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Suggestion That Is Hade to Mine
Operators and All Others in Any
Way Interested in the Ending of
the Present Conflict Dickson Com
pany Shipping Hoisting Engines
to Nova Scotia - Distinguished
Railroad Men in the City Other
Interesting Itoms.
The executive committee oC the Uni
versal Peace union has Issued the fol
lowing: To Mine Operators, Miner", Ofllcfn of l.nlior
Organisations, Railroad Companies and rll Per
sons Interested In the Present Strike In tlie
Mining Districts of PcnnsjUsnla.
The Pcaco Union, organised 1SH6 anil
chartered In 18S8, Is profoundly Impressed with
the necessity of your coming together to adjust
existing dlfllcultles, so that your work may go on
and your Interests bo not farther Impaired,
We bellcio you are competent to do this, If you
will appoint from each interest three delegates
to represent you In ft conference, where any
grievances may lie presented and all differences
may be explained.
Thin conference should be held with the au
thority and determination to settle such differ
ences as .stand In the way of a lcsumptlon of
work and' make such concessions as will be just
to all.
If mediation, arbitration and conciliation can
ntd jou, wc offer our sen Ices. It is often of
a1uo to have Impartial persons meet with those
trfco Interests seem to contllct and who will be
willing to gho time and attention without charge
for the welfare of all. '
The Peace Union has a standing committee for
such purposes, which hu effected settlements.
It now offers Its rooms, 1303 Arch street, Logan
building, Philadelphia, nnd its services for such
a conference. The committee is: ltev. Henry S.
Clubb, Judge William X. Ashmann, ltev. ficorge
D. Doardman, Archbishop V. J. Ilyan, Thomas J,
Whitney, Bishop Cyrus D. Foss, (icorge G. Mer
cer, Esq., Thomas Walter and Alfred II, Love.
That you may understand the broad and impartial
position wo occupy we enclose a copy of our
"Cardinal Principles Governing Capital and La
bor." It is our purpose at the nct session of
the legislature of this state to present a memorial
to amend existing laws, or to enact such new
ones as will prevent a repetition of the present
calamity. By order of the executive committee,
Attest: Alfred If. Loc, President.
Daniel Batchcllor, Secretary.
Cardinal Principles Governing Capital nnd La
bor, prepared by the Universal Peace Union:
To obtain a solution of pending difficulties,
afford a relief from present distressed, and iecure
justice to all, the following principles are essen
tial to success:
1. The employer should have the right of select
ing, without dictation, the person he cmplojs.
2. The' person seeking employment should have
the right of seeking that "employ ment wherever
lie believes his services will be best appreciated
and remunerated.
3. The right to organize for beneficent purposes
belongs to all alike, and whether cmplojer or
rmplojce belong to any organization, should be
no obstacle to forming a labor contract.
4. Persons not members of any organization
phould (have the right to seek cmplojment and
fOiitimic cmplojcd without molestation or inter
ference by those connected with an organization.
fi. Labor contracts, whether made for a week,
n month or a. longer period, should bo considered
binding by employers and cmplojers, to bo
amended, canceled or renewed only with the con
sent nf each contracting parly.
(1. Kniplojere should not be required to abide
In- regulation or law of organizations, in the
instruction nf which they had no voice.
7. Due notice of nny change in the work or
lime affecting price.-, of labor, and cessation of
or tlNthaigc fioni employment, should be ghen
by the employer to the employed.
5. Due notice of leaiing employment should be
ghon to the employer by the employed.
fi. Violcnie of any kind on the part of capital
in labor Is neicr coiidiiilic to the best intercuts
of either.
10. Misunderstandings not otherwise adjustable,
should be suhmitted to a tiibunil of aibitiatimi,
and each contiacl should contain a clause pro
viding therefor.
11. Pending the arbitration of difficulties, cm
plojers and emplojees should continue their re
lations as before, and any settlement, not other
wise agreed upon, should date fiom the begin
ning of the dlltlciilly.
Going to Nova Scotia.
TIip Dickson Manufacturing com
pany Is preparing for bhlpmcnl two
lilg lmlKtlng engines and a fan en
gine from their Ponn avenue shops to
Hie Dominion Coal company, at Cllaco
Hay, Cupc Briton, Nova Scotia.
A vertical compound 900-horhO-pow-or
electrical engine is now in course
of erection at the shops for the Metro
politan Klectrlc company, of Reading,
and :i Mowing engine for the Lacka
wanna Iron and Steel company's new
plant -at Buffalo Is also heing erected.
Several smaller contracts are also
being filled, and work is quite brisk
at the shops just now.
Distinguished Railroad Men.
W. C. Hayes, locomotive superin
tendent of the Baltimore and Ohio
railroad, with headquarters at Balti
more, Is In the city .visiting General
Superintendent T. E. 'Jlarke and T. S.
IJoyd, superintendent of motive power
nnd machinery, of the Lackawanna
railroad, who tiro old acquaintances.
Mr. Hayes is an expert locomotive
runner nnd hns a wide reputation as
n sclentlllc expert in the consumption
of fuel und other locomotive supplies,
and as an Instrttctor in the running,
management una euro of locomotives
This and That.
Mrs. J. H, Moore, of Toledo, Ohio,
grand president of the Ladles' Auxil
iary to the Order of Hallway Conduc
tors, who has been spending several
lays In this city, returned to her homo
resterduy. During her stay hero she
rvaa entertained by the members of
the local auxiliary.
In vlW of the many rumors current
respecting stock purchases hy leading
roads for tho purpose of obtaining con
Irol of other properties the following
ixtract from tho New Yoik Central's
innual statement, Issued today, was
leemed significant: "With tho approval
f the board of directors, there have
teen made from tlnui to time purchases
if stocks of tho Lake Erie and West
irn, rho Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland
md St. Louis (Big Four), nnd Chesa
leake and Ohio, thus oillciully con
Irmlng rumors respecting such pur
chases that have long been current In
ihe street,
Ipccltl to the Scranton Tribune,
Hopbottom, Oct. 5. Mr, and Mrs, E.
V. Tiffany attended the Blnghamton
fair Thursday,
Mrs. N, M, Finn, who has been 111
for several weetio past lias had a re
Jupse and Is now quite low ugaln, Mi's.
William Alney Is helping care for her
at present.
Misses Marlon Titus and Lottie
Bryan ana Messrs. Wllmarth and Yco
mans spent the day at Heart Lako
Mrs. Sarah Carpenter, of Hallstead,
Spent Thursday with Mrs. Finn.
Charles Reynolds and family have
rnoxed to Conkllu Center, where Mr.
Reynolds wjll be employed n the beet
ugar Xaotory,
Susquehanna County Suffers for
Water A Summer Hotel Project.
Sam Hapgood Catches a Fox With
His Hands Current Topics Dis
cussed. Special to the Scranton Tribune,
Susquehannn, Oct. A. Farmer Bill
Wlnthrop lives near Brookdnle. Ills
eldest son, Bob, nged sixteen, a sturdy
young fellow, for a year has been
"under the weather" and able to do
but little work on the farm. Local
physicians without number have treat
ed him for an unknown malady, but
without success. Ho has been treated
for enlarged liver, appendicitis, can
cer of tho stomnch, etc., but ho has
gradually wasted away, and doath
eemed cortnln. Bob has complained
that something was moving about In
his stomnch, but all of his physicians
told him that ho was laboring under
a hallucination.
Last week a peregrinating Indlnn
doctor, of tho Onondaga tribe, struck
Brookdalc. Ho took Bob's case in
hand and one day made him drink
about a quart of some bitter decoc
tion, after which he took him to a
spring and placed him on his stom
ach, with his mouth near the water.
The Indian then pressed hard on
Bob's back, and In a moment the
young follow felt a choking sensation
In his tin-on t. The doctor Inserted his
fingers in Bob's throat and lit a mo
ment drew forth a green frog, weigh
ing eighteen ounces. It Is supposed
that when the creature was very
small Bob drew It Into his stomach
while drinking at some mountain pool.
The frog is alive, nnd Bob keeps It In
a glass jar as a souvenir.
Because a great man sometimes
bolts his party ticket, says a close
observer, it docs not follow that every
body who bolts his party ticket is
a great man.
The world Is getting better every
year, but the cigarette llend shows no
signs of reform.
That erring class, the Prohibition
ists, will have a "still hunt" in Sus
quehanna county this year.
Tho reason Mohammed refused to go
to tho mountains was because the
hotel rates were so high.
"A good man gone wrong" Is usually
a bad man found out.
Fred Jewltt, of Brooklyn, this coun
ty, wants to go to the legislature on
a fusion ticket. Bet he cannot Jew
ltt. A series of social hops in Susque
hanna Is "off." The bops were under
the auspices of several societies of a
church. On tho printed invitations tho
pastor inserted a foot-note, requesting
the gentlemen to appear in evening
dress. This the young men took as
a reflection upon their intelligence, nnd
they refused to attend the hops.
Late advices are to tho effect that
the AVayno county coal miners are not
yet on strike.
This Is said to be the dryest season
In forty-seven years. Vicinity resi
dents are filling their wells from the
In St. John's Catholic church last
evening, by tho pastor, Rev. P. F.
Broderlck, John J. Dougherty and
Miss Mabel le Rose Perry weio united
In marriage.
Prof. Byron "W. King, of Pittsburg,
will lecture in Hogan Opera,
October L'O, under the auspices of Grace
Episcopal church of Oakland.
There Is a great drought through
out this -section. Reservoirs, wells and
mountain streams arc dry, and the
Susfiuchanna river is at tho lowest
mark in Its history. There Is a cry for
water throughout the land.
The "Women's Christian Temperance
Union of Susquehanna county will hold
its annual convention In New Mllford
today and Friday.
It Is reported that a largo summer
hotel will bo built at Columbia Grove
next summer.
Tho corn grows on the prettiest
Tho life mlbsion of the black ant Is
fully accomplished after Itlhas crawled
down, a girl's back at a picnic.
Tho shades of evening daily fall
earlier oo'r tho earth, art unmistakable
evidence that summer has departed.
The glowing autumn's varied tlnU
With silent joy we always gieet,
Because ils gilded glory bints
Of buckwheat cakes and sausage meat.
Some women cannot make a straight
line, but she can malign another wo
man's now fall hat.
The nights are getting longer, but
tho young man who occupies hulf of
a parlor chair with his best girl every
ovcnlng doesn't realize It.
Sain Hapgood, a youth of State Line,
caught a fox with his handi tho other
day. Reynard was llrst seen coming
do.wn tho Delaware and Hudson track
running foidoar life In front of a loco
motive. As locomotive and fox ncared
tho station the unimal left tho truck
and started for the hills.
It reached tho highway, when it was
met by young Hapgard, who was going
along tho road. Tho fox was so ex
hausted by its hard and long race that
tho lad captured it and carried It
homo in triumph. AVhltney,
Loss at the Vatican Was from Leo's
Private Funds.
Ily Kxcluklvc Wlrp from The Associated Press.
Rome, Oct. 5. The Italian police
have begun an Investigation into the
burglary at tho Vatican, where thieves
tho other day forced a safo and car
ried off securities worth 357,000 llro and
3,000 lire In silver, Four persons nra
under suspicion und ono was arrested
this morning.
The Trlba says tho Italian police
warned tho Vatican pollco In July of
last year that a plan was on foot to
commit some such robbery.
It Is believed that the stolen prop
erty does not belong, as was originally
asserted, to the management of the
Apostolic palace, but Is a part of the
private funds of tho pope.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
Has been used for over FIFTY Y1HHS by
is the best remedy for DIAliltllOF.A. Sold by
PruggiiU la every part of tho world, lie sure
and ailc (or "tin. Wiuslow's Soothing Syiup,"
and taka no other kind. Twenty-five tnU a
l, bottle.
Wall Street Review.
New York, Oct. S. The slock market continued
to show Ihe effects of profculonal operations
for the aihance today. New points of strength
dc eloped under the shifting operations of tho
bull party but sustaining Influence thus alforded
was taken advantage of tci realise In stock!
which ic already had tliclr uihnnce. Distinc
tion was thus made ecn In stoiks of the sitne
group, as, for Instance In the steel and Iron
group, where national steel and tin piste, which
hao had their notable ndwincc, hung while
other numbers, of the group were puslud for
ward. Kcn Tennessee Coal, after an opening
Jump of 2 points under the stimulus of the
sin prised short covei Itiir, dragged behind the
others. It was pulled up In sjnipathy with the
general rise, but dosed Willi a small net loss,
The bujlng of steel and who was the most con
spicuous tint lilted the stock at one lime i,
A number of the steel slocks sated a net gain
of over a point. In the railroad list there was
the same disposition manifest to take up Hew
stocks for the advance, and llioc were selected
for width the borrowing demand Indicates that
there has been a largo demmd. There was cu,i
spxucu bujlng of Pennlanli, and rumors
were revived, such as were heard when the ml
pre portions or tlie jears earnings first ucgan in
be understood, of an increase in the dividend
rate. Gossip on tlie stock exchange attributed
the bujlng to the same Inliiests which weie
active In the previous movement. Sum: sticiiglh
was shown bv Sugar, People's (las and Brooklyn
liapld Transit, In all of which dealings were
large, but the tone was feverish and irrrgular.
The matket closed rather heavy and at substan
tial reactions fiom the best. Total sates A!7,5W.
the bond market continues Irregular on a
Bmall volume of dealings. Total sales, par value,
il,.1(X,0U0. U. H. bends unchanged on the last
The following fpiotatlons are furnished The
Tribune by M. S. .Ionian t Co., rooms 70V71M
Mens building, hcianton, Pa. Tclcphcn 6003:
Open- High- Low- t'los.
ing. est. iMt. ing.
Amcr. Sugar 11714 HOW H7"i
Amer. Tobacco H0?i Hill (WW HIV.
Alner. Steel and Wire .. 32 If. .tl'i" W.i ;i-lM'
Atchison SiW 2 WA 2"fe
Atchison, pfd 71 717s 70 WA
lirookljn Traction .: C f.'.',i 8.1
It. & 0 70)i 72 70!'i 72
font. Tobacco MVs 20 2Vs 2ov,
dies. iV Ohio 2s 20 '.; 2S
C, 11. & (J 120 127 12V4 lSUTi
St. Paul 112K 11.1 IliU 1121
Hock Wand HW4 lOTVfi loi'Vs 1M
II. K II. .,
Fid. Mori
JIO'S H0V4 110V5 llDVi
iri'.i :ii 3.1 iii-
Fed. Steel, nld
(.il II I W
25'.i 2sS
-2. 72
Ill's W)'i
lll-ft 11!
fil i)r
h7& M.'i
.it i?,
:u hi
.WJ .ll'f,
r.OVa (10
now hot;
20W 2l)W
i:io8 120
.11 ffl)
in ir,
03 ."ii'J
12'f, 11!",
fills fi!
os'i n i?;
ioy hi
os'4 ('!
2'P'a 20
bow f,s:-i
7i 7,Wi
70 W 70',4
Kan. & Tex., pfd. .
I.ntiis. k Xasli
Man. niev.iti'd
Met. Ti action
Mo. Pacific
People's (las
Col. Fuel nnd lion
.Southern P.n Ifle ....
Norfolk cV Western ..
Xoithern Pacific ....
Northern Pacific, pfd.
72' 4
. v. lenirni
O. & Western 2nW
Pennsylvania. 120
Pacific .Mail .11
Heading 10
Heading, pfd fi'iVi
Southern It. It 12
Southern It. It., pfd. ... SI
Term. C. & Iron 5S',i
Leather 10
Leather, pfd (A
Ilulibcr -20'k
Union Pacific 5S'i
Union Pailfto, pfd 7.111
Wabash, pfd M
Western I'nion TO'fe
xi:w york product: K.cii.xar. pmcix
.,, Open- High- Low- Clos.
YVIIhAl. n,.f. P,t. ol. ing.
December b2Ts 8.1'ft S2)i MU
-Mco,ix. " M Wi M
December J2U -fi1! 4"ii 4'W
Sljy 41W 41W 41U ll'j
Scranton Board of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
STOCKS. nid.
Inst Xationil Hank nki
Su.iutoii Saving, Hank ,100
Siiantoii Packing C
Third National Hank v-r,
Dime Deposit and Distmuit llmk .. "00
laoiioim- Light, II. & P. (
Laeka. Tuist Sife Deposit Co ljo
Sumitim Paint cv
Clatk k Snnvei Co., Pi 12,
Scraiiton lion 1'einr ,V Mlg. Cn
Siianloii Axle Woiks
Lackawanna Daily Co., IV
County Savings llmk & Tuist Co... 30O
I'iist Dank (Cailmndalel
hlindard DilIliiiL- Co
Trailers' N.illninl Itank
Scranton Holt and Nut Ci
Siriinlon rasnciunr Hallway, first
Moilg.igo, clue 11120
People's Slrcet Hallway, Hist mort
gage, due 1018 Hi
Pmplc'i. Sliiel H.ulw.i.i, (iencial
mortgage, due 1021 !"
Ilic ksiui Minufaitiiiliig Ci PJO
LacKa. Toishli School 5 per rut. ... nj
City of Scranton SI. Imp. il per
cent ' ... iiu
Siiaiilnii 'liaition li per cent 11."
Scranton Wholesale Market.
(Corieclrcl by II. (1. Dale, 27 Lu kaiv.iiin.i Ave.)
Iliilter CiiMiiieri. 2.1.12 le.: ilaiiv tubs. 2.!e.
Fggs -Select vvcstcin, 17c; nearby rt.ite, 1'Je.
Cheese Full iie.iin, new, ItWc
Hems- Per tin., iholie miiiuw, 2.10; medium,
$2.30; pel, .W. .
Onions laic-, per bu.
Fiom Ileal palinl, $
Philadelphia Grain and Produce.
Philadelphia, Oil, 5. -Wheat te. loner, Oct.,
i.'iWii"5!(;i-. Coin-Steady; No. 2 mixed, Oct.,
llliltiWe. Oatu Steady; No. 2 white rlli ped,
2s!i;c.; No. 3 do. do., 20l20',fie. ; No. 2 mixed,
do,, 25'i.i2iie. Iliilter V-aC lower; fancy west
crn iicanury, 21r.; do. piints, 2ic. Eggs Finn;
fiesh nearby, 20c; do. western, 20e. ; do.
Miiitlivvcatein, 0c.; do. houllicin, ISc." Cheese
Steady; New Yoik full cre.mi!.. faiuv mii.i1),
ll'ic; do, do. do. lair tu iliolee, UlJf.illUi'.
Itciliied sug.iis Uuchangeil. Cotton Wc. low
cr; middling uplands, lie. Tallovv Steady;
city prime in lilub., 4r.; country ilo,, bids.,
5Wc; ilaik do., v.; cakes, tiliv. Llvo
poultiy Steady, fair ikinaiul; fowls, llallVie, ;
old loosters, 7W'Se.; tpihig chickens, malic;
clucks, OalOc Dies.sed poultry Dull and luwer;
fowls, iholce, ll.illVic; do. flii to good.. 10.1
lO'.ic ; old roosters, 7c; neaiby spring ihlik
ins, liable: woteiu do,, 10il2e,
lteieipts Flour, ,'1,(100 baircls, and 1,500,000
pounds in saiks; wheat, 20,000 bushels; corn,
02,000; oats, 21,000. Shipment" Wheat, a.OUO
bushels; turn, S00 bushels; oat.s, 2,500.
New York Grain 'and Produce,
New Yolk, Oit. fi. Fiom Matket was again
iiegliclcd, being held 10 to 20 cents above buy
ers' bids on niCht grades. Wheal Spot hleudy;
No. 2 red, 82 Wc. f, u. b. ulloat; No. 2 red,
Sl9c ilevatnr; No, I northern Duliith, s7Wc
f, o, b. alloal, Options weakened u little and
weio exliemely dull, tlually lallied and cloeed
went cxiieineiv nun, miaii,
tinn at n paitial c. net il
closed SUUc; .May, Wic,;
t ileillne, No. 2 jl.inli
Oct.. SOTCc: llec.
WWc Corn-Spot dull: No. 2, iV,H: ilcvator.
iiml 4Mc, t, ci. li. iiuoar, uptiuus generally
steady all day nil closed steady at u partial Vic.
net d"cline, .May ebbed 4l14c; Oct., 40',ie,;
Dec, 12!4c OaU-Siiot quiet; N". 2, Miv.',
No, 0, ".v.! Nil. 2 white, 27',c; No. .'I Uhile,
27c.; track mixed wcitein, 21.1270,; tiuik white
vventiru, 2iHa.lle.; track white state, 2ljU.J4c,
Options very ipilct mid baicly steady, lliitler
Steady; iiiamuv. 10i2lc; fattoiy, bSlialoVii'. j
June cieou.eiy, 17iiv20',4c'. ; imitation cicameiy,
15VSal7Wi.i btato daily, l.V,C-a20e. Egg-stiong;
stale and Peima,, 1S.i21c, i western, regular
picking, 12yiabc.; western, loss oft. Silk!, Cheiso
Markil dull and weak; large vvldte, lie;
small while, ll'mll !ic, ; laigq colored, lie;
binall colored, UWullUc
Chicago Grain and Produce,
Chicago, Oct. 0. Wheat was Inegular, but
turned 111 in tovvauW the Hid on good cash de
iiunil and In svnip.illiy with the btrcngth of
Oetober poik, November closed Uc ovir yes
tcrdjy. Corn closed uuchangeil i oats, c. low
cr, and provisions for Januaiy deliveiy, ::ial5c.
luglier, October poik ilosed $1.40 higher.
Cash quotations vvera ui follows; Flour
.Steady; No. 3 spring wheat, 7215 i77c, ; No. 2
red, 77Via7tH; No. 2 com, lOliallc.; No, 2
jellow, 40a4le.; No. 2 oats, 22Uai!e,; No. 2
white. 20',lc.j No. H white. SiliuJU&c.i No, 3
rje, 62c; No, 1 llax, !fl.(l.l)j; No. 1 northwest,
$1.01; tlmothv, .fl.2ral.a5; pork, ifllall.fiO; lard,
5.7.25a7.0: rilu, SaS.30; shouldei. OViuO?ie.j
sides, lKS.60aS.C0; whiskey, $1.27,
Chicago Live Stock Market,
Chicago, Oct, 6. Cattle lteieipts, 2,000; gen
erally tteady; natives, best on sale today, two
carloads ut $3.00; good to prjiuu itceis, $5.45a
5.00: mixed ttotkcu, weak, f2,60a3 0."i; eous,
UJ.03al.23; helfeu, JJ.OOal.ffl; canncrs, 10c
lower, 2a2.50; bulU, blow, If2.50a4.23; calves,
steady, $laO; TexaK fed steers, $l,10al.s3; Texas
grass kteeis, $.l.30al; Texas bulls, f2.50a3.23.
Hogs lleielpU today, 25,000; tomorrow, 18,.
000; left over, 3,0o0; average shade lower; tops,
?5.60; mixed aid butcluu, -"ja3.53; good to
choke heavy, $541,471$; lough heavy, St.b5al.03;
bulk of talcs, $5.40.
Sheep Itecclpts, 0,000; sheep and lambs, slow;
good to choice wethers. J.S0a:j.D3: fair to
choice mixed, fl.40a3.6O; western sheep, 3.65 A
.1,01t .Texts sheep, $2.fioM0s native lambs,
1j.Uiij.Wi western limbs, $t..W.i5.
Buffalo Live Stock Market.
Knst llultrtlo, Oct. C Cattle llecelpls, (VI ears,
sheepj nnd lambs, 12 cars! hnm, 40 cars. Ship
ments Chile, 63 iais Oerp and lambs, l)
caisj bogs, is Mrs. (Ja'.llo (linerally cpiletl
cal.-es, steadvj iliolce to ctra, ?7a7 23J good
lo cholic, (J."0a7.
Sheep and lambs t.nibs, strong and lOf.'iV.
higher) iholec to extra, $.'.23 13.33! good to
iholce, $3n5.23! common lo fair, Jlat.Tii shirp,
llrni! mixed, t,75ilt welliei, ?lal.2."i ewes,
ifAfDal! good deinnid for export ec, J.1.73.1
:i.W Ciiiiaila hiiulis, fV23.i3.4o; with an cxlia
choleo lot selling a little higher.
Hogs Steady! heivy and mixed, $3.70t xr.ik
ers, lie ivy, $3.fl5n3M); light orkers, j.40i3.Wi;
pigs, $3.2'.i." 30j prascn, ?5.30a5.4() luuglu,
?I.7J.15; slates, $.V,iial; closed steady.
New York Live Stock Market.
New York, Oct. 6. Ilecves, steers and cows,
steady; bulls, weak to n sliule lower! Intlvc
sleirs, ?I.2)15.70; oxen nnd stags, AI.fi0il.Ml;
bulls,! rows, l,40al. Olives Veals,
dull I grassers, steady to i-hado higher! veals,
Jj'fiiS; giascrs, J.20 1'l S mixed calves, .1al.
Sheep and lambs Steadv to 10c. higher; sheep,; lambs, SI.73i3.O0; Canada lambs,
Hogs Feeling trllle flitni no sales reported,
East Liberty Stock Market.
Fast I.llicrlv. Oct. . Cattle Steady; extra,
$ nrime. S5.23a5.u0: common, $.l.25a
Hoirs Dull nnd lower: nrlme mediums. r .7)
n5.52W' heavy yorkcrs, '.40aV5; light do.,
?5.:!3a5.l(); heavy lings, f", 50a"i.f.5i pigs, $i
0.K3; graskcm, $5.15i3.30; roughs, $.1.50il.S0.
Sheep Slow; choice wethers, flnl.l'i; com
mon, $l,50i2.mi; choice lambs, jl.S0.i5; coin
too nto good, .lal.75; veal calves, $3.Ma0.50.
Oil Market.
Oil City, Oct. 5. Credit balances 110; cer
tificates, no bid. Shlpnitnts, ll.1,202: average,
S.!,U20. Huns, 111,327; average, 10I.IS0.
Tliere Is more Catarrh In this section of the
country than all other diseases put together, and
until tho lust few c.irs was supposed to be
Iniurahle. For a great many vears doctors pro
nounced il a locil disease, and prescribed local
reiiiidles, and by constantly filling to emc wllh
loial tieatment, pioiimnieid it incm.inlc. Sci
ence has proven catarrh to lie a constitutional
disease, and therefore requiies romtitutional
treatment. Hill's Catarih Cure, manufactured
by F. .1. Cheney k Co., Toledo, Ohio, is tlie only cure on the market. It is taken
Internally In doses fiom 10 drops to a teaspoon
fill. II acts directly on the blood aid mucous
surfaces of the s.vsleni. They offir one hundred
dollars for any case it fails to cure. Send for
circulars and tcslimoniiK Address,
F. .1. Clli:Xi:Y & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Drticgists, 75'.
Hull's Family Pills arc the best. "
EUGENE I Given Free
A $7.00
to each person init'icsf.
ed in suhsi'iilnng to the
Eugene Field Monu
ment Souvenir Fund.
Suhsiriho any amount
desired. Snivel iplions
as low as $1.00 will on-
Cilln ilonot' In lit u tl.iiiif.
THEHookortlio ily aitistie volume.
cciitiiry.llunil- "FlriLD FLOWKRS"
somely 1 lus- (elolli bound, Svlll, as
iruti'il liy tnir- a eeititle.ile nf subsciip-tv-tvvo
of the tlon to fund. Doolc
drill S droat- .milnins .n Kplei-llnti e.f
cstAitists. Field's best mid nm-t
reprcsculative woiks anil is uady fur de
livei.v. Kill for the noble contribution of the
woild'i. greatest this book could not
have been inanufac lined for less than .s7.HO.
The Fund incited is divided equally be
tween the family of the late Eugene Field
and tie; Fund for the building of a monu
ment lo the uumory of the beloved poet
of ihlldhood. AddriM,
Euerens Field Monument Souvenelr Fund
If .vr.u also viluli to ceiid postage, inclose
10 cents.
DR. DBNSTEN, 311 Spruce Street, Scrn.
ton, Pa. All Acute and Chronic Diseases at
Men, Womrn an I Children, Consultation anil
examination free. Office Hours Dully and
bund ay 8 a. m. to o p. m.
Restore Vitality, Lost Vigor add Alanbood
Curo Impotcncy, Night Emissions, Loss of Mem,
Ory, 1111 VYUSUI1K UlSUUbOS,
nllelfocts nt relf-ubusa or
ozcosa unci indiscretion.
A nerve tonioana
biooa buiiaer, uriai
tlie nlnk clow to Dale
clieoka anil restores tlie
tiro of s out li. .By mall
SOo por box. u boxes for
82,60, with our bankable gaurantee to oura
or refund the money paid. Semi
for circular
one! copy ot our bankable) guurautco
Nariiita Tohloto extra strenqth
Immediate Results
Positively Kuarantcod enro for Loss ot Power,
Vuricocola, Undeveloped or Shrunken Oreuns,
Puronls. Locomotor Ataxln. Nfirvoua Prostra.
tlon, Hysteria, Fits, Insnnity, Parnlysis nnd tho
ltosulu of Kxcesilvo Uso of Tobacco, Opium or
Liquor, By matt in plain packnuo, $1,00 u
box, O tor $6.00 with our bankable ffuar
antee bond to cure in UO days or refund
money paid. Address
Clinton A Jackson Sts., CHIOACO, ILL.
Sold by McQarra'd tk Thomas, Drug.
sUt 209 LAckawacna live., Ecranton. Vo.
I Know I
H But she does,tbat
R "Suow White"!
1 flour is the best 1
I all around flour 1
m sold in Scranton. 1
9 AH good gro- I
'ir. ja cers sell it. I
ioo grstwumm 'totuu.mx9ttiiff2
m '
om ee iiuy uapanie ur. x. I
faVJrcit la 48 hoara wttboull.,.- I
lln.ii.wAnl.BPM..Hrtlu,ul Btlrar I
Iy. vtWeb Z.'ipa)bu jCv,uu 1 1
Hosiery of Many Kinds
To Suit All Purses.
We are told that there is no better stock in this city. We
don't think there is another as good. A better stock than ours
means greater assortment of all known-to-be-good kinds. The
showing of fancy kinds is particularly large. This is to be a
season of highly colored effects. Values, as always, a little
better or much better than those found in stores generally.
Just brief random notes of interest to men, women and children
Women's Stockings 25c a pair. Of fast black cot
ton, all black and black with unbleached feet or split soles.
$1.38 per half dozen. 39c a pairLisle Thread Stockings in
fancy printed designs, various colors. Value 50c.
For Men-19c a pair. Black half hose with unbleached
feet, unequaled for wearing qualities. $1.00 per half dozen.
Hor Chi!dren12jc a pair. Ribbed fast black cotton
for school wear and knockabbut service. Double soles, heels,
toes and knees.
.. 500.000
WA1. CONNELl, Presldsnt.
HENRY BEL1N, Jr., Vlce-Pres.
Special attention given to bust
ncss accounts. Three per cent. In
terest pal. on Interest deposits.
Mnnuracturors or
435 to 485
N. Ninth Street,
Telephone CiUI. 2333.
Ilooms 1 and2, Com'llh B'l'd'g.
Hining and Blasting
Mf e at Mooilo and un lale Worlu,
leetrlo Battorlei, KltotrloEizplocleri
xplodluu blula, Uaf(y Put uoi
IRiNiw Ckailtil Ci't uxhKVe.
E. fiiiiin is
We want you to see the new arrivals in our Carpet
Department. We believe we have the most complete stock
in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and know that, quality con
sidered, we can give you value and a selection not to be
had this side of New York. A superb line of
$ '-
129 Wyoming Avenue.
Such as Foot Balls and Uniforms,.
Tennis Goods, Guns, Revolvers,
Ammunition, Cameras, Kodaks
and Supplies.
Florey & Brooks,
211 Washington Ave,
At Retail.
Coal of tho best quality tor domeatlo
uie and of all sites. Including Buckwheat
and Blrdaeyo, delivered In any part of
the city, at the lowest price.
Orders received at the office, Connell
building, rtocm 08: telephone No, 1762, or
at the mine, telephone No. 272, will be
promptly attended to. Dealers aupplled
at the mine.
PbUaucIuhla. 1'a.vAll Abuse.
CCvCOnll PRIVATi, and OB80URK bolliuiet. CoatNuuhoiieinBliruuk.
UHBao, cucrgni.fullTrtioreel. 1'reeli cose
cured iu4 to 10 iluye. To, inocrt danscrocu caice
wllcltJa. 'INDBUTSOHIR ARrT.''Treat.
lueot by uliliT8ii(rior Sworn TMUuionliiT, & Hook ei.
toon every laia uiMllu(e,lUahcal AMceucai Jtaui.
losDilul and AriTur tiuriccoa ikllaL
1 North Sixth St.
127 AND 129
General Agent (or the Wyoming?
District (or
Mining, Mutlncr, Eporttncr, Smokelcelt md th
llcpauuo Chvmlcal Company's
High Explosives.
Safety Fuse, Caps snd Exploders. Itnom iOl Co.
ncll Uuildlntf, Scrantou.
TilOS. FOIID ,.,... .Plttston
JOHN 1). SMITH & SON ,-.... Plymouth
W. V. MULLIQAN ,..., WilkM-oUrra
r f
4 , ,