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OR Per
5)c Quart
3 cleplioceOrderi Promptlr Ul! verU
4g-37 Adam Avenua.
Scranfon Transfer Co.
Baggage Checked Direct to Hotels
and Private Residences.
D., L. A w.
Phone 025.
.jiye, Ear, Nose and Throat
'Office Hours- a. ra. to 1180 p. ra.: ! to 4.
iy ' ' Williams Bulldlfif, Opp. Postoffla.
f- ' .
f-f-f 'f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f
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OPENING SOCIAL. The Kllte Dancing claw
will hold it opcnlliK social in John Ilojlo O'ltcll
ly liall, on Lackawanna ncnue, Wednesday even
ing. ACCinn.STALLV INMUIlKf). While scuffllns
ttljh an acquaintance j'r-slcrdny John l.'illy, of
drfen llldRC, was struck forcibly r.n.1 seilously
injured, lie was takati to tlic ho-pl-tal.
HALL l.V MUHIC HAM The first annual ball
of Iho Independent Scranton lodge. No. 2.12, I.
O. It. A., Mill lie held In Music hill on Wednes
day evening, Oct. 17. Laurence's orchestra will
furnish the mimic.
ACCl!Si:n BY HIS WIPE. James Klnp, of
West b'crniitnii, was arraigned licfore Alderman
Miliar charged with assault and liattciy and
non-support by his wife, lie was held in ?300
bail on each charge.
I'AMSIOX 1'LAY. The illustrated lerlure on the
l'jssion pl.iy was repeated last night at the Bicy
cle Club house by ltcv. F. W. (loss with niue'i
better success than on Thursday night, the pic
tures showing up to better adan(agc.
NOT NATHAN Rl'llAVITC' SON.-Mlchact Sura
itz, the joimu man released from the Kastcin
penitentiary Tuesday was a son of Jacob Sura
vitz, of Hnjmoml court, not Nathan Suraitz, of
l'eun ncnue, as announced in yesterday's Trib
une. ,,
ltlJANK.I.N'TKnKl) IUIL. Michael tluine, who
was auesled on a variant Issued by Alderman
Millar, at the instance of John Luughney,
charging him with assault and threats to kill,
entered bail before Aldeiman Dc Lacy on Thurs
day night.
tU LAND m: VL. Dolph k Wlnton, of this
city, who have been bujlng up timber land in
West Virginia, hue Just fold :i0,000 acres in
Randolph and Pocahontas counties to Jennings
llrca., of Lopez, this Mute, who Intend to cut
and inaiket the timber.
i.t:oTi;iin on mohmonism.-tccv. o. it.
Beurdslcy, pastor of All Soul's Unncrulist
church, will gho a lectuie on "Utah and Mor
inonism" cm Monday night befoie Washington
ranip, No. .172, IUtiiotic Order Sons of Ameiica,
n their hall on W'jnming aeuue.
AMICA11LY SKTTLIin. Andrew Spottky, of
West Ptr.inton, was nrr.iigiiid before Alderman
Millar last night and held in .UK) bill on the
charge of assault and battery prefeired by Hit
Hltz, of Seventh (.licet. Later the e huge was
withdrawn and the ito amicably settled.
MiNKiis li:avi: ron r.i'itopn. About ntiy
foieigucis weto at Hie Lickawaun.i station lust
nlglit waiting for (lie New Yoik train, Kiom the
metiopolls tliey for the old country. They
were miners eniplojcd nt tlie I'l.inoulh, Nantlcok'c
and Wilkcs-Ujiic mints befoie the strike began.
MKCTINfi WAS l'OSTI'ONKD.-There was to
Iiac been a meeting in the ollico of Henry llelln,
Jr., jestciiliy nfteinoon to elect four diicclors
for the Pennsjh.iiila Oul seliool and tiins.ut
other bu-.iiie-s, lint, ai in ipiorum ippi.uvd,
the nietliiig was postponed. It will be held
I'rlday, Oct. 1!).
HAS HOrfillT A llOIDKNC'i:. S. 11. Wnjlmd,
iiuui.iger of the People's Telephone company, has
bought a house at ISO Clay avenue, Scranton,
fioni Attorney Stanlev Smith. Mr. Wajlandwill
make his future resilience in Scranton. He has
been living on West South street, this-city.
Wilkcvllaue News.
8U.K NK.XT FKIDAY. Next Kilday evening
there will be n m)c of useful household articles
and food at the nsidence of Mrs. It. K. Hurley,
IMS Klectrie avenue. The sale is for the bcnetlt
of the Hoiisehohl Kconomle section of'tlic Wo
man's club. The women hope for encouragement
In their woik by a laige attendance und generous
Old Forgo have cagauized an independent politl
cal club and havo eUited the following offlceru;
President, Hihatlno Hpigutelll; lce president,
'tony Laiu; sce'ciury, FclUlniin Mallarlnoj
treasurer, Turnll Paquale; executive commit
tee, Silvestro I.ucianl, Pipi Lulgl, Zlngbirltl a.
Batista und Uoldrlul ("alio.
v. S ' .
NTolht Slro 'Committee Will Decide
j" W,lether It Bhould Be Held.
y" ThcHylll be u meeting of the Joint
lru (Icijurtnicnt commltteo on next
.'utflditV nlBht for the purposo of con-jfiltlodnp-
the fjavlsaullity of holding a
3araabf of the 'lire (loimrtment this
' CUIer Zlnelmann favors having an In
spection 'only nnU diverting thu money
I'prbi'tjntefl f0l- ft parade for other
iurpo3asi i'ho foremen of the various
.xompunles hayo decided In favor of a
parade, howovcr, and the fire depart
'mt'rjt connnlttpe will have to light It
(out and decide,
J, Clilef ZUlolmann said last night that
5,0!rMer wh)ch Is held the date to
3e .fixed will probably be Thursday,
Police Rounded Up Three Vagrants
H Wi'ifaiAlbrignt Avenue,
jr. Several messages were yesterday re
ceived at police headquarters from
James Qulnn, of Albright avenue, to
iho effect that u gang of tramps were
Hjnklng their headquarters In a barn
pear hjs premises qnd wero proving
yery vtroublesome.
3tl.leiitcnant Davis, Sergeant, Rldar
tvay.and a squad of putrolmeri visited
Mio 'prdlBes last night and found
three typical hoboes fast asleep In the
loft. They were taken to the central
..1.1 i.11 -5l. t$J I !
Oeortjo CrUmp Will Build the Now
Storehodso at Hillside Home.
The poor bonrd nt a meeting held
yesterday afternoon awarded the con
tract for the building of a now store
hoiiHo nt the Hillside home to Contrac
tor acoige Crump, of Clark's Summit,
Whoso bid wns $1,937.87,
There wero six bids received and
opened iih follows : S. Sykes & Son,
fi,2G5; Peter Stlpp, $0,000; (leorgo
Crump, $4,937.87; Jtntthlnn Stlpp, $5,870;
Woelkers & Uellmnn, $ii,78j; Conrad
Schrocder, $S,B00. Mr. Crump's bid was
the lowest und ns ho wns otto of the
two bldtls who enclosed n certified
cheek ho wns awarded the contract.
Jlrs. Anlnc Van Wort nppearcd be
fore the board and nuked for relief for
herself and four children. She paid
that' her husband hud recently been
committed to the county Jnll upon her
own complaint, She said she repented
of her notion now but that as she
couldn't get her spouse out by re
penting she wanted relief. Her case
was referred to Director Williams.
Mrs, Itcdmerskl, of Luzerne street,
whose husband Is now In jail awaiting
trial for Interfering with a letter car
rier, nlso wnntod relief and her enso
was referred to Dr. 1'alne. Miss Eliza
Layton, nvcry matter of fact person
presented herself and casually re
marked that sho'd like to be sent to
She had been before the board some
llttl time ngo and since then her cir
cumstances have been Investigated and
It has been uBcertnlned that she has
relatives perfectly nble to care for her
or send her away to Kngland, if ncccs
pary. Her ense was therefore dis
missed. Several other applications for
relief wero granted.
The report of Superintendent' Beemer,
of the Hillside home, showed that on
September 30, there were 442 Inmates
In that Institution, n decrease of three
from August. Of these 442, 250 are In
sane and 192 are sane. There were 11
deaths during the month and 13 In
mates were dlschatgcd.
Imitation Katzenynmmer Kids Be
fore Alderman miliar.
Joseph Thiol and Will Loughner, two
smnll South Scranton lnds, were ar
raigned before Alderman Millar last
night on the charge of malicious mis
chief, preferred by Mrs. E. M. Stnge, of
Willow street. The latter alleges that
about two weeks ago she canned
eighty-five jars of fruit. At that time
the families of both the Thiol nnd
Loughner boys were tenants In the
same building in which Mrs. Stage
lives, and she alleges the two little
fellowc broke Into the room whore the
fruit wns and destroyed sixty-five of
the cans. The boys were originally
merely on a foraging expedition, but
after eating all the fruit they could,
they smashed this large number of
At the hearing last night It was
claimed that another boy, Henry Wolf
ram, of Stone avenue, wns Implicated
In the destruction of the fruit and a
warrant was Issued for his arrest. The
boys were held for their appearance at
court and released on the own recog
Number of Western Union Force
Quit Work.
Several of the messenger boys em
ployed by the Western Union Tele
graph company followed the example
of the mine workers yesterday after
noon and went out on strike.
According to the boys' version of the
affair, ten of the fifteen messengers
emit at 5 o'clock nnd served an ulti
matum on Manager O'I'.rlen to the ef
fect that the wouldn't go back until
their wages wore Increased from $7
to $10 a month, nnd they were al
lowed pay for extra time worked.
The boys were under the leader
ship of Paddy Moran, who Is a little
older than the average messenger.
Three of the boys decided to return
to work, leaving seven out on strike,
and also out of a job.
Manager O'Brien, when seen last
night, said that "two or three boys got
a little dissatisfied nnd decided to
quit." Ife denied that nearly tho
whole force had gone out.
Will Be Given in St. Thomas Col
lege Sunday, Oct. 14.
Tho sixth sacred concert In St.
Thomas College hall under tho auspices
of W. P. Schilling, will be given on
Suudhy evening, October 14. Tho an
nouncement heretofore made that It
would bo given tomorrow night was
Incorrect. -
Tho Cathedral choir, St. Mary's choir,
Junger Mnonnorchor, Bauer's orches
tia nnd Mrs. AV. P. Schilling will par
ticipate in the concert.
Henry Cook, of Minookn, Probably
Fatally Injured.
Henry Cook, of Church street, Mi
nookn, was seriously and probably fa
tally Injured yesterday afternoon nbout
4 o'clock by being thrown from a train
on the Lackawanna road near Taylor,
When found the unfortunate man
was unconscious. Ho was removed
to his home In Minookn.
Pianos for Sale at Guernsey Hall,
A fine Ilrambnch Upright Piano In
beautiful mahogany case, full sze, und
in excellent condition, for sulo at a
bargain. Left to bo sold without re
gard to pi Ice, Parties owning tho
piano havo broken up housekeeping
and will leave tho city, Call at onco
If you want tho (list chance, Now on
snlo at J, W. Guernsey's Music Waro
100ms, 314 Washington avenue, Scran
ton, Pa.
Councilman Rocho's Finn of Having
a Committee Appointed to Draw
Up All Ordinances Which It Will
Bo Necessary to Pass and Report
to Councils Before Jan. 1 Diffi
culty of Obtaining a Copy of tho
New Second Class City Law to Be
Introduced in Next Legislature.
Scranton cannot be changed from a
city of the third clnss to a city of tho
second clnss without n great amount of
preliminary legislation onnthe part of
councils. Select Councilman John E.
lloche realizes this, and he Introduced
a resolution In select council on Thurs
day night providing for the appoint
ment of a special committee of three
to take up the matter and report to
councils before January 1 such legis
lation as It will be necessary to oass.
Mr. rioehe, when seen yesterday by
a Tribune man, sold that while ho had
given the matter very little thought,
nevertheless It hnd occurred to him
that some such committee should bo
appointed as soon as possible, and he
accordingly Introduced tho resolution.
When asked to suggest Just what such
a committee could do, Mr. Rocho said:
"It Is vell known that under the
second class city law many new ofllces
are created and manyof the cxlstlnc
ones dispensed with. For Instance, tho
offices of chief of police and chief of
tho fire department will be done away
with nnd nn office termed the director
of public safety created In their stead.
Tho street cleaning and city engineer's
departments are consolidated and an
official known as the director of pub
lic works takes the place of the city
engineer and the street commissioner.
"While tho duties of these officials
tiro given in a general way in the act
of assembly, It will be necessary for
councils to pass new ordinances ex
actly defining their duties and their
limitations. Then the question of sal
ary will have to be fixed. Many people
fancy that when we become a city of
the second class the salaries now paid
city officials In Pittsburg will (go into
effect as a matter of course.
"That couldn't be thought of for n
moment, for If we did the city fvould
bo swamped. Then agaln.ispeclal elec
tions will have to be provided for the
election of additional common coun
cllmen. Then there will have to be
changes in the municipal building.
Ofllces will have to be moved around
and provisions made for the accom
modation of extra councllmon In tho
council chamber. In fact, a great deal
more In the way of preliminary legis
lation will have to be done than many
people dream of."
Mr. Roche believes that Scranton
will become a city of the second class
next April, and that the committee
ought to get down to business as soon
as possible. He believes that tho com
mittee could take up the question of
having the second clnss city law
amended, nlso, but this would be an
after consideration. .f
Commissions from Pittsburg and Al
legheny have compiled an entirely new
law governing second class cities,
which Is to be presented at the coming
session of the legislature. Mayor Molr
has been making a desperate effort
during the past few weeks to get a
copy of this act, but has been unable
to do so. He has written to the city
solicitors of both cities, but has re
ceived no reply.
It Is thought that both Pittsburg and
Allegheny are perfectly satisfied with,
the new law and are not desirous of
having this city suggest any changes
to it. Could a copy of it bo obtained it
would be found extremely useful, but
it is pretty safe to believe that the
people across the state will not make
It public until It is introduced in the
Plttston Delegates Entertained by
Upchurch Lodge Last Night.
Upchurch lodge, No. 222, A. O. U. W.,
last night entertained the members of
Plttston lodge with a smoker and ban
quet and conducted a social session at
A. O. U. W. hall.
About thirty members of the visiting
lodge wero in attendance and Joseph
it. Hughes, of Kansas, deputy from the
Grand lodge, and A. J. Coke, of Kan
sas, wero two of the prominent guests.
After tho regular business session,
at which several men were Initiated
into the lodge, all present enjoyed a
tusty banquet, and the social session
was then called tc order and W. F.
Loftus elected chairman. James
Feeney, of this city, welcomed the visi
tors In a few npropos remarks, and
Joseph R. Hughes, the orator of tho
evening, was then called upon for a
speech, and responded with an address
on the order, telling of Its origin, great
strides made by It and the excellent
work done at present.
Messrs. Wolburn and Patterson, of
Plttston, nlso gave brief talks and
songa were sung by P. F. Shuler and
John Karcher. Tho committee In
charge of the entertainment consisted
of P. F. Shuler, S. C. Houck, John
Kurchor, W. F. Loftus and John Wee.
Thnt's What the Finance Committee
Decided Last Night.
Tho finance commltteo of the board
of control at a meeting held last night)
decided to recommend to tho board
that City Controller Howell bo allowed
$50 a month compensation for tho work
ho does for tho school district.
David J. Reedy, tho solicitor of the
bonrd, was present nt tho meeting and
informed tho members of the commlt
teo that they wero not legally bound
to allow tho controller tiny compensa
tion, It was decided, however, ns a
mutter of fair play, that ho should be
granted the amount' above referred to.
Tho building commltteo received bids
for tho electric wiring of Nos. 31 and
18 schools. lt was decided to award
the contract for No. 31 school to AV, A,
Harvey, whose bid was $130 and for
No. IS school to Hunt & Connell, whoso
bid was $76.
Dr. Martha S. EvtyeW, returned
yesterday front Toronto, Canada, whero
she represented the Household Econ
omic section of tho Green Ridge Wo
man's club at tho eighth annual meet
ing of the , International Household
Economics association.
Thursday morning Dr. Everett read
a puper on the work accomplished by
the Green lltdge club's household econ
omic section. The greater part of the
morning seslon was given over to, Its
&.jjAl3UjtffirU. -iawasi.,itiilMtlf-i)j--
4 -f f 4- -f
4- Big Increase In Business Here
During His Administration,
f Secretary Dolpli 1), Atlicrton, ol the -f
board of trade, In commtntlnd rcslct-
tlty upon His prcsint prosperous anil
healthy condition o( local ludiistiles at -f
(lie end ol four' Jrnrn ol it Republican
administration, ns compared with their -s
totiultloti ilitrlntr the winter of 1800-117 -s
when a Democratic' administration had -f
been In power lor four years, said! -sV
"1 say without feir ol contradiction -s
that there has been an Increase In tho -s
olumo o( business done in Scrsnton ot 4
nt least forty per cent, since tho last 4
year of President Cleveland's tenn. Our -s)-
factories arc now working (utl time and -f
Ih many Instances overtime. Then nit -f
were working short time and many not
4- at ill. -f
4 'The deposits In the Scranton aavlnjr
4 banks have Increased $4,000,000 durlnn; 4-
4 President McKlnlcy's administration, 4
4 Were It not tor the present temporary 4
t depression caused by the mine workers' 4
strike, I believe that there would ho very 4
few Idle men to be found In the city 4
4 end If any were to be found they would 4
4 ' Idlo because they wanted to be. That 4
4 looks If four years of McKlnlcy has 4
4 been a pretty good thing; for Scranton, 4
doesn't It,"
4 444444444 4 444444
Hoops Burst and Allowed the Water
to Drop Thirty Feet on to the
Roof of a-Condensory Plant.
By the collapse of a large water
tank surmounting tho Clark's Summit
Condcnsery company's plant last even
ing the roof of the engine room was
wrecked, the Interior turned topsy-turvy
and two of the employes, Morton
Colvln and Ernest Buckley, painfully
bruised and cut.
The condenscry Is alongside the Dela
ware, Lackawanna and Western
tracks, near the station. The tank
stands above It on a rack thirty feet
high. It was a new tank nnd was
filled only a few dnys ago. The sup
position Is that the hoops were not
loosened enough to allow for tho swell
ing of the wood and burst asunder
when the strain became too great.
The great mass of water fel almost
In bulk on the roof, nnd, crushing
through the timbers, sent everything
inside the engine room bowling, in all
directions. The two men who were in
jured luckily happened to bo out from
beneath the point of the roof whero
the water struck. They were hurt by
pieces of flying timber and by being
thrown against the side of the room.
The water tank Is used to supply the
Appeal Allowed in the Case of Koeh
ler Against the City.
The Supreme court yesterday allow
ed an appeal from the decision of tho
Superior court In the case of Kochlcr
against tho city of Scranton.
This Is the Mulberry street paving
case. Judge Archbald dectded In fa
vor of tho contention of- the property
holders, on the upper end of the street,
where there was double street car
tracks, that they -cannot be called
upon to pay for more pavement than
was actually laid In front of their re
spective properties. The assessment
was made by taking the whole cost
of the pavement from one end of the
street to tho other and dividing It
pro rata according to the feet front
age among nil the property holders.
The Superior court affirmed the de
cision and City Solicitor A. A. ,Vos
burg made petition to the Supreme
court for an appeal. His ground Is
that the foot front rule, which is held
to be constitutional, permits of no al
lowances being made for a pavement
that may be paid fcr in front of a
property by a street car company, any
moro tlinn it permits of an allowance
for covers of the iriAn hole of a sewer
or any other break In the pavement.'
The Supremo court convened princi
pally to take action on the death of
the late Chief Justice Green, but be
fore adjourning handed down several
orders. The rules of the court were
also promulgated. The rules are tho
same that havo been In force, with the
exception of one, which Is amended so
that tho appellant's attorney In a suit
Is compelled to state the quertlon In
volved in six lines In the paper book
or otherwise tho suit, will bo taken off
the docket.
The Koehlor case was tho only ono
from this county passed upon.
From Three to One Hundred
persons may bo photographed In groups
at Schrlover's Gold Medal Studio. Spe
cial accessories have been designed to
artistically poso large gatherings.
The Best Display of
To Be Found in the City.
Skirtings Plaid Back, Double-faced in Greys, Cas
tors, Browns, Blues, Oxfords aud t1 OC f( Ql ff
Poplins, Coatalines, Pebble
and Granite Cloths Complete ftp f (f
assortment of colors .: i Dv IU pZrlU
Romeo Venetians Sponged aud shrunken for Tail
or and Dress Suits, in shades ot Beaver, Brown, ('") AA
Daulla, Blues aud Black pUV
Tailor Coverts For street wear, 50 inches wide, all
wool, new mixture of Greys, Browns aud 7Qr
Blues ,
Broadcloth Venetian jo inches wide, all (Flit
the new autumn colors $lLD
Black Goods In great variety. Come and -See,
415-417 Lackawanna Avenue.
gJA. .jfc-jaMl. .tfia?' .Vt,. -,s
Judgs Edwards Devoted nn Hour to
Charging the Jury and Shortly
Before Four O'clock the Case Was
Given Into Its Hands The Case
of Holopeter Against tho Green
Ridge Lumber Company Was Olven
to the Jury at Five O'clock,
The evidence in the case of Chnrles
Ltebenstoln against Jonas Long's Sons
wnH closed yesterday morning and tho
closing addresses to iho Jury
worn mndo by Major Everett
Warren for tho defendant and
Attorney E. C. Newcomb fop
tho plaintiff. Judge Edwards took
an hour In which to charge the Jury
and shortly before 4 o'clock tho case
was given Into the Jury's hands for
consideration. A verdict had not been
agreed upon up to the adjourning hour.
A Jury was then sworn In the case
of J, Bacharach against J. O. Acker
man, which will be put on trial this
In the main court room the entire
day was consumed with the trial of
the case of D. F. Holopeter against the
Green Ridge Lumber company. Judge'
Archbald had completed his chargo to
tho jury at 5 o'clock nnd It retired to
deliberate. x
Reasons wero yesterday filed for a
new trial In tho case of H. Dinner
against Mrs. Mary McAndrcws In
which a verdict of 6 cents was on Wed
nesday returned for the plaintiff.
The case of J. E. Cleveland against
John T. Jones was referred to James E.
An Answer Filed.
Tho answer of tho Delaware, Lacka
wanna nnd Wesern Railroad company
to the bill In comity filed some time
ago by the Tripp Farm Land company
In Its suit against the railroad com
pany was filed yesterday by Wlllard,
Warren & Knapp, representing the de
fendant company.
The suit was brought 'to prevent the
rnllroad company from filling In a cul
vert Just north of Tripp's crossing, on
which tho main line crosses Bedford
street. It Is contended by tho land
company that It bought the land with
the expressed understanding that this
culvert was to be maintained. It was
provided for, It Is contended, when tho
railroad went through the Trlpp farm
land to assure a safe means of getting
from one section to the other of the
several farm lands.
In the answer It Is set forth by the
company that It Is under no obligations
whatever to keep the culvert open, and
quotes from Its deeds for its right of
way at that point to prove the fact.
Mrs. Miller Is Aggrieved.
Mrs. Eva Miller yesterday began an
action against Simon Machok to re
cover $2,000 damages for Injury done to
her reputation by false statements
made by the defendant.
Mrs. Miller Is the wife of John Mil
ler, an'd she alleges that'on Octobpr 3.
and again on October 4, Machok
charged her publicly with being un
faithful to -her husband. A capias was
issued for Machok.
High School Will Flay Crack Begi
ment Eleven.
The Scranton foot ball season will Vie
formally opened this afternoon by tho
game between the High school and the
Thirteenth regiment's team. The dif
ference In weight will not bo as
marked as was at first anticipated, as
the soldiers will average 155 pounds
and the High school players about 140
The game will bo called nt 3 o'clock
at Athletic park. The two teams will
probably line up as follows:
licirlmont. High School.
AilMms left end .Mcltucrh
Kinnliran leltjucklo Wei6senfluh
Drcls IcftKi'urd Stoi.c
Evans center ....Conncl! or ShulU
Brink light guard Uvrood
Cleary right tackle Kynon
Keith right end Yauglmn
Gregory left half l'liilllps
Rcndall right half Williams
Klplo quarterback, Tropp
Stark full hack Ucans
By Exclusive Wire from Tho Associated rrc9.
Wheaton, 111,,- Oct. 6. Hurry Vardon won the
open golf championship from J. II. Taylor by
tvvo strokes, 313 to 313. Others in tho many
were: David Dell, Midlothian, 321; I.. Auditor,
(iknvlcw, 327; Willi Smith, Midlothian, 3?9;
Geo. Low, Dykcr Meadow, 331; Tom llutehln.
son, Shlnnccock, p3i; Harry Turple, Edgcvvatcr,
334. C. I). MacDonald, former amateur cham
pion, led tho amateurs with 323.
Novel Ash
Tobacco Boxes, Pipe Racks,
well ns practical, are ever In demand. Women buy them
ostensibly for their liege lord's use, but really, because they
are so decorative, and who can blame them when they can
pick up such nice novelties at our store from 25c Jo 50c?
They really look as though they cost five times as much.
Geo V Millar &
VJCU V. iYllllUr (X
We make teeth to suit you and your friends.
We Ruarantrc to pleanc you or no pay.
We keep work in repair free ot uharRC.
Wo examine and extract teeth free of charge.
Our Crown and C -5
Bridee Work... P
All work guaranteed for 10 years. Call
and have your tectli examined. Satisfaction
or no pay. .
Another Special Offering in
Our Household Utensil Department
In our large center show window we have displayed a lot of
First Quality Peerless Enamel Ware- This display will give
you an idea of what we have in this line in our basement. Among
our special offerings you will find
Berlin Enamel Kettles, all sizes, from 23c to 48c.
Berlin Enamel Sauce Pans, all sizes, from 33c to 48c.
Berlin Enamel Preserving Kettles, all sizes, from 17c to 53c.
Berlin Enamel Dinner Pails something new, 79c.
Berlin Enamel Pails 12 quart, 48c.
Everything In Kitchen Utensils and Household Hardware.
Baked Stuffs Fresh Dally. Best Lunch In Scranton.
312 and 314 Lackawanna Avenue.
New York Life
Insurance That Insures. Policies incontesta
able from date of issue, No restriction as to residence,
travel or occupation, as to habits of life, or as to man
ner, time or place of death. Policies non-forfeitable
after first premium is paid. Oue month's grace in the
payment of premiums. Cash loans can be obtained at
any time after the policy has been in force two years.
Policies combine insurance and investment.
: B. H. BETTS,
Scranton Branch Office.
607 to 615 Mears Building, Scranton, Pa,
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(Trode Mnrlc Registered.)
Cleans you so clean
that nothing else
seems to clean you
dainty housewife may use costly toilet soap
and lemon juice to remove the stains from her
fingers, butZENOLA
and leave the Hands
At drocertand Drugclsts, sc and
CU5HMAN BROS. CO., Distributors
New York PlilUdslpbla Boston
elc(, which are ornamental as
Co Wjomlng Arenne
VUt lnsndioek sMMSd. ,
No Use Talking
You cannot miss satisfac
tion here because quality
and economy are certain- .
ties Our
Green Valley Rye
will convince you of this
fact. .
216 Lackawanna Avenue,
x Scranton, Pa.
'PHONE &I62.
$5 SET 5$
Defter come in anj talk to ui
ulinnt jour teeth. Wo bcllcvd you
will Appreciate the work And our
low prlics. Wo will save oii
nearly one-halt on all dental
We make a specialty of Crown and Bridge
work and If you have any old or decayed
teeth, come to us and we will make new
ones out of them for you.
Dr. Reyer, Dentist
S14 Spruce St., Opp. Court House.'n
Agency Director j
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The swarthy engi
neer may use strong and
harmful soap to clean
his oil-grimed hands ;
the busy servant may
use alkaline flesh-eating
soap powders to wash
her kitchen floor: the
would serve each better,
lor. (Zcnola Toilette as Cents,)