo'iiwtoii. ol Londuti, Out.
Kid Gloves.
Perfect lilting kid gloves that are
soft and Uexlble, In all shades, at $1.
Mears & Ilagen,
Shakespeare Becitnl.
Alars-hall Darrueh's twelfth night,
under tho patronage of 100 society
ladles, at St. Luke's parish house,
Tuesday evening. Tickets now on sale
at Powell's music store. "
in America.
Soft Materials for Evening Cos
tumesBlack Xnces Gilt Trim
mings Furs Persian Lamb
Etons Long Boas Evening
Wrnp3 rlnlded Etons.
Ppeclnl Cortfioinkiitc ol Tint Tilbunu.
New VorK. Nov. 0. Stilt fabric's
fl?om entirely banished as regards
evening dresses, conseiiiicntly Hoft ma
terials aie In even greater demand
than thev wore last season, and lace,
or fancy nets In either black or white, !
begin at- Btich 'moderate prices, and end
ut such fabulous amounts, that ntl
tastes or ambitions may be .gratified.
Shaped renaissance lue skirts have
lost no prestige and chiffon or net
aklrts showing applliltted lace sprays
mo among novelties, lllack spangled
nets cannot bo relinquished and those
as yet show no distinct border, but
rather vines or scroll designs which
decrease In bIkp as they ascend. Crepe
do chine In all fashionable hues Is
much In favor, and aoft finished white
or Ivory silk, satin lottlslne or satin
finished cloths belong to evening fa
brics. I
sltlrt Is a. combination of Chantllly
luce nnd applliitlp figures, and worn
over colored silk, the beauties of each
are clearly brought out. Oil t nnd
black net woven together, appear on
now costumes; a striking c-nniiil-shows
an upper skirt made up of small
gores with gilt Ilgures at the cum i
and edge of each gore, falling over
seven or eight net llounces, edged by
gilt braid. Gilt medallions arc also
woven In expeiishe lace ilres.scs, and
gilt lace Is usul ns a lliiish around
low-nock costumes; ns a substitute,
yellow satin leaves edgptl with cord,
having very nartow lace gathered
Ulite full (the edge under the cord)
are Interspersed aiming white lace llg
ures applhiiied on chiffon skirts. Ilod
Ices worn with such skirts afford oi
portunlty for individual taste, and arc
both loose or In Uton ihaoe, many
have gilt llgure.t fin inert of oval span
gles and gilt embroidered ihllfon in
tended for fronts, n-vcrs or uiuler
hleeves are hold by the yard. .
are not decided until after r. '.
tihayiic's opening, which demonstrate!
the fact that Persian lamb Is the most
popular fur of the season, and so
jaunty and .so stylish arc Kton jackets,
or very slioit jackets with straight
tronts, that the money Is charmed out
of one's pocket. To persons who like
contrasts, a mink collar and rovers on ,
the atoresald jackets is an addition,
and when one docs not wish to attach
a collar and iecrs to a cloth jacket,
lor example, it js made separately and
worn at p!easur. A fashionable fur
garment is cither ery long n.- very
short, the cloak shape being partlcii- i
Inrly desirable, with shawl collar of
contrasting fur.
are also .short, with a close tlttlng
back and loose front, or both may be
box shape. Medium length capes have
no place In this season's styles, at the
same time those who have them wear
them. Tho newest boa Is three yards
long, very fluffy and trimmed with
tails at both ends. Tho Hat boa, es
pecially in mink, rivals the long boa,
and has a cluster of tails al the neck
fastening and aUo at the ends. Storm
collars are the refuge of those who '
cannot afford a fur wrap of any kind, j
and they certainly give an elegant lin
ish to even the plainest costume. .Many
handsome ones are of natural beaer,
ilnlshod with tails at uei k and ends,
and those ot otter or sable are no less
1 1 cM ruble.
are the connecting link between tlu
I111.1 and the genuine fur garment;
easily thrown off or dnivn up and al
ways conveying much style. Muffs
.'lie large, and a example In a
Unify fur, Is flat, very large, with a II ip
at the ft out consisting of an animals
head, riilnchllla, baby l.unb and er
mine enjoy all their usual prestige,
and as lormeily lliisMriu sable heads
the list. For opera wear, long ermine,
.sable or Chinchilla coats, are trimmed
with lace and gilt, 'the fastening at the
neck llnishcd by lung, plaited chiffon
ends. Fur trimmings of all kinds nie
in especial tavor this season,. ns strap
pings on seams or pam-ls, and as edg
ings both wide or narrow.
range froui,, the simple cape of tan,
inastli! crimson, blue or black cloth to
long white laco coats with a eoloied
satin foundation, lined with brocaded
.silk, anil edged with a low of sable or
Chinchilla. Above this is a lace llounee
over which falls a lace cloak, caught
below the shoulders by gilt or pearl
trimming In Kmplie style. A very
high collar Is edged by white chiffon
rallies, and long, plaited ehlTon ends
rtupond from the front. A very liaml
yonie long, white Mlk cloak had two
lace flounces niouiul li, over white
chltfon rallies, headed by gilt passen
mcnterle, and down to a threo-imur-tor
length was lined with ermine.
nie shown in the clan plaids, the rev
ers, waist line and sleeves trimmed
with plain silk llnlsliert with several
luwti ul .sinewing, ami uirctt uaiiuvuiiiu j
brass buttons at each side are in j
keeping with the material. A black
cloth Eton, with trimmings and uu
dersleuves of ciimslm silk Is very
striking, nt the .same time by no
means loud flannel waists are firmly
entrenched, and some styles are al
most ns elaborately tucked ns silk or
muslin walsus. Tho variety is buyond
description, and satin finished cloth In
white or pulo hues, Is also called into
requisition and Iwro smalt gilt but
tons .show to specinl advantage.
Fannie Field.
Wii'll Iwgin wllli a IkiVi mul ll i1uin U Uw,
Hut lliu plunil 01 nv slionlil In ouii; nut omsj
'ilion hup Jowl U KWim, tut tu aio tallul
Vot IIh floral i)l iiiovko btmulil ncor l.o iiifcoj
Voit nuy fiiul a loan iiioiih', or .1 uhulu not ol
in ice,
Hut l)u i .I in i ol Ikiiim) i Ik.u.cj, not like
ll tin' of nun U alw.i.u c.ilh'il ni.'ii,
Wliy bliouliln'l tlio plural nf in In' r.illcil pen?
Ilui (w In In' pirn il 'my I"' ows (ii- Lino,
llul lii pliird of l N wmi not Who,
Ami ii I .-e.iL nt .1 lout Jinl ,mhi Ihi' iiic 3 r.iir
.tul I ehi' )ou u toot, would a uir lie ullul
IJ 0110 it a tooth ami .1 wliolo t.u aio tictli,
Wliy hhoutlii't tliu I'lm-il of booth tu oullnl
IJ tliv tiiiKiiUi'ii tills and tlio plural U three,
Slioulil thu iliiral of kl be nlcLiunii'il kive?
'I lien one may to Iliat anil tluio would tc tlioio,
Vit lut in 11 plurJl woiitl ncur he lio',
.nil tho nlural of 'jt U uts, not (oje,
Wo irpeaU of u hiollitr and jlxi ol tu'tliren.
Hut tliuuch wu nay iiiollwr we neitr ay inetlirm;
Thin uiacullne pionouun am lie, lili, and lilm,
Hat Imagine the Jcinlnine, the, till., ami ulilm.
bo tlw llntjllali, J tbliik, you all will agree,
U the most womleitul lauguaire you otr did see.
Penny 1'ktoihl Magazine.
Rebuilds the Inflamed, Diseased
Nerve and Muscle Tissues;
Makes Rich, Pure Blood;
Cleanses the System. , ,
It Cured Me.
Judge Charles Zurmuchlen,
California, Mo., writes : "-I re
commend Paine's Celery Com
pound to everybody. It is the
most wonderful medicine on the
market today, and the best that
I ever used. I had rheumatism
so that I could not walk and the
Compound cured me. Paine's
Celery Compound also helped
my wife's rheumatism when she
had it so bad she could hardly
climb the stairs.
"S ST.
I' 0: WANT to ruil the lnetticst .-toi.v of
thu daj, tlii. rleanest, Kuilc,e-.l,'ot
luM'-stmy and ,wt In (he Rui-c of tie hi-v
toricil noii'l, V Mnimi ('iiwimd'o new
toolw "tu tin1 l'al.itu of the Knu." iwiiie
peuple Muti to Hunk (lu'y aie .1 Inih tirnl ol
Mr. Ci.twtuul, .mil let if one m hloi.i kiuwj tiled
of the lights on tin te.mtiful jtmiu ol some
lich'tontil uuoit, 01 the w.iiin Miin il.ih of
tile fiom the 1111U1 01 ,1 pii. Je-. t'i'i'i or tin
ilelitato intueaiy of ikian in a fiu.t.worK oi
late old hid', il would sum me loulii not the
of lhi- author-. nnihtd puteitioii ot torn Ii, hi-,
study of detail, lii 1 iideliti in lenrouiii'lion of
the people! and ni.innns in nid'i part ul the
wmld. lie has piituud old Italy and Ituiue In
tli" .llatlllC.-la Miies with Mich Iiimiij of da
Miilitiou, Midi &iiiiiptuiiu-ii'- of (niiiomuint, the uieinoty icui lins like tho Ion,; look it
.1 Titian piiutiui;. lie hi-. (Iiown in I'iM'i
in "Zuioisti r'' and tin niy-titul ihirm ot the
Oiiint in "Mr. K1.1i"." Xiw Yoik i. pur
tia.ud in "Kith. nine l...udei.ile," and hi' lias
ilchid into tlio tolk-loio and the in-duin-. of
all the woild tn mike 11-. see il duiiuis a ho
Mrs them. 'Ihis litest clloit is to t-hu old
,Si;i!n in tlio tiino of l'liilip II, with lion .lohn
of Austria, his Kni'-;ltL sins ju-tu et Mils -o
protlu. 'Ihe p'l'lllr of the while j-putlt's-ni'-
of lint livuie in histui.i will 1 1 ..ic ivllivt Hi
,'loiy in tlic niennuy ul one wlio reads Mr.
Oawlord's apotheo-is of (old and bitter
leicn. It is the history of tut mic nlslit lint
the wilier runnN, tut Midi a iiiht and null
action, power and pictuie--fUi' tu iKiiifiiciiLC'I No
wondir it it nuking a ilrauutie Miceevs of tin'
,iiir, lor, iuel, the re lire plituii-s cnoiuh in
this- took in lit Mich n st.i','e uttln,' as one
neur ilieanied, elm tv Mr lliuiy Iniu,'.
'Iho more I heir about "I'lie M istei nnisli.ui"
Hie more I am conipollol to wonder at puiple
wlio will load tuch woid
tin and (.ill it meat and niuielouj. In the
llr.-t plaoo tint Coielli worn in is cnouitli t"
make nujtoily Miy wniry. Mie ivxei wiote
but one tiling whiih was leally worth leadlnj;,
and tint U u little kuii which tonuliow his
r-eipcd almost eieijbody's notice. It is a tiny
btoiy, "Tlie Slliini' ol the Maliarajali," and it
was published 011 this side in tint deliiditml
Mold iditiou whli h liad such .1 biicf and hippy
iliuv a liiv ai,'o. It was one ol Ilia
few him irs whiili mil sadly tlut nn (Hod tn
ii. ul ottiii, tut it was quaintly Inaiitiful nnd in It.IC'S le'ioics and less of M trie hcisdf
than iinjlhiiac ilso she has ever wiitlcn, al
Ihouali run in this t-he pinbably posul in her
own iiil'id for tlio tcioitii'.
Hut this "Master Chil-tkm" Is siuli .1 ron-ileu-ul
pukae uf lur piolest auaiiist Hie
woild, A'tliouuli khe must be kImii tho unlit
for delineatinj; a dear old C.111II11.1I. llul her
til.itlu a'.'.iiiijt tliu iluuihcs Is hiinply wi.ul.
onie, 'iml tint fool woniiii thu il.'i!els with
tluir hjateilis-niid biip-iiialuiiil Kills aie htill
inoie mi, MI1.1t teinis lo di-unc tliu fancy of
the uimaiy rcadir is tho "tine wrltlinr," the
luaiitiful nuisit till! and all licit, You hear
(.011111 preaihcrs oraie the imi tort. N'et J011
hear of the tauii' (jintlciiieii making etrieal
lmu tu their filr pirlsliloiiri-b. Tine willha'1
has urn lis day, as Jar us popu'.nity kocs Willi
thu lileiaiy taslo of this ironeiatl'm,
4 o
Tlieso peoplo with .1 Kiteauco aie the most
writihidly tlii'niino lot, It i tad enouidi
whin lliey Blmply tore .1 lew people whom they
i, 111 handily int at on thu oieislon of low or
atternoon calls, or lcctiues, lint whin lhc, ae.
tuitly cet ii lieariiii aiiuniir tliou-iiids, n whin
lliey wtlto a took, it Kiond unlieaiatli', Vou
can wall; awa) lioin the kiI(.iiicu lad) ul a ir.
ceptlon, uulevs 011 liappeii lo tu In hard iir!c,
iu the hostess, Vu can kh nut of a litluio and
jou 11111 fufuilale tbn pol tied tie and Mulch li 111
oil by Minio oi( 01 lounier liiiiuui 111 hi" way
of aieuiiunt'i liut witli the liouk wuiiun joti 1110
defcn-U'liis. OJ tnurse, ou ran tluow Iho
oiuiiiu auoss Iho loom and not lead It after
jou git ciioiia;li 01' Ihe irrirwmeu conunillie, but
llicru Id alwa.iH the end wliiih, il am am .1
Bond loiodenlioiH icailu, j on want 10 ki in
ltd piopec iouiso of evuiLs.
'I'liese people wllli .1 Mlevuur ale o tiii"soiiie,
and II dees tako them wi iinuttnrhl) Ion,' to
Kit mn. The wmld mulii bitl; at you whin
wm nolle and it Is likely tu m-liume )o.t uNiii
qui) iitjaln, tut It doesn't want to hear nur
tiortles, unli-AS ttey Inppeit to lie- minellilii'x
tpliy In tlie way ol a ilhon-u caw or u till
I'.iulty with jour niotlicrdii'law, whin it will
be far telKr to keep it" iinltir contlnul ttiledy
to the family. I'oii't mm mlounin. honk
pleasant cwii if ou don't let I n, but lor ue-od-nes
sake, wlutner :on ilu, or leave undone,
don't write a took to air jour (;rleanee.
Saucy Ilis--i.
For a Cold In the Head
Laxative Dromo-Qulnlne Tnblets.
Highest Grades.
He.ny Welulit Ultluil HilbiUzan I'e
I(eay bilk I'lecud (worth V'le
A I ire .isMrtmtiit at 5.'
fuiisNtliiit ol h ,iy niluril wool, lieaiy
uiloud wool. niiieeiiA'd iIK and wool,
lieaiy lnlluisuau l snat .uittiis woith
ir I. '.'.)".
I'me Wool ami I amy Wool-. fjl.15
i:tia Inavy intiual f.'imhs' Wool, fairy
silk and and line Wool Itlbbcd 1.115
1'aiify and lllack llos.', J.n., 'J fin 2."n
P ft
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