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Important Address Deliv
ered at the Auditorium
at Chicago.
The Ex-Comptroller of the Currency
Delivers Hot Shot nt Bryanlsm in
a Speech Under Auspices of the
Sound Money Business League of
Chicago The Evils of the Policy
Advocated fcy the False Prophet
of 1896 Silver the Real Issue with
Bryan Position of Banks.
By Exclusive Wire from Tlio Associated Proas.
Chicago, Oct. 5. Jumes H. Eckels,
ex-comptroller of the treasury, spoke
in the Auditorium tonight to an audi
ence that pneked the great hall as
tightly as It could be packed, hundreds
of people being turned away.
The meeting was under the auspices
of the Business Men's Sound Money as
sociation and embraced men of all par
tics -who oppose the 16 to 1 plank of the
Democratic platform. Mr. Eckels was
Introduced by William Davis, of Chica
go, president of the Amalgamated as
- sociatlon of Iron and Steel Workers,
who made a short address. The, Iron
and steel Industries were strongly rep
resented In the meeting.
Mr. Eckels spoke as follows:
I propose in this rampaiRn, as .1, to
Support William McKinley the liomlucc of tlio
Hepubllcan p.irly for reflection to the prc-i-tlcntlnl
olflcc, and on that behalf, I am upon
this platform.
I appreciate the sIjcimI compliment whhh the
Found Money Business Men's I.cjriio pay in ex
tending to me an imitation to adclrcv, upon
the questions now at i-suo, so icpresenl itlio a
liody of uorMiiKinrn of this cily as aic here
K.-ilhcrcel, ami 1 thank them for it. 1 tnil tli.U
before I am done, if any entirt.iin the logical
deduction to be drawn frnm (he expressed icws
of Mr. Bryan, that henlvon in p.irlic.ihr, and
business' men in (rrncral air joined in a con
(piracy to rob and elCKi.ide labor, that judgment
will underpro a revNiou and that they
will believe the interests of capital ami labor
lie along the same lines and that in the ad
tanco of the one is wiousht out the well bolus
of the other.
The fact may well thillcnco the thoughtful
attention of ocry laboring nnu tint no where
dn the declaration of principles or the Demo
cratic party as today constituted, or tlio utter
ances of the Democratic candid 'to appeal to
any business interest, whether that lntrrcl be
, small or irical. In ooiy section or Hie warn
try business men, im matter av1i.iL tTie calling,
repudiate them as liol.ilno of all sound nilcs
of busiiirss conduct ami ilcslmitiie of those
' imdcrlyjnir principles upon whiih the common
Welfare of the f.ueeo-.ful commercial world must
rest. On analysis the luboriu;; man will find
that this almost irjeelioii nf llry.ui
ism, by thev-c who me 1 ondm-ting the Kiral
) nfTairs of finance, of nianufuleulitir, of tiade and
corniiicrec, anl wlio in the rry order of things
nro Riving the largest measure 0, (inployuieut
t to labor, docs not mice fiom a selfish, a politi
cal or chss prejudice, as Mi. lliy.iu woulil lue
them bellcie, because neillier cider into the
forming of that opinion. It is tliir Knowlielse
of the subject gained llncu-li study iiiul tluir
knowledge gained thiough experience in ti.ius
acting business alhiirs, whicii iiuifoiinly iiulle
in u verdict against the issui-'d h.i a
debauched demoeracy and a llnoiiylnj populism.
They do not wish to ci.iele any legal responsi
bility, to pay less than their jn-t proportion of
taxes, to treat unjustly their employes or to deal
unfairly with the public, 'lliey want only sla.
billty in money, equity in lair, and wisdom of
word and action in the eecutie. They distrust
Mr. Brjnn, because he has nude It impossible
tor them to tnu.t him,
, Who Employs LnhorP
The question which I submit with eoiifldoiioo
(0 tho laboring man is, who has mnsL at Muse
In this country, the business man uli'w nuigy,
1 thrift and 111lurc cf capital, has nude possl.
Me its grcatuc-ui, or the political dnnagnuiics
who are going up and clown tho rnuntiy prr.uli
Ing a gospel of discontent, uir.iylng diss against
class nud proclaluiiiu doctrines, wide It if en
forced would bring widespread and far-ieachlng
iliM-ster upon cilery intact which now- slamls
for tho uso of capital ami the employment of
labor? Who today nre employing the thorn inds
upon thousands of nun in mine and 11. Ill, in
furnaro anil factory, upon the railroads and the
waters, in atom ami office? Ale they the Ilrjaiis
or tho Tillmans, tlio Altgebls or the Werners
tho Towiira or the Crokers? I call jour atten
tion to tho fact (I1.1l thcsei men and :ill their
associates who write ;lie lal form", uii;i cut the
policies and control the action ol tlio Pcino.
erratic parly as todiy iliat parly leveils Itself,
ore men who know na I'.illing li'il polities nnd
contribute nothing to the support of theh fel
lows beyond tho emoluments of such political of
fices as they may by chance secure. If nice
eliminated from politics they will Mini Othello
like, their occupation gone, I assert that tlii'sei
men aro not as well equipped either in wniel
or deed, to so well counsel with labor as are
those who aro In tlio dally life of business un
tcrtatlngs. , I assert with still greater implnsU
Iliat any pjrty which by wedding Itself to in
mum! ami destructive doctrines, hai , com.
tlctcly eliminated all employers of Ijbor from
Is councils, and made Impossible their support
it its candidates, is not In he trusted with tho
eower to legislate for either labor or capital,
ts influence would be Injurious to the lutjrests
( both; Its acts destructive to tint
brie, tho maintenance of the integiltj of which
I essential to the well being ol all, 1 menuier
oil cltUcns who toll day in and eljy n-it and
Biereby upbuild the country, I beg of jot hi
member beforo you she in adhesion to (l-i
uuso of Mr. Ilryan and his parly as against I lie
idvlco of the business world, that by so doing
rou embrace the tenets of a part solely of
politicians, controlled wholly for the benefit of
politicians, ami by politicians alone, 1 do not
believe as a business piopnsitlon, jou ran, fioni
h standpoint of )oui own good and the) good
of thoto dependent upon J on, atford to take the
risk to which you are Invited. I am certain,
detpite sonic imlMdual injustice here and in
dividual injustlco there, jou arc Letter off at
present and will be in tho future, by acting
" iwjth thoso who employ labor and not nuking
common cause wltl men, who neither Ihcmschfa
labor outside of the realm of politics for their
own advancement, nor gite employment to
Necessity of Banks.
But there is another phase of I his question
which we cannot oreilook, II Mr, llr.wn stands
for any one llilus more than another it is in
It MWrtHltm l ill Ivnm l yr(-tf, with.
eM IIIJ lUie I ''1 " -...!...,,
iPutUsuid ea Pa &)
Makes a Brief Address Upon the Sit
uationThe Question of United
.States Senator.
By Exeluslvo Wire from Tho Assocltted Press.
Tltusvllle, Oct. 5 Colonel M. S. Quay,
Attorney General Elkln and party nd
dresscd an Immense mass meeting hero
tonight under tho auspices of tho Mc
Klnley and Roosevelt club. Speeches
were made by Colonel Quay, Attorney
General Elkln, Lincoln J. Eyroot Phil
adelphia; Major Alexander McDowell,
of Sharon, chief clerk of tho house of
representatives, and Hon, A. Ij. Bates,
of Meadvllle, Republican candidate for
congress In this district. Previous to
the meeting a big parade was held. Mr.
Quay was most enthusiastically re
ceived, many Republicans from tho ad
joining counties being present at the
meeting which was hughly successful.
Colonel Quay said:
"As your chairman has Informed
you, tho arrangement among tho
gentlemen composing this party was
that I was not to appear before you
tonight. At the urgent request, how
ever, of your chairman, I am'hore to
meet you. I will just say one word
bearing on your present local condi
tion. You all know the Republican
state convention placed mo In the field
as a candidate for United States sena
tor. It matters little to me, and It
matters little to the Republican party
of Pennsylvania, who Is United States
senator, just so that a regular Repub
lican who can be trusted on all Issues
that may be presented In our congress
to always stand true to the Republi
can party can be sent there to repre
sent the state. This Is one of the
doubtful districts. It Is today repre,
sented by a Democrat, and we must
recover it."
for Mckinley
Ex-Ambassador to Italy Gives Rea
sons for Unwillingness to Trust
Government to W. J. Bryan.
By Exclusive Wiro from The Associated Tress.
Pliiladolpltia, Oct. 5. In a letter to
tho l-ioUger, which will bo published
In that paper tomorrow, Wayne Mao
Veagh, who was ambassador to Italy
under President Cleveland's adminis
tration, in giving his reasons tor sup
porting McKinley, siiyn In part:
Kor the war with Spain the politicians of both
parties were eipially lespC'iisible. but Democrats,
both in congiess and in the press-, were even
more shrill and insistent in demanding war than
llepulilic.ins, while the pusldent wmh resisting
tho importunities of both. If eongres-s had left
tho matter a few mouths longer in his binds I
belleio he could lmo poisuiidrd Spain in with,
chaw her II ig from the American continent in
peace, as tho other I' nations, with only
one exception, had withdrawn theirs.
Then followed the Ignoble, hysterical condi
tion into which wc all lished outsell ivi over
ictories won horn an enemy whom we outnum
bered more than flic to one in population and
moro thin -0 to 1 in all the: resource's uow
nocded in war. II was in that ninnel the tieatj
with Spain was negotiated and ration!.
While the treaty was before the senate an
a lendment was pioposed plicing the riiilippinrs
oil the simo footint e Cuba, thus depiliitig Ihe
tieaty of Its most . noxious feature that of a
grave and serious departure fioni the funda
mental principle of those fiee institutions which
h.iie been nt once the stienglli and tho glniy
of the republic! its splendid histeiiy. Sen
ator Vest's amemhnc nt would hac brought the
tieaty into csact harmony witli Mr. f.iiicnlii'a
slilciucnt and preiented the war in the l'hillp.
pines, whicii we all so much diploic!. That
amendment was defeated by Mr. Iliyan, mid no
body else could Imp defeated il. I do not ipies
(ion that his inotlies were p.itiiotlc, but elend
the sauin i-hni Hnlilo cnrr-tiuctlou to i'lrsident
McKinley. When the treaty was ratillcel without
that auiemlmcnt and thus became part of "tin
supreme law of the land" (lie deplorable eonse
epieuces which hale followed would followed
just the same, in my opinion. If Mr. Ityaii had
lie en president.
Xor can I belleie anjhoilv wllh ordinary com
mon sense is In elinger nt rrgiuding President
MiKinl,vi''s le-eleclion in an endorsement of tho
war in the Philippines. It seems to me the pres
ent tendiiiiy of I'icsldeut .MiMuley's mind can
be diseeineil in the tum American policy he is
now pursuing hi China.
Continuing, Mr. MncVcagh tsays ho
finds himself In harmony with tho Re
publican platform on tlui gold stand
arcj, "Hut the controlling reason with
me for supporting JIoKinloy and
Roosevelt," ho concludes, "Is tho un
willingness I feel to Intrust the gov
ernment of tho country to tlu men who
now represent and control tlu Demo
cratic organization, standing as they
do upon tho Chicago platform of 1800."
Hughes & Glennon Affair May Dis
rupt the Combination.
lly Iltcluslio Who from The Associated I'rfs...
Wllkes-Rane, Oct. G. Tho Pennsyl
vania Central Rrowlng company,
which controls nearly all the breweries
In Northeastern Pennsylvania, has
brought action against one of Its mem
bers, which may lead to tho disruption
of tho trust.
The defendants In the case ure
Hughes & Glennon, at present mem
bers of tho company, and former own
ers of tho Forest Castle brewery, at
Plttston. Tho company at a Keneral
meeting discharged Hughes & Glen
non, who were muimging the Plttston
brewery, Messrs. Hughes and Glennfn
declined to give up their places at the
brewery for tho now men the trust
wanted to Install, The biewlng com
pany then went Into court and nslted
for an Injunction to prevent Hughes
and aiennon from collecting any
money duo to tho company and from
Interfering with the employes. The
case will bo heard before Judgo Wood
wurd in this county on Monday next,
By Inclusive. Wire from The Associated PreV
Chicago, Oct. 5. I.uU 1). Iljy, of Jackson
ville, III., has sent to Senator Jones, chairman
ot the Demociatlc national committee, a suoiu
denial of the story alleging that she knew IV,
J. Ho an to luio been paid 150,000 to cause a
Hm PlUMh lei U InetMWetitld In Ilia lUiuti
City pUUtritt'
An Eloquent Address Is
sued to the Gold
The Old Line Democrats Are Im
plored to Stand by Their Patriotic
Position of Four Years Ago and
Assist in Saving the Country from
the Peril of Bryan's Electon A
Few of the Dangers Pointed Out.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Indianapolis, Oct. !i. The executive
committee of the national Democracy
issued the following address tonight:
"To the National Democracy, tho gold
Democrats of the United States:
"Pour age your patriotic po
sition saved tho country from the peril
of Mr. P.ryon'8 election. You were not
deceived by tho plea of regularity In
his nomination. You saw him truly
as the nominee of a combination which
had your party name to gild princi
ples unknown to Democracy.
"You stood steadfuHtly by tho finan
cial views and political philosophy of
Jefferson, Jackson, Tllden tnd Clove
land. In your national convention at
Indianapolis you declared that you
"had assembled to uphold the princi
ples upon which depend the honor and
welfare of American people throughout
the union that they may unite their
patriotic efforts to avert destruction
frnm their country anJ ruin from their
"That convention said that the
'Democratic; party has survived many
defeats, but could not survive victory
won out In behalf of the doctrine and
policy proclaimed in Its name at Chi
cago.' "You went firmly to your duty and did
It well in the hope that there would bo
no further attempt to use your party
name as a mask to the abhorrent prin
ciples advocated by Mr. Bryan. In hia
defeat his misled supporters were ad
monished and chastened to an extent
which turned them away from the path
to which he allured them. The Kansas
City convention was to re-affirmation
of tho Chicago phu'form and
a majority of its delegates honestly
hoped to purge tho party of the vicious
heresies which had lost it the respect
and confidence of the country, but,
through the power of his organization
and by the reason of hope of success
born In his prior nomination by tho
Populists, Mr. Bryan prevailed against
the better sense of tho convention,
compelled endorsement of le false
doctrines of 1R9K anil by the votes of
Alaskl and Hawaii forced the specific
lelnstatement of his dangerous and de
structive financial theory. Ho stands
now, therefore, for all he advocated
In 1836 and, accepting the Populist
nomination, has added thereto his dec
laration in favor of an unlimited issue
of greenback currency. He is pledged
bylTTs own declarations to destroy tho
gold standard, to effect the free coin
age of silver nt the artificial ratio of
16 to I, to the expulsl6n of both gold
and silver from the country by tho
resumption of an issue of greenbacks,
to destruction of judicial independence
and revolution in the judicial tenure, to
a system of direct legislation with
transfer of law-making to tho ballot
box iind destroy our republican insti
tutions and to a change ot the veto
power from the executive to the ballot
box, removing one of the checks pro
vided, by the constitution and unbal
ancing Ihe system created by that In
strument, Class Hatred, Envy and Prejudice.
"This assault upon the three; co-ordinate
branchert of our government, if
It succeeds, will revolutionize and de
stroy tho whole system. What will
follow is already visible In his appeals
to class hotred, envy and prejudice.
Since 1896 the national Democratic
party has promoted tho purposes which
then Justified Its exlstuncc. Wo have
urged and accomplished legislation to
strengthen the gold stttndiud. The
public debt has been reduced to two
per cent, nud tho national credit has
been so strengthennil thnt our two per
cent, bonds are ut a premium. Private
credit has felt the Impulse of this Im
provement. The producing and wnge
paylng Industries of tho ftountry are
promoted by the command of abund
ant capital at tho lowest Interest
known In our history. Cheap capital,
represented In economy of production,
has opened tho world's markets to our
surplus and wo hold primacy In the
world's trade. Tho gold standard has
transformed us from n debtor to a
creditor nation and hns mndo tho
United Stotes the clearing houso of
the commercial world. It has Increased
tho consuming power of l.ho people by
Industrial pstorntlon and has added
value to the farm crops of tho country
unci to the land which produces them.
Ttio runner offect of tho gold stand
nnl Is tho ready employment of Amer
ican labor and payment of It's' wages
In the best money In tho world. The
destruction of that standard, tho degra
datlon of tho publlo credit-, the par
alysis of Industry, the restriction of
commerce, Increased cost of produc
tion and descent to a paper basis, are
tho disasters threatened by tho elec
tion of Mr. Bryan and ho Is pledged
to inflict them on us as soon as he gets
the power. Ho seeks that power by an
uppeal to tho antl-expanslon und anti
trust sentiment of the people. Tho dif
ficulties of our external policy were as
unforen i their solution is at pies
tut unrcvotUtJ, Tht ttV or truiti hti
no party parentngo and will bo rem
edied by tho combined intelligence of
our parties. Without minimizing tho
perils of either, wo affirm that no
greater evil enn befall our government
thnn tho Impairment of Its vigor, the
destruction of Its credit and the ruin
of our Industries which Mr. Brynn Is
specifically pledged to effect If he gets
tho power. Therefore, we appeal l our
countrymen again to avert disaster
from their country by hlsefent.
(Signed) The Executive Committee.
lly Charles Traccy, chairman! L. Af.
Martin, chnlrman campaign committee;
John P. Frcnzel, secretary,
The City Overflowing with Visitors.
Elaborate Decorations Governor
Stone and Staff Present.
By Exclusive Wire from Tho Associated TroM.
Johnstown, Pn.. Oct. B. Tho first
dny of Johnstown centennial celebra
tion found the t overflowing (with
visitors and enthusiasm, reigned su
premo. Tho weather was all that
could bo desired, tho sun shining
brightly nearly all day. Never before
In the history of John.-down have the
decorations been so pretty nnd so
elaborate. Business houses, hotel and
private residences vis with each other
In decorating the city from one end
to the other, showing tho national and
city colors in graceful folds and fes
toons, while at night electric lights
assist the bunting In making the old
town a place of beauty. The city Is a
mass of color, the red, white and blue
blending with the black, gold and royal
purple adopted as the official colors of
the centennial.
The streets were .densely packed with
people nt 9 o'clock this morning, when
the fantastic parade, the first event of
the celebration, took place. This pa
rade, the feature of which was a
"Itube" bund of sixty pieces, furnished
much amusement.
This afternoon Governor Stone, ac
companied by his staff, arrived and
were driven to the site of tho new
municipal building, where the gover
nor, who was enthusiastically greeted
by the lti.OOO people prcnent, made a
brief address and laid the crner-stonc.
Speeches were also delivotcet by ex
Ooyernor Hustings, Mayo- Woodruff,
Judge A. V. Parker, of Cambria coun
ty, all of which dealt with locol and
hlstotical tnuttcra.
Results of the Firemen's Haces at
New Castle Butler Victorious.
Uy Exclusive Witc from Ihe Aisoclateel Press.
New Cnstle, Pa., Oct. 5. It foil to the
honor of the First Ward Hose com
pany, of Butler, to lower the world's
record for tho best running team.
There.n'cre four entries in this race,
given by tho State File-men's associa
tion, and fully ten thousand people
saw the run, which took place on tho
public square. The world's record was
formerly held by the Hunter company,
of Union City, and tho following time
Wits made by tho four companies In
the nice which ended today:
Mahanoy City, 4'i a-3; Itcscuo, of But
ler, 40 'J..-.; Union city, :i3Vi. These
three teams ran yesterday evening and
the Until was postponed until this
morning, when the First ward team,
of Butler, won, tho time being !I2 :!-fi
seconds. At the fair grounds today
tho following races ";ere eli.sposed of:
Hose running racer.lO yaids, Butler
No. 1, flist, $200, and Itesruc, of Butler,
second, $70; Union City, third, $:!.. The
hook and ladder race, 200 yards, was
won by Butler, securing $7.1, first: Ites
cuo, of Butler, second, $3.r), with tho
Friendship company, of lioyertown,
third. Tho greater part of tho dele
gations and visiting firemen left town
Airs. Lillian Smith While Insane
Shoots Two Children nnd Com
mits Suicide by Shooting.
By EvclUdho Wiro from The Associated Press.
Now York, Oct. 5. Mrs. Lillian
Smith, or iuwood, borough of 'Mitnhul
tun, while Insane today, shot her two
children, F.lhol, aged Vi yi'.us .and
Theodore, aged S, and then committed
suiclelo by shooting herself. Another
child lies In Fordluim hospital at the
point of death, as tho result of car
bolic acid burns. Beforo. shooting the
children, Airs. Smith, with tho cun
ning of n maniac, tried to forco them
to drink carbolic acid, Long brood
ing over tho prospect of death Is said
to huvo been tho causo ot tho wo
man's insanity.
Mrs. Smith was the wlfo of Walter
M. Smith, who has been connected
with tho grocery houso of Austin,
Nichols & Co,, for twenty-ono years.
Iuwood, tho ficono of tho crime, Is a
suburban settlement on tho bunks of
tho Hudson river 'just below Spuyten
Puyvll. Mrs, Smith has been married
for thirteen years.
By KjcIujIio Vre Irani The Associated Press.
New York, Oct. 5. Arrived! Augiiite Vic
torla, f I oni lljiuhurK, South.inipton nud Cher.
houri;: I'rctoiM, llamhuig ami I'll inoutle.
i'lcirccl: Dun. .Nanlei! Kthionlo, (ilissow: Cam.
pjnlj, l,lciwol; ltotterdjiii, Itottcrdim la
lloiiloiine; I'cmiiylwula, Ihiiuhurc: h l'ljmouth,
aiiel Chcihouiif, Soutlwiiiptoii Anlmls Aller,
from New York for llreiiien. S.illeelt Kmtt Ills
iiiarct (fioni lliimhurK), New Yoik l.i Cher-hourt,-.
Ilamburcr Anheelt Kaiser Willie )m II,
New Yoik (or (leiioo. II lire Arilvnl; I.a (iaj.
eoKiie, New Yoik. Moilllc Sjce: Auehorli
(from aia-ROi), New York. Uicrnool Hailed:
Taurle, New York.
Hy i:u-htslio Wire from The Associated I'rc&J.
Nliccllus-, W. Va., Oct, 3. M. F, Dryden, a
prominent attorney, ua.4 tliot and killed toeU
ly Thuuuj Workman, hU fathcr-lu-hw, In n
family quarrel. Woikmin Uaimi tha ilioetiuu;
wm clone lu iclt'ileftMc,
Individual Mining Compa
nies Also Offer 10 Per
Cent. Increase.
Advance Made by Pardee & Co.
Hopes of an Early Settlement of
the Difficulties Are Cherished at
Hazleton It Is Anonunced That
the Coal Carriers Have Not Re
duced the Bates to Any Individual
By Exclusive Wire from The Aisoclnlcil Press.
Hazleton, Oct. C The belief pre
vailing here tonight that tho anthra
cite coal strike Is approaching an end,
Is considerably strengthened by the ac
tion of the Individual operators in fol
lowing tho lead of the big coal carry
ing "ind coal mining lallroads by of
fering a net Increase of ten per cent,
in the wages of their employes. The
first break among the Individual
operators in this district was made
today when A. Pardee & Co., operat
ing the Pardee nnd Crystal ltldge col
lieries, offered Its employes a ten per
cent, net Incicase In wnges and a re
duction In the price of powder to $1.50
a keg. The decrease in the price of
powder Is to be taken Into account In
the advance In wages. That four
more of the Individual mine owners
will make the sapie offer is hardly
It was learned today that before the
advance was made public by the Par
doc company, several of tho general
supeiintendents of other individual
coal companies were Invited to the
Pardee company's office in this city
for the purpose of giving their views
on the proposed offer. Those present
besides Frank Pardee, manager of the
Pardee mines, wero E. S. Bullock, of
(!. M. Boelson & Co., Heaver Brook;
T. V. Jones, Brook Mountain Coal
company; John Lclscnring, Upper Le
high" Coal company, and A. AV. Brake,
Coxo Bros. & Co.v'DrlftPH. These rep
resentatives ;1ld not say what their
companise would do, but It was learned
that tho concensus of opinion was
that if the mine owneis wish to keep
their collieries in operation, they
would have to Increase the wages of
their men. None of the superintend
ents at the meeting would say any
thing in regard to tho report that tho
coal carrying roads had made conces
sions to the individual operators In tho
matter of freight rates. The represen
tative of tho Associated Press was told
tonight by a prominent mining official,
who woulil positively know if tho rail
liiadn had conceded anything, that a"
far as he knew tho railroads had not
1 educed the rates to any Individual
'company In this region.
President Mitchell, of the United
Mine Workers, Is much Interested In
tho advance made by the Individual
companies, but would say nothing for
publication. There Is a strong belief
hero that Mr. Mitchell Is waiting for
all the coal companies In tho anthra
cite region to offer the 10 per cent. In
crease before he will call a Joint con
vention to consider the proposition. Mr.
Mitchell would s.iy nothing on this
particular subject. He has ull along
advocated unity of action and it Is
this that strengthens the opinion that
he will call the convention after all
tho companies have made an offer. He
continues to say that tho strike can
not bo settled without a convention and
he Is waiting on tho operators.
In tho meantime, tho men on strike,
said to number 138,000, are not waver
ing under the proffered increase In
wages. In tho Lackawanna nnd 'Wyo
ming districts not a mine Is working.
Tho conditions remain about the; same
in the Lehigh Valley region, while In
the Schuylkill district more men have
laid down their tools and (jult.
Will Grant an Increase of Ten Per
Cent, in Wnges.
Dy i:clii3le Wire fiom The Associated Press.
HuKletuii, Oct. D. A. Pardeo &. Co.,
operating tho Cranberry and the Crys
tal Hidge mines and employing about
1.U0O men, posted a notice at Its col
lieries this afternoon of an advance of
ten per cent. In wages. Tho notice
'I M eomiuiiy mikcA the following aimounie.
meat tu Its in I no ciuplioc: It Mill .ulu;t IU
rale of nacres so as to pay to its mine cinplojes
on and after Oct. 1, anil until further notice, a
net Increiw of ten per cent, on tho waxM lure,
llliw revelled.
Xute It is imelerbtoocl 'n the for?; una i'iIjI
ponder will ho sold to mlnern for frl.M per kcir,
and tlmt tho ell lie r clue hetween this rato ni'd the
old r.ito of if.',75 Khali lie tnken Into iiecount in
flitiiiinK tho net advance ot the price noted .ilioic
for tlilt clan of oik,
(Sluiicd) A. I'areleo & Co,
This Is the first Individual operation
In tho Lehigh region thnt has granted
'this advance, and It Is believed to In
dicate that all of tho Individual ooor
ators have agreed to pay the advance.
A meeting was held this afterffoon
at Pardee's office of tho general super
intendents of tho Individual collieries
In this region. It Is not known what
action was taken, but Iti Is believed
they discussed tho question of posting
similar notices ut all collieries.
Ten Per Cent. Advance the Extent
of Companies' Efforts.
Uy Uxclushc Wire from The .Vssociatcd t'reu.
New Vprk, Oct. 5. The Evening Post
"President J. Rogers Maxwell, of the
Jersey Central, and the president of
Wither Indications Todar,
1 Clcnerot Schuylkill Operators Offer 10 l'cr
Cent, Increase to .Minors.
Kx-Comptrollcr L'tkcls Speak to Laboring
Local Operators Grant Concessions to Their
Appeal of the National Democracy.
2 General Kx-Comptrollcr Kckels Speaks to
Laboring Men (Concluded).
3 General Northeastern I'cnnsjlvanlj.
Kcwh and Comment.
6 Local Social and Personal,
One Woman's Viewi.
0 Local Second-cliisa City i Legislation,
Court Proceedings, J
1 Local No Let-up on the Speakeasies.
8 Local West Scronton and Suburban.
0 Hound About the County.
10 flcncial In a Petectlie's Trap (Story).
Sporting News and Comment.
11 Local Sunday School Lesson for Tomorrow,
Itellglous News of the Week.
IS General l.lic News of the Industrial World.
Whitney's Weekly Nens Muelgct.
rinanclal and Commercial.
another coal carrying railway who de
clined to be quoted for publication,
made the definite announcement today
that no further concessions would bo
granted to the striking miners, and
that, If they did not accept the 10 per
cent, offer, the strike would be fought
"It Is supposed that this decision
was reached at a joint meeting of the
coal railway presidents and operators,
which was held at the Lehigh Valley
offices in this city last evening."
Three Hundred Heavily Armed
Deputies nnd Coal and Iron
Dy rXeliisho Wire fiom The Avoclated Press.
Shamokln, Oct. .".The olllcials of the
North Franklin collleiy at Trevorton
announced to tho inhabitants this af
ternoon thnt the whistle of tho oper
ation would be blown tomorrow morn
ing in notification to former employes
that if they wanted to work tho
breaker would be started up.
Three hundred heavily armed deou
ties and coal and Iron nollcemen still
surround the colliery, and If the men
resume work the company will main
tain n strong enough force to give pro
tection to the miners In case stiikors
from various portions of the region
march to Trevor'ton.
The people of that little town have
recovered from the terror they experi
enced Inst night, caused by the Mt.
Carmel strikers' demonstration. Every
thing is riulet In this section tonight.
President Mitchell speaks at Mt. Car
mel. seven miles frnm hero, tomorrow
Begins to Feel the Effects of His
Campaign Work The Trip
Through Iowa Satisfactory.
Dy Exclusive Wire from '1 lie Associated Press.
Hock Island, ill., Oct. fi. (lovernor
Hoosevelt who spoke In this city and
Davenport, la., tonight, thus closing
another day. of hard campaigning. Is
beginning to feel the effects of the nr
duous work undertaken by him at th'
teeniest of the Republican campaign
managers. Governor Roosevelt, slnco
he began his Itinerary through tho
northwestern states, has been speaking
from can to twenty times each day,
closing tlio day's labors usually with a
night meeting. Many of these meetings
have been In the open air, requiring
extra exertion on his part. He has
now been on this Journey for more
than thirty days and though strong be
yond the powers of most men to en
dure, he Is beglning to show signs of
distress and a failing voice. Ho has
been worked unmercifully by the state
committees of tho different states
through which he hits passed.
Heyond this he had to enduto unlimit
ed hand-shaking, Interviews without
number nnd much pulling and hauling
by tho eager but Inconsiderate mob
which has swarmed mound hhn In all
tho cities of any considerable size
which ho has visited. If some relief Is
not afforded, his physical powers,
though great, and his courage undaunt
ed, ho may bo unuble to last to tho
end of .the campaign, It has been sug
gested that all his eastern engagements
bo postponed for one week. This mut
ter will be determined by the national
committee on thu arrival of Governor
'Roosevelt In Chicago on Sunday night.
Tho trip through Iowa with Senator
Dolllver, Governor Shaw and General
Curtis Guild, Jr., today, bus been very
satisfactory, largo meetings being hold
ut all points when! stops were made,
Two Immense meetings wero ad
dressed by Governor Roosevelt this
evening, ono at Davenport, la,, and tho
other here at Rod; Island,
Oy Inclusive Wire fiom The ,-ocijted Prcs.
I.ejhiKton, Ky Oct. 5. 'the UiOi was fast
today unci mini'. Cluiley Heir Imike the) truck
leceud for :i lace, hy H"lu. the bcicmd heat in
tlio M not, 1'iti.e tl.frii), in 2 07 Hat, which U
ii nev iccoiel, uUo ten the little liull-iloic trot
ter, lie won the lace in tduitflit licit, fit at
tun Hoy was iccoiid In each heat and Cj)ton
third. 'Ihrio wero only three Mailers. Time
J.IMlSl 2.J7i 2.(13.
The Wilson pmse, $2,000, for 2.20 pavers, was
won hy Ve.CT in itr.iUht heati, after aul hid
l.ikeu the (list heat, and the Admiral the second
heat. Tho latter was withdrawn hi tlio fourth
heat, hlirht btartcu. il.t time S.ODVJ.
The 2.21 hut, purse $1,0X1, had IS Matter,
llelle Duwaid took the flnt heat and Polly ind
well thru took the next three ttrulsht. llcat
time S.UH.
Individual Operators Will
Join in the Ten Per
Cent. Concession.
"Kick" Committee Returns from New
York nnd Reports Something to a
Conference of the Individual Oper
ators Which Results in Their
Agreeing to at Once Post Notices
Offering Their Hen the Same In
ducements as Are Held Out by the
Coal Carriers No Concessions but
n Sort of Half Promise Conven
tion of Mine Workers Now Likely.
Reported Misunderstanding Be
tween the Operators and Mitchell.
Ono of the strikes Is settled, or at
least on a fair road to settlement. Tho
Insurgent Individual operators have
given over their revolt, and today will
find them posting notices similar to
those of the Lackawanna, Hillside nnd
Temple companies, offering a ton per
cent. Increase In wages and agreeing
to separate arbitration.
AH this was brought about by the
visit to New York of R. G. Brooks,
Dr. Howe, T. II. Watkins, A. Pardee,
and M. S. Kcmmcrer, tho committee
of tho individual operators appointed
after Monday's conference In Wllkes
Unrre, to demand concessions that
woul.d permit them to join in tho ten
per cent, offer.
This committee returned yesterday
morning and summoned all the lndN
vidual operators to hear their report.
The operators of the Lackawanna and
Wyoming vnlleys met in the office o!
1'iesldent T. II. Watkins, of tho Tem
ple Iron company, In tho board ol
trade building. The T.ohigh valley men
met in Hazleton. What the report wa3
could not bo learned officially, but
whatever it was it hail tho effect of
Impelling tho individual operators to
sign an agreement to join In the poaU
Ihg or the ten per cent, offer. ,
Those Who Attended.
Tho Scranton meeting was attended
by the following:
T. II. W.ilkhn, of the Temple Iron company.
Willi mi Council and .1. N McAiiully, of thu
CV edl f' company, anil William t'onnell I
Iteoso fl. llrooks, T. It. nreinkH and T. If. Pile,
of the (ircrnniiiiil, LaiiKclllTc and I.allin Coal com
liiih.iid .1. Matthews, of the Austin Coal com.
.t. S. and .liilm Kcmmrrci, of Whitney, Kcnv
incur & Company.
Dr. .1. X. Itice and X, 13. Itiee, of the Itivorsldei
Coal coinpiny.
.lainct MeClure, of Klliolt, McClure & Company.
Cliarle.4 1'. l'ord, of the Jtoosic Mountain
P. It. Dennett, of the, Ilullor Milliner, company,
M. n. William", of the lied Ash Coal company
John ami J, f. .lennjn, of Jermyn tz Company.
W. L. Council, ot the Enterprise Coal company,
.1, I., ('.ike, of I lie Clear Sprlnir Coal eompiny,
M. It. Tullcr, of the Newton Coal company.
Thomas 13. Jones and J. J. Williams, of thf
Fuicil Minim: lonipiny.
('. i:, lli.idlmry and W, J. Hand, of tho Knj
Aue, C' ciiiiipiny,
II, W. Kiusshury, of tlio ytevena Coal com1
William I.iw, of Itobertson & law.
V, (. lloheitson, of the Polph Coal company,
('. ('., of Ifolllstcr & Itmvnian.
K. M, Smith, of the Allien Coal company.
I', II. CIemmi, of the Wyoming; Coal and Land
rpniiiiiy. ,
C i). fc'andcson, of tho Pancoast Coil company.
William Connell presided au the meet
ing and H. W, Kingsbury acted as seo
ictary. Mr. Watkins reported what
had been dona In Now York, tho re
port was discussed at length and at Its
conclusion a motion to agreo to post
nnWccs was passed with practical
Have Not Yet Joined.
Tho Delaware and Hudson and Penn
sylvania companies havo not as yet
stated directly that they will Join In
tho offer, but Superintendent Rose, of
tho formur, and President Thorne, of
tho latter, has each said that If tho
offer is accepted his company will like
ly fall in lino nud grant tho concession.
Georgo 15. Smith, third vlco president
of tho Pennsylvania company and tho
hend of thu company's Interests In this
region, bald yesterday that as yetihe
hud heard nothing from Now York re.
gardlng what tho Pennsylvania com.
puny would do.
Just what Impelled tho Individual
oporatois to agreo to Join In tho offer
wns not divulged, but from what could
bo gathuted unolllclally, it appears
that tho committee could not secure
any concesshUs or oven as3uranco
that there would bo concessions, but
was given to understand that their
only hopo of gaining any concessions
would bo by joining In tho notlce-poBu-Ing
nnd help settlo tho strlko. Some
thing may huvo been said us a sort of
"aside," to tho committee, but as far
as can bo learned tho committee only
Continued on 1'age 7.
f -f t -f i" 1 f
Washington, Oct. B. Forecast for Bat
urday and Sunday: 13astein I'liiciyUnrJ
fieucially fair Saturday and iundy
Hefht to fresh wcntoilv wttida.
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j'y, -
.-' ,... '. - . i.
.- -St. J45e!
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