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OF . . .
Was Conducted with Splendid 5iec
cess Last Night at the
Hotel Jermyn.
The Company Represented the Best Professional,
Business and Social Element of This Region.
Nothing Lacking in the Menu, Decorations and
Arrangements to Detract from Making the Ban
quet a' Pleasant flemory President E. B,
Sturges Presided Over a Period of Toasting in
which a Galaxy of Clever Speakers Participated.
Two hundred nnd spveiily-six years
fiRo, in liin, tli" uriin, sturdy iiml fear
less bund (if i'iUritns landed on til"
Massachusetts coast. Tln-y miivht li'iv.
built tln-ir lites amid jusL such a cold,
t hf il-ss ami dreary day an w.ii .s-t.-nlay
in Si iMiiluii. If si. last night's
liauuuol nf th" Now Fnulnnd .society
of Nul l hon-doi n Pennsylvania lit 111"
lintel Jcrmyn, (ii'ciinvil in an upperUm -
time an. I in Hie midst .if r In- kind cif
-weather that opposed Init did not dis
cottracp. the small party nf per'soculoil
t tiiimanls vim fi ll tci their knees, nave
thanks n ('mil fur their sal" vassal"
across I'm waters ninl then pun fled
tn Inculcate in the very snil 111" spirit
of freedom which later proved the pri
mary foundation nf Hie greatest tvpiili
lic mi which the sun shines.
Almut the tables in the lintel Jeryinn
(lining mom there sal one hundred and
a score of men forming a (.iitlicrini;
whose Jiersonnel represented the host
and most prosn ssive nf pro
1'i'ssloiial and social cleineiiis in the
Lackawanna and Wyumini; valleys
fioin Cai I'lindale to Wilkes-Ham.-.
Cnnccrninir the esact dali' of Fore
Fathers' I lay, an authority describes it
as "Hie anniversary of the day (Dec.
ill. lilL'ii. on which I he Filmlms, or first
settlers, landed al l'lynioiitli. Mass..
annually celebrated in New Knj-'lan I
and hy New KiiKlarnlci s cls -w h.-iv.
Uulnc tn an error in rhatiKltu; the dnt
from Ihe nld style tn the new. tile at;
niversary was fnrnieriy celebrated mi
J fee. 11." J'.ut whether the Jlsl or ii'M
or neither, the Scranlun deseeiulents of
ihe slock liorn fmni the I'iliiiims c"!e
la n ted the day properly.
Kadi year the society, which until
last year, was called the Now Knsl.nid
society of Lackawanna counly, has
succeeded in enjoying a feasl more ela
borate and complete in detail llian tin?
lari(iiets precediiiK. Tills was true nf
last night's affair. Never hefore were
then? so many present, never were tin'?
(lecoiatinns sn hanilsnme anil never was
the spirit of pride in New Falkland
ancestry sn meat. The "bitrsTesl" niati
in the pallid-inn was not known by
the amount of his worldly assets or po
Fitinn In snciety; the ninst cnnspicuiius
and piipular liiiuns were those wlm
represented the most direct lincaKi:
from ancestors hnrn in New Krland.
Frntn U::tO o'clock until nearly S there
vas a constant stream nf niniilici s and
KUests. I'ntil tlie liamiii"t an in
l'oiiual reception took place ill the hotel
pal Im .
U'iien the company filed into the din
lni? hall a must happy view w as pivsciil
d. Th" Interim' had linen aeenrded the
most pleusini: treatment hy the dec
(Jiutnrs and llnrists.
The ceilini? vas almost coiic. aled hy
the iliaiiinus nf liiinilrcds nf llas ami
fii.lirics cniHainiii!.' only Ihe led. whit"
and blue nf. the llepul.lie or parts of
those cnlnrs. Faeh piece of hunting
vas of silk. In the drapiim' many artis
tic designs were formed. At the south
and north ends of Ihe apartment, re
spectively were ennravinus of l'resi-(lellt-elect
JlcKlnley and l'r sideiu
t'lcveland, and iicatteied amom; th"
V hole I'ffoct were bambini streamers.
The work vas by I iccnratur tf. ,1.
Fuhrinan ami his assistants.
oni; novelty in the llnra! trimmings
vas n lare oval Mower bed in the cen
ter of the room. It vas of lillies and
tropical plants with a (enter of red
taniatinns. 1'alnis and ferns appeared
In the enrners and windows. The lloral
display was by Clark.
The tallies were arralip il in a three
Fideil square, tin; opening lieiim
oi.posite to tin? head of the
talile on the S'nui e street side of the
room. Hanoi's orchestra was stationed
at the? end nf the ouenin;j.
After had been eaten the d( licate ami
cxcelh ntly prepared menu, tin ser
vice of which was perfect, the toast
niakinf? period took place. J'resident
K. 1!. HtlllKes plesid"i and ileliveled
the nponiii address. The speakers anil
their tonics were: "The Yankee
J'arson," I lev.' Thornton A. .Mills, ih.
I., of Wllkes-Hat re; "The Yankee's
First t'otisin," Itev. Joseph K. Iiixon,
It. V., pastor of the I'enu Avenue ll.ip
tist church; "The Yankees jn t. .;.,ti..t
liov. F. K. Iloskins. of X.ilileh. Syria,
nrj American missionery wlin was re
cently the sanest nf Colonel anil Mrs.
H. M. Holes; "Olimpses of the Past."
a lecture-toast hy Attorney A. V.
Hover, Illustrated by steteopl icon views
. and "The Yankee As He is in II is (Hvn
jF.yes," Jlev. Charles Jr. (illlin, !. i.,
pastor of the Klin i'tirk .Methodist
church: '
Fnllowini? is the menu: v
(J rape Fruit.
Lynn Ilnvcns.
S. l Green Turtle.
tV. , Hueliws S.ilplcon.
Jled Snnpiier.
i'oiiimes de Trrn? I'arlslenne.
aI. . , Olives.
tfWIld Turkey.
French I'eas.
t , , Potatoes.
New Kngland Punch.
Salted Almonds,
feasant. Cigarettes.
' Wolsbndrn Cherrl. p.
. . I-ohsler en .MnyonnalEP.
BIdqup. Cake. Fruit. Cheese
Crackers. CofTie. CIkhis.
The menu vas contained In one nf the
most novel distil live tflid artistic sou
venirs ever presented in Kcranton. It
vas bound In tin, a remlndi-r that the
event was the tenth annual banquet,
and 'tled with blue and buff colored rib
bons, the continental colors. The out
er cover presented un of John
Ttirnbull. w ho "has the nroud distinc
tlon of beinir the only Cnlnnial kovit
nnr at the cninmeneement of the rev
olution who espoused the riiuse of the
colonies." On the revefte shit? appeared
a reproduction of the charier oak, the
famous and revet, d hidiM -- piai f
the Conneci ieni charier duplicate. The
v. hob' wax l"siKini hy I'.-rcival J. Mor
ris, nf Hie lirm of IJimiii ,v Morris. :f
chile"ls, from simi'si inns by ,i. it.
Fisher, secr'tary nf i he society, I (.in
M hose Ideas each tie- society's annu
:.l Souvenirs iieve I.. n made.
The oilieers of the New KiielMiid so
ciety are: I'. !'.. s'lnryvs, president;
Jlajol Fvi rett W arren, vie- president;
V.. . PTC 111! I'.?.
l'rnlilrni of tin- New Knt-laml Society.
Wlm I'!1, sided al Last Ni.'ht's Tenth An
. ! . t i-i t of tin- New KcLland S.icl'-fy,
imal llaniiiiel.
,T. 11. Fisher. : e( n taiy; A. C. Full-r.
trcarurei: Cnlnnel II. .'.I. Holes. A. F.
Lav.-. I!. J. Knstir. T. H. A'i.erton, .1.
II. Fislier. connniltee of;:i-ii--iits;
10. 1!. Stuiu.s. F. I-".. I'lalt, VY. II. Li. h
liiiind, ex-Justice Allied Hand. C. 11.
I'nnd, npi .-.l.ers' commit t' : H.K. I'.-iim-,
P. I!. Alhirton. A. C. Coilins, m -in ' o r
ship cnnnnii tee; 1'. K. I'-iine. historian.
Tin- only disappointment in the
to.islinif was tlie ab:-""-ce of Kcv. (1.
r.-usons Nidiols. I). R. of l!iii!.'b. mi
ton, who was to have responded t' th"
toast. "The Yankee Away from l!o,;v."
"This is tlie limn we ImiK have soitL-br.
but mourn because h" came here lint,"
said l'residi nt Sturres.
The thanks of the society were, at
tile silRHosI ion of the president, ten
dered to Secretary Fisher and Tmus
unr Fuller durintr one of tlie Intermis
sions between toasts, for their present
and lost efforts in manipfr the New
Knuianil i-amiu ts so siiceessfuh The
ftalherins drank of nciin. pur.i tn the
health of the two executive.!.
AVhen ihe members and ruesls filed
inio the diniii:; room at eh;!. I o'clock
all remained standim; while
Creene of 1 1 onesi la le. recited th" two
stanzas "The l tanner of the S.-.i." l'resi-
dent Sturaes then ' a sinan
American tint; and the signal wa. privet)
for a military sahiie. after which llev.
J. Ii. Wnrrall, I . 1.. of Hie (liven Hid V
l'r, slivterian churcli. in-iinoum-ed the
blessim; and the company seated itself
and tlie baiKiuet propi r begun.
The speakers, otiiecrs. nvndiers and
quests at the picsident's table ivci
seated as follows: Itev. ltoi.'"is Isiael,
llev. Ceoi-je K i iiiild. John W. Hollcn
b:uk. U. T. I'.lack. William ii. tlieli
moml. ex-.luslice Alfred Hand. Kcv. C.
M. (Illlin. I. 1'.. llev. ''' I'- Iloskins,
I-:, it. Slurbs. I'.'-v. Tliornlon A. .Mills.
I. I)., itev. Joseph K. Iiixon. I). I).,
llev. J. it. VVorrall. I'. I '., A. V. I lower,
1. 1'. Hand. Will;. -s-1 tin :v; W. W. W at
son. L. M. dates. M. D., A. C. Fuller.
Those ..resent were:
Carliiiii.lale-.lulin V. Ailken. Albert S.
liaker. Will'iini .1. Hamilton, lloln-n A.
.la-lwin, Levi A. I'lild'suii, ll'-v. ..'haries
i.i e. Frank C. I eniiis.
I im ranei ton-Itenjauiin Iiovnince.
V, lie--l:arr. -It. It. A'siil.-) , F. Uu:rd ii.
CI, rise. .1. W. Inill.-iilKo I-. A. A. Su-rli'ij;.
I lnslon Ceoi". A-I:liy Coo M r,
l'.io'.-in.-ia. ciiarhr; F. Law.
I lillle.-'lale Tiie'.nis I',
Crci-n.-llniry .. Kil: sell,
I-'. Snyilani.
Tin -iidii John II. La'v
Saudi l':-oll.
1 'iiainei'i lloh. rt Mi l
.b l in n J. 1 . :-:lo le,:'.
Clail:. lb. -in'
A. T. S arle. W
S 'I'.inlei,- i 'Fn-ie.- V,'
Me.XInll. n. Wiili.nii Me
l. r, S P. Allen. .1. V. .
emitter. c'.m-I
'l:i... Joel M. t '"
MiH..rli, i-.l'nll
ill. I". F. Ail!.'!.
ei y May.- ( . t': .1
.1: I j. Aiherlon. William A
ion II. ii. 11. Cost. ,n. F.
A .is-. W. Ii.
Cll.lllll.el ii''.
Uur'vll liiiinniek, .1
Fuller. J. H. Filicr,
i.'r.ilhiiiyliMai, llnt'iiH
ter. l-'rul (!. Foole.
I''. I,. Hitch o( k, I !
H. ,l ssiln. C rie I .
Ii. W. KlUKsbary. '
C. ! liii.niiek, A. C.
I 1!. Foot-. ? t , n r
.1. Foster. T. J. i'.e-
H:n. Alfri.-I Hand.
;. i;. niii, ti..a. a .
Inn' s, F. I '. .i.iiinoa.
'. I'.. . Kinsl. y. ,1. A.
Law. I. I. .'leyari-'le, I-,. L. .Merriiann,
Paine, v. If. Peek. II. IT. Xeitlelon. II. F
i'alre, W n. I'e.k. 11. II. l'aiters.i u. F. .1.
I'lalt, V. H. llii iunon.l, Charles C. K : -.
K. i. Sim-ties. C.euru'e Satii.erson, . T.
Slililii, Hubert M. Seranloli. .Cluu 1. -i I !
Saudi rsan. (leo:;:e S. StnreJ, CI. ne'e', It.
Stni;;es. Janiey II. Torn v. Fred K. Trae",
S. M. Tevvk. dairy, T. C. Von i-.toieli, c. ..
Von Rtoifh, I'harl.i II. Welles, -Major
K.-'lvU Vnrren. ( i. u. Wrls-lii. C. F. Wh.t
i -Here. W. A. V. ileox. ( 1. !'. Wliiitei.iore
and l'r. K. T. Wh-at. n.
Wlvti Fresiilent Sl'tri'es bei;an his
nddn-rs It was let.", o'clock. Tt was le
S( iili"d a!T the "Openinir of n hcFtniit
r.iirr." the topic as printed on th" lu.-n.t
beilitr aecntnt.anieil by on npprnpriutc
(luotalion from K. V. Foe's famous
novel of that nam..'. Mr. Sturjos said:
C.eatli men of the New llnuland Soeh'tv
nf Norlli- nstern I'cansylvanifi, ami irentle
in n whuin we weleome ns our ;;uests: .
Having, ii f i hope, fully ralisf'e l the ile
mania of that 'o-ir--i'r r;it'ire th:it ihe
New l-lniiln Inter holds In rnmninti with less
favored mortals, we will now take the
ell valor, to to speak, and ascend to, the
hiehcr plane of tnlulli-elinil thouKlil.
which Is the true honil -land of the men
who look on J'.oston as the real rapital of
the nntiun. . -
When I find my name on a toast-sheet
like this. It reminds rue of the adver
tisement t once read In a Npw York street
cur. "Takr Internal Revolution l'ills
They Work while you Slue:)." So the
will Hv; k WM i - i
s 111' imm mi L:a-:y i
Scene in the Banquet Hall.
" - - i i
sneaker at a haiuinet has to work while
yon .al. especially it' his mind 1).' of
that dilatory east whi-li reipiires the
spur of "an Impt tiding . risis" io make
it act.
'Phis is. ns you have itiseov.-red our
ttaih anni ersary, oar tin v.-et!dl'it;--tne
'.old "lin" heiin- evidently all abliivvla
lion of tlie .iaelie word "IPith." As we
see tli" Knat tnt-iease la oar ini-mln-is
un inouliers as vi Ii .a-. s;.c.i. the In ant,.'
oi ear sHi-riiun.liiu.s, th ;ieaey ami
l.ixm-v ol til" I. past of w'liell w.- have
p-si pr.'ial e:i, we ser-ty have a riuhi to
I.-1 I om I.e. -fa: hers .- icail.l he ai
nn.s: as pr-al l ot u. ;:s we are o! l.'ien.
Ian, i . nil- nf ihe i.iimi.. r om sii-.i. it iil
c, s ne to ii i i . any e.vten.!i .1 i aa
euy.i' over ihi eontpai-v. I've nra--aed
III 'ill.- v.ei-,1 --..iim ! I e-'' le, t he ears, Ihat
I inuy tail a story Dial ha -n'l Die i.liniil
cil c I Ii 'II with oer el, but lie
10 oil" of I rie Very lew l-elllelllliel-eil DVel'
nicht. ninst I"' pal to u-e on this lin
porlaat nlid oeiasi.ol
A preiain. ut eitizeit of one of our K:nall
towns iiad died. In Die abs. nee of '.he
one clereyican of Die villav.e, on Pis vae:i
tioii iN'. i. parsons, hy Die way,
didn't have ai a 1 ioli.-l. an Pile rant iiiin-i'-ler
w.-:s called upon. He was moiv
Id. ssed in his )iety than his eilac.-uion,
and st.irleil liis remarks as follows: "Nev
er I. a v iint iiad I lie pleasure of a personal
u. . 1 n ii ;it.. m e .villi Die disca-vd you'll
i-eaivi iv e.voei-t un- to utter any extended
pareoiie uvi - l:is remains." A ;:enii -in.i
.1 siitinn near l.iin w hi-pered ; "Von
III. all p 111 rie." "W-s." said the min
l ler " .uoiie an I paii.-K.vric are anony
mous t.-i, as." And so. if I should atteiaot
any extended euloay, 1 fear my hearers
would 1 1 1 1 "iiar.-Koric'' and "paaeivyrle"
s.v noiiaiaons- ii iiui ' ;,t:on v-nious" ter.a-J,
in tlielr soperille t ifeeis, al least.
a i ( ; x i f r a x ( i : ( ' !' t i i (; t. a st.
J 1 ii t 1 am very :dow aiiout "oii'-ulu"
tiie ciiestnut burr. If De-re's anyone here
win. hadn't Mild "What an appi eprlar.'
subject f ir 111, presl.l' l t." I il sip' lo
oil', r him my tin.-, re thanks fur his fore-
c, a: :i!'e".
Cut there's a deeper, I,' not a truer i-ii;-ni
Ilea nee In t!ii-J mast, w'.iieii, without
furtli r delay, we'll try to li'id. .iloi or
v oii, 1 am sure, like niyr ell', v., n- hoi a
and pa I yonr beyhoo-l lari;.l' in Die
eoiim iv w 1'' i e (,..:'s pure air and sun
shine, with plain, ll-alty food, Kave i::--sii'!i;Di
for Do. well; of a mor,- active
later Iil.. And one u' tin- h-nre: l li'eol
1 eiiens we l-.a-e of I Hum' liajiy ita.V s
is of Die eMesiioii-liuri a prie'.ly h.ill-a
sori oi iii.,ial poi eiipii-.v haniAiua at tiie
end of Die limbs of sturdy vialits cf lin
tel, st. And W.l 1-elUellll'i'l-, loo, lloW til'
waiin siin.-.hine ripi'iied the herry
and Die inaeil, and even Die l.lle il i
seenn d to hav e no elT"i-t on oar thorny
t ri. nd. iMumiii r hi-i exe and even mil nam's
lit -I cool I, leath hot no apparent hillii over il. leu ii in 1,1 iis .erowiiu; treas
ures as tiuiilly as ever. Hut wm-n tlie
iiarsh, i!-o-t came, Idi-Ditia Di"
l.-Vl-s and folia L-e. IIS by lire, the cllest
Ililt burr ipiiekly re.-iondi d to the call
for widt h it had wait-d so lon: opened
wide its doors, and Irom lis h.-arl. as P
v..-ie, pour. , I forth its irea'iiivs, th" 1 ivt,
if not Die l i, in st the dyir.K year had to
We do not i:e,-, to Co very far tn show
tile iii i:ik:. Tile "ea;diel" ha-, followed
(he --i''' to our s',or. s. and h has
t ome fasldotieh!" t-i sc. ak if the lal-
1. r as rude and I'arbid.liin;. narrow, bl-j-oii
.1 and nsieiie, ,sa,-h lie was, tlimaili
all ti'ise onaMiie?. liave heel, nun h rx ivt
eraicl. i inr f iretallu is w ei e not Die .'ni
di, n nf tin- sua, bin ol tlie st-.iini and t'ae
t'tipast. Il in dci Die rouitii New Knr--
I.IP.I Sliori .-. Die S.erile sell, tile tlullt for
life, w:Dl ll- I ..Il 111. Wl.ll She for-i-ll
foe; Willi aa "p;,r, -it.- nn.-D'."r eounir-y
-ii; a Word --.lit hoar-fro-ls, to develop
tic tine Me,v l-;imli,nd eha r.i e' !-. I tiit
V!l -II Die ehe-M Ulll-blll I' 1VHH l,pi'-e , what
a weallll of ihal.o-lir. what str.-iiKth of
faith, what a mine of eoiir.i;;e ponred
forth, and have ein-iehi'd iit: I vitallt 'd
neai iy '-very put of mil- ureal country!
TIIK Willi. F ril.AVFll.
The l'mitau had no telegraph or t' T, -phone
hy wlii, h he i .nil I talk with his
fellows all over the world. Let file wire
of prayer to Die Fein;: in win in he trusted
was very '.ti.'iahl and had no li:o:ea
eiieidt;-. W'ia : lender wor:-hPi has c.ei
bel li inV.-r-d thai! Ihat of Die poor, half
starve. I eol'IIMel WilO pia.'.el Will' Ids
load- ,! in i st;:n-!h,i- in the . oria-r of De
,!! f.-is'iie a ' p. v? W hat Ki-an.l n,..lli -hoo
I was Dial w ill il. by he :i; i le.
IllliJ) 1,' ;' ' I o'l I'l-i'- lllf. II" i.i-.e.
w'iil .ei li-P ii.-d for the sava:;e war
v.lio. e. -iai; a 1-1 . .dj sir., j li
ne: e, ; .,m ,,,.;!! Il
Call Dual row and ld;,'ol.-. if yon
will. Hut I'nen r aid, lui!,--- :iiei --ii.-h i i-
Sl.l.'lie. S lelVe ' -Ver i-Sll. ; elellielilS
nl .lai::e- lo oat, or an;, ot'iei
1 1, an su-h nioDieis I'.io never b, .-a l.orn
tl-e atiDior. id ,I:seord and a r.i ehy : fron
un ii to in ;;sto:n s l-.av, i .-v i r in n tak; a
-'. H. FletHErs.
New Knirhind Society's Ppprctnrv-
firebrands lo start sm-hil an I political
. eiiparrailons. No. tnese chil trep ..:' the
.-in s-t nu t l,in r were heria-p. an 1, talk of
. ha i lied conditions and Dm- s as w-- will,
we are iiooil .iilzciis. nud. hrave i.-re:i,-i
is of our country very la -., ly only in
F-i far as we ppsyjcQ ihe same .pialiibs.
We hsve not the :--;;v:';o l.cliaa, or tiie
rocky sell, or an nppiv;..- i c nolrler
eniintry to Pcht. ik:t. our land I:;-t foes
just n d. adiv nn 1 Just a.-, puwerful. Xo
waT--wh(sip wlil break in on our eujoy-m-
at toi l.-'il. Put pnlltl vil pn. r.ipl !on, and
Ip.-k of f.iitri in Hod. and an ai, ait I, "id
fvibhnth are far inore .iaaic. i-,iin. Shall
we not meet th.m as nin- fathers did?
One of our early presilen'?. whos.,
tra!ithf Xew f-li-land lineai,e, and lomr-.lit-tbipuish.-d
resid. nee In this city rri.k"
us r. uret his fris-pient absences, Hli uek
the key-Tinlo. years ,ibo. when h"' Im
olored the m. miiers of our so iety to use
nil their influence lo protect and preserve
the Chrl'tinn Sabbath. If I ear. do no
more tla'U cho his wl'h, In such a way
ns to Induce you to .rally as you should
do. around this on" inst!tiit!-m. the fiiliv. li
ter of oil New Kiifrlund fai.h, I shall be
reloleeil. Indeed.
'The undevoiit nstrononier !s mad."
aya the proverb. The man who can gage
with stroiiK.-r eyes than ordinary mortals,
at Die Klorious worl... of Die Creator, cu
nol h" iiiiIii lii-viui mid sane. Tiie u.iiie
voat .'"W-Falaii.ler, with all his wonder
ful In rltat;.- of faith and of promises ful
filled, is just as far as:ray from Ids duty
end Ids in P iiet,'. s. If, as v" all in our
hearts r. ally believe, this short life l.
simply the narrow vestibule tn mi Im
measurably grander one beyond, what
ilepih of folly H is lo deny our hlaher
naiiires Di" fi w hours of preparation and
cotnltirt Die H.t!,i.-all r'ive...
Im i.n: let Die p, tty ean-J and troubles
e' ihe we, k I, leal; over into, and destroy
Die purity and rest of Die S.iiilmth. W.-ll-
k-pl. P Wl'l he lee ."cstcsl posulile
,-;i iivlheiiei' ami bulwark of oiir faith,
andjt was faith Dial made Die I'mitaii
Tli - I'.rand mnl to nf the slate of I'on
11. -ileiil nads: "ile who iranspl mi. d will
sustain." We can. iotd;hi. add to It:
"Tuns far the Lied liaDi ,ed us.'' Let ne,
liisj l,y Dn? eviinip!.- of our New Fr-:-laad
Ion lathers in fai.h .; one step lar
Dn r and eiy: "Coiund! tiiy way ualo Die
1 ni'd--trust also ia Dim. and lie shall
1 rlmr il lo puss."
Mev. Thornton A. Mills, of Wilk.s
llr.rre. whu responded in the toast.
"Til" Yankee 1'arson," whu introduced
by tlie president and In the Inlroduc
lm: Air. Htur.'ws did not loose the op
purtunilv to liumnrniislv remark that
the Wilk"s-I!arre divine was amunit
speakers nf home talent. Scranton
(init; was apart nf W'ilk.-s-i Jarre, ht
said, but Wilkes-Fai re was now a part
nf Scrantnti. and couseijiienily Mr. Mills
was one i f the local coinpatiuy. Of the
New Fnuland liaisons Mr. Mills said.
TIIK YANL'Fi: l'A ll'SO.V.
Tlie New ICaulaud parson is a sool deal
like any otiier pa'-snn-at Ib-. i-til! he
hm learned hett"r. For New KiiL'ianil has
a standard of her own lor parsons and a
way of la-r own, loo. of eotiforailiu',- her
ja.ifnas lo In r stand. u ,1. Tin y are til" re-
4c': r"-v.l' bj.,-
For Man." Y. ars the Treasurer oi the
Xew FiiK'aiid Society.
suit ef iri-ncra I Ions of evolution
.piiilteseenees of Die New Fllnlull'l spirit.
After ii youim man lias iiin n tnroumi Die
mill, and rceelvi ,1 the factory bland, he is
Die Hiii'iiiniii honinii of human cxcelleiiee;
he c.ill l:.e PoDlllu; llioip to hope.
I supposed I i lay simplicity, when I was
culled several years atn to an altraetive
Xev.- I'lariic.l churne it wm an oii
poi tintlty lo do more irood. This was so,
piiliap.--. hut It was far overshadow. d by
the oppot limbics for eiiiiii; nutnl.
Till I IupI fallen in v.ll'i the genuine,
homebred New l-insiland put.-.m I le. .or
ap.r. i iui. ,1 Die ideal to v.-l i.-h tin- p i's ins
ee old ntCiln In his t.iortul exp: re" .
Fin iiml -'I rovl.leiii e Unit shapes our ends
r,iui;h. hew th.-iii iio.v v..- may." does ..' -cauiunally
i-.ive us foretastes of real jovs:
and so I iouud ;ny eluiliee at lust and
w. nt to New l'.ii.-laiid--and silll live lo
till Die tale. Fl." h'O.V ditlleidl it Is for
im.. who lias ( vi-r enjoy d Die ip'tille ;ap
serene climate of New nd mil the
tiiianitnity and liainion- .1' h- r ti.-npl" fo
:ve el.-evv in re. c a re all livinir wp IP'S-.e.-.
i in chasten my spii-'t into a tea" huiiiiii.y
I ly l,;i:-,e;i'a m. n fi-r a lime Inio coat i.-l
wi;li all I-- rich and rare in reii;io,-s
j tiuanthl and life. I w.-.s led to .-..v Kiik
j land; Dui' ihua I be Idn-I fo'- a
Ii- Ip.r lull I ..v. II tile lioodiy P.ll l yell
luiv- all souuht-I'enn: yuani.i.
Tie- . .- I.nvlard .:i l -,.n I,, as be ou-.dlt
. to I". all Dial Is '-'noil and eran.i, fer in
"is Die I'aii si llow.-r ol his ns:o and i-.Pne.
Il is i: i M r io his ills, i-citii it. I .I.n all
wiiil. Hour thai is noun, I ten line, he is
!inh''-:ll hy and senietPii' - a litt'." pusiy to
1 ie tisit! l-'or oci .e-iomllv tie pioei-s
cf tun itii-n: n'ay ic- on ' d-.tie
I " is s.-i : l,d with : pen', I.-, than v.i. ai
l-nip' ere mo:-" luti ll;ui IP. nil tp'-tsin ;
n- ;.T. elioi,.i.-. P li .is In Dp no ' t Ol'
t e i-io-1 hiraldy -.- i.e.. .1 Pcii'. iduul ;e !,-.
pelplel" , ,1111 llltl.l ..'!-' I,", aloud. Wlplil
la-' Vi r li.-f -. i.'lU.llli d el ,u, 'P ie.
s si,t'-it ije-roiulis i-v-e- .-plc-i-' of
pi' -, il c Do- n.PPi.r. I. u ii of Hi- i-'latr.-d
and In ' v - od a.. I the i.aish aai! in.-i' -ire-n;
'--pi. o D-.-it . 'c: m, Van!;, -;o
Co or tie. to nv. ! iue- ie p, e ii. la
iav "t i r l'r. " in: 1 -- .iro . Til" idol ions
..lo I iiuriins lliiu-r I.-. n-k lac ainiil. t Willi
.! !.;. -. -, re! ,ii i.-. I.i'.i'.-t li-i l.uiiVi. and
,- ele-e-.i Dial rp'.li! V. i.ii ll I.US 111. ol-.' X- v-
Kr.-slatid . asi.y nr-t ;.i all nnr land la ( lu
caiion. Ii !i a : ere, v, i.-ui i u r.i I adiipta
i!,n;s. ii,,iau!'.ii tur.-s, Dade, polilli s find n
iiliti 'i ic. r-'sails of tals il.-v elnplll -nt
on Die itePvidilal enaol" til" Yankee as a
Yank." to oi t-inveal the iuv. iilors. out-trad.-
tip- .tin., oin-wit Die po.iiii ians
n,.i-r. ison tf-e philOM-iph'-rs. and out-h.-rod
.very il.rud Drat tri. a lo rule over
T-ie N, w Fn.'.land town mietinj;. v.Jieiv
.very man says v.hat he pleus.-s and D,s
smart, rt in :.-' his way is the political I La
of pure tleiiioci atie l:n;i-i,l,ialis!n. 'i'ii..'
N'i v.- Fa';laiid cad, K". wleie iii- ii are
taiiKlii to tiiink each for Id aself ai;,l , v
ery class room is a dl;:,tia--, i lull Is Die
I h-'il i, in 1 of il.-iii.,i'r..ey.
New Ln-r! Il'd euluip, ,-ee, wtirre It (.-.
".-v.' man for hiaiseil" pud the -.ii'vil
often tales hoDi Die hli-.iuiost an I Die
fcietmist, is a pinv d' 'lioe'-iey of Ira.l...
And so. as real r. li'ioii Is always the
lib ii. It is no wonder Diat ihe Now Fip.;
liiiid . hnrch Is an ideal ,1, anicrai-y: Ir. t!
vbJiii'.lisjii can i d, to ilsuttermo.-l lin ii.
Whafevr his lot In that fair Iiml as
to sold or fame, "a man's a man for a'
ihat and a' lii.i::" a a. an, every Inch of
hini. just as nm,'1! a :r:u cs every otlcr
man. and. Imbed, n little more so!
Tiie cut'-oftie of s-.ieli environment Is the
New Fnnhmd il.a'.'on. He lives In n com
munity where every man and every woman
and nil their relations tiiiderstnnd nil mys
teries and have tried all the panaceas of
life. No problem of philosophy Is too
welithty: no ilem of conventional depor
um is too liitht lo receive the serious at
tention of Ihe New Fnelnnd mind. Kvery
phase of thnlopieal faith and of religious
culture, to th.-lr most extended sub-divisions,
is ill process of practical expert-
meat before his eyes. Ami every member I
ot all the myriad .-c.-ts lias p-.iste.l dm-
s -lf lull V on each other seel US web Its
his own. and niie-t frei Iv. cordially and
often eniphalieallv iroo'eis his views and
ep. rlenet'S for Die t a.: . filet i, ,11 of the pal
soii. Why life Is a perpetual s.-liool with
t.-n thousand seiio-iltuesters, each aa
tidept ill his own speeliliy and a tiiaster
of all, for Die .leveioaia. ul of Ihe parson,
end il, r, Is no cIimc.c fur iiu- iusirtn tiou.
No wonder ip. niovv.-i vv ie ,,paee and till.,
ti'" world Willi won:!,;-, ;-o D'al :','- 1 r.
lorloru par. on froai ;,no,lo-r siate slallds i
aaape an, I ;,''ha;-i vvlth ,:iy. I
Xo'r lip- el l l.elv v.:.o Pa-w- thel
I parson's t:'sk far i,, ,er D-.-in i-,. did in-I
slst. I o'l swcep-nlinr Ins , up of lea w ith I
iiio!a':s! s on Dn- t,l, i D-: noriiiu-r was too
Komi for Die ; , y, .11. l..-u ne oil lli-il.
iniin, who, for the fourth Dili", a,,.,-n ..,1
In fore Die minister io he niarrii I. had lo
tl.- Soeia I loll ilnliilied so t'llleu of tlie spi-Ii
Dint be cottl 1 teach Die inine-tei . ;-o, wip-u
lie was reill".-'."l to lis,- nut-in,-; th" (-,"-nionv
he slolidty replied; "l',. usually
sot;'' and sii. I hi. n-si at niefi: iteit D.e
par. iei iiui net yiei.i to his superior ( -
pern-nee by eiittii.;: down Ids fie. Tie re,
also, this suirii (f indiviuiial iadeiiciul-
-ii.-,- ii. is ne, it, i ,eie:i,nis Mil I I ill' u ' in .-e-
elllillB Hie eliaellin lit ol I-lW.l tll'lt i er- ,
ntlt a man or voiurin lo have as tuu.iv I
wives or liurbi'ii Is as tiu-v Iil,. pip at a I
Dine; as In the ease of Die vouiej man of : 1 1
years who eaine to mc v.iiii Ids airl and i
lie. -use for his fourth inarriu-;,-. ii.--li,H
lirlllH Die eliaellin lit of l iw.i Dl it
not t;o avvay, fi.r,;,-v,.f.
The luirsnii timt ihes In this si imukitia-,'
mi l instructive atniosi,,i-i ,. . irher ere,v- . I
liiiih and stroiuj and fair, lil; the iiet
house plant, or .IPs under the fun i, a a
tirOC! SS Filhl-I- he. lOII. t eollles li',e ,,ll
iihotll hlai. a. man. ids own men (le.t'si 'I
man. his miml n,r,, rleiiie stoi-e.l i,is i 1
patience more rii-hly d,-,.-, loped, his ab'iiiy
to lead In tho;p;hl and a'-tinn more lieidv
perfeeied cither this, tac lust exatnpl.
of a parson and lo stiel: all hail!- or eis
It v.-ari ..lily by ; " ai-pi-iin!anc
with such as fail,, I thai Die hoy c n-l I .'.e
Itne Di-- 1'uaian t;-ce as e-eupus.-d of no n.
wonii n and ministers, lie v. ito e.-upint
stand Pi Dps rnsii ef opinion : a'l IP" hv
ilevi 1- in;r a Mnlv.a: t Indepi nd.-iie f l::s
rovn has no mind, hut iu place thei-.-of
caly a sort of epupsisile Plietu-i at ;i of
eviiy other mind. ID- ,i!,,:ie F n,.l an In-iii-.'idiuil.
i ie it in-1- :i ruan itar a wo-e.-n. i-e
Is onl.v t'.e pnrior. a a I 'may C., I ha'.e
tm : ey on l is s-.e.'l." ' ,
T)it. m.'o; TXT'lODFCKn.
Mr. Slut -;-es in iutrodneli.'; U. v. 1 ir.
.Tosi-idi K. Dixon, who respond, d tn th
toast, "Tlie'-'s Fii-t Coiisin
Ltiml of liit-'ltlnnds. Jii-alhcr and
Hern, s." ivpni t.'J. that lie had re.asuii-
ablu eXCUSe fill- b"l!"Vill';- Ike
colintry'r, file Ap.icrie:i;s. ti," Indians.
Were (Icsccndanls of the Norsemen and
the latter fleseendailis of tin- Scotch, j
1 he Indians and ti;e N ulcli are l'e-iiaii:-ablu
for Iheir love of fuss, fi-atln-is.
bare leva and a nuUera! ilip.l.'t l. Tina e
fa ts wife nr.'. uii;. nt a for those- who
didn't believe thai Hi" Irish were the
New- L'niikin. let's' first cuisai . Dix
on ;ts In a liapy m-ioil and Inject ul in
to the I'lillnwiitu' uiltln s.i a ileal nf wit:
Une of the Wi A ,-s said ;h;-.t he .-:-
ti d to ti il. Due. sut-irl es in lleavi.l.
one ti:;". Die:.- v.--.: :: j-o,, 1 many l e.iuie
there whom he did not . .-:;. et to ;;,.,.;
ml, that there w,iv.u voa.l laaitv tie I
nh.--.-at v.iiom he i-xp, , ,l to Piid. tied, lust I
of ail. lite eri-itiet sttrpri-.' was to tin I i
himself l!ioie. This Is my pr, - lie ine-ui I ,.- I
tiir-illl f or 1 s:tipes. I o: r -, .-' i e ins' I r
Im a veil In -at'-.' v-'iei-.-ver I .in.! a Xew ,
Fm.h.nd so.-iery arsepiii!,-. f,.r i-s an. urn: j
lielllplet II, I sei'-utPtrutlllr-iion. I a - I
safe Oil, .VI. lYeshleu: . I .-,.i .,-) -..;. !
surpriii I that I era badly f.-u.-,';: -!!",!. ;
am as hadlv fri(;:,t'-aed as'lhut nc-ro w-li . I
lonni! Ida.. -cif as a holy s, rvi,,t if - I
Con i. I, rale eoh.ia l. i.tipai-.e I ir, ope of D e I
hot!, st lli'ilts ot I ne
behind a tree. I:.. In
war- sc. ;u'.., siu It ' ;
d, his ina -ii.:- ; to I
f Y
Vt:- -'-: - ' -'
'7 ,i P yiD!
''I '
VV. C. if.
I".".:-tor oT I"'rr. l a.k i.ln:.-. it.
hi-.i: Jria, von roi h- ii'i'1' tlt::t in-' ."il l 1
will ire!, i. -l .r.i-, on.-- iu- s!:;,; .: l
rh. II e i'.ne s -r "a:ii::pt 0,1 r ti-,t ire i "-,
tearia.-r tlie biariiap..- h-..- utel inul.p.
Iiavec of ail ahoitt' n : u l e:i:v a
trem.'Iiiioli-i : 'lei! On it Die V.'ue..' iu i lieul
the live behind w'nli h Die ih:r!.i was hi l
InT, 1 1 lst'nti Tied until ;p. -.a., v.; U, , ii ran
out Into the oueii, t-liout Ito-- at ih" top of
his lung.- wup.hist his hi. nils !;!.:'.. in air.
niriklru; his way as luM as his Ic .t
eitrry him round find round th" oi l siiat.
tereil trei Mnssa, fur lo'lit'ln':; r-ik v ,1"
tell mo which a in de hin.l si !e of ,ils 'er
After, 1 consented nt a l.Dp hour to com"
into this ntiKUsl prcseiice with a litiie
siH-v-cli which was to have more to da uiDi
the Seoteh-lilsli than the topic- iisaiHned j
i.-led I
: puf. '
i felt like thu Dutchman who came
flnir and bhnvimj up the hill with a while
M-cllon of a trcii:-. store altn-hed to his
pel-en, only io liqd t!je train so'W he
exiH-ele.b to Ink", f'c said to tne station
iivant: "I.i Haiti 'ion.-?' "Vvs, Ihe
IraPi Is .i,ne." ' How Iouk Is dot tram
mine?" "wh. abnut live nilnutus. "Veil,
1 vi.-h I vaa i'et, Uut's vol I hope."
My dill. rtna Is '.ids. the subject b- too
l.u'.a' for Die aom-. Wren In Karl. .mi De-y
haa a .-hit. n t! -. Atn-lu at IP-tst il ready
to slid" ip.wn trie was. Day found itu-y
had built Die shin too l;rv for the doel-.s
anil tiiey had lo mi, I a liri-'k hcuse lowu
ia ot'ilei- to t lae sal, i ta,:e to the waier.
If I piu.ul I I -H nil Da- viriues and I v -iii'M-.,s
of tiie :'. otea-i; ish. a KOed many
I ri,-k houses ivould iwed to eo-aie iln.v'a lo
fmnish rioin for Die subje. t. Fi h r
f'.-ie 1';,.:-, hp. 11 a m it deal cf lyplVT dell",
i r tiie Idstory of th ne.ud:- is a la i-
Ions hisloiy. If f have read wit'.i any-j
I'iPia l:::e a s, einv; oi. Fie lvooia of t !.-
I -.pie. by their rlniii-i.. a.-d lovn;
fr-l.-tels. the t lie. ,-..!-il. ..Don for A'ui.i, i,
of e-naill A::'i.-a,i sill. hills wilo we-e
, , n.linu I);., i 1 a of July .in i'a' i.;, e nd I
b. applie I with llti-.i -s la ; ;alv. .u l
ih.-p i f ". re d". da" ef D'e si mi -Ms a; use
and .-I'd; "i propose .-. to Am, rie a.
oer native laa,!--Ai-.l, 1 1 -a la liaiind.-! on
D-e nnali 1-v i ,',c ia iiis'i t,o-ses--ioa -, en
l' e so,i;h !'- ta, lodf ef Mi ie.i, on
Die i ist l.y tin- Afl.ueie. na til : west by
D'e l',l, :,n.'' A'l, .'!, slu.ieai, llKI.-e ;.-
ir.otl" than his, n,.,ih, r. aiese and said:
"I propo -e a lion io A i, i,Tl, -a. Die land
ef Hi" i'ii .'.in :i, a Km de l on the noril.
by t ie ..e:t!i die, u Die south hy Die
Keillil I'.'!', nu Di" e:i a ,y Ii iiu;ie. e'a tile
Wis; .y Asia. A, ii'i-1 sta l-iii wall a
!;. en, i- f.-ivo.- i, ... , sail: "I pi.iee-..
a i.a a to An., ri.s . ir.- la p, I of tin- 1 1 and
Ii:.- lioaie ul D.e l-c.i V :io :i.,i. hoimoe
i o Die iiol-.h i,y Die Anrir.t ilor.eii-i, ,,;p
ie, i. i ,,, o; ee, : ; o, I e ell Ui-
. o:i Die : ust I"." Sea, ', all, I no
i Die v ; i by Die Hay ef .1 n.'u m - n! ." Ther.-
are w : 1 i ami spii.l.ors jt i . 1 hi-loihui'i
no! a i'- w -vl"i 1,11 us 1'iM Die civile of
Iieei ;..- in D-'s I.i ad vv,- iovi- v e.s racked
l:v Die hail, is oi' Die Sent eh-l r i di - : !,.i '
t!i- we-i'th ..I" cai- stale eialt eaan. from
Dieir !-rii!e ','-rns; Dial Die lory of our
s.-..-t. i.i of J. ii i ui ml, i.e. was Ihe pro-
hn-t f D Ii- i-ii-liP'oiis;ih.-it the halo
that fathers alu.u; inn- liteialure was,
tile line ;;ol I of Iil. if Intellects; Dial Die1
vapor eispiayc! mi Die field of hatlle in
file cutis., of American liberty and Die
.-, ,,,,-..H 1 1 ,- , i ,1.
u,. i7;lt- , elorv el' their names. '
,,,,, ,,, S,1V j mll.h (f lU jt
I v .-II ii. his I'll,. v
niii-4 ol Ihe We: i,- tells iis how. ia liSn
si:; eouiili'.s in Die Irish l'roviaee of I'l
, V""-
, ,'i,:J. , '
! . .
' ' .-; 1 . ' j.-.zr. :f ; ' . '"ff. . J';,',fvl
''-M v; , v . -.-.-r"- f -.(",,' '.(;,'.,'
'y- tV 'SI.:'?y-''ftltlVVs''' '
-A ' 'j - i-- j.w-
e'-; :,-t''; '"' ,..'2' ''
" '"
t. :y. ,p ipi i n ;:. pixdn. d. i,
-'or of Die I', -tin Avenue llatitls
Chun ii. lie 1., spoaded loaToast.
ter foi-rneriv in let -.di;;' to D
:!: o
and I';, r.-oiin, I . w , re '.i:ii'sca..-l
' l-ii.uiis!i i . op-ii. Tii,"-e e i-1.; I a-1
t -i en in a s. i ', i.f r- !i, llioii dot i ui :ae ' : ;o
cr' rer-.d" ill. l;:-d l-e.i n : rd'.:e"i ; lull
: o-.v, uicli-r .i-::ii, s ' ,'te l'r.:". .!..
cIii.ik. able with t: ea.-o'i i-uuia. afd w-i-eu'nueli-
,1 io i . .in ecu iiry their 1.1- ;.t
i -flii S v. -To ecu!;.--. 1-ed l.y Dp. el,,, ,1 .. l !
v,-i -, .p.. i :,- 1 i: , uup-ie ., .,f ;',-i-ii
ana , '': aril 1 1 1 , . 1 1 i -1 o' . r foi 1 1" e.areiee.
The la i'l... St It, Pie ,-,- ihese pi. 'ill. Iliil,;
v.-, r. irom Ihe hove,- pun oi i.icnil, u .,:
ne- '.'-e I.rtpvvu ;'u Die rYoto!--li l -in 'i'-'ds
I"--; ..,1, .. 1 I-;.,, I ,.,l::ll I U, -
u!'-,uu; levvir n;::u,..i c ! ' a .,l ;vn Dluu
any ,.Di, r ,' , r the I - -i ii uiiiui , d
lil;-- a u'r, n a. .d ),' ;',,,' I, -annul u- a
test lllteer Du' haudlitl of Die. e peepie.
ii-:t ilurl; navs eatac these p, pel h.i ;
1 -i!-,' over their hi -'.! tip la :'n oi' D-e leiH
- o.'tli, l.y wiiieh iv y oi'e in ptililte eat-
I-loV'.-.P-:: t was l.eiip,, lo li'-lliess f, lliv
lo the Fiiiill.-h pr, l.p y. It was intend,- I
'o suppi. -s.s t'o., i;,. hut It w is u-ed I.,-
D'e l-eU.-A-OP il Pi; 1-ops to t'ilu-S I'risliy
te: l-taicln. Tip a liiiir etn-c e.y,i,-!,itanf.
rt ;,i;'!s a 11 1 i ujuut luxrttroii and uuiioly
eviiMinll;-. until lip l e was a livili'-l of e lli-
r-atii.n, w itlch lir.ali,.- sw i di d ittio a river
-in up I '-1 the tide Po'., i d until D i i " I.e.
,-oi tile! s,.tl.'.;.rt iilooi 1, eUTU":;'!! of p i
lei: -V :.!.,! r ow,';' Ii, hhupiiia th" lie-iiui; -I
of litii n,- wurltl. In Die folio,',
iiu, li, Anirini evietioits ihlri.v Dipiiraa.l
i'tptcstun's left i'l-.ter. says Fronde, fur
a lut"! v.ier-e Dpi-" was no Icu'l r-i'p.'r:-n
ml w in Din-.- vlio si -,vi I Du- m-,-1 could
l.-ti. Dp 1-m .-!. A toleration act v.i.s
ps1 . , ,', .' tui's end year, on hov,etr tili'U
suiuis mure epipe to ii-,; i c uinir.v. niatty of
tlut.l s-'tte.r: in Dp K -;.sti.t:e slate so
1-Hltiel-OUS p. .le S lie l-l'-IS 1 Iillli'.
Diet James l.ouat.. lip- oiui'i- r uresi l-nt
t.f Hi., n -oviuee. f. a'e.l tl:"v wotil.l li coin
prut ii ',i; - of Fe-p,., , ivj.cia. il-r- in tin-
v. iluu of t ri: !. al ie te th.-v ro-iliie I Die
I..-..SI. fot !:! nidi Hi In-lians. i: -lie.l
Di" (.'uul-rs. p.e!; t'-,,.. ipuil l-, i it.,,i
jot id tu.y i- - ill. v.a-'i;e. in :- fi ne I ii, I
i ,,v. an in t.ittul- rs. n .:!-.- fir a Ian, i u-t v- I
,.mi u! autp-,oui' :u Hein-e I -u ., -i ': -
I.c-aii etay r: (,. int ii 1,-1; D.e'
S, p-eliai-it. mey .. .-ril.t; for, if v. roti;;.
li is tpel'luPy v.l.ii I
l .'i '.
;'-i-i -r "jii.
i i.-lii: u
:-!;,te. w:
h a.;d !:-.,
.'NT :i
., 11 1, .lee
. i -Ke-.P,
i in-
I'd- 111- ,;e i I ! e
nil" ii: I'i Pit
.-l- p;
vx' ;.-yv-y;nf
, ir'iv.e
era n- 1 1 1;
u-t n "u; da ' 1 , -
' Til' ll. -,
' ' '" r..-...- !
-' Dp ni. p. 1,
ri. : ir. v, iiy do :
I .! rtilli'.u.iri 1
I i.e'iee.'. I !
' " ll lil pis '
1 ..f iin riotct-s !
' retire, !, 1 in i
vi.. riii' to .'
s .-id trie fi
do ,' 0 a no
th.- it: ! ,,.
ap. la.
tliey ::--- I-. if, . Iti.ll
.Vet! l-lll sntnilli'll Pie',
you." er:e I Die l'"l::l
etnritiy H-... ei-.l. f p.. -:;,
s.-a: i-1 ml cr. v. ::: da
by t'..-. thro: :, :::ltl ill
a to liter . en ion ; 11, an maue an o;i'enq;x lX
(-.murk in the .-om : tuetii inta-np for It's
e.l I'M. lb- ni".., -lie, I net to lea- it. Iiu!
v. ry soon a l'o'trniiuv Dp- e uirt he
stepped .iuwa i'i 1 m 1 Die bench, and sti-l 1-
Im; up t) the fi How said:
Inir up t) the fi How said: Sir, on that
bench up Dp-re, I am the chief Justice cf
IVniisylvf.nia, un j unuhle to take notlei?
of merely personal Impudence, hut on Dili
Hour 1 will have you l-.av, tint I'm
Tlioraas .Vi.-Kemi, and ready io bioai; vnur
:u-ck, or tive you any utln-r Kiut of s'attui
!:i'-tiun you please.". , ,
Wlnthrop ba,(,eiit snid of 'the Heotch.
Irish that tiny ulwaya clot lied thems. lv
v.iih as with a irarmeiit. Cn'ef
Justice Cilison. one of the brillhinls ea
Die l eiuisvlvsnla hi-neh, llUisnates this
Ktury. C,!h.-aiu ti.i.i un ap-di.ailon made
to iilm while Jiiil;;,- to iviupel a Roman
Catholic jniesl, hy writ of in.ui l iinns. to
:mit woman to the privilege of t'ua
lli'eParist. "You l-.a-l heller," he saal.
' lake out u writ of lei.l-iaain-us." Hut
noiw'ths-piiullai; all this, hl-s oi.iiiioai! e.uvo
Die Supreme i nurt ef I'l-ni-.i ylvania a su.
picnic place in the unuals oi jurbpru-
tU:- .-. ' '
: '
-, ...:.'..-': !,- . ';i
;; '.' .' '- ' V
V . ! ' .: ' .
.- , . .,.- '
"-- ,'v ' '' ''. ., ' "
' " ':V; :' : C
Toaai 1 1 1 , 1 i . . the Disnl.iy of .1 Se
li.s of St. ; . upiicau 'i-.vs.
dun of ti e ll-'.lits ef Ino
I'ellllsylv lllia her was "llii f Justice l.lnek,
all ilppioved and elll-ili d i ililion of 4 lib.
sun. His oili.-e was in Ids hat and his of-'
lice hours were sp.-ui In Die So
iliuiiesDe was Ip- in Ins lasi.-s that when
he (,ot home to his fane, he would not.
open his letters for a im.iiih fcai-lue. ho
minht be called lo Washiiu-ina to anpio
some Imp, ul, nu cur.. This was liis ui. in
ner of speech:
Speak inn nf a railroad promoter, h" sail
of him: "If he would lake an until that
he wan a liar, I mie'il believe him." And
so I liiie.lil i;o on, and that without a ply
: iitplin--, of the hiitri, until you were lost
in ti e inrir-.i-i cf fuel, fancy and icil.,:i.
Has it i:eeii:re,! lo yua thai of tin- 111110
l. II p: e:;i,!ept .-, of lip I'aile.i Sillies about
...v. -i:.. 1 .' of Di.-.ii v . i-e S'-it -h-lrisii--.laek-;
' a. I , Fuel at. an. and ;-,; Die list mul-
tipllei- I 1 : ; i . ill , ,- c ipt.'lill. S.
I'P.lUt, .-;!:, -i -Uleii-i ishillllti; th 1 1 S!"e.'V
l.-b- ,',t.i:-. ripiu :-:,! dpdom it, .l illies C,.
1'luiue. was a ,'eot Ji-i 1 i .inn. in : I hat hero,
..11 -lu'.lf oi' t!t- til '."i-e s -nt eh -Irish - -.In. -It-
lUiill. Slleil !;(,, el hill's 1 1 f ( 'e U U S I a II lil ' 11 S
Curt in. ( ,, a y, .p.-lpision and I'oie.ieli : i.iich
i ll cf jlpDees as 1,,-le:,-, and Itl.p-k anil
OP. PI!. 'I'll. II 'here I.. I I lie pU.-ll tlfl'tt
ie Deeeip r. tile I 1 n:l: 'il ie.,'pu'. tile su
preme mi airia of Dp pulpii iii Diis or nay
eii 'rill ail r.i.' witness tii.-rt 1 have
k ;. my W.-u le ir ,ae slio.-e. I have si ;1
ply he. .1 urliiu; akuiitr tin- coast line Dm
Itre it. eol'tbi, ul lit jdory and viieiilness e
mains unit ui lie I. I wriu.d that I in!i;'at
paint a pu-itire fur v-ni of Dial land of
HiniililiP'.-i, 1 l":M!i r and ilere-s. Land of-"luls.,;,-
ei,u ; ; and la: -at r- tehlii", sph-lis
dor s of s'lnmp-r s, ,:-,, mi, mount u!u '
and nio-i.-.-." I w-inld slr. t.i
yiel of ;: la id el olu era,- c.isllis nil' I pi-,
;;:iti:ic "iiln.i of "Ye hanks and hraes of
fiinnie I :i," nf Die ha.-, b.-ll and Dm
ilai.... , o'' Die f.eliiiss heal iier. I would
:-uu; to yotl of lire land rf Dp. laverock nil, I
eerlar; ; Die l-ip,i p ni p siv,- iu,-u and ;a roaj;
ileiil,- v. 1 tip-ii; hi oil or" Witliace and Frucc ' t-'.-ott i.f 1 IS.irnsi fold ol Knox
a;pl t'.ti-iy!..; I. ni l of e!as: i cities and
II-, le eia- -:e sei-eola: laud o.' I i lllllliamil! M.' '.:.? u; a Ian I on which J h
l mil; 1.; ,. -. s Die lui-ii e.-lilo.'ie o'' liein
I.e. Ill-aim.-'. t.eupl, in Dp, Mi.ri.l. S'-,.t.-!;-l.i-'.PP;..
D'i'' IS i.,l:- ia.e.p, rlliae aro
,!t' pi :-de. I'tU-ih-.u I. leu ! li.p.vs in Vpur
veins. I, - ire.- o, its -pUrit r-.ud i's i-mver,
l ' a ' i We llitd I llUV.e ;i l,,,l !',-- Cf ,H VV all
s. llian- on 111" D .ne of Dila r, prilill ;
'.ul! D'e tlU.'p, Ule.-il" Tltfi: Ul'd til" t V f-
rai"-e:i! aril npu , ile--a sp-, niuid shall
l-.iipv,- Diet Dlei-i- iu p. le d ill l;--:iel arid aH
ariay ,n-l navy ip Dp' I'l.ti-d i;i:tlis.
Dip I ..ins: 1 a ue; Dp re s-.ieteh. s lieforn it' Im '1 cad at 11, iii leu, r '. r: I ir,iir
lilal lorrer:t, nt '.:,i y t,,i.e- atul ruiiled '
ea: ;e. hi .ii- wiDi ti-.-. u nd :. ,'a y wl'h t it,n
it vision of a p. ";.!,. as uaconuuera nle as
the v.-tlil. st of Dn lr wildest Kli n,
as : ta lw art. i'ur t-'uiiieiutsness as life ever-
1;- -'. Illi;- lli: hhiip's; a Pepel" as 1 11 :l 11 t.i ! ul
Pi Dn ir siii:-!. ei' di p lien .0 Fed and hu
niunity, as I" -iv " -, pei.e'lle'.i ui Is haaull
f"l Whatl l.tM'll Dl',"l-!l Ilia hill" huz,)
W'-l, il Vials :-,.: e lliui. !.-;;!, I Ip'.O.
I am ad!n-u:i'-i;:M to e ne m earth i-ain,
o- von vail t - 13 n:e 11 il Dii:'::-' a'-.- not
w h 1 Dn y s--i tn. An Iras'-ip 11 -Ijiag
nn- the plan. 1111 of a it ..llev 1111 in Pnila-d-Ipiiia.
uit'i a pi,,- iu h:s month, 'i'ao
lire had 1 ote. lert Die eeu.lirelpl' tp!,
him tu null t-nielit":;. "I'm nut : :n l;iuj;,"
sard !at. A seennu Ptvifa.tion Wils tr 1 1 .
w!e n, in p. I tdriiti ,-. Du man it-1: ' f-n
not sir.elrl- a. I Pile ye." A thir l ti.-ae
Die conductor lul l D'.. nu :. he u.-uld lie
put oil" tiie fur ii" he iti-in'i rurl! -nioirir,
w hen tip- man repiie,;: "I loie j e. thra"
Dine I v, :s iii-t ;-t:Pi,,i;iii'r." "Iiui you
1 nv,- your ; ,':i III y, ttr euuttli." Is, iin 1
i lutv ni" fat" in ii'" bouts, and I'm not
'lin- sniol-" h f" I-- na! r-niolp'. When
the Sea, li-li 's'i tir t s tDi I ia I'.-iin.-yl-vauia
tlc-y 1,,-nl a eu atn at iradi- ninr
ri :.- e. 1, brat!-::. . I' dan -iu all Ida::'.
.s --S ... ' 1, -ia;,' li''!. aporie-r
:" .' ." I In t t:l! hi lea. e. V, i'-j . Vel : -oio
I'' 10 ea t , a- l:e :-le--,i w p hu-tl, ,1 p,
d'r-;:;od uul on !?... tte-ia. -e,l D, li iui, r
' i.'.'! t ' ''I 1: . " , 1 :': ' 1.1 TP! 'i niio: :
; i -I 1 ii:." Da: t "it 1.1. it- in., i.f hrpi ';-
i'l, le nilllept l'Ul:,U, pi'" Un: ietai pt'.p'-
tie , I : 1 iucta ntly h ., , ,- p, . 1 ...
TI!!! A';.v
Fi v. r. !:. lie-1. ! s. ..!' x itdeh, i",
'.li 1 n! "T': an:. - s in tip.
I. .1:1." d' !i,i i"d 1-". eni ly in thi.-t r-ity
an u I''-, --.-, mi I'v. Amp lian it;p.uipti
'!' 1 l.y i;s i'ii- i'l iii'i., title color aiul
1 ,t -p :-!',ii y 111 ',' :! kiuhp- it: p:-e:-;-;,i-n
: mi !.a : iu- I' ,11 fr. pi-, -t Iv 1 1 i ii 1 is -ii
M 1 -ul; tiie 'il."':: c 1 1 1 1 1 , :'!-"'-, i ". 1 li",el'.
' ' !" :-. ' " i ' : u'r' iii v. ::.-- : p:.-, ,
I v his ' -. -i:i. '. 'ail 1 : : 1 t,i:it
l 1 ' .i"tn i.ililt i.'u -a i".l is ' , al' id, ! .! an
.' i.P'li. u:i Cilel-li'lil I ;.- Die e.P.-eli: iv.r.4
(il t,. New- Fnaiutel neity.
Mr. 1 !)!)) in-'' i:-i :'.-; v. is une well
e- t, ee;' od to ii'iw, :: a v,-1 , ! i r i n;; of
:-'a"-i-- mi;. .is i ill- Du- initn trod t;-",i"r-..:'''
i 1 : ' o Di- 'i'tir l-e- -i ieni:, n ipi ,1 i irt
v i.V.tu 1'' it" '-f rails. He a-.-.-i-iii.
li 1 , :! ; t of Die ie,- . -P ' : ,., - i.
i:u ' ft ir ',':' : '!';: : r d up, I -. ; :,:r
1 ei,-, ,' ."' Dra "i'e. :d i 'ii - r -; iaP'i;
t a--t T." li' r 1 !' T ;.' if';: I 1 t i.f
" ral 1 , ::, ';', 1 -.: Dp. , r-
al ':'' a ir-' a" i P'lv-'P, , aeui! of
'. ' ',-' 'P.-- ' ! '. . Ii 1 : .'Dpi lp d Ci'iipeM
"' Die ; D,,.; ,o,., ';, ,.p ., I" '. , 1 a
' :- iu". 1 ' tu. "a o'i-i -. 1 r txj-: a H.i
!"'(!. ilil'l.::.. , ;l,i ii ",:--., f,,' tin- ii. ip
ii!-.p-: :i... -. r-ei ,1 :'oi- ii v. 'if
lied O'l li"" In 1 , ..'ell- t'o. 1, a.d-s of
ipusa.!. r. ' ul. li" ; .iuvt'.'.-.l il. . pill-, "t
w i:ii li ..ii a ' up , e.l v. it b ; la ,! 11 aie.
cut of tie- Fro an 1 ;, ;. .p- i , , ; ; i t
Ar-pr ::i:.pu pi t up,- i" ,u' !;i:n,re; ,-i
ii, nnv v -:y ,, p.. le 1 v- 1: - a r, v, I't-
I ii IP!! - onle ' V Ipeli I-! , '., il Hi. -Idly,
i;ril.d,u' of T'pi'. v. Th !. .outi..nrn V
s. Ir-n.-K .ti:- u - I .1... uuipii-. pipI, wi! !
'P -.1 Pi," il -I i . I p. .-letup
I'l l"l."ti 1 i r: " t '1 Tprlp'-'i v ri"-:'. r:-
Mr. !h al ius d". iu r- I. t!il hi . .J r
tin ninl bud died and i'"t rpie'e l'iir:n
".nu I'i" l;s ami thai Du- killed Pi il
wo-. ten pip1 hiU1.11. 'i'o I11K lb - nut.
lite.'-" Cl t ist ianrt v has. ;..H r
:toi liiip.,- ii:-"!" f "in tniiiirdei-ii!.: lo the
; lifi'er :m.v. I iph i'i.-.-v I. as I . n a a .:i-
1.1 e" : in:. I i- i-pui ii 10 Main.-. I -eierf
!'..' . -f.p I to a . 1 : .1 :-l iu :Dip; .!'-
1 r-": I. r.o t .'. a-: !'. v ;U" !;:(
'".ta.'u rn i- mil -Di r. .Ml Lump- an :i 1
i.ii 1:: dread t : I -.v:::' I'l Hint
ii -tt : ",: '" '' 1 -'.i 1 -.e.-i ion ef 1 he
1 :r r I ; ri Ic vi "'ia A :-, u o ,,f' 'p.
i i v c' - is; i:; . dis
. to 1 h- 1 art sits
! Die .'- O I i'.llliptllS
an ! a. ul. h i'e.T s
'l,,- its e 11 ill iij
r : i- tirl- -;..
1 : ,1,1-i ;,:! .." ..Hi
ol (he ! Pic ;!.. ; I
lo I. -a a ,p . D in
each ia v. , : t i -.1 o
1 ' ' s.'l .'V 1 - Tli
Fp.piete :ii.! ;i..! !.- nml -'n'
-' itsop '. i, s. , le i Pt. of t :1 ' pi .l i ' ietljl
ofs-c-et treaties made v. il Ii Turkey -by'. i'.ttCeii. !r tr.-iiy e 1-1:1 ill -d
to hold ; ,v,iy i.p Die lil icl; in.'ji P'lvi
Tt.tlii-y is iioand p. ui 1 h r ninl tl-.nt
!s v, !-.y Fu.-. ia ri-ru-v; lo mak m ui-r-nl
tlie waters of her sj'tt. All '...wei-s pro
in 1 onsciiueiiee p;-ev. -riled from making
i'eii un uttempt to enter Dm Flack Ba
Continued on l uge 7.