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Montrose Will Celebrate the Fiftieth
Anniversary of Hon. O. A. Qrow'B
Election to Congress Farmer Hay
ward Kills an Eagle Near New
Milford Bailroad Backet Gen
eral Topics of Interest in Susque
hanna County.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Susquehanna, Oct. n. Mrs. Surilnm,
of Brookdnle, wns feeding tho chicken?
the other morning, when a sudden
squawk of anguish behind her caused
her to turn In time to boo a fox mak
ing olf with a biff hen that It had
Just seized. Mrs: Surdatn 1h an active
woman, and she had that fox by the
tall before It could get through the
fence. She clung to the fox and ho
clung to the hen, and there was great
screaming and cackling In the barn
yard until the two bouse dogs came
and that was the last of Bre'r Fox.
A vicinity man, Just sent to the
lunatic asylum, has been In the habit
of smoking forty cigarettes a day. In
sanity is preferable to cigarettes.
Never take a sulky girl to ride In
a buggy.
Half the pleasure of going away
on a summer vacation Is being wel
comed back to one's friends.
A Blnghamton man mndc a bet that
he could jump a freight train run
ning twenty miles an hour. He lost
the bet, but ho had an elegant fu
neral. There Is always something new in
a paper, If Its only the date line.
They had been blasting rocks In a quarry,
'Twa during the hour of noon;
When one smoked on a big Keg of powder
And now there's tno men in the moon.
John Reynolds, a veteran of the
civil war, died at his homo in Oakland
township on Saturday evening, in his
82nd year. The funeral will occur
from the Avenue Methodist church,
Oakland, this afternoon, the pastor,
Bev. W. M. Bouton, officiating. Moody
post, No. 55, Grand Army of the Re
public, will attend in a body.
The Susquehanna Telegraph and
Telephone company will hold a meet
ing today to consider the matter of
purchasing the telephone line of II.
P. Williams, esq., of Windsor.
Rev. Kenneth Craig, of Sayro, on
Sunday declared the pulpit of the
Presbyterian church vacant.
The congregation of the Presbyterian
church last evening gave Rev. and
Mrs. David I. Sutherland a farewell
reception, which was largely attended.
They will leave on Wednesday for De
troit. Michigan, their new field of.
The shortest day in the month is
The burning question of tlie hour
is the price of coal.
No service has been discovered, or
is likely to come into vogue soon, to
make advertising more effective than
the respectable newspaper.
The woman who loses her temper
finds her tongue.
An old bachelor at a baby show
ranks with an old maid among the
spectators at a divorce suit.
Even a barrel hoop will turn when
trod upon.
A local cynic remarks that every
thing nice In this world grows on the
other side of a barbed wire fence.
Tdoay, In Montrose, tho friends and
admirers of Hon. Galusha A. Grow,
will celebrate tho fiftieth anniversary
of his first election to congress. He
was elected Oct. 8, 1850, he being then
only 27 years of nge. Ho was the
youngest member of the bouse. Todajj
he Is the oldest member.
Tho next meeting of tho Susquehan
na County Medical society will bo held
at Hallstead on the first Tuesday of
February next.
Tho post-office of F. B. Jowett.
fusion candidate for member of as
Ecmbly, will continue to be Brooklyn,
Pa. This Is an off year for fuslonlsts
'in Susquehanna county.
The Susquehanna County Teachers'
Oiling Up.
Just a little oil on the engine at the
right time may mean the difference be
tween life and death to the passengers and
crew. What oil is to the friction of the
delicate parts of the engine, Dr. Tierce's
Golden Medical Discovery is to the deli
cate organs ot tue
body. It eases
their labor, pre
vents the loss of
power and waste
of energy caused
byfrWion. Many
inu who was all
run own, whose
limbs ached when
he walked, whose
tack ached when
te laid down, who
veathed with dif
Iculty, and cough
id constantly, has
teen perfectly
iured by the use
f Doctor rierce's
Golden Medical
Discovery, It pur
ifies the blood,
strengthens the
stomach and heals
weak lungs.
Accept no sub
stitute for "Golden
Medical Discov
ery," nor any med
icine called "just
as good" by .the
Mr. Chas. Huuwick, of Lenox. Macomb Co.,
Mlcb., writes: I have never felt better in my
life thau I da now. I have taken Dr. rierce's
Golden Medical Discovery right along. I can
now walk quite well with a caue, una hope to
throw eveu that away before long, and as I have
had to use crutches lor uearly two years, I think
I am doiug fiue. I do not cougii now and I can
Bleep like a school boy. You must know that I
have been treated in two hospitals and by three
doctor besides, and received no benefit; so I
think your medicine the only medicine for me."
Dr, Pierce's Medical Adviser in paper
coyer, if sent free oil receipt of ai one
cent tumps to pay expens? of mailing
only, Address Dr, R. V. Pierce, But-fale,N.Y,
Institute will be held In Montrose next
Fanner Hayward, of Summersvllle,
killed an eagle near New Milford on
Saturday, While looking for a lost cow
he saw two large birds In a tree nnd
took them for hawks. He shot tho
lanrest one and the other flew awny.
When ho came to pick up the bird ho
found It to bo an eagle. In the brush
near by he found the body of a wild
cat, just killed. There were shins of
a fierce combat. Tho savage cat had
evidently been killed by the two great
great birds.
The world Is full of liars but the
fortune teller takes the palm.
A Montrose young lady has made
a "crazy quilt" out of letters offering
marriage. The letters are worked In
silk of beautiful colors.
A vicinity paper heads an Item, "A
Woman Slaps a Child at Point of
Dying." This seems tho very acme of
cruelty, yet from a physiological
standpoint, It Is as delightfully vague
as the announcement that recently ap
peared In a Blnghamton paper to the
effect that a dog had been "shot on
the North Side."
It Is a fact worth pondering that,
though the right falls around us it
never breaks, whereas the day breaks
but never falls. I offer this hint to
some struggling aspirant for political
In making presents do not look
Tor Rifts bej nnd jour pocketbook!
For trifles more thin Reins brine hllw,
That come with loe and heartiness.
A solid citizen of Montrose was so
mad on returning home to find that
during bis absence his wife had per
mitted coal wagons to go across the
lawn that ho refused to sleep in tho
house, spent the night in tho bain,
caught cold and died. Let us hope that
he has not gone wheie they use coal.
The Erie Is dolnir a heavv freir-ht
The Delaware & Hudson improve
ments on tho Ninevah Branch are well
under way. The bin tirades are holnr-
cut down, and heavier trains can here-
aiter do hauled.
Considerable soft coal is coming east
over the Erie from Western Pennsvl.
vania and Ohio.
Business has boomed In the Erie
shops in Susquehanna for two years,
and yet, in November, hundreds of the
men will vote for "a chance." In the
Cleveland times, of blessed (?) mem
ory, tho shops were In bperatlon twenty-four
houis per week. Experience
teaches some people nothing.
Special to tho Sennton Tiibnne.
Montrose, Oct. 12. The now .scenery
for Village hail has arrived, and was
tested for the first time at a private
rehearsal. It proved highly satisfac
tory. It is doubtful if another town in
tho state of tho same size, has as neat
and attractive a play-house, with
modern and complete stage fittings, as
Montrose now possesses in Village hall.
The countv teachers' annual Insti
tute opens in the High school building
in this place on Monday next and con
tinues until Friday morning.
James D. Smillle, of New York, is in
town for a few days' stay.
Benjamin W. Clark has accented a
position with H. W. Beach.
Albert Wood has gone to Harrlsburg,
N. J to reside.
Having exhausted their supply or ice
at this place, Seller Bt others are now
supplying their milk station here with
ice bt ought from Little York, N. Y.
Charles Warner, cleik at the post
office. Is again on duty, after a severe
Clarence A. Dawley, of this place,
who is a student at Gornell university,
Ithaca, N. Y., some time ngo won a
five hundred dollar scholarship, and
has now won a cash prize for scholar
ship of four hundred dollars, to be paid
to him during the next two years.
Tho appointment of ex-Reglstcr and
Recorder Samuel S. Wright as post
master at Montrose, to fill the vacancy
caused bv tho death of tho late Will
iam B. Stoddard, Is approved by Mr.
Wright's many friends in this town
and county.
The Democrats of Montrose and
Bridgewater organized a campaign
club last evening.
Charles H. Smith, a well-known In
surance man of Now York, and a for
mer resident of Montrose, Is tho guest
of friends In town.
Dr. E. E. Tower, J. V. Clary, S. S.
Wright nnd Dr. B. P. Carey attended
a Ropubllcon meeting at Blnghamton
on Thursday.
Mr. Daniel Sayro, whose critical ill
ness has been chronicled In The Trib
une, died at his home, on Lake avenue,
last night at 12 o'clock. Tho deceased
was a native nnd life-long resident of
this place, and wns held in universal
esteem by our people. Ho was promi
nent In religious, social and business
circles of tho town, and will bo greatly
missed, Ho leaves a devoted wlfo and
a number of nephews and nieces to
mourn his demise. The funetal will bo
attended from tho Presbyterian chut eh,
of which ho had long been., a ruling
elder, on Sunday afternoon ut 4 o'clock.
Vrooman Gardiner, a student at
Keystone academy, Pactoryvllle, has
boon spending a few days at his home
in this place.
A. J. Avery, of Scranton, Is spending
the week with his family here.
Surgeon Theodore Richards, of the
United States navy, has been the guest
for a few days of his parents, Com
mander and Mrs. B. S. Richards, nt
their residence In this place.
Mrs. Adelaide Stoddard and sister,
Miss Janet McCausland, have gone to
Philadelphia, whore they will spend
tho winter studying elocution and
physicul culture,
Mrs, E. B. Joachim, of Unadllla, N.
Y Is visiting her parents, Dr, and
Mrs. W. W, Smith.
P. J, Lott, esq., of this place, was
elected president of the State Associa
tion of County commissioners at its
annual convention held this week at
Mrs. C. R. Newton, of Nicholson, was
the guest of Montrose friends this
The Republican rally at the armory
In this place on Wednesday evening
was a pronounced success. The build
ing was packed to overflowing. Cap
tain R. James McCausland presided.
George H. Frasler was secretary, and
the following were vice-presidents: J.
H. Prltchard, Bprlngyllle; O. A, Bald
win, Mlddletownj W. H. Tlnglcy, Now
Milford! Hendrlck Miles, DlmockJ V.
E. Bennett, Franklin! E. W. Stedman,
Forest Lake; M. E. Compton, Sprlng
vllle, and A. C. Barrett, New Milford.
The paramount Issues of tho campaign
were discussed In two masterly ad
dresses delivered by Congressman-at-Largo
Galusha A. Grow and Hon.
James T. DuBols, An added Interest
to the occasion came from the fact
that It was tho fiftieth anniversary ot
Mr. Grow's entrance Into public life,
having been first elected to congress
from the old Wllmot district In Octo
ber, 1SG0. The meeting was marked by
great enthusiasm, and the Republican
cause In this county wns given a tre
mendous Impetus. Excellent music was
furnished by the Montrose Glee club
and tho Sprlngvllle band.
Plea of Voluntary Manslaughter Ac
ceptedOther Court News.
Special to tho Scranton Tribune.
Tunklmnnoek, Oct. 12. Tho trial of
James Terry for the killing of his
brother came to an abrupt conclusion
yesterday. The last witness culled last
evening was tho stenographer who
took tlie ante-mortem statement of
D. Terry fit the Wllkes-Burro hospi
tal. The defense objected to the ad
mission of the statement, but their ob
jection was overruled, and the state
ment read. It contnlned no now mat
ter, being substantially what tho wit
ness of the stabbing testified to,
namely, that the two men were quar
reling, that a fight resulted from the
quarrel, and that during the scrim
mage, while both men were on tho
ground, the Ftabblng was done. On
coming Into court a proposition was
made by the defense that they would
withdraw their plea of not guilty and
substitute one of guilty of voluntary
manslaughter, and after some discus
sion between the district attorney nnd
the court this plea was .occepted, and
the Jury discharged. Sentence wns
suspended for the present, and tho
prisoner taken back to jail. The high
est punishment that can be Inflicted
under this aspect of the case is a fine
of not more than $1,000 and Imprison
ment not exceeding twelve years.
The case of commonwealth vs. How
ard Moss, charge f. and b., was called
this morning after the disposition of
the Terry case. District Attorney Kln
ner appearing for the commonwealth
and Attorneys Henry Harding and Asa
S. Kecle for the defense. The defense
offered no testimony and submitted
the case without argument, and the
jury returned a verdict of guilty.
Sentence was suspended until Monday
In the case of commonwealth vs.
Lloyd Newell, charged with assaulting
an Arabian peddlor near Noxon, In
which defendant had pleaded guilty,
the defendant was called for sentence.
Several witnesses were called In order
to fix the degree of sentence, and the
defendant went on the stand to tell
his story. He is a very young boy,
and was evidently frightened, as he
broke down completely and could not
testify for some time on account of
his crying. After hearing the testi
mony, the court, in consideration of
the defendant's youth, suspended sen
tetnee indefinitely or during good be
havior. Commonwealth vs. S. F. Smith,
charge, soiling liquor to minors and
selling liquor on Sunday, grand jury
finds a true bill.
Commonwealth vs. Mrs. S. F. Smith,
charged with the sumo offenses, grand
jury returned the bill ignored.
The case of commonwealth vs. Ella
Harding, charged with committing an
assault and battery oh Station Agent
Miller, of the Lehigh Valley station at
Vosburg, was called this afternoon
and a jury drawn. On account of the
absence of Dr. Butler, of Wilkes
Barrc, n very important witness in
tho ease, a continuance was had un
til Friday morning.
The two commonwealth cases
against S. F. Smith were continued to
next term.
There being but one other case open
on the list for trial nt this term, the
case of commonwealth vs. Newcomb,
charge, false pretense, a jury was
drawn In that case and the balance of
tho jurymen were discharged from
further attendance at court during this
Sessions Close with Grand Concert at
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Factor.vville, Oct. 12. Tho last day
of the Lackawanna and Wyoming
Muslcaalllanee closed yesterday with
tho second grand concert in the even
ing, in which some excellent talent wis
brought out, as tho programme printed
In yesterday's Tribune showed, and at
both Thursday and Friday night's con
certs several encores were responded to.
Mrs. Chamot's sjet voice again
charmed the audiences that have had
tho pleasure of listening to her, and
she has received many deserving com
pliments. Prof. Bowman's untiring efforts, and
tho willingness of his class to grasp
tho music that he placed before them,
have been crowned with success, which
makps this, tho fifteenth annual ses
sion of the alliance, go on record as
one of tho very best and most suc
cessful ones held In many years. Prof.
Bowman has proved himself a genial
and talented conductor. As an Instru
mental musician ho Is a marvel, and
his playing during the alliance has
been a leading feature.
The weather man has certainly smiled
on tho alliance this year and tho finest
of weather has prevailed .during the
whole week, therefore the attendance
has been good, Tho church last night
was taxed to Its fullest capacity and
standing room was at a premium.
The Tribune has been the official
paper of the alliance again this year,
and has been much sought after by
tho members.
Secretary Manchester, President A,
L. Thayer and other officers have been
very diligent workers during the alli
ance, and their efforts, too, have been
very successful and are deserving of
much credit,
Special to th Scranton Tribune.
Brooklyn, Pa., Oct, 11. Mrs. Eliza
Roper spent Wednesday and Thursday
at A. S. Waldle's.
H. W. Roper nnd family and Mrs.
Stephens visited friends In West Nich
olson thl3 week, I
Mrs, N. S. Sage, Mrs. Rhoda Van
" rs.r all Thrnnt nnd Tunc Affections. '
Curci sit Throat and LuoiC Affections.
W. Get the genuine. Refuse substitute, A
v ucune genuine. KciusesuostuuK
Aukon, Misses Bertha Sago and Gcr
trudo Waldlo attended tho Y. P. C. U.
convention last Saturday nnd Sunday.
Tho funeral of Franklin Lord was
held from his home Monday afternoon.
The O. A. ft. had charge and itov.
Dr. Sage officiated.
No school next week, as the teachers
must attend tho county lnstltuto nt
Mrs. G, T, Peckham returned homo
Tuesday. Her mother, Mrs. C. H. Ely,
Is still quite 111. She lsnbelng cared
for by Miss Inez Brink ot Sprlngvlllo.
Mrs. Gertie Smith and children are
visiting her mother, Mrs. McKccver.
Tho funeral ot Willie Sterling, who
died ot lock-Jaw nt tho home of his
uncle C. JL Tiffany was held hero Sun
day. Many friends from Scranton at
tended tho funeral.
The Unlvcrsnllst Ladles' Aid meet
Thursday with Mrs. W. L. Sterling.
They will servo a Thanksgiving dinner
In the church,
Special to the Seranton Tribune.
Susquehanna, Oct. 12. Tho patrons
of Susquehanna station, No. 01, Five
States' Milk Producers' association,
will hold a meeting !n Susquehanna on
A Republican rally will bo held In
Gulf Summit this evening.
It Is claimed that, on account of
the severe and protracted drought, the
trout in the vicinity's streams are dy
ing, and tho snakes nnd smaller ani
mals are devouring a great number.
Several members of the Susquehanna
band accompanied the Hallstead band
to Blnghamton on Thurrday.
Dr. and Mrs. D. J. Peck entertained
tho Men's club of Christ Episcopal
church last evening.
Mrs. M. B. Wright and son, Clar
ence, nnd Miss Clara Falkenburg, have
returned to Washington, D. C.
Mrs. Thomas Granahan and daugh
ter, Miss Sara, of the Oakland side,
left today to visit New York city rela
tives'. Mr. and Mrs. John G. Brewer, of
Turnpike street, are guests of New
York city relatives.
Rev. J. L. Williams and family have
removed from Forest City to this
Mrs. Smith Lyons nnd daughter.
Fiances, of Athens, are guests of Mr.
and Mrs. F. A. Lyons, Main street.
A series of Farmers' institutes will
bo held in Susquehanna county in tho
near future.
The marksmen of the borough and
vicinity will soon have another shoot
on the Oakland side range.
George Kirk and family, of Broad
street, will spend tho winter It Al
bany. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Dougherty
have returned from their bridal tour.
Mrs. Elizabeth Ketcham, of Wilcox,
Po is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. F. D.
Mrs. Joseph Mulroonoy and son, ot
Laurel street, are visiting relatives in
Patcrson, N. J. '-
Owing to tho scarcity of coal, a
large quantity of wood is being sold
by farmers, in Susquehanna.
Special to the Scranton Tiibunc
Unlondale, Oct. 12 Hayden MI
rathean of Wilkes-Barre is visiting
S. S. Coleman's family.
Several bushels of apples were stolon
from Isaac Morgan's property the
other night.
Rev. E. Eastman returned Wednes
day, after attending the Ministers' as
sociation held at Jackson.
Mrs. H. J. Crane and son Howard
are spending the present week at Nich
olson. The showers wo had Sunday were
gratefully received by all. There is
an earnest cry for more rain as water
Is becoming very scarce.
R. Jones, son of Richard L. Jones,
returned homo to New York, accom
panied by his daughter, last Monday.
Urbane Barriger and daughter, Miss
Alice, made a trip to Blnghamton
Theie has been quite a number of
patients in your town recent!:.'. We
are glad to report on good authority
that the majority are doing well.
Mrs. G. M. Darrow is visiting at
New Milford.
Mts. Frank Couch, of Carbondale,
was a pleasant visitor in town last
Edward Morgan nnd family occupy
the former home of Mrs. Elias West
gate. Hattle Smith is visiting friends
at Waymont.
Next Sunday will be harvest Sunday
In tho M. E. Church. There willbe
appropriate exercises.
J. F. Bass, esq., spent Sunday with
friends in Carbondale.
Special to the Sennton Tribune.
Nicholson, Oct. 12. Mrs. Crock, who
has boon seriously 111, Is convalescing.
Mr .and Mrs. Charles Birchard'and
Mrs. Martha Bell, of Foster, wore
callers on friends In town Thursday.
Rev. O. R. Beurdsley is visiting his
daughter, Mrs. L. N. Shields.
William S. Crock attended a social
at Royal Friday evening.
Mrs, F. P, Stephens and daughter,
Madeline, aro visiting friends nnd rel
atives In Scranton.
Claude Roberts is visiting his par
ents at Foster.
For Female Complaints,
and diseases arising from an Impure
state of tho blood Llchty's Celery
Nerve Compound Is an Invaluable spe
cific. Sold by Mut'thow Bros.
Special to tlie Reunion Tribune,
Forest City, Oct. 12. Eva, -the only
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. C. R. Knapp,
ded at 11.30 Thursday morning, after a
very short Illness with diphtheria, She
was about ten years of age, nn un
usually bright and cheerful girl, Hor
vivacious ways made hor a natural
leader among her playmates. The par
ents have tho sympathy of tho com
munity in their bereavement,
Mary, tho six-year-old daughter ot
Mr, and Mrs. John Dearie, succumbed
before tho dread malady, diphtheria,
on Wednesday,
Tho delegates representing Forest
City local, No, 1035, in the convention
at Scranton are L. h. Decker, J, P,
Haggerty, M, J, Healy, Morgan Jen
kins, Thomas Cavanaugh, P. H. Hol
lenback, Andrew Starinskl, Prank Mur
ray, Jim Cojlnsky, Alex, Peterson,
Louis Zazerl and Mike Ruddy.
Champ Ebdon has gono to Chicago
for a short visit,
Miss Lizzie McLaughlin Is receiving
medical treatment In Dr. Wheeler's
hospital, Carbondale.
' Charles Alexander has resigned his
position with his brother. John Alex
ander, tho clothier, to return to Phila
delphia. Jessie Haurwlcz is again be
hind tho counter in that store.
Mrs. S. B. Hudson, of Hudsonvllle,
Mrs. C. D. Powell, President Epworth League, also President Loyal Tem
perance Legion, nnd wife of Dr. C. D. Powell, of Chehalls, Wash., was for
several years afflicted with that peculiar form of chronic catarrji pervading
tho whole system, involving the stomach, liver and kidneys. It is to this
form of catarrh that Dr. Hartman has for a long time been calling the at
tention of the medical profession. It Ik known as systemic catarrh. Po
runa seems to be tlie only specific for this phase of catarrh yet devised by
the medical profession. j
In a recent letter to Dr. Hartman, Mrs. Powell says:
"I have found Peruna to give satisfaction in cases of indigestion, com
plication of liver and kidney troubles , and it is one of the finest tonics I
know of for a worn-out system. I have used several remedies in cAses of
severe colds and la grippe, but none I consider of more value than Peru
na. X am glad to recommend Peruna to my friends as a reliable, safe and
successful specific. Mrs. Dr. C. D. Powell.
Mr. Samuel A. Sealos, Kimbro, Tenn.,
"J gives me great pleasure to testify
to tlie great good your medicine, Pe
runa, has done for me in a case of
systemic catarrh. I was confined to
my bed for gome time and could not
sit up. I had tried everything that I
visited her brother, E. C. Dunnler, last
week. She leaves soon, with her fam
ily, for Denver.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Biown are spend
ing a few days at Montrose.
A reading club lias been formed by
a number of young ladies, who have
elected the following officers: Presi
dent, Elizabeth Hartung; vice-president,
Rosa Freodman; secretary,
Martha Griffiths; treasurer, Pepe
Mrs. H, D. Allen is visiting in Hones
dale. Monroe Tyler and family have been
called to Tyler bill, Wayne countv, on
account of tho serious illness of Mr.
Tyler's parents.
A banner wih the portraits of Bryan
and Stevenson has been strung to the
breeze across South Main street.
Thomas Robinson is suffering with a
deep gash in the left wrist, inflicted
recently while splitting wood.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
New sMllford, Oct. 12. Dr. Y. P.
Clements and family, who have been
spending tho summer here, returned
to their homo In Now York city Tues
day. Mrs. W. Sch,lppert spent Thursday In
Mr. and Mrs. David Shay have re
turned from a visit nmong Peckvllle
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Carpenter recently
entertained Emanuel Carpenter, of
Yorktokn, Neb.
P. G. Inderlied was In Blnghamton
Thursday on business.
'Mrs. William Curtis, of East Bridge
water, was a guest of her sister, Mrs.
D. W. Hagor, one day tills week.
W. E. Tiffany, ot Susquehanna, was
in aown this week.
Miss Minine Bradiey and J. V. Ax
tell wore appointed delegates to attend
tho Christian Endeavor convention held
at Blrchardvlllo Saturday,
Mrs. W. M, Van Cott spent Tuesday
at Scranton.
Mrs. F W, Boyle will return Satur
day fir.iv Troy, N. V where she has
been spending some time visiting rela
tives. Mrs. D. W. Hnger entertained a few
of her lady friends at dlnno- Thursday.
H. N, Tiffany, of Tiffany, was n
caller In town one day recently,
Mrs. Eugene Osborn and three daugh
ters, of Harford, ate guests of Sir. and
Mrs. J. Vailes.
Mrs. F, T. Austin was In Now York
last week on business,
L. II, Pratt, of Nicholson, wns In
town the first of this week,
There will be no school next week ns
It will bo teachers' Instrltute at Mont
rose, A lecture course Is being arranged by
the Young People's Christian Endeavor
Many Thanks.
"I wish to express my thanks to the
munufactuieis of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, for
having put on tho markoO such a won
derful medicine," says W. W. Massln
gill, of Beaumont, Texas, Thero are
many thousands of mothers whose
children have been saved from attacks
of dysentery and cholera Infantum
who must also feel thankful. It Is for
sale by all druggists. Matthews Bros,,
wholesale and ret-all agents,
Special to tho Scranton Tribune.
Hopbottom, Oct. 12, Thero will be
no school next week, on account of
county Institute, which convenes at
Montiose on Monday next,
Mrs, N, M, Finn Is beginning to
Improve again, and It Is hoped will
goon bo on the road to health once
Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Dlrchard of
Philadelphia have been visiting friends
In town. They spent Wednesday with
Mr. and Mrs, O, D. Roberts. Mrs.
Blrchard was a resident and teacher
ot this place for several years, and
she Is always a most welcome visitor.
Rev, O. R. Beardsley of "Scranton
was a visitor In town this week,
The Scranton Dalrv Ca. ni now
handling about seventy cans of mill: '
f could find that was recommended for
catarrh without any benefit. I tried
the best physicians with little or no
benefit. I found I was giadually
growing worse.
"A friend of mine gave me one of
your pamphlets, and seeing how Pe
runa was recommended for catarrh, I
per day from this place, and this
amount will soon be largely increased.
Mrs. Mary Brown of Dalton spent
Wednesday with relatives here.
Mrs. G. D. Robinson and children
of Scranton, are making a ten days'
visit among Mrs. Robinson's relatives
In this vicinity.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Pactoryvllle, Oct. 12. S. C. Benjamin,
of Scranton, Is spending a couple of
weeks here attho home of John Taylor,
'Mrs. vate Stiles Is making several
very noticeable Improvements on her
Church street property.
Keystone academy foot ball team
goes to Tunkhannock today to play a
return game with the high school of
that place.
Mrs. J. N. Capwell, of Scranton, was
a. pleasant visitor here Thursday pnd
composed one of the audience at the
Alliance concert Thursday evening.
The season for shooting squirrel,
pheasants and quail opens next Mon
day, and several of our local sports
men anticipate exercising their muscles
on that day. Rabbits cannot bo law
fully killed till November 1.
Miss Permella Bennett and Robert
Hughes were married at the homo of
the bride's parents in Gibson last Wed
nesday evening at 8 o'clock. Miss Jen
nie Gardner, of this place, was a guest.
A few members of the Methodist
Episcopal church held a private dinner
at the church yesterday noon.
Messrs. D. W. Stark and ex-Register
and Recorder H: C. Prevost, of Tunk
hannock, were callers here yesterday.
Quite a number of our townspeople
are In attendance at tho October term
of court this week.
F. St. Amand and A, A. Brown were
at Lake Sheridan one day this week
and brought in a fine string of pickerel.
Frank W. Lewis, of Lima, O., for
merly a Pactoryvllle boy, was united
In marriage last Wednesday afternoon
at 2 o'clock to Miss Naomi Dell Hard
esty, at their home, 320 North Scott
street, Lima, O. Mr, Lewis has many
warm friends and relatives In this place
and vicinity who extend congratula
tions. i
Special to the Scranton Tribune,
Honesdale, Oct. 12. Miss Mae O,
Wood, is the guest of Miss Alice Burns
In Scranton,
Rev. Jnmis P. Ware will preach ut
Waymart Sunday afternoon,
Mis. John Weaver and daughter,
Murguerlte, nro spending a few days in
Now York city.
Next Thursday afternoon the ladles
of Grace Episcopal church will open a
"rummage sale" In tho vacant store
room next to the express office on Front
street, ,
Saturday afternoon tho Honesdale
foot bail team and a club from Carbon
dale will play on tho silk mill grounds.
The county lnstltuto will be held In
tho court house commencing November
12, Tho teachers are assured a profit
able session.
The funeral of Jesse Dexter, who died
auddenjy Wednesday night, will be held
at 2.30 p. m, Saturday.
On account of tho scarcity of water
the street sprinkler has been discon
tinued and the strong wind yesterday
rolled volumes of dust down Front
street, to the discomfort of pedestrians.
Tho Woman's Homo Missionary so
ciety meetings Wednesday and Thurs
day brought to Honesdale lady dele
gates from tho territory comprising tho
Lackawanna Presbytery, Wednesday
evening Miss Florence Stephenson, of
Asliovlllo Industrial school, gave a very
Interesting' account of the work of the
school. The meetings throughout
proved a profitable season to all who
Dr, W. T, Butler and sister, Mrs. W.
A. Oaylord, were called to Philadelphia
yesterday by the death of a brother-in-law,
Henry O. Hulburt, who was for
merly a resident of Wayne county. He
was born near what Is now called
Stceno Station. He was about 65 years
of age, and has been engaged in the
Jewelry business in Philadelphia for
many cars.
sent for some and began taking It .ac
cording to directions" After taking-it
for a few days, I began,, to got better.
I continued using It until 1 was tiblo
to go to work on tho farm again, and
now I am In very good health, and' do
work on my farm,
"I do honestly believe that your
great medicine, Peruna, saved my
lite, and I cheerfully recommended it
to like sufferers."
Hon. John Elliot, President Royal
Templars of Temperance, writes, the
following In regard
to Peruna from 12b)
Fltswortli stieet,
Philadelphia, in.:
"I htvp found ho
much help In cases
of catarrhal
trouble, nlso In kld-
ney nnd bladder
diseases , that I
have freely recom
mended Fortina to
the different mem
bers of our Order.
Peruna has never
In my experience
railed to help those
who have taken It nnd I have seen
some remarkable euros through Its
faithful use, It Is by nil odds the
most reliable medicine I know of."
Many people still think Ujat, ca
tarrh Is a disease confined to the head.
This, Is a great mistake. Catarrh is
liable to occur wherever there Is a
mucous membrane. Not only does the
mucous membrane fill the cavities of
the head, nose nnd throat, also'
lines the stomach, bowels, kidneys,
bladder and pelvic organs. Every
duet, every cavity, every passage ot
tho whole body Is subjected to chronlo
catarrh because they are lined with
mucous membrane.
Santa Rosa, Gala.
The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus
Gentlemen "At the solicitation of
a friend I used your Peruna and can
cheerfully recommend it as an ex
cellent remedy for nil catarrhal
troubles. It Is, indeed, a wonderful
J. A. Barham,
Congressman from California.
When catarrh has pervaded several
organs of the body it is called systemic
catarrh. It may involve stomach,
bowels and kidneys, or liver without
disturbing the cavities of tho head at
all. People who have no catarrh In
the .head are apt to think they do not
have catarrh at all. A great many
people are slowly dying of catarrh
today of some of the internal organs,
without having the slightest Idea that
they are victims ofatarrh.
In order to bo fully posted on this
subject, every person should read Dr.
Hartman's latest book on chronlo ca
tartji. Sent free on application by
The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus,
H Adamo A. Ruppert says :
"My Faco Bleach is not a new, untried
remnuy, but has beon used by tho best
people for years, and for dissolving nnd
removing forever pimples, freckles, moth
patches, blackheads, eczema, tan, sunburn,
eallowness, roughness or ralnoes of the
skin, and for brightening nnd beautifying
the complexion it boa no equal.
It Is absolutely harmless to the most
delicate skin.
Tho marvellous improvement aftor n
few applications is most upparent, tor thu
skin becomes as nature intunded it slioulil
be, smooth, clear and white, free tnun
every impurity nnd blemish. It ennnrit
fall, for its action is suali that it drawn thu
impurities out of tho skin, nnd docs not
cover thotn up, and is invisible during ufc.
'Fills is tho only thorough and pcraiuncnt'.
During this month, I will offer to all n"
trial bottle of my world ronowud Kaco
Pleach, Bufliolent to show that it la nil that
I claim for it, and any reader of this can
Fend mo 25 cents In stamps or silver, and
I will nend tho trial bottle, securely
parked In (iluln wrapper, scaled, all charges
My book 'How to ho Iloautiful' will bo
mailed frto to all who will writo tor it."
6 East 14th Street, New York
rime. Ruppert's dray Hair Restorative
actually restores gray hair to its natural
color. Caubn-usedon any shadoof hair,
and is not a dyo. ami does not discolor tho
skin nor rub olf. rerfectly harmless and
always gives satisfaction.
Dime, Ruppert's Depilatory remove
superfluous lmlr In five minutes, without
pain; will uot lujitro tho most delicate
flme. Ruppert's Egyptian Itulm for soft
ening aud healing tho fnco nml hamli,
(laic. Ruppert's flair Tonic positively
removes daudrurr, all scalp dlseiifos, stn s
falling hair, and In many cusos icstores
Mme. Ruppert's Almond Oil Complexion
Soap, maclo of puro almond oil and wax,
Dollghtful for tho complexion mid unr
runted not to clinp tho nmt dolteiitoskin,
All oi TiionDovo inuop prepainuniiB nro
nlwavs .i't in stock and can bo had trout
our local agent.
Mine. A. Kupperl'aCelobratotl Com
plexion Specialties mo for milo , la
Bcrauton hy
Jonas Long's Sons
DR. DPNSTCN, 311 Spruce Street, Scran
ton. Pa. All Acute urnl Chronic Diseases ot
Men, Women ani Children. Consultation and
examination free. Office Hours Uallv and
Sunday 8 a, m. to o p. in.
Hon. John Elliot
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