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I Religious.
HE Pennsylvania Stnto convention
of tho Methodist Uplsconiil cl.urcii
will be held In Oiuoa church,
llurrlsbun?, October V!2 -25. Fol
lowing l the programme:
Pint So3lnn livening.
f,S0 p. m. Tcmpniary Oriraiil.-itluii. Huvlco. Iter. S. tl.
1'iatlirr, I'll. 1., Tltu-nlllo.
AiMrcM of Welcome
On I'.irt ot llio Stain. Hon. Will- A. Stone, (lovernor ot I'cmi
On Part ol tlic rlty of llnrrl-
luirir. Itev. .1. Weblcy Hill, I).
1)., llarilslmrir.
On I'.irt of the Methodism of liar-
iMmri,'. lli'V. I'.m H. Vocimi,
1). I)., IlarrlMiuig.
(icoiire 1. IliiUll, esq., Oil City.
Itov. I,. !,. Spiaipic, 1). D-. KIiirv
Hnti. Ilolicrt K. PallUon, e.vtlov-
crnor of Pcnnlv.itil.i, Phlladel-
Second Scsslon-Mornlnff.
00 a. w. Dtvotlnnal Sen Ices. Hcv. 0. W.
PrnnepacLrr, 1. I)., Wllllaimpoit.
Sermon-IIMiop C. H. lo, I). I).,
I.I,. I)., PhllaiMplili.
AilmltiMiJtloii f the's Supper.
Iti poll of limine' Committee.
Permanent Organisation.
Tlilul Seislnn Afternoon.
Topic ".McllioilUin In Prnmjlvanli."
2.80 p. ni. Service":. Itev. M. M.
Sweeny, I'll. 1)., Hellevuo.
13 p. m. "Its Iti-c anil Development in Past-
rrn Pcuii Iv mi.i " Itev. T. B.
Xcely, I). I)., Mi. D., Philadelphia.
S.05 p. m. AdIre's. Hcv. 11. C. Pardoe, D. I).,
3.15 p. m. "Its ltle and Development ill Wcit
ein PcnnMh.mli." Itev. '!. T.
Itcj nolds, IJ. .. Indlaiii.
3.33 p. m. Addict. Ilc-v. 1!. X. S-'lubln, D. .,
3.15 p. m. Sinctlng.
3.50 p. in. "Tlic Piesenl Status of tlic Method
ist Episcopal Cluucli in Pemisjl
vinln." Itev. 3. N. rradenburgli,
. 1). I)., 1'ranl.lln.
4.10 p.
m. "The Clnritnlilc Institutions of
.Methodism in the Stale." Hcv. .1.
A. Lipplncott, II. V Phllndolpliii.
4 30 p. m. Atldrc-i. .loepli A. Hudson, c.,
4. 10 p. m. nicii--ioi).
rnurlli Sc"ion r.ieninj;.
Topic "The twentieth Cuitiny Moiement."
7.30 p. m. Devotional hcivier-". Itev. 1'. H.
T.Miih, 11. 11.. Philadelphia.
V."t5 p. m. Addles", "Its Aspects."
Itev. firm ire i:. Reed, I). D. LI,.
I).. C.ulisle.
8 35 p. m. Address "1 In- lletter Suppoit of
Conreiencc C'hinnnls." Hcv. W
M. I'l.v.slnirn, 11. D., Moomslimir.
Tinnn day. wr.nxiMUY, oct. 21.
riflh Session Mm u I UK.
Topic "The Church and lie-form."
0.00 a. ni. Devotional Serviies. llev. V,'. 1..
Thoipc, D. D , Pl.tmoiitl.
9.15 a. m. "j'.ilitical and Social Pnrlly."
Itcv. S. M. Vernon, 1). D., 1'liila
dclpiiia. 0.35 a. m. Address. Itev. M. IS. Webster, D
D., Bradfoid.
0 45 a. m. Discussion.
10.00 a. m. "Tho 1'jopcr Attitude of Methodism
Toward the Industrial Questions
of the Diy." Rev. Vallaee Mac'
Mullen, II.
!)., Philadelphia.
10.20 a. m. Address. Rov
A. (iritfin, D.
10.30 a. m. I)laiuioii.
10.43 a. m. .SinIiiir.
10.50 a. m. "Temperaiue
lte. T. X. IJojlc, I). D,
I.L. I).,
11.10 a. in. Addics. 11. W. Mi Curdy, esq.,
Clcai field.
11.20 a. m. Diiciisiion.
11.33 a. in. Rcpoit of Husincss Comnilltec.
Sith Session Aftiinoun.
Topic "Woman's Woil.-."
2 30 p. m. Deiotinml Sciilti-.. Itev. Rustav
liuhicl; (11. (iernun once) ,
2.15 p.
in, "Woman's Woik in the Local
Chun lies. "Mrs. ). II, Hastings,
3.00 p.
m. "'J he Woman's I'uicisn
S. Hard,
Soclity." Mi,. M,
3.20 p. m. Ad.'ie,,. Mis
3.30 p. m. AiIiIkss. Mis
T. II. Wllki"iion,
JI. L. Shelter, Phih-
3,40 p. ni. Siiiijin;.'.
3.13 p. in. "The Womm's Home Msion.iry So
lieti." Mm. T. 1,. TomUlnson,
1.03 p.
1.15 p.
,25 p.
m. ililics.. Jlw. C. W. HicKlev. Phlla.
ni, Ailihcs,. Ml-s Kiniua A. Fowler,
m. "The Dc.iconcs Movement," Rev.
Ill v In O. (Irillltli, l'hlladelpiila.
4.13 p.
in. Hi pm l of Hihiues Committee.
Seventh Session livening.
Topic "Uoik AmnnR tiie Vouiir People,"
7.30 p. ni. Sen ices. Itev. A". II,
Y.iul, n. S Malnsliure.
7.45 p.
m.-"Our Suiuliy ,lioot Woik." Hcv.
Chiiles Roads, I), n,, Plilhdcl.
8.05 p.
m. Address. P. W. Tiinncll, esq., tier-
S.20 p. in, SiiiBliiK.
8,23 p, in. "The Kpvvorth LeaRiin and Other
Youns People's Societies." H. r,
) Hopvvood, csn , Unlontovvn,
8.45 jn, AiMres3. Rev. II. II. Gilbert,
W 1C1C,
0,03 p. m, TS'ildreas, IlWiop P. D. I'oss, D,
i.i;. jj,,: I'liiiailelphii.
Hiuhtli Session Mm nliiff.
Topic "Kilucat ion il I'orccs,"
0,00 n, ni. Devotional Services. -Rev, M. Hess,
0.15 a. m. "Our Church Seminaries and Acad
emics." Rev, V, 3, any, D. D.,
0.35 a. in. "Our Church Collphca." Itev. W.
II. Ciuvvford, 1). !., Meadvillc.
0.55 a. m. "The Mudcl Minister." Hon. Thorn.
as II. Jlurr.ij, Clcirflc d.
10.11 a,
10 20 a.
m. RinHlfij,-,
in. "Tlio Modi! "-Itev. W. W.
i:ans, 1). II,, Sunl.tuy.
10.10 a. in, Dlsuissliin on tliu two PicLeding
11.00 a. in. "The I.ticntiuo of Methodism."
Itev. C, W, Einllli, !. li r.L. fl,.
Pllt.bui(r, '
11,20 a.frn..(l.lrrii,-(l. II, Hardin?,
1 Pldhidelnlii.i.
ll,i a. m. Report of llusiness Committee.
' Xlnth Session Afternoon.
Topic "The I'luuli at Woik"
.30 p,
ni. DevoUfiul Services. Rev. W.
lteci", D, ) Coudeitiiiort.
8.45 p.
m. "Oui Colored Mcmhrnlilp In
rune, hi jJimttiiiii'3 and
I)iity."-Ilev, II. A. Monroe. D,
ii, iiiciaivaio i-oiifririuo), Phllj.
-"City rvonjrcllzitlon.,,.John P..
3.03 p.
S.25 p.
Jamc, M. 1) , Philadelphia.
-AJ'lri. Hudson Sain.son, esu..
3.40 p.
3.5J p. m. Slniflni;.
4.00 p. m. "Hie Church Problem," Roy,
James Meclicm, 1). D., IVlll.lns.
4.20 p. m. Addicsi. Rev. S. W. Thomas, D. D..
riilladclplila. '
4.30 p. m, "Work Anions the Poicisn Popuhi.
tlon In tho State." Rev. S. W.
Ilavl, WllUlnsburtr.
4.50 p. rn. Address. Jtcv. Kmory M. Stevens,
Tenth Session Kvening.
7.80 p. m. Deotlonal Services. nev. Jl. F,
tUadolpli, D. 0 New Castle.
7,4$ p. m.Addrfsi'. "Means ami Methods ot
l'rnmotlnir (Jcnulnc ltevlvali."
ltcv. C. Jl. Ilosvvcll, D. D., Phila
delphia. tl p. in. Addnn. Rev, II. (.', Conner,
rlslmrir. I'i p. in. Address. Rev, .)1oton llish, Ph.
I)., Ilrnvei,
'rt p. m.-Addriss.-Hev. W, tl. Hull, II, I)
I p. in. Slnalnir.
.V) p. in. four I'lvc-Mlniitrs Addrcves on Hie
Work of the Convention.
10 p. in. Consecration Seivlce.
I The annual meotlns of tho Scranlon
Arvhrtenconiy will lie held In Chrl.t
church, Green nidge, October 1C and
17. Thp programme includes the fol
lowing: Tuesday morning: Tho Chris
tian Threefold vow. A. Remuneration
by Rev. P. It. Ratoman, of the Church
of tho Good Shepherd; II. Fate, by
Mr. J. N. Johnson, of Pittston: C
obedience, by Archdeacon Iludcllff, of
Ilnrrlsburg. On Wednesday morning
service will be held at 10.30 o'clock,
v. hen a sermon will bo preached by
Kpv. George B. Bishop, ot Great Bond.
In the ufternoon Archdeacon Coxe will
read the annual report and Itev. J. E.
Binodhead, of Forest City, will explain
Oalallan, 1:24-23. In the evening the
subject of missions will be discussed
and addresses delivered as follows:
"Missionary Motives," by Rev. 13. A.
Gernaut; "Heroism In Missions," by
Itev. Mr. Powell, of YVHUes-Ilairp;
"Living Kpisllos," by Kev. Or. Jones,
of Wllkes-Bane.
Among l"he men Interesting Sabbath
evening sei vices In the Providence
Presbyterian church, ate the quartet ly
hymn and anthem services and praise
uoihhlp. Such a seivici- will be held In
that church tnmortcivv evening. Two
specla'l featmes of that service of
pinlse will consist in the fact that fvvo
anthems by the choir will be based on
Psalms, one the 117th and the other the
20th. Piofessor Whit'temore announces
them as follows:
First Psalm exvli, choral and so
prano solo, arranged by Mr. Clifford
Demarest, organist and choir master of
the Collegiate Kcfoimed ehuich of Xew
Yoik, and of the Prcsbyteiian church,
Tenalfy, N. Y.
Second Psalm xxix, chorale and
fugue in F, flat, arranged by Dudley
The hymns will bo familiar ones in
which the entire congiegatlon can
unite. The devotional services, in
clusive of Scrlptuie reading and re
sponses will be directed by the pastor
of the church, Dr. Guild.
The fli st of the series of evangelistic
meetings to be held each Sunday after
noon this winter by the Young Men's
Christian association will be held Sun
day afternoon at 3.45 In their tomporniv
roonis, in tho Guernsey building, GIG
North Washington avenue. The music
will be under the direction of Piofessor
Chance, and will comprlp,- a cornet
solo, "The Holy City," by W. H. Stan
ton, and a baritone solo, by D. W.
Davis, formerly a singer in Did Cential
Methodist Episcopal chuich of Wllkcs
Barre. Brief addresses will be given by
Secietary Mahy and Assistant Secre
tin y Hanes, followed by an open moot
ing for prayer and testimony. Men are
lordially invited to this service.
The fall meeting of the Wllkes-Barre
confoience of the Lutheran church will
convene October 15, 1G and 17, in St.
Paul's Lutheran church. Summit Hill,
P.i. An unusually interesting pro
gramme has been in ranged. Most of
the pastors of the city will be in at
tendance, nnd some are on the pro
gramme for papers. Bov. C. G. Spieker,
of Holy Trinity, will s-peak on Tuesday
afternoon on the subject, "In How Far
May n Lutheran Pastor Fellowship
with Pastors of Other Denominations?"
Bev. A. L. rtamer, of St. Math's Lu
theran church, will present the subject
on Wednesray evening, "How Far Will
the Mission Woik In China Be Affected
by Its Present DHIlculties?"
There will bo special gospel services
at the cottage chapel, 1G19 Pine street,
between Piescott and Harribon ave
nues, commencing tomorrow evening
at 7.30 o'clock, to continue until Sat
urday evening. A number of evange
lists, both speakers and Mngers, are
confidently expected to take pait in the
sn vices, A special invitation is ex
tended to the people of the locality to
attend and all will be cotdially wel
comed. Rev. J. M. Howell will have
general supervision during the meet
ings. Rev. Dr. Cliflln will pi each on Sun
day morning at Elm Paik church to
old people. All elderly people are in
vited to be present from whntover
church or locality In the city they may
come. Carriages will bo sent for the
old ladles in the Homo for the Friend
less anil also for other inflim persons,
A regular meeting of tho Methodist
milliliters of Scranton and vicinity will
bo held in Elm Park church parlors
Monday, October in, at 10,30 o'clock.
Speaker, S. J, Dorsey, Thome, "Pro
Mlllenlalism," . nev, H. P. East will read a paper at
the Baptist pastors' confoience In the
Peun Avenue church Monday at 10.30,
Subject, "Is Heaven a Place or a
Gospol meeting at the Young Wo
men's Christian association at 3.45 p.
m. All women and glfls nro Invltod.
Tomorrow's Services
Methodist Episcopal.
Win Park rliiiroh-Prnjcr ami pulse service at
0 SO, Prearlilnjf at 10,30 i. in. ami 7.80 p. in. by
tlio pistol, C, M. Rlllln, D. P.; at 12 m. lull
liour Illlilo study In Ruiidjy jchool room; Suiulav
fchool at 2 and UpvTorlh. Icjgiie at 0.M i. in.
'i'lio morning sermon will lc to olJ people. All
moli from any put o the city cordially invited.
At tho Minion, 131 pino stieit, Sundjy
school at 0 ii. ;n.; Pimoilli Imjiic, U 3D p, in,
rifinpsuii Jletliodiit JlpUtopjl cliuuli llov,
John II. Sued, pastor, Murnln; piaitr at U.CU;
preaching cm let- at W.H0, oimon liy the pahtor
subject, "rixeiliiw"; Suiiiljy school, (J. I,.
IVcli, superintendent, at J2; .lunloi l.'pvvoitli
liauiie, JIlss Mmgaret L'lavvfoid, president, at
2..W; Ppvvortli Ivasuc, W. Nortliup, pu-ildciit,
JIlss, Hidicl Jonis, leader, ut 0.80; iirratltiiis
eervleo at 7.30, w-rmoii by the pajtor, subject,
"ClnUt All a i in All." Free seats, good ln
Inj, helpful rtrvlccj. A cordijl Invitation. A
heart welcome,
Hampton Street Methodist Episcopal ihurch
Hcv, James Penntnger, pastor. Preaching ecr
Ito at 10.30; lubject, "Doing What Ono da."
Class meeting tt 11.30; Sunday school at 2 p. in.;
Juniors at 3 p. m. fpwprth lesgus at 0.50
p. rn., W, 0. Culiifran, leader. Rventnir preach
liiC service at 7,!J0 subject, "Three Stepi." A
cordial welcome to all.
I'roi litem c Methodist llplseopul church The
niithrrlmoil of St, Paul inicts at 10 a, ni.l
preaching by tho pastor, Hcv, (I, A. Cure, ill
10.WI, topic, "Iho Sweetest of Plcasiues") class
inecllliRi follow! Sunday Fihoot at 2 p. in.! l!p
vvnrtli league nt n.!5, topic, "Paul, the Mission
nrj ! Iho Secret ot Ills HuccokV' subject of even
bur sermon, "Why Do 1 Relieve That .lesiis I
the Chi 1st t"
Court Street Mclhodlst llplseopal limn h llev,
n, ('. Ljmin, pistur. Cliss, !i.s"i, O. II. PeWIII,
leader! 10. to, llanct Ilnnic servlie. The fruit
nnd vegetables will be plion to needy families!
Sunday silionl tally, 11,1', n, nt. It Is ilelrui
tint all inemliers of the Simdlj sihnnl be pres
ents .1 p. in., devotional meeting of the Drothcr
homl ol SI, Paul, nil men nrclnillods Kpvvoilh
lcairuc, CIHj preaching, T.::o. Seals free. All
ore welonme.
Ash Stiect Jlethodl't llpieopit church Rev.
.1. II. Austin, pislor, Morning pnljers nt 10
o'clock! bcrmon at I0..10 a. in,, subject, "Prav
cr": ilnss meeting at II. '10, .1. P. Masters, lend
er: Sinidiy school nt 2 p. rn., K. W. Stone, luper
Inteiideiit: Ppvvorth lcifruo nt fl.4", p. m.', even
ing pleaching pervltc at 7.S0. Seats fice nnd a
conlhl Invitation to all,
.Vay Aug Jlcthodlst Hplscnpal church Siindiv
school nt 2,51) p. m W. M. Xlxnii, superintend
ent: class meeting; at 3..10 p. in., Prank Turner,
lender. An evangelistic sen lie at 7..10 p. hi.
All welcome.
Cedar Avenue Methodist chiinh-Rev. P. P.
Doty, p.itor. rirollicrliooil of St. Paul, 0.43 a.
m.i preaching, 10.80 a, m.; Sunday school, 11. It
n. in.; Junior league, 3.R0 p. in.: Kpworth
lengtie, 0:10 p. m.i preaching, evening, 7.:t0.
First German Methodist Hplscopal ihurch,
Adams avenue and Vino i.treol-0. Itobllln, pas
tor. Preaching sei vices, a. in. and 7.:,'0
p. m.: Sunday school at noon; Kpworth league
meeting at 7 o'clock, p. m.; prajer meeting on
Thursday evening.
Penn Avenue RaplM church Preaching at 10..10
nnd 7,')0 by the pastor. Rev. R. P. Y. Pierce.
Topic of morning scimon, "Life's Resting
Places." Sunday school at 2 o'clock at the home
chinch and nt .1..10 it the Ainritnan mission.
Topic of evening sermon, "Modem Mastci pieces."
I'lrst Raptlst church, South Main avenue S. T.
Mathms, pastor. Parsonage, 1111 Rock street.
'J he usual service, morning nnd evening, at 11,3(1
a. m. and 7.30 p. m In tho baemcnt of the
Welsh HaptPt church. Sunday school, 2.30 p.
m Plymouth chuiih, Dr. lteddoe, uipcrlntcnd
cut. I). Y. P. IT. fcniee, 0.."0 p. m nt Ivor
Iti! lull. Missionary pravir meeting Wcdncsdiy
evening, 7.:'0 o'clock. All me welcome.
.lickson Stiect Ilaptist i but ch Itev. Thomas
dc (iriiehy, I), p., p.isti.i. Muining prj.vcr meet
lug nt P.lli). Leadei. Dcaiun It. Xlclmlis. At
lO.IHl picailiing hy the pislor. Sunday school at
" p. m Alfred ltohcil, superintendent. livening
service nt , maip. 1 i.n-i. seivice, followed by a
shoit iddie,s. Topic, "Xeedid Preparation of
Huit foi Ihc ltcnpciiitig of Our Chinch." Tlic
Lord's, supptr will be adininistcied at the clo,o
of eivicc. The public .no coitlially Invited.
Cieen Itiilgc IliptNt church Rev.' W .). 1'oul,
pastor. ( Imir prn.vrr meeting ,il ID u, m.;
preaching hy the pastor nt 10.80 and 7..0, subjeit
in the illuming, "I'.very .Man a"; In
the evening. "The Death of .i Saint": Sunday
school at 11.43; meeting of tlu Junior society
at 8.u0j pu.ver meeting of the Senior society at
Hlakely cl.iuih Rev. Ilivid Spencer, D. 1)
will pieach nt 10 30 a. in. on "IJciutv for Ashes";
Ulble school,, 11.13; I). Y. P. U., 043 p. in. At
7.80 the pa,lor will begin a ciics of four Sunday
evening sennons on "The Son," Kiis't
subjeit, "Ihc Piodigal's Depaituic." lhcr.vbody
wch ome.
Shiloh IlaptNt chinch, Center stiect Pieaih
ing morning nnd evening by Rev. Janus A. Sin
clair, of Philadelphia. Jlotning sermon, "the
Duty of (lni.-lhtis to Success;" evening, "Love
and How to He Loved."
riii.1 Piesbjteiinn (lniicli Divine vvoiship at
10.80 a. in. and 7.30 p. m. The sacument of the
Lord's Supper will be adniinisteied in the morn
ing. Dr. Mcl.ond will officiate both morning and
The Second Picsbjtcii.m ihinch Seniles at
10.3(1 a. in., 7.30 p. in. Communion of the
I.oid's Supper in the moiniug. In the evening
Dr. Robinson will picaih on "The Faithful Wit
ncs." AH are coitlially invited.
Providence Pioshyterian t lunch Pastor, Rev.
Sunday School
October 14.
1STR01)PCTI0N".-In tie mini-try S Jesus
notliini; of its outvv.iid fijline was niou- ic
IiiaiKiiblc than tho -.uililm ti.insltions. He p.Ksctl
fieiiicntly, indeed constantly, fiom one place to
another, fiom one tlieme to another. lie Ii ut
no nbidins city, neither did lie have any out
line of tlioiiglit upon which Ho dUrouracil. As
lit- moved about ninonp men He allowed them to
tliiust in upon Him without notice any question
oi ' .it their pleasure, and He it-plittl, ui.
w-a.vs with iliieelness and simplicity, and Ho was
never siiipiied, never unable to Rive ansvvtr or
to ailoul instruction. litis occasional and Inci
dental method was the sivtica possible test upon
IIU ability. No mere man could endure it and
come forth without mistake. Most men pie.
meditate nnd nuanire their thoughts, and in our
times the most gifted niinisteis and lettures re
dure they say to wilting, unwilling
to tiust thcniselvca to the hour of their ser
lce. Our lesson today contains a passage that
belongs to the spontaneous discuine of Jeuus
and meals His skill.
OCCASION-liile sitting at meat in the
house of n 1'li.irUcr on the Sabbath diy (th.
xlv :1), Jt-aus was speaking on the subject ol
humility (Wises 7-11) mentioning two Instanc
es, somewhat lehted, u wedding ami a fenst,
in wlileli that excellent virtue might propel ly
be e.eipscd (Piov. .xv: "l). One ot those
sitting at the talde at tlu time, tliuiat In a
reinnrk ipilli foreign to the subject In hand.
Wo havo no ineain ot knowing the imiiio or nio
tlvo of this pcuoii, and the inoie one studio
vvoids tho greater will the surpilse lie at the
att. It has been suggcted that he was railed
out by something omlted from the narrative.
Others think lie was a setret cnpmy, desiring to
entangle Jesus and prepare for the rlinrgo of
lirason, on which He was subsequently in-raignt-il
(l.uko xlil: 2). Some support for this
last thought is found In the fact that there
weie piesent (Verse 1) those who were watching
Illm with an evil i-jp. It Is more probable
that tho nnn wis a friend, that lie bellcwd
what he said. He may havo wathed tho con
clusion liy a seiies ol rrllettlons, partly upon
what had Just hern spoken, partly upoii'foimrr
utUi.inccs ol Jesus (Mitt, villi II), for the ad
dicsscs weie so wonderful c to make a deep
iinpiesslon, causing n frequent nnd wide repeti
tlon, A sudden outbuist, breaking in upon the
Masters Icaililng must have awakened sill prise,
m,ESSr.l)NnSS. A great Until was uttered by
tills unknown pemon, when Ho said "Messed il
ho that shall rat bread In the kingdom ol Ood."
Iho angel ueciaieu substantially the same to
John in tho Island ot Patmos (llev, l; 0), The
liiotieiu L'lmiiM ins laiven up uio cpie.sloll, gIV
ing It u large pi ice In llttratuie. liy It beilev
eis now uudeistaiivl that communion vvhlth they
enjoy ono with another (John I; 13), ihe eating
of bread being a s.vmbul of fellowship, and the
klngdnm ol Cod rrpieentlng tho tpliltual hou',c.
hold, all of vvlilili was Intluded In the celcbra.
Hon ot the Lord's fiuppcr In the apostolic chuich
(1 Cor, x; 10). lint It Is not piolublo that
the speaker on tlds ucc- n had any such lofty
li'cas. Ia toubl not have1 obtained thtui from
Ihe word of Jims, who had not )ct delivcrtd th
p.uahlc of the King', son (Matt. x; 2), or the
spirch coneernlii-r Ihe thrones (I.ul;e xxli; SO),
In wh'ch inch thoughts were involvrif. J'.ven
the apostles held soidld views of the kingdom,
as a tmioial utralr, in vvhlth they sought prefer,
incut (l.uke xx. 21), and were theiefora (nea.
pablc of apprehending the higliir spiiltual en
jojmcntt, it is safe to insunie thnt Ihe nun
was tblnkini; how fortuiiato cne would be In
the kingdom of C'hrU If the principle ol Christ
weie applied to hats.
SUPPEft.-With a master ilroke Jesu turned
the man's remark to a good account'. Il did
not dilate on His blessedness of guests In Ills
kingdom, which course night have awakened
George K, Onllil, D. I). The Mcramcnts ol the
Lord's Supper anil baptism mil reception of incm
hers nt the 10,30 a, m. service, (Jiiattcly hjlnn
and nnthrm worship at 7,30 p. ni.; Sunday school
at 12 in, Kndoav or meeting at 0,30 p. in,
ffrcen lllilge PresbjterUn church llev, I, ,t,
Lansing, pastor) Hcv, I,. II. Foster, n&slilant.
At t0.80 and 7.30 services of worship, with nor
inon by the pastor! 12, Illbte school ( 0.30,
CluUtUn Kndravur, All are welcome.
Sumner Avenue Prisloterlan ilmreli, corner
Sumner avenue nnd Price street. Prcnihlng nt
10 30 a. in. and 0 p. in. by Rev. Frank J. Jtll.
man. Morning theme, "Simplicity of Mfes"
evening, "What .Must I Do to He Savodr!' Ml"
bath school at 2 p. in. I Y, V. S. of C, l: 7
o'clock. .Meeting of prnjcr nnd praise tVeilncv
day evening, 7.43 o'clock. All cordially Invited
Washburn Street Prcsbjtcrlnti church Rev.
John P. MnfTat, 1). D., pistor. Scrvlce4 nt 10.80
fl. tn. nnd 7.30 p. m. Young People's Soilcty of
Christian P.ndeavor at 0.20 p. ni. Prajcr meet
ing Wednesday, 7.80 p. m. The pistor will
prench In the morning on "The flood Shcp.
held" nnd In the evening on "The Value of a
Soul." Special mulc, All welcome,
Adams Avenue Chapel, Xew Voik street Rev.
James Hughes, pastoi .Mr. George Pusotis will
preach In tho morning it I0.80 and the pislor,
Jtr. Ihmhes, will picath In the evening nt 7.30;
Sundiy Bchool nt .'I o'clock, Jtr. Chandler, "super
intendent; Cfillstlan Kndeavnr Bolcly at 0.45 p.
in. All are welcome to thcc aisslons.
Reformed Episcopal.
Grace Reformed Episcopal chinch, Wyoming
avenue, below Jlulboiry stiect Rev, Ocorac L.
Alrlch pator. Player and praise Bervlcc, 0.30
a. m. ; livlne wurshlp, 10.30 a. ni. and 7.30 p.
in., preaching by the pastor, a. in., "Living in
and on Christ," John 12: 1-1: p. in., "Rondsmen
of Christ," Rom. 1:1: Sabbath school nt 12 m. !
Y. P. S. C. C. at 0.3U p. ni. Seats free. All
Evangolirhi Imtlmnn.
Evangelical Lutheran Kiahleenth Sunday af
ter Trinity. fiospel, Matthew, xvll, 3P30;
Hplstle, I Corinthians, I, 4-0.
St. Jtark'n, Washburn and Fourteenth sheets
Itev. A. fi. Rnmcr, Ph. D., pistor. Services at
10.30 a. in. nnd 7.30 p. m. I.uthir league, 0.30
p. ni. i Sunday t-chool, 12 in. .Morning subject,
"Enriched In the Knowledge of Christ;" evening
subject, "Sin Is the Transgression of the Law."
Holy Trinity, Adams avenue nnd Jtulberry
street Rev. l O. Spiikcr, pastor. Services nt
10.30 a. in. and 7.30 p. in. Luther league, (1.80
p. m. Sunday school, 12 in. Jllssiou band, Sal
unlay. St. Paul's, Short avenue Rev. W, C. U Lauer,
pa'toi. Services at 10.80 n. m. and 7.80 p. m.
Sunday school, 2.30 n. in.
Zion's, Jllniiu avenue Rev. P. P. Kirclnianu,
pastor. Services at 10.80 n. ni. Sundiy school,
2 p. m.
Christ church. Cedar avenue nnd Hecch street
Rev. James Wltkc, pxstor. Services at 10.80 a.
ni. and 7.80 p. in. ; Sunday chonl, 2 p. in.
St. Peter's Pre'eott avenue Rev. J. W. Pan
lolph, pastoi Seniles at 10.30 a. m. and 7.80
p. m. Sunday school, 2 p. m.
firace Evangelical Church of the
(ieneial Synod, corner M-uII'on avenue and Jtul
berry street Rev. Luther Hess Waring, pa, lor.
0 80 n. ni. Sunday sihool; 10.80 n. in., divine
worship, subjeit of soimon, "Every Christian to
Be a Siviour of Jtcn"; 0.13 p. in., Cliri,tian En
lienor soiietj : 7.80 p. in., divine vol ship, topic,
"The Supremacy of the Jfaster's Wind." Every
body welcome.
All Soul's Cniioisallit i lunch, Pine street be
tween Adams and Jettcisnn avenues Rev. O. It.
Uonrdsley, pa,for. Resilience, 031 Adams avenue.
Jtorning seivice, 10.30; subject, "What Think
You?" Evening servile, 7.80; subject, "Second
Death." Sunday school nt 11.80, Mis. S. Benja
min, superintendent. "I was glad when they
said unto me, let us go unto the house of the
.ion I'nited cliuuli, 1420 Capon, e
avenue. Pleaching by the pastm. Rev. J. W.
Jlcsinger, nt 10.45 a. in. nnd 7.80 p. m sub
jects, "Emblems of the Spirit" mid "Christ's
Gifts"; Sunday school at 0.43 a, in.; Kcjatone
League Christian Endeavor at 0.30 p. in. Seats
fice. Stinngcis invited. All welcome.
Calvary Retained church, Jfonroo avenue and
(fibson stieet Rev. SI. L. Finn, pastor. Services
Sunday nt 10 30 .i. in. nnd 7.30 p. in. Sunday
school, 11,45 a, m. ; Christian Endeavor, 0.45 p.
m. Everybody welcome. Jloinlng subject,
"What Think Ye of ChrM?"
Fii,t Church of Clnist (Sclent!,!), 513 Adams
v sssTyss wr w www ww sy w w v w tt v w
Parable of the Great Supper
Luke xiv, 15-24.
some one's cupidity. Jesus did not seek to win
men by piomlse. of gain (I Tim. : jj. But
what was vastly moie iuiportnut, He showed how
unwilling men arc to accept the bcnellts of the
Kingdom. Tor this puipose He iiitioduccd the
Parable of the Cheat Supper. liy that illustia
tlon He affected a union between the nun's
thought and His own pilor thought, tho act of
an adiolt teiithei. 'hie supper, as described
by Jesus, had two features designed to set it
forth ns an important event In the mind of an
oriental. There were miny guests, and they
were invited u considerable time in advance.
'Hie niimbeis indicated the wealth of the lio--t,
nnd the time allowed for pieparatlon indicated
that the guests weie to be of a high order. This
supper represents the plenteous proislon made
for the souls of men (Zcch. x: 17), In tho re
demption of f luist (Piov. Ik: 1-2). The only
invitation denotes the promises and piophecles
(lsa, xv. G), made all through the old dlspensa.
tlon by which the people were expected to
make icndy (.lor. wnl: II) and lenevvnl by the
tails of John tho Puptist and by the eailv evaii.
gelists (Maik i: 2-S).
i:XCUSnS. 'Hie parable lepresmts that the
persons invited to this supper, piesentcd nu
plea at (list, leaving Hie iinpiesslon that they
Intended to accept, Pining the day's following
while the provision was being made by the host,
no one declined. At last, when all was leady,
the house in order and the feast prepared (Matt,
xxlis J), the servant went forth saying "Come,"
It was as thin that with one consent, as If there
had been a iiiiituil understanding to ofler Intend
ed Insult, that all began to make excuses (Psahn
.: 13j. To make mattcis still vvoise they pre
sented no opoloey for delay, or any adequito
ground for their pu-scnt desire to avoid the
feast. One declared Hint he must go and seo
a piece of ground which he had recently pur
thasd, nnd another pleaded that he must piove
a joke of oxen. Both matters might hare heon
delated without loss. A third urged Hut hav
ing nun led he must remain ot home, n loollsli
pretense, This rleuunt of Hie paiablo is in-
tended to ihovv huvv lightly men esteem Ihu
HiIiirh of lellgion, how tasilv they tliiust aslda
the innt ImpoiUnt snhltual concern, for the
most trivial temporalities. The ennui mini
is at enmity with (lod (Pom, viilj V), PHdo
and self'Siifticicmy are incompatible with tho
humiliation ami faith of the Cioipel, Inurili
nntc attachment to th objects of this vvoihl
blinds the eje to the ploiies of the next vvoihl.
GIJCST.S. The paiable represrnti that the
master of the feast was greatly offended heeauso
ol tho (ontemptuous conduct ot those whom he
had invited. of them were neighboif,
some of them weie menus, all ol them hcIou?lug
to his rank and station. They lad disregarded
the common rouiteslrs of sorlil life and expo.ed
lilm to ridicule, He therefore determined to
change the character of the feast. Instead of
mal Ing it lecogiilllon of the inoie lionoiable por
tion ot the toinnmnlty, he proposed to mint it
It Into a chaiity affair, to Invite the poor, the
maimed, the halt, and the blind. Sum a feast
was by i,o inians common in the pie Clnlithin
(iiituilcj, for nun bad not learned tie nobler
Uisons of illslnlersttd good will toward Ihe
unfortunate. Hut lino and there among tlei
Jews, and occasionally among the heathen, a
man would condesctnd to this praiseworthy act,
ileilving fathfartloii nud honor thercfiom. liy
this change in the spiilt of the host, lesus ill
tended to lllustiate the free grace of (iod In
snaking a tender ot undeserved blessings thiough
Ihu Kospel ot His son. The proclamation of
salvation ts to all who are in ncedflsa iv : lj.
Not tho prophets only, hut Jesiu as well (Matt,
xli 28), and the aposlles alter Illm (James II: 6),
all dhected their chief thought and effort toward
ttose who were In double.
COMPULSIOX.-Tbe servant went out Into the
nvihi e Sunday aeivlcca 1.1.10 a. M. .nil 7F0 p.
ni. Sundiy school, 11.43 I, tti.l iiibjrcl, "Pro
ballon After Death." Testimonial meetings
Wednesday evenings nt 8 o'clock. The church is
alsn open every day during the wetlc. The lllble
and all Christian Science literature Is kept in
Its fice public reading room. "Science ami
Health, with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary
Maker Eddy, will be loaned to Inrestlgate with
out charge. Visitors and litters ot Inquiry are
welcomed nnd given courteous attention slid In
formation free.
Ono of the now Conervntory teachers,
Mr. Htiffmaster, besides being- a fine
pianist, Is nn excellent organist, and
was a favorite pupil of Oeorgo E, Whlt
lntr, of Boston, the eminent organist of
tho Church of the Immnculute Concep
tion, where Mr. lTufCmastcr frequently
played ut Christmas and Master, leav
ing Mi. Whiting free to direct the or
chestra and chorus. It happens thut
Mr. Htiffmaster, although tt resident of
Boston for several years as student
and toucher at thi Faellon Pianoforte
school, formerly made his home In Ill
fated Oalveston, where his father and
mother narrowly escaped being cairled
away In the terrible flood. On account
of iho gicat suffering still existing In
Galveston, Mr. Huffmastcr desires to
do something to assist his fellow
townsmen, and will give an organ re
cital In tho near future In Elm Park
church, which has been freely opened
to him, when he will bo assisted by
vocal talent'. Mr. Pennington, who has
heard Mr. Huffmaster at the organ,
speaks very highly ot his work. Th
admission to the recital will be a "sil
ver" offering, but the appeal from flnl
veston for aid Is enough to call forth u
geneious offering of bills oi large de
nomination, every cent of which will
be sent to the Galveston relief com
mittee. II II II
The following musical selections will
be rendered at Elm Park church to-
motow under the direction of J. Alfred
Pennington, organist and choir master:
Orgnn, Pi elude In C Stabler
Choir, "O De Joyful," Shelley
Organ, OlTertory in T Jlinor Widor
Solo Selected
Oigan, Po,thidc in D Ilach
Organ, Pi elude in Ci Cuilmant
Choir, "Rejoice In tlic Lord," Lansing
Organ, Ollcrtoiy in A (luilmant
Duet for Tenor and Uass Selected
Solo Selected
Organ, Postlude in T Whitney
The recital given by the Conservatory
of Music lasfr Tuesday evening had an
audience which took up standing room
nnd extended Into the corridor. The
recital was notable in the fact that af
ter the students had played the thtee
members of the pianoforte faculty ap
peared in solos. Mr. Pennington gave
a splendid rendition of a Mozait piano
forte concerto, with second and third
piano accompaniments by Miss Pieneli
and Mr. Huffmastr Miss French
played mosr. charmingly tho Gipsy
dance by Chamlnade and Mr. Huffmas
ter gave a spirited performance of the
dilTlcult Impromptu In C sharp minor,
by Hheinhold. Miss Fiench and Mr.
Hoffmaster are new additions to the
faculty this season, but they have al
ready created a most satisfactory Im
presison by their abilitj' as pianists and
teachers, as well as socially.
The last surviving member of the
family of Rossini, the composer or
"William Tell," and other popular
operas, and who was invested with
the title of count by the last grand
duke of Tuscany, has just committed
ss vvvwvrv ststs snnsTSnnsrsr
J.E.Gilbert, D.D
Secretary of American
Societv of Religious
stiects and lanes ot the city, beaiing the new
instiuctions. A glad response might be t
pectPd to Ids invitation. Surely the beggars at
the stiett comeis, half fed and half clad (Matt.
xwi: 11) lould di-siio nothing moie than a table
bountifully supplied with food. The maimed
and halt, shunned by all as divinely atllittid,
nnd the blind, populaily esteemed (John Is: 2)
to be sinners or the sons of slmifrs, denied rec
ognition, outcast and forsaken, could legard
themselves highly favored by this call to the
house of the rich. But even these were mens
uieably indifferent, when accosted and Invited
to the supper. The servant returned to say
that he had been only partially successful, that
while some came, the guest chamber was not'
full. It became ntcessaiy for the hoit to ic
sort to the most earnest effort. "do out
quickly into the highways and hedges and com
pel them to come In," lie said. Vac eveiy proper
and reasonable method in the most urgent man
ner to obtain guests. ThLs was the extreme
aspect of the parable. It showed that men
were teluctant to accept Christ, even when by
so doing they might obtain the very things
which they long most ol all to possess. It rip
resented that protratted, diligent (Psalm exui:
C), and self-sacrificing effort which ministers
must make II they would win the souls ol men
(Lain. Hi: iS).
IIKJIXTIOS, The tlinm ol the parable was
reached In the last feature, The Character of
the feast had been changed. Kroin a social
recognition of those entitled to honor, It had
become a gratuitous oiler to those who had no
claim for attention; fiom a mark ot legard for
equals and friends it was converted into a dis
play of kindness to inferiors, And those In
feriors were on such a low plane that they
weie scared) able to appreciate the pruffeitd
favor. The rich man has gone begging among
heggais for guests. Xovv comes the sequel to
the .stoiy. The host detlarea to his servant that
because of the shameful tieatmcnt vvhleli he has
received none of those will bo admllcd who were
first Invited. They weie to bo totally and pti.
nuncntly excluded (Piov. Ii J !."), and that
lact was maue ino ground for urging the scl
vnnt to diligence. The exclusion ot one ilass
liiatlo It more nceejsaiy to seel; nnollivi tlass.
Primarily this part of the narrative refers to
(he i ejection of the Jews, and in the bringing
In of tho Rent Irs (Actsxlll ; 4(1), t is sirs,
ceptiblc, however, of a inoie extended applita.
Hon. All who have heard the (lospt-1 and
turned a deaf eai may it-member Hint the du
el mercy will end, and that a permanent rcjec.
Hon awaits them (Matt, xxv; tl),
rO.'vCLU.SIli.W-'llils paiable exhibits the rang,)
and Intensity of divine love. Beginning with
the highest ami noblest, It sweep dovvi.wurd
along all the glades of men until it reaches the
lowest and the basest, for each and for all lie
has amply provided, and to cadi Ik- scuds u most
cordial Invitation (llev. iill 20). None ale rx
tluded except Hum- who ufuse Ills tall. Hut
kuoivii.g the li.iiilncsi of men's hearts, (he de.
cdtfuhuss ot riclits and the alluic-mcnti of
pleasure, He lajs upon Ills ministers the sol
emn tnslc of soul-iecMug. He requires them to
be ery tllllgeuf ind importunate, using a holy
compulsion in tho pcrtormantc ol their mission,
"do quickly," is His comnianil. Nu lime Is to
bo lost. On everywhere, whciever souls aic to
be found, in the highways and jn the bj
vvas. To stimulate them in their going, to
make their words hot with consuming teal, to
awaken tlm letliurgj of those who are in uuul
security, lie lilts up a warning. The awful
fact must be kept in mind that a rejected invi
tation means a lejectcd heaven (Matt. .xvi 10).
Oli, how tamely men pi each? How carelessly
men hear? How wickedly men procrastinate?
How foolishly multitudes refuse Him that
speakcth (llcb. nil: 35J.
(Trade Murk lteglslered. )
Cleans you so clean
that no, hing else
seems t oilman you
dainty housewife
and lemon juice to
fingers, butZENOLA
and leave the hands
At Qrocertand Druggists, sc.
THE ZENOLA COnPANY, Philadelphia
CUMIMAN b05. CO., Distributors
New York Philadelphia Boston
suicide tit Milan. Tlierc'secms to have
been a species of suicidal mania In
the Rosilni family, for the elderly lady
who hurled herself to death from xa
fourth-floor window tho other clay at
Milan, was the ninth member of the
family to commit suicide.
I1! Ill III
The following programme will be
rendered In the Second Piosbyterian
chuich Sunday evening:
Organ Piclude, "Meditation," Riillniant
Choir Ilpsponse, qiilntctti", "O Lamb of Clod,"
Misses Black, fl iriigan and Salmuii,
Moms. Rippi-1 ulul MolgJli.
Anthem, "O Love the Lord."
yuaitclte and Choir
Duet, "C'otup Thou fount," Moart
Misses Black and (lir.iTn.
Organ l'ostludp Whiting
Silibalh School.
Orchestra Selection Meiuli-l'-'iilin
Yoiiiic- People's Society of Clulsllaii Kiideivnr.
Solo, Selected Miss Anna Milium
The Pittsbuig Dispatch has the fol
lowing In reference to a ell-know n
Scianton miiHlciun: "Professor Daniel
Piotlieroe, of Milwaukee, has just le
turnetl from Knglnnd, whither he went
to act as an adjudicator ut the
National eisteddfod ut Liverpool. lie
is the only pei.son noL a lesldeut of
Oreat Britain who has ever been itskutl
to fill that position. One of his compo
sitions, a chorus for female voices, was
a test piece at t-he eistedfod."
The International College of Music- is
to give a series of piano recitals and
musical soriees, commencing Oct. "It
and continuing throughout the ent-lie
college year of ten months. One con
cert each month. The students of the
college will entertain the music-loving
pijbllc with a fine progiam of piano se
lections, violin solos, leeitvitlons in elo
cution, piano and violin selections, se
lections on mandolin, etc.
After .1 severe attack of typhoid
fever, Mr. Watkfns Is able to be out
again and enn be seen at his studio
all of next week, when he will re
sume his teaching. The large number
of applicants whom he failed to hear
on account of his illness, he will be
pleased to meet at his studio during
tho week.
Ae the recent Maine Musical Festl
vol, conducted by AV. It. Chapman, the
great Welsh baritone, Mr. Ffrungcon
Davles, In the part of "Klljnh" gave
the part with such dramatic force and
fervor that the vast audience was
gieatly moved, the critics claiming
that the part was never given before
with such Intensity of expression.
I'! Ill III
Mr. John T. Watklns Is soon to be
a very busy teacher. Upsides his large
number of pupils, he will conduct the
music at the Lackawanna county
Teachers' Institute the last week of
this month. The second week of next
month he has charge of the Wayne
county Teachers' institute music.
Mr. Philip Ilrozel, who sang the
leading tenor roles in "Tannhauser,"
"Komoo and Juliet" and "Mlgnon" lasll
week at the Metropolitan Opera House,
New York city, Is a personal acquaint
ance of Mr. John T. Watklns, huvlng
met him ut the R. A. M., London, of
which Institution Mr. Ilrozel was a
Bauer's band are rehearsing for their
concert, to be given some time next
month at the Lyceum, If an open date
can be secured. Among the selec
tions comprising an unusually fine
programme, will bo given Wagner's
"Ride of tho Valkyries," and the
grand overture to '"Robespierre," by
Littolp, concluding with the "Mar
seillaise" hymn. Mr. Bauer and his
band are making efforts to out-do all
previous performances,
Mine, Scliitmunti-Helnk, rotitralto,
and Miss Leonora Jacks-on, violinist,
gave a very enjoyable concert' at Car-
neglo ball, Now Yoik, last Thuisday
afternoon. Miss Jackson was heaiil
last May In Wilkes-Barre, and cteated
a very favorable impression,
Sousa and his band will give their
final concert ut tho Motropolltnn Opera
House on Sunday evening. Ills latest
march, entitled "Hall to tho Spirit1 nf
Liberty," which was composed for tho
Paris Exposition, will be played.
Haydn had a peculiar way of deter
mining the time In which a pleco ot
mualu should be sung. On ono occa
sion a woman singer In high esteem at
court had been appointed to sing one
of Haydn's compositions. At tho le
hoai'sal she and the conductor dlfl'eu-d
us to tho tlmo of music. Tho matter
uis to bo settled by refenlng it tn
Haydn himself, When called on to de
cide he asked the conductor If tho
singer was handsome, "Very," was
tho reply, "and a speclul favorite with
the court," "Then she Is light," tc
plied Haydn.
John Philip Kousa has leturned to
America fiom his tiip abioad, after
having achieved his great ambition of
taking his band to the musical centers
of Kuiope. He la more than giatllled
wlt-h tho success of his tour, although
it is said that it actuully cost lilm Jld,
000. Bousa does not grudge the sum,
however, for It has established his tep
utation in Kuiope, His sense of jus
tice Is shown by his action ut Mann
heim, wheio, after a long day's lido
from Pails, and a largo puit1 of tho
band having been lost on the wuy, Sou
sa found thut the Instruments were
stalled somewhere on the railroad. To
appease the wrath of the manager of
the opera house he wrote out a check
The swarthy engi
neer may use strong and
harmful soap to clean
his oil'grimed hands;
the busy servant may
use alkaline flesh-eating
soap powders to wash
her kitchen floor; the
may use costly toilet soap
remove the stains from her
would serve each better,
and 10c
(Zetiola Toilette 33 Centt.)
Cor. fifteenth St. and Irving; Place,
American Plan, 13. CO per day and upward
Uuropean Plan, $1.60 per day and ujmsrd.
I. D. CIUWFOItD, Proprietor.
For Business Men
In the heart of the wholeial
For Shopper
S minutes' walk to Wano.malce.ra;
S minutes to SIcgel Cooper's Big
Store. Easy of access to the greac
uryuootis mores.
For Sightseers
One block from B'way Caw. giv
ing easy transportation to all
points ot Interest.
4- ItflcW VfiUlT T
only one, ttioctc irom uroaaway.
Rooms, $1 Up. PZT0Zlt t
Arsenic Eoauty Tablets and Pills. A pot
foctly bufo unci n;uuriinto'd tieatmont for all skin
il is'ordora. Restores the bloom ol youth to laded laces.
10' troutmont .10c; SO days' $1.00, by mail
liena forrlreula:. Addroxs.
VSrVITA MEDICAL CO.. Clinton & Jacktaa StltChles?
Bold by McGarrah tt Thomas, Druit
gists,, 20J Lackawanna ave.i Scranton, Pa.
for $1,200. Neatly every continental
city which he visited piesented hlin
with a civic flag and Frankfort sent a
delegation to London to piesent1 him
personally with a piagnlflcent banner
from that municipality just before he
sailed for America,
il II II
Veull, that "Grand Old Man" of tha
music world, celebrated on Wednesday
(In his villa at St. Agate, Italy,) tho
elility-seveiith anniversary of his
birth. Sixty-one yours havo elapsed
since his Initial opera, "Oberto," was
suae; In Milan, and after his wonderful
seiies nf twenty-seven operas It would
not sui prise thu world to lecelve any
tluy a twenty-eighth In the shape of
tho much iiiinored nnd much denied
setting of FShukespeate's "Tempest,"
for which Boito Is said to have written
tho libretto. As has beon tiuly said,
only it blind admiration of the past
could refuso a place anions the Titans
to this extraordinary maestro. Jn this
twilight1 of his life tlio Kindly com
poser Is erecting a Home for Superan
nuated Italian Artists of all classes. It
Is being constructed out-side tho Gato
Mugc-nta, ut Mllnn, and will shelter ono
hundred inmates. Ah a monument to
Vet ill's funic! this Institution will al
most rival his world-famous music.
I! n II
Thu Metiopolltan English Grand
Opera company produced "Carmen" on
Monday, with Zelle Du Jvussan as Cur
men, this being tho first time she has
over sung the uilo In Knglish. She was
wholly satisfactory In the part, bolh
vocally and dramatically, and Is only
excelled by Culve. "Tiovatoie" was
sung Tuesday, and "Lohengrin" Wed
nesday, wllli Philip Uroezel In the ttl,i
itile, and these operas were ropeatud
during tho balance of the week. Miss
Minnie Trucey, an American girl who
has made a tepututlon ubroud, but
who has not yet sung In this country",
has aulved fiom Kiuope and will
shoitly mulio her appearance In
"Alda," These performances are giv
ing the muHif-lovIng public uu oppor
tunity to hear the best known operqa
at very moderate cost, and are also
uffoidlng home American slngeis an
opening which it would be dltllcult for
them to obtain In any other way,
I 9
Would Do His Best,
"Couldn't I he squecicd in there somehow!''
asked the pietty girl, as die alnly sought to,
trance In the crowded tar,
"II jou ran net in, I lure one arm tree," tx
cUlmcd a ouji man in the center ol th car.
And the tonductor raiiR six "sosUfsd'' alas
nils on the fare rcglatcr.-DaUlmoro American,
I He Don't
I Know J
I But she does.tlmt i
J "Snow White"!
flour is the best I
jg all around flour 1
sold iu Scranton. 1
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