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tub Moubii iiabowaiw arons
New and handsome
designs in Drop lights
appear this season. Wc
are Scranton's head
quarters lor these
goods, Prices com
mence at $2.25 and
end at $16.00.
Foote & Shear Co.
JJ9N. Washington Ave
L. R. D. & M.
Can We Wait on You
H there is smthlng In the shoe market jou
will find it hero. All fhlt, utl shape, all
slroi, nil width? tn fit ami suit any Inly who
appreciates good hlioo. t-ce our windows.
330 Lackawanna Avenue.
;o6Penn Avenue. A. B. WARMAN.
Local d.ila for Oct. I, 1000:
Highest temperature
I.ovvcit temperature
T2 decrees
C" degrees
Iiumidit.v :
8 n. in SI per rent.
5 p. ni 72 per nut.
Miss Anna Hanliuij, of this clly, ulio litely
left here js .in arm ihiim', is now stationed at
the .inny hospital in Tien Tsin, China.
Iisn Amn MuAmilty, duightei of Mr. and Mr.
J. H. JIc-Anully, of Vine sticet, entered .Mi-s
Baldwin's school at Ilrjn Mawr vistcrihiy.
A number of inleiestliiB Mings hae reeently
been published by the Oliver Didon lompany "f
Boston. "Of Such the Kingdom of Clod," by
Ilhniiensihein, is a mot cflective sacred solo
on the vvouls so familiar to all. "I Think
Whin I Head 'Hut hwiol hloiy of Old" nl-o
males a line solo fot high voice. "I Jane,
tlie I.oul," a new wug by Van de Water, the
Kill); of iLiucd volo writd", is a Stirling song
for soprano or tinoi. "Like As a I'atlicr," an
other good Ming of CluseV, is jNu ery im c- foi eluuili use.
btiau-o' f.iinmi') wilt: song, "Voil di Prlnn
rem," width was 'iinjf into favor by the incoiu
pliable Somhrich, io bejond pulse. Within the
concuss of all hUh fopiano voltes and of beauty
f.nnilliir to all who line lie.ud Somluieli unci
in It it will piow i f.iorlfc concert number,
lids tour lie forte might well bo lollow'ed on
programmes bv the diinty llllle encore, "Ills
I'avorlte l'iower," a swict little eoniilt by
Low it z.
"Refuge," by lllumrii-chciii, nnKes a fine solo,
"In Thee I Put Jlj Tiust," by the Mine mil
ncnt coinpo-ir, is foi lns voice, and a bit; biS3
solo it nukes most bio id and imnmindiiig.
Among duo sctulir songs for bws video .no
found "Smugglers Throe," In- Wibstci, an I
"The. Vagabond," by Pike. lloth .are of the
Jolly "rollicking virlet). Helm Hopclrlck's
"My Heart's in the Highland-." imhes a tweet
Scotch bi)N, the dear old word, being set to
a touching melody ullh fine nccoiiipanlinent.
"One ra,v," by Carlo lliimettl,. and "I.nve's
Doubt," by Marie Von Hammer, mo also pntty
and singable. (.nng, btillable for olie of me
dium range anil power. Tennj son's somber
words, "Too bate" hue been given a beautiful
and dignified letting as a sacred bolo by Frank
Foutlivv Iclc. J. C. Ilirtlclt brings foitli still
another of his tine songs in 'TaiUi," for high
voice. It Is even fine enough for Tlnnhsglvlng
and Haivcst Homo unices, and uuken a thiill.
lug and dramatic nolo, "Thou, In the Morn,"
by Itobjn, and "O, Kor a Closer Walk with
lod," by 1'ostir, make dignified and high-class
bolos for church ue.
Thrco pietly mid fetching encores for concert
use are "The Moon's lullaby," by lluinhainj
"A I'alr llxi hangc," by Lonlts, the composer
of "His 1'nvorito riower," and "I'll Always
Think of Yo'i," by Multg, a man clever enough
to write his own 'Words ns well as music to
them. This list is of the inoro popular variety
en much sung at present,
Maellounal 1-fwl-i mi ambitious song with o.
lln nbllgato, i ailed "Though Lost to Mght."
"VWon of Hope," by Hnvvald, and "Dear Mt.
tie Heart," by Macy aio botli lino songs with
tuneful refrain. .
Father Schemes to Get Prisoners
Out of
Dy Kxt'luslvo Wire fiom The Associated Press.
Lebanon, l'a., Oct. I. Adam Hrlghlblll, an
Bed nud prominent farmer in llcthcl township,
was arrested today, charged with ulding John A,
Drlghtblll, his son, and riamuel Jingle, to escape
from jail.
Tho arrest was undo upon Information given
by lirightbiir nephew, David HrlBhtblll, who
pleaded guilty (o fuuihhing tho pilsoncrs with
n saw with whlili lliey wcie to tut their way
out of Jail, )ald llrlghtblll ci tho old man
Induced htm to glvu the piUoims tho saw- and
olfercd JUny Kluckcn ifJW to leave unlocked an
outildo door at tho Jill. Ilrlghtblll furnished
11,000 bail.
Three Men Are Frightfully Burned.
One Will Die.
By Inclusive Wire from llio Aoclatcd I'rea.
KhainoLIn, l'a,, Oct. 4. 'Hie chaser house of
DctirU ponder mill, near here, was blown up
this evening by a tpark from the chaser wheel
igniting a lot of looso powder. Daniel Hllllbusli
tjheppard Hewitt mid Andrew Ilurkc, who were
in tho building at tho time, were frightfully
burned on tho fna and body.
Uurko wilt die and there h but aligbt hope (or
ths reevrcry ot Hllllbujh.
Ho Colebrntcd His Liberation Too Ex.
Kmery J. Khrgood, of Moscow, who
wriH Wrilnosilny rnleascil on ball from
tin county Jail, whore lie had boon
committed for assaulting Charles Ed
wards with a horscrthoQ and lnltlctlnp;
Injuries which resulted In the latter's
being removed to the Mosch Taylor
hospital, ppont Wednesday nlglit In
the central police station.
After loliiT released from durance
vile, Khi'ROml befran a lavish celebra
tion of his recovered liberty and, par
tnhlnu too freely of tho wine that Is
red, ho was discovered early In tho
ovonlnit In a hopelessly Intoxicated
condition on Spruce street and was ar
rested by Patrolman Parry. Mayor
Molr lined him $3 yesterday.
John Uelkoskl, Stanley Iielkoskl, An
drew Shcmposkl and Harry Williams,
four younir boys, were uncovered loi
tering around tho Lyceum theater late
Wednesday night. They word acting
In a very peculiar way, and were ar
rested and taken to the rential sta
tion by Patrolmen Ooorlltz and Parry.
All four boyn wore discharged yester
day morning.
Olyphnnt Miner Receives Fatal In
juries on D., L. & W. '
Michael McMuhon, of Olvphant, was
causht between the bumpers of two
cats oji tho Delaware, Lackawanna
nnd Western railroad, near Strouds
burg, eaily yesterday morning nnd ic
colvcd lnjurins which-, resulted in his
death yesterday afternoon nt the Lack
awanna hospital, where he was brought
during the morning.
McMuhon wus employed In an Oly
phant mine, and a few days ago left
the city to seek employment elsewhere.
His left leg was badly mangled, and
was amputated at the hospital. He also
sustained a terrible shock by the acci
dent, and this It was which caused his
death. A wife and eight children sur
vive him. He was forty-six years of
Effort to Have It Annulled Will Bo
Renewed Before the Court on
Monday Morning.
An effort Is to be made to annul the
contract entered Into between the city
and the Barber Asphalt company for
the repair of the city streets, now that
testimony has been adduced at the
eouncllmanlc bribery hearings to ptove
that money was used to secure its
This fact was announced to a Trib
une reporter yesterday nftemoon by
Attorney Cornelius Comegys. Mr.
Comegys will appear before the full
bench on Monday morning and ask
for a re-openlng of the proceedings
brought by William Fnrrell, If. Camp
bell and others for the annulment of
the contract.
It will be remembered that after tho
contract bad been signed by Mayor
Italley in March, lo99, the above
mentioned persons filed a bill In equity
through Attorney Comegys attacking
it. There were two grounds taken In
this attack. One was that the city
had no right to enter Into a ten-year
contiact and the other was the alle
gation that tho contract had been
secured by tho corrupt use of money.
Tho first ground was purely and
simply a question of law, but the alle
gation of the corrupt use of money
raised an is.sue of fact, 'flip city de
murred to tho bill and when it came
up for argument it was deemed expe
dient. In older to secure a speedy de
cision, to withdraw the allegation of
fraud and leave remaining just a
question of low.
This was done and In an opinion
handed down by court, based, of
course, on the purely legal points
lalsed, it was declared that tho city
had a perfect right to enter Into a
ten-year contract and that according
ly the contract was legal.
"At the time when we withdrew the
allegation of fraud," said Mr. Come
gys yesterday, "we had no direct evi
dence on which to base such a charge.
Wo have now, thanks to the Men's
union, and I am going into court on
Monday, to ask for a to-hearing on tho
question of fact which we dropped
before, basing my request upon the
lecent disclosures In Alderman Ful
ler's ofllco."
Mr. Comegys appealed before Judge
Aichbald on Tuesday to ask for the
ro-hearlng, but the latter said that
he would prefer not to hear the request
alone, and desired that Mr. Comegys
appear before the full bench on Mon
day morning.
Bricks Are Now Laid as Far as Wes
ton Place.
The North Main avenue pave Is pro
gressing, these days, veiy rapidly, City
Engineer Phillips having succeeded In
getting the GIrurd compnny to get a
hustle on Itself. The bilclc Is now
laid 'as far as Weston place, quite a
distance beyond the corners, and tho
concrete Is down several hundred
yard3 further north.
There has been a little delay In se
curing curbing, but this has not In
terfered with tho work to any great
extent. It is thought that the com
pany will be able to work for over a
month yet, and if they can, tho pave
ment will then bo about tluee-quur-tcrs
Going West and Northwest.
Tho best lino west of Chicago If you
aio going to any point In Montana,
Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Kansas,
Nebraska,, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah,
Novuda or California Is tho Chicago,
Milwnukco and St. Paul Ralhoad, Di
rect and short lines between Chicago,
Hloiuc City, Omuha, Milwaukee, La
Ciosse, St, Puul und Minneapolis, Solid
vcstlbuled, electric lighted, steam heat
ed trains, free reclining chair cars;
compartment and sleeping cars; tho
finest dining cars In the world. If you
contcmplatu a trip west or northwest
call on any coupon ticket agent In the
United States or write to V, S, Howell,
0. E. P. A., 3SX Broadway, N. Y or. to
John It. Pott, D, P. A., 480 William
street, Wllllumsport, Pa., saying where
you are going, aboun when you will
start, how many there will be In tho
party, and full Information, with maps,
time-tables and rates of fare wlllbo
promptly furnished, free. Do sure to
a8k for your tickets via 0,, M. & St.
P. ity.
Seasonable Food.
The finest fresh fish and oysters at
Marvel's Central Market, corner
Spruce and Penn-
(Concluded from 1'jrc 1.1
wna asked by tho committee which
waited on Mr. Loomls. The Lacka
wanna miners were given to under
stand by tho notices that If they did
not return to woik yesterday they
couid not take advantage of tho offer.
Not a man returned to woik.
Whether or not the operators will
adopt a new plan or drop tho peace
negotiations nnd fight It out to a finish,
an was first determined, Is now the
nll-absorblng question?. The local coal
men say thev know nothing of whnt
tho powern-that-bb have In contempla
tion. A Now York dispatch of yester
day has It that the presidents of the
coal roads ate considering tho expedi
ency of recognizing the union nnd en
tering upon direct negotiations with
Mitchell nnd his fellow-officers, but
tho local operators laugh at the Idea.
"Whatever concessions may be made."
said ono of them, "you can rest as
sured recognition of the union will not
bo among them."
Would Fall In Line.
President W. V. S. Thome, of the
Pennsylvania Coal company, Is cred
ited in a New York dlnpatch, with a
statement tox the effect that miners
must accept what has been offered
or nothing nt all. His company hns
not posted notices of the offer, he said,
but supposed It would fall In line If
the ntrlkets accept the offer from any
other company.
Mr. Thorne further suld: "I wlll(tell
one thing, and that Is there will be
no more concessions on our part after
tho ten per cent, offer and I doubt
If any company will go higher than
that figure. At that we will expect
tho railroads to make freight conces
sions to us -which will, In a measure
at least, make up our Iofs.
"If the strikers demand more than
thK there will be a fight, and It will
bo a fight to the finish."
No companies or Individual operators
were yesterday added to the notice
posting minority. Tho Delaware and
Hudson and Pennsylvania companies
still stand out with the Individual op
erators against figuring In the proffer.
The Tribune had nn Interview by
1nng distance 'phone, yesterday, with
E. L. Fuller, one of the individual oper
ators' committee which went to New
York to secuie belter freight rates
from the coal-earrylng presidents. Mr.
Fuller said nothing definite could be
announced yet, but hy tomorrow he
expected theie would bo some news of
one kind or another.
Dilcher to tho Strikers.
Tho folowing address to the strikers
was issued last night by Organizer
To the Miners and Mine Laborers of District No.
1. Cireeting:
Your determined stand foday against an ar-
anged plan to put Mime of Hie collierhs in this
dKtiiet in operation is a fitting icbuke to the
sdicuHS of the supeiintendents tu draw ou away
from the fight joh are making for jour honor and
the honor of om families.
You have foiled them in their schemes; you
hive made stronger than ever to the public,
which sympathizes with jou in the justice of jour
c.uiie, levealing as it does that jou stand as onu
mm in the defeme of jour organization.
'I lie whole country has its ejes upon jou todaj-,
and in breathless suspense awaited the renewed
declaration of jour purpose.
You hive most emphatically pioclaimed it and
jour national olllcers turn with pride to the
icit of jour co-vvoikers and tell them anew of
jour 7eal and jour deteimination to secure for
jourselves and jour fuuilhs a better share of the
wealth that jour labor produces.
1'ic-ident Mitchell and the national board are
proud of the integrity which the men of the
l'lrjit elLstiict show; they aio proud of jou be
caiiso jour firmness of purpose is the lock upon
which all jour fcllow-woikcra in tho entile an
thiacitc region are auehoiing their hopes and
becoming one with jou.
Keep nn with the brave struggle for justice
and light. Maintain the standatd of character
which makes jour course one in common with all
the people; do nothing that would bring re
pioich upon jou; hold fast to the esteem and
tho sjmpathj- of the people and of the press;
follow Mrictlj- all the oideis which come fiom
jour olHceis, and leive idle rumois to explode
themselves, and the victorj- now in sight will be
all the mole precious to jou when fully won.
Prepare jourselves for the big parade and de
immolation in Scianton next Wednesday nftci
noon, Oct. 10, 1900, at 2 o'clock, when 1'iesident
Mltiliell and otheis of the national leaders will be
with us here. Let jour foiccs turn out in many
tliou-ands, and show once again the unity of ths
purpose and Hie strength of our organization
the United Mine Workirs of America.
Yonis in the cause of Justice.
Tied Dilcher,
National Committeeman United Mine Workers of
Scranton, l'a,, Oct. 4, 1000.
A meeting of all the officers of the
local unions of the United Mine Work
ers is to be held at 2.15 o'clock this
afternoon at district headquarters, !215
Lackawanna avenue, to make arrange
ments for next Wednesday's parade.
The extent to which soft' coal Is be
ing used In this city was evidenced yes
terday, when the density of the atmos
phere caused It to hover close to the
earth. The central city and Lacka
wanna avenue, particularly, were re
dolent of Its oily smoke the whole day
What It Would Mean.
The Hazleton Sentinel has been do
Inrj some figuring on what a ten per
cent, increase of tho miners wages
would mean, and Its deductions are
presented as follows:
Has a n body here figured out Jut what it will
mean to this community if there is granted a 10
per cent. Increase in inimr's wages?
It will in the first place mean that the miners
will Invo more money to bpend with the mer
chants and provide themselves mora liberally with
all tho comforts of life. It will help cverjbody.
In Hazleton, for cwiy ono of us more or less
depends upon tho pationige of tho mine worker.
Now as to Hie extent to which It will swell the
receipts of tills region. It has been estimated
lint thowagcs paid to mine workers in the en-
Large lot of Jersey Peaches
35c per basket up. Mason
Jars, 45c per dczeu (qts).
Jersey Eggs.
EJvery one guaranteed perfect,
E. G. Goursen
429 Lacks. Av.
tire roal regions amounts tn $210,000 for every
lull day worked. Willi U2,ont) mine workers It
Is an average of less llian l.70 a day for each
person rniptiual. Ten per t-t tit. of ?i10,000 Is
2.1,orH). Multiply tills by 200, the number ol
ilajs the mines, arc likely to be worked hereafter,
nnd wc have l,000,00i) a jcar ol additional money
which will (low throuah the channels ot trade
In the roil regions. Tint will mean a tremen
dous Increase In limine". The fall trade may be
n little belated, but It Will come in much grratii
There are two sources from which the money
Io pay thin Increase of wages, which will bring
prosperity to llalcton nnd the whole coal regions
may come. Partly from the profits ol tho cor
porations nnd more largely from an Increased
price to the consumer. The Increase nceel not be
hrge. rMlniAllnjr that the total production of
coal for (his jcar will be f.0,00t),000 tons an ad
vance of 10 icnls n Ion on tills outfit would
bring a revenue of $S,000,000 or more than $I0V
000 more than the estimated Increase ot wages
to the men.
I'.very companv has lis allotment of coal lomlne
for the jcar. There Is money in the mining nnd
transportation of coil nnd every company will
lie eager to make It. Kick of them will mine
Its full allotment of coal if the mines have to
work overtime and the breaker has to be lighted
with electricity to do It.
Four Moro Arrests Made and Two of
the Accused Given Hearings and
Fined by the Mayor.
"Down with the speakeasies," con
tinues to be Mayor Molr's battle cry,
and four morq arrests were yesterday
made of proprietors of Illegal liquor
establishments, and two of them were
given hearings, while the others will
be heard today.
Patrick Cawloy, of 807 Alder street,
was fined $25, as was alro Mrs. Thom
as Ralney, of 21 Archbdld street. Mrs.
George, who dwells at the corner of
Eynon street and Eighth street, iwlll
be given a hearing this morning, und
the case of an Italian speakeasy
keeper, living at SSI Mooslo street, will
also be heard.
Cawley was given a hearing during
the afternoon. When asked whether
he was guilty or not guilty, he re
plied: "Oh, I'm not guilty. I've only
sold a little corn beer nnd soft beer."
"Well, we have men here who say
different," responded the mayor, and
one of the witnesses stepping for
ward, calmly descilbed the interior of
the Cawley domicile, and after giving
a minute and detailed description of
tho place, said that he had drunk beer
"Oh," said Mr. Cawley nt this, his
backbone weakening perceptibly,
"maybe I did sell the bye some beer.
Ye don't need to call any more wit
nesses," and he then very amiably
paid his fine and the costs.
Mrs. ltainey is the wife of Thomas
Ralney, who only three weeks ago
was committed to the county jail on
his refusal to pay the fine Imposed
for keeping a speakeasy.
Two witnesses testified to drinking
beer in the place, and Mrs. Ralney
was exceedingly wroth at them, burst
ing out with the following remarks:
"Ye are only a couple of black-hearted
scoundrels and ought to be ashamed,
to try to put a poor woman In jail."
She further said, this time address
ing his honor: "If yo'll only wait a
week, till me man gets out of Jail, I'll
go up me'self."
' As the mayor was undeslrous of
waiting, however, Mrs. Ralney paid the
A peculiar thing about one of the
speakeasy keepers arrested Is that
when the constable who served the
warrant entered the place he found
an agent for a brewing company col
lecting a $150 bill, whllo In a rear room
sat seveial men drinking beer. Yet
the proprietor was exceedingly In
dignant when the warrant was served,
and loudly asserted that the estab
lishment was no speakeasy.
Rev. W. Robert Goss, of Jersey City,
Gave Illustrated Address.
Rev. W. Robert Goss, of Jersey City,
last night gave an Illuminated lecture
on the life of the Savior at the Scran
ton Uie.vcle club hall, under the aus
pices of the Rescue mission. The lat
ter at the conclusion of the lecture
withdrew their support. Rev. Goss will,
however, repeat the lecture tonight,
and Is confident that this time the
evening will pass without any hitch.
The dlfllculty last night was in prop
erly focusing his moving picture ap
paiatus and it was only towards the
end of the entertainment that tills was
satisfactorily adjusted. Tonight, how
ever, Rev. Goss declares that this diffi
culty will be entirely done away with.
The entertainment was of a very In
teresting nature. It dealt with the life
of the Savior, and was illustrated by
sacred pictures and with moving pic
tures of the great Oberammergau Pas
sion Play. Several scenes in the life
of Christ such ns the raising from the
dead of Lazarus, the entry Into Jerusa
lem, tho Lord's Supper, the trial be
fore Pilate, were very well portrayed.
Sacred musical -selections were also
They Are Accused of Molesting and
Annoying John Downey.
John Downey, an uged man living
near No. 2 school, In South Scranton,
figured as prosecutor against four
small boys last night In Alderman
Howe's court. Tho lads were accused
by Downey of throwing stones at his
houso nnd continually tormenting
Tho small defendants wore Lewis
Wenzel, James Downey, a grandson of
tho prosecutor; a small boy named
Coleman, and Walter Ryan.
Downey told that tho boys have a
habit of Insulting him and that on
one occasion recently, one of them
threw a stone through his window,
which struck Mrs. Downey In tho head
and inflicted a serious cut.
Alderman Howe sovetely reprimand
ed the boys and held them in $100 ball
to keep tho peace. Their fathers
quailed as their bondsmen.
He Is. Charged with, Selling Beer
Without a License,
W. L. Reed, manager of the Battel
Brewing company at Edwaidsvllle, Lu
zerne county, was arrested yesterday
at the Instance of County Detective
Leyshon for illegally selling beer In
Lackawanna county.
Tho warrant was served by Con
stablo Timothy Jones, and Reed en
tered ball before a Wllkes-Barro mag
istrate for a hearing before Alderman
Howo In this city next Wednesday,
Tho Passion Play will be reproduced
tonight at tho Bicycle club house, at
the popular prices of 15 and 25 cents.
Liver complaints cured by Beecham's
Corporal Farrell, Who Has Charge
of the Local Recruiting Station,
Says There Scorns to Be a Very
Hazy Idea Hereabouts About the
Marine Arm of the Service He
Served In the Philippines with the
Fourteenth Infantry and Saw
Plenty of Active Service.
"Business Is looking up nt this Rta
tlon," remarked Corporal Joseph Par
rel!,, of the United States marine re
cruiting bureau yesterday, and open
ing his tecord book, he showed the
names of four recruits sent from
Scruntoti last Tuesday.
They are: Will LlewelynV Jones, of
34 South Main avenue; Frank Louis
Brink. 212 Spruce street; John Herbert
Clifford, 914 Plttston avenue; Thomas
Francis Mahon, Avoca. The first three
named were all members of the state
Corporal Farrell expects that men
will' be coming In In greater numbers
now that Captain Wolfe and his uldes,
who have been conducting a. United
States army recruiting Btatlon here,
have left town. They left for Phila
delphia Wednesday morning, nnd tho
marines have a clear field before them.
"I believe." said Corporal Farrell
yesterday, "that people around here
are pretty hazy regarding the exact
naturp of a marine's duties, and In
fnct, regarding the entire marine ser
vice'. In reality, It Is the most desir
able branch of government life. I
served In the Fourteenth regulars be
fore I joined the marines, and there
Is no comparison between the lives
ot tho soldier and the marine. The
latter's duties on ship board are sim
ply acting as escort and guard. There
Is no menial work at all, and no ma
rines are expected to know anything
about snllorlng. Then on land, there
Is a sort of garrison duty, at Wash
ington, Boston, Brooklyn, San Fran
cisco, Annapolis, Norfolk and League
island, near Philadelphia.
"The marine Is thefjest-dresscd man
wearing a uniform. The service re
quires a large number of varieties ot
dress and undress suit!', and I have
known marines who possessed wavd
lobe, the size of which would compare
favoiably with many a society lead
er's. "Withal, the corps Is by no means
made up of dandified men, and the
marines have done good service in
Cuba, the Philippines and China. Still,
we do not have to suffer anything like
tho privations the soldiers do, even
in campaign, ns we sleep on bonrd our
ships, and have rations which are
feasts for the gods compared with
what men In the regulars are some
times forced to receive.
"All the recruits enlisted here are
sent to League Island, where they
are 'drilled and whipped Into shape,
and after six months of service, they
can ask to be transferred to any
quarter where the corps Is at work."
As has been mentioned before in
these columns, Corporal Farrell has
onlv a few months worn the marine
uniform and formeily was sergeant in
the Fourteenth regulars, one of the
first regiments to see service In the
During his stay In the islands, his
regiment was constantly engaged in
fighting and pursuing the amiable
Aguinaldo, and his warriors, and Cor
poral Ferrell saw enough of the Fili
pino character to give him a very
small-sized opinion of our newly-acquired
He said yesterday, regarding them:
"One phase of their character which
strongly impressed itself upon me wtw
their extreme avarlclousness and
eagerness after wealth. They were
constantly in pursuit of the great
,ptmerlcan dollar, whllo any Ameri
canos wore around, and they were
exceedingly successful In separating
the soldier from his coin. Immediate
ly on our advent In tho Islands, prices
of everything took an enormous rise,
being doubled, tripled nnd put up
"Tho men, 03 a rule, nro quick, ener
getic fellows nnd while they are pos
sessed In a marked degree of no great
courage, they can, nevertheless, be
made Into good soldiers.
"Why, one day, when we were
drilling, a crowd of little fellows
watched us, and when we were
thiough, picked up some sticks and
wept through the manual of arms, In
practically perfect style. The men are
vain and childish. It was odd to see
the anxiety with which they used
to chance nil the funds Into the
big double eagles. Tho $20 gold pieces
'Inere s a prestige ill the
Knox label that you cannot
get in any other hat. They
have gained a prestige be
cause of their superior
quality, correct style and
highest class of workman
ship. They are the ac
knowledged leaders in the
hat world.
Mine and Mill Supplies,
Machinery, Etc.
OFFICE-Dim Buuk luliaif.
seemed to hnve a strange fascination
for thetrl, and whenever thoy accu
mulated twenty dollars, they woro
anxiety Itself to obtain gold pieces for
their smntler coins.
"The Filipino women cannot be snld
to be exactly record breakers for
benttty. They are, as a rule, ihlit and
tthgulor nnd pocsesed ot little or no
natural' grace and charms."
He Was Found Lying Near D., L. &
Tracks nt Nay Aug Park.
Edward Moran, of North Scranton,
a driver boss In thfWorr's mine, was
found early yesterday morning lying
near tho Delaware, Lackawanna nnd
Western tracks In the vicinity of Nay
Aug park, lie waq taken to n houso
on Webster avenue, where ho com
plained of suffering from Injuries all
over his body. Ito wat, later In the
day, token to the Moses Taylor hospi
tal, where Is was seen ho had sus
tained n sudden shock and that his
whoje system was unstrung.
It" Is thought that he was struck
by a car, but ho himself remembers
nothing of whnt happened and can
give no explanation. Ho was hi a
serious condition yesterday.
$5.00 to Niagara Falls nnd Return
via the Lehigh Valley Railroad
October 6, 1900.
Tickets will be on sale October Clh,
limited for return pannage to October
8th, Inclusive, nnd will be honored on
any train except the Black Diamond
express.. For further Information, con
sult Lehigh Valley ticket agents.
Tickets on sale at L?hlgh Valley city
ticket office, 309 Lackawanna avenue,
Scranton, Pa.
Better than the so
called cash stores are
selling for $4.99.
Our Price
per barrel.
Clarke Bros
and Draperies
Solicit Your Inspection of
Their Superb Stock at
Store and StockNew
Heating Stoves,
Oil Stoves,
Gas Stoves,
K? Heaters.
320 Lnckftwnnna Are.
Wholesnlo and Eetall.
Beady Mixed Tinted Painti.
Convenient, Economical, Durablt .
,1 Varnish Stains.
Producing Perfect Imitation ot Eipemlra Wocit-
Heynolds Wood Finish.
Epeolilly Designed for Inrid otk.
Marble Floor Finish.
Durable, and Drj Quickly.
Paint Varnish and Kalso
mine Brushes.
The Weil-Dressed Han
It not satisfied with the average Fur
ninlilnff stud. that's why this store hai
tlio reputation It has among careful
drrwri. Have jou seen our up-to-date
305 Lackawanna Are.
Th Popular Houi Fur
ntahln Btor.
Safe Cook
ing Utensils
Afictc Klckcl Sleel Ware vessels
arc the Inndinmest wearing and
safest cooking: utenails mri&e.
They vvojr longer than Ironltor
lln. They will not rust or break
lil.e iron, or dent and get shape
less nnd leaKv like tin. They ore
handsomer thin tin and do not
loe their pcllih. They are near.
lv n light ns tin and not mm
hersome like iron. Tiny are
eTiior to than tin or Iron.
Thev contain 1.0 poiwmus in
KiidicnK V.c carry a complete
line of the (ienuinc Agate Ware
Cooking; Utmiils.
Foote & Fuller Co,
Hears Building,
140-43 Washington Ave
Pierce's Market, Peon Avenue
Tliis will be about the last week ot peach
season. We will reciive ilally a limited quantity
of Jersey, Yoik state and Michigan fruit. If
yon hive not bought do not neglect to leave)
jour eider this week li you want pcarhes.
We would call attention to j the particularly
fine ijiiillly of nnr ovMcrs, Maurice Itiver Coves,
ltocl.avvays. Duck Hivers, Jlill Ponds, Blue)
Points, etc., etc.
Iteiiiiniber we mike a specialty of Blue Poistf
delivered on lull bhell in carriers. v
W. H. Pierce,
19 Lackawanna Ave.
110, 11!, IK Penn Ave.
The Dickson Manufacturing Co.
Borgnton ana WUkM-Bsrr. Px,
MaaufaaturoM or
Bailers, Hoisting and Pumping Machinery.
Deneral Office, Scranton, Fa.
For $$, $6, and $7
Rockers. The offeriug
is so great that to give it
a truer ring we'll ex
plain that these Rockers
are odds and ends fro
factories, secured for our
August sale. No they
did not arrive too late
but we could not dispose
of all during that month,
so now you have another
chance. Polished Seats,
Cobbler Seats and Up
holstered Spring Seats
are among them all
woods and finishes.
Credit You? Certainly
321-223.225-227 WyomlnfAT
-jF- ''r j.
wtffreayMjtflyJjtM y, , y .- ... . ' L