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Bishop Potter Sends an Open
Letter to Manor Van Wuck,
ot New York Gitij.
The Bishop States Thnt His Clergy
men Have Been Grossly Insulted
by Enst Side Officers of the Law.
Allegations That Vice Bather Than
Virtue Becelves Protection from
tho Now York Police A Plea In
the Interest of Decency.
D.v l.cliishn Wire fioin The Avoel.itc1 Prcw
Now York. Nov. Hi. Tilshop Henry 0.
IJottcr. bishop of the Episcopal diocese
of Xuiv York, today sent u letter to
Mnyor Van Wyok, in reference to vice
in this city and especially on the cant
This letter Is tliu one promised some
weeks ngo, when the bishop publicly
announced that one of his rectors had
been grossly Insulted by the command
ing officials of a certain police station,
and ,that he proposed to take up the
matter in a manner which the heads
oC till police force should feel. The
public has been awaiting with interest
Ihe bishop's first move, and In connec
tion with Tammany hall's announce
ment that It proposed to look into vice
and stop It, the bishop's letter received
today by the mayor is hound to form
the principal subject of discussion In
public places, as well as in private
liomcs, for some time to come.
At the present writing there are throe
movements directed against vice as it
is displayed on the great east side.
These are a quietly conducted Investi
gation by District Attorney Clurdner In
connection with Anthony Comstock's
society, suppression of vice; Tammany
hall's appointment of a committee to
investigate present conditions, and
Bishop Potter's crusade.
Bishop Potter, In his letter to Mayor
Van Wyck, first calls attention to the
work that Is being done at the pro
cathedral, l.'IO Stanton street, in en
deavoring to Improve the condition of
the poor of tho east side tenement dis
trict, In which It is located, and snys
it has been recognized as an import
ant factor in promoting the virtue and
good order of the community in which
It ministers. He continues:
Claim for Consideration.
In view of lhoe fjct.s It would hpiii that it
hits n valid claim upon the sympilhy, en-opera-Hon.
and .it leat courteous consideration of tlm-e
who oflleially represent our city gin- innicm anil
the fniardiaiuhip of decency and noml iiioliN. t
uipc here no other claim for it and I bejr to i".y
that I am not now mldies-ini; you bci-ati-v tliirc
has been others. T desire to hi-ins to your notice
a vnlirnr and lirutal absence of these in connec
tion with one who happens to hate liccn my own
representative. The personal element, ko tai as
lie or I am concerned, is of the very h-nalli-l
corsc(iicnee. Hut the thlncr that is of eonse
oucnee, sir, la that when u minister cf religion
and a rcf-idcnt in a particular nchrlih'-irliood,
ii-how calling and character, experience and
truthfulness arc all alike widely and abundantly
recognized, ernes to the headquarters of the police
In his district to appeal to them fur the pro.
tcclion of tin younpr. and defenceless atrahi.l
leprous harpies who are hired us nmticts and
(outers for the lowest and mot hif.iinoin dons of
vice-, he is met not only with contempt and de
rision, but with the cniiMst contumely and
v Does No); Ask the Impossible.
Uishop Potter then goes on to tell
how when two clergymen called at
the police station of the precinct to
complain of the notorious condition of
affairs one of them was told bv the
police enptin that he Hod: ami that
when, disheartened by such an ex
perience, tho clergyman carried his
complaint to n higher authority in the
police, ho was mot with insolent de
vision. The bishop goes on to say:
I am not, I bejf to say, unmindful of the fact the existence of viie in a city i mi
inevitable condition of the lite of sm-li ,i com
munity. I am not di-mainlini; that vice .shall bo
"tamped out" by tho police or any olhir e-ltll
iiuthoiity. This i n task which would demand
for Its iicldetcinenl n race of angels and not of
men. Hut I appioach you, sir, to protest Willi
all my power against a condition of things In
which lco Is not only tolerated hut shleldul
and cncoui'.iKcd by those whose sworn duly It Is
to repress and discourage It, and, in the name
of unsullied youth anil innocence, of youup t;lrU
nncl their mothers who, Ihoiuh Ileitis under
conditions of piittillon and Iho hard uruuKlo lor
a livelihood, In ihem etciy iii.tlw-t of
lrluc and polity thnt ale the ornaments of any
t-o-calleil Bcntlewonian hi the hind and befoio
Cod, and In the fare of Iho i-ltlcns of Xew
York I piotcst, as my people i iliirxid n.u
to do aenliist tin In. ult, tin pcrMetit
menace, tin) imutlerahlv iliiilhitr contact, :o
which day by day, becau-e ot th.- base complic
ity of the police of now York with Iho lotted
forms of vice ami crime, they aie Miuji-ct,
And, In tho name of these little, these weals
and ch I'eiicclci-1 one-, hrUli.iu and llclnnv
alike, ot many rit and tinn-iies, but of
III which Cod Is tearcd, and His law rctiicmcd,
Mid virtue mid decency honored and cinip!ifnd,
1 rail upon you, sir, lo mt'i- these p.'ople who
arc In a very real way r'nuimlttiil to your ehniiro
from a lltiut; bell, ilcfllim;, deadly il.imnlui;, to
which the crliiilml siipliicni-s of ihe constituted
nulhoritlej, for the defence of decency and
Knod order tlucatcns to doom them.
Uishop Potter. In conclusion, snyt, lw
has no methods to suggest for the bot
toi'iim of the conditions; those are In
tho hands of tho mayor, lie says his
lettor la In nceordunni with lustrhc
lions laid on him by the convention of
tho Kplseoptil church of this diocese,
and ho leaves tho matter in tho mayor's
A Searching Investigation Into the
Conduct of Pollco Officers.
ty r.scluilve Wire liom The Associated Press
Now York, Nov. JR. Mnvor Van
IVyck at once replied to the bishop by
letter, In which ho said he had passe 1
tho bishop's communication to tho dis
trict attorney, mid the wild:
I wish hero to n.ure you Hut I will ciert
itcry power which (lie law ha given to liijlit
Iho tvrougg and to do away with the conditions
of tthlcli you complain snd to fcciire i licnty
and efficient cooperation by tlic pollen depart
infill with all who arc tiorMiu: to do away with
liuhllo vloljtlom of htv and decency.
I jt.incl ready at alt tlnicfl to assist Aiid if
operate with you hi this matter.
Mayor Van Wyck's letter to the dis
trict attorney retptests htm to co-operate
with nlaliop Potter and tho police
department In the movement. In a
letter to the hourd of police commis
sioners the mayor encloses a copy ot
the bishop's letter and directs the com
missioners to at once conduct a search
ing Investigation Into the conduct of
the two police olMcluls, whom the bish
op says Insulted the clergyman. lie
also directs them to at once do nway
with tho conditions complained of on
the Kast aide. The mayor's closing
paragraph Is:
I wlh it distinctly tiuderilood that to llils end
T shall tt'o tu Ihe ulnm-d limit nil the power
vested ill in?, and I shall hold to personal
le-poiislblllly those who fall to overt, tlnin
hcltei! in lll.c m.iiir.rr.
A Wave of Morality of Startling Pro
portions Sweeps Over Tammany.
fiy 1'xchidM! Wire frcm The Associated Press.
Now York, Nov. Hi. The committee
of five appointed by Richaril Crolior to
sttpivss vice held Its first meeting In
Taniuuiny Hall this afternoon. John
Kellar, one of the committee, invited
every citizen of Now York to lay be
fore them any evidence that will help
suppress the dives or prove public oill
ciiils guilty of connivance with crimi
nal vice. "Spare no one," was Crok
er's order to the committee?. Chief of
Police JDovery has men out to close the
dives. lie declares tho town will be
closed tonight.
Fire Commissioner John J. Scannell,
who was appointed as one of the mem
beis of the committee, declined to net,
for the reason that his duties as the
commissioner are so numerous and
pressing as to precluue his service on
the committee, which, he said, re
quires the time of the best men.
President York, ot th9 police board,
today, In speaking of Tammany Hall's
crusade against vice, said he would
go to any length In co-operating with
lite Tammany committee or any other
committee to better conditions now ex
isting, lie know of the charge's that
tho police profited by winking at vice
and placed the whole responsibility on
the captains of some of the precincts,
and added that while a person might
be morally sure that such protit was
going to the police, it was liai to
prove It In court. In this line he snld:
"13 very man, except .one, who was dls
niissoii from his coinmanil after te
Lexow Investigation for that kind of
tiling is now back on the force. And
Captain Dougherty, who was convict
ed In the two courts of the same thing
has been pardoned and Governor
Itoosevelt has signed a hill to give him
a new trial."
Will Attend the Celebration of foun
ders' Dny at the Union League.
fly I'xclusivo Wire from 1 ho Associated l'rer.s.
Philadelphia. Nov. 16. Following tho
recent announcement that President
McKlnley will attend tho celebration of
Founders' day at the Union league,
Philadelphia's famous Republican club,
an additional aunounqement was made
today that Vice-President-elect Itoose
velt will also attend along with Secre
tary of War Root, Secretary of State
Hay, Secretary of Agriculture Wilson,
Secretary of Interior Hitchcock, At
torney General Griggs nnd Postmaster
General Smith. Prominent guests from
all parts of the country will he present
at the colebratlon, which will be held
on November 21.
Tho president will leave Washington
at 11 a. m. on the elate of the banquet
niul Is expected to nrrlve In this cltv
at 2.30 p. m. His special train will he
met at Wilmington, Del., by President
Joseph G. Darlington, of the Union
lenirue. The vice-president-elect and
members of the cabinet will follow and
reiteh hero ti few minutes nfter the
president. At Uroad street station of
tho Pennsylvania rallronil the president
will bo met and esoivt. '1 bv tho First
City Troop, which orgurlzatlnn has es
corted nearly every prol'lont from
George Washington down to .McKlnley.
The president will bo driven over a
short route In the central part of tho
city. Ho will ho tho guest of Kdward
T. Stokesbury at his home until even
Ily l.xcltis!rv Wire from Tho Associated I'lvti.
New Yoil;, Nov, 10. Chailes A. Tyler, tbo
oldest letter carrier In the wotld, is'iKad, Mr.
Tyler, who wa.s about f0 ye'.ira old, bad been in
Iho emnlov of the noituflieo donartmiiiL fur .V.
I year Ho dicil of heart dlse.ise l.ut nlulit hi
llrooklyn. He was ttpiioliited by 1'r.sldent Poll;,
Aiiif, 1, 1SI.", and has been kluco then until jv
trrday in continuous service.
By Exclusive Who from 'Iho s,s?oclatcd Press,
Denver, Col,, Jfcv, 10. lleforo 3.001 pcoplo Jo.
Cans of Ilaltlnioie, Itnockcd nut Kid ('.ulcer, of
Denver, in the fouvlli loimd of uha. wj$ to
have been n teii-rouiul no before Ihe Colorado
Athlctlu club tonight.
By I'xcluaira Who from The Associated Prs.
New York, Nov. JU. Itev, Alfred Plnney, P0
yearn of up", illeel today ut tho liuino of Ida son,
near Sinir Sln, Mr, I'luney entered Ihe IliptUt
ininUliy and bad thiiiei at Syracuse, Auburn
und Nctv Yoik, at Cleveland and Zane-stille, 0,
During tho abolition utdUtloii ho wan prcinlu.
cut as an associate of Wendell I'lillllps and Wil.
Ham Lloyd (iarrKon.
Washington, Nov, 10. Credcrlck V, Hoy-re,
widely known us an Intentor, electrician anil
telegraph op'aator, ehoppcil dead from apoplexy
here today, lie was 01 tears of aire and a native
of Delaware. Jlr. Itoyce was anionic tbo fimt hi
Bend a nicMac on the old printing telegraph
Instruments and beeciin one of tho most expert
telegrapher hi the country, hi bending prej
telegram ho often attained a sliced of tlxty
words a minute, flu leaven a wife, who U tscrl
otuly ill, and ttvo tout and a daughter.
John Porter, a Ncaro Who Con
fessed ot Having Killed Louise
Frost, Burned to a Stake.
On the Exact Spot Where the Eleven-Year-Old
Girl Was Killed Her
Slayer Is Chained to a Railroad
Hail, Set Firmly in the Ground and
Boasted Alive A Crowd of Three
Hundred Witness the Torture.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated I'rc.
Union, Colo,, Nov. 1C Chained to a
railroad rail set llriuly In the ground
on the exact spot where his fiendish
crime was committed, Preston Porter,
Jr., or, as he was familiarly known,
.lolin Porter, who confessed that lie
had murdered 11-year-old Louisa
Frost, this evening paid a terrible pen
alty for his deed. It was li.2il o'clock
when the father of the murdered girl
touched the match to the fuel which
hael been piled around the negro, and
twenty minutes later a last convulsive
shudder told that life was extinct.
What agony the doomed boy suffered
while tho flames shriveled up his flesh
could only be guessed from the terrible
contortions of his face and the cries
he gave from time to time. The execu
tioners, who numbered about three
hundred citizens of Lincoln county,
had not the least semblance of the
ordinary mob. Their every net was de
liberate and during all the prepara
tions as well as throughout the suffer
ings of tho negro hardly an unneces
sary woid was .spoken. Grimly they
stood in a circle about the tire until
the body was entirely consumed nnd
then quietly they took their way bael:
to Limon. from whence they departed
for their homes shortly afterward.
Preston Porter did not seem lo real
ize the awful punishment he was de
stined to undergo. As he had exhibit
ed Indifference to the enormity of the
crime, so he seemed to lack all un
derstanding of its terrible conse
quences. For more than nn hour,
while preparations for his execution
were In progress he stood mute and
sullen among the avengers. When
everything was ready he walked to tile
stake with a firm step, pausing as lie
reached the circles of broken boards
to kneel in prayer. He was allowed
.to take his time. He arose and placed
his back to the iron slake and a half
doyen men wound chains about his
body and limbs. Kerosene oil was ap
plied to the wood and after a brief
pause. Hichard W. Frost. I lie father
of little Louise Frost, whoso cruelly
mutilated body was found one; w.jek
ago on that very spot, applied a match.
For a moment but a little flickering
flame arose. Then the oil blazed up,
sparks How into the air and the wood
beiran to crackle. Almost instantly the
negro's trousers caught lire. Even
though the flesh must have been
scorched he did not utter a sound. The
"Annies crept slowly upward on his
clothing, the sparks Hew up In a cloud
of pale smoke. Porter turned Ills head
nneUi frightful expression changed his
face. With a sudden convulsive tug
ging lie .stretched his head as far from
tlie rapidly Increasing Humes as pos
sible and uttered a cry of pain. "Oh,
my God! lot mo go, meu, I've got some
thing more to toll you. Please let mo
go. Oh, iny God! My Godl
Begged to Be Shot.
In terrible screeches these words, tho
first he had uttered aloud, came from
tho negro. A terrible tugging at the
chains, a succession of awful uroans
and screams, the negro's agony was at
Inst breaking down his sullen compos
ure. Not an oath escaped Vilm, but lie
begged and pleaded to bo shot, Sud
denly the rope holding his hands
burned. Then tho chains slipped from
the arms, hend nnd shoulders. For an
Instant the hotly stood erect, the arms
were raised In supplication, while
burning pieces of lothlng dropped
from them, The body then fell away
from tho Are, tho heail lower than the
feet, still fastened to the rail. This
was not expected, and for a few min
utes those stolid men were discon
certed; they feared that tho onlv re
maining chain would give way. If this
had occurred, tho partly burned human
beliitr would have dushed -among them
lit his blazing garments. And not
many would littvo cared to capture) him
Hut tho chain held fast. Tho hodv
was then In such a position that only
tho legs were In the (Ire, The cries of
tho wretch wero redoubled, ami lie
again begged to ho shot. Some wanted
to throw htm over Into the lire, others
tried to dash oil upon him. The hoards
wero carried nnd a lurgo pile made
over tho prostrate body. They soon
wero Ignited, and tho terrible heat and
lock of ulr quickly rendered tho victim
unconscious, bringing death a few
moments later. This terrible ceremony,
wrought upon the rolling prairies, con
cluded tho second tragedy upon thnt
spot, tho terrible avenging of tho Hrst.
Through tho affair but little
was sold, As they had calmly pre
pared for tho avenging, so the pnoplo
of the eastern part of tho stnto carried
out their plan coolly and deliberately.
There was not u hltcli in tho ontlro
proceeding. Not a weapon 'was drawn;
thorn wak no angry discussion. After
the tire hud burned 'low,- they told each
other good-night, and they went Home,
They did not stop to discuss the nffulr,
Tho train bearing the negro, In cus.
tody of Sheriff Freeman and his depu
ties, arrived In Limon ut D.43 p. m.
Train Held Up.
Tho cars were crowded with news
paper representatives and people who
wero curious to see the negro executed.
H.W, Frost, tho murdered girl's father,
was one of the passengers. When tho
train stopped, sixteen men, who had
boon seletiteil by tho vigilance commit
tee, entered the train nnd demanded tho
prisoner from tho sheriff. Their every
action was marked by calmness and
determination. Tins olllcer protested In
tho name of the law, ami asked tho
men to allow him to take his prisoner
to the county Jail at Hugo, but his pro
tests wcio disregarded. One inan car
ried a rope, of which hud been formed
u hangman's: noose. This was slipped
over the nccro's neck. It was at first
announced that the negro was to be
executed by hanging. Alnny. including
the father of the negro's victim, pro
tested that such a death would be too
easy, and It wits finally decided to leave
the. method of death to the outraged
father. He decided upon burning at the
stake. The train was then allowed to
proceed and at Lake Station, about
three, miles from Llinon and near the
scene of tin negro's crime, the party
left the train and began preparations
for the deed of vengeance. Suggestions
of mutilation he fori" burning were
made, but Mr. Fiost declared against
It. Wagons were dispatched for wood,
and upon their return a score of men
usslsti'd in propailnir It for the lire.
When at last preparations wero com
pleter!, a further delay was made be
cause It was known many were on
their way from Hugo and other parts
of the county to take part in the af
fair. It had been, announced that Ti.IiO
o'clock shotilel bo the hour for starting
the fire, but it was nearly an hour later
when the word was llnally given.
Property to the Amount of 8,200,-
I rxrxn tt - a ,t,.,i au
vmu into .uc-tiiL iwijuucu xxiUiig
the Lines of the Kond.
By Kit Iti-iit e Win from TJia A-iio-itlcrl Prcs.
Xew York, Nov- lC President Fou
ler, of the XjiV, York. Ontario anil
Western nullrond company, says:
"The friends of the Ontario and
Western railroad who are largely in
terested In the management of tin
property, have purchased the coal
properties of all the individual opera
tors along Its liiv and tributary to It.
This eliminates the iiuestlon of rates
in the future and secures to the On
tario and Western railroad absolutely
the territory it has always carried,
with some additions- There is no
truth whatever in tho statement that
a readjustment of tho stock is now
being considered nor Is there any like
lihood of u dividend being declared in
tho near future. The policy of tin offi
cers and directors has the endorsement
of holders and u large majority of the
common stciekhelth'-iv.-' - !
The cost of coal properties purchased j
by friends of the Xew York, Ontario
and AVestern for tho benefit of that j
company has been about $S,"O0,0ult. The '
railroad company has authorized the .
Issue ot live per e.-nl.
notes to the amount of
sinking tun 1 i
$n,rno,000, ma- :
luring serially and semi-annually, be
ginning December. l'Jfll. and ending
iyi!. The time of payment and a con
tinuation of that by which the proper
ties of the Xew York and Scnmtem
Coal company were obtained. The
notes are a first lien on the property
of the Xew York and Scranton Coal
company, the Johnstown Coal com
pany, the Klk .iilll Coal company, th'j
Ittiyniond Coal company and the Alt.
Pleasant Coal company. In ease any
mortgage is placed on the Ontario and
Western during the life of these notes
they shall have" the
.line Hocurii. ets
tlie mortgage.
A Chapter Dealing with the Need for
Reorganization of the Mili
tary Service.
P.y !'xt-hiiti Wire from Ilu .Wociatcil I'rem.
Washington, Nov. 1C Tin feature of
the annual report of Lieutenant Cion
eial Allies, commanding the army, is
I a chapter dealing with the need for a
general reorgnniziumii oi inu mitiiary
service. In regard to thjs itueslion ho
"Tho events of tho past two years
niul a half have resulted In a condition
that tho nation must prepare in meet.
Tho need of an elllelent and well-organized
land foivo for an indellnite
period in the future is most obvious,
and tlie organization of such a force
cannot be wisely avoided. There aro '
weighty reasons why such n. service
as is now demanded of tho army can- j
not be performed by temporary organ- .
(ienerat lilies points out Hint the I
practical limitation of servlcti of the
volunteers to one year In the Philip
pines makes this a most expensive
practice, necessitating double transfer
of troops and adding enormously to tho
cost of tho orgaiil'ntion. Ho also
points nut tho uci'd of a rasorvo force
for the relief of tho soldiers who servo
In the tropics, declaring Hint tho regi
ments that have so far sarved more
than two years at unhealthy stations
should bo relieved. Cienerul Miles re
news his reeommendation that tho per
manent force of tho army should ho
one man for each thousand ot popula
tion of tho United Slates.
General allies calls attention to tho
fact that under tho law tho volunteers
ln tlio Philippines must be withdrawn
niul .lleolini'iveil boforo Julv t next.
...... "- H--
when, he says, It will bo necessary tn
begin their return homo almost imme
Ky Uxoludra Wlret from Th Ainoclated I'wm.
Sliainoliln, Xov, 10. 'Ilio KOe) men and hojra
employed at tlio Colbert colliery who ttcnt on
Hrlke on Monday hoe-amc- several of the iiiino
j tvoi Iters witt- ciischurk'Cd for atle-ndinir n luuerJl,
toitay rcturnm lo worn, ino company inn
stated tin- diiclurgej employe.
By Kscluslve Wire from The Astoclated PrtMA
Dunkirk, X. V Xov. 10. Mm. Lllnbclh Wll,
bur, a;;ed 83 years, perithi-d In Ilia llomcj ttldeli
destro.ted her home, three miles tveat of this
city, early today, Sho lived alone.
Robert W. Wilcox Has Been Elected
n Delcoate to Gondress
Over Mr. Parker.
Wilcox Was Opposed by Republicans
and Democrats Alike His Cam
paign Was an Anti-White Cnnvass
with Promises on Part of Some of
His Prienda That ex-Queen Idllou
knlaui Should Be Bestored to tho
Throne if He Was Elected.
By r.-crliislte Wiro from The A"'oci;itd Prfa.
Honolulu, Xov. (', via San Francisco,
Nov. 16. Hubert W. Wilcox, tho Inde
pendent loyalist oondlduto, has been
elected Hawaiian delegate to congress,
by n small majority over Samuel Park
er, Republican. Much depression has
resulted among all whites, as Wilcox
was strongly opposed by Republicans
i and Democrats alike. His campaign
was an anti-white canvass, with prom
ises on the part of somo of his cam
paign workers that if he were elected,
Queen l.illoukulunl should be restored
to tlie throne. The result of the vote
shows the native bitterness over an
nexation to be st'lll alive.
Republicans curried Honolulu and
the Island of for Purkor by 210
plurality. The Democratic: candidate,
Prince David Kawanunukoa, received
only about one-third as many votes as
Parker. It is reported that ex-Queen
Lliioukalani secretly threw her influ
ence to Wilcox. There is much bitter
ness against her among the Democrats
who heiped that even If they did not
elect their ticket they would at least
so divide the native vote that Wilcox
would be behind Parker.
Th'c independent native parly carried
tlie house of reprosenta lives by a large
majority. They will have fourteen
members of the house with nine Re
publicans and six independents and
Democrats. In the senate there will
be seven Republicans, eight,' independ
ents and one Democrat. With the in
dependents In control a lively session
It; expected as they are against the
ruling regime.
It is likely as a result of tlie election
that congress will bo asked fo establish
somo limitations upon the voting priv
ilege, llnny of tho whites want a prop-
crty enialiiloatitm for votes. It is ur-
pued that In voting upon a simple
color line many of tho natives have
shown themselves unfit for universal
Prosecution, It Is Claimed. Has
Failed to Make Out a Case.
By i:cluslve Wire from Tlic Associated Prcti.
New York, Nov. Hi. The case of Cor
notiiiM i.. Aivnrd. formerly note teller
) ()f lll0 p,rflt xlltlonal bank, was called
in .lie 17n!teel States d strict court to-
Jacob V. Miller, Alvord's attorney,
made a motion to dismiss tlie case on
the giound that Ihe prosecution had
failed to prove that any funds had
been taken from the bank and hence
he asked that tho prisoner he dis
charged. The Judge asked him if he
did not Intend making any defense and
ho replied that he did not; that tho
prosecution had proved no larceny and
hence there was no crime. The Judge
then gave the attorneys until next Fri
day to file briefs of the case and re
served his decision until that time,
lie said, however, that lie was Inclined
lo deny the motion.
A Negro Tnken from a North Caro
lina Jail, Gets Away from Mob.
By i:clu.tlve Wlr. from Tlie A'Jexlatoil I'rewi.
Alhemarh', N. C Nov. It!. A negro
accused of poisoning Dr. Love, who
died here uneler suspicious circtim
Htaneos several months ago, turned tho
tables on a mob which attempted to
lynch him during the night. He not
only escaped the mob, but obtained his
freedom and has not been recaptured.
On being i of used entrance to the Jail
tho mob battered a whole In tho wall.
They forced tho eloor of the negro's
cull, dragged him out und pushed him
through tho whole where they had en
tered, When tho negro touched the
ground he broke away from those
guarding tho exit and amid a shower
of bullets disappeared In tho darkness,
. -
Hy HxchiiiVe Who from The Avioclatrel 1'ixvw.
New Yoik, Nov. Id Cle-aiodi Iaic-atila, Liver
pool! Mj.w1.iih. Itotterilam; I'urst lliniiro
Naples, fleim.i, etc.; I'eiilistlvnnla, llatnlnirir via
l') inoiitlt and l.lifrliuuiir. Sailed! tluflc, Liv
erpool, llamliuix Arrived! Oral, fioin
N'etv Voile, Movllli billed: Aitorh (from
.flUuotv), New Yoik. Quti'inlown Arrived: Ki
mrla, New York for LIvertnot (and proceeded).
Lirard-IMsceli l.l lomalnc, .Netv oii; lo?
'., 11 1.
llavie. 1'iaitle point-
-l'as.-ed! Watendjiii, Hot-
Icidani for New uik
By llxolmlvc Wire from The Associated rrcs.
Il.irrithurt, ..ov. h). Charter were- Iwucd y
tliu it ale ilcpat iiiunt today to the follotvhm cor-poi-utiotw:
i'eiin.ltaiila I'lro III it t: company,
Ileeeli Cleeki capital, $1S0 0Q0. The PitUhunr
Hot Ah- Dryer and Construction company, Pitts
Iiurtri capital, $1,00(1 Odcii Stove M-inulactnrltii
company, Erie; capital, J'M.OGO. Trout Cic-lc
Water Supply company, Stroudiburi;; capital,
$1,000. I'ocono Like I'ure Watur lec company,
atroudsburei raplUl, 1(1,000.
Or l.scludvo Wire from Tha Associated IVcss.
Stockholm. Xov. ID. An anarchist named llaj.
aid, from Xctv York, haa been arretted licru.
tiii: ;Ki's this mdknlvu
Weitlter IrUlcdlons ToJy,
1 (!o:icrill Confewcd Murderer lliinieil tit Hi
Cnuieli! Acahi-vt Vke In Xew York.
lln)nll".t from IMivnll Klcrteel to C'iinirTf.'.
Prince Tu.iti to lie! Di-uisilcil.
2 General Cilbonel.ito and Lnekntvanno Coun
ty Nctv?.
3 On.c nil Wtdtticy Weekly r.uelfret of Vml-
ilii'ilp of Iho Sportlnif World,
i IMItorhl.
I.ettjr em Municipal Government.
P l.iicnl Soetnl nnrl Personal.
One Woman's Vleivta.
0 Local Cnmr'naUoti nt Newly lHtictcel
Iijy'd Work of the toeal Cotut.).
7 Local I'our CVitinelhncii Arrestee! lor llrlhct?.
A Tilbiint- rtcjnirtrr and a "l'tutune Teller,"
3 I.ocalWeit Perantcn and Suburban.
0 CJoncial XorllicMtlcin I'e-nnsylrsuui Xew
11) Slorj "The Conversion of Don Knrique."
11 Local--Sunday School Le-t'oti for Tomorrow.
Hellglous Xe.vs of tlio Wrilc,
12 Local An Improved Alr-br,ike.
Live Xotvj ol Our Industries.
An Insane Woman Throws nn Axe at
His Mnjesty A Narrow Escape
from Death or Injury.
By l'xcliuivc Wire from The Aswcialed Prow.
Breshiu, Nov. lti. A woman made nn
Httemnt on tlie life of Emperor Will
lam hero today. Stye hurled a. small
axe, commonly known a,s a hanel chop
per, at the kaiser as he rode by. The
weapon missed him, but struck his car
riage. The woman, whoso name is
Selnia. Schnupke, was immediately ar
rested. The emperor, accompanied by the
hereditary Prince ot Saxe-Melningen,
tvus driving in an open carriage to tho
Cuirassiers' barracks. The woman wai
standing In tho front rank of the spec
tators that lined tho thoroughfare, on
I lie side furthest from the emperor's
carriage. As the kat.-K-r passed she
threw the axe with such accuracy of
aim that it struck tho imperial equip
age. The crowd that witnessed tho outrage
attacked the woman, but the prompt
intervention of tho pollco saved hor
from injury.
The assailant is a tradeswoman of
Breslati. A provisional medical exam
ination of the plsoner has been made
and she Ins been pronounced Insane.
While Emperor William was return
ing from the barracks to the railroad
station he was cheered by immense
crowds of people who wore gathered
along tho route.
First Member of the McKinloy Cabi
net to Relinquish His Portfolio.
Meeting Hold Yesterday.
Ily I'xclnsirci Who liom The Associated Press.
Washington, Nov. 10. At tho cabi
net nicHing- today. Attorney General
Griggs Informed tho president and his
colleagues that after mature delibera
tion he had concluded that it would
he Impossible for him to remain a
member of the cabinet for tho next
four years.
This was the first definite response
from any of the members to the presi
dent's wish expressed at tho last
cabinet met ting that all of tlie port
folios should remain in tlie same lunula
during tlie coining administration.
The resignation of tho attorney gen
eral will not take effect until March
I next, and it is thought tit present
that all tho other member?, with tho
posslblo exception of the focretary of
war, will retain their present posi
tions. ,
Tho Chinese question was tho main
topic of discussion, Heerolary liny
brought with hhn several communica
tions hearing; upon tho subject that
had come to the state department.
Secretary Gage announced that hlfi
estimates complete would show tin ex
cess of receipts over esrwiKlIture-i for
the present fiscal year of SSO.ono.noo,
and nn excess of receipts for the fiscal
year ending July 1, limi, of $30.000,0011.
This estimate for the next fiscal year,
however, Is based upon the theory that
tho present revenue latva will remain
in force,
P.V i:.--ilu.-,tvo Wiro from The Associated I'reM., flJ., X"v. in. Mayor llt-riiim M.u-rs,
of tlii-i city, prc.-ddent ot tlio Cuban Cigar coin
piny, of Tampa, I'loiidi, where labor troubles
oeiiined jiMcnl.iy, lm tvilitcn C.'iieral Mariaucr
('ueri-a to intniee Iho aid of tlie national cot
eminent In piotcctius then." men who in
go to itviilc. Mr. Myei wi) the itu.itlaii U
Kiatii i-nouijli to demand biich action. Ho ha, en
men Idle.
Ily Il.ulutlto Wire from 'Hie Asioclattil pu-at,
London, Xov, 17. The lloer, aernnllns to the
Capo Tuttn coiiepoiidi-ut of Hie Daily Mall,
have biiiken the railway in twenty p'acei between
lllcx-mfoutclii and tlio Oruuu'c It her. and tho
lino was cut Jeatelday between lumb-.'rley snd
Ily i:xclulie Wire from Tho .V-uociutril I'letj.
St. l'aul, Minn., Xov. 10. At 11 o'clock tonliht
Dr. A. -I. Slono !?iud litis bul'ciln; "Senutor
IUvli ii in a rather restless condition but tutfen
no pain. Ill, temperature is normal, pulse lot
and respiration 32."
Ily Lxelusitc Wire from Tlio Aisoelateid Press.
Chicago, Nov, in. "Kid" Carter, of Drool;
Ijn, was idt-ni a hairline decision over 'I fits Jiur
phy, if Australia, after six rounds ot ha- flylit-hit-
at tho Illinois Athletic rhiU
Boxers Leader to Be Deprived of
His Rank and imprisoned
for Lifetime.
Similnr Penalty Imposed on Prince
Cliwang Punishment of Other Of
ficials Imperial Edict Delivered in
Washignton by Mr. Su Succession
to the Chinese Throne Afiectod.
Step Toward Peace United States
Government Dlsploased by Voa
Waldersee's Actions.
Dy Exclusive Wlrn from Tho Associated Press.
Washington, Nov. 10. Minister Wtt
has received from Director General
Sheng the following cable message,
which he communicated to Secretary
Hay today:
I "An imperial decree of Nov. 13
I prlvcs Prince Tuan and Prince Chwangr
' of their ranks and offices, and orders)
thyn to be Imprisoned for lire; Prlnco
Tib and secondary Prince Ying to be
imprisoned; s. condury Prince Lien to
be deprived of his rank; Duke Lan and
Ting Nlon to be degraded in rank;
Ka'njj Yi being dead, no penalty can
he Imposed on him; and Chao Shu
Ghtao to be degraded but retained In
ofllce, and Yu Ilslen to be exiled te
the farthest boundary."
The state .department has not heard)
from Minsltcr Conner for four days,
but his last report on the progress oi
tho negotiations at Pekin between th-j
ministers, taken In connection with
Iho department's ample Instructions
rotative to this subject, warrants tho.
ollicials here In confirming the Poklu
view that the end of the consultations
Is In sight. Mr. Congsr Is working
zealously, by direction of Secretary
Hay, to hurry tho negotiations to a
finish. Tills has Involved some sacri
fice on tho part of the United States
governmeni). yet in the interest of
concert and harmony that has boon
deemed necessary. It cannot bo con-c-Ealed,
however, that disapproval Is
enteitalned of the attitude of the Ger-
' man military commander in China ami
although the United States govern
ment has not protested against the
: punitive expeditions, which it regards
i as Ingenously calculated to cause fresh
! outbreaks among tin Chinescs, it fears
i the results.
American Prestige.
There is no hesitation in energetical
ly denying the European implication
that tlie United States government Is
moved in Its Chinese course by senti
mental and uiibusiness-liktj considera
tions. On the contrary. It is pointed
out that while sentiment is one tho
side of our government In Jiliis matter,
it Is accompanied hy tho soundcst.busl-
ness considerations, for tho animating (
purpose of tho state department now
is to prevent tho destruction of Chi
nese Integrity; to maintain the open
door for which our government ban
contended, and to obtnln Indemnity,
for the past and guarantees for tho
future. It Is felt that these objects
can be attained without breaking the
Implied truce entered into between the
ministers and LI Hung Chang and
Prlnco Cliing, but tho conclusion of
the ministers' councils at Pokln is
awaited with some anxiety.
Advices other than those to the state
department, and yet oihclal, strongly
deny tho statements in tho foreign
press that American prestige In China
has been seriously injured by the fail
ure of the United States to Join In the
punitive expedition against Pao Ting.
London, Nov. 11!. It is snld In a
news agency dispatch from Shanghai,
referring lo the alleged Imperial edict
deprives the Princes Tuan and Chwang
of all rank nnd offices and handing
them over to tho Imperial clan court
for close confinement pending further
punishment, that the punishment ol
Prince Tuan means that his son. l8
heir apparent, can never be emperor.
Engineer Killed, Baggagem-"1" nm
Three Passengers Ato Jflssing.
Dy Kxelihlvo Wire from Tlio Asswlat"' Pr
Franklin, w Nov. lft-Tho J'j
Shore passenger train, which W tllis
city for tho west nt 7 o'clock this even
ing, collldeel with a Pennsylvania
freight on tho Lake Shore vroad, be
tween Polk and Rnymllton. tweno
miles west of Prnnklln. Details of mo
collision received up to mldnlsnt
very meagre, hut tt Is knoivn .""
engineer of tho frelsh train was fciuea.
the engineer, llreman and braltcmtui
Paden, of tho passenwr train. tei.i
badly injured.
DiiBgngeniastor Tonii Sitttm., or uu
City, und three pnssentoaie inissing.
A relief train has bio started from
Stoneboro for tho scienter ""
Dy llwliidvo Wire from BAi- lai-d Pre.".
Vltt.burr, Xov. in.-l.ln i 'I'" 0-'"'1
. T.. . A- -...;. I .tuiil sir.-.
count 01 .uipynfny i-miiis-m ! - --
1 ton! McKlnley, Tl.TMiKan. !i7.Slli UMty
'and Mdrnlf, 1.674: Mat and Humm-l. U7;
Birl-cr and lljimelly, Ul'i' "'" turn'"-"1.
'- f
Dy Uxcliutve Wiro fvoJ'he As,oclateil Press,
llirrlitmrir, v. WPvemor Stone todjy re
spited Mail. '1'hoiirn tt oi Unlontowii, ttlo
t.-ai i hive been lifd next Tucsdj, until
Jan. K.
Washington. X- W- Forecast for Sat
urday and Sundsj Katttrn PsnireyltunU
fair Saturday d Sunday; warmer in
northern portioi Saturday; Kht to
frech northerly tt da. bcco-iitn ..uvi.
-t- tti"ii
.... &..?:
Ml' j&& -
p-v ,lh, -.
j. yj.wb--
. l,