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C7The Scrnnton Tribune has opened
n Branch Office In Carbondale and
will print a dally edition devoted to
the Interests of the city, the aim be
ing to supply Carbondale with a
daily morning paper, containing all
the news of the Pioneer City. Com
munications of a news nature, per
sonals and all Items for publication
may be left at the new offices In the
Burke Building, or may be sent by
mall or 'phone. E. L. Hatfield, man
ngcr of the Carbondale edition, will
bo pleased to receive callers seeking
Information or desirous of Impart
ing it.
Home of Miss Mollle Nolan Filled
with a Happy Throng.
A party was huld at the home of Mr.
nnd Mrs. John Nolan, of Pike street,
on Wednesday evening In honor ot the
annlvciKnry of this birth of their
daughter Molilc.
. The home ot Miss Nolnn was very
flagrant, as It was decorated with
palms and all manner ot flowers, with
Hags and bunting of all descriptions
t Ined among them and covering the
'walls. The scene was a very prottv
one. Oames were the order of the even
ing, Interspersed with vocal and ln
'strumcntul music. There were a num
ber of out-of-town friends of Miss
Nolnn present tn Join their congratu
lations with those ot her city friends.
Miss Nolan was the recipient of a,
number of birthday piesents ot sub
stantial value, and one, which she
prizes most highly, is a portrait ot the
famous labor leader, President John
Mitchell, of the United Mine Workus.
During the musical portion of the even
ing's entertainment there were a num
ber of vocal solos, and a duet bv the
young hostess and Miss MncDeimott
wns rendered very delightfully. Up
sides these theie was an instrumental
duet by the Misses Sadie Collins and
Nellie Gavin, of Jermyn. A bountiful
anil tastefully served supper was in
dulged in at about 11 o'clock.
Those present were the Misses Mnry
McDormott, Lizzie Scanlon, Beatrice
Howard, Anna Walsh, Dora Broivnell,
KMle Frnlney, Anna Qulnn, Sadie Col
lins, Lillle McCltrone, Nellie I,oughlln,
Nellie Gavin, of Jeimyn; Nora Lynch,
Mary Mannion, Lizzie Howard, Mollle
Nolan, May Campbell, and Messrs.
Claude Oliver, Harry Brownell, Robert
Cox, George Alexander, Robert Helms,
Royd Oliver, Herbert Hlsted, James
Malone, James Cannon, Michael Bar
bour, William Connerton, Michael Mc
Chrone, Andrew Nenlon, Frank Nealon,
Flunk Nolan, Michael Monohnn, John
Gavin. Timothy Gilhool, of Jermyn,
and Robert Lamoreaux.
At the Young Men's Union.
At taji rooms of the Young Men's
union on Wednesday evening there was
a Hallowe'en party, and beside the
masculine members of the union there
were a number of the fair sex present.
Among the features of the evening was
a ballot for the presidential, congres
sional, state and county nominees. This
ballot showed an almost evenly bal
anced opinion among the voters, with
tho Republicans slightly in the major
ity, as follows:
For President William McKlnley, 29;
W. J. Bryan, 2."; John U. Woolley.19.
For Congress William A. Connell, 28;
M. F. Conry, 2G.
For Representative In Legislature
Timlin, 8; Philbln, 27.
For Sheriff John H. Fellows, 31;
Charles Sehjidt, 23.
For Prothonotary Copeland, 29; Nor
ton, 28.
For Municipal Water 31: against. 13.
On next Tuesday evening election re
turns will bo lecelved by special wlto
at the rooms, for the benefit of mem
bers only.
Getting Ready for Winter.
Richaid Udy, the city gardener. Is
busily engaged these days in trimming
the shrubs and dees in the paik and
putting things In spick nnd span con
dition for the fall and winter. Bosldes
these horticultural duties Mr. Udy em
ploys his time In keeping the streets
clear of cows and other stray animals,
which he drives to the pound. Quite u
number of bovines roam the c'.ty thor
oughfares, and Mr. Udy's olllclul posi
tion as "cow-catcher" is no sinecure.
The People's Lecture Course.
The Rev. John W. Phillips, Ph.D., D.
D., will open the People's lecture course
on November l'J, with tho subject,
"What I Laughed at In Palestine."
These lectures will be given In the
Bcrcun Baptist church during the win
ter. Each and every one will be free,
with the exception that a sliver offer
ing will be taken.
Cycle Club Spreading Out.
Application was made to court Wed
nesday for n charter of Incorporation
by tho Carbondale Cycle club. The sub
scribers to the application were Claude
R. Smith, George F, James, Henry R,
Brlggs, Clinton A. Morgan. John D.
Day, Joseph A. Hoole and D. W.
-Tuneval of Patrick Sweeney.
The funeral of Patrick Sweeney, who
was killed at the "Lookout" on Monday-evening
by u Delaware and Hud
.twiwixatn, was held In St. Rose's church
.V&stei'dny afternoon at 3.30 o'clock. The
'.Interment took plnco In tho new cemo
Jtery.. At large crowd of (railroad men
were'ptosent to pay their last respects
to one of their number,
, Meetings Tonight.
T Palestine commandery, No. u,
Knights Hemplars.
United American Mechanics, Junior
m Laokawann.i encampment, No. 18, I.
'.O, O, F.
The Park Is Shut Up.
Tho path commissioners adhered
'strictly to their programme of closing
Memorial purk on November 1, and yes
terday tho gates were locked, tho elec
tric light removed, and fiom now until
, r Curt U Throat and Lung Affections.
Otttfaf Ktaulac. Refuse substitutes. M
Vis sure
cure RhcuauUta. l 3 cti.
May 1 there will be no admittance to
the pretty little triangle. Tho leaves
aro being gathered and carted away,
tho water will be cut oft from the foun
tain and ti favorite resting nlnce for
unambitious wanderers will be closed
to them for the balance of the year.
All Saints Say.
One toast, ol nil the church onUln,
I, though no churchman, love to keep;
All Hnlnts the holy dead who Ho
In Hod's still memory folded deep.
lames Ititwll Loncll,
The Trinity Episcopal church llttlng
lv celebrated tho observance of All
Saints' Day yesterday by two services
In the church, one helng a communion
service at 8 o'clock In the morning, and
the other taking tho form of a sermon
at 7.30 In the evening, delivered by the
Rev. R, A. Sawyer, the rector.
At the Roman Catholic church of St.
.Rose de Lima high mass was cele
brated nt 8.30 a. m. by the Rev. Father
.Thomas F. Coffey, rector. Confession
was heard from 3 until 9 p. m. During
the day three solemn requiem masses
wore celebrated over the remains ot
Patrick Sweeny, Mrs. Joseph Pcrrl, and
nn Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. John
At the Opera House.
The Huntley-Jackson Stock company,
which comes to the Grand opera house
next Monday evening nnd gives eight
performances during tho week, is n
large organization. The company num
bers twenty persons and curries a car
of sneclnl scenery for Its production,
which Include some of the largest
scenic plays over attempted In tills
country. Next week they will produce
"The Futnl Card." "The World," "In
nocent Sinner." "For Liberty nnd
Love." "Michael Strogoff," "Just Re
fine Dawn" and "The Tornado." Among
the scenic outfit they bring will be en
gines, .steamboats, tugboats, patrol
wagons, freight trains, horses and dogs.
This company has tYie sole right fur
these plays in the United States. This
will be their third season In this sec
tion, and their past reputation Is a
guarantee of their present perform
ance. A private wire and operator will
be on the stage and receive full eke
l ton returns on Tuesday nlslit, both
during and after the performance.
A Missionary Society.
Mls Queal, of Klmlra, N. Y gave a
very interesting talk to the young
ladles of the Methodist Kplscopal
church of this city on Wednesday af
ternoon In the parlors of Mrs. Meak-
er's private school on Wyoming street.
As the result of Miss Queal's talk a
young womun's foreign missionary so
ciety was formed, with the following
officers: Mrs. A. D. Preston, president:
Miss Minn Frank, (list vice-president;
Mrs. W. G. Scuriy, second vice-president:
Miss Nina. Rolls, recording sec
retary; Miss II. M. Pascoe, conespond
ing ecretary; Miss May Kllpntrlek,
treasurer: programme committee, Mis
Clara AVatt. Miss Pauline Coleman.
Mis. W. F. Nye.
Progressive Euchre.
Miss Julia Kllhullen gave a progiess
Ive euchre party last evening at her
home on Brooklyn Rtreet, exclusively
to her lady friends. ! Besides 'the caiil
event there were a number of other
pleasant pastimes. Indulged in. A de
licious and bountiful supper was
served. Among those who enjoyed the
evening weie Mrs. J. R. Loftus and
Mrs. J. J. Brennnn and the Misses
Katie Butler. B. Kllhullen, Mary Buike,
Tillie Murphy, Kathryn Pace, Alida
Nealon and Elizabeth Swaitz.
Too Late Now to Escape Penalty.
Yesterday was the last day for pay
ing city taxes without a pennlty, but
there was no rush of property holders
at tlie city treasurers ofllee. It wns
very quiet there, as it bus been all the
week, notwithstanding there will be a
penalty of three per cent, added after
last night's receipts were compiled.
Perhaps the lack or anxiety to escape
this added item may be explained by
the' fact that the majority of tho as
sessments were paid eaily In the fall
A Miner Hurt.
John Mannion, n miner, while at
work yesterday afternoon, met with a
serious accident. He was pushing a
loaded car through tho mine, with his
back to the bumper, when his foot
slipped and ho fell, striking on his sld.
Dr. Lowrey was summoned and he
found Mr. Mannion'. s side severely cut
and bruised. He was carried to his
home, where It was said last evening
he would probably be able to be around
In a few days.
Helped to Ordain a Clergyman.
The Rev. M. C. Elliott, of the Con
gregational church, assisted In ,tho or
dination of Rev. K. A. Boyl as' pastor
of the Plymouth Congregational church
in Scranton Wednesday. Mr. Elliott re
turned in time tn preside over tho mock
election of tho Young Men's union.
A Change in Time.
After tomorrow the Now York, On
tario nnd Western Railroad company
will discontinue train No. 203, which
leaves hern for the north at 1. 112 p, m.,
nnd train No, 201, which departs from
Carbondale for Scranton at 10,02, until
further notice.
Getting Ready for Election.
Tho Carbondale. Republican club held
n special meeting Inst evening at the
club rooms. Plans were formulated to
get out a full party vote next Tuesday
and other matters of Interest to the
members were discussed,
A Traveler on Railroads.
W. D, Cornell, of Philadelphia, trav
eling passenser agent for the Chicago,
Burlington and Qulncy railroad, made
an olllcial trip to Curhondnle yester
day. A Thimble Function.
Mrs. James E. Rurr, of Si Lincoln
avenue, entertained a number ot ladles
at her homo yesterday afternoon ut a
"thimble ten," She will hold another
this afternoon.
More Gas Mains.
Tho Curboudalo (Jus company has
mudo u contract with Hugh Atkinson,
tho contractor, of this city, to extend
their pipes to several streets,
A Friendly Greeting.
Mr. E. L. Hatfield, an experienced
newspaper man of Scran ton.has opened
up a Curboudalo branch of The Scran
ton Trlbuno in the Burke building. Mr.
Hatfield Is a genial fellow and bis ad
mirable quality of making friends, to
gather with his business ability, will no
doubt make him successful In Mi
undertaking. The News extends fra
ternal greeting. Carbondale News.
There Is Soon to Be a Wedding.
It Is said, on good authority, that
there will be a wedding in tho St. Rose
Catholic church the latter part of No
vember. Tho contracting parties will
bo J. J, Jordan, a lawyer, of Scranton,
and Miss Rlna Loftus, daughter of Mrs.
Michael Loftus, ot Pike street. The
bride-to-be Is a member ot one of Car
bondnle's oldest families, and one ot
the fairest nnd most accomplished
young ladles In the Pioneer City.
-Inspection of Sons of Veterans.
Past Captain W. L. Nash,of Camp 8,
Rons of Veterans, Scranton, Inspected
George K. Rnndolph camp, No. 38, Sons
of Veterans, In this city Inst evening.
Tho officers and men were In full uni
form. After tho Inspection Captain
Nush paid "a warm compliment to the
members of Camp 38, congratulating
them on their line appearance and
An Operation Performed.
Miss Klla Loftus, the flftcen-ycar-old
daughter of Daniel F. Loftus, of South
Sand street, was conveyed to the Car
bondale Emergency hospital yesterday,
where at 2.30 o'clock an operation for
appendicitis wns performed by Drs.
Olllls and NIIos. The operation was en
tirely successful, and last evening Miss
Loftus was resting comfortably.
A Former Erie Man In Town.
Mr. E. Schryver, u few yeais ago
agent for the Erie Railroad copnny In
this city, was In town yesterday visit
ing his old associates here. He now
holds the responsible position of assist
ant general freight ngent of the Queen
nnd Crocent Route railway, with head
quarters at Chattanooga, Tenn.
Will Help to Steer the Goat.
A large number of the members of
Carbondale council. No. 329, Knights of
Columbus, left on the 8.10 train last
evening for Susquehanna, where they
will assist in bestowing the third de
gree on a number of candidates.
Social Happenings.
Miss Harriet Hutchins, of Washing
ton street, gave a card party to her
friends on Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Charles O. Mellen, of Lincoln
avenue, held an evening reception at
her residence on Wednesday night.
Miss Hazel M. Wheeler, of North
Church street, and her friends held a
candy pull on Wednesday evening In
her pretty home.
Miss Marie SIcDermott was surpiised
by a large number of her friends on
Wednesday evening, who forthwith
took possession of her home. Music
and games were the featuies of the
Mr. and Mis. John Maxwell, of Archi
bald, gave a Hallowe'en party to a
number of their friends on Wednesday
A surprise party was given on Wed
nesday evening to Miss Lizzie Ger
haidt, of Wyoming stieet. The hours
slipped pleasantly away with music
and the tripping of light feet in the
mazy dance.
Miss Mary Nealon delightfully enter
tained a number of rrlends at her South
Main street residence Wednesday even
ing. Music and games formed the prin
cipal entertainment, allied with a
sumptuous refreshment hour.
Miss Giace Harvey, of Canaan street,
gave a Hallowe'en party last night at
her home.
' Roxford Smith tendered a Hallowe'en
party to about twenty of his friends
on Wednesday evening In his pleasant
home on Park street. Flashlight pic
tures of the host and his guests were
Mr. nnd Mrs. William Krantz, of
Duudaff street, entertained a largo
party of their friends on Wednesday
Picked Up in Passing.
Mrs. Frank Smith spent yesterday In
Patrick Fee, of Dundaff street, is III
with pneumonia.
Miss May Rutan has recovered fiom
her recent Illness.
Mrs. William L. Yarrlngton Is visit
ing relatives at Greenville, Pa.
John Coxe, of Jermyn, was among the
visitors to this city yesterday.
Miss Jennie Taylor, of Terrace street,
Is visiting friends In Scranton.
Mr. and Mis. R. L. Campbell are tho
happy parents of a new-born son.
D. W. Hicks will soon open his new
meat market on North Main street.
Miss Maggie Qunckenbush, or Salem
avenue, Is among friends at Union.
N. Y.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G, Gurney, who have
been visiting Blnghamton friends, have
returned home.
Mrs. Emma Klotz. who has been vis
iting Mrs. Mcrkle, of Terrace street,
loft for her homo in Syracuse yester
day, C. J, Erwin, of Philadelphia, repre
senting the Aetna Fire Insurance com
pany, Is In town today adjusting a flro
Miss Mamie McLaughlin, of Brook
lyn street, went to Archbald on Wed
nesday to attend a Hallowe'en party
Messis. Domlnlck Kllleon and T. J.
Gilhool, of this elly, passed AVednes
duy evening In Scranton attending a
Mrs. Matilda Severance, of Cemetery
street, Is entertaining Miss Prlscllla
Bond, Mrs. L. Harris und daughter, of
West Plttston.
Miss Helen Abbott, of Spring street,
leaves this city today to accept n posi
tion In Wllkes-Barro as stenographer
for Dr. Weaver.
Mr, nnd Mrs. I'hllo Hurrltt, of Unlon
dale, tire spending a few days with
their (laughter, Mrs, Frank Couch, of
Washington street.
Mr. and Mrs, Fied Edwiuds, of
Scranton, aro spending u fotv duys with
their mother, Mrs. Frank L. Smith, of
.11 Garlleld avenue,
Ben Gulpin, foimerly a tesldent (if
tills city, but who has been awnv for
u number of yoais, is visiting old scenes
and friends In town.
Miss Wheeler, of Greene, N. Y who
has been visiting the family of Elwln
J, Bly, on Summit avenue, returned
home on Wednesdny.
Oren L. Utley, manager of the Grand
Union Tea company, Is erecting a
handsome resldenco and large barn on
his Garlleld avenue property,
Mrs. Havls and her two sons, Jay and
lOrnnk, of Fort Wayne, Hid., who huve
been visiting Carbondale friends, tett
yesterday for their long Journey home
ward. William U. Sullivan, brother of Sulli
van, tho pltimbef, of Halem avenue, left
for New York yesterday to accept a
position thr-rc Ills friends wish him
success In his new field of labor.
Captain W. M. Hobbs of George K.
Rnndnlph Camp No. 138 Sons of 'ct
ertins, Carbondale, will Inspect Corporal
Oscar C. Smith Cnmp No, 294 next
Wednesday evening. It Is expected a
larRc delegation of visiting brothers
will accompany Cnpt. Hobbs on tho
Mrs, Frank Steclo of Main street
Is quite sick.
The Jermyn boitough council wilt
hold their regular monthly meeting
this, evening.
School Director Mellow has been
conllncd tn his homo on Cemetery
street for several days past with a
severe attack of pleurisy.
Thomas Boundy will In a few days
reopen his Job printing office In tho
Harvey building on North Mnln street
where ho has Just moved his press.
Mrs. George Wall of Cemetery street
Is confined to her home bv slnluiena.
Mrs. T. E. Griffiths and two children.
or main street aro visiting Vandllng
Mrs. Thomas of White Mills, Wayne
county, wns In town yesterday culling
on old friends.
Tho Delaware and Hudson company
have put In a branch to the ash dump
nt their colliery here and yesterday a
large force of men were engaged In
filling a train of ears.
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson D. Warren
of the West End entertained a party
of Carbondale friends at their home
Tuesday evening.
Misses J. D. Warren and H. L.
James of the West End have pur
chased a valuable moving picture ma
chine nnd phonograph, and with tho
assistance of Sir. Jnmes, who has re
cently shown exceptional ability in the
art bf ventriloquism, may In the near
future entertain the people with their
new enterprise.
Miss Myrtls Slelglo of Priceburg,
called on friends and relatives In town
yesterday. .
Come out and see the Jermyn Peck
vllle Rugby foot ball contest on the
Mott Haven grounds Saturday after
noon. We are confident that It will
be real Interesting.
Mrs. William Seott gave an able
and Interesting talk In the Baptist
church AVednesday evening before a
fair sized audience. Mrs. Scott was
in her younger days a slave. She
iias been a great worker among the
colored people of the South for a great
many years and her talk along that
line is particularly pleasing and In
teresting. Hallowe'en was observed by a large
number of the young people AVednes
day evening, at which time the usual
pranks were played. Chiefly among
them removing gales, etc.
The Blakeley board of health will
meet in regular session Saturday eve
ning. Nov. ".
Miss Maggie Jones was tendered a
surprise party by a number ot her
young friends at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. AV. S. Bloes Wednesday eve
ning. The dime social at the home of Miss
Jessie Hoffleker on Main street Tues
day evening for the benefit of the
"Mercy and Help" society ot the M.
E Epwortb League was largely at
tended and liberally patronized. A
feature of the occasion was that of
the 33rd wedding anlversary of the
young host's parents' Mr. and Mrs.
11. II. Hofllfker.
Mrs; William Snedicpr entertained at
a Hallowe'en party a large number of
friends AVednesday evening at which
time all present enjoyed the occasion
very much.
The ceiemony uniting Miss Sarah
Griffiths, of North Taylor, to Mr. Wil
liam Reese, of Railroad street, was
performed at the home of the bride's
mother, Sirs, Richard Griffiths, last
evening by tho Rev. D. C. Edwards.
The marriage was a quiet affair and
was attended only by relatives and
immediate friends. Following tho
ceremony, congratulations were ex
tended and the guests were served
with a delightful luncheon. The
groom is a popular young musician.
His bride is a young lady of charming
personality and possessed of those rare
qualities which make friends and keep
A number of friends gathered at
the home of Foremnn and Mrs. John
R. Johns and tendered their daughter,
Miss Norma, a pleasant surprise on
Wednesday evening. The evening was
spent In games incidental to a Hul-
lowe'en party. Tho Watkins family of
musicians was present and rendered
several excellent musical numbers,
which added greatly to the pleasure ot
tho guests, who, on departing, voted
Miss Johns a pleasing entertainer. Re
freshments were served.
A delightful Hallowe'en party was
held at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Isaac Davis, of Middle street, on Wed
nesday evening. The usual games
wore played, after which refrshments
were served. All departed for their
homes well pleased with tho evening's
Henry Ott, an old and much-respeet
ed resident of the Pyne, died yester
day afternoon at tho ripe age of 75
years. Deceased had been ailing for
some time. The funeral will occur on
Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Inter
ment will be made In tho Forest Homo
'Branch No. us, Ladles' Catholic
Benevolent society, will hold an Im
portant meeting In the basement of
the Church of Immaculate Conception
on Monday evening, All members are
requested to bo present-.
Tho Democrats of this borough will
hold a rally tonight at AVeber's rink.
Miss Mnry Scherer, of Old vForge,
passed awuy yesterday at tho ago of
twenty-live years, after a lingering Ill
ness, Funeral will occur Sunday at 2
o'clock, Burial will be mude in the
Murey cemetery,
AV, M. Bell, of Main street, left yes
terday on a hunting expedition to Me.
hoopany, Wyoming county.
Invincible coinmaiidery, No. 252,
Knights of Maltu, meets this evening.
Miss Mary McDonald left yesterday
for a week's visit with Providence
The season ot forty hours' devotion
will begin In St. Patrick's church next
Sunday, Rev. Father McCallen. of Bal
timore, wl assist ut the devotions.
A delightful entertainment and social
was given In tho Blukuly Baptist
church parlors last evening by Miss
Lillian Taylor's Sunday school class.
There was a. large Attendance.
The town was partially In darkness
last evening", on account of one of tho
Incandescent 'machines at the slectrlo
plant belhg Out of brder.. . " ' '
Misses Agnes and Maine McAndrcw,
Ncltlo Clarke, Ella tlevers and Martin
Cawley, of Archbald, were Visitors hero
Wednesday evening.
Mrs. John Glldea visited relatives at
Archbald yesterdny.
Mrs. Catherine Thomas, Miss Georgia
Thomns and Daniel Matthews attended
a Hnllowo'en party at Scranton, AVed
nesday evening.
Miss Jean Dick, of Mooslc, Is the
guest of Miss Hattlo Matthews, of Sus
quehanna street.
Miss Mamie .Burns, of Avoca, spent
AVednesday with Miss Ettle Hoban.
Civil Service for
the Philippines
(Correspondence of Tlio AsuocUttd Prciw.)
Manila, P, !., Sept. 20.
THE UN'AOTMKNT .votcnlay l,.v tlir chit
cimimLwIon ot "An Act tor the ntablMi.
mclit nnd maintenance of nn cfflrlont nnd
lionet elvll srrlco In tlm Philippine
WnndV ai prepared by Piexldent 'i'att, li.n
pleased the Filipino people nnd hai tended to
dlploao the nrniy. The latter it an unfortu
nate nnd unintentional result. The provisions
of thli chll senlec till nre most coniprohen
she find complete, comprlxliitr nil the reui.
live branches of the BOernment of the Philip
pine llnnd, nnd Its perunl tends to show
(lint the qualifications of "honest and efficient"
In the title, nre real Intention well carried
out, and pot mere catch words. The 1)111 is
founded upon the principles of American elvlt
senlec, carefully adapted to local require
ments. Upon recommendation of the secietary
of war It has been decided that, other thlnus
being equal, preference shall bo bIicii to Fili
pinos for civil cmplojinent under (he American
Philippine government, and under the provi
sions of this bill nn employe, be he nn Ameri
cm ii or .1 I'lllplno, may rise, 'It be show nblllty
md merit, lo a pood and well paid position
In the scnlce.
'Hie linpni lance of an efficient and honest elilt
sen Ire to these islands can hardly he over
estimated, and if this new service be good and
ell'cillie, lis dolnirs will reflect credit upon il
organizers und upon Iho American administra
tion uf Philippine affairs. To bring aliout this
desirable end good men nre needed, nnd It Is
the purposi! of (he oigatilzgrs ot this bill to
n-al.c the eh II sen Ice attiactbe enough to
ilmw the elafS of men wanted. It Is the In
tention of the organizers that the Philippine civil
sen ice shall not degenerate Into n Held wheieln
politicians may find opportunities to settle
political obligations. The -.enlcc win be kept
fur fnmi the stigma of political pjtionage or
that it will be open to political proteges and
favorites. The pjluiies of the several classes
of employes have not jet been determined, but
thee will be ,ni'll paid, nnd It will be pos
sible fur a man entering the lower clerkships
by efficiency and merit to eventua.iy ucionic
hemic of bureaus and pennanent under seire
(jrles to important' depaitmeiits. A knowledge
of Spanish wilt he an excellent help to an
Vineiii'jii in this .servile, although the re
qmiement of this knowledge Is left to the illi
cit Hon of the civil sen ice board.
There win doubtless be established civil xer-
vice fo-opeiatlve stores, where members of the
en lee may buy provisions, gioeerles and other
needs of living to the same Hnanclal advantage
(bat (limy ottlcers now buy of the army com-nik-ar.v,
and the ciiiuse of time will probably
m'i! the construct ion of goietmnent civil ser
vile quarters a rolleitlon ot good dwelling
hou'.es in some cool suburb convenient to the
city, the icntaN of which would he reasonable.
Such measures will greatly tend to make the
service attractive to tho class of men the ser
vice requiies. -
Considerable detail, and the flaming of rules
and lobulations fur die tenice, aie left to
the dill service board provided for in sec
tions I, ', :i and 4 of the act. Miii-h depends
upon the ability anil good judgment of this
board, the mimbcis of which till positions
similar to the civil service commissioners in
tiie t'niteil States, and the sclei tlons of the
civil commission in Ibis iepcct ate to be
commended anil give pioinise of a fulfilment
of the high staudaid set by the act. Mr. W.
Leon Pepperman, who has long been connected
with the civil service at home and who has
made :i personal study of the civil service
in. lint. lined by (treat ilritain, 1'innee and Hol
land in their Eastern colonies, will be on this
board, as will bo Mi. 1'., W. Kiggins, of the
Washington civil service commission. The
third member t hereof will probably be a Fili
pino. President Tntt hid selected for this post
Ilr. Joaquin flonralcr. a most able man. Hut,
this gentleman's untimely death on the eve
of his appointment has forced President Taft
to mid another native capable of meeting the
necessnry requirements. Mr. Kiggins. In view
of Ms past experience, wilt probably ai t an
chief examiner, and it is probable that Mr.
Pepperman will be appointed chairman of the
The compiehensivcness of this new 'ctvUc is
set forth in section fl, whirh piovidrs that "thin
act shall apply, eveept as hiieinafter provided,
to nil appointments of rlvlllaiis to ccciitivc posi
tions under: (a), The Militaiy (.ovcinor; (b), the
United States Philippine Comms.slon; fc),
the Treasurer of the Islands; (d), the Auditor
of the Islands; (e), the Collector of Customs
for the Islands; (f), the Collector of Inland
Rev emit! for the Islands; (g), the Director of
Posts for the Islands; (10, the Civil Service
Hoard; (I), the nurcau of Forestry; (J), the
Bureau of Mines; (k), the (Jeneial Superin
tendent of Public Instruction; (1), Wardens of
Penitentiaries and Piisons; (in), the Provost
Marshal (icneral of Manila; (n), the Captain
of the Port of Manila."
It is to be noted that school teachers are
exempted from the requirements of the civil
serv Ice.
Section 12 gives the civil service board
ample power to dlschaige any employe whom
they find to be holding a position in the serv
ice in violation of the provisions of the act,
or the rules of the board; and section 15 pro
vides that religious or political affiliations
shall in no nay influence the examination or
appointment of applicants. Section IT sets forth
that no nillcer or cmplo.vo of the service shall
contribute to any political fund, and Section
18 provides for the punishment of all persons
making such solicitation,
lAamlnatious for admittance to the sen In
will be held in Manila, Hollo and Cebu, in the
Philippines, and In the United States under
the auspices ami contiol of the federal civil
service commission, who already possess the
requited men nnd machinery to hold these
examinations in all of the larger cities.
The enactment of this civil service bill taken
away fiom the aiiuy officers a considerable de
Kirn of their power in Philippine civil ad
ministration. It Is not pleasant for any body of
men to be deprived of puwtis (hey have
wielded independently, and the army officers
do not enjoy their present necessity of ask
ing the civil service commission for the ap
pointment of all their civilian employes, From
the standpoint of the aiiuy, It is inconsistent
that General MncAithiir, (he Military Uovernor
of eight million Filipinos and the rouunauder
of 03,000 Anurican soldleis, nhniild be toiccd
to ask- the commission for, the appointment of
a ciitom house checker at fifty dollais a month,
and the nuny docs not t.ake to the new con
ditions with entirely good grace, Such slight
sjmptnms uf drawn relation between I lie mill.
Wry nnd the civil oliicluls aic, it Is pointed
out, bound to arise when two systems of gov.
eminent, military and civil, are opeiallng at
one and the same time, and, it U added, the
only way to prevent their occurrence Is to
difir the assumption of power by the civil
element until mh lime as the J liny ceases,
lilt, authorities at Washington have deiided
that the civil commission shall lake over a
certain part of the Insular government, and
to this end the adinlnUtiatloii ha given the
commission explicit uideis and eveiy action by the loniinivilon Is nothing more than
the can; lug out of the signed Instructions
given I hem by Secielaiy Hoot,
Speaking of this civil service bill, a piom.
Incut 1'ilipluo said to-day;
"The bill requires an oath of allegiance fiom
the Filipino to the I'ulted Stales government
before the former can enter the ilvil service,
ml this It as it should be. ,llut, ,vou will
find comparatively few Filipinos trady lo lake
this tame oath until your aulhoritien con give
them adequate protection against the reprisals
of their revolutions country men.''
Wall Street Review.
Xcvv Yot,k, Nov. I. A striking evidence ol the
conslialnl upon width speculation iw given by
the action of tho market today on the announce
mcnl of the dcclirntlon of an extra dividend ot
1 per cent, on Pennsylvania railroad Mock. Pre
xlous lo the announeinicnt the stocks bad been
lifted n point and then rencted. When the news
was bulletined there Was a spasmodic rise In the
stock to 1301,4 but only one sale was made at
that price, niter u tilth It fell back, Knrlv In
October Pennsylvania sold, below US. It has been
actively traded in by energetic bull Interests
since that (Inn! and n great varlcly nf asser
(Ions have been mndc as to the forthcoming
benefit! to tho stock. It, was alleged, tor In
stance, that the slock would certainly be placed
upon a six per cent, basis. Another story bad
it that a distribution would bo made ot a large
portion of the great surplus In the Pennsylvania
treasury. On the other hand the belief lias pre
vailed generally that these assertions were ex
clusively for stock johblng purposes' nnd that
the company would persist In the regular dlvl.
dend rate of 2i per cent, setni-nunuiilly which
has prevailed ever since 1891. Kcv lowing thesn
past conditions, It Is fair In assume that lo
day's uctlon wan n disappointment lo romc ol
the active bulls In (he stock, while It wns cer
tainty an agreeable Mirprlse to the conservative!
element of the street. Hut when It Is consid
ered that the net earnings ot the Pennsylvania
railroad directly operated by It have increased
(luring nine months of the jenr mnic tlinn iflklKXV
000 over the corrcspondllng period of last jear,
today's rale of distribution seems modeiatc. TI13
extra dividend wilt Involve the disbursement ot
a little over $1,1500,000. Tho stock's net giln
wns 1't and the trading wns remarkably quiet.
There was the considerable show- of strength in
Sugar. The advance was attended by rumors that
n break in prices of rellned sugars Is Imminent.
lluslncKs In the market at laige was too small
lo have nny Important cITect on pi Ices, though
the niaiket closed with the level somewhat
above last night after having been nt one "lime
a shade lower. A single lot of of Ioikcs Shore sold
Just before the close at 2.30, after having sold
.veslerday at 210. Tho closing bid wns quoted
at 210',4. Xothing could be learned lo account
for this small but urgent demand. The repres
sion of speculation is till attributed to the in
fluence of what me called the "controlling In
terests," The rise In the loan call rate today
to ft per cent, may have some bearing on the
extreme dulncss of the speculation. Stock 111 ir
kct dcinnnds during the week have been extreme
ly moderate. Total saoles, S4.1..100 shares. The
bond market shared In tho dullness and prices
moved irregularly. Totnl sales, par vjlue, $!,
210,000. United Stales bond were unchanged on
last call.
The following quotations are ftirnishtil The
Tribune bv M. S. Jordan St Co., rooms 70V700
Mean building, Scranton, Pa. Telephone tSOOJ:
Open- High- Low- Oloi.
ing. est. evt. Inc.
American Sugar 122!!. 12.1!2 122 123?
Aiuelicnn Tobacco ntl'i IH1V4 Hi
Am. S. & W Wi .'I:. 3iJ 3',!i
Attli., To. A- S. IV .... Illvs "2 31 vi ;t-
A.. T. .s: S. P., Pi WT-s 71 7314 71
Iliooklvn Traction Ill (II f.'ivf, (Hli
Halt. t" Ohio 7154 7:.h "', Win
font. Tob'.eco 2T',fc 27'.i 2li?'t 27
dies. .V. Ohio 30 30!i 2');it 30
Chic, II. & ( 12714 127',i 1274 127Vi
st..Paui linn 11014 ur.'i 110
Hock Maud 10SV4 1QS 11MV4 108
Delawaie k Hudson ...112'Kt H3ii 11214 IWii
I.ark.ivv.1nn.i 177 177 177 177
Federal Steel 37 38 37s4 37?
Federal Steel, IT 7-i r.7 ()7,i !'.
Ken. &Tc., Pi 31a4 31";4 SI '4 31 li
l.ouis. fc Nash 73 7.V.4 75 7.',!4
Manhattan Kle or-l lhlli OS'i Oil
Met. Tiaclion Co 138U 1W4 15714 157V4
Missouri Pacific r3, JS.V,4 5114 il?i
People's Cas !i 91 0.H4 01
Southern Pacific 37 381; 37' 38
.V01 folk .V Western SfiVi 30 3014 3014
North. Pacific Mvi f,7',4 Sci 6714
Vorth. Pacific. Pr 7214 72'4, 72 7214
X. Y. 13214 132 13214 13214
Out. .t West 21i 2154 21 21
Penna. It. It 13314 13U1J 13314 130
Pacific Mail 42 42 4214 4214
Heading. Pr 574 5794 '' 5794
Southern It. R 1214 12-34 12 12
Southern !(. Pr
Tenn., C. It lion ..
17. S. Leather
U. S, Leather, Pr ..
5 Hi
, ij-ll.T .Vi .'Vl'i 5
, 1114 11'4 11'4 H'.S
7014 701i 70'4 70U
31 31 31 31
(U , 0114 no'1; 0114
nUion Pacific ,.
Union Pacific. I
Wabash, Pr 188 1S14 1S'4 Wi
Western I'nion 8094 W4 W-4 80
Third Avenue 100 100 100 100
, Open- High- Low- Clos.
WHEAT. ing. est. est nr.
December 70 7014 78 7914
May S24 824 82'4 82V4
December J2U 424 421's 42Vi
May 41 41 414 41
Scranton Board of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
First National Bank
Scranton Saiings Bank
Scranton Packing Co ;
Third National Bank
Dime Rcposlt and Discount Bank ..
Economy Light, II. & I. Co
Lacla. Trust Safe Deposit Co
Scranton Paint Co
Clark 1l Snovcr Co., Pr.
Scranton Iron Fence fc Mfg. Co. ...
Scranton Ale Works
Lackawanna Dairy Co., I'r
County SainRrt Bank k Trust Co...
First National Bank (Carbondale)..
Standard Drilllnc Co
Traders' National Bank
Scranton Bolt nnd Nut Co
Scranton Passenger Hallway, first
Morla-aere, due 1020
People's Street Railway, Brst mort
gage, due 1018
People's Stieet Itailwny, General
mortgage, due 1021
Dickson Manufacturing Co
Lacla. Township School 5 per cent.
City of Scranton St. Imp. (I per
Scranton Traction 0 per cent
Bid. Askei
155 ...
Scranton Wholesale Market.
(Corrected by II. O. Dale, 27 Lackawanna Ac.)
Butter Cieamery, 2.1a2lc.; dairy tubs, 23c.
Eggs Select western, 17c; nearby stute, 19c.
Cheese Full creani. new, HVic.
Deans Per bu., choice marrow, fi.10; medium,
(J2.S0; pea, 2..10.
Potatoes 60c.
Onions COc. per bu.
Flour Best patent, $4.G0.
Philadelphia Grain and Produce.
Philadelphia, Nov. 1. Wheat He lower; ion
tract grade, Nowmher, 72Viii72',&e. Corn
(juiet but hteady; No. 2 white dipped, 27a
iftUc; No. it do. do., 2iT2a2tt,!ic'. ; No. 2 mixed,
do,, 2Ja20',jc, Hutter Firm, good demand;
fancy western, fSttfr',; clu. prints, 27c, L'bbs
heare and llrm; frehli nciiby, 22c; do. wistein,
22c; tin. Miuthwcbtcrn, -'.; do. southern, I tic.
C'hioc Steady; New Yoik full (reams fincy
mall, n'..ull!c. ; do. do. do. good to c huh a,
lOalle, lleflned Sugars Dull and t'nchuiigid.
Cotton Steady; city prime, in hogsheads, iftc;
country do., barrel, 4',iat?sc; laLis, V, l.i
1'oultrj Dull and barely steady; fowls, S'aOK-c.;
old rosters, 7c; spiing chlikens, SVsalJSci dinks,
DalOc,; geese, fla'lVtc; ttirkcK, linlOe, Dressed
Poultry Dull nnd easier; fowls, choke, UlilOljo;
do. fair to good, OaUVic; old lostcrs, 7e. ; near
by sprln chickens, llal.le,; western do.. tialJc
llecelpts Flour. 4..0IW barrels and 0,100,01X1
pounds in sacks; wheat, (17,000 buihcU; corn,
120.000 bushels; oats, 01,000 bushels, sihipmcnts
Wheat, 21,000 bu.hels; coin, 210,000 bushels;
oats,1-'t,0iH) bushels.
New York Grain and Produce.
New York, Nov, 1, Flour Market less arllic
but well Kiitained on yesterday's basis notwith
standing the shop In wheat. Wheat Spot steady;
No. 2 red, 7f4c I. o. b. afloat; 77sic r!cator;
No. 1 noithern Duluth, Hie. f. o. li. afloat; np.
tlons iiegular all day, clo.ed weak at Tic, net
dei line; March closed 82c; May, tfitic; No.
einbir, 77Ticl December, TOiiOMe. Corn Spot
btraili, ; No. 2, II He. delator; 40c, I. o. b. afloat;
options dull all chiy but lather firm, eloseel.bteady
at a paitlal He, advance; May closed HTsc; No.
enibir, 4'i',ic; Decuuher, U!4c Oats- Knot
quiet; No. S, 2'i',ic; N. ;', 2V; No. 2 while,
2St. ; Nn. 3 white, 27',ic; mixed westiin,
23ii4il.ii'.; Hack while wcMun and slite,;
options ipiiet but steady with corn. Duller
Firm; cicamciy, lfa22!ic; failory, LlaMc; Juno
ciriiinery, IKrilct Imitation creaiueiy, JHJalSo,;
stale dally, l.tiilc Lkks -Steady; state nnd
I'tnns.vlvauia, 2la22c; western, iricular pacl.iui;,
17allc, ; UiMli'lii, Ions olf, 21c I heee hleady;
Ijikc while unci lame lolucl, 10)c; small white
and iciloied, He,
Chicago Grain and Produce,
ChlciiBo, Nov. I. Wheal was malic today but
llnully luiueil heay on weak cables ami liquida
tion as well us outside apathy, Deeeiubcr elu.ilnc
Tic lower. Coin and oats closed uuebauiietl and
hoe piocbut 10 tnWifealSc, hlxhcr. Cam cpiola.
ticiw wer as follow: Flour Finn; No. :j tpiinir
wl.cut. &i70c; No. 2 led, 7.i!ij7i'.; No, 2 corn,
3i!j:i7Tc.: No. i jellow. :l74i; No. 3 oats, 22V4
a22!ic; No. 3 white, lil&iUlrc.; No. t lla.
I.7U; No. 1 northwest. Sl.70al.77; ifiuothv, 31.10
at. 20; poll;, ?U.23.ill.5"; laid, 7.10.i7.12'i; illw,
u.ituj0.t0: shouldeis, 0afl!4c; sides, M.7.5acl.bO;
whUkey, S1.27.
Chicago Live Stock Market..
I'hlcjgo, Nov. l.-Cattle-lttcclpti, 0,500;
To Satisfy
and to learn for ourselves all
the uses for
We will pay
in Gold
We are henring" of new usei for thil
great cleanser every day. We with to
learn at once ALL the uiej, and are
willing to pay you to help ui.
$200 t the perion lending In the
Lht decided to be Hnt by the
Committee named below.
$100 for he LUt decided to be
$50 for the List dedded to be Third.
$20 (each) for the Lists decided t
2- be 4th to the13th (indusire).
$10 (ech) for the Lists decided to
be 14th to 33d (inclusive).
$5 (each) for. the Lists decided to b
- 34th to 83d (inclusive).
The Conditions of Competition ares '
FIRST The list speclfylnR the greatest num
ber of separate use that ZHNOI.A may be
put to will be declared by the Committee to
he the First, nnd the one contninlng the next
largest number, Second, and noon.
SnCOND Lists nf use nnbmlttrcl must be
plnluly written in ink, on oue tilde of paper
only, nnd method of rnch use nepuratelr
Milted, tittt to be mttltd to Th Ztnofa
Company, jH Hudson St., Ntw York, on or
before thirtieth clay of November, 1900, and
must he sltrnert by each competitor and P. O,
address given.
THIRD The lists submitted In Accordance
with the conditions will be pmaed on bv the
Committee nud their decision will be Hnalt
In no case will a list submitted by anyone
connected with the Zenola Company be con
sidered. The lists decided to be first, second
nnd thitd will lie printed in this paper.
FOURTH The ZKNOLA. used mutt be pro
cured by each competitor from n dealer la
the city 01 trmu where competitor resides,
and the tinineond address of the dealer mutt
lie stated. Anr grocer or druggist has
Zl'.NOLA or can supply It.
The Committee will consist of
HKRBlOtT m. Howra
of the Boston Globe.
Pxof. Elisiia Ccsms,
former Inspector of Teachers' TrmlnhurCUMca
for the State of New York.
M. F. Hawson.
of The North (aMrs'Mn, Philadelphia.
Awards to be made
December 20, 1900
Heating Stoves,
Oil Stoves,
Gas Stoves,
? Heaters.
choice medium steers about steady; otheis slom
to 10c. lower; butcheis' stoil; Mcady to hlow;
thin light stock lower; n.itiws bo-t on sale to
dav, one carload nt 5.S0; Rood to prime Bteers,
$3.40i3.O0; poor to medium, !fl.35a5.35; selected
feeders, low, $3.60.1 1. 41; mixed fclnckcfs, weak,
?2.73.i3.85; lows, frM.G0jl.25; heifers, ?l..V)a2.00;
iiu.r.eid, W.lOal.icO; hulls, choice steady; others
lower, S2. IJal.10; cities, yi.75afi; Trial fed
steels, iMal.S'i; do. Riass Meets. $.t.2.'ial,10; do,
hulls, ff.'.50a.23. HuRS-ReeelpU today, 28.000;
tomorrow, 2J,IKX); lett oic-r, 1,000; active, fully
Sc higher; top, 4.7,1; uiUcd and butchers,; unci to rhoiee heavy. I.S5a4.t5; rough
hiavy. l. 50; light, I4.33at.80; hulk of sale-t. Sheep llecelpts, 10,000; sheep and
laiuln. 0.il5c higher; god to choice wethers,
t-l.U5j4.lQ; Talr to choice mixed, $.t.50aJ.f.3; west
irn sheep, .,l.!i0.i4.1.1; sheep, J.Wa3,50;
native lambs, ifl.2.1.i5..'i0: we-duu limbs, $4.75
fl.40. 1900 ii-ceipts October; Cattle and calies,
23,3I11: hogs, 7i)'l,0cl3; sheep, 373,778. ISO!) re-
......... n.t.. ...... I.. 1 ..-1. .... It,-, .-AT l.o
uiit,5mi; sheep, .'t.'0,7iil, Increase; Cattle and
ealirs, 40,071; hogs, 72,107; sheep, 23,011,
East Liberty Stock Markot.
Kast Liberty, Nov. 1. -dllle Steady; extra,
$5.Wa3.(i.1; piime, f"i.20.i1.33; common, f1.2'n
3.75. Ilogs-Lowei ; inline I city, SI.Wlil.M; me.
clliuiH. sS4.fc0al.85; Iicji.v VoikeiH, fl.fcOaLcl; light
do., lfl.POll.0.1; pigs, fl.tiOat. 03! louuhs, fVill
4.50. Sheep Steadv; iholco-wcthers, ii.1.fi0; com.
man, .,2.1al.Ml; choice lambs, ttf.23a!i.l0; com
mon to good, V.fUal; veal calven, 97.i7.SO.
New York Live Stock,
New Vmk. Nov. 1- lleeies No trade it Im
portance; cniuinilly McJd,t ; c.ilies, strop,;; rals,
fr1.i3.iH); giasfCie, f.i. fheep and l.aiuhs fienei
ally idcaily; sheep, tr2.25.i.l..10; ihoiie, ft; culls,
(fl.30a2; 1-mKs, ft4.U2Vsa1.4ii culls, !f.lit, Hogs
hteady feeling for hogs; pigs, firm.
Oil Hnrket.
(Ill tlty, Vo. I -O edit balances, M.10; Con
(incites, no hid; shipments, B.l.ncll harirls; .mr.
age, 01,317 luriiU; mm, 13i,l2.1 turrets; aicr
age, 07,t'i0 binds.
General Shatter- Reports a Number of
Iy i:.clule Wlie from The Associate'! Pre
WuhhlnKton, ?s'ov, 1, flen, Sliaftcr
leimrts to tho war ilepurtniont the ni
tlval tit Hun Fi'unrlHi'fl of n niimbci' of
military imBstmirci'.s on Iho transport
Mcailc, Also live Insano hoIiIIith and
2.14 .sick Holdlern, Tlio rullowlnpr ilcaUit
occumil at sea ilurlus tlio voyujje,
nil fiom dYBontvry: Hairy llon'o'
bon, UMIi Infantry Peunlu Kelly. -'Ist
infantry; I.duIh . liutr, :!0tlV Infantry
Wlllnicl Moiier, XOtli Infantry; .1 iniui
Tunipson, Uth Inf.tntry Huh Tomll
urn, 39tli Infantry; Fred Kuickit, 3!)th
Stops tho Cough
Riid works off the Cold, t
Laxative Uromo. Quinine Tablets
cure a cold In one day. No Cure, No
Pay. Prlca 25 cents.
! i .
Ik, '4v'
vtf ..
i. ..
A , .