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,ny-W " Vi
tWThe Scrnnton Tribune has opened,
A Branch Office in Cnrbontlnie ana
will print a dally edition devoted to
thi Interests of the city, the aim be
ing to supply Carbondale with a
dally morning paper, containing: all
the news of the Pioneer City. Com
munications of a news nature, per
sonals and all Items for publication
may be left at the new offices In the
Burke Building, or may be sent by
mall or 'phone. E. 1. Hatfield, man
ager of the Carbondale edition, will
be pleased to lecelve caller9 seeking
Information or desirous of Impart
ing It.
The Logic and Eloquence of the Man
fiom Maine Is Listened to by
an Enthusiastic Audience.
The Republican of Carbonrlalo weie
confronted with two haul proposition-!
lHMt nlKlit, when they held their willy
unci masi meeting. The 111 st vvrti the
ilKigieeablu, lalny, windy nlsht. Itself
Humclcnt to keep attendance down to
Hiniill llguies. The -second was the
Kieat clonicuistiation Riven to Piuildent
Mitchell of the Mine vA'oikeia At the
nelvcitheel time for the meetliifr In the
opera house to boRln the Mteets a'l
llnmiRli the city woie llllol
with Ioiir lines of nitiiuliliitr inltiom and
oiffnnl7eil bodies of labor, while the
BldewalkH Aeie ImpiiHt-llilv choked with
Under these londltlons, with th
opera house holding- pciirtely a bundled
ntrsonp, a few or whom weie ladles
Hie meeting was staited at RIO p. m
by the Moztut band with an insulting
melody. The spenkem of the evening
and the otflceis of the committee came
in flo minutes latet. At tvventV min
utes paBt eight C'eotge S. Kimball,
chairman of the meeting, stalled the
nll rolllnc by making a shott piefa
toiy address Jli. Kimball lefened to
the heiltage of the Ameikan, man,
woman and child, and told of Its ileli
ness and (emptied the dimensions of
the United States with those of othei
countiiei and told of Uh having: .sixteen
states laiger than Spain and thlrtv
one as huge as Gie.U Biltaln. "There
Is no limit to the possibilities of Aniei
iea," he declared and asked these pei -tinent
questions: 'Tsn't this count ly
too gieat and gloilous and patiiotlc to
feat any other nation on the face of
the earth? Isn't this countiy too
to be afraid to follow Jefferson, the
fhbt great expansionist.' This countiy
Is too great and loes Its honor too
much to take 43 cents and call it one
dollai. Tills countiy is loo meat to
allow n M'llnw Malay to dictate to the
United Stntcs what Its foieign policy
shall be." lie lefened to the joung
men as the hope, the fututo connsel
lois of the nation anil With them lies
the futuie piesenatlon of the countiy.
He ended an eloquent dlsseitation by
Intiodueing P. A. Phtlbln, of Atchbald,
candidate for iepiesentatle fiom the
Fouitn Legislathe eil&tilct
Mr. Phllbln spoke but two and a half
minutes, but In that btief time he cov
ered a gieat deal of ground, defining
his position on the issues of the state
election, saying he would suiiound the
ballot with the utmost seciccy and say
ing he was not pledged to vote for any
man for United States senator, but
glvinqr the assuinnee that if he -va
elected he would pledge himself to vote
for a Republican.
Then Mr. Klmh.ill Intioduced Mi.
I.lttlefleld and lefeitod 10 the time a
few j cms ago when the imuortant
positions of the United States govein
ment weie filled with Maine men.
Mr. Littlefield, in beginning, lefened
to the pleasure he felt of having a
counter-demonstration of such a na
ture help in keeping his audience
small. He paid a glowing tribute to
the thousands of laboilng men who
weie at that time parading the stieets.
His opening and pleasant sallies at
once put the audience in good humor.
By this time the opeia house had
become tilled. "The distinguished
apostle of discontent" was one of his
doscilptlve teims foi Mr. Riyan. Dut
Ing his speecli Mr. Uttlelteld touched
briefly upon the alleged, pai amount
issues of the day, namely, Impeilalism
and trusts, and brought piominentlv
befoie his heaieis the issu, the
fiee (olnage of all vow He had a fund
of apt lllusd ations to send a conviction
home and aigued fiom the standpoint
of a business one, He invited oveiy
one to ask questions, saying: "You
luedn't bo afwild or me, and I'm dead
sine I'm not afraid of jou." The
largest p.ut of the addiess was cle
vuted to the question, and he
characteiized William J. Htyun as the
gieatest demagogue In the history of
Mr. Littlefield spoke until after 10
o'clock and was followed by otlieis.
The Moait band, of Caibondale, oc
cupied rront seats and plaved seveial
Hcleo.tlons, The audience was enthusi
astic and quiel; to see each point as
Mi. Littlefield handled It.
Faiewell Reception to Mis. Locke.
fliele No. 651, Companions of tho
Toiest, tendeied Mis. Althur Locke a
farewell reception last Satuuiay even
ing at the homo of her slstei. In-law.
Mrs. Joseph Jenkins, on Clink nvsnue.
The evening was 'inin.c.l eiy pleas
antly and the hours vein enlivened bv
music, games nnel cauls. At 11 o'clock
refreshments were served.
Mi 8. Locke left on Mo.iday for
Philadelphia, wheio lior husband, who
fcunerly lived on .Spencer sheet, In
Caibondale, lias bocmed a lucrative
situation, .Mis. Loiko held tho olltco
of past chief coinpinto, Ju the clfcle,
which gave the leceptlim.
A Straw Ride to Pecltvllle.
Miss Emma TJIMy, of Relmont
stieet, tieated a numb"r of aer filtnds
to a s(iaw tide to Peckvllle list von.
Intf, vvhere ihpy wero received and on
t attained In a royal inamv.'r by un
unclH of hei's, Tin Avmilns's. rnjov.
ment in I'eckvllle was eiilm.iceil by
Cures all Throat and Lung Affections.
Iv Gctthegcauinc. Refuse substitute. A
Vis sure
Wyefloa Ofleurae ithauaiatiaa. ,s eta.
slcicopllcon view?, a
entcitalnment and refrpilinictifH weie
served. Among those who vvcio forlu
natoenoush to participate In tho jolly
ride were: Misses Grnri 81mroll, Til
He and Antoinette Wiablc, Kmina Ut
ley, Hazel Slmiell, Minnie Oplc, An
nlo Lovvrey, Cathuilne Solomon, l.utlt
Dins', and Messrs. Joseph tJlloy, James
Utley, A. O. Dull, Albert Oplo, Oraft
Wells, William Stevens, Oeoige C.'ul
vln.'Knlelgh Mitchell, Tlnlph Kail, Clcll
Andeison, Garfield Anderson and Hr.r-
ty Bunnell.
The School Board at a Special Meet
ing Decide to Open One.
The school board met in their room
at the Central Hlcrh school Monday
night, In special oesiloii, to consider
the opening of a nlg.nt school In this
city. It was decldii very quickly to
do so, and Thomas LoC'ui, the onlv
applicant for the position, was ap
pointed teacher at a taint of $30 per
month. The night school will b"gln
Its Hi st session tomorrow evening In
the High school bill Id I ni.
Afar disposing of .his iiiiesfbii, the
bouid took up for consideration other
mallei. A bill of th Lathi ope In
suraiue agency for ?30 won oi'ieied
paid. Collectoi F. B. C'lllfJids bon 1
was lecelved and oi leied nltach-'d to
the oiiglnal. The tteasui'-r lepoitcd
collections of $.2,500, 2,000 fiom Collec
tor Watt and $500 frim Collector Cl!f
foid. He also lepoitcd th leelpl of
a check, duly certified, fiom Collector
Seaman, its suietv foi ti3 b il mi e of
his duplicate.
The special lommlttee cm the heal
ing appawilus In llie addiiiun to th"
central building, ieconimonde'1 Ihat
the bouid instiuct Attoinov Bullcu to
commence legal action to comp"1 Hunt
iV t'onnell lo complete I'.if wo. k .ic
c online to couti.K t. Mes re. Lc sher
and Geaiy weie allowed an advance In
siiaiv for extra weak. loquisitlon
of Supeilnteiidcnt Gaw foi noi; book"
was lptened to the piopr c mimlttco,
and the committee instiii'ted the scc
i etai y to comply.
Tim bo.nd adjourned ti ninct on
Nov 1'i, as Nov. 5, the t, ineet'ng
nlghl, conies on election eve.
Funeial of Beinaid Bryden.
Kein.ud Cijdon, who l.n 1 been a
lesident of Caibondale for over foily
veais, was bulled jesleiday moin
Ing In the new Catholic cemetery,
where his daughter was biuie tvo
weeks ago, and his "son a Jit'le over
u enr ago
The lequiem mass over I'tt bodv vai
colebiated by the RdV. John Dlvon, at
St Hose's Ttoman Catholic ehuicb, ut
1010 a. m. The pall beaieis were .lol n
Kllleen, Domlnlck Killen, Anciiew
Kllleen, James Toolan, Michael C"ok,
Chailes Kllmnitin, Andro'.v TCilliidlen
and Thomas Kllleen.
The deceased belonged to no nr-
K'Uil.alions at the time of li!. ilath,
but in his youngei das was active In
seveial. He Is survived bv a widow,
ore daughtei. Mi i A V. Cook, of
BiOQklvn r;re3t, and tw i slsieis, Mrs.
BUdget Brvden, of this city, and Mis.
Maiy Tavlor, of Duihow, Pa.
Gei mania Singeis Celebiate.
The Gei mania Singing society, with
their women folks, engaged 'he stages
on Mondav evening and took a chive
out to the Falls, to assuie Joseih
Sheck. who has just letuinel fiom the
Fntluiland, how glad thev weie to see
him again. The Jollv ciowd had a
nienv time at the hot), and what
with the band of music thev took
along, dancing, and icfreshnients, the
night was tar advanced when they
took the jouiney back to the central
dtv. Mine Host Slieck Is more ron.
inced than evei that theie is no place
like America, and he proved his heirt
Is in the right place.
A Ciowd Disappointed.
A gatheiing of about l!0ii men and
women weie nt the Dela" are and
Hudson station to meet the 3 o'clock
tialn yesteiday afternoon, when it
was expected bj them that Piesldent
Mitchell would anlvo. But he changed
his mind as to his mode of tiave'lng
heie and the crowd .valked back to the
main stieets, disappointed, but st'll
dctei mined to give him n lieaity re
ception when he did come.
Woikeis at the Polls.
After the Central Labor union had
adjourned on Sunday a committee
fiom the Municipal Water League
waited upen tho niembeis and uiged
them to appoint a numbor of woikers
to act with the league in boiniln,,' tho
pioposed bonding of the eitv for $11 j,
fiOO for tin now pi int. It w is decided
by the n.embets to give tills help.
Meetings Today.
Pioneer castle, No. 20 Ancient Or
der Knights of Mjstlj Chain.
Women's Guild, Tiinlty chinch, 3 p.
in., pailsh house.
Table Talk.
Finnk Collins and Clilfovd. his son,
of Sciantou, aie visiting fi lends In this
It. W. Pethlck. the fuinlluie man,
makes a ttlp to New Yoik today on
Thomas Loughiioy, who i,ib been
visiting friends In .v'oiv Voilt, Is home
once moi o.
Mis. Fnncll and Miss Elsie Rnssot,
of WllkesHane, am being entei talnctl
by ft lends in this ol'.y.
Isaac V. Hollenback, of CopelanI
avenue, left town eaily vestcclay
morning for a visit to tho metiopolls.
Mis, Thomas Aithm has tuturned to
her home In New Ouinge, after an ex
tended visit among i datives in this
Mis. lean Thompson, of Belmont
street, who hub been visiting in Hul
falo N, V.. for homo ilmo, Is homo
Mis. C, A, Eldtldge, who has been
visiting at thrt homo of Mrs, W. G,
UIIoj, ictuineil to New Voik city yes
tenia:'. Mi. ami Mis, John, who have
bsen guests of Albeit Breese, of Ca
naan stteet, have returned to their
iioiiio lu uianton, Mlth.
Tho Infant daughter of Mr. and Mis,
Flunk McAndiow, of tho Webt Bide,
died ye3toiday nftmnoon. ''Mia funewil
will be held this nftoinoon.
On Thuwsdnv night ten or fifteen
membeis of the Knights of Ciiliiiiibus
of this city go to Susciuehannu to con
fer a degiea In the lodge theie.
G. M, Battel son, J. H. Itccse, Dr,
Moyer, J, Q. Reese. Joseph Hoole, and
a number of othei s, took a tilp to
Scranton last evening, to jln in the
whist tournament held theip.
Received by the United Mine Work
ers In a Blaze of Glory Fireworks
and All Round Enthusiasm.
Tim sticngth of the unolon was
never more clearly demonstrated in
Carbondale than last night, when
Piostdcnt Mitchell, of '.he United Mine
Woikeis' union was i "reived In a
blare of gloiy. It is estimated that
seven thousand men and boys were In
line. It took tho procession nearly an
hour to pass. Alt along the line oC
mutch tho lesldenls contributed to
the spectuculur display. It was posi
tively dazzling, More fireworks were
set oft than ate commonly used on the
Fouith of Jul v.
In magnitude and enthusiasm the
city never had a demonsrtatlon which
equalled that of last night.
Moie than 1,000 poisons gieeted
Piesldent Mitchell nt the Delavvnte
and Hudson station at C o'clock. As
the train came to a stop, Mr. Mltchrlt
mlsecl his window and pointed to the
car In front. The crowd surged that
way and gave him a chance to get
At SKth, avenue nnd Main sticct,
two thousand mine wotk-us, with as
many lighted mine lamps on I heir
caps, cheered their loader. They
foimed one of the most attractive
picttues. of the occasion.
The piesldent unci his BCietnry,
Miss Motris, dined at Hotel Han (son,
fiom whole thev took a catrngo to
join the paiatle, accompanied by
Mnyoi Kllpatilck and Uev. Dr. Wha.
leu, of the Baptist chinch.
The following Older was obsetved:
l'oicst tit Illinois
V mulling niiiHif
ltKtitiiondiU Hand's.
Vhjticlcl muicii
.liitmn iniiut-
Brc.iKrt liovs mil uihoia.
I lllltll imisiov
li idol union
Shiiiioii lnititi lo il
llumlifl minm'
Vlincis' loi il IKi'i
Minin' Ick il S4I
Maids' lonl S77.
Theie weie thtee bands and five dium
coips inteispewsed. Fiom the balcony
of Hotel Hairlson Piesldent Mitchell
tev lew ed the piocesslon while It coun
toi -matched on Main street.
Jeimvn and Jlayfield contributed
1,000 men and Forest City and Vand
llng and Rlchmonclnle, 200
Anthony Padden was giand mar
shal: Edwin Pethlck, aid; Thomas
Hatt, of Local No. S44, aid; Bartley
BIglin, of Local No. S77, ald;John Gaff
nej, chief of staff,
Addi esses were made from the Hotel
Anthracite balcony. Sixth avenue was
filled solidly from the hotel over Muni
cipal paik to the foundation wall of
the city building, and when Piesldent
Mitchell appealed the mass suiged un
til women scieamed and for a time
It was feaied some one would be In
jured. Piesldent Nichols, of Dlstilet No. 1,
piesided. His temarks weie followed
bv addi esses by Organizer Dileher,
Dr. Whalen, District Piesldent Demp
sey and Michtell.
Mr. Mitchell modestlv disclaimed the
ovation of being a personal tribute
I and tossed all the glory to the union.
He recited the stoiy of the strike and
I .said he would be souy It oecuued if
the ten per cent, talse Tvas all that
had been gained. He constdeied the
piinclples lecognbed as of utmost Im
portance to evciy labeling man. Af
ter exhoitlng the men to temaln true
to the union he closed amid lousing
cheers and left the city on the 10
o'clock tialn.
Thiougtout It all a dil.rllng tain
fell, but It dampened not the ardor of
oiganled labot.
At the Young Men's Union.
Tonight theie will be a Hallowe'en
lint IV nt tin. mnmi rf lir A'i.mmo.
j Men's union, on Eighth avenue, when
encn member will he pet nutted to
bilng one young lady vvlta him. The
mock election scheduled lor last even
ing was postponed on account of the
big labor and political demonstra
tions. Republican Rally at Jackson.
Tho Republicans of Jackson will
have theii turn at eathuslng tomor.
low evening, when a rally will be hola
theie to proclaim the met Its of Mc
Klnley and Uoosevjlt. Aiiioup the
speakeis who will addiess the Inland
voteis will be O. S. Kimball nnd J. W.
Dlmock, of Caibondale.
Good Fishing at Elk Lake.
A paitv of four flsheimnn made a
gieat catch of can at Elk lalw on
Sa tin day. They wev Messrs. Joseph
and Michael Caiden and John and
James Kearney, of this cltv. The
quintette made the lecud catch of
the. season, John Kearney landing a
live-pound benuty.
Sunday School Teachers Meet.
The teacheis of he Piehbyierlan
Sunday school nin going to begin a
setle.s of monthly meeting? for tho
btudy of the Bible lessons, The hrst
meetings wilt be held tonight in the
lectuio tooni of tho chinch. There
will be social features combined with
the moie setlous vvoik.
A Thimble Tea.
Mis. B. T. Evans gava her fouith
thimble, tea of tho season jc.stoitiay
afternoon, and tills afternoon gives
still upothoi. Dining the b uson thus
fnr over 150 ladies have painken of
her hospitality.
A number of filends of Mi.i. 11, J,
Bienunu were pleasantly enteitained
at her home on Salem avciiuo op Mon
day evening, Endue fotniod (ho piln
c lM I fentute of the evenlns'-s enjoy,
Pedagogues Study,
The public school teacheis of the
second division heli an Institute at
tho Caibondule lllgn .ichool last even
ing, T,ho object of the meeting was
to icail and discuss "White's School
Stops tho Cough
and woiks off the Cold.
Laxative Bromo. Quinine Tablets
cure a cold in one day. No Cuie, No
Cay. Pi Ice 'il cents.
Tomorrow evcnlnir will occur th
marriage, of Miss Sarah Grimths, tho
accomplished daughter of Mrs. Rich
ard Grimths, of Notth Taylor, and
Mr. William 3, Reese, a popular young
man of Railroad street. Rev. D. O.
Edwards, of tho Welsh Bajitlit church,
will perform the ceiemony.
Several Hallowe'en socials and nar.
ties will bo held in town this evening.
The nttentlon of Klectrlclnn Bell is
called to the cbudltlon of the arc light
at the Intersection of Lovvry's hotel.
There has not been nny light given
In that vicinity for the past two even
ings. The social given at Weber s rlnk on
Monday evening, under tho auspices
of the Sterling Social club, was a
pleasing affair. The hall was ciowded
with pleasure-seekers, and a comfoit
able as well as an enjoyable evening
was spent,
The Taylor Republican club took
part In the Republican ilemonsttatlon
and parade In Scranton last evening.
Itev. J. A. Moftltt, lector of the
Church of Immaculate Conception, is
expected home from his Eutopean
trip next week.
Mis. James Stevens and Mrs. John
Davis, of Old Farge, were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Davis, of North
Main stiect.
Tayloivllle lodge, No. ifi, Knights
of Pythias, will meet this evening.
Miss Ruddy, of Bellevuc, was the
guest of Miss Maiv McDonnld, of
North Tavlor, yesteiday.
Miss Annie Hooper, of Main street,
has letutned from her visit to Lt
ssei ne.
Mis. Robei t Coombs, of Washington
street, Is lecelvlug tteatment nt the
Mosos Tajloi hospital.
Mr. William Jones, son of Mr. nnd
Mis. John D. Jones, of Taylor stteet,
has i etui nod home after spending the
pnst two yeais In the west.
Mlnooka tribe. No. 247, Improved
Order of Bed Men, mel in regular
session this evening.
Mr. and Mis. ( A. L'tdgate have
letmnert home fiom thir wedding
tour to New Y'uik and otlie.- points of
Miss Gwen Davis Is vi-tlting lela
tives In Peckvllle.
Local unions, No 10.21 and No 102i,
United Mine Woikeis of Amoilca, ac
companied bv the Citizen ' and Ho
garth's bands, went to Caibondale
last night and took pait in the piiiide
and celebwition. Quite .i laigo ciowd
of people from both boioughs he'peil
to swell the lmmjnse tin on,? lint
witnessed the splendid nffalw
Dr. S. D. Davis and Silas B. Hills
took pail lu the whlsl tournament
at Scranton last evning.
The Ladles' Aid socicl of St. James
Episcopal c hutch will uivt tomotrow
afternoon at the home of lbs. Baint
bas Carter, of Cemetety stieet.
Mr. and Mis J D. Stockcr and Miss
Maggie Qulnn went to New Yoik Mly
Mis. W. S. Badger, of 'Jemetny
htieet, is visiting lelatlves In New
York state.
Quite a number of local politicians
attended the Republican mnss meet,
ing at Carbondale last evening.
All the mills of the Mooie Powder
company heie aie again in opeiatlon,
after seveial weeks' Idleness tl'iough
the stiike.
The Misses Margaiet and Polly
Gibbs, of West Mavfleld, spent es
terdr.y w ith Carbondale 1 1 lends.
Arthui Winter, a student of th
Wyoming semlnaty, spent Sundav
heie with his parents, Mr. and Mis.
C. D. Winter, of Main stie.r.
Mr. 'I lie in w Vltim rlttd nt lur lionic on
.Jones strort vtsliiddV iftunouu it "i o c Ini
Mij Vmn hut ltc n ill for sonio lime Willi
rliiunutisin, ihiih m the lusc of hoi cUjin
llccea'MMl wns olio of the pioneer icsiiUnts of
tins town and i-. laid in hlli isteom In lioi
atqujintiincc llcsidrs hci hubuid sln ut mii
wnl i tc nix mil one duilitei. Tlnv
un fon-t.iMi lolui Vluim, Vlklnot Mnuij
md Vls Kntio Mtirnv. 'flic Inner li airanitc
nients liai' not jil lion nude
limb tiliiiliiiig h in New Vork on a lni'.iiiua
T. V. I'owdpili, of Ciirliondjlo. vas a cjIIci
in town jcstrnln
OiK.niiu IIjmu, of I'hil nli Iphi.i, as in
town .Vlondn evening mil assisted In foiinhii;
an otKaniration of enginnoH, flieitirn and nuinti
inniiPH Tlie tnipilng was held In MiImii'h liall
and w is Uiiteb attended l)j those intcnlcri A
temporar org nil? it Ion vas formed unci P. I,
Malonej selcLled n pnllpiit and Call ick Mo
Neelc,; as eielin. Another inoetuiK will be
held in n fiu ilacs, when the will oiganlc
Mis Daniel MeMnne and Mrs 1 lei nun lies
se.v, of Providence, visited friends it tins pliee
Mrs. II, II Howard is lendlllR the ue.'k
with rehlbes at Sprlncillle
Ilobeit I.pvvhIp, of Hrljniii lieet, In nlt
ini,' reljthes nt Cirbondjli.
The liuenN UjneliiK diss will five tin tr
frltmla a eomplinienlai.i dime in Million's hill
this eieninir.
V) I, KileullPii li tin nod homo .cctenliv fioni
Minsflclil SUto Vormal hihool.
.Instil o of tin. Pence Mii-oii lias none on i
liuntlnir trip lo Little Sei niton
II, II Mattlicuson Is ciion1 III at hU home
In Blalelj.
The 'ioiinB l'eople'H union nlli nt
the llaptist ihuiih Monib) evening wis lariitl)
pationUed and Kieutl appieeiated. The pin.
KTUiiiine was one of mumm! Interest. T lie ad
diPM by Re, Mi, llioinpson, of .lerinin, and ihn
P.1JHM8 h) Ml. W, II. Priest and Mlu Orle
Williams worn all lble and Intiieatlmr ami called
foi Hi lepeatcd, Dr. Spencer, of the
lilakely llaptist ihuicli, ilelbered in addnui,
and the Mlb-ses llessie Cil(f and Casne Wil
liams and Anna Jours and Maggie Thomas, tint
two last named from Ohphant, ileliKhteel the
laiKc audiince with scmuI olos and duets.
The miner of the ew Vnk and tScrsiiton
Coal coinpmi) of the Ontirlo ieiinieel ork
ycsterilaj nioinlnv The colllirj was not run
nnlnR to the want of icial, but will tlmt up
full time this moiniut;,
Mrs Scott, a lelehrated lee Hirer, will aeldreis
an audience it the llaptUt church this Wed nu
lla v neniiiff.
Helen, the eldest dau,litri of llev. ami Mrs.
J, S Thomas, has contacted t.tpliold (tier,
llie niahely biaid of hciltli n ill miet in rf ar
ular session, Satunla evenlnif, Nov, S.
Ml. and Mis. .lo.epli It. Hell and cl lid left
jrklerdts fur Winchester, Va,, en a combined
pleasure and Imntiuc trip.
Siiiie'ilnteiHlnt and Mrs. Ilnry Simpson, o(
Hlakeb, Hjtnissed "Faust" l the Scranton
l.ueuiu Monday evening,
rtobut Coals, of J'liiladtlpliia, is visiting
trends ami lelatlves In toun
fieorgr Smith, en , conimilled the hens to
Jail, tpokeu of in .msI-mIjv inrnnlns'rt itsue, as
icininlllnif a iniUame cm the nidge,
Mrs, la coll ChiUtophel, o( Sc laotoii. spent
jekleidn at tin liumn of Mis. Thomas Iteese,
'I he llci. VI. S. tifldshall will dilhei a leiture
In the aril baptist chuicli Satiudjj eiiiiliig-,
Nov, 1, mulct the ausplcis of (lie W, (', T. If,
'lime will In a shoit musical pioB'tanime b, the
united ilmrili choirs and a mile quartette,
lloois open at 7.10 o'clock. Kvei)bod welcome.
Mrs. Viiunio Vlumford ami daughtii, Mia, am
lilliiT li'Utlves in New V.oik clt).
Mrs. Clara llun has gouts to Kiiton to
upend the winter with her son, Professor H t..
Itn. 1'. K. Hot rone spent several djjs In Kris
atlrndliig: u mlulitcrlal ineetlni;
Jwo People
and a Patnt
"Did me, lliilccel, lei be
0x-n oiir licatt and lake us In,
l.ovc love and me!"
PI. t, Itpnley.
EDO Alt MAUSTON had never seen
the woman whom he longed to
ask to shine his life. And he was
30 veata old. Hut as autumn came,
with Its robes of russet splendor and
maples burning tike to the hush the
prophet saw In the scriptural past, n
strange sense of dissatisfaction giew
upon him. He looked atound his lux
uriously furnished bachelor apait
menti nlmost with resentmpnt.
Other men had homes homes
v here it was pleasant to sit In the
flreshlne, If only theie was some one
across the hearth. Ho looked over at
i vacant chair. And ns he smoked
and meditated it seemed to lilni the
chair was occupied. Througli the blue
wieaths of smoke he seemed lo see
a gown h gown of a soft lose hue.
with narrow rows of gold binld eli
cit cling the collar and a broader band
of the gllttetlng material glulllng a
slender waist. Then there was n face
with a serene white brow nnd thp
squat e-cut lips which betoken laugh
ter. When lnd he seen It wheteV Of
late that was sure. And It had haunt
rd him. Hut ho could not recall having
ever met
"Bad bad bad! 'C-r-ir! Lcmnv go!
Good-day good-day good-day! Bad!"
The Bin 111 squawk assailing his icaiH
giew louder. '"Malsle Malsie come!
Ua-il! Lenime go!"
The final piercing and discotdant ap
peal, bi ought Marston angtllv elect.
"Confound that pariot! If theie'a
a beastlv bird In existence It's, one of
those chattering dlabolicul, mimick
ing things! I wish every one bad Its
neck wiung! I wish"
"Jab .Tab jab! Malsle Malsle
LemniP "
Now, Maistou was not a malicious
fellow. lie and vlndlctlveness hail
nnver even a bowing acquolntniit e
with each other. But It Isn't the
plensantest thing In th" wot Id to be
wienched bodv nnd mind out of a
delicious dnv dteam and bv the tor-
tuied cries of a blatant blid nt that
i ne tniio protesting torrent or ennt
ter was, however, too much foi Mais
tou He flung atound to the window
the- next lnstanf was out of his
apnttnients, dashing clown the shoi t
llighl of maible steps and actoss the
"Hello, theie!" he ci led to the
gioup of joungstets who weie pluck
ing gieen and scailet foatheis fiom
the body of n protesting pai rot.
"What are vou up to' Whete did
you got if How the duece can you
act like that anjlimi""
A shilll babel of responses rose In
"It's lost!" "It elon't belong to no
body." "It lust flew out heie"
"Wll, supposing It did' Is that any
leason ou should torment It ou In
fantile boxers, ou! Even if It doesn't
belong to anvbody "
"Hut It does'" ciled a young, ex
cited voice. "O It does! It's It's
Then Edgnr Matston had turned
was looking down on a gill with a
meny, mignonne face a gltl In a
soft lose gown with a ttaceiy of gold
at the tound, young waist.
Ah' Now he lemembeied. She and
the pai rot weie part and pai eel of
the people who had moved into the
.suite over tys In the St. Stevernus
fats But the face of his smoke
f tamed di earns was not meny now.
Indeed, it was distinctly distressed.
The blue eyes weie teaiful and the
lips had quite a piteous curve.
"The housemaid left the window
coen and It it flew out. I wouldn't
have lost It for anything'" This with
most desperate earnestness. "I've had
it bince a sea captain hi ought It to
mo when I was a little gltl Oh, ever
so long ago'"
"I don't believe," quizzically, "tint
that was so long ago'"
Matston was placing the tesoiied
blid In her arms.
"It was ages ago! Anil those
dieadful boys! How ood vou weie
to lescue Medora yes, th it's her
name, the sea captain wild He was
always leading Bjion Hm, ," glanc
ing up at the bareheaded joung gen
tleman at whom the dispersing bovs
looked malevolently back, "how can I
evei tepay you,'"
"I'm a fellow-tenant of yours," he
said, smiling. "I have the (list floor
suite. My name is Matston. And
youts " He paused tentatively.
"Mai-le!" shrilled the rejoicing blid
in her arms. "M-a-1-s-l-e!"
"That's it!" She laughed, nodding
nnd toiesslng her tuftled nnd bedtag
gled pet.
"Don't you think It's a beautiful
Matston looked down on the little
lumpy, half-plucked, quivering heap
In the shelter of a tose-rubed arm
upon which a slim white hand rested.
Then his eyes met those of confident
appeal uplifted to his. He pulled him
self together foi a plunge.
"Benutltul'" he echosd. "I've seen
a good many pat rots, but I have never
seen one like that novei!"
Malsle Allison falily glowed with
plenum e.
"I'm so glad! It is not eveijono
who can teally appreciate Medora."
They weio walking back ncross the
stieet to the apaitment building.
"l nope," ventuied Mai stem, as they
sepaiated In the tessellated hall be
foie tho ollke, "that Medoia vvlk not
be the vvoise for the tecent ordeal
through which she has passed. May
I come up to inquire.'"
"V es. Hut here Is papa O papa!"
Then Mr. Allison, portly nnd pink,
with tho ponderosity begotten of
prime mast beef and tosy with tho
glow of unimpeachnblo Maderla, list
ened Interestedly to 'his daughter's
iccount of her companion's, humanity
and asked him to como up after din
ner foi a smoke,
ATotston went that goes without
baying, Medoia, recupeiatlng In
grateful silence, was inoio to be ad
mhed In her moments of ieposo than
In those of anlmution, And Malsle
vvell, when Matston got back hi his
easy chair he could see the foi in op
posite much more distinctly than ever,
To be bilef, the cage In which Me
doia icsldes hangs lu the window
nf the Hal below the Allisons today.
And PJgni ding the tiaiu-cedent beau
ties and petfectlons of that blid.
Maihton peijuies hlnitelf dull. Chi
cago Tslbune.
Bj Exclusive Wlie fiom The! Avsoelated Press
llarrUiiunf. Oct, 10 The following coipoM
tlons weie clurteicd todav at the state depart
nient; The Scott Water company, capital, l,e
The Red Bank Natural (la lompanv, Oak llhtge;
capital, $.5D,.
Wall Street Review.
New York, Oct. 30 There were only one or
two movements ol any Interest nt Importune,!
In slock exchanitii IchIsj. The inalket fell Into
n state of semi ilia-nation nt times and mnced
sliiRRlshl) ami ttrcjrolnrlv with , no thei mo
tive than llie operations of llie profssslonsls who
stolml t to make rial's linde. Theie vvm A
cr marked laik of llie orders Ihrotiuh mnt.
inhslon limine which ere n feature ol last
week. The anatlictlc aspect of the market was
not explained by nnv Important news of the
dai. It was (lie outcome larneh nf llie con
servative spec nl illr caution Is nit usual
In the closing ol a national e unpulnn.
This lnornln:' market slinweet some remaining
efiect from the rnlhlnit teinlcmj of vcterdij,
but the nnjln esnanstcii itself aoon aitpr me
onenlinr and the nrlees drilled to a lourr level.
The poor showing ol net earnings for Sptembci
bv Northern IMcltle cwcil Hie reacllon In that
stork from vesterdn)' strength on I lie tnir
Ketlng of some verv large blocks I.ite in the
di snuihern raelllc, alter holding linlfonnlv
all thiniigli Hie diy dealings slot up iH on
enncii trateel and very hemv hnjlng. the stoclc
ms bought eirl.v lor lavnelnn aceount seemingly
on satisfaction the choice for the nen
tvecutlve. An almost mdleu stream ol stock
was pnircd nut when the price reiened 31. 'nit
all ottering; were eonlldetitlv nbsnihed ii-ul tie
price flti.Hi ro" tliinugh (hit llgure, but tho
fnivlne was I hen relaxed The late movement
had n Mii.palhillc elfort on the whole market
snd pulied some n( the rallioael stocks above
Issl night's level There wns sonic slieugtli
among the leading imliistriils and spiel lilies led
by sugar. The lion and steel stocks were In
illned to mlv nice liter some eirlv henlness In
sjiupathv with a las. of H In tin plate. Ten
nessee Coal w is nntahlv strong. 1'lttsburg, C.
C ind St. L fell tieirlj S points on light sell
ing ami Nitlniiit lead prefcircel lost t.'i The
mnnej tnirlel wis enier on a lelavition In
dcmaiiil tither thin in anv addttloinl mipph.
TnUl files tnilii, IT7,fiu0 shares.
T'ie triiilemi of honds wis rather easier, but
points of nlreiulh developed In the nnrket is
the div piogicssed. Tolil salon, par v, 1,.
210 000 lT. S. bonds weie unchanged on last
Tkt following quotations ire furnished The
Tribune by II. S Jordan It Co . rooms 703 700
Mears building, Scranton, l'a. Telephone ."OM:
Open- High- Low- rios.
ing. est. ct ing.
American Sugar 121i I21i IM',1 122?;
American Tobacco M 97 Oli 011
Veil t.el K Wire .... IPs T. II It's
AleliNon tt' "2'4 olrN 12",
Mclilso-i. Pr 7IT4 744 7lli 74
02' ft
Iliouk Trictlon Hi 'a
Ilillo ,k Ohio
(Ml i
Cont. lobuco .,
his .V Ohio ..
hie A (U. West
Dili .11 ,V n ...
.. 21 '
.. !'
.. IPs
.. .,S
.. el3i4
.. If
.. 7la
.. "rt
. v.'t
. H1'4
.. Ml'
.. li.'
. -.734
.. 72Y,
.. 21
.. 42
.. 17,
.. 12
.. 'e.
. '(I
.. 7iH(.
.. "2H
.. fill!
. 7U
.. T
.. SI
i L i'., ,i
, Rock Island ....
Del V Hudson
I J.'jjj,
I k'iii a. 1i"', Pr
i Louis K ish
j Mun Htvand .
i !' iV Vn.1. "
I'eonle's ft is
Soi Hum Piinfli ..
oifnlk K Wit. ..
X'orlhern I'uifli ..
Xcrlh l'.ieilli. IT
V Y. Cent i id .
Ontario A West .
I'erna It It
Pacific Vlail
lteaiilne Its . . ,.
ncidinjr Hi . Pr .
Southern It R
South .It It , Pi
lenn foil A lion
IT s I either . .
T.eil1i"i. Pi
P. Riibbei .. ..
Pnion PacilU .. ..
Pule n Plinth. Pi
Wnbi.h. Pr . . ..
W lutein Pnion . .
1,2'i r-"-s
2fs 21
nt 114
42 42
id i'.
ing 78
fow- Clos
Viae . ..
eit ing.
7." x i-1)
hlU h2
Scranton Board of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of IOO.
First National Bank 800
Scranton Sivings Bank 300
Scranton Packing Co
Third National Bank 421)
Dune Deposit and Discount Bank .. 200
Fconomv Light. IL & P. Co
lacka Trust "ife Depo-, t Co .... ljO
Scranton Paint Co
Clark k Snoier Co. Pr. 125
Scianton Iron fence A. Mfg. Co
Scranton Axle Works
Lackawanna Dairy Co, I'r
Counts Sivings Bink & Trust Co .. SOU
I irst Xitional Bink (Carhondjlc.) . ...
standard Drilling Co
Traders' National Bank 155
Scranton Bolt and Nut Co J00
Scranton 1'as.enger Railway, Brat
Mortgage, due 1020 115
People's llieet Rillvvaj, first inort-
gige, due IMS 115
People's Street Itailwaj, Oencril
mortgigo, due 1021 115
DiLkson Manuficturing Ce
Lacka Township School fi per ce nt. ...
Citv of Scranton St. Imp u prr
Scianton Traction 0 per cent 115
Scranton Wholesale Market.
(Conected by II O. Dale, 27 Lackawanni Ave)
Uuttor Cieamerv, 2Ja2lc; daily tubs, 23c
I'ggs-VSclect western. 17c. ; noirhy stale, 19c.
Cheese Full ircam, new, lllf-c.
Beans Per bu , choice marrow, $2.40, medium,
92 .10 i pea, $2"0
Potatoes liOc.
Onions OOe. per bu s
Flour Best patent, ?4 CO
New York Orain and Produce.
N'evv oik, Oct. in Hour Vlaiket idem agun
but stemlilv held it (oiiner prlns V licit Spot
firm; No 2 led, 7-c. f o-b nttoil. mil 70e.
elcvitoi; No 1 noithern Duluth, Sl"ic f. o b.
afloai, Options g-neiill.v weak, until neat the
close, whin shorts be. line 1I1111111I .Hid
11 dielded iipiurn In prices linked lirm at ''m
sic net idv nice Vlaicli closed K2'ic,; Miv,
82i.; Oct., 77', 1 ; Die., 7Se, lorn Spot
ntiiidi, No 2, ltc. elivulni md 4n. f. o b,
afloat, Options chined simile ,md l,ni .id
vaiienl .1 Utile Closid s'uelv ind unchanged.
Mav closed 4 lkC! Oct. (t'je.; Dee., 41e.
Olllf Spot quht nnd Muilv i No 2, -")'ii.; So.
,.'".; So. 2 while, 2-n,. Vn !l white, 27'3Ci
Hack mixed 2"in2el'L-.! Hack white
cu stun and stite, 27 1 1 to. Oiitinnn Mi nlj with
corn, but ill II Butler steailv ; rreamen, Ka
22He,: faetnrv, Halcic. ; luui eii'.iuiciv. H-a2le.;
Imitation iieiiimiv, It'-iilM.; t.m- dilr.v, IVi
2li. ( hecse Steadi'i luge while, 10'i,e.; small
white, He; hige colore d, lOallHe.; sm ill
inlcurd. lie, I ggs siendv : state and Pcnni.,
2bi22c,; westein, iigulii picking, Hul'ii.; west
ern, lews off, Jli.
Philadelphia Orain and Produce.
I'lilladilphla, Oct, .10 Wheat 'ic Iovmij con
tract guile, (hi,, JHia71'4e. lorn 1 Inn and
He highci: No. 2 mixed, Oil., I2ali. Oula
Steadv , No 2 while ellppeel, 2Sa28".i j No,
8 do do. 2lja27i.: No. 2 lillved do. 20.121'' 1.
Provisions I'nchaum el. Butter Firm, good do
uisnd; faucv western eieaiuer.v, 21';c, do,
prints, 25. I'gi, I'll in .md li, higher; ficsli
ucarb.v, .'it., do e.liin, S.'c-,, do south
western, 20e,; ell southriii, 11V. Cheese
hliidv; ,Non ort, full oieanu, lam.i small,
ll'sall'jc,; ito, do, do, gocd tn iholce, I c'a
Hi. llctlned sugars I 1.1 1 mitred Cotton firm
and kc, liUliii, iniddllng uplands, llc, '1st
low steielv; eltv pi line In libels , 4e,; conn.
trv do, bids, Ia4-ic.i cakes, V, Live poul.
trv htcaelv; fowls, dilOe.; old roosleis, 7i, ;
pilng rblckiiis, DilOc,, duck, Halite,; geese,
naV'ti,, turki.vs, tlallit, Dirwel poiillrv -leadi ;
(owls, ehuiec, l'i'i . ; do. fall to good, U'jJ
Ilk,; edd ioilci, 7c; ueaib.v opting ililekeus,
I la Hi ; Wisnrii do, ILilJc, lice eiptv Flour,
4,(l0il hanils, and I ,,iOO,ocai pounds in sicks j
wheit, tv.mvi lni.licU, corn, bushels,
nits, III.ISKI bushels -shipments-)ir it, 12 tl
liiahcU, nun, 1 1,ksi biidiiN; nits, s:0im
Chicago Grain and Pioduce,
(ldc.i;o, Oct. '10 Wheat held linn lodiv,
helped 111 liulv bv 1 leduiltou In Ilia lln-sl in
crop ealinilli Piieiiibei elosed ai our
vestiidav Cinil closed nniliauved, uud oils 4
iludc donu. Provision .il the ileus- win- 2!.a
Ilk. hlkhei. Cash iUulatioii9 wile as follows;
I luui O11I1I, iincliaiigid; No spline wheat,
fiCUTJc.i So. 2 lid, 7V'n.; No. 2 10111, I'Uu
I7iji , So. 2 Vilhiw, .1711., S". 2 mis. 22c ,
So 2 wldli, 2V)1a2(.i., N". -I vvhlli. 2t',si21'ii .
Inilrv, .""i,, So 1 flax, VUJ'iul 71-.c.i So 1
IMIhvvcil, ill,7lJl.7l'j: lliiicilhv, J'ut EH,
pmk, U '.il; laid. t7.10i7.l'ij; libs MI7111
Him, khouldcS, euiH4l.i ldes, W 7"u0 l-'i
Chicago Live Stock IlatUet.
llilugo, Oct. 30 Cattle-Itceclpis, 4,000,
Including l,W) wesliius and K TVvuis, kv If
trail stead;, natives, best 011 sale- tods), tour
carloads at $3 UV; good to prime steers, ?) 'i'Vi1';
poor to medium, ft le)j3 10, sc Ice led leedcis,
about steady, is.)D0al50; initeil stoekcrs, slow,
To Satisfy
and to learn for ourselves all
the uses for
We will pay
in Gold
Wo are hearing of new tiici for this
great cleanser every day. We with to
learn at once ALL the uses, and era
willing to pay you to help ut.
$200 ,ne perion tending in the
Lht decided to be Tint by the
Committee named below.
$100 for he L1,t decided to be
$50 for the List decided to be Third.
$20 (each) for the Lists dedded to
be 4th to the 13th (IndutWe).
$10 ("cM for the Liitt decided to
be 14th to 33d (inclusive).
Jfeg (each) for the LUtt dedded to be
ZZ 34th to 83d (inclusive).
The Conditions of Competition ares
FIRST flu- list specifylnej the gresteist num
ber of seiinrntc uses that ZF.NOLA mny be
put to will be ckclatcd by tile Committee to
he the l'lrt,niid the one eontntnlngthe next
largest number, Second, and noon,
SECOND Lists eif use submitted must be
plninly w ritteti lu ink, on one side of paper
onlv, nnd method of each use separately
Muted. LlstM to be mailed to 77i Ztooln
Company, 78 fudf on St., TVesr Yarlr, on or
befoie tlilrlleth day of Nosieraber, 100c, nnd
must lie signed by each competitor nnd F, O,
ueldress given
THIRD rue lists submitted In accordance
vvrith the c ondltleini will be pissed on by the
Cunimittee auel their decision will be Anal.
In no will n likt submitted by anyone
connected with the 7enola Company be con
hldetrd The lists decided to he first, second
nnd third will beptintedin this paper.
FOURTH The PltMOLA used most be pro
cured by each competitor from n dealer In
the eltv or town where competitor resides,
nnd the nsmeaud address of the dealer matt
he Htatrd. Am- grocer or druggist hit
EKOI.A or can supply It.
The Committee wilt consist of
of the Boston Globe.
Prop. Qlisha Coktm,
FormerlnspectorofTeacbers' TrnrnlnsrClassei
for the State of New York.
M. P. Hanson.
of The North American, Philadelphia.
Awards to be made
December 20, 1900
T HuoeoN ar., ncw von a orrv
its a. reosiT st., SHtuanmu
04 ointml asrn oarosi
Heating Stoves,
Oil Steves,
Gas Stoves,
M Heaters.
Restore Vitality, Logt Vigor and Manhood
Curo Ini potency, Nielit Kmlssiont, Loss of Mem.
on, nil vvastliiE uuoasos,
nil offoots nf celf-nbiiso or
excess and indiscretion.
A nervo tonlo and
blood builder. Brings
the Dink clow to Dale
checks uud restores lbs
lire of voutli. tiy mail
HOo ner hrix. 6 holes for
82.00, with our bankable gaurontea to cure
or refund the money paid, bend for circular
and copy of our bankable ciiuruutco bond.
Immediate Results
Positively Rtiarantcod cure for Loss ot Powor,
Varicocele, Undeveloped or Shrunken Organs,
Pnrosis. I.nenmntnr Atnxfn. Vnrvnns Pmstrn.
tlon, Hjstorin, rit, IriMinltj, Pamlyslsi and the
nesiuis or i.xcosiiro useoi jooncco, upenrn cir
Linunr. Bv mall in nlain nnckneo. fil.OO a
box, 6 for 85.00 with our bankable iruar
antee bona to cure in 80 days or refund
money paid. Addreeu
Clinton fc Jackson sts., CHICAGO. ILL.
Bold by McQarrah & Thomna, Drug.
gists,, W9 Lackawacra ave , Scranton, Pa.
$.' "11175, coves, S'uYil.lO; heifirs, I.TOalftlj
cnimers, 1oh, MiiUi isi; bulls, stejih, fill V);
miles'. Se, lower than list 'luc-ilui. Klin. Ii
mis I list on sile todji, U carload., -i ID;
Icvsh fed steels, Slat M; levus t'l'iiss sirri,
s.U5il,lfl: Tev is bulls, iVMI.'.i.
Hogs llerclpls todi, Jli.tmflj loiiKuron, 11,.
Oft), left enei, 1,rOU, ."A to 'h Inwei li pe,
I8; inivnl and Initeliirs, ! I'al M, ,hh in
elolru hcuvj, l I'll SCI, rouzli hejii, 1 10
1, Unlit, H tlal mi, bull, ot Mid , l Will J'l
Mieep Heicljils. 1U,iK') Slieep mid limbs,
sit idl to shade lower, .cllec anocl to eliol'n
Mlliern, .1fHllO, hhu ilieilci, inlvM. M 5
aKKij vvestern sheep, M "flj I Id , Tivas sh'ei,
J')i).ilMI, naiivi IjiiiIis, ip i3a5 i"i, evislern
lanilis, is 7" i J
East Libel ty Stock Maikst,
j.t l.lbeili, Oct Ift-rjtths-'Stenl, evils,
! "llij Ul, plillll, S"ljlll5l'l, u llllll'ill, iii
I 7
llo- Mi nil , pilule IijiIcs l is) ussorteil
iiiuliiiuis, !'!, luiiii cirKiu, t sv, Unit
voikein md pit's, l NUl Is), loughs, l ilci (0.
sliipi tiaelv , i hull c- wiilieis, iM (Slat torn,
moil, l Vlj Ml. ihoiie Imdis, il J'ui HI, nun
nun in iroiul, f.1 "iOi'i, lul ealici, TiW
New Yoik Live Stock Tltuket,
m oik, Oct .0 -Units No lull if lin
poiiuiiefi feci 1 111; t ilns, inula steady;
nils, l Vljb M), gusfi, Wijji
Mieep and lamb. Mallei sluu , slurp, -'a
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