The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 23, 1896, Page 8, Image 8

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777-77 V.7;' .7-
7! ;
' -' ,- W
s ;
r:i;;!:c Struts.
.,. j
nlon slii!'; iJi-.!:r:;;V- ;i! . ! . i !' ::
' .'ii'ii cr 'iiiiiH ':i., j iii X. h:t i,t
ll.'iriy .K:i;hMiil .". cl Aero t'ic
J.iin U'ti.i iivil s ,.'i"ir.'.c
One il ll:c . ! i s! tV". I. . "I i'i
'l'inn'"-ll'' V rotr !iu ( on: :i"rii;!i
.!' i.i
' V "
" mi .:: . : . i i .. I :. I--l".
i nr: r. ', I . v. i : : : : I
mil . v. i... v.. i ; I"'"' . lir !
ii- i' i mi ; ii.iv.iin . . f i ., ii ..;
I 1 1 ' 1 . i . ' 1 : ' . i- . I I I ;. 1 . ' .J)
II V at Kl.-llniil'l
Whll.. a I-.. I .a
a ii
;i ii.
li-'- ci--'I I.i y . 1- c.-.i !
:bil It .-ii v. a- ;.f. a a -a 1.
a . ' i i 'is ii,..!- f Hi-
va.a ." A t li). i M.f
)!i;cc J -.' pa.M a ill s-ii- I
c'e Ha- cr.-il l-'r.-i.-iiaia
ll.ikir.r a ."!.' I...W a- H
, I'll" .l.a.a ! aH'-'iiii:". v;
"!il III". IllSt-Cd '"I I'." a'.;
11.. lee1 ,. lip IH1.. I I;..
in--. ti. I. ri :i-':.i!i.''i. c -;
.hieb wa - i.r.l a- ii sii.- I-
VIKTV-S'X T I , i. I
Tvi i . I ;inv!-:.i!i i.t
. , hii.l
.1. Ian
.... ,snir I.-li.-n
I - Hi- :
i..I:e I l:aa
if to li-,
i i - ii i--i:
'.iue ci' l:iv. ia
:"iili t .-, . I ai'i ia t.:ai
l - -1 1 . . ' i s e5' . .' .
i.. I h
- i i I
'!' l-'eV. ,1 ',-"!'
)f li-lw ill Sl:..t..i u
fai'i s .. i ': .m" .'a ' s,
ii:. Ifli'vl'iti.. V' p:- ;!
il is-.- ,A. ina a- !a T : i u a;i 'a
J a i'I.'I' Hair i.-li.iii fl
int S a:a! l- "r .n,:: a i,
licai. i 'I lias l'a mi..'
ar.-. are :ii' li in;. 'i
'.Ip-i r fa i her in i is s' :
!-:;-, l.-i-.ii i ;
i ,
d in I"'' I" j ..
V. Il"
Iil .i.i
a! Till'- ' ! '
barn i,
liirtribic li..ii... th.-ir 01 .-on... in n milii.
in?; to miiiisi.-r to nis '..aats in las .!, , n
:'lmii:g y,.-i.fs. a
In ISM Air. Pdnghnm '.-a-- L- ? ,1 I , 1 lo :-"
'il" 'I'llil'li -fol'.l i il ooll:;res-S as a !',:,:''--'j i.i.iis,
s:-maii" frni, 1 tla'Tv. , n!. -lir -t -'at- : . 01 ,- i
:p. Sixie, nt p -oliio ois.-a-l. eia-l Ibi.r
i;:-.-ssioiial car.'- r 1 xli r- ' r a p.-- .-ma 1
nail of ei::':ie--n j -iirs. , ith ibe -:;-i 1 ,, nt
:, pHoii of one lei 1,1. t'ia I of lie Ttil, ly - ' an n,
Hiphlii cmar-ss. lb- war 1,01. :a., .! ,p ! a .
I' Oi and served ual-.l ?,!;.,, h !. PT::. ia e a a
M.'.y, IaJ::, he w as ani,,,,:-:, -I eiiviy - I n -,,1-lie r!vil ve fsisS" I." '
;i.iotd:iiary and miiosi.r n, iiinote a-j "' im i-ii! , assi I bv .1 ltiajei'JI.v of Iv-i.
tiary '.. lh- curt 01 i'apaii widcli p, m-. w in, v, i .! for it was Holier! Nu-Bilio-i
he 1,,-id l'--,. ", ,1. a He 1 rat from Ni-wcnvv-s-
VPoTj-: TliH 1 IT 1 1 AMi;.i:i'r.NT.
Tim fonrp,,..!! i) aim a
Constitution wjis la;e!j
hitu as ch.,1' man 01 t
which it was referred.
Bo frame this una mitnei,.
ii-it I,, Hii'
a. , i 1 i
( omi-Ptlce t
I." desil
t Pet
would th- good le-aipy from he
war be secured, bat iliat amniier
was sjiould be imaossi: ,e.
one of his many not,-, on 'iy ?;u-. rlr.s I
iu congress, wiis iiis reply to I'iaigm.ia. I
a southern rejires-niative. i"!io spiPiel
ia defense of the attack of lirooks 011 ;
Senator Stunner, ('lingman sousht 1,1 !
nenttie the episode, tr.-.n tpeg it as a
petty case of assault and ba;t"iv, to
be tided by a jusiico of the p -aee a,,d
tllsml'ssei? with line and- costs. Mr.
J'ingbain replied almost without M"
ni.ilitat Ion in a spepen nt it b-J la lank
-with Cicero's inve( tive against Vari es.
me day. Air. pinghnm was sif iag at
his desk in. the house writing, w heti
a Sir. I'.owii., a member of tin' lpape
from -Mar.v land, belarisdrig 11N0 to the
family from which cam,- tli'-, lain,. its
bwwie knife; .-aui.' up to him aiid lhr"at
eiied to cut Air. l;ingham' tliroat. Ilis
langn.age was violent and his- g 'ui;-, s
menacing. Howie was prompi'v y
hnlved from the hull 'be tile s. fs" atil-nt-arins;
On t Be following day he
made an apology tn Air. I'ingiiam f ir
'his 'condui t, siatitgr that he bad been
informed of ids violent Inngna.'e, 'on;,
had no recollection t.f it himself. The
apology wtif, ncpcptcd and was doubt
less sincere, for while Mr. Pinphann
v.ns lclivrlivf; his famoin spc cii on
the admission of Oregon, not long after
the Incident referred to. Mr. Howie
brought his huge list down on his
dark with a mighty thump (hat almost
shook the hall, nt the same time ac
companying it with tin expression more
forcible than ci' gant to show his ap
proval of the sentiments to which lw
,,. yas listening.. Liuring the .delivery, of
i 7 j . ' -v;- iv7- 7'-- - ;.Ky.u;
.. . -lr;- ;f 7; F:.;7 . 7V:7;;''': 'C7!v:;f-:v7
'7 ;--:.:7 t ---n
' 71 u w;7-V7..-r7-.:!V7,':
''1.. I!. I -.".". .l.ini.'S Cr.y,
! r ii r "I' 111" i
...ii ! ii- ) :r. Kiiv.;-
.. - .; i -..uiml-iy, lo ,
i i'.-i .v! f, ' 'iuIui v. ''. '
!' '. 1 t I'iiu i v. mi .isnault,
' ' i
: :.N'''
:. "f
ni'l. V
A !i''i:i,. I
itrl ;t itr n-n-
..! r. '1
,i .in. I I'.l - 1
,1. :i i, Sii'm - itU
K', ! :-', uilh -. -.1.-1.
i i !!:'. -v ::ni : h"
yi. ;(1 i
ruin-- ihc." 7 i
i' l!i'..'i.'il "!'
;J , .(. " ' ;
; ,,;' -l '
,7. anil U,l '
, ;. .... :
i. :a la
i l.. a Vi -.
. i ill" l.a i
I iii.
la I
i ) , i . t i n i'iy
ii 'hi Hvii 7 ," 1 !
1 1
! ,. ,, :
. ill I !
s r i i.
ci -aa'
. , - i,; ,,,.. t . i ,
Tli'.. -.' '
i-i-.-i-.-iaHia.: a i
i-, ,i -v ',...
',, v..
I,,: :
ja i j j
... ! ii ,;i;i
i .i l-.i i;
,,;.o!vi;,.. i
vis,.iii in I
, ; a, .- 1
'!', . !
'. I
iv- .-Hi : . . I ,: r. ;
... ,i,. , i, . ( in :7l m.t i
: : lai a ' rain ii ii -ar. "r.
ni. ' -a ..!' Hi.'
il i ."a ..:...i. i! iiiai r..r
ill. a. i .1.
Fl'.i 'M Tt. I'"
t ih-hts ami runs away
1,1 a,'. a iier day " Ti',"
Him:!, am gut the Hour
...II .ai Hie in- at i-uce put
il ... a . lie la.lile a SH"i I 11 ,'1
ivept , 1 1 ', i i i i 1 1 - ill lis favor
lalli.-ii, in'.-'i- 1
, I.,- i..;.it-..i a
f -i fa-, tin.- i'' arci.-at lian-s in
a i'r, ,.. ,a' i hi . s .a, u-e s
1 'I I,: hill ."If, II- t tt tll.lltl il
V. it. P
1. -.H'
' l , .
-, Ian
a; r.
i:in"l, iai win
I,-, i.-.j ilSs.,
a , n
I'.ullei' among :
i.i in a sin: l ring way
I,,.,. , -ci;e-
;, - ' ,i7t sp.-M-li of
.r.77,.L -i -a 'for "'lar-
oiilnss on Mars hill.1'
,', , ,'. ,,r vv:'.;
V'v (p. a,!-
i'r. I -I -:'
' '. .in' ' i'linV
I.. ,al
,1 op Hi
ami P.- i
a, v iii'-nsnivs
, . 1 - c'' I 'lll- I
:-.i- ",'i.. w-iv.s :
to 'which it v in i
1 Tli . p went i
a divlil
man, of wpiciii
haire - n. X.-itlier
lit. ic n h a (oin l'l- !
I. ill w as call- d .dr.
i . , , v -. ,,i I,, Seer, la rv of Hie i
, 7,'i,Vv fl' i 'c ami luoitii'ed as (o j
. . . , ... 1
ti,.. . ; , 1 1 . 1 ,,, ti,, , a ,11'a.ll nil lili
:y w;
' i i
... PlilPoHS of dollars. .ett'.!'.
; ireni cn.-t'.nis 'i",iirly-H
: U) Ha treasury, T-n-'dnys
..-iipi, .... '
a ii , ani" Mr. l:iii'.Tl;am s ti'.i"!
ik ,!pri"". Hie ,i;..:cit jsi-.n in the
I., iViii. f", lon-nily interrupted by
-a--, ia lections. Mr. Conk-
i-.iii a ('.'..slio;. "Will not the
lllit Co I'.'W ll" illl i'ldUee-
,,, tn,- p- --"li i" ii,. -credit th"
l.icli .Mi' I'.ip.""!.-.;'! re plied: "S,
1'iai ti" .- cm.-:-' tip- Pay? .l Hi
ad admirer of Ai r. 1
iaiVed t lie paeas- !
I iipgliam.' ilis
PI e.
i 1:; 1
d' i.lN''cl.V.
1! A;:'. lii:uiiiam :irsi r,p-t i'resi.i.-ii! 1. in
to ,co. 11 in Hi, na'l a, the house. y,,n a -nlv
let' t; . iiis- iiv. a : iirp.! ion. lb- !i- an! 1
ivd both ir-ue.iiials. i i, 'said v in -n i,,a-
ue'i 0.P1 oiier-'e Hp. slat "a,,- containing j
,!s. "1 very patriot :rrayc." his.
f i'
' 1
up as if H'.e ' as in-i
i was jiciitenHy con-.
l by Hie president, w ho gave or-j
lo !ii:i doorkei ;--r to admit Mr.
Piitgfiani any time day i f niglu that
he cali.-d. Si r. i titp: ham rmiik".l upon
tip- humor of the great president:
"lie was Hie saddest ma.' I ever saw
and la' had cause p be, for he hare in
his ereat heart the .sorrows of iiis peo
ple" one day in- called and found Mr. Pin
coin v.itii little T.i l on bis kip-e, read
ing from til" Xciv Testament.
im the night of .vi, til 11, PH.-,. Mr.
I'ingiiam vviis at his Inure in Cadiz, 1 '.
i i- felt vea, y m depressed. A patriot
ic ue , pig was in prut ivss Chat evening
al t-" .Method! -d i-Pi"copaI church, pi
inosi op-.osiu- Mr. I tiiie.ham's residence.
About 'J o'clock .soup- genticmen can,.
to his home ami said: "The police are
asking for you over nt the church." He
went Willi tl'.om to I he church and made
a si' '. . 11 of nearly nn hour, congratulat
ing the large audience that Hp. cruel
war would soon 1 vr. Uctuming
home nt" hi o'clock he remarked to his
family: "l atii depressed." He finally
retired but 4s ( tident that lie did U"t
'njoy a incmeiil's unbroken (dumber
that whole night.
lie prose very early the next ntorn-ini-.
No one was astir. The whole town
FeVnicrt to lie su sleep. He walked to
the corner .f the-block in which his
hoiis" is and presently -saw the tele
grjiiih opera lot : com it ig up the Btrei;t.
7'!';- v,' ---7
Tin' n-i-,!t
ii:-'! I I Hi
Ii:t..i. Xi.I
I'm;-. I.r.l .',
ali.r lui'i.;-
iv:i v I" lii' .!!!: t
V..-.I iuh! 1.,'cn !: i.'tl.u-:
:!-;.;;!! H H-i-.. Hi" 0.,-)-
I Aii . i'ni'.;lia'n a l'i aiaanl :
'' "ii' a 'i i
i i;: i mi- .vni'i!.; :
x i:vs r viiK assassination.
"i.iiir-iln !.iit nilu. :U l-'ni'il':
i if;, il Si.y.nil '",i.ii, .Mr'.i.ii
."ill a linw :,::, i"
laiUcti. asking "ia ,
Hi I'l'i'Mf'i'lli s
S VlT'l 1 1 H .- S : I :.' I ' ( - i .- -it llUl'k 0 111!
i'.;lli i ' i r i i i : i !!: ruri-ii'inn. tbr .
!' '.r. !p:ii I'tii.iinn uml i 1 1 s r l'"l
i.i: CiM.i. :'i:il I ii 1 i t I In- uv.r.
i' "( 111.- !-! lit." 'I'll. u sui'ii- ilaj-
.1 i .;r.'.:i.'M;i itii;ii-' :ill'i:-.'r sp- - rii i i
:l ''''!''.- I'Mifci a iiili.-lu-r iil tlv-
A J -l ? 1 1 i ; . 1 i-'.iii-'i-ii!.-;l i luii'. Ii am! :-
i -1 ' 1 ',1-1 . Mi .Ulii::ll ii -1. 1.1 M-t I'M'.'
I' l:r'i I" 'as!:i:".-Inn. his -1 i : 1 1 1 1 i.h-
.1 'l'-l. '!! I"''.: "i'.""a nitit rtt
;': ?-""ii ii'ay h" kill.-i!." Mis wii'i' was
!!! 'til. I'.'il !i" 'liil i:--a. lii"'-r Hi"
'i'V l " -HI- 'I "ii S rivirry Sl-'ii-
i. -h. v.-rri I na in: . .1 ana n.-arin.-, rii;,i-
Wil.iii. I . 'iily-liiiii haii' al'lrr
lii.-; nr-lviil item, n .1 at. .ili"'aaal f'.iin-
ala it'l til" '.iaa:' WSIIfli l.-all.-'l' 111 111"
!''!. trial tntil m -i t ( m ui' t li -;-
!' "'
".r. lilivi'iar: '.ins a i''iu! j'!..' '
a.!.. !:. in 'In- y.-sif 1MI I. v. M a
imii ..f iM-ii:r-. i.-val. Hi-' I i i :- f .a';-
.iil ail a' an : in : am a s Hi" t vial nf
Saru-'i p.-'Jaa a-H I laniin nal. win hal
i. .'..,! II" ri.Hi.Ts l.y nmans lrcl
I'.'.-.i a:it !"" y nlaiiki'ls. l!a was famvl
a"! v a nil . .-iii. a !. T. ;. ii a t i,a i '. ..
i . Hi" I 'f :-1 I : -i I,r..n. m..i'ic-
i i i i
.' a", "in. a a ! i a .. .Ml. I. !;;-
h-lii ..licit. ! nf Hi" I'liit" ! Stat"S
cinirt "i claims. Vive hiiiidr. .1 .-ii"':
v. ie .li.'i -.- .1 of by liim wiililn fi".
'aaaiilr-. .'. iiib r -Vliiv' fi'ain bis ni'.l'i'
iiis.lal"as Ha- assassination oeruired.
ti:i m. or-' Tiii': coxsri ;:at iit-'.
YVithi'i -1 few days after br5" arrival
ill Wi'shinaj-n Air. Mineham was
anpi-inlid s;.ci ial judge advocate by
l'ris; leiit .leiiiisnn and tnaile p. nu nibci'
nf tin- military cnnimission to try tli"
consi i :'a i, ,rs. 'I'lie details nf the cain-
I nii-'s; .ti ,ci e mad" nil .May S, 1m:.", and
Hi'' 'lo?! itiiii". was (el May !i. The
we...: .a c:-:ani:inng .'inn .'.s-'-esp.miii-ie.
Hie wii-.-'ss-M f. latg-ly fa Mr.
l.llli-.I.IM.. I ie a.!.,. Iliaue ini- U 1,1.
.'rguuK ni icr in,' i i -oseciu ion. I 'di'ii -
ir.g 'line hours f.-r its delivery. AYh-n i
Iu iiao c,menaie,i iu. ,e wis no none,, i
1 .... . ... t . n. ..:.... ..r ,1
. " '"' uuuiiw . "..
1'r- nn-' hams ai-timent in the great
trial 'a' "t inted and forms a volume of
eonstd. r-H.h sixc
Ml- lam.:, aim was appoinl"d a nn-m-
ber of the committee to which was !!-
li'U-teil I he iniporlnip duly of drawing
no i 1 1 ail', 1 1 -s oi impeat nnieiir a.gninsi
t I. SI I- 111 .lolila oil. 'I IllS llelllg ilone "n
'"" --' H'-i.onii el tile iinp.e. li- w as ,
1 ' ''laii-maa id the managers to
'"I'luet ':" i ia'"" i ( Ini n i 1 1 pr 'difgn
t Ii" -a ! i--'a , ( inn
" ' s'-o no. .. ai .in.
""' ''"lv "! i--aking 111- cles-
"!'. aty.mi."!: volv a ni tilni. ,
"' .' "'" "" Monday. -'lay ;
' -an. .-a ue- 'ni"iiiiiu i
I'le s. n:,.;.. aa-1 p vast an, !i(.' c.. nti (lie
Ilu, ,r -. , ,1 ! o ' P , 11, ile t. ! t 1, v, ,, . Sl.e-
ra "t ;, - 'M-cct".! .villi applause vuch j
i. 1 l r iia.i l.ei ll h'-ai .1 111 the capltol
vi i-:v.",o;i as an ouatoi:.
I ! win. have heard A'r. i'ipe.l'.'i'U
' r . e Hint la- ha.i the cpi liiti, itiiais f
a iilept orat' I 'res, "ice. voice, ariiell
laliop. p., cli! Hi-Pl a-', I i:estll'e were
ilis. I'c u-i.s a!-o i,.;,.-p :- id the wa a',
; ,-as of bi-Hi aaihos am! sa-i-iirn. n
: has nui'le political S"' 'ci'.es' ia t'.vi tit' -i
ope state. -,. from I'm ".! 1 :i,i. '.b... to
1 i'oi tl-ia-'. 1 re. I Hiring Hie d,-iv,"-v
his S'r-e.-h ill (oil: ,',':-s ,1 111" r,H:l .
1 c! el-el :! -.,.'' I n m U.IP:- :.S, ill v.dtl
! I:,. Il"ld H ' , to : CO r. til,, statute of
lawni" 1 " ith i artii.'".' v.'i.f'!. a :' .',..
, : a ia, 'a';, r. ti, I he 1'hlV" cu,
1 '
' '
, a .0 .. a . ii-. a ::'! 1 c; ; nip ,,uf :
vail,- ..... Ims ..t liriti 'It ami Atari-
,... i, . ,1 . ,. .1'.
Is Hiiiti. I : a pin
In Ins v. i.rit.
.tiiii.i, AWiCti.
'".'.'ist : '
r. its Pa
! II, ll".
'.,-iii'tni I 1 ;,-tp-r:,l V.'.-v -ii,
s,, 1 i 11 a .-iiiL', 1 1 t'-.- a-
1 ".'.'., .' '"' '
nlii'.... I
tiie at, . , at. '
lift i-l-si! i. ::tle,:,l To il "111-
i . il 1
l. s-- !:;;
la, an .iss:'fimt .-liilor j.j.i I
H-- ".- o.lia si. 11,
ipiu rs.
Si :. i
t -:
w, 'I
v'vf it V ori I'S --n
Copyright, ir-M, by Alitehell Miller.
The ynung ehan who lost 1,1s ulrl all on
account of a cureless speech iu which he
said lie preferred lunili to mutton. tlfe,
(..t.yHu-;., Kl by X'it. h. 11 & Mlllrr.
I ht young man
' win. 1'i.r tla lia.-t ti-n (lavs has liai'll till
,j, i,v ,,,,,,,'u. inlla. mv. name tn hlmsnlf
on aiia.lav aVatiii
l present lie is
' ilUi.a sntl'-ible Paul talks freely to all
i v ini visit liim. The case is nn exlnmr
I iliiairy one and is Hie cause of no little
gus.-'ip. Intring the above inentiiitiad
i p aliul he hp.;: been a stance of trouble
j in Ins parents. His actions were care
f.,iu. .,i,a,...i i., ia i-., -!,., ,..
s(;inllv ,',,j,nVl),i hiin. 7n Friday ho
entered the si. ue of Howard Johns and
piiicliai'i'd ginc, l ies and dry goods on
hi.-' father's credit. 'I he gooos were not
a.", hd. but in order to avoid trouble
l.c was allowed la take tli. in. lie Im
agiin d that be lived alone and wheii
. V,T lie was in want "f anvlhing to eat
lie would prepare il himself. When he
left Innae he would Io.-k the doors and
take 111,- k, ys Willi him. Such were his
pciious during the period in which he
was under the alleged hypnotic Inllu
encc. The ease is n mysterious one,
and people here ate constantly inquir
ing aval wn lnlcring what tile real cause
of tin- young man's trouble is. There
is certainly something wrong with
liim. and if It is not the effects of hyp
notism, which professor Sage says it
cannot be, then the case Is one of a
more soii, nis nut lir... on Friday even
ing ::l Carbon, lain Professor Sage, In
one of his preliminary talks, touched
on Wesi ol's case, in which h" said
that li" tWertciiiit was suueling from
tlu- effects of no hypnotic spell. lie
alTn sitited that he would na- the ex-p-
in-, s of any reputable physician wnn
uait'lil gn to Forest Cily and examine
the i-ip... and t'etin niii'. i'l. liming that
U'. steott was the victim of hypnotism.
Air Sage says licit such a thing Is Im
possible: was never heard of, and,
I'll"!'!, ..'l!, ore. never will be.
Mil's llc.-aie Aldvin. the nssl.-it.uU In
H,e ;,osto',, e, is cmtined to tier home
on aci'iiiitu of sickness.
An additional railway nostal clerk
has been anniented to take charge of
one mail on, h way between Sttstjue.
iiaiina and Sciant.ui daily.
The Krie lljcr leaving Siffiuchanna
at 7. IN! a. ni. will cany the mail. The
train arrives in Forest City at X.-lfl and
in Scrapie, i at '.'.'II. on the return trip
the triiin will leave Scranton at a.-Ti p.
in., aiiiviiig in Forest City at fi.ilD p.
in. The time of the arrivals of the
trains is the same as heretofore, only
v, ii Ii an aiPlitionnl mail each way daily.
A large iiinnunt of mail from the west
win arrive earlier than It Hoes at pres
ent, laisiin-ss men along the line fiom
Susquehanna lo Carbon, lale will be
gnally heip'liteil by tlie new system.
The Crystal Fir" company ef .Krmyn
atli'ta'.eil the Knlerprise Hose com
pany's fair on Saturday evening. '1 no
lommittee in chari'e el" the fair have
decided to cui'.inue the satni! one or
;.v.o .veilings during the. week. .Many
useful and fancy articles are left
which .are yet p. be disposed of. A
miiiil.-o' of the William Walker fire
men "I .Ma.vlniil nn.t TtooK to escort
lh,. ,.1,,y canvassers ut the fair homo
, iuring the'r visit here last week, and
ib.. c..n-eti..iei of such was that they
p. liiatlv ipisseo tae last car, which, PV
v,.yi ,..1V,. ,,tt midnight, or
. ,. t I . ,
iiinrii. iiin-i. n hiis Miiii-ii inai si. int
of ll'"tn w:ilk"il home, while the re
mainder waited fr.r the llrsl car. which
w as da in a few hours. Still, they re
port. ,1 an excellent time.
''red I'lntt, of Scranton. was here on
Monday to proceed with the electric
li.ahl Plant. The work will now be
pushed until the contract is finished.
Howard and Sylvester O NelM. of
Uichpaindale. ware arrested at the In
stance if John iiulii:i. of the same
place, far assault ami battery. They
-i'!,. gi,p a hearing before Justice
jC!pn at C;, rPondale lh" latP-r part of
last v. 1 . k. v'v h ,-; ti i- was discharged.
1 in Ha- evidence against him was not
I Mi!i,, a at to hold I: ini. I'M ward was
In-,. I in $::nu bail f ,r aoHcarjuce at
I com t.
Th" Pelawrif" and Hudson company
iktming the a palling cilieiy on
. ,e . ti... 11:1,. a.:.. a..., ,
'"' 1 ", i
I' d making hal, li ra- tips ni.'tilli. It
I Hi it eptv eiglir and one-
half days will He worked during the
Iii, If ibis be III", can' I' will he
lie pooii.-i mop. Hi that I tie . ..-btei ics
ha vi 'wall.. ;! for i-osi- time
on Salatda" evening John Itice an!
ill i'taa a-f. I'olanders. were 111-
1. ii I.i. '!.:'. They iiave been engaged
j a j I a-eaa" bri.e.a'il iiaai'teis for livedol-
1 .. .. ,1,1 ,,1,,,.,.,. :n their f"llow coll II-
iryimti. who have not yet Pin al'le to
i ii tin- di.i'".ieiice i.i Hie i'nlled Stale-)
( ins so as to detect the for"crv. Tile
pri; n, rs raid they obtained ihe inoney
in i'i aanton and would not ray any
iiior- a 01 mt it when .piest loned. Al the
.iH'p e of Justice of the Peace Urainar.. admitted their guilt. Tilt y were
cooim'tt si to Montrose jail to await
ti I il at the naxt.i ourt.
William Carney, aged 21 years, met
vvil'.i an (:,(. ediagiv painful accident
lit the P. .;t H. coilieiy on Tuesday
morning.. The young trail was em
ployed b: Ibe cp.piieiiy of a laborer and
worki ! for James M.Cabe. About
( l-ye:i o'clock a :ot tion of the roof
fell v.iihoui any warning which caught
'urn. v and crush, d liim to the Moor.
The rock was removed and upon ex
amining liim It war. found that one of
hU Id's was complct'-ly served just
below Ihe knee. The unfortunate young
man was taken to the Carbondale hos
pital immediately. He v. as a brother of
Mrs. Frank Sculler with whom he
Carney died late In the afternoon.
S. ('. Stewart, of Ihe linn of A. K. and
S. C. Stewart, of Hoehester, N. Y.. was
in Forest City on Tuesday. Mr. Stew
art will probably furiilrh the Hillside
tire company with a new hose wagon
which will ccsl tW, The apparatus
will lie fitted with all modern Improve
ments. The Christmas exercises at the M. E.
ehureh will be held on t'hriHttmiM niKht.
A tiniirramme "Clilininif Jlells" will be
used. The First l'resbyterlun ehuivh
will eelebrate the event on Christmas
eve. The scholars of the school will
execute a neat and attractive service.
The Baptist school will observe
Christmas nielit and the Welsh Con
gregational school Christmas eve. At
Id-.'M Christmas mornlns at the Epis
copal church a sirayer service will be
held. In the evening the Sunday school
will celebrate with a Christmas tree
and Interesrtnur exercises In connection
with It.
' on Monday evening the reading rooms
of the Young Jien's Christian associa
tion were opened to the public. Frank
Iiruwn, assistant secretary of the Kail
road Y. M. C. A., of Sctanton, was pres
ent and made the opening address, in
hi;) remarks many good suggestions in
connection with the Y. il. C. A. work
Were , iri veil. At the close of his ad
dress several quest Ions were askeil him
which were satisfactorily answered.
Those wNi have chai'i:e of the work
here wete greatly helped by the u;:
tresltoiis of Mr. iirowii. Revs. 1. I!.
Kennedy on-l V. Marshall inude sli!rt
speeches after which the president of
tliu association, IT. C. Peterson, in effec
tive language expressed the happiness
which h- felt in which the work Is Pe
ine; carried on. The success at the
commencement was gratifying to li t tit
and hoped that it would continue to be
so. The reading rooms will be open
daily from two to ten p. in. Pally papers-,
periodicals, books, games, etc.,
are thole to amuse and instruct the
meiiiln is and in fact all who wish to
go there.
Mr. and Sirs. Cearge Stullh. Mr. and
Mrs. Ktlv.atd Shoemaker and son and
Miss lOmma AVbitlnck. of West I'ltls
ton, were at A ilkes-liai re Saturday.
Mis Maltie Fnrr, of Forkslown, is
Visiiing Iriends here.
Miss Naomi Harris and Itosa Sutter,
of Mt. ion, and Miss Maine Jones
were calling on Miss Plda MeUillun
Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Williams Swltjser
spent Saturday with friends ut Lu
zerne. At a regular meeting of Hubert U.
Frenr cum p. No. ll'ili, Sons of Veterans,
held Monday evening, the following o!!l-
cers were elei ted for the ensuing year:
Captain, William Pavvson; lirst lieuten
ant, (!. P. Vandyke; second lieutenant,
Fred Snfford; camp council, T. II. Kink
er, K. (1. Ailing and lieese Morgan;
delegate, T. 11. Pinker; alternate, K, U.
Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Chesvvorth were at
AVllki's-Harre Saturday.
Miss Maggie Svvltzer wits ut AA'ilkes
Piriv yesterday.
Alts. Joseph McKi'l and daughter,
Lida, Miss Itetta linker and Kliza Kgle
ston were at Wilkes-Uurre Saturday.
Cards ure out tinnounelng the fiftieth
anniversary of Key. and Sirs.-John La
Har's marriage.
Mr. uml Mrs. W. 11. Heneh were call
ers at Wilkes-Pnrre on Saturday.
(i. A. Join s, of Wilkes-Pariv, was call
ing on friends in town Sunday.
Mrs. W. V. lionelle and Sirs-. John
Wilson were at Wilkes-Parre yesterday.
Jack Jenkins, Hie man who is suppos
ed to have done the slashing Willi Ihe
bull her knife on the coi ner of Klghth
and Shoemaker avenues Sunday even
ing. Pec. 1:1, was arrested at Miner's
Mills Monday afternoon bv Constable
S. A. Leake and K. M. rarrish. He
was given a hearing before 'Squire
Saunders, who held him to ball in the
sum of $:'.uiii. In default of buil he was
m ilt to jail.
From an Exchange.
J. Kinury Htorrs lost a divorce case by
the vvli of Iiis oppan, -at. He had brought
suit for divorce 011 behalf of a woman,
win) nski-,1 for po-sesslon of two children.
Tile hushnnil made o vigorous protest,
and employed a Muuitf lawyer of ability
to defend the suit.
Tile defense hud the best ease, so far as
the eviilenei.. went, but Air. Storm made
on,- of his chariieieristically strung
speeches, vviih an Ho, pi, on plea on behalf
of the miillier and her two rial, Iron. The
effect on the July whs apparent. H eUii
cliided Ids speech with that trite exclanvi
lion of Patrick Henry, "tiie nie liberty,
or give me death!"
The young attorney arose" deliberately
and "aid:
"Air. Ilnlllff, you can give me a glass
of water.''
Always Reliabls, Purely Vegeiaito,
r.iroly vecretnttiV, not without pnint ole
pantly crati-d. InHtcU'SM, small and "any (o
take. ItinhvHy'H Pills assist nntuiv, Htiinulnt
Ine to ho;i1thful activity the liver, bowoisi and
otltt-r dirotivo nran. Iwmr the howN in
a natural oundition without any alter vliucts.
Sick Headache,
A!3 Live! Di
RAHWAV'S Pil.LS nro purely reK,.-t:d,lo.
luilil ni'-l r.-ii:ihl,. i auso 1','ro'ct Digcs'inn.
rimtpicto nb.aretieii Had healtiilul regularity.
i" R-.-ntH a Imx. At Drug'-'istj, or Ly niu-.l.
''lluuk of Advicu'' true by mail.
No. ss Elm Stroet, New York.
Coal of '.he best quality for iliraio'.n n.i
and of all nixes, Including Ltuckvvhciit an
liirdseye. delivered ia any pur; of th9 city
at the lowest price.
Orders received at thu Office, first floor
Commonwealth buildlne. room No. I:
telephone No. 2624 or at the mln., te't
phone No. 271. will be promptly attends
to.Oealers t'tipplied at tho mine.
Tarkeys, Bacis, Chickens,
Fresh Every Day.
Prairie Chickens,
Wild Ducks.
i a f a pi iil 111
124 and 126 Wyoming Ave.
From Now
Until Christmas
We Beg to Offer
Our Immense Stock of
A rare chance to purchase the most useful aud elab
orate Christmas Gifts at prices that cannot be equalled in
lowness any more than the goods can be excelled in value
aud taste. Thousands have already taken advantage of these
And thousands more will. Wc must close out our
Holiday Specials, and as there are only a few more days to
do it in, there was nothing else left for us to do but mark
down the prices.
The Public
Reap the Benefit.
UEMl 1 (MfflftL
u iedpimmt inn on
Has Moved te HU New Quarttri,
402 Lackawanna Avenue,
Entrance on side next to Fli-ft National
Bank. He lias now in a
Comprising evorytlihig ro(jiintt fur fine
Idcroliaiit TniloriiiL'. And the same dm
boebowu to Hdvuntiore in bi.s splon
diuly utlud up ruoms.
ll Eitendcd to All Ucaiers of The Trlb
neto Ceil on "OLD RELIABLE" In Hit
New Business Home
R0G:,13 I A'iD 2, CCJi'LTH B'L'D'3,
nicctrie Hatteri 's. Elwtrli ExoH-l-jr for ex
pluUlii) bliibts, S-u'eky Kiise, and
Repaano Ctcmlcal Co, 's
Cu5 ths ruttonlioIc.Tl
Kven Santa flans would do It, If he had
to tupsle with the shirts that some men
lie a fensllile little Santa Plans. Buy
your husband something that he renlly
heeds. For Instance, a half-dozen kooi!
Flilrtn. and a really pretty tie. Instead of
the nionturosily he wears. Zero prices.
Lack Ar.
TH ii
km r 11 rn
7v't 'rtfc.zTi
ewelry Store
"c have nearly completed our
Ilolid.iy Stock and art now prepared
to olfcr as fine an assortment of
cut glass, art potter,
Silver ware, lamps, plateo war-,
as can be found anywhere.
Look at our $10.00 Gold
Watches, warranted 15
Beautiful Danqtiet Lamp and Larie
S:Ik Shade, At $4.13
Rogers' Triple PlateJ Knives and
Forks are tine, At $.'5.00
21 3 Lackawanna Avenus
HKSerman 8th Ward, Scranton
OFFICE H0T7R9 from 7.30 a. m. to p.
tn. (1 hour intermission for dinner and
Particular Attention (liven to Collection.
Prompt Settlement Guaranteed. Your Bust,
eaa U Respectfully SMtcited. 1 elepheoe lt