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i i i jy
Calling Upon the Legislative Elec
tors to Stand by the Party Prin
cipals and the Will of the Ma
jority Y. W. C. A. Meetings and
Doings Marrlago of Victor Noth
and Miss Journey Funeral of
Mrs. Stevens Aldermnnic Cases
and Other Notes.
Tho West Side Central Republican
club held a spirited mooting liutt ovon
infr. at which a set of resolutlmiH In
troduced by Charlc.i Jl. Acker caused
considerable dl.'icus.ilon. Yhoy pertain
to tho action of the newly elected rep
resentatives In the next loRlslnture and
call for united efforts on their part
in behalf of the party and ltn princi
ples. The full text of the resolutions
adopted follows:
Whcreae, The pa-ewcro ot the illy nf Scr.inl'm
trom third to wtowl diss appears tn h un lis
Hired fact, which hut awaits the rcrtiiicatu of
the governor of the commonwealth tor confirmi
tion. As the laws gowmlm: cities of the second nppcar to be Inadequate for the can till
nml judicious rcRiilatlon of city iitF.ilrs, It Is im
Vortant that legislative merurcs be enaded thnt
will awuro a wise, clean and economical go em
inent thereof. Nothing, therefore, should be per
mitted to lessen or weaken the influence of om in promoting this ilcsliahle leg
islation; mid
Whereas, The needs of (lie several Irtish! Ivo
lMrict.s of Lackawanna rounty are ol too
imporlaneo to lie Jeopardised by any fictional
discord which msy now, or lieieaftcr, eist with
in the party; and
Wherein, Individual influence ami effort, on
the part of representative, are ineffective and
lutile unless supported hj pcrty lcadun and
lrprular party innuence; therefoie, be it
ItcsoUrd, That it is the sense ot the West
Mde Central Itepubliean chili that the icprcen-taties-elect
of the several legislative ilistikts of
Lackawanna county should enter the pirty cm
tin when held at Ilanisbure;, participate in its
deliberation.! and l.e Kocrncd by Its dcci'-lim-,
1o the end that the needs and leepumnints
which they will be CTpccted to triuird ind ado.
tale may not he ignored or ciidanircied.
The rcsoliltioiiB vcro dhciisoctl by
several members and each tool: occa
sion to express their views. C. K. Gi
ver spoke on the importune1 of adopt
ing the resolutions.. The adoption of
inesp resolutions, he said, was not for
i lie benefit of the representatives to
the lepteiature, but for the people
whom the- will represent, and if the
party and Hb interests are not pro
tected our institutions supported by
the state will suffer In consequence.
Th" representatives cannot afford to
Good Enough Cough
remedy. Dufour's French
Tar is what you need.
Hosiery Fashions
For Ladies.
An exhibition, of the latest and worthiest productions
in Ladies' Fancy Hosiery will interest many of our
visitors on Saturday.
The full season's line will be shown iu a special
display at aud near the Hosiery Department, but if
you art. in a hurry and have only time to give a"
passing glance at
Ihe Latest Hosiery Prettiness
See Our Windows on Saturday .
Many new and attractive novelties have lately come
to hand and one of the most astonishing' things
about the new productions is that some of the most
beautiful are easily within the reach of the moit
moderate purse.
There Won't Be
Room to Show 'Em
- Iu detail ou Saturday, but if you ask about them
you'll find that we have the most complete line of
Cashmere Hose for Infants' aud Children's wear iu
l the city. All sorts aud sizes are here at your com
maud. Special Bargain for Saturday Only
ioo dozen Ladies' Ingrain Hermsdorf Dye Hosiery,
black, w th split feet. The regular price is 370 a
pair, aud they're tull regular made aud a good me
dium weight.
Bargain Price on
Saturday Only....
Globe Warehouse
pn counter to the wlshr. ot tho ma
jorlly ot their party.
David K. Jones was of the opinion
that the representative from tho Klrst
I'.'Klslitllve district was elected tin
anti-Quay man, and ho did not favor
tfh adoption of thu resolutions,
Oaylord Thomas tlmURht. the resolu
tions ought to be adopted.
Charier n. Acker, who Introduced
the rc.xolutlons, also spoke In favor of
their adoption.
Y. W. C. A. Notes.
The T. r. C. club met last pvunlng.
The proRramme was In clmrsc of the
president, Miss Maud ThnnuiH.
All Klrls owning dolls should resis
tor at tho rooms next week for tho
"Dolls' Carnival."
Mr. Koohler'H cierman elat's will
niret this I'Venlnjr at S o'clock. Sirs.
Knottier is one of tho best Herman
toaeherr In the city, and as a result
rapid progress Is shown.
Tuesday evening, Nov. 20, Mary
Haines Hall will five the llrst of ti
aeries of iiractlcal talks to till 1m ami
women, "Our Hodles and How to Car.!
for Them." A cordial Invitation Is ex
tended to all women nnd jjIrR
The Hospel service on Saturday
evening will be In chaw of Mlsi
Helena Claik. the assistant secretary
of the. central association. The meet
ing bcKlns piomptly at. S o'clock. All
are welcome to these services.
This afternoon at 1 o'clock, Itev.
George Alrich will meet his Hlble class
at p.'ayer service. All women unit
fflrls are Invited to attend.
Today Is the special day In tho
young Women's Christian association
week of prayer. Service at the rooms.
115 Main avenue at '1 o'clock. All
members andfrlends are requested to
Simpson Church Supper.
Another large crowd of diners were
served with a palatable supper at the
Simpson Methodist Kplseopal church
last evening. Seasonable viands from
fried oysters to ice cream wen pro
vided in the usual manner which has
made these ladles famous for their
ability in the cooking line. Pour
tables were spread and were presided
over by the following:
Table No. 1. Mrs. Josle Knauss,
Misses May .Tones and Hachael .Tones.
Table So. 2 Mis. David Hodgson.
Misses Florence Keith and Kuth Ack
er. Table Xo. :l Mrs. James It. James,
Mrs. George Friant and Miss Helen
Gillette. Table Xo. I Mrs. E. Y. Har
rison. Mrs. F. C. 3I.ill and Miss Lulu
Mrs. Hall was generalissimo of the
affair and Mrs. Richard Castner acted
as cashier. In the cookery were Mrs.
Krigbaum, Mrs. X. Jacobs, Mrs. A. D.
Keith, Mrs. Seth AVrigley, Mrs. Eliza
beth Jenkins, Mrs. Summerhill and
Miss Annie Summerhill.
Popular Athlete Married.
Victor E. Xoth. of 1123 Lafayette
street, the popular instructor of the
Scranton Athletic club, and Miss Es
tella M. Journey, of Rockland, Dela
ware, were united in marriage at 0
o'clock last evening the parsonage of
the Chestnut Street German Presby-
25c a Pair
terlan church, Itov. Jacob Bchoettlo
performed tho ceremony.
The couple were attended by John
It. Hoth nnd Miss Emma Wlrth, of
South Scranton. After thn nuptial
knot was tied tho party repaired to
the homo of tho Broom, where n re
ception was tendered them. Mr. Noth
Is a clever alt-round athlete and until
recently was onBaged rui an Instructor
In Byntnastlo work In Philadelphia,
where ho became acquainted with the
bride, who Is a young lady or charm
ing personality nnd an amiable dis
position. They will reside on Lafayette
Before Alderman Kelly.
Joseph Copota was arraigned before
Aldermnn Kelly last evening at the
Instance of Olovanla Descliuniii, who
charged him with stealing tools. Ten
witnesses were examined, but the evi
dence was Insuiuclent and the defend
ant was discharged. Attorney IS. Y.
Thayer appeared for the prosecutor.
Thomas Moran had Thomas Mc
Loughlln arrested on a warrant from
Alderman Kelly, charging him with
bribery during tho recent election, Tho
defendant waived a hearing and en
tered ball. A counter suit was also
Instituted for threats, but tho caso
was dismissed.
Jackson Street Baptists.
Mrs. Harriet Xewell Jones, of Phila
delphia, secretary of tho Baptist Homo
Missionary society of America, will
speak at tho Jackson Street liaptlst
chutch next Sunday evening. Special
music will bu rendeieil and William
Allen and W. H. Stanton will assist
with violin and cornet,
The pastor Is preparing a special
service for young people In the near
future, to which all couples married
by him during his pastorate In this
city will be especially Invited to at
tend. The subject of his discourse
will bo "Home Ties."
Funeral Announcements.
Hew J. U. Sweet, of the Simpson
Methodist Episcopal church, conduct
ed the funeral services over the re
mains or the late Mrs. Elizabeth Ste
vens yesterday afternoon at the home
of deceased's daughter, Mrs. Otis Alti
111 us, IU4 North Lincoln avenue.
A iiuartette composed of Mr. and
Mrs. Sweet, Mrs. Shoemaker and
Thomas Abrams sang tho hymns. The
pall-bearers were Peter Hlnker, Jnsluli
Paff, X. C. Mayo, Hector Campbell,
Charles Lull and Seth "Wrlgloy. Fune
ral Director Price had charge of tin;
funeral. Interment was made in
AVashburn street eametery.
Tho remains of the late dtaiy J.
York were privately interred in tho
Washburn street cemetery yesterday
morning. Services were conducted at
the family residence, 1S0S Jackson
street, by Itev. J. B. Sweet, with Ue.
A. J. Van Cleft, of Dunmore, assist
ing. The pall-bearers were the l'ou.
brothet s of deceased.
The funeral of the late Owen Reese
will take place at 3 o'clock this after
noon from the home of her brother.
10 Acker avenue, Pellevue. Interment
will be made in the Washburn street
You Are Invited.
Chrysanthemum show Saturday at
our .--tores. MeJts & Hugen.
General News Notes.
William Mahcr, of 114 North Filmore
avenue, fell down a flight of stairs at
his home yesterday and fractured his
skull. Dr. J. J. Uremia n is attending
,John L. Itoyd complained to the
police his i evening that he was robbed
of S2 in a house at the corner of Ninth
and Jackson streets'.
rnlon Thanksgiving service of tho
English-speaking churches will lu
held on Thanksgiving morning in the
Plymouth Congregational church. Rev.
S. F. Mathews, of the First Baptist
church will preach the ssrmon.
Itov. Dr. Griflln, presiding elder, con
ducted the third quarterly meeting of
the Simpson church on Wednesday
evening. The reports showed tho
church to be in a very flourishing con
dition. The entertainment and social in the
Hampton Street Methodist Kplseopal
church last evening was enjoyed by a
large assemblage. TJie progranunu
printed in this department yesterday
was acceptably rendered.
The supper served last evening by
the Ladies' Aid society of thu First
Baptist church at tho home of Mrs.
Thomas Thompson, on North Lincoln
avenue, was liberally patronized and
excellently nerved.
Central local, No. 14I1S, United Mino
Workers of America, will meet at
Flanagan'., hull, Luzerne street, this
Miss Harriet llalley attended the
funeral of her niece, Miss Esther Da
vis, in Elmlra, ye.sterday.
The death of Mr. Petei llloom, wiiiih oe
curie J jcbtcriliy inurnlui; at tlio home of lar
son-in-law, Mr. Kiluin V. be-, of Jetlu-oii ae
nue, fiieen IlliUe. ruuous fiom thin roinmuiilty
cue of Its oMeot iisiJenlt. ami a lady nhu-'v
iniaiy gnus of chaueler .iml person nude Imr
Erially beloved hy a u-t munliir of Ineims.
She was TO ,uir-i old, nnd whs the daughter ot
the lite Philip fa Win, ami r ot 'I nouns (;,,
l'tiahi, (.'coijie and Ueliotcr fSriflin of thi-t illy,
lint little inoie Hun a jenr au her 1ius1i.hi I
dud; while in tho com so of a few .iura threo
runvln-hivi nut wij Midden death. flie la
sunlud hy lur 401.1, torji', nf C'oniordii, Kan
t.u, and lleit- 11 , of Kansas L'lly, Mo., ind her
iMuslitini, Mm. Pijiicoi and lu, lotcptilna
Kim, of 1'js.i-Iciij, t'al.i Mu. .leiiule Ives nnd
.Ml-t. 11. V. bis, of tills it,, Ml. ml Mrk.
h'c-i had lelumrd hum California hut (he nlttlit
!nl"ic tint which UnuliuU'il their mollicr's life,
Ir. .in Is unahli) to be line mlng to the
illii"i-i of lir liusiuml, whleh is liourl.v inriul
to prove dial. Mis. llloom was ill hut a few
di.w. llei !oi to 1 er family, hy width ihc w.ij
mi doolcdly Ioed, l eotc Indeid, for ji5r had
lift her ltallly iiiiluiuirid and her fine lutil
leil tmnurred. Ilris wa-t a most beautiful llfo
nnd IU niemoiy in wa ami hledbed in th'.'
hearts ot her fileiuN, 'flic funeral will tale
plant on Situiihy liumnou, fiom II19 resldmeo
of Mr, i:. W, lies, i-omir of Gran Itldje stien
and .kllouoii auime,
Mis. Ann Kunz, daimhltr of Mr. and Mrs.
Jacob Spiandle, of Stone awiim. died Tuesday
aitiiuoun. rum-Mi thU afternoon at 2 u'cloik
at the home of her parents. Inteiinent In 1'itts.
ton avenue ccim-iiry, ,
What Shall We
Have for Dessert?
This question nriscs in tho family
every day, Let us atibwcr it to-day. Try
a delicious and healthful dessert. Pre
pared in two minutes. No boiling! no
baking I add boiling water and set to
cool. Flavois: Lemou, Orange, Uasp
berry and Strawberry, Get a package
at your grocers to-day, jo cts.
that urent kidney and liver euro
will lio Bent you Two by adtlressltip; n
postal cntd (montlniili'tf lliis puper) to
Wnrner's Safe Cure Co.,Itoelicster, N.Y
Mlsj Ida f.oi eland, ol Vtnn avenue, left yes
terday for a two weeks' itay with friends in
The LddlrV AM satiety of tlic flrccn ltldgs
Presbyterian church will give a "Cfllomlnr" no
tlnl In the chmcli parlors this evening. Tho
ladles receiving will represent the months of
the jcar, ami will he tlr.,Mcil In elegant cos
tumes. Jin. H. I'. Hull, prel!rnl of Ihe soci
ety, lias chaise of the eenlin?'a entertainment,
which will ho free to Ihe members nf the roti
Rrojratloii, Its object belnfc to promote oclnl
Inlircoiirse between the member) of the church.
In cplle of the slouny weather a full honsa
Kicelcil the "Wlklies Carnival," which was re
peated nt Ihe Library bulMlwr last eenln,
unit a neat sum n,is realized for the benefit of
the library.
The t'lm-nrtli league of the Asliury Melhodlst
Kplftopal church will (rbe a social Iu the church
parlors thU eunlnfr.
You Are Invited.
riirjsanlliemum show Situul.iv at our store).
" Jlears fc linden.
Mulo Plunged Through a Trench.
Mr. nnd Mrs. John Allen Enter
tainedOther News Notes.
A mule belonging to a team driven
by a young man named Dally, em
ployed by Farmer La Hue, of Xewton
township, plunged Into nn open trench
In front of AVatklns' butcher shop, on
North Main avenue, last evening.
The wagon stopped on the brink of
the trench, saving the two men on the
scat fiom being plunged Into the street.
Tho mule was removed from tho hole
with considerable dllllculty. The trench
was being dug for the purpose ot re
placing water pipes broken when tho
c-.ive-ln recently occurred there. Mr.
"U'atkins Imd a lantern In place, but
the driver of the wagon failed to ace It.
A Pleasant Evening.
On Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs.
John Allen entertained a paity of
triends at their home, on North Main
avenue, lu honor of their guest, Miss
Mollie Terry, of Law ton, Pa. A very
pleasant evening was spent by all.
Those in attendance were Mr. and
Mis.WIlllam Van tiorden, Mr. and Mis.
Leslie Lane, Mr. and .Mrs. Will Hln
liian, Mr. and Mrs. James Lovelass, Mr.
and Mrs. Jacob Horry, Mr. and Mrs.
H. Klauniinzer, Mr. and Mrs. Fied
Terry, Mrs. Chcnoiveth. and Misses
Manda Terry, Mollio Terry, Amber
Stonier, Frances Klauminzer, Clara
Harlos, Gertrude Chonoweth, Edith
James, Lola Sherman, Minnie Terry.
Minnie Cleate, Effle Ballet, Messrs, J.
B. Terry, Will Wright, Almon Stonier.
Joseph Blsbinp, Samuel Blsbing, David
Watklns, Will Allen, Edwatd Van
Gorder, Brt Watson and Artie Kola
ling. Two Funerals.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Eliza
Hannah took place Wednesday after
noon trom the home of her daughter,
Mrs. A. L. Depew, of Amelia avenue.
Rev. S. G. Readinjr, of the North Main
Avenue Baptist church, assisted by the
Itev. W. G. Watklns, were the emulat
ing clergymen. The quartette from the
church sang "'Abide With Me" and
"The Christian's Goodnight" in a beau
tiful and impressive manner. The pall
bearers were Giles Claik, William
Cliappell, D. Itolls and Mr. Hall. A
number of lulatives and friends or the
i deceased from Sunbury aud Blooms-
burg attended the funeral.
Tho funeral of Mrs. Fred Ware took
place yesterday utternoon from her
lato home on Wilbur street. Itev. W.
F. Davics. of the Welsh Congregational
church, oillclatud. Many friends nnd
relative, gathered at the home to pay
their last respects to their departed
You Are Invited.
Chrysanthemum s-how Saturday at
our store--. Meat's & Hagen.
' Briefly Noted.
Miss iSurtha Bishop, of Diamond
avenue, entertained a few friends at
her home on Wednesday oveninir.
John Martin and family have re
moved from Church avenue to Summit
Miss Helen Chappell, of AVest Market
street, was tendered a pleasant sur
prise party on Wednesday evening-.
Dainty refreshments were served, and
h, delightful evening followed. Recita
tions by Miss Tearl Davis, of the Wen
Bide, Kumes and music were Indulged
In. Those present were Misses Helen
C'lmppcll, Pearl Davis, Oussle and Bes
sie Cohen, Llbble Danvers, Messrs,
Fred and Willard Koblnson, Clark Da
vis, Joe Cohen and Harrison Trethe
way. Mr. and Mrs, C. W. Koons, of Kaston,
are the guests of Mr. and Mrs, J, S.
Maloney, of West Market street.
Miss Caroline V. Dorsey will speak
in tho Presbyterian church this even
ing. Mrs, Harriot Junes, of Philadelphia,
gave an address In tho Baptist church
last evening 011 "Missionary Societies."
Mrs, Jones is a lluent and cultured
speaker. She Is becietary of the Bap
tist Foielgn Missionary society, and Is
well-known throughout the state. Tho
church was filled with earnest listen
ers. Miss Caroline Dorsey, a missionary
from Japan, assisted by two Jap-inese
ladles, will glvo a lecture on the "Sun
rlso Kingdom" this evening In thu
Providence Presbyterian church. The
two ladles, KlJIma Masa San and
Nakanlshlo Shliu Han, will wear the
native dress, Tho programme Includes
twelve parts, In which will bo shown
imiuh of tho manners and customs of
tho people, The tickets aru ten and
fifteen cents.
My IlxUmlvo Wlro from 'llic Associated I'resa.
Tirru Haute, Ind,, Nov. fS. Tin MriMiit? mino
liuMini; ensiucrj lodjy cUimeil four uiinu
lime sIrhcU tin- m-.iU- for an .ulunio in umuh,
UinuiiUcil by the uiglncers on Monday wlim, ly
.vfiiiiiig tn work Jonift'r t tho old scale, thej
threw out 7,000 1! luminous iojI miners of Indt.
niu out of eiiiploj menu On the other hand tho
operator declare Die miners are lonilnK back to
nork ami will foicc the engineers to accept the
old wages until the January Interstate Joint con.
fire nee.
Hy Exclusive Wire from Tho Associated I'rcjs.
Omaha, Xov, 15. In a light today between
medleal 01U demist etudents at Ouulu Medical
college uur the possession of front jcjU, Dave
Woodj, of Schujler, Neb., a pcilups fal.tlly
injured, and Joe McCann, also a Undent, terious.
)y hurt. I'lsU and tticLs torn from dviM We
Was Conducted Yesterday from St.
John's Church, Where a Requiem
Mass Was Sung Debate at Last
Night's Meeting of the St Aloy
slus Society Alderman Lentos'
Dog Stolen Number Attend
Golden Wedding Anniversary.
Other News Notes and Personals.
Tho funeral of Miss Lizzie Barrett
took place yesterday morning from tho
family residence, on Cherry street, and
was largely attended. Prior to tho
funeral the house of the bereaved par
ents was thronged with friends to pay
their last respect to the deceased, and
many llora.1 offerings were tenderly de
posited on tho casket.
At 9 o'clock tho cortege moved to St.
John's church, on Fig street, where a
requiem mars was celebrated, at tho
conclusion of which the remains were
taken to tho Cathedral cemetery, where
Interment wn.s made.
The pall-bearers were John Campbell,
Owen Lnngan, Thomas Flaherty, Pat
rick TJarrott, Michael Flaherty and
James Hohan.
St. Aloysius Society.
Tho St. Aloysius Literary anl Debat
ing society met last evening In Phar
macy hall for their second literary cx
erolses, which were preceded by an en
joyable smoker. During the evening
papeis were read by various members,
a piccolo solo being rendered in fine
I style hy Michael Coyne, followed by a
' discussion of free silver by Martin
, Walsh.
Daniel Itoyle rendered a solo, which
was followed by an Interesting debate
on "ltesolved, That Bonaparte W;ts a
Greater General Than Hannibal." be
ing discussed affirmatively by William
Daniels, Thomas Needham, Malnzhl
Coyne and Steve Duggan, while Hugh
Coyne, Thomas Handley, Thomas
Lowry and Terrence McGovorn spoke
on the negative side of the question.
You Are Invited.
Chrysanthemum show Satuiday at
our stores. Mcars it Hagen.
Briefly Noted.
Aldei man John Lentes, of Cedar ave
nue, had his fine huge brown St. Ber
nard dog stolen from him tho other
day, and no trace of dog or thieves has
I yet been discovered. The clog, which
! has been in the possession of the alder
man for nearly two years, is a fine
specimen of a tawny St. Bernard
species, being over three feet in height,
with long, hhaggy hair. The police
have been notified, but no trace has
yet been discovered of lilm.
The following Scrantonlans attended
tho jjolden wedding aunlveit-ary ot
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mack, celebrated
on Wednesday in Elmdalo: J. If.
Burgess Miss Burgess, Miss Hose,
Mrs. Chailes SchaftVr, John Mack,
John Mack, Jr., Mr. Hay, Mr. Call,
Mrs. William Heinz, Peter Herhner,
Miss ltiith Killam, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Horbach, Karl Horbach, Mi.w
Maud Mack, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mack,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mack, of Arrarat,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mutchm.ui,
Fted and George Mutchman, and Miss
Tillle Mutchman, of Klmira, and Mis.
Christian Jlcnforth, Mr. Slier, Missis
1,'Htie and Latcy Yeith, Mrs. Xorman,
and Mis. Frank MePeek, of Klmdale.
Mr-. M. Kobinson very pleasantly
entertained a number of her friends .it
tea Wednesday utternoon.
George Fager, Henry Smith and
Frederick LThl, of IJlmira, returnel
home, after spending several days with
friends ou the South Side.
The Fair committee for the coming
Athletic club fair, held 11 well-attended
meeting last evening In Athletic
Charlis Decker, of Stone aenu,
while coupling cars at the South woiks
yesteiday, had his left hand badly
snueecd by having it caught between
the bumper?.
The Loyalty club of the South S'de
Young 'Women's Christian associa
tion, will hold their monthly Gospel
meeting this evening. The meeting
will bu led by Miss Lizzie Rentseh-
The Fourteen Friends met in regu
lar busings hesslon A edn day night
I at Btst's hotel, Cedar avenue, and ini
tiated three new members, viz., Al
derman I.entcs, William Zelsmor an.l
Adam l-'teuehtel. A Jelly j-if-sion fol
lowed. I Horn-To Mr, and Mrs, James Xea
Ion, of H2i! Stone avenue, a baby girl.
CharKs Ro.-e, the gonial bontfaco of
flu Athletic Hull house, Alder street,
was H5 years old Wednesday, and last
night, In honor of the event, royally
entertained the Athletic club und
friends at his home.
dunmore' doings.
Interesting Address in the Presby
terian Church by a Besieged
Missionary from Pekln.
'I In- nt.uunl 3ii,ico of the W'nman'H
Mn.-iu1.111y society i,f the I'nuloleiian ihiiuli
u hi hi In the Audlluiium I.i-t nij,lit. Tin
incetiUK was lut in puyer by llei, Mr. Ham
mond, of 0l,lili.llit, allu wiiiih the pistol', Itev
V. ". (iibbom, ill u few cluweii wouU, lonaMlu
I Hid thn-.u pii'suit on the pihiliw lu tmo mi
tlu in. and ilcjiloitd thu fact tint the i-toiin
bad lui'wnli'l mine fiom .U t tilling the senile,
He t licit inlioiluced Ihe yptakir ot I lie; cwnlni,',
llev. CViiiliicy II, rum, ot I'lttiton, v.'lm was
ni.e nf lliu I'rrslijtuilan mlvslonailni boilc'ed in
1'il.ln. Mr, I'imi b a shunt;, tomful si akir,
who I'.iuin lomiriicii with his every woid and
commands tlu clnscnt intuition fiom hN bearers,
ll bittmi lilt icmirKi by luuludiii,- Ills audi
ence thai it wa-t the same (ind who p.'imllt d
I In od tn i'iii';iiiuii tlio lie j Hi of Jaiuin 1h.1t law
lit iu .,ic Titer, the came God who allouul the
iiiiabiiii' 1a I'an 'I'Iiib I'u, win delhircd the
Ih'.Iu'i'iI In T1I.I11. He Mid tho t.atln; of tho he.
elctttd was ihe hmiIi nf piacrs iittcinl lor tliem
iu all paita if the uorll.
.Vimr in tho lilstiny of the Clnlstlan thuich
had fo many pi.iywi lieiu iitteied as for tlue
in I'iKlii. I'ury lupptnlu leading up lo tin
tlcgc, us it is no.v looked at, li teen to have
bun pmildciilially unmixed In insure ihu deliv
erance of Ihosn In IVIiiu. Had the fclisre iom
niencul two weckt bnoiur they would lilu' been
liepriud of Immense qimntltieM of lice and wheat,
whli li in the luiautlme had been stoied liirlit
within their uiasp. Imimnsa quantities of cloth
from which sand baj were made were found
within teach. A iaiKe mill, with eight itrlndinir
rraehlneii ull ready to begin the work of grind
ing out food for the 4,000 people within the
gaten, was dlsiotered within the territory the)
were able to hold, unbracing altogether about
fifteen acres.
During the slego iheic weio about ninety liorti's
aud mules ujed a fund The IlrltUh legation rui
nlslicd an abiindiut mpply of water. Tlio only
well In all I'cldn that jleld a tupply of water
that can b used without boiling, arc located
within IU gatei. He maintained that tho Hocr
movement wan uiitl-foiclgii and only because the
It is popularly believed that warts can
be wished away, flut the farmer who
sat down and tried to clear his field by
wishing the weeds away would soon find
his crops gone. It takes working to get
rid of weeds, and the man with the hoc
must nut in many a long day before he
can take a well earned rest.
It is a singular fact that a great many
people treat certain forms of disease as
warts arc said to be treated by wishing.
This is especially so in the case of
coughs. "I wish this cough didn't
bother me so," they say. "I wish my
cough didn't keep me atfalce so much,"
and so on. It never seems to occur to
them that it takes active measures to get
rid of a cough ; that a cough is like a
weed, growing right along, nnd the
longer it grows the deeper it strikes its
If a man heard the alarm of a rattle
snake tie by he'd jump aside at once
to avoid me attack and then seek to
find and destroy the dangerous reptile.
The cough is a danger alarm as much
more significant than the rattleof the
snake as the disease it heralds is more
dangerous than the snake bite.
by snake bites each year. Consumption
slays its thousands and tens of thousands
annually and it is the fatality of con
sumption which makes the cough that
heralds it a danger signal to be promptly
heeded. Don't wish the cough would
stop. Stop it !
"I had long been a sufferer from
chronic catarrh of the head," says Chas.
T. Stone, Esq., of Whitford, Chester
Co., Pa. "About last May it developed
into a very disagreeable and hacking
cough, with soreness and fullness of the
chest. Doctors here pronounced it bron
chitis. I tried several doctors and took
different remedies without receiving any
benefit whatever. I then consulted Dr.
R. V. Pierce, in reference to my case.
The first bottle of his ' Golden Medical
Discovery' stopped the cough. I used
several bottles, with Dr. Sage's Catarrh
Remedy, ands have since had no symp
tom of a return of the cough."
" Last spring I had a severe attack of
pneumonia which left me with a very
bad cough, and also left my lungs in a
very bad condition," writes John M.
Russell, Esq.. of Brent, Cherokee Nat.,
Ind. Ter. "I had no appetite and was
so weak I could scarcely walk. My
breast was all sore with running sores.
I got two bottles of Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery which 1 believe saved
my life. I cannot express my gratitude
to you. I am able now to do very good
The surest way to slop a couh is to
use Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical' Dis
Established 1866.
No end ot
pretty j.oJuls.
Fine Furs,
Fur neckpieces
Our 'ine or
Jack ts, Ladies'
and Misses'
Tai or ' nits
will 'Mill
the Bill-"
Fur Kniiirl!ig
a Specialty.
324 Lackawanna Avenue,
Scranton Pa,
New Gaiely Theatre
II It. I.O.NC, Lessee and Manager.
Tliiee Dajs roimiiciicln.r TIIUIISIJAY, .NOV. 15.
'lho nig lliauty Miow
Hi'U'iiti a m:amovs
Ihe funniest, cajrit and piiltlest ImilcanuciM
that eier reached the town. 2 Merry lliu-lesiiues-
2. The xliaeioiH, lie Iglitful :iud chirm,
lug I'll.AH MOItIN, and a laigo chorus of hand
i,omt women.
I'ricct. tie , 25c., .13o 50e.
Ihitu Dajii, Coiniiu nciiu MO.N'DAV, MV. 13.
'Hid Original
And the raiuoui "(illti, IX lll.Ul'."
lnltsionaiiw wero foieigncrc w.u it anti-ChrN-tian.
Not neatly all Clilnce weio llocn or favored
tint mo.cniint. llmr l.iXXJ.OOii of the betur
claii lelt their liomes In IMclu b.-fim the mi)
(.lounrles lelt thiiii., feailur' wliat was In happen,
Vet they nero iiouuli'it lo prat tut It. Tlieio
were gathered In ll.e ligation refugees to Ifu
number ui S.GOO, ,HMI Iliinuu Catholics and M)0
I'lotisluut tnthe Cliilsllans who had lojt their
ull for thu sake of III lr belief.
At tlm cho of tho oddrev. u sller olTcring
was taken up, and a liberal bum wis iculUed
for the missionary i.ium'.
You Are Invited.
('Iirjsai'thcmum chow isiturday at our storrt.
Meaw k Hagin.
I.'. W, Oalerhout has rrlmned fiom I'lorencr,
B. O. , wluie he lias cstcuslie lumber Inteiests.
Ui', Anna White, of llawley, is n'omllng a few
das with Miss Allic 'I'ofl, of North lllakei)
Dr. Steieiis, of South ('jiiaaii, is isitlug his
brother, Merchant A. U. Steicns.of Marlon .trnt.
Oscar Vost returned from his bunting trip lu
I'lkc county last night, with a line supply .of
email game. Ho icports that Ills parly was wry
successful, killing two decrs. which aic due here
''"' ' "jjs ff Cf&Ti&rjfMffi' y'v
&mi:--'w' .-
covery. It cures obstinate and deep
seated coughs, bronchitis, bleeding of
the lungs and other diseases of the
organs of respiration, which if neglected
or unskilfully treated find a fatal ter
mination In consumption. In hundreds
of ccj a cure has been effected by
the use of "Golden Medical Discovery"
after all other means and medicines had
failed to benefit and doctors had said,
"There is no hope."
don't Otva IIP IIOPR.
Let every one who suffers from resptr-i
atory and pulmonary diseases cherish
hope until Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery has been given a fair and
faithful trial. It always helps. It al
most always cures. Ninety-eight per
cent, of those who use "Golden Medical
Discovery " find in it a perfect and per
manent cure. Even the two per cent,
acknowledge benefit and help from the
use of the medicine.
" I want to say a word in
favor of your grand medi
cine,'' writes Mrs. Priscllla
Small, of Leechburg, Arm
strong County, Pa. " About
three years ago I was taken
with a bad cough; had
night -sweats; would take
coughing spelts and have to
sit up iu bed at night for
an hour at a time. When1
I would walk up hill I
could hardly breathe;
would get all stopped up
in my throat. I did not
try any doctor but I saw
the advertisement of Dr.,
Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery and decided to'
try it. I took three bottles
which cured me. When-
ever people tell me they
are sick I say to them,
'Why don't you get Dr.l
Pierce's medicine? It curetf
me and will cure others.' "
Persons suffering from chronic forms'
of disease are iuvitcd to consult Dr.l
Pierce by letter, free. All letters are
held as private and their contents guard-;
ctl by the same strict professional privacy
observed by Dr. Pierce in personal con-
sulfations at the Invalids' Hotel and
Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y. Ad
dress Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y. I
This offer is not to be confounded
with those offers of "free medical ad
vice," which are made without any evi
dence of medr-jal qualification or profes
sional standing. Por more than thirty
years Dr. Pierce, as chief consulting
physician to the Invalids' Hotel and
Surgical Institute, of Buffalo, N. Y., as
sisted by his medical staff of nearly a
score of physicians, has treated and
cured many thousands of men and
women who had been given up by
friends and physicians as incurable.
Dr. Pierce's success has been founded
on the fact that he cures so-called " in
curables." There are thousands of men
and women to-day, living in the enjoy
ment of perfect health, who bless the
day when they wrote the first letter to
Dr. Pierce. Who can wonder that these
people are enthusiastic over Dr. Pierce's
metlicines and advice? Write to Dr.
Pierce. It may be to you as it has been
to manv others the first step to health.
Dr. P'ierce's Golden Medical Discovery
contains no alcohol and is entirely free
from opium, cocaine and all other nar
cotics. It is a true body-building, flesh
forming, strength-giving medicine.
Sometimes a dealer tempted by the
little more profit paid by less meritori
ous preparations, attempts to sell a sub
stitute medicine as "just as good" as
Dr. Pierce's. The only way in which to
get the cure you seek is to insist upon
the medicine which cured others, Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.
Who wouldn't jump at such a chance?
Yet " wisdom is better than gold," and
that mine of wisdom, Dr. Pierce's Com
mon Sense Medical Adviser, 1008 large
pages (in paper-covers), is sent free on
receipt of 21 one-cent stamps to pay
expense of mailing only. For the cloth
bound volume send 31 stamps. Address
Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
'"'Bur-iunder & Kels, Lessee-and Alanaj;r-
A. J. Dully, business Manager.
lliondlimst's I.atett Comedy,
"How About oiu- Alarm Clock."
Tiiees Lower Heir, oicliestra. 3); orchestra
ciiele, hi; dios circle, T.'je. Uileony, first twu
rows, 7ue', ; liule, one.
teats on sale U'clnesiliy at !) a. m.
Saturday, November 17,
Auguilus I'llou's l.'laborate I'roduction of
The Gumm's Mate
A Mammoth Scenic I'roduction. It Is to tho
Navy what "ticcict Sinice" aud "Shenandoah"
aie to the Army.
I'ltirrS Malin.-a: Loever floor, 60c.; entire', 23e. ; ihlldren under 12 years to any
p.ut (if limisi', 1.1c. Sight: Oiche-tra, H.lO;
iiiclioMij tircle, TV.; drew ciiele, 30c; balcon,
lr-t two row.-, "Jr.; balcony eiicle, 50c.
hilo of biats will open Thursday at 9 a. m.
ONI! NlflllT ONLY,
Tuesday, November 20,
Robert Rtz-ummons
In a four-act Comedy Drama of
The Honest Blacksmith
I'rlcc- Lower Hour, orihcstu, $1; orchntr
clrilc, 7.1c, j drcs ciitle, BOc. llalcony, flrst two
rows, 7.1c; circle, 50c, Ciallcry, "5o,
talo of healb opens Satuiday at I) a. m.
ACADEriY OF nusic,
II. A. UKUWiS, Munii'r.
Huntley-Jackson Co
I'locntliu,' llljf Pioduilioiis at I'opular Priced.
i.v itiii'Kitronii:.
Matlneo l'rices 10 and SO cents.
i:enliig 1'ilccs 10, 20 and 30 cub,
in a few clajs in ilurge of Dr. Winters ani 0.
V, Washer,
Dy 1'xilusitv Wire from Tho Asoclatcd l'r
Hairisburg-, No. 15. Charles I). Suni
aged IS j cam, while attcmplnt; to lioarJ
fieiitlit train at It.tde station, on tb
dliisiou Pennsylvania railioad, todays
twecu tho cars ami was crushed to del
L"H 1 ,s-
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:w ,,Ar
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-' . ..fc fc.j.-ait. t ,- nj, t .,