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,--A,i ,-Vi.vlB?lprtrm,'-t' ,
i - r . ' , ' ' T 'Si"
Iftl !
Party Loyalty nnd Republican Prin
ciples Must Bo Adhered to in Order
to Be Successful at the Coming
Election Strong Sentiments of
Consistent Party Workers Young
Woman's Christian Association
Work Special Revival Services.
Meetings Hold by Democrats.
At the regular 'meeting ot Hip West
Side Central Iti'iiulilli'im club lielil liil
evening, tlie full owing; nppeal to ill's
volcrs ol "Went Sji'iutitim was tmiitil-
nioiiHly ailuiitcil nnd rinlciTil circulated
tluoiiKh tliu nowHpupcrs and the
At .i ron'iil Hinting nf the Writ Side ( cntrnl
Hi publican cliili, following tin- iiii.iulimim ndop
t !-tl nf Miong Usolutlolls for l.ltt, lu.lully, tills
coiniullteo was appointed to present Hie matter
plainly .mil filrli tu the lteiiilH ntii nf the Mile.
olictliciuo t (In1 eMues-ril will of Hi'1 mnjoil
tv Is tliu lied luck iipiui wlili li ic. N tin- ii'iiiilly
nf nil inn- lmtlluliiii.s. 1'rotu t Itl-i.
In .1 flop gnu-miiicul like nut;!. Ilieic can be
iif nppiMl oscrpt to rcwiliilhui. Ho jou realize
Mippo-o inn .up a minilier nf .1 soiicty emu
pond nf unr Ininilitil iiiomhcis rind .-it the flu.
t fi.ri of olliitis imp cltiiliiltti lcieilos J t y
lolir, tin' ntlii'i' foit.i. If Hip hup rrcclilng
forty lotcs refu-es lu iccognlri' tin eprts-il
will i'f Hie lu.ijorlt lie cm unly tu
rendition nml lliinliy will dcstioy the society'.
Mould )nu mi tliU w,i light V N"o. Vim
would s.iy It Is :i mlp nr mill polio ami should
rritivp nil iicntu.igcmi til. tllit-ti.itious of this
principle rmilil In' multiplied, lint with one
IHITP wp will lone it.
At tin' t let. t ion in .Voienilior, lsiiO, .1
iii.ijniit.v fanned Alii.ih.itn l.itKiiln .mil liis pirly
ptimipli". 'Hip inliiuiily lefti-cd tn .upppt tlip
opionl will nf the tntjoiit.i nml illil Ihp only
ntlu'f thing po-Mii!p. Tlip niiiioilt.i tplipllul .iml
plunged us into .t ciiil liar, tlip cimcipii ui is uf
Willi h i.iti noicr In- foigoltiu.
At (lip caucus .limp oiciy
n'pii.inl in Lackawanna intinly had n fiir
cli.uirp In nlil.iiii .i' on hi.s pnly liil.rl by
nhlalning :i pliir.illt.i nf lotis It win luci liable one or iiinip inii-t Pp. 1 i . 1 1 1 1 ' i i 1 1 1 1 , Iml in
niip tan question (lip fairness nf a nomination
nt.iilp under Hip eomili si-trm.
ur prp-pnt in i. not lip jn,t i nun
r.iih nf in would iiiilulilu.illy wi-li, lull it is
Hie liil.i-l nf tliu t.iiily i'ptp.-cil will nf Ihc
Iti'pulilii'.lll p.ilti nf Hip inunll. 'I hit i- miiiip
tlmu' inlitlpil tn nun.' w.-iulil Hi, in .mi Itnli wi'i in iipiiiinii nml i' Miliuiit kliniilil,
nnd dm-, i, ill fni ihp upHi. .mil nllc
Ki.itiip nf en i.i .it. i w'h'i U nlLnhdl In (In.
piini iplc-. uf Kcii:lili(.iiii-ni .mil (lie in-.liliill.nis
uf uur (niititi.i.
He hip iipi'p.ilini,' In mu lm piili liiy.iltv mil
for HtQililii.iii piini i.l -.. It inn bolide tint
Good Knough Cough
remedy. Dufour's French
Tir is what you need.
al llih irlls In tlir liUliry of our country
IioiiW Ii.hp a lt(piil) prolilpnt. rrinciiilipr
It Is iuit ni liiipurlitlit Hint wc lino the nntoit
of Krinilillcnti i onei i "Mntn In tin lioitm1.
Wc nlj Jniir u.itnllil intnliliriilloii nf tlipse
limllirs, rxprt Lilly wlidi, ni ill iMnt. n f.ilrly
iltfp.itpil cjinlldjli fur Hip ciiiiitic'liiiul nsinlim
Hun li usklni for jnur miIp. An- on I'dJctcr
In the rnlo or lulu p.illpy nr tire oi n trtio
ninl iuiidlriit Aiiicrliitu who lipllcr.4 In llio
jjprpdtiPM nf Hip i.prpiPil wltl ot the ln.ijnilty?
If It lint not .itirady iHPinrril. f iipprilipinl
cr.ifly plforU-wlll ! mndp tn n'f ,l'1-"
kI.iiico In uur I'oiitily nml lpltiillp nindlil.itp.
Wp Lii'iipHily iriiiliid jou Unit nil wp lu' dil
npiiIlM wllh lull furip tu llictii. 'liny nrp our
piiity M.nulniillieiKM in our louiily nnd 111 mi
tinny ilep U fur Hi pfrrrtliuiP" upon Hip '!
oih coipi nml rptfliuiiit uf which It li iom
n)pil, so It N with our p.uly.
Wo iniil l.irp up our dltilit nnd pnutily or
Bililatloii. TI1I11 wc ciiiiint tin If wp inluiitntlly
Miiiptnlpr tlie lionois nml (inoluiiipliti nf our
I0111I ulliipi lo (lm Kpiiinciiipy.
This U a llcpnlilkiin lounty nnd liy pnty
(pally wo on easily ploit our uliolp tlil.rt.
Therpforp, wo r.iinoitly iukp .mu to (to to Hip
polls on Hip shlh d.11 nf N'mi'iiilicr nnd 1L1 nur
duty as a (niillcnl Hi pulillian. Vole Hip
Mr.i'lKlil hy pl.uinn oitp itiwi in Hie iliolc
at Hip nf Hip llipulilli.iii minimi.
Yihus fnr the micip'W of the entire HiLet.
The Wot hldp t' llpiulilluti t'luli.
liy firlf. T. ILuls, flinrlis 1 1. Oiler, Ch.irloj It.
A(.Kir Coiutultlpp.
Y. W. C. A". Work for Girls.
Tho West Scran ton brcanch nr tlic
YouiiR Women's Clirlsllan association
has i.sMtiud 'it ilullnltiB tho ad
vantages of their inlucatlonal classes
and nivltliifr yotiuir Klrls to Join In
the win-k. 'I'hc as-ioclatlon Is not ex
clusively fop working girls, although
It Includes many nf tliam.
Jt Is not it club of society young
women, hut It includes them; It Is a
hand of younp; women each working
for the development of their s-ex alotif?
Christian lines. The educational,
physical ami social advantages aro
also inii'ortanl factory lu the work.
ClnsMsti aro arram;ed for nearly
every afternoon and even 1 11? In tho
week, and flopel services tiro held
Sunday ufleruoons Mrs, Kochler will
Instruct the pupils In German thN
evenlnK, and to-morrow all orders for
cakes will bo filled. Tea will he served
In the rooms election night from 5
to S p. m.
Special Revival Services.
Special rcviwtl services will ho held
In the Hummer Avenue Presbyterian
church throughout r.eNl week. Th3
servicer will begin iauh ovenlns at
T AT o'elo.-k. R--V. . i. Coiifjir. evan-geli1-'.
will assist the pastor through
out lh.- services.
On Tiiesdtty evening Row Charles
Rnbiiivon. D. 1.. will speak. Tho
l.tistnr bus been having some Mieciut
ijitfctingy preparatory to the: revival
her icea and already nvuiy souK liavo
professed faith in Christ.
A deep spirited Interest exists
iimoiiL tliu niumli 'iM nnd good results
aie antii'htated. Tin.' public are cordi
ally invited lo attend tho meetings.
Cities No. v.i. of tlio Wiislibuni street
Presbyterian Sunday school will hold
a social in tlie church this evening.
The members of the Summer Ave
ruu Presbyterian chinch will hold a
Laces, Trininiings, Ribbons
And Latest Fancy Neckwear
For Women Who
Follow the Fashions.
Our Lace aud Trimming Department is at its very
very best now. It fairly overflows with -novelties aud the
newest tilings for the adornment of beautiful women.
Lace Nets, Spauglcd and Jetted Nets, Gold Leaf Ap
plique Trimmings, Russian Lace Applique, Fine Hem
stitched Silks, iu black aud white, Gold Embroideries,
etc, with narrow styles to match, Besides these favor
ites we show everything iu dress trimmings that fash
ion calls for, and leave no desirable materials out of
our stock.
Ladies' Smartest Neckwear
Has grown to be such a fiU that it requ'res coustaut
care and study to keep pace with the new creations
and ideas that are constantly claiming attention. We
save busy women the trouble of devoting precious time
on this important matter bv watchiug out for their in
terests at all times. New Velvet Collars in all shapes
aud shades, Lace, Silk and Chiffon Ties, Ruches iu
. , Chenille, Liberty Silk. Chiffon, etc. in black aud eveu-
". ing shades.
And the Great Ribbon Department
Offers inducements too numerous to mention. It is
complete iu detail, economic, iu price aud so perfectly
adjusted to the needs of the hour that if you know
what you waut, and it is fashionable, you can find it
here, Today aud tomorrow we make a special show
iug of novelties in these two great departments, aud
. . as au inducement to visitors, offer tor Saturday ouly
r No, '40 Silk Taffeta Ribbons, hemstitched aud in all the
shades for street or eveuing wear at
16 Cents a Yard.
Globe Warehouse
collage prayer nioclltig litis evening
at tho homo 'of Raymond Freeh, Clar
tlcld avenue.
A Hallowe'en parly was hold Wed
nesday evening at tho home of H. I),
.Touch on North Hyde Park avenue,
which watt attended hy a cotorlo of
young people, who were plciifiaiitly
Clarke IJror. have made arrange
iiiintN lu receive the returns on elec
tion night and will, display them from
their show windows on North Main
Mha Mary Johns, of Sotilh Main
avenue, stepped on a rusty null Wed
nesday and mirrored from the Injury
vciy nuieli.
The Ladle' Foreign Missionary fo
cloty of tho Simpson M. 11. church will
meet thin evening at the tho home of
Mrs. r. a. JX'Ptiy, 521 North lduuoln
Thu Young People's Dancing class
will resume their social kosfIoiim In
Mcnrs' halt this uV"nlng.
The Mt. Pleasant union of tho United
Mine Worker) of America, b"ld a
meeting In I'o-opcratlvp hall last ev
nltig nnd transacted tegular business.
St. Patrick's Ladles' society mot In
St. Leo's -ootns l,.it evening and en
joyed a social session.
A cake and coffee stppfci' will ho
f-cived In the Silvatlon Army bar
racks on Pierce street at S o'clock this
Misses Margaret and Nellie Muiph.v,
of Jackson street, entertained fiends
at their home Wednesday evening.
V number pf young people from tho
First Welsh Congregational church
gathered AVednesday evening at the
homo of their pastor, Rev. Uitvltl
Jones, to celebrate Hallowe'en. A
very enjoyable evening was spent.
The Democrats of the Sixth, Klghth,
Flftcnth and Fifth wards, held meet
ings Inst owning and listened to nd
dresses by Attorney William Shcan,
John P. Quhman. John J. Murphy and
Candidate T. 1). Hayes. The meetings
were held In fiolden's and Flanagan's
The tuneral of Charles J. Morgan of
102S Pine street who died Wednesday
evening will take place this nfternoon
at 3 o'clock. Services at the house at
'J:r.O. Interment in AVushburn street
M.iltheiv Connolly, of LcRKitt sticcl, this end,
anil Mi-H Lonii-o Ilcir, of Asliloy, worn miirioil
Woi1iiomI.iv oicnitig at 8 n'lloik in tliolr new
lionic on Tin oop i.tieet by Itev. (I. A. One. The
inoiiH were neatly funiiflieil anil in li.ippy a
group of nieiry-niokeii sh out (t.itlicrtil at a
luililiiijr iieie on li.inil tn honor tlie occasion.
Mr. Connolly ii mil known ill .Vnrlli Svunton
.11 .111 inilustrioiis nml telialilo jounu nun nml,
willi Iih aiuuiiplWiiil jminsr wife, will be hi.nt
Hi welciiiiieil iu tliii 101 lion of tlic city.
Mi. William Scott, the iiokio-i lei turcr, ad-ilu-.-cil
.1 laige .iiulieme in tlic Vmtli Main Aie
line Iliptist ilnirch List cieiilng. Mrs. SloU in a forcible ni.niner. in.ikiiiK her e.splan
.ilimis Miy dcir. Hoi Mibjccl was 'Women'-)
Ml-Mi.iuri Suiielii-." M. Scott U u n-y
lin'itht M0111.111 .iml iloeiirs lunch crulit fur the
K.101I wolk she i iloiiiR fur Ihc people of tlie
'Ihc l..nlies Aiil widely of Hie l'rniiileiiie
Melliinli-t Cpivopjl 1I11111I1 -lill Imhl n New
KiikI.iiuI mppci in Ihc ininili p.nloi.-. Thuiuliy
cuniiiK, Noi '.1. The l.i.Jics Mf well known
tor the iMcllcnt Mippcr-. tlici n'lie, mi be Hire
.iml ilon't liii- thi-. one.
All union iniploics of the Von mine,
knmiii .is Ihc Itiici Mope niiiic. arc iiiinstiil
to mei'tiiiR iu O'iUIIcj'a hall hituuliy niglit .it
7 (.Mm I..
'Ihc Ol.iuipia 1 liib will omliu t theii annual
5ud.1l iu Uic Ainlitoiiiini, u. "it.
Mi-, (hold Minul,, of Kiliu .neinie, ii cnler
t.ilning MUs Xillic Hailcy, of t.'.iihonil.ilc.
Mrs. Ilnnn.ili .Miller, of West M.ukil sticct,
is iiititi! friends in StiouiMniii.'.
Mr. and Mi-. Paliick (.'onnolli, of l'.iiker
street, .tie rcjoiuni; oer tlie aiiiul of a Jouug
Mr. and Mrs. Aiuhew SlitlTcr, of nileiille,
line the Bile-Is of their claiiitlilor, Mr. Ilaltie
Mead, of Parker street, for tlic past few djys.
Albeit White, of Miort aientie, was analKiied
before Milerman Mjers jc.itcrday on a lery Mri
ii'ii iluigp pictured by John Jones of Miort
.1.1 mu'. .mil 11.1s lichl in ball.
Al tlie home of Miss Jennie Jenkins, on O.ik
(.licet, cloning, .1 party was Rlien anil flash-light-,
neiu taken. Those who line present were:
( a-iic Jenkins, Anna Mulgan, Mary Watkins,
M1II1 Williams, Cassle. i:nii-, Uell.i. Macdiniils,
Jennie JenUln, lalitli Men, Janet Thomas,
Ketuiah, lleitba Tliomis, Mlhlieil Ueese,
Del l.i Mllln; Ibctoi D.iiii, David Watkins,
James Willi im-, Will llaiun, Iticliunl Slnrplcss,
Will Hauls. Thomas, Hauy Lewis, Thomas
William. Ilowaiil Kians, Will l'airy, Alfred
llobeits, Cieotge ltee-e, Uintel Jcnkim.
The dlcon Itidgc I1ul1lslli.ll school will begin
011 Satiuday net at 2.CU p. 111. at tlie. Oieen
ltulRC llhiary.
'I he t:.ra Hippie Republican club will meet
In their looms on Cum Ithlgc tlicel at T.H0
(his culling. A lull altimlaiiit! is leipiesttd,
as bu-ir.ess of iinporlaiiie U 10 bo transictcd.
Mr. and Jb-. C. 11. Tobey, of Capuiise aieiiue,
intitlalned their filemU with .1 iciy pleasant
Halloiie'iii party on Wcdne-ilny ciening.
Among tho-c pic-cnt line: Ml. and Mis. A.
liis, Mi, and Mm. C. II. Miminahir, Mr. and
Mis. i:. Mar.-h, Mr. and Mis. Ilallsle.ul, Mi. and
Mis, llaiincll, Mr. and Mt.s. A. Hunt, Mrs. Teal
and Mr. llcrbi-it Tobey, of Mollis, X, Y.
Ileibeil Tobe.i, ot Mouls, ,N, V is tlie gueat
of his luulhei, r. i:. Tubcy, or I .ipuiisc incline.
'lliu (iii'in Hhlge Wheelmen will leciiie clic
tloii ritiuiis at tlie tlub hoii.e 011 Cieeu ltidge
slicet, 'liiesila.i on niii?, .Nm. H.
Miss Viilaud Ktlliiui, of I'll,.' (ouut.i, is the of Miss tic Jackson, ot capuiisc aieuiic,
Mr. and Ml-. P. 11. C.nell, of (iiccn llidge
slicet, gne 11 Mij delightful "I'luuioni party,"
with li was gicilly mjojiil by a uuinbw ot their
fliuids, 011 Uilliiwc'en nlslil.
IScv. It. M. Ouin, 1). U., c,f I'lieouKiillc, I'a.,
will biglu .1 sciies of cpeclal 1c1i1.1l liucllnss
licit Moinlay iilht III Ihc lludley hticit Hap.
liot chinch. The M-iilees will begin al S nMocI;
nml 1011II1111D niglilly. Tho p.islni, llcv. J. I..
Kiiamei, will bait) iluiigc ot tho thu'lng and
ulug a nolo cadi ten ice. All me wcluuue,
The IKniouala of the boiougli held" a juuss
met ling iu TeiiipeiatKC hall, on I'liisuuii stiect,
last ciiiilng,
Mldiael Muuay, a iiilii"!' cuiphocil 111 the No,
1 fchaft of the l'ciii!s)!.in!.i Coal louipiiiy, win
hint by .1 fall of lock Wednesday 11101 iilntr, UU
Injiiiics wtic found, upon ciainluallon, to he
HVtie, but not miIoim. Iu was taken to liU
homo on Kast llilnkir blieet, and is restln?
quite cotnfurlalily.
Today will liu obseived us All Souls' Hay ut
the M. Mail's Catholli' -Mafcn will
bo celcbralcd ut 0.'M anil S o'clock.
'U10 condition of Mi W. P. llurly, of Web.
btcr .nciiiic, who has been lay skk, ii sonic.
what iiiiiiriiicd.
'Ilin Sialic club will nit 1 1 .Mluida.i .ii'tenu-ou
nt it ii'ilmtt ut the lenldcme nf Andrew Mjeilclt,
011 IIjiiUhi uieiiiie,
MiiU'iliiteudent ot l.iizomc ( .unity lloppoi' ami
wife, nf Poiranti'towii, ure gucU at tin homo ol
Mr. and Ills. I', 11. SjihIci-s,
llev, II. M. (.Ken, ). p., ol I'lioeiilwllle, I'a.,
will begin spciial toilial kcrvlcei m-t Monday
culling, Nov, .'1, at b oMoilc, ut tho Dudley
Sheet Hiptlst church. 'Ilieie seniles will ion
tluue nightly aud l)r, tlieen illil preach. Tlic
p.utor, Itcv, J, li, Kieainer, will haio cliaigu
of Ihe tinging and will also sing a kjIo at tlicM'
keriiies. A lonllal iuillutiou Is eilinilul to all
t I1ri.-tl.11is to cuiue and In Ing their iiusaud
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup
Has been ucd lor oier Dr'TV VIHHS by
illl.l.lO.Nb ol MOTHKHS lor their C'llll.URKV
whim: TiiK'iiuxii. with rmtiKtr
It SOOTIIKS the CHILD. SOrrr.NS tho (iUMS.
Is the best imudy lor DIAltllllOPA. t-old by
Piuggitl In fii'iy pait ol Ilia world. 114 mtu
and ul. for "Miv. Wliuslow'i. Soothing fyruii."
uud lake no other kluJ. TVcnty.dio cciilu u
Tho Members of the St. Aloyslus So
ciety Gave an Excellotit Pro
gramme In Pharmacy Hall Hal
lowe'en Party Given at the Homo
of Miss Kato Myers Sad Mishap
of a Spoctie Social Events
Planned for Tonight Other News
nnd Personal Notc3.
The St. Aloyslus Idlertiry and De
bating club, which was organized lust
Thursday night, conducted their llrst
literary exercises hist night In Phar
macy hall, on Plttston avenue. Tho
society, which has for Its aim higher
mental culture and the development ot
public speaking, Is composed of active
nnd Intelligent young men, who dcslro
to advance themselves In stud.v and
prepare themselves for broader walks
In life.
Tjast night's piogramme evinced deep
study and careful preparation, and also
proved very luleicstlug.
Thomas Needham gave a clear, con
cise essay on tho "Jesuits tn America,"
and was followed by Hugh Coyne, who
spoke of the "Life, Character and Writ
ings of J. Fennlmoi'o Cooper" iu 1111 In
teresting manner.
Solos were rendered by Stephen Dug and Daniel Uoyle, alter which
Thomas Smith fully explained tho
"Otlgln of Coal." A splendid essay on
"Tho Life. Character and Works of
General Lafayette," by John A. Ward,
closed their first, though highly suc
cessful literary exercises.
Hallowe'en Party.
Miss, Kate Myers, of Uecch street,
very pleasantly entertained il throng
of guests at a Hallowe'en party at her
homo on Wednesday evening.
Prior to the mystic midnight hour
the time was spent enjoyably In listen
ing to songs and piano solos, indulg
ing in various games, bobbing for
apples, roasting chestnuts, after which
a dainty repast was served. As tho
hour hand neared 1 o'clock, each miss,
with a broom under her arm, took a
position on the sidewalk and began
sweeping, and the first gentleman who
spoke to thai particular miss after that
exorcise was supposed to marry her.
Those present were Misses Frances
Myer, Hannah Myers. Gertrude Sclut
maii, Amelia Schunian, Kate FIncke,
Mary AVirth, Gertrude Lcnkcnutcln.
Gertrude Mulherin. and Messrs. David
Thomas. P. J. Mulherin, TCmll Schmidt,
John Lenkenslein, AVilllam Myers,
Owen Myers. George Pfelffer and
Charles Hornbakcr.
A Spectre's Sad End.
One member or a festive gang of
South Scranton boys, which was giving
a second night's celebration of Hal
lowe'en last night, came to grief in a
very funny manner.
This particular Imp had a penchant
for masquerading in a spectre tint fit,
and used, as spectres aro generally
supposed to do, a whito sheet wrapped
around his body. This Happed- lu the
night wind, and was suggestive of
country graveyards. After a little pre
liminary skirmishing with an irascible
old fellow on Brick street, the hitter
gave chase lo the gang, who all got
away from him except our friend In
the sheet, which had become wrapped
around his legs and was hanuierlng
every step he made.
AVhen Cedar avenue was reached the
spectre dfished across the street, which,
owing to the pave being laid and the
rain, was very muddy, and stepping on
his Happing sheet, fell foremost in a
largo puddle of mud and watiir. He
got up slowly, looking very much like
a mud turtle or a clayweel, while his
pursuer sat on a nearby stoop and
roared at the little fellow's discomfit
ure. The latter slowly untangled the
wet and dirty sheet fiom him and
quickly disappeared.
The I.o.i.ilty club of Ihe f-outli Siianion A'oung
Women''. Ohiii-lian association will hold thilr
regular monthly businc-s inciting lids owning
In the assoiiatioii loom-i Tlie ilas in lltcrutuic
and the wilting class held a lm y trvdnn
Aii.iiigcmcnfs aie being nude by the Ladies'
Aid loiioty of lie Cci'.ir Aieuiic Methodist
chinch lor .1 tuikey dinner 'llianksgiilng day
iu the chinch pallor-. Those .Illinois hcielofuie
hue alwajs. drawn large ciowds and It is be
coming an annual cieiit.
The Soulli Mile bise lull team, one of the
hailing amaleur b.isc bail oigaui.uious lu the
ilt.l, all it a most Mine till mason, will hold
a lull tonight iu WuikliigiiK'ii' hall, Aider
Tonight a llipubliiaii mass miotlng 11 111
be held in Coicoi.111'1. lull, (Villi' aicnuc. d-ihes-c's
will be ni'ide by the lion. William Cou
nt II, Molr, lion. C 1'. O'Malley, 11. A.
Zlmiiioimau, P. b. Loiighiau und Chatles 1.'.
Miss K.itc N.ihill, of luing amine, cmplojcd
hi the S.iuquolt fill: mill, M-ieiely cut lie r left
tutu icsliul.iy morning by baling It caught in
11 hook. Thu wound bled piotu,ely and Ihc lady
was taken to Dr. Walth's otliic, whcic the In
Jurlis iuic diessid.
.Mi lliu Itoouey, of 0.17 Aid. 1 nticct. who had
his light baud bully inanglid by a tall ui lock
in .1 cUlein last Saturday, Is tlowly linpioilng,
J. A, Moom and family, loimcrly of Ulke,.
llano, haw uiUen up their abode iu the
house of Kvan Jones, collier nf t'hciiy hlicit
nnd Plltstou uicnuc.
Ml., f.h.uks llakii, of 10i)7 Cedar avenue, is
K'unly ill at her limne,
tieoige liu km jn, of I'lit.tou aieuiic, who
was icicntly engaged In woil. ut I'lillailelphla,
has returned lumu,
Mu. Joliu Tltelbeijj i ill at lici home, 1727
I'ittstou uitnue.
Itilliatd (iilllin, uu old and well l.nouii u-ildtiit
ol Old I'oigo boiougli, illnl lat night, uitrr tev
rial inonths' illness-, which began in a wvcie
nihl. Mr. fiilflin wics a miner by occupalon,
und U fciiiihnl by hit wile and the lollowlng
ihlldiciii Maty A., Sadie, Dell ( und Mrs. Junes
Cllpln, John, Thomas uud James. The ftinei ll
will bo held at li.oil 11M01L touiorioiv uioiiiliig,
llluh mass will be tung at M. I..1W rente's church
nnd iulruniiil will be made in the Mlnooka
Mr. and Mi. Peter OVoniior, of MadUon .no
nue, Duumoic, were called upon late Wcdnisday
night tu mourn ilia deutb of Ihiir jouugcit
daiightei', Tho liitlo one had u-Jiliul a most
liilerfi.llng age and as the joy of lur fond
paidits. niooiii ami kouow now tour the
Mm. Miry Seal, nf Kliuluiiht, died .irslrnljy
allir .1 llugeiing Illius. Tho ilruuicij uu a
incmbci of .Mo-cH T'ajlor SUIcr lodge, No. IU,
of Scruuli'ii. The will tako place tn
luoriuw afternoon. All members arc icipieslid
In be pre-ent.
Ml. Mary A. Osgood, aged 'J7 je.irs, ol SiO
Uiihlcr Mn-ct, tllvtl jetlcidiy uftcrimon fiom
iliphllullj. Shu 19 biirihrd by a hliibai.d und
two children.
Is Circulating One in Favor of the
, Viaduct.
T Fellows Mason, of AVcsl Kcranlon,
who Is probably tho most enthusiastic
vladuetonlan lo be found In the entire
illy, when he read on Wednesday
about tho petitions presented to Mayor
Molr, asking hint to call a pttbllo meet
ing, that those who are opposed to tho
viaduct might bo heard, decided lo
start a counter petition. '
This petition, Instead nf requesting
tho mayor to call a public meeting, re
quests him to atli.t his signature tu tho
viaduct ordinance Immediately. Mr.
Mason staled to 11 Tribune man that ho
left It at Davlen' drug store for a little
while on Wednesday night and secured
a whole batch of slgnatutcs.
"Look here," said he to a Tribune
man yesterday, pulling ll out of his
pockel. "Here's a petition that I've got
up, ami the slgnntttics aro the result
of about a half-hour's work only."
A casual glance al the nclltltiu re
vealed tho fact that It was sltmcd by
about fifty of tho leading citizens ot
AVest Scranton.
"Wo can secure several thousand
names If we want to," said he. "Wo
want tho viaduct and we're going lo
got It."
John Sheehan and Alice Jacoby Are
Charged with Taking $100 and a
Wntch from T. W. Mansfield.
Matthew Conlln, John Sheehan and
Alice Jacoby, till of tho central cltv,
wero yesterday afternoon arraigned
bi-fiiic Mayor Molr on tho charge of
taking $100 In cash and a silver watch
on Wednesday fiom Thomas AV.
Mamtlleld, of dot Chestnut street, AVest
Scranton. The trio pleaded Innocent,
but after hearing tho testimony of -Air.
Manstleld, Patrolman Loun Day and
Special OHlcor John Tlerney, his honor
discharged Conlln and held tho other
two In ?500 bail for their appearance
at couit.
Manstleld claimed that AVednesday
lie met Sheehan and was in I1I3 com
pany during the greater part of the
afternoon nnd evening up to about 8
Sheehan introduced him to several
friends, and at the end of tho day's
work. Manslleld found himself minus
watch and money. The watch was
subsequently recovered, but the money
!s gone.
Manslleld informed Patrolman Ms
Colligan of his mishap, and a small
hi .itbl.iclc, who was at the Hotel Jif
ktns. on Penn avenuef while Maus
iii'ld, el' al., were there, approached
Special Olllcer Tlerney early in the
evening and gave him tlie following
information: "Dere's a dead easy
mug at do AVbite House, an,' I jus'
saw it loldy with him pick a wad of
dough out of his pocket." He gave
the olllcer more information of a simi
lar mil are.
When Tioiney and Paliolman Day
entered the Hotel -I if kins, they 1m
lnodlatoly arrested the Jacoby woman
and Sheehan. Conlln, on their ap
proach, threw a watch to the floor
and tlic ofllcers' suspicions being
aroused, he, too, was arrested. It was
subsequently developed, however, that
the watch was handed to Conlln for
Inspection by Sheehan, and that on
tho blue coats' entry, Sheehan would
not take it back.
Sheehan and tlie woman arc loud in
their protestations of innocence.
Hy Kicluslie Wiic fiom Tlie Assoiialed l'icsi.
IIaiib.liuTK.Xiiv. 1. -These chartem neic grant
ed today: M. If. Mijdain Paint company, Pitts
lung, capital, isl.UOO. The Dig Itim Mining com
pany, Clearfield; capital, IfJO.lKJO. The Turllo
Click Klcolric lompauy, Allegheny; capital,
ijsjno. Saltsbuig Class company; capital, 91,000.
Amcrii.iu Tiiist company, I'lttsbuig; capital,
?.i0,i)D. I'm: ItiiUe Coal company, Indiana
county; capital, !U,000.
What Shall We
Have for Dessert?
This question arises in tho family
every day. Let us answer it to-day. Try
a delicious and healthful dessert. Pre
pared iu two minutes. No boiling! no
baking ! add boiling water aud set to
cool. Flavors: Lemon, Orange, Rasp
berry nml Strawberry. Get n package
at your grocers to-day. 10 cts.
"llursuniler & If els. I.cstcciand olaimjers.
A. .1. Duffv. lUisiness Manager.
Nllilll. NOV. U AND .1.
MU. sAlHllt MIUULIiV, in the Musical Absuidlly
Electric Spark.
llictj tiling New,
I'lWT.h MflllT, Oiihrtlia, 7'ic ; llnluslu
aud Diii-.s Chilci, 'liv,; entile llakouy, 30c,
Spec Id Matinee Pi ices Orchestra and Orches
tra Circle, a.ic.s Pn.s3 elide, 'Jjc,; cnihe
ll.iUuni, :!.ic; chlblun 11111U1 11 ica is to any
pait of house, lie, Aduinco sale will open
Wednesday at ll a. m.
It. A. lKOVN.Mnab';r.
Tl.uisday Nliilit "WIcLtil Loudon."
I'ridav NTuht ".Musa'i. Laiullm;."
SUuiday Mghl "All for liohk"
AT.I,'"xiIxT AM'.I.K-rsl l. JI.VIIM.i:-'.
In lleiierlnlio.
Prcsciiliui; Monday ciculni;, "'Ihc MinUtei'a
Son," 11 pastotal iiinedy, Iteular piius Mill
pieiull lliiou'liout tin lutk.
New Gaiety Theatre
Thursday tJVlatinde, Nov, 1
IS Cliaimiiitf uud Tulcnlcd tlltU-15
Pally Mjiliicc.
I'ltlCXtj-U, 5, M aii'i W nuts.
rAH s1fcAW,KVyrf'
Here Are Twenty-One Items That Form th
Most Gigantic Combination of Bargains Ever Of
fered by Any Store, and VVhlch Will Crowd This
Store from Top to Bottom Today.
Our Great One Hour
Friday Afternoon Sales
Sale No. i
Begins Promptly al
Two O'clock.
Sale No. 2
Begins Promptly at
Three O'clock.
Sale No. 3
Begins Promptly at
Four O'clock.
Another Phenomenal Sale of Kid
Do 3011 recall thai dense matt ol luinnnlfy of
two wceki ngo, stniRilliift to get hold ol th
Brealrt gloio bargain rirr offered In Bcrinton?
Supposn wc tell you that this onn ol today.
Is far mincrlor to It; won't you bo hertf Tl
lot conslsU ol 1C0 pairs ujid Include cvonlne
(times In light dhndcF, sizes V&, 0?i and 01 ulno
tno-cliisp und 4-button gloves In all lengths; h!i
from bi to 7W. excepting one aire, 6W, of which
there are only a few. They aro gloves which
any other rtoic would aril at $1 to'$l.G0 rulr. "lQn
Al 2 o'clock, for One Hour "'"
Oroat Two o'clock Sale in the Base
ment. Here mo 1 Items tliat will pny you to travel
many miles to get hold ol. They form a apodal
teat uro of the Pure Food Show. You may buy ths
loimcr, and enjoy the latter. Head tho details.
GALVANIZED 1'AILS, full 10-qiinrt aire; cxtia f "yc
licaiy and alwajs sold at Site. At 2 o'clock lor
CLOTHEM PINS of the best turned wood; aKty K
in a box. For one hour you get the CO lor ''
WASH WltlNtlERS, mado by the Anicricnn
Wringer company; tho name alono tells you they
arc tho beat. Wood frames and adjustable clamps.
Heat hard and solid rubber rolls. Positively worth
mid t.old at $2. I'or ornt hour al 2 o'clock (none Qfis
to dealers) for yuw
11UOOMS Como early if you want one for a
trifle. Tho best qunllty ttock, made Irom new corn Qg
and always 30c. For one hour at 2 o'clock lor '
l'TaUHES Genuine American terra cotta Fig
ures, finished In gold antique and ivory effects,
comprising all the famous authors, poets, musi
cians nnd mythological subjects. Sold in all other Cp
ttorcs at 43c. For ono hour at 2 o'clock
(One only to a buyer.)
CUIITAIX STKETCIlER3-Don't dry curtains
the old way when the "new" Is so trilling in
cost. Stationery pin curtain stretchers, tho fold
ing Kind with best clamps and braces. Always JKn
S1.S0. For one hour at ww
(PlION'OGItAFIl COXCEBT Following the Two
o'clock sale, Mr. G. L. Ackcrman will give a.
Ki'.inil recital on the magnificent Improved Edison
t'onccrt Phonograph the finest instrument iu ax. I
istencc. Fuod fallow- Concert platform.
Very Important Offering of Dress
That you may come to know this Dross Goods
Store better, wo make exceptional offerings for
Friday. This one in particular appeals to your
sense of falniew fiom a price standpoint. 38-inch
licaiy weight Homespuns in light, medium and
dnk greys; also Stl-lnch Pebble Cheviots in
many dcidrcd colorings; alao 10 pieced ol extra
good riuality Plaid IllacK suitings, tor opes ami
skirts needs no lining. Your choice at Jl o'clock
Ladies' Dresden and Silver Handle
The Umbrella bargain ot the century. It's sur
prising what CdSh will do when you confront a
manufacturer who lias something good to sell.
Witr.cs: Ladies' 2(l-incii Umbrellas of splnidii!
quality, 'Jit lili'ck Serge coierlng. with fancy
llruidcn handles in many designs and colors; 3lso
sllicr capped Congo handles. Would bo a bar
giin at 75c. And yet all you will pay us at 3
rt'i'liink fnr ttipm will be
Friday's Greatest Shoe Bargain for
Wc do not bclieie that am stoii ever offered
.Midi shoe value us is reprcmvrcl hero in this lot
for tomorrow. Four bundled pairs of ladies' finest
Dongol.i Kid Button Shoes, equal in make and
finish to any three-dollar shoe on the market.
Idlest toe shapes and newest military heels.
Winter weight soles, stocks tips and circular
seams; foM'd vamps. Every pair positively guar-. jO
antccd. For jut ono hour Friday at itaj
Big Lot of Handsome Laces for This
So long as the public clamors for Lace bargains
we'll continue to supply the demand with offers
liku lids one: Take jour choice of Vala Point
cl? Paris, Duchess anu uncniai iaces in uoin
whito and cremc, and in widths up to 6 and 8
inches. Hlehcst and ncwcit of patterns, and a
phenomenal One Hour Bargain at, yard
Big Comfortable Comforts for Fri
day's Sale.
Get beneath on or two of this Friday kind
during the cold 11 inter night:,, and you can dely
the efforts of Jack Frost lo pinch you. Fine
silkolino Comforts, full sire, 7272, mostly in
iluk colors', illllnir of the best elude ol cotton.
Clean und sanitary and neicr Fold by any store
for les-i than fl.2j. For One Hour at
On Second Floor. Important Sale
Tourist Hats.
Tho dressiest, the nobbiest, t'.io prettiest hat of
the car, and brought doini to tho minimum
of expense ut this great Friday Sale. Ladies'
n. . ..... .... .... ...1.. I.- ...,!. .11.. 4t..:.i1..J
JOliriSC 11.111 ill UU LOIOId, UV.lUbllMllj' I.IIIC.ICU
with polkadot bands; sold In all stores at !)8c
For just One Hour, second floor, at
Ladies' Finest Coutil Corsets Little
On the Second Floor and it will pay you well
lo ti.nel up there after them. Knough for all at
tho hour. Finest Coutil Corsets, 4-hook stjlc,
haidsomely tiimmcd with lace. Pink, blue, drab
and white. Cheap at Sue., but yours for One Hour
Children's Flannelette Dresses For a
Might as well dress the little folks comfortablo
while' ion arc about it. We'll help you, if jou
como today, Flaiunlellc of finest qual
ity, picttilv tiimmcd willi braid. Good width at
skltt and ilnlihcd wllh decu hem. A Bleat bar
gain, on Jlain Floor
Fine Outing Flannels at Big Price
You'll find this best lor nklrts and house waists,
ami it ion want tomething comfortable uu some
of it fo'r a bith rube. Two lots; mm ol Plain Out.
ing, kiionn ui Uioektou's Canton Flanuol; extra
weight and full 30 inches wide; Eold all over at
VM; The other is lancy Outings in light, me
dium and dsrl; stiipul etlicts. Veiy lien and
pretty. For just One Hour, 4 o'clock, at
Men's All Wool Socks; Very Cheap
for Friday.
The first chance the men haie had at a Friday
Sole in seierul weeks; so wo limo picked one of
the best things In thu stoia for them. Vine all-
.--.... ... t,i ...I ...ctl. .rciiv, Iii.aI iinrl tnm. A
11001 nocitl Hi mum ,.. .,.., ...-. - - -" -
sock that oidinarily would be good value at 25c.,
..... ntr ui a ..Mock for One Hour at
Boys' Shirts and Drawers at Lowest
These aio ol heaiy weieht bilvcr grey fleeeed
luateilals uhleii ensiiics warmth und comlort
dining the winter. Shirts unci Drawers in sites
fiom 20 to 31; also a lot of grey cotton goods
ill sires rrinu 23 tn 34, Gaiments that are cheap
at 33c, lor Ono Hour at .,,,
Boys' Finest Knee Pants; A Great
IV ii weeks ago you had a clianoo at the cheap
er sorts; now wo oiler you tho Sunday kind at
an uncommonly low price. linen Pants ol thu
tlnest all-wool materials, undo with double seats
and knees; all taped scams. These come iu blues,
browns und grey; also iu stripes and plaids;
newest patterns. Sites from 3 tn 15 yours, and
woith from 6uo, lo T.1c. the pair. Heady at
prompt 4 o'clock, on tho Second Floor lor .....
Cretonne for Quilts. Big Sale on
Third Floor.
n urn want to makp a tour ciiillts for loursolf.
buy thu material on Friday, home for curtains
and pillows, too, . Finest iialteiiis lu Ciotonne,
lull .laid Wide; all new this season. Cheap at
I,'', the ).ud. Heady at I o'clock on the Tldfl
I'looi for, yaid ,,, .,.. ,,,,,.,,,,m.,i.
Plant Stands, Great Bargain, Fourth
.laulinlcic, plant or flower stands, whicheter
.uu I may to call them, at less than halt
inii o lor Fildiy. 01 uniquo colonial designs, tin.
Isl.i'd lu Finnish mahogany or oak. Supports in
(ull seipiiitlnc of heaiy stotk, combining itrengtk
ami neatness. A gleat buigalu ut 4 o'clock on the
luiu tit Flour fur ,.,..,,.,.,..
1 9c
Jonas Long's Sods
ft ,fft
-JSiri Ji"
tM- j5te