The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, November 17, 1900, Page 11, Image 11

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M&'V i .c T '"' " ' ,v r-SU
. d V'1 -" V. v Tf " -T JT" A 'Ju .5.l, i A. A
wffj," ?'. .fvrwa.t'! ' ; asowfiot . ? t-a.t'i
' yju j, ' ,ri " i. i ' , 'i j. i t
- M f if t ,
' ii
B Ui'V. V Ji. Williams. i-
liirneil from l.lttlo Mcail
owe, Kuriiiueliutina county, bint;
night. He Ims boon ctiiuitlclliiK "
Hpeclul revival incetlnij In the Metlm
dlst rlnuoli there for four ilayn. ll
lojiortH the. meetings very lamely at"
tended, lie roniliuilcil three services
racli ilny) Winners weie con voi toil.
IhicUsIIiIom weie reclaimed, nml tbe
chureli very Krently revived. V'c ulvc
thi' list of mibjcels: Jloiuliiy, Nov. 1-,
7,l!0 p. in.. "Hionltliuf Home Tien ;
Tuosdnv, Nov. 1.1. if in i "Heavenly
Jlrr.ntrnitlnn": -1 p. in.. "Tim First
Milestone": 7.30 p. in.. "The Prodigal
Kim"; Wednesday. Xov. II, - P. "
".lacob'a Ladder": I l. m "Mint :
T.:iD p. in., 'Tin.' Lust Invltntlon":
Tliltrnlny. Xov. to. - p. m "X lloom
for Jpsus". ! P. in . " Wishes"; 7.2" p.
in., ruiwoll." Mr. Williams will
bpoak lliieu tlinoK In Kingston tomur
iov. .L lo."0 anil 7..T) p. ni.. In tlic
(Methodist elitireh: subject, "UrcaKInK
Homo Ties," and "Tln I-itst Uonip
with lli TlRor"; at :: p. m., In Young
Men's Chrlsllim association, Wyoming
Scmhrirv, subject, "Tin.' Younjr Man
and J I la Company."
. '
The rc iv.-U at tho Undenominational
t.'hurch, i-orni r of I.uWu and Kirk
Htrccth T .11 tie Knclsiml. lias been
Kvowlns splritunllv, and Minis have
been s-i'- d iltirlns the tcl: and ChrH
tlans bulltvup In tho faith. The nieot
ln;,'s will runtlmic until futtlier nollcc,
pvery nliiht nt ".IS oVIorli, Saturdays
inrluded. fii.od slntrlncr and speak
iucr. All are welcome. livanirollHt Li.
r. Vanflneson, fioin D. L. Moody Chl
criRn nihil- Institute. In In chaw.
Kunda M-liiml nt 10.::o n. in. Sunday
iiflernonn sluKlntf Iii-kIiim nt 2.30 mid
preaehlm; at 2. 13. Tost, "For Ye -ro
Iieutl and Your Life Is -llld wl'li
Christ in Clod." In th evunlnpr, ropu
la' evanneuMic rervlces at 7.13 i. m.
:Ur. Van IIoommi will speak t at both
Tho lollou-hiK nuiHieal proKrauuu"
will be rendered at tho Seeond Prcs
bj terlan church tomorrow:
liit.iii Prrlmli Amlmtv in ( CMIKiii
i ilim--"lli? Si.ii "f l!"'l (w l'ortli In" .ulln.ui
O'ulltllc .mil Cliuir.
lifioilnrj S,..i.iihi fIo, "lj oul Tlilil'tli
for ' Miiiil'K-ilm
Mi-, HIjiK.
(li(.'.m I'o-HiiiIl " .Man In nli'inn'lli" ... .(inniKjil
(li"in I'rcliiilc "MimIiMIIiiii" I.piiuiiriic
II ur Id ,ioni.r "'Irt t 'lliy Mill)" O l'iii'-
nllioin -"l.t'lil h.l i.iri- liiiii.uil d'' ...lliill.u.l
OiKiinij -Dint, "Ini-L in Cml" I!i,l,in-U'in
Mm I5.ii.'i,:ni .iii.l Jli (Jlppcl.
Vrivn I'inllii,U., ...,.' Mlmii".
Mr ,1. M llinun". niu.mNt ami iliiifior.
it m i.
I'.ev. Hol"i"l r. Y. Pierce will Kh"
ni" ilustrati'd leeturo for men only, in
r;ueineys Music h.ill, 31S W'aslilni;
oii avenue, on Sunday alfeinoon at
U5, iiinder ,thu auspices of tlie Yohiik
.'.Yen's V'liristian association. Mr.
Pierce' riKnu eiayon sketches will bi
ri'menib3rcd by thoie who heard him
when' tnoetiiiKH were belnpr conductnl
In the J.ycoum'somi' time apo. Iuslc
vlll be in cliarRO of f'ort.lltetoi" Clianc",
,.s usual, and men will find a hearty
u.. Iconic
The semi-annual cnnfoivnci' of iln '
f'liurch or Ji-sii". Christ of Latter Day
"-'.-tint"-! is to be held in Snowr's hall,
I'uiti avenue, Punday and Monday, .
.s'ov. 2." anil -0. 'I'lie nitetlins will at 2 and 7."!Tp. m. on Sun
lay and Monday evening at 7.30. Apos- '
le :f. 1 Cowley, fioin ntah, and
Presidont i:. If. Snow, of the East
rn States uiNhioii will do the speak- ,
luff. A hearty" welcomi; Is extended
i) the public. Xo collections. j
The nineteenth century movement
will leceive its great impetus in tills
..... '"""- "" "- ....i-s......... .....
region by llio mnts meeting to be hold
in hlmpson cliurcli, Dee. .. and I. I
JilsliOpM Ninde and Bowman, both vet
erans in the Methodist church, will bo
present, ami many dignitaries of tho
denomination will make addresses. It
Mill lie tlie great religious event of tho
present year hi this region. ;
ltnilrnad Young ilea's Christian ar-
sqi;iution. llev. J. 11. Sweet Will ad-
dicss the family meeting on Sunday
nt a.lo p. 111. He will be assisted by 1
the Simpson male (liiurtetto who will
render special selections. Dr. Sweet is
a magnetic speaker and the quarti-lte
is one of the best in the city. Kvery
bo'dy is welcome and a ipeeial Invito--
Seems easy to a man, but there ia ;
jieat ileal of lifting anil reaching to do ;
ii great many trips up and down stairs to
make in the course of day's house work.
It's hard where a woman is well. For
a woman suffering with some form of
"temale trouble" it
is daily torment.
There aie tlioiis-inils
of such women
struggling aloug.iUy
by day, in increasing
misery. There are
otlier thousand.1! who
have found a com
plete cure of their
disease in the use of
Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription, It
stops debilitating
drains, ciwea irregu
larity, heals inflam
mation and ulcera.
tton. nourishes the
nerves, and gives
vitality uiul vigor.
It 'makes weak
women strong and
sick women well. It
contains no opium,
cocaine nor other
l'or a number of
juoq'tlis I aufiVieU with
febutu trouble." writes
JllM Apues McGowne,
of NI3 Twnli St., Wash.
luKton, D. C. "I triee
nnr nilfi remedies. bUt
none seemed to do me uuy permanent pood.
The doctors kaici it was Ihe worst case of iiilu.
nal trouble they ccr had. I decided 10 write
to-you for help; I receheila ery encouraBlafr
reply, ami commenced treatment nt once. I
had uot'tited your '1'iivorite I'rebcript ou 1 a
week before I began to led better, and, as I
continued; my health crodually improved. It Is
improving every day." .
Dr Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser is sent free on receipt of stamps
to pay cost of mailiug only. Send 21
one -cent stamps for a book in paper
covers, or 31 stamps in cloth, to Dr,
R. V. Fierce, Buflalo, N, Y.
C?l I f
t I "fffiifii'iiHj
linn l oxtoinled to new inelilberH and
ilielr fanilllea.
Tin; regular nipotlnii of the Metho
dist mhilHtcf of Scriintim and vicinity
will eh liclit in the pnrolr.i of Klni
I 'ark cliurcli, Moiiduy, Xov. in, at
a. ni. Speaker. Jtidion X. Halley; buIi
Jujt, "Ministerial Altitudes and Thelf
ItecultH. '
The Young People' societies of
Northeastern PoniiHylvanla will havo
their rallys at Parcoii
Monday. In the cvenlut;. the ttev. V,'.
K. Davlep, of the Memorial church,
will kIvo then tin ndclrcss on "Foreign
ComonincinK Sunday ovcnlnw. and
contlnulin? until furthor notice, tho
ovcnhiR; services at tho ttescue Mis
sion will be hold at 7.30, In place of S
o'clock, as formerly.
(I it
Itev. David Spencer, V. P., will road
a paper nt the Baptist pastors' confer
ence Monday at 10.30, on "What Doe3
Paul Mean by Adoption."
Tomorrow's Services
Methodist Episcopal.
l:lm l'ail cliuuli l'i.icr -"'J I""1'-"! "ivirc
.it I'.W. I'icailiiiiK at H..i .i. m. aii'l 7."0 p.
il. IV the iii-ioi, f. H. r:illlu, I). I). At 12 in.
lulMiour lllbli! itiiJ.v in Mimljy ".iliool room.
.Suniljy M'liool .it "J .aid I'pnoitli liMguo at C.SO
i. in.
At llii! Jllliiii, J5I0 l'lnc ".tri-i't, Stimlay mIioM
nt !i a. "in. nml Cpumlli Ipibiip at ll.llli p. in.
Miiipiim MrtlunlM llpl-ciipil ilmiili Hcv. .1.
11. Swoit. II. I)., pastor. Jlmning prajcrj at
H.SH; pri'.uliini; M'ili"i, snnioii by 1 lit pistol,
at lli.WI. text Ails 4:JU, siilijoct, "Pcriiii;, Ilivr
inc. SpcaKms"; Sumla.v n'hool, n. L. lVil,
r.iioiln(i'nil(iit. at 1 J; Junior Kpnorth Ip.ikiii",
MIm fi.n.tonl, nipoiiiitniikiil, at 2.f)0; Yoiini;
Men' meeting .it I; Kpwoitli Icjkiio. W. Xorllmn,
iip".iilint; P. IVi-e, linilci, at (l."0: pii'.icliln?
n'nlii", riinon by tlic us(or ut ".Ml, to.t, .lolm
0:1, -ulijfct, '"Hip Working Time of "1cm
On ill." Seili atr frro. Oiu" Imititlun ii cor
dial. Our welcome is heaily. v
t'.mrl Sheet Jlrtlinili-t Kpiscnpul ilmrcli -Hpv.
:. O. I.jinm, p.Htor. .4",, O. 11.
Ho Witt, Uuiloi; piojcliinif, lO.i'.O; Sunday liool,
11.1.1, IJ. U. Clark, siipuinteliili'iiti .luiiioi
liMKiio, 3.S0 p. in.; Upuoitli leaniie, 0.30;
pUMiliinir, 7.R0. All are U'dconic. Scats frop.
.Wiury Methodist Ppisropil ihinr-li, corner
M.ui-ry avenue anil Delaware tticit Itev. Will
iam C. Sinipson, 1. 1)., pastor, l'leachint; ei
iie at lW a. in. ami "."0 p. in. Urotlirrhooil
ni St. Paul ilcvotioinl meeting at 9..10 a. in.
Sunil.i.Vj M'hool at .:0 p. m. Cpwoitli leacne,
(l..'il p. in. I'rayiT mertins Wfilnesil.iy pieninc,
7.. (I n'cliKl.. Hii-iiip-is inci'tlni; nf llintlirrlmoil of
M. Paul M'cond anil fouitli TuiwlJis "t p.iIi
month at i.Jlfl p. in.
I'rrnlileme .Metlinilist Kpi-copal cliuuli Spcilil
all fnv all inemliers of t lie llrntlieihoml of St.
Paul at touioiiow- inoiniiiir'i nipctliis, 30 oMoel..
Mr. Chip will meacli at 10..'.(1 on "Itn-v lint
I lllanulili-." At 7.:i(l p. in. nn "ClirW'n Appeil
i In Arithmetic." Sunday school .it 2 p. hi.; Kp-
wnitli league at (i. IV -Tuple, "What Inteinpci-
an te Costs Our .Nation," V. W. Djwmiii, cij..
h.itld. The rrihal iimtinv will bo lontiimed
, nfiy oenliiir of this tint Inn Satiirdi i'M.'liin:.
An intiipAliiiu M'lis vrvico of lUticu iiiiuulei
opem all the cweninjr pcnieei.
I ll.neplnn Stieet Metliudist ihiiiih
lli-v. .I.imi-s lleiiniimir, pastor, l'leichliu; at
i ln..'io, Milijut of suinon, "The Ponur Stone";
I il.i-s iiui'tlntr at ll.Iill; Sumliy m nool at 2 p.
, in.; .Innior 1'Mnue at :: p. in.; Ppworlli leamie
at ll :!ll. leader. .1. W. f,llimn. Kvenlii' itic.u liinir
, siiUi. at 7,. :fl, siilijoct of sermon, "I'lio Ten '
Viieni'.' im Hal ion to wor-hlp with
! 11s.
.V-1 1 Sheet 'Ui'tlirilN Ciitscnpil ('him liitc.
a. c--tin. (listen. Morning; prp.11 lilnj; s"iice
111 111. in 'elii"l: sullied, "The Pure in Heart;'-ills-,
ineetiiiir ni 1I..'0 .1. in,: .1, 11. M.isteis,
li.lilci; bllliil.l.v sdi, ,ol .it p. m.J P. W. Stone,
Mipcilntcniitiit; .Innior League nt " p 111.: MU
K.Uie ll'i 111. aiirii'iiiiluiilent; I'puuitli Lcipic
:ir ii. I"! p. in.; M. II. I'liie, lpjilei ; evuiiiw
I lc.icliiiiK Kiiu- .it 7.M1 o'clock. A
weliome tn .ill.
X.iy An;? Millindbt Church Rev. .1.
It. Austin, p.i9lm. Smutty selnml .it S.f0 p. ni ;
W. II. XiMin, fiiipeilntciiilent; prc.ieliln,; Fnice
it :!.:;) p. in. : iiipiIIhk .it I p. in.; I'nuik
'Itinir, le.ulei. All welcome.
1'nst Ccinian M(llioilil Kpiscopil cliuich. Ail
nils .mime .mil Vine stieel C!. Iloliilln, pistor.
1'ie.iihiin; s,ri(is o !. m. anil T.nO p. 111. In
j uioinini,' Itev. Chiller IteusS. of S,n
s x ,hu Vle,mv. d(lfli ,un prf;t;
t01inct the voiiuniiiiiun teriiec .ifter tli
cli ami
lie sci
num. Sunday epliool nt luion. Ppnilli le.iiciie
liiectlin: nt T p, 111. The i-cnlres will be
continual tills week eteiy CM'iiliis cucpt Sal-
uuliv. I
Atiie.iu Jlethoillst l! Clmicli, lloiv.inl '
IiUee llov. 1). S. llentley, 11. P., p.islor. uai. I
fitly inecliiiK Eeriie. Itiv, Hi nj.imin Wlicelcr, I
preniilinj; elelcr, will piPach at K).:!0 a. in.; Coin-
! mmilvii at 0 p. 111.. ami iniaeliiiiK at 7.13 p. in.
To .ill of these seriu-s a cmillal inil.itlou U
I'MemUM to all.
IV1111 Avenue lUptlft cliuuli I'lciiliin; iiiurn
I jiiT at 10.;:o. ami cMriiliu at 7...D liy Hit i.woi,
llev. Holurt I'. V. Pieree. Miuiiluir nujtn in
tlie loner tcniple ut 0.13. Topic" ot moiiiliu cf"
niiin, "hi Ills .Stein, 01 the Wjy to tin Tliioiic."
Siuul.iy ncliool at tlic I'cim .uuiiie iliuuli at i
n'iloi.1., uiul at tlie M1I1101I1I inls,lnii ,11 J,:,il p.
m V. P. H. C. II., nt (i.:M. Plum 7,1V) to S.iJli
. people',, iopiilar oiui hour wivlee; (.eunuii
ii!c, "The Voiaite ot Lite." A brief vv.iiii.vl.
1 fcinici" in the lower,." follou'iis tlm
I'irsl Ilaptiit cliuuli, ?outli M1I11 avenue S
Matliuws, pistol ; luihoiuiie, llll Itoclt
fti , t, The Usual feuiiis nioinliij," anil eieninir,
ll.i'H 11. in. awl T.r.O p. in., hi luseuuiit of the
t loll baptist cluuilij Snnil.iy mIioi.1, S..10 p.
ni.. I'lyuioiitU cliuuli, Dr, lli'Iilov iupiiiiiuiiil
cut; II. V. 1. U. service, (I.BII p, 111., at Ivoiile
hall j prajrr iiiectlus Wi ilncilay, 7.W1 p. in.,
Ii.wnicnt n( Wi-Wi Ilipilst ilnucli, All aie wil.
Slilluli llapiit Clnucli, ceuli'i- (.lieet .'enlits:
nt 10,11 a, 111. anil 7,;:o p. in. by Itev, .laino A., l Philadelphia, Jluinlli Mibjecl,
"Wash and lie Heady;" vvenlK nilijiit, ".lu.tlco
Was Violently Witlibcld 1'ioni lllin." All aic
1 welcoint",
I N'oith .Main ,nuie Itapibt rhiu.t!i--S, ii.
lteiulliiir pastor, f-eulcct 11 1 lOI'.n j. ni. ami 7.::o
p. tn. Minilay i.uiui at v p. in.
Mcwoilil Ilaptlst iliimyh l'aslor, ltcv, W, V.
l)iIei. Seiiti"i toniuiiuiv nt llm iiuil bonis;
lllhle school at 2 p. in, In "tin' ni-ulnir I hn
lhv. It. O. Chiucr, of IU" Chil.liau ditiuh,
.lll preach In the alisen?i! of the pistor. 'Iln
. ..,. ..,-j m, 1 1 ... . . ..
Vniiny l'cole'it fc.itlrly will meet Tuesday cin
le. Topic, "llio Honest Leader,"
Vim muii mlhslon, Pfencott anuue
1 1II1 bihnol, i(.w); rveniiii; sen Ice, 7.a0. Dr.
Ilileson will tpeal Xov, IS, tubjicl, "Do-
1 itlJin"; pi ijcr Mcctlnir, lliutaday cicnhrr,
ilely llanlbt ilmrcli Hoi, )4 til Snenciv,
' , will preaih nt Win 11. 111, on 'Tliili-V
ty lUffirent fmiu all Olher ltellKioiu," mid
7,')il p, 111. on "llown, but Not Pou iKcii";
Itlblu wliftol, 11,13; II. V. l U lively
body wi'leome.
l"iit I'lubyU'rian cliuuli Dr, MtLcod will
priatli uioiiiluK bciilcc, lU.bU; evening tcrtire,
7..'iU", Sunday trhool, 12.15, noon; V, I", R. O, K.,
0.Ert p. in. Mlil-nrck erlco Wednesday, 7.11
p. 111. fitiJiiseu weliome lo all ten Ice.
Second Presbjterlaii thuiili Senile I0.SO a.
111. unci 7.'o0 p. 111. Dr, ltobimun will preach
inoinliiir and evcnlns. The topic, u the cuiilni;
will be "A Man In Ihuiui," A 101 dial Invlti.
tlou Ij extended 10 all.
(Iiecn Hidue Presbyterian elnirch Hcv. I. J.
1-anjiriK. pastor; Itev. I.. It. Poster, as,!, taut.
At 10.30 and 7.30 wnlie. of wowhip with ter
iiioiu by tho paitor. lllhle ncliool at VI; Chris.
Hall Endeavor, 0.30. A weleonic to all,
Wsslibum Street Piesbytcilan Cliurcli llev.
John P. Moffat, 1). 1)., rmlor. Servlca nt 10.SH
n. in. anil 7.30 p. lu.l lllhle ncliool at 12 in.!
Christian IJmleaior norlrty nt 0.U0 p. in.! najcr
mictlnff, tt'tihicnliy, 7.30 p. in. Tho pistor will
fttach In the mornings nulijcct, "llolillnj' Viwl
the Profession of Our I'allli." In ttiaiMcnliift
Hie p.nlor will iutiicIi nt tl p. in. ami mttnlnUtcr
the SatraniMiti In the Sumner Au'tiuu l'rwlij
tcrlnn ilinrch, Hcv. P. J. Mlttnan will piencti
In the pvenlns In the Winlitiurn Slrect 1'rMbj.
terlan climrti. Thcto will bo rprclM mmle at
r.ali Rcrltc. All welcome. Next S.ibluth the
fiflli anniversary of tins prcfdil pt'toMlo will be
Sumner Avenue Preshjlcrlan ilnni'h, comer
Fnmncr nvcniip ami I'rleo ipp PrciiclilnB at
1(1.30 n, in. ami (1 p. m. S.ihtnlh Reliool nt 2
p. in., Mr. Iloznlccl llronn, upcrlnlcnileiit. At
11 p. in. Itev. Dr. Jtollat lll pic.icli nml aib
inlnbtor the Baci.imtiil uf li.iptlMii ami llio
I.ouI'r nipper. Youiii Peoplc'd Society nt llndeaior at 7 o'llnckt theme. "What
IhtciiipeiMiKi' Ciwli Our Xiitlon," Proxeibi, :.lll,
1-7, 15-2I. Pr.i.irr inretlm; Wedned.iy rvclilnf,
f. I.r u'ctoel:, All arc wdtoiiie.
(Iiecn lllilco Preilijtcilan clititrti llov. W. J.
l'ord. Mecllni for pr.llir nt 10 a. In.', tluircli
UTilces at IH.30 and 7.30. Subjeil lii the moiu
linr. "A limine Man Amoiur the ApoUlo"! in
the p rultiir, "A Cilhl Wlu lll.ippolnlcil 1IH
Patent""." Sunday nlmol nt 11. Ill .Innior meet
Ins at 3.301 Senior pinycr ineellm: ut O.M.
Allium Aveiiuo tliapil, N'rw Votk nliei't The
Itev. .taini'i llughcH will pienrh nt 10 30 n. in.
mid at 7.30 p. in.; ntlionl ut 3 o'clnelc, Mr.
Chitidlcr, siiperliitenilinl. The pistor will ('in
duct the llllile cla- for men, to vlilfli Hip
men of the iielnhlinihooil nie Imtlril. C. I!, at A ami lie.irly Imitation U (then
to attend tliii scrvieei.
T.iylnr Preslij lerlan ilimtli l'rofc.oi" W. 11.
l'liiiiiley. of the School of the Idckmnnni, will
liri'Jili at the moinliis wnlce. N'o cpnlng ier
lip. Episcopal.
St. IaiVc'8 parish Itev. I!o;ci I'l.icl, I). P..
rector; ftev. I;. .I. Ihiuhlon. senior curate; Hcv.
I. D. N.ish. Junior rui.ite. Twentytlilid Snndiy
after Trinity.
St. I.;il,e's cluiicli 7..10 n. m., holy eomiiuin.
Ion; 10.30 a. in., morning prajer and kttoii;
7.I.0 p. in,, rtriilni; pra.ier and Mimnn; !M.i a.
in.. Suiiilay kIiooI and nilde flisse.
St. Mark'". Dunmore S a. in., holy roiunimv
Ion; I0..10 J. m., moinliii; pr.ijcr and sermon;
7.30 p. in., renlnc Tiyir nml mmiiipii; 3 p. in.,
Similiy sihnol and lllhle classes Kml Mission, l'ri"colt aicmie 'i p. in.,
Sunday s-njioot and lllldp classes; 3.30 p. lit..
,itpnitiir praier ami scinion.
South Siifc Mliilnn, rir street 2.:,0 p. m.,
Sumliy srhool and llildo classes.
St. Gi oi go's. 01 pliant J .'! p. m., Stniday
fcliuol and lllhle claes; 3.30 p. m., cveiiln
prajer and sermon.
ChrUt'ti Clnrcli, poini'i Washii.ton and Paik
ocnue. Itev. P. S. Hlllentlin", rector. Ser
ilce.s, 1?.30 a. in., 2.30 p. m. and 7.3H p. ni.
All stall fire. All welcome.
Kefonned Episcopal.
(luce llt'foniicil Pplscopal c ureh, Wyomlnp;
avenue, lielow Mullieriy wlrcet Hpv. Ocorgo L.
Alrirh. pa,lor. Piajer and pialse oerilce. 0.30
.1. in.: divine worship, 10.30 a. in. and 7.30 p. in.
Mm nine stibjcit, "A Lawful b'se of the Law,"
I Timothy, i, S; oienins subject. "A New Cau
tion," II Corinthians', v, 17. Sabbath school at
12 rn.; Young People's Society uf Cliil-tlan Ku
lienor, 0.30 p. in. I.ison stndv Wednediy
eieniuif at 7.30 o'clock, followid by piavei"
meeting at S o'clock. Seats flee. All welcome.
Evangelical Lutheran.
IXintteliPal Taill.eiaii. Twcnty-llilid
Mind i v
after Trinity. Go-pel, Mtt. 22: la-2-'.
Phil. 3: 17:21.
St. Mark's, W.ishbuin and Pouileenlh stiecli
Itev. A. I., ltaiuer, I'll. D.. p.i-tor. Services,
10.30 a. in., 7.SO p. m.; Luther lcarrup. 0 p. m.:
Sumliy "school, 12 in.; Catechetical instinction,
Monday, 7 p. in.; Wednesday eveninj seiuee,
7.30; Mission Hind, s.itmd.iy, 2.30; iiioiiiinir
Hihjeil. "The Cluistiin''! Attitude to Civil Olill
fritiom": cwniiii; s-ubjeel. "Thu Coniins of the
Si.ii of Mm."
Holy Trinity Adams .lvcmis aiel Mulberry
slncl-ltev. ('. f. Spiekei-, pwloi. Seilc"cn.
10 3U a. in., 7.30 p. m.: Lilt hi r league, 0.30 p.
in.-. Sunday school, 12 in.; in-diuc-lion.
.Monday. 7 p. in.; lllldp i.ludy, Tneiljy.
7.l" p. in.; Mission band, Satuuliy, 10 a. m.
St. Paul's, Shoil .iMinu Itev. W. C. I,. Liuer.
pistor. Services, 10.30 a. m 7.30 p. m.; Sunday
kIiooI, 2.30 p. m.; liiMinclion, 3.15
p. in.; Luther league, Wolncsil.iv, 7.30 p. m.
.ion's, Millliu aenuc Itev. 1. V. Zirclmann.
Sunday School
November 18.
CO.M'UXT. The coiiimiltee he
rnii llio lesion uf the d.iy with Vtise 11, Ileal
ins thus only nine eucs-, in which is a ii'ioid
ot lieallnir of the lepeis. In tbcho notes it is
iliemcd be.-t 10 ioci si- pienom eivcs, liesin
liins with tlie lllth. The object in Hills eitrwl
ins the study is to secure tlie intiodiictiou or
ie.utit. IL tnusl be lemcinbeied that tin re a ivlatinn between llio deeds and teaching
of Jcmis. Hi- used ono to illusliato and enforce
the cithci. It is inipoilaut. tljeiefoie, (bat this
lelatlen should be duly toruMcrcd, otbciwlso
the (ot cc of His moiiLi nnd acts may bo lost.
In the botuie u (lie couwiautlon between
.Iesu3 and Ilia disciples led up lo the cure of
the tcncM, ai that supplemented the rouuisa
tlou. Ilolli boic on tho subject f faith, one
ulutraetly and the oilier concictvly. ' Taking
the luo lot'ether we shall line cleaiir awi
thill if we took ilther alone, and o fh.lll no
mere illalimtly vhat all nicd U nmlcrstatu!,
fuiiiethlnir l the inliid of .lesas ainl tin1 pt.m of
Ills inhibit,',
HIKJIJI'mT. 'Ibis leathinj; awal.eucd the npo.
tlei to cerium rcllcctlou. They rcall.od the
dinner ot wiouir dolus,' to'waid 11 icllow ile.cclplc
4 hey felt tliut It would ho cMcediiigly liitllcult
tn rclul.u one in a iWit tpiilt aiiil biini; bin',
lo iviiiitai'ie ((Sal, l: 1), nioru dllllcuU to cun.
less tlieir f.uilu (James : 10), us 11 metbod of
luunc Illation, und almust iuipoijlhlc to for she
one who offended yo in.inv times. TT'iy mutt
haitf tiulied their tii.ibilhy to attain the cle.
atid fctiimiiird and to pcifoiui the delicate 11
tli,, riijolued. It U .1 uxcuL in uuy muii'i,
life when bo uppiovvs nn ideil, but tiels Ills own
(.hoileouilic-i ami weakuiiss Item. ll: IS). Tho
:ipisllei, tlieiefuii", t-ouifht the aid uf Jcsiu to
meet their need. "Intieaso our faith," was
Ihilr nulled ier,i.el. Ilihlently they belleieii
that faith ii the cs-entlil in cci.y holy t;i.
ileal or (llib. .Ni: li); that wliilu liny had .1 uie.i.s.
me of 11I1I1 it was not stioin; euouidi for 1 1 1 .
duty ieiiiitcil of them, nnd that .lcii bad Ihe
ivmer to develop this excellent cjuillty In them
(I'ph. il S. These Ihiee opinion weic ouuldc
the culinary iiiuue of tlclr tliliiKiuK. They
1e1c.1l Ilic belter and liiftic Iwpiful kld of apus
tolic ihaiatter, sliowlue that they wire crad
' "ally npiiroachlntr llio lejlm of .iililtnal matteis,
, '"1 tlut tho cnorti ot Jcis for their nlucallnn
' wi.i'n lii 11 mpiMiiti biieces.fnl. lint were, lhev
Hut were they
iliilil In tliii renuist? Or weio they fccllnu'
alter liutti wblcli they ivcro unable to srrap?
Illll'bV, 'lli bid cl" not rcbuko the apos.
Uii for their leanest, a proof that Ilo wm not
displeased with them. Neither docs IU oiler to
Brunt (heir petition, at that time or at any
tliiie, an juilicutioii that they had not spoken
nltoBflhcrNin accoidjnie wllli llll will. Hut
He Iibtiucti liieui ami loads tliun into a clciier
view, "If o bad faith as a irralu of tmuliiel
wed," lie t.i.ii, Iniplylng that tlrtj desire for in
ocase wM.s not ipilte proper, A mull faith, If
Kinuino, llkiird unto the least seed (Matt, xilt;
32), was siilfklent for preat deeds. They mlulit
with It do woiuleis; they inlitlit command thu
sjiamoiu to le trampl.-inldl hi the ei and the
lice would obey. This stuleiiiinl ha pioiohed
unnlsc discussion. The rinuilc ought l to bo
taken lltciully, but figrratively, Time is 110
possible fain in iiiajln; a tiec grow- In flia
ocean. Jeua w-a not cujfaitvcl in nicli featsj
of iiijslerlous ponvr. neither did He undertake lo
train Ills followers to do tlicm. The transplant,
cd tiYO meiely icprescnlt'il the wonderful but
legitimate achleicnicnts of a man of faith (lleb.
ni; M). Thu instruction of Jeu pcrtainid to
the imturo and power of failli. lie who is cry.
In( for more filth may well doubt whether ho
has any. There may bo degrees doutyliss thcie
paslor. Sen Ice, 10..10 a. n.! Sunday selioot, 2
p. in.
Christ ilnirili, CeilJr nieniie ami lllrch slrect
llov. .lutiies WIUp, ptor. Servlcei, 10.30 a. in.,
7.3iJ p. in.! Siiiula.v fi'liool, 2 p. nt.
St. l'cter', l'ri-Motl inenuc Itev. John llui.
ilolpli, l.iloi". Seivlee, H.:tO n. in., 7.30 p. in.)
Sunday fehool, 2 p. lit.
Grace llnntbh Lutheran tlmrcli, corner Mullion
acmia ami Mulberry ilurt llev. Luther llii
Warlns, putor, ti.30 .1. to.. Sumliy Vlionli 10.30
a. in,, divine, worship! Mihjeet of permoii, "Tin
Chrlotlin llritpoiislhllltj-." 0.r . in.. YouiiR
IVopIc' Sockly of Christian Kmleatoir 7.30 p.
in., ilhlnc worship! .oubjert, "Iihh, tho Piopll
ct." Kvcrjlody wekome.
All SoulV llnlvernilhl Church, on l'lnc ulirel,
hetwecn Ailnm and .le.Icrioii nrvnuct llev. O,
It. lle.iHbley, j iloi-J n-sldinee, 023 Ailinu ate
mie. Mornlmc "in Ice, 10.'J0 o'cloel,; subject,
"Polllein'iw of ltcsutts; ri The Two nji"
evcnliiR terlec, 7.30 o'clock, milijei t; .v.lrnele,")
Sunday trlicol at 1I.30 a. in.! Mr.'. S. Ilciijainlu,
ffperlntimknt. "Vp Must H'" Ha" Asaln."
tttanireis wilt always find a welcome.
riut ilmrcli (Christ Scientist), Bill Adami ave
liue Sundny s-enlces 10.30 a. m. nml 7.30 p. m.
Sunday school. II. Ii a. in. SubM, "Ancient
.mil Modem Nccroiniiicy, or Mrsnieibm and
llvpiiotbiu." Tesflmonlnl iiieetlnui Wednesday
evening, 8 o'clorl,. The lllhle ami nil Chrlv
Han Science literature Is" Kept In Hi free public
reiillnir loom. "Science nml Health, with Key
In the srriplurei." by Maiy Hiker, will be
loaned to Inirstlpaloiii without cIuikp. Visitors
nnd letliiii of Inquiry are wclcomeil and given
loiirteom attention and lulormaiion iree.
People's Coturrccalionn Prohlhlllon rhureli
Hcv. llr. Illnl, paitor. There will be tegular
prenhlnc smlcu on Sabbath evcnlns In Morell
hall, llicikpr street, firecn Hlilar, at 7.30 p. in.
Subject, 'The Only Hoik- tl.c Home, tho Cliuich
and Hie Niilion." All are welcome.
f'abnry lie foii'.ccl Climh, Cllh-on liirl nml
Monroe nu'tiito Jliv. Mufon L. l'lior, pistor.
Seniles, Siuilay, 10 30 a. in. nnd 7.30 p. in.,
Scnilay school, n. m.! ClirMI.ui i:iidcanr,
0.." p. m. Moiuliit: nihil pI. "I'he Last JmlK
meliti" Ptpiillir snlijeet, " I'hc fllorloiu One III
Hie Mbbt of iln llnliliii f andle-ticKs."
'.ion L'liltnl rvannellinl ( liuicli, 1120 Cnpou-o
a.-enue. Pica. him. it 10.1. a. in. anil T.30
p. in. by the p.i'tor, Hi v. .1. W. Messlnpi; sub
jects. "Puttln On Clirisl" and "After Death,
What?" Sunday e-ctiool at n.l". a. in.; Kejulnne
Leanno CluMI.ui Hiidcavnr at H.30 p. in. All
uie coidially invited.
PI mouth ConKiciMlionil church, .lacksan
street, between Main and Hyde I'.nK awnues.
10 30 a. m., innrnlni; wimon and cnmiimninn tiv
pastor; 12 in., Sibbatli whool, A. II. II) mm,
superintendent; 2.1'. p. "' Mission fiunlay
school, Slieiinan ncnne, John IL Thomas, supci
intciideiil ; 7 p. lit., cu'iilns s.njce. (.ennon bv
the pistor. All unices" an- in l.nglUh. V.. A.
Ilol, pistol. .
V. W. C. .. '-'in Na-hliiKtiin avenue (lospel
tncp'tlliR at .'!.i i. in. Suiclary's Ifdr class
Monday at 7.1. p. in. AH women nml trills aic
The proRiamme of lMitinl Stiau.s and his Vieiinesi" oicheslra las been a tiiiniiphint
unc nil tbroiiKh New Voil; state and Canadi. At
Utita they ihew ner 1,000 people against Iho
counter a'ttiaetioiis of C.owinor Itoo-cielt. led
Cue ami boomlm,' Rims. '1 hi; ilectimw hid no
tenois for lVlm cither in thU country or Can
aile. In Montieal bo was iccehed with acclnn.i
lions of deliiiht nnd his pioirammes" are so well
ehorn tint every numl" r is luv.iii.ibly cneoieil,
the biR audiences Riltnu almost two coiiccrU
eveiy time finm one nihiibsion. At Ottawa, the
Rove'inor RCinral of C.innli Milt for the Rieat
loader to come to his lw and conipliuientcil
him upon bis iii.iRiiilicciit pel foi ma nee. The
press is ciloRistic in ncaily cuiy town i-itvd
as )c'l. At lloston the alliance i-ale ie.ic.hcd
M-i.ial thousand clollais ecn befoie the Rieat
musician arrbed in Hie city, and Heir Stiaii'S
duplicated his initial tiliuupli at tin- .Metropoli
tan Opiia house, Xew oik, by pail.iiiR it to
the doors. 'Ibis Rieit treat will prob
ably bo offcicd to the people of Scianton.
The utns" of the "MIKado" l.i-t
well, ill the Metropolitan Opeia house, and the
many icmiesls for Its repetition, induced the
lnaniRciucnt. tn pn,tpono tlie pioiluction of "IN
meiabl.i" until nest week, hence the "MiKado"
lias been repeated eeiy ccniiiR and matinee this
week. Tlie new opcia, "r.smeialdi," is by Ai
tliur floiiiiR ', nnd h.n nowr been siiiir in
this country. It is founded upon Victor IIuru'.s
vW'vwwwvvwwrwvwrmwwvwmvwvwV9 9v9ww'H"9'i'9
Ten Lepers Cleansed.
Luke xvii, 15-19.
aie hut be who comes sl.oit of liis achievement
need not as-inn Lis falluit" to Ihe iiiiantlty but
to the quality. !:uch is the plain teictiing of
the sixth cise.
fiI'.lt'ICi:fl In Vei-cs 7 to 10 an eiithely differ
ent Mibjcct appears lu bo liimUs.
Inif faltli Jcus dbciissts sci Ice. lie h'pothe.
latea a ease. huppo.e one of the apostieit bad
e. tenant, would ho at the dose of the day's
worl: diicct seuant lo take his supper
flitr Would lie not rather requite the seivant
to wait on him and afterwaid to take liU own
iifrciliment? And In case tlie servant did this
be would deseive no thinks, for ll wa.i merely
llio pei fen main i" of dill). In llko maiinei JcsiH
requhed Ills diselpiis to act in tlieir mlnistiy.
Ills desieu was to teach tliein self-abiiegallon and
liiimillalloii, and absolute muunder lu the will
of tlieir Master .15 a duty (ltoiu. xii: 1). Ihi
ill ill ly this tcaclihiR had fonie lelatinii with what
went before. 'I In- addics was fotitlmious, nnd
the paits aic Joined by the won! but, .1 dl-Junc.
the unijunction, showim; that the u-niaiks on
n" fiibject weie Inteniled to uist liRht
tin a matter of faith, but how? P.ilth Is a
matter of will as much as nf be intelhct
or emotions. No nun is piep.ucd for its iron
11I110 c.xercUe until he bevonics fully and humbly
Fiibmi-sho to Jenus Chrbt. Tho seivanl' fphlt
and attitude are the means of promolln,? it
(.lame? II: 17). It is Divinely trhcu. not as a
luxury for Idlciu.-, .but :n an ciiilucinciil for
pert lee.
PI.DADINl! Alter the foieaoliu: Interview with
Ills dbilples, .lesiis Joiunoed with tlicm into the
border of Palilalia. Oiniltlnir all lefeicnccs In
tlm oiciurenccs hi the way l.ukc iccoids an in
cident tliat casts fuilbcr lluhl mi tho mbject of
faith, .lust oulMdo of a lllllu lllani" Jcmis iih t
ten lepeid, TIick' iinfoiliinalii people wuu
ilieiued lo be specially and dlrclly under DiUi.o
dlspli.iHire, Out nf yrrrrrrl liy and wllli a de-
l-hi- lc ho mutnilly helplul, lulus eleptiied ot
all hitereouii-o with otln'is, they consoitcd in.
(.ether, .Stdiidluir nf.11 eil, as iiquhed liy tin
law, they nled aloud; "Ji'siw, Mulct, haic
mcicy on in." This was a wiy impeifeet ieei
nltlmi. They knew Jesics by His iiainn und by
the popular conception of Him a a public tcjcli.
it. Tiny did not appear In know that Ilo was
the Messiah, 11 truth which Hie oposlles wen.'
slow to rceebo (Matt. Mi: 1). lint they be.
lieud that He hid power to heal, and that lie
was pood ciioinili to exercise tint power. Tl.oy
bad piobahly obtalntd that opinion thiuiish th.
many repoits of His wor.deiful rures (Matt. ll;
2), whicli were in chculatlon. So that their
j.leaillni,' was 1111 act of faith and hope. How
er.incst must they have been ai they lonsideicd
their stale and Ills ability!
t l.lUX&INfl. I.cpioy was 11 loatli".tiie und
iiieurablo disease, In lt pimince all classes,
oe 11 physicians ami philanilunplsts, wciu pow
eiless. On this account Julia w.i paillcul.uly
atteuilie to Its, misciablv vlcthm (Matt. i; X),
us proof of nil bish claims, and wien ihe tneltu
weie sent out He ouieied lo imitates Ills ex
ample (Malt, m S). Hut when tbeso Ion ap
piojchcd Ha did not liuniediatcly woik a cuie,
us lie might hue done by a woul, neither did
ilo d.couiugu tliun to hope for any ullcf. llu
rather directed them to no and blow llicimchei
unto the pilc-sts. Why this older? Thj pilcts
could not cure It was their duly nioicly'to
derldo wluthoi" the disease was Icproyy (I.ev.
xili: 2), alo in pioiiouncc one luo fioin ee
cleslasllcal ielralnts when the disease a i(
mocd (Lev, xiv: 2). For this latter piupo
tho lepers were to bo. It wa" qulto tho iau
us to say that on reaching the prtct thu leproy
would bo gone, It was, therefore, a test of tlieir
faith, bomethiuir like that of Naamun (ll Kings
v; 10). Ilesldes, It was a recognition of Jewish
oidinmcc uj on other occasions (Luke v; 11).
"Hiitulibacl: of Xolre Djme," nml U llm ccomt
opeia written upon that plot. The tlrsl was .1
illnial failure, and licicr reached thl country.
After thU opera, llio miccim of which rtmalns
to be Keen, It In the Intention of the luaniiRi'inenl
Id tcle "II. M. H. I'lmiforo" la n Btylo quite
ni ilnboiatn ntnl complete Ihe present per
founanco of llio "Mllmilo." In ttils connection
It may be mentioned that (llllicrt ntnl Sulllvau'a
"Piillttiio" M recently been lovlvoil at the
S.noy llic.ucr, In boniton, uid altlioiiRh written
in n Mtlre upon the aoslliclle crarc of twenty
.ci atio, feenil to Ii.Hp lost little of lit
sparkle, and wit. 'the other npcr.n lepeafeil
nest week will be "MIriioh" und "Troatcre."
Tlie jcawu will Inst about one month lonRir, ai
the iCRutar fcmoii of opera In Italian, flcriu.iti
und 1'icihIi bcjjtns oIkiiiI Dee. 1.1.
That well known ami popular oiRanliatloti, tho
Sludlo i tub, wilt bold Its (list rehearsal for this
season at Mlsi Pipcinnn' nluillo. There will be
our tweiity.lbe lidle4 III the chorus, okiUIciI
by a Mrlnir oreheli.i. MIm Preciunn, tlic eon
iluclor. Ins selidul ?onic tliiirinltiR p.nt poiir,
most of tliein entirely new In Seranton nudlenccs.
The next, S.uuphony oirhestra concert will oc
cur nt the L.Mcuin on Monday pvcnlnir, the tenth
of next month. Dr. Carl llult, the (treat basso,
will ho tho ocJt tololst of tho cvenlnir. nnd
Haydn Kv.nn will play Mctidel-Aolm'ii plaiuTcon
rerln, with the full orehettral' niconipanliiielit.
A rpklidid pioRratnmo lias been pripjieil.
MIm Jull.t Clapp Allen appeared at the Wilkes.
tlairc Muslml club yesterday, as ilolln soloist.
Tlic 1110011118-, which was held ut the residence
of Mis. II. II. Il.iney, was ciy gucccsaful.
How It la Managed in tho Stage
Production of Ben-Hur..
Tho mechanism tiC tho chariot race
in the staijo performance of "llcn
Ilur" Is described by Benjamin E.
Smith in the November St. Nicholas.
The writer viewed the race from be
hind the Hcotiex, lie says:
Hitherto the horses have paid no at
tention to the voices of the actors In
front of tha drop scene or to tho bustle
mound thorn behind It. Hut just as
the scene Is ending, one of them pricks
up his ears nnd begins to paw the floor,
an J In an Instant all those eight pairs
of eyos are wide open, the eight heads
tiro turning nervously, and tho eight
bodies are trembling with excitement.
Tho 'prrooma take a llrmer hold of the
lilts, and the men at the brakes boar
down hard. Suddenly, without word
of cummanil or touch of lash, all of
tho eight hor&cs arc In the air! There
Is a great leap, a fierce struggle- to
shake orf the hostler'd grasp, and a
wild tattoo of beating hoofs.
''What has haupened?" we shout,
as wo jump despeiately for refuge be
hind .something that looks like shel
ter, though It is only a canvass screen.
"Nothing," answers the manager of
tills scene, at our elbow (he Is the
only unexcltcd person on the stage at
that moine nt): "the horses have mere
ly taken their cue!"
They Have watched for that last
shout of the partisans of Ben-Hur, and
as Messala immediately thereafter ap
pear0 from b"hind the drop-scene,
they know that the race is on! ror
to tlicm it is a real race, and they are
cagor for the fray.
At this dramatic and somewhat peril
ous moment the cool manager of the
race is In supreme command. He leans
forward from his station in the wings,
and at tho right Instant shouts: "Let
'om go!" The brnkes are loose.!, the
hostlers spring back, and the horses
drop instantly into their paco. and are
off, 'is they fondly imagine, down th
c-ourrfo. Tn tho next moment he shouts
again, varying only the pronoun:
"Let Iipv go;" and the pig panorama
starts on its almost equally wild enroor.
The stage bunds come hurrying oft' the
st.i(r into tho wings, almost running
ovre us as wo press close to tho man
ager, In order that wo may lose no
J. E. pilbert, D.D
Secretary of American
Society of Religious
The lepers went, and while- 011 the way tiny
were cleansed. It js a rc-mai kable display of
Je.sua' power, working lcsulls in men distant
fioin Him, and rewiiiiliiiic their elementary faith.
Plt.MSlNC 'I'm men in the way healed of
lepiosy and uxlurcel to toeicty. Another triumph
of the love of Jesus oei" bodily intliinltles One
would suppose lint these men would hasten to
lline; thcuiscbes with pnsslonalu irratitutle at the
Saeiour's feet and to thank Him for the won
deious aiH of lite and health. Hut nine of
them go their wjy and formt III111. They may
have gone on with glad liearla to rerche the
piiesl's ccitlflcite and to heek their homes mid
fi lends. They may have been controlled by
coino ahsoiblns sclllshncss, i-omo Jewish fascina
tion, some sacerdotal inteifeicncc, soma shame,
fill thaukle'ssness, foiiu- superstitious ignorance.
Put one of tlicm, and lie a Samaritan, exhibited
a hpiiit uf Kialitudc. Tumine back Willi loud
olce, ho Klorllic'il Uod, and fell on his face in
true (Mental ttjlo exprcMiie of his deep re'er
1 live ((ieii. .xlviii; 12), and f.uc liearty thanks
t Ids buiefaclor. In' this tlie Samaiitaii honored
bis own people, showing that thouirli despised,
they weio In many respects superior to tlicli
haughty und Eclf.ilcjitcous uciitlibois (.foiiu iv:
ti). 'I he incident nbo nccouuts for the le
inai kable suiiess which .Tcbiis had ill S.imail.i,
cailler lu Ills mlnistiy (John iv: .19), and wur.
lanls Ills parable wheieiu he sets these people
ahoe thu Jews (t.ul.e x; 3.1),
UIXOONIHD.-Of all the liould itales lo
which fallui huuianlty miy ilex end in'im is o
leviilthiK as Insratltiide. Tho apo-dle Paul nun
tieus this as the eliKf .sin of the ancient woild
(Item. I: il). It imrl.s the decay nf eicry Cell"
emus iiupubc". On tlie other band, luithiui; is
liioie beautiful, iiollilns,- iiiutn acceptable tn (loil
tlian eratilude (IV11I111 xcil: ).:i), It is tlie cud
of nil holy cndiaMii- mid of nil dlilne discipline'
( Whin llm nml has attained (hat Maty It Is per
f cried (I'siihn cclili 1-2). Ou tlm ocsmsIoii iiii
der consideration Jesus reoonUed the iiicrati.
tude with Mil mho and pain. "Wheic 1110 tho
nh'ii?" was His luiuhy. Hut no unswer came,
And tin 11, as Ho i-aw the one man, llu said:
"Thy faith had mado Hue whole," ,u old
piot'eib sajs, "lie who Is thankful for a famr
repays it." And there Is no .doubt tint Jesus
iccciud at much satisfaction in iiollng the
tliiukfuliux of the healed nun as I lie latter did
in the picsciice of His mighty fiieud. Golu;;
fort ll fiom his Mjtu's picseiice, the Kiiiiailtun
must Invo i.xperieneed Inexpiesslblo joj the Joy
of a found bodv, of a thankful lie.ut, 01 u
pirfonil cominunlon whh, nf (hat appiov.
hiir woul Ilo tpoki.', and of learning llio t-oerot
ot nil (.'oil's dealing' willi nun, the ilciory of
SI )1MAU . Our le.son ptcjenls four linpor.
lant fieU roniernhiK faith; Its nature It Is
like a Kialn of niiulanl seed, (ippatciUly small
yet, a pibiclple of life, luiili'ir In il-u'H llm prop,
city of ilorlopnuiili Its power It will enable
its posscssoi to do iniifhty tlilucs, what will
(rem lo tho unbeliever as impossible, us to make
11 trio niowiti thi sea without soil; lit, culture
it ilittis into tho heait, not as the result of
ashing- mcii'ly, but n bestowed upon linn who
cnusecratfs liini.elf to Jcus Christ; its iewald
cfTectlntr .1 connection between the flnltu ami the
futlnitr, it biinss new energy into man's belnrf,
the source ot health and Joy, 1'allh is ihe ohc
tilt nt soul's lellinirt upon Die l)ino promise, the
nibnilsslie soul' grasp of Dhlne powci; It Is a
lelurn to that normal stile in which Dod Ibcs
in man and acts through him (ltoiu. v; Pi),
uiul pian lives for flod and acts for llh gloiy.
I'alth traiisfouus and transposes nun. It makes
tlicm new creaturei and puts Hicin In new atti
tudes and relations. P." It Ihe alien bicomcs a
citizen, and llm rebel i nudi lval (Phil. Iv;
O jtan Wl
H Simple
BIPHI Wm as a a
'IbSHL 8,ove
SiZMMiXlHusj r
to a
Is made extra heavy, with every joint iron lo iron. There is no heat lost, and
nt the end of tlic winter the healer shows no sign o wear. It Is made for heat
' l,nt rmil jnii our 1 tioklct, you nlll know
nil Micmt linutetH tliU Is north Icuuwiui.
The Sperl Heater Company, Carbondale, Pa.
Item of tha remarkable scene, nnd all
Is ready 'for the order which will admit
the audience to a share In the excite
ment. Suddenly, out go the lights, and up
Boos the drop-scone, while the horses
are thundciliiK down upon us In the
total darkness, only twenty feet away!
Then the lights Mash out again and
the uuJlenco also has the race in full
Not. howox-or, tho race wo see; for
in reality there aro two, ono for them
und one for us.
They see the chariots from the side,
as If they hi fact sat in tlie seats
of the ancient hippodrome. "Wo, on tho
contrary, are standing, as It wore, In
the middle of the track, directly In the
path of the speeding horses, vhos
noses wo can almost touch. And the
sight is, beyond question, a most re
markable one ono never beheld by
any one before, unless ho has had the
good luck to be standing where wo
ere now. Many have, of course, bsen
able to see, for an Instant, from a po
sition somewhat like ours, a bunch of
thoroughbreds ns they flash down tho
home stretch for the finish. Doubtless,
to", the spectators who sat at tho ends
of tho Unman circus came still nearer
to the sight as they watched the char
lots s-pped toward them down the
course. But when is it likely to have
happened to any one, outside of this
mimic hippodrome, 10 watch from a
position such as ours, eight horses
racing neck and neck for a dlstanc-j
(measured by time) of over a mile7
For from the instant tiio brakes aro
loosened .until the seen 3 ends nearly
thiee minutes elapse, nnd tho horses
are running at the rate of a mile in
not very milch more than two min
How He Gets Them and What They
Tho hostilities! in China us to
hear much about niamlnrlna, and xve
aro ko apt to look upon them as Chi
nese ofllclab? of rrcut Importanco and
we.tltli. Unit It will bo news to niapy
to know thut practically every Cliliic-so
government civil servant Is a man
darin, and that thorn are thousands of
tlicm muttered about tho oelestlal 'em
pin' whose olliclal salaries iln not ex
coed ?."i per month. These are of the
lowest, or ninth class of mandarins,
and have itiht passed their llrst exam
ination, and aro usually potty officials
in ono of the numerous custom houses.
When piomotion follows in due courso
our buddintr viceroy, provided his pec
ulations have not exceeded tho bounds
of moderation, becomes successively a
mandarin of the eighth and seventh
These two steps, however, mean very
little In advance in rank, and beforo
tho r.ixth division can be onleted an
other examination has to ba passed.
A little knowledge and a stoat deal
of bribery having been successful in
getting him through this, our man
d.nln Is now a person of some import
ance, a sort of district magistrate
piobubly, and his button is of puie
white quartz, in tlih capacity he can
supplement his Income gloriously by
.substantial pres enta from both plain
tiffs and defendants alike, and In a
few years lias probably extorted
enough from both plaint Ufa and dofen
dantn alike, and In a few yearn has
probably extorted enough from un
happy litigants to join tho ranks of
the fifth class and went- a tiansparont
crystal button on his cap, Yot an
other grade, by the same means, be
may advance In due course, and upon
attaining the dignity of tlie fourth
clnss mandarin it tniquolso button Is
substituted for the crystal one.
Hero It Is that many Chinese stop
In their upward career, for before an
other step In advance may be 'mado
another examination has to be "pass
ed," and this is a terribly cxpnnr.lve Should tho resources of our
niandniln, however, prove equal to tho
occasion, he proudly enters tho thfnl
clnss, and his button, tlniish still blue,
Is transparent like amethvst, liy di
plomacy and cringing, still iuo,-o brib
ery and cunning, llio i-ecoril Imim is at
last open to him, and with a carved
red t-oinl button upon his cap he
puiudly governs ono of Phlna'H gioal
cities, lie can iiov go no higher, .mo
by obtaining ihe good will of the em
peror or of the empress, Tho niandar
Inhbli) of the first cln.-ei is tho direct
gift of the rolgnlng iiioiuiieh, anil car
ries with It Mill a red coral button,
bill qulto plain and smooth lnnlbad ot
being carved, as In llu second class.
Tlioro Is a title, "lunig," which Ii
verv rarely bestowed and which Is
practically equal to 11 dukedom. Ills
stead of descending from father to
con, however, it goes back lo Ills an
cestors, all of whom aro ennobled en
bloc, Tho examinations referred lo In
this itrtlele aro usually held lu largo
halite. The examination hull, or Koong
Vuln, as It i called, at Canton, con
(all's 7,MW) cells, llach cull measures 1
by 3, and 'Jr. hlsh enough to stand up
in. Tliii riniiliuiM consists of two
hoards, one lo sit on and the other fo,'
writing at. Thi cells are ariuiitrd
nround a number nf open rourts, so
that tltf foldlor-i who riianl th" ploco
can look In nnd wq that no student
eommunlcnteH with another. Tin
characteiH on the celts indicate nch
rtiident's particular place. Confines
nient hi so cramped an area, whero it
Is Impossible to llu down. Is said to
eaute tho death of mnnv students,
some of whom are quite old men.
For a Cold In the Head
Laxative Ilroino-Qulnine Tablets,
is a simrMc thing when you
have a Sperl Heater (coal re
quired once in 12 to 20 hours)
1 1
It is so simple any one can keep
going and have the house heated
degree as you want it, day or
Every part of a
(,'lteam or Hot Water)
Madame A. Ruppart says:
"My Face, lUouoh is not a new, untried
remedy, but has been used by the beet
people for years, and for dissolving and
rcniovinsr foroyer pimples, freckles, moth
patches, bluokbemls, eczema, tan, sunburn,
Hallowncfls, rouirlinexg or redness of the
skin, nnd for brlKhtt-ntng and beautlfylttr
the complexion It ling no equal.
It l.s absolutely harmless to the most
delicate .skin.
Tho ranrvellnug improvement after a
fo7 applications is inost apparent, tor the
skin hecomes ns nature intended It should
he, smooth, clear and hlle, free from
every impurity nnd blemish. It cannot
lull, I'm- Us action is Hiiuh that It draws the
Impurities out of the skin, nnd does not
reiver tliein up, anil is invisible during use.
This is tho only thorough ami permanent
lmrititr this month, I will offer '-to alia
tiiul buttlo of my world renowned Faca
lilench, Biitllciont to show that it Is all that
Iclulin for it, nnd any reader of this can
itend mo "5 cents in stamps or sliver, nnd
will send tho trial bottle, securely
packed in plain wrapper, sealed, allchartjes
My book 'How to bo Beautiful' will be
mulled freo to nil who will 'write for It."
6 East lAth Street, Now York
f1me. Ruppert's Uray Hair Restorative
tuilually rotnicrt jrruyuah- to its natural
color. Can he used on any shade of hair,
und Is not a dye. nnd does not discolor the
skin nor rub off Peilcctly harmless and
nlivayn gives Bitlsfnctlnn.
ftlme. Runpert's Depilatory removes
superfluous luiir In flvo minutes, without
p.un; will not Injure the most dellcnto
" Vlme. Ruppert's Egyptian Balm for soft
ening and healing tho face and hands.
rime. Ruppert's Ifalr Tonic positively
i(."moc"Sitiidrufr, nil scalp difeasoa, stops
falling luiir, and in many eases restores
Miiic. Ruppert's Almond Oil Complexion
5oap, mudn of puro iihnond oil and wax.
Dellghtlul for tho complexion and war
i nut (si not to ehup the most delicate skin.
AH nf the above toilet preparations are
nl wnys kept, in stock and enn be had from
Mmo.A. ltupperfs Celebrated Com
plexlon SpeciultSeH are for sale in
Barniitoii by
Jonas Long's Sons
Fast Trains
Chicago & North-Western Ry.
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The Colorado Special
One night to Venur
The Chicago-Portland Special
fireijon and Washington in 3 dayt
The North-Western Limited
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J'ast time to Mnrnuttlf
ami v-oppir t7ouii(rv
O change of cars. The, best of evfiry-
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or address. '"
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Cor, SUtecnth t, and Intiu; l'jce,
Ainerlcau Plin, K.SO per ly 4 upward,
Puropean l'jn, Jl.60 per day, and upirtrd.
I, v. ClUWrotlD, rroprltor.
, ,
4- For unsiiicsi ncn .
-f In tho htart or 1 the wholesaU
r dlnlrlct, , , j
For rilioniHJis
.. minutes' walk to Wariamakera;
s minutes to Blond Coopjr'u Bis
Hture. Uiiby of acgesa to. the ureal
Dry Unuda Stores. " '
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Or.o block fioin D'way Cars, glv
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to all
points ot Interest.
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Only ono lllock from Ilroadwajr.
koodh, $nft,,SMia. 1
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f.,r .'lfc." J ...