The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, October 05, 1900, Page 8, Image 8

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Concluded from Puge !
fatrlok Clark, Mtpentcr, ScMiiton.
Marcus I. N. Dully, clork, Orlmndale.
William Lottus, Rent., Uarlioninlc.
Mcrmson Cole, liJtkM.ui) WnUTly.
.William Dugiran, operator, Dutmiorc
Tliomas ltoboiHon, inliitr Jlooslc.
Jl. W. IIjII, laborer, Clifton.
Otoroo 1', Uerllinun, farmer, cit Ablnglon.
Michael W. Oott, engineer, Scrnnlun.
V. V. Il.irnh.irt, conductor, Rcranton.
Hlclmrd Jlertltt, former, (Jrccnlleld.
Wallntc .lames, nilmr, Tjlor.
WulUco Oniutun, hotel, Old Forge.
Christian N. Herginini, cltrk, Scranton.
IVonarcl .Johnson, farmer, llricnlleld.
Alfrtil li Johns, piessiiiiin, Scruiiton.
Joseph JeHcrlcs, tlcik, Dunniorc.
Wllllnm Malloy, miner, C.irboncJ.ile.
Jltprgnn Morgan, miner, Sirantun.
John Slotine, miner, Mlnnuk.i. Lents, f.unur, Spilng llrook.
John H. Miller, m.inaBcr, Mtranton.
Thomas riiincgnii, llrcmnit, Siranton.
Jamet V. Xcalon, plumber, .Striiiiton.
Fred Iteldenluch, carpenter, Permit.
Daniel Harris, ilRar maker, Kirmiton.
Benjamin L'atlet, watthniati, Scranton.
James W. Oarney, cIr.ii maker, Scranton.
James Smith, foreman, l'cekllle.
lllch.ifl Collins, miner, Dunrunre.
F. D. Orchard, clerk, Carliondale.
Burrcll Flclt, farmer, J.elilgh.
Morgan Thomas, mcrclnnt, hcrnnton.
John Etana, laborer, Sranton.
II. J. Daniels, mcrtlinnt, Taj lor.
timer Sloate, flrciiuti, Cnvliigton.
Jlnrtln llearley, hotel, Siranton.
James Dovle, bljckmltli, Scranton .
Michael K. Clllinirtlii, bottler, Carbontlale.
John Llod, machinist, Scranton.
1'atrlck lensenny, miner, Ma) field.
1 M. IVIloylo, ininir, Archlialil.
I. J. Xcedham, undertaker, Scranton.
Allen Finn, farnur, (ircuitlcltl.
I. J. Allabach, merchant, Scranton.
James Ilojlan, clerk, Cnrbondilc.
Morpan Uanlelt, fanner, Spring llrook.
Christian Storr, ulderman, Huiiton.
Del. Carpenter, farmer, Seolt.
William Latham, operalur, Lehigh.
W. II. Tajlnr, Rintlennn, Scranton.
J. J. Mr-Andrew, laborer, Scranton.
Charles U. I.annlng, clerk, Scranton.
Howard Patls, ORcnt, Scranton.
J. Clinton Cobb, farmer, .leiriron.
John Croonin, forennn, Seranton.
i:an Walters Rentleman, Scranton.
B. F. Ejim, phvulclan. South Ablngton.
011cr M. Willinnis, cleik, Taylor.
Stephen Durkin, ilumlicr, Scranton.
A. I). llcnnc forth, farmer, Jefferson.
John J. Sweeney. Iitrber, Jeisup.
James Haienstant, farmer, Codington.
M .0. Sillier, farmer, Scott.
W. J. Brazil, laboier, Scranton.
rr.TiT jurtons, mosday, dkc. 10.
Charles lthell, cleik, Scranton.
Henry McIHimott, car builder, Scranton.
John McLatmhlln, watehnian, Scranton.
Martin Iteady, jr., miner, Aichbald.
Fred Wilton, coal Inspector, Arcbbald.
Timothy I'adden. iiutlnccr, Scranton.
Dr. K. Cart-, dentist, Dunmore.
Thomas Scanlon, braKeman, Madison.
W. I,. Mooney, cc-repiesentatiic, Cirbondale.
G. S. Criffin," farmer, South Abington.
James J. Kelly, laborer, .Icsup.
Lance Dcpcw, brakennn, Madison.
John E. Cialfney, clerk, Scranton.
Martin Donnolly, gent., Scranton.
John Tarry, operator, Oly pliant.
Adam Pirjr, gate tender, Scranton.
GeorRO Watson, miner, Scranton.
W. M. Jis, contractor, Scranton.
Charles Lamb, laborer, Scranton.
Y.. P. Welchel, agent, Scranton.
I). E. Kehlor, laborer, Clifton.
J. E. Davis, blacksmith, Scranton.
Howard Hone, elruttgist, Dunmore.
Andrew 0. Hedgcllne, laborer, Jefferson.
J. J. Dais, ilriicgM, Scranton.
John (,'raney, miner, Scranton.
Heniy M. Athcrton, braKeman. Seranton.
Thomas Kealon, miner, Oljplunt.
Patrick Roland, laborer, Dimmore.
John (Vtetcllo, brakeman, Dunmore.
John Finiicgnn, lalmiei, Scranton.
John F. Siyre, farmer, Madison.
1). II. Barber, carpenter, ltlakely.
Tliomis Krelty, foreman, Archhild.
Adam Thompson, carpenter, Seranton.
James 1. Douahoe, plumber. Scranton.
Eugene llred, firmer, (ilrnlmrn.
Prank Kellv, laborer, Sei.uiton.
James Ciarclner, mlllliind, Scranton.
John O'Donnell, watehman, Scranton.
Tames Leonard, elerk, Seranton.
Iloward Knipp, concluctnr, Culiondale.
Madison HiiielliiP, fanner, Coungton.
riicmai 0. Emihs. bank teller. Scranton.
Fumes V. .Mitchell, repoiter. Scnnton.
iVilllam Hall, jr., painter, Dunmore.
JC. ,V. Eitke, druggist, Scranton.
Cas Moig.m, carpenter, Scranton.
T. J. JleAnilrew, blacksmith. Scranton.
Thomas Finnerty. driver lios, Archbalcl,
Eugene Xmck, farmer. Madison.
)l. T. Davis, miner, Tavlor.
Harry Warren, farmer, Orcenfleid.
Julius Slacth, druggist, Carbonchle.
B.vron Tighe, miner. Ma.v field.
John ltader, carpenter, be union.
Charles Higgins, laborer, Seranton.
John J. Covne, hotel keeper, Minooka.
C. J. Weichcl, merchant, Scranton.
Court House News Notes.
The report of the viewers on the
pioposecl sewer in the Eleventh ward
was yesterday confirmed nisi by the
Lesko Klonsko, who is charged by
'Anton Mlkowltz with larceny and re
ceiving entered ball In the sum of $300
yesterday before Judge Kelly. Alex
ander Shlanto became his bondsman.
Daniel Holland yesterday began an
action in replevin against W. S. Barfc
lett, constable, and J. F. Murphy, attor
ney. He alleges that they huve un
lawfully seized $300 worth of his house
hold goods.
A marriage license was granted yes
terday by Clerk of the Courts Daniels
to John A. Casey, of Lenox, Susque
hanna, county, and Annie McDonough,
of Scranton.
Francis Hughes, "William Evans, D.
JI. Davis, D. II. "Watklns and "Wallace
Hosier have been named as tallsmen In
common pleas court for the remulnder
of the week.
The bonds of two state and county
tax collectors were filed with Pro
thonotary Copeland yrsleiday. They
are those of "William C. Beaumont, of
the Eighteenth ward, in the sum of
$2,200, with Itichnrd It. Walsh, surety,
and that of John S. Davis, of tho
Sixth ward, in the sum of $5,100, with
Evun J. Kvaus und Thomas Price as
Notification reached tho clerk of tho
courts olllce yesterday of thu releuso of
3M. SuruvlU fiom the Eastern peniten
tiary wheie ho served eighteen months
for receiving stolen good. Ho Is the
son of Nathan Suravltz, the Penn ave
nue junk dealer and was Indicted with
Ills futhtT for buying goods stolen by
boys knowing tho samu to have been
stolen. On tho trial Nathan Suravltz
was acquitted and tho son convicted.
Ho was benlvmeed by thu late Judge
Ounster to eighteen months' Imprison
mnent. T
jfjE inuju rwiacu ON
VnntMdrufonsad Milk (aUaMtartl.
. -T
g if Za
Wo ,-?, (Mi
Lnrge Washery of the duller Coal
Company at Mt. Pleasant Culm
Heap Is Almost Completed.
Another largo coal washery Is near
ly ready for operation. It Is located
on tho Hats between the Mt. Pleasant
culm dump nnd the Ontario and West
ern railroad, north of the Linden
street bridge. It will be operated by
the Fuller Coal company, and tho
wnsTicd conl will be handled by tho
Ontario and Western railroad.
Tho machinery Is now being placed
In order, and a branch from tho On
tario and Western main tracks has
been built upto thu washery. The
Jit. Pleasant dump Is one o tho larg
est In the city, and extends over an
area from the Lackawanna to tho
Ontario and Western railroad.
Taylor Yard Limit.
Superintendent K. M. Kino has Is
sued orders regarding tho Taylor yard
limit as follsw:
The east-bound yard limit board at
Taylor yard has been placed on tho
east-bound track at a point about two
telegraph poles west of where Is wag
formerly located.
Tho west-bound yard limit board In
Taylor yard has been placed opposite
Minooka Junction switch.
Second class and Irregular trains
will iuii through this yard unOcr per
fect control, expecting to Und main
tracks occupied.
Two Industries Lost.
Secretary Atherton, of the board of
trade, salel yesterdny that the big coal
strike has nlieady lost tho city two
prospective industries. One of thes, he
said, was a large spike factory, now
located In Brooklyn, the proprietor of
which was on the point of moving
here when the strike was declared.
The other Is a paper mill, arrange
ments for the location of which on the
Diamond Flats wore almost completed
when the miners went out. Mr. Ather
ton is hopeful, however, that both may
bo landed when the strike Is over. He
would not give the names of either
This and That.
Angus Sinclair, publisher of Loco
motive Engineering, New York, was
In the city yesterday and paid a
friendly visit to General Superintend
ent T. 13. Clarke, of the Lackawanna
railroad. Mr. Sinclair is one of the
best posted and most popular pub
lishers In the lallroad world, and his
knowledge of engineering is known to
bo superior to mnny of tho so-called
publishers. He has made some re
markably clever tests for the New
York Central and other railroads, and
his time is much occupied in this
line of work. During his stay, he paid
a visit to the International Correspond
ence schools, on Wyoming avenue, In
which he is much Interested.
General Superintendent T. E. Clarke,
of the Lackawanna railroad, was at
his desk yesterday after an absence of
several days in the west. He reports
everything moving smoothly along the
Master Car Builder L. T. Canfleld, of
the Lackawanna railroad, is In Buf
falo, in the interest of the company.
The new pattern shop now in course
of erection near the Delaware, Lacka
wanna nnd Western foundry, will soon
be ready for occupancy. The roof Is
nearly finished and the siding and
window casings nro finished.
A new shed 'for storing iron has
been built near the na' engine housj
in the Lackawanna yaid.
Locomotive No. 512, for th St. Louis
and San Francisco railroad, was turn
ed out of the Cliff works yesterday.
This is the twelfth engine out of an
order of eighteen being built by the
Dickson Manufacturing company.
The employes of the Dickson Manu
facturing company are now working on
ton consolidated locomotives for the
Delaware and Hudson company. Five
have already been turned out of the
order of lifteen.
Lackawanna Telephone Ordinance
Passed Two Headings in Coun
cil Last Night.
A development which caused some disuibsicm
and considerable surprise at last night't, meet
ing of the boiougli fathers in tho council cham
bers, was u motion initio by Sir. Waul to com
mence legal action against I lie Scianton ltallway
(ompany for not keeping the electric lUht
cluster on North ltlakely btrccl in burning
The matter lias been before round! three times
and Mr. Ward said enough time had been wasted.
Jlr. l'jvton rem.irl.etl ha thought it would
nut do to be too lusty in the nutter ami sug
gested that fieneral Manager Mllinuii be told
the circumstances and asked to keep the lights
burning, as u last icsouric. Upon u vote being
taken the motion was carried.
'I lie outcome of tbU natter will be watched
with considerable interest. Another matter of
iuteust to all residing in the boiough, was til-;
welcome news that tho twelve blue prints und
tlvc maps, and all the plans for the construction
of the sewer in the N'lnud sewer district lud
been completed. 'I In' lonimiuiUatlon was le
i eh oil nnd filed.
.Mr. Ward moved tint the time limit for pay
ing thu assessments made upon tho piopeily
owners for tho sewer lie extended fiom six
liunths to ten jeais, in older to allow the people
time to pay their assessments, It was icfernd
to tho borough attorney , In conjunction with
council, Mr. Ward lud an ordinance that had
been pissed by tho isiiaiiton rounclls granting
mi extension of tlni', am! quoted I lie same us
lils authority.
Ordinance No. ,S, git lug the Lackawanna Tele
phouu conipiuy the light ut way thtougli the
borough was refeucd to the elcctila light com
nilttee, which itpoited favorably forthwith. One
of tho provisions of the oidinance gives tho bor
ough tho free uso of light telephones. After
Eomci tplritcd discussion by Messrs, l'ajton and
Wjtd, tho oidluanco passed llrst and second
Ordlnaneo No. U, ugulating the election of
poles In the boroi'gh. was lead and itfeiicd to
the railroad committee.
Upon tho reading of the minutm at tho open
ing of thu meeting by Cleik (lllllgau, Mr. Ward
objected to tho daiise ruuidlng the auditois'
report, and mada a motion, width was passed,
referring It back again to the auditors.
'(ho electric light loimnlttcc, through Mr.
Hurd, reported the arc lights as pot b.'ing light
ed at ar. rally hour tuning.' Councils instruct'
vd tho tcnuiilttce to n-tlly the company to rem
tcly the nutter, The flic committee decided to
puuhase, with counviU' coneut, tliit'o dozen
hpanuers for tho flro department. Tho street
ttuniiilk.Ioi'cr was ins'iuitcd to repair portion
of l'rojpcct avenue, iloitimci, llloom and Jef
fereon aunucs.
The borough school tcjchcis will meet in
the high school building tomorrow morning r.t
0 o'clock. All teachers are requested to bilng
their monthly reports with them. I
The United Mine Workers held a met ling, full
of Interest to tho members', last evening in
Temperance ball.
Tho school board will hold a special session
tomonow night in their accustomed places,
when the pay roll will be considered.
Clara Millet, ol Binghiroton, is a guest ol
friend in town.
The household disinfectant.
An odorless, colorless liquid; pow
erful, safe and cheap. Instantly de
stroys foul odors and chemically neu
tralizes disoaBe-breeding matter.
Kspcclnlly prepared o meet the d illy sanitary
uses of the careful housekeeper! for purllylng
the waste pipes, water closets, slnk, cesspools,
etc.! for sprinkling about tho cellars, stables
nnd all suspicions places where dU-anc gciins
Knit) in quart bottles only, by druggists find
nlgh-das grocers. Prepared only by Henry II.
l'latt, I'iatt street, Kcw York.
Wall Street Beviev.
N'cw York, Oct. 4. Today's stock market had
to undergo the strew of realizing proMts which
was thu natural sequence of j esterduy's uc.
(email manipulation lor the nelvamc. The dlmcn
hlons of the upward movement were sulfleiently
Impiesslve to attract a considerable outside de
mand for stocks and the first hour of the market
saw very active trailing with very sin ill Hue
tu.dtom In piieo after the opening, which vviu.
mule higher to facilitate the talcing of proflti.
Tho general was Judiciously fed by the
picfi'vlonal tpcr.ttou In older not to dl'couruge
tho buying, but before the end of the hour an
iiepicssirn began to bo undo In the railroad
list. When prices fell back to about lnt night's
level the helling measure was iclaxecl. The
bulls then turned their attention to other quar
ters of th market, bidding up prices actively
wherever any signs of sliengtli showed, in order
In uipiHiil the market and help on thes realising,
lliey found the best field for these opcratiom
in the steel and lion gioup. Tennessee Coal Jiid
lien was a feature. When the news was pub
lished therefore tint the legular quartcily divi
dend of 2 per rent, had been declare! a large
short Intereit was badly caught and a violent
recoveiy ensued. Tho llrst sale niter the an
niniiiiuincnt was '2M, points over the preceding
Kile. The stock inn ell again in the final deil
Ingn but closed with a net gain of 3. Fugar
and People's Has was vcrj foveilili all ilay as a
consequence of the cut in lteflned Sugar and the
legal steps taken in the gas war in Chicago.
Willi tho exception of movements in omc of the
closely held dormant storks the lailioads con
tinued sluggish during llis latter part of the
chy. The local tuition traiks were stiong
nnd showed evidence of miniimlation. The whole
market ran or at the ilnse. which was easy and
quite active. Total sales, lit.BiK).
The bond market continued irregular and not
vny i.ctlvo. Total mIc, par value, fl,lS0,000.
U. S. new Js eleilineil '.s per cent, in tho bid
The following quotations are furnished Thi
Tribune by M. S. Jordan & Co., rneins 703.708
Uears building, Seranton, Pa. Telephone 6003:
Open- High- Low Clos
ing, est est fur.
American Sugar 1U74 117-71 114 118' i
Amer. Tobacco 00 ,i CIV. 00V4 ftlVj
Am. &teel !; Wire ... M'4 i!2i 31Vi '-Wi
Atchison 2S ?.!)4 2i'x 2SS
Atrhison, Vr 70i 71Vi Wla h
niook. Traction 62 5IVi M i"i
ISalot. .V Ohio 70)4 70?ti 7054 7n)$,
C'ont. Tobacco 23 2314 2i 23
Thes. & Ohio 2S',4 2S-'!i 'Mi 2j''j
I'lilc. It Ct. West. ... 1014 10 lOVi IOTA
Clue, It. fi (( I'M 120ai 123 12il
St. Paul 11'. ll.ii, 11.11,4 J1211
Hock Island 100 lOOTA KliVi lfM.Vi
Fcd01.1l feted :::' .Wi 32',- SI
Pod. Steel, Pr, U'6 it Hi ClVi flltt
Knn. & Te,, Pi 2SU 2S 2SVI 'Mi
Louis, (c X.nhvillc ... 72U 7271 71'A 7174
Man. Plcvated &l 01r 8!i filVi
Mel. Traction 1.30 132 150 151'4
Misso. Paeil'c ftl'.i 51 WVh i')
People's ST SS'i MUg Wn
Col. Puel & Iron 3! JU'4 31& 3214
X. .1. Cdtr.ll t.l! 13H1 1.TI 131
"-nntliorn Pacific :u',i :u 3t'i :U',
Xnrfolk & We,t HI'S ttl'.S 31'i 34li
Noithcrn Pntifle- ls 40 4s?i 4s'a
N'ortli. Pacifle, I'r mt, fiOi r.d'i W)
S. Y. Cenl1.1l ISO 1JIJ 12'J',i 12 IU
Ontario & West '... 20'. 20,a 20'i 20Vi
Penna. It. It 12') 12'IVli 12S',i 2'l
Puufle M.ill :1 31 ."(I7i 31
Keading lly Ill Hi 10 111
Heading, Pi- 5374 M .Vi'A fiV
.Southern It. It llsi lHi 114 lla'i
Southern, Pr. 521 ?IV r.2 .11
T11111. Coal Inn .... 5.l',i ."iSi .12'-.. Z.i
V. S. Leather li"4 lO'j 10'i lO'-j
U. S. Leather, Pr iii iiS 0s7i (Ii74
1. S. Itubbrr 2,sr. -js z'i ii
Union P.ieinV nsjj 5)Vi ."S',i .IS1.
Union Paeitlc, Pr. ".)?! 71 7.1 7J7A
W.ibi-h, Pr. IS ltH -is lS',i
Western Union 7!) 7018 70 70
Third Avenue 110?4 11074 11074 110
Open- High- Low- Cloi-
WHP.AT. tng. est. et mj.
December S.t?4 8.174 (, SitH
Ma.v H.Vs S'i',i RilVJ 8(i",tj
December I2"' t7 1211 42'4
May Il'i I1V4 41'4 4U,l
Scranton Board of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
STOCKS. Old. Asked.
First National Dank 800
Seranton Savings Dank 200
Scranton Packing Co OS
Third National Dank 425
Dime Deposit anil Discount uanic .. ?ot
Economy Light, II. ft P. Co
Lacka. Trust & Safe Deposit Co. .. 150
Scranton Paint Co
Clark Ic Snovcr Co., Pr. 123
Scranton Iron Fence s Mfg. Co 100
Scranton Axle Works M
Lackawanna Daily Co., Pr 20
County Savings Uank k Trust Co. . S00
First National Dank (Carbondale) 300
Standard Drilling Co 30
Traders' National Dank 155 ...
Seranton Dolt and Nut Co , 100 ...
Seranton Passenger lluiltvar, tat
mortgage, due 1020 US ...
People's Street Hallway, first mort
gage, due 1019 US
People's Street Hallway, General
mortgage, due 1021 115
Dickson Manufacturing Co 100
Lucka. Township School 5 per cent. ... 102
City of Scranton St. Imp. 0 per
cent 102
Scranton Traction 0 per cent 115 ...
Scranton Wholesale Market.
(Corccled bv II, O. Dale, 27 LiekWanna Ave.)
Iluter Crtameiy, 2.1a24i; dauy tubs, 2.1c.
I.'ggs Select western, 17c. i nearby state, Me.
Cheese Pull triMin, new, lljje.
Deans Per bu., choice inairovv, $2.10; medium,
$2.30; pea, !?2.30
Potatoes t'Oc,
Onions Me. per bu.
I'lour llcst patenl, SI.G0.
Philadelphia Grain and Produce.
Philadelphia, Oct. I. W'licat rirm. c. high
cij tontiact guide, Oct,, 7li.i7fl!4f. Corn
Steady; Xo. 2 niiud, Oct,, imtii'jo. Oats
I'irm: Xn. 2 white, 2s',ji'. ; No. 3 do.
do., 2(V,i2IU'C.; No. 2 mixed do,, 23Ha2ik', Hut
lei Dull und le, lower; fancy western cream.
eiy, 211,ie.; dci, pnrts, 31c, Lggs Plnn, fair
demand; fresh iieaiby, 20e. ;do. western, 2Qe. ;
do toiitliern, ISo,; do. hotitlnvesteiu, lue.
Quiet, but btcidy; X. Y. full iicims, fanty
tmall, llVic; do. do. do. lair to choice, lOV-ia
llVic. ltellned sugais Dull but tteaUy. Cut.
ton- Unchanged. Tallow Steady ; city prime
In hhds., 4c.; '.'ountry prime, bids., n',sc. ;
dark do., 4?c'.i cakts, fiJe. Ltvo poultry
i'irm, better demand; fowls. llaU'ic. ; old
looslers, 7',ia&e, ; spring clilekens, lOalle. ;
dutks, DalOe, Dressed poultry Dull and easier;
fowls, choice, lUie, ; do. fair to good, lO'fcallc. ;
old roostiis, 7c; ueaihy pnug ihlckens, 11a
Uc; western do., lOalle. ,
Heieipts I'lour, 2,000 barrels, und 5,270,000
pounds in sacks;, 00,000 bushels-; corn.
57,ntli); oats, 3.1,000 Shipments Wheat, 11,000
bushels; corn, 2,50 bushels; oats, 10,000.
New York Grain nnd Produce.
Neve York, Oct. L-rFlour very slow
all day, mills holding out for high prices, es
pecially 011 tpiing brands. The close was steady;
Minnesota bakers, $3a3.40. Wheat Spot t'Jsltr;
Xn. 2 rrd, S2'ii'. f, 0. b, alloat; No. 2 red,
blHc ilcviilor; No, 1 northern Diilutli, 87Hc
f. o, b. ulloat. Options ugjlu veiy irregular.
'Hie early uuikct was steady t Uiui after rcae-tlc-iis,
a final slurp diop leaving Hie market
easy ut unchanged prices. March closed 6ei7se. ;
May, Sfl'.Hi'.; Oct., MaiOTic ; pee,, 6J'4e. Corn
Spot easier; No. 2, 4Uv. elevator, and
f. 0. b. alloat. Options at first strong and high.
er, subsequently became weak and closed weak
at UaUc. net decline. May closed 4l'4c ; Oct,
4Hci Dec, 42!4c. OaU Spot quiet; No. 2,
20e.; No. 8, 2W.v.', No. '.' white. 27',ia2754c.;
No. 3 do., 27c.; track mixed western, 23Va27c.;
track white western nnd state, 27u1lc. Options
dull. Ilutter Dull; western creamery, ICa'ilc. ;
factory, la'alOHc,; June creamery, 17',ia20Vie.j
Imitation creamery, I5jal7i5e. ; state dairy,
15Wa20e. t'ggKirui: state and Penna.. 18a
21c.: western, regular packing. 12ialSe. : west-
ern, loss uu, ;vt. v.nerae steauy, largo vvuit", 1
llallUc.l smalt white, UUallr.! targe eol.
ortd, llHallWc; small colored, 11 lie.
Chicago Live Stock Market.
Clitcago, Oct. 4.-CntUcIlecelplf, 10,1100, In
eluding 000 westerns nnd 2,400 Tesans; good to
choice native steers, steady! poor to medium,
weak; butchers' stock and westerns, steady;
Tcan, weak to 10e. lower; natives, best on
sale) today, one carload at ?3.E0: good In prima
stftrs, 9A.4naS.00t poor to medium, $I.G0a5.IU
dieted feeders, weak, f3.73iil.S0i mixed stmk.
ers, slow, 2.50a3.l!0 rows, 2.7flil.l5i heifers,
$2.liOal,7B canncrs, $2a2.M; bulls.;
calves, $a(t, Texans llicelpts, 2,100; best on
sale today, two carloads nt ?l; Texas fed steers,
9l.l0al.K; Texas grass steers,; Texas
bulls, $!.fi0a3.23.
llogs llecelpts today, 52,000; tomorrow, S(l,
000; estimated left over, 700; average, shade
lower; top. $i.621, mixed nnd butchers, ?3.03a
5.60; good to choice heavy, N.ull rough
heavy, i51.Kia4.ttj; light, ifj.l0a5.62V4l bulk of
sales, $5.20a5.40.
.Sheei Hecelpts, 11,000; sheep and lambs,
steady to slow; good to choice wethers, $3.80
al; fair to choice mixed,; fair to
choice mixed, $.1.40.11; western sheep,;
Texas sleep, $2.60a3.50; native lambs, $l.23a
0.20; vvcelern lamKs, ?I.50j5.
Chicago Grain nnd Produce.
Chicago, Oct. 4. Lack of outside speculation
offset bullish news today, and wheat closed Un
e. lower for November delivery. Corn closed
Uc, and oats a shade down. Provisions closed
10 to 1714c lower. The wheat market was a
dull affair throughout. Cash quotations were as
Flour Stead e; No. .1 spring whealt 74a7Sic.;
Xo. 2 red, 78He.; Xo. 2 corn, JOlJallc.; Xo.
2 jellow. 41all!!,o.; Xo. 2 oats, 2l-7i.i227ie.;
Xo. 2 while, 2c!a2(l'.ic; Xo. 3 white, 23Ua2J7ic;
no. .1 rye, aivic. ; .no. 1 iinx, isi.ui; normwcsi,
$1.0114; timothy, Hl.2.ra4.r,: pork, 13alJ.20;
hrel, $7..10a7.321i; ribs, $Sa?,23; shoulders, 0',ia
fl7ic; sides, fs.C0aS.iH); whiskey, sfl.27. Sugars
Cut loaf, ifO.CO; granulated, $t!.10.
New York Live Stock Market.
Xcw York, Oct. I. lleeves, sleers and cows,
In fair di nnd steadv; bulls, dull and
weak; native ulcers, ?; Texans, AI.D0;
Rtotkers, ft.Mj'l.W); eixc 11, $1.7."al.l0; bulls,
f.2.30a3.li0; cows und heifers, Calves
Slow, but geiiernllv steady; veals, fliS; grass,
eis, f2.2.-n2. ,3; mixed and fed calves, f.1.i3..W.
hhecp and lambs Trade slow; prices unchang
ed; Hheep, 2.50at; lambs, f i.sOiS.IO; one deck
choice, $.- 00; Canndi lambs, V2.
Hogs Weak, at fj.70a5.S0 for state hogs.
East Liberty Stock Market.
Ksst Liberty, Oct. 4. Cattle-Steady; extra,
$j.50i5.70; prime, $3.23a5.50; common, f3.25a
Hogs Dull; piime heavy hogs, $3.5" i5 00;
primo mediums, M.fl'i.l.CO; heavy yorkers, S3. 15
n.l.SO; light do., $5.15; pigs, $3i3 33; gra3sers,
5.20i3.35: loughs, fj.50i4.7ff.
Sheep Slow; choice welhers,; com
mon, $1.50i2.30; tholeo lambs, ft.SOaS; com
mon to good, fJ.50al.7J; veal calves, s5.tfjau.50.
Buffalo Live Stock Market.
P.ast rtufTalo. Oct. 4. Cattle Hecelpts CO cirs;
sheep and lambs, 0 cars; hogs, 10 cus. Cattle
Slow; calves, choice to extra, $G.75a7; good
to choice, $0.23a(i.5C.
Sheep and lamb" About unchinged; choice to
extra laiuli". $l.75a5, good to choke, fl.50il.7ii.
Sheep, choice to exlia, iSJ.SOal; common to fair,
Hogs Heavy, f3.C0.i3.03; mixed, f3.C0a3.03;
pigs, $5.25a3 35.
Oil Market.
Oil City, Oct. 4. Credit balances, no; cer
tificates, no bid. Shipments,' 72.S74: average,
74,130. Huns, 83,512; average, 101,201.
There is more Catairh in this section of the
country than all other diseases put together, and
until the last few 3 ears was supposed 10 be
incurable. For a great many veirs doctors pro
nounced It a local disease, nod prescribed local
remedies, and by constantly failing to cure with
local ticatment, pronounced it incmaiile. Sci
ence lias proven catarrh to be a constitutional
disease, and therefore rcquties constitutional
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only
cemstltutional cure on the market. It is take.ii
internally in doses f 1 om 10 drops 'to a teaspoon
ful. It acts dirtctly on the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. They oner one hundred
dollars for any cose It fails to cure. Send for
circulars and testimonials. Address,
P. J. CHKM'.Y k CO.. Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75'.
Hull's Family Pills are the best.
' ( sj I 3 -s. e"s
fie Don't
But she does.that
"Suow White
flour is the best
all around flour
sold in Scranton.
All good gro
cers sell it.
EUGENE Given Free
PI PI IV Q '" ach person interest
1 IUUU o rc , ,!, riig to llio
POFlVm Lugcne I'iehl Monti-
ZllwL ment Souvenir I'miil.
A TV 00 Subsiiibo any amount
CT Jz"l deslied. Subscriptions
BOOK low as fl.OO will en-
Mtlc jdo nor to his dalnt
TlIKllooktiftlio ily artistio volume,
century. lluntl- "Hiul.D HLOWBKS"
Homely I ins- (cloth bound, Sxll), as
tr.itcd by tnlr- n leitlficato ol subsciip.
tv.twij of Hie tion to fund. Uunic
Worlds Ureal, contains a selection of
est Artists. Field's best and nmst
representative woiks and is riady for de
livery. Hut for tho noble contribution of dm
woilei's gicatcst artists this book could not
liavo been manufactuiid for less thin M).
llio Fund eieated is divided equally be
tween tho famllv of tho late Kugciiu Field
and tho Fund for the building of 11 monu
ment in thu nuuioiy of tho bcloud poet
of iliildiiood. Address
Etigcn; Field .Monument Souvenelr Fund
If .von also wish to send postage, enclose
10 rculs.
Pbyslclan ami Surea.i,
311 SpruoSt.
Itmpie Ciuri Buildlug,
All acute and chrcnio diseases of men, wo.
men and children. CIIUO.NIO NlUtVOUS,
IALTV. All diseases of the Liver, Kidneys,
Uluddcr. bkln, lllood. Nerves, Womb, Lye, Fur,
Nose, Throat, and Lungs, Cancers, Tumors,
Piles, Itupture, Coltre, IthcuinatUm, Asthma,
Catarrh. Varicocele. Lost Manhood, Nightly
Emissions, all Female Diseases, Leucorrhoca, etc.
Connorrlita, Syphilis, Ulood Poison. Indiscre
tion and youthful habits obliterated. Surgery,
Fits, L'plleps-y, Tape and Stomach Worms. CA
TAItUliOZONB, Specltlu for Catarrh. Three
months' treatment only (5.00. Trial tree in
oitice. Consultation and examination fiee.
Office hour daily and Sunday, 8 a. w. to 0
Hosiery of Many Kinds
To Suit All Purses.
We are told that there is no better stock in this city. We
don't think there is another as good. A better stock than ours
means greater assortment of all known-to-be-good kinds, The
showing of fancy kinds is particularly large. This is to be a
season of highly colored effects. Values, as always, a little
better or much better than those found in stores generally.
Just brief random notes of interest to men, women and children
Women's Stockings-25c a pair. Of fast black cot
ton, all black and black with unbleached feet or split soles.
$1.38 per half dozen. 39c a pairLisle Thread Stockings in
fancy printed designs, various colors. Value 50c.
For Men 19c a pair. Black half hose with unbleached
feet, unequaled for wearing qualities. $1.00 per half dozen.
For Children12c a pair. Ribbed fast black cotton
for school wear and knockabout service. . Double soles, heelSj
toes and knees.
Capital SSOO.OOO
WAI. CONNELL, President.
HENRY BELIN, Jr., Vlce-Pres.
Special attention given to busl
ness accounts. Three per cent, in
terest pat on Interest deposits.
Manufacturer!) or
435 to 4B5
N. Ninth Street
Tolcphons Cull, 2333.
Booms 1 anu2,Coin'lth B'i'd'g.
lining and Blasting
Hi' do ( Mooilo nt Ruaniali Woclu.
Kltotrlo Batttrlea. Kleotrlo ExploJtri,
exploding bluti) safely fait uui
Riiaiiu ClwilcaJ Co.'s ??&
IK m
t 4 w
We want you to see the new arrivals iu our Carpet
Department. We believe we have the most complete stock
in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and know that, quality con
sidered, we can give you value and a selection not to be
had this side of New York. A superb line of
129 Wyoming: Avsnui.
f Mptt li Hi 1 Ms
f Such as Foot Balls and Uniforms, I
m Tennis Goods,' Guns, Revolvers,
j Ammunition, Cameras, Kodaks M
M and Supplies. m
Florey & Brooks, I
211 Washington Ave. T-
At Retail.
Coal of the best quality for domestio
use ana of all sizes. Including Uucltwhcat
and Illrtlseyo. delivered In uny part of
the city, fat the lowest price.
Orders received at the office. Connell
building. Room 80S; telephone No. 1762, or
at the mine, telephone No. 272. wilt ha
promptly attended to. Dealers supplied
at the mine.
Prof,Q.F,THEEL,M,D, n.iI.u
bl., l-bllfcUlplila. I'., ArH.l.ui-
mucctlocuieritlVAIl IIIMHSIS. HktJiU 1
ooii BBisnarkinviiiis Diilt
f nm-niiiri ,r 1 I MJiluiiniBila. Shruuhra UfCBMI
m ft m m m, a. m m w
127 AND 129
0 p
Ccncral Agent (or the Wyoming,
District (or
Mining, masting, Sporting, Smokeless and th
Jtcnauuo Chemical Company's
High Explosives.
Safety Fuse, Caps and Exploders. Rsouv4l Cou
ncil UullJing, Scranton.
W. E. MULUGAK ....,,.,.,.,Wtlkti.Brr
w i
4 I
!L , &J&t t, fiVj